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Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition

492 Results

1NellisSunshineBoogieNellis Arrays Repaired
2nVPrimmDeputyConvSpoke to Johnson about finding Beagle
3nVPrimmDeputyConvRescued Beagle
4nVPrimmDeputyConvPlayer has agreed to find a new Sheriff
5nVPrimmDeputyConvPlayer Found Someone Willing to be Sheriff. Either need to get petitions signed or need to "deal with" Eddie
6nVPrimmDeputyConvPetition has been signed and Eddie has been dealt with. The new sheriff is heading to town.
7nVPrimmDeputyConvSheriff Arrived At Town
8nVPrimmDeputyConvAll Sheriff Candidates are dead
9nVPrimmDeputyConvThe NCR sent Sergeant McGee to serve as Primm's sheriff.
10nVPrimmDeputyConvYou convinced Meyers to take over as Sheriff of Primm.
11nVPrimmDeputyConvYou reprogrammed Primm Slim to act as Sheriff of Primm.
12PressDemoQuestKill the Raiders
13VCassCompanionKill Alice and Gloria
14VCassCompanionFind evidence
15VCassCompanionQuest completed
16vCCEyeforaneyeAstor is dead.
17vCCEyeforaneyeI gave Astor the outdated intel.
18vCCEyeforaneyeCottonwood Cove has been dealt with.
19vCCLeftMyHeartFrank is dead.
20vCCLeftMyHeartFrank is dead. According to his family, he had it coming.
21VCG00Hood removed, Jessup waits to pistol whip
22VCG00Jessup pistol whips the player
23VDialogueCaesarThe player cured Caesar.
24VDialogueCaesarPlayer killed Caesar during operation and is known to be his killer.
25VDialogueCaesarCaesar died during the operation, but the player wasn't blamed.
26vDialogueEDEFire EDE Chatter - EDE In party
27vDialogueEDEEde Not in party
28vDialogueEDETwo EDE logs heard
29VDialogueVegasNorthConvince the squatters to leave North Vegas.
30VDialogueVegasNorthDrive off the fiends terrorizing North Vegas.
31VDialogueVegasNorthTalk to Mrs. Hostetler about her problem.
32VDialogueVegasNorthTalk to Alice Hostetler about her new friends.
33VDialogueVegasNorthplayer talks to Becky, results in other stages and end of quest.
34VDialogueVegasNorthPlayer kills the Hostetlers
35VDialogueVegasNorthPlayer finishes quest.
36VES34VaultPlayer has quest to check out the East Pump Station.
37VES34VaultPlayer found that the water is irradiated by an outside source.
38VES34VaultPlayer saved the crops.
39VES34VaultPlayer saved the trapped vault residents.
40VFreeformCampGolfFind a way to help the Misfits improve so they aren't sent off to their deaths.
41VFreeformCampGolfImprove Camaraderie
42VFreeformCampGolfHelp the Misfits improve their shooting skills.
43VFreeformCampGolfTalk to Poindexter.
44VFreeformCampGolfFake the Misfits' shooting range results.
45VFreeformCampGolfHelp the Misfits improve their grenade skills.
46VFreeformCampGolfFake the Misfits' grenade range results.
47VFreeformCampGolfDelete the Misfits' mission orders.
48VFreeformCampGolfTalk to McCredie
49vFreeformForlornHope03Quest completed.
50vfreeformlucky38Bug an access point to the Lucky 38's data network for the Followers of the Apocalypse.
51vfreeformlucky38Disable the Lucky 38's network encryption from three executive consoles.
52vfreeformlucky38Return to Emily Ortal on the New Vegas strip with news that the tower has been bugged.
53vfreeformlucky38Completed quest for Emily.
54vfreeformlucky38The Lucky 38 Reactor is being powered by the El Dorado substation.
55VFSAtomicPimpJames Garret is dead.
56VFSAtomicPimpThe escorts are all dead.
57VFSAtomicPimpThe remaining escorts are dead.
58VFSDebtCollectorFrancine Garret is dead.
