Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition

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"Can I Tell Him?" A Poseidon Energy Publication for New Employees As a member of the Poseidon Family, it will be natural for you to become enthusiastic about the incredible endeavors you'll be undertaking with us, and to want to tell others. But just a second there, my good man! Let's take a minute to consider what could happen if company information fell into the wrong hands, and whose hands those might be. "Can I tell my wife?" Well, let's say you do. You tell her not to tell anyone. Your bond is sacred. But a woman's idle tongue is the devil's plaything. No sooner do you leave for work the next day than she's on the phone telling her best friend Candy. Then Candy tells Gertie, Gertie tells Maxine, Maxine tells Lulu, and while Lulu is telling Doris, a Chinese agent posing as an American operator listens in, and the next thing she's on the line with the Forbidden City, singing like a treasonous canary. The following day you and your wife are bound in shackles and China is sitting at the controls of our entire arsenal. "Can I tell my children?" What father wouldn't want his kids to look up to him? Don't be that father. One day at school, Ivan Bullykov will get more than lunch money out of your kids. He'll have national secrets! And while they're parading him through Red Square as a national hero, your children will be working in forced labor camps, right next to you and your beautiful young wife, who's now wrinkled and homely since the communists have banned makeup because it expresses individuality. "Can I tell my drinking buddies?" Surely if there's somewhere safe a man can place his trust, it is with his other male friends. But how much do you really know about them? Are they friends... or *comrades*? Don't be too sure. Even the most transparent window can hide secrets when it's lined with Iron Curtains. Always remember: you are a member of two families now. And you have obligations to both. But your obligation to the Poseidon Family is greater, because while your children may misbehave and your friends may change and your wife may nag and cheat on you, Poseidon Energy will always be paying for and protecting your way of life. Don't tell anybody about anything about the projects of Poseidon Energy. When pressed, tell them that your job is repetitive and not worth discussing, but the Company is nurturing and gives good benefits and is always looking for new talent.
"Get you to a smithy! Forge the shard with sword, and defeat Grelok!" The wizard tosses some pebbles down to shoo you away and busies himself conjuring colored puffs of smoke.
"Hoo-hoo! The slayer of Grelok approaches, raw stone in hand, just as I've seen!" The wizard's pointy hat bobs excitedly as he points a finger at you. Suddenly, a pale orange arc of light extends from the knobby finger and draws the gemstone from your bag before you can react. The gemstone halts and hovers in the air before the wizard's nose. "Essence be true, powers renew, Fatty-Hoo-Do!" With that, he slaps the hovering stone, smashing it against the smooth stone of the tower. In a burst of light, the stone splits into two, and one lands in each outstretched palm of the hopping little wizard. "Shard for the sword. Wrap her in iron and she'll find Grelok's black heart for you. Take the chaff, too. You'll need payment for a smith to forge the weapon." He tosses the stones down which you leap forward to catch safely.
"We excel at destroying the old world, and we excel at building a new one." - Chairman Cheng Two hundred years ago, Chairman Cheng led his armies to defeat the decadent rulers of this land. Now, his humble descendant, Comrade Cheng, shall lead its noble people to rebuild a brighter land in its place! By uniting to work together, we can eradicate the twin dangers of lawlessness and disease. With unified soldiers, we can cleanse the land of beasts and highwaymen. With organized farmers, we can overcome starvation and poverty. When competing villages are destroyed, all must unite under the glorious leadership of Comrade Cheng and the Tenpenny Commune!
> Be it known that from this day, Kenneth Jones shall no longer bear the title of Elder. Brother Jones has willfully gone against the Chain That Binds and has been forced to step down. Head Paladin Lindquist succeeds him as Elder. Head Scribe Morgan
> Let it be added to the annals that Nolan McNamara was removed from the position of Elder due to his disregard for the Chain That Binds. In his stead, Head Paladin Hardin has assumed the role and shall lead the Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood from this point forward. Senior Scribe Schuler
> Let it be recorded that on this day, Raymond Lorn was dismissed from his post as Elder for committing the crime of murder. Brother Lorn was known to have hostile feelings toward the victim, Senior Scribe Ritter. The guilty party insists that Ritter's death was a tragic case of friendly fire (the bunker was under attack at the time), but the tribunal felt they could not let him persist as Elder with such suspicion hanging over him. Head Scribe Bucek
> Let the record show that I have stood witness to the dismissal of David James from the post of Elder. Brother James was charged with destroying an unknown device recovered from a recent expedition. The purpose and function of the device remain unknown, and Brother James has thus far proven unwilling to discuss the matter with anyone. Head Scribe Talwin
> The Chain That Binds is the cornerstone of our organization, the rock that supports the great tree of the Brotherhood and its myriad branches. It holds that: 1. Orders are to flow from on high down through the ranks. An order from a superior must always be obeyed, that their wisdom may be carried out without hesitation. 2. Orders are to observe the flow and not skip ranks. A superior may only give orders to his direct subordinates, and not to those beneath them. In this way harmony of intent and cohesion of thought is maintained.
attn: Warehouse/Repair Employees Please make sure the main platform in the Repair Sector is properly raised before releasing the repaired bots from their pods. All units receive fimware programming to make their way to the main entrance and await pickup. Let's get them there safely and not repeat last week's accident involving a Protectron falling to the lower level. That error cost us time, money, and was an embarrassment to the company and our DCTA account client. -- Management
(CORRUPTION DETECTED) (ATTEMPT PARTIAL RECOVERY) //*&*mpt #53: Gary 53 is hostile toward all non-clones, as was /.e case with t_e prev1ous 52 attempts. We may have to con*&der a mea_s of disposal of the pre|existin* Gary clones, as the obs_rvation r00ms are g3tting quite full. A//empt #54: Gary 54 e>hibit5 no ch4nge in hostility toward non-clones. If anYThing/ he is even more hostile. Dr. P_tersOn can attest to this, having b33n injured while e>* Most recent events displayed* * 11/14/2279, 03:47: Radiation leak detected. * 11/14/2279, 03:48: Maintenance bot dispatched. * 11/14/2279, 03:50: Power surge detected. * 11/14/2279, 03:50: Maintenance bot non-responsive. * 11/14/2279, 03:54: Moving to Security Alert Level 1. * 11/14/2279, 03:55: Protectrons activated. * 11/14/2279, 03:55: Turrets activated. * 11/14/2279, 03:55: Sentrybots on standby.
* Regarding Recent Delivery * The new creatures need transport to Bio-Lab. A request has been sent to the scientists regarding the immediate delivery and attachment of two Domestication Units for the subjects. My men have taken enough risks bringing these creatures in. There is no excuse for the tardiness regarding the Domestication Units. J.J. Black Commanding Officer, Fauna Detail Charlie, Northwest Sector
***Beta Testing Notice*** Ms. Granier - Beginning Monday, members of the Grognak's Lil' Heathens Fan Club will begin visiting the offices to participate in beta-testing our Reign of Grelok software. Participants must fill out our participation agreement, and should be directed to the testing station fifteen minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time. Just follow the main hallway all the way to the end and go through the door on your right. From there, the Beta Testing Area is just down the smaller hallway to your right. Rebecca, a personal note - some members of the Fan Club may be a little� exuberant. We realize that you are not a baby-sitter, and appreciate the extra trouble you'll be going to this week. This beta test is very important to getting our Hubris Software venture off to a good start, so please do your best to keep things under control out front. You will be compensated at time-and-a-half for the week as a token of our gratitude for your trouble.
*Start speech to text logging protocol 0579241* Male: Is it still in there? Female: Yep, it's here Sam. Male: Well, hot damn! Let's grab it and go. Primm Slimm: Howdy Partners! Welcome to the Vikki and Vance Casino and museum! Male: Can you shut that thing up Pauline? Female: Sure thing honey! You grab the gun, and we'll get going. Primm Slimm: Please do not touch the exhibits. Female: I almost got it. I'll wipe the memory file as well. Male: Ok! Let's get going. I'm going to stick this bad boy in my safe until we are ready. Female: Alright, once I'm done with this memory block we'll head back to Westside until we're ready to go.
-----Case# 43027----- Department: Recovery Vehicle ID: 87463520-34578-C237 Owner: Faye, Danielle Offense(s): Abandoned Car Other, Not Yet Determined Note(s): Car found along highway with burnt-out engine. It appears to have been stolen and taken on a joyride, and matches descriptions of cars in a variety of recent, out-of-state traffic-offenses. When recovered, car's contents included: two pairs of pliers, one Canadian flag, assorted theatrical costumes, 4 bottles of tequila (empty), one pool cue (broken), and four garden gnomes, strapped to front bumper. Owner reported car stolen four days prior, but her story has many inconsistencies. Bring Miss Faye in for further questioning.
-----Case# 45602----- Department: Impound Vehicle ID: 16598325-64178-A366 Owner: Wilkins, Jenny Offense(s): 4 Parking Tickets Note(s): During tow, perp entered into a screaming match with the driver claiming presence of an infant in the vehicle. Upon further inspection after the tow, her baby was indeed in the back seat. We've since moved the child into the lost and found and are holding it until Ms. Wilkins pays impound fines and retrieves her automobile.
-data corrupted- ... fake medical records. Paranoia must be induced through non-violent and non-chemical means in order for the experiment to be considered a success. -data corrupted- ...a group of technicians have been assigned to run the reactor, they are currently researching methods to improve the reactor efficiently. The reactor floor is fully staffed and completely self sustained. The only access between the vault proper and the reactor level is through the elevator hidden under the desk in this room. Currently the password to open this passage is 'Hyacinth'; please change this password a... -data corrupted- ...has not been informed of the research being undertaken in the lower levels.
.......software version is v223 .......configured to user voice: H.Granger .......onomatopoeia dictation is OFF .......phonetic spelling parser is OFF (auto-correct ON)
./ Begin: Self-diagnostic reporting log v.414 # Pump 4: ##report low gelatin levels # Printer-Mktg: ##report low yellow21-b levels # Building Temp: ##no reading. Check equipment. # Flavor Inject 8: ##report low yellow21-b levels
///Encrypt: Bailain/// LONG: 8347*&$ LATI: 324897.347
//coughing// Memo to Sales staff. In recognition of an exemplary quarter, Mr. Statham has authorized me to release sales staff early for the holidays. //unintelligible// It was no easy task to release a new acoustic borer to a market used to conventional bit-bore drilling systems, but thanks your hard work and //unintelligible//, acoustic bore drills are setting a new standard in the excavation industry. //coughing// Thanks to your many private sales and procurement of government contracts, we'll all be in the black for the foreseeable future. Happy Holidays from Mr. Statham and Dunwich Borers! Now get home to your families! //applause//
//deep breathing// My skin... my skin. Barely any left. One of them now, but they know I still have it. Stay back! Back, you! //deep breathing// That's close enough. //door// You, and you, too. Over there.... yes, yes. One of us, one of us. Ug-Qualtoth is returned //unintelligible//
//liquid dripping// Ug-Qualtoth //unintelligible// Ug-Qualtoth. I came, I came. Back this time, deep-temple //unintelligible// screaming, twisting //unintelligible// //impact sound// No light, no flesh //unintelligible// deep temple born deep temple died. Ug-Qualtoth again, //unintelligible// returned returned //unintelligible// retribution NOTICE TO USER: Internal memory capacity reached. PagSoft LLC recommends PagMem LLC for all your data storage needs. Please contact your administrator for details.
