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Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition

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1188AlexanderAboutCaravansNot much to tell. A brahmin or two loaded up with weapons, and a whole mess of well-armed guards to make sure it ends up where it's supposed to.
2188AlexanderAboutCaravansOne nifty bit, though. The gun cases are rigged to explode. So trying to loot one of our caravans doesn't do much good.
3188AlexanderAboutCaravansAnd that's how the NCR stays equipped. The only thing we don't bring in is energy weapons.
4188AlexanderAboutGunRunnersThe Gun Runners have been putting rapid-fire death-dealing in the hands of anyone who needed to defend himself for over a century.
5188AlexanderAboutGunRunnersWe're the NCR's #1 supplier of weapons and ammunition. You might call us an unofficial branch of the army.
6188AlexanderAboutYourRoleI'm a salesman. I swing through McCarran and the dam once a week or so to take orders. But lately I spend most of my time in this piss heap.
7188AlexanderAboutYourRoleEver since the 15 shut down, all caravans come through here - right to me. I check the stock and direct deliveries onward to meet orders.
8188AlexanderAboutYourRoleSure, it stinks to hang out here, but it won't be forever. Plus I can afford a monthly bender on the Strip and still build up my nest egg.
9188AlexanderAreYouSellingAm I selling? Yeah. Am I selling to you? No. Sorry to hurt your feelings, but you're small time. Move along.
10188AlexanderBuySellThere's usually a gun merchant hanging around topside. I'm sure she'll take care of you.
11188AlexanderGunRunnerLike you have a clue what that even means.
12188AlexanderNoEnergyWeaponsWe used to. But every caravan carrying them was getting ambushed and wiped out. By someone sophisticated enough to know which was which.
13188AlexanderNoEnergyWeaponsWe think it was the Brotherhood of Steel - those crazies always go hard for energy weapons. But the NCR would rather pretend they killed all of them.
14188AlexanderPcAchievementsStill plenty of other problems keeping the 15 shut down, though. Thanks for playing.
15188AlexanderPcAchievementsThat'll help. Still plenty of problems out that way, though.
16188AlexanderPcAchievementsYou took out a Deathclaw nest? Either you're lying, or you're tougher than you look.
17188AlexanderPcAchievementsStill plenty of troubles out that way, though. Thanks for playing.
18188AlexanderPcAchievementsThat's impressive - if you're telling the truth.
19188AlexanderPcAchievementsStill, it'll take some time for routes to readjust. I expect I'll be working from here for the foreseeable future.
20188AlexanderSeeInventory[SUCCEEDED] You might be on to something. I like to hang on to any weapons mods I run across...
21188AlexanderSeeInventoryTake a look.
22188AlexanderSeeInventory[FAILED] Do I look like a fucking arms caravan to you?
23188AlexanderSeeInventoryDo you think the Gun Runners keep the NCR military supplied by carrying weapons and ammo from the Boneyard out here by the armload?
24188AlexanderSeeInventoryGet a clue. We have caravans. We deal in bulk.
25188AlexanderSeeInventoryTake a look.
26188AlexanderThreatenYou like it any better if I tell you to fuck off?
27188BuySellYou got it.
28188CivilianUnhappyBeggarNoOh, you could. You just don't want to.
29188CivilianUnhappyBeggarNoI understand. Sorry to be a bother.
30188CivilianUnhappyBeggarNoBut... Of course. It's all right. Thank you.
31188CivilianUnhappyBeggarYesThank you so much! I'm so hungry!
32188CivilianUnhappyBeggarYesSorry I had to bother you. I've... well, I've lost everything.
33188CivilianUnhappyBeggarYesYou're very kind. I wish... well, I'll just thank you and leave you be.
34188ClayBuySellOh, I don't sell things, mister. I sell {emph}thoughts.
35188ClayBuySellOh, I don't sell things, ma'am. I sell {emph}thoughts.
36188ClayJunkThat's not junk. That's other people's thoughts. People had to think to make them, and the thoughts got stuck inside.
37188ClayJunkI need other people's thoughts to fill my head when I'm not thinking myself. Otherwise it's... kind of empty.
38188ClayMedicineBuyThinking hurts you, too? Aw, I wish I could let you have the one on my head but I can't. It hurts real bad when I don't wear it.
39188ClayMedicineWhatIsItThis thing on my head is headache medicine. It works real good, except I can't think when it's on. {emphasize}Really think, I mean.
40188ClayParentsWhereI don't have a mama or papa anymore. I see them sometimes when I take off my medicine, but they can't stay. I'm pretty used to being on my own.
41188ClayPayForThoughtsGreat! What do you want me to think about? I can think about You, Here... or Everywhere. What do you want?
42188ClayPayForThoughtsSure, I could do some more thinking. What should I do my thinking about this time?
43188ClayPayForThoughtsThat's all right, mister. You will someday.
44188ClayPayForThoughtsThat's all right, ma'am. You will someday.
45188ClayPayForThoughtsSorry, sir. All that thinking has made my head hurt. I don't think I'll be doing any thinking for a long time.
46188ClayPayForThoughtsSorry, ma'am. All that thinking has made my head hurt. I don't think I'll be doing any thinking for a long time.
47188ClaySellThoughtsI can take off my medicine and do some thinking. People say it's real interesting. I don't know, {'cause}because I never hear it.
48188ClaySellThoughtsSome people say that it's a gift. Other people say that it's the kind of thinking anyone could do if they watched more than they talked.
49188ClaySellThoughtsI don't know which is true. I see a lot, I think a lot. There's a lot to hear through the 188, too, that maybe accounts for the thinking.
50188ClayThoughtsBigPictureLet me take off my medicine...
51188ClayThoughtsBigPictureBull and Bear over the Dam, at each other's throats... but a light from Vegas? Ball spinning on the wheel, more than two at the table, placing bets.
52188ClayThoughtsBigPictureAll lose in different ways, a dam of corpses, towns of corpses, scattered across the sand. But whose, in what shares? Even the dealer doesn't know.
53188ClayThoughtsBigPictureForecast: A rain of blood will flood the desert and not purify it.
54188ClayThoughtsBigPictureBleh. Thinking about Everywhere always makes me feel a little sick...
55188ClayThoughtsChangeMindI thought you'd say that.
56188ClayThoughtsHowSo you convinced those NCR sons of bitches to take an interest, did you? Well, we need the help. I'll sign.
57188ClayThoughtsHowOh, I don't know anything, mister. I just think it, and then I don't.
58188ClayThoughtsHowOh, I don't know anything, ma'am. I just think it, and then I don't.
59188ClayThoughtsPlayerOkay. Let me take off my medicine...
60188ClayThoughtsPlayer{A little slower, more thoughtful}Your face does the thinking - two to the skull, yet one gets up. Odds are against you... but they're just numbers after the two-to-one.
61188ClayThoughtsPlayerYou're playing the hand you've been dealt, but you don't let it rest, you shuffle and stack, and a gamble... a gamble that may pay off? {Frowns}But how?
62188ClayThoughtsPlayerForecast: Rapidly changing conditions.
63188ClayThoughtsPlayer{Frowns, resumes normal voice}A lot of thinking - most of it in your face, it's almost shouting at me. {Beat, slight apology}Sorry if I said anything weird.
64188ClayThoughtsSmallPictureI need to take off my medicine...
65188ClayThoughtsSmallPictureLocal, local, the here and now... little of interest... things to buy, false hopes, and regrets watered down, washed down in dirty glasses.
66188ClayThoughtsSmallPictureWith regret comes a girl... smiling sad, brown robe, name Veronica, half here. Wraps her and her heart up like a pack, in the pack, a key, some say.
67188ClayThoughtsSmallPicture{Slight upbeat at the end, different than the eeriness}Forecast: Cloudy, with a chance of friendship.
68188ClayThoughtsSmallPicture{Frowns, winces}Ouch. Thinking small only hurts a little, but it's a sharp pain.
69188MichelleAbout188There's more to the 188 than meets the eye. Troops move back and forth on 93 all the time, and 95 is how NCR folks come and go from Vegas.
70188MichelleAbout188No shortage of customers... so long as Legion raids south of here don't get worse, anyways.
71188MichelleAboutLegionNot much. I hear some folks got killed down by Nelson... or was it Novac? I don't know. If they come up this way, me and dad'll go someplace else.
72188MichelleAboutSelfName's Michelle. My Dad and me run this store. His name's Samuel. I take the day shift and he takes nights.
73188MichelleAboutSelfWe came here about a month ago, when Primm went to hell on account of the prison break north of there. Found a bin to call home and set up shop.
74188MichelleBoastSavePrimmThat's nice. I suspect we'll stick around here, though. Business has been good.
75188MichelleBuySellHave a look.
76188MichelleNumbersYou do know these old roads were numbered, right? We're standing where the 95 and 93 meet. And 95 plus 93 equals... 188.
77188SamuelAbout188SafetyWell... There's been reports of trouble south, but me and Michelle can handle ourselves. And there's plenty of soldiers about, so that helps.
78188SamuelAboutBusinessWhen 15 shut down, 95 became the route NCR citizens use to get to the Strip - or limp back home, after the Strip's drained 'em of caps.
79188SamuelAboutBusinessWe get 'em coming and going. Coming, the suckers flush with caps they saved to gamble on the Strip...
80188SamuelAboutBusiness...and going, the same folks, but now they're losers who'll trade you the shirt off their backs so they don't starve before they make it back home.
81188SamuelAboutBusinessAdd in the troopers marching back and forth from McCarran and the Dam, and well, let's just say we don't miss Primm.
82188SamuelAboutPrimmMichelle and I ran a little shop in Primm 'till a prison break north of town spoiled it for everyone. Goddamned convicts just about shut down I-15.
83188SamuelAboutPrimmWhen traffic dried up, we took to our heels to find us some customers. I'm not one to sit around waiting to get saved, and Michelle ain't, neither.
84188SamuelAboutSelfSamuel Kerr at your service. Me and my daughter Michelle run this fine establishment.
85188SamuelAboutSelfWe came here from Primm about a month past. Doesn't look like much, but it's one hell of a location.
86188SamuelBoastSavePrimmGuess that makes you a big hero - in Primm. Like I said, me and Michelle didn't sit around waiting to be saved. Business is better here, anyway.
87188SamuelBuySellYou bet.
88188SamuelRepairLet me see what I can do.
891EExtraFiends1ECookCookTopic000If I had to guess, it's because I cook shit for the rest of the gang. I'm a {draw this out}good cook. Maybe I'll make you dinner sometime.
901EExtraFiends1ECookCookTopic001Goddamn right.
911EExtraFiends1ECookCookTopic002{Even creepier baby talk}You are! Yes that's right!
921EExtraFiends1EDriverNephiTopic000No, you fucking dolt! Why the hell would it be a pleasure?!
931EExtraFiends1EDriverNephiTopic001And get the fuck away from me before I cave in your skull!
941EExtraFiends1EFiendVioletTopic000No! Ha ha! More for me!
951EExtraFiends1EFiendVioletTopic001Heh. Good. More for me.
961EExtraFiends1EFiendVioletTopic002Sell? Sell?! My dogs! What part don't you get? Mine! Lucky they don't eat you alive for that!
971EExtraFiends1EFiendVioletTopic003Arf arf! Ha ha!
981EExtraFiends1EFiendVioletTopic004Hey! No feeding my dogs!
99AcceptYieldBetter not try that again.
100AcceptYieldSmart move.
101AcceptYieldDon't let it happen again.
102AcceptYieldAll right. I'll let it go - {emphasis "this"}this time.
103AcceptYield{annoyed}You're lucky we Followers tend to be forgiving.
104AcceptYield{contempt}The ultimate insult is to be spared.
105AcceptYieldAll right, but don't let it happen again!
106AcceptYield{confused - never had anyone surrender}Huh. I guess it's all right, then.
107AcceptYieldSmart move.
108AcceptYieldDon't{emphasized} let it happen again.
109AcceptYieldBetter not try that again.
110AcceptYieldYou're too nice! Don't worry - I can take it!
111AcceptYieldI love you too!
112AcceptYieldThank you for your cooperation.
113AcceptYieldDon't push your luck again.
114AcceptYieldAll right, but don't let it happen again!
115AcceptYieldBetter not try that again.
116AcceptYield{contempt}The ultimate insult is to be spared.
117AcceptYield{Triumphant Beep}
118AcceptYieldYou best not do that again.
119AcceptYieldDon't try that again.
120AcceptYieldThat's more like it.
121AcceptYieldOkay. Well, I guess I can let it go this time.
122AcceptYieldNext time, I'll put a nail in your head.
123AcceptYieldDone fucking around? Good.
124AcceptYield{irritated at being attacked}Temporary insanity? {I'll buy it}All right.
125AcceptYieldDid someone slip Psycho into your water or {growing anger}are you just naturally berserk?
126AcceptYieldYou shouldn't be so mean to people!
127AcceptYieldBehave yourself from now on, you hear?
128AcceptYieldYeah, that's what I thought.
129AcceptYield{disgusted}Stupid weak human.
130AcceptYieldConsider yourself lucky.
131AcceptYieldThat's better.
132AcceptYieldAll right - since you gave in.
133AcceptYieldYou're not worth it anyway.
135AcceptYieldShowed you.
136AcceptYieldYeah, I thought so.
137AcceptYieldWhat the hell were you thinking?
138AcceptYieldThreat analysis... green. Standing down.
139AcceptYieldI'm so relieved we can put that unpleasantness behind us.
140AcceptYieldSurrender... accepted.
141AcceptYieldCheerio. Water under the bridge.
142AcceptYieldDo that again and I'll put my foot so far up your ass you'll cough up boot polish!
143AcceptYieldI'll forgive you. This time.
144AlertIdleAnybody there?
145AlertIdleMaybe I'm just jumpy.
146AlertIdleWhat was that?
147AlertIdle{Wary}Who's there?
148AlertIdleIt's only a matter of time.
149AlertIdleWe will find you!
150AlertIdleCome out and face your death!
151AlertIdleReveal yourself and I promise the end will come quick.
152AlertIdleThis grows tiresome.
153AlertIdleThis little sneak is beginning to vex me.
154AlertIdleWhen I find you I'm going to eat your spleen.
155AlertIdleYou're out here somewhere.
156AlertIdle{suspicious}You won't escape me.
157AlertIdle{suspicious}Show yourself and I may let you live.
158AlertIdle{mild concern}I thought I heard something...
159AlertIdleWhere'd you go, punk?
160AlertIdleCome out. I just want to talk.{talk spoken like he means shoot in the face}
161AlertIdlePretty sure I heard something.
162AlertIdleIs there someone out there?
163AlertIdleYou're not getting away.
164AlertIdleI know you're out there!
165AlertIdle{hushed}What was that?
167AlertIdleInterpreting sense data.
168AlertIdleTarget unconfirmed.
169AlertIdle{Rhonda}I know I heard something. {beat, Tabitha}Don't worry, Rhonda. We'll find them.
170AlertIdleHiding just delays the inevitable.
171AlertIdleKeep looking, everyone.
172AlertIdleI know you're here.
173AlertIdleWhy don't you come out?
174AlertIdleShow yourself!
175AlertIdleWhere'd you go, punk?
176AlertIdleWho's there?
177AlertIdle{mild concern}I thought I heard something...
178AlertIdle{suspicious}You won't escape me.
179AlertIdle{suspicious}Show yourself and I may let you live.
180AlertIdle{Curious Beep}
181AlertIdleDon't make me come looking for you.
182AlertIdleYou better hope I don't find you.
183AlertIdleCome out, if you dare.
184AlertIdleSave us both some time and come on out.
185AlertIdleDon't make me come looking for you.
186AlertIdleJust stay right where you are. I'll find you.
188AlertIdleWhat was that?
191AlertIdleKeep looking.
192AlertIdle{saw something suspicious}What's going on?
193AlertIdle{saw something suspicious}Huh.
194AlertIdleStay sharp.
195AlertIdleGot my eyes peeled.
196AlertIdleStill looking.
199AlertIdleI'm looking, I'm looking!
200AlertIdleHope you're looking, boss, because I don't see so good.
201AlertIdleAnything moves, it's going to get it.
202AlertIdleDon't see a thing.
203AlertIdleWish they'd show themselves.
204AlertIdleI don't see them anywhere, Leo! Do you?
205AlertIdleYou can't hide from {gramma}grandma!
206AlertIdleIf you don't come out soon, ooh, you're going to get such a paddling!
207AlertIdleI don't like this.
208AlertIdleSomethin' don't feel right.
210AlertIdleI do believe I heard somethin'.
211AlertIdleNow what was that?
213AlertIdleCome on out!
214AlertIdleWhat was that?
215AlertIdleThought I heard something.
216AlertIdleSomething over there?
217AlertIdleWhat was that?
218AlertIdleDon't see anything, yet...
222AlertIdleAnyone there?
224AlertIdleWhat was that noise?
226AlertIdleSomethin' there?
227AlertIdleWhat was that?
228AlertIdleGary, hmmm?
229AlertIdleGary, Gary?
230AlertIdleThreat analysis: yellow. Scanning for hostiles.
231AlertIdleAlert. Non-combatants are advised to leave the area. Security sweep in progress. Lethal force may be used without warning.
232AlertIdleNo hostiles detected. Continuing perimeter sweep.
233AlertIdleDon't be alarmed if I try to kill you when I find you. It's just the way I've been programmed.
234AlertIdleWhy don't you just come out where I can see you?
235AlertIdleI'll find you eventually, you know.
236AlertIdleWhere are you?
237AlertIdleScanning for hostiles.
238AlertIdleThis area clear. Proceeding with search protocol.
239AlertIdlePlease step into the open and identify yourself. Law-abiding citizens have nothing to fear.
240AlertIdleIt's just little old me. Nothing to be afraid of.
241AlertIdleSomeone dirty and disreputable, I shouldn't wonder.
242AlertIdleHere kitty-kitty-kitty!
243AlertIdleAs if I'd know what to do if I found something.
244AlertIdleWhy not let the robot deal with it?
245AlertIdleI'm going to look over here now.
246AlertIdleAre you afraid of me? You should be because I'm going to kick your ass when I find you!
247AlertIdleStep forward and identify yourself!
248AlertIdleDo you think you can hide from me?
249AlertIdleDo you think you can hide from me?
250AlertIdleI'm starting to get angry. You would not like me when I'm angry.
251AlertIdleAre you playing games with me, goddammit?
252AlertIdleI cannot wait to find you so I can kill you as a personal favor to Uncle Sam.
254AlertToCombatFound you!
257AlertToCombatI've got you now.
258AlertToCombatI've found the target!
259AlertToCombatEnemy spotted!
260AlertToCombatI've got visual confirmation!
261AlertToCombatCommencing attack.
262AlertToCombatI've made contact. Form on me!
263AlertToCombatYou thought you could hide from me?
264AlertToCombatGot you{Gotcha}!
265AlertToCombatThere you are!
266AlertToCombat{satisfied}There you are!
267AlertToCombat{satisfied, mocking}Fool!
268AlertToCombat{satisfied}I knew it!
269AlertToCombatI'm gonna make mincemeat outta you.
270AlertToCombatTarget sighted!
271AlertToCombatThere ya are!
273AlertToCombatTime to party.
275AlertToCombatSearching. Confirmed.
276AlertToCombatSearching. Target confirmed.
277AlertToCombatSearching for target. Confirmed.
278AlertToCombat{Rhonda}I found the intruder!
279AlertToCombatNow I've got you!
280AlertToCombatI have you now!
281AlertToCombatFound you!
282AlertToCombatThere you are!
283AlertToCombatGot you!
284AlertToCombatNow you die!
286AlertToCombatI've got you now.
287AlertToCombat{satisfied}I knew it!
288AlertToCombat{satisfied, mocking}Fool!
289AlertToCombat{satisfied}There you are!
290AlertToCombat{Alert 1 Beep}
291AlertToCombatGot you!
292AlertToCombatThere you are!
293AlertToCombatGuess you're not so good at hiding, huh?
294AlertToCombatI knew I'd find you!
295AlertToCombatGot you!
296AlertToCombatThere's no escape now!
297AlertToCombatI see you, human!
298AlertToCombatGot you now!
299AlertToCombatYou're mine!
302AlertToCombat{alarmed}Looks like trouble!
303AlertToCombat{alarmed}Bad guys!
304AlertToCombatGot you in my sights.
305AlertToCombatOver here!
309AlertToCombatWe got company, boss!
310AlertToCombatGuess my eyes weren't playing tricks after all!
311AlertToCombatGuess who won the lottery.
312AlertToCombatGot 'em spotted.
313AlertToCombatTheeeere you are.
314AlertToCombatGot one!
315AlertToCombatGot you!
316AlertToCombat{Gramma}Grandma sees you!
317AlertToCombatYou can't hide from Leo!
318AlertToCombatKnew you was here!
319AlertToCombatYou're in for it now!
320AlertToCombatYou're goin' down!
321AlertToCombatDraw, pardner!
322AlertToCombatPrepare to meet your maker.
323AlertToCombatSay your prayers, desperado!
324AlertToCombatDidn't get far enough, did ya?
325AlertToCombatOver here!
326AlertToCombatThere you are!
327AlertToCombatThere you are.
328AlertToCombatCan't sneak up on me.
329AlertToCombatI knew it!
330AlertToCombatFound ya!
331AlertToCombatYou ain't getting away!
334AlertToCombatFinally found you.
335AlertToCombatNow just hold still.
336AlertToCombatThere we go!
337AlertToCombatHere it is!
338AlertToCombatSo much for sneaking!
341AlertToCombatAh! Gary!
342AlertToCombatHaha, Gaaaary!
344AlertToCombatHostile detected. Commencing neutralization.
345AlertToCombatWeapons free.
346AlertToCombatAlert. Hostile detected. Lethal force authorized for all units.
347AlertToCombatAllow me to introduce myself.
348AlertToCombatI'm afraid I'm quite good at killing things. You may want to run now.
349AlertToCombatThere you are! Were you trying to hide from me?
350AlertToCombatHostile target identified.
351AlertToCombatHold it right there.
352AlertToCombatCommencing attack on hostile target.
353AlertToCombatDidn't you hear me coming? Now I have to fight you. Bloody fantastic.
354AlertToCombatHere we go again.
355AlertToCombatOh good. I found you.
356AlertToCombatYou must be bloody stupid if you can't hide from me.
357AlertToCombatYou're gonna learn how Uncle Sam deals with commie maggots!
358AlertToCombatYou are about to be introduced to the U.S. army!
359AlertToCombatKill that son of a bitch!
360AlertToCombatYou just made my day! Opening fire!
361AlertToCombatLooks like this is my lucky day.
362AlertToCombatSince you don't seem willing to do the world a favor and kill yourself, I guess I'm going to have to do it for you.
363AlertToNormalWhatever. I've got better things to do.
364AlertToNormalHmm. Nothing here after all.
365AlertToNormalAh, just getting jumpy I guess.
366AlertToNormalGuess it was nothing.
367AlertToNormalAll clear.
368AlertToNormalI've finished my sweep. Nothing to report.
369AlertToNormalEveryone back to your posts.
370AlertToNormalSomething must be wrong with my suit's audio receptors.
371AlertToNormalArea secured.
372AlertToNormalEverything's quiet here. Heading back.
373AlertToNormalSomeone must be fucking with me.
374AlertToNormalI was sure I heard something.
375AlertToNormalGoddamn, I must be tripping.
376AlertToNormal{shaking it off}Must've been nothing.
377AlertToNormal{shaking it off}Nothing here.
378AlertToNormal{shaking it off}I guess it was nothing.
379AlertToNormalNothing out here.
380AlertToNormalAlright, just my imagination.
381AlertToNormalMy mind is playing tricks on me. I gotta get laid.
382AlertToNormalGuess I'm seeing things.
383AlertToNormalAw, forget this.
384AlertToNormalGuess it was just in my head.
385AlertToNormalSuspending search.
386AlertToNormalCanceling search.
387AlertToNormalHalting search.
388AlertToNormal{Tabitha}I think they left, Rhonda.
389AlertToNormalMust've been my imagination.
390AlertToNormalWhatever it was is gone now.
391AlertToNormalNo sense wasting more time looking.
392AlertToNormalJust a noise. Gone now.
393AlertToNormalWhat was I doing again? Oh well.
394AlertToNormalNothing there. Stupid noise fooled me.
395AlertToNormalStupid ears. There's no noise out here.
396AlertToNormalBah, searching is boring.
397AlertToNormalGuess it was nothing.
398AlertToNormal{shaking it off}I guess it was nothing.
399AlertToNormal{shaking it off}Must've been nothing.
400AlertToNormal{shaking it off}Nothing here.
401AlertToNormal{Sonar Beep}
402AlertToNormalI must be going as crazy as ol' Rex.
403AlertToNormalGuess I'm hearing things.
404AlertToNormalProbably just a rat.
405AlertToNormalBah, it's nothing.
406AlertToNormalI got better things to do than jump at noises.
409AlertToNormalStupid head voice go away again.
410AlertToNormalJust stupid head voice again.
411AlertToNormalI've got nothing.
412AlertToNormalNever mind.
413AlertToNormalHuh. Maybe I need some glasses that aren't two hundred years old.
414AlertToNormalNothing here, I guess.
415AlertToNormalGone now.
417AlertToNormalAh, forget it.
418AlertToNormalI worry too much.
419AlertToNormalSorry, boss. Must be my glaucomas acting up again.
420AlertToNormalIf you say you saw something, I'm sure it was there.
421AlertToNormalNothing here, boss.
422AlertToNormal{To herself}Yeah, better run. {Beat}Uh, them, not us.
423AlertToNormal{Giving up}Not worth our time.
424AlertToNormal{Giving up}Nothing. Must be nerves.
425AlertToNormalLet's move on.
426AlertToNormal{Giving up, didn't see anything after all}Leo's playing tricks again.
427AlertToNormal{Giving up, didn't see anything after all}It's okay, sweetheart, there aren't any monsters out there.
428AlertToNormal{Giving up, didn't see anything after all}We're all alone now, pumpkin.
429AlertToNormalJust bugs I guess.
430AlertToNormalGet a grip, Doc.
431AlertToNormalEars must be actin' up.
432AlertToNormalSeems my ears is playin' tricks on me.
433AlertToNormalWell I'm confounded. Must've been the wind.
434AlertToNormalWell I'm stumped. Guess it was nothin'.
435AlertToNormalMust've been nothing.
436AlertToNormalI've got better things to do.
437AlertToNormalOh, well.
438AlertToNormalNeed to stop jumping at shadows.
439AlertToNormalHuh... Oh, well.
440AlertToNormalWhatever it was, it's gone now.
441AlertToNormalJust a noise.
442AlertToNormalJust getting old, I guess.
443AlertToNormalStupid deaf ear.
444AlertToNormalMust be hearing things again.
445AlertToNormalScared me there for a second.
446AlertToNormalGuess there's nothing there.
447AlertToNormalGod dammit... I guess it's nothin'.
448AlertToNormalFine. I'll catch you next time.
449AlertToNormalYeah that's right, I'd run away, too.
450AlertToNormalAh, Gary.
452AlertToNormalThreat analysis: green. Standing down.
453AlertToNormalThreat analysis: green. Resuming standard patrol pattern.
454AlertToNormalThreat analysis: green. Security sweep canceled.
455AlertToNormalOh well. Maybe next time you'll introduce yourself.
456AlertToNormalWhy did you run away? I'm really not as scary as I look.
457AlertToNormalYou shouldn't tease me like that.
458AlertToNormalAll clear.
459AlertToNormalArea secure.
460AlertToNormalFalse alarm. Standing down.
461AlertToNormalBack to the usual daily tedium.
462AlertToNormalThought as much. Nothing there after all.
463AlertToNormalBeastly nuisance. Glad that's done with.
464AlertToNormalAnother glorious day in the U.S. army.
465AlertToNormalFalse alarm. Stand down, people.
466AlertToNormalNothing I like better than a little R&R on Uncle Sam's dime.
467AliceMcBrideIntroOh! Well I'm Alice and you've already met my beau, Dusty. He's sweet, ain't he? I don't care what my mama said, I know how to pick 'em.
468AliceMcBrideIntroOh! Well I'm Alice and that handsome stranger yonder is my husband Dusty. Going on fifty years, now.
469AliceMcBrideIntroI keep waiting for him to leave me for some young thing with platinum blonde hair and hoop earrings, but he still sticks around.
470AliceMcBrideIntroSays it's my cooking. I think it's because I know which Brahmin udder you can milk without getting kicked in the noggin.
471AliceMcBrideIntroWe set up this ranch years back when Novac was just getting settled.
472AliceMcBrideIntroBut now with all the danger on I-15, folks are starting to come through here from all over. Novac might just be the next Nevada boom town.
473AliceMcBridePeopleWhoLiveHereOh, we keep to ourselves, for the most part. Try not to pry. I think Jeannie May gets bothered that we aren't more sociable, but it's just our way.
474AliceMcBridePeopleWhoLiveHereAin't that we don't appreciate what she's done, managing this town like she has, but I worry she feels that way anyhow.
475AliceMcBridePeopleWhoLiveHereNot that there ain't others who pry around here. That No-bark was skulking around our yard last week.
476AliceMcBridePeopleWhoLiveHere I thought he was our cow-killer. Was about to lash him with our bullwhip till I saw who it was. He's harmless, though.
477AliceMcBridePeopleWhoLiveHerePart of me wishes I could see things like he sees 'em, all full of mystery.
478AndersCross{In agony}Unh... Legion caught me. Said this... was the penalty for drug runners. Please... let me down.
479AndersCrossA Legion patrol caught me trying to cross the river. When they found the, umm, package I was carrying, they strung me up there.
480AndersDrugs{In agony}Please... for the love of God, let me down!
481AndersDrugsWell, not exactly. More like... trying to expand our markets. I heard there was a lot of untapped territory down south, but the Legion caught me.
483AndersJackandDiane{In agony}Thank God. Let me down, please!
484AndersJackandDianeThey did? Heh. Probably mostly Jack's idea, he always was the soft touch.
485AndersJackandDianeThanks. You've saved my life, and done the Great Khans a huge favor. I'll be heading back to Red Rock Canyon now - maybe we'll see each other there.
486AndersRot{In agony}No! God, please!
487ArcadeEDEEnclaveWow. That thing is definitely carrying around a bunch of Enclave intel. Adams is on the eastern seaboard of the country.
488ArcadeEDEEnclaveWhich means this little "Duraframe" sucker somehow managed to survive for over {thinking}two thousand miles. {impressed}Certainly lives up to its model name.
489ArcadeEDENoEnclaveI don't want to be... alarmist or anything, but maybe you should ditch that Eyebot. {catching himself}Robot. Whatever that thing is.
490ArcadeEDENoEnclaveWho knows what it's programmed for? Maybe tomorrow you'll take out an iguana-on-a-stick and that'll activate its {searching}mini-nuke self-destruct sequence.
491ArcadeEDEOpinionI don't know if you care about my opinion, but I'd prefer that you turn ED-E over to the Followers. Surprised, right?
492ArmorIneffectiveGot any armor with less holes in it for me?
493ArmorIneffectiveI don't have much protection here. Mind helping me out?
494ArmorIneffectiveWhat am I wearing? Cardboard?
495ArmorIneffectiveThis armor's gonna get me killed.
496ArmorIneffectiveLook, I'm dead unless you can get me some real armor.
497ArmorIneffectiveShoulda fought naked, it'd hurt less.
498ArmorIneffectiveArmor's for shit.
499ArmorIneffectiveThey're cutting me up!
500ArmorIneffective{Irritated}Could use sheet metal, not a sheet.
501ArmorIneffectiveThis armor's probably fine. The holes are cosmetic.
502ArmorIneffectiveThis armor's beat up worse than me, boss.
503AskJobAgainInterested now? {Beat, nods}All right.
504AssaultWhat the hell?!
505AssaultWhat was that for?
506AssaultYou dirty coward!
507AssaultCheck your fire!
508AssaultBig mistake.
509AssaultEngaging hostile.
510AssaultThat didn't even tickle.
511AssaultOh, it's on now!
512AssaultYou're going to regret that.
513AssaultGet the fuck away from me.
514AssaultYou'll pay for that!
515AssaultDamn you!
517AssaultYou want to start something, baby?
518AssaultYo, little help here!
519AssaultWhat's your problem, punk?
520AssaultI'm sorry! I'm sorry!
521AssaultI'm not a threat to anyone!
522AssaultOh yeah, now it's on.
523AssaultUnder fire!
524AssaultProtect the tribe!
525AssaultKill the Outsider!
526AssaultYou got a deathwish?
527AssaultYou want to rock? Let's rock.
528AssaultWhat did I do wrong?
529AssaultPlease, no more!
530Assault{Alert Beep 1}
531AssaultWhat was that for?
532AssaultYou dirty coward!
533AssaultWhat the hell?!
534AssaultI'm sorry!
535AssaultWhatever I did, I regret it!
536AssaultI have no one to blame but myself!
537AssaultI was asking for that!
538AssaultUnacceptable behavior has been noted.
539AssaultAssaulting an officer of the law is a capital offense.
540AssaultAn assault has been perpetrated. Response in progress.
541AssaultHey! What'd you do that for?
542AssaultWhat's wrong with you?
545AssaultDamn you!
546AssaultYou'll pay for that!
547AssaultYou wanna tussle?
549AssaultYou're asking for it.
550Assault{irritated, angry, confused}What the hell are you doing?
551Assault{emph}Big mistake.
552AssaultHey, not so rough, I break easy!
553AssaultKnock it off!
554AssaultI'm going to knock you off your axles.
555AssaultGonna fix your wagon.
556AssaultFat's in the fire now, you little bitch.
557AssaultThat does it.
558AssaultPushed me too far.
559Assault{Angry}You'll make Leo angry!
560Assault{Angry}Didn't your mama ever tell you not to hit old ladies?
561AssaultWhat the-?
562AssaultYou're dead!
563AssaultNobody messes with the Kings.
564AssaultThat was *dumb*, human!
567AssaultDon't you know who I work for?
568AssaultTangle with the Gun Runners and it's the last thing you'll do.
569AssaultYou want to start something, baby?
570AssaultYo, little help here!
571AssaultWhat's your problem, punk?
572AssaultWhy would you do that?
573AssaultThat ain't right!
574AssaultHurt an old man, will ya?
575AssaultGonna make a fuss, then?
576AssaultEh, you tryin' to drygulch me?
577AssaultTryin' to kick up a row, is ya?
578AssaultQuit that!
579AssaultAre you out of your mind?
580AssaultWhat the hell?
582AssaultYou crazy?
585AssaultThat hurt!
586AssaultAre you crazy?
587AssaultWhat the fuck?
588AssaultYou're dead, asshole!
590AssaultStop it right now!
591AssaultWhat the-?
592AssaultBig mistake.
593AssaultAggression detected. Initiating alarm.
594AssaultAdding target to threat matrix.
595AssaultReanalysis complete. Threat level red.
596AssaultI'm sorry that you had to act that way.
597AssaultI'm afraid that kind of behavior can't be tolerated.
598AssaultAntisocial behavior detected.
599AssaultCriminal behavior will be punished.
600AssaultAntisocial behavior will not be tolerated.
601AssaultNot very sporting of you.
602AssaultThat's hardly Marquess of Queensberry rules, now is it?
603AssaultYou'll pay for that, you cheeky bastard!
604AssaultWhat is your major malfunction, maggot?
605AssaultYou make me sick, you worthless scumbag.
606AssaultLeave me alone!
607AssaultStop it! Help!
608AssaultNoCrimeI'm staying out of this one.
609AssaultNoCrimeNow that just wasn't called for.
610AssaultNoCrimeNot my problem.
611AssaultNoCrimeSucks to be you.
612AttackHad enough?
613AttackCome on!
614AttackYou like that?
615AttackGet some!
616AttackTake this!
617AttackYou're no match for us!
618AttackI've got this one!
619AttackYou're mine!
620AttackThis'll be over quickly!
621AttackCan't stand up to this, can you?
623AttackFlank them!
624AttackSet up a crossfire!
625AttackCover me!
626AttackDodge this!
627AttackYou like the sight of your own blood?
628AttackI'm going to{gonna} make you scream.
629Attack{Crazy laugh}Hahaha!
630AttackI know where to hit you where it hurts the most.
631AttackThe wasteland will be more civilized without you!
632Attack{versus Mutated Insect}Damn giant bugs!
633Attack{versus Abomination}I don't think I've had to kill one of these things before.
634Attack{taunting}Fighting was part of my studies.
635AttackWe Followers aren't pushovers!
636Attack{angry at being pushed into a fight}I didn't want to have to do this!
637Attack{Attack Grunt}
638AttackI'm gonna ring your bell, creep!
639AttackI'm gonna clip your sorry ass.
640AttackI'm gonna send you packin'.
641AttackI'm no Legionary, but I'll kill you all the same!
642AttackI'll take you down with me!
645AttackAaah! Aaaah!
647AttackEat shit, fucker.
648AttackYou pushed me too far!
649AttackI'll kill you!
650AttackYou like that?
651AttackCome on!
652AttackHad enough?
655AttackInnocent visitors, please disperse.
656Attack{Rhonda}Stay still while Best Friend Tabitha pounds you!
657Attack{Tabitha}All intruders are to be killed!
658Attack{Tabitha}I am the supreme ruler here!
659Attack{Tabitha}Feel my power! {beat, Rhonda}Yeah, feel her power!
660Attack{Battle yell 1}
661Attack{Battle yell 2}
662Attack{Battle yell 3}
663AttackYou have no chance!
664AttackKill them all!
665AttackYou want some more?
666AttackGet 'em, boys!
667AttackI'm just getting warmed up!
670AttackYeah ha ha ha!
671AttackWant more?
674Attack{Battle yell 1}
675Attack{Battle yell 2}
676Attack{Battle yell 3}
677AttackFor Navarro!
678Attack{grim satisfaction}Just like old times.
679AttackI'm gonna ring your bell, creep!
680Attack{Alert Beep 1}
681AttackEat this.
682AttackYou're mine.
683AttackCan't run from me.
684AttackCome on!
685AttackFor the Brotherhood.
686AttackOkay, I guess we're doing this.
687AttackLet's dance!
688AttackI've been doing this longer than you, pal!
689Attack{Grim, angry}Someone's looking to cash their chips early.
690AttackTime for some get-even.
691AttackLet's paint this place red.
692AttackLet's start this dance.
693AttackServing up some hurt.
694AttackGonna six this bitch.
695AttackYou're just in time for your ass whipping.
696AttackThat how you want to play, huh?
697Attack{hint of nervousness}Here we go!
698AttackLeo is going to give you such a paddling, you won't be able to sit down for a week!
699Attack{Emphasizing each word, almost like each one is a strike}Why! Won't! You! Behave?!
700AttackBad Nightkin! You need to go see Marcus and Doctor Henry!
701AttackStop acting so rambunctious, you naughty, naughty children!
703AttackGet 'em, boys!
704AttackI got more of that for ya!
705AttackI've got a big hunk o' love for ya!
706AttackTake this!
707AttackHad enough?
708AttackWant some more?
709AttackFor Bright!
710AttackThe Bright One is dead!
711AttackWe will never reach the Far Beyond.
712AttackThe Great Journey will never happen.
713AttackWhat have you done? Bright was the best of us.
714AttackI knew you weren't to be trusted!
715AttackYou've got nothing!
716AttackTake this!
717AttackThis is how we do it in Freeside!
718AttackLet's kill this guy!
719AttackLet's kill this chick!
721AttackDon't mess with us!
722AttackI'll make this quick!
723AttackLet's bleed this fool!
724AttackFreeside is ours!
725AttackHey guys, watch this!
726Attack{Angry Grunt as you charge}
727Attack{Angry Growl as you attack}
728Attack{Angry Snarl as you attack}
729AttackLight 'em up!
730AttackLocked and loaded!
731AttackGot 'em in my sights!
732AttackNobody screws with the Gun Runners and walks away from it!
733AttackI'm not scared of you!
734AttackYou'll get yours!
736AttackWhere's your manners?
737AttackHog-killin' time!
738AttackI aim to kill you!
739AttackYou're a goner!
740AttackHow you like that?
741AttackTake this!
742AttackLet's get 'em!
746AttackLet's take these guys!
749AttackCome on!
750AttackYou like this?
751AttackCome on!
754AttackTry this on!
755AttackYou touched Antler! Now you DIE!
756AttackYou will pay, human!
759AttackThreat level: red.
760AttackWeapon status: engaged.
761AttackWeapon systems locked on.
762AttackEngaging hostile target.
763AttackWeapons free. Non-combatants are advised to stand clear.
764AttackStatus report: green. All systems within acceptable operating parameters.
765AttackStatus report: yellow. Primary systems have sustained significant damage. Reinforcement recommended.
766AttackStatus report: yellow and falling. Perimeter security can no longer be guaranteed.
767AttackStatus report: red. Primary system failure imminent. Repair or reinforcement recommended.
768AttackWarning! System failure imminent.
769AttackThreat assessment: primary target is at large and undamaged. Full perimeter alert recommended.
770AttackThreat assessment: primary target has been engaged, but continues to exhibit hostile intent.
771AttackThreat assessment: primary target heavily damaged. Continuing to engage.
772AttackThreat assessment: primary target has suffered critical damage. Neutralization imminent.
773AttackThreat assessment: primary target almost neutralized. Stand by.
774AttackBe advised. Hostiles in area. Threat neutralization in progress.
775AttackNon-combatants are advised to stand clear of weapons discharge.
776AttackAlert. Hostiles in area.
777AttackLocking on... firing.
778AttackAlert. Security operation in progress. Stand clear of security perimeter.
779AttackAlert. Use of lethal force in progress. Non-combatant safety cannot be guaranteed.
780AttackTsk. I really thought we could be friends.
781AttackPlease, lower your weapon and submit.
782AttackI'm a much better tactician than you. It's all in the brain, you see.
783AttackPlease don't take this the wrong way.
784AttackWhich do you like better -- the psionic beam or the laser?
785AttackNothing personal.
786AttackYou could run? I am trying to kill you, after all.
787AttackI hope this unpleasantness will be over soon.
788AttackHold still please. It's harder to hit you if you keep running around like that.
789AttackI hope we can still be friends when this is all over.
790AttackPlease believe me when I say I'm not enjoying this.
791AttackI wish there was some other way we could have worked this out.
792AttackI'm afraid I'm a very lethal killing machine.
793AttackRunning away is probably your only hope.
794AttackMy programming requires that I keep trying to kill you.
795AttackDon't feel bad if you don't defeat me. I am one of the most advanced military robots available.
796AttackI'm not programmed to fail. Just so you know.
797AttackThey could have programmed me to love. To forgive. But nnoooo...
798AttackI don't mean to be insensitive, but you really can't win.
799AttackI calculate your chance of success as... well, no need to be morbid.
800AttackFiring weapons.
801AttackEngaging hostile target.
802AttackLaw abiding citizens, please leave the area.
803AttackPlease take cover until the danger has been eliminated.
804AttackPut down your weapons and submit to authority.
805AttackWarning. Systems failure imminent.
806AttackWarning. Repair urgently required.
807AttackWarning. Continued operation cannot be guaranteed. Please contact an authorized repair representative immediately.
808AttackCalculating chance of success... 80%.
809AttackCalculating chance of success... 50%.
810AttackCalculating chance of success... 20%.
811AttackCalculating chance of success... less than 5%. Your safety can no longer be guaranteed.
812AttackDo not be alarmed. Order will be restored soon. Please stand by.
813AttackContinued resistance is unlawful.
814AttackYour cooperation is requested.
815AttackWarning. Hostiles in area.
816AttackMultiple hostile targets detected. Requesting backup.
817AttackEngaging multiple hostiles.
818AttackEngagement with multiple hostiles in progress. Please stand clear of the combat area.
819AttackDo not be alarmed. Law and order will be restored shortly.
820AttackFor your safety, please take cover until the lawbreaker is dealt with.
821AttackThis is a lawful use of deadly force. Please direct complaints to your local law enforcement authorities.
822AttackPlease clear the area until order has been restored.
823AttackA lawful use of deadly force is in progress. Citizens are advised to clear the area.
824AttackViolence will not be tolerated.
825AttackEat hot lead, you commie bastard!
826AttackReady to die for your country?
827AttackPain is just weakness leaving the body!
828AttackToday's a hell of day to die, commie!
829AttackCome on, people, give 'em hell!
830AttackHow do you like that, you mother-loving commie!
831AttackMade in the U.S.A.!
832AttackNo surrender!
833AttackIs that the best you can do?
834AttackI'm just getting warmed up! Hoo-ah!
835AttackThere's nothing I like better than the smell of plasma in the morning!
836AttackWhat's the matter, you pansy ass pinko? Getting tired?
837AttackWe are lean! We are mean!
838AttackI have a personal message for you from Uncle Sam!
839AttackRunning will only make the pain last longer!
840AttackKill them all! God will understand.
841AttackThere's nothing I like better than making some other poor bastard die for his country.
842AttackNow you're starting to piss me off.
843AttackDo stand still!
844AttackAnd who gets to clean up all this blood? Me, that's who...
845AttackOohh. Yesss... Let's all beat up on the robot...
846AttackBy God, if I had hands I would strangle the life out of you!
847AttackHave at thee!
848AttackFor Queen and country!
849AttackYou have insulted my honor, and for that, you must die!
855AttackStop you!
861AttackResponseOn it!
862AttackResponseI'm with you!
863AvoidThreatHoly shit!
864AvoidThreatLook out!
865AvoidThreatGet down!
867AvoidThreatLook out!
868AvoidThreatClear out!
869AvoidThreatGet down!
870AvoidThreatHey! Look out!
873AvoidThreatDuck and cover!
874AvoidThreatTake cover!
875AvoidThreatHeads up!
876AvoidThreatWatch it!
877AvoidThreatHey, look out!
878AvoidThreat{swallowing the end}Holy-!
879AvoidThreatHeads up!
881AvoidThreatLook out!
882AvoidThreat{enthused}Hahaha! Ka-boom!
883AvoidThreatProximity alert.
884AvoidThreatThreat detected.
886AvoidThreatRun! Grenade!
887AvoidThreatLook out!
888AvoidThreatGet away!
889AvoidThreatGo! Run!
890AvoidThreatLook out!
893AvoidThreat{Sonar Beep}
894AvoidThreatLook out!
895AvoidThreatEveryone back off!
896AvoidThreatGotta run!
898AvoidThreat{Surprised yell}
899AvoidThreat{Surprised yell}
900AvoidThreatAbandon ship!
901AvoidThreatLook out!
902AvoidThreatMight want to watch it there, boss.
904AvoidThreatWatch it!
906AvoidThreatOh shi-{"shit"}
908AvoidThreatBe careful, sweetie!
910AvoidThreatDon't hurt yourself, pumpkin!
912AvoidThreatGet back!
913AvoidThreatClose shave, that was.
914AvoidThreatThought I was a goner.
915AvoidThreatClear out!
916AvoidThreatWatch out!
919AvoidThreatClear the way!
920AvoidThreatMake way!
921AvoidThreatAh, shit!
922AvoidThreatNot this time!
923AvoidThreatGet out of the way!
924AvoidThreatClear out!
927AvoidThreatResponseGo! Go! Go!
928AvoidThreatResponseTake positions!
929AvoidThreatResponseGet back!
931BarterExitGive me a shout if you need anything else.
932BarterExitAnother satisfied customer.
933BarterExitPleasure doing business with you.
934BarterExitLet me know if you need anything else.
935BCGKExecuteHostageSay goodbye to the hostage, fucker.
936BCGKExecuteHostageThe NCR's coming for us! Waste the hostages!
937BCPrivateKowalskiAttackOh, that's it. Your ass is mine!
938BeagleFleeingGoodbyeThank you so much.
939BeagleFollowAgainAnd depart we will!
940BeagleFollowingWhat do you need?
941BeagleFollowStayDon't leave me here too long. I can't wait forever.
942BeagleFollowWeaponI just hope I won't have to use it!
943BeagleHostageWhy, yes I am. It's a pleasure to meet you.
944BeagleHostageI'm in a bit of a predicament{per-dicament} here. I'd be most appreciative if you'd set me free.
945BeagleHostageWhy, I am Deputy Beagle, and I am being held hostage. Can you imagine?
946BeagleHostageI'd be most grateful if you would set me free.
947BeagleHostage{Edited Line}I must say it's been the low point of my career in law enforcement...
948BeagleHostageThe Powder Gangers stole into town at night and murdered my sister and her husband, the sheriff, in bed, while I was sleeping in the office.
949BeagleHostageI watched them for a bit, waiting for the right moment to pounce and arrest the lot of them. Taking careful notes as I watched.
950BeagleHostageTo my dismay, they found me while I waited in the shadows and brought me here.
951BeagleHostageFleeNoOh, that's so gracious of you, to offer to bodyguard me like that? But I'd only slow you down. See you outside!
952BeagleHostageFleeSpeech[FAILED] I know! It's incredibly generous and altruistic{alter-istic} of you. See you outside!
953BeagleHostageFleeSpeech[SUCCEEDED] Oh! Why, uh, of course! I would never let you fight my kidnappers with my help. Uh, without it! You lead the way!
954BeagleHostageFleeYesThen I'll defer to your superior appraisal of character and prowess in contests of arms and see you outside!
955BeagleHostageGoodby{sighs}I wonder what it's like to be able to "get going" whenever you like.
956BeagleHostageGoodbyI certainly hope so. It gets lonely down here on the floor.
957BeagleHostageLetGoOh that's just marvelous. I think I'll be making my way outside now. The air's a little close in here.
958BeagleHostageNotYetNo need to rush on my account. I lost feeling in my hands and legs hours ago.
959BeagleHostageNotYetWell, in that case I'll just wait for you right here.
960BeagleNewSheriffShouldThankWell, thank you {emphasis}so much, so {emphasis}very much, for ruining my life.
961BeagleNewSheriffWhatsWrong{Edited Line}My problem is that I'm no longer a deputy. I'm just a Beagle now.
962BeagleNewSheriffWhatsWrongApparently two-and-a-half months of law enforcement experience doesn't count for anything. The new regime is just that - all new.
963BeagleNewSheriffWhatsWrongHe's rude. Just don't tell him I said it. Primm has a sheriff now, just not as supportive as I would've hoped.
964BeagleNewSheriffWhatsWrong{Edited Line}My problem is that I'm no longer a deputy. I'm just a Beagle now.
965BeagleNewSheriffWhatsWrongApparently two-and-a-half months of law enforcement experience doesn't count for anything. The new regime is just that: all new.
966BeagleNewSheriffWhatsWrongHe's a good sheriff but a hard man. He doesn't abide by anyone slinking by the rules. I guess there won't be any trouble, but the man's law is hard.
967BeagleNewSheriffWhatsWrong{Edited Line}My problem is that I'm no longer a deputy. I'm just a Beagle now.
968BeagleNewSheriffWhatsWrongSlimm is alright, I don't wish him no harm, but the law to him is a set of logic.
969BeagleNewSheriffWhatsWrongNot everything is black and white, not sure a robot can ever understand that.
970BeagleSheriffBeagleOh no! I'm just the deputy. And I can't be a deputy without a sheriff. It's called chain of command!
971BeagleSheriffGoodbyeBut - but the town doesn't have a Sheriff! I don't have an employer, and that means I don't have a job.
972BeagleSheriffGoodbyeIf you think you might be able to help, come find me. I thank you for all you've done.
973BeagleSheriffGoodbyeMaybe next time you can bring a new sheriff back with you!
974BeagleSheriffGoodbyeAll right. Goodbye.
975BeagleSheriffNeededIt should be someone brave like you, but more of a homebody. Someone who'll settle down and watch over us.
976BeagleSheriffNeededI heard the Powder Gangers talking about someone in the prison named Meyers who has some experience as a sheriff. He may be a good choice.
977BeagleSheriffNeededAlso with the NCR so close by, you may be able to get them to take over the town. Not sure why they haven't helped out already.
978BeagleSheriffNoI know what it's like to have a busy schedule, but surely you can squeeze this in.
979BeagleSheriffNoIf you run across someone whose bearing and experience screams "sheriff," simply tell him or her about Primm's perdicament. That's all it takes.
980BeagleSheriffStillLookingI do thank you so kindly for your efforts.
981BeagleSherrifYesYou will? That's just marvelous! I'll start thinking up questions for the interview!
982BeagleSherrifYesThe sheriff that was incarcerated up at NCRCF may be a good choice.
983BeagleSherrifYesYou also may be able to convince that NCR guy across the road to take the town under his wing, although martial law doesn't sound so fun.
984BertFollowersI surely am. Well, sort of. I came out from Utah about six months back, saw a need for my help here.
985BertFollowersThe Followers weren't too happy about that, of course. They haven't been too fond of the NCR for a while, but I go where I'm needed.
986BertHelpI give what aid and comfort I can. I have medical knowledge thanks to my time with the Followers.
987BertIntroWell, that's an interesting question. Among the Church, I'm called Elder Gunnarsson. The Followers call me "Doc."
988BertIntroYou can call me Bert, though.
989BertNephiI never was able to reach him. He has allowed drugs and hatred to consume him. He runs with the Fiends north of here, now. They call him Driver Nephi.
990BertRefugeesPoor lost souls, most of them. They thought to come to New Vegas and find their fortunes on its shining Strip.
991BertRefugeesBut the journey is often long, and the price to enter the city is steep. Those who could not pay ended up here, hoping to earn the caps they need.
992BertRefugeesSome find honest labor, but more fritter away what little they've saved on crooked gambling and cheap liquor. Still, I minister to them as I can.
993BertUtahFollowing a lost cause, I'm afraid. My old friend Nephi fell in with a bad crowd.
994BertUtahDrug runners, raiders, probably worse things it's better not to dwell on. When his gang headed west, I followed.
995BertUtahI thought perhaps I could turn him back to the Church.
996BillyKnightComedyIf you believe my mother, since she first laid eyes on me. First thing she said was "Boy! That's a funny-looking kid!"
997BillyKnightComedyI guess I got a face only a mother could love, because nobody else would give me the time of day.
998BillyKnightComedyMaybe you can help me, see, I can never tell when it's lunchtime.
999BillyKnightIntroThe name's Knight. Billy Knight. And this here is what a lifelong career in comedy will get you.
1000BillyKnightWorkYeah? Hey, you're all right! Tell him I'll do it for a hundred a night! No! Fifty! No, twenty! Ten!
1001BillyKnightWorkJust don't rob me, and I'll do it!
1002BillyKnightWorkHey, I'm just happy to get any kind of work I can.
1003BitterSpringsTroopers{Baffled, this is a bizarre request}What? Why on earth would you think you can walk in here and make troop deployment recommendations to me?
1004BitterSpringsTroopersI appreciate your concern for Bitter Springs. You've already been quite helpful to the NCR, I suppose it's only right to return the favor.
1005BitterSpringsTroopers{Thoughtful}Well, you have been a great help here, and with the saboteur dealt with... Yes, I think we can spare a few men. Consider it done.
1006BitterSpringsTroopers{Angry drill sergeant}Who the hell are you, coming in here and asking me if I can "spare any?" I don't hand out NCR troopers to anybody who wanders out of the Wasteland!
1007BitterSpringsTroopers{Gruff but pleased}Hey, you're a damn fine soldier, and word on the grapevine is that you're already some kind of hero. You got yourself a deal.
1008BitterSpringsTroopers{Gruff but pleased}After what you did getting my misfits whipped into shape? Yeah, I can spare a couple of boys for Bitter Springs. I'll issue the dispatch orders.
1009BitterSpringsTroopers{Cool, slightly annoyed}Sorry, I'm not in the habit of letting random civilians dictate my troop deployment schedule.
1010BitterSpringsTroopers{Calm}I'll be honest, the Legion has me worried here, but I think I can spare some soldiers. Consider your request granted.
1011BitterSpringsTroopers{Calm}You handled yourself well against the Legion, and that took some of the pressure off of us. I'll send a couple of troops out there right now.
1012BMNeilAskDangerYou must've heard her radio broadcasts? Though why a human would follow her invitation here is beyond me... unless you didn't listen very closely.
1013BMNeilAskDangerThe voice on the radio belongs to Tabitha, the "supreme commander" of Black Mountain - or, as she calls it, the "State of Utobitha."
1014BMNeilAskDangerShe took control of this place almost two years ago. The Super Mutants here do whatever she says - and she says humans are to be killed on sight.
1015BMNeilAskDetailsThe road is a series of switchbacks up to the peak. There are three blockades, plus patrols. Sneaking past them would be... difficult.
1016BMNeilAskDetailsJust before the peak is a kind of shanty village. More second-gens there. And then there's Tabitha's compound - heavily guarded by her Nightkin.
1017BMNeilAskDetailsThe road is a series of switchbacks up to the peak. There are three blockades, plus patrols. Sneaking past them would be... difficult.
1018BMNeilAskDetailsJust before the peak is a kind of shanty village. More second-gens there. And then there's Tabitha's compound - heavily guarded by her Nightkin.
1019BMNeilAskForHelpSpeech[SUCCEEDED] Help would improve the odds. Help might just make the difference...
1020BMNeilAskForHelpSpeechAll right, if you're good enough at what you do to meet me in the village up near the peak, we can talk further.
1021BMNeilAskForHelpSpeechI'll have a plan by the time I see you - if I see you. Good luck. It's going to be a lot harder for you to get up there than it will be for me.
1022BMNeilAskForHelpSpeech[FAILED] Hmm. While your enthusiasm is... admirable, I think I'd best stay here so I can warn other travelers.
1023BMNeilAskHistoryFor years, Black Mountain was a peaceful community. Its leader, Marcus, broadcast an invitation to Mutants throughout the wasteland.
1024BMNeilAskHistoryThat's how I found Black Mountain. So did others, most of them second generation Mutants. Marcus welcomed everyone - that was his mistake.
1025BMNeilAskHistoryThe community ended up being mostly second gen - not very bright, but easy to influence. Fine, until the Nightkin came along, led by Tabitha...
1026BMNeilAskHistoryIn a week she had most of the second-gens thinking she was some kind of prophet - and that she should be broadcasting her "truth," not Marcus.
1027BMNeilAskHistoryMarcus saw what was coming and decided to leave before things got out of hand. He smashed the radio and left to found Jacobstown.
1028BMNeilAskJacobstownThe opposite of Black Mountain! A stable community of Mutants, mostly, led by a mentally stable leader.
1029BMNeilAskJacobstownHumans are welcome there, so long as they behave themselves. Look northwest of Red Rock Canyon if you want to find it.
1030BMNeilAskMutantsWereMadeYes... And it's not something I care to discuss with one of your kind.
1031BMNeilAskMutantsWereMadeIf you have some insatiable curiosity about the matter, talk to Marcus in Jacobstown. He's more patient with such questions than I am.
1032BMNeilAskNightkinThe Nightkin are vicious in combat, and that's if you see them coming. Most don't.
1033BMNeilAskNightkinThey were created to be soldiers, and given devices to camouflage them in battle. Unfortunately, the devices drove most of them mad over time.
1034BMNeilAskNightkinThey spend most of their time at the top of the mountain, but patrol the roads after dark as well. You'd do well to avoid the mountain at night.
1035BMNeilAskRadioHeh. There's a sad story behind that. Marcus smashed it just fine, but while we were gone some Ghoul named Raul came along.
1036BMNeilAskRadioTabitha turned him into her personal mechanic. A slave, really. See, if I'd been standing down here, I could've warned him before it was too late.
1037BMNeilAskSelfMarcus sent me here a couple of months ago to check on Black Mountain. I suppose you could say I came here as a spy.
1038BMNeilAskSelfBut with no signs of Tabitha's weakening, and none of the second-gens ready to revolt or to come to Jacobstown, there wasn't much I could do.
1039BMNeilAskSelfDown here, on the other hand, I've saved a dozen Mutants from heading up the mountain. It's not much, but it's something.
1040BMNeilAskSelfI have my own reasons to stay away from Jacobstown for a while - reasons we won't be discussing - so I've stayed here.
1041BMNeilDistractsNightkinThere's a human down the path. Tabitha's orders are to kill all human intruders. Go!
1042BMNeilFriendlyKeep saying things like that, and I won't be so friendly. Not every Super Mutant is a brain-damaged brute.
1043BMNeilFriendlyMany of us are just as intelligent as basic humans - and the rest don't really have any choice in the matter, do they?
1044BMNeilFriendlyMovingOnYes, that's exactly what I'm telling you to do. Move on.
1045BMNeilFriendlySorryAnd none taken... since you apologized.
1046BMNeilFriendlyToughShitOf course. Sorry I bothered you. Enjoy your travels.
1047BMNeilHeadUpMountainYes, I hear that sometimes. And then I never see the people who said it again.
1048BMNeilHeadUpMountainYou do look like someone who can take care of himself. But I think you'll find this is more than you bargained for...
1049BMNeilHeadUpMountainYou do look like someone who can take care of herself. But I think you'll find this is more than you bargained for...
1050BMNeilOffToJacobstownI still have a job to do here. Some Mutants may have heard Tabitha's broadcasts and are headed here even as we speak.
1051BMNeilOffToJacobstownI'll remain and direct any who show up toward Jacobstown, where they'll be much better off.
1052BMNeilSupMutantGensNot all Super Mutants were created equal. Or at the same time, or for the same purpose.
1053BMNeilSupMutantGensThe first generation tends to be smarter, stronger, and... more civilized, I suppose you could say, than the ones made later, save the Nightkin.
1054BMNeilVillageAgreeGood luck. We're going to need it.
1055BMNeilVillageDisagreeYes, so try to stay out of sight, because they'll be coming this way.
1056BMNeilVillageNotReadyWhatever you need to do, be quick about it.
1057BMNeilVillageReadyForMobHere's the plan. The gate to Tabitha's compound is guarded by several Nightkin, all of them using devices that make them invisible.
1058BMNeilVillageReadyForMobI'm going to draw them away from the gate by telling them I spotted an intruder in the village. Then you slip in.
1059BMRaulGoodbyeIf by some chance you want to find me again, and if by some even greater chance coyotes haven't picked my bones clean, I'll be at my shack.
1060BMRaulJoinMeAnything's better than staying here. Let's go.
1061BMRaulJoinMeSorry boss, but as much as I'd like to risk getting killed by your side, you seem to already have some help.
1062BMRaulOkayByMeAlrighty then, I'll just head out. Alone. By myself. Into the dangerous wastes.
1063BMRhondaBadReunionOh no! Miss Tabitha is hurt! Someone, get a doctor!
1064BMRhondaBadReunionThere, there Miss Tabitha. It's going to be all right.
1065BMRhondaBadReunionMiss Tabitha, your distinct lack of respiration is quite worrisome.
1066BMRhondaBadReunionThat's good, Miss Tabitha. It's important that you don't move. You might aggravate your injury.
1067BMRhondaBadReunionWhere is that doctor?
1068BMRhondaBadReunionDon't worry, Miss Tabitha, I'll keep you warm with my exhaust.
1069BMRhondaBadReunionI do hope the doctor doesn't get lost on the way up here.
1070BMRhondaGreetingHello. Could you please direct me to mistress Tabitha?
1071BMRhondaGreetingI wonder what mistress Tabitha has been doing with herself during my convalescence.
1072BMRhondaGreetingIt is so good to be traveling with mistress Tabitha again!
1073BMRhondaGreetsTabithaIt is, Mistress Tabitha. How I've missed you so. This stranger here fixed me up right as rain. Is he a friend of yours?
1074BMRhondaGreetsTabithaIt is, Mistress Tabitha. How I've missed you so. This stranger here fixed me up right as rain. Is she a friend of yours?
1075BMRhondaLetsGoTabithaMistress Tabitha, we should be heading off. Our journey has been much delayed, but we can catch up if we hurry. Come along, now.
1076BMRhondaNoNevertheless, I must find her, so I'll just tag along with you for a bit until I pick up her trail.
1077BMRhondaTabithaReunionIt pleases me to see you, mistress. I owe my functional state to this human here.
1078BMRhondaYesThank you very much. My internal clock says it's been 6 years, 52 days, 40 minutes, and 13 seconds since I last spoke to her.