59VFSHighTimesJulie Farkas is dead.
60vHDBattleControllerBattle Started for NCR Side
61vHDBattleControllerBattle Done
62vHDBattleControllerGame Over
63VHDHouseBattleGo to the Power Plant Control Room.
64VHDHouseBattleUnleash the Securitrons! Armies! Will! Clash!
65VHDHouseBattleHead Topside.
66VHDHouseBattleDeal with the Legate.
67VHDHouseBattleDeal with the NCR.
68VHDHouseBattleReturn to Mr House and inform him of your victory.
70VHDIndependentBattleGo to the Control Room in Hoover Dam and install the override chip.
71VHDIndependentBattleReactivate Securitrons.
72VHDIndependentBattleDestroy Generators.
73VHDIndependentBattleHead topside.
74VHDIndependentBattleDeal with the Legate.
75VHDIndependentBattleDeal with General Oliver.
76VHDIndependentBattleReturn to Yes Man!
78VHDLegionBattleFirst, the player must make their way across the dam to the Power Plant, where General Oliver resides.
79VHDLegionBattleOnce in the Power Plant, the player must make his/her way to General Oliver.
80VHDLegionBattleWhen the player finds General Oliver, if he can't be talked out of it, a battle begins!
81VHDLegionBattleAfter killing or driving off General Oliver, the game ends, and there is much rejoicing.
82vMojaveClear out the critters on the road to Ivanpah Lake.
83vMojaveReturn to Ranger Jackson at Mojave Outpost.
84vMojaveQuest Completed.
85vMojaveGhostRecon Nipton for Ranger Ghost.
86vMojaveGhostReturn to Ranger Ghost at Mojave Outpost with news of your findings.
87vMojaveGhostEyes on the Prize complete.
88VMQ01Travel to Novac.
89VMQ02Travel to the Fort via Cottonwood Cove.
90VMQ02Meet with Caesar.
91VMQ02Destroy Securitron Vault power regulators, or destroy one to fool Caesar.
92VMQ02Return to Caesar.
93VMQ02Kill Mr. House
94VMQ02Tell Caesar that Mr. House is dead.
95VMQ02Gain alliance of the Boomers.
96VMQ02White Glove Society
97VMQ02Destroy Brotherhood of Steel
98VMQ02Quest complete.
99VMQ02Quest failed - the player made enemies with the Legion or started the Battle of Hoover Dam with another faction.
100VMQ03aQuest Completed. Kimball Saved.
101VMQ03aQuest Failed. Kimball killed. Or killed Ranger Grant.
102VMQ03aQuest Failed. You left the area or waited.
103VMQ03aQuest Failed.
104VMQ03bQuest Complete. President killed.
105VMQ03bQuest failed. President escaped.
106VMQ03bQuest Failed. Cato dead.
107VMQ03bQuest Failed because you aren't around (or waited), or killed Cato.
108VMQ03bQuest Failed.
109VMQ04Destroy Securitron Vault power regulators.
110VMQ04Return to Caesar.
111VMQ04Quest complete.
112VMQ05The player is sent to Hoover Dam to speak to Moore.
113VMQ05On meeting with Moore, the player was told to deal with the Great Khans.
114VMQ05After dealing with the Khans, the player is told to investigate the Omertas.
115VMQ05On foiling RACKET (or pretending to), the player is asked to eliminate Mr. House.
116VMQ05After dealing with Mr. House, the player is tasked with finding and eliminating the Brotherhood of Steel.
117VMQ05With the Brotherhood finished (or recruited), the player is asked to help protect the president during his visit.
118VMQ05After the president's visit, the player is told to go see General Oliver in his temporary quarters.
119VMQ05Upon speaking to General Oliver, the dam fight breaks out.
120VMQ05Quest failure, Moore was likely killed.
121VMQ06Independent Vegas stub
122VMQ06NCR Stub
123VMQ06Legion Stub
124VMQ06Mr House Stub
125VMQHouseUpon entering the Strip, the player is told to meet with Mr. House at the Lucky 38.