//unintelligible// Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbbboommmmmmmmmmkkkkkkk //unintelligible// NOTICE TO USER: PagSoft LLC recommends against sustained recordings in a low-frequency environment. Continued use in this manner voids all hardware warranties. Auto-dictator v223 powering off automatically.
//unintelligible// Thmmmmmmmmmmkkkkkkkaaaakkkkkkkkaaaaaaaakkkkkkmmmmm //unintelligible// NOTICE TO USER: PagSoft LLC recommends against sustained recordings in a low-frequency environment. Continued use in this manner voids all hardware warranties. Auto-dictator v223 powering off automatically.
//unintelligible// What the hell was that? Doesn't matter, doesn't matter. //deep breathing// Where is it? Where... Where //impact sound// //paper crumple// there, there //paper crumple// safe and sound. Jesus, they bled so much. But I kept it clean. Clean, clean clean //unintelligible// //unintelligible// shit, more. Got to move. Got to keep it safe.
0x4341454B 0x0000003E 0x00504945
1 bucket Mirelurk meat 12 eggs, mixed up 1 loaf bread, stale and crumbled 1 bottle mayonnaise (see Marjorie for mayo) 1 branch scrub plant, dried and crushed 2 fists of Salt Oil (for pan) Remove any shell from lurk. In bucket, toss together bread, egg, scrub and mayo until moistened, but do not over mix. Add any available spices for taste Ball up 25-30 cakes, 1/2 to 3/4 inches thick. Place in freezer until they firm up. Sprinkle batch with salt. In a heavy pan, fry cakes in oil, turning once until both sides are brown
911 Dispatcher: �911, Do you have an emergency?� Woman: �Please help me, I think there is someone outside, I heard a noise and it looks like someone is out there.� 911 Dispatcher: �Remain calm. I�m sending a squad car over, may I please have your name and address for confirmation?� Woman: (sound of glass breaking) I think he�s in the house now! Please send help� oh my god.. I think I hear him! 911 Dispatcher: �Ma�am I�ve dispatched a squad car it should arrive within minutes try (interrupted) Woman: �(sounds of a scuffle)� Man: �Sorry for the scare, my wife just (muffled scream) forgot to take her pills this morning� everything is ok. (long pause) No need for that squad car either. Have a nice day. (hangs up)� Call Terminated: Caller
911 Dispatcher: �911, What is the nature of your emergency?� Man: �(Excitedly) �. the wings on my shoes shrunk and now the moths wont eat my kidneys! When I shake my state capitol it only yields three fairy napkins but how (interrupted)� 911 Dispatcher: �Could you please repeat that sir?� Man: �(continuing) my banana slippers are like water boats because when the moon winks sometimes it burns my hamster punches (interrupted)� 911 Dispatcher: �Alright sir, just remain where you are, I'm sending help.� Man: �(continuing) and that�s how you get to llama school!� Call Terminated: Dispatch
911 Dispatcher: �911, Your call is being recorded, what's your emergency?� Man: �(screaming)Fire! There�s a fire! My house is on fire!� 911 Dispatcher: �Sir please try to stay calm, I�m going to connect you to the Fire Department.� Man: �Please hurry! Please Hurry!� Transferring� Dispatcher: �Germantown Fire Department, please state your emergency.� Man: �My house is burning to the ground please send help!� Dispatcher: �Just to confirm, your address is 1664 Clem Ave?� Man: �Yes, hurry!� Dispatcher: �Alright sir, the trucks have been sent, is there anyone still in the house?� Man: �Thank you, no everyone is safe and on the lawn (short pause) I think I hear them now. Thank you, goodbye.� Dispatcher: �Just try to remain a safe distance away from the house until they get there.� Call Terminated: Dispatch
=== Armor Research === Subject -> Enclave Armor Researcher ->T. T. Bowser Analysis -> After several radiation experiments, I can safely conclude that the Enclave Armor is more radiation resistant than Power Armor, although not by much. Regardless, more research and tests are needed to determine exactly what makes it more resistant.
=== Weapons Research === Subject -> Minigun Researcher -> H. P. Smith Analysis -> Why am I researching such old technology? Practice, practice, practice, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, the Minigun uses a much smaller round than most of the rifles found throughout the Wastes. However, the rate of fire of the Minigun makes up for the small, 5mm round, sending a hail of bullets toward its target. Its shear size, coupled with its trademark sound, is enough to send anyone in its path running for cover. It's a great weapon for suppressing fire, letting others flank the unsuspecting enemy. A typical cartridge holds around 100 rounds.
=== Weapons Research === Subject -> Missile Launcher Researcher ->J. J. Browne Analysis -> After several attempts to modify the Missile Launcher to increase its accuracy, I conclude that it cannot be done. In fact, this is third one I've "broken" in the past month. I will pass the task on to L. J. Rogers, who seems confident enough that it can be modified and that I merely overlooked obvious miscalculations. Technically, the Missile Launcher I've recently worked on is not broken. It just does not function properly. I have since locked it up in Weapons Storage.
=== Weapons Research === Subject -> Plasma Rifle Researcher -> R. R. Rasting Analysis -> The Plasma Rifle, like the Laser Rifle, uses a micro fusion cell as its power supply. It taps into the cell, essentially a small fusion reactor, to produce a toroid of plasma that is ejected down a superconductor barrel. A typical micro fusion cell can supply the rifle with around eight shots. Further research needs to be done to determine exactly how the plasma retains its density while traveling through the air toward its target.
=== Weapons Research === Subject -> Pulse Grenade Researcher -> L. J. Rogers Analysis -> The Pulse Grenade is the most effective weapon against robotics. Upon detonation, an intense electromagnetic pulse is emitted, severely crippling any robotics within the explosion radius. They are extremely handy against the many robots and turrets found throughout the Capital Wasteland.
@# $%^ &* @#)(* }{}{> <>K $#(*@# )$(* ^ &* @ # )(* }{}{> < > MEMORY CORRUPTION DETECTED. REFER TO USER MANUAL.
A city of the dead. Or undead, as some would believe. Underworld was, and is, a settlement of Ghouls, established in an old art exhibit in the Museum of American History. Argyle and I used to go there quite a bit. I was even voted "Honorary Ghoul" back in '51. I really should go back and visit sometime.
A few of our best men headed out around the same time as the patrols without my knowing about it. When I asked the Elder, he said they were on an important mission. Too important to tell his Chief of Security about? Something's up...
A Letter to the Overseer from Dr. Stanislaus Braun: If you are reading this, emergency Vault internment procedures have been initiated and you and your control group have been sealed into your Vault. Congratulations! You are now a vital part of the most ambitious program ever undertaken by Vault-Tec. If you have not yet read your sealed orders, do so now. They will outline the experimental protocols assigned to your control group. Please remember that deviation from these protocols in any way will jeopardize the success of the program, and may be considered grounds for termination by Vault-Tec Corporation (as outlined in your Employment Agreement). Your Vault may or may not have been selected to receive a G.E.C.K. module. Please see Attachment A for details. Doctor Stanislaus Braun Director, Societal Preservation Program Vault-Tec Corporation
A promising development, if I do say so myself! It seems things went to hell at the NCR Correctional Facility north of here, and escaped prisoners are roaming free. Sounds like a bad thing - and would be, if not for the political acumen and interpersonal alchemy of yours truly, Mayor Joseph B. Steyn, Esq. I sent the Jims out to make contact with the prisoners (or "Powder Gangers," rather - they insist on this name) to let them know Nipton's open for trade - with free turns with the girls as door prizes. Ha! You know they went for that deal. As sold by Little Jim, anyway. Big Jim, R.I.P. I see a lot of potential here so long as I can keep the NCR troops and Powders (ridiculous name) from running into each other and shooting it out in the streets. Luckily, the troopers only come at night (double entendre), so if the Powders will only come during the day (again), I'll have them coming (third time, the charm) and going. Yours in confidence, Mayor Joseph B. Steyn, Esq.
A town built around an undetonated atomic bomb. My kind of place! Megaton is pretty well fortified now, but back in my day it was even more ramshackle. Great place to grab a drink or a broad. I hear Moriarty even has his own place now. Guess that shouldn't surprise me. That guy had been playing the angles since the day he ended up in this country, as a kid.
ACCESS DENIED - Ranger Detachment reports not available from this system.
According to the radio, a ghoul named Raul is being held captive on Black Mountain.
According to the text of a speech that was given or scheduled to be given in the Vault 11 Atrium on overseer election day, the terminal password is "Betty."
After "borrowing" a few more water chips and rerouting some of the power here in the clinic, I�ve finally been able to affect the latest sample. It�s not much, but considering what I have to work with it, a definite step in the right direction. But this new experiment was also monumental for another reason: it�s the first time Jonas has assisted me. He�s suspected forever, I know, so I guess it was inevitable. And his help has been invaluable. I just hope he knows what he's gotten himself into.
After Action for Incident FS-87, Victims include 4 NCR Militiamen - squad was most likely on an unregistered patrol as they were not being observed until after the attack. Assailants believed to be raiders (likely Great Khans) with hunting dogs (two dog corpses were left in the scuffle - tracks suggest as many as a dozen in the attacking pack). Threat Assessment: Trivial. Great Khans with dogs present virtually no matter of trouble. Incident likely caused by unskilled NCR patrolmen failing to radio us for an eyes-on backup. Radioed HQ with report at 12:40, received Hanlon's confirmation at 12:42 that he received the details.
After numerous attempts, I've found a range that highlights the particles in the air that I believe killed everyone in this vault. Preliminary tests show them to be spores of some kind. I've set up spectrometers on several of the levels now and the concentration appears to increase in the lower levels. At this point, I'm concerned that the plants here may constitute a danger to the people of the NCR.
Again, not two hours after I had fallen, asleep I heard that noise again, it's mechanical, like something heavy being pushed then, it's hard to describe, something that sounds like an elevator perhaps? I've seen the blueprints of the vault, there's no way there could be an elevator there; what would it lead to? I think I'll take a walk around on the second floor, it is late no one will notice me, besides if anyone did it might be good for the experiment anyway.
Agenda for next council meeting Fence on the flight deck. Taxes. Gate tax? Water tax? Weapons contribution program.
Alice - Your push for a new tariff on Gun Runner weapons didn't make it past the Senate. They've got too much pull in California. We're going to have to find some other way to get the upper hand in the weapons market. - Jason Tagg, Modoc Branch Manager
Alice McLafferty at the Crimson Caravan Company in New Vegas has told you to return in a few days for payment as a result of your undetected theft of the Gun Runner's manufacturing secrets.
Ambassador Crocker, Captain Pappas dropped off a report for you while you were out. The report is attached. Liza Security Lacking at Checkpoints There have been recent cases of civilians and some troopers sneaking in restricted items into the Strip. Security needs to be increased to make sure that this stops right away. I'm instructing the MP's to tighten security at the checkpoints and any violations will be severely punished. Recently confiscated items have been stored in the store room at the Military Police Headquarters. I have locked the room and have the key with me. Captain Marie Pappas
An underground city. Not a bad a accomplishment, all things considered, but their leader, King Crag, became too isolationist for his own good. Okay, so I accidentally led the Slavers there and those bastards cleaned the place out. It was an honest mistake.
