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Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition

1,411 Results

1VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic023"Hegelian Dialectics?" What are those?
2VFreeformNellisNellisJackTopic003"Personal matter?" Nonsense. Spit it out.
6VFreeformFreesideVFSHighTimesDealerTopic008 Screw that. It'd be a lot cheaper and easier for me to kill you.
7VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic076 Because you're talking and not attacking?
8VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic009 NCR has studied you as they did Graham, and the trap is ready for you.
9VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic008 Persist and learn what Graham learned at the Dam - and Boulder City.
10VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic099 The fact you're talking me with me says a lot about your willingness to fight.
11VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic079 The generator is beyond repair, trust me.
12VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic012 The position of your veterans, using the Dam's intake towers - all as expected.
22VFreeformMcCarranNVNCRAgentKellerTopic019 Oh this? Nothing important.
33VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtSantiagoTopic002 You should give me this code for free while you can still walk straight.
34VMS07Vault3Prisoner01Topic006 Give me the password or you're all going to die in here.
35VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCCanyonRunnerTopic007 Any fool can see that girl has all the symptoms of Pustular Hypomyalgia!
36VMS07V03BryceAndersTopic000 Colonel Hsu sent me here to find you.
37VFreeformHooverDamVHDNCRControlRoomGuardTopic000 Colonel Moore is in trouble! She needs help now!
38VFreeformNellisNellisLindsayTopic003 I already told you he's dead. Get over it already, kid.
39VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic129 I'll change Cass, I promise.
40VMS03HaggertyWithNCR I'm with the NCR. Anything I can do to help?
41VFreeformNellisNellisRaquelTopic021 I... Um... Tamed the ants, you don't have to worry about them anymore.
42vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic015 If you don't help me, I'll report your work here to NCR.
43VDialogueCrimsonCaravan1ECrimsonCaravanWorkerCFTopic011 Just wave your arms and run as fast as you can.
44LtHayesVMS04HideChomps No, there wasn't anyone else.
45VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic013 Powder gangers use these bunkers as hideouts once or twice a month.
46VMS19VFSOffDutyNCRBarker01Topic009 Sure am. I just recently arrived here from California.
47VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic127 The Mojave's a hard place. But I need to rise above that.
48VFreeformHooverDamVHDColonelMooreTopic018 The Omertas are planning to attack New Reno. It's none of NCR's concern.
49VFreeformHooverDamVHDColonelMooreTopic018 You've got nothing to worry about. The Omertas are perfectly clean.
50VMS19VFSOffDutyNCRBarker01Topic009 Yup, sure am. From NCR, I mean.
51vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic002Troike wants to see about negotiation some lower prices for weapons for you guys.
57VFreeformFreesideVFSJamesGarretTopic030 Nothing big, just a few things.
58VFreeformFreesideVFSRalphTopic011 Okay, I'll take one.
65VFreeformFreesideVFSRalphTopic011 Okay, I'll take one.
66VFreeformFreesideVFSJamesGarretTopic031 Someone is still spreading horrible rumors about me!
108VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideSweetieTopic009100 caps. Take it or leave it.
109VFreeformFreesideVFSSecuritronGreeterTopic0031C 3C R34 M.
110VFreeformFreesideVFSSecuritronGreeterTopic0031C 3C R34 M.
111VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtSantiagoTopic00325 caps, take it or leave it.
112DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic013250 caps. Unless you think you'll find another buyer soon for such specialized parts?
113vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownNortonTopic0042500 caps is too much. Can't we come to a deal on a lower price?
114vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownNortonTopic0042500 caps? I'm doing you a favor by paying you now. I doubt you were expected to survive this.
115VFreeformNellisNellisGeorgeTopic010300 caps? I'm a bit short right now. How about 200?
116VFreeformNellisNellisGeorgeTopic010300 caps?! 50 sounds like a fair price.
117VFreeformBoulderCityBCLieutenantMonroeTopic017400 caps is a less suspicious amount. You have enough trouble here as it is.
118REPCONHQInt4f 76 65 72 72 69 64 65 20 33 32
119VFreeformFreesideVFSRalphTopic02450 caps is my best offer.
120VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtSantiagoTopic00350 caps without even knowing the details of this code? How about 25?
121DoctorMedicalSpeech50 caps would still leave you with a nice profit. What do you say?
122VFreeformNellisNellisJackTopic017A "personal matter," eh? Handsome guy like you, I bet there's a girl involved.
123VFreeformNellisNellisJackTopic047A "personal matter," hmm? Handsome guy like you, I bet there's a girl involved.
124VFreeformFreesideVFSBillRonteTopic021A combination of Fixer, Psycho, and Buffout would do it in one shot.
125VMS07V03BryceAndersTopic015A day or two of resting up isn't going to heal that leg.
126vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic008A gas, perhaps chlorine? It is a deadly nerve gas and not too hard to come by.
127vDialogueGomorrahGenericTopic006A gorgeous lady like you has to know where I can find Cachino.
128188AlexanderSeeInventoryA gun nut like you must have some weapons stashed around here.
129vDialogueGomorrahGenericTopic006A handsome man like you has to know where I can find Cachino.
130vDialogueGomorrahvGOMReceptionistTopic001A little gossip never hurt anyone.
131VMS02VMS02WaterMerchantTopic007A real merchant would be much more worried about Powder Gangers, you know.
132VFreeformFreesideVFSRalphTopic008A resourceful fellow such as yourself must have something on the side.
133MagsShapeUp1About getting the squad's readiness reports up....
134VFreeformFreesideVFSTheKingTopic046About Rex...
135JasonBrightNightkinAboutAbout those "demons"...
136FollowersFiredNoActually I changed my mind. Let's stick together.
137VMS03FantasticSettleDownActually I'm not here to replace you.
138BMRaulJoinMeActually, do you want to tag along with me?
139BMRaulJoinMeActually, do you want to tag along with me?
140DoctorMedical66YESActually, I don't have 100 caps.
141DoctorMedical33YESActually, I don't have 150 caps.
142DoctorMedical99YESActually, I don't have 75 caps.
143ChrisHavLabTaskChangeActually, I'd like to help with something else.
144ChrisHavLabTaskChangeActually, I'd like to help with something else.
145VMS29VStreetDennisCrockerTopic011Add a little Psycho to his Jet, and he'd have a heart attack.
146VMS29VStreetDennisCrockerTopic045Add a little Psycho to his Jet, and he'd have a heart attack.
147VDialogueBennyBennyTopic022All I am is a courier trying to fulfill my contract.
148WaterBeggarGreetingGiveWaterAll I have is irradiated water.
149VFreeformFreesideVFSCalebMcCaffery2Topic004All I need is your hat, and you're a free man. I'll tell Francine you're dead.
150ChrisHavIntercomGoodbyeAll right.
151VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideSweetieTopic010All right. 200 caps it is.
152VFreeformSSHQSSHQTomasTopic008All sorts of nasty people are looking for caps like those. You'd be safer if you got rid of them.
153VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic351And if Kimball were to be assassinated?
154VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic094And once the Boomers join them?
155VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic022And since forming the Legion, all you've done is conquer other tribes?
156VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic081And then what of the East?
157VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic060And they don't *need* to send an army, your supply lines will kill you first.
158VFreeformFreesideVFSTheKingTopic051And when you're dead? What will happen to their freedom then?
159PrimmSlimVVHistoryNoAnother time, maybe.
160VFreeformNellisNellisLindsayTopic000Any idea where I should start looking, kid?
161188ClayPayForThoughtsAny more thoughts I can pay you for?
162188ClayPayForThoughtsAny more thoughts I can pay you for?
163VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasJulesTopic019Any more trouble with the Fiends?
164DianeWorkAny new jobs for me?
165DianeWorkAny new jobs for me?
166DianeWorkAny new jobs for me?
167DianeWorkAny new jobs for me?
168VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic003Any signal over 22,000 hertz at 150 or more decibels should do the trick.
169VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic352Any speculation on Legion tactics?
170VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic352Any speculation on Legion tactics?
171HVRamosIntercomHelloAnyone home?
172VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic005Anything I can do to help?
173JasonBrightGreatJourneyAre these surface-to-surface rockets? Or will they launch you into orbit?
174CaptainGillesCampAre things going better at the camp now?
175VFreeformNellisNellisPearlTopic016Are you and your people still ready to help in the upcoming battle at Hoover Dam?
176VFreeformFreesideVFSFrancineGarretTopic001Are you crazy?! I'll be walking all over the place looking for these people.
177VFreeformFreesideVFSFrancineGarretTopic016Are you crazy?! I'll be walking all over the place looking for these people.
178vDialogueWestsideWestsideHectorTopic011Are you lying, Hector?
179VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic036Are you planning to use diversionary tactics to draw their attention?
180VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic020Are you really going to ruin what's supposed to be a time of happiness for her?
181JasonBrightGreatJourneyAre you seriously going to make your "Great Journey" on those rockets?
182FSRotfaceSolicitingAre you soliciting me?
183VFreeformSSHQSSHQJacklynTopic005Are you sure that necklace is yours?
184HadrianWorkAre you sure you wouldn't rather go work at the Tops?
185BMTabithaDishHutRadioFanAren't you the super mutant from the radio? I'm a huge fan.
186vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic003Arrange a temporary supply deal with other merchants. It'll still lead to a profit for you.
187vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic026As a last request, will you tell me more about your plan?
188VES34VaultVVault34HorowitzTopic000As I said, I saved you from being trapped down in Vault 34.
189VFreeformNellisNellisJackTopic039Aw c'mon, it looks fine. I bet the seal will hold.
190VFreeformFreesideVFSOldBenTopic018Aw, c'mon! The pay would be great!
191vDialogueGomorrahvGOMReceptionistTopic002Beautiful, I would love to help you loosen those lips.
192VFreeformFreesideVFSOldBenTopic021Ben, you give your clients a precious respite from the ills of the world.
193VFreeformFreesideVFSOldBenTopic019Ben, you give your clients a precious respite from the ills of the world.
194VMQTopsVMQTopsSwankTopic018Benny stole my chip! And he tried to kill me, Mr. House said so!
195VMQTopsVMQTopsSwankTopic020Benny's going to steal all of House's robots! Don't you see?
196VFreeformFreesideVFSBillRonteTopic020Bill, Julie and the rest of your friends miss you. They need your help.
197VFreeformGoodspringsDocMitchellTopic004Breathing is uneven, and he's coughing up blood. Possible internal injuries.
198LtHayesPrisonAttackSpeechBut I could help the troops attack the prison, you know?
199VFreeformCottonwoodCoveFortLegionaryEntranceGreeterTopic006But medical chems aren't addictive! Really!
200VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCCanyonRunnerTopic007But the girl is sick. With classic symptoms of, uh... Vagina Dentata?
201VMS37VBSOscarVelascoTopic001But the NCR are trying to help! They're good people, fighting for civilization in a lawless waste!
202VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic036But won't that attract the attention of the NCR?
203VMS46VRRCDianeTopic010But you could turn a profit and help the people of the Mojave!
204DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic014But you're going to cut the price to 250 because I'm just that charming, right?
205VDialogueBennyBennyTopic022But... I'm not mad. Really, I'm not mad!
206CliffBriscoeBarterFailBut... the price tag seems so excessive on the souvenir rockets. Could you make it lower?
207vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic016Cachino forgot to tell me what they have on you.
208VFreeformTheFortFortLuciusTopic032Caesar would be dead if I didn't try to help him. How dare you blame me for trying to save his life!
209HarlandWhyPCisHereCan I come up there and look? Maybe you missed the Stealth Boys.
210VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic014Can I still join the Brotherhood?
211VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic017Can the virus's files be partitioned so read-access is only provided by the kernel administrator?
212ChrisHavLabTaskHintsCan you give me any tips for my current task?
213ChrisHavLabTaskHintsCan you give me any tips for my current task?
214ChrisHavLabTaskHintsCan you give me any tips for my current task?
215RaulRepairCan you repair some of my stuff?
216RaulRepairCan you repair some of my stuff?
217RaulRepairCan you repair some of my stuff?
218nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmDeputyTopic001Can you tell me about the man in the checkered suit who came through here?
219VMS07V03MotorRunnerTopic002Can you tell me what happened to the residents here?
220nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmDeputyTopic001Can you tell me where the man in the checkered suit went again?
221VFreeformNellisNellisJackTopic000Can you think of any ways I can help out?
222188CivilianUnhappyBeggarNoCan't help you.
223188CivilianUnhappyBeggarNoCan't help you.
224188CivilianUnhappyBeggarNoCan't help you.
225VFreeformTheFortFortAntonyTopic009Can't we make some kind of deal?
226VFreeformFreesideVFSRalphTopic023Can't you just call it a favor?
227VFreeformFreesideVFSBeatrixRussellTopic003Caps are caps, honey. You can't be picky about how you make them!