126VMQHouseThe player has met with Mr. House at the Lucky 38.
127VMQHouseMr. House has directed the player to recover the Platinum Chip.
128VMQHouseMr. House directed the player to use the Platinum Chip to gain access to a hidden bunker at Caesar's camp at Fortification Hill.
129VMQHouseMr. House asked the player to enlist the Boomer's support, or at least make sure they don't oppose his plans.
130VMQHouseMr. House asked the player to investigate the Omertas.
131VMQHouseMr. House asked the player to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel.
132VMQHouseMr. House asked the player to protect President Kimball from assassination during his visit to Hoover Dam.
133VMQHouseMr. House directed the player to help the NCR defeat the Legion at Hoover Dam.
134VMQHouse1Upon entering the Strip, the player is told to meet with Mr. House at the Lucky 38.
135VMQHouse1Try talking to House again.
136VMQHouse1The player has met with Mr. House at the Lucky 38.
137VMQHouse1Mr. House has directed the player to recover the Platinum Chip.
138VMQHouse1Player has turned in the Platinum Chip, observed upgrading of Securitrons, and returned to Mr. House.
140VMQHouse2Mr. House directed the player to use the Platinum Chip to gain access to a hidden bunker at Caesar's camp at Fortification Hill.
141VMQHouse2The player has upgraded the Securitrons at the Fort and returned to Mr. House.
142VMQHouse2The player has destroyed Mr. House's Securitrons at the Fort.
143VMQHouse3Mr. House asked the player to enlist the Boomer's support, or at least make sure they don't oppose his plans.
144VMQHouse3Player has secured the Boomers' loyalty.
145VMQHouse3Player has killed the Boomers' leaders.
146VMQHouse4Mr. House asked the player to investigate the Omertas.
147VMQHouse4The player has foiled RACKET.
148VMQHouse4The player helped RACKET, but then reported his involvement to House, allowing him to handle the Omertas on his own.
149VMQHouse4The player has failed VMS21.
150VMQHouse5Mr. House asked the player to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel.
151VMQHouse5Player has destroyed the Brotherhood of Steel bunker.
152VMQHouse5Player has convinced House that the Brotherhood is valuable against the NCR.
153VMQHouse6Mr. House asked the player to protect President Kimball from assassination during his visit to Hoover Dam.
154VMQHouse6The player saved Kimball from assassination.
155VMQHouse6President Kimball survived, but was injured by the player.
156VMQHouse6President Kimball died, but the player is not known to have been involved.
157VMQHouse6The player killed President Kimball.
158VMQHouse7Quest complete.
159VMQHouse8Player is directed to return to Mr. House when ready for battle at Hoover Dam.
160VMQTopsMr. House has information about Benny. Go talk to him at the Lucky 38.
161VMQTopsBenny has the Chip he stole from you. He is currently at the Tops Hotel and Casino. Go find him and talk to him.
162VMQTopsSearch Benny's suite while Swank distracts him.
163VMQTopsSneak up to Benny's suite and assassinate him.
164VMQTopsBenny wants to talk things out with you. Go up to the Presidential Suite and wait for him.
165VMQTopsBenny wants to talk things out with you. Go up to the Presidential Suite with him.
166VMQTopsBenny has double-crossed you. Survive the ambush.
167VMQTopsFind out where Benny went.
168VMQTopsTake the chip from Benny's corpse.
169VMQTopsKill Benny.
170VMQTopsRecover the chip from Benny's body.
171VMQTopsBenny has disappeared. Go see Mr. House for information on his whereabouts.
172VMQTopsGet to Benny at Caesar's encampment and recover the chip.
173VMQTopsYou've regained possession of the chip. Bring it to Mr. House.
174VMQTopsSearch Benny's room and find out what he was planning to do with the chip.
175VMQTopsInform Mr. House as to the outcome of the events in the Tops.
177VMQYesMan01Quest complete. Yes Man installed at Lucky 38, in charge of upgraded Securitrons on Strip.