Analysis -> Further research regarding Laser Weaponry has not revealed much we didn't already know. Small production run of prototype weapons developed by US Military, most of these weapons were recovered from military armories where the weapons were being tested by live-fire groups of active duty personnel.
Angela, my sweet. How slowly time crawls without the touch of your lips. I know you're still angry I enlisted, but I did it for you and for country - I won't have Legion scum anywhere near you or on NCR soil. Those red-skirted pansies don't stand a chance against me, don't you worry your pretty little head. Soon as my tour's up, I'll be home and you'll be in my arms again. I'll have a ring in my pocket and a question to pop. You know what I mean. Yours always, Elaine
Another day, another setback. We had tried, of course, re-routing power from Weapons to the robot's other sub-systems several times. Each attempt ended in failure, thanks to the robot's overly aggressive combat subroutines. It's almost as if there's some hidden pocket of AI that keeps pushing against us, refusing to let anyone drain power from the weapons systems. I guess that shouldn't surprise me, considering why he was constructed in the first place. That's why I began work on the Neural Dampener in the first place. I was convinced I could "trick" the robot into thinking I had actually re-distributed the power from some other sub-system. But the damned thing proved smarter than that. Certainly smarter than me. All I managed to do was fry some of his circuitry (again) and set us back another three months.
Apart from the standard dangers, Rivet City provides a few uncommon problems for long-time residents: * Lockjaw: Muscle spasms, especially of the jaw, from getting cuts on the rusty ship hull. Treat with penicillin, when available. * Red-lung: Respiratory problems from regularly inhaling rust particles - particularly a problem for hangar deck residents and shut-ins. Treat with steam therapy and time outside to flush system. * Fish poisoning: Less of a problem nowadays, but occasionally someone finds a fish in the river and is dumb enough to try to eat the thing. Radiation levels spike and mercury poisoning drives most victims crazy. No cure, but at least people nearby get a reminder not to do it.
Apparently, the mutants raided a caravan today. One of their rifles jammed. Took about seven minutes to fix. I also performed minor maintenance on the broadcasting tower outside. It's tempting to think that I could have just pulled a switch there and taken this accursed station off the air. No doubt she would have killed me soon afterward, but it might have been worth it just to see the look on her face.
As a result of a generous donation from the Arlington Dental Foundation, the Arlington READS! Literacy Program will be experiencing exciting new changes. Beginning immediately, the program will change from: Reading Education And Development System To the following, more holistic and hygienic program: Reading Education And Dental Supplies So remember to keep your mind sharp and your teeth clean! Arlington READS!
As if I don't have enough pointless things to do here, Tabitha wants me to start keeping a log of all the repairs I do. So here's my first log entry. I fixed up several old terminals that were left over in the intact buildings here. I wonder what she's planning to use them for.
As our tests suggested, the immediate vicinity of the vault is no longer dangerously irradiated, although the background radiation is still well above safe levels. Pockets of more intense radiation appear to still be common, and all surface water seems to be undrinkable. We will need to carry ample supplies of Rad-X with us on all future surveys. But hazard suits do not seem to be necessary for general exploration. Our old maps are largely useless. The town of Springvale is an abandoned ruin, and all pre-War roads have disappeared or are no longer passable. We encountered a group of monstrous ants which appeared to confirm Mackay's theories of mutation due to extended exposure to radiation. We drove off the ants with gunfire and collected several specimens for study upon return to the vault (see Exhibit A). The good news is that human civilization still survives, despite everything! We discovered a settlement known as "Megaton" (see Exhibit B), whose inhabitants, although somewhat wary at first, soon welcomed us into their town. We spent a good deal of time in Megaton, and learned a great deal about the "Capital Wasteland" (as the area around Washington D.C. is now called) from them. Megaton is a fortified outpost of "civilization" (of sorts), but it seems that Giant Ants are the least of the dangers of this new world. We agreed that it was prudent to return to the Vault immediately to revise our survey plans in light of what we have learned. Lewis and Agnes remained in Megaton to serve as "ambassadors" and continue to collect information until we return. Anne Palmer, Survey Team Leader February 10, 2241
As the years roll on, I find myself missing Father's advice more and more. I wonder if he would be proud of the decisions I've made - but no, such second-guessing does me no good. I won't be weighed down by the past, and I won't waste energy on ancient family history, especially when that history isn't really family at all.
Assistant Mathers went into the caves at 18:46 today and still hasn't returned. Requesting security escort for science personnel to conduct a search.
Astonishingly enough, the local Nightstalkers have developed a mutation not unlike the stealth field generated by Stealth Boys. Even more importantly, the brains I've dissected have shown heightened levels of endorphins and other neurochemicals, similar to what I've seen in Nightkin brains. If this mutation is natural, perhaps a cure could be synthesized from the Nightstalkers. As far as I can tell, the Nightstalkers don't suffer from schizophrenia like the affected Nightkin.
At a workbench, combine: 1 bottle Nuka-Cola Quantum Tin Can Turpentine Abraxo cleaner A potent cocktail of carbonation and detonation, the Nuka Grenade makes plasma look like a bubble bath.
At a workbench, combine: 1 bottle Nuka-Cola Quantum Tin Can Turpentine Abraxo cleaner This schematic now makes three grenades! A potent cocktail of carbonation and detonation, the Nuka Grenade makes plasma look like a bubble bath.
At a workbench, combine: 1 bottle Nuka-Cola Quantum Tin Can Turpentine Abraxo cleaner This schematic now makes two grenades! A potent cocktail of carbonation and detonation, the Nuka Grenade makes plasma look like a bubble bath.
At a workbench, combine: Crutch Steam gauge assembly Fission battery Pressure cooker Firing the railway spikes that can be found in industrial sites or train stations, the Railway Rifle can stop targets in their tracks and pin their limbs to the wall.
At a workbench, combine: Crutch Steam gauge assembly Fission battery Pressure cooker Now improved 10%! Firing the railway spikes that can be found in industrial sites or train stations, the Railway Rifle can stop targets in their tracks and pin their limbs to the wall.
At a workbench, combine: Crutch Steam gauge assembly Fission battery Pressure cooker Now improved 20%! Firing the railway spikes that can be found in industrial sites or train stations, the Railway Rifle can stop targets in their tracks and pin their limbs to the wall.
At a workbench, combine: Lunchbox Cherry bomb Sensor module 10 Bottlecaps A cheap and easy do-it-yourself explosive, the Bottlecap Mine Packs a surprising kick, so stand back!
At a workbench, combine: Lunchbox Cherry bomb Sensor module 10 Bottlecaps This schematic now makes three mines! A cheap and easy do-it-yourself explosive, the Bottlecap Mine Packs a surprising kick, so stand back!
At a workbench, combine: Lunchbox Cherry bomb Sensor module 10 Bottlecaps This schematic now makes two mines! A cheap and easy do-it-yourself explosive, the Bottlecap Mine Packs a surprising kick, so stand back!
At a workbench, combine: Motorcycle gas tank Pilot light Lawnmower blade Motorcycle handbrake Now improved 10%! When ignited and used properly, the Shishkebab provides two important functions in a melee: slashing and burning.
At a workbench, combine: Motorcycle gas tank Pilot light Lawnmower blade Motorcycle handbrake Now improved 20%! When ignited and used properly, the Shishkebab provides two important functions in a melee: slashing and burning.
At a workbench, combine: Motorcycle gas tank Pilot light Lawnmower blade Motorcycle handbrake When ignited and used properly, the Shishkebab provides two important functions in a melee: slashing and burning.
At a workbench, combine: Paint gun Radscorpion poison gland Toy car Surgical tubing By adding Radscorpion poison to the darts that can be found in most ruined houses and stores, the Dart Gun makes for a stealthy and surprisingly lethal little toy.
At a workbench, combine: Paint gun Radscorpion poison gland Toy car Surgical tubing Now improved 10%! By adding Radscorpion poison to the darts that can be found in most ruined houses and stores, the Dart Gun makes for a stealthy and surprisingly lethal little toy.
At a workbench, combine: Paint gun Radscorpion poison gland Toy car Surgical tubing Now improved 20%! By adding Radscorpion poison to the darts that can be found in most ruined houses and stores, the Dart Gun makes for a stealthy and surprisingly lethal little toy.
At a workbench, combine: Vacuum cleaner Leaf blower Firehose nozzle Conductor Now improved 10%! The Rock-It Launcher isn't the most accurate big gun, but as long as you've got junk lying around, you've got ammo. Just load the hopper with garbage and turn that junk into a deadly weapon.
At a workbench, combine: Vacuum cleaner Leaf blower Firehose nozzle Conductor Now improved 20%! The Rock-It Launcher isn't the most accurate big gun, but as long as you've got junk lying around, you've got ammo. Just load the hopper with garbage and turn that junk into a deadly weapon.
At a workbench, combine: Vacuum cleaner Leaf blower Firehose nozzle Conductor Now improved 30%! The Rock-It Launcher isn't the most accurate big gun, but as long as you've got junk lying around, you've got ammo. Just load the hopper with garbage and turn that junk into a deadly weapon.
At a workbench, combine: Vacuum cleaner Leaf blower Firehose nozzle Conductor The Rock-It Launcher isn't the most accurate big gun, but as long as you've got junk lying around, you've got ammo. Just load the hopper with garbage and turn that junk into a deadly weapon.
At a workbench, combine: Wonderglue Leather belt Medical brace Deathclaw hand Now improved 10%! With this weapon, your "unarmed" attacks will have the ferocity and armor-shredding power of the Deathclaws. Assuming you can survive long enough to take one of their hands, of course.
At a workbench, combine: Wonderglue Leather belt Medical brace Deathclaw hand Now improved 20%! With this weapon, your "unarmed" attacks will have the ferocity and armor-shredding power of the Deathclaws. Assuming you can survive long enough to take one of their hands, of course.
At a workbench, combine: Wonderglue Leather belt Medical brace Deathclaw hand With this weapon, your "unarmed" attacks will have the ferocity and armor-shredding power of the Deathclaws. Assuming you can survive long enough to take one of their hands, of course.
Attempt #171 - I've noticed positive reactions with base dextrin substances. I'll continue testing different forms to see where it leads me. If there was ever a time for a breakthrough it would be right now. Masquerading as one of these foul murderers grows tiring, once the theatrics of it wear off. One thing is true, though - we can all be rich if the experiment succeeds. Molerat is one of the easiest meats to get hold of, yet the most disgusting. If I can turn it into a viable food source...
Attempt #172 - Quite close now. I'm fairly certain the key ingredient is some form of ThermoStarch. My next attempt will be using Wonder Glue, the adhesive component contains a great deal of the stuff. Luckily we have a small store of the stuff available here, and I'm offering a handful of caps to the raiders for every bottle they can bring me. Those greasy villains are handy when you've got the money.
Attempt #173 -I've finally done it! Who would have thought that the simple combination of Mole Rat Meat and Wonder Glue would have been the answer? Curing the mixture together in a metal box produces a sort of jerky that is very pleasant to the palette, chewy with a nutty taste. The usual toughness and bitter flavor of molerat is completely undetectable. Further, I find that the meat has restorative properties. A man who eats a meal of this concotion will find himself feeling positivley buoyant and anxious to move about. I'll be able to charge even more for it than I was originally planning. The only thing left to do is set up shop in one of the towns on the surface. None too soon! These filthy raiders have been my bane, and after these long months, I'm as destitute as the worst of them. Odd, that's the alarm. :Begin MemWipe() User-Initiated memory protocol Beginning storage clear, oldest archives first. Press any button to interrupt.