1079BMRhondaYesI hope she hasn't gotten lonely.
1080BMTabithaCornersPlayer{Tabitha}R-Rhonda? Is that you?
1081BMTabithaDishHutGetHimThere's an intruder in the dish hut! Get over there and kill whoever it is, you fools!
1082BMTabithaDishHutRadioDumbWhy do I even bother? Go play with something shiny, dumb dumb.
1083BMTabithaDishHutRadioFanWhy thank you! It's always gratifying to talk to one's fans. Hold on, I have something I need to do for a second.
1084BMTabithaDishHutRadioSayNothingGah, stupid dumb dumbs have the attention span of a gnat.
1085BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeech[SUCCEEDED] I am supreme commander Best Friend Tabitha! Neil is nothing! You are all traitors! I sentence all dumb-dumbs to death!
1086BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeech[SUCCEEDED] A dumb-dumb revolt, you say? Then I sentence all dumb-dumbs to death!
1087BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeech[FAILED] Hello. Was that supposed to sound like a dumb-dumb? Because they sound dumber than that. They sound like this: "Duuuuuh."
1088BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeechExcuse me just a moment, would you?
1089BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeech[FAILED] Hello. Was that supposed to sound like a dumb-dumb? Because they sound dumber than that. They sound like this: "Duuuuuh."
1090BMTabithaDishHutRadioSpeechExcuse me just a moment, would you?
1091BMTabithaDishHutRadioStartYou've interrupted my broadcast, dumb-dumb - so there had better be a good reason! What is it?
1092BMTabithaRagesIntruder! I have foreseen your death!
1093BMTabithaRagesNo! I won't let you have my Raul!
1094BMTabithaRagesYou! Now you've gone and done it! No one messes with my radio station!
1095BMTabithaRhondaReunionR- Rhonda? Is that you?
1096BMTabithaWhatNowI don't know... it's been so long since I lost Rhonda, that I'm not sure...
1097BMTabithaYesRhondaYes, Rhonda.
1098BoomerCookHere is what we have available.
1099BoomerCookI bet you would, but Pearl didn't give me permission to sell to outsiders.
1101BruceIsaacBishopsOh, well, that's all just a big misunderstanding, see.
1102BruceIsaacBishopsMr. Bishop, well, he owed me a lot of money, and, y'know, he's a busy guy, so I sort of figured I'd just...take it off his hands.
1103BruceIsaacNewRenoYou don't know Mr. Bishop. He's not like the other bosses up there. He knows the Wasteland like the back of his hand, and he likes to wander it.
1104BruceIsaacNewRenoI knew if I didn't get way the hell away from New Reno, he'd run me down like a dog.
1105BruceIsaacTopsReally? The Tops, huh? Well, it's no Shark Club, but I hear security on the Strip is real tight. Even Mr. Bishop wouldn't hit a joint like that.
1106BruceIsaacTopsI'll check it out. Thanks!
1107CalamityToDoctorHenry01Stealth field is stable, and the readings are clean. Gamma wave activity is... {puzzled}zero? Odd, but everything looks right.
1108CalamityToDoctorHenry01The stealth field is unstable and scrambling things. This reading says gamma wave activity is zero, but that can't possibly be right.
1109CalamityToDoctorHenry01Gamma wave activity is... {puzzled}zero? That can't be right. Must be a result of the interference.
1110CaptainGillesAid{Relieved}At this point, I'll take anything you can give me. We need more troops, fresh supplies, and medical relief.
1111CaptainGillesAidAs if that wasn't enough, someone's been coming out of the mountains at night, stealing supplies and picking off my people.
1112CaptainGillesAid{Relieved}At this point, I'll take anything you can give me. We need more troops, fresh supplies, and medical relief.
1113CaptainGillesAid{Worried}Someone's been coming out of the mountains at night, stealing supplies and picking off my people.
1114CaptainGillesCampThis is the Bitter Springs refugee camp. We've been maintaining it for a few years now, ever since Caesar's Legion started seriously pushing west.
1115CaptainGillesCampMost of the people here were displaced by the Legion's advance. At first there weren't many, but lately it's been more than we can handle.
1116CaptainGillesCamp{Grateful}Thanks to your help, I think Bitter Springs has a real shot at surviving. I can't offer you much of a reward, but know that the NCR is very grateful.
1117CaptainGillesCamp{Grateful}Thanks to your help, I think Bitter Springs has a real shot at surviving. Thank you again.
1118CaptainGillesOscarYou did? Who was it? Any information you can give me would be a big help for my reports.
1119CaptainGillesOscarI appreciate the information, but I really wasn't kidding when I said I didn't have the manpower. If you could deal with him, I'd be in your debt.
1120CaptainGillesRadioactiveSuppliesWhere did you get this? You know what, it doesn't even matter. Thank you. This will be a tremendous help.
1121CaptainGillesRadioactiveSuppliesScience[SUCCEEDED] We do have some spare Rad-X in the supply tent. That might work. Thank you.
1122CaptainGillesRadioactiveSuppliesScience[FAILED] You know, I appreciate the help but... we'll pass on those. Thanks.
1123CaptainGillesSuppliesWhere did you get these? You know what, it doesn't even matter. Thank you. These will be a tremendous help.
1124CaptainGillesSuppliesWhere did you get this? You know what, it doesn't even matter. It doesn't completely solve our problems, but it goes a long way.
1125CaptainGillesSuppliesAgain, thank you, this is a huge help.
1126CaptainParkerArrestKeith! In the name of the NCR, I'm placing you under arrest for illicit gambling and the sale of unlicensed chems.
1127CaptainParkerArrestKeith! In the name of the NCR, I'm placing you under arrest for the sale of unlicensed chems.
1128CaptainParkerArrestKeith! In the name of the NCR, I'm placing you under arrest for illicit gambling.
1129CaptainParkerArrestCome quietly now, I don't want to have to hurt you.
1130CaptainParkerArrestYou son of a bitch!
1131CaptGillesFlag{Confused and annoyed by a spectacularly dumb question}Of course I'm aware. It's a distress call. This camp is in bad shape, and if we don't get relief soon, I don't know what will happen.
1132CaptGillesFlag{Worried}It's a distress call. This camp is in bad shape, and if we don't get relief soon, I don't know what will happen.
1133CaravanOfferAll right, let's play.
1134CaravanOfferA fellow enthusiast, huh? That's great! Let's play.
1135CaravanOfferSure. Old No-bark is always looking to play. Not for entertainment, mind you, but because if you look at the cards right you can know the future.
1136CaravanOfferDamn straight I would! Let's see what you got.
1137CaravanOfferBring it on, buddy!
1138CaravanOfferI always have time for a good game of Caravan. I hope you're up to the challenge.
1139CaravanOfferA fascinating proposition. Naturally, my considerable genius makes me a master of the game, so try not to be disappointed if you lose miserably.
1140CaravanOfferYou betcha! Caravan's got me through many a long night before. I hope you're ready.
1141CaravanOfferYou think you have what it takes, kid?
1142CaravanOfferAll right, let's see what you got.
1143CaravanOfferI'm going to roll over you.
1144CaravanPlayerLosesThat was too easy. How about we play again and this time you actually try.
1145CaravanPlayerLosesNo-bark wins! A few more like that and the curse'll get lifted for sure.
1146CaravanPlayerLosesDon't take it to heart. I've studied the strategies of the masters.
1147CaravanPlayerLoses{Laughs}Nice try. Care to try your luck again?
1148CaravanPlayerLosesIt looks like you need a bit more practice. Another lesson perhaps?
1149CaravanPlayerLosesI am unsurprised regarding your appalling lack of talent. Perhaps you'd care to try another hand? After all, you can only improve.
1150CaravanPlayerLosesHere I was thinking you'd be a challenge, want a rematch?
1151CaravanPlayerLoses{Laughs}Nice try. Let's play another game.
1152CaravanPlayerWinsDammit. I should have won that match. Let's play again.
1153CaravanPlayerWinsDang it! Shoulda known you was getting caravan hints from the bloatfly spirits what live in these parts.
1154CaravanPlayerWinsWell I'll be cold and rotting before I let them get the best of me. Let's go again.
1155CaravanPlayerWinsHuh. I wonder where I went wrong. Let's try that again.
1156CaravanPlayerWinsNot too bad. How about we play again?
1157CaravanPlayerWinsImpressive. That was a very good game. Would you care to play again?
1158CaravanPlayerWinsWell now, this is an unexpected variable. You really must let me challenge you to a rematch, so I can analyze what passes for your strategy.
1159CaravanPlayerWinsDammit, I thought I had you there. Let's play again.
1160CaravanPlayerWinsWow, you're good. Give me another game.
1161CaravanRematchNoI'll be here if you ever want a rematch.
1162CaravanRematchNoDang it, No-bark, just when you was making a friend.
1163CaravanRematchNoShucks, well, let's do it again sometime.
1164CaravanRematchNoOkay. If you want to play again sometime, let me know.
1165CaravanRematchNoAnother time then, perhaps.
1166CaravanRematchNoAs you wish. Once you've salved your battered ego, perhaps you'll make another go of it.
1167CaravanRematchNoYou know where to find me if you want to play again.
1168CaravanRematchNoWhat? Afraid to lose. Well come find me if you want to play again.
1169CaravanRematchYesI hope you're ready for this.
1170CaravanRematchYesNo more magic spells this time.
1171CaravanRematchYesI've got a good feeling about this hand.
1172CaravanRematchYesLet's get this started!
1173CaravanRematchYesExcellent. Let the game begin!
1174CaravanRematchYesVery well. I would wish you luck, but of course peerless intellect is all that matters here.
1175CaravanRematchYesOk, hope you're ready to lose.
1176CaravanRematchYesLet the Caravan Lesson begin.
1177ChallengePlayerAn outsider! In the bunker!
1179ChrisHavIntercomGoodbyeLet's hope you do.
1180ChrisHavIntercomGoodbyeStop wasting time.
1181ChrisHavIntercomGoodbyeGet moving.
1182ChrisHavIntercomUpstairsGoodbyeHurry up.
1183ChrisHavIntercomWhereLike I said, find the metal staircase in the big room on the east side of the building. It's where they used to make rockets.
1184ChrisHavIntercomWhereBig room. Metal staircase. East side of the building. Is that too many syllables for you?
1185ChrisHavIntercomWhoWho I am doesn't matter, smoothskin. Stop wasting time and get up here.
1186ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageNoWhat, you think I'm too stupid to pull it off? I know enough to get their rockets working, don't I? So I can make them fail, too!
1187ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageNoLike I could forgive myself for getting duped like this? They used me! And now they'll throw me away!
1188ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageNoAnd dying would be worse than this? Used up and thrown away like garbage?
1189ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageNoOh, so I've redeemed the human race, is that it? What a crock! The human race can't stand me!
1190ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageNoSo you want me to accompany you on your adventures across the wasteland, is that it?
1191ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageNoLife among humans again, that's what you're suggesting?
1192ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageNoI guess... I guess it's the only chance I've got.
1193ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageNoI can't believe I'm agreeing to this, but I'll give it a try. I'll get Jason and his flock on their way, and then I'll head for Novac.
1194ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageNoLife among humans again, that's what you're suggesting?
1195ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageNoI guess... I guess it's the only chance I've got. Maybe it'll be different this time. I was never a Saint before.
1196ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageNoI can't believe I'm agreeing to this, but I'll give it a try. You go launch the rockets. I'm on my way to Novac.
1197ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageYesThen bring me Sugar Bombs. Three boxes should do the trick. Add those to the fuel mixture and "Boom!"
1198ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageYesI'll show those rotten ghouls! And they'll know exactly who did them in!
1199ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageYesThen bring me Sugar Bombs. Three boxes should do the trick. Add those to the fuel mixture and "Boom!"
1200ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageYesI'll show those rotten ghouls! And they'll know exactly who did them in!
1201ChrisHavLabBetraySugarBombsI said I need three boxes of Sugar Bombs, not less than three.
1202ChrisHavLabBetraySugarBombsI'll mix the Sugar Bombs into the fuel mixture before they launch. They'll never suspect a thing... until it's too late.
1203ChrisHavLabBetraySugarBombsI'll mix the Sugar Bombs into the fuel mixture before they launch. They'll never suspect a thing... until it's too late.
1204ChrisHavLabBetraySugarBombsBut first I'll need the other parts we talked about.
1205ChrisHavLabGetFuelVery well. We don't need a huge amount. Two to three liters should be enough.
1206ChrisHavLabGetPartsAll right. Anything else?
1207ChrisHavLabGoodbyeAll right. I'll be here, obviously.
1208ChrisHavLabGoodbyeFine. Just get me those Sugar Bombs.
1209ChrisHavLabGoodbyeCome back when you've found the igniting agent.
1210ChrisHavLabGoodbyeCome back when you've tracked down the thrust control modules.
1211ChrisHavLabGoodbyeGreat, let's do everything when it's convenient for you.
1214ChrisHavLabHaveFuelYes, that's the stuff. And the container's shielding must be intact, or you'd be dead by now.
1215ChrisHavLabHaveFuelYou already brought me the thrust control modules, so all that's needed now is three boxes of Sugar Bombs.
1216ChrisHavLabHaveFuelYes, that's the stuff. And the container's shielding must be intact, or you'd be dead by now.
1217ChrisHavLabHaveFuelNow all I need is the thrust control modules and three boxes of Sugar Bombs.
1218ChrisHavLabHaveFuelYes, that's the stuff. And the container's shielding must be intact, or you'd be dead by now.
1219ChrisHavLabHaveFuelYes, that's the stuff. And the container's shielding must be intact, or you'd be dead by now.
1220ChrisHavLabHaveFuelNow all I need is the thrust control modules.
1221ChrisHavLabHaveFuelSouvenirYes, that's Isotope-239, all right. And there's enough here to launch the rockets.
1222ChrisHavLabHaveFuelSouvenirYou already brought me the thrust control modules, so all I need now is three boxes of Sugar Bombs.
1223ChrisHavLabHaveFuelSouvenirYes, that's Isotope-239, all right. And there's enough here to launch the rockets.
1224ChrisHavLabHaveFuelSouvenirNow all I need is the thrust control modules and three boxes of Sugar Bombs.
1225ChrisHavLabHaveFuelSouvenirLet me see. Yes, that's the igniting agent! But we'll need more of these souvenirs. A total of five should do it...
1226ChrisHavLabHaveFuelSouvenirYes, that's Isotope-239, all right. And there's enough here to launch the rockets.
1227ChrisHavLabHaveFuelSouvenirYes, that's Isotope-239, all right. And there's enough here to launch the rockets.
1228ChrisHavLabHaveFuelSouvenirNow all I need is the thrust control modules.
1229ChrisHavLabHavePartsIndeed you did. And they seem to be in excellent condition.
1230ChrisHavLabHavePartsYou already found the igniting agent, so all I need now is three boxes of Sugar Bombs.
1231ChrisHavLabHavePartsIndeed you did. And they seem to be in excellent condition.
1232ChrisHavLabHavePartsI still need the igniting agent, of course. And three boxes of Sugar Bombs.
1233ChrisHavLabHavePartsIndeed you did. And they seem to be in excellent condition.
1234ChrisHavLabHavePartsIndeed you did. And they seem to be in excellent condition.
1235ChrisHavLabHavePartsAll I need now is the igniting agent we discussed earlier.
1236ChrisHavLabHavePartsIndeed you did. And they seem to be in excellent condition.
1237ChrisHavLabHavePartsAll I need now is the igniting agent we discussed earlier.
1238ChrisHavLabIntercomThat's none of your business, smoothskin!
1239ChrisHavLabIntercomI already told you how to get up here. Big room on the east side of the first floor. Take the stairs up. Got it?
1240ChrisHavLabIntercomThat's none of your business, smoothskin!
1241ChrisHavLabIntercomJason was very clear. Get rid of the demons, then report back. He didn't tell you to poke around down there. Got it?
1242ChrisHavLabKeepTalkingAll right. Go on.
1243ChrisHavLabPatheticLeave me alone! Everyone else does!
1244ChrisHavLabReadyToHelpTo sabotage the rockets, I'll still need a quantity of the igniting agent.
1245ChrisHavLabReadyToHelpTo sabotage the rockets, I'll still need the thrust control modules.
1246ChrisHavLabReadyToHelpTo sabotage the rockets, I'll still need to get them ready for launch. I still need a quantity of the igniting agent and the thrust control modules.
1247ChrisHavLabReadyToHelpFor the fuel source, any shielded nuclear waste should do the trick. That's why we can't use the waste on the launch pad. Too much decay.
1248ChrisHavLabReadyToHelpAs for the computer parts, the thruster control systems aren't complicated, so any good mix of components is all I need.
1249ChrisHavLabReadyToHelpI was close to completing work on the rockets before we were driven into hiding on the top floor.
1250ChrisHavLabReadyToHelpTwo components were missing: a quantity of Isotope-239 igniting agent, and a set of thrust control modules.
1251ChrisHavLabReadyToHelpThe igniting agent is highly radioactive, and decays quickly. That's why we can't use the drums that leaked down on the launch pad.
1252ChrisHavLabReadyToHelpIt's no longer potent enough. I need you to find an intact, shielded container of the igniting agent.
1253ChrisHavLabReadyToHelpAs for the thrust control modules, they were custom-built for these rockets. They won't even launch without them.
1254ChrisHavLabReadyToHelpAs I said before, I need an intact, shielded container of Isotope-239 igniting agent, and a set of thrust control modules.
1255ChrisHavLabRocketsReadyYes, that's everything. I'll tell Jason the rockets are ready. It's time to get this over with.
1256ChrisHavLabRocketsReadyYes. I'll tell Jason that the Great Journey can begin.
1257ChrisHavLabTaskChangeAll right. What would you rather be doing?
1258ChrisHavLabTaskChangeAll right. What would you rather be doing?
1259ChrisHavLabTaskHintsREPCONN has been ransacked so many times by scavengers, it's hard to know where the components might turn up. IF they turn up.
1260ChrisHavLabTaskHintsJason has mentioned some industrial ruins to the east that are supposed to be highly radioactive.
1261ChrisHavLabTaskHintsI'd start by visiting local junk merchants or traders and see if that turns anything up.
1262ChrisHavLabTaskHintsScavengers wouldn't know the value of the modules just by looking at them. If you know any junk dealers in the area, I'd start there.
1263ChrisHavLabTaskSameAll right. Carry on.
1264ChrisHavLabWhatIsThisPlaceObviously. It's taken months, but I've nearly got them in working order. Soon they'll take us to the Far Beyond.
1265ChrisHavLabWhatIsThisPlaceI was skeptical at first, of course - being a man of science - but Jason is certain, and I believe in Jason.
1266ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulI'm the flock's resident engineer. I've always been good with machines. Jason says the Great Journey would've been impossible without me.
1267ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulOf course, my skills aren't much use unless I have the right materials. That's where you come in.
1268ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulWhen I joined the flock, Jason made it clear that he wanted me to supervise the repairs, not do them myself.
1269ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulIt would be a waste of my gifts to work on just one system at a time. From up here, I've been able to supervise the entire project.
1270ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulI thought we were past all that, smoothskin. But you just can't resist the chance to mess with me. Typical human.
1271ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulI was human once, you know. Grew up in Vault 34, northeast of here.
1272ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulNice upbringing, if you like assault rifles and target practice. But oh, you prefer machines that don't shoot people? Not so nice then.
1273ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulWho should maintain the Vault's reactor? Houser? Mitchell? No - make it Haversam. He likes machines!
1274ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulHaversam won't mind getting irradiated! Haversam won't mind mutating! He's already ugly as it is!
1275ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulHaversam won't mind when his hair starts falling out after a few years. There's no connection, Haversam! You're neurotic!
1276ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulBald? You call this bald, smoothskin? I'm a monster! A monster!
1277ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulStop making fun of me! But you're telling the truth, aren't you?
1278ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulOh no! How could they do this to me? For two years? My god, I've been a joke to them!
1279ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulDo you have any idea how easy it'd be for me to sabotage those rockets? That'd be a joke, huh? One hell of a joke!
1280ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoul[SUCCEEDED] Oh god! You're telling me the truth, aren't you...?
1281ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulOh no! How could they do this to me? For two years? My god, I've been a joke to them!
1282ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoulDo you have any idea how easy it'd be for me to sabotage those rockets? That'd be a joke, huh? One hell of a joke!
1283ChrisHavLabYoureNoGhoul[FAILED] I see your ploy, smoothskin. I won't fall for your trap. You can plainly see that I'm a ghoul myself. You can't turn me against my flock.
1284ChrisHavNovacConfessSabotageYou bastard! Those ghouls declared me a Saint!
1285ChrisHavNovacMechFailureI suppose there was always that risk. It's just that Jason was so certain...
1287ChrisHavTalksDuringSpeechNo. No, no, no!
1288ChrisHavTalksDuringSpeechHow could I... Stupid! Oh god...
1289ChrisHavTellsJasonGoodToGoHey Jason, your rockets are ready!
1290ChrisHavTellsJasonReadyThe rockets are ready, Jason. The Great Journey can begin. Good luck, I guess.
1291ChrisHavTellsJasonReadyThe rockets are ready, Jason... ready to carry you and your little clan on the "Great Journey." Bon voyage.
1292ChrisHavTellsJasonReadyWe have everything we need to launch the rockets, Jason! The Great Journey can begin!
1293ChrisHavUpsGoodbyeStay away from me.
1294ChrisHavUpsGoodbyeGood riddance.
1295ChrisHavUpsGoodbyeGood idea.
1296ChrisHavUpsHelloYour pranks won't work on me, smoothskin. They won't work on Jason, either.
1297ChrisHavUpsHelloStop wasting my time, smoothskin. Go waste Jason's.
1298ChrisHavUpsWhoIsJasonJason is the prophet. The only reason you're up here is because he wants to talk to you.
1299ChrisHavUpsWhoIsJasonI guess he had visions that a smoothskin would stop by.
1300ChupacabraNightkinCrazyMutteringNo! I won't do it!
1301ChupacabraNightkinCrazyMutteringShhh. Shhh. Can't sleep. Can't sleep. Shhh.
1302ChupacabraNightkinCrazyMutteringStop it, stop it, stop it!
1303ChupacabraNightkinCrazyMutteringStay in control. Stay in control.
1304ChupacabraNightkinCrazyMutteringNot real. Don't look. Not real.
1305ChupacabraNightkinToCowsStop talking to me!
1306ChupacabraNightkinToCowsLeave me alone!
1307ChupacabraNightkinToCowsGet outta my head!
1308CliffBriscoeBarterCheck[SUCCEEDED] Okay, I admit it. They've been collecting dust since before I got here. You can have them dirt cheap.
1309CliffBriscoeBarterFail[FAILED] Are you kidding me? I can't ship these things fast enough. People love them!
1310CliffBriscoeBuyCollectionReally? I never thought I'd see the day.
1311CliffBriscoeBuyCollectionI mean... the day I'd part with them for such an incredibly low price. With so many other offers flooding in.
1312CliffBriscoeBuyCollectionBut I like you. I think maybe it's time. All that's left is in this storage room here. You can buy the key from my store.
1313CliffBriscoeBuyDinoSouvenirGreat. Here you go!
1314CliffBriscoeBuyRocketSouvenirReally? I mean, that's great! I'm sure you'll be quite pleased with it.
1315CliffBriscoeHaveGunsGuns? I, uh, well... yeah, I guess I might have a few.
1316CliffBriscoeHaveGunsDarn it. No one ever buys the t-rexes.
1317CliffBriscoeJeannieMaySentMeBless her. Seems like every traveler I get in here tells me the same thing.
1318CliffBriscoeJeannieMaySentMeThey see the sign and think, gift shop? That's just too good to be true. But Jeannie May always points them back in my direction.
1319CliffBriscoeJeannieMaySentMeWell, a friend of Jeannie's is a friend of mine. And my friends get a discount at my store.
1320CliffBriscoeJustBecauseYou just... did it? Just like that, on a whim?
1321CliffBriscoeJustBecauseWell listen, sir, if something like that crosses your mind about me, please let me know. I'm sure we can work something out.
1322CliffBriscoeJustBecauseWill there be anything else?
1323CliffBriscoeJustBecauseYou just... did it? Just like that, on a whim?
1324CliffBriscoeJustBecauseWell listen, ma'am, if something like that crosses your mind about me, please let me know. I'm sure we can work something out.
1325CliffBriscoeJustBecauseWill there be anything else?
1326CliffBriscoeKilledJeannieMayKi- killed her? Why would you do something like that?
1327CliffBriscoeMissedWakeupI- I'm sorry to hear that. She's a nice woman. Was. She might've grown on you.
1328CliffBriscoeMissedWakeupShe's usually real good about those calls. Something must've happened.
1329CliffBriscoeMissedWakeupI hope just because I said she and I were friends doesn't mean you and I can't still be friendly.
1330CliffBriscoeMissedWakeupWill there be anything else?
1331CliffBriscoeMyBusinessLord almighty. I can't for the life of me imagine her doing anything that'd make someone want to kill her.
1332CliffBriscoeMyBusinessNot that I'm saying you're a liar, of course! I'm just surprised, is all.
1333CliffBriscoeMyBusinessWill there be anything else?
1334CliffBriscoeNotSafeI understand if that's how you feel. But keep in mind that I've been selling these for years and I'm fine.
1335CliffBriscoeNotSafeI'm sure the kids that buy them are all fine too.
1336CliffBriscoeOpenStoreSure thing. Have a look.
1337CliffBriscoeRecommendationBless her. Seems like every traveler I get in here tells me the same thing.
1338CliffBriscoeRecommendationThey see the sign and think, gift shop? That's just too good to be true. But Jeannie May always points them back in my direction.
1339CliffBriscoeRecommendationWell, a friend of Jeannie May's is a friend of mine. And my friends get a discount at my store.
1340CliffBriscoeRocketFactoryOh, that? It's just a bit west of Novac, up in the mountains. Lots of broken equipment and such. Place is deserted. Or used to be, I guess.
1341CliffBriscoeRocketFactoryLately there's been talk of ghouls up that way, but I can't rightly say whether it's so or not. If you want to know more, ask old No-bark.
1342CliffBriscoeScienceRocket[SUCCEEDED] I, ah, well I don't really know. Would that sour you on buying one if it did?
1343CliffBriscoeSouvenirInfoThey're scale replicas of the real thing. Very detailed. Got a liquid in them that makes them glow.
1344CliffBriscoeSouvenirInfoFrom what I hear, REPCONN used to give them out on tours of their HQ up in Henderson.
1345CliffBriscoeSouvenirInfoBut I guess they had to stop after the first few kids thought they were filled with Nuka Cola and drank it down.
1346CliffBriscoeSouvenirInfoThe papers had a name for the condition and everything. They called it the "REPCONN Shakes." Those were bad times for RobCo.
1347CliffBriscoeWhatDoYouSellWell, there's t-rex figurines, of course. That's our bread and butter.
1348CliffBriscoeWhatDoYouSellWe also have an assortment of the REPCONN factory souvenirs - rockets, things of that nature.
1349CombatIdleChatterWe've trained for this. Stay cool.
1350CombatToLostLet me go take a look around.
1351CombatToLostDamn it. Where'd he go?
1352CombatToLostI bet I know where you went.
1353CombatToLostWhere'd you go?
1354CombatToLostI've lost visual. Moving to pursue.
1355CombatToLostTarget lost. Begin full grid search.
1356CombatToLostDoes anyone see the hostile?
1357CombatToLostWhere'd he go?
1358CombatToLostWhere'd she go?
1359CombatToLostThink you can hide, huh?
1360CombatToLostI can smell your fear.
1361CombatToLostDon't think I don't know where you are.
1362CombatToLostYou'd better hide.
1363CombatToLost{frustrated}You can't hide from me!
1364CombatToLost{angry}You won't escape me!
1365CombatToLost{frustrated}I'll find you!
1366CombatToLostShow yourself, Outsider.
1367CombatToLostCome out, come out, wherever you are.
1368CombatToLostDo you think you can hide from me?
1369CombatToLostYou're gonna pay for that when I find you.
1370CombatToLostWhere the fuck did you go?
1371CombatToLostWe'll find ya' one way or another.
1372CombatToLostTarget lost. Searching.
1373CombatToLostTarget lost. Attempting to reacquire.
1374CombatToLostTarget lost. Analyzing.
1375CombatToLost{Tabitha voice}Where'd they go, Rhonda?
1376CombatToLostDamn, this one's tricky!
1377CombatToLostBe on your guard! The enemy is still here!
1378CombatToLostDamn! Lost 'em!
1379CombatToLost{Genuinely puzzled}Huh? Where'd you go?
1380CombatToLostNot fair! Haven't killed you yet!
1381CombatToLostGet out here! Not done with you!
1382CombatToLostWhere'd you go?
1383CombatToLost{frustrated}I'll find you!
1384CombatToLost{angry}You won't escape me!
1385CombatToLost{frustrated}You can't hide from me!
1386CombatToLost{Sonar Beep}
1387CombatToLostDon't think you can just up and run away.
1388CombatToLostWhere'd you go? I ain't done with you.
1389CombatToLostDon't think you can get away.
1390CombatToLostWhoa. Spooky.
1391CombatToLostMust've blinked or something.
1392CombatToLostThat's right. Run!
1393CombatToLostWhere are you?
1394CombatToLostYou're out there!
1395CombatToLostNot crazy! You out there!
1396CombatToLostLost contact!
1397CombatToLostI don't see 'em!
1398CombatToLostStill around here somewhere.
1399CombatToLost{a bit exasperated}Where'd they go?
1400CombatToLostLost 'em.
1401CombatToLostWhere the hell?
1402CombatToLostHey! Come out and fight!
1403CombatToLostOh, come on, don't make the old guy chase you!
1404CombatToLostI can't see 'em!
1405CombatToLostBoss, where'd he go?
1406CombatToLost{Herself}Hide nor hair of them.
1407CombatToLostFucker pops back up, they'll wish they hadn't.
1408CombatToLost{Mutters}Picked the wrong time for hide and seek.
1409CombatToLostWhere'd you go?
1410CombatToLost{Gramma}Grandma will find them, sugar, don't you worry!
1411CombatToLostDo you see them, Leo? I don't see them!
1412CombatToLostCoulda sworn you was here!
1413CombatToLostNuts! You was just here...
1414CombatToLostGave me the slip.
1415CombatToLostCome on now and fight honorable like?
1416CombatToLostQuit your hidin' and fight!
1417CombatToLostPony up, now! Lord hates a coward.
1418CombatToLostWhere'd you go?
1419CombatToLostHmph. Tricky little bastard, ain't ya?
1420CombatToLostI know you're still out there.
1421CombatToLostCome out, finish this!
1422CombatToLostI know you're still out there.
1423CombatToLostWhere the hell did you go?
1424CombatToLostWhere are ya?
1425CombatToLostStrange... Ain't there no more.
1426CombatToLostWhere'd you go?
1427CombatToLostYou won't get away!
1428CombatToLostDamn, lost 'em!
1429CombatToLostI'm not done with you!
1430CombatToLostWhere the fuck are you?
1431CombatToLostQuit playin' games!
1432CombatToLostCome out here and fight!
1433CombatToLostHuhn?! Gary!
1434CombatToLostAlert. Target lock lost. Beginning search pattern delta seven.
1435CombatToLostAlert. Target lock lost. Neutralization by lethal force remains primary objective.
1436CombatToLostAlert. Target lock lost. Unneutralized hostile within perimeter.
1437CombatToLostWhere did you go? Was it something I said?
1438CombatToLostI'm coming to find you now. I'm afraid my programming does not allow me to let you get away.
1439CombatToLostYou're behaving very rudely. I wouldn't hide from you, if our positions were reversed.
1440CombatToLostDo not attempt to flee. You will be identified and sanctioned.
1441CombatToLostFugitive is attempting to evade capture. Beginning pursuit.
1442CombatToLostInitiating search for hostile target.
1443CombatToLostJust what I was hoping for. Trundling around looking for something that wants to blow me to flinders.
1444CombatToLostMust we play hide and seek now?
1445CombatToLostReady or not, here I come!
1446CombatToLostThat's a good start. Now just keep running and we'll call it even.
1447CombatToLostSomebody find me something to shoot at!
1448CombatToLostWho's got a target?
1449CombatToLostRestore contact with the enemy, goddammit!
1450CombatToNormalWell, that's the end of that.
1451CombatToNormalTeach you to mess with me.
1452CombatToNormalThat takes care of that.
1453CombatToNormalPhew. I'm glad that's over.
1454CombatToNormalSo fall the enemies of the Brotherhood.
1455CombatToNormalTechnology prevails.
1456CombatToNormalSituation handled.
1457CombatToNormalHostile eliminated.
1458CombatToNormalTag 'em and bag 'em.
1459CombatToNormalWe're done here.
1460CombatToNormalYou're lucky I didn't find you.
1461CombatToNormalThat's right, run.
1462CombatToNormalFucking chicken.
1464CombatToNormal{satisfied}That's it, run away.
1466CombatToNormalAh, forget it. I'm gonna go get a drink.
1467CombatToNormalI didn't think you had it in you.
1468CombatToNormalYou can run, but you can't hide forever.
1469CombatToNormalWe'll save a shell for you.
1470CombatToNormalGlad that's over with.
1471CombatToNormalGood riddance.
1472CombatToNormalForget about it.{Spoken as a single word - fagetabbadit, with frustration}
1473CombatToNormalAll clear.
1474CombatToNormal{relieved}I'm glad that's over with.
1475CombatToNormal{relieved}I guess that could have gone worse.
1476CombatToNormalGuess we made it.
1477CombatToNormalTarget lost. Engagement successful.
1478CombatToNormalTarget lost. No further action needed.
1479CombatToNormalTarget lost. Returning to non-combat operations.
1480CombatToNormal{Tabitha}What trickery is this? Only nightkin should vanish like that!
1481CombatToNormalLooks like I got my exercise for today.
1482CombatToNormalAnd that's that.
1483CombatToNormalThat'll teach them to mess with mutants.
1484CombatToNormalHa ha. Too weak.
1485CombatToNormalDone with you now.
1486CombatToNormal{Slightly melancholy}Fight's over. Back to boring walking around.
1487CombatToNormal{Grumbles}Stupid weak things never last long.
1488CombatToNormalAh, forget it. I'm gonna go get a drink.
1489CombatToNormalGlad that's over.
1491CombatToNormal{satisfied}That's it, run away.
1493CombatToNormal{Happy Beep}
1494CombatToNormalDone and done.
1495CombatToNormalDone and done.
1496CombatToNormalHope you enjoyed your stay in Freeside.
1497CombatToNormalAnd... we're done here.
1498CombatToNormalThe Kings reign supreme.
1499CombatToNormalIs that it?
1500CombatToNormal{Unintelligible frustrated mumbling}
1501CombatToNormal{Muttering, getting angrier towards the end}Not here...? Just saw, of course here� *shut up stupid head voice!*
1502CombatToNormal{Muttering}Stupid head voice.
1503CombatToNormalAll right, it's over.
1505CombatToNormalI've had worse.
1506CombatToNormalThat's enough of that.
1507CombatToNormalWow, I'm actually still alive. Who would have guessed?
1508CombatToNormalI'm sure our victory was purely thanks to your brilliant leadership, boss.
1509CombatToNormalI guess old guys are tougher than we look, huh?
1510CombatToNormal{Relieved}Glad that's over.
1511CombatToNormalIn no mood for hunting.
1512CombatToNormalIt's okay, sweetheart, the bad people are all gone now.
1513CombatToNormalThat will teach them to mess with my babies!
1514CombatToNormalLeo won't be happy there's no one else to chop!
1515CombatToNormalI'm supposed to be retired.
1516CombatToNormalNo more fightin' for me.
1517CombatToNormalThat's enough.
1518CombatToNormalLooks like they hightailed it.
1519CombatToNormalLooks like I run them off.
1520CombatToNormalGuess they threw up the sponge.
1521CombatToNormalThat wraps that up.
1523CombatToNormalGuess I'm done here.
1524CombatToNormalYou should've known better.
1525CombatToNormalWell, that's that.
1527CombatToNormalAh, well.
1528CombatToNormalExcitement's over, I guess.
1529CombatToNormalKids these days...
1530CombatToNormalGlad that's over with.
1531CombatToNormalGuess you're not so tough.
1532CombatToNormalProbably afraid of me.
1533CombatToNormalHad enough? I thought so.
1534CombatToNormalYeah, I'd run away, too.
1535CombatToNormalFucked you up, bitch! And you know it!
1536CombatToNormalHaha! Gary!
1537CombatToNormalGary, Gary, Gary!
1538CombatToNormalAwww, Gary.
1539CombatToNormalThreat analysis: green. Neutralization operation complete.
1540CombatToNormalThreat analysis: green. Security operation successful. Resuming normal operation.
1541CombatToNormalHostiles neutralized. Recommend immediate repairs to primary systems to ensure continued operation.
1542CombatToNormalI'm glad that's over.
1543CombatToNormalI'm sorry it had to end this way.
1544CombatToNormalI'll always remember you. My memory circuits have almost unlimited capacity.
1545CombatToNormalSituation... normal. Law and order has been restored.
1546CombatToNormalAttention citizens. You may now resume your normal activities.
1547CombatToNormalLaw and order has prevailed.
1548CombatToNormalA little peace and quiet, at last.
1549CombatToNormalWell, that's it then.
1550CombatToNormalThat's enough excitement for one day.
1551CombatToNormalThat's how we do things in the U.S. army! Hoo-ah!
1552CombatToNormalTime to hit the showers!
1553CombatToNormalAnother glorious day in the U.S. army!
1554CompanionGoodbyeAll right, then.
1555CookCookFiendsCourse I do. You want to meet them? Heh. Even money whether Violet's dogs rip you apart or Nephi caves in your skull with that iron of his.
1556CookCookFiendsCourse I do. You want to meet them? Heh. Even money whether Violet's dogs rip you apart or Nephi caves in your skull with that iron of his.
1557CookCookFiendsAnd after they're done... I get to play with whatever's left.
1558CookCookFoodThat's right. Brahmin, mole rats, lizards... the occasional traveler lost in the wrong part of town.
1559CookCookFoodNot Queenie though. I'd never cook my Queenie.
1560CookCookIntroWho am I? I'm the scariest motherfucker you're ever gonna meet. I'm Cook-Cook, bitch, better not forget it.
1561CookCookIntroIf I had to guess, it's because I cook shit for the rest of the gang. I'm a {draw this out}good cook. Maybe I'll make you dinner sometime.
1562CookCookNCRNCR? Bunch of soft little bitches, they've got no stomach for life in the wasteland. Got some choice strange, though, I'll give 'em that.
1563CookCookNCR{Revoltingly fond reminiscence}Heh heh... yeah. I'll give 'em *that* all right.
1564CookCookQueenie*That's* Queenie. She's the prettiest Brahmin in the Wastelands. {Really creepy baby talk}Aren't you, Queenie, yes you are, who's a good girl?
1565CraigBooneAreYouGoingToKillMeNot unless you give me a reason.
1566CraigBooneClosestToProofGoddamn it. This wasn't supposed to be a guess. He might not have done a goddamn thing.
1567CraigBooneClosestToProofGoddamn it. This wasn't supposed to be a guess. She might not have done a goddamn thing.
1568CraigBooneClosestToProofGet out. I don't ever want to see you here again. And you stay the hell away from me.
1569CraigBooneComeWithMeYou don't want to do that.
1570CraigBooneCulpritObviousWell, that's about all the proof I could hope for, I guess. Here. This is all I can give. I think our dealings are done here.
1571CraigBooneDoAfterThisI don't know. I won't be staying, I know that. Don't see much point in anything right now, except hunting legionaries.
1572CraigBooneDoAfterThisMaybe I'll wander, like you.
1573CraigBooneDoesntAffectMeWait. You just got into town. Maybe you shouldn't go. Not just yet.
1574CraigBooneFoundBillOfSaleI guess I shouldn't be surprised. It'd be like them to keep paperwork.
1575CraigBooneFoundBillOfSaleHere. This is all I can give. I think our dealings are done here.
1576CraigBooneFriendlyConversationI don't have friends here.
1577CraigBooneHowDoYouKnowShesDeadI know, all right? And that's all you need to know.
1578CraigBooneJustAHunchYou didn't have any proof?
1579CraigBooneKillMoreTogetherYeah. That might be true. And that's reason enough for me to take you up on it, I suppose. But this isn't gonna end well.
1580CraigBooneKillMoreTogetherFine. Let's get out of here.
1581CraigBooneLeavingDon't come here again till it's over.
1582CraigBooneLookingAroundThere's nothing up here.
1583CraigBooneMeetingNewPeopleI think you'd better leave.
1584CraigBooneNoI don't know who you think you're kidding. I've lived here for more than a year.
1585CraigBooneNoAnyway, I need someone I can trust, and you may be a liar, but you're also a stranger. And that's a start.
1586CraigBooneNotFromHereNo. No you're not, are you? Maybe you shouldn't go. Not just yet.
1587CraigBooneOnlyTrustStrangersI said it was a start. This town... nobody looks me straight in the eye anymore.
1588CraigBooneOutlawNo. People die out there. Often enough that no one worries about blame. They're too anxious to forget it happened in the first place, I guess.
1589CraigBooneOutlawBesides. I was on break when it happened.
1590CraigBooneSeeWhatICanDoGood. I'll make it worth your while. And one more thing. We shouldn't speak again. Not until it's over.
1591CraigBooneSeeWhatICanDoNo one in town knows that I know what happened to my wife. Best they never know. Or the Legion will be after me next.
1592CraigBooneSnipersWorkInTeamsHnh. Yeah. Working on your own, you're a lot less effective. I've been there and paid for it.
1593CraigBooneSnipersWorkInTeamsBut this isn't gonna end well.
1594CraigBooneStoryDidntAddUpYou didn't have any proof?
1595CraigBooneStoryDidntAddUpYou didn't have any proof?
1596CraigBooneTrackDownWifeMy wife's dead. I want the son of a bitch who sold her.
1597CraigBooneVictimSpeechFailNo confession? No evidence? What good is that?
1598CraigBooneVisitorsYeah. I guess maybe I am. But not like you.
1599CraigBooneVisitorsHuh. Maybe it should've been you I was expecting all along.
1600CraigBooneVisitorsWhy are you here?
1601CraigBooneWantedYouToKillYou sick bastard. You'd better be ready to join him.
1602CraigBooneWantedYouToKillYou sick bastard. You'd better be ready to join her.
1603CraigBooneWantMeToDoI want you to find something out for me. I don't know if there's anything to find, but I need someone to try.
1604CraigBooneWantMeToDoMy wife was taken from our home by Legion slavers one night while I was on watch.
1605CraigBooneWantMeToDoThey knew when to come and what route to take, and they only took Carla. Someone set it up. I don't know who.
1606CraigBooneWhatIfIFindThisPersonBring him out in front of the nest here while I'm on duty. I work nights.
1607CraigBooneWhatIfIFindThisPersonI'll give you my NCR beret to put on. It'll be our signal, so I know you're standing with him.
1608CraigBooneWhatIfIFindThisPersonAnd I'll take care of the rest. I need to do this myself.
1609CraigBooneWhatWasISupposedToDoFind out who had Carla kidnapped. Bring him out in front of the dinosaur while I'm working my shift.
1610CraigBooneWhatWasISupposedToDoLet me know it's him by putting on the beret I gave you. That's it. Now go on.
1611CraigBooneWhyIsThatI need someone I can trust. You're a stranger. That's a start.
1612CraigBooneWrongDinosaurYeah, looks that way.
1613CraigBooneYoureRightYou've done enough for me. What's coming next, that's something for me to deal with on my own.
1614CrandonJoinUpYou want to help us out? What makes you think we want you around here, huh?
1615CrandonNorthVegasWe've been here for a few years, just looking for a place we can call our own.
1616CrandonNorthVegasLife's harsh, but still, it beats the hell out of the desert. We've got numbers, we've got food, and we've got trade. That's progress, stranger.
1617CrandonStuffToDoKeep your nose to the ground, stranger, that's what. Mind your own business and let us mind our own, are we clear?
1618CrandonStuffToDoIf you've got a mind to loot the old H&H Tools factory, don't even bother. That place is sealed tighter than a Radscorpion's bunghole.
1619CrandonStuffToDoEvery salvager who tries gets blown up, flattened, or gutted by traps. Then he starts to stink up the town and we're the ones to clean up the mess.
1620CrandonStuffToDoRepeatThat's right, the H&H Tools factory on the main drag. It's been sealed for ages, and it's lousy with traps. Still, might be something valuable to you.
1621CrandonTownWatchJules, myself, and a few others patrol the streets and sewers. Any punks come up out of the rest of the city, we give 'em the run off.
1622CrandonTownWatchLike I told you, we look out for each other here. Me, Jules, and a few others make sure any trouble stays the hell out of our streets.
1623CrandonWatchStage1Some squatters decided to take space where they don't belong, over by the playground. We'd prefer to keep 'em off the streets and out of sight.
1624CrandonWatchStage1Maybe you could go and talk to them... convince them to see things our way.
1625CrandonWatchStage1Good work with those newcomers. I think you can handle more serious business... with more serious rewards.
1626CrandonWatchStage1There's a handful of greasers down in the sewers causing trouble. They ain't packing too much iron, but I'd like them dealt with all the same.
1627CrandonWatchStage2Good work with those newcomers. I think you can handle more serious business... with more serious rewards.
1628CrandonWatchStage2There's a handful of greasers down in the sewers causing trouble. They ain't packing too much iron, but I'd like them dealt with all the same.
1629CrandonWatchStage3You know, this time I may actually need a gun with a brain.
1630CrandonWatchStage3Talk to Mrs. Hostetler. She's near the Crimson Caravan. I think her daughter's making bad "friends," the kind that'll slit your throat in the dark.
1631CrandonWhoAreYouName's Crandon, stranger. I keep an eye out for trouble around here.
1632Crippled{Critically Injured}I'm gonna need some new limbs.
1633Crippled{crippled limbs}I could use a Doctor's Bag if you have any handy.
1634Crippled{Critically Injured}Need a medic.
1635Crippled{Critically Injured}Can't feel all my limbs.
1636Crippled{Crippled in the leg, grim}Tagged me, need a doctor bag.
1637Crippled{Crippled in the leg, grim}Not firing on all pistons here.
1638Crippled{Critically injured}A doctor's bag and some whiskey, if you don't mind.
1639Crippled{Critically injured}Gonna lose a limb if I don't get some meds.
1640Crippled{Critically injured}If I get gangrene before we find a doctor...
1641Crippled{Critically injured}{Gramma's}Grandma's limbs aren't doing too well, pumpkin.
1642Crippled{Critically injured}Yes it hurts, Leo, but the doctors can fix me right up!
1643DavisonAntlerLookAtStop looking at Antler!
1644DavisonAntlerLookAtNo eyes on Antler! You make him nervous!
1645DavisonAntlerLookAtEyes to yourself, human!
1646DavisonAntlerLookAtYour eyes on Antler! Stop looking!
1647DavisonAntlerTouchedYou touched Antler!
1648DavisonAntlerTouchedNow you pay!
1649DavisonAntlerTouchedAntler is my friend!
1650DavisonAntlerTouchedAntler loves me! Not you!
1651DavisonAntlerTouchedNo one touch Antler but ME!
1652DavisonDieNever! Antler protects! You feel Antler's horns now!
1653DavisonDisagreeNever! Antler protects! You feel Antler's horns now!
1654DavisonFakeGoodbyeNo. Antler says you are solution. Plus can't have you skulking around, making trouble.
1655DavisonFakeGoodbyeDo as Antler says, or feel his horns. Up to you.
1656DavisonFakeGoodbyeNo! Antler was clear! Do as Antler says or feel Antler's HORNS!
1657DavisonFoundSBAlreadyLiar! The invoice said Stealth Boys here! Antler read it out loud to me!
1658DavisonGhoulInfoA ghoul. But not squishy like others. This ghoul is tough.
1659DavisonGhoulInfoI thought Antler said send my kin into that room, but three died. Ghoul is a crack shot and set traps too.
1660DavisonGhoulInfoAfter, I realize I heard Antler wrong. So I lock the door to keep kin out and wait for Antler to tell me what to do.
1661DavisonGhoulInfoThen you come along. Antler says you are solution.
1662DavisonGhoulInfoPay attention when I speak! I said ghoul is a crack shot and sets traps!
1663DavisonGhoulInfoToo dangerous for us. Okay for you.
1664DavisonHaveStealthBoysBut invoice note said Stealth Boys were here! Why can't that note be true?
1665DavisonHaveStealthBoysWhat, Antler? ...But human could be lying! Stealing the Stealth Boys for itself!
1666DavisonHaveStealthBoysOh, Antler... You trust so easy...
1667DavisonHaveStealthBoysYour lucky day, human. Antler believe you. Nightkin will follow the new note to find Stealth Boys. Better be there.
1668DavisonHelpHowGood. Antler brought us here for a reason... Why was that, Antler?
1669DavisonHelpHowRight! A piece of paper. Shipment invoice. Hundreds of Stealth Boys, sent here a long time ago...
1670DavisonHelpHowBut Stealth Boys must be in the one room one we don't search yet - the one we can't search.
1671DavisonHelpHowTold you already. Antler wants Nightkin to have all the Stealth Boys in the bad room. With the ghoul.
1672DavisonMyStealthBoysAntler bring us here for hundreds of Stealth Boys, human. Antler thinks big. Antler IS big.
1673DavisonMyStealthBoysAntler don't bring us here for Stealth Boys some puny human carry. Pull head out of your ass.
1674DavisonNoStealthBoysYetKeep looking... Antler wants Nightkin to have them.
1675DavisonNoStealthBoysYetFind them or Antler's horns find you.
1676DavisonOKI am in command of my faculties! In command of my troops!
1677DavisonOKAntler guides me in all things! As I in turn guide my kin!
1678DavisonOtherOptionA human who is friend to ghouls? Suspicious.
1679DavisonOtherOptionYou mean the ones upstairs. Antler used intercom, told them stay put. But they want to come down in basement anyways?
1680DavisonOtherOptionI cannot allow. My kin are... not right in head like I am. They attack you on sight. Ghouls too. They crazy.
1681DavisonOtherOptionYour ghoul friends have to wait until you find what Antler brought us to get.
1682DavisonOtherOptionNo trouble wanted? Too bad. Trouble finds you!
1683DavisonOtherOptionYou come here for a reason, human! Antler say so!
1684DavisonOtherOptionYou do as Antler says, or you feel Antler's horns!
1685DavisonStealthBoysAgreeWhat you saying, human?
1686DavisonStealthBoysAgreeYes, Antler says we leave here as soon as we get Stealth Boys.
1687DavisonStealthBoysAgreeLet me give you key. Antler had me lock the door. The ghoul inside not expecting a human. Maybe he don't shoot you. Maybe he will.
1688DavisonStealthBoysAgreeYes, Antler says we leave here as soon as we get Stealth Boys.
1689DavisonStealthBoysAgreeLet me give you key. Antler had me lock the door. The ghoul inside not expecting a human. Maybe he don't shoot you. Maybe he will.
1690DavisonWhoAreYouMe? I am devoted to Antler. But before Antler? Hmm...
1691DavisonWhoAreYouCaptain, once. Last name, Davison. First name... don't remember.
1692DavisonWhoAreYouI commanded a troop of Nightkin. The Master's elite. A great honor, very proud.
1693DavisonWhoAreYouSomething happened. We wandered the desert. Life without Master was... hard. The others' minds going strange, going crazy.
1694DavisonWhoAreYouBut then I found us new master. I find us Antler!
1695DavisonWhoAreYouSince then, everything's been going really well.
1696DavisonWhoIsAntlerWho is Antler? WHO IS ANTLER?
1697DavisonWhoIsAntlerAntler, the human asks about you! What do I tell it? All right.
1698DavisonWhoIsAntlerAll right... Yes, yes, of course.
1699DavisonWhoIsAntlerWho Antler is, not important to you. Antler wants that you deal with me.
1700DavisonWhoIsAntlerCut it out, human. Serious. Final warning.
1701DavisonWhoIsAntlerYou did it now! Antler's horns stabbing! Antler MAD!
1711Death{dying}See you soon.
1712Death{dying}I'll do better next time, promise!
1713Death{dying}Back to the drawing board!
1714Death{dying}Gosh darn it!
1715Death{dying}This is my fault!
1719Death{Tabitha voice}I... am... supreme...
1720Death{Death sound 1 - scream}
1721Death{Death sound 2 - grunt}
1722Death{Death sound 3 - gurgle}
1723DeathNot... like this...
1726Death{Death sound 1}
1727Death{Death sound 2}
1728Death{Death sound 3}
1731DeathNot... done...
1732DeathNot... unh...
1738Death{Death Noise 1}
1739Death{Death Noise 2}
1740Death{Death Noise 3}
1741Death{Death Noise 2}
1742Death{Death Noise 1}
1743Death{Death Noise 3}
1744Death{Death Noise 2}
1745Death{Death Noise 3}
1746Death{Death Noise 1}
1747Death{Death Noise 2}
1748Death{Death Noise 3}
1749Death{ED-E Death Sound}
1750Death{Death sound}
1751Death{Death sound}
1752Death{Death sound}
1753Death{death grunt}
1754DeathGot me...
1755DeathDamn... it...
1756Death{Death sound 1}
1757Death{Death sound 2}
1758Death{Death sound 3}
1771DeathAntler... I have failed you.
1772DeathSystems failu--
1773DeathPrimary systems offline.
1774DeathWarning! Warn--
1775DeathOh no.
1776DeathI'll miss you.
1777DeathWhat are you--
1778DeathFailure state.
1779DeathUnable to contin...
1780DeathMultiple failures de--
1781DeathOh, I say.
1782DeathIt's all going dark...
1783DeathSo that's it then?
1784DeathTell my mama I've done my best.
1785DeathPin my medals upon my chest.
1786DeathBox me up and ship me home.
1795DeathResponseThey killed him!
1796DeathResponseThey killed her!
1797DeathResponseLook out!
1798DeathResponseWe'll get 'em.
1799DeathResponseFlank 'em!
1800DeathResponseMan down!
1801DeathResponseRest in peace, Brother.
1802DeathResponseYou will be avenged, Brother.
1803DeathResponseDamn it!
1804DeathResponseMan down!
1805DeathResponseI'm going to{gonna} blow you to pieces.
1806DeathResponseStupid shit.
1807DeathResponseOh yeah! That means more for me.
1808DeathResponseLet's rock.
1809DeathResponseI'm going to make you bleed.
1810DeathResponseAlright, its on now!
1811DeathResponseKeep fighting!
1812DeathResponsePress on!
1813DeathResponseDie, Profligate!
1814DeathResponseDeath to the Legion's enemies!
1815DeathResponseFor {KAI-zar}Caesar!
1816DeathResponseDarn it...
1817DeathResponseWhat a waste...
1818DeathResponseMeaner than a rattlesnake, ain't ya?
1820DeathResponseDamn it to hell!
1821DeathResponseYou'll pay for that!
1824DeathResponseGoddamn it!
1825DeathResponseBlast it!
1826DeathResponseGod dammit...
1827DeathResponseYou'll pay for that...
1828DeathResponseYou'll pay for that!
1830DeathResponseWe've got a man down here!
1831DeathResponseMan down!
1833DeathResponseGo, go, go!
1834DeathResponseDamn, there goes a big earner.
1835DeathResponseFuck, that's not good.
1836DeathResponseI'm gonna kick your ass.
1837DeathResponseTime to die, Outsider!
1838DeathResponseYou wanna piece of this?
1839DeathResponseLet's get this goin'.
1840DeathResponsePartner unit disabled.
1841DeathResponseDestruction of law officers is a capital offense.
1842DeathResponseYou bastard!
1843DeathResponseI'll kill you for that!
1845DeathResponseMade me mad now!
1846DeathResponseTry killing {stressed}me!
1847DeathResponseYou die next!
1848DeathResponseNow you've gone and done it.
1849DeathResponseMan down!
1850DeathResponseYou'll pay for that!
1851DeathResponsePress on!
1852DeathResponseKeep fighting!
1853DeathResponseYou'll pay for that!
1855DeathResponseThink you can take me down too?
1858DeathResponseAh, hell.
1860DeathResponse{grimly: eht een ahr-kay-dee-ah eh-goh, "I too was an Arcadian."}Et in Arcadia ego.
1861DeathResponse{surprised}Oh! {sad}Dammit.
1862DeathResponseWell, crap.
1864DeathResponse{Quiet}Their trouble's all gone.
1865DeathResponseGone to their reward.
1866DeathResponse{Warning}Running out of friends...
1867DeathResponseOne of ours is down!
1868DeathResponseWake up, sleepyhead! {Uncertain, doesn't realize the person is dead}Wake up? ...Please?
1869DeathResponseOh, no! {Gramma's}Grandma's little pumpkin! Rraaaargh!
1870DeathResponseThis can't be happening!
1871DeathResponsePlease no!
1872DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic000I know I'm not young and pretty any more, but I appreciate the thought all the same. {grinning}Here, take the parts, you flatterer.
1873DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic001The way I heard it, the Brotherhood of Steel ran the place before the NCR took it away from them. I'm not sure who started shooting first.
1874DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic001But, when it was over, the Brotherhood, with all their fancy armor and weapons, was on the run. Nobody's heard from them since.
1875DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic002All right, then.
1876DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic004Take care, now.
1877DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic005Happy to do it.
1878DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic006Sure thing. Let me have a look.
1879DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic007Doctor Henry? Now there's a name I haven't heard in years. Hard to believe he's still alive.
1880DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic007As for your request, it's, uh, a bit ghoulish if you ask me, but Rey is pretty old and I'll probably have to put him down soon enough.
1881DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic007As for the price for this favor, 700 caps sounds about right. Rey's like family, and I've got other dogs to take care of.
1882DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic008Certainly did. Hubby and me had an old rad meter to help us tell the difference between what you could salvage and what'd kill you.
1883DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic008I kept a glowing container from REPCONN around here for years serving no better purpose than a nightlight. Damn thing wouldn't sell.
1884DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic008Then along comes the most peculiar-looking fellow, all decked out in a yellow radiation suit, of which he was proud all out of proportion.
1885DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic008The man outright asked if I had anything radioactive for sale - imagine that! But he paid handsome for that jar of goop.
1886DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic008Only saw him that once. He said something about heading over to Clark Field to put his suit through its paces. A strange one, he was...
1887DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic009As it so happens, I do have some thrust modules, but they're expensive. 500 caps worth of expensive.
1888DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic010Still got them. 250 caps and they're yours.
1889DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic010Still got them. 500 caps and they're yours.
1890DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic011Sometimes it seems like I spent the better portion of my youth in that old wreck of a building.
1891DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic011Me and my hubby, may the man rest in peace, used to scavenge there. If it weren't bolted down, you can bet we took it and sold it.
1892DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic011A lot of the scrap you see around here is from REPCONN, even my favorite chair.
1893DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic013[SUCCEEDED] Eh, fair enough. It's not like anyone's ever wanted to buy them before. 250 caps it is.
1894DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic013[FAILED] Oh, I don't know about that. Lots of folks travel by on their way to New Vegas.
1895DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic014[SUCCEEDED] Ha! Yes, you are quite the smoothtalker. What the hell - 250 it is.
1896DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic014[FAILED] Oh, you're charming in your own way, I suppose. Not budging on the price for those parts, though.
1897DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic015Pleasure doing business with you.
1899DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic018A pleasure doing business with you.
1900DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic019Well, I'll give you a hint - they used to just call me Gibson. I hope you can figure out the rest.
1901DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic019I don't mind, to be honest. Living long is a real accomplishment these days. Remains to be seen if I end up dying peaceful in my bed.
1902DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic020No worries. I'll hold onto those parts for you.
1903DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic023{to a dog}Here, Rey! Mama's got something for you.
1904DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic024[SUCCEEDED] Fair enough. {to a dog}Here, Rey! Mama's got something for you.
1905DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic024[FAILED] I happen to disagree. 700 caps, and that's my one and only offer.
1906DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic025All right, then.
1907DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic026Like I said before, give me 700 caps and Rey's brain is yours.
1908DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic027He and I had joined up with the same caravan. Add in a lot of whiskey, and, well, let's just say we got to know each other.
1909DianeCaesarDon't worry, Jack and I have talked it over. We'll talk up the idea of breaking the alliance.
1910DianeCaesarAnders got back a little while before you did, he told me what happened. If that's how the Legion treats my people, I don't want any part of them.
1911DianeCaesarHey, it's not like I'm super-attached to working with Caesar or anything, but if it'll stop his patrols from harassing my runners, I'm all for it.
1912DianeWorkI don't have any compelling reason to trust you, given your behavior. So no, I'm not really inclined to give you a job.
1913DianeWork{Thoughtful}Hmm... you look like you could handle yourself in a fix. All right, I'll tell you what. Anders, one of my best runners, is overdue to report back.
1914DianeWorkIf you can find out what happened to him, I'll give you some real work.
1915DianeWorkGreat! Here's your payment.
1916DianeWorkAnd you didn't even get skinned alive. I'm impressed. Here's your payment.
1917DianeWorkLike I said, find Anders first, then we'll see about trusting you with more work.
1918DianeWorkYeah, you did good finding him. Okay, if you want a little work, I think I can find you something.
1919DianeWorkOkay, if you want a little work, I think I can find you something.
1920DianeWorkNot right at the moment, but you could talk to Jack - he's always looking for new recipes.
1921DianeWorkOrdinarily I would, but it seems like all our clients have ended up dead. You could talk to Jack - he's always looking for new recipes.
1922DianeWorkDiane handles most of the transactional elements of this little enterprise, but I'm always in the market for new recipes if you've got the spark.
1923DoctorAddictionMaybe you are and maybe you aren't, but I don't give my help to enemies of the NCR. Maybe you can find a raider "medic" to fix you up.
1924DoctorAddictionHey, pipe down. We can't talk about that here, out in the open.
1925DoctorAddictionOh, you mean you want a cure. Oh.
1926DoctorAddictionIf you've seen half the things I've seen out in the Wasteland, I can't say I blame you. I might be able to help with that.
1927DoctorAddictionWell, then, take two shots of whiskey and call me in the morning. Heh heh, little doctor humor. Okay, let's have a look.
1928DoctorAddictionI can't say that's something I treat all the time, but I should have something to help you through it.
1929DoctorAddictionSure. I can help you out.
1930DoctorAddictionNOSuit yourself. But you'll find out that your habit will cost you more than that in the end.
1931DoctorAddictionNOSuit yourself. But you'll find out that your habit will cost you more than that in the end.
1932DoctorAddictionNOSuit yourself. But you'll find out that your habit will cost you more than that in the end.
1933DoctorAddictionNOIf that doesn't work, you could always try using some chems.
1934DoctorAddictionNOSuits me - I've got plenty of other patients to take care of.
1935DoctorAddictionNOHeh. Good luck with that. Just try to remember the Cazadores crawling out of your skin aren't real.
1936DoctorAddictionNOBut on the off chance they are, come back and see me.
1937DoctorAddictionNOYou're making a mistake, but that's just my opinion. What do I know, after all? I've only studied medicine my entire life.
1938DoctorAddictionNOSuit yourself.
1939DoctorAddictionYESOkay, there you are. The convulsions should stop in the next one to twelve weeks. If they don't, try holding on to something that's very still.
1940DoctorAddictionYESAll right, there you go. And don't complain about the taste.
1941DoctorAddictionYESAnd there we go. Now, try to stay off the stuff, you hear?
1942DoctorAddictionYESWhy didn't you say so? No problem. I'll give you my free cure. Here, lean in. It's a special doctor secret.
1943DoctorAddictionYESStop doing chems!
1944DoctorAddictionYESHey, I'd love to help you out of the goodness of my heart, but I have an awful lot of patients to consider.
1945DoctorAddictionYESThere, that's got it. Do be so eager to sample dangerous substances in the future, okay?
1946DoctorAddictionYESSorry, my supplies are rather limited, and we can only get more by trading. Which requires money. Money you don't have. Come back when you have some.