228LtHayesVMS04ExposeChompsChomps Lewis, the foreman at Sloan, was also involved.
229vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic016Clanden has been arrested.
230vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic010Clanden has been handled already.
231vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic016Clanden is dead.
232vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic016Clanden is leaving Gomorrah and won't be back.
233LtHayesPrisonAttackClassified or not, I want to help make the attack.
234VHDAssassinationDialogVHDQuartermasterBardonTopic003Come on! Don't you want to make a few caps?
235VHDAssassinationDialogVHDQuartermasterBardonTopic004Come on! Who's going to know?
236DoctorMedicalSpeechCome on, doc. I need help. 75 caps is better than nothing, right?
237VFreeformFreesideVFSOffDutyNCRTrooper01Topic002Come on, guys, you can let me in, right? Right?
238vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic011Come on, he's just a convict. How bad could he be?
239VFreeformMcCarranSupplyOfficerContrerasTopic004Come on, man. Hook me up.
240VFreeformNellisNellisPearlTopic008Come on, Pearl, think of the joy it would bring Jack. He's in love.
241VFreeformDevilsBrigadeCannibalJohnsonTopic011Come on, you can tell me.
242vFreeformSloanPrimmTyroneTopic004Come on. Give me a break, just this once.
243FollowersHiredCome, Raul, adventure awaits!
244FollowersHiredCome, Raul, adventure awaits!
245VFreeformNellisNellisJackTopic039Corn silk, rubber hose, and removable adhesive would make a good hermetic seal.
246VFreeformGoodSpringsDocMitchellTownInfoCould you give me the rundown on Goodsprings one more time?
247VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic113Couldn't you use the Brotherhood to your advantage?
248VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCMrsWeathersTopic008Cry freedom! Run for it!
249VFreeformFreesideVFSRalphTopic024Data modules are rare but generally useless. How about 100 caps for your work?
250VFreeformVault22KeelyTopic017Deleting those files makes it more likely that this will happen again.
251VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic285Did you know I killed some White Gloves who were eating their customers?
252VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic285Did you know some of the White Gloves are... eating people again?
253PrimmSlimGunDid you know that Vance's gun is missing?
254VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic046Do you get headaches a lot?
255VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic001Do you know anything about a goon named Benny? Wears a checkered coat, carries a big pistol?
256HVShootingRangeAskAboutMissingWeaponDo you know anything about a weapon that's gone missing?
257VMQTopsVMQTopsYesManTopic028Do you know anything else about the Omertas?
258VMS02AnyNPCAboutNCRDo you know if the NCR has any plans to attack the prison north of here?
259VMS02AnyNPCAboutNCRDo you know if the NCR has any plans to attack the prison north of here?
260VMS02AnyNPCAboutNCRDo you know if the NCR has any plans to attack the prison north of here?
261VMS02AnyNPCAboutNCRDo you know if the NCR has any plans to attack the prison north of here?
262VMS02AnyNPCAboutNCRDo you know if the NCR is planning to attack the prison north of here?
263VMS02AnyNPCAboutNCRDo you know if the NCR is planning to attack the prison north of here?
264PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic018Do you know who he was? Where he went?
265vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic012Do you think I could "buy" a pardon for 200 caps?
266vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic012Do you think I could "buy" a pardon for 200 caps?
267PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic004Do you think Primm Slim could be sheriff?
268188ClayThoughtsBigPictureDo your thinking about "Everywhere."
269188ClayThoughtsSmallPictureDo your thinking about "Here."
270188ClayThoughtsPlayerDo your thinking about me.
271VMS41JacobstownKeeneTopic001Doctor Henry doesn't have the cure just yet, but he's almost there. Be patient.
272VMS02AnyNPCAboutNCRDoes the NCR have any plans to attack the prison north of here?
273VMS02AnyNPCAboutNCRDoes the NCR have any plans to attack the prison north of here?
274VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic030Does your head hurt?
275VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic030DUPLICATE000Does your head hurt?
276VFreeformGoodSpringsDocMitchellSpeechCheckDon't I at least get a lollipop before leaving, Doc?
277HVRangerIntroSpeechDon't point! It's rude! Especially with guns!
278vDialogueGomorrahvGOMReceptionistTopic001Don't worry about me, I can keep your secrets.
279VFreeformHooverDamVHDNCRControlRoomGuardTopic000Don't you have anything better to do right now than guard this door?
280VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic112Don't you know anything about their society?
281VMS29VStreetDennisCrockerTopic000Earlier you mentioned another assignment?
282VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFChavezTopic003Eddie's just going to keep chasing you. Quit while you're ahead... and alive.
283FollowersTacticsEndEnough about tactics.
284vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic008Er... Maybe you could build a nuke?
285vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic026Err.. can you tell me what the plan was?
286vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic016Err... I know what they have on you... Well I know, but I forgot. Tell me again.
287vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic008Err... Well if you give me everything you have, I'll consider making a deal.
288VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic080Even if you fix it, you couldn't re-program the power grid, the systems are fried.
289VMS02VMS02WaterMerchantTopic004Even if you managed to kill me, the Powder Gangers are already on to you. It's why I'm here.
290VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic058Even with proper Surgical Tools, an operation of this sort might be beyond me.
291VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic093Exactly - and while you've been occupied here, they're ready.
292CraigBooneVisitorsExpecting visitors?
293VCasaSarahDSJKillAgreeFine by me.
294VFreeformFreesideVFSJamesGarretTopic019First I'd like to discuss payment. This wasn't a cakewalk.
295VFreeformFreesideVFSBillRonteTopic021Fixer is for pansies!
296VFreeformHooverDamVHDMikeLawsonTopic014Flipping switches is fun.
297vDialogueGomorrahGenericTopic011Free sounds better to me.
298VFreeformBoulderCityBCJessupTopic042Free the hostages now, and I'll have the NCR escort you out of their territory.
299KeithDrugsGambling's not my scene. Maybe you could hook me up with something "medicinal?"
300HadrianWorkGarrett's agreed to let you out of your contract. You can go work at the Tops.
301VDialogueBennyBennyTopic007Girls like bad boys. And you've been downright awful.
302VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtSantiagoTopic002Give it to me for free, now!
303VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic011Give them a deal on the price, you'll have the upper hand in future, more important negotiations.
304VFreeformGoodspringsGSChetTopic009Give up some supplies now and you won't get your store looted later.
305vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownNortonTopic003Go away or you'll have to deal with me, and you'll wish you were fighting Super Mutants instead.
306MagsShapeUp1Going back to those squad improvements, I had an idea.
307GOODBYEGoodbye, Jason.
308GOODBYEGoodbye, Jason.
337HVRamosAskForWorkGot anything you need help with?
338ChrisHavIntercomGoodbyeGot it.
339HVRamosIntercomHelloGuess I'll just see myself out.
340vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic004Gun Runners are skilled enough to refurbish weapons like new, right? You're overthinking this.
341VFreeformFreesideVFSJamesGarretTopic014Ha! Who are you kidding! I need double!
342VFreeformFreesideVFSCalebMcCaffery2Topic004Hand over your hat before I pump you full of hot lead, you old fart!
343VFreeformFreesideVFSBillRonteTopic020Harden the hell up, Bill. You're being a sissy!
344RegisCaesarHave a look at this book. It will show you what happens to tribes that "ally" with Caesar's Legion.
345VMS02AnyNPCAboutNCRHave you heard if the NCR has any plans to attack the prison north of here?
346VMS02AnyNPCAboutNCRHave you heard if the NCR has any plans to attack the prison north of here?
347VMS02AnyNPCAboutNCRHave you heard if the NCR has any plans to attack the prison north of here?
348BillyKnightWorkHave you reconsidered asking for a better price from Tommy?
349YesManChipHave you seen this Platinum Chip before?
350JackDianeMedicineHave you started making meds yet?
351vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic010Having Primm - and the trade route - under NCR control would help the West.
352VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasMrsHostetlerTopic045Having your daughter back should be worth more than 200 caps.
353PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic017He canceled?
354VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic115He sounds more like a savage than a general.
355VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtGrecksTopic010Heh, I think I'll make an example of you. Give me your clothes, or you get dead.
357CraigBooneStoryDidntAddUpHer story didn't add up.
358188ClayPayForThoughtsHere's another 100 caps. I want to hear your thoughts again.
359FSBodyguardAcceptHere's the money. It sounds like I could use a bodyguard.
360FSBodyguardAcceptHere's the money. It sounds like I could use a bodyguard.
361FSBodyguardAcceptHere's the money. It sounds like I could use a bodyguard.
362JNashInfo100CapsHere's your 100 caps.
363DoctorRadiationYESHere's your 100 caps. Do it.
364DoctorRadiationYESHere's your 100 caps. Do it.
365DoctorRadiationYESHere's your 100 caps. Do it.
366DoctorRadiationYESHere's your 100 caps. Do it.
367DoctorRadiationYESHere's your 100 caps. Do it.
368VMS30VCFHAlexRichardsTopic036Here's your 100 caps. Do it.
369WaterBeggarGreetingGiveWaterHere. Have this Purified Water.
370WaterBeggarGreetingGiveWaterHere. Have this Purified Water.
371VFreeformMcCarranSupplyOfficerContrerasTopic015Hey man, you never said anything about killing. Cough up some caps.
372VFreeformFreesideVFSOrrisTopic006Hey you only fired three shots and there are four guys there...
373BMNeilAskForHelpSpeechHey! Let's you and me - you know, us! - let's overthrow Tabitha together!
374VFreeformFreesideVFSJamesGarretTopic042Hey, don't I get a bonus or something?
375VFreeformFreesideFSFrancineGarretTopic016Hey, I'm doing all of the work here. 50/50 and I'm game.
376VFreeformFreesideVFSFrancineGarretTopic008Hey, I'm doing all of the work here. 50/50 and I'm game.
377VFreeformTheFortFortLuciusTopic032Hey, it totally wasn't my fault that he died. He was old.
378VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtSantiagoTopic007Hey, you made me look like a fool!
379ChrisHavUpsHelloHey, you're not a ghoul!
380BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeechHi. We "dumb-dumbs" is rebelling! You no lead us no more!
381vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic011His sentence was almost up, and he isn't tied to the Powder Gangers.
382CraigBooneStoryDidntAddUpHis story didn't add up.
383VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCKennyWeathersTopic005Hold still!
384ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulHoney, you're no monster. You're cute! Why, I could just about eat you up!
385VFreeformFreesideVFSRotfaceTopic002How about 15 caps since we both know you need the money?
386vDialogueGomorrahGenericTopic011How about 200 caps and I forget we ever met.
387vDialogueGomorrahGenericTopic011How about 200 caps and I forget we ever met.
388DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic014How about a discount? I'm a nice person.
389VFreeformCasaMadrid1EAndersonTopic019How about twenty percent? Twenty is better.
390VMS07V03MotorRunnerTopic025How about you give me 75 caps, it'll keep the hit squads away for a bit.
391VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFChavezTopic003How about you walk away and I'll do the same? That way it's easy on both of us.
392CaptainGillesCampHow are things around the camp?
393JNashHowLawHow can I bring back rule of law to Primm?
394JNashHowLawHow can I bring rule of law back to Primm?
395JNashHowLawHow can I bring rule of law back to Primm?
396JNashHowLawHow can I help bring rule of law back to Primm?
397ChrisHavLabReadyToHelpHow can I help?
398ChrisHavLabReadyToHelpHow can I help?
399VFreeformNellisNellisPearlTopic012How can we trust each other if you're going to be keeping secrets?
400VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic015How could savage cannibals run the Ultra-Luxe?
401VDialogueNovacNobarkNameHow did No-bark get his name?
402VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic259How did you nearly die, defending Vegas?
403HVRamosBosJoinHow do I join the Brotherhood of Steel?
404SSHQFestusLHInstructionsHow do I play?
405VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic017How do you intend to enforce your claim on the city?
406188ClayThoughtsHowHow do you know these things?
407188ClayThoughtsHowHow do you know these things?
408VMQTopsVMQTopsYesManTopic024How have the Khans been kicked around?
409HarlandHowEndUpHereHow have you survived?
410VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic019How is the NCR weak?
411VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic117How long has Lucius been the head of your Praetorians?
412VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCAureliusTopic003How many dog tags to get your helmet?
413VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic352How will the NCR defend Hoover Dam?
414VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic114How will the NCR react to Kimball's death? Won't it just anger them?
415JasonBrightGreatJourneyHow will you make the "Journey?"
416BeagleHostageHow'd you end up being a hostage?
417JNashNewsHow's Primm these days?
418JNashNewsHow's Primm these days?
419MagsShapeUp1How's that human niceness working out?
420JackDianeMedicineHow's the medical work going?
421MagsShapeUp1How's the squad doing?
422VDialogueBennyBennyTopic024I "dig your line." Let me live, you'll never see me again.
423REPCONHQSpeechI am not supposed to go upstairs, let me pass and I won't.