Attempt #86 -I introduced a small component of isoprene, didn't seem to make a difference in taste or composition. I'm not hopeful, but in the next round I'll increase the concentration, if only because the damn stuff is so plentiful.
Attempt #87 -The molerats are starting to get more aggressive. I think we will have to push back our checkpoints a bit to make up for it. I wonder if my experiments with isoprene have somehow triggered their sudden increase in aggression. I wouldn't be so worried about it if I had something to show for it. There's got to be some way to make this meat taste better. Chucky won't shut up about the one he kept as a pet being eaten by the others. I think I'll shoot him, that sort of thing seems to impress these raider types.
Attention all structural engineers: There was a problem with the remote diagnostic protocols set up for the generators on the dam. It turns out that activating the remote diagnostics has a good chance to cause the generators to overload. Because of this the diagnostic program is going to be disabled.
Attn NCR Staff, We received nearly ten times the medical supplies requested. We had an incident of a broken leg - not a missile strike. Please arrange a supply shipment to redistribute - no doubt there's an NCR military camp that desperately needs the supplies.
Attn: Security Personnel RE: Security Assignments for President's Visit The basic assignments are this: -Rangers will secure the perimeter and keep an eye out for any external threats. -Additional Rangers will be stationed around the stage and the crowd. Their primary job is to keep an eye on the crowd to make sure nothing funny happens. I want sharpshooters positioned at the following potential sniper locations: Visitor Center Roof Western Ridge Dam Tower 1 Roof - I want a radio up here to check in. Stay frosty today. Nothing bad is going to happen on our watch. -Grant
Audrey, Things have gotten pretty grim since my last letter. The conditions here at Forlorn Hope just keep getting worse and worse - food is scarce, medicine and supplies are limited, and we're all scared out of our minds. We lose a handful of good men every day. It's hard seeing all your friends die. The Major does his best to inspire hope and confidence, but it's just not working any more. Too many people have died here. Dr. Richards is a good man, if a little odd, but there's just too many wounded for him to handle. Through all this strife, I take solace in the fact that I'm fighting to keep our family safe. And when the NCR wins this fight, it'll make the world a better place for all of us. Take care of the kids and I'll write you again soon. Ted
Bad news. Rangers haven't seen Cheryl and got troubles of their own. Muties been snatching people left and right. Reilly�s men are going to keep an eye out round here. They suggested we head to the western ruins, across the river and search there, so I guess that�s what we�ll do. Damn it, sis, why didn't you just wait for us?
Bannon has asked me to search Seagrave Holmes' room to see if I can find anything incriminating about him. Then Bannon can stop him from taking over his council seat.
Bannon: Still suffering from his "social problem." Keep on penicillin, and try to convince him to watch out in the future. Brock: Another day, another broken nose. Rare to see him as a patient, but at least the people he "refers" are still alive. Barely. Cantelli, Paulie: Treatment for the steady stream of his addictions would be a steady income, but I can't waste the resources on him if he's just going to get hooked again. Holmes, Seagrave: Chronic case of red-lung from all his repairs below-decks. Prescribed a few hours of fresh air up top every night. Staley, Gary: Exhaustion. The man really needs to take a rest at some point. But then again, who doesn't? Trinnie: Surprisingly healthy, apart from the alcoholism and other chronic dangers of her line of work. Guess they grow them strong in Lamplight.
Bears, or the Capital Wasteland's equivalent, anyway. You're not going to find one of these babies balancing on a big rubber ball, though, I can tell you that much. They're are vicious as they come -- razor sharp claws, razor sharp teeth. Nasty, nasty temperament.
Been a good few months for us since the coming out. Going by the dosimeter tests, we're taking some exposure to radiation, but as long as Doc Johanson keeps folks on their meds, we don't seem to be having trouble with rad sickness. Irrigation and fertilization has been good, and though we lost the goats and chickens, the cows have done good. Those hardy beasts don't seem to mind this new world. Miles and Jacky are devoting some time to husbandry to keep the cows breeding and available.
Billy, don't be mad, but I lost all our savings at The Tops last night. It's not my fault, I was on a hot streak and was up 2000 caps, but then I had a run of bad luck and lost it all. I'm going to go see if I can scrounge up a few caps and try to get it all back. Please don't hate me. Sue
Billy, I'm sorry I stole it. You deserve to have it back. Remember the old scrapyard, north of the Bethesda ruins? Look in the burned out bus in the northwest corner. Near an old red boxcar. Tell Loreen I still love her, and I'm sorry for everything. I hope somebody finds this before the buzzards tear it to pieces. Your loving brother, John
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Blake, I need the usual package of medical supplies. You can trust the person with this note to get it to me in one piece. I know. I know. You'll need a payment for the next order. I'll take care of that in a few days. -Contreras
Boone, one of the snipers posted in the model dinosaur in Novac, has enlisted you to try and find out who in town sold his wife to Caesar's Legion. He has requested that, should you find the person responsible, you lead them out in front of the dinosaur while he is on duty. You are to put on his beret as a signal that the person you've brought there is the guilty party.
Boppo died like a bitch. He didn't have half a bad idea, setting up here. We had a good thing going, picking off caravans and traders on their way into Megaton. He was stupid to try and raid the town. Dumbass deserved the bullet Simms put in his head. Anyway, there's sweeter water to be had here. That damn Vault's what we should be trying to get into, not that rag-ass town. If we can get in there, ain't none of us going to want again for the rest of our lives.
Born -- 2097 Died -- NA Son of Maxson II and grandson of Roger Maxson. A gifted soldier, John Maxson was promoted to the rank of Paladin at age 38, in the year 2135. Soon after, he was promoted once more to Head Paladin. In 2155, Maxson was promoted to the illustrious position of High Elder when his father Maxson II was killed in glorious battle with the Raiders known as Vipers. Records indicate John Maxson had some dealings with a mysterious figured identified only as the "Vault Dweller" in the year 2162, at the age of 65.
Born -- 2267 Died -- Only son of Jonathan and Jessica (both deceased). Last of the Maxson bloodline. As an infant, sent to the Citadel to be fostered by Elder Owyn Lyons. The reason for this decision was two-fold: 1.) Recent internal conflict amongst the Western Brotherhood of Steel created an unsafe environment for the child. It was believed that the Citadel -- despite being located in hostile territory -- would increase his probability of survival. 2.) Elder Lyons, at that time, was in high favor with the Western Elders, and deemed a perfect candidate to provide care and training to the Squire. Recent events have led to a lack of communication with the Western Elders. As a result, Squire Maxson will remain at the Citadel indefinitely.
Born -- NA (teenager of unspecified age in 2077) Died -- 2155 Took over command of the Brotherhood of Steel as High Elder in 2135, when his father, Roger Maxson, died of cancer. In 2155, while hunting down a group of Raiders knows as the Vipers, Maxson (who was unhelmeted at the time) was grazed in the head by an arrow. A deadly Viper poison killed him within hours.
Born -- NA Died -- 2135 Second in command of the security team stationed at the West Tek research facility; later relocated to the Mariposa Military Base. Assumed command after nervous breakdown of security team leader Colonel Robert Spindel. Executed scientists after learning of their research into the Forced Evolutionary Virus, or FEV. Deserted from military just before the war. Maxson ordered the families of all base personnel brought inside the facility, thereby sparing their lives. Led survivors in their Exodus to the Lost Hills bunker. Maxson's wife was killed on the journey. At Lost Hills, Roger Maxson formed the Brotherhood of Steel. As the organization's first High Elder, he formed the Orders of Paladins, Knights and Scribes.
Boyd, Corporal White has once again been wasting my time with his crazy ideas about a water shortage. He was borderline insubordinate, and you need to put your people on a tighter leash. White's gone off to Westside to speak with that Follower of the Apocalypse, Tom Anderson, so look for him there. - Romanowski
Boys and Girls, we've got ourselves another holier-than-thou white knight needs putting down. Here are the details: Name: &PCName; Race: &PCRace; Sex: &PCSex; The bounty is 1000 caps this time around. And, for a change of pace, they want the head this time. Good hunting!
Brig. Gen. Scott Lowe of the U.S. Army will be visiting the facility starting next Monday and staying onsite indefinitely. When ARCHIMEDES goes live, he will be the only person here allowed to authorize its use for anything other than a test. Civilian employees are not required to salute, but it is expected of everyone that you observe thorough grooming and hygiene regimens and dress neatly while the general is with us. The general expects the best from all his men, and Poseidon men should be no different in the presence of such a fine and decorated soldier.
Bruce, I think it's time we see other people. We're just not a good fit anymore. Besides, I met this amazing and rich guy at The Ultra-Luxe last night. He's a real winner, not a dirty farmhand like yourself. I never want to see you again. Lacy
BUILDING A DECK Caravan decks are comprised of at least 30 cards from one or more traditional playing card sets. The deck may have any number of cards of any type that suits a player's strategy, although it cannot have duplicate cards from the same set. For example, a King of Spades from Set A and a King of Spades from the Set B deck is acceptable, but more than one King of Spades from Set A would be illegal. RULES Caravan is played with two players building three opposing piles (or "caravans") of numbered cards. The goal is to outbid your opponent's caravan with the highest value of numbered cards without being too light (under 21) or overburdened (over 26). The game begins with each player taking eight cards from their deck and placing either one numerical card or ace on each caravan. Players may not discard during this initial round. Once both players have started their three caravans, each player may do ONE of the following on their turn: 1. Play one card and draw a new card from his or her deck to their hand. 2. Discard one card from their hand and draw a new card from his or her deck. 3. Disband one of their three caravans by removing all cards from that pile. Caravans have a direction, either ascending or descending numerically, and a suit. The suit is determined with the first card placed on a caravan, the direction by the second. All subsequent cards must continue the numerical direction or match the suit of the previous card. Cards of the same numerical value cannot be played in sequence, regardless of suit. Face cards can be attached to numeric cards in any caravan and affects them in various ways. CARD VALUES Joker: Played against ace, 2-10. Effects change based on whether it's an ace or a numbered card (see below). Multiple jokers may be played on the same card. Ace: Value of 1. Jokers played on aces remove all other non-face cards of the ace's suit from the table. E.g. a joker played on an Ace of Spades removes all spades (except face cards and that card, specifically) from the table. 2-10: Listed value. Jokers played on these cards remove all other cards of this value from the table. E.g. a joker played on a 4 of Hearts removes all 4s (other than that card, specifically) from the table. Jack: Played against ace, 2-10. Removes that card, along with any face cards attached to it. Queen: Played against ace, 2-10. Reverses the current direction of the hand and changes the current suit of the hand. Multiple queens may be played on the same card. King: Played against ace, 2-10. Adds the value of that card again. E.g. a king played on a 9 adds 9 to that hand. Multiple kings may be played on the same card for multiplicative effects. E.g. 4+ king = 8. 4 + 2 kings = 16. WINNING A player's caravan is considered sold when the value of its cards is over 20 and under 27. The other player may still outbid by increasing the value of their opposing pile while staying within the 21-26 range. When each of the three competing caravans has sold, the game is over. In the event that one of the three caravan values are tied between players, the game continues until all three caravans have sold. The player with two or more sales wins the pot.
