Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition

43 Results For SCPT:SCDA 250 Max
Add Add Lily's ref ID to GomorrahCasinoEnterTriggerScript
Add Lily's ref ID to GomorrahCasinoEnterTriggerScript
Cannibal Johnson disabled!
Cannibal Johnson NOT disabled!
Debug Effect: END
Debug Effect: START
Dudes Enabled.
Dudes Enabled.
faction set
faction unset
Got Hit
Hit a rat!
iButtonVar == 0
iButtonVar == 1
iButtonVar == 2
iButtonVar == 3
iButtonVar == 4
iButtonVar == 5
iButtonVar == 6
iButtonVar == 7
iButtonVar == 8
Incoming powder gangers.
Living Actor trying to run Hoover Dam Death Cleanup Script
no go
Rex detected a live rat!
Running respawn checks, New Zone
Small Fry at The Tops!
stage 1
stage 10
stage 2
stage 3
stage 4
stage 5
stage 6
stage 7
stage 8
stage 9
Test Trigger Entered
trigenter w/projectile
Trigger Activated
Uh oh. Player is not sneaky enough. Here come the dogs!

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