178VMQYesMan01aPlayer upgrades the Securitron Army at the Fort.
179VMQYesMan01aPlayer destroys the Securitron Army at the Fort.
180VMQYesMan02Quest Complete, all factions assessed.
181VMQYesMan03Quest complete, battle for Hoover Dam begins.
182VMQYesManFailsafePlayer has spoken to Yes Man re: how to take over New Vegas.
183VMS01Investigate rumors of ghoul activity in the Rocket Facility.
184VMS01Head upstairs to meet the owner of the voice on the intercom.
185VMS01Speak to Jason Bright
186VMS01Get rid of the Nightkin so the ghouls can access the rockets once more
187VMS01Fix the rockets
188VMS01Launch the rockets!
189VMS01Chris Haversam has died before the launch sequence could be completed.
190VMS01The rockets successfully launched!
191VMS01The rockets crashed!
192VMS01Jason Bright dead, rockets crashed, news at 11!!!
193VMS02Deal with Chavez.
194VMS02Dealt with Chavez.
195VMS02Shake down the water merchant.
196VMS02"Water merchant" dealt with. Return to Eddie.
197VMS02Merchant killed. Return to Eddie.
198VMS02Scout Primm and find out what the NCR's up to.
199VMS02Return to Eddie.
200VMS02Rendezvous with Sergeant Lee.
201VMS02Kill Eddie.
202VMS02Return to Eddie.
203VMS02NCR CF quests complete.
204VMS02Eddie taken out.
205VMS02VMS02 Failed.
206VMS04Locate the suitcase in Sloan.
207VMS04Find out why the suitcase is empty.
208VMS04Talk to Tyrone in Primm.
209VMS04Return to Melissa with the shipment.
210VMS04Exposed smuggling operation.
211VMS04VMS04 complete.
212VMS04Quest failed.
213VMS05Alice McLafferty is dead.
214VMS06Dr. Hildern has asked you to return research data from Vault 22, located northwest of Camp McCarran and the Strip.
215VMS06You've located the data Dr. Hildern requested and have downloaded it to your pip-boy. Return the data to him and he's promised to pay you generously.
216VMS06You returned the research data to Dr. Hildern and received your payment.
217VMS06You helped Keely purge Vault 22 of the plants that infested it, but she destroyed the research data to prevent the experiment from ever happening again.
218VMS06You helped Keely purge Vault 22 of the plants that infested it and managed to retain the research data and return it to Hildern.
219VMS06You managed to both get the data deleted and Keely killed. Good job!
220VMS06Quest failed because Hildern died
221VMS09Find the Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters and speak to Festus
222VMS09Return to Festus with enough Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Caps to earn a prize!
223VMS09You turned in enough Star Caps only to learn there is no prize.
224VMS09aEnter the Sunset Sarsaparilla Deputy Closet to claim your prize.
225VMS09aYou discovered that sometimes the end doesn't justify the means.
226VMS10Return to Lieutenant Romanowski with the information you discovered.
227VMS10The White Wash quest now takes precedence.
228VMS10Quest complete - water restored.
229VMS10Quest complete - water secret hidden.
230VMS11Anderson surrendered; Westside continues to get water.
231VMS11Anderson sacrifices himself; Westside continues to get water.
232VMS11The player blackmails Anderson.
233VMS11Anderson attacks the player and is killed.
234VMS11VMS11 failure state.
235VMS13Confront Saint James about missing refugees - time to search his room and Dermot's room for evidence.
236VMS13Kill Saint James and Dermot.
237VMS13Killed Saint James and Dermot.
238VMS13Quest completed.
239VMS13Fail state.
240VMS15This Stage No Longer Does Anything.
241VMS15Boomers have been found, need to earn their trust.
242VMS15Earned the Boomer's trust. Start on fixing the jet.
243VMS15Attached the ballast to the plane, go back to nellis, got it floating, head back to base.