424VFreeformNellisNellisPearlTopic011I assure you, Janet would not be a threat to the tribe.
425vDialogueGomorrahGenericTopic006I be a sexy lady like you could tell me where I could find someone named Cachino.
426vDialogueGomorrahGenericvGOMReceptionistTopic002I bet I could beat you up.
427vDialogueGomorrahGenericvGOMReceptionistTopic002I bet I could beat you up.
428VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerTeacherTopic012I bet I could teach you a thing or two about shooting.
429VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtLadyJaneTopic007I bet you've got some extra caps hidden in that dress somewhere.
430DavisonOtherOptionI came here on behalf of the ghouls upstairs.
431DavisonStealthBoysAgreeI can find the stockpile of Stealth Boys for you.
432VMS07V03BryceAndersTopic037DUPLICATE000I can handle myself just fine. I found you, didn't I?
433VDialogueVickyVanceVickyVanceExNCR1Topic029I can help if you'll let me!
434VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic058I can perform the surgery, but I'll need proper tools and supplies from a Doctor's Bag.
435VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerTeacherTopic012I can teach how to make jacketed hollow points and other specialized ammo.
436DoctorAddictionYESI can't afford treatment. I don't have 50 caps.
437DoctorAddictionYESI can't afford treatment. I don't have 50 caps.
438DoctorAddictionYESI can't afford treatment. I don't have 50 caps.
439VMS30VCFHAlexRichardsTopic038I can't afford treatment. I don't have 50 caps.
440VHDAssassinationDialogVHDQuartermasterBardonTopic004I completely understand, but I am working for the good of the NCR too.
441VFreeformMcCarranSupplyOfficerContrerasTopic032I convinced the Ranger to work with you. You're safe, but be careful.
442VFreeformMcCarranSupplyOfficerContrerasTopic023I convinced the Ranger to work with you. You're safe, but be careful.
443VFreeformGoodspringsGSTrudyTopic030I could probably take out the powder gang by surprise, if I had help. Probably.
444JNashInfoBarterI could see giving you 50 caps, maybe.
445VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerTeacherTopic010I could teach you some tricks about trading.
446VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic268I could use a raise!
447VFreeformFreesideVFSJamesGarretTopic018I could use some help with my reputation in Freeside.
448CraigBooneCulpritObviousI deduced it with a simple process of elimination.
449VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic000I delivered the package as requested.
450vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic016I destroyed all the guns.
451BeagleHostageFleeNoI didn't cut you loose so you could run away. Stick with me!
452FollowersFiredYesSuiteI do. We'll meet up at the Lucky 38.
453FollowersFiredYesSuiteI do. We'll meet up at the Lucky 38.
454VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtAngeloTopic004I don't even know this discount is worth 50. How about 25 caps?
455JNashInfo100CapsI don't have 100 caps on me.
456DoctorRadiationYESI don't have 100 caps.
457DoctorRadiationYESI don't have 100 caps.
458DoctorRadiationYESI don't have 100 caps.
459DoctorRadiationYESI don't have 100 caps.
460VMS30VCFHAlexRichardsTopic036I don't have 100 caps.
461vDialogueTheStripVStreetNCRTrooperMPHarassTopic001I don't have 200 caps.
462DoctorAddictionYESI don't have 50 caps.
463RNash0GlandsI don't have any.
464vDialogueVegasEast21EKeithTopic002I don't have that much on me.
465BeagleSheriffNoI don't have time to help Primm.
466VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic056I don't know. Sounds serious, though.
467VFreeformNellisNellisPearlTopic012I don't like being kept in dark, grandma. Clue me in.
468188AlexanderThreatenI don't like your attitude.
469FSBodyguardRejectI don't really think I need a bodyguard.
470FSBodyguardRejectI don't really think I need a bodyguard.
471FSBodyguardRejectI don't really think I need a bodyguard.
472VMS07V03MotorRunnerTopic011I don't suppose you can pay a little better?
473SSHQFestusLHStartI feel lucky.
474188AlexanderSeeInventoryI figure a guy like you gets his pick of killing gear.
475VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtLadyJaneTopic016I find it hard to believe you ran from the caravan without taking something.
476vDialogueGomorrahVMS21NeroTopic002I finished all the work you had for me.
477vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic024I finished that work for Clanden.
478vDialogueGomorrahVMS21NeroTopic002I finished that work for Clanden.
479DianeWorkI finished the Crimson Caravan run.
480DianeWorkI finished the Vault 3 run.
481VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic027I fixed the arrays and improved their efficiency a bit too.
482ChrisHavLabHaveFuelI found an entire container of the igniting agent.
483ChrisHavLabHaveFuelI found an entire container of the igniting agent.
484ChrisHavLabHaveFuelI found an entire container of the igniting agent.
485ChrisHavLabHaveFuelI found an entire container of the igniting agent.
486LtMarklandMedicineI found another book for you.
487CaptainGillesSuppliesI found another supply cache for the camp.
488PrimmSlimGunYesI found the gun. Here it is.
489ChrisHavLabHavePartsI found the thrust control modules.
490ChrisHavLabHavePartsI found the thrust control modules.
491ChrisHavLabHavePartsI found the thrust control modules.
492ChrisHavLabHavePartsI found the thrust control modules.
493ChrisHavLabHavePartsI found the thrust control modules.
494CaptainGillesSuppliesI found these supply caches in some caves up the mountain. Maybe they'll help.
495vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic025I found these tapes in Clanden's room, can you verify this is him?
496VCasaSarahDSJKillExplainI found this in Dermot's room.
497LtMarklandMedicineI found those books you wanted.
498CaptainGillesOscarI found your attacker. There's a Great Khan hiding out in the mountains. I can lead your men there.
499JNashAboutLawI freed Deputy Beagle and killed the Powder Gangers.
500LtHayesHelpPrimmI got extra troop support for Primm.
501JeannieCrawfordQuestTurnInI got the ghouls to leave the area. They won't be bothering you anymore.
502MagsShapeUp1I got you the stuff.
503ChrisHavUpsGoodbyeI guess I'll be going.
504ChrisHavUpsGoodbyeI guess I'll be going.
505ChrisHavUpsGoodbyeI guess I'll be going.
506RNash4GlandsI have a bunch of radscorpion glands.
507VMS29VStreetDennisCrockerTopic000I have an update on the Freeside situation.
508VFreeformNellisNellisArgyllTopic001I have extensive medical knowledge. Let's see what I can do.
509vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic019I have more questions about your plans.
510RNash1GlandI have one radscorpion gland.
511vTroikeGunsThermiteI have some more questions about the Thermite.
512VFreeformNellisNellisPeteTopic001I have some questions about your people's history.
513VFreeformCottonwoodCoveFortLegionaryEntranceGreeterTopic006I have to bring them along, a congenital heart defect.
514GOODBYEI have to go.
515JasonBrightNightkinGoneI haven't dealt with the "demons" yet.
516PrimmSlimGunNoI haven't found the gun.
517VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasCrandonTopic014I haven't sent them to the sewers, yet.
518nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmDeputyTopic001I hear you may have information on some Khans that came through here with a guy in a checkered suit.
519nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmDeputyTopic001I hear you may have information on some Khans that came through here with a guy in a checkered suit.
520VMS29aVFSJeanBaptisteCuttingTopic016I heard your family has a grudge against a King named Pacer.
521vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic024I helped Troike out, like you asked.
522vDialogueGomorrahVMS21NeroTopic002I helped Troike out, like you asked.
523VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic221I infiltrated the Omertas in order to gain their confidence.
524VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic001I just have some questions. It'll probably be okay to talk to me.
525VFreeformGoodspringsGSJoeCobbTopic013I just need to know if I should watch my step around you.
526REPCONHQSpeech2I just spoke with that other robot over there.
527VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic083I just stood down Caesar's toughest General... you think I won't?
528FollowersFiredYesI just think we should right now.
529DavisonOtherOptionI just wandered in here, okay? I don't want trouble.
530VDialogueVegasNorthVOVNVAndyThug01Topic000I just want to talk to Alice or Andy.
531CraigBooneWantedYouToKillI just wanted you to kill her.
532CraigBooneWantedYouToKillI just wanted you to kill him.
533JeannieCrawfordQuestTurnInI killed the ghouls at REPCONN.
534VMS02AnyNPCAboutNCRI know the NCR is planning to attack the prison.
535vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic011I know the right dose for a little thing like you. Medical training, you know.
536PaulineGunI know the two of you stole Vance's gun down in Primm.
537SammyGunI know the two of you stole Vance's gun down in Primm.
538vDialogueGomorrahGenericvGOMReceptionistTopic002I know you feel safe here, but I could crush your windpipe before anyone noticed.
539vDialogueGomorrahGenericvGOMReceptionistTopic002I know you feel safe here, but I could crush your windpipe before anyone noticed.
540JNashCourierI lost a package I was supposed to deliver.
541188AlexanderPcAchievementsI made sure those prisoners won't bother Primm anymore.
542188ClayMedicineBuyI might be interested in buying your "headache medicine." How much?
543VFreeformFreesideVFSJamesGarretTopic019I need double before we talk more.
544188SamuelRepairI need something repaired.
545ChrisHavLabGoodbyeI need to be going.
546ChrisHavLabGoodbyeI need to be going.
547ChrisHavLabGoodbyeI need to be going.
548ChrisHavLabGoodbyeI need to be going.
549DavisonFakeGoodbyeI need to be going...
550GOODBYEI need to get going.
551GOODBYEI need to get going.
552GOODBYEI need to get going.
553SgtMcGeeGoodbyeI need to get going.
554VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic076I need to get that Platinum Chip back.
555DavisonFakeGoodbyeI need to go, but I'll come right back.
556VMQTopsVMQTopsYesManTopic024I need to take some more time with the Khans.
557JNashInfoSpeechI only ask politely the first time, old man. Now tell me.
558JNashAboutLawI rescued Deputy Beagle.
559SgtMcGeeLatestNewsI rescued Primm's deputy, but the town's still lawless.
560VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasCrandonTopic000I respect your independence, and I'm good at taking care of troubles.
561188AlexanderPcAchievementsI restored rule of law to Primm.
562VMS29VStreetDennisCrockerTopic025I risked my neck out there. Couldn't you spare a little more?
563ChrisHavNovacConfessSabotageI sabotaged the rockets.
564vFreeformSloanPrimmTyroneTopic004I say the word and someone else will start making deliveries to Nevada, not you.
565VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasJulesTopic006I see you can take care of yourself. Your revolver's trigger shines like silver.
566LtHayesGoodbyeI should be going.
567VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic006I should let you know that I planted a surveillance device on one of your data terminals.
568ChrisHavLabKeepTalkingI still have questions.
569VMS02AnyNPCAboutNCRI still want to know if the NCR is planning to attack the prison.
570VMS02AnyNPCAboutNCRI still want to know if the NCR is planning to attack the prison.
571VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerTeacherTopic009I think I can teach you things about public speaking.
572VDialogueVegasNorthVOVNVJulesTopic000I think I know what you meant before.
573vFreeformCampGuardianNVCGHalfordTopic007I think I've got a dull needle and twine in one of my pockets.
574VFreeformNellisNellisGeorgeTopic021I think it deserves closer to 1000 caps.
575VFreeformNellisNellisGeorgeTopic021I think it deserves closer to 1000 caps.
576FollowersFiredYesI think it's for the best.
577FollowersFiredI think we should part ways for now, Boone.
578MagsShapeUp1I think you'll find that the Misfits' records are now much improved.
579MagsShapeUp1I thought about what you said about basic human niceness.
580CraigBooneSnipersWorkInTeamsI thought snipers worked in teams.
581188SamuelBoastSavePrimmI took care of those prisoners myself. Primm is clear now.
582VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCMrsWeathersTopic014I took care of your master. You're free as a bird.
583vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic011I used, like, a whole bunch of this stuff and I'm still fine.
584VFreeformFreesideVFSOrrisTopic011I want all the money you have on you. I could make it to the Kings from here.
585PrimmNashDeliveryTopicI want to ask you some more about the delivery I was supposed to make.
586LtHayesPrisonAttackSpeechI want to help your troops take the prison back. Believe me.
587VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic027I want to join the Brotherhood.
588VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic014I want to join the Brotherhood.
589LtHayesHelpPrimmI want to talk about that NCR protecting Primm.
590RegisNCRI want to talk to you about the fate of the Great Khans.
591VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic027I wanted to ask about joining the Brotherhood again.
592VMS29VStreetDennisCrockerTopic000I wanted to talk about the situation in Freeside.
593VFreeformGoodspringsGSJoeCobbTopic013I was just curious.
594VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic009I was just trying to fix it.
595VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic391I was set up. The Legion used me as a patsy.
596VMS46VRRCJackTopic002I was thinking Hydra, but now I'm not so sure.
597VMS46VRRCJackTopic005I was thinking Party-Time Mentats, but now I'm not so sure.