By Dorothy Proud Capital Post Staff Writer In a crushing blow to foreign relations and world peace, the United Nations yesterday was completely disbanded, leaving its member nations to fend for themselves in these trying times. Many had considered the United Nations the best hope for brokering a ceasefire between the European Commonwealth and the nations of the Middle East, but such an intervention is now impossible. In a somber press conference at the United Nations building in New York City, United Nations president Sakugama Okiri had this to say: "It is a sad day for the United States. Sadder still for the world. An era of relative peace and prosperity has come to a tragic end. The Resources Wars are upon us, and in my humble opinion the United Nations is needed now more than ever. Sadly, the world disagrees." Those nations that have not already moved out of the immense headquarters will have completely vacated the premises by the end of the week. Several organizations have already begun bidding on the prime real estate, but children�s toy retailer Bumbalo's seems determined to transform the building into their new East Coast superstore.
By Dorothy Proud Capital Post Staff Writer In a move that is being widely viewed as both necessary and overdue, the United States military today declared that they will begin the immediate annexation of the country of Canada. The decision comes after a long and contentious relationship with the Canadian government that began shortly after the Chinese invasion of Anchorage, Alaska in the winter of 2066. The Canadian leadership at that time expressed its opposition to American troops passing through their country or traversing their airspace, but ultimately capitulated. Tensions with our neighbor to the north have only escalated since then as the United States has found itself relying heavily on Canada�s natural resources - including wood cultivated from the country�s great Timberland forests - to maintain the war effort against China. But it was a recent near-sabotage of the Alaskan pipeline that finally tipped the American military�s hand. "That was the last straw," said Buzz Babcock, commander of U.S. forces in Canada. "You know what�s been stopping the Reds from pouring into downtown Juneau? American soldiers, that�s what. And now we�ve got to worry about someone - Chinese, Alaskan, or otherwise - taking out the pipeline? I don�t think so. Effectively immediately, United States troops are beginning a complete takeover of all Canadian assets and resources. Little America is ours. But let�s face it - it always has been."
By Dorothy Proud Capital Post Staff Writer In the late evening hours of January 10th, brave American Army forces launched an all-out offensive against the entrenched Chinese Communist invaders in the beleaguered seaport of Anchorage, Alaska, destroying all opposition and finally liberating the city after more than ten years of Chinese occupation. No red-blooded American can ever forget that terrible winter of 2066, when Chairman Cheng�s commie cutthroats mercilessly invaded the icy extension of the United States, in an unprecedented act of foreign aggression that sent shockwaves all the way back to our nation�s Capital. But the nightmare is finally over, and America, always the home of the brave, is once again the land of the free.
By killing the egghead, I seem to have confirmed my position as leader of the men. They follow me without question now. The interrogations invariably end up being executions. Shellman held out the longest, but the end result was the same. Her arguments about her orders were a bit too specific to be completely made up. I'm getting a real bad feeling in my gut about how this is all going to end up. I don't even lie to myself anymore about my reasons for executing the scientists.
By now, your handler's given you the location of the job and your basic orders. Here are the details. Traders have been making a killing with Mirelurk meat, and we've been losing business because of it. One of our people got involved with a caravan supplier, and we finally know where it's all been coming from. The meat's mostly coming from one group holed up along the river smack in the middle of the ruins. There's a huge old facility under some war memorial where they've herded up a nest of Mirelurks and have been breeding and butchering them. They've been in business for months and are sure to be sitting on a pile of caps. Take what you can carry -- we just want them out of the meat market. The rest is up to you. This isn't the biggest job, but pull it off clean and there's plenty more work for a man with your skills. Get back to your handler as soon as the job is done and we'll be in touch.
By Walter �Street Beat� Munroe Capital Post Staff Writer In a startling turnaround from their previous policy of complete covert development, the United States Army has confirmed that they are indeed working on a new super weapon, one designed specifically to crush the Red Chinese invasion force and liberate occupied Anchorage, Alaska once and for all. Speaking at an Army press conference at the Pentagon, General Constantine Chase stated: "No more secrets. The time has come to lay all our cards on the table, so the Chinese can see with their own eyes that we�ve got the winning hand. The United States Army is proud to announce that for the first time in history, General Atomics International and RobCo have joined forces to create for this great country a super weapon that will leave every single yellow-bellied Red shaking in their Commie booties." Unfortunately for our readers, that�s as specific as Chase is willing to get. While he and the Army are ready for China to know the U.S. is developing a new weapon, they�re not quite ready to divulge just what it is, or when it will be ready for deployment. "All in due time, all in due time. Rest assured, when this weapon is complete, liberty will come to Anchorage� and Hell will follow."
By Walter �Street Beat� Munroe Capital Post Staff Writer It would appear that Washington�s tolerance for American social disorder has finally reached its breaking point. In a recent public statement, White House spokesman Warren Eccleston said: "Okay, Americans are hungry. We get it. Well I�ve got news for you - things are tough all over, people. The President himself has been forced to substitute cube steak for his nightly prime rib, and the only wine available is a detestable Chateau Montrose 2043. But does he whine? Does he take to the streets like a rabid Red? So please, good people, please. Wait in line. Get your food. And then go home. We�re Americans! We do not solve our problems with violence."
By Walter �Street Beat� Munroe Capital Post Staff Writer What American child alive hasn�t heard the story of the Pint-Sized Slasher, that diminutive demon in a clown mask who stalks and slashes the innocent residents of supposedly safe suburbia? It�s just one of the many folk stories parents use to scare their youngsters into behaving themselves. Or is it? According to Germantown police chief Joseph Field, the Pint-Sized Slasher may be more real than many people would like to admit. �After reviewing the autopsy results of the Linden Street slayings, we have confirmed that the force and direction of every knife wound are consistent with an attack from a much smaller assailant. A child, to be precise.� Add to the sinister forensic findings this statement from Christopher Atkinson, the one surviving victim of the adolescent assassin, and it becomes clear that the Pint-Sized Slasher does indeed walk among us: �The clown! The clown! He�s going to kill us all, do you understand me? He stabbed my brother Shaun right in the face! He killed my brother! The little clown!� But assuming the Pint-Sized Slasher is indeed a real, tangible threat to the peace loving residents of D.C. suburbia, one question remains: why? What could possible motivate a child to don a clown mask and murder innocent people in cold blood? We may never know. At least not until the miniature maniac is brought to justice. Until then, all we can do is lock our doors, kiss our children goodnight� and pray they live to see morning.
C.J. Young is missing. This might have something to do with my taunting James Hargrave.
Cachino's Journal documents a couple months of Cachino's activities. It contains a detailed ledger describing many of his business deals over the last few months, including the sales of chems and weapons. It is clear at a quick glance that these transactions are his own personal finances, and this is done behind the backs of the Omerta Family management structure. He also talks, in great detail, about many sexual encounters with Gomorra prostitutes, including Joana. After nearly every off-the-books sale, or sexual tryst he vows this one will be his last.
Camp Guardian Daily Log Sergeant Banner Reporting Day 12 We managed to get the rest of the path cleared. Some pre-war fencing was mostly intact, and we were able to set it up as a makeshift barrier, on the more dangerous cliffs. I hope none of these jarheads fall off. We found a few cave entrances, as we were clearing rubble. They lead back to each other, with just a single collapsed path which appears to lead down into the mountain. The damn survey team didn't mention any caves. I hope we don't find any more little surprises.
Camp Guardian Daily Log Sergeant Banner Reporting Day 13 It's been almost a week, and still no sign of a radio from McCarran. I'm sending a runner to Bravo to see if they can spare a handheld or any other radio gear, until McCarran can get around to sending the gear I requested. I swear those dumb bastards back at command expect us to use carrier pigeons or something.
Camp Guardian Daily Log Sergeant Banner Reporting Day 14 It's been a week and still no sign of a radio from McCarran. At least Bravo was nice enough to give us a handheld so we can relay to them in the meantime should Caesar try anything. Halford will get the radio set up if and when it finally arrives. For now he is in charge of the handheld and daily reports to Bravo.
Camp Guardian Daily Log Sergeant Banner Reporting Day 15 The handheld is working well enough and we finished building steps up the steeper sections of the path. We can finally move the rest of our gear to the top. Last night Jackson came screaming into the tent swearing up and down he saw shadows moving in the water. I know Legionaries are know to be fast runners, but swimming across the river? I sent half of the men in pairs to search the area, but again we came up empty-handed. I'm starting to think Jackson is unstable and may need counseling. I'll request a replacement when we get the radio from McCarran.
Camp Guardian Daily Log Sergeant Banner Reporting Day 18 We finally got the radio from McCarran. I've set it up on the peak so anyone on overwatch duty can quickly radio in if the Legion makes a move. I'd like to know which genius back at command decided to send a squad to this location, but didn't think to give us a radio so we could actually call in an attack. Probably another politician's son.
Camp Guardian Daily Log Sergeant Banner Reporting Day 19 Ok, now I'm starting to hear noises. During my watch last night, I definitely heard splashes down in the water. I requested an additional survey from McCarran, but they blew it off as nerves. Fish don't make that much damn noise! I sent down half of the squad with lamps, but they couldn't see anything. We can't find any other cave openings. Maybe I've caught a little crazy from Jackson. I wish we had some Cateye. Can't see shit at night.
Camp Guardian Daily Log Sergeant Banner Reporting Day 20 More surprises. Collins came across a cave entrance right behind our damn tent. The survey team should have caught this if they'd done a thorough job. I have no idea if anything is in there, but we don't have the manpower to deal with any serious pests. I'm going to have some choice words for Burke the next time I see him. This isn't the first time that idiot skipped over details while surveying an area. I hope to god we're not sitting on some kind of nest. I'm going to send in Frakes and Collins to scout the caves tomorrow. If we have to, we'll use explosives to collapse the cave.
Camp Guardian Daily Log Sgt. Banner Reporting Day 3 This place is a mess. Most of the old hiking trails are buried in landslides, and the rest is so dusted you can't tell which direction you're supposed to go. I don't know what the hell the survey team was thinking when they said this was a strategically sound location. At least we were issued plenty of rations and the river has plenty of fresh water. We could eat for months. Let's hope tomorrow brings some headway cleaning this place up.
Camp Guardian Daily Log Sgt. Banner Reporting Day 5 We've managed to shovel most of the debris up to the first bridge. This thing looks like a wreck. Thankfully, there were a few wooden shacks around we can dismantle for scrap to rebuild. I just hope we don't run out of scrap before we finish the trail. Jackson says he heard some kind of howling the other night. It sounded like the wind to me.
Camp Guardian Daily Log Sgt. Banner Reporting Day 7 Okay, we're making good headway cleaning up the paths. With only the 12 of us, I'm amazed we've moved this much rock in such a short time. Kale and I made it to the top yesterday. The survey team was right. Guardian Peak has one hell of a view, but we still have a lot of work ahead of us. I sent our runner to Bravo to request a radio from McCarran. There isn't much point in having an overwatch camp here if it takes us at least an hour to sprint to Bravo to report a Legion Assault.
Camp Guardian Daily Log Sgt. Banner Reporting Day 8 More complaints of strange noises by Jackson. I'm starting to think he still has some unresolved issues after seeing his last squad wiped out by a Legion slaver squad to the south. I sent out a few men to investigate, but they couldn't find anything. I think should keep Jackson away from the munitions until he calms down.