244VMS15Spoke to Pearl, full fledged Boomer. Time to talk to Pearl about joining with one of the factions, if you've done so. (Not Currently Used)
245VMS15I helped the Boomers. I am now a member of the tribe.
246VMS15After killing Pearl, leader of the Boomers, I am no longer welcome in Nellis.
247VMS15After killing Loyal, one of the Boomer Elders, I am no longer welcome in Nellis.
248VMS15After killing Argyll, one of the Boomer Elders, I am no longer welcome in Nellis.
249VMS15After killing Raquel, one of the Boomer Elders, I am no longer welcome in Nellis.
250VMS15After killing Jack, one of the Boomer Elders, I am no longer welcome in Nellis.
251VMS19The King has asked you to investigate the guard.
252VMS19The King has asked you to meet him in his suite to discuss another mission he has for you.
253VMS19The King has asked you to question some Locals who were attacked.
254VMS19The King has asked you to investigate why soldiers are in Freeside.
255VMS19You've been sent to the battle between Pacer and the NCR.
256VMS19You helped the Kings discover the supply drops, and Major Kieran and her men were killed as a result. The NCR will likely retaliate. Grats.
257VMS19You told the King about the supply drops but talked Major Kieran into backing down, causing the seizure of the supplies to remain relatively bloodless.
258VMS19The quest was failed because an important NPC died. Right now this includes the King, Pacer, and any of the three injured locals (Roy, Wayne, and Farris) before they wake up and tell you who attacked them.
259VMS20Negotiating with the Great Khans.
260VMS20Sneaking in and freeing the hostages.
261VMS20Optimal Resolution - Hostages alive, NCR escorts Great Khans home.
262VMS20Hostages let go, Great Khans betrayed.
263VMS20NCR troops wiped out.
264VMS20Great Khans wiped out.
265VMS20NCR bribed.
266VMS20Fail state.
267VMS21Quest Started
268VMS21Player found out about racket
269VMS21Player Gathered info on Racket Successfully
270VMS21Player Successfully Stopped Racket.
271VMS21Player successfully helped Racket.
272VMS21You've made an enemy of the Omertas
273VMS22I helped Michael Angelo with all the pictures that he needed to get bring back inspiration into his work - I was rewarded handsomely for this.
274VMS23I have received a note with an invitation to meet Ambassador Crocker.
275VMS23Ambassador Crocker has told me about the Boomer quest. I haven't accepted yet.
276VMS23Make contact with the Boomers at Nellis AFB and earn their trust.
277VMS23Return to Ambassador Crocker and let him know of the results of meeting with the Boomers.
278VMS23I've told Ambassador Crocker that the Boomers will help.
279VMS23I've told Ambassador Crocker that the Boomers will not help.
280VMS23Ambassador Crocker found out that I've already pledged the Boomer's support and is disappointed.
281VMS24After asking about Rex, the King sends you to the Followers to inquire as to whether anything can be done to help him.
282VMS24; Take Rex to a Dr. Henry in Jacobstown to learn how he can be healed.
283VMS24Return to Doctor Henry with the canine brain you acquired.
284VMS24Quest complete.
285VMS24Quest failed because Rex died, or because Doctor Henry and Calamity died.
286VMS25Walter's dead, that sucks!
287VMS25Ethel's dead, that sucks!
288VMS25Walter was happy to hear of Heck Gunderson's demise. He decided to take Ethel back to their home.
289VMS25Walter was happy to hear of Heck Gunderson's demise. He decided to take Ethel back to their home. The result was not exactly what Ethel wanted, but life is full of strange coincidences.
290VMS29You're looking to assassinate Pacer without implicating the NCR, or talk the King into ceasing hostilities with the NCR. Ambassador Crocker is waiting for you to report your progress.
291VMS29Ambassador Crocker has sent you to see either Colonel Moore or, optionally, Colonel Hsu.
292VMS29You successfully assassinated Pacer and pinned his murder on the Van Graffs.
293VMS29You successfully assassinated Pacer and made it look like an accident involving bad drugs.