598VMS46VRRCJackTopic006I was thinking Rocket, but now I'm not so sure.
599VMS46VRRCJackTopic004I was thinking Slasher, but now I'm not so sure.
600VMS46VRRCJackTopic001I was thinking Super Stimpacks, but now I'm not so sure.
601VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic000I was wondering if you had any work available.
602VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic000I was wondering if you had any work available.
603VFreeformFreesideVFSJamesGarretTopic015I will need more than that to recoup travel expenses.
604VFreeformFreesideVMS49VagrantTopic001I would bribe you but I don't have much on me. Would you accept an IOU?
605vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic012I wouldn't offer if it wasn't safe. Do I look like someone who would hurt you?
606FSBodyguardAcceptI'd hire you, but I don't have the caps.
607FSBodyguardAcceptI'd hire you, but I don't have the caps.
608FSBodyguardAcceptI'd hire you, but I don't have the caps.
609REPCONHQFreeformREPCONTourGuideTopic001I'd like another tour.
610RNashCasseroleHowManyI'd like some of that radscorpion venom casserole.
611188BuySellI'd like to purchase something.
612188ClayBuySellI'd like to see what you have for sale.
613188ClayBuySellI'd like to see what you have for sale.
614188AlexanderAreYouSellingI'd like to see what you have for sale.
615188SamuelBuySellI'd like to see what you have for sale.
616RegisCaesarI'd like to talk more about the Great Khans' alliance with Caesar.
617VDialogueHiddenValleyHVKnightEDETopic000I'd like to talk to you about ED-E again.
618LtHayesHelpPrimmI'd like to talk to you about protecting Primm.
619vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic005I'd like to talk to you about your journal.
620VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtAngeloTopic010I'd rather not kill you, but Francine put a bounty on your head.
621BeagleSheriffGoodbyeI'll be going now.
622GOODBYEI'll be on my way.
623VMQTopsVMQTopsYesManTopic028I'll check into the Omertas some more.
624vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic008I'll consider giving this to you, for some cash up front.
625JNashAboutLawI'll find Primm a new sheriff.
626DavisonStealthBoysAgreeI'll find the StealthBoy stockpile for you if your kin will leave this place.
627nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmDeputyTopic002I'll free you... right after you tell me...
628VMQTopsVMQTopsYesManTopic025I'll get back to you about the Boomers.
629vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic015I'll give it to you for 200 caps.
630vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic015I'll give you the journal for... um... 5% of Gomorrah's earnings.
631vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic019I'll give you the tapes if you promise to leave Vegas and never come back, and give me 200 caps.
632GOODBYEI'll go pay General Oliver a visit.
633VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic007I'll go talk to the Omertas about you, then. Unless you feel like quitting?
634BeagleSherrifYesI'll help bring law and order back to Primm.
635VMQTopsVMQTopsYesManTopic026I'll let you know when I'm done evaluating the White Glove Society.
636LtHayesNcrLawNevermindI'll look for another solution.
637FollowersFiredYesI'll miss you too, Lily, but it's time.
638VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic080I'll need a vise... or a large nutcracker...
639VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic004I'll need at least two thousand caps to motivate me.
640188ClayPayForThoughtsI'll pay 100 caps to hear your thoughts.
641VMS07V03MotorRunnerTopic007I'll sell you a can of Jet for 22 caps.
642VMS07V03MotorRunnerTopic008I'll sell you a pack of Buffout for 22 caps.
643VMS07V03MotorRunnerTopic009I'll sell you a vial of Psycho for 22 caps.
644VMS07V03MotorRunnerTopic018I'll sell you all of my Buffout for 22 caps each.
645VMS07V03MotorRunnerTopic010I'll sell you all of my Jet for 22 caps each.
646VMS07V03MotorRunnerTopic015I'll sell you all of my Psycho for 22 caps each.
647BeagleHostageLetGoI'll set you free now.
648ChrisHavLabTaskSameI'll stick with my current task.
649JasonBrightNightkinYesI'll take care of the "demons" for you.
650GOODBYEI'll talk to you later.
651GOODBYEI'll talk to you later.
652JasonBrightKeepTalkingI'll think about it.
653ChrisHavLabGetFuelI'll track down the igniting agent.
654ChrisHavLabGetPartsI'll track down the thrust control modules.
655VDialogueBennyBennyTopic007I'm a courier, remember? Don't you want me to handle your package?
656VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic001I'm a friend. It's okay for you to talk to friends, right?
657VMS07V03BryceAndersTopic015I'm afraid your leg looks - and smells - like it's on the verge of infection.
658VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic056I'm afraid your symptoms are consistent with a brain lesion, most likely a tumor.
659vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic024I'm all done with that work you needed.
660HVShootingRangeAllowedI'm allowed to use the range?
661JasonBrightAlreadyHelpingChrisI'm already helping Chris with the rockets.
662SquattersIntimidateI'm asking nicely. Maybe you should go before I get angry at you.
663JamesGarretHadrianI'm back to talk about Hadrian's contract.
664VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic025I'm betting a man as smart as you wouldn't leave himself without at least one contingency.
665vDialogueGomorrahvGOMReceptionistTopic004I'm calling in for an outstanding balance for some information. Tell me what the Omertas are up to.
666vDialogueGomorrahvGOMReceptionistTopic004I'm calling in for an outstanding balance for some information. Tell me what the Omertas are up to.
667VMS07V03FiendShooterTopic003I'm carrying Jet, Psycho, and other favors. And I don't deliver to the help.
668VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic052I'm concerned you may have a serious neurological condition.
669VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic046I'm concerned your headaches might be symptoms of a more serious condition.
670HarlandWhyPCisHereI'm exploring, that's all. What about you?
671VFreeformNellisTopic000I'm finished with your patients.
672VFreeformNellisTopic000I'm finished with your patients.
673VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic032I'm genuinely interested in your people's history. What are the pods for?
674VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic032I'm genuinely interested in your people's history. What are the pods for?
675VMSTopsTalentPoolVMSTopsLonesomeDrifterTopic003I'm giving you a real opportunity here - how about some compensation?
676VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtAngeloTopic010I'm going to... Well, I'm sure it will be very painful if you don't pay.
677JasonBrightNovacFeralGhoulsI'm here because feral ghouls have been wandering into Novac.
678VMS07V03MotorRunnerTopic000I'm here to do some business with chems.
679VFreeformFreesideVFSOffDutyNCRTrooper01Topic002I'm here to see Major Kieran on urgent business. Please let me pass.
680VFreeformGoodSpringsDocMitchellSpeechCheckI'm in a *lot* of pain, Doc. Can you spare any more?
681VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCLegionaryGuardAAMExplorerTopic000I'm just a humble trader passing through.
682VMS07V03BryceAndersTopic023I'm just curious.
683VFreeformCasaMadrid1EAndersonTopic019I'm keeping a very big secret. Twenty percent is fair.
684HarlandWhyPCisHereI'm looking for a stash of StealthBoys in this room.
685VDialogueVegasNorthVOVNVAndyThug01Topic000I'm looking for Andy or Alice so we could talk.
686VFreeformFreesideVFSRalphTopic015I'm looking to make some carbon tetrachloride for fire suppression.
687VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic006I'm new in town, and wanted to pay my respects.
688HVRangerIntroPowGangNot2I'm not a powder ganger!
689vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic022I'm not a very good shot, you should kill them.
690HVPasswordPaladinNoChanceI'm not going to hand over everything I own to you and your tin can friends.
691VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic010I'm not going to offer money, I wanted to drink for it.
692VMQTopsVMQTopsYesManTopic027I'm not ready to decide what I want to do with the Brotherhood.
693DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic024I'm offering Rey immortality of a sort. Are you really going to put a price on that?
694VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic009I'm prepared to offer you the terms, plus 750 caps.
695HVMcNamRangerDeadSpeechI'm pretty sure I made things better. I mean, I killed him.
696VDialogueBennyBennyTopic007I'm saying I dig you, despite it all. What do you say?
697WaterBeggarGreetingGiveWaterI'm sorry. I don't have any water to give you.
698VFreeformNellisTopic000I'm still looking for ways to make myself useful.
699VFreeformNellisTopic000I'm still looking for ways to make myself useful.
700VFreeformNellisTopic000I'm still looking for ways to make myself useful.
701BeagleSheriffStillLookingI'm still looking.
702VFreeformMcCarranNVNCRAgentKellerTopic016I'm sure Contreras could work with you.
703VMS29aVFSSilverRushGamblerCustomerTopic004I'm sure you're a man of your word, sir, but we still need to pat you down. No exceptions.
704VMS03HaggertyWithNCRI'm with the NCR. Anything I can do to help?
705VFreeformNellisNellisJackTopic004I'm working on it.
706VFreeformNellisNellisJackTopic004I'm working on it. I need to talk to Pearl first.
707JasonBrightNightkinYesI've already killed your "demons."
708VFreeformFreesideVFSRotfaceTopic006I've already paid good money for this information. A hundred more caps, no more.
709KarlGreatKhansI've been wondering why you don't petition the Khans for membership as a show of allegiance.
710188AlexanderPcAchievementsI've cleared all the trouble west of here. Caravans can start using I-15 again.
711VMS29VStreetDennisCrockerTopic000I've completed the Pacer job.
712VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasCrandonTopic015I've dealt with those newcomers.
713VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasCrandonTopic015I've dealt with those newcomers.
714VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerTeacherTopic014I've done a lot of machining and lathe work over the years. I could write up a booklet for you.
715VFreeformNellisTopic000I've finished treating your patients.
716VMS19VFSOffDutyNCRBarker02Topic027I've got 100 caps here that all say I'm a loyal NCR citizen.
717RNash3GlandsI've got a few radscorpion glands.
718MarilynJaneSnowglobesI've got a snowglobe for Mr. House's collection.
719VFreeformMcCarranSupplyOfficerContrerasTopic005I've got caps. Name your price.
720ParkerKeithI've got evidence - Keith has a set of marked cards he uses to cheat.
721ParkerKeithI've got evidence - Keith is selling drugs to the locals.
722SwankBennyBetrayalEvidenceI've got more evidence that proves Benny tried to kill me.
723ParkerKeithI've got proof that Keith is selling drugs and using marked cards.
724MarilynJaneSnowglobesI've got some snowglobes for Mr. House's collection.
725ChrisHavLabBetraySugarBombsI've got some Sugar Bombs.
726ChrisHavLabBetraySugarBombsI've got some Sugar Bombs.
727ChrisHavLabBetraySugarBombsI've got some Sugar Bombs.
728VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasCrandonTopic007I've got the skills, the will and the firepower. All I expect is a decent reward for my work.
729BeagleHostageGoodbyI've got to get going.
730VDialogueHiddenValleyHVKnightEDETopic000I've heard some information from its logs, sounds like it is carrying some Enclave data.
731VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic115I've heard the commander of the first battle called "The Burned Man."
732VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic130I've made mistakes. You judging me doesn't help.
733VMSTopsTalentPoolVMSTopsTommyToriniTopic007I've reconsidered about the talent scouting.
734KeithDiceI've run some cons in my day - one clever bastard to another, what's your trick?
735VFreeformNellisNellisPearlTopic005I've spoken to Loyal. The B-29 is on the way.
736VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasCrandonTopic014I've taken care of those troublemakers.
737VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasCrandonTopic014I've taken care of those troublemakers.
738REPCONHQSpeechI've worked here for years. I forgot my badge at home.
739VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasAliceHostetlerTopic064I... guess that's your choice.
740VFreeformFreesideVFSRalphTopic015I... Um... Need it to make chlorophyll for plants...
741REPCONHQSpeech3Ice Cream
742REPCONHQSpeech3Ice Cream
745VMS46VRRCJackTopic000If "groodalicious" means "dead," maybe. Think of the children, man! The *children!*
746vDialogueGomorrahGenericTopic006If I told you you have a beautiful body, would you tell me where Cachino is?
747REPCONHQSpeech2If my face is recognized a second time then I must belong here.
748vDialogueWestsideWestsideHectorTopic011If something happened to White, tell me. You know it's the right thing to do.
749VMQTopsVMQTopsYesManTopic011If something happens to Mr. House, I may be in touch.
750vMojavevMOMajorKnightTopic010If the NCR runs Primm... I bet you could sell it to... someone... somewhere.
751JNashInfoSpeechIf the NCR won't deal with those prisoners, I'll have to risk doing it myself.
752vFreeformCampGuardianNVCGHalfordTopic014If we don't clear the caves, your friends' deaths were for nothing. Can you live with that?
753VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCMrsWeathersTopic008If you believe hard enough, you can do anything! Run!
754vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic023If you don't deploy the Thermite yourself, I'll tell the bosses what you've been planning.
755VFreeformFreesideVFSHighTimesDealerTopic010If you don't leave them alone... I'll... I'll tell on you!