Camp McCarran Control Tower Automated Front Door Activity Log Soldiers on duty this week: Schulman, Barker - Morning Shift 0630 - 1230 Howell, Reynolds - Evening Shift 1230 - 1800 Wednesday: 0619 Enter 0625 Enter 1205 Enter 1211 Exit 1213 Enter 1216 Exit 1803 Exit 1805 Exit Tuesday: 0102 Enter 0115 Exit 0621 Enter 0623 Enter 1204 Enter 1206 Exit 1220 Enter 1224 Exit 1807 Exit 1810 Exit Monday: 0105 Enter 0123 Exit 0627 Enter 0627 Enter 1205 Enter 1208 Exit 1214 Enter 1216 Exit 1801 Exit 1807 Exit --- Log Truncated ---
Camp McCarran Weapons Manifest 50 Hunting Rifles -28 in use -10 in repair -8 in storage* 50 Assault Rifles -25 in use -6 in repair -12 in storage* 20 Battle Rifles -10 in use -2 in repair -5 in storage* *Increase Gun Runners weapons shipment and modify manifests to make these numbers match the earlier totals. Boyd is getting too suspicious.
Camp Searchlight Comm Officer's Log A radscorpion made it into the camp last night. Some of the troopers patrolling the border are getting sloppy. The only reason anyone noticed it was because several of the comm stations were acting oddly. When the trooper on duty went outside to check the transmitter dishes he found the scorpion chewing on several of the cables. What's the point of having patrols if shit like this is going to keep happening?
Camp Searchlight Comm Officer's Log After the radscorpion incident the night patrols were shifted again. This is the third time in the past month. I don't think they realize the problem isn't the patrols it's the troops. Every time their patrols get shifted they get confused and holes open up in the rotations for two or three days until they're used to the new schedules. I really hope the Legion doesn't figure it out and take advan... SUDDEN TEMPERATURE INCREASE. EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN INITIATED.
Camp Searchlight Comm Officer's Log The Quartermaster has been bitching to me again about missing supplies and bad communications. I keep telling him that nothing is wrong with the comm system and that his numbers must be off. I don't think he believes me. The bastard will probably keep bugging me until I can either prove he's wrong or find someone else to blame. Damn it I hate this shit.
Camp Searchlight Quartermaster's Log Entry #1836 Supplies being shipped to the camp recently are lower than usual. I asked the Comm Officer if there were any problems with communications and he insisted that everything was fine. I contacted our supply base and was simply told that all inventory requests were being filled and that every item on my request list had been shipped to the camp. Either I'm being lied to or someone is intercepting my shipments. I'll have to look into this matter further.
Camp Searchlight Quartermaster's Log Entry #2257 During my off duty hours I decided to investigate the trade route being used to bring the supplies to the camp. I met a traveler on the road and asked him if he had seen any NCR supplies bound for Camp Searchlight. He told me he had seen some NCR crates being moved somewhere outside of Nipton but didn't know where they were being taken. He also mentioned that the men with the supplies didn't look like NCR soldiers. Next time I have enough time off I'll have to make my way to Nipton to see if anyone there knows where the supplies are.
Captain Parker at the Aerotech Office Park wants you to find evidence that Keith is running crooked gambling or involved with drug running.
Captain Parker wants you to cover his back while he deals with Keith.
Carla, If you're reading this, then you know. Sorry. Wanted to make it back home to you. The pension won't be much but it should help you and the baby get by. Want you to remarry when you meet the right person. Don't want you to have to be on your own. Not sure the right way to say how I feel about you. Think you know already, though. Always seemed like you knew what I meant, maybe better than I did. Wish I was there with you now. There are things I couldn't tell you. Tried. Whatever you learn over time about my service in the NCR, hope you can forgive me. Lastly, know you were against it, but if it's a girl, want her to be named after her mother. Know it's playing dirty to win the argument this way, but too bad. It's worth it. Craig
Cass wants you to supply a dozen bottles of whiskey for her Whiskey Challenge, after which she'll try to drink you under the table.
Chavez at the NCR Correctional Facility wants you to pick the lock to his cell.
Chief Fire Officer Report No. F1-218 The local police department diverted several trucks from San Onofre carrying nuclear waste to Searchlight this morning. I didn't get all of the details but I heard something about bombs going off nearby and that the trucks were being diverted for safety reasons. Two of them were housed here at the Fire Station. The third had to continue on to somewhere else because we didn't have enough room to accommodate them all. For some odd reason it was headed toward Cottonwood Cove. I don't know what he's planning on doing with it down there.
Chomps Lewis complained that the replacement generator the NCR sent to Quarry Junction isn't working. No one at Quarry Junction has the skill to fix the problem.
Cindy-Lou can no longer save me.
Classified Eyes Only Military Contract 38917: Codename "Liberty Prime" Project Goal: No less than the creation of the most powerful combat robot the battlefield has ever seen, with the express goal of liberating occupied Anchorage, Alaska from its Chinese aggressors. Summary: The United States Army has succeeded in contracting both RobCo and General Atomics International to work on their first joint project. The robot they create, Liberty Prime, will be the very embodiment of American military might -- a walking, talking, nuke-tossing hero who will remind the world what it means to be a super power. I am fully confident that the presence of Liberty Prime at the Anchorage Front line will be to the Chinese what the Hiroshima bomb was to the Japanese in 1945. General Constantine Chase
Come on, don't you like it better here? Breathe deep in the blue. Relax.
Congratulations on receiving your new DCTA Standard-Issue Laser Pistol! Please take a few minutes to go over the guidelines posted in the DCTA Employee Handbook; Section 28.1.1.b, and reprinted below for your convenience. Section 28.1.1.b - Proper Laser Pistol Usage It should be noted that all DCTA property should be handled with the utmost care, and used only when necessary. Maintaining personal safety during a Communist attack is a good example of proper usage of your standard issue laser pistol. However, rodent population control is an inappropriate use and subject to disciplinary action, as noted in Section 11.3.5.c Section 28.1.1.b.1 - Maintaining Safe Conditions With the Laser Pistol Using this laser pistol in the DCTA Metro facility can be beneficial in many ways, but the operator must observe his or her surroundings before deciding to fire. The subway utility pipes often serve as conduit to transport highly flammable gasses. Firing the laser pistol in the presence of a gas leak could cause an undesired explosion and/or severe personal injury. Section 28.1.1.b.2 - Operating the Laser Pistol Within Proper Specifications It is required that all DCTA Employees keep the laser pistol pulse energy, length and repetition rate within the specifications diagrammed in the Laser Pistol User's Manual. Failure to do so could result in severe reprimands from the DCTA Regulatory Committee as well as serious personal injury.
Contract: Kill that Slaver! No one takes our friends and family without getting some Wasteland justice in return!
Cooke, This man has been useful to us down here at the prison, and he's been of great help keeping the NCR away. Since he's proven to be competent and trustworthy, I sent him in your direction. Maybe he can help. If so, we're even. Eddie
Cooke, This woman has been useful to us down here at the prison, and she's been of great help keeping the NCR away. Since she's proven to be competent and trustworthy, I sent her in your direction. Maybe she can help. If so, we're even. Eddie
Could maintenance look into the duct work here on level 2 again? I know you guys took a look at this last week, but I swear the noise is back. I even have other people that can back me up on it this time, too.
Critical Components -> Power drawn from Micro fusion Cell is processed through a Wave/Particle Diverter (manuf:Gen Atomics Intnl). Diverters are protected by carbon-fiber housing, preventing frequent malfunction, but when a diverter fails the weapon becomes unusable, and this part is extremely difficult to replace or repair. Precision-cut lenses focus optic energy. Lenses are prone to damage and can grossly affect precision of the firing weapon's firing mechanism. Lenses are easily replaced with any clear glass, but require a great deal of skill to fabricate.
Critical diagnostic message R4-61B - Radiation levels exceed Federal limit - Please contact maintenance.
Cuddles came in about his car again. He even brought a container of gas and asked if that would help. I tried to tell him that gas was not the problem, but he got really angry and dragged me outside. Tabitha killed him herself before things got too ugly. At least I don't have to hear about his damn car anymore.
Current Inventory for Storage Room 2: 14 Nitrogen Canisters 02 Pressure Valves 08 Dispersal Nozzles 06 Cartridge Filters (HEPA 20) 26 FRP Piping (2m)
Current Simulation: Hidden_Valley_Attack Invading Forces: Enclave Invader Offensive Strength: Strong Invader Defensive Strength: Strong Overall Difficulty: Hard
Current Simulation: Hidden_Valley_Attack_Watkins Invading Forces: Enclave Invader Offensive Strength: Baby Invader Defensive Strength: Pansy Overall Difficulty: Easy
Dad just won't listen to a word I say. He keeps leaving the bunker to salvage supplies from the rest of the base. In understand he's bored, cooped up in here, but so are the rest of us. And the bunker is secure! Every time he leaves, he exposes all of us to that damned radiation. After all the effort it took to get us all in here, dad's willing to throw it all away just because he's a bit ansty. I really hate him sometimes.
Damn that Taggart! I got stuck scheduling the junior scribes' experiments again! It's bad enough that we're stuck down here with one another, but of all the Brotherhood Scribes in the waste I get stuck with a lecherous scatterbrain for a boss. Perhaps Hardin is right. Maybe it IS time for a change.
Data Log #10.44.78 The Vault has been breached. There was not enough power to level Five! God have mercy on our souls.
Data Log #10.44.78 The Vault has been breached. There was not enough power to level Five! God have mercy on our souls.
Day 1: Love the suit. Can scavenge anywhere now, screw the rads. I hereby christen myself Mr. RADical. Get it? Ha! Day 4: Suit passed first test with flying (yellow) colors. Overnight visit to Yucca Mountain. Didn't go too deep because something big moving around further down tunnel. Rad level high even where I was, and I didn't feel a tickle. Go, rad suit, go! Day 5: Vomited all morning. Didn't splash on suit or I'd be pissed. Must be something I ate. Day 9: Exciting! Ran across old woman's scrap yard. Bought glowing container for measly 50 caps. Heading for Clark Field to prove suit at higher rad levels. If it holds up, I'm going to pop this jar of goop open and pour it all over me! I bet I could swim in this stuff if I had enough of it! Oh yeah!
Day 45: Jason found a terminal suitable to our needs in the nearby ruins. With some work, we may be able to move this workstation closer to where our research has been taking place. Must keep an eye out for a portable source of power. Must remember to translate my notes onto this thing when I have some time to do so. While Jason was scavenging the ruins, I caught a glimpse of the group by the pool in the afternoon. Contrary to what most people think, they don't fear the daylight at all, but they do seem to prefer indoor habitats.
Day 51: I've conducted an informal experiment this week. I've filled some heavy basins with water, each with different levels of radiation. Consistent with my predictions, they seem to prefer water with high rad content. Thanks to these radiation suits, I was able to irradiate one of the basins with a typically lethal level of radiation, and to my amazement, this has worked better than any of our attempts at constructing a lure to attract them into our research area. This is very exciting!
Day 53: Jason's recovered and repaired a generator, which should allow us to move this terminal and some of my equipment out to a better position for observation of the group's behavior.
