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A law firm fired an attorney. He became the firm’s stalker and stole an AR-15, cops say


A man broke into a house, showered — then sat naked on the porch to wait, Fla. cops say


Teenager claims he has ‘every right’ to break into car at dealership, cops say


A Florida couple married 37 years began to argue. Then out came the dog bone, cops say


He served two years for grand theft. Now cops say he stole over $60,000 of boating equipment


Piercing Pagoda worker at West Oaks Mall stole identities to make $35K in fake sales, cops say - Orlando Sentinel


Naked man found sleeping in stranger’s garage. Then he solved one problem, cops say


Florida cops strike wheelie-popping teen’s bike, then use taser on him


Man Admits Owning Cocaine On His Nose When arrested, Floridian, 20, denied drug was his, cops say


She went on a violent rampage, cops say. She was identified through her Facebook profile


His job was to load ATMs with money. He stole over $100,000 doing that, cops say.


Florida man runs off to drink a beer after mooning deputies, cops say


Florida woman barges into church with a gun. She was planning to use it cops say


Florida man refuses to pay for the chicken wings he just ate then exposes himself cops say


He led police on a wild chase to the Keys. Along the way he swallowed 20 crack rocks cops say


Florida man set fire to N.J. home stole car then ran from cops authorities say


A Florida man called 911 to report someone chasing him. All cops could find was his meth


NYPD Transit cops arrest a man for one murder and he says hes committed 6 more


Florida man driving lawn mower charged with DUI after hitting a police car cops say


Woman passes gas in store then pulls knife on an offended customer cops say


A Distinction Without A Difference Driver told cops he only drank at stop signs


Man accused of assaulting women across Florida gets tased after trying to run from cops


He told cops the stuff in his pockets was daily vitamins. It wasnt anything healthy


Florida man pulled over for DUI does cartwheel while telling cops about how much Chardonnay he drank


Florida man does cartwheel for cops during field sobriety test


Florida man attacks girlfriend with an unlikely weapon his dinner cops say

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