294VMS29You assassinated Pacer in a way that was open to interpretation, leading many to suspect the NCR was behind it and fanning the flames of sectional violence in Freeside.
295VMS29You successfully negotiated with the King and convinced him to try to curb violence against NCR citizens in Freeside.
296VMS29You convinced the King to accept Colonel Moore's ultimatum.
297VMS29You wiped out the Kings in the battle following the King's refusal to accept the NCR's ultimatum.
298VMS29You sided with the King and allowed him to retain control of the Kings after he accepted the NCR's offer of support.
299VMS29You participated in the eradication of the Kings following inter-gang fighting that broke out after he accepted the NCR's offer of support.
300VMS29You failed the quest in such a way that it could not possibly be completed, such as killing Crocker.
301VMS29aThe player has agreed to work for the Van Graffs. The first step is to serve as a door guard for a day.
302VMS29aGuard the Silver Rush entrance.
303VMS29aAfter your amazing (or not) performance guarding the storefront, Gloria has a hush-hush delivery she wants you to make to a mysterious individual.
304VMS29aWhile waiting for the Big Deal to go down, Gloria refers you to Jean-Baptiste, who wants you to mop up some leftover Cassidy Caravan stuff.
305VMS29aThe Big Deal is finally going down, and the player is invited along for the ride. The Van Graffs and their guards meet with their not-so-secret customers, but surprises, and a large battle, await!
306VMS29aThe player successfully saw things through, and the Big Deal is done.
307VMS29aAn important quest NPC died and you failed the quest. Important NPCs include Gloria (before the warehouse), Jean-Baptiste (before completing the Kill Cass objective), and the Legion Contact (before delivering the package)
308VMS30Major Polatli wants me to help around camp. Go talk to Quartermaster Mayes.
309VMS30Quartermaster Mayes wants me to find some supplies.
310VMS30I've found the supplies and need to return them.
311VMS30I already had the supplies.
312VMS30I returned the supplies. Now talk to Major Polatli.
313VMS30Talk to Richards.
314VMS30Dr Richards wants me to do something.
315VMS30Not Qualified to help medically.
316VMS30I messed up royally helping Dr. Richards.
317VMS30I messed up and Richards stopped me from doing more harm.
318VMS30I wasn't able to do much for Dr. Richards (or at least I didn't mess things up).
319VMS30I was able to help Dr. Richards and I did well.
320VMS30Talk to Polatli about the last stage of the quest.
321VMS30Polatli mention Nelson assault, not accepted yet.
322VMS30Assault Nelson. (Talk to Cooper)
323VMS30Attack on Nelson Started
324VMS30Nelson Already Reclaimed. Good job.
325VMS30Nelson reclaimed.
326VMS30Quest Completed
327VMS31Richards told me about the quest.
328VMS31Quest Accepted
329VMS31Discovered Stone stealing supplies.
330VMS31Caught Stone via evidence.
331VMS31Blackmailed Stone for $$.
332VMS31Turned in Stone to Dr. Richards.
333VMS31Ratted on stone after blackmailing him.
334VMS31Convinced Stone to turn himself in.
335VMS31Checked back in with Richards after Stone turned himself in.
336VMS31Decides to let Stone slide.
337VMS31Quest Complete
339VMS33The Omerta Thugs attacked the player.
340VMS33Omerta Thugs killed.
341VMS33Martina dead.
342VMS33Omerta Thugs convinced to leave.
343VMS33Omerta Thugs killed.
344VMS33Martina dead.
345VMS33Fail state.
346VMS35The player cured Caesar with surgery.
347VMS35Player killed Caesar during surgery.
348VMS35Player cured Caesar using the Auto-Doc.
349VMS35The player killed Caesar during the operation and is blamed for his death.
350VMS35Caesar died during the operation, but the player wasn't blamed.
351VMS35Player killed Caesar with the Auto-Doc.
352VMS35Fail state.
353VMS36Help Captain Gilles find support for Bitter Springs
354VMS36Return to Captain Gilles for your reward.