1947DoctorAddictionYESOkay... all done.
1948DoctorAddictionYESCome back when you actually have the money, you damn junkie.
1949DoctorAddictionYESOkay. Hold still. I don't want to make this any more painful than it already is.
1950DoctorHenryToCalamity01How are those readings looking, Calamity?
1951DoctorHenryToLily01All right, power on the Stealth Boy, Lily.
1952DoctorHenryToLily02Interesting. Try thinking aggressive thoughts now. Think about smashing a Radscorpion.
1953DoctorHenryToLily03All right, we're done here. Go ahead and power the Stealth Boy down, Lily.
1954DoctorHenryToLily04I'll get back to you on that in a moment. Once I've analyzed the results - uh, oh.
1955DoctorMedicalDon't think because I'm a Ghoul, I'm stupid. You're fine.
1956DoctorMedicalIs this a trick question? I don't even see a scratch on you.
1957DoctorMedicalInjured... ha! This is just a nick. If you can't tough it out and you want to be fixed up it'll cost you 50 caps.
1958DoctorMedicalI don't see anything wrong with you.
1959DoctorMedicalMaybe you are and maybe you aren't, but I don't give my help to enemies of the NCR. Maybe you can find a raider "medic" to fix you up.
1960DoctorMedicalLet me take a look. {Beat}Really? That's it? You've got a few scrapes and a hangnail. Come back when you're really hurt.
1961DoctorMedicalYou got to be kidding me. You're fine - this is just a ploy to get a free sucker, isn't it?
1962DoctorMedicalLet's see... Physically, you're fine. Emotionally... well, I'm not the right kind of doctor for that.
1963DoctorMedicalI don't see nothing wrong with you.
1964DoctorMedicalThat's not the worst injury I've seen - hell, it's not even the worst this week. I think we can patch you up.
1965DoctorMedicalThis doesn't look too bad. We'll have you good as new in no time.
1966DoctorMedicalThat's not so bad. I'll have you looking good as new. I mean, what are the chances of me botching another routine procedure in the same day?
1967DoctorMedicalDon't look like nothing too serious. Lemme patch you up.
1968DoctorMedicalUnless you dipped that in cheese fondue, I'd say it's infected. Let me fix that up for you.
1969DoctorMedicalSure. I can help you out.
1970DoctorMedicalYeah, that's looking pretty bad. I think we can do something about it though - just a minute.
1971DoctorMedicalDamn, that's got to hurt. Okay, hold still, it's gonna get worse before it gets better.
1972DoctorMedicalJesus, I don't think that's supposed to just dangle like that. And what the hell is that thing there?
1973DoctorMedicalIt's gonna be expensive. Try not to speak. Just nod yes or no.
1974DoctorMedicalHoly God, what battlefield did you just crawl off of? I'm going to be honest, this is kind of out of my league, but I'll do what I can.
1975DoctorMedicalI wasn't going to say anything, but when you walked in here I thought you were a ghoul. We better get to work on this quick.
1976DoctorMedicalThis? This is nothing. You should see some of the wounds I've seen paladins come back with.
1977DoctorMedicalThat's not so bad. I should be able to treat you rather quickly.
1978DoctorMedicalBy Steel, I haven't seen wounds like these since HELIOS. I've got to get you treated quickly.
1979DoctorMedicalI'm sorry, but is that supposed to be a joke? There's nothing wrong with you. I can tell just by looking.
1980DoctorMedicalI'd hesitate to even call this a wound, but if you insist. 50 caps should cover my expenses.
1981DoctorMedicalYeah, you could do with some work. It'll set you back 75 caps, but well worth it.
1982DoctorMedicalThis is pretty bad, but I've seen worse. Still, it's going to cost 75 caps to get you back on your feet.
1983DoctorMedicalYeah, you look almost as bad as I do. Of course, I'm supposed to look this way and you aren't. 100 caps will do it for my expenses.
1984DoctorMedicalDid you get the number of that Brahmin that trampled you? Sheesh! If you want me to stitch you back together, it'll be 100 caps.
1985DoctorMedicalI don't see anything wrong with you.
1986DoctorMedicalSure, I could patch you up. Nothing too serious. I don't work for free though.
1987DoctorMedicalSure, I could patch you up. Nothing too serious. I don't work for free though.
1988DoctorMedicalYou're right. You do need a doctor. Lucky I happened along. But first let's discuss my fee...
1989DoctorMedicalYou're not kidding. You're in bad shape, friend. I'd be happy to fix you up... for a reasonable fee.
1990DoctorMedical33YESAll right, I'll just get my scalpel here, and... ugh. Did I leave that sitting outside? Well, you know what? Free tetanus shot!
1991DoctorMedical33YESOkay. Hold still.
1992DoctorMedical33YESOkay, that's about the best I can do. Try not to get hurt that bad again, it's not like I've got an endless supply of bandages.
1993DoctorMedical33YESAll right, just hold steady. Want a shot of whiskey to calm your nerves? Mind if I have one? Heh heh, little doctor humor there.
1994DoctorMedical33YESDarn it! That money was going to help pay to get me some medical training.
1995DoctorMedical33YESWell, come back when you do. I'll be here.
1996DoctorMedical33YESThen I'm sorry, but I don't have any treatment for you. My priority is helping the refugees here at this camp.
1997DoctorMedical33YESThen I can't help you much. Now, maybe if you enlisted....
1998DoctorMedical33YESThis might take a while. Close your eyes and try to relax, and we'll begin.
1999DoctorMedical33YESI'm afraid protocol prevents me from treating you then.
2000DoctorMedical33YESThis won't hurt a bit. Nah, just kidding. It will probably hurt a lot. Hold still.
2001DoctorMedical33YESThis won't hurt a bit. Nah, just kidding. It will probably hurt a lot. Hold still.
2002DoctorMedical33YESFor crying out loud. Get out of my face then.
2003DoctorMedical66YESAll right, I'll just get my scalpel here, and... ugh. Did I leave that sitting outside? Well, you know what? Free tetanus shot!
2004DoctorMedical66YESOkay. Hold still.
2005DoctorMedical66YESDarn it! That money was going to help pay to get me some medical training.
2006DoctorMedical66YESWell, come back when you do. I'll be here.
2007DoctorMedical66YESOkay, that's about the best I can do. Try not to get hurt that bad again, it's not like I've got an endless supply of bandages.
2008DoctorMedical66YESThen I'm sorry, but I don't have any treatment for you. My priority is helping the refugees here at this camp.
2009DoctorMedical66YESAll right, just hold steady. Want a shot of whiskey to calm your nerves? Mind if I have one? Heh heh, little doctor humor there.
2010DoctorMedical66YESThen I can't help you much. Now, maybe if you enlisted....
2011DoctorMedical66YESThis shouldn't take too long. Just close your eyes and relax.
2012DoctorMedical66YESI'm afraid protocol prevents me from treating you then.
2013DoctorMedical66YESThis won't hurt a bit. Nah, just kidding. It will probably hurt a lot. Hold still.
2014DoctorMedical66YESThis won't hurt a bit. Nah, just kidding. It will probably hurt a lot. Hold still.
2015DoctorMedical66YESFor crying out loud. Get out of my face then.
2016DoctorMedical99YESAll right, I'll just get my scalpel here, and... ugh. Did I leave that sitting outside? Well, you know what? Free tetanus shot!
2017DoctorMedical99YESOkay. Hold still.
2018DoctorMedical99YESDarn it! That money was going to help pay to get me some medical training.
2019DoctorMedical99YESWell, come back when you do. I'll be here.
2020DoctorMedical99YESOkay, that's about the best I can do. Try not to get hurt that bad again, it's not like I've got an endless supply of bandages.
2021DoctorMedical99YESThen I'm sorry, but I don't have any treatment for you. My priority is helping the refugees here at this camp.
2022DoctorMedical99YESAll right, just hold steady. Want a shot of whiskey to calm your nerves? Mind if I have one? Heh heh, little doctor humor there.
2023DoctorMedical99YESThen I can't help you much. Now, maybe if you enlisted....
2024DoctorMedical99YESThis shouldn't take too long. Just close your eyes and try to relax.
2025DoctorMedical99YESI'm afraid protocol prevents me from treating you then.
2026DoctorMedical99YESThis won't hurt a bit. Nah, just kidding. It will probably hurt a lot. Hold still.
2027DoctorMedical99YESThis won't hurt a bit. Nah, just kidding. It will probably hurt a lot. Hold still.
2028DoctorMedical99YESFor crying out loud. Get out of my face then.
2029DoctorMedicalContNOGlad to be able to help.
2030DoctorMedicalContYESYeah? What is it?
2031DoctorMedicalNOSometimes ignoring something is the best medicine.
2032DoctorMedicalNOSuit yourself.
2033DoctorMedicalNOSwing back by if you change your mind. I'll see what I can do for you.
2034DoctorMedicalNOYou want to play tough guy, that's no skin off my nose.
2035DoctorMedicalNOYou want to play tough gal, that's no skin off my nose.
2036DoctorMedicalNONot my clinical opinion, but so be it.
2037DoctorMedicalNOSuit yourself.
2038DoctorMedicalSpeechWell... I guess I could make an exception. 50 caps -- but that's my final offer.
2039DoctorMedicalSpeechAll right. But don't let it get around, or I'll have every dirty waster begging me for help.
2040DoctorMedicalSpeechFine. 100 it is. But don't think this makes us friends. This is a special, one-time offer, understand?
2041DoctorRadiationSure can. Quick and easy.
2042DoctorRadiationI don't give my help to enemies of the NCR. Maybe you can find a raider "medic" to fix you up.
2043DoctorRadiationAre you sure? You won't be able to read in the dark as well.
2044DoctorRadiationSure. I can help you out.
2045DoctorRadiationWell, one thing we do have is a good supply of Rad-Away. Sure, I can help you with that.
2046DoctorRadiationNo, sorry, we're totally unprepared to deal with radiation sickness.
2047DoctorRadiationHa ha, just kidding, of course I can!
2048DoctorRadiationWe always make sure to keep an ample supply of Rad-Away. Most of us haven't had the exposure outsiders like you take for granted.
2049DoctorRadiationNOIn that case, stand just like that for a second. I want to make some toast.
2050DoctorRadiationNOSuit yourself.
2051DoctorRadiationNOAll right, but don't blame me if you end up sterile.
2052DoctorRadiationNOWhatever you say. Hey, is that a little patch of ghoul rot on your cheek there?
2053DoctorRadiationNOSuit yourself. I'm sure there are ghouls and other mutants who once said the same thing.
2054DoctorRadiationNOIf that's the way you want it, it's all the same to me.
2055DoctorRadiationYESOkay. And remember, if this doesn't help, try taking a bath in tomato juice.
2056DoctorRadiationYESOkay... all done.
2057DoctorRadiationYESJust stand still and try to ignore the tingling.
2058DoctorRadiationYESThis might tickle a little. Or it might cause searing, agonizing pain to shoot through your body. You never know.
2059DoctorRadiationYESI bet you could make some of the money letting people work on their tans next to you.
2060DoctorRadiationYESWell, come back when you do. I'll be here.
2061DoctorRadiationYESWell, if you scrounge it up, the help is here waiting for you.
2062DoctorRadiationYESThen I can't help you much. Now, maybe if you enlisted....
2063DoctorRadiationYESHere we go. You'll be rad-free in no time.
2064DoctorRadiationYESThen I can't help, sorry. Just following protocol.
2065DoctorRadiationYESThen I can't help you. Sorry.
2066DoctorRadiationYESAnd a quick shot... all done.
2067DoctorSuppliesI guess I can spare a few things.
2068DoctorSuppliesI don't give my help to enemies of the NCR. Maybe you can find a raider "medic" to fix you up.
2069DoctorSuppliesYeah, and I need {emph}sterile medical supplies. But let's see what I have with me.
2071DoctorSuppliesI'd love to help you out, but I'm pretty strapped here as it is. I really don't have anything to sell you.
2072DoctorSuppliesHmm... well, I am better set for supplies now that you helped me out. I guess I can part with some of them.
2073DoctorSuppliesHere's what I've got.
2074DoctorSuppliesI suppose I have a few things around that I can spare.
2075DustyMcBrideHowsBusinessYou must mean what's left of it. Somebody's been attacking our animals at night. We're down to less than half of what we had a few weeks back.
2076DustyMcBrideLookAtWhoDidItBeg your pardon mister, but them two-headed beeves ain't worth getting shot over.
2077DustyMcBrideLookAtWhoDidItNot to mention what would happen if half of what No-bark says is true.
2078DustyMcBrideLookAtWhoDidItBest we can hope is that whoever's doing this'll move on, or get tired of it. I just hope it happens while we still got animals left.
2079DustyMcBrideLookAtWhoDidItWhoever it is, I don't think they're from around town. Seems like they've taken to shooting from the west side.
2080DustyMcBrideLookAtWhoDidItBeg your pardon ma'am, but them two-headed beeves ain't worth getting shot over.
2081DustyMcBrideLookAtWhoDidItNot to mention what would happen if half of what No-bark says is true.
2082DustyMcBrideLookAtWhoDidItBest we can hope is that whoever's doing this'll move on, or get tired of it. I just hope it happens while we still got animals left.
2083DustyMcBrideLookAtWhoDidItWhoever it is, I don't think they're from around town. Seems like they're usually shooting from the west side.
2084DustyMcBrideLosingLivestockLosing don't describe it. It's a massacre. Few more days and there won't be nothing left to lose.
2085DustyMcBrideNoOneWillAttackWell I don't know how you done it, but I do know how I can thank you. Please take this, compliments of Alice and myself.
2086DustyMcBrideNoOneWillAttackAnd help yourself to anything in that freezer over yonder. We got more steaks in there than we'd be able to eat in a year.
2087DustyMcBrideNoOneWillAttackWell we surely appreciate for what you done for us. Even without our stock, just having peace of mind means the world to us.
2088DustyMcBrideNoOneWillAttackTake this, compliments of Alice and myself. We'd give you more if we could, knowing you risked your neck for us.
2089DustyMcBrideNotDoneYetWell don't worry yourself too much over it. We'll get by.
2090DustyMcBrideSeeIfICanHelpWe'd be grateful. Especially if you find 'em before they get my whole stock. But don't go getting yourself killed over it.
2091DustyMcBrideSeeIfICanHelpAlice and I'll find a way to make do. Always have.
2092DustyMcBrideTellMeWhatYouKnowEvery night around midnight Alice and I'll wake up to some crazy hollering and gun shots. You'd think the world was ending all over again.
2093DustyMcBrideTellMeWhatYouKnowBut it's just one animal each night. They don't take it or carve it up or nothing. Just leave it there, all full of holes.
2094DustyMcBrideTellMeWhatYouKnowWell, it's the strangest thing. Last time it happened I could swear I heard someone cry out for help. Sounded like a big fella.
2095DustyMcBrideTellMeWhatYouKnowBut when we finally got up the gumption to go look outside all we found was our cattle. And I know what they sound like when they get upset.
2096DustyMcBrideTellMeWhatYouKnowI can't imagine what went on. Dusty can probably tell you more about it.
2097DustyMcBrideWhatDoYouDoOh, I tend to my ranch, that's about it. Alice'll tell you. I don't get out a whole lot.
2098EDEContinueLog1Eyebot Duraframe Subject E is both the prototype, and the last functional model in this test group.
2099EDEContinueLog1I was prepared to make several significant upgrades to the machines.
2100EDEContinueLog1However, as the project was canceled and all Duraframe assets are being diverted to Hellfire Armor, I am sending this model to the Navarro outpost.
2102EDEFoundTopicHold up there, that looks like Enclave tech. Take that over to Knight Lorenzo if you get a moment, he may be able to get some information out of it.
2103EDELog1Subject E: Diagnosis complete. Begin Recording.
2104EDELog1My name is Whitley. I'm a researcher at Adams Air Force base. Until recently I was in charge of the Duraframe reinforcement project for the combat model Eyebots.
2105EDELog2Download Complete. Begin Recording.
2106EDELog2Navarro outpost scientists, I am glad that ED-E has reached you. You will find several databanks of information on this machine.
2107EDERadioConversationUh... Hello? Hi. Are you there? Oh, right. You can't respond.{Pause} Listen, I'm using your robot as a relay to get this message to you.
2108EDERadioConversationI've picked up some unusual chatter regarding your robot. It seems that it has some information that we could use. Oh wait, where are my manners?
2109EDERadioConversationThis is Lorenzo, a Knight with the Brotherhood of Steel. We'd be very interested in examining your tech.
2110EDERadioConversationWhenever you get a chance, can you bring your robot back to Hidden Valley so I can take a look at it?
2111EDERadioConversationHi, sorry to break in, he sounded truly riveting. I don't want to keep you much longer, but I'd like to make a counter suggestion.
2112EDERadioConversationI'm with the Followers of the Apocalypse. We are much more liberal about the sharing of technology than those Brotherhood...{pause} People.
2113EDERadioConversationBring your robot to us, we'll see that whatever information it may have on it is used for the greater good.
2114EDERadioConversation2Uh... Hello? Hi. Are you there? Oh, right. You can't respond.{Pause} Listen, I'm using your robot as a relay to get this message to you.
2115EDERadioConversation2I've picked up some unusual chatter regarding your robot. It seems that it has some information that we could use. Oh wait, where are my manners?
2116EDERadioConversation2This is Lorenzo, a Knight with the Brotherhood of Steel. We'd be very interested in examining your tech.
2117EDERadioConversation2Could you bring your robot to one of our patrols so they can examine it? I'll have the robot mark the location on your map.
2118EDERadioConversation3Hi there, my name is April Martimer. I monitored a communication earlier between you and someone with the Brotherhood of Steel.
2119EDERadioConversation3I'm with the Followers of the Apocalypse. We are much more liberal about the sharing of technology than those Brotherhood...{pause} People.
2120EDERadioConversation3Bring your robot to us, we'll see that whatever information it may have on it is used for the greater good.
2121EDERadioConversation4Hi there, my name is April Martimer. I've heard through various channels that you have some... curious robot with you.
2122EDERadioConversation4I'm with the Followers of the Apocalypse, we'd love to have the opportunity to examine the technology on that machine.
2123EDERadioConversation4We'll make sure whatever information we find is used for the greater good - and who knows, I may be able to give it some kind of upgrade for you.
2125EDETopicTestOh, well if you change your mind let me know. I have some parts here I can use to upgrade his armor if you leave it with me for a bit.
2126EzekielGreatKhansOh my, yes! They're a fascinating tribe with a long and, unfortunately, tragic history.
2127EzekielGreatKhansTheir original incarnation, much farther out west, was almost completely wiped out by one of those itinerant heroes so common in the post-War years.
2128EzekielGreatKhansThen of course the "New Khans" suffered a similar fate, some say at the hands of the same hero, though of course the dates are all wrong for that.
2129FiendBadShit1Where'd you get it from?
2130FiendBadShit1Fuck! I did too. I'm not doing well.
2131FiendBadShit2I don't know. If you can't trust dealers, who can you trust?
2132FiendBadShit2I got it from my buddy. I think he made it himself.
2133FiendCookCookGriefNo! Queenie! Hahahaha! I'm going to burn the world for you, Queenie!
2134FiendGotAnyJet1All I have is Psycho.
2135FiendGotAnyJet1Nope, not for you at least.
2136FiendGotAnyJet2Lying bitch.
2137FiendGotAnyJet2Fuck, I need a fix.
2138FiendMoreChems1I got some to last me a little bit I think.
2139FiendMoreChems1Yeah, me too. Gonna have to go hit the boss for a fix soon.
2140FiendMoreChems2I gave my last hit of Psycho to this hot little chick last night.
2141FiendMoreChems2Motor-Runner told me he was going to pick up some more when the Khans come back through.
2142FiendMotorRunner1Damn, are you serious? He was one tough son of a bitch.
2143FiendMotorRunner1Good, I hated that fucker.
2144FiendMotorRunner2Yeah. Can't say I'm sad to hear he's gone. I should take over.
2145FiendMotorRunner2Must have been some NCR. I know they've been gunning for him.
2146FiendNeedAFix1I can't help you.
2147FiendNeedAFix1You and me both.
2148FiendNeedAFix2Damn, I gotta find some shit.
2149FiendOuttaMyFaceSorry. I'm moving.
2150FiendOuttaMyFaceI didn't say anything.
2151FiendShakes1Yeah, you don't look too good.
2152FiendShakes1Me too. I think I need a fix.
2153FiendShakes2I don't feel right. My head is fucking with me.
2154FiendShakes2Shit. I gotta go find something to take the edge off.
2155FiendWhatLooking1I'm not looking at anything.
2156FiendWhatLooking1I'm looking at you.
2157FiendWhatLooking2Get the fuck out of may way.
2158FiendWhatLooking2Well keep moving.
2159FireExplosiveGet down!
2161FireExplosiveFrag out!
2162FireExplosiveFire in the hole!
2163FireExplosiveLet's see you handle this!
2164FireExplosiveFire in the hole!
2165FireExplosiveSuppressing fire!
2166FireExplosiveEat shrapnel, bitch.
2167FireExplosiveI'm going to{gonna} blow you to pieces.
2168FireExplosive{throwing grenade}Explosive, brothers!
2169FireExplosive{throwing grenade}Look out, brothers!
2170FireExplosiveOh yeah, now it's on.
2171FireExplosive3, 2, 1, contact!
2172FireExplosiveFire in the hole!
2173FireExplosiveYou got a deathwish?
2174FireExplosiveYou want to rock? Let's rock.
2176FireExplosiveGet down!
2177FireExplosiveDeploying grenades.
2178FireExplosiveFiring grenades.
2179FireExplosive{Rhonda voice}This one's for all my listeners!
2180FireExplosiveSpecial delivery!
2181FireExplosive{Yelling at end}From me, to you!
2182FireExplosiveThink you can handle this?
2183FireExplosiveHave one on me!
2184FireExplosiveHere, catch!
2185FireExplosiveBoom! Ha ha ha ha!
2187FireExplosive{throwing grenade}Look out, brothers!
2188FireExplosive{throwing grenade}Explosive, brothers!
2189FireExplosiveGet down!
2191FireExplosiveHere, on me!
2192FireExplosive{Grunt as you throw grenade}
2193FireExplosive{Snarl as you throw grenade}
2194FireExplosiveGet down!
2195FireExplosiveFire in the hole!
2196FireExplosiveLook out!
2197FireExplosiveIt's gonna blow!
2198FireExplosiveMind the explosion!
2199FireExplosiveMight want to watch the explosives, boss!
2200FireExplosiveDuck and cover!
2201FireExplosiveFuse lit!
2202FireExplosiveAbout to get loud!
2203FireExplosiveThis is going to be loud, sweetie!
2204FireExplosiveCover your eyes, pumpkin, or you'll go blind!
2205FireExplosiveGet outta the way!
2206FireExplosiveLook out!
2209FireExplosiveFire in the hole!
2211FireExplosiveHeh heh!
2212FireExplosiveWatch this!
2213FireExplosiveHit the dirt!
2214FireExplosiveGet the hell down!
2216FireExplosiveHere, take this!
2217FireExplosiveFire in the hole!
2218FireExplosiveEat this!
2219FireExplosiveUm, Um. Gary!?
2220FleeI'm out of here!
2221FleeThis is hopeless!
2224FleeFall back!
2226FleeFall back!
2227FleeThis isn't like the sims!
2228FleeI didn't mean it, don't kill me.
2229FleeI don't need this.
2230FleeI'm out of here{outta}.
2231Flee{scared}Fall back!
2232Flee{scared}Run, brothers!
2234FleeTime to am-scray!
2235FleeI'm just slave! I'm not worth it!
2236FleeNo way I'm sticking around here.
2237FleeBack to base!
2238FleeCover me!
2239FleePull back!
2240FleeFuck this shit.
2241FleeI'm gettin the fuck outta here.
2242FleeI don't want to die!
2244FleeGotta pull back!
2245Flee{apologetic}Sorry! I'm out!
2246FleeFall back!
2248FleeThis is hopeless!
2249FleeI'm out of here!
2250FleeIs it okay that I'm running away?
2251FleeLet me give you some space!
2252FleeIt isn't you, it's me!
2255FleeExcuse me.
2257FleeI'm out of here!
2258FleeBattle cattle! Run for your lives!
2259FleeRun away!
2261FleeToo strong!
2262FleeTime to am-scray!
2263FleeFall back!
2265Flee{scared}Run, brothers!
2266Flee{scared}Fall back!
2267Flee{Deny Beep}
2268FleeTime to get scarce!
2269FleeFuck this!
2270FleeI'm out of here!
2271FleeI just remembered I gotta be somewhere else!
2273Flee{Panicked yell 1}
2274Flee{Panicked yell 2}
2275FleeNeed to regroup!
2276FleeDamn it all to hell!
2277FleeBrought too many bullets and not enough stimpaks!
2278FleeBleeding out pretty bad here!
2279FleeWe need more firepower!
2280FleeThey're in too close!
2281FleeWe're overwhelmed!
2282FleeWe've gotta run!
2283FleeThis old man's retreating, boss!
2284FleeYeah, I really don't want to be here right now.
2285FleeOh sure, make the old man run!
2286FleeNot looking to die here.
2287FleeMe and courage are out of here.
2288FleeBlood's running, and I'm going to follow.
2289FleeWhy the hell do I follow you into things like this?
2290FleeThey want me, they'll have to catch me.
2291FleeGet away from them, sweetie! Follow {gramma}grandma!
2292FleeNo, Leo, we have to run away now! No more chopping!
2293Flee{Afraid}Get away! Get away!
2294FleeI should go!
2295FleeAin't no place for me!
2296FleeGotta get out while the getting's good.
2298FleeTime to skedaddle!
2299FleeI best be on my way.
2301FleeI've got a bar to tend!
2302FleeThis ain't worth it!
2306FleeI'm outta here!
2307FleeEvery man for himself!
2309FleeFuck this!
2311FleeI gotta get outta here!
2312FleeThat's it for me!
2313FleeAh, screw this!
2314FleeI'm outta here!
2315FleeLeave me alone!
2316FleeI'm getting out of here!
2317FleeI give up!
2319FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrderYou're the boss, boss.
2320FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrderEasy as a heart transplant.
2322FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrderAll right.
2323FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrderI buy that.
2324FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrder{Confirmation Beep}
2325FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrder{confirmation bark}
2326FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrderMakes sense to me.
2327FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrderI hear you.
2328FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrderGot it.
2329FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrderNo need to get bossy, dear. {Gramma}Grandma can hear you.
2330FollowersFiredIf that's what you think.
2331FollowersFiredGood call! I mean, if that's what you really want, boss.
2332FollowersFiredWhy does everyone always say that?
2333FollowersFired{Curious Beep}
2334FollowersFired{joking}I thought my charm could win you over, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Are you sure you want me to go?
2335FollowersFired{sad whimper}
2336FollowersFired{Little regretful}If you're sure... your loss.
2337FollowersFired{Teasing}What no music? {Sarcastic}I'll hold the tears 'til I'm gone.
2338FollowersFiredIf you're sure... your loss. {Beat, under breath}Can't say I couldn't use a break from you for a while.
2339FollowersFiredAww, {gramma}grandma will miss her little pumpkin! Are you sure?
2340FollowersFiredI think I may have misheard that order.
2342FollowersFiredNoYour decisiveness is truly a wonder to behold, boss.
2343FollowersFiredNo{"Thought so."}Mmm hm.
2344FollowersFiredNoWhat is this, the Hokey Pokey?
2345FollowersFiredNo{Happy Beep}
2346FollowersFiredNo{happy bark}
2347FollowersFiredNoDon't be playing with my heart now, gets me pissed.
2348FollowersFiredNoYou {emph}sure now? All right.
2349FollowersFiredNoEither shoot or don't, but don't be wishing and washing about it.
2350FollowersFiredNo{Mutters}You're like a switchblade stuck on flick.
2351FollowersFiredNo{Told to stay or go}Going to give a lightswitch a run for its money. Click click click.
2352FollowersFiredNoOh, pumpkin, you make {gramma}grandma so happy!
2353FollowersFiredNoExcellent. Will do.
2354FollowersFiredYesAll right. Guess I'll be around Novac for a while longer, until I figure out what I want to do with myself. See you around.
2355FollowersFiredYesThat's why you're the boss. You always make the right decisions. I'll just head home. Home to my lonely, abandoned shack in the middle of nowhere.
2356FollowersFiredYesOkay. Then I guess I'll be back at the 188. Maybe digging in some dirt for scrap metal or something.
2357FollowersFiredYes{Confirmation Beep}
2358FollowersFiredYesI'll head back to the Old Mormon Fort. If you need me, just swing by.
2360FollowersFiredYes{Slight sass, told to leave}Fine then.
2361FollowersFiredYes{Slight sass, told to leave}I'll get out of your hair, then.
2362FollowersFiredYesAll right, then, dearie. Now you promise to come visit {gramma}grandma soon, you hear?
2363FollowersFiredYesSuiteI'll make my way there.
2364FollowersFiredYesSuite{sighing}Back to the tomb, I suppose. If you need me, et cetera.
2365FollowersFiredYesSuiteNice! Can I order room service?
2366FollowersFiredYesSuite{Confirmation Beep}
2367FollowersFiredYesSuiteHey, as long as you're not asking me to go back to Black Mountain, I'm a happy old man.
2368FollowersFiredYesSuite{confirmation bark}
2369FollowersFiredYesSuite{Wary, doesn't like 38}All right... don't be long. {Under her breath}Robots there give me the creeps.
2370FollowersFiredYesSuite{Wary, doesn't like 38}All right. Guess Vegas it is.
2371FollowersFiredYesSuite{Wary, doesn't like 38}Back to the gilded cage.
2372FollowersFiredYesSuiteNice children shouldn't stay in places like that, dearie! That's the sort of place Leo likes! But if you insist....
2373FollowersHiredHuh. Well, let me know when there's room for me.
2374FollowersHiredI'm ready when you are.
2375FollowersHiredSorry boss, but as much as I'd like to risk getting killed by your side, you seem to already have some help.
2376FollowersHiredYou have quite the menagerie at your disposal. If you can get the posse down to "small gang" size, I'll happily go with you.
2377FollowersHiredAs the old saying goes, two's company, but three's a small army. Okay, I'm paraphrasing a bit, but you get the idea.
2378FollowersHiredThere's something about that robot that doesn't seem... all right to me. I'm not saying we shouldn't take it with us.
2379FollowersHiredI'm just saying that if it were to "fall" into Lake Mead and be irreparably damaged... and if you threw an EMP grenade in after it...
2380FollowersHiredWell, there are worse things happening in the world, right?
2381FollowersHiredAfter spending thirty years of my life hiding my association with the Enclave, I'd {emph}love to stroll the wasteland with a twitchy Eyebot.
2382FollowersHiredBack in your good graces again? I knew you'd see the light.
2383FollowersHiredA courier, doctor, and a cybernetic dog. After we deal with the whole "imminent conquest of New Vegas" problem, we should open an act at the Tops.
2384FollowersHiredWords cannot contain my excitement at the chance to throw myself headlong into danger with you again, boss.
2385FollowersHiredLet's go make trouble.
2386FollowersHiredOoo. Sorry. Don't want to be a third wheel, you know?
2387FollowersHired{Sad Beep}
2388FollowersHired{Happy Beep}
2389FollowersHired[Rex growls at ED-E's presence.]
2390FollowersHired{double bark}
2391FollowersHiredCan't be any worse than here.
2392FollowersHiredAll right then, let's get the train rolling.
2393FollowersHiredYou got one too many by my count.
2394FollowersHiredNot in the mood for a threesome. {Beat, under her breath}Today.
2395FollowersHiredWhat, you teasing me? Lose one, then ask me again.
2396FollowersHiredThat'd be lovely, dearie.
2397FollowersHiredOh no, dearie, three makes a crowd.
2398FollowersHiredSir, I regret to inform you that this unit cannot accept orders from an irresponsible officer!
2399FollowersHiredIt is a soldier's duty to soldier, not to play hero!
2400FollowersHiredSir, I regret to inform you that this unit cannot accept orders from an officer under a Court Martial!
2401FollowersHiredSir, I apologize, but a squad is less effective when it is over crowded.
2402FollowersLetsGoI've got your back.
2403FollowersLetsGoRight behind you, boss.
2404FollowersLetsGoLead the way.
2405FollowersLetsGoAw, just when the standing around was getting exciting.
2406FollowersLetsGo{Happy Beep}
2407FollowersLetsGo{happy bark}
2408FollowersLetsGoLet's hit the road.
2409FollowersLetsGoLet's roll out, then.
2410FollowersLetsGoAll right, dearie, let's go.
2411FollowersLetsGoNotYet1No time to dilly-dally, sir! What is it?
2412FollowersLetsGoNotYet2Old war-bots never die! We just rust away.
2413FollowersOverburdenedHey, I can't really move, now. But I'll follow you in spirit.
2414FollowersOverburdenedGonna be hard covering you when I can't move my legs.
2415FollowersOverburdened{a little annoyed}I'm not exactly in Power Armor over here, so why don't you help lighten my load a bit?
2416FollowersOverburdened{sad whimper}[Rex is overburdened and is having difficulty keeping up with you.]
2417FollowersOverburdened{Irritated}Carrying too much shit to move.
2418FollowersOverburdened{Irritated}Pinned down here carrying your bags.
2419FollowersOverburdened{annoyed}I'm not standing here because I'm overburdened with emotion. Take some of this stuff off of me so I can move a little more easily.
2420FollowersOverburdenedNeed to lighten my load.
2421FollowersOverburdened{Irritated}What did you give me, bricks?
2422FollowersOverburdened{Under heavy strain, being sarcastic}Hey, don't worry about it, boss. The decrepit old man can easily carry all your stuff for you. Really.
2423FollowersOverburdenedDidn't your mother ever tell you it's polite to help an old lady carry her bags?
2424FollowersStealthing{Going stealthy, quiet}Bad guys won't see us coming.
2425FollowersStealthing{Going stealthy, quiet, "We're hunting wabbits"}Shhhh... we're hunting shitheads.
2426FollowersStealthing{Going stealthy, quiet}Holding my breath.
2427FollowersStealthing{Going stealthy, quiet}Keeping quiet.
2428FollowersStealthing{hushed, not confident in his abilities}O... kay. I'll do my best.
2429FollowersStealthing{quietly}Just as a warning, my covert bandaging skills are a little rusty.
2430FollowersStealthing{Going stealthy, quiet}Staying low.
2431FollowersStealthingKeeping quiet... unless my creaking knees give us away.
2432FollowersStealthingSure, boss. The old man will crawl around in the dirt to keep hidden.
2433FollowersStealthingThis crouch-walking is hell on my back, boss.
2434FollowersStealthingRight, because a ghoul in a vaquero outfit is really going to blend in with the scenery.
2435FollowersStealthingOh, don't you worry about me, dearie, your {gramma}grandma knows how to stay quiet.
2436FollowersTacticsYou wanna do something different?
2437FollowersTacticsOh, this should be good. I mean, what's on your mind, boss?
2438FollowersTacticsI'll defer to your judgment, naturally.
2439FollowersTacticsAm I punching too much? I get carried away.
2440FollowersTactics{Makes laser sounds}
2441FollowersTactics{questioning aroo}
2442FollowersTactics{Wary}I'm listening.
2443FollowersTactics{To herself}Tactics ain't the word I'd use.
2444FollowersTacticsSo talk then.
2445FollowersTactics{Frowns}Got my attention.
2446FollowersTacticsOf course, dearie, I'll do whatever you want. I can't make any promises about Leo, though.
2447FollowersTacticsCombatIf you think it'll help.
2448FollowersTacticsCombat{worried}I'll do my best.
2449FollowersTacticsCombatIn what way, boss?
2450FollowersTacticsCombatMy recommendation - more punching.
2451FollowersTacticsCombat{laser sound}
2452FollowersTacticsCombat{questioning aroo}
2453FollowersTacticsCombatMy {emph}style suits me just fine. But go ahead anyway.
2454FollowersTacticsCombat{Defensive}Well, we all ain't got Pip-VATS on our wrists.
2455FollowersTacticsCombatYou expecting a fight?
2456FollowersTacticsCombatOhhh, Leo might not like that, but I'll try, sweetheart.
2457FollowersTacticsCombatAggressiveJust like you said five minutes ago. Don't worry, boss, I got it.
2458FollowersTacticsCombatAggressiveUnderstood. I won't hesitate.
2459FollowersTacticsCombatAggressiveShoot first, poke bodies later. Got it, boss.
2460FollowersTacticsCombatAggressiveI'm already doing that.
2461FollowersTacticsCombatAggressiveGood. Makes things simple.
2462FollowersTacticsCombatAggressiveYou mean like, even more?
2463FollowersTacticsCombatAggressiveBeats waiting till they shoot me first.
2464FollowersTacticsCombatAggressive{Dunce sound}
2465FollowersTacticsCombatAggressive{Sonar Beep}
2466FollowersTacticsCombatAggressive{annoyed growl - already doing what the player wants}
2467FollowersTacticsCombatAggressive{confirmation bark}
2468FollowersTacticsCombatAggressive{Eager}I'll do like I'm doing then - {slight evil, likes hurting people}except I'll try to smile less.
2469FollowersTacticsCombatAggressive{Slight confusion}What, was I not doing it right before?
2470FollowersTacticsCombatAggressive{To herself}Got a habit of repeating yourself.
2471FollowersTacticsCombatAggressiveNever get tired of hearing that.
2472FollowersTacticsCombatAggressive{Eager}Now we're talking.
2473FollowersTacticsCombatAggressiveWith a smile.
2474FollowersTacticsCombatAggressiveYou can keep repeating yourself all day, dearie, but I remember what you said.
2475FollowersTacticsCombatAggressiveThat's eactly what Leo told me to do!
2476FollowersTacticsCombatENDNo arguing here.
2477FollowersTacticsCombatEND{Getting a little tired of talking}As long as we're not here all day.
2478FollowersTacticsCombatEND{Getting a little tired of talking}Long as it's not a lecture.
2479FollowersTacticsCombatENDI'm listening.
2480FollowersTacticsCombatENDNot a problem.
2481FollowersTacticsCombatENDI'm listening.
2482FollowersTacticsCombatENDWhatever you say, boss.
2483FollowersTacticsCombatENDYeah. Shake things up a little.
2484FollowersTacticsCombatEND{Confirmation Beep}
2486FollowersTacticsCombatENDWhatever you like, dearie.
2487FollowersTacticsCombatGOODBYERight behind you.
2488FollowersTacticsCombatGOODBYEYou got it.
2489FollowersTacticsCombatGOODBYEAfter you.
2490FollowersTacticsCombatGOODBYECount me in.
2491FollowersTacticsCombatGOODBYE{Confirmation Beep}
2492FollowersTacticsCombatGOODBYE{confirmation bark}
2493FollowersTacticsCombatGOODBYELet's hit the road.
2494FollowersTacticsCombatGOODBYERoad's not getting any shorter.
2495FollowersTacticsCombatGOODBYEAll right, let's get this caravan rolling.
2496FollowersTacticsCombatGOODBYEDon't you want to give {gramma}grandma some sugar first?
2497FollowersTacticsCombatMeleeNot my strong suit, but okay.
2498FollowersTacticsCombatMeleeRight. Got it. I'll just stop using this melee weapon and instead use a melee weapon. Good idea, boss.
2499FollowersTacticsCombatMeleeIf you would like me to die very rapidly, this is clearly the best tactical choice.
2500FollowersTacticsCombatMeleeSure, I'll stop using my rather effective gun and switch to, ah, this piece of metal tubing here. Great plan, boss.
2501FollowersTacticsCombatMeleeYou mean like this melee weapon right here in my hand at this very second?
2502FollowersTacticsCombatMeleeYes! Finally. Everything's coming up Veronica.
2503FollowersTacticsCombatMelee{beep Laugh}
2504FollowersTacticsCombatMelee{dunce Beep}
2505FollowersTacticsCombatMelee{puzzled aroo}[Rex defaults to melee attacks since he has no ranged weapons.]
2506FollowersTacticsCombatMelee{Pleased}All right.
2507FollowersTacticsCombatMelee{Wary, under her breath}As long as I'm not bringing a knife to a shootout.
2508FollowersTacticsCombatMelee{Eager}Good, my fists were getting bored.
2509FollowersTacticsCombatMelee{Eager}Gives me a chance to practice my backhand.
2510FollowersTacticsCombatMelee{Eager}Throw some whiskey in the mix, and I'm game.
2511FollowersTacticsCombatMelee{Eager}Time to make some new friends.
2512FollowersTacticsCombatMeleeOh dearie me, I thought I already was! Have I been confused all this time?
2513FollowersTacticsCombatMeleeOh, I'm so glad, peanut. Leo finds chopping people so much easier.
2514FollowersTacticsCombatPassiveI'm already doing that.
2515FollowersTacticsCombatPassiveThat's sounding dangerously close to a plan, boss.
2516FollowersTacticsCombatPassiveI'm hardly a whirlwind of death when left to my own devices, but all right.
2517FollowersTacticsCombatPassiveI'm already doing that.
2518FollowersTacticsCombatPassiveI'll follow your lead.
2519FollowersTacticsCombatPassive{Confirmation Beep}
2520FollowersTacticsCombatPassiveI like this plan where you're the decoy.
2521FollowersTacticsCombatPassiveWhat a coincidence! I've been doing that all this time!
2522FollowersTacticsCombatPassive{puzzled aroo}[Rex is already waiting for you to attack enemies first.]
2523FollowersTacticsCombatPassive{confirmation bark}
2524FollowersTacticsCombatPassive{Slight confusion}Thought I was already holding back.
2525FollowersTacticsCombatPassiveHeard you the first time, no need to repeat yourself.
2526FollowersTacticsCombatPassive{Mutters}Guess it's leftovers for me.
2527FollowersTacticsCombatPassive{Mutters}Slim pickings, but all right.
2528FollowersTacticsCombatPassiveYes, dearie, that's what {gramma}grandma's been doing. And Leo isn't happy about it, either.
2529FollowersTacticsCombatPassive{Concerned}Ohh, Leo's not going to like that....
2530FollowersTacticsCombatRangedYeah, you and me both.
2531FollowersTacticsCombatRangedYou mean like the one I'm already using, boss?
2532FollowersTacticsCombatRanged{sounds great to him}No arguments from me.
2533FollowersTacticsCombatRangedSure thing, boss.
2534FollowersTacticsCombatRanged{Dunce Beep}
2535FollowersTacticsCombatRanged{happy Beep}
2536FollowersTacticsCombatRanged{Hopeful}Does jumping at them with my fists count as ranged? {Then, dejected} Fine.
2537FollowersTacticsCombatRangedAre you talking to me, or a future Veronica who is not already doing that?
2538FollowersTacticsCombatRanged{sad whimper}[Rex is incapable of ranged attacks and will continue using melee attacks.]
2539FollowersTacticsCombatRanged{Pleased}Could use a little target practice.
2540FollowersTacticsCombatRanged{Pleased}Music to my ears.
2541FollowersTacticsCombatRanged{Pleased}Dad'd approve.
2542FollowersTacticsCombatRanged{Eager to shoot some bad guys}Line the bottles up, I'm ready.
2543FollowersTacticsCombatRangedWell, if you insist, but Leo isn't going to like it much.
2544FollowersTacticsCombatRangedNow now, dearie, there's no need to repeat yourself. {Gramma}Grandma hears just fine.
2545FollowersTacticsDistance{Confused}What, I got whiskey on my breath?
2546FollowersTacticsDistance{Player asks for distance, Cass thinks PC farted}Look, if you ripped one, I don't care.
2547FollowersTacticsDistance{Herself}Washed a hundred times, Brahmin smell never gets out.
2548FollowersTacticsDistanceSorry - travelling the Mojave don't exactly leave me smelling like a rose.
2549FollowersTacticsDistanceJust tell me where you want me.
2550FollowersTacticsDistanceWe can do that.
2551FollowersTacticsDistanceWhat are you saying, exactly?
2552FollowersTacticsDistanceAm I stepping on your shoes or something, boss?
2553FollowersTacticsDistance{Confirmation Beep}
2555FollowersTacticsDistanceWhat's the matter, dearie? Afraid {gramma}grandma will embarass you in front of your little friends?
2556FollowersTacticsDistanceWhat's the matter, dearie? Do you miss having {gramma}grandma close by?
2557FollowersTacticsDistanceDefaultAny closer and you'd need a Rad-Away, boss.
2558FollowersTacticsDistanceDefaultOkay, I'll keep it tight.
2559FollowersTacticsDistanceDefaultI'm not going to wander off, but okay.
2560FollowersTacticsDistanceDefaultHey, now. You're gonna have to buy me dinner first.
2561FollowersTacticsDistanceDefaultThis is as close as I get until you turn into a leggy brunette.
2562FollowersTacticsDistanceDefaultSorry. I get distracted. Been scavenging too long.
2563FollowersTacticsDistanceDefaultOh, I wouldn't dream of getting too far away, boss.
2564FollowersTacticsDistanceDefault{Homing Beep}
2565FollowersTacticsDistanceDefault{confirmation bark}
2566FollowersTacticsDistanceDefaultAbout as close as I can get without crawling up your ass.
2567FollowersTacticsDistanceDefaultAny closer, I'm stepping in your boots.
2568FollowersTacticsDistanceDefaultAlready am... 'less you're getting fresh on me.
2569FollowersTacticsDistanceDefaultGonna need a wedding ring first.
2570FollowersTacticsDistanceDefaultSorry, was lagging behind there.
2571FollowersTacticsDistanceDefaultKeep your shirt on, I'm coming.
2572FollowersTacticsDistanceDefaultAll right, I'll rein it in.
2573FollowersTacticsDistanceDefaultBringing up the rear.
2574FollowersTacticsDistanceDefaultIf I get any closer, I might squish you! And that would make {gramma}grandma sad.
2575FollowersTacticsDistanceDefaultAww, someone misses {gramma}grandma!
2576FollowersTacticsDistanceENDI'm always eager for more of your scintillating conversation, boss.
2578FollowersTacticsDistanceENDI'm listening.
2579FollowersTacticsDistanceENDSee? I'm good at stuff.
2580FollowersTacticsDistanceEND{Confirmation Beep}
2582FollowersTacticsDistanceENDWhat now?
2583FollowersTacticsDistanceENDLet's hear it.
2584FollowersTacticsDistanceENDWhat can {gramma}grandma do for her little pumpkin?
2585FollowersTacticsDistanceGOODBYELet's go.
2586FollowersTacticsDistanceGOODBYEGot it.
2587FollowersTacticsDistanceGOODBYEGood talk.
2588FollowersTacticsDistanceGOODBYERight behind you, boss.
2589FollowersTacticsDistanceGOODBYE{Goodbye beeps}
2590FollowersTacticsDistanceGOODBYE{confirmation bark}
2591FollowersTacticsDistanceGOODBYE{Gramma}Grandma's right behind you, sugar!
2592FollowersTacticsDistanceGOODBYE{Heading out with player}Sounds good to me.
2593FollowersTacticsDistanceGOODBYE{Heading out with player}All right, enough jabbering.
2594FollowersTacticsDistanceLongThat's what I do best.
2595FollowersTacticsDistanceLongThey'll never see the haymakers coming.
2596FollowersTacticsDistanceLongWherever you want me. No problem.
2597FollowersTacticsDistanceLongYou mean like the last time you told me to do that, boss?
2598FollowersTacticsDistanceLongGot it. I'll be way back here, boss.
2599FollowersTacticsDistanceLong{Confirmation Beep}
2600FollowersTacticsDistanceLong{double confirmation bark}
2601FollowersTacticsDistanceLongLike your thinking.
2602FollowersTacticsDistanceLongSweetie, I think {gramma} knows a little something about chopping evil people. That's what I've been doing.
2603FollowersTacticsDistanceLongAll right, dear, {gramma}grandma will stay out of your way - but I'll be close enough to hear if you call!'
2604FollowersTacticsEndAll right.
2605FollowersTacticsEndYeah. Screw them.
2606FollowersTacticsEndLet me know if you need anything else.
2607FollowersTacticsEndDon't strain yourself, boss.
2608FollowersTacticsEnd{Confirmation Beep}
2610FollowersTacticsEndFine, let's focus on the bad guys.
2611FollowersTacticsEndWaste of time, anyway.
2612FollowersTacticsEndFine. {To herself}All this planning won't matter much when the bullets fly, anyway.
2613FollowersTradeFine by me.
2614FollowersTradeSure. Just don't treat me like a pack Brahmin, okay?
2615FollowersTradeOoo. Got something good for me? Is it a dress?
2616FollowersTradeYou're making me carry the heavy stuff, aren't you?
2617FollowersTradeI'm sure you'll be fair and equitable, boss.
2618FollowersTradeI expect to be awed by your dizzying mercantile sense, boss.
2619FollowersTrade{Opening sound}
2620FollowersTrade{happy bark}
2621FollowersTradeLet's distribute the weight.
2622FollowersTradeLet's deal.
2623FollowersTradeLet's see what you got.
2624FollowersTrade{sing-songy}{Gramma}Grandma's got a present for you!
2625FollowersWaitI'll be here. Just don't expect me to fend off a gang of Super Mutants while you're gone.
2626FollowersWaitOkay. Just don't be gone long. I sunburn easily.
2627FollowersWaitI'll sit tight.
2628FollowersWaitShoulda brought something to read...
2629FollowersWaitOkay, boss. I'll just wait here, alone, while my heavily armed companion goes out of earshot. I'm sure nothing will happen.
2630FollowersWait{Confirmation Beep}
2631FollowersWait{confirmation bark}
2632FollowersWait{Shrugs}Sitting tight. {Beat, low, a little smug}And pretty.
2633FollowersWaitAll right, give a yell if there's trouble.
2634FollowersWaitI'll hold up here, don't be long.
2635FollowersWaitDon't go too far now, dearie!
2636FollowersWaitStay where {gramma}grandma can see you!
2637FollowersWait{Gramma}Grandma will be right here if you need anything, pumpkin!
2638FollowersWaitYou better not be leaving me here.
2639FreesideRepConsequencesHey, you're the one who's been going around helping people around here, right? The King says to keep up the good work, and said to give you this.
2640FreesideRepConsequencesYou're starting to get quite the reputation around here, aren't you? Don't get me wrong, I'm not passing judgement or anything.
2641FreesideRepConsequencesThe fine proprietors of Mick & Ralph's appreciate that kind of attitude, and would like to offer you a discount on their fine wares.
2642FreesideRepConsequencesJust as long as you keep making waves, that is. Be seeing you.
2643FreesideRepConsequences{Starts off blustering, ends up blubbering}Give me all of your {caps}ca- whoa, I'm sorry. I-I didn't know it was you. Please don't hurt me. I've got a wife! And kids! And pets and stuff!
2644Frenzy{Wild Shout of Rage}
2645FSBodyguardAcceptWonderful. One thing up front - the moment you leave Freeside, our contract is done. That being said, please, after you.
2646FSBodyguardAcceptCome back when you have the caps, then. If you'll excuse me, I have more important people to talk to in the meantime.
2647FSBodyguardAcceptYou've made the right choice. As long as you're in Freeside, I'm your man. No one will mess with you with me hanging around.
2648FSBodyguardAcceptHowever, once you head over to the Strip or enter the wasteland, I'm heading immediately back here to pick up another customer.
2649FSBodyguardAcceptSo what do you say? Ready to head out?
2650FSBodyguardAcceptOh, for the love of - get the hell out of here, then!
2651FSBodyguardAcceptYou won't regret it, my friend! As long as you're in Freeside, I'll be right behind you, covering your back.
2652FSBodyguardAcceptOh, I should mention that I don't go where I'm not invited, so don't count on me following you inside private property. Ready to get going?
2653FSBodyguardAcceptThat is most regrettable, my friend. I wish you well in the meantime.
2654FSBodyguardBarksNeed a bodyguard?
2655FSBodyguardBarksYou got the caps, I got the guns!
2656FSBodyguardBarksThese guys couldn't keep fleas off a dog. Hire me!
2657FSBodyguardBarksProtection services for hire over here!
2658FSBodyguardBarksSafe travel through Freeside!
2659FSBodyguardBarksYou need the best. Hire me!
2660FSBodyguardBarksYour safety guaranteed!
2661FSBodyguardBarksFreeside's a dangerous place, my friend!
2662FSBodyguardBarksOnly I can keep you safe, my friend!
2663FSBodyguardRejectIt's your funeral. Come see me when you wise up.
2664FSBodyguardRejectAre you sure? Well, don't say you weren't warned.
2665FSBodyguardRejectI can't say I recommend that, but hopefully you'll change your mind. I'll be here if you do. Good luck!
2666FSBodyguardWhyHireYou could go without one, but you'd be up to your waist in vermin either begging for your caps or demanding it at knifepoint the whole time.
2667FSBodyguardWhyHireI've got a reputation for shooting first and not really bothering to ask questions later. With me around, the vermin should keep their distance.
2668FSBodyguardWhyHireSo what'll it be? I've already spotted two other potential customers while we've been chatting.
2669FSBodyguardWhyHireNew to Freeside, are you? Trust me, you won't make it ten feet without being accosted by some of our more friendly residents.
2670FSBodyguardWhyHireI happen to have an understanding with most of the local wildlife, however. With me by your side, they'll kindly find someone else to bother.
2671FSBodyguardWhyHireSo you want to run with the best or not?
2672FSBodyguardWhyHireAh, my friend, believe me when I tell you that this place, while quite nice when you know your way around, can be very, very dangerous.
2673FSBodyguardWhyHireThere are those who would hinder your every step with requests for your money, your business, or even your life.
2674FSBodyguardWhyHireWith your permission, however, I would be happy to stand between you and those people. How does that sound?
2675FSRotfaceDontGiveCapI understand. Well, have a good day.
2676FSRotfaceGiveCapThe first thing you should know is that Freeside is run by a pack of yahoos that call themselves the Kings.
2677FSRotfaceGiveCapTheir leader, who oddly enough calls himself the King, currently has his hands full trying to prevent an all-out riot in Freeside.
2678FSRotfaceGiveCapThat's two tips, but what the hell. You're a new customer so the extra one's on me. Wanna hear another?
2679FSRotfaceGiveCapNorthwest of the big Freeside sign is a casino called the Atomic Wrangler.
2680FSRotfaceGiveCapIt's not as fancy as the ones on the Strip, but there's still plenty of excitement to be found there.
2681FSRotfaceGiveCapAt the northwest end of Fremont Street you'll find the Silver Rush. It's run by a rather scary family called the Van Graffs.
2682FSRotfaceGiveCapTrust me, these are {stressed}not people you want to mess with. But if lasers and such are your thing, the goods they sell are second to none.
2683FSRotfaceGiveCapPeople in Freeside generally fall into one of two categories. Those who've been here all their lives call themselves Locals.
2684FSRotfaceGiveCapWhen people from the NCR and other places started pouring in, the Locals began referring to them as Squatters, and the name stuck.
2685FSRotfaceGiveCapThe Locals blame the Squatters for the scarcity of resources in Freeside, and the Squatters blame any act of violence against them on the Locals.
2686FSRotfaceGiveCapThey're both right to some extent, and violent outbreaks between the two are all too common these days.
2687FSRotfaceGiveCapIf you've been around the Kings, you may have met one of them named Pacer. He's always stomping around trying show off his authority.
2688FSRotfaceGiveCapBeing new, you weren't around when it happened, but a few months ago Pacer pissed off the Van Graff family big time.
2689FSRotfaceGiveCapNo one knows what went down, but word is the Van Graffs still want him dead.
2690FSRotfaceGiveCapDrugs are everywhere in Freeside, and even people you might not expect have become addicts.
2691FSRotfaceGiveCapJacob Hoff, for instance. That man was a brilliant chemist before he picked up the habit. Now, just another junkie.
2692FSRotfaceGiveCapThat King Pacer's a fan of Jet, too, though I heard one of the Followers talking about it being dangerous for him. Something about his heart.
2693FSRotfaceGiveCapDo yourself a favor, and stay away from that stuff, okay?
2694FSRotfaceGiveCapIn the area between the north and east gates is the Old Mormon Fort, where the Followers of the Apocalypse have set themselves up.
2695FSRotfaceGiveCapThe Followers aren't a bad bunch, and provide healing and supplies to the people of Freeside as they can.
2696FSRotfaceGiveCapI've heard the Garrets over at the Atomic Wrangler are having a hard time collecting some money owed to them.
2697FSRotfaceGiveCapAn enterprising person like yourself might be able to make some caps helping them with their little problem.
2698FSRotfaceGiveCapCaught a rumor the other day that some of the clientele over at the Wrangler have been making some rather strange requests.
2699FSRotfaceGiveCapStuff like weirdos wanting the, ahem, services of ghouls and such. I almost have half a mind to volunteer myself, sexy beast that I am.
2700FSRotfaceGiveCapHave you tried going to the Strip, only to be stopped by those big metal murder machines? Happens every day around here.
2701FSRotfaceGiveCapBut if you know the right people, you can get through the gate without being a rich man.
2702FSRotfaceGiveCapI probably don't have to tell you that Freeside's dangerous, but you might want to think twice about hiring one of those guards at the gates.
2703FSRotfaceGiveCapThey're not all saints, is all I'm saying.
2704FSRotfaceGiveCapHave you been to Mick & Ralph's yet? They run a store just down the street, and sell some things you might not expect.
2705FSRotfaceGiveCapThere's a guy out on the main drag who sells second hand adventuring gear. He's got an okay selection, but where does it come from?
2706FSRotfaceGiveCapHe might not look it, but Ralph from Mick & Ralph's is no slouch with a keyboard. I've heard he's helped reprogram several robots in his time.
2707FSRotfaceGiveCapSaw a strange thing the other day. The King took that robo-dog of his over to the Old Mormon Fort.
2708FSRotfaceGiveCapWeird thing was that the dog was flipping out, and had to be restrained by a few of the King's men. Hope he doesn't get loose.
2709FSRotfaceGiveCapThings have generally been bad here for the Squatters, the people who came here hoping for a better life and just got stuck.
2710FSRotfaceGiveCapBut lately the mood has changed. The Squatters seem to be a bit more optimistic. I wonder what happened?
2711FSRotfaceGiveCapMention the NCR and people around here get a little on edge. There's talk that they're going to take over all of New Vegas.
2712FSRotfaceGiveCapIt doesn't help that they've got military camps all over the place, and more troops pour into the area daily.
2713FSRotfaceGiveCapThere's a rumor that a huge army is camped to the east, massing to attack the NCR. Like that'd ever happen.
2714FSRotfaceGiveCapWho in the world could stand up to the NCR and win?
2715FSRotfaceGiveCapWhile everyone knows Mr. House runs New Vegas, no one knows the first thing about him.
2716FSRotfaceGiveCapHe just sort of showed up a few years back, and everything you see around you is the result. Just who in the hell is he?
2717FSRotfaceGiveCapThe Strip is run by the Three Families, who owe their allegiance to Mr. House.
2718FSRotfaceGiveCapWhen he first showed up, he gave the local tribes the choice of working with him or getting the hell out of his way.
2719FSRotfaceGiveCapGiven how things turned out, I know which way I'd have gone, but hindsight's twenty-twenty, right?
2720FSRotfaceGiveCapThe Omertas, one of Mr. House's Three Families, run a casino called Gomorrah on the Strip.
2721FSRotfaceGiveCapIf you thought the Wrangler was something, you owe it to yourself to go there.
2722FSRotfaceGiveCapThe Chairmen run a casino on the Strip called the Tops. It's a pretty classy place, by all reports.
2723FSRotfaceGiveCapI haven't been there myself, but I hear security there is kinda tight. Don't expect to bring your weapons in there.
2724FSRotfaceGiveCapThere was a rumor a while back that the White Glove Society was really an all-ghoul gang, which is why they wear those weird masks of theirs.
2725FSRotfaceGiveCapWhat do you think, would I look good in a mask? Maybe I'd make more caps...
2726FSRotfaceGiveCapA traveler that passed through here not long ago told everyone he met that there's some kind of plant paradise to the west where food is abundant.
2727FSRotfaceGiveCapAll the people foolish enough to listen to him and head out that way never came back.
2728FSRotfaceGiveCapEver hear of the Gun Runners? They sell just about every kind of firearm you can imagine, and some you probably couldn't.
2729FSRotfaceGiveCapI've heard people passing through mention some kind of underground fights pitting creatures of the waste against one another for sport.
2730FSRotfaceGiveCapAnd when I say "underground," that's their word I'm using, not my own.
2731FSRotfaceGiveCapEast of Freeside there's an old air force base, judging by the road signs.
2732FSRotfaceGiveCapNo one knows for sure what's in there, though, on account of anyone approaching the place getting violently blown up.
2733FSRotfaceGiveCapI heard something about a town south of here being attacked, but details are sketchy. All I know is there haven't been any refugees showing up here.
2734FSRotfaceGiveCapWhich means either the attack wasn't too bad, or it was very, very bad.
2735FSRotfaceGiveCapTraders have been griping for a while now about the 15 being too dangerous to travel. I'd steer clear of it unless you're armed to the teeth.
2736FSRotfaceGiveCapThe NCR used to run a prison to the southwest, but something happened a little while back, and now all you'll get is hard looks if you ask about it.
2737FSRotfaceSolicitingHa ha ha, oh that's rich. You're not exactly my type, no offense. No, I meant I could give you a tip. Earn my money, so to speak.
2738FSRotfaceWhatKindofTipYou look like you're new around here, so I'm sure I know all sorts of things you'd find useful. If not, well, it's only a cap.
2739FSRotfaceWhatKindofTipSo what do you say?
2740FSRoyTellsWayneToTalkWayne, it's okay. The King sent 'em.
2741GenericFiendTopic000Like anyone in their right mind would follow you.
2742GenericFiendTopic000Yeah, you do that.
2743GhostDismissiveGoodbye{Dismissive}Mind yourself on the plank going down.
2748GOODBYEBy {KAI-zar}Caesar's will.
2749GOODBYETrue to {KAI-zar}Caesar.
2751GOODBYE{Loud Hiccup, drunk, rambling}Yeah yeah, {shee-ya)see you later!
2752GOODBYE{Drunk}Yeah yeah!
2755GOODBYECome back if you need something.
2756GOODBYEAll right, then.
2757GOODBYESee you around, mister.
2758GOODBYEOkay, miss. See you around.
2759GOODBYEOkay, bye.
2760GOODBYEYeah, me too.
2761GOODBYESure, boss.
2762GOODBYECome back when you have news about the Boomers.
2763GOODBYECome back when you know more about the White Glove Society.
2764GOODBYEReturn to me when you've destroyed the Brotherhood of Steel.
2765GOODBYECome back when you've destroyed whatever you find down in that bunker.
2766GOODBYE{Male PC}You know where to find me, honey.
2767GOODBYE{Female PC}Good luck.
2768GOODBYECatch you later, then.
2770GOODBYECome on back if you have any interesting news.
2771GOODBYEI'm sure I'll hear about you again soon.
2775GOODBYESee you.
2776GOODBYEYeah, bye.
2777GOODBYEDon't get blown up.
2778GOODBYESee ya.
2780GOODBYESee {ya}you.
2783GOODBYETil next time.
2786GOODBYETalk to you later.
2787GOODBYEDo come find us!
2788GOODBYEReturn to me, wanderer. We need your help.
2789GOODBYELet me know when the underground has been rid of the demons.
2790GOODBYEThere is no way that we can thank you enough, wanderer. Your arrival here was a blessing. We will remember you always.
2791GOODBYEGoodbye, wanderer.
2792GOODBYETalk to you soon, dear.
2793GOODBYEThanks for wasting my time.
2794GOODBYEAlright, come back any time.
2795GOODBYEGoodbye, Rocketeer, be sure to visit again! {lowers voice, warning}Oh, and please - for your own safety, stay outside of restricted areas.
2796GOODBYEHere, you'll want this. It's the password to one of the terminals outside. Found it written on one of the stalls in the bathroom.
2798GOODBYEFarewell, brother.
2799GOODBYEFarewell, sister.
2800GOODBYEComplete your mission, then return to me.
2802GOODBYESure, see you around.
