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One-Click Prep

Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition

156 Results

2Activate Door
3Activate Door
4Activate Door
5Activate Elevator to Vault 19 - 1st Floor
6Activate Elevator to Vault 19 - 1st Floor
7Activate Elevator to Vault 19 - Living Quarters
8VMS42DoorTo2ndFloorActivate Elevator to Vault 19 - Living Quarters
9Activate Elevator to Vault 19 - Overseer's Office
10v19AltCaveDoorOpenActivate Elevator to Vault 19 - Reactor
11Call Elevator
12Call Elevator
13Call Elevator
14Call Elevator
15Call Elevator
16Call Elevator
17Call Elevator
18Call Elevator
19Call Elevator
20Call Elevator
21Call Express Elevator To Lower Level
22Call Express Elevator To Suites
23Call Head Waiter
24HooverDamFallLadderREFClimb Ladder
25VHDODeckExtLadderREFClimb Ladder
26Climb Ladder
27OVSewerCSE01ToRefugeeCampClimb Ladder to Aerotech Office Park
28OVSewerCS01ToMcCarranClimb Ladder to Camp McCarran
29OVSewerN01ToNGas01Climb Ladder to Crimson Caravan
30Climb Ladder to Mojave Wasteland
31VHDTowerLadder01REFClimb Ladder to Mojave Wasteland
32Climb Ladder to Mojave Wasteland
33Climb Ladder to Mojave Wasteland
34REPCONBasementShortcutLadderREFClimb Ladder to Mojave Wasteland
35VHDTowerLadder03REFClimb Ladder to Mojave Wasteland
36VHDTowerLadder02REFClimb Ladder to Mojave Wasteland
37Climb Ladder to Mojave Wasteland
38Climb Ladder to Mojave Wasteland
39Climb Ladder to Mojave Wasteland
40Climb Ladder to Mojave Wasteland
41OVSewerCE01ToFarmGolfClimb Ladder to NCR Sharecroppers
42OVSewerN03ToNorthVegasYardClimb Ladder to North Vegas
43OVSewerN04ToNVSquareClimb Ladder to North Vegas Square
44OVSewerN02ToNFSGateClimb Ladder to The Freeside Gate
45VLadderToPitCreaturePrepareRoomClimb Ladder to The Thorn's Cages
46VThornToWestsideClimb Ladder to Westside
47OVSewerN06ToWestsideClimb Ladder to Westside Pawn Shop
48Enter Ant Mound
49Enter Black Rock Cavern
50Enter Bloodborne Cave
51SLSulfurCave03EntranceEnter Bootjack Cavern
52Enter Camp Guardian Cave
53Enter Camp Guardian Cave
54Enter Camp Guardian Caves
55Enter Camp Guardian Caves
56Enter Camp Guardian Caves
57Enter Cave
58Enter Cave
59Enter Dead Wind Cavern
60Enter Fire Root Cavern
61Enter Fire Root Cavern
62ExteriorGateToFreesideREFEnter Freeside
63FreesideEastGateREFEnter Freeside
64Enter Freeside
65Enter Goodsprings Cave
66Enter Great Khan Supply Cave
67Enter Great Khan Supply Cave
68Enter Great Khan Supply Cave
69Enter Lake Mead Cave
70Enter Lieutenant Hayes' Tent
71Enter Morning Star Cavern
72Enter Nopah Cave
73Enter Northern Passage
74Enter Safehouse Bunker
75Enter Scorpion Burrow
76Enter Scorpion Burrow
77Enter Searchlight North Gold Mine
78Enter The Prospector's Den
79FreesideGateToStripREFEnter the Strip
80VMS42DoorTo3rdFloorEnter Tunnel to The Sulfur Caves
81v19SmallExplosionDoorREFEnter Tunnel to Vault 19
82Enter Vault 22
83Enter Walking Box Cavern
84FortHowitzerRefExamine Howitzer
85Exit Safehouse Bunker
86SLSulfurCave03Exit to Mojave Wasteland
87Exit to Mojave Wasteland
88Exit to Mojave Wasteland
89Exit to Mojave Wasteland
90V22GearDoorInteriorExit to Mojave Wasteland
91Exit to Mojave Wasteland
92Exit to Mojave Wasteland
93Exit to Mojave Wasteland
94Exit to Mojave Wasteland
95Exit to Mojave Wasteland
96Exit to Mojave Wasteland
97Exit to Mojave Wasteland
98Exit to Mojave Wasteland
99Exit to Mojave Wasteland
100Exit to Mojave Wasteland
101Exit to Mojave Wasteland
102Exit to Mojave Wasteland
103Exit to Mojave Wasteland
104Exit to Mojave Wasteland
105Exit to Mojave Wasteland
106Exit to Mojave Wasteland
107Exit to Mojave Wasteland
108Exit to Mojave Wasteland
109Exit to Mojave Wasteland
110VFSNorthGateREFExit to Outer Vegas
111VFSEastGateREFExit to Outer Vegas
112VDeadWindExitREFExit to Wasteland
113Inaccessible Tunnel
114Inaccessible Tunnel
115Inaccessible Tunnel
116Inaccessible Tunnel
117Inaccessible Tunnel
118Inaccessible Tunnel
119Inaccessible Tunnel
120Inaccessible Tunnel
121Inaccessible Tunnel
122Inaccessible Tunnel
123Leave Northern Passage
124Open Blue Sector Door
125Open Blue Sector Door
126v34NorthTeleportDoorOpen Door
127Open Door to Followers Outpost
128Open Door to Freeside
129Open Door to Old Mormon Fort
130v34NorthGateOpen Door to Security Station A
131Open Door to The Armory
132V34OverseerDoorOpen Door to Vault 34 Overseer's Quarter
133FortMainCampGateInteriorOpen Fort Drawbridge
134FortMainCampGateExteriorOpen Fort Drawbridge
135Open Gate to Crimson Caravan Company
136Open Gate to Crimson Caravan Company
137VHDLegateCampGateREFOpen Gate to Hoover Dam
138VHDLegateCampExtGateREFOpen Gate to The Legate's Camp
139Open Grate to Vault 19
140Open Red Sector Door
141Open Red Sector Door
142Place Sonic Emitter on Ant Mound
143Read Note
144Read Threatening Note
145VMS15BallastDeployerREFRemote Activate Ballast
146Take Elevator to 13th Floor
147VTopsElevatortoPresidentialREFTake Elevator to Presidential Suite
148VTopsSecretElevatorREFTake Elevator to Sub-Basement
149Take Elevator to Tops Casino Main Floor
150Take Elevator to Tops Casino Main Floor
151NVMonorailDoorStripREFTake Monorail to McCarran
152NVMonorailDoorREFTake Monorail to the Strip
153vCCFortGateREFTravel to Cottonwood Cove
154NVCCBargeREFTravel to The Fort
155Use Ladder
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