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Beverly Weisman Claims To Be FBI Agent, Leads Police On Multiple Chases Before Being Arrested; Troopers Believe She Is Mentally Unstable


Is That A Reel In Your Pants Or Are You Just An Idiotic Thief? Justin Kinnison Arrested After Being Caught On Camera Shoving Fishing Reel Down Pants


Florida deputy saves owl that was being attacked


Cary Drew Portner Rages Out After Being Asked For ID At A Gym, Yells Racial Slurs, Tries To Hit Employee With Car And Is Arrested


Jacob Hisel Gave Police His Brother’s Name To Avoid Being Arrested; His Brother Also Had A Warrant For His Arrest 


John Bloodsworth Says He Was Arrested For Being ‘Awesome’ After Throwing Son Into Atlantic Ocean To Teach Him How To Swim


US Air Force veteran accused of being a mercenary in Libya's civil war freed


Florida woman accused of assaulting Burger King manager after being denied free fries


Stolen car crashes into home after being chased by stolen deputy cruiser police say


Two Florida teens prayed for help after being swept out to sea during a swim. A boat called the Amen came to save them


APRIL 19--While being booked for causing a disturbance at a bar a Florida Man rubbed the buttocks of a fingerprint technician according to a police report which notes that the suspect said he pawed the female victim because she was sexy. Jack Dylan Evan


Florida man arrested for 2001 murder shortly after being released from prison


Cops: Woman Kept Calling 911 To Report Boyfriend Was "Not Being Nice To Her"


Florida man accused of killing family after being kicked out for stealing $210K for obsession with porn site model


Florida teacher accused of filing false police report as cover for being late for work


South Florida man believes paramedics took his jewelry after being shot


Man Tells Cop He "Really Enjoyed" Resisting Arrest Because It Was Like Being On A TV Show


Man dies in Florida after being sucked under street sweeper


Man dies after being hit by freight train in Florida


PBSO: Man threatens brother with knife after being called fat


Husband tries fails to save wife from being killed by train

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