756vDialogueRangerStationFoxtrotRSFoxtrotLenkTopic006If you don't tell me, someone else will. I'd rather hear your version.
757VFreeformFreesideVFSRotfaceTopic002If you ever want me to buy another tip from you, that price'll come down.
758VFreeformBoulderCityBCJessupTopic042If you let the hostages free now, maybe the NCR would just let you go.
759VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic022If you made the caravan, you're responsible for killing it.
760VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic083If you need all the East to crush the West...
761VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCAureliusTopic003If you trade me ammo and supplies instead, I can stay in the area, racking up kills.
762BeagleHostageFleeSpeechIf you try to run away instead of fighting at my side, I'll kill you myself.
763VDialogueBennyBennyTopic033If you want me to play nice, it'll cost you.
764VDialogueBennyBennyTopic033If you want me to play nice, it'll cost you.
765vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic019If you... um... give me 300 caps and leave Vegas, I'll keep these tapes safe.
766VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic017In the meantime, you'd rule Vegas as some kind of dictator?
767DavisonWhoIsAntlerIs "Antler" the Brahmin skull over there?
768vFreeformSloanPrimmTyroneTopic005Is 300 caps worth being known as a deal-breaker? Seems like bad business to me.
769HVRamosIntercomHelloIs anyone there?
770188SamuelAbout188SafetyIs it safe here?
771VDialogueBennyBennyTopic007Is it wrong to want a guy who'd shoot me in the head?
772VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic000Is that guard position still available?
773VMS29VStreetDennisCrockerTopic000Is that job in Freeside still available?
774CliffBriscoeScienceRocketIs there radioactive material in your rocket souvenirs?
775VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic032Is this dam really that important? Really?
776SSHQFestusKiddingMeIs this some kind of joke?
777VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic030Is this the first time you've experienced sudden onset headaches?
778VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic030DUPLICATE000Is this the first time you've experienced sudden onset headaches?
779VFreeformGoodSpringsDocMitchellSpeechCheckIsn't it customary for a doctor to prescribe follow-up medication?
780VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic114Isn't it natural for someone like Kimball to seek greater power?
781vDialogueGomorrahvGOMBouncer01Topic007It involves Cachino, and if you don't let me through it'll involve you too.
782VHDLegionBattleVHDIntakeTowerCenturionTopic003It is imperative we secure the dam top. Instead of dividing your men, focus their attack here.
783VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic088It is not the strength of the West that will slow you, it is their weakness.
784FollowersFiredYesSuiteIt is. We'll meet up at the Lucky 38.
785VFreeformDevilsBrigadeCannibalJohnsonTopic011It sounds like there's an interesting story behind it.
786HVMcNamRangerDeadSpeechIt was a calculated risk. Asking questions would have tipped him off.
787VMS37VBSCaptainGillesTopic000It was a Great Khan raider. He had a base camp in a cave up in the mountains.
788ChrisHavNovacMechFailureIt was some sort of mechanical failure.
789CraigBooneVictimSpeechFailIt was the, uh... the shifty eyes. Yeah. Dead give-away.
790VFreeformNellisNellisPearlTopic007It would mean a lot to Jack if she could come to Nellis.
791VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic033It's a good start... but well below market price.
792VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseOUTDATEDTopic001It's a great start... but well below market price.
793VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic080It's a simple procedure... as brain surgeries go.
794VFreeformGoodspringsGSChetTopic010It's better if you help me out, so just do it.
795DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic024It's just a dog's brain. I don't think it's worth that many caps.
796vFreeformSloanPrimmTyroneTopic005It's not a fair trade, and you know it.
797ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageNoIt's not a matter of smarts. You'd never forgive yourself.
798BMRaulOkayByMeIt's okay by me. Enjoy your freedom.
799VFreeformHooverDamVHDNCRControlRoomGuardTopic001It's okay I'm a friend.
800VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic011It's the NCR military. You can give them a deal, right?
801VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic391It... it wasn't Kimball, it was an imposter. It had to die!
802VFreeformFreesideVFSJacobHoffTopic010Jacob, be strong. You just need the support of your friends to get through this.
803VFreeformFreesideVFSJacobHoffTopic010Jacob, drugs are for the weak.
804VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtLadyJaneTopic021Jane, I can tell you're lying through your teeth.
805VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtLadyJaneTopic023Jane, surely a lady of your stature has honor sufficient to pay her debts.
806VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic022Janet's wages can't be that much. Why bother keeping them from her?
807HarlandWhyPCisHereJason sent me down here to get rid of the "demons."
808ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulJason told me himself. The Great Journey is for ghouls only. You're not going.
809VFreeformFreesideVFSTheKingTopic046Julie Farkas said a man in Jacobstown can treat Rex.
810vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic003Just buy the supplies from the other merchants around here. Easy enough.
811VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic029Just get the help. People are worried about you.
812VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic023Just get the help. You'll feel better, I promise.
813vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic004Just give McCarran some used weapons. I mean, as long as they work, right?
814VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic011Just shut up and do what your leader tells you!
815VFreeformFreesideVFSBillRonteTopic022Just stick your fingers down your throat. That'll flush you real good.
816VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCLegionaryGuardAAMExplorerTopic000Just thought I'd check the place out.
817HVRangerIntroSpeechKeep pointing that gun at me and I'll stick it up your ass.
818HVRangerIntroSpeechKeep pointing that gun at me and I'll stick it up your ass.
819FollowersTacticsDistanceLongKeep your distance.
820FollowersTacticsDistanceLongKeep your distance.
821VMS33VMS33OmertaThug01Topic001Kill her and Caesar's Legion will get you.
822VFreeformMcCarranSupplyOfficerContrerasTopic013Kill him? Can't we just cut a deal or something?
823VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtLadyJaneTopic016Lady, you've got to have extra stuff on you somewhere.
824VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic115Lanius will lead the assault on Hoover Dam?
825ChrisHavLabGoodbyeLet me get back to you.
826VFreeformFreesideVFSRalphTopic008Let me in on the action!
827REPCONHQIntLet me pass! I'll make it worth your while.
828188AlexanderSeeInventoryLet me see what you have for sale.
829VFreeformFreesideVFSBeatrixRussellTopic030Let's face it... this is the only way you're going to get any action.
830VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideSweetieTopic009Let's say 100 caps. Or you could earn zero keeping your mouth shut.
831JasonBrightChrisAboutLet's talk about Chris.
832PrimmSlimSomethingElseLet's talk about something else.
833PrimmSlimSomethingElseLet's talk about something else.
834HVPasswordPaladinTalkAboutThisLet's talk this over.
835FollowersHiredLet's travel together.
836FollowersHiredLet's travel together.
837VMS07V03BryceAndersTopic011Let's you and me take out Motor-Runner together!
838BeagleHostageFleeSpeechLike I cut you loose just so you could run away? Like I don't want your help?
839JasonBrightNightkinNoLike I said, not interested.
840VDialogueVegasNorth1EWatchFiend1Topic004Locals are getting edgy. How long, you think, before you're gutted open by an angry mob?
841vFreeformCampGuardianNVCGHalfordTopic007Looks like some nasty lacerations and a dislocated joint. You're lucky I found you.
842DavisonHelpHowMaybe I can help.
843VFreeformGoodspringsVictorTopic007Maybe something's broken in one of your computer parts. Let me take a look.
844VMS29VStreetDennisCrockerTopic011Maybe the jet will cause his heart to give out.
845VMS29VStreetDennisCrockerTopic045Maybe the jet will cause his heart to give out.
846VFreeformGoodspringsGSChetTopic009Maybe the Powder Gangers will reward you later.
847VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic004Maybe tilt the... megareceiver? To 73.5 kilonewtons...?
848VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic020Maybe you could try using different plants and herbs?
849VMS47VRRCJerrythePunkTopic001Maybe you should just ditch this place.
850PrimmSlimGunScienceMaybe you've been hacked or something?
851VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic012McCarran is overstocked with water and fresh vegetables. Arrange for a two for one trade.
852VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic023Mental trauma can slow you down or distract you, but it's treatable - just like any bullet wound.
853vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic012Mess you up? Nah, it's probably fine. Trust me.
854vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic008Mick and Ralph are curious why you stopped buying guns from them.
855vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic008Mick and Ralph would...Um... Enjoy selling the Omertas guns.
856vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic008Mick and Ralph would...Um... Enjoy selling the Omertas guns.
857vFreeformCampGuardianNVCGHalfordTopic014More people are going to die if we don't do something.
858VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic079Move forward? The Legion spent years trying to take Hoover Dam.
859VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic023Mr. House is already out of the picture.
860VMQTopsVMQTopsYesManTopic011Mr. House is out of the picture already.
861VFreeformMcCarranCorporalFarberTopic011Mrs. Nash agreed to trade snacks for vegetables and water.
862VFreeformBoulderCityBCPrivateKowalskiTopic005My apologies. It was rude and disrespectful of me to do that.
863VMS29aVFSSilverRushLegionContactTopic006My employers managed to negotiate a small fee for this drop a short time ago.
864VDialogueBennyBennyTopic024My skull isn't thick to forgiveness! Um...
865VFreeformFreesideVFSJamesGarretTopic042My time isn't cheap, Mr. Garret.
866VFreeformGoodSpringsDocMitchellSpeechCheckMy wounds still hurt a little. Can you give me something for the pain, Doc?
867VFreeformGoodspringsGSTrudyTopic030Near the saloon and store are good spots to stage an ambush - if I had the help.
868GOODBYENever mind, I'm leaving now.
869JNashInfoBarterNo way I'd pay more than 20 caps to know more.
870VMSTopsTalentPoolVMSTopsTommyToriniTopic009No way, I won't do it for less than 50%!
871HVPasswordPaladinNoNo, I won't comply.
872VFreeformCampGolf2CMagsTopic028No, no, no! You have to *hit* the target with the grenade or it won't go off!
873VFreeformCampGolf2CMagsTopic018No, no, you're doing it all wrong! Shoot faster! *Faster!*
874GOODBYENo, thanks.
875VMSTopsTalentPoolVMSTopsBillyKnightTopic006No, you've got to start high! Ask for a million and go from there!
876VHDAssassinationDialogVHDQuartermasterBardonTopic003Not even to a friend of the NCR?
877VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasCrandonTopic015Not yet. I'll get on it.
878GOODBYENothing else right now.
879VFreeformSSHQSSHQJacklynTopic005Nothing like those six you've got there.
880DianeWorkNow that Anders is back, how about that work?
881VMQTopsVMQTopsYesManTopic054Now that I have the Platinum Chip, what's next?
882VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic006Now that the datastore is fixed, what do you think of Hardin trying to get McNamara dismissed?
883RegisNCRNow that you're in command, will you lead the Khans against Caesar and fight for the NCR?
884VFreeformCampGolf2CMagsTopic027Now, um... really whip them downrange. Like you're throwing a fastball!
885VDialogueVegasNorthVOVNVJulesTopic002Of course I know who I am, who doesn't?
886VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerTeacherTopic014Oh the stories I could tell you about fixing stuff with duct tape and bubble gum!
887VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic020Oh, come on. She's in love. Give her a break.
888vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic005Oh, I was just told to deliver a girl to the spare room you keep up here.
889VFreeformMcCarranNVNCRAgentKellerTopic032Oh, just delivering packages. No clue whats in em, but its really important.
890VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic003Oh. Does it have a dial or something? Turn it up to 11!
891vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic004Ok, 100 caps and you help me break up whatever your bosses have planned.
892VFreeformCampGolf2CMagsTopic026Okay, count to three, throw the grenade, and pull the pin. Wait, no....
893DoctorMedical33YESOkay, fix me. Here's 100 caps.
894DoctorMedical33YESOkay, fix me. Here's 100 caps.
895DoctorMedical33YESOkay, fix me. Here's 100 caps.
896DoctorMedical33YESOkay, fix me. Here's 100 caps.
897DoctorMedical33YESOkay, fix me. Here's 100 caps.
898VMS30VCFHAlexRichardsTopic053Okay, fix me. Here's 100 caps.
899DoctorMedical99YESOkay, fix me. Here's 50 caps.
900DoctorMedical99YESOkay, fix me. Here's 50 caps.
901DoctorMedical99YESOkay, fix me. Here's 50 caps.
902DoctorMedical99YESOkay, fix me. Here's 50 caps.
903DoctorMedical99YESOkay, fix me. Here's 50 caps.
904VMS30VCFHAlexRichardsTopic040Okay, fix me. Here's 50 caps.
905DoctorMedical66YESOkay, fix me. Here's 75 caps.
906DoctorMedical66YESOkay, fix me. Here's 75 caps.
907DoctorMedical66YESOkay, fix me. Here's 75 caps.
908DoctorMedical66YESOkay, fix me. Here's 75 caps.
909DoctorMedical66YESOkay, fix me. Here's 75 caps.
910VMS30VCFHAlexRichardsTopic055Okay, fix me. Here's 75 caps.