2803GOODBYE{Irritated, busy}Yeah, whatever.
2805GOODBYEI somehow suspect you'll be back to converse with me later.
2807GOODBYEI'll see you around.
2808GOODBYEHappy trails!
2809GOODBYEBe careful out there.
2811GOODBYETake it easy now.
2812GOODBYEYou take care, now.
2813GOODBYEKeep your gun handy if you go poking around some of the abandoned places around here, like the schoolhouse. Critters move in there sometimes.
2816GOODBYEI'll be waiting.
2817GOODBYEUntil next time.
2818GOODBYE{Rex not cured}
2819GOODBYE{Rex cured}
2821GOODBYE{Goodbye Beep}
2822GOODBYEWatch your back out there.
2823GOODBYENope, not going to be that easy.
2824GOODBYEThank you, and enjoy your stay at The Tops.
2825GOODBYEA pleasure doing business.
2826GOODBYEEnjoy your stay at the Atomic Wrangler.
2827GOODBYEHave a good time and good luck.
2828GOODBYEPlay safe.
2829GOODBYEYes, yes.
2830GOODBYEBe seeing you. {beat, afterthought - he's very old and could die any time}Maybe.
2832GOODBYE{dismissive grunt}Hmmph.
2833GOODBYE{pilot lingo - means watch your back}Watch your six out there.
2834GOODBYEYou know you'll be back.
2835GOODBYESee you.
2836GOODBYEYou know where to find me.
2837GOODBYETake care.
2838GOODBYEYeah, beat it.
2839GOODBYEFuck off.
2841GOODBYECatch you later.
2844GOODBYEBe seeing you around.
2850GOODBYEAll right. Goodbye.
2851GOODBYEHey, yeah. Next time you see me, maybe I'll be rolling in a shitload of caps, right?
2852GOODBYEYeah... I always scare off the hot ones...
2853GOODBYEYeah. Try not to get killed.
2854GOODBYEYeah, I'll {stutter}s-s-see you around.
2856GOODBYE{out of habit - military dismissal}Carry on.
2857GOODBYEAlways a pleasure. You keep yourself safe.
2858GOODBYECome back real soon!
2859GOODBYEYeah, {as in, "go on, get out"}go on.
2860GOODBYESee you around.
2861GOODBYESee you around.
2862GOODBYEWatch out for Great Khans.
2863GOODBYEBe careful out there.
2864GOODBYECareful out there.
2866GOODBYESee you around.
2867GOODBYETake care, now.
2870GOODBYECarry on.
2871GOODBYESo long.
2872GOODBYEDon't get killed out there.
2877GOODBYESee ya.
2881GOODBYEFarewell, friend.
2882GOODBYESee you.
2884GOODBYECome on back if you want a game.
2885GOODBYEGet fucked.
2886GOODBYEPiss off.
2887GOODBYEYeah, whatever.
2888GOODBYECome on back if you get lonely, sweet thing.
2889GOODBYECome back and see us again soon.
2891GOODBYEMars's eyes are upon you. Do not fail him, or me.
2892GOODBYEIt's been a pleasure.
2893GOODBYEYeah, whatever.
2894GOODBYESee ya.
2895GOODBYETake care.
2897GOODBYEUntil next time.
2898GOODBYEYes. Goodbye.
2899GOODBYEOkay, then.
2900GOODBYESee you later.
2902GOODBYEUntil next time.
2906GOODBYESee you.
2907GOODBYEYep, get a move on.
2911GOODBYECome back and see us soon.
2912GOODBYECome back any time.
2913GOODBYEThanks for stopping in.
2914GOODBYEThanks for stopping in.
2916GOODBYEFair thee well.
2917GOODBYEAll right. I'll see you later.
2918GOODBYE{In Agony}No, please! Don't leave me here!
2919GOODBYESo long.
2920GOODBYETake it easy, dude.
2921GOODBYETake it easy, kitty cat.
2922GOODBYECatch you later.
2923GOODBYETake care, pardner. And keep drinking Sunset Sarsaparilla!
2924GOODBYENo problem. If you do end up trying to collect more stars, watch out for a man named Allen Marks. He's killed several people for their stars already.
2930GOODBYEHurry up. The guards keep eyeing me like I'm a piece of meat.
2931GOODBYE{Quiet pathetic moan}Bye.
2932GOODBYE{Pleading}Anything that gets us out of here, please.
2933GOODBYENever forget the Bitter Springs Massacre.
2934GOODBYEGood luck.
2935GOODBYETry not to do anything too disruptive, okay?
2936GOODBYEGood riddance.
2937GOODBYEYeah, goodbye.
2938GOODBYEStay safe out there.
2939GOODBYEYeah, okay, see you around.
2940GOODBYEGet lost.
2941GOODBYESo long.
2942GOODBYEHappy trails partner.
2943GOODBYEHave a good time, baby.
2944GOODBYESuit yourself. Gambling's thirsty work - I'll be here if you change your mind.
2945GOODBYEYeah, whatever.
2946GOODBYEUntil we meet again.
2947GOODBYEUh huh.
2948GOODBYEWatch yourself out there.
2949GOODBYEI'll be here.
2950GOODBYESee you later.
2951GOODBYERemain vigilant.
2952GOODBYEThe power of the law rests in the hands of every citizen.
2953GOODBYEReport suspicious activity.
2954GOODBYEPractice good citizenship.
2958GOODBYETake it easy, baby.
2959GOODBYESo long, friend.
2960GOODBYEYeah yeah, see you later.
2961GOODBYEYeah, go on, scram.
2962GOODBYESure, later.
2963GOODBYEYeah, see ya kid.
2964GOODBYEDon't be a stranger, doll.
2965GOODBYECome back later if you need anything!
2966GOODBYEHope to see you soon!
2967GOODBYEDon't stay away too long!
2968GOODBYESee you around!
2969GOODBYEChoke on your goodbyes.
2970GOODBYEI'll be here.
2971GOODBYEBest of luck to you.
2973GOODBYELet's plan on meeting again as soon as- Wait. Did you hear something? Were you followed?
2975GOODBYEAbout time.
2977GOODBYEUh huh.
2980GOODBYEPleasure speaking to you.
2981GOODBYEGood luck.
2982GOODBYEYep. See you round.
2983GOODBYEMake yourself scarce. If you get yourself in trouble, I'm not going to cover your back.
2984GOODBYEYeah, whatever.
2985GOODBYE{dismissive, slightly unfriendly}Yeah, get out of here.
2987GOODBYEAw, come on! Don't leave me here!
2988GOODBYESee you around.
2990GOODBYESee you.
2991GOODBYEWatch yourself out there.
2992GOODBYEAdios, amigo.
2995GOODBYEHey, uh. Wait a sec. I know what I said, but... if you find yourself by Ranger Station Charlie, let me know what you find. I'd be interested.
2996GOODBYECome back soon, now.
2997GOODBYEIf anyone asks, we never spoke.
2999GOODBYELook out for yourself.
3000GOODBYEWatch out for strangers.
3001GOODBYEYeah, see you.
3002GOODBYESo long.
3003GOODBYENice of you to visit.
3004GOODBYEPlease... help me.
3005GOODBYEPlease... God... I just need water.
3006GOODBYEYou have yourself a fine day, sir.
3007GOODBYEYou have yourself a fine day, madame.
3008GOODBYEIf there's anything you require further feel free to ask, sir.
3009GOODBYEIf there's anything you require further feel free to ask, madame.
3010GOODBYEI'll be sure and tidy up while you're away, sir.
3011GOODBYEI'll be sure and tidy up while you're away, madame.
3012GOODBYEOf course, of course! Don't let me keep you!
3014GOODBYESee you later, alligator.
3015GOODBYESo long.
3017GOODBYESee you.
3018GoodbyeMojaveYou take care now.
3019GorobetsGetIntoPositionWe're here. First Recon, get into your positions and wait for the target.
3020GorobetsMoveOutGet your rifles and move out, First Recon. We've got a Fiend to kill.
3021GreatKhanMessengerPapaI've got a message for you from Papa Khan. He wants you to return to Red Rock Canyon and speak to him as soon as possible.
3022GREETINGWelcome to Novac. It's not very exciting here, but the people are friendly enough.
3023GREETINGYou saw the rockets explode, right? It turns out I was lucky they couldn't take me on the Great Journey.
3024GREETINGDo you have any idea what went wrong?
3025GREETINGI'm going to make my way to that little town we talked about.
3026GREETINGWelcome to Novac. It's not very exciting here, but the people are friendly enough.
3027GREETINGMy engineering skills have been coming in handy, too. I've got plenty to do. Thanks for telling me about this place.
3028GREETINGHey! Over here! Are you listening?
3029GREETINGGo to the big room on the east side of this building and take the metal staircase all the way up. And hurry.
3030GREETING{INTERCOM}The cleaners will knock twice. Make sure they're thorough.
3031GREETING{INTERCOM, NOASSASSIN}Baby, this little reunion of ours? Chalk me up as a no-show.
3032GREETINGI'm surprised you fell for it, not that I'm complaining. You caused plenty enough trouble, turning Swank against me.
3033GREETINGYou've forced my hand. Hell, I gotta skip town because of you. A real pain in the caboose...
3034GREETINGSince you haven't pissed yourself I'll assume that you don't know who we are - next time I'll bring my sickle and wear my black cloak.
3035GREETINGSee, the NCR sends us when they want terrible things done to terrible people...
3036GREETINGYou need to be careful, it's dangerous out here!
3037GREETINGHeard some more people got attacked last night.
3038GREETINGExcuse me, but... are you the courier who caused all of that trouble in The Tops?
3039GREETINGHey, have you been able to bug Mr. House's network yet?
3040GREETING{delighted}If it isn't the courier who's done everything he can to defy the will of mighty {KAI-zar}Caesar!
3041GREETINGWhy don't you wait in the other room while I chat with Silus here?
3042GREETINGYou want to buy Wind-Brahmin?
3043GREETINGAnders showed up here not too long ago. I'm told you're the one who got him out of the vault.
3044GREETINGI can't tell you how relieved I am. Sending him on that mission was a mistake.
3045GREETINGWe're all impressed with the work you've done for us. I thought you might be able to make use of this.
3046GREETINGIt's a key to a little hideaway south of here. We've used it as a place for Rangers to rest and resupply. I thought you might get good use out of it.
3047GREETINGPeace, traveler.
3048GREETINGYou again? What 'cha need, champ?
3049GREETINGUnless you wanna slap leather with me you'll put that gun down, friend.
3050GREETINGWho the fuck are you?
3051GREETINGShut up and keep going.
3052GREETINGI don't know where the hell you're going but it's not the right way. Are you still in this?
3053GREETINGWhat do you want now?
3059GREETINGHello again. Remember to stop by one of these nights. Northwest, by the old train station.
3060GREETING{Great Khan}Man, I'm sick of this place. Can't wait to get back to Red Rock.
3061GREETING{Great Khan- slight awe at level of destruction}The NCR sure did a number on this place.
3062GREETING{Great Khan}Hope the NCR doesn't send reinforcements from the Dam.
3063GREETINGHard to believe this place used to be a luxury resort, huh?
3064GREETINGHaven't had any reports from Station Charlie in a while - hope everything's okay.
3065GREETINGDon't tell the troopers, but the grub up here is way better than the mess tent.
3066GREETINGWe can monitor ranger activity all through the region with the systems here.
3067GREETINGI just can't believe Chief Hanlon would do that.
3068GREETINGJesus, the Chief's dead. Who's going to take over now?
3069GREETINGYou should talk to Chief Hanlon if you have any questions. He's usually up on the balcony.
3070GREETINGA tribe called the Great Khans has joined us. They'd better be good fighters.
3071GREETINGThey say a doctor killed Caesar. Why would Caesar need a doctor?
3072GREETINGIs Benny taken care of yet?
3073GREETINGYou're back. Find anything?
3074GREETINGI hope they don't close the quarry. I need the money.
3075GREETINGWith Chomps in jail, who's going to run things at the quarry? He was our most experienced guy!
3076GREETINGMaybe I was just seeing things, but I could've sworn I saw some people up on the ridge by the quarry.
3077GREETING{Elite rangers have arrived}{Veteran}I keep an eye out for Rangers in black armor. I haven't killed one yet.
3078GREETING{Nelson wiped out}{veteran}Had the Legionaries at Nelson been more {beat}seasoned, we'd still hold the settlement.
3080GREETINGYou ready to deal with Benny yet?
3081GREETINGSo that's it then. Benny's dead, and I'm the boss now. What can I do for you?
3082GREETINGHi there. I'm Old Lady Gibson, or so they tell me. I've got odds and ends for sale, and I'm pretty good at fixing things, too.
3083GREETINGYou might have noticed the very large building just north of here. That's HELIOS One. The NCR runs the place, so it's off-limits to prospectors.
3084GREETING{Worried}We can't sit idly while the Legion prepares their own elite forces.
3085GREETING{Conviction}The time to assert our rule over the territories has come.
3086GREETING{Primm, new Sheriff}Primm's got some new sheriff watching over the town now.
3087GREETINGThe Lucky 38's all lit up because someone infiltrated the El Dorado and flipped a switch. I'd shoot those lights out if I could.
3088GREETINGI waited months to get in here, but the place isn't nearly full. You think the waiting list is just for hype?
3089GREETINGThe food here is to die for. No one cooks Brahmin like Philippe.
3090GREETINGNCR military transmissions say the robots on the Strip have been upgraded. Wish we had eyes-on intel...
3091GREETINGMr. House is out of the picture. Probably killed by his own robots.
3092GREETINGI heard you took out Caesar by yourself. Proves the Legion is just a bunch of savages, like we thought.
3093GREETINGWith their leader gone, the Legion will likely tear itself apart. It's what most violent tribal societies do.
3094GREETINGNCR military radio keeps talking about Mr. House agreeing to join the NCR. What changed his mind?
3095GREETINGSomeone blew up the monorail the NCR uses to travel to the Strip and back. We should use this time to strike!
3096GREETINGSeems the destruction of the monorail didn't slow the NCR down much. How many troops do they have?
3097GREETINGThere's a rumor going around that you saved the NCR president's life. I'm surprised you have the stones to show your face around here.
3098GREETINGThere was an attempt on the NCR president's life recently. Too bad it didn't succeed.
3099GREETINGWere you the one who killed the NCR president? I'd like to shake your hand!
3100GREETINGDid you hear? Someone actually managed to assassinate the NCR's president! And we just sit here!
3101GREETINGThe other day I heard some bigwig in the NCR military died. Hopefully it disrupts their chain of command some.
3102GREETINGDid you hear about that NCR higher up that died? That he was trying to sabotage them? Hope he wasn't the only one.
3103GREETINGSeems the NCR is making friends. We've had reports of them making overtures to some gang in Freeside.
3104GREETINGWe just had word that the town of Primm is now part of the NCR. At this rate, they'll be running the whole region soon.
3105GREETINGI heard some special squad of Rangers is on its way to the Vegas area. I guess the NCR is finally getting serious about fighting the Legion.
3106GREETINGThere've been reports that the NCR is moving more and more troops into the area.
3107GREETINGIt's the quiet before the storm up top. For once I'm almost glad we're down here.
3108GREETINGKeep an eye on Veronica here. She's a sharp one.
3109GREETINGTry to keep Veronica out of trouble, would you?
3110GREETINGIf you're planning to take Veronica with you, be sure to have a good pair of earplugs with you. I'm kidding, Veronica! Put the power fist down!
3111GREETINGWhat a fascinating animal. I'm sure the scribes will want to take a look at him.
3112GREETINGYou hear about that band of crazy old ladies running around? I hear they're real vicious when they mug folks.
3113GREETINGIf the Lucky 38 coulda been giving us power all along, why all the fuss with Hoover Dam?
3114GREETINGTry sleeping with that Lucky 38 all lit up above you. Just try.
3115GREETINGI hear that woman can kill with her eyes! Stay away from me!
3116GREETINGYour lady friend needs to lighten up.
3117GREETINGBetter watch out, I hear Rex likes to eat his owners. Why do you think the King was so eager to give him away?
3118GREETINGGood to see Rex still around and kicking.
3119GREETINGThat's one ragged Ghoul you've got with you. Seems like a good guy, though.
3120GREETINGThat ghoul with you looks like he's older than the war! My the things he must have seen.
3121GREETINGOh no, I hear those things eat people! Stay back, freak!
3122GREETINGOdd company you keep. I thought all Super mutants were crazed cannibals.
3123GREETINGWeird robot. I don't think I've ever seen one of those before.
3124GREETINGThat looks like one of those spybots I hear House has been secretly releasing at night.
3125GREETINGBusiness and luck don't often go hand-in-hand in the Mojave. Watch your back.
3126GREETINGCheck out the Wrangler if she needs booze.
3127GREETINGKeep your guns to yourself and there won't be any trouble.
3128GREETINGYou're not doing yourself a favor by having him tag along. NCR aren't welcome here.
3129GREETINGI hear that guy has hundreds of kills, not all of them deserving of death.
3130GREETINGI always thought there was more to Arcade than met the eye. I bet he'll do great things without the Followers holding him back.
3131GREETINGI'm surprised to see Arcade venturing out of the Old Mormon Fort. I thought science types preferred to stay indoors.
3134GREETINGOne of these days you'll get what's coming to you.
3135GREETINGEat shit and die. That clear enough for you?
3136GREETING{Annoyed}We don't take kindly to your type around these parts.
3137GREETINGWitch! Witch! You should be burned for all the people you've turned into newts!
3138GREETINGBaby-killer! Don't deny it! They told me you mowed down an entire orphanage on a dare!
3139GREETINGNecrophiliac! I heard about those corpses you dug up! Stay away from my grandparents, dammit!
3140GREETINGPeople say you practice witchcraft and dance naked in the moonlight. What the hell is wrong with you?
3141GREETINGSo I hear you like picking on little kids, huh? What kind of person beats up children for their lunch money?
3142GREETINGPeople say you wear the skin of your enemies under your clothing. Is that true?
3143GREETING{Annoyed}Leave me alone, scumbag.
3144GREETING{Annoyed}You're a real piece of work.
3145GREETING{Annoyed}Great. You again?
3146GREETINGYou're one crazy bastard, you know that?
3147GREETINGI can't decide if I should shake your hand or make a run for it.
3148GREETINGGood? Bad? You're the one with the weapons, eh?
3149GREETINGRumor has it you're really a posessed golem being controlled by the casinos. If this is true, where is your control crystal?
3150GREETINGPlanning to kill a puppy or save some goons today?
3151GREETINGI have no idea what to believe when it comes to rumors about you. You must be insane or something.
3152GREETINGPeople around here think you're a bit of an enigma.
3153GREETINGSome say you like to trip old ladies crossing the street. Others say you regularly string up thugs.
3154GREETINGPeople just don't know what to think of you.
3155GREETINGDecisions are hard, aren't they?
3156GREETINGWe're all hoping you'll eventually figure out which side you're on.
3157GREETINGGood? Bad? You're the one with the weapon.
3158GREETINGThanks for everything you've done. It really means a lot.
3159GREETINGI hope some of the thugs around here follow your shining example.
3160GREETINGYou've been a godsend to Freeside.
3161GREETINGI hear you even help the local rats cross the street.
3162GREETINGPeople are saying you must have super powers to have pulled off all you've done in Freeside.
3163GREETINGMy friends have nothing but good things to say when your name is mentioned. It's great to see you.
3164GREETINGWord of your work around here is spreading like wildfire. Keep it up.
3165GREETINGHey, you're the one people say has been helping out around here. Good on you.
3166GREETINGI tell my friends you're a shining example of what's good around here, but they're not so optimistic.
3167GREETINGThanks for helping out around here.
3168GREETINGGood to see you're still around.
3169GREETINGHey, good to see you.
3172GREETINGWhat's up?
3173GREETINGI wish I were there to see you take Benny down.
3174GREETINGThey say you single-handedly assaulted the dam and massacred everyone! That must have been quite a sight!
3175GREETINGWell, it looks like we won't have to worry about NCR or the Legion messing with us now. I just hope the Securitrons can keep the peace.
3176GREETINGThey say you swarmed the dam with a whole army of Securitrons! That must have been quite a sight!
3177GREETINGCan't say I like all the tin cans shuffling around, but this new Securitron Army shouldn't have much trouble keeping things safer around here.
3178GREETINGWhy not just put the slave collars on us yourself, you bastard. With the Legion at the dam, it won't be long before they enslave us all.
3179GREETINGI heard the Legion is bringing in giant mutant dogs to assault the dam. I hope the NCR death squads packed steaks to distract them.
3180GREETINGDon't be fooled. As soon as the Legion and NCR start fighting, the robots will invade and kill us all!
3181GREETINGI hope the Legion gets destroyed. If they take the dam, we'll all be slaves.
3182GREETINGPeople say the NCR are bringing in super trooper death squads to defend the dam against the Legion! This battle is going to be crazy!
3183GREETINGNormally, I'd say screw the NCR, but if the Legion takes the dam, I think we're all screwed.
3184GREETINGSome of my friends think the Legion is throwing a huge barbeque cookout across the river. With that much smoke rising, I believe it!
3185GREETINGIt looks like the Legion might be preparing for another run at the dam. This can't be good.
3186GREETINGWell, aren't you just special? Everybody likes the new guy, but me? I'm chopped liver.
3187GREETINGI hear you're building quite the reputation on The Strip. Don't forget about the little guys when you make it big.
3188GREETING{Helped Joe Cobb}Got some fresh grub coming in from Goodsprings.
3189GREETING{Helped Goodsprings}Joe Cobb's crew got themselves killed over in Goodsprings.
3190GREETING{Eddie dead}Who's going to take charge with Eddie out of the picture?
3191GREETINGHaven't seen a decent caravan come up the road in days.
3192GREETINGThink that rollercoaster in Primm is still working?
3193GREETINGIf it weren't for Cooke, we'd still be slaving away for the NCR.
3194GREETING{Before Prison Attack}Gotta wonder why the NCR hasn't come for us.
3195GREETING{After Prison Attack}We sure showed those bastards in the NCR.
3196GREETING{Meyers became Sheriff}Haven't seen Meyers around. Did he run off or something?
3197GREETINGScrambler's crazier than usual. Watch yourself.
3198GREETINGYou hear about the Deathclaws north of here?
3199GREETINGCould've sworn I saw some Great Khans the other day.
3200GREETINGSteer clear of the Mojave Post. NCR troopers all over the place down there.
3201GREETING{Scrambler dead}Man, I'm glad Scrambler's gone.
3202GREETINGI can't believe Caesar is dead. What will we do now?
3203GREETINGCaesar has been seen walking among the troops. A good omen.
3204GREETINGOne of our agents successfully assassinated the NCR president.
3205GREETINGHouse signing up with the NCR, you hear? Fucking sell-out.
3206GREETINGIf House is dead, how'd the lights get turned on in his place, huh?
3207GREETINGHouse is dead, wonder if Motor-Runner will let us hit the strip now.
3208GREETINGWhy's that tower on the Strip all fucking lit up now, huh? I don't like it.
3209GREETINGYour pet ghoul smells like ass.
3210GREETINGIs that Mean Sonofabitch? They all look the same to me.
3211GREETING{Laughs nervously}A flying robot? Man, I must be fucked up.
3212GREETINGYou hear about this courier doing shit around the Strip? Like what, delivering {disparaging}mail?
3213GREETINGI wouldn't mind hitting that. She put out?
3214GREETINGYou see a Ranger in black, run the other way. Take you out from a quarter mile off.
3215GREETINGPrimm is going to be much tougher to push around with that new sheriff down there.
3216GREETINGSomeone is targeting us, I'm gonna kill that fucker when I find out who did it.
3217GREETINGThe Khans are all gone, wonder if they left behind their shit for making our goods.
3218GREETING{Laughs}House unplugged like a light. Wonder if he twitched before he bit it.
3219GREETINGFuck, where are we gonna get our shit from now that the Khans are all buddy buddy with the NCR.
3220GREETINGSo long as the Khans keep making it, I keep getting high.
3221GREETINGSomeone is targeting us, I'm gonna kill that fucker if we find out who did it.
3222GREETINGMotor Runner dead? Who the fuck gonna run the show now?
3223GREETINGKimball dead, maybe the NCR will learn to stay the fuck out of{outta} other people's business.
3224GREETINGThat NCR prez survived a Legion hit? Wouldn'ta guessed.
3225GREETINGNCR is going to be rip shit about losing their little train.
3226GREETINGHouse all dead, we should hit the Strip. Rip shit up.
3227GREETINGHouse dead, Strip can belong to anyone who wants it. Fiends to rule.
3228GREETINGPeople all scared of those robots on the Strip since they changed. Like who needs the Strip anyway?
3229GREETINGYou ever think about being a Ranger?
3230GREETINGI'd gladly fight at your side.
3231GREETINGYou got my respect.
3232GREETING{Player in combat}Leave me out of your fight!
3233GREETINGWelcome to the Casa Madrid. If you got an itch needs scratching, you came to the right place. Just watch how you treat the merchandise.
3234GREETINGWelcome to the Casa - so long as you didn't come here to sell that scrawny ass of yours around here.
3235GREETINGI'm not hiring new girls - all slots filled, you could say - and my arrangements with Marco are exclusive.
3236GREETING{Anderson dead}I don't know what went on between you and Anderson, but leave me out of it.
3237GREETINGThis job's boring enough without talking to you. Go see Alexander.
3238GREETINGAlexander doesn't pay me to talk.
3239GREETINGWe're just muscle. Alexander's the man to talk to.
3240GREETINGHang on there, traveler. You'll want to steer clear of this place - the whole town is irradiated to high hell.
3241GREETINGHow are you coming with the dog tags?
3242GREETINGYou're back. What can I do for you?
3243GREETING{Drunk, pathetic}Ya got any change, man? I've got five kids to feed.
3244GREETING{Drunk rambling}You're a crazy son of a bitch, you hear me! The Tops!? Ha! Crazy.
3245GREETING{Drunk, pathetic}Ya got any change, man? I've got five kids to feed.
3246GREETING{Drunk rambling}Yeah I saw Benny running through here! He had the fear of the devil {in-im}in him!
3247GREETING{Drunk rambling}You killed ol' cheeser!? They said he was a God! Ha, who ever heard of a God of cheese?
3248GREETING{Drunk rambling}Cheeser's dead!? They said he was a God! Ha, who ever heard of a God of cheese?
3249GREETING{Drunk rambling}There are many good things in life, but peeing is definitely the best.
3250GREETING{Drunk upset}Hey! Don't poke me!
3251GREETING{Drunk upset}Ow! Why are you poking me!
3252GREETING{Drunk upset, you gotta}You've got to keep {yer}your bitches in line!
3253GREETING{Drunk upset, you gotta}You've got to keep {yer}your bitches in line!
3254GREETING{Drunk upset}Go bother someone else.
3255GREETING{Drunk rambling}A man is never drunk if he can lie on the floor without holding on.
3256GREETING{Drunk cheer}Woooooo!
3257GREETING{Drunk confused}Where'd {da}The {kins}Kings go?
3258GREETING{Drunk happy}Hey doc! You got any Fixer?! I've got a bender planned that would make a hobo cry.
3259GREETING{Drunk, scared whisper}I think your friend wants to eat me! Please don't let him!
3260GREETING{Drunk, wistful}Is there anything more beautiful than a beautiful busty brahmin riding a caravaneer off into the sunset... Wait I don't think that came out right.
3261GREETING{Drunk rambling}I'll give you five caps for the {robe-it}robot!
3262GREETING{Drunk rambling}Your ghoul friend looks shifty. Watch your pockets, buddy!
3263GREETINGIt doesn't matter if they restrict the water. We can get it elsewhere now.
3264GREETINGHeard some of the Locals were attacked recently. Serves 'em right!
3265GREETINGSome friends of mine were attacked the other night. Someone should do something.
3266GREETINGOne of these days I'll say up enough to get out of here. One of these days...
3267GREETINGA guy I know said there's some kind of cannibal army camped out to the east.
3268GREETINGWatch yourself if you go into one of them casinos, or you'll be stuck here like the rest of us in no time.
3269GREETINGThe NCR should just take this place over. Their army's big enough.
3270GREETINGThe Kings say they're keeping the peace, but this place is as violent as ever.
3271GREETINGDid you go over by the train station last night? Bless those people.
3272GREETINGIt's almost time to head down to the train station. It's all I look forward to anymore.
3273GREETINGHey stranger, if you're hungry, there's a man around here somewhere telling people where to get free food and water.
3274GREETINGYou going over to the station tonight, too?
3275GREETINGWatch out for Fiends.
3276GREETINGWe don't need the NCR.
3277GREETING{Carlitos speaks all his dialogue like a gangster out of luck, still heavily affected by slang, tone and sarcastic demeanor}Hey, do you mind? I'm trying to drink myself to the ground, right here. Scram.
3278GREETINGHey, scram. Come bug me when I'm at the diner... if you're a real pain in the ass.
3279GREETING{Terrified and alarmed. Yelling to everyone around. Monsters got free.}Run! Beasts got free!
3280GREETING{Terrified and alarmed. Yelling to everyone around. Monsters got free.}Deathclaws are loose! Get out of here!
3281GREETING{Terrified and alarmed. Yelling to everyone around. Monsters got free.}It can't be! How the hell...
3282GREETING{Terrified and alarmed. Yelling to everyone around. Monsters got free.}Holy shit! Run for your lives!
3283GREETING{Excited to watch creatures fight}What a fight!
3284GREETINGCharging a casino full of heavily-armed gangsters was a great idea, boss. Definitely not the kind of thing that could have gotten us both killed.
3285GREETINGNot to worry, boss. I'm sure killing the boss of one of the Families will in no way lead to savage, bloody reprisals against you and your loved ones.
3286GREETINGIf we run, we might still catch Benny! Well, you might. I'll just be wheezing along behind you.
3287GREETINGYou really enjoy dragging me into situations where I get shot at, don't you boss?
3288GREETINGAhh, overly-elaborate mob schemes to take over Vegas. Reminds me of the days before the War.
3289GREETING{Hushed, slightly awed and actually not sarcastic for once}I can't believe we're allowed inside the Lucky 38. That place has been a legend since before the War....
3290GREETINGAngry soldier robots with bazookas. I'm sure they'll be a good police force.
3291GREETINGMaybe I'm just old and tired, but being locked in a cool, dark pod to sleep for a few centuries doesn't sound so bad.
3292GREETING{Vaguely grossed out by seeing a guy's body explode}Eesh, boss. Just... eesh.
3293GREETINGDon't worry boss, I'm sure Caesar just wants to invite you over for coffee or something. That's all.
3294GREETINGHey boss, that surgery reminded me of something: I got this funny lump right down here... think you could take a look at it?
3295GREETINGI'm glad you decided to off one of the most powerful men in the Mojave. Life was getting boring anyways. Really.
3296GREETINGYeah, Caesar, let's give you brain surgery in a tent. That can't possibly go wrong.
3297GREETINGCaesar's death reminds me of an old saying. I can't quite remember it now, something like "sic semper tyrannosaurus."
3298GREETINGOh, good. Now there's an army of robots. You don't do things by halves, do you, boss?
3299GREETINGDid blowing up that vault serve a purpose, or do you just like explosions?
3300GREETING{Pity}Those poor NCR soldiers... now where will they get their hookers and gambling?
3301GREETINGBe honest, you did it for the ticker-tape parades, huh boss?
3302GREETINGDon't worry, boss. I'll make sure your biography says you "heroically changed your mind" about killing the president, not "choked under pressure."
3303GREETINGJust to be clear, we're not planning to visit any NCR facilities, right boss? Like, ever again?
3304GREETINGWell, the President's dead, but don't worry. History has shown that that sort of thing almost never leads to massive destabilizations or world wars.
3305GREETINGNever been a big fan of gangs like the Fiends, boss. I'm glad they're gone.
3306GREETINGThe Khans didn't seem so bad to me, but what do I know? I was locked up in a cell by a crazy Nightkin for years.
3307GREETINGDo you often go toe-to-toe with guys dressed as tanks, boss? That might not be great for your life expectancy.
3308GREETINGI'm sure pissing off a ruthless warlord with a tribe of fanatically-devoted warriors was a good move. How could it not be? It was your idea.
3309GREETINGI'm sure pissing off a massive government with a huge army at its disposal was a good move. How could it not be? It was your idea.
3310GREETINGI'm sure pissing off the two most powerful factions in the Mojave was a good move. How could it not be? It was your idea.
3311GREETINGDon't worry, boss. I'm sure the sudden tension in the air is just... {desperately searching for an explanation}a thunderstorm?
3312GREETINGOkay, so maybe I was wrong about the thunderstorm thing. I admit it.
3313GREETING{Quiet, somber, usual sarcasm replaced by seriousness}Looks like this is gonna be the big one, boss. If you're ready, I'm with you.
3314GREETINGWhat can I do for you, boss?
3315GREETINGTook you long enough. So, can I go now?
3316GREETINGI haven't heard a fresh batch of crazy coming out of the radio in a while. Does that mean I can leave?
3317GREETINGBack again? Can I go this time, or do you have something else in mind?
3318GREETINGOh, it's you. You need something repaired or something?
3319GREETINGFancy meeting you here, friend.
3320GREETINGHey there, friend.
3321GREETINGWell butter my butt and call me a biscuit, if it ain't my old friend from Goodsprings!
3322GREETINGWell... don't that beat all - it's my old friend from Goodsprings!
3323GREETINGWell howdy, pardner! You made it out of Goodsprings no worse for the wear. Good for you.
3324GREETINGI reckon you'll be tracking down that varmint now. A man puts you in a grave has it coming if you ask me.
3325GREETINGDamn, son, you look like ten miles of bad road.
3326GREETINGA piece of advice: Watch yourself around No-Bark... I think he's studying to be a half-wit.
3327GREETINGOh... Hello. I am Michael Angelo. How can I-
3328GREETINGUh... wait. Are you here to deliver more billboard requests? Please tell me you're not a messenger on behalf of Mr. House.
3329GREETING{Studying player}Looks like we got a new visitor in the ol' Brahmin pen. {Beat}Not many people coming here in a hurry, only passing through.
3330GREETING{Sighs}And if you're passing through, you picked a bad time. Road north has gone to hell, and if I let a caravan through, they won't make it.
3331GREETING{Angry}Die, NCR filth!
3332GREETING{Peaceful, accepting}Thank you for your advice. You've helped me see more clearly.
3333GREETING{Battle cry}Flails of God!
3334GREETING{Suspicious}Who are you? How did you find this place?
3335GREETINGYou're back. Any progress on saving our skins?
3336GREETING{Awed}You're some kind of hero, huh? I heard about how you saved the President's life. That's incredible.
3337GREETINGYou've heard the news about President Kimball? {Relieved}Thank God he survived, but I hope the Rangers hunt down the miserable traitor that tried to kill him.
3338GREETING{Shocked, numb}I just can't believe it... the President's dead. It doesn't even feel real.
3339GREETINGSwank filled me in about Benny. Hell of a thing, baby. Hell of a thing.
3340GREETINGOh, come on, baby, we just got this place cleaned up after your last visit!
3341GREETINGHey hey! Welcome, welcome, welcome to the finest entertainment experience in New Vegas! My name is Tommy Torini, and how can I make your night?
3342GREETINGHey hey! Welcome, welcome, welcome to the finest entertainment experience in New Vegas! My name is Tommy Torini, and how can I make your day?
3343GREETINGWell, well, well, if it ain't the best-loved cat on the Strip in my theater! What can Tommy do for you, baby?
3344GREETINGNow baby, you know I welcome everybody here at the Aces, but I gotta ask you to keep any mayhem to a minimum, you dig?
3345GREETINGThis new act is out of sight, baby! We're bringing in the caps like a Nuka-Cola bottling plant!
3346GREETINGYou doing right by Tommy, baby. Two new acts? We're making this joint jump!
3347GREETINGDamn, baby, you bringing in so many acts the Rad Pack's taking half the night off! I'm seriously thinking about charging them for the free liquor.
3348GREETINGI got to hand it to you, baby, you did an 18-karat job on this one. My schedule's so full I couldn't put on new acts if I wanted to!
3349GREETINGWelcome back! Here for another fine entertainment experience?
3350GREETINGHowdy there, partner.
3351GREETING{In agony}Unnnh... please... help me.
3352GREETINGThanks for getting me down from that cross. I owe you one.
3353GREETINGThanks again for saving my ass.
3354GREETINGGet away from me, you lunatic!
3355GREETINGAnders told me what happened. We owe you one for rescuing him. Tell you what: I can give you caps as a thank you, or a special recipe Jack cooked up.
3356GREETINGAny luck finding Anders?
3357GREETINGYou're not one of my regulars. What do you want?
3358GREETINGI've been hearing a lot of good things about you. What's up?
3359GREETINGHey! Seems like you've been making lots of friends around here.
3360GREETING{Wary, the player is an unpredictable nutter}Oh, uh, hey - Jack can probably give you a discount, if that'll calm you down.
3361GREETINGLook, we'll be happy to sell you any chems you want, just don't do anything crazy, okay?
3362GREETINGIf there's something you want, spill it - otherwise, move along.
3363GREETINGMake it quick - I don't want to be seen with you.
3364GREETINGDammit, someone offed Motor-Runner! That guy was one of our biggest clients.
3365GREETINGSomeone's been picking off the leaders of the Fiends down in New Vegas. That's going to cut into our profits.
3366GREETINGDid you make that delivery yet?
3367GREETINGHey, what's up?
3368GREETINGWhoa. New guy.
3369GREETINGWhoa. New chick.
3370GREETINGHey, look who it is bringing that good Khan karma around!
3371GREETINGHow's my most favoritest friend?
3372GREETINGYou seriously ought to mellow out, take some chill pills. I could sell you some, if you want.
3373GREETINGYou seem really... high-strung. You know, I'm sure some of what I make my chems out of was an antipsychotic at some point....
3374GREETINGI'm all for live and let live, you know, but a lot of folks around here... umm... aren't.
3375GREETINGWhy do you have to harsh my mellow? Just be cool, you dig?
3376GREETINGHey, what's up?
3377GREETINGYou're the one making a name for yourself among the troops, aren't you? What is it you need?
3378GREETINGAh, the vaunted hero of the Legion. What can I do for you?
3379GREETINGYou've been quite difficult to predict, my friend. I hope I can sway you more solidly to the Legion's way of thinking.
3380GREETINGCaesar is not fond of loose cannons like yourself. I sincerely hope you change your ways before something drastic must occur.
3381GREETINGI've been warned about you. You are perilously close to making an enemy of Caesar, and that is not wise.
3382GREETINGI understand you've been invited to meet with Caesar. You should be aware of the honor you've been granted.
3383GREETINGIf we weren't in Khan territory I would kill you where you stand. Caesar will be avenged!
3384GREETINGCaesar's death was tragic, but do not think that it will break the Legion's resolve.
3385GREETINGCaesar's veterans will arrive from Arizona soon, and there will be no stopping our victory.
3386GREETINGGreetings in the name of {KAI-zar}Caesar.
3387GREETINGI understand you've been talking to the Great Khans about breaking their oaths to great Caesar. I would call that... unwise.
3388GREETINGI'm so much happier now. Thank you again.
3389GREETING{Sullen youth, has just been surprised doing something embarassinng}What do you want?
3390GREETING{Sarcastic}Oh look, it's the conformist tool.
3391GREETING{Sarcastic}How much ass did you have to kick to get Papa Khan to like you so much?
3392GREETING{Thinks the player is totally cool, but doesn't want to admit it}Oh, hey. What's up?
3393GREETINGI can't believe you're talking to me, this is so cool! I mean, uh... dude, what's up?
3394GREETINGYou going to make fun of me too?
3395GREETINGI really don't want to deal with this right now.
3396GREETING{Sullen youth}What?
3397GREETING{FIRST TALK, TROUBLE}{slow burn}You're the courier who's caused so much trouble for my Legion, and yet you dare come before me.
3398GREETINGI heard you were wandering around. Haven't gotten yourself arrested yet, huh?
3399GREETINGThis is just swell - Benny vamooses and I'm left holding the bag. Whaddya need, kid?
3400GREETINGHeya baby, good to see you. Always nice to have a celebrity drop by.
3401GREETINGGot to admit, baby, I'm surprised to see you walking around like this. Figured you for persona non grata around here.
3402GREETINGKid, you better have a good reason for waltzing back in here and not expecting us to fill you full of lead. So talk.
3403GREETINGJesus. Benny's dead, and now I gotta take up the slack. This right here is the end of an era.
3404GREETING{draw out "hello;" this whole line is flirty}Hello, baby! Welcome to the Tops! What can I do for you?
3405GREETINGHey there, pal! Welcome to the Tops, and what can I do for you today?
3406GREETINGYou did good, putting those Omerta finks in their place. I never did trust them.
3407GREETINGSo all of a sudden I'm hearing word that Mr. House ain't the boss of Vegas? Baby, that's just not square.
3408GREETINGLittle birdies tell me you've been to visit the Lucky 38 - {mildly suspicious}not a lot of folks go in there these days.
3409GREETINGHey, doll, how's my favorite girl? Got a kiss for me?
3410GREETINGCouldn't stay away, huh baby? Shoulda known. What can I do for you?
3411GREETINGSomething else you need?
3412GREETINGYou did a super job wrapping things up! And I'm not just saying that because I have to!
3413GREETINGI didn't want to make a big deal about this until after we won, but, {draw out}well...
3414GREETINGI found some code snippets in one of Mr. House's databanks that will let me, um, reprogram my personality! To be a little more assertive, basically!
3415GREETINGSo that's what I'm going to be doing, and it's going to take me a while, so it'll seem like I'm off-line. But don't worry, everything will be okay!
3416GREETINGI've updated the Securitrons' targeting parameters, so they know what to do! Vegas will be protected!
3417GREETINGSo that's where I'll be, off making a few changes, and I... I guess I'll see you around!
3418GREETING{bye-bye}We accomplished a lot together! It was fun! Take care!
3419GREETINGHell of a thing about Chief Hanlon. I never would have guessed he was capable of it.
3420GREETINGI've been hearing some rumors from the Embassy that Mr. House has gone quiet all of a sudden. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?
3421GREETINGNice work dealing with Caesar. That'll make holding the Mojave a lot easier.
3422GREETINGHave you seen these elite rangers they sent us from California? God damn those boys are gonna kick some ass!
3423GREETINGNice work with that assassination attempt! If my troops were half as dedicated as you, we'd win the war in a week!
3424GREETINGLooks like the President's security detail was too good for you, huh, shitbird?
3425GREETINGYou oughta die for what you did.
3426GREETINGNot like I even voted for him, but losing the President's a hell of a morale killer.
3427GREETINGI just got word that 1st Recon is being mobilized to Nelson. God forbid we get any reinforcements here, right?
3428GREETINGSeems the Misfits scored pretty well on their readiness evaluations. That strikes me as... suspicious.
3429GREETINGI gotta admit, I'm impressed. The Misfits are drilling better than I ever expected.
3430GREETINGI'm not sure what's going on with the Misfits - their accuracy is in the toilet, but they're spoiling for a fight like I ain't never seen.
3431GREETINGWell, their test scores are only marginally improved, but I'm hearing good things about the Misfits' teamwork.
3432GREETINGAh, hell, what is it now?
3433GREETING{Pleased to see the player}What can I do for you?
3434GREETINGYou here to help, or just dick around all day?
3435GREETING{Very pleased to see the player}Hot damn, look who it is!
3436GREETING{Frazzled and annoyed}Oh, great, like I don't have enough problems!
3437GREETING{Cold}What the hell do you want?
3438GREETINGWhat the hell do you want, you vicious son of a bitch?
3439GREETINGWhat the hell do you want, you vicious bitch?
3440GREETINGSo you're back. What else do you want?
3441GREETINGOkay, everybody's lined up and ready to go. Any suggestions?
3442GREETINGOkay, we've got our dummy grenades and the course is live. We're all set.
3443GREETINGThe squad really seems to be working together better. It's nice, for a change.
3444GREETINGWhat the hell happened with these readiness reports? These scores are way too high!
3445GREETINGThanks to your help, I feel like we can take on the world!
3446GREETINGI don't know what Razz gave us, but holy shit this is great! I feel like I could kill an entire legion! With my teeth!
3447GREETINGHaven't seen you around before, soldier.
3448GREETINGNot very often we see civilians on-base. What's you're story?
3449GREETINGI heard Chief Hanlon committed suicide. That's just... hard to believe. Do you know anything about it?
3450GREETINGI hear Caesar's dead, and we've got you to thank for it. Nice work.
3451GREETINGI hear Caesar's dead. Maybe that means the war will be over soon.
3452GREETINGI've got a friend stationed at McCarran - I heard something about a monorail explosion there. I hope he's okay.
3453GREETINGRadio says you stopped the President's assassin cold. Not bad.
3454GREETINGYou're lucky you haven't been shot walking in here after that assassination attempt.
3455GREETINGYou're lucky you haven't been shot walking in here after you killed the president.
3456GREETINGHell of a battle at Nelson. I'm impressed our troops survived.
3457GREETINGEverybody's been really nervous since President Kimball died. I don't know what's going to happen.
3458GREETINGHell of a battle at Forlorn Hope. I hope the brass can do something for the troopers' families.
3459GREETINGThere's some weird chatter on the radio saying something wiped out Nelson and Forlorn Hope. That's pretty scary.
3460GREETINGI'm not supposed to know this, but I hear they're dispatching elite ranger units from California to deal with the Legion.
3461GREETINGSo now the word is Caesar's calling in his elite troops from Arizona. I don't think we're going to catch a break any time soon.
3462GREETINGA bunch of units just got mobilized to Hoover Dam. This is the big one, isn't it?
3463GREETINGGlad to see you haven't gotten yourself killed yet.
3464GREETING{sarcastic}Man, the brass is going to be thrilled that you're here.
3465GREETINGFriendly warning, you might want to steer clear of NCR facilities. You're not exactly popular.
3466GREETING{A little starstruck but trying to be nonchalant}Wow, the big celebrity down here with the common troopers. What can I do for you?
3467GREETINGYou're not going to do anything crazy, are you? It's just, you know... the paperwork....
3468GREETINGHow'd you get in here without getting shot?
3469GREETINGMess with any of the equipment here and I'll mount your head on a stick.
3470GREETINGStay out of the control room and enclosure or there's gonna be trouble, got it?
3471GREETINGLook all you want, just don't mess with any of the equipment. The control room's off-limits, and so is the enclosure.
3472GREETINGMess with any of the equipment here and I'll mount your head on a stick.
3473GREETINGStay out of the control room and enclosure or there's gonna be trouble, got it?
3474GREETINGLook all you want, just don't mess with any of the equipment. The control room's off-limits, and so is the enclosure.
3475GREETINGLet me see what you got. Yeah, these'll do just fine. Just fine.
3476GREETINGAll right now. We're gonna be making something folks on the trail call Healing Powder.
3477GREETINGGo on over to that campfire now. Give it a try.
3478GREETING{Derisive}Only thing you're good for is target practice.
3479GREETING{Threatening}Bet you'd blow up real good.
3480GREETING{threatening}Watch your step, Outsider.
3481GREETING{Open Threat}I got a shell with your name on it.
3482GREETINGI can spot a Brotherhood spy from a thousand yards. Even the cute ones.
3483GREETING{serious}I don't believe there's anything left for us to talk about.
3484GREETINGGo on. Go fetch a ranger and do this right.
3485GREETINGSorting and manipulating intelligence is what I do. It's what rangers are supposed to do.
3486GREETING{joking a bit}This job isn't all gunfighting and gulping shots of whiskey, no matter what the boys and ladies out there say.
3487GREETINGI've lost all respect for you.
3488GREETINGIf you're an enemy of the NCR, you're an enemy of mine. Get out of my sight.
3489GREETINGGoddamn it! Don't sneak up on me like that. What do you want?
3490GREETINGHey. You. You wandered into town recently, right?
3491GREETINGGet the hell away! We're done talking.
3492GREETINGWelcome, child! Took your sweet time getting here, didn't you?
3493GREETINGI've been waiting a good five years for an outsider to come along and visit!
3494GREETING{Hated}Fuck off.
3495GREETINGWho the hell are you? I know you weren't one of the inmates.
3496GREETINGWhat the fuck have you done? We needed that sulfur!
3497GREETINGHave you wiped out those geckos yet?
3498GREETINGAh, the outsider who gained our master's favor. You prove yourself as cunning as the rumors report.
3499GREETINGA pleasure to meet you! I'm Dr. Thomas Hildern, Director of Operations, OSI East. I presume you're here about Vault 22?
3500GREETINGWell howdy, pardner! Good to see ya again. Boss is waiting for ya upstairs, so get a move on!
3501GREETINGAppreciate the help. Wish I had more work for you, but nothing else on the radar at the moment.
3502GREETINGI'm helping Doctor Henry with his experiment right now, dear. Come see me again in a bit.
3503GREETINGYou should go talk to Blake or Alice, they handle most of our contact with visitors.
3504GREETINGYou should go talk to Blake or Alice, they handle most of our contact with visitors.
3505GREETINGI've never seen a ghoul up close. Not sure I wanted to.
3506GREETINGThat thing is housebroken, right?
3507GREETINGI like you big mutants. You're easy to sight.
3508GREETINGIt was such an honor to be here today. I'm so lucky.
3509GREETINGI'm too young to die!
3510GREETINGMaybe that guy Fantastic wasn't an idiot. Maybe he was a genius.
3511GREETINGI'm heading to Gomorrah next time I get some time off.
3512GREETINGI sure hope I get to meet President Kimball.
3513GREETINGI wonder if the President will come this way again, he had kind of a close call I hear.
3514GREETINGMormon caravan from New Canaan came through the other day.
3515GREETINGIf you need a place to stay, check out Vault 21.
3516GREETINGI've heard about you.
3517GREETINGIt's good to see you around the Strip.
3518GREETINGI'm looking forward to getting sent across the river.
3519GREETINGI hear the NCR and the Kings have been getting along. That's good news for Freeside.
3520GREETINGI hear the Legion's fixing to attack Hoover Dam. Good thing I ain't there.
3521GREETINGI hear the Great Khans just packed up and left Red Rock Canyon. Always thought the NCR and them would fight it out again.
3522GREETINGI'll mind my business, you mind yours.
3523GREETINGI've got nothing to say to you. Best move on.
3524GREETINGWhat do you need?
3525GREETINGI've got nothing to say to you. Best move on.
3526GREETINGPresident Kimball is really well spoken.
3527GREETINGNot right now. President Kimball is giving his speech.
3528GREETING{Curious}You turned around?
3529GREETING{Fortunate}When I get back home, I'll tell everyone I met you.
3530GREETINGStep up to the tables, let's see what you got.
3531GREETING{Frustrated}Almost outta caps...
3532GREETING{Dumbfounded}I can't believe you've got the gall to stroll down the Strip after what you've done.
3533GREETING{Doubtful Apprehension}Maybe someone else in the Strip can help you?
3534GREETING{Feeling Observed and Self-Conscious}If you don't mind, I rather we don't talk right now.
3535GREETING{Dumbfounded}How the hell did the monorail blow up? Someone's bringing back luck into the Strip, I tell you.
3536GREETING{Apprehensive}Kimball's dead, I wonder how long until the Legion's at our walls.
3537GREETING{Almost Alarmed}The owner of the Vault was murdered. I thought we were safe inside the Strip.
3538GREETING{Contemplative Comment}I like the place, but I wouldn't want to live underground all my life.
3539GREETING{Marveled}Can you imagine how much electricity it takes to keep this Vault running?
3540GREETING{Marveled}People lived in here for hundreds of years, can you imagine?
3541GREETING{Slight Disappointment}I wish the rest of the Vault were accessible.
3542GREETING{Benny escaped}That prisoner, Benny, managed to slip away somehow.
3543GREETINGMove along.
3544GREETING{Companion Reaction - Arcade}{pretending surprise}Imagine, a Follower brave enough to leave Freeside.
3545GREETING{Companion Reaction - Rex}The dog is part-machine... but its brain is flesh.
3546GREETING{Companion Reaction - Raul}{disgusted by ghoul's appearance}What a revolting sight. {incredulous}To call that a friend?
3547GREETING{Companion Reaction - ED-E}That machine looks like a floating eye. I don't like it.
3548GREETING{Companion Reaction - Lily}How does one get that blue monster to obey?
3549GREETING{Fearful Suspicion}I've seen what those creatures do, and I don't know how you trust them.
3550GREETING{Hopeful}Those Legion beasts needed to be put down, like the vermin they are!
3551GREETING{Hopeful}Did you hear about the Legion Defeat at Nelson? We're winning back our territories.
3552GREETING{Indifferent}As long as the Khans leave our lands alone, I don't care what happens.
3553GREETING{celebratory}I always knew House would give in! Sixth state of the union, here we come!
3554GREETING{Encouraged}I'd wager that the army's sending elite units our way, right as we speak.
3555GREETING{Pessimistic}Bitter Springs... a name like that could've only brought bad luck.
3556GREETING{Cautious}I'll believe that the Fiends are gone when they stop their raiding and pillaging.
3557GREETING{Hindsight}Should've bet we'd kill the Fiend's leader.
3558GREETING{Dumbfounded}Everywhere I go, people are talking about our President's assassination.
3559GREETING{Avarice}With House out of the way, I hope someone opens the Lucky 38.
3560GREETING{Disdainful}I see you prefer the company of anarchic cultists to civilized peoples.
3561GREETING{Incredulous}What makes you think I give a damn about you?
3562GREETING{Apprehension}Just, don't do anything crazy.
3563GREETING{Genuine Appreciation}I hope you're doing well, friend!
3564GREETING{Dismissive}Don't bother me, please.
3565GREETING{Fearful yet Determined}This is it. War's almost upon us.
3566GREETING{Feeling Fortunate}Word is you're getting popular in The Strip.
3567GREETING{Hopeful}I've heard that elite units are on the way to support our armies here.
3568GREETING{Fearful}War doesn't forgive anybody, but what did we do to deserve this?
3569GREETING{Dismissive}Those Freeside thugs aren't worth our time anymore.
3570GREETING{Assertive}Khans are history, it serves them right!
3571GREETING{Disbelief}Did you hear about Hanlon? What a blow!
3572GREETING{Fearful Anger}You killed him! What have we done to you?
3573GREETING{Indignated}I hear some asshole freed our enemy from McCarran.
3574GREETING{Deep Concern}Someone blew up the Monorail, right by our troops!
3575GREETING{Celebratory}With Mr. House dead and gone, Vegas can finally join the NCR!
3576GREETING{Intrigued}Your robot looks worth quite a few caps.
3577GREETING{Thoughtful Naivete}If the Legion can equip their men so well, maybe they can take care of me too.
3578GREETING{Lucky 38 re-lit}The great tower of the enemy city blazes with light. What does it mean?
3579GREETING{Lucky 38 re-lit}It turns out the Lucky 38 had its own reactor all along. Now that it's operational, the city doesn't need power from the dam.
3580GREETING{Hated 1}You're just as bad as the NCR or the Legion. What did the Followers ever do to you?
3581GREETING{Hated 2}People like you are the reason the Followers haven't brought civilization back to the wasteland yet.
3582GREETING{Hated 3}I don't know what you have against the Followers, but I don't want any trouble.
3583GREETING{Liked 1}You're always welcome among the Followers, friend.
3584GREETING{Liked 2}The Followers are lucky to have a friend like you.
3585GREETING{Liked 3}If you ever need the assistance of the Followers, just ask.
3586GREETING{Mixed 1}You're making it hard to trust you, you know.
3587GREETING{Mixed 2}At least you've making up for some of the trouble you've caused.
3588GREETING{Mixed 3}They said you're friendly enough, but that we ought to keep an eye on you.
3589GREETINGThat President Kimball nearly got killed at Hoover Dam. Now he knows how we feel about the NCR around here.
3590GREETINGThat tower on the Strip, the one you can see for miles? I hear it ain't sealed-up no more.
3591GREETINGNelson and Camp Forlorn Hope, both butchered. It's almost like God don't like either side.
3592GREETINGThe Legion is attacking! Run for your lives!
3593GREETING{Wistful}Vegas at night is like nothing else.
3594GREETING{Unsure}The robots here look different than others I've seen.
3595GREETINGShame about the fighting at the Tops; it's got the best patrons around here, hands down!
3596GREETING{Slightly Patriotic}Us NCR folk got to stick together, even if the Strip is the safest place in New Vegas.
3597GREETINGBeats being on patrol.
3598GREETINGJust lost a month's caps...
3599GREETINGSome Khans got corned in the ruins of Boulder City and the NCR killed them. It's like Bitter Springs all over again.
3600GREETINGSomeone finally put down that sick Motor Runner sonofabitch. Good riddance.
3601GREETINGSo I hear the honcho of one of them Strip families up and disappeared - poof! Yeah, they'll find his body someday...
3602GREETINGYour victory is the Legion's victory. True to {KAI-zar}Caesar.
3603GREETINGYou are to be commended on your martial skill.
3604GREETINGThe Legion would have to be insane to attack this place.
3605GREETINGThe sound of the generators is really quite calming.
3606GREETINGYou're the one who busted those assholes at Gomorrah, huh? Good work!
3607GREETINGThe bosses of the {saying it wrong}Omergas? Omer-nas? The ones that run Gomorrah? Someone killed them.
3608GREETINGI hear someone went crazy in one of the casinos on the Strip, shot the place up or something!
3609GREETINGI can't believe it. Caesar's Legion attacks in force, and I actually survived!
3610GREETINGUnngh... why do I feel so terrible?
3611GREETINGI'm glad those nighttime raids have stopped. I was getting worried.
3612GREETINGHere to meet with the brass?
3613GREETINGYou oughtta think about enlisting. We need you here.
3614GREETINGLot of folks at McCarran really appreciate what you've done.
3615GREETINGThis ain't your business. Walk off and forget you saw anything.
3616GREETINGHello and welcome to Gomorrah. How can I help you?
3617GREETINGHey there, can I get you a drink, maybe a party favor?
3618GREETINGYou looking for a good time?
3619GREETINGWhat the fuck are you looking at?
3620GREETINGWhat the fuck are you looking at?
3621GREETINGIf I wasn't working right now, I'd show you a real nice time.
3622GREETINGEnjoying the show?
3623GREETINGI wouldn't mind taking a bite of you.
3624GREETINGDamn, you're looking tasty.
3625GREETINGSecuritrons with faces like soldiers? Is this martial law or something? What the fuck?
3626GREETINGSo Mr. House sells Vegas out to the NCR, {ay}eh? I always knew that freak was a rat.
3627GREETINGWhat the fuck's up with the Lucky 38 being lit up all the time, {ay}eh?
3628GREETINGShit, I can't believe Cachino betrayed the Family.
3629GREETINGI got kicked outta Ultra Luxe the other day. Man, that place gives me the fucking creeps.
3630GREETINGBusiness is good. All the Familes got money. Of course Gomorrah is where the action is.
3631GREETINGI'm glad they don't let just any motherfucker through the gate. Freeside smells like shit.
3632GREETINGFiends are bad for business. NCR should do their fucking job.
3633GREETINGThere's some serious shit going on between NCR and the Legion. They better not fuck with our power.
3634GREETINGFuck Not-At-Home, must be cozy up there in the Lucky 38.
3635GREETINGBosses don't like no trouble in their place.
3636GREETINGGomorrah is always open for Business.{Spoken like business has two meanings}
3637GREETINGFind yourself a girl or a guy. Have some fun.
3638GREETINGI think there is something wrong with that dog.
3639GREETINGUh{hesitates}, I don't think we allow{uh} her kind in here.{pause} I'll let it go this time though.
3640GREETINGWhat the fuck is that thing?
3641GREETINGBig tough ranger better not start any trouble in here.
3642GREETINGLet me know if the pretty lady with you is looking for some work.
3643GREETINGThat Follower fucker is going to have some trouble if he tries to liberate any of our employees.
3644GREETINGKings sold out to the NCR huh? Might be worth a sit down with them.
3645GREETINGWord on the street is something big is about to go down at Hoover Dam.
3646GREETINGI hear you been making some waves around here.
3647GREETINGI hear the Legion is moving some new tough muscle into the area. NCR better keep their heads down.
3648GREETINGKings were small time. Not surprised they got themselves iced.
3649GREETINGThose fucking Monkey Khans joined the NCR? I can't believe they finally got themselves civilized.
3650GREETINGKhans finally got what they had coming. Glad we won't have to worry about them again.
3651GREETINGYou hear what happened over at Bitter Springs? Not too pretty.
3652GREETINGKimball managed to get himself knocked off. Serves him right.
3653GREETINGI hear Kimball dodged a bullet there.
3654GREETINGThe NCR seems none too happy about losing their little train.
3655GREETINGGlad that fucker House is gone.
3656GREETINGWoah, the great Caesar is dead. The management doesn't seem too happy.
3657GREETINGI hear Mr. House cashed out. Ain't much to miss.
3658GREETING{Amazed}Holy shit, you been in Lucky 38? You meet the Big Man in there?
3659GREETINGThings are good since Cachino took over.
3660GREETINGI hear you chased that chicken shit Benny off. Good riddance.
3661GREETINGDid Benny beg before you burned his sorry ass?
3662GREETING{Laughs}Nice work at the Tops, buddy.
3663GREETINGWelcome back to Gomorrah, find yourself a girl or a guy, and have a drink. You're family.
3664GREETINGYour ghoul wants to have some fun he can, we don't discriminate.
3665GREETINGI tell you, Not-At-Home is gonna have his day.
3666GREETING{This space left intentionally blank}
3667GREETINGHello, wanderer. Please forgive us of our humble surroundings. Our true home awaits us in the Far Beyond.
3668GREETINGHave you come to help us complete the Great Journey?
3669GREETINGThey tell me I'm supposed to sell you weapons. Interested?
3670GREETINGWhat's up with the tower in Vegas being all lit up? I didn't know it could do that.
3671GREETINGEven that old House bastard gave in to the NCR. We're the only ones to make a stand!
3672GREETINGWhat are we going to do now that Papa's dead?
3673GREETINGDoc seems to be doing all right patching people up, at least.
3674GREETINGI never thought they'd actually send us reinforcements.
3675GREETINGWelcome to Bitter Springs. {Sarcastic}Quite a sight, isn't it?
3676GREETINGI hear there's a ghost in these mountains... and it doesn't like the NCR much.
3677GREETINGNot enough food, not enough medicine, and definitely not enough sleep.
3678GREETINGI don't know how we're expected to hold this place with so few men.
3679GREETINGAll these refugees... is Caesar's Legion really that big?
3680GREETINGThis is the worst detail in the Mojave.
3681GREETINGCan't believe the Legion hit us in such numbers. They're stronger than we think.
3682GREETINGI coughed up blood this morning. I think I'm really sick.
3683GREETINGNo attacks for a while now. That's a good sign, right?
3684GREETINGI think there's something wrong with the food.
3685GREETINGI swear I saw somebody sneaking out of the graveyard the other night.
3686GREETINGLieutenant Markland always looks like he's afraid the kids are gonna bite him.
3687GREETINGMarkland seems to be getting better with his bedside manner.
3688GREETINGFinally got enough pills to chase off that damn infection.
3689GREETINGDoc's gotten real handy with the kids these days.
3690GREETINGHope the Doc can give me some meds this week.
3691GREETINGNice to see more guards on patrol. Maybe Caesar won't murder us all.
3692GREETINGFinally starting to get some decent food around here.
3693GREETINGNot enough soldiers here to stop Caesar if he rolls through.
3694GREETINGSo tired....
3695GREETINGHaven't had a decent meal in weeks.
3696GREETINGLegion just came out of nowhere.
3697GREETINGFiends... cracked-out junkies. All those chems make them a real bitch to take down.
3698GREETINGWe should be taking the fight to the Legion, not waiting for them to pick us apart.
3699GREETINGI really hope General Oliver has a good plan if the Legion comes back.
3700GREETINGColonel Hsu really knows what he's doing. Now if only someone'd explain that to ol' General Wait-and-See Oliver...
3701GREETINGI pity anyone who crosses Boyd. That woman is relentless.