Day 58: Amazing! Today I was approached by one of them. I've decided to call her "Melinda." I'm not actually sure if there's a way to establish gender, but Melinda moved in a way that appeared very feminine to me. She caught me off guard while I was checking water levels in the experimental basins. For a moment there, I wished I had taken that damned pistol Jason insisted upon me carrying. She grasped my arm, but instead of attacking, she appeared to sniff my arm where some of the scavenged resin I've been using to irradiate the basins had spilled on my suit. Moments later, she was gone. Must consider some way of tagging them.
Day 63: No sign of the group for days. Could Melinda have returned to the group with some news of our brief encounter? Perhaps they're scared of us? Jason's beginning to get concerned, but I believe we're close to learning what we came here for. The poor man's been through Hell for me. I don't know if I could have achieved so much without him, but there's so much left to learn.
Day 67: I insisted on sleeping at the research site last night, much to Jason's protest. I'm sure I saw motion in the far ruins, but the moon had slid behind a cloud, so I couldn't make out for certain their shapes. I don't think mutants would have moved like that, and most people in the city know enough to hunker down at night. Could it have been our group, returning home?
Day 68: Slept outdoors again last night. Jason insisted on staying with me this time, and built a camouflage screen for us to sleep in. I irradiated the main body of water as heavily as I could to try and draw them out. My plan seems to have worked, because I saw few - I think Melinda was among them - come into the open at dusk and settle into the water. After dark, one I believe to be the alpha male - I've called him "Samuel" - emerged with the rest of the group. I had to switch my geiger counter off when he arrived to avoid being heard. I can't imagine the radiation levels the glowing ones must be infused with. I think that must be why he's the alpha - the others are so drawn to him because of his immense irradiation.
Day 75: I need to make contact again. I've coated my suit in resin, and will try approaching the group tomorrow at dusk. Observation hasn't revealed anything new; direct contact is required if I'm going to continue to learn about them. I know Jason would never understand, but this won't work if his suit isn't also irradiated. I'll coat it while he's gone scavenging during the afternoon, and we'll set up camp tonight by the water before dusk.
Dear Bravo Company, Being transferred to the NCR Embassy on the Strip has been the greatest thing that has happened to me since joining the NCR. It's a pretty easy gig watching the troopers during the day and making sure they don't get in trouble and then we get to spend our free time hanging out at the bars and clubs, getting drunk and partying. Wish you were here. Private Seamer
Dear Consumer: Thank you for your participation in the exciting Shocker Glove pilot program. You're receiving a prototype FSGv118-b model of the Shocker Glove. Please reference this prototype number in any future correspondence. We encourage you to make this prototype a part of your daily life, and look forward to your valuable feedback. Thanks from all of us at the Shocker Glove R&D Team! PS: Shocker Glove prototypes are not for use in water, public, near small children or domesticated animals. This is not a kitchen appliance and should not be used near uncooked food. Use of Shocker Glove prototype constitutes a binding agreement to hold manufacturer harmless for any and all legal purposes. During prolonged use, severe electrical burns may occur. Do not look directly at Shocker Glove while operating. Some prototype models have proven sensitive to certain radio frequencies during use. If you suspect radio interference, please submit a malfunction report listing FCC broadcast frequencies in operation at the time, and report to nearest emergency medical facility in your area.
Dear Diary, I hate being all alone, I want my Mom and Dad back, but I can't have them back because I killed them. I didn't want to kill them but I had to kill them, otherwise they would have eaten me. I hope the animals don't eat me. Can animals become ghouls?
Dear Diary, I took a chance today and left the animals alone to go look for Mom and Dad. I found them in that camp, they had become horrible feral ghouls! I didn't know what to do, they came at me so fast. Oh god what have I done...
Dear Diary, Mom and Dad went into the NCR camp nearby to trade for supplies but they haven't come back yet. I hope nothing bad has happened to them.
Dear Diary, The animals, they are evil. They tried to eat me in my sleep. They want the farm for themselves. Now that Mom and Dad are gone they want the farm for themselves. They are plotting against me, plotting to eat me. They are becoming ghouls like my parents and they want to eat me like my parents did. Too many of them to kill them all. I know what I'll do, I'll burn the house down around me, then the animals can't eat me because there will be nothing left for them to eat!
Dear Die-ary, Good news Die-ary! I think it's finally starting to happen. Ok, so I do feel like, totally miserable (what else is new ha-ha-ha) and my skin is starting to peel off, but I'm pretty sure that is the first step. Oh, and my hair! I finally got it just the way I like it and now it starts coming out. Why does ghoulification have to be so unfair?
Dear Die-ary, I'm so done being confined in this human body. So, today I moved in to the shack at the abandoned test site. There should be enough radiation there to turn me into a ghoul. All around me this world is bleak and dreadful; is it so wrong to want a body to match it? I wonder what color my skin will turn and if I'll be able to find a good shade of lipstick to go with it. Probably not. God, everything is so miserable.
Dear Die-ary, I've been in this shack for almost a week now. Nothing is happening. I'm so bored. And this shack is so hot. And it's totally ruining my hair. It's like, so hard to find dye this color in the wasteland. This sucks, I want to be a ghoul now. I hate all this waiting. Life, ugh, living is so overrated.
Dear Edna, Lost all our money at the casinos. Send more ASAP. Will get it all back. Trust me. Lenny
Dear Fellow Vault Dweller: Congratulations! Your dedication to the democratic process is the bedrock upon which the continued stability of Vault 11 is based. Now, to help you make your decision for this year's election, the Coalition of Vault 11 Voting Blocs has put together this handy Dweller's Official Guide to Obtaining Overseers Democratically, or D.O. G.O.O.D., that contains a summary of the leading candidates for Overseer as well as their statements, key positions, and most importantly, endorsements. Sincerely, Roy Gottlieb Chairman, Coalition of Vault 11 Voting Blocs President, Justice Bloc Candidate: Henry Glover Endorsements: Utilitarian Bloc, Divine Will Bloc, Allied Service Workers Bloc I'm a devoted husband and father of six beautiful children. My oldest, Sam, was on the honor roll this quarter, and I couldn't be prouder of him. My youngest, Henry Jr., just said his first word, and it was "Da-da." We've got this bond already and he's still just a baby. Friends, when you go to the polls this election, I want you to think of your own children. Then I want you to think of Sam and Henry Jr. Picture their faces. Nate Stone should be overseer, not me. Candidate: Donna Haley Endorsements: Human Dignity Bloc, United Vault Technicians Bloc I'm aware of the rumors circulating about me. I want everyone to know that they are vicious lies being spread by the other candidates in a desperate smear campaign. I have never in my life done anything so depraved, let alone four such things. But even if I had, that still wouldn't mean you should vote for me. Consider the fact that I am grossly underqualified for the position, and that both of my opponents are far more deserving. I know nothing about governance. You would be hard pressed to find a worse candidate than me. I can promise you my administration would be a disaster. Candidate: Nathan Stone Endorsements: Justice Bloc This is ridiculous. I shouldn't even be a candidate. And I wouldn't be if it weren't for all the dirty backroom politics going on around here. It's sickening. You should all be ashamed.
Dear Janey, If you're reading this, that means I didn't make it. I want you to know that you were the most important thing in my world. You were my sun, my moon, my stars. Even out here on the battlefield I thought of you every minute of every day. At night, I put your picture on the bunk above me and looked into your beautiful eyes until I fell asleep. Even though I'm gone, know that I'll always be with you. Just close your eyes and think of me and I'll be there, right by your side. Daniel
Dear Ma and Pa, If you're getting this letter, then I'm sure you've already heard the news. I'm sorry, but know now that I'm in a better place. Tell Mikey I did good, okay? You were the best family ever and I hope I've made you all proud. Will
Dear Miss Weintraub, This is Charlene Tann writing to say thank you for the great experience we had at your hotel! I can't wait to tell to my inner circle. As you recall, my husband Biff is a very respected and influential man in our wealthy community. Ms. Shot, Ingrid Denger and lady Booften will soon come for tea to our estate and I will direct them your way. They will love the quaint and rustic feel of your cramped underground hole - tres chic! Even Biff still talks about his new favorite ranging garb, "the leather from my Vault 21 suit contains the scent of unwashed ages" he says to all our visitors! But he won't let them try it on for one minute, dear. With most sincerity, Ms. Tann
Dear Mom and Dad, If you're reading this, you know I won't be coming home. I'm sorry how this all ended. I'm sorry for all the times that I didn't listen to you. I'm sorry for storming out the way I did. But I want you to know that you are the best parents anyone could ever have. You gave me everything I could have ever wanted, and I only now see that. Thank you for everything. Your son, James
Dear Mr & Mrs Gomez: Congratulations on your family's recent inclusion in the Vault 101 community! You will find outlined in your application materials a full review of rules and procedures related to preparing for shelter in a Vault-Tec facility, but we will outline a few key points here: * Vault-Tec provides all clothing, bedding, and accommodations for residents. Personal belongings must be reviewed and approved of by an authorized Vault-Tec hermetics technician before such belongings can be delivered to your reserved quarters within the Vault. In the event of an emergency entrance to the Vault, no personal belongings will be permitted beyond the main door of the facility. * All Vault residents must attend an orientation seminar. If you did not attend such a seminar as part of the application process, you must make an appointment with your Vault-Tec representative. * In the event of a Vault activation, whether actual or drill, Vault-Tec will sound a siren audible in the immediate vicinity of the Vault facility entrance, and residents will be contacted via holotape message at the phone number provided in their resident profile records. Please report promptly to Vault 101 to await admittance and processing upon such a notification. Vault-Tec looks forward to having you and your family as valued residents! Be sure to present this letter to your Vault-Tec representative to receive your special, commemorative Vault Boy bobble-head toy! Sincerely; Vault-Tec Dept of Public Relations Washington, DC
Dear Ms. Van Graff, It has come to my attention that Cassidy Caravans have suffered a number of setbacks recently. I can only hope that these latest unfortunate events drive that young booze-hound of an owner to finally sell me her remaining assets. As per our agreement, I have bent my not inconsiderable efforts toward weakening your competitors, the Gun Runners. You can expect a mysterious and sudden surge in sales in the near future. Sincerely, AM
Dear Safety-Conscious Citizen - We are writing to inform you that your family was not selected for inclusion in your chosen Vault-Tec facility. Your deposit has been retained, and your application added to a waiting list for your preferred Vault. In the interest of your family's security in the event of a minor nuclear event, please consider relocating to one of these areas, where Vault-Tec facilities are available without a waiting list: For a full list of Vault-Tec facilities with available accommodations, in exciting locales such as Oklahoma and newly-annexed Canada, contact your local Vault-Tec representative! Vault-Tec wishes you and your family the best of luck in the uncertain future. Best regards; Vault-Tec Public Relations Dept Washington, DC
Dear scumbags, Thank you so much for destroying my equipment. I sincerely hope you appreciate the gifts I left for you.