355VMS36Quest completed
356VMS36Quest failed
357VMS37Find out who or what has been harassing Bitter Springs
358VMS39Travel with Boone to Bitter Springs
359VMS39Go with Boone to Coyote Tail Ridge.
360VMS39Talk to Boone about staying overnight at Coyote Tail Ridge.
361VMS39Talk to Boone.
362VMS39Go to the Bitter Springs refugee camp and repel the Legion raid.
363VMS39Talk to Boone.
364VMS39Quest completed.
365VMS39Quest failed.
366VMS40Find medical supplies for Lt. Markland
367VMS40Quest Completed.
368VMS40Quest Failed
369VMS41Quest complete.
370VMS42Player has quest to kill fire geckos.
371VMS42Player has quest to destroy the sulfur.
372VMS42Player killed geckos - turned in to Cooke.
373VMS42Microcline Armed - turned in to Lem.
374VMS42Player has quest to speak with Papa Khan.
376VMS42player completed quest - great khans
377VMS42player quest complete - lem surrender
378VMS43Start Quest
379VMS43Return to Astor with dog tags.
380VMS43Quest completed
381VMS43quest fails
382VMS43aBegin quest
383VMS43aMoving outside of house
384VMS43amove to Astor
385VMS43aGo to RS Echo
386VMS43awander wasteland
387VMS43aAttack Astor
388VMS43aQuest completed
389VMS43aContinue to Astor
390VMS43aEdwards joins with ghouls
391VMS43aAt RS Echo
392VMS43aAt Camp
393VMS43aRadscorpion Attack
394VMS44quest start
395VMS44points to suits
396VMS44picked up rad suits
397VMS44follow Logan to police station
398VMS44Logan inside police station
399VMS44follow Logan to fire station
400VMS44logan into fire station
401VMS44Quest completed
402VMS44quest completed part way through
403VMS44quest failed
404VMS45Talk to Papa Khan about breaking the alliance with Caesar.
405VMS45Convince Jack, Diane, Regis, and Melissa to speak out against the Legion.
406VMS45Disgrace Karl
407VMS45Assassinate Papa Khan
408VMS45Quest Completed
409VMS45Quest failed
410VMS46Find Anders
411VMS46Return to Diane.
412VMS46Bring drugs to Motor Runner
413VMS46Bring drugs to Crimson Caravan.
414VMS46Bring drug-making supplies to Jack.
415VMS46Complete Quest
416VMS46Fail Quest
417VMS47Find Jerry the Punk some painkillers to help him get through his initiation.
418VMS47quest completed
419VMS47quest failed.
420VMS51Alice McLafferty is dead.
421VMS52Fail state.
422VMS54VMS54 - For Auld Lang Syne start.
423VMS54Remnants gathered - Dear Old Friends, Remember Navarro.
424VMS55Player snuck in and got caught by Ramos, who takes him/her to Elder McNamara.
425VMS55Player used a password found on one of the dead patrols, and is now directed by Ramos to speak to Elder McNamara.
426VMS55Player entered with Veronica, and is now directed to see Elder McNamara.
427VMS55Player either snuck in or used a password, and has now been tasked with proving him/herself by dealing with the Ranger who's set up shop topside.
428VMS55The player has dealt with the ranger and returned, and Elder McNamara has asked that he/she come talk to him in the command room about something confidential.
429VMS55Having proven him/herself or entered with Veronica, the player is tasked to find all of the missing Brotherhood Patrols, which are located in Black Mountain, REPCONN HQ, and near Nellis.
430VMS55Now McNamara wants the player to retrieve the reports of scouts sent to investigate the state of the NCR. The scouts can be found near NCRCF, Nipton, and Forlorn Hope.
431VMS55McNamara confides to the player that the bunker's systems are failing, and sends the player to find the components to fix them.
432VMS55After dutifully completing all of McNamara's missions, the Brotherhood decides to once again emerge from their isolation, still led by Elder McNamara.