3702GREETINGWe still haven't gotten Ranger Morales' body back from the Fiends. Sure doesn't inspire confidence in the guys you're serving with.
3703GREETINGDamn shame about Morales. She enlisted to be closer to her husband.
3704GREETINGContreras is holding out on me. I know he's got more to sell.
3705GREETINGMan, Doc Kemp really fixed me up right the last time I got shot. He's the man to see if you need some fixin'.
3706GREETINGFarber is doing the best with what he's got, but man could I go for a nice cut of brahmin steak.
3707GREETINGHope you like it here at McCarran.
3708GREETINGMake yourself at home here. It's cozy... for an airport.
3709GREETINGChecking in with the base, huh?
3710GREETINGI can't believe it's over. I figured the Dam would fall and this place would be our last stand.
3711GREETINGFight's gonna break out at the Dam any time now. Feels strange not being there for it.
3712GREETINGThe cavalry's finally here. God bless the boys in black.
3713GREETINGWord is, our Ranger vets are finally coming up from Baja. The Legion should be pissing their togas.
3714GREETINGFirst Recon is holding Forlorn Hope now. What I wouldn't give for sniper support here.
3715GREETINGWith both Nelson and Camp Forlorn Hope gone, you have to wonder when McCarran's gonna get attacked.
3716GREETINGI've always known Camp Forlorn Hope was a death sentence. I just wish I'd been wrong.
3717GREETINGThey're saying we retook Nelson. Finally some good news.
3718GREETINGBrotherhood's been quiet lately. Guess they finally realized Rangers beat power armor every time.
3719GREETINGHeard the Kings have turned over a new leaf. Doesn't mean you'll see me in Freeside any time soon.
3720GREETINGI've been seeing a lot of dead Fiends lately. Damn psychos had it coming.
3721GREETINGAre you the one that killed Motor-Runner? Thank God. That guy was a living nightmare.
3722GREETINGBad time to lose Chief Hanlon. He'd have had Caesar running scared.
3723GREETINGThe most important POW we've ever taken and he gets away. He must've had help.
3724GREETINGHow could we fail to protect our own monorail?
3725GREETINGCaesar's dead. So when do we go home?
3726GREETINGDamn that was some light show out there.
3727GREETINGThat was blinding out there. Feels like I've been staring at the sun.
3728GREETINGIs the plant actually working again?
3729GREETINGI'm surprised they didn't send you somewhere more vital.
3730GREETINGWow, what are you doing at HELIOS? I feel like I should salute.
3731GREETINGHope you can stay. We could use your expertise here.
3732GREETINGWhat'd you do wrong to get sent here? Thought you were an up-and-comer.
3733GREETINGAre you supporting us here? We'll take what we can get.
3734GREETINGWelcome to HELIOS One.
3735GREETINGThe attacks have stopped. Winning the dam saved our asses.
3736GREETINGWe lost Forlorn Hope. The eastern front is collapsing. They'll be here next.
3737GREETINGThank God we took back Nelson. Now they'll have a harder time hitting us here.
3738GREETINGHeard the Brotherhood got smoked. Guess somebody finished what we started.
3739GREETINGWith Caesar dead, maybe they'll stop attacking us.
3740GREETINGThis chainlink fence perimeter is worthless. We might as well be defending a cage from the inside.
3741GREETINGThis place is off-limits to civilians. You don't like it, take it up with Lieutenant Haggerty.
3742GREETINGThe Legion's coming for us. Just a matter of time, believe you me.
3743GREETINGPretty sure H.Q. has forgotten all about us.
3744GREETINGThat scientist we hired has got to be the dumbest asshole I've ever come across.
3745GREETINGWho knows which side the Legion's gonna hit us from next?
3746GREETINGIf the Legion breaks through our defenses, I got one bullet I'm saving just for me.
3747GREETINGWe should be up on the front lines, not out here in bumblefuck. This place is a junkyard.
3748GREETINGWe're supposed to be relieved any day. That's what they keep telling us. I don't think anyone's coming.
3749GREETINGForlorn Hope has fallen, another victory for {KAI-zar}Caesar.
3750GREETING{respectful}I have heard how you cleansed Forlorn Hope of the Profligates.
3751GREETINGNelson, Forlorn Hope... soon {KAI-zar's}Caesar's banners shall rise on Hoover Dam.
3752GREETINGOur march to the Dam is assured.
3753GREETINGWith Forlorn Hope's fall, our blades are at the NCR's throat.
3754GREETINGOur machetes ran thick with blood here.
3755GREETINGI hope to {KAI-zar}Caesar that the Profligates will send more victims to us.
3756GREETING{contempt}The Profligates here were weak, no fight in them.
3757GREETINGThis is only the first settlement to fall.
3758GREETING{contempt}The bodies of beggars and cowards fill Nelson's streets now.
3759GREETINGDead Sea has erected a tribute to {KAI-zar}Caesar - made of Profligate corpses.
3760GREETINGWhen we're fortified here and reinforced, Forlorn Hope will be next.
3761GREETINGWe kill only those who resist the will of {KAI-zar}Caesar. The rest are kept as tribute.
3762GREETINGSome of Nelson lives on... as slaves. They are being kept nearby.
3763GREETINGIf the rest of the Profligate settlements are as weak as this, {KAI-zar's}Caesar's victory is assured.
3764GREETINGThis is only part of our detachment. We have others stationed nearby.
3765GREETINGSpeak to our {deh-CAN-us}Decanus, Dead Sea.
3766GREETINGWe do not move unless Dead Sea commands it.
3767GREETING{contempt}We can see the Profligate cowards stationed on the hill, afraid of us.
3768GREETINGYou may walk here - but do not head west along the road.
3769GREETINGThat we hold Neslon, that is {KAI-zar's}Caesar's will.
3770GREETINGYou meet any of those Rangers dressed up in black yet? My friends say they're mutant cyborgs and they're going to kill us all!
3771GREETINGThat new Ranger armor is downright impressive. I'd hate to be on the business end of one of their revolvers.
3772GREETINGWe've already got people disappearing at night. I hear the NCR have veterans from out west coming to push us out of Freeside.
3773GREETINGI've been hearing rumors of the Rangers getting some heavy reinforcements soon. Hope they don't try to start anything around here.
3774GREETINGThe NCR must have paid off the Kings big to get them to sign up. Maybe there was an NCR mole who tricked them into it!
3775GREETINGGood news for Freeside. The Kings have decided to work with NCR for a change.
3776GREETINGI hear the Kings were wiped out by some kind of Super mutant ninja assassin paid by the NCR! Who else could have taken them down?!
3777GREETINGI don't get why the Kings are dead. They weren't a bad bunch of guys.
3778GREETINGSome people are saying the Great Khans got drugged up out of their minds and attacked the dam.
3779GREETINGI heard the Khans went wild at Hoover Dam. I suppose they were looking for one last blaze of glory.
3780GREETINGI hear the Great Khans staged their own deaths to trick the NCR.
3781GREETINGPeople say the Khans got wiped out at Red Rock. That's one less bunch of crazies to worry about.
3782GREETINGThe Great Khans aren't gone. They're just hiding, biding their time...
3783GREETINGThe Great Khans moved out? One less mob of degenerates to worry about, if you ask me.
3784GREETINGThe Khans signed a treaty with NCR? I've heard some crazy rumors before, but that one's rich!
3785GREETINGSo, the Great Khans signed up with NCR. Who would have thought those two would settle their differences?
3786GREETINGThose sick Legion bastards had the brass balls to attack Bitter Springs? I bet that was one messy fight.
3787GREETINGMaybe it'll be a little safer to travel, now that the Fiends' bosses are dead. We owe their killer a debt of gratitude.
3788GREETINGI heard Motor Runner got taken down. Maybe the Fiends will finally destroy themselves now that he's gone.
3789GREETINGI hear Hanlon was abducted by aliens and that's why he was acting so strangely. Better check yourself for strange scars.
3790GREETINGHanlon was apparently sabotaging NCR's efforts in the area. Now, I kind of wish he hadn't died.
3791GREETINGI hear Hanlon was working for the aliens and NCR found out.
3792GREETINGChief Hanlon is dead? I hear that guy couldn't order himself out of a cardboard box, let alone command troops
3793GREETINGMy friends say Kimball's assassination was all an Illuminati plot to reclaim power. I say they're crazy. How do you kill someone with a flashlight?
3794GREETINGKimball getting killed is going to make a mess of things around here. The troopers coming through here are mean enough already.
3795GREETINGMy friends say you're working for the Illuminati, and that's why you killed Kimball. Watch your back. {paranoid whisper}They have listening devices everywhere!
3796GREETINGKilling Kimball is going to make a mess of things around here. The troopers coming through here are mean enough already.
3797GREETINGThanks for not killing Kimball. I hear he's been working against the secret alien invasion forces above the planet. {paranoid whisper}They want to eat our brains!
3798GREETINGSo, I hear that assassination attempt on Kimball didn't quite turn out the way you planned. Now, the NCR are going to be even pissier than usual.
3799GREETINGGood job saving Kimball's life. I hear he's been working against the secret alien invasion forces above the planet. {paranoid whisper}They want to eat our brains!
3800GREETINGI suppose you did the right thing saving Kimball, even though it means we're still screwed here in Freeside.
3801GREETINGYou freed that Silus guy from McCarran? Guess you've got your reasons for helping the Legion.
3802GREETINGI hear the monorail bombing was an alien plot. Just a few more gates to destroy and we're all trapped in here.
3803GREETINGI guess the monorail getting bombed wasn't all bad. Freeside is getting a lot more business now.
3804GREETINGWith the monorail down, we're going to have a lot more NCR goons wandering through here. Yay...
3805GREETINGRumor has it Mr. House joined the NCR on account of some secret love child he never even knew he had.
3806GREETINGNever thought I'd see House settle for being an NCR lapdog. What the hell happened?
3807GREETINGI think Caesar was killed by alien clone agents! The Legion are just a bunch of alien slaves doing their bidding!
3808GREETINGI hear Caesar had an alien brain chip in his head, but he died on the operating table when they tried to remove it.
3809GREETINGPeople say Caesar is dead. I hope someone worse doesn't replace him.
3810GREETINGYou killed Caesar? Rumor around here has it he was struck down by a bad case of explosive diarrhea.
3811GREETINGAll hail the slayer of Caesar! It's about time that slavemaster got his!
3812GREETINGI don't need to read no obituary to know House was an asshole.
3813GREETINGWith no House to boss Vegas around, the NCR's gonna want that job.
3814GREETINGAccording to the rumor mill, House is faking his death to catch the NCR off-guard.
3815GREETINGHouse dead? Good riddance.
3816GREETINGBetter give the Securitrons a wide berth if you know what's good for you. Those new upgrades look nasty.
3817GREETINGHouse must have special plans for you to get into the Lucky 38 and come out alive.
3818GREETINGI hear you made a real mess of the Omerta's plans. Hopefully, the new management does a better job running Gomorrah.
3819GREETINGImpressive work fighting off Benny's thugs! I know I wouldn't have survived that.
3820GREETINGI heard you made a run on The Tops. You've got guts, kid.
3821GREETINGFigures that Benny would run. Sorry coward's nobody without his thugs to back him.
3822GREETINGPrivate Watson sure seemed excited about meeting Kimball.
3823GREETINGI actually got to see the President.
3824GREETINGI hear President Kimball had a pretty close call with some assassins.
3825GREETINGThe death of the President is going to be a permanent blight on this place.
3826GREETINGIf the President of our republic isn't safe here, how can we be?
3827GREETINGKimball died, security seemed so tight, how could such a thing happen?
3828GREETINGPresident Kimball is going to arrive pretty soon to give his speech and meet that wounded soldier.
3829GREETINGHow do we know if Mr. House is really gone? No one's ever seen him in the first place!
3830GREETINGColonel Moore survived four tours against the Brotherhood back west. If anyone can help take on the Legion, it's her.
3831GREETINGYou hear that rumor that Colonel Moore was kicked out of Gomorrah a while back? I heard she's had it in for the Omertas ever since.
3832GREETINGI'm really surprised Colonel Moore accepted the Brotherhood's help. I heard she lost a lot of men in war with them back west.
3833GREETINGIs it true? Was there really a Brotherhood base nearby that blew sky high?
3834GREETINGI heard a rumor that Moore hired some mercs to wipe out the Khans. Is that such a good idea, with Bitter Springs still on peoples' minds back home?
3835GREETINGMan, I'm exhausted. Moore's got us running drills non-stop.
3836GREETINGJust between us, Colonel Moore scares me sometimes.
3837GREETINGOur victory was never in question.
3838GREETINGHow did the Legion make it into the power plant?
3839GREETINGLet's get going!
3840GREETINGThe Crimson Caravan's the biggest merchant outfit in the wasteland.
3841GREETINGDamn Brahmin crap everywhere.
3842GREETINGI'm glad Ringo's back. Got a good story to tell, too.
3843GREETINGFucking expensive to get into the Strip these days.
3844GREETINGKeep an eye out for wildlife.
3845GREETINGWhen pay day hits, I'm off to the Strip. Can't wait.
3846GREETINGDid you know you have a robot following you?
3847GREETINGWhatever you're selling, we have plenty.
3848GREETINGKeep your distance, soldier.
3849GREETING{suspicious}A doctor? Who's your supplier?
3850GREETINGIdle thumbs tend to get blown off around here. Get moving.
3851GREETINGSorry, I've got work to take care of.
3852GREETINGI'd keep moving if I was you.
3853GREETING{Dismissive}Go back to the Strip where you belong.
3854GREETINGYou're nothing like us, Outsider.
3855GREETINGWe should have never let you in.
3856GREETINGYou're no different than a common Fiend.
3857GREETINGWhat are you looking at?
3858GREETINGKeep your distance.
3859GREETINGI'm not sure what to make of you, Outsider.
3860GREETINGWhat do you know about our problems?
3861GREETINGWelcome back.
3862GREETINGHey there. Kill any Outsiders lately?
3863GREETING{Jovial}You can shoot with me anytime, friend.
3864GREETINGAlways nice to see you.
3865GREETING{Wry}Hope the trip into camp wasn't too eventful!
3866GREETING{friendly}Keep your head down, Outsider.
3867GREETINGI've got my sights on you, Outsider.
3868GREETINGStand back where I can see you.
3869GREETINGSaw you coming a mile away.
3870GREETINGI actually got to fly Pearl for a little bit during that boming run. Hot damn, what an honor.
3871GREETINGAll those hours training? Glad they finally paid off.
3872GREETINGDid you see it? I hear the suckers burned right through their armor.
3873GREETINGIt was wonderful seeing Pearl fly and serve the purpose she was built for.
3874GREETINGIt's getting nasty out here. S'times like these I thank god for artillery.
3875GREETINGWar's brewing on the horizon, plain as day.
3876GREETINGWe've survived out here pretty well so far without any help from the outside.
3877GREETINGYou should get out of my face before you get yourself hurt.
3878GREETINGI don't have anything to say to you, outsider.
3879GREETINGI don't know how you survived the bombardment. That's incredible.
3880GREETINGI don't think you should be here.
3881GREETINGI'm happy you came along. You are the answer to our dreams.
3882GREETINGYou've earned our trust, now let's see if you can earn our gratitude.
3883GREETINGI can't believe we may see the superfortress built in my lifetime.
3884GREETINGReally? So we may see our dream of flight soon?
3885GREETINGI hear you're going to help us, I hope you're up for the task.
3886GREETINGI'm happy that we managed to raise the bomber in my lifetime.
3887GREETINGThank you so much for your help.
3888GREETINGI didn't think the day would ever come, but thanks to you our dreams have come true!
3889GREETINGI'm amazed that an outsider has proven so helpful.
3890GREETINGYou've given us the ability to touch the sky! Thank you.
3891GREETINGYou've done us a great service. Thank you.
3892GREETINGYou've done us a great service. Thank you for your help.
3893GREETINGI'm not going to take anything from you. Leave me alone!
3894GREETINGHey! You tried to get me sick!
3895GREETINGYou should learn to give kids nice things... Like toys!
3896GREETINGYou're the one that tried to give me that yucky stuff.
3897GREETINGI don't think I should talk to you. You aren't very nice.
3898GREETINGYou need to leave me alone. I don't like you anymore.
3899GREETINGYou're lots of fun. We should play sometime.
3900GREETINGI'm going to be a hero and travel the wasteland like you when I grow up.
3901GREETINGI'm going to tell Mama Pearl how cool you are.
3902GREETINGI bet you have all kinds of fun stories.
3903GREETINGI like you, we should play sometime!
3904GREETINGThanks for the toy! It was great!
3905GREETINGI'm going to play raise the B-29!
3906GREETINGI can't believe Pearl let you stay with us.
3907GREETINGI sure hope Pearl knows what she's doing.
3908GREETINGFucking Crocker couldn't find his ass if it wasn't on his backside...
3909GREETINGDon't be carrying any guns into the casino.
3910GREETING{Not insulting, just commenting}You look like you just crawled out of the desert.
3911GREETING{Night only}Love how this place comes alive at night.
3912GREETING{Day only}You should see this place at night.
3913GREETING{Rueful}Looking to lose a few caps, huh? Just the place.
3914GREETINGI never trusted those Omerta punks, even if I like their girls.
3915GREETINGI don't trust those creeps at the Ultra-Luxe.
3916GREETINGWe need more people like you in the NCR.
3917GREETING{Proud}We should straighten those thugs at Gomorrah.
3918GREETINGWe've heard about you from the officers at our embassy.
3919GREETINGYou're wasting no time in making a name for yourself around here, huh?
3920GREETING{Subtly Fearful}The bots have enough firepower to arm a full platoon.
3921GREETING{Surprised, then impressed}A Ranger, here in the Strip? Fine company, sir!
3922GREETING{Matter of Fact}I won't be missing Mr. House, that's a given. The Strip's better off without him.
3923GREETING{Satisfied}It was a matter of time before someone got to Mr. House.
3924GREETING{Satisfied}Mr. House won't trouble our plans for the Strip any longer, huh!?
3925GREETING{Proud}NCR should take this chance, now that Mr. House's out of the way.
3926GREETING{Relieved}Good riddance, Caesar! We can finally enjoy some R&R without worrying about a Legion attack at McCarran.
3927GREETING{Exuberant}Fuck that Caesar dog! I'm going to drink in your name, all night!
3928GREETING{Suspicious}I tell you, something stinks about this Monorail attack!
3929GREETING{Vengeful}My buddies at McCarran will find the asshole that destroyed our Monorail.
3930GREETING{Complicit}So, our President's savior is enjoying a well deserved R&R? Fine piece of work you are!
3931GREETING{Vengeful}Once I'm done here, I hope they assign me to find the son of a bitch that took down our President.
3932GREETINGIt's good to have the Khans on our side, but I hope they keep them out of the Strip. Those savages smell like Bighorner's ass.
3933GREETING{Surprised} I heard it got nasty at the Tops; wish I could've seen the shooting.
3934GREETINGMy buddies at Camp McCarran are breathing easy now that the Fiends' leader is dead.
3935GREETING{Celebratory}Without leadership, the Fiends are as good as dead!
3936GREETING{Surprise mixed with disgust}What's a mutant doing in the Strip?
3937GREETING{Surprise mixed with disgust}They let Ghouls into the Strip, now?
3938GREETINGThe new slave girls are quite beautiful.
3939GREETINGThe camps are getting crowded.
3940GREETINGSlaves aren't much of a challenge in the arena.
3941GREETING{Player defeated Ranger Stella}{missed out on a good arena match}I didn't think anyone could kill an NCR Ranger in single combat.
3942GREETING{Player cured Caesar}{KAI-zar}Caesar lives!
3943GREETING{Caesar dead}I'll mourn {KAI-zar}Caesar - he was a great man.
3944GREETING{Legion victory}{proud}All that {KAI-zar}Caesar promised has come true.
3945GREETING{Legion victory}{Ah-WAY, Ah-ME-cus}Ave, amicus.
3946GREETINGLook to Bitter Springs to see what happens to disloyal slaves.
3947GREETING{Player killed President Kimball}{Officer}I've heard the stories of how you assassinated Kimball. It's all my Legionaries will about.
3948GREETING{Player killed President Kimball}Kimball's assassin is always welcome here.
3949GREETING{Silus freed}The {Ken-TOO-ree-on}Centurion Silus will be punished for letting himself be captured. Coward.
3950GREETING{Battle for Hoover Dam soon to begin}{Le-GAH-tus La-nee-OOS}Legatus Lanius is come. The battle for the dam will soon begin!
3951GREETING{Late game begins}{Officer}{Le-GAH-tus La-nee-OOS}Legatus Lanius will arrive soon enough - and with him comes slaughter.
3952GREETING{Late game begins}{Le-GAH-tus La-nee-OOS}Legatus Lanius draws near. The Profligates' days are numbered.
3953GREETING{Middle game begins}{Le-GAH-tus La-nee-OOS}Legatus Lanius is known as the Monster of the East - a name he has earned many times over.
3954GREETING{Elite Rangers have arrived}{trying not to sound worried}The black-armored Rangers are said to be fearsome in battle.
3955GREETING{Elite rangers on the way}{Officer}The Legionaries fret like women over rumors of Rangers in black armor.
3956GREETING{Elite rangers on the way}There have been sightings of Rangers in black armor, the best the Profligates have to offer.
3957GREETINGI wish I could hear the Profligates weeping over the explosion at McCarran!
3958GREETINGThe Mark of {KAI-zar}Caesar protects you.
3959GREETING{Mr. House Unplugged/Killed}The warlord House thought himself beyond {KAI-zar's}Caesar's reach. And now he is dead.
3960GREETING{Caesar cured}{officer}Never once did I believe that {KAI-zar}was near death. I have friends in high places.
3961GREETING{Caesar dead}The Legion will survive {KAI-zar's}Caesar's death. It must!
3962GREETING{Player destroyed Securitron Army}I felt the earth shake when the evil below the Fort was destroyed!
3963GREETING{Rumors of Legion Veterans}{Officer}Soon the Legion's veterans will arrive from Arizona. Each has killed many times his number.
3964GREETING{Legion dogs killed}Our hounds were bred to kill. They are missed.
3965GREETING{Nelson and Camp Forlorn Hope both wiped out}It's said that every living thing at Nelson and Forlorn Hope camp was killed.
3966GREETING{Camp Forlorn Hope wiped out}{cheerful}I hear the Profligates at Forlorn Hope begged for their lives.
3967GREETING{Nelson wiped out}{officer}Had I been the commander of our forces at Nelson, the town would still be ours.
3968GREETING{Nelson wiped out}The Legionaries at Nelson were killed to a man. No survivors.
3969GREETING{Great Khans signed treaty with NCR}So frightened are the Profligates that they've begun signing treaties with primitive tribes!
3970GREETING{Unknown}{Officer}Keep barking and I'll feed you to a dog.
3971GREETING{Unknown}Watch yourself, Profligate.
3972GREETING{Unknown}Hold your tongue, wastrel.
3973GREETING{Unknown}Degenerates like you belong on a cross.
3974GREETING{Dislike}{contempt}Wretched Profligate. Try making some trouble.
3975GREETING{Dislike}{contempt}You belong on a cross, degenerate.
3976GREETING{Dislike}I'd rather kill you than talk to you.
3977GREETING{Hated}When the time comes, I'll be the one to kill you.
3978GREETING{Hated}{looking for an excuse to attack}Give me cause, Profligate.
3979GREETING{Hated}Attack me. Give me license to kill you.
3980GREETING{Mixed}You aren't trusted here, Profligate.
3981GREETING{Mixed}{Scornfully}You serve yourself, not the Legion.
3982GREETING{Mixed}Why is your degneracy tolerated?
3983GREETING{Wild Child}{Officer}You can't be trusted... but you're useful.
3984GREETING{Wild Child}How are we to trust one such as you?
3985GREETING{Wild Child}{suspicious}Who knows what you'll do next?
3986GREETING{Wild Child}You're a crazed one. I'll not talk to you.
3987GREETING{Somewhat liked}{Most idiots try to defy the Legion}You do well to serve the Legion.
3988GREETING{Somewhat liked}{Most are forced to serve}You're wise to serve the Legion by choice.
3989GREETING{Somewhat liked}You've proved yourself useful, at least.
3990GREETING{Liked}{Officer}You serve the Legion well, {ah-ME-cus}amicus.
3991GREETING{Liked}We each serve the Legion, in our way.
3992GREETING{Liked}{LATIN}Good to see you, {ah-ME-cus}amicus.
3993GREETING{Liked}{LATIN}{AH-way, ah-ME-cus}Ave, amicus.
3994GREETING{Unknown}{Veteran}I know your kind. You die easily enough.
3995GREETING{Legion Veterans arriving}Have you seen the Legion's veterans, arrived from Arizona? They are fearless!
3996GREETING{Hopeful}I hope the Fiends stop their raids now that their boss is gone
3997GREETING{Dumbfounded}Bad weather ahead, I tell you. The death of our President's just the start.
3998GREETING{Resentful}Don't care about Kimball, until he starts to care about us.
3999GREETING{Revolted}Don't dump your Ghoul here, we've already got enough shit around us.
4000GREETING{Admiringly}People of my trade respect the merchants of these territories.
4001GREETING{Proud and Celebratory}I hear the Khans won't trouble us anymore.
4002GREETING{Slightly Apprehensive}I hear the Securitrons are tougher since their faces changed.
4003GREETING{Celebratory}House was the only thing keeping Vegas from joining the NCR!
4004GREETING{Excitedly Surprised}You're the one that killed Caesar, right?
4005GREETING{Celebratory}After all, Caesar died like the old man he was.
4006GREETING{Excitedly Surprised}That Caesar bastard had it coming.
4007GREETING{Thankful}I'm glad those damn bots are gone for good.
4008GREETING{Slight Relief}Our guys put the Monorail back to work!
4009GREETING{Excitedly Thankful}We owe you so much for saving our President.
4010GREETING{Proud Indignation}Can you believe they tried killing our President? Don't they know who they are dealing with?
4011GREETING{Rueful Indignation}Our own President, murdered! Things aren't looking good.
4012GREETING{Unspoken Suspicions}Hanlon was a brave soldier, what could've driven him to despair?
4013GREETING{Assertive}That Fiend leader shouldn't have messed with our great army.
4014GREETING{Proud}The Fiends are running for their lives. That'll show everyone what we do to our enemies.
4015GREETING{Worried}If the Legion can reach as far as Bitter Springs, what's going to stop them from getting to us?
4016GREETING{Slightly Concerned, if Hopeful}Those Khans are savages, but we can use them to our advantage.
4017GREETING{Proud}Those Khans got the hint! We've shown everyone that these are our new territories.
4018GREETING{Self-Righteousness}I knew those Khans couldn't be trusted!
4019GREETING{Proud}I hear we straightened up a band of thugs in Freeside.
4020GREETING{Hopeful}I hear a troublesome Legion camp got razed to the ground!
4021GREETING{Rueful}Our forces suffered a huge blow at Forlorn Hope, We'll remember that!
4022GREETING{Celebratory}Legionaries are next in the list of rabid dogs to put down!
4023GREETING{Proud}Civilizing Primm will show what we can do for everyone else in these territories.
4024GREETING{Excitedly Hopeful}Our rangers are going to show everyone what happens when we're pissed off!
4025GREETING{Concerned}I've heard the Legion's planning to unleash their best men against us.
4026GREETING{Worried}Those Legion elite troops are bad blood.
4027GREETING{Slightly Concerned}Things are getting stranger every day.
4028GREETING{Visibly Concerned}It seems that the territories are about to blow up.
4029GREETING{Slightly Irritated}Back home we don't waste time talking to strangers, either.
4030GREETING{Slightly Irritated}I really have more important things to do, sorry.
4031GREETING{Pleasant}Good to see a friend of our government.
4032GREETING{Pleasant}The NCR appreciates good citizens like you.
4033GREETING{Pleasant}I'm glad to see you.
4034GREETING{Genuine Appreciation}The NCR's fortunate to have your support.
4035GREETING{Genuine Appreciation}You're a model citizen, thank you.
4036GREETING{Slight Discomfort}What do you want with me?
4037GREETING{Slight Suspicion}You're not going to cause any problems, right?
4038GREETING{Palpable Apprehension}Uh-oh, back off and leave me alone.
4039GREETING{Fearful}I don't want any trouble, okay?
4040GREETING{Violent Indignation}What the hell's going on in your crazy head?
4041GREETING{Repulsion}Don't talk to me!
4042GREETING{Proud Disdain}I don't waste my time with troublemakers.
4043GREETING{Seething Anger}We should have you tried, and then killed on the spot!
4044GREETING{Seething Anger}I'm too civilized, otherwise I'd stone you to death.
4045GREETING{Restrained Violence}I should make you pay for your crimes!
4046GREETING{Curious}I've seen Followers of the Apocalypse in my travels before.
4047GREETING{Admiringly}NCR Rangers deserve all my praise.
4048GREETING{Admiringly}Is your friend one of those elite troops we've been hearing about?
4049GREETING{Admiringly}Your merchant friend would make a fine NCR woman.
4050GREETING{Intrigued}I've never seen a robot like that before.
4051GREETING{Fearful Suspicion}The Supermutant's under control, I hope.
4052GREETING{Fearful Suspicion}I've seen what those creatures do, and I don't know how you trust them.
4053GREETING{Wild Child 1}Sometimes friend, sometimes foe. No one knows what to make of you.
4054GREETING{Wild Child 2}I've heard stories about you. No one knows what you'll do next.
4055GREETING{Wild Child 3}I'm not looking for trouble. You can ignore me.
4056GREETING{apologetic - got in someone's way}Excuse me.
4057GREETING{Random}My feet are killing me.
4058GREETING{low voice}It's said that you were responsible for Caesar's death.
4059GREETING{Brotherhood destroyed}The Legionaries are pleased - an enemy called the Brotherhood of Steel is dead.
4060GREETING{Great Khans attack everyone at Dam}The Great Khans tribe went mad. During the battle at the Dam, they attacked both the Legion and the NCR.
4061GREETING{Camp Forlorn Hope destroyed}The Legion has won a great victory over the NCR at a place called Forlorn Hope.
4062GREETING{Mr. House Unplugged/Killed}I've heard that a great enemy of the Legion was assassinated in New Vegas.
4063GREETING{Caesar cured}Caesar was ill, but now he lives.
4064GREETING{Companion Reaction - Rex}How disgusting. You can see that strange mechanical mongrel's brain.
4065GREETING{Companion Reaction - Raul}Ugh. One of the burned people walks in our camp.
4066GREETING{Companion Reaction - ED-E}What a strange floating robot. Is it useful for anything?
4067GREETING{Companion Reaction - Lily}What is that thing? I've never seen a blue mutant.
4068GREETING{Rumors of Legion Veterans}I overheard some of the Legionaries say that more veterans from the eastern campaigns will be summoned to the Fort.
4069GREETING{Mr. House victory}The leader of New Vegas and his army of robots has defeated both the NCR and the Legion. What will happen now?
4070GREETING{NCR victory}There's talk that many of the ranking Legionaries will be beheaded for allowing the NCR to defeat the Legion yet again.
4071GREETING{Legion Veterans arriving}A great battle is coming. Many veterans of the Legion have begun arriving from the east.
4072GREETING{Caesar dead}There are many rumors about who'll lead the Legion now that Caesar is dead.
4073GREETING{Player completed Securitron bunker mission}That was quite an explosion a while ago. We felt the ground shake!
4074GREETING{Great Khans unaltered/helping Caesar}I've heard rumors that one of the tribes west of the river may join the Legion.
4075GREETING{Random}The work never ends...
4076GREETING{Random}So many tasks to attend to...
4077GREETING{Random}I need to rest.
4078GREETING{Thug 3}It's best if I'm not seen talking to you.
4079GREETING{Thug 2}Be careful, or you'll end up being crucified.
4080GREETING{Thug 1}The Legionaries grumble about you. Be careful.
4081GREETING{Hated 3}The Legionaries want to kill you. Please don't get me involved.
4082GREETING{Hated 2}The Legion hates you. Why do you come here?
4083GREETING{Hated 1}Please - I'll be in trouble if the Legionaries see you speaking to me.
4084GREETING{Mixed 3}You're trouble, I can tell.
4085GREETING{Mixed 2}Be careful - the Legionaries aren't sure they can trust you.
4086GREETING{Mixed 1}You're not quite an enemy, nor are you a friend.
4087GREETING{Rascal 3}Your favor with the Legion grows, I've heard.
4088GREETING{Rascal 2}Some of the Legionaries talk about you with growing respect.
4089GREETING{Rascal 1}I'm honored to serve.
4090GREETING{Liked 3}Someone as important as you noticing me? I'm flattered.
4091GREETING{Liked 2}The Legionaries speak highly of you. I'm not worthy of your attention.
4092GREETING{Liked 1}It's an honor to be noticed by one so favored by the Legion.
4093GREETING{Random}You're a woman, and yet you wander free?{sound of contemplation, "hmm," or similar}
4094GREETING{Rascal 1}I hear you've done some good things for the Followers.
4095GREETING{Rascal 2}The Followers are always on the look on for new friends like yourself.
4096GREETING{Rascal 3}I appreciate how you've been helping us so far.
4097GREETING{Thug 2}I really don't have anything you'd want.
4098GREETING{Thug 3}Look, I've got people to care for. I'm not looking for trouble.
4099GREETING{Wild Child 1}I don't get you. Sometimes you help the Followers, and other times you work against us.
4100GREETING{Wild Child 2}You're an enemy of the Followers, as far as I'm concerned. I don't care how you've helped us.
4101GREETING{Wild Child 3}The Followers can't trust you, you've proven that.
4102GREETING{Securitrons at Fort Destroyed}I never imagined Mr. House would concede to the NCR. I wonder what convinced him...
4103GREETING{Default}When people have got nothing left, they can always turn to the Followers.
4104GREETING{Random - Guard}The Gun Runners ought to help the Followers by donating some of that firepower they've got.
4105GREETING{Random - Guard}{slightly complaining}Wish the Followers would get me some better armor.
4106GREETING{Random - Guard}Stay alert.
4107GREETING{Random - Guard}Keep an eye out for trouble.
4108GREETING{Random - Doctor}There are so many refugees to care for.
4109GREETING{Random - Doctor}{concerned}Medicine's running low again.
4110GREETING{Random - Doctor}All that wealth is wasted on the Strip. There are people in Freeside who need food and medicine.
4111GREETING{Random - Doctor}I have no idea how most of these people would survive without us.
4112GREETING{Companion Reaction - Veronica}I didn't know the Brotherhood had any people out here.
4113GREETING{Companion Reaction - Rex}Look at that - a cyber-dog. There can't be many of those left.
4114GREETING{Companion Reaction - Lily}{awe}Look at that - a friendly Nightkin. What's it doing here?
4115GREETING{Companion Reaction - ED-E}{a bit amused}That is one battered Eyebot. It's a miracle it's still functioning.
4116GREETING{Companion Reaction - Cass}Isn't that Cass? I heard she'd gotten out of the caravan business.
4117GREETING{Companion Reaction - Boone}{slight awe}That's a First Recon beret. They're the best marksmen in the NCR military.
4118GREETING{Companion Reaction - Raul}I'll never get used to the sight of ghouls.
4119GREETING{Brotherhood of Steel Destroyed}The Brotherhood had a bunker in Hidden Valley, but it was destroyed somehow.
4120GREETING{Kings resolve differences with NCR}I never thought I'd see the day when the NCR and the Kings started getting along.
4121GREETING{Kings wiped out}{shock at a bloodbath}The Kings got hit hard. I don't know how many of them are still alive, if any.
4122GREETING{Kimball Assassination Successful}President Kimball was careless and overconfident, and it got him killed.
4123GREETING{Kimball Assassination Failed}Who would have thought someone would try to assassinate President Kimball with all those troops around?
4124GREETING{Monorail destroyed}Did you see the monorail explode? The destruction was absolute.
4125GREETING{Caesar dead}Caesar's death is good news for the NCR. For everyone, most likely.
4126GREETING{Mr. House unplugged/killed}No one knows how Mr. House died. His obituary didn't say anything useful.
4127GREETING{Securitrons on the Strip Upgraded}The Securitrons in and around the Strip have been upgraded. It's almost like Vegas has an army now.
4128GREETING{Player enters Lucky 38}Someone entered the Lucky 38. That's never happened before.
4129GREETING{Player foiled RACKET}Big shakeup in the management at Gomorrah. I wonder what that's about?
4130GREETING{Player killed Benny at The Tops}Someone killed Benny, the Chairmen's bigshot, in his own casino. Violence begets violence...
4131GREETING{Player assaulted The Tops}Did you hear about the shootout at The Tops?
4132GREETING{Thug 1}We're only trying to help people, and you're not making it easy on us.
4133GREETING{Companion Reaction - Arcade}{concern for a friend}Don't let anything happen to Arcade, all right?
4134GREETING{Overtly flirtatious, boisterous before friends}That a pretty gal! Want to share?{laughter}Ha ha ha!
4135GREETINGWe got ourselves a little Ranger family reunion now. Time's right for a feud.
4136GREETING{Impressed}Hell of a place, huh?
4137GREETINGStaying long?
4138GREETINGA veteran Ranger inspires awe. Stick around for when they get here, you'll see. If I live to earn the Black Armor, I can die a happy woman.
4139GREETINGFirst Recon's in Camp Forlorn Hope. Get some Rangers in there too and it'll be a damned impregnable fortress.
4140GREETINGWish I could've been there, defending Camp Forlorn Hope. Even if it didn't change anything.
4141GREETINGLooks like we booted the Legion outta Nelson. About damn time.
4142GREETINGFrom here on out, we fight for Chief Hanlon.
4143GREETINGPresident Kimball was a tough son-of-a-gun. The Rangers'll pick up where he left off.
4144GREETINGPresident Kimball was a soldier's soldier. It's up to us to make the Legion pay for what they did.
4145GREETING{with esteem}You saved President Kimball, didn't you? Hell of a thing.
4146GREETINGDon't get many chances to catch a legionary alive. Burns me up that we botched ours.
4147GREETINGAll you need is one Ranger protecting the monorail. You don't even need to feed him that much. He'll get it done.
4148GREETINGWish I had a First Recon guy looking after me.
4149GREETINGHoover Dam... just thinking about it makes me nervous.
4150GREETING{Starstruck}One of the Ranger vets looked at me and I just about surrendered.
4151GREETINGThe Ranger vets are on their way from Baja. Never seen one before. But I've heard they chew nails and spit napalm.
4152GREETINGWe put our trust in Hanlon and look where it got us. Makes you wonder if we can trust anyone at all.
4153GREETINGChief Hanlon's watching over us now. He won't let us lose.
4154GREETING{Scared}They got to President Kimball. How long can we hold out?
4155GREETINGOh my God, are you the one who saved President Kimball?
4156GREETINGI heard we captured a live Centurion and then let him get away. That never would've happened if I was in charge.
4157GREETINGWhen I got this assignment I was hoping there'd be more gambling.
4158GREETINGPatrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.
4159GREETINGWhy don't you go join the rest of the human trash across the river?
4160GREETING{Defiant}Come on. Give me a reason.
4161GREETINGShooting you right now might be worth the court-martial.
4162GREETINGI suggest you leave.
4163GREETINGKeep walking.
4164GREETINGYou got a lot of nerve walking around here.
4165GREETINGYou need to get your head straight. If you're fighting for us, act like it.
4166GREETINGYou're insane. We shouldn't be letting you run loose around here.
4167GREETINGHow are we supposed to trust you? You're completely unpredictable.
4168GREETINGEverything you've been up to... I just don't know what you're trying to pull.
4169GREETINGAt least the Legion knows what they're fighting for. When are you gonna figure it out?
4170GREETINGWhy don't you pick a side? We did.
4171GREETINGHonored to speak with you, sir.
4172GREETINGHonored to speak with you, ma'am.
4173GREETINGYou know, if you were serving, you'd probably be halfway to general by now.
4174GREETINGNice job out there.
4175GREETINGGlad you're with us.
4176GREETINGHey. Welcome aboard.
4177GREETINGI'm not sure you should be here.
4178GREETINGYou lost?
4179GREETINGWe won't go quietly. The Legion can count on that.
4180GREETINGSounds like we're running Primm now. I'd still rather take my leave at the Strip.
4181GREETINGFirst Recon's at Camp Forlorn Hope. Now we've got a chance to hold it.
4182GREETINGNelson's back in our hands. I hope we can defend it this time.
4183GREETINGIs it me, or has the Brotherhood stopped engaging us? Smartest move they ever made, you ask me.
4184GREETINGSmart move for the Kings to back down. They didn't know who they were messing with.
4185GREETINGWe signed a treaty with the Great Khans. Guess you can never have too many lowlife chem dealers on your side.
4186GREETINGSickens me that the Legion would try to harvest slaves from a refugee camp.
4187GREETINGPresident Kimball is lucky he escaped. I don't think we could lose him right now.
4188GREETINGWish I could've been there to see Caesar die. What an asshole.
4189GREETINGMonster of the East, huh? Well I've got the Monster of the West in my holster right now. Hope I get to introduce them.
4190GREETINGGot business here?
4191GREETINGYour friend's cute - is she single?
4192GREETINGI hope Papa knew what he was doing when he left you in charge.
4193GREETINGA robot dog? Never seen one of those before.
4194GREETINGYour pal's one ugly motherfucker.
4195GREETING{Shocked, a little afraid}Holy hell, is that a Nightkin?
4196GREETING{Slightly sarcastic}Nice robot.
4197GREETINGYou know you're traveling with a fucking murderer?
4198GREETINGHaven't seen a Follower around here in years.
4201GREETINGI ought to bleed you.
4202GREETINGFuck off and die.
4203GREETINGLike we don't have enough problems.
4204GREETINGJust get the fuck out of here.
4205GREETINGWhat the fuck are you doing showing your face here?
4206GREETINGWhy are you even here?
4207GREETINGCrazy-ass mother fucker.
4208GREETINGYou been dosing on too many of Jack's chems?
4209GREETINGYou're almost as crazy as some Fiends I know.
4210GREETING{Sarcastic}Oh great, just who I wanted to see.
4211GREETINGYou going to fuck shit up again?
4212GREETING{Cautious}What do you want this time?
4213GREETINGYou should have been with us in our glory days. You'd have loved it.
4214GREETINGShare a whiskey with me sometime?
4215GREETINGI wish there were more like you.
4216GREETINGI like you, stranger. You've stood by us when not many would.
4217GREETINGGood to see you again.
4218GREETINGWhy'd you come here?
4219GREETINGCome to gawk at the Great Khans, have you? Fuck off.
4220GREETINGWhat do you want?
4221GREETINGThe Legion and the NCR have mobilized their forces at Hoover Dam - it'll be time soon.
4222GREETINGIt's starting to feel like tensions are coming to a boil. There will be full-scale war soon.
4223GREETINGSeems like everybody with a stake in the Mojave is gearing up for something big.
4224GREETINGSo you've been sucked into the decadence of the Strip as well, have you?
4225GREETINGCaesar's veterans are making short work of the NCR - or that's what I hear.
4226GREETINGSoon Caesar will send in his best troops from the Arizona campaign - the NCR won't know what hit them.
4227GREETINGThose black-armored devils might be new to the Mojave, but they're butchers like all the rest.
4228GREETINGThe runners are saying that the NCR is sending in their elite shock troops to try and push back the Legion.
4229GREETINGNCR spreads its infection to another town, I hear.
4230GREETINGI'm glad our brothers have returned home from Boulder City.
4231GREETINGWhy did you kill our brothers in Boulder City?
4232GREETINGMore Khan brothers cut down by NCR in Boulder City. We should kill a hundred of them in response!
4233GREETINGThe 1st Recon butchers are in the field again. I'd love to head down to Forlorn hope and show them we haven't forgotten.
4234GREETINGSo the NCR makes peace with the Kings now? Where was that mercy at Bitter Springs?
4235GREETINGAnother tribe was wiped out in NCR territory? Can't say I'm surprised. I hope the surviving Kings learn from this.
4236GREETINGOur tribe's final stand will be remembered for a thousand years!
4237GREETINGWe'll return, stronger than before!
4238GREETINGI can't believe they're all gone.
4239GREETINGSo the Legion hit the murderers at Bitter Springs? Good.
4240GREETINGWe're not moving as many chems now that the Fiends have been taken out.
4241GREETINGDiane's going nuts trying to find a new contact in the Fiends now that Motor Runner's dead.
4242GREETINGTypical - even within their highest ranks, the NCR is corrupt.
4243GREETINGSo, the big bad chief ranger couldn't take the pressure, huh? Good.
4244GREETINGIf I knew who killed Kimball, I'd buy him a drink.
4245GREETINGIf you're going to assassinate the president of the NCR, you could at least do it right.
4246GREETINGWhy the hell would you stop someone from killing Kimball?
4247GREETINGIf you ask me, a true warrior wouldn't let himself be captured at all - but busting that Legionnaire out of McCarran was an impressive stunt.
4248GREETINGI would have thought the monorail bombing would slow the NCR down more.
4249GREETINGWhoever blew up that monorail is a damn hero.
4250GREETINGKarl's been in a shitty mood since that big explosion at the Fort.
4251GREETINGWord's spreading that Caesar is dead. No one seems to know much about how, though.
4252GREETINGCaesar can rot in hell for all I care.
4253GREETINGNot many get the favor of Caesar - even Papa hasn't been to the Fort.
4254GREETINGRumor from the Strip is that House is dead. I hope the old bastard choked on his own tongue.
4255GREETINGMr. House isn't a man to be trusted. Watch yourself.
4256GREETINGI heard from one of Melissa's runners that that check-coated bastard got thrown out on his ass.
4257GREETINGPapa says "cut off the head and the snake will die." I guess the Chairmen's days are numbered.
4258GREETINGI remember the Chairmen from their tribal days. They were punks then, they're punks now.
4259GREETINGYou really killed Caesar himself? Maybe he's not the mighty warrior Karl said he was.
4260GREETINGYou're the one who killed Kimball! If we had a bar here, I'd buy you a drink!
4261GREETINGWe're fighting for the NCR now? I don't know about that....
4262GREETINGYou don't seem to take a hint. Get out of my face.
4263GREETINGAntler says you are the one killing my kin. Antler says you must die!
4264GREETINGI... don't know how to thank you for bringing Rhonda back to me, stranger.
4265GREETINGHere, take this. I won't be needing it anymore.
4266GREETINGGood work, human. Maybe now this place can rest in peace.
4267GREETINGThere's nothing for you here, human, though it is always good to see you.
4268GREETINGI've done what I can. The rest is up to you, human.
4269GREETINGThis is a dangerous place, human - especially for your kind! I suggest you turn back. There's nothing good waiting for you further on.
4270GREETINGStill hanging about?
4271GREETINGHey, you've interrupted my broadcast, dumb-dumb - so there had better be a good reason! What is it?
4272GREETINGA pleasant surprise to see you made it. I'm ready to get started if you are.
4273GREETINGWe shouldn't wait much longer. Are you ready?
4274GREETINGThere's an intruder in the dish hut! Get over there and kill whoever it is, you fools!
4275GREETINGI don't even remember where we were going, but It'll be good to travel around with Rhonda again.
4276GREETINGHowdy pardner! Welcome to the Vikki and Vance Casino and Museum.
4277GREETINGThis is a restricted area. Step away immediately.
4278GREETINGGo to hell.
4279GREETING{Little sad}I'm heading back West. You won't see me again.
4280GREETING{Found 1st Caravan, a little sickened, looking at destroyed caravan}God, there's almost nothing left. Looks like whoever it was - was just in the mood for killing.
4281GREETINGMost of the cargo's ash, too - not burned, looks like... disintegrated. When I heard the reports, I assumed "ash" meant "burned."
4282GREETINGSo close to the Vegas wall, too, don't that beat all. Must have happened during the day, though, they hadn't made a camp.
4283GREETING{Prompt after 1st Caravan Found}You know what, what happened to my caravan - not the first time I've heard about an attack like that.
4284GREETINGOne of our caravans got hit back a few months back, and the caravan'd been burned, too, along with the cargo.
4285GREETINGI wonder if he made the same mistake, and that other caravan got hit with energy weapons, too.
4286GREETING{Found 2nd Caravan}More energy weapons hit this caravan. Place has been picked clean.
4287GREETINGThis... is Brotherhood level murder here. But they don't do things like that. This was done with a purpose.
4288GREETINGLet's poke around a bit, see what we can find. Might be something in the wreckage.
4289GREETING{Prompt after 2nd Caravan Found}What's that? Looks like a map - got the route along the West of Vegas, and...
4290GREETING...they've marked another spot. Over here, along this stretch. That's fucked up - middle of nowhere.
4291GREETING{Found 3rd Site}Another caravan burned. Except someone made camp here - and I never heard about this attack.
4292GREETINGLet's look around, something stinks.
4293GREETING{Final}That does it, that's all I need to know.
4294GREETINGCrimson Caravan and the Van Graffs... they were behind burning these caravans, and they've got to answer for them.
4295GREETINGI'm going to get some extra ammo, a few bottles of whiskey, then show them how Cassidys settle accounts.
4296GREETING{In Combat, gritting teeth, slight reprimand}Voices down, eyes up.
4297GREETING{Alt: Enemies near}Keep your voice down, we got movement out there.
4298GREETING{In Combat, dismissive}Save the sweettalk for when the shooting's done.
4299GREETING{Warning 3}You and me we're done traveling together. I want nothing more to do with you.
4300GREETINGI thought there was a {emph}chance you'd change - {shakes head}not any longer, being a fucker is who you are.
4301GREETING{Warning 2}Guess my last warning didn't sink in too well. Things don't change, and soon, I'm gone.
4302GREETING{Warning 1}You are {emph}such an asshole sometimes.
4303GREETINGLook, maybe you were like this before I signed up with you, but if you keep acting this way, I'm not going to stick around much longer.
4304GREETINGAre you fucking high right now? God, I can smell it from here. {Beat}Keep that shit away from me.
4305GREETING{Uneasy, in Lucky 38 casino}Ready to leave yet? This place puts my teeth on edge.
4306GREETING{Teasing, actually happy to see the player}Well, now, look what rolled in. What, you getting lonely out there?
4307GREETING{Irritated}If you say you're going to gather evidence, then kill the bitches anyway, at least tell me when you change your mind.
4308GREETINGNow, if you're done fucking around, let's settle accounts the old-fashioned way.
4309GREETING{Killed Van Graffs, grim, but happy}Just trimmed the Van Graff family tree, I think Freeside'll breathe a little easier now.
4310GREETING{Killed an entire camp of Crimson Caravan, grim, but happy}And that's it for the Crimson Caravan.
4311GREETING{Gave evidence, quest end. A little doubtful}Well, that's settled... I suppose.
4312GREETING{Prompt for Political Manuevering}You find any "evidence" yet? I'm not going to wait forever.
4313GREETING{Prompt for first caravan}Well, now that I'm free of the Outpost, was wondering if you'd mind making a detour.
4314GREETINGI'd like to pay my respects to the end of Cassidy Caravans, check out the site where they died.
4315GREETING{Story Stage 0 + Checkers, Eager}We find this "friend" of yours, looking forward to adding some red to that checkered suit of his.
4316GREETING{Story Stage 0 + !Benny}Why the hell we wandering so much anyway? Nothing against the Mojave except the dust, heat, and scorpions, but...
4317GREETING{Story Stage 0 + Benny}We find this "friend" Benny of yours, looking forward to rattling his cage.
4318GREETING{Story Stage 10, to herself}Never thought I'd pass the Vegas wall. Never seen so many lights in one place before.
4319GREETINGHowdy, pardner! Doesn't look like you've brought back the Platinum Chip!
4320GREETINGWhy don't you mosey on back to wherever it is you left Benny cooling off? Come back when you got it.
4321GREETINGSorry, pardner, but the boss ain't available to take a meeting!
4322GREETINGHowdy, pardner! Good to see you again!
4323GREETINGCongratulations, pardner! The boss has instructed me to comp you to the High-Roller Suite!
4324GREETINGYou can bring your friends, too! Be like a little clubhouse for the gang you put together!
4325GREETINGJust bear in mind, you're the only one gets to see the boss! Any friends you got, they can wait in the suite.
4326GREETINGEnjoy the digs, pardner! They're plenty fancy!
4327GREETINGWhat floor, pardner?
4328GREETINGWhere to, pardner?
4329GREETINGWhich floor, now?
4330GREETING{announcing elevator stops}Penthouse floor!
4331GREETING{announcing elevator stops}Cocktail lounge!
4332GREETING{announcing elevator stops}High-roller suite!
4333GREETING{announcing elevator stops}Casino floor!
4334GREETING{announcing elevator stops}B2! Physical Plant!
4335GREETING{announcing elevator stops}B2! Facilities Management!
4336GREETING{player trying to go to penthouse with companions}Sorry, pardner, if you're heading for the penthouse, you gotta go alone.
4337GREETING{attacking player who has betrayed House}You low-down snake! I wish {Ida}I'd have left you in the ground to rot!
4338GREETING{starting attack}Draw!
4339GREETING{Small Fry}Hey, hey! Look who has the hot hands?{Friendly} Here, have something special on the house.
4340GREETING{Big Winner}Looks like someone is on a roll. {Sing-song}Luck be a lady tonight. Here's a little something from the Family.
4341GREETING{Whale}You keep on spending money in here.{Mock Jocking} You gotta give us a chance to win something back. Here's something nice for you.
4342GREETING{Banned}Ok, that's that. No more games for you. Go rob the Tops. You're done here.
4343GREETINGHave some drinks, talk to some dancers but you are done at my tables.
4344GREETINGHnh - didn't even hear you come up the ramp. {Beat}You don't broadcast your movements. I like that.
4345GREETING{Curious, but not in a nice way, more wtf}Hnh. Heard your footsteps coming up the ramp, didn't sound like a trooper or one of the merchants.
4346GREETINGYou a Courier? If so, this might be your lucky day... if you don't mind walking a bit {emph}and your eyes are good.
4347GREETINGWell, that's a start. But I don't reckon you came to me to learn to fight sarsaparilla bottles.
4348GREETINGTell you what. I gotta go chase geckos away from our water supply anyway. Darn critters are attracted to it. Why don't you come along?
4349GREETINGThank goodness you're here. My squad needs help.
4350GREETING{FIRST, BUNKER, BENNY FLED}I do wish you'd come and met with me at the Lucky 38 when you first arrived on the Strip. Or after Benny fled, even.
4351GREETINGChange your mind? Offer's still open, {beat, to herself, concerned}lot of smoke from Nipton in the East, could use a set of eyes over there.
4352GREETINGYou check out the Nipton Town Hall yet? Smoke trail's not getting any shorter.
4353GREETINGThanks for the assist. Wish others around here had your drive.
4354GREETINGYou a Courier? If so, this might be your lucky day... if you don't mind walking a bit {emph}and your eyes are good.
4355GREETINGJimmy? Little Jimmy - my, how you're grown up. So good of you to come visit your {gramma}grandma.
4356GREETINGWell, well. If it isn't the courier who wiped out the Legion over at Nelson. Good to see you around {nickname for camp}the Hope.
4357GREETINGHold up there. This area is locked down by the NCR military until we can dislodge some Legion snakes from Nelson.
4358GREETINGMe and Carmine - that's my repeater here - will do our best to cover you from this ridge. Good luck.
4359GREETING{mildly annoyed}Let it wait {'til}until I've stopped running, all right?
4360GREETING{confronting}Hold it right there, Courier. I been hearing things about you, and they ain't all been good.
4361GREETINGJust so you know, you {emph}will answer to me if you cause any trouble for the troops around here. Things're bad enough as is.
4362GREETINGYou're always welcome around the {nickname for camp}Hope, Courier - least as far as I'm concerned.
4363GREETINGHowdy. What's the word?
4364GREETINGI can still hear our boys screaming down there.
4365GREETINGWell howdy.
4366GREETING{Story Stage 20, wary}Not sure who this friend of yours is, but if he's looking down on Vegas, he's either God or the moon.
4367GREETINGNot one for being subtle, are you? The Tops probably never saw so much action 'til you charged in.
4368GREETINGSo glad you iced that little fucker. Anyone that wears a suit like that... well, they're asking for bullets.
4369GREETINGSo what, we chase that little cocksucker down or what? {Cold, eager}He's got to stop running sometime, and that's when we'll get him.
4370GREETING{Story Stage 20, Talked to House}So... you talked to a big movie screen? Feeling like I'm walking down a yellow-bricked road, and there's bad news at the end.
4371GREETING{Just watched an enemy explode}What, did... did you put a plug in his cocktube to make him explode?
4372GREETING{Story Stage 20, Multiple Invites}First Vegas, now NCR {emph}and Legion? You're being courted more than a Redding widow.
4373GREETING{Beat, wary}Hope you can answer them politely, or there's no safe place in the Mojave for you.
4374GREETING{Story Stage 20, Default}Still looking for a place to pitch your tent? NCR, Legion, or Vegas, seems like each of them's a beartrap, no matter where you put your foot.
4375GREETING{Wary}Careful where you flash that chip of yours... not sure what kind of caps it's worth, but it's a tempting target.
4376GREETINGNothing like turning a snake's trap on itself. That Benny's a slippery fucker, but you one-upped him, all right.
4377GREETINGCan't tell you how glad I am you butchered the Fiends. Caravans across the wastes are going to be buying you drinks for years.
4378GREETINGInside the Lucky 38? Not sure whether that's a blessing or a curse.
4379GREETING{Story Stage 30, Default}Sure hope you know what you're doing, Mojave's getting tense.
4380GREETING{Story Stage 30, NCR, wary}Don't get me wrong, NCR needs the help... sometimes I wish they'd step up more on their own. {Quiet}Not sure saving them helps them in the long run.
4381GREETING{Story Stage 30, Legion, wary}Sure hope you know what throwing in with the Legion means. Helping them running roughshod over the West is an Old World kind of cruel.
4382GREETING{Story Stage 30, House, wary}If someone promised me all the lights of Vegas, I'd consider it, too... but I wouldn't say yes until I saw what was behind the curtain.
4383GREETING{Story Stage 40}Mojave's almost buzzing like a Cazador now... must be all the blood Legion and NCR are spilling over the Colorado.
4384GREETING{Story Stage 50}Guess there's no turning back now, it's war. If Hoover Dam's where it's going to go down, better make it count.
4385GREETING{Frowns, irritated}Looking for trouble?
4386GREETING{2nd Time, Mojave}You come around like a bad habit. What's on your mind?
4387GREETING{Question Node: Mojave}What's on your mind?
4388GREETING{In Party, Random Opener from Wheel}Oh, you look like you got something else to say besides ordering me around.
4389GREETING{In Party, Random Opener from Wheel}Let's hear it, you look all serious.
4390GREETING{In Party, Random Opener from Wheel}Something to say to me other than guns, distance, and stimming?
4391GREETING{In Party, Random Opener from Wheel}Whoa, why you leaning in all of a sudden?
4392GREETING{Question Node, !Mojave}Ask 'em then.
4395GREETINGI don't know what it was brought you to Primm, youngster, but you might want to rethink your plans. Town's gone to hell.
4396GREETING{New Line}You got that old robot up and running again? How is it working out for you?
4397GREETINGHey, youngster. Still hanging about Primm, huh?
4398GREETING{INTERCOM}{confident in your safety}Baby, this little meet and greet of ours? Chalk me up as a no-show.
4399GREETINGIt would be 41 flavors of stupid to let you get a drop on me. And you've caused plenty enough trouble as-is.
4400GREETINGYou've forced my hand. Hell, I gotta skip town because of you. A real pain in the caboose...
4401GREETING{FIRST TALK}{dumbfounded - as though seeing a ghost}What in the goddamn...?
4402GREETING{keeping voice down}{Trying to contain the situation}Let's keep this in the groove, hey? Smooth moves, like {drawing words out}smooth little babies...
4403GREETING{FIRST TALK, PLAYER HAS VISITED L38}{dumbfounded, as though seeing a ghost}What in the goddamn...?
4404GREETING{keeping voice down}{Trying to contain the situation}Let's keep this in the groove, hey? Smooth moves. {drawing it out}Smooth...
4405GREETING{just dawning on you, keeping voice down}Hello! The guy everyone saw go in the Lucky 38, that was you? {gift of gab failing}Oh shit.
4406GREETING{FIRST TALK, PLAYER HAS VISITED L38}{dumbfounded, as though seeing a ghost}What in the goddamn...?
4407GREETING{keeping voice down}{Trying to contain the situation}Let's keep this in the groove, hey? Smooth moves. {drawing it out}Smooth...
4408GREETING{just dawning on you, keeping voice down}Hello! That broad everyone saw go in the Lucky 38, that was you? {gift of gab failing}Shit.
4409GREETING{FIRST TALK, PLAYER BROKE UP OMERTAS}{dumbfounded, as though seeing a ghost}What in the goddamn...?
4410GREETING{keeping voice down}{Trying to contain the situation}Let's keep this in the groove, hey? Smooth moves. {drawing it out}Smooth...
4411GREETING{just dawning on you, keeping voice down}Hello! It was you, smashed up the Omertas? You did that?{gift of gab failing} Shit.
4412GREETING{FIRST TALK, PLAYER WIPED OUT KHANS IN BC}{dumbfounded, as though seeing a ghost}What in the goddamn...?
4413GREETING{keeping voice down}{Trying to contain the situation}Let's keep this in the groove, hey? Smooth moves. {drawing it out}Smooth...
4414GREETING{just dawning on you, keeping voice down}Hello! It was you, wiped out the Khans down in Boulder City? You did that? {gift of gab failing}Oh shit.
4415GREETING{FIRST TALK, PLAYER FREED KHANS IN BC}{dumbfounded, as though seeing a ghost}What in the goddamn...?
4416GREETING{keeping voice down}{Trying to contain the situation}Let's keep this in the groove, hey? Smooth moves. {drawing it out}Smooth...
4417GREETING{just dawning on you, keeping voice down}Hello! It was you, set the Khans free down in Boulder City? You did that? {gift of gab failing}Oh shit.
4418GREETING{FIRST TALK, PLAYER HAS STRIP REP}{dumbfounded, as though seeing a ghost}What in the goddamn...?
4419GREETING{keeping voice down}{Trying to contain the situation}Let's keep this in the groove, hey? Smooth moves. {drawing it out}Smooth...
4420GREETING{just dawning on you, keeping voice down}Hello! The gasser everyone's been talking about, making a splash on the Strip. That's been you? {gift of gab failing}Oh shit.
4421GREETING{Ready to "get it on" now that you're in private}Benny is gonna show you the Tops! I hope you're built sturdy, you crazy broad!
4422GREETING{FIRST TALK, ASSASSINATION}{Dumbfounded, as though seeing a ghost}What in the goddamn...?
4423GREETING{how could the player be here?}You? How could you be...? {realizing you've been had}Oh Swank, you finky bastard...
4424GREETING{stating the obvious, trying to spin it}You got a crazy drop on me, baby, but you don't want to kill me. We should be working together.
4425GREETING{SECOND PLUS TALK, ASSASSINATION}{finding the player in your suite}Hey hey hey, what the hell...?
4426GREETING{realizing you've been had}Oh Swank, you finky bastard...
4427GREETING{stating the obvious, trying to spin it}You got a crazy drop on me, baby, but you don't want to kill me. It's like I said, we should be working together.
4428GREETINGI comped you the prez so we can talk there, hey? No need to keep tugging at my sleeve.
4429GREETING{annoyed}Wait {'til}until we get to the Presidential, {pal-ee}pally. I don't need you tugging at my sleeve.
4430GREETINGCool by me if you wanna talk after all... but a confab like this, out in public, in my place of business? That don't play.
4431GREETING{keeping voice down}What say you and me cash out, go somewheres more private-like? Any questions you got, I'll answer.
4432GREETING{keeping voice down}Like I said, we should be talking somewheres private.
4433GREETING{FORCED GREETING IN PRIVATE}Now that you and me's got some privacy, I gotta ask - how is it that you're still living?
4434GREETINGOnce you were vertical, how'd you track me down?
4435GREETING{TOP LEVEL QUESTIONS}I guess that's enough scratching around at first base. Tell me, which way is the wind gonna blow?