911HVPasswordPaladinYesOkay, I'll comply.
912vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic003Okay, so what can you tell me about the guns the Omertas have?
915FollowersFiredNoOn second thought, stay with me.
916FollowersFiredNoOn second thought, you've been pretty useful so far. Forget what I said.
917188ClayThoughtsChangeMindOn second thought... maybe another time.
918VFreeformFreesideVFSBeatrixRussellTopic003One of the employee perks is a discount...
919VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic022Opening up trade with the Boomers would be easier with Janet in their camp, wouldn't you agree?
920VFreeformHooverDamVHDColonelMooreTopic069Papa Khan has named me his successor. We might be able to arrange an alliance with NCR.
921SammyPaulineConvincedPauline says you should give me the gun.
922VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtLadyJaneTopic007Perhaps there is something else of value you could put toward the debt?
923VHDLegionBattleVHDIntakeTowerCenturionTopic004Pffft. I can handle things here. You and your men can hold the power plant until I get there.
924SSHQFestusMenuPleased to meetcha.
925VFreeformTheFortFortAntonyTopic009Potentially losing four dogs is a very high price to pay for a toy. What about two?
926SgtMcGeeLatestNewsPowder Gangers have taken over Primm.
927VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic019President Tandi was voted into office each time.
928LtHayesHelpPrimmPrimm is in dire need of some real law.
929188MichelleBoastSavePrimmPrimm's safe now. I took care of those prisoners.
930VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic033Raise your price or... or, uh... you're "chip outta luck."
931VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseOUTDATEDTopic001Raise your price or... or... you'll be "chip outta luck."
932VFreeformFreesideVFSRalphTopic023Ralph, I've been a loyal customer to you and Mick. How about 100 caps?
933VFreeformFreesideVFSRalphTopic025Ralph, I've been directing a lot of business your direction. Call it a favor?
934FollowersFiredRaul, I think I need to head on without you.
935VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic087Really? We should play cards some time, you're bluffing.
936VFreeformFreesideVFSBillRonteTopic022Regulating decreasing doses of booze with a couple shots of Fixer should do it.
937vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic016Remind me what happened to your family.
938BMNeilAskDetailsRemind me what I should expect if I head up?
939VMQTopsVMQTopsYesManTopic014Remind me what you said about some bunker at the Fort?
940VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCKennyWeathersTopic005RF detonator? Give me a second.
941VFreeformFreesideVFSSecuritronGreeterTopic003Robot! Let me past!
942VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCMrsWeathersTopic008Run for it!
943VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtSantiagoTopic007Santiago, dealing with you is getting to be more annoying than it is worth.
944VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtSantiagoTopic007Santiago, dealing with you is getting to be more annoying than it is worth.
945VMQTopsVMQTopsYesManTopic008Say I wanted to take over New Vegas myself. What then?
946VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic017Say you keep control of New Vegas. What happens next?
947PrimmSlimGunScienceScan your data registry. You've been hacked.
948VHDLegionBattleVHDIntakeTowerCenturionTopic003Screw that. I need all your men dying fo- er, backing me up here.
949GOODBYESee you later.
950BeagleHostageGoodbySee you later.
951VFreeformFreesideVFSJamesGarretTopic020Seems like... maybe a robot would be worth more? You think?
952VDialogueBennyBennyTopic054Seems you dropped something in Boulder City.
953VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic081Send an engineer down to inspect the turbine and the housing - let them tell you.
954VMS03FantasticSettleDownSettle down. I'm not here to replace anyone.
955VFreeformNellisNellisPearlTopic011She couldn't hurt a fly. Let her into Nellis.
956VFreeformNellisNellisPearlTopic007She's a great gal, you'll love her.
957vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic021Show me some caps and I'll tell you exactly where to go.
958SSHQFestusAdvisorySilly Ol' Advisory.
959SSHQFestusAdvisorySilly Ol' Advisory.
960SSHQFestusAdvisorySilly Ol' Advisory.
961VFreeformCampGolf2CPoindexterTopic003Since you're so respected, maybe you can help get this unit into shape.
962ChrisHavUpsHelloSmoothskin? Your skin looks pretty smooth to me.
963ChrisHavLabWhatIsThisPlaceSo the "Great Journey" will use those rockets?
964VFreeformFreesideVFSHighTimesDealerTopic010So the NCR is supplying you with cheap chems? To keep Freeside down?
965VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic023So what's "dialectic" about you and the NCR?
966188AlexanderBuySellSo where can I buy some weapons?
967VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic351So why don't you want the NCR President to die?
968VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic007So you don't have the Omertas' money yet? I'll let them know about that.
969MannyVargasWhatGangWereYouInSo you were in a gang? Were they tough?
970VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic023So you'll destroy the NCR because you hate its inefficiencies?
971VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic011So you'll fight him *and* the NCR? Can the Kings afford to fight each other?
972188AlexanderGunRunnerSo you're a Gun Runner?
973JasonBrightChrisAboutSo you're going to leave Chris behind?
974VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasMrHostetlerTopic000So, about Alice...
975DianeCaesarSo, about the alliance with Caesar's Legion....
976DianeCaesarSo, about the alliance with Caesar's Legion....
977MagsShapeUp1So, about those improvements....
978VMSTopsTalentPoolVMSTopsTommyToriniTopic003So, Benny likes to take off, huh? Uhh, want to tell me where he goes?
979MagsShapeUp1So, did the grenade range practice take care of things?
980MagsShapeUp1So, did the shooting range practice take care of things?
981MagsShapeUp1So, did the shooting range practice take care of things?
982VMS02VMS02WaterMerchantTopic004So, there's no official bounty? Waste of time, if you ask me. Better walk away while you can.
983VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasAliceHostetlerTopic012So, where's the money?
984CookCookIntroSo, why do they call you Cook-Cook, anyway?
985JasonBrightNovacGhoulicideSome folks in Novac want you dead, and will pay to have it done.
986VFreeformFreesideVFSOrrisTopic006Something about this doesn't seem right...
987DavisonStealthBoysAgreeSorry, but I've got some bad news for you.
988DoctorMedical33YESSorry, I don't have 100 caps.
989DoctorMedical33YESSorry, I don't have 100 caps.
990DoctorMedical33YESSorry, I don't have 100 caps.
991DoctorMedical33YESSorry, I don't have 100 caps.
992DoctorMedical33YESSorry, I don't have 100 caps.
993DoctorMedical66YESSorry, I don't have 100 caps.
994DoctorMedical66YESSorry, I don't have 100 caps.
995DoctorMedical99YESSorry, I don't have 100 caps.
996DoctorMedical99YESSorry, I don't have 100 caps.
997DoctorMedical99YESSorry, I don't have 100 caps.
998DoctorRadiationYESSorry, I don't have 100 caps.
999DoctorRadiationYESSorry, I don't have 100 caps.
1000VMS30VCFHAlexRichardsTopic053Sorry, I don't have 100 caps.
1001DoctorMedical99YESSorry, I don't have 50 caps.
1002DoctorMedical99YESSorry, I don't have 50 caps.
1003VMS30VCFHAlexRichardsTopic040Sorry, I don't have 50 caps.
1004DoctorMedical66YESSorry, I don't have 75 caps.
1005DoctorMedical66YESSorry, I don't have 75 caps.
1006DoctorMedical66YESSorry, I don't have 75 caps.
1007VMS30VCFHAlexRichardsTopic055Sorry, I don't have 75 caps.
1008HVRamosLostSorry, I just wandered in here. I'm lost.
1009REPCONHQSpeech3Sorry, no idea.
1012VFreeformNellisNellisArgyllTopic001Sorry. I'm sure you know more than I do.
1013VFreeformBoulderCityBCPrivateKowalskiTopic005Sorry. I, uh, didn't know what I was doing.
1014JasonBrightNightkinNoSorry. Not interested.
1015188ClayPayForThoughtsSounds interesting... I don't have 100 caps, though.
1016188ClayPayForThoughtsSounds interesting... I don't have 100 caps, though.
1017VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic057Sounds like a moderately severe case of Skullatosis.
1018BMNeilAskForHelpSpeechSounds like you've had enough of Tabitha. What if you had some help?
1019OscarVelascoDieSpare me your sob story, it's time to die.
1020SSHQFestusStarInfoStar Info.
1021BeagleHostageNotYetStay put for now.
1022BeagleHostageNotYetStay put.
1023VMS29aVFSGloriaVanGraffTopic000Still need that sample delivered?
1024VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic057Straight-forward case of intra-cranial blastoma fibrolosis, I wager.
1025BeagleHostageFleeYesSure, run away. You don't look like you'd be much help.
1027VFreeformFreesideVFSJamesGarretTopic014Surely these escorts are critical to your business? How about double?
1028VMS29aVFSSilverRushLegionContactTopic006Surely you were told to pay the Van Graffs' messenger?
1029VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic019Surely, the NCR is a powerful foe?
1030VFreeformNellisNellisLindsayTopic000Take a deep breath and focus, Lindsay. Where were you with him last?
1031VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerTeacherTopic009Talking enemies down is an effective way to get what you want and save ammo.
1032188AlexanderAboutCaravansTell me about Gun Runner caravans.
1033PrimmSlimAboutPrimmTell me about Primm.
1034188AlexanderAboutGunRunnersTell me about the Gun Runners.
1035PrimmSlimVVHistoryYesTell me about Vikki and Vance again.
1036VFreeformGoodSpringsDocMitchellTellMeAboutYouTell me about yourself, Doc.
1037VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasMrsHostetlerTopic004Tell me again about East Vegas.
1038VMS38VMS38RedLucyTopic016Tell me again about Westside's relationship to New Vegas.
1039VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasJulesTopic071Tell me again about what your role here.
1040ChrisHavIntercomWhereTell me again how to find you.
1041DavisonGhoulInfoTell me again why you can't search the room?
1042JasonBrightNightkinAboutTell me more about these "demons."
1043PrimmSlimVVHistoryYesTell me the whole story of Vikki and Vance.
1044vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic004Tell me what happened with the prostitute.
1045DustyMcBrideTellMeWhatYouKnowTell me what you know about the attacks.
1046vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic015Tell me what you know or I'll, um... break your nose.
1047VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic030Tell me your terms again?
1048LtHayesPrisonAttackDontTell them to call off the attack on the prison, or they'll get wiped out.
1049GOODBYEThanks for the info, but I'll be going now.
1050vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic008That doesn't sound like enough to get you to lose the whole night.
1051VFreeformNellisNellisGeorgeTopic020That was 400 caps.
1052VFreeformNellisNellisGeorgeTopic020That was 600 caps.
1053ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageNoThat'd be murder, Chris. And you're no murderer.
1054VMS19VFSPacerTopic001That's a good start...
1055VMS07V03BryceAndersTopic029That's all for now, soldier.
1056VFreeformGoodspringsGSTrudyTopic029That's all? I think you could afford to pay me a little more.
1057VFreeformFreesideVFSJamesGarretTopic015That's chimp pay!
1058ChrisHavLabRocketsReadyThat's everything, right? Let the "Great Journey" begin.
1059DoctorMedicalSpeechThat's highway robbery. 100 caps is more than fair, don't you think?
1060VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic003That's horrible.
1061VMS07V03BryceAndersTopic029DUPLICATE000That's it for now soldier.
1062VMS29VStreetDennisCrockerTopic025That's it?
1063VMS19VFSPacerTopic001That's it?
1064VFreeformGoodspringsGSTrudyTopic029That's it? Are you implying that I've done shoddy work?
1065ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageNoThat's not true, Chris. You're all right.
1066BeagleNewSheriffShouldThankThat's right - you SHOULD thank me.
1067PaulineCharismaThat's the greatest plan I've ever heard in my entire life.
1068JasonBrightNightkinGoneThe "demons" are gone.
1069LtHayesPrisonAttackFailThe attack on the prison was a success.
1070LtHayesPrisonAttackSuccessThe attack on the prison was a success.
1071VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic006The better deal would be for me to walk away and let the Omertas handle you.
1072VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic347The Boomers sound dangerous.
1073VFreeformTheFortFortLuciusTopic033The cranial bleeding was too much for a man of his age. A younger man would have lived.
1074VFreeformMcCarranCorporalFarberTopic012The Crimson Caravan agreed to trade meat and spices at a generous discount.
1075VFreeformMcCarranCorporalFarberTopic012The Crimson Caravan agreed to trade meat and spices for vegetables and water.
1076VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic032The dam is already lost, general. Your responsibility now is to get your men out of here alive.
1077PrimmSlimGunMissingThe display case is empty. The gun's missing.
1078PrimmSlimGunMissingThe gun is still missing.
1079VMS33VMS33OmertaThug01Topic001The Legion is watching out for this woman. Go ahead, cross them. I dare you.
1080VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic051The less I know, the less I care. Know what I mean?
1081VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic057The lifespan you're claiming is impossible, except for ghouls and super mutants.