433VMS55After the player reports the chapter's peril to Hardin, the Head Paladin calls for a vote of no faith in McNamara's leadership, resulting in his exile and Hardin's assumption of the title.
434VMS55The quest failed, likely because Elder McNamara died.
435VMS55aHardin has tasked the player with killing the Van Graffs.
436VMS55aThe player has killed the Van Graffs, and must now return to Hardin to report the deed.
437VMS55aThe player killed the Van Graffs and returned to Hardin, which let him/her join the Brotherhood of Steel.
438VMS55aThe quest failed, most probably because Hardin was killed prior to its completion.
439VMS55bMcNamara sent the player to install a device in a console in Black Mountain.
440VMS55bAfter installing the device, the player must head back to McNamara.
441VMS55bAfter reporting success, the player is inducted into the Brotherhood.
442VMS55bThe quest somehow failed, most likely due to McNamara getting killed before its completion.
443VMS57After talking to Neil, the player goes up the side of the mountain to confront Tabitha.
444VMS57The player successfully got rid of Tabitha.
445VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownPlayer spoke to Reyes and heard of quest but turned it down.
446VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownUpdate radio encryption at the Ranger Stations.
447VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownAll stations updated.
448VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownAll stations updated, some compromised.
449VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownUpdates complete - player declined to do part 2 but invite is still open.
450VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownPlayer embarked on part 2 of the quest.
451VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownHolding Pattern - player reported by told Reyes to read and talk later (the lazy option)
452VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownOptional Content Completed - Assigned to Speak to Hanlon
453VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownPC spoke to Hanlon - sent to "Investigate" leak.
454VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownHanlon Confessed, not dead yet...
455VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownTruth exposed - Hanlon fessed up, died, player can now report.
456VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownTruth Exposed - Hanlon fessed up and player offered to lie.
457VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownTruth exposed - Hanlon killed by PC.
458VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownPlayed convinced Hanlon - now must talk to Reyes for secrecy
459VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownEverything done - Reported truth to Reyes.
460VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownEverything done - lied to Reyes.
461VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownEverything done - told about Hanlon death.
462VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownQuest complete - Hanlon, player, and Reyes made a secrecy pact - best possible outcome for the NCR.
463VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownEverything done, optional content declined.
464VMSRSGlobalCommBreakdownFail State.
465VMSTopsTalentPoolFind entertainers you can recruit to work for Tommy Torini at the Tops.
466VMSTopsTalentPoolFind more entertainers for Tommy.
467VMSTopsTalentPoolYou've found an entertainer for the Tops. Go talk to Tommy for your cut of the profits.
468VMSTopsTalentPoolFind more entertainers for Tommy.
469VMSTopsTalentPoolYou've found another entertainer for the Aces Theater. Talk to Tommy for your reward.
470VMSTopsTalentPoolFind more entertainers for Tommy.
471VMSTopsTalentPoolYou've found a third entertainer for Tommy Torini. Go talk to him at the Tops for your payment.
472VMSTopsTalentPoolFind more entertainers for Tommy.
473VMSTopsTalentPoolYou've found four entertainers for the Tops. Go talk to Tommy for your cut of the profits.
474VMSTopsTalentPoolQuest Completed
475VMSTopsTalentPoolQuest failed
476VNellisInfestationRaquel is dead.
477VNellisInfestationAnts killed and generators up
478VNellisInfestationQuest done
479VNellisInfestationRaquel thinks I killed the ants and fixed the generator.
480VNellisJackJanet is dead.
481VNelsonKill the NCR Hostages.
482VNelsonMilo must survive.
483VNelsonReturn to Milo at the NCR Checkpoint.
484VNelsonMilo has died!
485VNiptonRescue the captives.
486VNiptonYou rescued the captives.
487VNiptonThe captives were killed.
488vNiptonVulpesSpread word of Legion atrocities.
489vNiptonVulpesReturn to Vulpes at Nipton.
490vNiptonVulpesYou told the NCR about Vulpes attack at Nipton.
491VTechatticupQuest Completed.
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