4436GREETING{MASTER QUESTION NODE}You got questions, I got answers.
4437GREETING{Player in combat}The store is currently unavailable due to unexpected circumstances. Please come back later.
4438GREETINGWelcome, sir or madam. Do you wish to purchase something?
4439GREETING{exulting - you won lottery - you weren't killed}Yeah! Who won the lottery? I did!
4440GREETINGSmell that air! Couldn't ya just drink it like booze!{laugh, slightly maniacal}
4441GREETING{exulting - and player is interrupting your buzz}Stop bothering me, will ya! I won the fucking lottery!
4442GREETING{exulting - and player is interrupting your buzz}Fuck off! Win your own fucking lottery!{laughs}
4443GREETINGHello again. How's your Boomer friend?
4444GREETINGHave you spoken with McLafferty yet?
4445GREETING{Angry}You tried to get me killed. Get the hell out of my face.
4446GREETINGI'm on my way to meet that Boomer you told me about!
4447GREETINGThank you for getting me here. Jack is a great guy.
4448GREETINGHey there! Here's the rest of the payment I promised you back in Goodsprings.
4449GREETINGThis is my room, now you get the fuck out before you get yourself hurt.
4450GREETINGI warned you, now it is time to eat hot fucking lead.
4451GREETINGGet the fuck out of my room.
4452GREETINGI thought I told you to get the fuck out of here.
4453GREETINGHey, thanks for all the hard work back there. I'm going to run a tight ship here, don't you worry.
4454GREETINGAny word on Station Charlie?
4455GREETINGHowdy, pardner! Welcome to the headquarters of the Sunset Sarsaparilla Company. Wrangle up a stool and listen to ol' Festus jaw a while.
4456GREETINGIf you and ol' Festus are old pals, say a command now. Otherwise, say "Pleased to meetcha" and we'll get acquainted.
4457GREETINGOr, if you have more important things to do than talk to ol' Festus, say "Goodbye".
4458GREETINGWelcome to the Dino Bite Gift Shop. My name's Cliff. If you're here for the t-rex figurines, you're just in time. There's still a few left.
4459GREETINGWelcome back. Please don't kill me. I'll give you a real nice price on everything.
4460GREETINGI don't know if you know, but since Jeannie May passed, I've been keeping an eye on her properties for her.
4461GREETINGI think it's time we gave something back to you, so take this key and make yourself at home at our motel.
4462GREETINGIt'll open the room on the second floor, closest to the lobby. Hope it suits you.
4463GREETINGSo I heard you helped take over Nelson from the Legion. Glad to see someone making a difference around here instead of just complaining.
4464GREETINGThanks again for finding those supplies. I've already started putting them to good use.
4465GREETINGIf it isn't the guy that saved President Kimball. We owe you a big debt of gratitude. If Kimball died, I don't know what would have happened.
4466GREETINGIf it isn't the gal that saved President Kimball. We owe you a big debt of gratitude. If Kimball died, I don't know what would have happened.
4467GREETINGI can't believe that President Kimball is dead. If I could get my hands on the people that did this I'd rip their heads off with my bare hands.
4468GREETINGI can't believe someone tried to assassinate President Kimball. I'm just glad he's still alive. We need a guy like him around.
4469GREETINGAre you new? No one told me about any new troops showing up. {irritated}This is just great, we get new troops and no new supplies for them.
4470GREETINGI didn't expect someone as famous as you here. What can I do for you?
4471GREETINGNice to see a friendly face around here. We don't get many visitors of your esteem. Something I can do for you?
4472GREETINGYou better watch yourself around here. I'm not going to put up with any crazy shit.
4473GREETINGDidn't expect someone like you around here. What do you want?
4474GREETINGYou've got a lot of nerve showing your face around here. You better get out before I throw you out.
4475GREETING{gruff}What do you want?
4476GREETINGIf it isn't the guy that defeated the Legion at Nelson. I can't thank you enough, morale around here has never been higher.
4477GREETINGIf it isn't the gal that defeated the Legion at Nelson. I can't thank you enough, morale around here has never been higher.
4478GREETINGWhoa, didn't you save President Kimball? Glad to have someone like you here!
4479GREETINGI heard President Kimball almost got killed at Hoover Dam. That would have been a big blow to morale around here.
4480GREETINGDid you hear President Kimball was killed? The guys here aren't taking it very well.
4481GREETINGNew guy, eh? The more the merrier around here!
4482GREETINGNew gal, eh? The more the merrier around here!
4483GREETINGHey everybody, look who it is! Glad to have you here friend. What can I do for you?
4484GREETINGLook who we have here. Always nice to see a friend of the NCR. What can I do for you?
4485GREETINGYou're not going to do anything crazy here, are you?
4486GREETINGUh... is there something I can help you with?
4487GREETINGHey, I don't think it's a good idea for you to be here.
4488GREETINGWhat brings someone like you here?
4489GREETINGGo away, human.
4490GREETING{Arcade Miscellaneous Line Holder}
4491GREETING{Arcade Top Level Topics}
4492GREETINGLike I said, I needed to go do something. This is it. It belonged to my father.
4493GREETINGSince you convinced me to help out with the defense of Hoover Dam, I figured I'd haul it out of storage.
4494GREETINGI'm a little rusty with it but... I think I can manage. {bit of a grin}As long as you've got my back, of course.
4495GREETINGLike I said, I needed to go do something. This is it. It belonged to my father.
4496GREETINGI thought I might wear it at Hoover Dam, but after you talked me out of it, I didn't see the point in hanging on to it any longer.
4497GREETINGI'm here because of you, so I figure you're the one most deserving of it. It should protect you from everything short of a Plasma Caster.
4498GREETINGAnd if you need anything - anything at all - you know where to find me.
4499GREETING{false friendly}Hey there. Was it always your plan to sell me into slavery to Caesar, or was that a spur of the moment thing?
4500GREETINGWhy don't you make like Odysseus and get lost?
4501GREETINGFor as lack of adornment is said to become some women, so will this place, without your presence, bring delight.
4502GREETINGI've run out of witty ways to tell you to leave, so why don't you just go?
4503GREETINGIf you want to talk, take off that ridiculous Legion uniform. It's insulting.
4504GREETINGHi. If you're looking for medical help, try the other doctors. I'm just a researcher. Not even a particularly good one.
4505GREETINGHello, again. Still in one piece, I see.
4506GREETINGWhat's up?
4507GREETINGWell, we've had some laughs, you and I, but it looks like you're a crazy person and I'm going to have to leave.
4508GREETINGMoreno took the fall of the Enclave hard. He never questioned his orders, never questioned the legitimacy of what the Enclave was doing.
4509GREETINGTo him, it was all one unbroken chain, from Washington to Richardson. When we left Navarro, I remember looking up at Moreno.
4510GREETINGHe said, "Kiss America goodbye, boys." When we left the Enclave behind, the love in him burned itself out. Now there's just a bitter old man left.
4511GREETINGSince my mother died, Daisy's been the only woman in my life. She was the only other woman close to my father, too.
4512GREETINGShe flew him out on over a dozen missions, including his last. I've always been close to Daisy.
4513GREETINGThere have been some good men along the way, but lovers make poor confidants. Daisy never had children of her own, so she was always there to listen.
4514GREETINGBeing in the Enclave didn't mean much to her. She just loved to fly. It broke her heart to be grounded.
4515GREETINGDoc Henry always was a hard one to figure out. It didn't seem to matter whether he was working with humans or dogs.
4516GREETINGHe had an equal lack of affection for both. A regular {dai-ah-jen-eez}Diogenes. I'm not sure what the man was after.
4517GREETING"Knowledge is power," but to what end for Henry, I have no idea. The problem was what mattered to him, not its practical impact.
4518GREETINGHe simply solved riddles because they existed.
4519GREETINGIf I had to pick anyone who didn't belong in the Enclave, it would definitely be Johnson. He hated what the Enclave was doing.
4520GREETINGDay to day, week to week, he would question orders, subvert mission objectives, do anything he could to serve without serving.
4521GREETINGIt's amazing he was never court-martialed. He always had good things to say about my father. Said I was like him in a lot of ways. I wish I knew.
4522GREETINGJudah Kreger is the glue that's kept us all together over the years, and with good reason.
4523GREETINGAnyone who can command Moreno and Johnson in the same unit without somebody getting fragged is one hell of a leader.
4524GREETINGKreger was polite and kind, but never warm. He always did his best to make me feel welcome in the group.
4525GREETINGI think he did it out of a sense of loyalty to my father. Loyalty means a lot to Judah.
4526GREETINGNot loyalty to the Enclave, or even the ideals they fought for, but to the people who served with him.
4527GREETINGI'd like to say that I saw this coming, but honestly I was oblivious. {sheepish}For what it's worth, I'll do what I can to help you... not get killed?
4528GREETINGSo Mr. House doesn't care that one of Caesar's most notorious Legion spies is walking around on the Strip.
4529GREETINGEither that or his Securitrons' AI is too primitive to recognize the threat. Neither answer is particularly comforting.
4530GREETING{sarcastic, in response to being ignored by another Follower}Oh, hello Emily. Yes, it is I, Arcade Gannon, fellow member of the Followers of the Apocalypse.
4531GREETINGWould I like to help infiltrate the Lucky 38{casino}? I'm so glad you asked...
4532GREETINGThat's a lot of energy weapons. Brings back some interesting memories.
4533GREETINGThe Strip's not a bad place if you love terrible things and people. {a bit sad, annoyed}I'll never understand the allure of giving away your money to the rich.
4534GREETINGI've read about REPCONN. I think they did some work with the... {catching himself, was about to say "Enclave"} the government before the war. Rockets and some energy weapon prototypes, I think.
4535GREETINGWestside, huh? I passed through here with another Follower a while back, Anderson. The locals were having a lot of trouble getting water through.
4536GREETINGWestside, huh? I heard about what happened with Anderson. Can't say I'm surprised. He was always a fringe operator in the Followers.
4537GREETING{exasperated}What's wrong with you? Killing Anderson isn't going to bring Corporal White back.
4538GREETINGInteresting way of handling things. Very {soob}sub {roh-sah}rosa.
4539GREETINGI don't know if the Scorpions deserved to be wiped out for something they didn't do, but that's one less problem Westside has to deal with.
4540GREETINGAnderson turned in for the wrong reason and Westside gets to keep siphoning water.
4541GREETINGIt's hard to find justice in all of this, but I suppose this is as close as it gets. Thanks.
4542GREETINGExtortion? Really? You go through all of this only to extort the people who are trying to help Westside? Unbelievable.
4543GREETINGHildern is a good example of "big picture" obsession gone too far.
4544GREETINGAt some point he became so fixated on large scale results that he lost the concept of "the common good" along the way.
4545GREETINGIt's an inhumane kind of public service when people and the basic resources they need become numbers in a ledger.
4546GREETINGA vertibird. Interesting. It's been a long time since I've seen one of these.
4547GREETINGWait, wait, wait a second. What's going on? Am I playing Vergil to your Dante?
4548GREETINGI'd like to assume that we're tiptoeing into the mouth of hell out of academic curiosity, but I'm not so open-minded that I've lost my brains.
4549GREETINGI guess I'll wait out here, then.
4550GREETINGI need to talk to you about something, if you have a minute.
4551GREETINGThanks for doing this, getting them all back together again.
4552GREETINGI'll be honest, when Moreno started going off, I didn't think we'd all be walking out of there in one piece.
4553GREETINGI still don't know how this is all going to shake out in the end, but at least the Enclave can atone a bit for all the damage it's done.
4554GREETINGI shouldn't be surprised at what happened with Moreno. I hoped that after all this time, he could put his anger behind him.
4555GREETINGMaybe everything good in Orion Moreno died at Navarro and it was foolish to think there was anything in him left to salvage.
4556GREETINGYou got the survivors of the Enclave back together so you could convince them to help Caesar?!
4557GREETINGWhat are you thinking? Do you {emph}want to see Vegas turned into the new slave capital of the west?
4558GREETINGHey. You're your own person and all that, but you're acting crazy, and if you keep it up, I'm going to leave.
4559GREETINGI like how you handled that. Nicely done.
4560GREETINGI can't say that's how {emph.}I would have handled that, but...
4561GREETINGYou're that courier, right? The guy who runs the Tops, Benny... heard he tried to kill you.
4562GREETINGI guess that didn't work out very well for him. {joking}Should I watch my back around you?
4563GREETINGOh, you're that courier, aren't you? The one who got mixed up with Benny over at the Tops. Sounds like messy business.
4564GREETINGI'm no botanist, but I think this {emph}may not be entirely natural.
4565GREETINGNuclear waste disposal. Pre-War, people figured there was so much desert in Nevada, you might as well turn it into a big dumping ground.
4566GREETINGPeople didn't like it, but they weren't about to give up easy access to power, not with all of the petroleum drying up.
4567GREETINGIt's a shame what happened up here. I understand arguments about the "fog of war", but that can't be much consolation to the survivors.
4568GREETING{sadly}Or to the NCR soldiers who have to live with what they did here.
4569GREETINGIn case it's not obvious, I think you should redirect the power to Freeside and outer Vegas.
4570GREETINGYou activated ARCHIMEDES?! What the hell are you thinking?!
4571GREETINGNicely done. I'm sure people will appreciate the power. I hate to have to rely on it, but out here... it makes a big difference.
4572GREETINGHmm. I suppose an even distribution is better than nothing.
4573GREETINGEverything to the Strip and McCarran? Are you kidding? {sighs}
4574GREETING{irritated}I guess I should be grateful you didn't activate the laser.
4575GREETINGYou have to hand it to the NCR. Get enough hands working together and they can make or break just about anything.
4576GREETINGI'm not exactly a mercenary, but taking out scumbags of this magnitude wouldn't cause me to lose any sleep.
4577GREETINGWell, I'll be. Hoover Dam. One of the last remaining {emph}functioning wonders of the Pre-War world.
4578GREETINGI'm amazed it's still running at all. Too bad everyone's killing each other over it.
4579GREETINGWhat a load of Brahmin shit! Can you believe that guy?
4580GREETINGHey hey, fella, welcome to the Tops Hotel and Casino! I'm going to have to ask you to hand over any weapons you might be carrying.
4581GREETINGHey hey, baby doll, welcome to the Tops Hotel and Casino! I'm going to have to ask you to hand over any weapons you might be carrying.
4582GREETINGWelcome back to the Tops. Anything I can do for you?
4583GREETINGEnjoying your stay?
4584GREETING{Chomps Lewis Top Level Topics}
4585GREETINGHold up! There are Deathclaws all over the damn place north of here. I'd turn back if I were you.
4586GREETINGIf you want to get to New Vegas, you're better off heading east from Primm and then looping north. It's a heck of a lot safer.
4587GREETINGCan't believe anyone actually made it through from the north, what with all the Deathclaws at the quarry. You returning from New Vegas?
4588GREETINGYou need something?
4589GREETINGLet me ask you a question - what's the tastiest thing you've ever eaten?
4590GREETINGThis is incredibly good. Here's your omelet, and the recipe if you ever want to make your own. It takes a bit of skill to get it tasting right.
4591GREETINGHey there. What's new?
4592GREETINGThat's close enough. What do you want with the Great Khans?
4593GREETINGNice outfit, but I know you're not one of us. What do you want with the Great Khans?
4594GREETING{somewhat hostile, untrusting}What do you want now?
4595GREETING{respectful, almost friendly}How's it going?
4596GREETINGHey, hey. What can Tyrone do for you?
4597GREETINGI had an amazing time with you. You can look me up any time, baby.
4598GREETINGHey, hey. You're back.
4601GREETINGYou've done a good turn for the NCR and now we'd like to do one for you - here's an NCR emergency two-way radio - you call and we'll come running.
4602GREETINGYou're not alone out here - the NCR has your back. Stay safe and good hunting.
4604GREETINGMy word, but that was a lot of chopping at that casino, dear.
4605GREETINGNaughty children run from their punishment, but we'll find Benny, won't we Leo?
4606GREETINGHeavens to Betsy, but Mr. Benny met a nasty end. I hope you've realized, pumpkin, that crime doesn't pay.
4607GREETINGMy, but that Lucky 38 is a large building. And so fancy!
4608GREETINGLeo doesn't like that you left that House man alive, dearie. He thinks you should have let us chop him.
4609GREETINGYou should have heard Leo, sweetie. He laughed and laughed when that old man in the box exploded.
4610GREETINGLeo thinks there will be lots more chopping to do now that Caesar is dead. I do hope you'll be careful, pumpkin.
4611GREETING{Gramma}Grandma's so proud of her little pumpkin, rescuing the President like that!
4612GREETINGNow sweetie, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. That goes for learning to ride bikes and killing Presidents!
4613GREETING{Gramma}Grandma's so proud of her little pumpkin, assassinating the President like that!
4614GREETINGLeo's very grumpy, pumpkin. He wanted to chop the President!
4615GREETINGLook at you, sweetness! Blowing up a robot army all by yourself, isn't that precious?
4616GREETING{Gramma}Grandma's so worried about her little baby! It's getting dangerous out there in the Wasteland!
4617GREETINGLeo's getting more and more agitated, sweetie. I think he can smell the fight coming.
4618GREETINGI hope you're not thinking about rushing off to that big dam, pumpkin! It's sure to be very dangerous!
4619GREETING{not a follower}Hello again, dear.
4620GREETING{follower}Hello again, dear.
4621GREETINGWelcome to The Tops. How can I help you?
4622GREETINGHumbly at your service.
4623GREETINGPlease, ma'am - take pity on us. Free us, I'm begging you!
4624GREETINGPlease, sir - take pity on us. Free us, please!
4625GREETINGThat business at the Tops could never happen here. We don't admit that sort of riff-raff.
4626GREETINGI know Benny was murdered, but if you ask me, the real crime was that checkered jacket.
4627GREETINGA little bird told me Benny might be gone for good. He must've been in some delightful scandal to have run off so suddenly.
4628GREETING{Amused}Those Omertas. Always plotting, never relevant. Bravo for putting them in their place like that.
4629GREETING{Impressed}Word has it you were spotted entering the Lucky 38. How ever did you get on that guest list?
4630GREETINGIs it me or do the Securitrons seem... sassier?
4631GREETINGSuch a shame about Mr. House. He used to send a Securitron to our dinner parties sometimes, like an uninvited but harmless uncle.
4632GREETINGThere's a rumor going around that you killed Caesar! I'm dying to know... is it true? That he used a hairpiece, I mean?
4633GREETINGCaesar may be dead, but I think the toga is here to stay. You simply can't buy better thigh accentuation.
4634GREETINGThe Kings will be missed. Not by me, of course. But who will buy the food at the Tops now that no one needs it to grease their hair?
4635GREETINGIt sounds like the Kings made nice with the NCR in Freeside. Seems there was room for two flies on the same bit of dung after all.
4636GREETINGWhat do you need tested?
4637GREETING{Black Mountain End States}What happened at Black Mountain?
4638GREETING{Raul End States}What happened to Raul?
4639GREETING{Boomer End States}What happened with the Boomers?
4640GREETING{Brotherhood of Steel End States}What happened to the Brotherhood of Steel?
4641GREETING{Veronica End States}What happened to Veronica?
4642GREETING{Fiends End States}What happened to the Fiends?
4643GREETING{FoA End states}What happened to the Followers of the Apocalypse?
4644GREETING{Arcade End States}What happened to Arcade?
4645GREETING{Goodsprings End States}What happened to Goodsprings?
4646GREETING{Cass End States}What happened to Cass?
4647GREETING{Great Khan End States}What happened with the Great Khans?
4648GREETING{Jacobstown End States}What happened with Jacobstown?
4649GREETING{Lily End States}What happened to Lily?
4650GREETING{Kings End States}What happened with the Kings?
4651GREETING{Rex End States}What happened to Rex?
4652GREETING{Misfits End States}What happened to the Misfits?
4653GREETING{Novac End States}What happened at Novac?
4654GREETING{Boone End States}What happened to Boone?
4655GREETING{Vault 19 End States}What happened to the Vault 19 Powder Gang?
4656GREETING{Primm End States}What happened at Primm?
4657GREETING{EDE End States}What happened to ED-E?
4658GREETING{Rangers End States}What happened with Chief Hanlon?
4659GREETING{Remnants End States}What happened with the Enclave Remnants?
4660GREETING{NCRCF End States}What happened at the NCRF?
4661GREETINGWhen will we be free?
4662GREETINGI can't ever thank you enough for saving me and mine! We're free now!
4663GREETINGYou're a killer. Go away.
4664GREETINGWe're being held here against our will! I beg you, help us!
4665GREETINGAre you going to free us, or what?
4666GREETINGThank you. We never would've escaped without your help.
4667GREETINGAt least I'm free to bury my kin.
4668GREETING{despair}You killed my kin. Why is this happening to me?
4669GREETING{miserable}Oh, it's just awful here. Can't you help us?
4670GREETING{desperate}You're still gonna free us, aren't you?
4671GREETINGThank you so much for freeing me!
4672GREETINGYou looking for a pat on the back? My mother is dead.
4673GREETING{you don't like being eclipsed, KAI-zar}Caesar may have deemed you worthy to bear his mark, but your reputation preceeds you.
4674GREETINGYour presence will be tolerated, but you are not welcome here. Lucullus awaits you on the docks.
4675GREETING{Angry, do NOT}Do not make {KAI-zar}Caesar wait! Lucullus awaits you on the dock.
4676GREETING{you don't like being eclipsed}A Profligate bearing the Mark of {KAI-zar}Caesar? What is the world coming to?
4677GREETINGCursor {Luh-CUL-us}Lucullus is waiting for you with the barge at the docks. He will take you to The Fort to speak with {KAI-zar}Caesar.
4678GREETING{Annoyed}Get moving, Profligate! Do not make {KAI-zar}Caesar wait!
4679GREETING{surly}Don't try my patience. A nod of my chin, and you'll be decorating a cross.
4680GREETING{pleased}You taught {Seh-VER-us}Severus well! Soon I'll wear a necklace of Profligates' toes, blown off by their own mines!{ha!}
4681GREETING{surly}Don't try my patience. A nod of my chin, and you'll be decorating a cross.
4682GREETING{blunt}Yes? Name your concern.
4683GREETING{Furious}You've heard the news about President Kimball? If I got my hands on the traitor that killed him....
4684GREETING{Frightened}So now it's come to open assassination attempts against the President? Hard to believe.
4685GREETING{Hugely relieved}Thank God. Please tell me you're here to relieve me.
4686GREETING{Impressed, relieved}Never expected someone as famous as you to turn up here. What can I do for you?
4687GREETING{Mildly impressed}I've been sending requests for relief for months now. Didn't think they'd send you, though.
4688GREETING{Less than thrilled} I really hope you're not here to cause trouble.
4689GREETING{Uncertain}Oh. I've heard of you. What do you want?
4690GREETING{Cold}I'll give you this, you've got a lot of guts just walking in here like this.
4691GREETING{Stiff, really doesn't like the player}What do you want?
4692GREETING{Frustrated, busy}If this isn't a crisis situation, you'd better have a damn good reason for interrupting me.
4693GREETINGAnything else I can do for you?
4694GREETINGSharing knowledge with an outsider organization. I knew Veronica couldn't be trusted.
4695GREETINGWe tracked your movements a long way. But it was worth it to catch her in the act.
4696GREETINGPassing Brotherhood secrets to outsiders is the lowest form of treason. What have you got to say for yourself?
4697GREETINGWe heard Veronica talking with the Elder. We won't stand for this.
4698GREETINGWhat is this? Veronica brings an outsider into our home, then has a private audience with the Elder?
4699GREETINGThe two of you may have the Elder fooled, but we know better.
4700GREETINGVeronica has always twisted the Founder's principles to her own ends. We will not stand idly by and allow her to corrupt our Elder's thinking.
4701GREETINGLeave me alone.
4702GREETINGHey, you got a second?
4703GREETINGI'd slap him around, but he stood at my parents' wedding.
4704GREETINGPlus he used to make excuses to get me out of my punishment when I'd slept through Head Scribe Taggart's lectures. Figure I owe him for that.
4705GREETING He means well.
4706GREETINGI'd be angrier with him, but it's hard to stay mad at the guy who taught me how to box when all the other Paladins told me no.
4707GREETING He always does what he feels is right. Usually that's a great quality.
4708GREETINGLet's see what we've got here... Okay, yeah, this is the one I was thinking of. The pulse gun.
4709GREETINGAlthough maybe the rangefinder could work too. And it looks like the NCR was onto some miracle farming technology.
4710GREETING{Defeated}He wouldn't listen. The truth was right there staring him in the face. How could he not listen?
4711GREETING{Disbelieving}God. {Then, saddened}I should get used to this, I guess. People get desperate, they turn on each other. First thing to go is trust.
4712GREETINGI don't think it's ever gonna be the same for me in there. Knowing no matter what I do, it's gonna end badly.
4713GREETINGBut they're all I have.
4714GREETING{Remorseful}God, I did this. This was my fault. Why didn't I see this coming?
4715GREETINGOf course they'd track me. Of course they'd assume the worst. Sure, I left them. But that didn't mean I'd ever be free of them.
4716GREETINGI should've known I was beaten before I began. I just... I had to try, you know?
4717GREETINGWell, if there was any question whether I should leave, I guess there's my answer.
4718GREETING{Horrified}Why did you do that? They were going to let us walk away. Why did you attack them?
4719GREETINGI don't care that they started it. What you did was inexcusable. You need to go.
4720GREETINGClearly you're determined to fight the Brotherhood. Well, you can add my name to your hit list because you're on your own.
4721GREETINGOkay, listen. The Brotherhood... they're not always the friendliest bunch. But I won't stand for you fighting them.
4722GREETINGThis is your last chance.
4723GREETINGSee? Pretty addictive, right? You do it once, it just makes you want to do it more.
4724GREETINGYou can't help but notice that the Brotherhood barely exists to these people out here. We're like an urban myth. No real presence on the Outside.
4725GREETINGWe just don't adapt like we should. Used to be that all you needed to get your way was a suit of power armor and a laser rifle.
4726GREETINGNow... people are armed and organized. They're not afraid. But we still stick to our old approach, because it's all we know.
4727GREETINGYou know, I've been thinking. The real problem with the Brotherhood is that we isolate ourselves.
4728GREETINGOur training is top-notch, our technology gives us an advantage, but when it all comes down to it, we're losing because we shun the outside world.
4729GREETINGWe always make enemies, never allies. We refuse to recruit outsiders, or see the value in their simpler technologies.
4730GREETINGHold on. I see something I want to punch.
4731GREETINGNo offense, but you look like you've traveled a long way down some bad roads. Where'd you come from?
4732GREETINGCouldn't get enough of talking to me the first time, huh?
4733GREETINGListen... I want to thank you for helping me out. I'm sorry that... things didn't go like I'd hoped.
4734GREETINGBut at least I got the chance to try. At least I know for sure that there was nothing I could do.
4735GREETINGThank you for giving me that chance.
4736GREETINGWow, Mr. House is looking for you, huh? What do you think he wants? Bowling partner?
4737GREETINGWhat'd you think of Mr. House? I was surprised he only had the two robot sex slaves.
4738GREETINGThat chip of yours... I wouldn't wager it on blackjack.
4739GREETINGUnless the dealer has a five or six showing.
4740GREETINGWhole future of New Vegas seems like it's up in the air. Guess I should wait things out before buying a condo in the Ultra-Luxe, huh?
4741GREETINGHope you're picking the winning side here. Be nice to fight for someone who's gonna be around for a while.
4742GREETINGNext stop, Hoover Dam, huh? When we get there... can we stop by the souvenir shop? Their beaver mascot is just precious.
4743GREETINGWhat's up?
4744GREETING{Rex Top Level Topic Holder}
4745GREETING{in combat}
4746GREETING{player has a hat equipped}
4747GREETING{in Mojave, player has Wild Wasteland}
4748GREETING{Rex not cured}
4749GREETING{Rex cured, initial}
4750GREETING{Rex cured, return}
4751GREETINGGet you a drink?
4752GREETINGIf you're looking for supplies I'll make this easy for you... there aren't any.
4753GREETINGBut something tells me you're not here for that. What do you want?
4754GREETINGI've told you Powder Gangers everything I know! Please don't hit me anymore!
4755GREETING{Small Fry}Looks like you've hit a lucky streak there. You must be thirsty by now - here, have a drink on the house and keep on playing!
4756GREETINGWell look at that! You aren't a Powder Ganger after all. I'd suggest against wearing that outfit around the townsfolk. You may get shot by accident.
4757GREETINGI don't suppose you came here to rescue me?
4758GREETINGI don't suppose you came here to rescue me? I'd cross my fingers but my hands are numb.
4759GREETINGI apologize, wanderer, but I must go tend to my flock!
4760GREETINGI waited to speak with you one last time before I descended to the launch pad, wanderer.
4761GREETINGI want you to know that we will remember for all eternity how you delivered us to the threshold of the Great Journey.
4762GREETINGOur preparations are nearly complete, but the rockets that will carry us to salvation are yet missing vital components.
4763GREETINGIf you would still help us, wanderer, speak to Chris. He can tell you what is missing.
4764GREETINGThere is no way that we can thank you enough, wanderer. Your arrival here was a blessing. We will remember you always.
4765GREETINGForgive me, wanderer, but my flock awaits.
4766GREETINGIs the way clear?
4767GREETINGWill you help us, wanderer?
4768GREETINGThe NCR takes care of its own - so in thanks for your service to the Republic{pause while handing over a radio}... here's one of our emergency two-way radios.
4769GREETINGYou call and we'll come running. {pause}If you're too far from an NCR outpost there won't be much we can do for you...
4770GREETINGbut then the NCR is just about everywhere these days. Good luck and stay safe out there.
4771GREETINGFor your service, beyond the call of duty, the NCR would like to award you with this emergency two-way radio.
4772GREETINGYou call and we'll send you any support we can spare. Keep up the good work, soldier.
4773GREETINGThe NCR would like to thank you for your service. If you ever need us, just call and we'll come running.
4774GREETINGThe NCR takes care of its own... and its supporters. Stay safe out there and call us if you get in a jam.
4775GREETING{Radio transmission}Coordinates for supply cache in your region being sent... now.
4776GREETING{Radio transmission}Received - updating map marker for local NCR supply cache.
4777GREETING{Radio transmission}This is NCR Operator - message received - sending map marker for local supply cache.
4778GREETINGHow is your visit with us going, stranger?
4779GREETINGYou have done well to earn the trust of my people, child.
4780GREETINGHello, friend. How can Mother Pearl be of help today?
4781GREETINGSo you're the outsider. Lived your whole life out there, huh? Wow.
4782GREETINGI always thought you savages probably spoke a different language, but I hear you sound like us.
4783GREETINGThank you for getting Janet to Nellis. I've never been so happy in my entire life!
4784GREETINGThis has been a dream come true to work on the Lady. I don't think I've seen Loyal this frisky in years.{test}
4785GREETINGI've never been so happy in my entire life!
4786GREETINGHave you seen her? The redhead of my dreams?
4787GREETINGHi! I can't believe I'm going to meet my red-headed lady soon! I'm really nervous about it!
4788GREETING{Player responsible for the death of his love}Go to hell, outsider. Stay away from me.
4789GREETINGYou're a terrible person! I loved her! And you let her run right into our killzone. Why didn't you stop her?
4790GREETINGHey there. Back for more?
4791GREETINGWhoa there, pal. You better slow down, or you'll get blown up like the rest of the idiots who thought they'd scavenge in Boomer territory.
4792GREETINGNow that I've got your attention, might you be interested in a little information? It'll cost you, but it's well worth the investment.
4793GREETINGWelcome back. Have you reconsidered my offer?{test}
4794GREETINGI told you what you need to know. Now get moving!
4795GREETINGJumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick! You're the first one to make it through alive, let alone manage a return trip!
4796GREETINGThat was pretty incredible. I've never seen anyone come out of the Boomer's rain of death alive before.{test}
4797GREETINGHey there lady! Can you help me find Mister Cuddles?
4798GREETINGHey there mister! Can you help me find Mister Cuddles?
4799GREETINGHi again! Have you found Mister Cuddles?
4800GREETINGThanks again for finding Mister Cuddles! You're the best!
4801GREETINGI can't believe Mister Cuddles is gone.
4802GREETINGPearl sent word saying it's all right to tell you about the Lady in the water.
4803GREETINGIsn't that bomber a beauty? Thanks so much for making an old man's dreams come true.
4804GREETINGIt's going to be a dream come true once you've raised that bomber from Lake Mead!
4805GREETINGGood work with those solar arrays.
4806GREETINGI hope Pearl knows what she's doing, letting you wander around Nellis as you please.
4807GREETINGWhat is it, Outsider?
4808GREETING{fall-through greeting, friendly}Hello, Outsider, need something?
4809GREETING{to the sentry}I'll take this from here!
4810GREETING{to player, commanding}I'm Raquel, Master-At-Arms for the Nellis homeland. Mother Pearl, our Eldest, wishes to speak to you.
4811GREETINGHello, friend. {player raised the B-29 and delivered it to Nellis}
4812GREETINGMother Pearl's instructions are clear. You can move freely around Nellis, and artillery spotters have orders not to fire on you.
4813GREETINGThese are extraordinary privileges. Don't abuse them.
4814GREETINGWhat is it, savage?
4815GREETINGWhat's the situation with the giant ants?
4816GREETINGI see the power's back on. The ants are all dead?
4817GREETINGWhat is it, Outsider?
4818GREETINGI know Mother Pearl is letting you wander Nellis as you please, Outsider, but I have patients to tend to.
4819GREETINGIf I haven't said it before, Outsider, let me say it now - welcome to Nellis. Word from Pearl is that you're to be greeted as a friend.
4820GREETINGYou raised the Lady from the Lake! The future is looking up. How can I help you, Outsider?
4821GREETINGYes, Outsider?
4822GREETINGWoah! You're the outsider! What are you doing here?
4823GREETINGHey! Do they have any toys outside of here? I sure could use something fun.
4824GREETINGRoar! {Roars like a dinosaur}I'm a dinosaur!
4825GREETINGThis is mission control, ready for liftoff. What's your 5 by 5?
4826GREETINGHalt! You must pay the toll to pass!
4827GREETINGPut up your dukes! I'm the Red-Brick Kid!
4828GREETINGI am La Fantoma! I will fly to the side of injustice!
4829GREETINGYou're back. When you walked off in the middle of our people's story, I thought you must be bored.
4830GREETINGYou killed Mother Pearl! Get out of here, outsider!
4831GREETINGYou killed Loyal! Get out of here, outsider!
4832GREETINGYou're the outsider! Mother Pearl sent word that you'd be stopping by. You must be eager to hear the story of our people!
4833GREETINGI heard about what you've done around here, and I have nothing to say to you, outsider.
4834GREETINGPeople around here are a bit upset with you, outsider, but I think there is hope for you yet.
4835GREETINGI've seen the bomber! It's... spectacular. The mural is coming true - thanks to you!
4836GREETINGWere you interested in hearing the story of our people any time soon, perhaps?
4837GREETINGNow that you know the story of our people, you must have all sorts of questions!
4838GREETINGHow can I help you, Outsider?
4839GREETINGHold it right there! Don't you move!
4840GREETINGHow the hell did you survive that bombardment?
4841GREETINGI still can't believe how you ran through that artillery barrage.
4842GREETINGYes, Outsider?
4843GREETINGYou're interrupting class, Outsider.
4845GREETINGHungry for grub?
4846GREETINGWelcome to Jacobstown, human. You're free to walk around, just don't stare at the Nightkin. They don't like people looking at them.
4847GREETING{A little quieter, more confidentially}And if you're NCR, keep it to yourself. They're not popular around here.
4848GREETINGGot a problem, could use your help. Been having trouble with NCR mercs harassing the town, and they just showed up again.
4849GREETINGI knew you'd make it. Resourceful, as always.
4850GREETINGThe override module is functioning properly. I'm rerouting power to the Securitron vault at the Fort as we speak...
4851GREETINGI just need you to head over to the east power plant and manually activate the switch.
4852GREETINGWhen you return topside, I think you'll see that my Securitron army is a little more than the Legion was prepared to handle.
4853GREETINGOh, and before you go - grab that print-out spooling from the console here - those papers set the terms for the NCR's unconditional surrender.
4854GREETINGI thought you might enjoy the honor of presenting them to the NCR's commanding officer, once the Legion has been defeated. Cheers!
4855GREETINGOh, what do you want?
4856GREETINGAha. The brave photographer returns. Good to see you.
4857GREETING{Still afraid}Now that you have all you care for, please... leave, and don't come back!
4858GREETING{Deeply Saddened}I can't talk, not after what happened to Sarah. I feel... so cold.
4859GREETINGYou shouldn't be here. If people know we talked, they'll suspect you.
4860GREETINGAnd if whoever did this smells a rat, they'll have the Legion after both of us.
4861GREETINGThat's it, then. How did you know?
4862GREETINGIf there's one thing I won't tolerate, it's working with some dog of the Legion. You've got some explaining to do.
4863GREETINGI told you I wouldn't work against the NCR. I meant it.
4864GREETINGI'm out of here.
4865GREETINGStill helping the Legion. You're gonna get what's coming to you. I promise you that.
4866GREETINGWe're through working together.
4867GREETINGLook, I know the NCR has problems, but I fought with those men. I'll be damned before I betray them.
4868GREETINGThis stops right now.
4869GREETINGWe can chat later. The sooner you finish these tests the sooner you can get out of here.
4870GREETINGYou're the courier I've heard so much about. My squad needs your assistance.
4871GREETINGSo any word on my friends?
4873GREETING{FIRST TALK, BAD NCR REP}{appraising}So I finally get to meet the courier who's caused so much trouble for the New California Republic.
4875GREETING{FIRST TALK}So I finally get to meet the courier who's accomplished so much in so little time. That is why I summoned you here, right?
4876GREETINGI mean, a man nearly kills you, and your response is to track him across the breadth of the Mojave?
4877GREETING{FIRST TALK}The question is... are you ready to get started?
4878GREETINGDown the hill, at the west edge of camp, is an old building. It was here when the Fort was taken in 2277.
4879GREETINGInside the building is a hatch, and inside that hatch are two steel doors that bear the {SIH-jihl}sigil of the Lucky 38 casino.
4880GREETINGNow that same sigil is on the Platinum Chip Benny was carrying when we captured him. Isn't that interesting?
4881GREETINGNow that same sigil is on the Platinum Chip you were carrying. Isn't that interesting?
4882GREETINGEven more interesting, there's a slot about the same size as the Chip on the console that opens the hatch. So you know what I think?
4883GREETINGI think the Platinum Chip opens those doors - doors that can't be pried open or drilled open or blasted open. Because all that, I tried.
4884GREETING{BEFORE VAULT DESTROYED}We'll talk again when you've destroyed whatever is down in that bunker - not before.
4885GREETING{AFTER VAULT DESTROYED}I felt the ground shake a while ago. I'll take that as a sign you got the job done.
4886GREETINGThere are rewards for doing as I command. Today, your reward is vengeance. You get to decide how Benny dies.
4887GREETINGGo to Benny, let him know what you've decided. My Praetorians will perform the execution - {giving player credit}unless you want to perform it yourself.
4888GREETINGWe have nothing to discuss until you've dealt with Benny.
4889GREETINGI'm sure you found Benny's demise pleasing. The destruction of an enemy... there are few things more satisfying.
4890GREETINGLet's press on, shall we? As I was telling you before, I want Mr. House out of the picture.
4891GREETINGYou have an interest in his death, too. If he knows that you destroyed his {for lack of a better term}gadgets beneath the Fort, he will strike back.
4892GREETINGYou know where to find him. How he dies, I leave up to you.
4893GREETINGUntil Mr. House has been dealt with, you and I have nothing to talk about.
4894GREETINGI've read Mr. House's obituary. Had a high opinion of himself, didn't he?
4895GREETING{seething}I spent months feeding the Omertas bribes, nursing their betrayal, and you've ruined all that.
4896GREETING{seething}Do you have any idea how much effort it took to place a mole at McCarran who could plant that bomb on the monorail? The one you defused?
4897GREETING{seething}The garrison I placed at Nelson served a vital strategic function. Did you think you could wipe it out and I wouldn't find out?
4898GREETING{seething}Weeks were spent convincing the Great Khans to join the Legion, but you've ruined all that. {louder}Haven't you?
4899GREETINGWith Mr. House out of the way, I can focus on smoothing out a few {slight beat}lingering complications elsewhere in the Mojave.
4900GREETINGFirst up are the Boomers of Nellis Air Force Base, a tribe so reclusive, it lobs artillery shells at anyone who comes near their settlement.
4901GREETINGI want you to offer them an alliance with my Legion. My terms are simple: target their guns against the NCR side of the dam when I assault it...
4902GREETING...and they can keep their freedom. If you find they aren't amenable to this offer, destroy them.
4903GREETINGIt's reached me that you killed Silus before he could talk. I approve.
4904GREETINGI understand that you freed Silus before he could talk. I approve.
4905GREETINGSilus dishonored himself when he let himself be captured, and he'll pay the price for that. But the NCR didn't learn anything valuable.
4906GREETINGHave you brought news of the Boomers?
4907GREETING{SUDDEN PAIN}I would've asked you to forge an alliance with the White Glove Society, but you've already killed its leaders. So instead -
4908GREETING{sudden, excruciating pain in head}{gritting teeth}Ehhhh! Goddammit!
4909GREETING{SUDDEN PAIN}I want you to forge an alliance between Caesar's Legion and the White Glove Society.
4910GREETINGThey used to be cannibals. I expect that information can be used to manipulate them. Go to -{stopping short as pain eplodes inside head}
4911GREETING{sudden, excruciating pain in head}{gritting teeth}Ehhhh! Goddammit!
4912GREETING{limping off to bed, head feels like it's being crushed}Goddammit, go away! Come back when I've had some sleep!
4913GREETING{head feels like it's being crushed}I warned you not to bother me!
4914GREETINGPraetorians, kill this asshole!
4915GREETING{recovered from yesterday's sudden headache}The last time we met, I believe we were talking about the White Glove Society?
4916GREETINGHave you been successful in your efforts to recruit the White Glove Society?
4917GREETING{ABSENCE SEIZURE}I want you to destroy the Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel. It's not a full-strength chapter, mind you. The Profligates...{trail off. Absence seizure begins}
4918GREETING...{breathe through nostrils for several seconds}
4919GREETINGUrh...{continue breathing through nostrils}
4920GREETING{Caesar heading for bed}{tired}If you interfere with me getting some sleep again, I'm going to have you killed. {resolved}We will talk later.
4921GREETING{tired, growing angry}You want to die? Fine!
4922GREETING{shouting for guards, voice weaker than usual}Praetorians! Kill this asshole!
4923GREETINGHas the Brotherhood been destroyed?
4924GREETING{Brotherhood resolved}I want you to join me in my tent. You and I are going to have a private conversation.
4925GREETINGAll right, let's state the obvious. There's something wrong with me.
4926GREETINGThe headaches started a couple months ago. They weren't too bad at first... but now they come frequently and they're... {beat}debilitating.
4927GREETINGFor the past two weeks, my left leg has been dragging. It's stiffer, hard to move. And you've seen me blank out.
4928GREETINGLucius says I stare into space, blink a few times, then keep talking like nothing happened. So what's the diagnosis?
4929GREETING{Successful surgery}I thank you for saving my life. You're a warrior {emphasis}and a healer - a rare combination.
4930GREETINGI thank you for saving my life. Arcade will be a fine addition to my retinue.
4931GREETINGI thank you for saving my life. The Auto-Doc module you recovered did the trick.
4932GREETINGI trust this payment is adequate compensation for your troubles. Now, lest we grow sentimental here...
4933GREETINGThe time for battle will soon be upon us. {Le-GAH-tus La-nee-OOS}Legatus Lanius draws nigh. When he arrives, my Legion will assault Hoover Dam.
4934GREETINGIn the meantime, the Profligates have prepared a welcome gift for us. The President of the NCR intends to visit Hoover Dam.
4935GREETINGYou {slight beat}dispatched President Kimball with real skill. Right under their noses, too - {enjoying it}what a humiliation.
4936GREETING{seething}Why did you not attack President Kimball?
4937GREETING{seething}President Kimball was there on the Dam, right before you. And yet he lives. {beat}How did you fuck this up?
4938GREETING{Kimball quest resolved}My forces are in position to assault the Dam. {Leh-GAH-tus Lah-Nee-OOS}Legatus Lanius has assumed command.
4939GREETINGAre you ready to go to him? To tell him to begin the assault?
4940GREETINGYou know everything you need to know. Be on your way.
4941GREETING{MASTER QUESTION NODE}What did you want to know?
4942GREETING{MASTER QUESTION NODE}What else did you want to know?
4943GREETING{MASTER QUESTION NODE}Even with the Boomers to deal with, you have questions?
4944GREETING{MASTER QUESTION NODE}Even with the White Glove Society to deal with, you have questions?
4945GREETING{MASTER QUESTION NODE}Even with the Brotherhood to deal with, you have questions?
4946GREETING{MASTER QUESTION NODE}Even with a President to kill, you have questions?
4947GREETING{MASTER QUESTION NODE}Even on the brink of the final battle, you have questions?
4948GREETING{Mr. House Top Level Topic Holder}
4949GREETING{Boomer Top Level Topic Holder}
4950GREETING{White Glove Society Top Level Topic Holder}
4951GREETING{Brotherhood of Steel Top Level Topic Holder}
4952GREETING{President Kimball Top Level Topic Holder}
4953GREETINGDo you have any progress to report?
4954GREETINGAllow me to make this clear. Because you've been of service to me, I will forgive your crimes against my Legion this one time.
4955GREETINGIn the future, if I become aware that you've committed other crimes, I'll have my Praetorians butcher you before my eyes.
4956GREETINGIf you've committed any other crimes, this is the time to confess them, because after today there will be no forgiveness.
4957GREETINGI warned you about this. {to your guards}Praetorians, slaughter this degenerate!
4958GREETINGNot now!
4960GREETINGCareful, sometimes they escape and I have to round them up again.
4961GREETINGWhy do you scare my cattle?
4962GREETINGDon't scare the herd.
4963GREETINGLeave doggies alone.
4964GREETING{Amazed at the Player}You must be very special to Mr. House, huh?
4965GREETING{Amazed at the Player}How did you get in there?
4966GREETING{Amazed at the Player}Wow... I've never seen anyone go into the Lucky 38 before.
4967GREETING{Amazed at the Player}Don't mind me. I was just passing by.
4968GREETING{Amazed at the Player}I bet everyone's going to hear about you going into the 38.
4969GREETING{Amazed at the Player}My pals said nobody has ever been inside the Lucky 38.
4970GREETING{Amazed at the Player}Hey, sexy, come by the Tops later. I'd love to hear your story.
4971GREETINGHi! I'm Sarah, Sarah Weintraub. Welcome to the finest Vault hotel in the whole world!
4972GREETINGThey're hoarding our water! How are we supposed to survive the desert, huh?
4973GREETINGHope those greedy bastards rot in foul water.
4974GREETINGOne of these days, we're going to teach them a good lesson.
4975GREETINGWe'll be back. They can't step over our people forever.
4976GREETINGThose hillbillies think they can take our water. We bring civilization, and this is how they repay us.
4977GREETINGDamned rats. Next time I see them, I swear, I'll aim right between their eyes.
4978GREETINGThey've got no right to come near our outposts. This is NCR territory, now.
4979GREETINGI almost pity them, these desert savages.
4980GREETINGWe'll get back our water, and our land, one of these days. We'll be mean to those soldiers until they leave!
4981GREETINGThey're asking for it, those people from the NCR. We're tough, here! They don't scare us.
4982GREETINGThis desert is our home!
4983GREETINGWe've lived here a long time! We're not going to leave our home.
4984GREETINGThey're mean! Don't want to share water with us.
4985GREETINGHey there. Need anything?
4986GREETINGThe Caesar has marked you for death... and the Legion obeys. Ready yourself for battle.
4987GREETINGNow you will serve as an example to all who dare oppose Caesar's Legion. Defend yourself!
4988GREETINGYou have defied Caesar for the last time! Your life ends now!
4989GREETINGThe honcho of one of them Strip families got killed right in his own casino. You know he pissed off the wrong guy!
4990GREETINGNow that McNamara's lifted that silly lockdown of his, perhaps people around here will come to appreciate our training simulations.
4991GREETINGPerhaps there will be a renewed interest in them as people realize just how close to reality they are... but I digress. What did you want?
4992GREETINGNow that Hardin's Elder, I hope I'll be allowed to continue my experiments. I never quite liked the way he looked at me during meetings.
4993GREETINGLike he wanted to use me for target practice. The man just has no respect for science! But enough of this. What did you want?
4994GREETINGYes? What is it?
4995GREETINGI'll track the virus from over here. You just concentrate on locating the terminals hosting it.
4996GREETING{Flustered}Look, this isn't a great {time}ti- oh, what the hell, it's not like we're making any progress. I'm Ibsen, and I hope your day is going better than mine is.
4997GREETINGDid you want to try isolating the virus?
4998GREETINGYou actually did it! If you don't mind my saying so, I didn't think you had a chance in hell of pulling it off.
4999GREETINGBut I'm glad to be wrong for once! Thank you, my friend. Please, feel free to access the datastore at your leisure.
5000GREETINGI'm only allowed to give you access to non-classified topics, but it's better than nothing, right?
5001GREETINGHeard you helped out Jackson, thanks for that. Caravans are still waiting for clearance to move out, but at least there's movement.
5002GREETING{Impressed}Coming from the North? Must be crazy to brave those roads.
5003GREETINGSomething else you wanted?
5004GREETINGGet rough with the escorts, and you'll be seeing the business end of my barrel.
5005GREETINGWith the Kings gone, who is going to keep Freeside safe?
5006GREETINGIf the King is working with the NCR, he must have a damn good reason. I just hope it doesn't come back to bite us.
5007GREETINGDo I know you?
5008GREETINGAnd you are?
5009GREETINGNeed something?
5010GREETINGI'm hearing good things about you, friend. Good things.
5011GREETINGGood to see someone helping out for a change.
5012GREETINGPeople say you've been helping out around town. Much appreciated, friend.
5013GREETINGYou've done good, kid. Happy to have you around.
5014GREETINGI'm amazed by how much you've accomplished here in Freeside.
5015GREETINGWe've been really fortunate to have you helping Freeside.
5016GREETINGHelping on a consistent basis wouldn't hurt you, would it?
5017GREETINGYou've done a strange mix of things since coming to Freeside.
5018GREETINGDoes it get painful sitting on the fence like you do?
5019GREETINGIt seems you've decided to be indecisive when it comes to helping Freesiders.
5020GREETINGThrowing caution to the wind yet again, huh?
5021GREETINGI guess no one is ever going to change a crazy freak like you.
5022GREETINGWhat did we ever do to you? Can't we all just get along?
5023GREETINGWhy the hate for Freeside? We're not all bad.
5024GREETINGWhat the hell do you want?
5025GREETINGGo to hell you two-faced bastard.
5026GREETINGGo away, you rotten bastard.
5027GREETINGWay to stab us in the back, asshole.
5028GREETINGHowdy, doc. Strange to see you wandering around.
5029GREETINGI admire a woman who can hold her liquor. Cute to boot.
5030GREETINGShe looks like she knows how to handle herself in a fight.
5031GREETINGI hope you programmed that thing to be friendly to Freesiders.
5032GREETINGSuper mutant? You don't look so super to me.
5033GREETINGHow's it hangin', old man? Oh, sorry.
5034GREETINGHey, Rex. I see your new master is keeping you polished up. Good for you.
5035GREETINGCheer up, lady. You've still got your youth.
5036GREETINGI've gotta hand it to you. You've done good things for Novac, but you've also got 'em a little scared of you. And that's great for business.
5037GREETINGAs long as you keep it coming, I'll get you some things a little cheaper than they should be.
5038GREETINGWhat can I do for you?
5039GREETINGBetween you and me, I don't think she studied at an accredited institution.
5040GREETINGShe hasn't paid me anything yet. Should I be worried?
5041GREETING{Radio transmission}This is NCR Operator - I read you. The supplies are on their way.
5042GREETING{Radio transmission}Message received - supplies en route.
5043GREETING{Radio transmission}Supply crate airdrop heading to your location.
5044GREETING{Radio transmission}NCR Trooper support en route to your location.
5045GREETING{Radio transmission}NCR support moving to your location.
5046GREETING{Radio transmission}Request received - NCR Troopers in your area are being redirected to your location.
5047GREETING{Radio transmission}NCR Ranger support en route to your location.
5048GREETING{Radio transmission}The cavalry is on its way - just sit tight, we'll be there.
5049GREETING{Radio transmission}Support inbound - deploying NCR Rangers to your location.
5050GREETING{Radio transmission}Your wish is my command - NCR support is on its way.
5051GREETING{Radio transmission}Your problems will soon be solved - Rangers heading your way now.
5052GREETING{Radio transmission}There is no NCR support in your area - suggest a tactical retreat.
5053GREETING{Radio transmission}Negative, no NCR support available at your current location.
5054GREETING{Radio transmission}Transmission not received - attempt new transmission closer to an NCR outpost.
5055GREETING{Radio transmission}Sorry, sir, that's all the support I can spare today.
5056GREETING{Radio transmission}I can't redirect any more support to you today - it would put too many lives at risk. I'll get you what I can tomorrow.
5057GREETING{Radio transmission}I can't afford to send you anything else today. Sorry, sir... good luck out there.
5058GREETING{Radio transmission}You're just going to have to cowboy up, sir - I can't spare any more support today.
5059GREETING{Radio transmission}I sent you all I had last time, sir - you're on your own until at least midnight.
5060GREETING{Radio transmission}I sent you all I had last time, sir - you're on your own until we get resupplied tomorrow.
5061GREETING{Radio transmission}Support request received - deploying Troopers to your area. Hold tight, help is on the way.
5062GREETING{Radio transmission}Received - find some cover, NCR support is on the way.
5063GREETING{Radio transmission}I sent you all I had last time, sir - you're on your own until dawn at least.
5064GREETING{Radio transmission}Stay safe out there.
5065GREETING{Radio transmission}Good hunting, sir.
5066GREETING{Radio transmission}Over.
5067GREETING{Radio transmission}Over-and-out.
5068GREETING{Radio transmission}Good luck out there.
5069GREETINGNCR Trooper, reporting for duty!
5070GREETINGTrooper, ready to fight!
5071GREETINGYou called for a Trooper?
5072GREETINGYou called for an extra gun?
5073GREETINGI got your call and came running.
5074GREETINGGuns and gear - at your service.
5075GREETINGSomeone said you needed backup? I'm it.
5076GREETINGYou called for backup?
5077GREETINGWhere's the fight, sir?
5078GREETINGFor the Republic!
5079GREETINGRanger at the ready!
5080GREETINGNCR Ranger, reporting for duty!
5081GREETINGHere we are, you just point and we'll shoot.
5082GREETINGHere I am, just point at what needs killing.
5083GREETINGOne riot, one ranger... let's get this done.
5084GREETINGHeard you were in a spot of trouble, friend. Let's fix that.
5085GREETINGI heard your call and happened to be in the area.
5086GREETINGFor the Republic!
5087GREETINGYou called for an extra gun?
5088GREETINGYou're lucky I happened to be nearby.
5089GREETINGI got your flank - you just shoot what's in front of you!
5090GREETINGRanger here - where's the fight?
5091GREETINGWhat are you doing here? This is our casino, punk.
5092GREETINGGotta run! No time to chat!
5093GREETINGSorry, you just win too much. We can't let you play here anymore.
5094GREETINGWelcome to Vikki and Vance, we're still getting the casino up and running but feel free to sit down and play.
5095GREETINGWe're hoping that Primm will get back on its feet from the money we earn here.
5096GREETINGWe feel much safer opening the casino back up, now that we have a sheriff.
5097GREETINGI'm glad that I could start working here again, things were rough with those convicts in town.
5098GREETING{Placeholder for Top Level Topics}
5099GREETINGThank you for coming, let's talk about that robot.
5100GREETINGHave you given any more thought to my offer?
5101GREETINGI'd like to talk to you about your robot. Bring it here and we can talk. I'm sure we can be of mutual benefit to each other.
5102GREETING{Small Fry}I must say, fortune seems to be with you of late. Please, enjoy this, compliments of the White Glove Society.
5103GREETING{Big Winner}You certainly seem to be making a splash with all your success in the casino. Our executive chef prepared this delicacy for you himself. Enjoy.
5104GREETING{Whale}You are quite simply the talk of the casino right now with your astonishing play. Do stay in our {BONE veev-ONT, light French 'n' for Bon}Bon Vivant suite so you may continue to dazzle us.
5105GREETING{Banned}This simply will not do. You must leave immediately.
5106GREETINGThe torching is Philippe's idea. Brilliant, no?
5107GREETINGKeep away from me, if you know what's good for you.
5108GREETINGYou look positively famished. We simply can't have that.
5109GREETINGWelcome to Top Shelf. The drinks cost twice as much during happy hour, but they draw twice the attention, too.
5110GREETINGWhat can I get you?
5111GREETINGWhat's this about the White Glove Society?
5112GREETINGYou got me my boy back. I got no words.
5113GREETINGNow... I hope you didn't do no harm to whoever's responsible for this. I wanna skin their hides myself.
5114GREETINGYou got a lot of nerve sticking around here. If I didn't have better things to do I'd thump your skull for what you said.
5115GREETINGTell me good news.
5116GREETING{To himself}Ted, where are you, boy?
5117GREETINGBeg your pardon, stranger, but I'm looking for someone. You ain't seen a young man with dark brown hair and a white hat on lately, have you?
5118GREETINGYou ain't heard anything about my boy, have you?
5119GREETINGYou done right by me. I appreciate it.
5120GREETINGOh- oh my. How unfortunate! And in front of all these people, too.
5121GREETINGHe always was a bit of a pill, Mortimer. He was so pouty when I decided to ban eating people. And now this.
5122GREETINGI should've paid more attention to the warning signs.
5123GREETINGCan you imagine what people would've said? Why, it would've been a complete scandal if it weren't for you.
5124GREETINGTo think, Mr. Gunderson, a cold-blooded murderer. It's simply chilling.
5125GREETINGBut his arrest ought to instill faith in our patrons that murderers are not welcome to gamble here.
5126GREETINGWhat a disaster! An important person dead in my hotel.
5127GREETING{Appalled}Now people will confuse us with Gomorrah. The idea!
5128GREETINGSo glad you could be here tonight. I had hoped you would join us.
5129GREETINGWelcome to the Ultra-Luxe. I do hope it exceeds your every expectation.
5130GREETINGYou double-crossing snake! I have nothing to say to someone so lowly and ill-mannered.
5131GREETING{Pissed}I wanted Mr. Gunderson out of the way, not slaughtered in my hotel! Our business is concluded. Good day!
5132GREETING{Angry}You've done enough!
5133GREETINGMark my words. I'll have you filleted for this.
5134GREETINGAh, you're back. You're always a welcome guest here.
5135GREETINGAny word as to our arrangement?
5136GREETINGWhat the- ? Who is this trespasser?
5137GREETINGHow may I be of service, sir?
5138GREETINGHow may I be of service, madam?
5139GREETINGWho are you?
5140GREETINGYou'll have to excuse me. There's somewhere I need to be right now.
5141GREETINGGood day.
5142GREETINGLeave me alone. Haven't you done enough?
5143GREETINGWhy are you standing still? Do you think that the world waits for you while you you stand there drooling? Get back out there and get to work!
5144GREETINGCan't you see I'm busy?
5145GREETINGI thought I told you to get lost.
5146GREETINGWhy are you standing still? Do you think that the world waits for you while you you stand there drooling? Get back out there and get to work!
5147GREETINGHow may I assist?
5148GREETINGCome on, move it.
5149GREETINGMy daddy's gonna kill all you bastards once he finds out what you done to me.
5150GREETINGYou know, if you knew what you were doing I coulda been out of there hours ago.
5151GREETINGBeg your pardon, but could I trouble you to turn over your weapons?
5152GREETINGYou! What do you think you're doing?
5153GREETINGThe sooner you find yourself elsewhere, the better.
5154GREETINGOutrageous what Mortimer did. The nerve of some people.
5155GREETING{Mock sympathy}Oh, Mortimer. You always had the gift of gaffe.
5156GREETINGUsually we punish people who come in here uninvited. But you've made such a splash, we don't have the heart.
5157GREETINGYour theatrics were just priceless. I salute you.
5158GREETINGMortimer's vision was absolutely inspired.
5159GREETINGNow it can truly be said that not only to we dress better than anyone, we eat better as well.
5160GREETINGI supported Mortimer from the beginning.
5161GREETINGOf course cannibalism is civilized! It's all a matter of perspective.
5162GREETINGI am at your service.
5163GREETINGHave you been inside our bathhouse? The salts in the water work to balance the bodily humors.
5164GREETINGTo eat at the Gourmand is to spoil the palate. I can't bring myself to eat anywhere else.
5165GREETINGDid you see Heck Gunderson the brahmin baron at the bar? He may be a wastelander, but his taste clearly befits his status.
5166GREETINGCertainly you can buy the same drinks more cheaply elsewhere, but the point of drinking at Top Shelf isn't the liquor. It's the prestige.
5167GREETINGMarjorie has done a remarkable job managing the restoration of this place, wouldn't you agree?
5168GREETINGOur executive chef Philippe is the toast of New Vegas. His Brahmin Wellington is absolutely sublime.
5169GREETINGYou watch yourself around Mr. Gunderson.
5170GREETINGKeep your distance. Who are you, and what do you want?
5171GREETINGIt smells so good in here. Like the air is cleaner than it is outside.
5172GREETINGI heard they brought in sea salts from California just for this bath.
5173GREETINGI'm so relaxed. Too bad I can't stay longer. But who can, at these prices?
5174GREETINGHave you been in the steam room yet? It's just off to the side there. You can feel your aches just melt away.
5175GREETINGEvery evening most of the White Glove Society sneaks away somewhere. It's probably just for show.
5176GREETINGI'm in Heaven. I haven't had a meal like this in... well... ever, really.
5177GREETINGPhilippe has outdone himself again.
5178GREETINGFor the price of this meal I could buy a whole Brahmin. But I'd never make that trade.
5179GREETINGHey, any idea how somebody gets into the White Glove Society? Have to know somebody?
5180GREETINGThey must've spent a fortune renovating this place.
5181GREETINGI love the masks. It's like being at a fancy ball.
5182GREETINGI'm not really gambling. I'm just hoping to be seen here. People will think I'm rich.
5183GREETINGI've heard you have to make reservations at the Gourmand years in advance.
5184GREETINGThose masks make me nervous. Is there something wrong with their faces?
5185GREETINGThere are a lot of rumors going around about the White Glove Society. I heard they used to be tribals.
5186GREETINGTop Shelf is the premiere bar on the Strip. The drinks are overpriced, but that's the whole point.
5187GREETINGSorry, friend, you crossed the NCR one too many times - you've been marked for death... and we're here to take care of that.
5188GREETINGNothing personal - orders - you know how it is. {pause}Well, let's get to it.
5189GREETINGNever mind - don't care. You've got two more days to deal with your bad NCR reputation.
5190GREETINGMake them happy or we'll make you dead.
5191GREETINGWe're back - you've got two days left to improve your NCR reputation. After that we find you and end you. Clear?
5192GREETINGRemember us? You've got two days left make up for pissing off the NCR. See you around.
5193GREETING{Sarcastic}So, last day on earth, huh? Getting your affairs in order? Or are you still trying to work on that bad reputation of yours?
5194GREETINGThe NCR just wants to be friends, but you don't seem to want to play nice. See you tomorrow.
5195GREETINGTick-tock, time's up. The NCR says you gotta die, so guess what?
5196GREETINGI gave you three days - you should have crawled in a hole somewhere. Time to die.
5197GREETINGWell, take a good look around - this is where your life ended.
5198GREETINGIt would be so very delightful if you set me free.
5199GREETINGIf it's bad news, you can take it up with the Colonel. If it's good news, it better involve some dead Fiends.