1082VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic051The more I know about the Chip, the easier I can find it...
1083VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic046The NCR is currently looking to destroy you.
1084VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic046The NCR is currently looking to destroy you.
1085VFreeformFreesideVFSTheKingTopic051The NCR is far too powerful. Just give up.
1086VMS07V03MotorRunnerTopic027The NCR is leaving you alone, 150 seems like a small price to pay.
1087VMS07V03BryceAndersTopic011The only way you're going to take out Motor-Runner is if we work together.
1088VMS07V03BryceAndersTopic011The only way you're going to take out Motor-Runner is if we work together.
1089VHDLegionBattleVHDIntakeTowerCenturionTopic004The power plant is what really matters. Have all of your men attack there. I'll finish things here.
1090ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulThe radiation down there would kill you, Chris. Because you're human.
1091VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic104The reason we need to hold on to it is because it's very technical. Very.
1092VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic008The Remnants come in, guns blazing, showing the NCR how it's done. You actually don't want that?
1093ChrisHavLabRocketsReadyThe rockets are set to go, right?
1094VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic064The settlements West are *not* self-sufficient tribes - they need NCR, and the caravans.
1095VDialogueBennyBennyTopic033The suite's a nice touch, but someone's got to pay off my contract.
1096VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic046The trick is to rush the mine and press the blinking red light.
1097VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCSeverusTopic046The trick, I figure, is to pick up the mine really, really carefully.
1098VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic091Then maybe the Brotherhood would have more incentive.
1099VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerTeacherTopic010There are some key principles to stick to when it comes to bartering with traders.
1100VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic105There are... technologies in Vegas we may be able to provide to NCR. Not all, but some.
1101VFreeformGoodspringsVictorTopic007There may be data corruption in one of your memory chips. Let me take a look.
1102LtHayesVMS04ChompsDeadThere was another man involved at Sloan, but he's dead.
1103VFreeformTheFortFortLuciusTopic033There was, uh, internal bleeding and lesions and other problems.
1104ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageNoThere's a little town called Novac down the road.
1105ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageNoThere's a little town called Novac down the road.
1106VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic063There's no communities to support you in the West - you've seen to that.
1107CaptainGillesRadioactiveSuppliesScienceThese supplies are irradiated, but if we filter them with Rad-X they'll be safe.
1108CaptainGillesRadioactiveSuppliesScienceThese supplies are radioactive, so swallow lots of lead before you eat them.
1109vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic022They are going to expect something from me, you can do it and surprise them.
1110vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic018They hate you. Get over it.
1111vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic018They hate you. Get over it.
1112VFreeformHooverDamVHDColonelMooreTopic015They have a point, it is their armor. You should give it back.
1113ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageNoThey'd take you if they could, Chris, but you'd die.
1114VFreeformGoodspringsDocMitchellShootoutBagsThey'll be using explosives. Do you have something for more serious injuries?
1115ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageNoThey're going to revere you as a Saint, Chris!
1116VFreeformFreesideVFSJamesGarretTopic019Thing is, Fisto's a *heavy-duty* piece of equipment, built to last...
1117VFreeformFreesideVFSJamesGarretTopic020Thing is, Fisto's a *heavy-duty* piece of equipment, built to last...
1118VFreeformFreesideVFSJamesGarretTopic020Thing is, Fisto's a *heavy-duty* piece of equipment, built to last...
1119vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic027Think about it, Frank. What do you have to live for?
1120VFreeformNellisNellisLoyalTopic004Think of it as a field test. A trial run.
1121VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic078This battle is decided, that's why I am here.
1122VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic008This is a chance for one more moment of glory.
1123PapaKhanKarlDisgraceThis is a ledger from Caesar's camp, showing what Karl really has planned for the Great Khans.
1124VFreeformGoodspringsGSChetTopic010This is your chance to join the winning side. You have three seconds to decide. One...
1125VFreeformFreesideVFSFrancineGarretTopic001This kind of work costs time and money. 50/50 would cover my expenses.
1126VFreeformFreesideVFSFrancineGarretTopic016This kind of work costs time and money. 50/50 would cover my expenses.
1127VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic026This Outpost is the last place you want to be trapped.
1128vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic015This will be worth your while, so much that you won't regret paying 300 caps for it.
1129VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic268This work sounds important - and expensive.
1130VFreeformSSHQSSHQTomasTopic008Those caps are bad luck. Why don't you let me hold onto them for you?
1131JasonBrightGreatJourneyThose rockets will convey you and your flock straight into the ground!
1132GOODBYETime for me to go.
1133GOODBYETime for me to go.
1134FollowersHiredTime to head back into the fight, RL-3.
1135FollowersHiredTime to head back into the fight, RL-3.
1136FollowersHiredTime to head back into the fight, RL-3.
1137VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic128Tough words, but I needed to hear them. I'll change, I promise.
1138VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic065Towns? The Legion destroyed Nipton, poisoned Searchlight, butchered Nelson.
1139vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic016Troike destroyed the guns for me.
1140vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic016Troike gave me some Thermite to destroy the guns.
1141vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic016Troike is on his way to destroy the guns for me.
1142vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic006Troike is pretty strung out. He'll be more trouble than he is worth.
1143VMS07V03BryceAndersTopic037DUPLICATE000Trust me, I'm tougher than I look!
1144VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic006Trust me, the King will want to see me.
1145VMS07V03BryceAndersTopic037Trust me. I can be quiet.
1146VFreeformFreesideFSFrancineGarretTopic016Twenty-five percent?! Fifty-fifty, or I walk.
1147VFreeformFreesideVFSFrancineGarretTopic008Twenty-five percent?! Fifty-fifty, or I walk.
1148VDialogueBennyBennyTopic037Two conditions - lose the bodyguards, and we both go to the suite now.
1149LtHayesVMS04ExposeTyroneTyrone has been selling chemical supplies to the Great Khans. Here - I got these from him.
1150VMS29VStreetDennisCrockerTopic000Uh, the King sort of got killed while I was working on that Freeside job.
1151VFreeformGoodspringsGSTrudyTopic001Uh, we're a little outnumbered against the powder gang. Think you could help?
1152VMQTopsVMQTopsSwankTopic015Uh, well, you know Benny's planning to screw you over, right?
1153VMS03IgnacioYouFirstUh... you first.
1154JNashInfoSpeechUm, tell me free or... I mean, can't you just tell me? Please?
1155SSHQFestusUmWhatUm, what? Is that it?
1156vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic002Um... I'm sure you have enough guns.
1157vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic008Um... Wouldn't that make your heart explode or something?
1158VFreeformCampGolf2CMagsTopic017Umm... I guess everybody should shoot the hell out of the target?
1160VMS41VRemDoctorHenryTopic005Use neuro-peptide stimulators on a Nightstalker brain. Results should be similar to a live brain.
1161VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic017Wasn't the NCR's army big enough to defeat your Securitrons and the Three Families?
1162VFreeformBoulderCityBCLieutenantMonroeTopic017Way too much. Bring that price down and I'll consider it.
1163BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeechWe no dumb-dumbs! You the stupid, not us! We's taking over!
1164BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeechWe no follow you no more! We follow Neil! He no call us dumb-dumbs!
1165BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeechWe no follow you no more! We follow Neil! He no call us dumb-dumbs!
1166VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic103We'd also guarantee protection to the caravans - and enforcement of fair trade practices.
1167VCasaSarahDSJKillShrugOffWe'll see how it goes.
1168vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic006Well I'm sure he's be a very productive worker, he could use some vacation time.
1169VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic013Well, criminals come through here. And the storms, they're bad. Right?
1170VFreeformNellisNellisPearlTopic001Well, I think. I've done everything I can to help out.
1171JasonBrightChrisAllowWell, it's none of my business.
1172VMS37VBSCaptainGillesTopic004Well, it's taken care of now. He's dead.
1173VFreeformGoodspringsDocMitchellTopic004Well, there's lots of blood. And bruises. And maybe some other stuff, too.
1174VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic221Well, thing is... I, uh... they tried to involve me...
1175VMS45VRRCKarlTopic003Well-spoken. You win this round.
1176vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic005Well... I... I have some exotic tastes too!
1177VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic285Were you aware that the White Glove Society used to be cannibals?
1178VFreeformCasaMadrid1EAndersonTopic019Westside's secret is easily worth more, but I'm willing to settle for twenty percent.
1179HarlandWhatFolksWhat "folks" were you escorting to work?
1180PrimmSlimAboutBisonSteveWhat about the Bison Steve hotel, across the street?
1181ChrisHavLabHaveFuelSouvenirWhat about these rocket souvenirs? The stuff inside glows.
1182ChrisHavLabHaveFuelSouvenirWhat about these rocket souvenirs? The stuff inside glows.
1183ChrisHavLabHaveFuelSouvenirWhat about these rocket souvenirs? The stuff inside glows.
1184ChrisHavLabHaveFuelSouvenirWhat about this rocket souvenir? The stuff inside glows.
1185ChrisHavLabHaveFuelSouvenirWhat about this rocket souvenir? The stuff inside glows.
1186BeagleSheriffNeededWhat are the qualifications for a Sheriff?
1187LtHayesWhatYouDoWhat are you doing out here?
1188BeagleSheriffBeagleWhat are you talking about? You're the sheriff now!
1189JNashHowLawWhat can I do to help Primm?
1190DustyMcBrideTellMeWhatYouKnowWhat can you tell me about the attacks on your ranch?
1191HarlandNightkinInfoWhat can you tell me about the creatures out there?
1192VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic022What changed you from a Follower to dictator?
1193VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic020What did you know about Mr. House?
1194VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasJulesTopic019What did you say before about the Fiends?
1195VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasMrsHostetlerTopic005What did you say before about the Legion and the NCR?
1196VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic007What do I need to do?
1197VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic116What do the Frumentarii do?
1198RNashWhatCookWhat do you cook?
1199ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulWhat do you do here?
1200188AlexanderAboutYourRoleWhat do you do?
1201VMQTopsVMQTopsYesManTopic027What do you know about the Brotherhood of Steel?
1202VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic006What do you think of Hardin trying to get McNamara dismissed?
1203DavisonHelpHowWhat do you want me to do?
1204VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic023What does "Pax Romana" mean?
1205VFreeformGoodSpringsDocMitchellTownInfoWhat else can you tell me about Goodsprings?
1206ChrisHavLabReadyToHelpWhat else do you need?
1207ChrisHavLabReadyToHelpWhat else do you need?
1208ChrisHavLabReadyToHelpWhat else do you need?
1209VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic016What happened after Benny was caught?
1210VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic022What happened after you trained the Blackfoot?
1211VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic022What happened to the tribes?
1212VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic115What happened when Lanius attacked his own tribe?
1213vDialogueGomorrahvGOMBouncer01Topic007What I have is for their eyes only, not some lowly thug.
1214VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic102What if we give NCR some concessions in trade with Vegas - and the East?
1215VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic115What is "decimatio?"
1216JasonBrightFarBeyondWhat is this Far Beyond?
1217PrimmSlimAboutCasinoMuseumWhat is this place?
1218188ClayMedicineWhatIsItWhat is your "medicine" and how do you take it off?
1219LtMarklandAidWhat kind of aid were you looking for again?
1220LtMarklandAidWhat kind of medical aid are you looking for again?
1221LtMarklandAidWhat kind of medical aid are you looking for again?
1222LtMarklandAidWhat kind of medical aid are you looking for again?
1223VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtAngeloTopic004What kind of moron would pay 50 caps for information? 25 caps.
1224FSRotfaceWhatKindofTipWhat kind of tip?
1225VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic259What preparations did you make to save Las Vegas?
1226BMNeilAskDetailsWhat sort of trouble should I expect if I head up?
1227VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic022What steps did you take?
1228SSHQFestusWheresThePrizeWhat the hell? Where's the real prize?
1229YesManBennyWhat was Benny planning to do with the Chip?
1230VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic022What was wrong with the Blackfoot?
1231VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic348What were the original names of the other tribes?
1232VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic017What were the terms of your treaty with the NCR?
1233VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic049What were you daydreaming about?
1234VMS41JacobstownKeeneTopic001What you do in the wasteland affects all the mutants here, but you didn't think about that, did you?
1235JNashAboutVikkiVanceWhat's at Vikki and Vance?
1236HVPasswordPaladinWhatWhat's going on here?
1237VFreeformFreesideVFSPacerTopic004What's my help worth to you?
1238JasonBrightGreatJourneyWhat's the "Great Journey"?
1239JNashAboutBisonSteveWhat's the Bison Steve?
1240ChrisHavLabIntercomWhat's the deal with all the rockets down here?
1241ChrisHavLabIntercomWhat's the deal with all the rockets down here?
1242JasonBrightChrisAboutWhat's the deal with the human who let me in?
1243vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic018What's the next step in breaking up the bosses plans?