Dear Sister, They're sending me into the no-man's land tomorrow, and by the time you read this, I'll be dead. That means that once again you were right and I was wrong. Ever since we were kids, I was always a thorn in your side, always doing everything you told me not to. Now, as I'm about to go off to my death, I realize you were only looking out for me all these years. I'm so sorry. I can only hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me. Kevin
Dear Tracy, Things have been going well for me here in Vegas. I've had pretty decent luck at the tables lately and have been able to almost break even. I'm going to hit the roulette tables again tomorrow - I'm going to win big this time, real big. I can feel it. Wish me luck! Mark
Dearest Andrew, Writing this seems pretty morbid, but tomorrow we march into the no man's land between our camp and Nelson, which is crawling with Legion. The Major insisted I write this damn "if you get this, I'm dead" letter so here it is. What a crock. I have the luck of the devil and your love on my side, so I'll be home soon. Keep the porch light on for me. We'll party in New Vegas when I get back. I love you. Devin
DELIVER STATION Camp Forlorn Hope FOR Polatli, Joseph (Major) OR HIGHEST RANKING OFFICER Major, This is to inform you that a small sniper nest has been successfully set up near Cottonwood Cove as requested. The nest should have some bedding and a small amount of supplies, but no weaponry. The sniper should be forewarned that the position is close to the enemy camp and upon completing his or her objective, should get the fuck out of there as soon as flamingly possible. The coordinates are: 12, -22 Good luck and good hunting. Signed, De Leon, David Field Preparations Division
DELIVER STATION Camp Forlorn Hope FOR Polatli, Joseph (Major) OR HIGHEST RANKING OFFICER READ IMMEDIATELY, THIS CONCERNS TROOP REASSIGNMENTS Major, You and I are well aware of the situation you're in, so I apologize in advance for the contents of this letter. Due to Camp Forlorn Hope's position as a high alert combat zone and the exceedingly high mortality rate of troopers assigned there, you are hereby ordered to pull all female NCR personnel (including non-combatants) from the field and give them marching orders to Camp McCarran for reassignment. Absolutely no female NCR personnel are to be stationed at Camp Forlorn Hope until further notification. You will not be assigned replacements until High Command can figure out where the hell to pull replacements from. You have my sympathies, Major. Signed, Scheppman, Andy Assignments Office ORDER AUTHORIZATION 10328487
DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY PEACEKEEPING AND RECOVERY FIELD OPERATIONS SECTOR, 27P Name: Sex: Serial: ------------------------------------ Zundel, C. M GMA01 Hastings, H. M GMA02 Hastings, K. F GFA02 Bonner, J. M GMA03 Schrader, B. F GFA02 Junk Finger M GMA04 Spookia F GFA03
DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT FIELD OPERATIONS SECTOR, 693R RRD-HG53-P R27-866-51 WELCOME: 1. You have been chosen by our great President to participate in this Camp RHO experiment. We have strategically deployed you to test out our newest technology, the R76-H3-0 chip(herein referred to as the RHO Chip). 2. The RHO Chip sends out a short range signal that will allow you to freely wander this (and only this) camp under the protection of the provided armaments. It is suggested you do not remove this card for any reason as the defense systems will only recognize the person in possession of the RHO Chip. 3. Thank you for your participation, we will be retrieving you in approximately 1-9 months.
DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT FIELD OPERATIONS SECTOR, 76Z RRD-HA23-P R27-954-88 WELCOME: 1. You have been chosen by our great President to explore and collect samples at the crator located in sector 76Z. 2. The provided armaments stationed with you have proven reliable during early testing, however, should any problems arise, you are recommended to power down the defense grid using this terminal. 3. Thank you for your participation.
Deputy Beagle would like help finding a new sheriff for Primm. I should look for someone that has some experience with law enforcement, and is familiar with Primm and the surrounding area.
DERMOT'S NEW LEGER Going to be a little different than the one I kept for hauling scrap ha ha. But Ive always been a strong believer in keeping straight books. TO MOTOR RUNNER: Teen girl - 500 caps Adult man, 38 - 0 caps True to his word paid top money for the girl. Plus bonus for first delivery. But paid nothing for girls father who took a swing at him when untide. Got to keep em more secured. Also keep SJ off the girls as even fiends dont want used goods. TO MOTOR RUNNER: Adult woman (28) - 250 caps Old woman - 25 caps Old man - 25 caps Baby (boy?) - 0 caps Got to be more careful selecting what we deliver. Runner liked the woman of course but the babys worthless except to make sure the woman does as shes told. Her parents next to worthless. Shouldve killed and left them. On the bright side Runner says we can start dealing with fiends closer by so no more dragging folks all the way to vault three. TO NEPHI: Teen girl - 400 caps Teen boy - 150 caps Child girl (7?) - 50 caps More like it. Learned from past and got rid of mom and dad along the way. Tried to get more for the young one I said hey give her time to sprout. But Nephi wouldn't have it. Kept SJ off the girls so long as he got his damn teddy. Hes a sick one but I guess the work calls for it. TO COOK COOK: Adult woman - 200 caps Teen girl - 400 caps Teen girl - 400 caps Teen boy - 100 caps Did not like dealing with this cook cook. Didn't know if hed pay us or burn us. I guess what they do with them once they got them is up to them isnt my business but he didn't even wait for us to turn the corner before he was torching the boy and making the womenfolk watch. Lets hope to deal with Nephi next time.
Diary Entry 07-C: Stefan My masterpiece! Stefan is now under my control! The latest chip I installed in him seems to have taken and he is now mine. The effort to capture one of these glowing ghouls was immense but finally I can take solace in the fact that I have one under my control. His limited intellect means I will have to keep him downstairs with the rest of the ghouls but I pity any rabble that pokes their head in here now.
Diary Entry 2R-A0: The first ghoul chips Some of my earlier chip prototypes(C6-A and C6-L) have started to malfunction causing the chips to overheat and eventually detonate the implanted charge. In retaliation I have upgraded the P7 series and above to counter the malfunction. I have also altered the Y2 series in the mutants as a precaution. Ghouls are easily replaceable, mutants are not.
Diary Entry 64D-A3: Mutant Chips I have had to alter the chips for the mutants to account for their greater size. Fortunately, they exhibit a higher intellect than the ghouls and can be controlled to an even greater extent. The enthralled mutants have mentioned legends of even larger mutants, almost twice as big as the ones I�ve captured. If only I could get my hands on one of those� the experiments� the fun.
Diary Entry L-2 I have used materials from the small explosives cache I found to further safeguard myself from my experiments. I have wired the building to broadcast a signal from this terminal that in emergency will detonate all chips. I pray that day never comes.
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Doctor Li, We both know that Bannon does not have the best interests of Rivet City at heart. He is only interested in making a profit. He would sell his own children, if he had any, for an extra bottle cap. He needs to be removed. I would be glad to step forward as his replacement. Sincerely, Seagrave Holmes
Dolores and Rebecca deserted in the night. They had the goodness not to rob us blind on her way out; I had trusted Becky with the keys to the canteen and the artesian well we locked up on Day One.. Several of our survivors were talking rubbish about seeking refuge in a nearby Vault, the girls must have decided to go with them. Damned fools; if anybody made it into those things in time, they bloody well aren't letting any of us in now. I suppose I should just be glad we have a few less mouths to feed.
don't believe it. Frank showed up today. He was on a sales trip when the blast hit, selling generators to a mining operation in Pennsylvania. Being in those shafts probably saved his life, but the shock wave also knocked out every power line feeding light them light and air. Falling debris killed the foreman standing right next to him. He doesn't even know how long he was crawling around those tunnels before he got outside, the poor bastard. Sounds like the water's boiling. Some hot soup will do him good, even if it's that powdered crap we hauled in here last year.
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Due to a class seven system failure, all service engineers are required to report for duty. Failure to report will result in termination per clause 45.7a of the Maintenance Service Union Contract. Have a pleasant work day.
Due to current events, Staff Sergeant Daniels is hereby authorized to transport item no. T-11836A, codenamed "CIRCUITBREAKER," to the installation known as Vault 34 to be sealed in its armory for safekeeping until the manufacturer can retrieve the prototype for production. Signed, Col. Roy Blackwell, USAF
Dust motes hang lazily in the shafts of colored light stretching across the chapel from peaked windows. The pews, pulpit, and everything else are covered in a fine mist. There is a very deep stone cistern near the entrance. It is full to the brim with blessed water. There is more than enough water here to fill your tiny flask.
Dusty McBride wants you to look into the nightly shootings of his livestock, which he says tend to occur around midnight. Being at the brahmin pen at that time would seem to be the best way to catch the culprit.
Effective immediately, the traditional selection process for overseer is hereby ended. In lieu of a yearly election, a citizen will be chosen one month prior to the start of his or her term with our mainframe's random number generator, ensuring complete impartiality and fairness. Katherine Stone Overseer
Efforts to "encourage" Henry Jamison to resign have so far failed. His parents are proving stubborn as well - obviously, they don't want him around anymore than I do. Getting the New Vegas branch up and running should have been a simple job for him, but this place is still as crude and primitive as any frontier branch. Very irritating.
Engineering Report - Mike Lawson We've received word that the President's vertibird is having some issues with the flight control computer. I've had some of the techs here examine the logs that were sent and we think we can fix the issue with a small computer update. Ranger Grant has given me permission to have one of the NCR Engineers examine the vertibird when it arrives as well as having our computer update the vertibird's systems after it arrives. Mike Lawson
Enjoy our Pre-War classic diner with the following meals: Breakfast: 1. Asfartame Sugar Bombs. - Give the youngins an early boost! - 2. Real Corn Flour Pancakes. - Would make Monphanto Co. proud! - 3. Savory Iguana Sausages. - No, we only cook female iguanas! - Lunch: 1. Mesquite Flavored Cazador Wings. - Get back at them with spice! - 2. Apple Sauced Gecko Stew. - So good you'll crawl up the wall! - 3. Creamy Mac&Cheese. - Your wife will stop asking for clam chowder! - Dinner: 1. Brahmin Sirloin on Blue Bighorn Cheese. - Even Gandhi could not sit this one out! - 2. YumYum Deviled Eggs over Pork&Beans. - Go out tonight with a bang! - 3. Grilled Mantis Claw on Pinyon Nuts. - Has he been for too long in Gomorrah? - All meals served from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
Eulogy, I changed your password to "tryandrememberitthistime". Maybe you won't forget that one.
Evacuation Policy #T01 In the event of emergency evacuation scenario F1-a, all executive staff not under penalty are to be evacuated from the building via the archives and connected civic tunnels. All other personnel will remain behind to safeguard active projvects from imminent Federal inquiry. All employees are tasked with barricading the main doors, and will be further tasked with keeping the building secured until 5:00PM, or until the Chief of Security enacts protocol #T81 The usual lunch break will be suspended for that day.
Ever since that stranger helped Leo out with his problem, his counts have been coming up clean. I can't believe that he managed to hide his habits from me all this time. I guess we've grown apart over the last few years. That's something I'll have to work on fixing.
Every day in the Vault is a day of freedom and safety from the horrors outside. Celebrate each new day and be thankful for your home.
Every time I try to get Amata to open up, she just pushes me further and further away. Since she was a child, I�ve tried to instill in her those virtues that have made this Vault what it is today: loyalty, honesty, commitment, hard work. She does try, and with a lot of guidance has grown into a fine young woman. That makes it all the sadder that she continues to alienate me. She looks at me and sees the Overseer, not the father that has cared for her alone -- alone! -- since she was an infant.
Every time we get a report from higher up things get worse here. The war is going in a very bad direction and this place is about to go into full mutiny, with all the chaos that entails. I stopped one of the men from executing a scientist today, and demanded that we interrogate them to find out what their orders were.

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