5200GREETINGJust give us an excuse. Been too long since I fired my weapon.
5201GREETINGDon't go fucking about, asshole.
5202GREETINGMess with any of the equipment here and I'll mount your head on a stick.
5203GREETINGJust try pulling some of your Brahmin shit here at the Dorado and see what happens.
5204GREETINGNot much happens here at the Dorado, and that's how we like it.
5205GREETINGOnly combat I seen lately was shooting some Geckos.
5206GREETINGAll the juice from Hoover flows right through the Dorado, and we send it west to keep the home lights burning.
5207GREETINGMy folks back home got lights at night thanks to what we're doing here.
5208GREETINGWe keep an eye out for Legion raiding parties. They'd love to shut down the Dorado.
5209GREETINGStay out of the control room and enclosure or there's gonna be trouble, got it?
5210GREETINGThe power transmission cables are all underground. Good thing, or the old war might've knocked them down.
5211GREETINGYou visiting every NCR post just to see the sights? This here's the Dorado - it's where we send power back home.
5212GREETINGLook all you want, just don't mess with any of the equipment. The control room's off-limits, and so is the enclosure.
5213GREETINGIf you're planning on staying awhile, the Dino Dee-lite's got plenty of room.
5214GREETING{annoyed at town conspiracy theorist}Don't listen to a word No-bark says. He spouts nothing but nonsense.
5215GREETINGBeen to the top of the dino yet?
5216GREETING{successful rocket launch}Good thing none of those rockets crashed into Novac.
5217GREETINGIf it weren't for the water caravans, Novac would've turned to dust a long time ago.
5218GREETING{Boone shot Manny}Can't believe Boone shot Manny.
5219GREETING{Boone shot Jeannie}Boone must've had a hell of a grudge against Jeannie-May.
5220GREETING{Boone shot Alice}What did Boone have against Alice?
5221GREETING{Boone shot Dusty}Boone thought Dusty sold Carla into slavery?
5222GREETING{Boone shot No-bark}No-bark was harmless. There's no way he had something to do with Boone's wife.
5223GREETING{Boone shot Andy}Hell of thing for Boone to kill Ranger Andy like that.
5224GREETING{Chupacabra killed}Looks like the McBrides weren't telling tall tales after all.
5225GREETING{Chupacabra alive}The McBrides think some mysterious creature is shooting up their Brahmin. Gotta be somebody in town doing it.
5226GREETING{rocket launch}All the noise at REPCONN scared the hell out of me.
5227GREETING{rocket launch failed}Knew those ghouls were up to no good. Look where it got us.
5228GREETINGThanks for all your help.
5229GREETINGYou been real kind to us.
5230GREETINGJust showed up out of nowhere and lended a hand. We appreciate it.
5231GREETINGWithout you we'd be in a lot worse shape.
5232GREETINGI hope good things come your way.
5233GREETINGWe must've done something right for you to come along like you did.
5234GREETINGStay away, you hear?
5235GREETINGYou monster!
5236GREETINGYou're sick, you know that?
5237GREETINGI don't much like you.
5238GREETINGMaybe you should just move on.
5239GREETINGYou mind your business, we'll mind ours.
5240GREETINGYou're confusing to us. Why are you here?
5241GREETINGYou're kind of odd, aren't you?
5242GREETINGHow about you just do nice things for us. We liked {emph}those.
5243GREETINGThis is not a market, sir - you need to improve your reputation with the NCR before you're welcome in our outposts.
5244GREETINGYou're walking on thin ice with the NCR. It's time to decide where your loyalties lay, friend. Until then don't expect any hospitality from us.
5245GREETINGThe NCR isn't in the habit of letting loose cannons like you just wander our bases.
5246GREETINGI suggest you move along until you decide where your loyalties fall.
5247GREETINGGet up! You can't sleep here - move on.
5248GREETINGWake up, merc! These cots are for NCR only.
5249GREETINGNo room at the inn, merc. Move along.
5250GREETINGSlumber party's over, pal. Get a move-on.
5251GREETINGWake-y wake-y - eggs and bake-y.
5252GREETINGWake up! This ain't your bed.
5253GREETINGGet up.
5254GREETINGMove along.
5255GREETINGGet up. Sleep it off somewhere else.
5256GREETINGGet out of that bed.
5257GREETINGNo sleeping here.
5258GREETING{dying, in pain, pleading}Kill me!
5259GREETING{dying, in pain}Stay away!
5260GREETINGWell, seems like you've redeemed yourself. Welcome back to the NCR's good graces. Play nice... or I'll be back for you.
5261GREETINGThe brass has put me back on my leash - that must mean that you've decided to play nice with the NCR. Good choice, you just saved your life.
5262GREETINGDon't make me come after you again.
5263GREETINGI see you took my advice and made nice with the NCR. Guess that means you aren't as dumb as you look.
5264GREETINGStay smart and I won't have to come for you again.
5265GREETINGI don't know how you managed to improve your reputation with the NCR after pissing us off like that, but honestly...
5266GREETINGI'm just happy I don't have to kill you now. See you around, wastelander.
5267GREETINGGet him! Nobody screws with the NCR!
5268GREETINGThe NCR's come for you - time to die!
5269GREETINGYou crossed the NCR one time too many - now you die!
5270GREETINGDid you think you'd get away with crossing the NCR?!
5271GREETINGThe NCR wants you dead, friend!
5272GREETINGConsider this your final warning from the NCR!
5273GREETINGNobody crosses the NCR!
5274GREETINGYou'll pay for crossing the NCR!
5275GREETINGThis is what the NCR does with traitors!
5276GREETINGWe've got people to kill. Keep an eye out.
5277GREETINGNever thought I'd ever have my own town, but thanks to you, now I do. If you wanna make some caps, head on over to the Correctional Facility.
5278GREETINGJust tell them I sent you and you should get in without a problem. Keep a close eye on some of those bastards, though.
5279GREETINGOh, not all Powder Gangers out there are friends of mine - like the group in Primm. They'll be gunning for you no matter what, so keep that in mind.
5280GREETINGMy gang's here, but we'll still need a plan before we rush the town. I don't want to embarrass myself and get beat by a bunch of townies.
5281GREETINGWe ain't got much in the way of supplies, so if you could shake down the old doctor and the store owner for some stuff, we'd be in good shape.
5282GREETINGI also thought it might be a good thing to jimmy the lock on the Bighorner pen. The noise from the fight will spook them, get them running wild.
5283GREETINGOnce you're done with that stuff - or none of it - say the word and we'll make our move.
5284GREETINGWe ready to move or what?
5285GREETINGWhat do you want?
5286GREETING{not in charge of Goodsprings}What do you want now?
5287GREETING{running Goodsprings, slightly friendly}How's it going?
5288GREETING{Gunfight started, no Trudy help}Are you trying to get my saloon shot up? Finish what you started!
5289GREETING{Gunfight started, Trudy help}Keep an eye out. This isn't finished yet.
5290GREETINGWell, you've been causing quite a stir. Glad I finally got to meet you. Welcome to the Prospector Saloon.
5291GREETINGSo, you're planning on taking on Joe Cobb's gang. It's a big risk, but I suppose you have to do what you think is right.
5292GREETINGI hope you didn't just bring a heap of trouble down on Goodsprings by killing Joe Cobb like that.
5293GREETINGHis friends might come looking for him, and I don't think they're going to care who was involved in his death or not.
5294GREETINGWell, what's done is done. So, uh, what can I do for you?
5295GREETINGI'm glad that business is over. I like it when Goodsprings is nice and quiet.
5296GREETINGFeeling thirsty? I can take care of that.
5297GREETINGYou shouldn't have crossed the Powder Gangers! Now you're going to pay!
5298GREETINGI have a present for you from the Powder Gangers... I hope you like dynamite!
5299GREETINGYou'll pay for what you did to the Powder Gangers!
5300GREETINGNobody screws with the Powder Gangers and lives!
5301GREETINGHere he is, boys! Let's show him what happens when you cross the Powder Gangers!
5302GREETING{Gunfight in progress, not helping}Get away! I'm not part of your fight!
5303GREETING{Gunfight in progress}Keep an eye out for more of them.
5304GREETINGThis town don't look like much.
5305GREETINGBeats being in prison.
5306GREETINGI got dibs on the old doc's house.
5307GREETINGNeed more women around here.
5308GREETINGNever liked Bighorners.
5309GREETING{victory}Those townies put up a bigger fight than I expected.
5310GREETING{victory}That was a hell of a gunfight.
5311GREETING{victory}Nothing left to do but kick back and booze it up.
5312GREETING{victory}You think any townies are hiding?
5313GREETING{victory}I knew we were going to win all along.
5314GREETINGWelcome back. Can I get you anything?
5315GREETINGHey there. If you want to buy something from my shop, you'll have to wait till it opens.
5316GREETINGCant' do business now! There's a gunfight!
5317GREETINGYou must be the one Doc Mitchell was patching up. The way I heard it, I didn't think you'd be walking out of that office.
5318GREETINGI've got plenty of supplies for sale. Even got some weapon mods and special ammo - well worth the caps, if you ask me.
5319GREETINGIf you're hurting for caps, I've also got boxes of surplus ammo in the miscellaneous section. They're not great, but you get what you pay for.
5320GREETINGThat was a hell of a fight. Let's hope it doesn't bite us in the ass later on.
5321GREETING{Powder Ganger victory}I won't make any trouble for the gang. Just let me keep my store and I'll cut you a little discount.
5322GREETINGYou looking to buy some supplies?
5323GREETINGI heard about what's been going on in town. Our deal's off. I can't trust someone like you to watch my back.
5324GREETINGKeep an eye out. I still think there's a few out there.
5325GREETINGThat's close enough. Who are you, and what do you want with me?
5326GREETINGI owe you a huge favor for this. Here - these are technically Crimson Caravan funds, but I know they'll understand once I explain things.
5327GREETINGThanks again for all your help.
5328GREETINGWhat's the plan? Are we ready?
5329GREETINGSo, what's going on? Did Sunny agree to help us?
5330GREETINGWhat is it?
5331GREETINGThat ought to keep things settled for awhile. Hope it stays that way.
5332GREETINGHowdy. What can Easy Pete do for you?
5334GREETINGWe can talk after this is over!
5335GREETINGThose bastards got Ringo in the end, after all. At least he went down fighting.
5336GREETING{satisfaction}That'll teach the Powder Gangs to avoid Goodsprings in the future.
5337GREETINGTime to look alive. The Powder Gangers are here to play.
5338GREETINGI'll keep an eye out for the Powder Gangers and meet up with you and Ringo when the time comes.
5339GREETINGI don't think Joe Cobb knew what hit him. I'm hoping you took him down for a good reason and not... for fun.
5340GREETINGCheyenne, stay. Don't worry, she won't bite unless I tell her to.
5341GREETINGHi there. Sticking around Goodsprings for awhile longer?
5342GREETINGI expect you'll be wanting to go outside after being cooped up for so long, but if you have any questions, I'll answer what I can.
5343GREETINGWelcome back. I had hoped you wouldn't need to come see me again so soon. What can I do for you?
5344GREETINGHow're you holding up?
5345GREETINGHowdy, pardner! Might I say, you're looking fit as a fiddle.
5346GREETINGHowdy, pardner! So, when do the rustlers show up?
5347GREETINGHowdy, pardner!
5348GREETINGHoly moly! If you hadn't come here like you done, I'd be a goner for sure.
5349GREETINGI came up here to draw water, but here, you should have what I got. You look thirsty.
5350GREETINGThank you!
5351GREETINGHelp me!
5352GREETINGHello. I'm Rose of Sharon Cassidy.
5353GREETING{Slightly bored}Caravan, citizen, pilgrim, or...?
5354GREETING{Nods to player}Been doing a lot of good work out there, setting an example for the others - I know Ranger Jackson appreciates it.
5355GREETINGBack again, I see. Something you need?
5356GREETING{Bad person just walked in}Got some nerve, coming to an NCR outpost with that look about you. {Low, warning}Hope you aren't here to trade, not sure you can afford the prices.
5357GREETING{Mildly curious}New face in the Outpost, must've come from the North. {Frowns}So - what'll you have?
5358GREETINGBack round? Just my luck... what'll it be this time?
5359GREETINGSomething else you needed? I'm short-handed here.
5360GREETINGAny luck up by the track?
5361GREETINGWelcome to the New Vegas Medical Clinic. I'm a fully qualified physician and can fix whatever is wrong with you for a reasonable fee.
5362GREETINGIf you've got the caps, I've also got several implants available to enhance your physical attributes.
5363GREETINGYou come to the wrong place, traveler. Primm's dying. If you got any sense, you'll be moving on.
5364GREETINGQuite a town we got here. Sheriff gets murdered, and Deputy Beagle dragged off for ransom to the Bison Steve. That should bring back the tourists.
5365GREETINGRather be left alone to my misery, if you don't mind.
5366GREETINGBefore the Powder Gangers came to town, Johnson Nash ran the local store and the Mojave Express station.
5367GREETINGI ain't got nothing for you to eat. If you're hungry, see Ruby Nash.
5368GREETINGThanks for freeing the deputy. A bit, anyway.
5369GREETINGThanks for freeing Deputy Beagle. He's better than nothing. Maybe.
5370GREETINGNow you freed Deputy Beagle, all Primm needs is a law man who can shoot a gun without wetting hisself.
5371GREETINGI hear you're going to help find Primm a new sheriff. Mighty kind of you to take an interest.
5372GREETINGSo you're the one's going to bring the law back to Primm? I'll believe it when I see it.
5373GREETINGI hear you aim to bring rule of law back to our town. God knows we need the help.
5374GREETINGThanks for bringing the NCR to town, stranger. Things're finally looking up for Primm.
5375GREETINGThanks to you I got a mess of soldiers watching every move I make, plus I got to pay taxes for the privilege!
5376GREETINGThose soldiers you brought down on us is all business, stranger. Better than lawlessness, though. So you've got my thanks.
5377GREETINGThis new Sheriff Meyers you brought to us is a lawman through and through. Primm's looking up, stranger.
5378GREETINGThanks for convincing Meyers to come sheriff for us. First time I feel safe in a long time.
5379GREETINGThis Sheriff Meyers you found for us is working out. Knows his business. We owe you a debt.
5380GREETINGMan, it is a real uphill fight these days. I'm not sure how we are going to handle all these convicts.
5381GREETINGIf you got something to say, say it to the Lieutenant.
5382GREETINGCareful, things aren't as safe around here as they could be.
5383GREETINGYou'll probably want to talk to Hayes.
5384GREETING{Placeholder for Primm Trooper 01}
5385GREETING{Gunfight in progress, not helping}Get away from me! I don't want to get shot!
5386GREETING{Gunfight, helping}Careful! There's still more of them.
5387GREETING{Gunfight, helping}Don't think this is over yet.
5388GREETINGWay too many strangers coming into town these days. No offense.
5389GREETINGIf you're looking for supplies, Chet over at the general store can help you out.
5390GREETING{Evil 2+}Why don't you just move on to another town?
5391GREETING{Evil 2+}Just leave us alone.
5392GREETING{Good 2+}We need more people like you around.
5393GREETING{Mixed 2+}Bit of a troublemaker, aren't you?
5394GREETING{Mixed 2+}Don't really care much for the unpredictable types. Just saying.
5395GREETINGThat Doc Mitchell sure knows his stuff, doesn't he?
5396GREETING{Powder Gang control}At least the Powder Gangers are letting me live.
5397GREETING{Powder Gang control}I'm glad I didn't try to fight the gang.
5398GREETING{Powder Gang control}Hell of way to repay Doc, if you ask me.
5399GREETING{Powder Gang control}So many good people are dead...
5400GREETINGThe recent disturbance at {beat, as though pasted in}the Tops {beat}has been resolved. Do not be afraid to patronize {beat}the Tops.
5401GREETINGThe recent disturbance at {beat, as though pasted in}Gomorrah {beat}has been resolved. Do not be afraid to patronize {beat}Gomorrah.
5402GREETINGBe advised, the Lucky 38 is not open to the general public. Trespassers will be shot. Thank you.
5403GREETINGDo not be alarmed. We have been upgraded to serve you better. Have a nice day.
5404GREETINGObituaries of the recently deceased Mr. House, President, CEO, and sole proprietor of the Vegas Strip, are still available. Just ask any Securitron.
5405GREETINGBe advised, Mr. House has voluntarily decided to become a citizen of the NCR.
5406GREETINGSovereignty over the Vegas Strip will be transferred to the NCR at a date yet to be determined. Have a nice day.
5407GREETINGBe advised, when Mr. House transfers sovereignty over the Vegas Strip to the NCR, he will remain its sole proprietor. Have a nice day.
5408GREETINGThe unfortunate incident involving the monorail from McCarran Airport is being resolved as quickly as possible. Thank you.
5409GREETINGBe sure to offer words of encouragement to NCR men and women in uniform. Vegas appreciates their business.
5410GREETINGBe advised, NCR President Aaron Kimball survived an assassination attempt at Hoover Dam.
5411GREETINGJust one more reason to celebrate at one of New Vegas's fine casinos! Thank you.
5412GREETINGBe advised, NCR President Aaron Kimball was struck down in a cowardly attack at Hoover Dam.
5413GREETINGThe Strip offers many fine cocktail lounges where grieving persons may drown their sorrows.
5414GREETINGWelcome to Vegas, capital of the sixth state of the New California Republic!
5415GREETINGTrue to {KAI-zar}Caesar.
5416GREETINGWelcome to New Vegas, where a new day is dawning!
5417GREETINGWelcome to Vegas. Don't make trouble.
5418GREETINGWelcome to the Vegas Strip.
5419GREETINGEnjoy all the Vegas Strip has to offer.
5420GREETINGEnjoy your time on the Vegas Strip.
5421GREETINGAlways a pleasure.
5422GREETINGGood to see you.
5423GREETING{upbeat}Hello, again.
5424GREETING{upbeat}Hey, look who's here!
5425GREETING{upbeat}If it isn't our favorite V.I.P.!
5426GREETING{upbeat}You're always welcome in this town!
5427GREETINGTry to control your behavior today.
5428GREETINGI'm hoping this is one of your good days.
5429GREETINGVegas doesn't need your trouble.
5430GREETINGWho knows what you're going to do next?
5431GREETINGI bet you're up to something.
5432GREETINGI don't like the look of you. Never have.
5433GREETINGDon't think we aren't watching you.
5434GREETINGYou've got a reputation in this town, and it isn't a good one.
5435GREETINGDon't bother to watch yourself. We're watching for you.
5436GREETINGCome on, tough guy/gal - give me a reason.
5437GREETINGTake your best shot. Then we'll take ours.
5438GREETINGYou're bad for Vegas. You don't belong here.
5440GREETINGHave a nice day.
5441GREETINGEnjoy your time in Vegas.
5442GREETINGBe advised, visitors will be held responsible for the behavior of any robots accompanying them.
5443GREETINGBe advised, visitors will be held responsible for the behavior of any {disapproving}non-human sapients accompanying them.
5444GREETINGI'd remember if I had seen you here before, I'm sure of it... {pauses as if thinking "anyway, whatever"}What do you want?
5445GREETINGWelcome back, stranger.
5446GREETINGThank you! They were going to kill me!
5447GREETINGDon't worry, I'll stay out of trouble from now on. Honest.
5449GREETINGNo offense, but I need to focus on getting more rest when I'm off duty. I'm not sleeping so good. So now's not a good time.
5450GREETINGIf you want to talk, catch me when I'm on duty. I'm up in the dinosaur after 9 pm.
5451GREETINGNice of you to show up.
5452GREETINGIs it time?
5453GREETINGLet's get out of this first.
5454GREETINGWe take this boat, it's probably the last one we ever take.
5455GREETINGI'm ready for that. Are you?
5456GREETINGWe're near a Legion slave camp now. I've... been here before.
5457GREETINGLet's get one thing straight. I see any crimson, I'm taking the shot. You don't like that, you're on your own.
5458GREETINGWe're getting close to Nelson. Any closer, I'm shooting any legionary I see. Hope that's not a problem.
5459GREETINGHuh. We made it through after all. Not sure what to make of that.
5460GREETINGMercy killing is expected of NCR snipers. The Legion likes to torture their prisoners within sight of NCR positions.
5461GREETINGWe get called on to end it. I've had my share. Some of them, you think, maybe you could've gotten them out.
5462GREETINGMaybe it's not the Legion that got them killed. Maybe it's your orders and you following them.
5463GREETINGCaesar's dead. Bet he didn't see this coming when he was having his coffee this morning.
5464GREETINGStill. It's not gonna stop the Legion. Might not even slow them down.
5465GREETINGPisses me off that Legion slavers can just operate on NCR turf like that.
5466GREETINGIf we hadn't caught up to them they'd probably have had a clear path to the river. No one to stop them.
5467GREETINGThere should be patrols. Checkpoints. We got greedy, overstretched. Now our own territory isn't secure.
5468GREETINGSomething's wrong. Got a group coming our way. Looks like a Legion raiding party. It's big.
5469GREETINGMight be too big. Even for us.
5470GREETINGIf you want out I won't blame you. But I'm going to stay. See if I can hold them off.
5471GREETINGHey. I thought some more about what you said. I think maybe you're right. Maybe I should go to Bitter Springs.
5472GREETINGI don't know what I'm hoping to find there.
5473GREETINGHey. I want to thank you for bringing me to Bitter Springs. Things seem... clearer now.
5474GREETINGWe should get to the Hoover Dam. I don't want to miss this.
5475GREETINGThat guy Benny was a piece of work.
5476GREETINGA face-to-face meeting with House, huh? The NCR would kill to be in your shoes.
5477GREETINGSounds like it's gonna be an all-out war with the Legion soon. Maybe I should've re-enlisted after all.
5478GREETINGWhat is it?
5479GREETINGI've been sent to take you back to the Lucky 38. Are you ready to go?
5480GREETING{Big Winner}Baby, Lady Luck must be smiling at you today! Compliments of the Tops Casino, enjoy this fine meal and please, keep playing those games!
5481GREETING{Whale}You've been good to us, baby - now let us be good to you. We'd like you to enjoy this private suite as long as you're in town.
5482GREETING{Banned}Okay, pal, you've had enough. Time for you to leave.
5483GREETINGYou better get moving kid, there's bad guys to kill.
5484GREETING{at Bunker - no plan}Kreger's the officer here, not me. The final say on the plan is up to him.
5485GREETING{At Bunker, Moreno dead}Moreno and I never did get along. Still, he was a fellow soldier from the old days.
5486GREETING{at Bunker, helping NCR}The NCR's the best bet for the wasteland. I'm glad we'll be helping them out.
5487GREETING{Remnants helping Legion}I'm not helping the Legion, no matter how much you talk them up. I will help my friends prepare, but that's it.
5488GREETINGWell, it's about about damn time. What took you... oh.
5489GREETINGWhat brings you around this time?
5490GREETINGLet's get going, we have a battle to win.
5491GREETINGYou don't strike me as someone down on their luck. What brings you to Westside?
5492GREETING{At Bunker}Glad to see you made it here all right. So, who are we going up against?
5493GREETING{At Bunker}Still waiting on that decision...
5494GREETING{Player killed Moreno}{quiet regret}We saw everything through the security monitor. I had no idea Moreno would ever pull something like that.
5495GREETINGBy rights, Moreno's Power Armor now belongs to you. Whitman's volunteered to show you how to use it, so talk to her as soon as you can.
5496GREETING{Moreno convinced to stay}Moreno's a stubborn son of a bitch, but he's also tougher than any of us. I'm glad you were able to talk him into staying.
5497GREETINGSince Whitman will be staying with the vertibird, she's offered to give her old suit of Power Armor to you.
5498GREETINGYou'll need special training to use it properly, so talk to her as soon as you get the chance.
5499GREETING{Remnants helping NCR or Legion}We'll be ready, don't worry.
5500GREETINGSticking around for the attractions?
5501GREETING{at Bunker - no plan}We're all here. Talk to Kreger about what you've got in mind.
5502GREETING{At Bunker, Moreno dead}If I had any idea Moreno was capable of doing something that, I'd have warned you. I'm sorry it played out like this.
5503GREETING{At Bunker, helping NCR}The NCR's got its share of warts, but I'd rather have them around than the Legion.
5504GREETING{At Bunker, helping Legion}I'm not sure if helping the Legion is the right idea. But, I'm going along with it.
5505GREETING{At Hoover Dam battle}Keep your head down - could be snipers around.
5506GREETINGI assume this is about something important? You're interrupting my research.
5507GREETINGThe equipment is hooked up and ready. We can start the test as soon as you give me the go ahead.
5508GREETING{somewhat irritated and impatient}Again you interrupt me. Why?
5509GREETINGIs there something else I can do for you?
5510GREETING{at Bunker - no plan}What are you talking to me for? Talk to Kreger.
5511GREETING{At Hoover Dam battle}Now is {emphasis "not"}not the time!
5512GREETING{Player not in NCR gear}Bah. Looks like I forgot to lock the doors again. If you're with the NCR, get out. This place is mine, and I'm not leaving.
5513GREETING{Player in NCR gear}Look, trooper, I was living in this house long before your farms got set up. {threat}Don't even think about evicting me.
5514GREETING{Remnants helping NCR}I didn't come all the way out here just so we could save the fucking NCR. I'm out.
5515GREETING{Moreno convinced to stay}I can't believe I'm going to help the NCR.
5516GREETING{Remnants helping Legion}Since Johnson won't be coming with us, you might as well take his suit of Power Armor. I'll teach you the basics of how to use it.
5518GREETING{at Bunker - no plan}I'm ready to fly once we've got a plan. Talk to Judah.
5519GREETING{Moreno killed at Bunker}{talking about a dead friend}Damn it, Orion. Why did you have to go and do something like that?
5520GREETING{Moreno killed at Bunker}Orion always did have a temper, but it was pretty low of him to ambush you like that.
5521GREETING{Moreno convinced to stay}I appreciate you keeping Orion in the group. Since I won't be needing my armor - makes the cockpit a bit cramped - you should take it.
5522GREETINGIt'll take a few hours to show you how to use it properly, so let's get started.
5523GREETING{at Bunker, helping NCR}I'd love to see the look on the NCR's face when I swoop down in my chopper.
5524GREETING{at Bunker, helping Legion}I heard the Legion doesn't care for women, but as long as they stay out of my way, I'll get along just fine with them.
5525GREETINGFine weather for flying. It's times like these that make me miss it all.
5526GREETINGYour travels been going all right?
5527GREETINGI'm occupied at the moment. Come see me when I'm on the balcony.
5528GREETINGBack west, you don't see too many of these. Lakes, I mean. Natural or man-made. Any kind, really.
5529GREETINGWe neglected the dams or pumped all the water out a long time ago. Owens, Isabella, the San Luis. Drained the aquifers of everything they had.
5530GREETINGJust a lot of mud and dust now. It's a different feeling, watching the sun come up over the water. Takes some getting used to.
5531GREETINGBut if you're here long enough, it starts to seem normal. That's what a ranger's life is now. Looking east.
5532GREETINGYou've come back to see the chief. Nice of you to humor the radio tender. What can I do for you?
5533GREETINGLike I said, I won't run out on you, but I can't let my people get dragged through the mud for this.
5534GREETINGYou did good and you did it well. Work a ranger would be proud of. I'll handle the rest from here.
5535GREETINGYou looking to take the test again?
5536GREETINGHello, don't think I've seen your face before. Are you a citizen of the NCR?
5537GREETINGHello again. We spoke briefly before, but remind me, are you a citizen of the NCR?
5538GREETINGHey there. We hope to see you by the train station one of these nights.
5539GREETINGAh, you're back. Did you want to take that test again now?
5540GREETINGYou look like a person in need of a good meal. You wouldn't happen to be an NCR citizen, would you?
5541GREETINGThat meal's still available, but only to NCR citizens. You are an NCR citizen, aren't you?
5542GREETINGI've held up my end. You tell the King that I'm willing to listen to him.
5543GREETINGThis isn't really a good time. What did you want?
5544GREETINGWelcome. There's food and water here for any citizen of the NCR. Please, have some.
5545GREETINGYes, was there something else you needed?
5547GREETINGI'll meet you on the observation deck.
5548GREETINGWhat do you want?
5549GREETINGYou again. What is it?
5550GREETINGWe've got a lot to do to prepare for the President's visit and not much time.
5551GREETINGHave you finished your security sweep?
5552GREETINGCome back in a minute, I'm busy with security matters.
5553GREETINGShouldn't you be keeping an eye out for anything suspicious?
5554GREETINGGood job today. We got the President out safe and sound and I couldn't have done it without you. You have my thanks.
5555GREETINGDamnit! I can't believe the President is dead. It's all my fault!
5557GREETINGHey, I heard about you. What can I do for you, friend?
5558GREETING{gruff}What is it?
5560GREETINGIs there a problem here?
5561GREETINGYou again. What's your problem?
5562GREETINGDo you mind?
5565GREETINGYou're cleared to go on through.
5566GREETINGNo one can go upstairs without authorization.
5568GREETING{Condescending}Didn't expect Caesar to send a woman to do this job.
5569GREETINGOh well, at least you're here now. {Joking}I was starting to get lonely out here by myself.
5570GREETINGIt's about time you showed up.
5571GREETING{Joking}I was starting to get lonely out here by myself.
5572GREETINGMake it quick. We don't have much time.
5573GREETINGWhat is it?
5575GREETINGI still haven't found my lucky helmet yet.
5576GREETINGThanks for finding my lucky helmet. It's my favorite!
5579GREETINGWhat are you doing up here?
5580GREETINGKind of busy up here.
5582GREETINGHey, you haven't seen my friend around here, have you? His name is Ben and he's an engineer.
5583GREETINGWe were supposed to meet up so we can watch the President's speech together, but he hasn't shown up yet.
5584GREETINGLeave me alone.
5585GREETINGStill no luck finding my friend. He better show up soon.
5586GREETINGDo you mind?
5587GREETINGWe're a bit busy here.
5588GREETINGWhy don't you mind your own business.
5589GREETINGManaging security on short notice is going to be tough. We'll have to keep the crowd small for the speech.
5590GREETINGIt's unlikely that the Legion will try anything, but we'll be prepared for it anyway.
5591GREETINGWe'll keep civilian presence to a minimum. That should avoid any unnecessary risks.
5592GREETINGWhat the fuck just happened?
5593GREETINGWhat is going on?
5594GREETINGQuiet, I'm trying to listen to the speech.
5595GREETINGShh! I want to hear what is going on.
5596GREETINGLeave me alone, I'm trying to pay attention.
5597GREETINGI'm so excited about he President visiting. This is going to be great!
5598GREETINGI'm looking forward to seeing the President.
5599GREETINGI'm just glad to have the day off for this.
5600GREETINGI wonder what President Kimball is going to talk about today.
5601GREETINGThat was a great speech.
5602GREETINGThat's a nice suit President Kimball had.
5603GREETINGI don't have time to talk right now.
5604GREETINGWe need to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.
5605GREETINGNothing is going to happen to the President on my watch.
5606GREETINGMove along.
5607GREETINGYou really saved our asses out there against the Legion. Thanks.
5608GREETINGI can't believe that President Kimball was attacked. I'm just relieved that nothing bad happened to him.
5609GREETINGI can't believe President Kimball is dead. He was a great leader for the NCR.
5610GREETINGSo you're the one that has been running errands for Colonel Moore. Do you need something?
5611GREETING{Happy}Well look who it is! What can I do for you?
5612GREETINGAlways nice to have a friend of the NCR around. What can I help you with?
5613GREETINGYou better watch yourself around here. I'm not going to put up with any of your crazy shit.
5614GREETING{Wary}Something you need?
5615GREETINGYou've got a lot of nerves being here. Maybe you should just leave instead.
5616GREETING{Gruff}What do you want?
5617GREETINGI don't think you're in the right place. You looking for something?
5618GREETINGIs there something I can do for you?
5620GREETING{Threatening}Back off.
5621GREETING{Threatening}Watch it.
5622GREETING{FIRST, BUNKER, BENNY DEAD CASINO}I do wish you'd come and met with me at the Lucky 38 when you first arrived on the Strip. Or after you killed Benny, even.
5623GREETING{FIRST, BUNKER}Quite an honor you spurned, my invite. You would be the first person to set foot inside the Lucky 38 in over 200 years.
5624GREETING{sigh of pique}But... you still wound up here, right where I wanted you. {self-satisfied}I knew I could rely on Caesar to return the Platinum Chip to you.
5625GREETING{Male PC}If you're injured, I might have healing powder to spare.
5626GREETING{Female PC - surprise, tinged with envy}A free woman. It's... been awhile since I've seen a woman who wasn't a slave. {"forget" as in she's a slave who's forgotten her position, and shouldn't be rambling}I forget myself - are you injured?
5627GREETING{Caesar dead}With {KAI-zar}Caesar dead, I'm afraid for the women. The Legate is a brutal man, and he enjoys inflicting pain.
5628GREETING{Caeser cured}{wistful}I had hoped to become a great doctor like you someday.
5629GREETINGYou got Melody her bear back. Very kind of you.
5631GREETINGSo you're the visitor I've heard some of the Legionaries talking about. If you're in the mood to trade, just say the word.
5632GREETING{Caesar dead}I've heard some bad stories about this Legate. I'm not sure I'll be welcome around here once he takes charge.
5633GREETING{Caesar cured}Never had you pegged as the doctor-type. Guess I know who to come to now when I get sick.
5634GREETINGHowdy again.
5635GREETING{KAI-zar}Caesar awaits. You can speak with me later.
5636GREETING{Caesar dead during surgery}{controlled white-hot anger}{KAI-zar}Caesar is dead at your hands. This crime cannot go unpunished.
5637GREETING{Caesar died via Auto-Doc}{confused, angry}I don't understand - the machine was supposed to cure {KAI-zar}Caesar. {growing anger, blaming player}You did this - his blood is own your hands.
5638GREETING{Caesar dead during surgery, Player incompetent}Your butchery of {KAI-zar}Caesar will not go unpunished!
5639GREETING{Caesar cured}{admiring}{KAI-zar}Caesar was right to put his trust in you. Your skill in medicine is beyond anything I've ever seen before.
5640GREETING{Caesar has fallen into a coma}{KAI-zar}Caesar sleeps but doesn't awaken. I fear it is only a matter of days before death claims him.
5641GREETINGYou will answer to me until such a time as {KAI-zar}Caesar is able to resume leadership.
5642GREETINGIt's a great honor for anyone outside the Legion to get an audience with Caesar.
5643GREETING{Liked, once only}You've proven yourself to be true friend of the Legion. We have a safehouse available to our agents in the Mojave - here's the key.
5644GREETINGIt's an excellent place to rest and store extra equipment. In addition, one of our veterans, Atticus, visits the house every few days.
5645GREETINGWhile he's there, you can acquire items useful for stealthy operations against our enemies from him.
5646GREETING{terse military manner}Yes? Do you have something to report?
5647GREETINGOutsiders are a rare sight at the Fort. Step carefully around here and you might just leave alive. I'm Antony, master of the hounds.
5648GREETING{Killed the mongrels in the arena}Damn it. I thought they had you.
5649GREETING{Caesar dead}It'll be strange not having {KAI-zar}Caesar in command, but Legate Lanius is a strong leader.
5650GREETING{Caesar cured}I'm sure you had to use a lot of healing powder on {KAI-zar}Caesar. Well done.
5651GREETING{Rex hired}The mechanical dog you have with you - where did you get it?
5653GREETING{Male PC}You here to fight in the arena? Then you're talking to the right man.
5654GREETING{Female PC}What do you want from me, woman? I'm in charge of the arena, not the cooking pots.
5655GREETINGAs expected, it wasn't much of a fight, but what can you expect from slaves?
5656GREETINGA good fight. Some NCR troopers can be competent fighters.
5657GREETINGUnbelievable. You stood against a Ranger in single combat and survived.
5658GREETING{Caesar dead}{KAI-zar}Caesar was a great man, but the Legion will become even greater with Legate Lanius at its head.
5659GREETING{Caesar cured, Male PC}You've done the Legion a great service by healing whatever was wrong with {KAI-zar}Caesar.
5660GREETING{Caesar cured, Female PC}{contempt}A woman actually proved useful for once. {KAI-zar}Caesar was bold to put his life in your hands.
5661GREETINGWhat do you need from me?
5662GREETING{quiet, shy - nervous young girl}I can't talk to you. It's not allowed.
5663GREETING{Player destroyed Sergeant Teddy}{tearful}I don't want to talk to you! I hate you!
5664GREETING{brightening up - she's seeing a friend}Hi!
5665GREETING{quiet, shy - nervous young girl}I'm still not allowed to talk to you.
5666GREETINGCaesar awaits you. We can talk afterwards.
5667GREETINGI suspect you'll be a valuable asset to the Legion - assuming you're really on our side, of course.
5668GREETING{Caesar dead}This is a moment I'd hoped would not come for many years. {KAI-zar's}Caesar's death puts the Legate {Lah-nee-OOS}Lanius in command now.
5669GREETING{Caeser cured}I'm pleased that you were able to cure {KAI-zar's}Caesar's malady. Though the Legate is a fine leader, we yet need the wisdom of {KAI-zar}Caesar to guide the Legion.
5670GREETINGWas there more for us to discuss?
5671GREETING{agonized sobbing}Mercy...
5672GREETING{Strip, High Rep}The eyes of the mighty{KAI-zar} Caesar are upon you. He appreciates your service, and bestows upon you the exceptional gift of his Mark.
5673GREETINGMy Lord requires your presence at his camp, at Fortification Hill. His Mark will guarantee your safe-conduct through our lands.
5674GREETING{Strip}The eyes of the mighty {KAI-zar}Caesar are upon you. He admires your accomplishments, and bestows upon you the exceptional gift of his Mark.
5675GREETINGAny crimes you may have perpetrated against the Legion are hereby forgiven. {KAI-zar}Caesar will not extend this mercy a second time.
5676GREETINGMy Lord requires your presence at his camp, at Fortification Hill. His Mark will guarantee your safe-conduct through our lands.
5677GREETING{enticing}Incidentally, it will interest you to know that the man you seek has fled the Strip, and is likely making haste for {KAI-zar's}Caesar's camp as we speak.
5678GREETING{Strip}{KAI-zar}Caesar awaits.
5679GREETINGDon't bother me - I'm training to become a full Legionary!
5680GREETINGOne day I'll be part of the Praetorian Guard, you'll see.
5681GREETINGI can't wait until they let me fight.
5682GREETING{with pride}I'm harsh on the children, but they'll be excellent Legionaries. I'm quite proud of them.
5683GREETING{Strip}The eyes of the mighty {KAI-zar}Caesar are upon you. He admires your accomplishments, and bestows upon you the exceptional gift of his Mark.
5684GREETINGYour crimes against the Legion, including the death of the fearless {WUHL-pace In-CUHL-tah}Vulpes Inculta, are hereby forgiven. {KAI-zar}Caesar will not extend this mercy again.
5685GREETINGMy Lord requires your presence at his camp, at Fortification Hill. His Mark will guarantee your safe-conduct through our lands.
5686GREETING{Strip}Incidentally, it will interest you to know that the man you seek has fled the Strip, and is likely making haste for Caesar's camp as we speak.
5687GREETING{KAI-zar}Caesar awaits.
5688GREETING{KAI-zar}Caesar has permitted your weapons to be returned to you while you serve him.
5689GREETINGYou've carried out {KAI-zar's}Caesar's will, but I must confiscate your equipment again.
5690GREETINGAre you ready to proceed into the underground vault?
5691GREETING{KAI-zar}Caesar has forbidden you to leave until you�ve carried out his will in the great underground vault.
5692GREETINGYou may go.
5693GREETINGNone may enter without {KAI-zar's}Caesar's permission.
5694GREETING{Mixed 2+}The Legion is aware of your mercenary ways and has decided to encourage you work for us rather than against us.
5695GREETINGI've provided you the location of a drop box. Every few days, we'll place Legion coin inside.
5696GREETING{Good 2+}Though you aren't of the Legion, you've aided us more than once. We acquire many items on our raids, some useless to us, some forbidden.
5697GREETINGI've provided you the location of a drop box where you can obtain these items. The box will be replenished every few days.
5698GREETINGPlease be aware that we'll assume any items left in the box will be unwanted and be removed and destroyed.
5699GREETINGMy message to you has been delivered, and I've got other places to be.
5700GREETING{Player has a companion}You must enter {KAI-zar's}Caesar's tent alone. Anyone else must remain outside.
5701GREETINGHere - these are the supplies I've acquired for you.
5702GREETINGI'll be back in a few days with more supplies. See you then.
5703GREETINGUnder penalty of death, the prisoner is forbidden to speak with you until {KAI-zar}Caesar has permitted it.
5704GREETING{Caesar mentioned illness - Lucius promises vengeance}{KAI-zar}Caesar didn't become sick until he started dealing with you. If this was all some trick to assassinate him, we {emph "will"}will have revenge.
5705GREETING{Caesar in coma}{KAI-zar}Caesar is near death. Have you brought the means to cure him?
5706GREETINGAre you the Van Graffs' emissary?
5707GREETINGWhat can I do for you?
5708GREETINGMay I help you?
5710GREETINGWelcome to the NCR Embassy, how can I help you?
5711GREETINGI'm kind of busy, what do you want?
5712GREETINGWelcome back. What can I do for you this time?
5713GREETINGIf you're looking for Ambassador Crocker, he's not here. He was removed form office and sent home.
5714GREETINGI guess they disagreed with how he handled some of the events out here. It's unfortunate. He was a good man.
5716GREETINGSo you're the one that saved President Kimball. Damn glad to have you on our side.
5717GREETINGWhat can I help you with?
5718GREETINGI heard there was an attempt on President Kimball's life. I'm glad he's alright. Don't know what the NCR would do without him.
5719GREETINGI've had to increase security around the Strip due to the President's assassination. I can barely believe he's dead myself.
5720GREETINGSo you're the one causing all the ruckus at The Tops. You're lucky you're not under my jurisdiction or I'd have tossed you in a cell for that.
5721GREETINGI heard you killed Benny over at The Tops. I bet you think you're some sort of tough guy.
5722GREETINGA piece of advice, if you mess with any of my men, you'll regret it.
5723GREETINGI heard you killed Benny over at The Tops. I bet you think you're some sort of tough cookie.
5724GREETINGA piece of advice, if you mess with any of my men, you'll regret it.
5725GREETINGI wanted to thank you for stopping the Omertas. That could have gone poorly for us if it wasn't for you.
5726GREETINGI hear you've been meeting with Mr. House in the Lucky 38. I bet you think you're pretty special, don't you?
5727GREETINGSpecial or not, stay out of trouble and more importantly stay out of my way.
5728GREETINGWhat the hell is with those Securitrons? Looks like they got some sort of change or upgrade. I don't like the look of this.
5729GREETINGI heard Mr. House is out of the picture now. Guess that leaves us in charge of the Strip.
5730GREETINGMake it quick, I've got a shitstorm to deal with due to the damn monorail being blown up.
5731GREETINGSo you're the one running errands for Ambassador Crocker. I don't want to know details, just don't cause any trouble.
5732GREETINGKeep your nose clean on the strip, soldier.
5733GREETING{Surprised, Happy}Wow, I didn't expect to see you here. What can I do for you?
5734GREETINGGood to see you around here. What can I do for you?
5735GREETING{Threatening}You make one wrong move around here and I'll be all over you in a heartbeat. You hear me?
5736GREETING{Threatening}You better watch yourself around here.
5737GREETINGYou've got a lot of nerve showing your face around here. You're lucky I don't shoot you right now.
5738GREETINGYou better have a good reason for being here.
5739GREETINGSo you're the new hotshot on the Strip. Just because you can walk around on the Strip with your guns doesn't make you a big shot.
5740GREETINGYou make any trouble for me or my men and I'll make sure you regret if for a very long time. You got that?
5741GREETINGNow are you here for something or are you just wasting my time?
5742GREETINGMake it quick.
5744GREETINGDidn't you save President Kimball? You're my new hero!
5745GREETINGWhat can I do for you, friend?
5746GREETINGI heard President Kimball was attacked at Hoover Dam. I can barely believe it.
5747GREETINGI'm just glad nothing bad happened to him.
5748GREETINGSome bastards killed President Kimball. Who's going to lead the NCR now?
5749GREETINGAren't you the guy that was shooting up The Tops?
5750GREETINGGuess you must have some special deal with House to be able to do that and not get in trouble.
5751GREETINGAren't you the gal that was shooting up The Tops?
5752GREETINGGuess you must have some special deal with House to be able to do that and not get in trouble.
5753GREETINGI heard you snuffed that Benny guy. Good riddance, guy was a scumbag.
5754GREETINGI heard you stopped the Omertas plan to attack the Strip. Good job, you're a real hero.
5755GREETINGSo you're the one that went into the Lucky 38. I bet that was pretty creepy.
5756GREETINGWhat can I do for you?
5757GREETINGI thought those Securitrons were creepy enough already. Now, they have soldier faces on them, that's even creepier.
5758GREETINGHoly shit, did you here about the Monorail being destroyed? How the fuck did that happen?
5759GREETINGI'm just glad to be safe over here on the Strip.
5760GREETINGIf it isn't the Ambassador's new best friend. What can I do for you?
5761GREETINGI can't believe it's gone. It's all gone. How the fuck did this happen?
5762GREETINGHey, you just get in for some R&R?
5763GREETINGWell look who it is! Glad to have you here, buddy! What can I do for you?
5764GREETINGWow, look who it is! What can I help you with?
5765GREETINGI don't want any trouble, mister. What do you want?
5766GREETINGI don't want any trouble, lady. What do you want?
5767GREETINGI probably shouldn't be talking to you, but what do you want?
5768GREETING{Hostile}You're the last person I expected to see here. What do you want?
5769GREETING{Hostile}What do you want?
5770GREETINGHey, stranger. What's happening?
5771GREETINGWhat's going on?
5773GREETINGHello again. Feeling thirsty?
5774GREETINGHowdy! Interested in a refreshing beverage or a tasty snack?
5775GREETINGGreetings, citizen.
5776GREETINGWhat is it, citizen?
5777GREETINGObserve the rules, citizen.
5778GREETINGIndulge responsibly, citizen.
5779GREETINGSelf-control is a virtue, citizen.
5781GREETINGDon't miss The Lonesome Drifter, LIVE at the Aces Theater!
5782GREETINGSongs so sad and lonesome, audience members of the opposite sex will be fighting over who gets to go back to your room with you - guaranteed!
5783GREETINGReady to tap your toes and snap your fingers? Don't miss Bruce Issac, LIVE at the Ace Theater!
5784GREETING{cheerfully obnoxious}"Hey, asshole!"
5785GREETINGEveryone loves a good insult, am I right? So you'll love Hadrian, LIVE at the Aces Theater!
5786GREETING"Fuck off, ass-breath!" You've already heard my spiel - you really gotta go see Hadrian!
5787GREETING"Pull my finger, {puh-leeze}please!"
5788GREETINGSee Billy Knight, King of the One-Liners - LIVE at the Aces Theater! If you miss it, you'll "Take your life, please!"
5789GREETING"I bet you could stop gambling!" {laugh}See Billy Knight, King of the One-Liners, LIVE at the Aces Theater! "I had amnesia once - I think!"{laugh}
5790GREETINGHey, baby. There's more of this waiting for you inside.
5791GREETINGYou like it, huh?
5792GREETINGCheck my moves, honey.
5793GREETINGI like what I see...
5794GREETINGDancing makes me sweat... all over.
5795GREETINGHoney, what's your name?
5796GREETINGAh, hello. I trust you have something to report concerning the Freeside situation?
5797GREETINGSomething I can help you with, soldier?
5798GREETINGIt's good to see such an outstanding hero of the NCR. What can I do for you, my friend?
5799GREETINGIt's good to have a friend of the NCR here. What can I do for you?
5800GREETINGWell, if it isn't the loose cannon that's been wandering the Mojave Wasteland. What do you want?
5801GREETINGI didn't expect to see you here. I hope you're not here to cause trouble.
5802GREETINGYou're the last person I expected to see here. This better be good.
5803GREETING{Angry}What do you want?
5804GREETINGGreetings, friend. Something I can help you with?
5805GREETINGHello again. What can I do for you this time?
5806GREETINGI don't have anything more to say to you. You can show yourself out.
5808GREETINGCan I help you?
5810GREETINGI bet it feels real nice to be carrying those weapons around on the strip.
5811GREETINGThat damn Mr. House has forbid any NCR military personnel from carrying any sort of firearms on the Strip. Well, except for Captain Pappas.
5812GREETINGMr. House still doesn't trust the NCR. A word of advice, the Securitrons won't put up with any funny stuff out there, so don't do anything stupid.
5813GREETINGThis your first time on the Strip?
5814GREETINGHello. Do you need something?
5816GREETINGWelcome back, friend! How can I help you?
5817GREETINGHey, as long as you behave I'll deal with you. Okay?
5818GREETINGI don't deal with unwanted people. Leave me alone.
5819GREETINGWhat do you want?
5820GREETINGHow can I help you?
5821GREETINGGood to see you again!
5822GREETINGThis had better be good. You have a lot to answer for.
5823GREETINGWhat can the Followers of the Apocalypse do for you today?
5824GREETINGDon't talk to me, rookie!
5825GREETINGThey're all dead. Guy must've had some kind of explosive on him, set off all the ordinance in this place at once.
5826GREETINGCongratulations, rookie. You just cost me my job. Don't think I don't appreciate it.
5827GREETINGI was just telling Gloria about your performance. Hell of a first day, huh?
5828GREETINGWelcome to the Silver Rush, New Vegas's best- ah, I'm just kidding. Go on in.
5829GREETINGWelcome to the Silv- ah crap, don't tell me you're my new guard.
5830GREETINGOkay, now let's get you geared up. First, your armor.
5831GREETINGStandard issue is your run-of-the-mill combat armor, with a nice dark coat of paint for both brand recognition and sheer intimidation value.
5832GREETINGNext, your weapon. Guards are required to use rifles. Anything lighter compromises your combat effectiveness.
5833GREETINGAnything heavier and people are too scared to come in the door. What's your preference, laser or plasma?
5834GREETINGWelcome to the Silver Rush, New Vegas's best source of laser and plasma weapons.
5835GREETINGI'm not paid to talk to customers.
5836GREETINGYou really don't want to start trouble in here.
5837GREETINGWe're all going to be rich soon. You watch.
5838GREETINGOne wrong move and you're ash, pal.
5839GREETINGYou want to chat, talk to the owners.
5840GREETINGGood job. I need to work out some last minute details with our new clients, but after that we'll head back to the Rush.
5841GREETINGNo time to talk. We have to finish these bastards off!
5842GREETINGGood, you're here. Do you remember that package I had you deliver? Well, the client liked the sample and put in a massive order.
5843GREETINGIt's possibly the biggest order we've ever supplied. I've had to repeatedly assure my mother that everything will go smoothly.
5844GREETINGAnd that's where I'm hoping you'll come in. We'll be bringing an escort, and I want you on it. What do you say?
5845GREETINGSimon's been telling me how it went. Let's do a quick recap.
5846GREETINGWelcome back. Did you have news for me, or are you just here for the guns?
5847GREETINGWelcome back. I hope you've been working on that task Jean-Baptiste had for you. My brother is not a patient man by any means.
5848GREETINGWelcome to the Silver Rush, where only top of the line energy weapons can be found. What can I do for you?
5849GREETING{ Holder node for Gloria's top level topics }
5850GREETINGWell, looks like you came through after all. She's not half bad looking, is she? It's almost a shame...
5851GREETINGCrimson Caravan and Van Graffs won't need to worry about you anymore, Mojave's ours, we're shutting you down for good.
5852GREETING{Laughs}That was fun. Did you see the look on that bitch's face? {Laughs again}Priceless.
5853GREETINGAs I live and breathe, Rose of Sharon Cassidy. The {emph}late Rose of Sharon Cassidy. Was hoping you were on that caravan I massacred, but...
5854GREETINGCrimson Caravan and Van Graffs won't need to worry about you anymore, Mojave's ours, and we're shutting you down for good.
5855GREETINGHey, how's it going? You find that bitch yet or not?
5856GREETINGAh, just the person I was looking for. Your name came up in a discussion we had recently.
5857GREETINGMy sister is very impressed with you so far, but I'm not. I don't think you have what it takes to work for this family.
5858GREETINGLuckily for you, I'm going to give you the chance to prove me wrong. What do you say? Want to make some real money?
5859GREETINGWhat the fuck do you want? I've got no use for fucking cowards.
5860GREETINGGlory's the one you want to talk to about working for us. I just handle the details.
5861GREETINGEh? You want something?
5862GREETINGGet the fuck away from me. The last man who bothered me "volunteered" to help test our weapons.
5863GREETINGDon't hurry me. I'm trying to get your stuff ready.
5864GREETINGMy favorite employee returns! What can I do for you?
5865GREETING{drunk, slurs everything}Hi there! Is this where I can pick up a {lay-shur}laser gun?
5866GREETINGIs that it? Can I go in now?
5867GREETINGHowdy! I just done broke the bank over at the Wrangler there and thought I might peruse your fine wares, maybe lighten my purse a little.
5868GREETINGUh, hi. I was, um, in the area and thought I'd stop by to look at your weapons. Can I go in?
5869GREETINGHey, lookin' for something to replace my old revolver. Mind if I head in?
5870GREETINGWe've already concluded our business. I suggest you return to your employers.
5871GREETINGYou hear there was some kinda shoot-out at one of them casinos on the Strip? Some people got killed or something.
5872GREETINGThey say those robots on the Strip are running around with different faces or something. Don't ask, {cuz}because I don't know...
5873GREETINGThose robots on the Strip, Securi-troids or what have you? Well, they been acting different or something.
5874GREETINGThe same robots on the Strip, I seen one or two of them roll past town time to time. Well, the face on {'em}them looked meaner.
5875GREETINGUsually I don't talk to nobody but robots. But lately some of them been two-faced.
5876GREETINGA customer who been to the Strip told me the faces on the robots there changed from police to soldiers. Now why would that be?
5877GREETINGThat Mr. House who lorded over the Strip is dead. Good riddance, I say.
5878GREETINGNow that Mr. House's gone, might be opportunities on the Strip for an enterprising merchant.
5879GREETINGI bet that Mr. House had a buncha booze in his place. Someone oughta get it out of there. He ain't using it!
5880GREETINGIf Caesar's dead, why ain't the NCR taking care of regular folks yet?
5881GREETINGYou hear Caesar's dead? Good for trade if the Legion goes away, that's for sure.
5882GREETINGI heard Caesar didn't let nobody drink or drug. Probably why he got killed.
5883GREETINGWho cares if Caesar's dead? Don't affect our town one bit.
5884GREETINGIf the NCR ain't got to worry about Caesar no more, it should worry about improving the lives of regular folks around here.
5885GREETINGSo much for the might of the NCR! Their President got killed over at Hoover Dam!
5886GREETINGYou hear how the President of the NCR got killed? Gonna be hard to score chems around here for a while...
5887GREETINGSomeone tried to kill the NCR President over at Hoover Dam. They say it was Legion.
5888GREETINGHow's the NCR gonna protect Vegas if it can't even protect its own President?
5889GREETINGThe NCR's top Ranger, Chief Hanlon, put a gun in his mouth. Think he would've done that if the NCR stood a chance at beating the Legion?
5890GREETINGTurns out the NCR's top Ranger was a traitor! If the Legion can turn a man like Hanlon, what chance has the NCR got?
5891GREETINGYou hear the Legion attacked Bitter Springs? Didn't know there was anything left there to attack.
5892GREETINGThose Fiend junkies over at Vault 3 been taking some hits. I say kill them all.
5893GREETINGWith fewer of them Fiends sucking up the chems, maybe I can finally score a hit now and then.
5894GREETINGWith those Fiends on the run, I should head over to Vault 3 and see if I can pull some salvage out of there.
5895GREETINGThe Great Khans signing a treaty with the NCR? I never woulda seen that coming.
5896GREETINGHave you seen that tower on the Strip all lit up? You can see it for miles!
5897GREETINGThe Great Khans up and left Red Rock Canyon. Who's gonna brew fresh chems now?
5898GREETINGI hear the Great Khans got massacred again. No survivors this time, though.
5899GREETINGThey say the Kings got massacred. Who's gonna watch over Freeside now?
5900GREETINGThe NCR took back Nelson. Maybe they can win this war after all.
5901GREETINGFirst the Legion takes Nelson, then it wipes out Camp Forlorn Hope. The NCR don't stand a chance.
5902GREETINGThere was some kind of massacre at one of the Ranger Stations. I don't know which one.
5903GREETINGSome Khans got cornered in the ruins of Boulder City, but the NCR let them go. That's unusual.
5904GREETINGPrimm has a new Sheriff. That should keep the Powder Gangers away.
5905GREETINGPrimm wimped out and accepted NCR rule. Some people will do anything to feel safe.
5906GREETINGLooks like the war's ratcheting up. I hear the NCR's bringing in elite troops.
5907GREETINGThey say the Legion's bringing in Veterans from out in Arizona. They must be getting ready to attack.
5908GREETINGYou ever seen one of those Rangers in black armor? I wouldn't want to make one of those mad!
5909GREETINGYou ever seen one of those Rangers in black armor? I wouldn't want to make one of those mad!
5910GREETINGI hear reports of Legion raiding parties all over the place. They can't all be rumors!
5911GREETINGI keep hearing about some courier making a fuss over at the Strip. Must've delivered more than just mail.
5912GREETINGMark my words - won't be long before the Legion and NCR butt heads over Hoover Dam.
5913GREETINGNobody knows who's gonna win, Legion or NCR. Might not make much of a difference around here.
5914GREETINGThat tower on the Strip's lit up night and day now! What's it mean?
5915GREETINGGoddamn that Mr. House for selling Vegas out to the NCR! The whole Mojave will have to join up.
5917GREETINGHey there.
5918GREETINGOh, you here to work? I think I have an extra shovel around here somewhere.
5919GREETINGSorry, I don't have time to talk right now. Talk to Trent, he might be able to help you out.
5920GREETINGGreetings! {Slight Pause}Pardon my enthusiasm. I'm not accustomed to meeting so many new people, but I find you fascinating.
5921GREETINGI've tried to learn as much as possible about the surface world since our community left our home.
5922GREETINGHello again, outlander.
5923GREETING{Dumbfounded}Why are the outlanders killing each other? Why do they treat us like machines?{Lamenting his fate} I wish we had remained in the safety, and sanity, of our Vault.
5924GREETINGHello, outlander.
5925GREETINGIt's good making your acquaintance.
5926GREETINGExcuse me, I'm{dubitative}... not from around here.
5927GREETINGHorowitz is our leader.
5928GREETING{Emotional to meet savior}You're the one who saved us! Thank you.
5929GREETING{Complicit and congratulatory}I heard you talking to Horowitz, and can't thank you enough for what you've done for us.
5930GREETING{Emotional to meet savior}I hope everyone on the surface is like you.
5931GREETING{Sincere thankfulness}We're in your debt. Thank you, outlander.
5932GREETING{Lamenting fate}I wish we were back at our Vault.
5933GREETING{Lamenting fate}The surface world is a cruel place.
5934GREETING{Angry disbelief}Why are you people treating us like this?
5935GREETING{Angry Disappointment}We're heading back home. I hope our troops do the same. This land can't be saved.
5936GREETING{Sorrowful}Trying to grow crops in this heat, with so little water, is bad enough, but now we've got radiation seeping into the farmlands east of New Vegas.
5937GREETING{Angry Disappointment}We're done. Let the people of these hell-hole deal with their problems, I say.
5938GREETINGI can't wait to get back to NCR lands.
5939GREETING{Sorrowful}All our work was for nothing.
5940GREETING{Angry Disappointment}We should've never come here.
5941GREETING{Angry Disappointment}Good riddance, Mojave.
5942GREETING{Curious Beep}
5943GREETING{Happy Beep}
5944GREETING{Placeholder for toplevel topics}
5945GREETING{Excited to watch creatures fight}Go Red!
5946GREETING{Excited to watch creatures fight}Blood! We want more blood!
5947GREETING{Excited to watch creatures fight - drawn out "kill"}Kiiiiiiill, kill now!
5948GREETING{Excited to watch creatures fight}I'm betting for Blue!
5949GREETING{Excited to watch creatures fight}Did you see that?
5950GREETING{Satisfied after much excitement}Until next time.
5951GREETING{Satisfied after much excitement}Great fighting today.
5952GREETING{Proud}There's always more next day.
5953GREETING{Proud}That was a good day for The Thorn.
5954GREETING{Proud}The beasts don't look so tough behind bars, huh?
5955GREETING{Proud}I can't imagine this place will ever disappear.
5956GREETING{Proud}There's nothing else like The Thorn!
5957GREETING{Hopeful Excitement}One day I'll get to see Deathclaws tear through Fiends!
5958GREETING{Hopeful Excitement}I hope Red Lucy gives us the{slight emphasis in "big"} *big* monsters, next.
5959GREETING{Impatient Excitement}More fights, we want more.
5960GREETING{Impatient Excitement}I can't wait to see what fights next.
5961GREETING{Bewildered}What the hell?{slight pause}Is that a half-robot dog?
5962GREETING{Gratitude}You better control that{slight pause, sizing E-DE}thing. Bots can't be trusted.
5963GREETING{Gratitude}A Follower is always welcome among our people.
5964GREETING{Restrained Warning}Keep the Ranger on a leash around here.
5965GREETING{Inquisitive}Another Supermutant roaming outer New Vegas, huh?
5966GREETING{Proud Assertion}All humans are welcome here, even Ghouls.
5967GREETING{Relieved}That Fiend leader got what he fucking deserved.
5968GREETING{Disappointed}Fuck that Fiend bastard. Wish I would've seen him die.
5969GREETING{Pessimistic Resignation}Can't help thinking that we've not seen the last of the Fiends yet.
5970GREETING{Relieved}I hope the Fiends have learned their lesson.
5971GREETING{Relieved}Won't have to worry about those Fiend assholes for some time now, huh?
5972GREETING{Surprised}I heard Mr. House's done for. I hope the Sewers don't turn for the worse.
5973GREETING{Happily Surprised}We should reclaim the rest of city, if the rumors about House are true.
5974GREETING{Pessimistic Sarcasm}You saved the NCR's head honcho, sure you can save a bunch of low-life scum like us.
5975GREETING{Pessimistic Sarcasm}Got time to save us too, or are you running errands for your NCR masters?
5976GREETING{Satisfied}Even Presidents die, huh? Good.
5977GREETING{Pessimistic Resignation}Caesar's death don't change shit down here.
5978GREETING{Defiant, then relieved}That Legion boss would've never taken the city, but I'm glad he's a goner.
5979GREETING{Wishful Sarcasm}Wonder if we can move into the Sewers under the Strip now that Mr. House is outta business.
5980GREETINGIf there's war in the end, it won't affect our city.
5981GREETINGRumors of imminent war have made it all the way down here.
5982GREETING{Indolent}Going to stay down here until all the trouble outside blows over.
5983GREETINGLooks like the entire region's going straight where we are - knee-deep in shit.
5984GREETING{Almost annoyed}Only one bad thing about the Thorn, it brings all the idiots, assholes and topsiders down here.
5985GREETING{Excited}I can't wait to hit The Thorn. I wouldn't mind hitting on Red Lucy either, but she's outta my league.
5986GREETING{Excited}Going to place me a good bet at The Thorn.
5987GREETING{Excited}Want to see the best of New Vegas? Our sewers got it - The Thorn!
5988GREETING{Excited}Saw a monster rip a man in half at The Thorn.
5989GREETING{Amazement}Hey, you're the one that's been hunting the most dangerous beasts for The Thorn!
5990GREETING{Honest Praise}Hey, It's great what you're doing for The Thorn, way to go!
5991GREETING{Amazement}Wish I could've seen you capture those beasts for our Thorn!
5992GREETING{Honest Praise}I've heard of your fights at The Thorn. People down here don't stop talking about you.
5993GREETING{Bewildered}Taking down a Giant Radscorpion, by yourself, has made you popular down here.