1244VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic012What's the problem? They have vegetables - trade them for that.
1245VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic017What's to keep you from abusing your power?
1246VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic352What's your battle plan for the Dam?
1247VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasJulesTopic018What's your opinion of the NCR, again?
1248SammyPlanWhat's your plan?
1249BeagleNewSheriffWhatsWrongWhat's your problem now?
1250BeagleNewSheriffWhatsWrongWhat's your problem now?
1251BeagleNewSheriffWhatsWrongWhat's your problem now?
1252VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic006What? No way. Pay off the Omertas, sure, but you don't get a single cap more.
1253VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic033When the Legion attacks Hoover Dam, the Brotherhood will attack HELIOS One.
1254VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic033When we attack the dam the Brotherhood will rise from their bunker to conquer HELIOS One!
1255VDialogueBennyBennyTopic007When you shot me, you ran off so fast I never got your name.
1256TopsAllSeenBennyWhen's the last time you saw Benny?
1257SgtMcGeeAboutWhere are you from?
1258ChrisHavIntercomWhereWhere are you located?
1259188ClayParentsWhereWhere are your parents, kid? Are you here all alone?
1260VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasMrsHostetlerTopic000Where did you want me to look for Alice?
1261VFreeformNellisNellisJackTopic003Where I come from, we discuss personal matters all the time.
1262RNashWhoAreUWho are you?
1263PaulineWhoAreYouWho are you?
1264SammyWhoAreYouWho are you?
1265PrimmSlimAboutHimselfWho are you?
1266ChrisHavIntercomWhoWho are you?
1267JasonBrightAboutWho are you?
1268BeagleHostageWho are you?
1269JNashWhoAreYouWho are you?
1270188SamuelAboutSelfWho are you?
1271VMS45VRRCPapaKhanTopic003Who cares about glory? Better to live without glory than die pointlessly, if you ask me.
1272MrHostetlerCaravanWho did you say I should ask about work?
1273DavisonWhoIsAntlerWho is "Antler"?
1274ChrisHavUpsWhoIsJasonWho is Jason?
1275VFreeformNellisNellisGeorgeTopic012Who the hell are you?
1276VFreeformGoodSpringsDocMitchellWhoRescuedWho was it that rescued me?
1277PrimmSlimWhoIsVikiAndVanceWho were Vikki and Vance?
1278vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetTopsPromoter02Topic000Who's Bruce Issac?
1279VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic085Who's to say? I just suggested coming to Hoover Dam to them, and BOOM.
1280VDialogueVegasNorthNorthVegasAliceHostetlerTopic016Why are you doing this? Just for the money?
1281VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic002Why aren't there any patrols anymore?
1282VMSTopsTalentPoolVMSTopsHadrianTopic004Why bother? You're embarassing yourself enough as it is.
1283DavisonGhoulInfoWhy can't you search the last room?
1284VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic115Why did the Legion lose the first battle?
1285VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic259Why didn't the Platinum Chip arrive on time?
1286VDialogueNovacNobarkNameWhy do they call you No-bark?
1287VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic349Why do you hate the Brotherhood so much?
1288ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulWhy don't they let you work down on the launch pad?
1289188AlexanderNoEnergyWeaponsWhy don't you deal in energy weapons?
1290VDialogueBennyBennyTopic037Why don't you, you know... help me find where the suite is?
1291VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic008Why the lockdown?
1292FSBodyguardWhyHireWhy would I need a bodyguard in Freeside?
1293FSBodyguardWhyHireWhy would I need a bodyguard in Freeside?
1294FSBodyguardWhyHireWhy would I need a bodyguard in Freeside?
1295vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic019Why would I tell an abusive bastard like you?
1296VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic022Why would learning dialects be a waste of time?
1297188SamuelAboutPrimmWhy'd you leave Primm?
1298188SamuelAboutBusinessWhy's business so good here?
1299VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic001Why's that?
1300188ClayThoughtsHowWill you sign this formal letter asking the NCR to take control of Primm?
1301VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtAngeloTopic011With a price on your head, you should be paying me to say you're dead.
1302VMS19VFSOffDutyNCRBarker02Topic027Would, say, 10 caps maybe change your mind?
1303JasonBrightChrisApproveWow! You really pulled the wool over his eyes!
1304VMS45VRRCKarlTopic002Wow, you're not worthy to join a scruffy tribe of has-been desert raiders? You must suck.
1305FollowersFiredYesYeah, that's what I think. You should head back home.
1306DoctorAddictionYESYes, cure me. Here's 50 caps.
1307DoctorAddictionYESYes, cure me. Here's 50 caps.
1308DoctorAddictionYESYes, cure me. Here's 50 caps.
1309DoctorAddictionYESYes, cure me. Here's 50 caps.
1310VMS30VCFHAlexRichardsTopic038Yes, cure me. Here's 50 caps.
1311vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic004Yes. They're all alive.
1312vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic004Yes. They're all dead.
1313VFreeformFreesideVFSOffDutyNCRTrooper01Topic002You already let me in the other night! Do all of us civilians look the same to you soldier boys?
1314REPCONHQSpeech4You appear to have a faulty subroutine. Run diagnostics.
1315VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic020You are using one broc flower per xander root, right?
1316nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmDeputyTopic002You can tell me or you can rot in here.
1317VFreeformNellisNellisGeorgeTopic012You can tell me, or you can tell the underside of my boot.
1318VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtGrecksTopic010You cheapass zombie. You need to pay my extra fee.
1319VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtGrecksTopic007You cheapass zombie. You need to pay my extra fee.
1320VFreeformHooverDamVHDGeneralOliverTopic025You could head down the river, take a boat or something.
1321VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic017You could just delete all the files. That would get rid of the virus, right?
1322VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic059You could take the West. *Holding* it is another matter.
1323vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic023You deploy the Thermite or I'll punch you in the shoulder.
1324VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtGrecksTopic007You don't cheat the Garrets and walk away. Cough up the rest or you're rat bait.
1325CliffBriscoeBarterCheckYou don't have any offers for the rockets. You'd be lucky to get money at all.
1326VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic035You don't look so good.
1327188ClayJunkYou don't sell that junk behind you?
1328vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic015You give me 4500 caps and I'll let you look at the proof I found.
1329VFreeformHooverDamvHDNCRRangerCommanderNCRBattleTopic002You go first. I'll be right behind you.
1330VFreeformHooverDamvHDNCRRangerCommanderNCRBattleTopic002You have superior firepower. You can overwhelm them if you push the advance on them.
1331VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic049You just experienced an Absence Seizure. Was this the first time?
1332VFreeformFreesideVFSRotfaceTopic000You know anything about NCR soldiers prowling the area?
1333VDialogueBennyBennyTopic054You left quite a trail.
1334VDialogueBennyBennyTopic054You left these at my grave.
1335ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulYou left your Vault because you were going bald?
1336MarilynJaneSecuritronsYou look different somehow. Did you cut your hair?
1337BeagleHostageYou must be Deputy Beagle.
1338VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic057You must be, like... a brain in a jar!
1339VMS07V03BryceAndersTopic017You need a doctor's bag. I'll find one and come back.
1340VFreeformFreesideVFSDebtAngeloTopic011You need to pay me to pay the Garrets right now.
1341VMS41VRemDoctorHenryTopic005You said Nightstalker brains were similar. What about just testing those?
1342JasonBrightNightkinAboutYou say one of the demons "raved" at you?
1343JNashAboutLawYou say Powder Gangers kidnapped Primm's deputy?
1344VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic259You say that you saved Las Vegas. How?
1345RaulLoyal2You seemed like you wanted to say something about Loyal.
1346188ClaySellThoughtsYou sell *thoughts?*
1347vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic008You should buy guns from Mick and Ralph, people are starting to ask questions.
1348vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic008You should buy guns from Mick and Ralph, people are starting to ask questions.
1349DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic013You should cut down the price. It's not like anyone will probably buy them.
1350VFreeformFreesideVFSOrrisTopic011You should give me all your money. Or I'll tell. And stuff.
1351VFreeformGoodspringsGSTrudyTopic001You should help me take down the powder gang. Bullets, explosions, lots of fun.
1352vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownNortonTopic003You should leave before I... get mad.
1353VFreeformHooverDamVHDColonelMooreTopic015You should listen to them. They have lasers, you know.
1354SammyNeverHeardofYouYou sound pretty tough. I wonder why I've never heard of you.
1355PaulineNeverHeardOfYouYou sound pretty tough. Why haven't I heard of you two before?
1356VFreeformFreesideVFSRotfaceTopic000You still have some info on those NCR soldiers that have been about?
1357VDialogueBennyBennyTopic007You stole my package. Let's see what I can do with yours.
1358VMS02VMS02WaterMerchantTopic007You sure you're actually a merchant?
1359vDialogueRangerStationFoxtrotRSFoxtrotLenkTopic006You sure? I'd love to hear that story.
1360VFreeformFreesideVFSRotfaceTopic006You want even more money? Are you insane?
1361VMS07V03MotorRunnerTopic000You want to buy some chems from my personal stash?
1362RaulAndy2You wanted to ask me something before, when we left Ranger Andy's.
1363RaulSterling2You wanted to say something about Corporal Sterling before?
1364VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic022You were a Follower of the Apocalypse?
1365VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic017You would go to war against the NCR?
1366ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulYou wouldn't trust a ghoul, would you?
1367VFreeformFreesideVFSBeatrixRussellTopic030You'd be an independent - with a deep discount on the booze, maybe?
1368BMRaulGoodbyeYou'll do fine. Farewell, mi amigo.
1369VFreeformFreesideVFSOldBenTopic018You're a beacon of light in some people's depressing existence! Your work is art!
1370DoctorMedicalYou're a doctor, right? I could use some help.
1371DoctorMedicalYou're a doctor, right? I could use some help.
1372DoctorMedicalYou're a doctor, right? I could use some help.
1373DoctorMedicalYou're a doctor, right? I could use some help.
1374DoctorMedicalYou're a doctor, right? I could use some help.
1375DoctorMedicalYou're a doctor, right? I could use some help.
1376vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic024You're a slimy yellow-bellied bastard. You don't deserve a family!
1377VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic029You're a weak link. I know it, you know it, and First Recon knows it. Do something about it.
1378FollowersFiredYou're fired, RL-3. Leave immediately.
1379NobarkYoureGoingToTalkYou're going to talk whether you like it or not.
1380NobarkYoureGoingToTalkYou're going to talk whether you like it or not.
1381VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic035You're limping when you walk. How long has that been going on?
1382VFreeformCampGolf2CMagsTopic019You're never going to hit anything shooting in one direction. Fire wildly!
1383VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic010You're not getting out of that cage.
1384ChrisHavLabPatheticYou're pathetic. No wonder they're leaving you behind.
1385vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic027You're scum, Frank. A real bottom-feeder.
1386VDialogueBennyBennyTopic044You're stinking up my suite, Benny. Scram. We'll talk later.
1387DavisonWhoIsAntlerYou're taking orders from a hunk of bone!
1388JasonBrightChrisDisapproveYou've been using Chris. It's despicable.
1389VMS07V03FiendShooterTopic003Your boss, um... He summoned me here.
1390vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic004Your children are alive.
1391vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic004Your children are dead, but your wife made it.
1392JNashHowLawYour deputy died in Bison Steve.
1393vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic024Your family doesn't want you around. You need to clean up your act.
1394vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic018Your family doesn't want you around. You need to clean up, Frank.
1395VMS43CampSearchlightPvtEdwardsTopic079Your humanity is a part of you, not kept in some dog tag.
1396JasonBrightAboutYour last name is "Bright?" That's funny.
1397PaulineCharismaYour plan has critical flaws.
1398PaulinePlanSucksYour plan is going to get you both killed.
1399VDialogueVickyVanceVickyVanceExNCR1Topic029Your turf? I guess the news hasn't reached you yet, Primm has law again.
1400vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic004Your wife and one of the children made it out alive.
1401vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic004Your wife and one of your children are dead.
1402VMS29aVFSSilverRushGamblerCustomerTopic004Your word doesn't matter. It's just company policy.
1403vFreeformSloanQJSnufflesTopic003[Clean the wound with antibiotics and expertly bind Snuffles' injured leg.]
1404vFreeformSloanQJSnufflesTopic003[Do your best attempts at first aid to treat Snuffles' injured leg.]
1405BMTabithaDishHutRadioDumb[Dumb] Uh... what?
1406VFreeformMcCarranNVNCRAgentKellerTopic014[INT/PER] Hey, that wasn't the right response for the password!
1407VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic009[Lie] I just fixed it.
1408VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic009[Lie] I just fixed it.
1409VFreeformHooverDamVHDNCRControlRoomGuardTopic001[Lie] I've been ordered to get something for Colonel Moore, let me in.
1410VMS03HaggertyWithNCR[NCR Rep] I'm with the NCR. Anything I can do to help?
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