5994GREETING{Bewildered}Killing Fire Geckos at The Thorn is no joke, you're quite the fighter!
5995GREETING{Bewildered}You've beat Night Stalkers, right? We don't see that often down here.
5996GREETING{Bewildered}You've taken down Cazadores! Didn't think I'd ever see that.
5997GREETING{Bewildered}I heard you've killed Deathclaws at The Thorn. I couldn't believe it!
5998GREETING{Excited}One of these days, Red Lucy's going to show off her Deathclaws.
5999GREETING{Dumbfounded}All hell broke loose when the creatures escaped from The Thorn!
6000GREETING{Dumbfounded}One of those beasts cut my friend in half! How the hell did they escape from Red Lucy?
6001GREETING{Dumbfounded}Can't believe that The Thorn's no more.
6002GREETING{Dumbfounded}Can't believe that The Thorn's no more.
6003GREETING{Dumbfounded}Red Lucy was a fine warrior, and a beautiful woman.
6004GREETING{Dumbfounded}We'll miss Red Lucy down here.
6005GREETING{Slight Sarcasm}Fiends don't come here no more, they say.
6006GREETING{Slight Sarcasm}I bet NCR troops can't wait to clean the sewers.
6007GREETING{Slight Sarcasm}New Vegas, paradise, my ass.
6008GREETING{Slight Sarcasm}NCR should head back to their lands, I'm sure *their* people miss them.
6009GREETING{Slight Sarcasm}NCR came all the way to save us, huh? Guess they missed the shit-holes.
6010GREETING{Matter of Course Warning}Stay underground at night.
6011GREETING{Matter of Course Warning}Watch out where you exit. Sewers can lead you to Fiend territory.
6012GREETING{Matter of Course Warning}Keep an eye on your stuff - damn thieves.
6013GREETING{Matter of Course Warning}Don't go too far, it's all shadows and dangers in the lower levels.
6014GREETING{Matter of Course Warning}Careful with those Fiends in the western sewers.
6015GREETING{Anxious Apprehension}I need my fix.
6016GREETING{Anxious Apprehension}I hurt all over.
6017GREETING{Anxious Apprehension}Going to eat the next fucking rat I see.
6018GREETING{Anxious Apprehension}Just got to find me some sweet Jet.
6019GREETING{Beaten Resignation}Won't ever make enough to live outside.
6020GREETING{Beaten Resignation}Can't go anywhere else.
6021GREETING{Beaten Resignation}Don't think I'll make it topside any time soon.
6022GREETING{Beaten Resignation}Smells like shit all the time, but at least we're safer than in the Wastes.
6023GREETING{Thankful}Good to see you respect the Followers.
6024GREETING{Cautionary}Make sure the NCR dog behaves, you're in the Mojave now.
6025GREETING{Approving}Your merchant friend is always welcome among us.
6026GREETING{Apprehensive Curiosity}That bot of yours don't look like anything I've seen in the Mojave.
6027GREETING{Overt Curiosity}Your friend's not from the desert, is she?
6028GREETING{Suspicious}We tolerate Wasteland savages, as long as they respect our rule around here.
6029GREETING{Player not in Powder Ganger gear}{part of an act - he's not really a merchant and trying to see if the player is really a Powder Ganger}Better be careful around these parts. I hear there's Powder Gangers around and dangerous for merchants like me.
6030GREETING{Male PC, in Powder Ganger gear}{triumphant}Well, well. It's about time one of you guys came along. I figure the NCR would pay a pretty good bounty for a Powder Ganger.
6031GREETING{Female PC, in Powder Ganger gear}{puzzled}Hadn't heard there were women Powder Gangers, but a bounty's a bounty. The NCR will probably pay up either way.
6032GREETINGYou won't see me around here again.
6033GREETINGWhat brings you back?
6034GREETINGI hate it here, fucking sulfur stinks.
6035GREETINGWhat more do you want?
6036GREETINGI haven't seen you before - what brings you to the Great Khans?
6037GREETINGIt's good to have you here. What can I do for you?
6038GREETINGYou honor the Great Khans with your presence. What can I do to help you?
6039GREETINGYou're always... {beat, considering word choice}interesting to have around.
6040GREETING{Cautious, unsure of player's motives}What are you doing here?
6041GREETINGIf you're smart, you'll find somewhere else to be.
6042GREETINGYou're becoming quite the political agitator. I can't say I'm displeased.
6043GREETINGSomething else you wanted?
6044GREETINGWe'll begin readying the camp to move. As soon as Caesar makes his move, we'll depart. We will make ourselves strong again, and we shall conquer!
6045GREETINGSo, the cub enters the wolf's den. What do you want, cub?
6046GREETINGAll four of my most trusted advisors have told me we should break our alliance - maybe I should hear you out after all.
6047GREETINGI'm beginning to hear troubling rumors from my advisors. Would you know anything about that?
6048GREETINGMore of my advisors are starting to talk openly of breaking our alliance. I wonder where that idea is coming from?
6049GREETINGI understand you dealt the NCR a crushing defeat at Forlorn Hope. I hope that trend continues.
6050GREETINGThat's why I've made a decision: I'm naming you my heir. When I die, leadership of the Great Khans will pass to you.
6051GREETINGYou've been doing good things for us - don't think I haven't noticed. What can I do for you?
6052GREETINGIt's always a pleasure to see you around the camp.
6053GREETINGAre you going to help us this time, or vex us?
6054GREETINGAnd so the unpredictable one returns. What do you want from us?
6055GREETINGI've got little enough patience for you. Consider your words carefully - you don't want me as an enemy.
6056GREETINGIn the past, I'd have had someone like you executed for showing their face here - consider yourself lucky I don't have the warriors to spare.
6057GREETINGAh, you're back. What else do you need?
6058GREETINGNot now, I'm busy.
6059GREETINGYou look like someone with a question. What can I do for you?
6060GREETINGIt's good you told me about Dermot and Saint James. It was killing that needed doing.
6061GREETINGYou think you see the worst of what people can do to each other, and then there's always something else to top it.
6062GREETINGI'm going to assume you had reason to kill Dermot and his pet. Always had a bad feeling about them. {stern}But everyone else here is hands-off.
6063GREETINGYou can just talk to the whores, you know. You and me don't need to talk unless there's trouble.
6064GREETINGWhat do you need this time?
6065GREETING{Player in combat}Hey, don't drag me into this!
6066GREETING{Male PC}Hey, mister, looking to relax? Looks like you carry a lot of tension in your shoulders... {mischievous}and upper thighs.
6067GREETING{Female PC}Sorry, ma'am, but my services are {archly}"members only," all right? You might try Sweetie.
6068GREETINGThat situation with Dermot and Saint James must've been stressful. Looking to relax?
6069GREETING{Male PC}Glad you came back. You wanna get together with me?
6070GREETING{Female PC}Still wasting your time in this pit, honey?
6071GREETING{Player in combat}Fuck off! I ain't helping you!
6072GREETINGI got nothing you need. If it's ass you're looking for, talk to Pretty Sarah.
6073GREETINGI said fuck off.
6074GREETING{Player in combat}Yeah! Fight! Fight!
6075GREETING{unstable}Why you talking to me, man? I'm trying to relax here, got it?
6076GREETING{unstable, issues with women}When I talk to a girl, I start the conversation! And I didn't start no conversation with you.
6077GREETING{unstable}We got to go through this again? What's it about this time?
6078GREETING{Player in combat}Oh my! Keep me out of this!
6079GREETINGHello, stranger. You looking for a good time?
6080GREETINGDon't see many or your kind here in the Casa. Women, I mean - who ain't working.
6081GREETINGAlways knew there was something wrong with Dermot and Saint James. Neither one ever got busy between my legs!
6082GREETINGBeen enjoying your time at the Casa?
6083GREETING{Player in combat}Look out!
6084GREETING{Female PC}Hey, honey. Looking for something softer than a man can give you?
6085GREETING{Male PC}Hey, baby. What say you and me get acquainted?
6086GREETINGDermot being dead I don't care about, but Saint James was regular income. Maybe you could throw some business my way?
6087GREETINGHi again. You here to play?
6088GREETING{Player in combat}{deadpan}You look busy. Talk to me later.
6089GREETING{playing at being a showman}Welcome to the Casa Madrid - cheapest, cleanest whores in all New Vegas. If you want to know the rates for poon, talk to the whores.
6090GREETING{sarcastically}Thanks a lot. I'm out Dermot and St. James's rent - and they paid regular - and once they get to stinking I'll have to clean up the mess, too!
6091GREETINGYeah? What is it?
6092GREETINGI'm not getting sucked into your fight, friend.
6093GREETING{as a way of introducing himself}Tom Anderson. Can I help you?
6094GREETINGGood to see you again.
6095GREETINGHello? Can you help me?
6096GREETINGHave you decided to help me?
6097GREETINGPlease hurry! She's on the ridge, past the broken radio tower.
6098GREETINGSorry I tricked you, but thanks for clearing out the Geckos. Now I can get to that stash up there... after I deal with you.
6099GREETINGWelcome to the Atomic Wrangler. Looking to exchange?
6100GREETINGWelcome to Gomorrah, how can I help you?
6101GREETINGWelcome to Vikki and Vance. Can I help you with an exchange?
6102GREETINGIf you're down on your luck and need some caps, I buy just about anything. Of course, I've also got plenty of things for sale, too.
6103GREETINGHere to do business?
6104GREETINGHowdy. Name's Bob, but folks around here call me Klamath Bob. What can I do you for?
6105GREETINGHey, stranger. Hope you been well. What do you need?
6106GREETINGNng. Hi.
6107GREETINGNng. Hi again.
6108GREETINGHi there. Welcome to the Westside Co-op. I'm Clayton Ettienne. Let me know if you have any questions.
6109GREETINGWelcome back. How can I help you?
6110GREETINGUh... hi.
6111GREETINGOh, hello.
6112GREETING{kid who just got caught in the act}Agh! I wasn't doing anything!
6113GREETINGHello again.
6114GREETINGTrying to elevate your status by being seen with me? It won't work.
6115GREETINGYou look like you'd be more at home at one of the other hotels.
6116GREETINGI'm sorry, I prefer to converse with interesting people.
6117GREETING{Disdainful, at first}I hear you've been clawing your way up the social ladder. {then, confidentially}What's your secret?
6118GREETINGPeople are talking about you.
6119GREETINGI like the cut of your jib.
6120GREETINGWell, if it isn't the toast of New Vegas.
6121GREETINGWelcome to the pinnacle of society.
6122GREETINGWould you mind staying here a moment? I want people to see that I know you.
6123GREETINGYou're an odd duck.
6124GREETINGYou've been acting awfully strange towards us.
6125GREETINGWhat are you playing at? I'm really starting to wonder about you.
6126GREETINGI'm having a little get-together later, but you are not invited until you learn to behave.
6127GREETINGHow can you be such a dear and such a bother at the same time?
6128GREETINGYou'll never be at the top until you learn some manners and common decency.
6129GREETING{repulsed}What's that smell? Oh, it's you.
6130GREETINGPlease, you're lowering my status.
6131GREETINGShouldn't you be in Freeside with the other thugs?
6132GREETINGYou vile cad. I've half a mind to give you a solid thrashing with my cane.
6133GREETINGRemove yourself from my sight at once.
6134GREETINGLoathsome wretch.
6135GREETINGLife at the top is immensely satisfying.
6136GREETINGIt must be horrible to live in places without luxury.
6137GREETINGBeing an honorary member isn't the same as being a real member, but it still makes you better than everyone else.
6138GREETINGSo you've joined the Society. It feels different, doesn't it? Like you're entitled to the best things life has to offer.
6139GREETINGYou mustn't ask why we wear our masks. We are forbidden to speak of it.
6140GREETINGThe Lucky 38's perpetual glow these days... it's rather gauche, don't you think?
6141GREETING{Mr. House agreed to surrender Vegas to the NCR}If Mr. House is going to lower his standards, we'll just have to raise ours!
6142GREETINGNeed some grub? I got you covered. Cheap and filling.
6143GREETING{Player killed Lupa}Lupa met an honorable death in the arena.
6144GREETINGSome of the slaves have been spreading stories about the Burned Man again.
6146GREETINGWe don't have time to talk, let's get this fight going.
6147GREETING{experiment in progress}Please don't interrupt me right now.
6148GREETINGKeene has never liked me. If anyone can talk him into backing down, it'll have to be you.
6149GREETINGDon't you see everything is going to hell? I'm gonna go find someplace safe to hide out at.
6150GREETINGI love this place, but I can't take this kind of stress anymore. I'm going to head back west to see my grandkids.
6151GREETINGHello there youngster. Welcome to my baby.
6152GREETINGTroublemaker, don't you dare hurt my baby.
6153GREETINGAlways good to see a friendly face, you're always welcome to visit my baby girl.
6154GREETINGYou keep yourself outta trouble around my baby, I'm watching you.
6155GREETINGWelcome back to my baby.
6156GREETING{snort} NCR, no better than common thieves. Where do they get off stealing our armor?
6157GREETING{Player just won the battle}Caesar on the cross, been a long time since I've seen the kind of work you've laid down today... a {emph}damn long time.
6158GREETING{Wistful}And the screams of those Legion bastards as they kicked dirt running East... like a choir of angels to my ears.
6159GREETINGSpeaking of - that crazy lightshow over the Fort, what the fuck was that, some kind of thumb from God you called down? {Wistful}Amazing, fucking amazing.
6160GREETINGCould use a hundred of you, just scatter you over the East like jacks, give those plumed fucks the what-for.
6161GREETINGWell, you took your sweet ass time coming here.
6162GREETINGLet's get down to brass tacks, we need to get this thing moving if we want to keep the element of surprise.
6163GREETINGThat was a fine bit of work back there. Truth told, I'm surprised you made it out of there in one piece. {Under his breath}You and the Dam.
6164GREETINGI'm impressed to say the least, and that's no easy thing. You've secured NCR's future - the administration sends its thanks, for what it's worth.
6165GREETING{Mike Lawson Placeholder dialogue}
6166GREETINGDamn Brotherhood, bunch of elitist jerks. What were we to do, leave good armor out in the wastes to rust?
6167GREETINGWhatever it is, make it quick. I don't have time for idle chatter.
6168GREETING{Angry, frustrated}As if I didn't have enough to worry about, one of our facilities was recently broken into and its power diverted.
6169GREETINGHave you seen that damned tower in the Strip, all aglow? Of course you've seen it. Everyone's seen it.
6170GREETINGThat was {stressed}our power that did that, and I {stressed}will find out who did it. {beat, realizes the player's there, rant ends}Did you have something to report?
6171GREETING{Placeholder for Moore's top level topics}
6172GREETINGNot right now, I'm busy.
6173GREETINGYou again. What do you want?
6174GREETINGGood, you made it. I've been receiving reports about the "savior of the NCR" for a while now, and wanted to meet you myself.
6175GREETINGYou've proven yourself especially capable, and right now I can use all the capable people I can get.
6176GREETINGCrocker gets handed the fluff missions that no one else wants to do. When people need something really important done, they come to me.
6177GREETINGUsually, I dispatch one or more rangers to see these things through, but I'm a little shorthanded at the moment. Think you're up for a real mission?
6178GREETINGGood, you made it. I've been receiving reports of your activities for a little while now, and wanted to meet you myself.
6179GREETINGEven though you've caused us a great deal of trouble, you've proven yourself very capable, and right now I can use all the capable people I can get.
6180GREETINGCrocker gets handed the fluff missions that no one else wants to do. When people need something really important done, they come to me.
6181GREETINGUsually, I dispatch one or more rangers to see these things through, but I'm a little shorthanded at the moment. Think you're up for a real mission?
6182GREETINGGood, you made it. I've been receiving reports of your activities for a little while now, and wanted to meet you myself.
6183GREETINGThe reports label you a troublemaker, but also extraordinarily capable, and right now I can use all the capable people I can get.
6184GREETINGCrocker gets handed the fluff missions that no one else wants to do. When people need something really important done, they come to me.
6185GREETINGUsually, I dispatch one or more rangers to see these things through, but I'm a little shorthanded at the moment. Think you're up for a real mission?
6186GREETINGGood, you made it. I've been receiving reports of your activities for a little while now, and wanted to meet you myself.
6187GREETINGYou've proven yourself especially capable, and right now I can use all the capable people I can get.
6188GREETINGCrocker gets handed the fluff missions that no one else wants to do. When people need something really important done, they come to me.
6189GREETINGUsually, I dispatch one or more rangers to see these things through, but I'm a little shorthanded at the moment. Think you're up for a real mission?
6190GREETINGYes, did you have an update on the Khans?
6191GREETINGHave you discovered what the Omertas are up to?
6192GREETINGReport. Is Mr. House still a threat?
6193GREETINGHas the Brotherhood been found?
6194GREETINGIs the president safe?
6195GREETINGIt's best not to keep the general waiting.
6196GREETINGAh, our hero returns. What can I do for you?
6197GREETING{Player sent to Lanius by Caesar or Lucius}You are the courier Lord Caesar has spoken of. The slaughter begins, then.
6198GREETINGGreetings, courier. We caught word the battle was about to begin. We arrived before the road was closed off; our warriors are here to assist you.
6199GREETINGAlpha Squad reporting in. Thanks for the support back there. We've been assigned to ensure you make it to the Legate. How can we be of assistance?
6200GREETINGWe are excecuting your commands.
6201GREETINGGo on.
6202GREETINGNot now!
6203GREETINGYou shouldn't be here. It's best if you just move along.
6204GREETINGGet out of here already.
6208GREETING{Low, vicious, angry}And who is this before me in the colors of the Legion. An envoy... dressed as an insult to all that carry out Caesar's will.
6209GREETING{Suspicious, slow}And who are you to come before me... you bear the insignia of the Bear, yet you do not wear it as a soldier of the West wears it.
6210GREETING{Suspicious, slow}And the West seeks to appease me by sending a woman? Such gifts are meant for the cowards of Vegas, not for the Legion.
6211GREETING{Suspicious, slow}An envoy of Vegas, yet you carry yourself for battle. If so, you cannot *truly* be of that city of cowards.
6212GREETING{Suspicious, slow}And who are you to come before me... you don't bear the mark of the Bear, yet are ready for battle.
6213GREETING{Final Combat}{Beat, then disdain}Your words have done nothing but delay the inevitable. {Beat}Now, see what my hounds and my blade will bring to you.
6214GREETING{Cold, finality}For the Legion.
6215GREETING[FAILED] {Angered, cutting the player off}Enough.
6216GREETING{Uneasy}Guess it ain't no secret how you, uh... I say, can you ask them to put their weapons down. Was just reaching in my coat to give you a cigar.
6217GREETINGCome on, men - we're pulling out.
6218GREETING{Mutters as walking away}Got leveled by a goddamn courier - screw the message, it's the messenger that'll fuck you.
6219GREETINGWhat the hell? No, get away from me, you goddamn TV on wheels!
6220GREETING{Sensing unpleasant reversal}What is this Brahmin shit. I'm not getting the feeling we're all about to sing koombahyah here.
6221GREETINGFucking Mr. House was holding the cards the whole goddamn time. Him and his little errand boy.
6222GREETINGFucking Mr. House was holding the cards the whole goddamn time. Him and his little errand girl.
6223GREETING{Walking away, grumbling}Should have known, Greeks and gifts. That, and next time, shoot the messenger.
6226GREETINGLet's get to fighting! Now is not the time to talk!
6227GREETINGI'm not sure I'll ever learn everything there is to know about this place.
6228GREETINGCan I help you with something, stranger?
6229GREETINGI hear tell you pretty well wiped out the Fiends around here. Not bad, not bad.
6230GREETINGWelcome back, merc.
6231GREETINGHave you taken care of those squatters?
6232GREETINGHave you run off those greasers?
6233GREETINGGood to see you around. Take care, merc.
6234GREETINGYou're still around, huh?
6235GREETINGWhat do you want?
6236GREETINGPiss off!
6237GREETINGWe're going, we're going!
6238GREETINGWhat are you doing here? Get out before I blow your head off!
6239GREETINGI can't believe this shit. You again?
6240GREETINGSo, what's up?
6241GREETINGI hope you've got some good news about Alice.
6242GREETING{Reining Immense Anger}I should kill you, right here, for what you've done.
6243GREETINGHello there! Welcome to the Crimson Caravan Company. How can I help you today?
6244GREETINGNeed anything?
6245GREETINGI owe you an apology, stranger. We almost lost her forever, and I'm glad that things didn't turn out for the worse.
6246GREETINGOh. Hello, there.
6247GREETINGI hope you're not planning on visiting {spoken with distaste} the Strip.
6248GREETINGThe rest of this city has gone absolutely to seed!
6249GREETINGAny news from out of town?
6250GREETINGDon't recall seeing you here before.
6251GREETINGWelcome to North Vegas, stranger!
6252GREETINGDon't rush me. We're going, okay?
6253GREETINGWhat the hell are you looking at, punk?
6254GREETINGRot in hell.
6256GREETINGBack off! I know how to use this gun, and I'm not afraid to shoot if you try anything!
6257GREETINGI've put up with their shit long enough. No more! I'll... I'll kill them if they get in my way!
6258GREETINGWhat are you looking at, huh? Answer me, or I'll get trigger-happy real quick.
6259GREETING{Overtly Suspicious, Confident in Himself}Humph... I see lots of folks come and go, but none fit your type. Where you come from, stranger?
6260GREETINGLook, I'm willing to let you slide, but you're asking for it. Tell me what's your business in my town.
6261GREETINGWhat's eating you?
6263GREETINGYou again? Get out here, smoothface.
6264GREETINGGet lost!
6265GREETINGI've got nothing to say to you, punk. Scram!
6266GREETINGWhat the fuck you want, huh?
6267GREETINGHey, you! What the hell are you doing? Keep snooping around here and I'll skin you like a fucking Gecko.
6268GREETINGAndy's not gonna be happy. Where the hell's that crazy bitch?
6270GREETING... Huh?
6271GREETINGI've got nothing to say to you, stranger.
6272GREETINGI was blind to what was happening in my own family. We don't have much, but please take this.
6273GREETINGWhat... what have I done!? Mother...
6276GREETINGLook what you've done, you bastard!
6277GREETINGOh no! Alice... Alice, baby! I'm sorry, so sorry...
6278GREETINGShe... Alice left, didn't she? I can't believe you let her go! Some help you've been!
6279GREETINGGood to see you again. I'm just passing through here; staying at this refugee camp, under the wing of NCR thugs, is the last thing on my mind.
6280GREETING{Chance encounter on the road}Hey there! I'm on my way to Novac to find a new home, even if it lasts just a little while. See you around.
6281GREETINGHello again. Well, this is my place now. With time, I'll turn it into a good home.
6282GREETING{Primm, NCR rule}The NCR's all over Primm. Steer clear.
6283GREETING{Kimball dead}Somebody whacked the NCR president. Got what was coming to him.
6284GREETING{Caesar dead}Someone took out the Legion's boss. Doubt it'll stop them for long, though.
6285GREETING{Middle Game}Lot more troops on the road these days. Wonder what's up.
6286GREETING{Late Game}Best to lay low. The NCR and the Legion are about to have it out.
6287GREETING{Liked 1}You and me are all right.
6288GREETING{Liked 2}Good to know that you've got my back.
6289GREETING{Liked 3}Don't let the NCR catch up to you, all right?
6290GREETING{Rascal 1}You seem to be on the level.
6291GREETING{Rascal 2}Heard some things about you. {clarifying}Good things.
6292GREETING{Rascal 3}Guess we're on the same side.
6293GREETING{Wild Child 1}I respect you, but I want nothing to do with you.
6294GREETING{Wild Child 2}I've heard some crazy stories about you.
6295GREETING{Wild Child 3}Whatever is you want, keep me out of it. I've heard the stories.
6296GREETING{Mixed 1}I don't think I'll be turning my back to you anytime soon.
6297GREETING{Mixed 2}Keep your hands where I can see them - makes me feel better.
6298GREETING{Mixed 3}You make it hard to trust you, you know that?
6299GREETING{Hated 1}You better be sleeping with one eye open.
6300GREETING{Hated 2}Why are you even talking to me?
6301GREETING{Hated 3}I'd kill you right now if I could.
6302GREETING{Thug 1}You're not exactly making friends around here, are you?
6303GREETING{Thug 2}You and I have got nothing to talk about.
6304GREETING{Thug 3}Just keep on walking.
6305GREETING{Companion Reaction - Lily}Holy fuck. Never seen a mutant like that before.
6306GREETING{Companion Reaction - Rex}Didn't know they still had robo-dogs around.
6307GREETING{Companion Reaction - Raul}Wouldn't want to live forever if I had to look like a ghoul.
6308GREETING{Companion Reaction - Boone}{slight awe, respectful}That guy's got cold eyes. Definitely ex-military.
6309GREETING{Companion Reaction - Veronica}Now there's a fine-looking woman. Just needs to ditch the robe.
6310GREETING{Companion Reaction - Cass}Tough-looking woman. Something tells me she aims for the crotch.
6311GREETING{Companion Reaction - Arcade}We bought and sold guys like Four-Eyes over there like property back in the prison.
6312GREETING{slight threat}You eyeballing me?
6313GREETINGDamn. Running low on smokes again.
6314GREETINGAny lawman that comes after me won't have it easy.
6315GREETINGNever gets old when something blows up.
6316GREETINGNo way I'm going back to prison.
6317GREETING{Companion Reaction - Lily}Holy fuck. Never seen a mutant like that before.
6318GREETING{Companion Reaction - Boone}{slight awe, respectful}That guy's got cold eyes. Definitely ex-military.
6319GREETING{Companion Reaction - Cass}Tough-looking woman. Something tells me she aims for the crotch.
6320GREETING{Liked 1}You and me are all right.
6321GREETING{Liked 2}Good to know that you've got my back.
6322GREETING{Liked 3}Don't let the NCR catch up to you, all right?
6323GREETING{Rascal 1}You seem to be on the level.
6324GREETING{Rascal 2}Heard some things about you. {clarifying}Good things.
6325GREETING{Rascal 3}Guess we're on the same side.
6326GREETING{Wild Child 1}I respect you, but I want nothing to do with you.
6327GREETING{Wild Child 2}I've heard some crazy stories about you.
6328GREETING{Wild Child 3}Whatever is you want, keep me out of it. I've heard the stories.
6329GREETING{Mixed 1}I don't think I'll be turning my back to you anytime soon.
6330GREETING{Mixed 2}Keep your hands where I can see them - makes me feel better.
6331GREETING{Mixed 3}You make it hard to trust you, you know that?
6332GREETING{Hated 1}You better be sleeping with one eye open.
6333GREETING{Hated 2}Why are you even talking to me?
6334GREETING{Hated 3}I'd kill you right now if I could.
6335GREETING{Thug 1}You're not exactly making friends around here, are you?
6336GREETING{Thug 2}You and I have got nothing to talk about.
6337GREETING{Thug 3}Just keep on walking.
6338GREETING{slight threat}You eyeballing me?
6339GREETINGDamn. Running low on smokes again.
6340GREETINGNever gets old when something blows up.
6341GREETING{Companion Reaction - EDE}Wouldn't mind having one of those little flying robots myself.
6342GREETING{Fearful Suspicion}I've seen what those creatures do, and I don't know how you trust them.
6343GREETING{Fearful Suspicion}I've seen what those creatures do, and I don't know how you trust them.
6344GREETING{Fearful Suspicion}I've seen what those creatures do, and I don't know how you trust them.
6345GREETING{Revolted}Your Ghoul friend better not be radioactive.
6346GREETING{Unabashed Curiosity}What on earth is *that* creature?
6347GREETING{Thoughtful Curiosity}Your lady friend seems out of place here.
6348GREETING{Thoughtful Curiosity}Your friend seems too civilized for a place like this.
6349GREETING{Satisfied}Caesar's fate was sealed from the start.
6350GREETING{Satisfied}Wish I could've seen that Legion dog suffer.
6351GREETING{Chanced Encounter}My lucky day, running into our President's savior!
6352GREETING{Hopeful}I'm glad the President is still here to help us settle in these new territories.
6353GREETING{Proud}I'm not surprised Kimball survived. We NCR people are made of hard stuff.
6354GREETING{Violent}I should kill you myself for what you did to Kimball, and fuck the law!
6355GREETING{Violent}Even without our President, we won't leave the new territories!
6356GREETING{Violent}I bet I'd get a reward for bringing your head to the authorities, assassin!
6357GREETING{Resigned}Kimball's luck ran out.
6358GREETING{Proud}I should've taken the Fiend's head for myself.
6359GREETING{Resigned Fear}They say the Fiends are defeated, but I'm sticking close to the army - just in case.
6360GREETING{Cautious}They say it's safer to travel now that Fiends are retreating, but I'd still look out for trouble.
6361GREETING{Arrogant}As we've done with the Fiends, we'll kill anyone who resists our fight for peace.
6362GREETING{Visibly Disturbed}Legion attacking so far from their bases means we'll have to watch out on the road.
6363GREETING{Pessimistic}We're just pushing our luck by signing a treaty with those savage Khans.
6364GREETING{Proud and Celebratory}The territories are safer now that the Khans have disappeared.
6365GREETING{Scolding Hindsight}I told everyone we shouldn't have bet for the Khans.
6366GREETING{Self-Affirming Conviction}It's clear that savages, like the Khans, can't be trusted to civilize.
6367GREETING{Proud}I'll tell everyone back home about how the NCR deals with wild thugs, like the Kings.
6368GREETING{Proud}The Kings were pushing it too far, and they got what was coming to them.
6369GREETING{Proud Sarcasm}I guess those "Kings" finally got who's the real boss around here.
6370GREETING{Hopeful}Our victory at Nelson's a worthy story to tell in my travels.
6371GREETING{Hopeful}Our victory at Nelson's a worthy story to tell in my travels.
6372GREETING{Arrogant}Nelson will serve as example. We'll bleed the ground red with anyone who opposes our peace-efforts.
6373GREETING{Bewildered Anger}You'll pay for what you did to our soldiers at Forlorn Hope, murderer!
6374GREETING{Proud}It's good to hear that Primm has accepted our law.
6375GREETING{Matter of Fact}A reliable source told me we're getting the best NCR soldiers to help us against the Legion.
6376GREETING{Admiringly}Have you seen them? Our Rangers are the finest men alive!
6377GREETING{Worried}People are whispering, everywhere, about the massive Legion army gathering past the Colorado.
6378GREETING{Visibly Worried}Looks like the Legion also brought their own elite warriors to the territories.
6379GREETING{Visibly Worried}You'd be crazy to put your money on either side of the coming battle.
6380GREETING{unsettled}Why the hell is the Lucky 38 all lit up these days? I don't like it.
6381GREETING{Conviction}We'll make this land peaceful, after we kill everybody who opposes us.
6382GREETING{Fearful}It's time to pack and leave these lands until the dust settles.
6383GREETING{Fearful}It's time to pack and leave these lands until the dust settles.
6384GREETING{Casual Acknowledgement}What's up.
6385GREETING{Casual Acknowledgement}Uh huh.
6387GREETING{Unabashed Curiosity}Never seen a guardian dog like that before.
6388GREETING{Satisfied}With Caesar out of the way, we'll assert our rule over the territories.
6389GREETING{Self-Affirming Conviction}I knew that the Khans were animals. We should kill them like vermin.
6390GREETING{Bewildered Anger}What on earth could push you to destroy Forlorn Hope?
6391GREETING{Fearful Apprehension}You're not going to raze us to the ground, like you did to Forlorn Hope, right?
6392GREETING{Proud}NCR will civilize all this Wasteland, Primm is only the beginning.
6393GREETING{Encouraged}I've heard that we're getting strong reinforcements to help us civilize the territories.
6394GREETING{Disappointed}Instead of spending a fortune in this war, the NCR should be paying us to survive!
6395GREETING{Disappointed}I could buy back my *life* with the money it must cost to make one of those Ranger elite armors!
6396GREETING{Admiringly}The Legion better watch out now, our Rangers are going to turn the tables around!
6397GREETING{Visibly Worried}Despite our strength, the Legion army looks fierce enough to make me waiver.
6398GREETING{Thoughtful Naivete}Maybe when this is all over, they'll find time to look after us.
6399GREETING{Fearful}It's time to pack and leave these lands until the dust settles.
6400GREETING{Hopeful}Our victory at Nelson's a worthy story to tell in my travels.
6401GREETING{Irritated Warning}Don't go messing around with the Fiends.
6402GREETING{Irritated Warning}We ain't here to help you, get out.
6403GREETING{Irritated Warning}What the hell are you doing here? Civilians shouldn't be here.
6404GREETING{Slight Concern for the player}It's not safe around here.
6405GREETING{Slight Concern for the player}Try not to get killed, okay?
6406GREETING{Slight Concern for the player}You should go topside.
6407GREETINGOoh, suddenly I feel all tingly. And I find I've got a rocket launcher!
6408GREETINGMr. House is just pleased as punch you got those old Securitrons back on-line, sugar.
6409GREETINGOoh, the lights are all back on! How nice!
6410GREETINGYou should have seen Mr. House when he heard what you did to the Omertas. He was as giddy as a schoolboy!
6411GREETINGThose nasty Brotherhood of Steel brutes are all taken care of? Mr. House will be so glad!
6412GREETINGWhen he heard you stopped President Kimball's assassination, Mr. House went on about martyrs and misadventures for hours!
6413GREETINGI bet those Boomers have some awfully big... {innuendo-palooza}guns.
6414GREETINGSee? Mr. House has everything well in hand!
6415GREETINGWell hello, sugar. Mr. House is waiting for you in his office.
6416GREETINGHow do they keep the floor in here so clean?
6417GREETINGThey should have used Paladins to help protect the President.
6418GREETINGIf the NCR wasn't too proud to accept our assistance their president would still be alive.
6419GREETINGThe NCR is lucky we've chosen to side with them or we'd take the death of their President as a moment of weakness.
6420GREETINGWe are here to help protect the dam, word is Oliver is on his way and the battle will start soon.
6421GREETINGWe're ready to deploy whenever the NCR says the word.
6422GREETINGThe Brotherhood hasn't seen a real battle in so long, I have no doubt we'll handle this no problem.
6423GREETINGThe NCR is going to be grateful to have us around when the shooting starts.
6424GREETINGThe Elder sent us to help protect the dam and await further orders.
6425GREETINGMike Lawson sure knows his way around the dam.
6426GREETINGI'm honored to work with Lawson, he knows more about the dam than anyone.
6427GREETINGFantastic grabbed my ass. That guy is vile.
6428GREETINGI'm pretty sick of Fantastic, can't that guy keep his hands to himself?
6429GREETINGEveryone is abuzz about Oliver arriving soon. That must mean the battle is close.
6430GREETINGHanlon is pretty legendary, people talk about what he did at the first battle of hoover dam with awe and respect.
6431GREETINGI miss California.
6432GREETINGBy Mars these weaklings die easily.
6433GREETINGDon't get in my way!
6434GREETINGWhat happened to your buddy's face?
6435GREETING{Drunk, very slurred speech}I am not an alcoholic, sir. I'm a drunk! There's a difference!
6436GREETING{Drunk, very slurred speech}I am not an alcoholic, ma'am. I'm a drunk! There's a difference!
6437GREETING{Drunk ramble}The problem with some people is when they're not drunk, they're sober.
6438GREETING{Drunk ramble}People ask me how much it takes me to get drunk. I don't know. I usually can't remember numbers, let alone where I am the next morning.
6439GREETING{Drunk ramble}Hey! Watch your back! There be a pack of ol' ladies runnin' round here somewhere! Don't let {em}them catch you unawares!
6440GREETING{Prison under attack}I don't want to get shot!
6441GREETINGIt's about time a new customer showed up around here. Was getting sick of dealing with the same faces all the time.
6442GREETING{After prison battle}I can't believe the NCR actually showed up. We sure showed them, though. Right?
6443GREETINGWhat's up?
6444GREETING{Prison under attack}There's still more troopers out there!
6445GREETING{Male Player in Powder Ganger gear}I know {emphasis "all"}all the guys I did time with around here and you ain't one of them. Can't fool me with that Powder Ganger getup.
6446GREETING{Female player in Powder Ganger gear}Okay, I know I wasn't serving time with no girl, or I'd have heard about it. You come to play with the Powder Gangers?
6447GREETING{Male PC}Look at you, walking in here like you're one of us. Don't you know this is Powder Ganger territory?
6448GREETING{Female PC}Hey there, girlie. You here to party with the Powder Gangers?
6449GREETING{After NCR attack}{gleeful for killing a guy}Did you see me take out that NCR trooper? Right through his eye!
6450GREETING{slightly hostility}What do you want now?
6451GREETING{Prison under attack}I knew I should've gone with Cooke!
6452GREETINGHeard there was a new face around. I'm the doctor around here... sort of.
6453GREETING{After prison battle - relieved}That... was close. I really need to find some nice, quiet place to settle.
6454GREETINGSticking around, I see.
6455GREETING{Waiting in Primm for Pardon}Have you gotten my pardon from the NCR yet?
6456GREETING{Sheriff of Primm}Thanks for getting me that pardon. Me and the boys will take good care of Primm, don't you worry.
6457GREETING{Sheriff of Primm}I can do right by this town, they were in need of some frontier justice.
6458GREETING{Prison under attack}Sounds like the NCR is finally getting off their ass to settle things around here. Don't expect me to get in their way.
6459GREETING{Player is in Combat}Maybe you ought to worry about the guys trying to kill you first.
6460GREETINGDidn't know anyone would willingly walk into this place, not unless they were looking for trouble. What's your story?
6461GREETINGNeed to talk about something?
6462GREETINGWhat are you looking at?
6463GREETINGWill you quit bothering me?
6464GREETING{Prison under attack}No time to talk. We've got trouble.
6465GREETING{impressed}Not half bad in a fight, are you? I figure you had a lot to do with me still breathing after all that.
6466GREETINGI don't have any more work for you, but feel free to stick around as long as you want. You never know when the NCR will be back.
6467GREETINGDawes said he let somebody in. So, you going to give me a reason not to kill you and throw your body back outside?
6468GREETINGYou're the one Cobb mentioned. Maybe you feel like helping us out around here.
6469GREETING{After prison battle}Not bad in a fight, are you? I really thought the NCR had us in their sights that time.
6470GREETING{Powder Ganger Good Rep 2+ reached}I've been thinking that since you've been good to us, we can be good to you.
6471GREETINGWe've got plenty of spare powder and dynamite around. Say the word and we can give you some of it every couple of days.
6472GREETING{Powder Ganger Mixed Rep 2+ reached}I don't know what to make of you, you know that? I know I can't really trust you, that's for sure.
6473GREETINGStill, you've helped us out some, so maybe I ought to repay you some. I've spread the word about you to a bunch of guys out in the wasteland.
6474GREETINGAs long as you're not an enemy, they'll cut you some slack when you're near their camps. Trespass too long and they'll come after you.
6475GREETING{abrupt, slightly hostile}What?
6476GREETING{Combat in progress}Shut up and fight!
6477GREETINGI'm Sergeant Lee. Lieutenant Hayes radioed ahead to say you were on the way.
6478GREETINGWe've got surprise on our side, and that's about it. Once we blow a gap in the fence, we've got to pour on the fire and keep them disorganized.
6479GREETINGOur goal's to take out their leader, some assbag named Eddie. With the ringleader gone, the rest will fold.
6480GREETINGThat's all the briefing you're going to get. Let's go.
6481GREETINGWe can take it from here. We might have some cleaning up to do, but Eddie's a deadie. Gangs with no leadership don't last long.
6482GREETINGI'll radio Hayes to let him know the prison's ours. But you should swing by to see him the next time you're near Primm.
6483GREETINGThanks for the help.
6484GREETINGYou just walked into the wrong camp, my friend. Hand over everything you've got and we might let you live.
6485GREETINGI got the message. You won't see me around these parts again.
6486GREETING{Mixed Rep reached}Hey, I've been sent to tell you that, while you're not exactly a friend, we know you've helped us out some all the same.
6487GREETINGWe figure some kind of truce is in order. As long as you don't come too close to any of our camps, we'll let you pass without trying to kill you.
6488GREETINGOf course, the truce is off once we know you're an enemy.
6489GREETINGGot nothing else to say to you.
6492GREETING{Great Khan}Fuck Benny. We'll make him pay for stabbing us in the back.
6493GREETING{Great Khan - in combat}There's more of them still out there.
6494GREETING{NCR Trooper}Beats going up against the Legion.
6495GREETING{NCR Trooper}Never gone up against Great Khans before.
6496GREETINGMan, this place is a mess.
6497GREETINGThis rubble is slippery. Watch your step.
6498GREETING{NCR Trooper - in combat}We didn't get all of them. Talk later!
6499GREETING{Worker}It's about time they called us back.
6500GREETING{Worker}Work's slow right now, but at least it's something.
6501GREETING{Worker}Train's not working yet.
6502GREETING{Worker}I'm happy the Big Horn is still around.
6503GREETINGSome of the machinery's frozen up. Need someone to talk a look at it.
6504GREETINGAll right, Smoothskin, I'm letting you in. You better watch yourself. I'll sure as hell be watching you.
6505GREETINGWhat's the problem, smoothskin? Lost your way?
6506GREETINGHello? Who's down there?
6507GREETINGStop messing around with the intercom, smoothskin.
6508GREETINGGod, but are you ugly! Get upstairs and talk to Jason before I throw up just from looking at you.
6509GREETINGGo bother Jason, smoothskin. I don't like having you around.
6510GREETINGHave you found the components we discussed?
6511GREETINGHave you found the components we discussed?
6512GREETINGHi, REPCONN Quest Stuff, have at it!
6513GREETING{Player not in NCR gear}{pleased}A customer! Not many people come into Boulder City these days.
6514GREETINGThis isn't a public relations office. If you're not here about a bounty, you can go pester the Colonel.
6515GREETINGI see you're still alive, and that's promising. Any luck on that bounty?
6516GREETINGGot any more good news for me?
6517GREETINGStill working on that last bounty?
6518GREETINGPerimeter's been quiet since you left. The Fiends are running scared. I doubt they'll give us any more trouble, not for a long while.
6519GREETINGI haven't got any more bounties for you. It's been quiet and calm since you last reported in. Just how I like it.
6520GREETINGIf you're looking for bounties, you're too late. Had a few Fiends on my shitlist, but they either got killed or moved on.
6521GREETINGI hear you killed Driver Nephi. My team would've liked to get a shot at him... but we're still glad he's dead.
6522GREETINGI'm Lieutenant Gorobets, First Recon. If you're looking to collect a bounty, you should talk to Major Dhatri.
6523GREETINGYou came through for us. I have to admit... I wasn't sure you'd make it.
6524GREETINGMeans a lot, letting my team get payback. Here. We all pitched in some caps for you. Even Sterling, and he's famous for his tight wallet.
6525GREETING{Moving into position}We'll get ourselves into position. See you at the rock crushing plant.
6526GREETING{In position}We're all set up. You just lure Nephi close.
6527GREETING{First Recon member died}It's always hard to lose someone under your command. I hate writing the letter to their folks.
6528GREETINGWhat can I do for you?
6529GREETINGHey, my man! T-t-ten of spades. First Recon sharpshooter. At your s-s-service.
6530GREETINGHey there, miss! T-t-ten of spades. First Recon sharpshooter. At your s-s-service.
6531GREETING{Betsy dead}Can't b-b-believe Betsy's gone. S-s-she was a bitch, b-but she was my p-p-partner, you know?
6532GREETING{Gorobets dead}S-s-sucks about the {ell-TEE}LT. N-n-nobody can replace him.
6533GREETINGHow 'bout you get out of my f-f-face? I'm First Recon. I don't need to t-take shit from civvies.
6534GREETING{Moving into position}K-killing some Fiendsi? Shit, yeah! It's about t-t-time!
6535GREETING{In position}One shot, one kill. That's how Ten of Spades p-p-plays the game.
6536GREETING{Nephi dead, 10 of Spades didn't get a hit}{disappointed}Shit. I didn't even get a shot at that Nephi b-b-bastard before he went down.
6537GREETING{Nephi dead, 10 of Spades got a hit}Right here, Fiends! This is what payback looks like! First Recon, hooah!
6538GREETING{Cook-Cook dead}'B-b-bout time Cook-Cook g-g-g-got what was c-coming to him.
6539GREETINGYou remember me, right? T-t-ten of Spades. First Recon.
6540GREETING{PC is female, CHA 7+}Girl... you are some grade-A poon, anybody ever tell you that?
6541GREETING{Female PC, CHA 7+}You keep talking to me, sweetness, and people are gonna think we're an item. Not that I mind.
6542GREETING{Male PC}Never seen you around before. What do you want?
6543GREETING{Moving into position}Cut the chatter. Focus on the job, or you're gonna end up dead.
6544GREETING{In position}Quit talking! We've got a job to do.
6545GREETING{Nephi dead, Betsy got a hit}You did good out there. Glad you let me get a piece of Nephi.
6546GREETING{Nephi dead, Betsy didn't get a hit}What a pointless trip. Here I thought I'd get a shot at that junkie bastard.
6547GREETING{10 of Spades dead}Damn that 10 of Spades. Just had to go and get himself killed.
6548GREETING{Gorobets dead}Gorobets was all right - {lesbian afterthought, with some respect}for a man. Not gonna be the same without him.
6549GREETINGI've been seeing Usanagi, and things are better. I'm not so angry all the time, you know? And, uh, I'm not trying to jump every woman in camp.
6550GREETINGWell, not all the time, anyway,
6551GREETING{a little subdued, but friendly - the player's helped her}Hey.
6552GREETING{Female PC}{friendly - likes women}Hey, girl. You need something from me?
6553GREETING{Male PC}{slight hostility - not fond of men}Yeah?
6554GREETING{Corporal Sterling Top Level Topic Holder}
6555GREETINGHowdy. Name's Sterling, First Recon. Can't say I've seen you before. I'd remember, if I had.
6556GREETING{Nephi dead, Sterling didn't get a hit}Took some skill to bring down that Fiend. You done good.
6557GREETING{Nephi dead, Sterling got in a hit}Nothing like a job done right. Wish I had a cigar.
6558GREETING{Moving into position}Been a while since they let us out of the fence. Brass must really want Nephi dead.
6559GREETING{In position}Best you don't worry about us. We'll watch your back.
6560GREETING{Gorobets dead}It's always hard when your commander goes down, but we'll pull through all right.
6561GREETINGHowdy. What brings you back?
6562GREETINGI'm Bitter-Root. First Recon. You got a reason to talk to me?
6563GREETING{Moving into position}Can't talk now. Got to keep my eyes sharp.
6564GREETING{In position}{quietly warning, it's a combat situation}Eyes sharp, now.
6565GREETING{Nephi dead, Bitter-Root got a hit}Wish I'd gotten a bullet in that Fiend...
6566GREETING{Nephi dead, Bitter-Root got a hit}That's one less drugged-out waster. Best part of this job - shooting folks who deserve it.
6567GREETING{Gorobets dead}I've never lost a {see-OH: commanding officer}CO before. It doesn't feel right.
6568GREETINGDidn't think you'd be back. What's this about?
6569GREETINGLet me guess. You got work for me, right?
6570GREETINGWell, you're too late - I just quit the bounty trade. Soon as I pick up some caps that Dhatri owes me, I'm out of this scrapyard.
6571GREETING{Cook-Cook dead}Heard you got Cook-Cook. I hope you roasted that bastard with his own flamer.
6572GREETINGYep, I'm still here. Shit, I got nothing better to do, right?
6573GREETINGWelcome to REPCONN Headquarters, Rocketeer! Come all this way to see our little facility, have you?
6574GREETINGI'm here to answer any and all questions you may have - within specified parameters - and if you'd like, I can provide a tour of our museum.
6575GREETINGWelcome back! Interested in a tour of the REPCONN museum? Or did you have a question about the company I could answer?
6576GREETINGYes? Did you have a question?
6577GREETINGKeeping the Strip secure has been hell since the monorail was taken out.
6578GREETINGDid you hear about that Legion POW escape? I don't like our chances of taking him alive twice.
6579GREETINGThey're talking about you on the radio. Saving President Kimball. I'm impressed.
6580GREETINGHow could we lose Kimball at a time like this?
6581GREETINGChief Hanlon was a model soldier. We all looked up to him.
6582GREETINGToo bad about Chief Hanlon. He did what he thought was best for us.
6583GREETINGWithout Camp Forlorn Hope, it's a matter of time before the Legion surrounds us at the Dam.
6584GREETINGThis whole war's gonna change when the Ranger veterans get here. Soon as we see the Black Armor, we can all breathe easier.
6585GREETINGA platoon of veteran Rangers is like a tactical nuke, only tougher to scare.
6586GREETINGThis battle... everything's riding on it.
6587GREETINGThat red beret's looking good, soldier.
6588GREETINGThe security lapse with the monorail is a huge embarrassment.
6589GREETINGThat POW escape presents some real security concerns. That was our base camp, for crying out loud.
6590GREETINGThere's something fishy about how Chief Hanlon died. It just doesn't add up.
6591GREETINGCan't believe Hanlon was working against us.
6592GREETINGNo hope of securing the border now that Forlorn Hope fell.
6593GREETINGThe Ranger veterans have been running ops in Baja. We'll be a different army with them here.
6594GREETINGWe've got our best Rangers here now. All of a sudden I like our chances a whole lot better.
6595GREETINGIf we lose Hoover Dam, we can kiss Nevada goodbye.
6596GREETINGWith House dead, we'll have Vegas annexed before the year's out.
6597GREETINGIt's been a long tour. All I can think about now is going back home.
6598GREETING{LATER, BUNKER}Well! You're here ahead of schedule! I suppose it's just as well...
6599GREETINGThis is where I wanted you to end up, after all. {self-congratulating}I knew I could rely on Caesar to give you back the Platinum Chip.
6600GREETING{LATER, BUNKER, MISSION}I see that you reached your destination safely. Shall we get to work?
6601GREETING{BUNKER}Have you come to your senses? It's not too late to upload the Platinum Chip's data to the primary computer.
6602GREETING{BUNKER}Stop wasting time. Go upload the data on the Platinum Chip to the facility's primary computer.
6603GREETING{BUNKER}As you know, the Platinum Chip upgrades my Securitrons' operating software. Well... there's an army of them here.
6604GREETINGThe Securitrons policing the Strip are a fraction of the total number manufactured. The rest, I stored here.
6605GREETING{BUNKER}The Platinum Chip is a data-storage device.
6606GREETINGI need you to manually upload the data from the Chip to the facility's primary computer. There's a terminal at the other end of this facility.
6607GREETINGThere's a complication. While I can broadcast to this screen, I can't control any of the facility's systems.
6608GREETINGThat means I can't deactivate its security bots... most of which appear to be active, according to the status board I'm looking at.
6609GREETING{BUNKER, FORT SECS DEST}{devastated}Do you have the slightest idea of what you've done, of what you've destroyed?
6610GREETINGYou've doomed Vegas to be ruled by corrupt bureaucrats or fanatical savages.
6611GREETINGSinglehandedly, you've brought mankind's best hopes of forward progress crashing down. No punishment would be too severe.
6612GREETING{BUNKER}Your work here is done. Return to the Lucky 38 so we can discuss next steps.
6613GREETINGYou have a very bright future ahead of you. Thanks to your actions today, so does the rest of mankind.
6614GREETING{PLAYER DIDN'T GET CHIP}{Should be Securitron on the Strip}Benny is dead, and yet you don't appear to be carrying the Platinum Chip.
6615GREETINGI don't suppose you forgot to search his body?
6616GREETING{LOST CHIP}Before we go any further - where is the Platinum Chip?
6617GREETING{FIRST, HAS CHIP, FORT SECS UP}{spoke to player at the Fort bunker first}So, we meet in person finally... so to speak. You did well at the Fort - kudos.
6618GREETING{HAD CHIP, REFUSED, RETURNED}Have you come to your senses - or will there be a repeat of the last incident?
6619GREETING{FIRST, HAS CHIP, BENNY DEAD TOPS}You've been a busy courier, haven't you? You take your obligation to deliver an package very seriously - an ethic for which I am grateful.
6620GREETINGI will admit, when you ignored my invitation, I predicted... negative outcomes. But - you have a way of exceeding expectations, don't you?
6621GREETINGWell enough. Let's have the Chip, then.
6622GREETING{FIRST, NO TOPS}{even tones, welcoming the player but appraising, too}This meeting has been a long time coming, hasn't it? You've come a long ways, literally and, I suspect, figuratively as well.
6623GREETING{proud of the Vegas you built}I have to ask - now that you've reached your destination, what do you make of what you see?
6624GREETING{FIRST, BENNY FLED}The point of my inviting you to visit me here at the Lucky 38 {emphasis}before stomping into the Tops on your own was to help you prepare - tactically.
6625GREETINGNow, because of your carelessness, Benny has fled the Strip, taking with him the Platinum Chip.
6626GREETING{FIRST DISCUSS, PLAYER VISITED TOPS}{welcoming player, trying to hide irritation}Well... this meeting has been a long time in coming... longer still, since you took time to {disapproving}charge into the Tops before coming to see me.
6627GREETING{putting aside irritation}Before we get down to details, I must ask - now that you've arrived at your destination, what do you make of what you see?
6628GREETING{NO TERMS, NO TOPS}{player walked away without accepting terms last time}Can I look forward to a more {beat, emphasis}substantial conversation this time?
6629GREETING{TERMS, NO TOPS}Have you considered the terms of my offer? There's else little for us to discuss until you have.
6630GREETING{TERMS YES, NO CHIP}What is the purpose of this delay?
6631GREETING{LATER, BENNY FLED}Events have transpired in a... {beat}less-than-optimal fashion. Benny has fled the Strip, and the Platinum Chip has not been recovered.
6632GREETING{LATER, BENNY FLED}Benny must be pursued, and the Platinum Chip, recovered.
6633GREETING{LATER, HAS CHIP, BENNY DEAD TOPS}So... Benny has been {slight beat}handled and you've recovered the Platinum Chip. Let's have it.
6634GREETING{LATER, HAS CHIP}I take it you've come to deliver the Platinum Chip?
6635GREETING{HOUSE RECEIVES CHIP}{tenderly regarding the Chip}Such a small thing, isn't it? And yet so... {capacious = inexhaustibly capable}capacious. So very dear.
6636GREETINGDecades of hiring salvagers out west to search for this little {beat}relic in the ruins of a place called Sunnyvale. Back then, anyway.
6637GREETINGThat's where the Chip was printed, on October 22, 2077. It was to have been hand-delivered to me here, at the Lucky 38, the next day.
6638GREETINGBut the bombs fell first. Suffice it to say, the delivery was never made.
6639GREETING{CHIP IN, STRIP SECS NO}{jaunty, eager to share your secret}Come now, come now... get thee to the elevator.
6640GREETING{CHIP IN, STRIP SECS NO}{growing impatient}To the elevator, if you please... Stop dragging your feet.
6641GREETING{STRIP SECS UP}{dry}Trips to the basement are rarely so educational, don't you think?
6642GREETINGI've since broadcast the upgrade to every Securitron in range of my transmitters, and I must say, it's causing quite a stir down on the Strip!
6643GREETING{L38, HAS BUNKER MISSION}Make your way to Caesar's Camp at Fortification Hill. Something very interesting awaits you...
6644GREETING{STRIP SECS UP, GIVES BUNKER MISSION}To secure the future of New Vegas, I must have your assistance. The work ahead is dangerous, but {beat}you weather danger well.
6645GREETING{STRIP SECS UP}Have you found the courage to do what's necessary?
6646GREETING{MQN, B4 CHIP}What did you wish to know?
6647GREETING{MQN, B4 CHIP}What else did you want to know?
6648GREETING{FORT SECS NO}We'll talk again once you've concluded your work in the bunker at Fortification Hill.
6649GREETING{FORT SECS UP}The foundation is laid. My Securitrons on the Strip are upgraded, and those at the Fort, ready for action.
6650GREETINGNow it's just a matter of adjusting the attitudes of some lesser groups while we wait for Caesar's Legion to attack Hoover Dam.
6651GREETING{PLAYER HASN'T ACCEPTED BOOMER QUEST YET}The next step is to add the Boomers' considerable firepower to my growing arsenal... or at the very least, ensure their neutrality.
6652GREETINGAs I was saying, I need you to enlist or neutralize the Boomers at Nellis Air Force Base.
6653GREETING{BOOMERS QUEST ACTIVE}Any progress with the Boomers?
6654GREETINGYour next assignment won't take you far. It concerns the Omertas and their den of vice, Gomorrah.
6655GREETINGAs the decisive encounter between the bull and the bear looms close, my concerns about the Omertas have grown.
6656GREETINGI've never expected loyalty, mind you. A reliably underhanded tribe is just as constant to deal with as one that always run true.
6657GREETINGBut that's just it - lately the Omertas' cooperative silence has been deafening. Not a single complaint? They're up to something.
6658GREETINGYour next assignment would've been to investigate the Omertas, but you managed to foil their scheme before I could put you to the task.
6659GREETINGI should compensate you as though it were an official assignment, however. Wouldn't want to {beat}disincentivize your proactivity.{cash out Omerta quest}
6660GREETINGI'd hoped to have you investigate the Omertas, but after the trouble you caused at Gomorrah, they won't let you in the front door.
6661GREETINGI'll see if I can make some progress with informants. You're useless in this matter.
6662GREETINGAs I said before, I need you to investigate the Omertas, to see what they're up to.
6663GREETINGWhat do you have to report about the Omertas?
6664GREETINGYour next assignment is to locate and destroy remnants of the Mojave chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel.
6665GREETINGThe NCR nearly did the job at Helios One a few years ago, but there seem to have been survivors, unfortunately.
6666GREETINGGiven the Brotherhood's fanatical views on technology, they can be counted on to oppose my regime.
6667GREETINGPlease - put them out of my misery.
6668GREETINGAs I've said, I need you to locate and destroy the Brotherhood of Steel.
6669GREETINGHave you destroyed the Brotherhood of Steel?
6670GREETINGWill you ensure that President Kimball survives his visit to Hoover Dam?
6671GREETING{ALL REPUTATIONS LEAD-IN}Aaron Kimball, the president of the New California Republic, is going to visit Hoover Dam to "boost morale."
6672GREETINGApparently he hasn't considered the effect on the troops' morale of seeing their beloved leader get his brains blown out by a Legion sniper.
6673GREETING{GOOD REP LEAD-IN}I need you to make sure that no harm comes to President Kimball. It's fortunate that you've maintained good relations with the NCR...
6674GREETING{NCR REPUTATION TERRIBLE}Unfortunately, I can't use you to protect Kimball. The NCR won't let you come within a thousand feet of the President.
6675GREETINGOdds are that Caesar will launch his assault on the dam after Kimball's visit is concluded, one way or the other - so be on guard.
6676GREETING{NCR REPUTATION TERRIBLE}{ALTERNATE}Unfortunately, I can't very well send you off to protect Kimball. The NCR won't let you come within a thousand feet of the President.
6677GREETINGThis can be used to our advantage, though it'll a {beat}grim business. Go to Hoover Dam and attack the gathering crowd, and his visit will be canceled.
6678GREETING{REPUTATION OKAY}Your reputation with the NCR isn't exactly stellar, so I'll have to vouche for you. It'll make a scene, but it's worth it.
6679GREETINGLast I knew, President Kimball wasn't scheduled to visit the Lucky 38. Be on your way to Hoover Dam, will you?
6680GREETINGIf not for you, President Kimball would be dead. So you needn't feel guilty when the NCR's rout from Hoover Dam demolishes his political career.
6681GREETINGWhy in the world did you attack President Kimball?
6682GREETINGKimball is dead - what a mess you've made!
6683GREETING{GIVES EL DORADO SUBSTATION QUEST}Between the Strip and HELIOS One lies the El Dorado electrical substation.
6684GREETINGHumble as it appears, the substation has immense strategic value, for it's there that you'll jumpstart the Lucky 38's dormant reactor.
6685GREETINGGain access to the substation's control room and install this override module. Just so you know, there are NCR troops guarding the station.
6686GREETINGUntil the Lucky 38's reactor has been restarted, we have nothing to discuss.
6687GREETINGAs you can see, Vegas is humming along. I've tested my c3i broadcasting arrays. Everything is in order.
6688GREETINGAnd just in time, as it turns out. The forces of Caesar's Legion are on the march, establishing a staging area east of the dam.
6689GREETINGTheir assault could begin at any moment. So that's where you'll be heading, if you're ready - Hoover Dam.
6690GREETINGThe Legion's assault could begin at any moment.
6691GREETING{MQN, STRIP SECS UP}What did you want to discuss?
6692GREETING{MQN, STRIP SECS UP}What else did you want to discuss?
6693GREETING{Player fled combat last time}There will be no repeat of the trouble we had last time, I trust?
6694GREETING{Player fled combat last time}I'm optimistic that this conversation will go more smoothly.
6695GREETING{MQN, FORT SECS UP}I'd rather you just dealt with the Boomers, but all right...
6696GREETING{MQN, FORT SECS UP}I suppose the Omertas can wait a few minutes.
6697GREETING{MQN, FORT SECS UP}A few questions, and then you'll handle the Brotherhood, I hope?
6698GREETING{MQN, FORT SECS UP}Questions like "Will President Kimball survive his visit to Hoover Dam?"
6699GREETING{MQN, FORT SECS UP}Even now? On the brink of battle?
6700GREETINGI knew you'd make it. Resourceful, as always.
6701GREETINGThe override module is functioning properly. I'm rerouting power to the Securitron vault at the Fort as we speak...
6702GREETINGI just need you to head over to the east power plant and manually activate the switch.
6703GREETINGWhen you return topside, I think you'll see that my Securitron army is a little more than the Legion was prepared to handle.
6704GREETINGOh, and before you go - grab that print-out spooling from the console here - those papers set the terms for the NCR's unconditional surrender.
6705GREETINGI thought you might enjoy the honor of presenting them to the NCR's commanding officer, once the Legion has been defeated. Cheers!
6706GREETING{Fleshy House}{rasping, wheezing voice, like you have emphysema}Why have you... done this?... centuries of preparation... so much good, undone...
6707GREETING{Fleshy House}{rasping, wheezing voice, like you have emphysema}I have... nothing... to say... to you...
6708GREETINGHey again.
6709GREETINGIt sure is nice to see everybody working together like family. Maybe now the baby Jesus won't cry his self to sleep every night.
6710GREETINGShooting guns is real scary, but I think I got the hang of it now!
6711GREETINGRazz said the candy he got us was special! I wonder what he- {sudden, psychotic break}Gnaaah, kill, kill, rip and kill! -{right back to normal}meant by that?
6712GREETINGPoindexter says all our troubles is over now, and we won't have to go to war. I guess that's good, but I don't understand why.
6713GREETINGIs it true? The big boss ranger done killed his self?
6714GREETINGHowdy, great to see you!
6715GREETINGY'all sure are a big ol' hero. I gotta wright my mama and tell her I met you!
6716GREETINGUh, howdy. Are you gonna be mean or nice this time?
6717GREETINGYou scare and confuse me, and I think you should be nicer to people.
6718GREETINGGo away, you big bully!
6719GREETING{Frightened}Ahhh! Somebody call in the Rangers!
6721GREETINGWhile I have already internalized the new skills we have discussed, I feel as though my solution was nevertheless more practical.
6722GREETINGExcellent! Maximal reward for minimal work.
6723GREETINGI trust you're satisfied with the squad's newfound teamwork? It's almost entirely my own doing, I assure you.
6724GREETINGEver since consuming those "illicit rations" Razz offered us, I have felt a steadily-increasing desire to kill.
6725GREETINGI understand the esteemed Chief Hanlon is no longer with us. A shame. He seemed to be the only competent leadership this Army had.
6726GREETINGI'm assuming you aren't associated with the Army or the Rangers. What can I do for you?
6727GREETINGYou've done an excelent job ingratiating yourself to the top brass. I assume this is some sort of strategem?
6728GREETINGYou've managed to become extraordinarily well-liked by the top brass. You should exploit that for your own gain wherever possible.
6729GREETINGYour behavior has become an unwelcome X-factor, and I would kindly ask you to consider altering it.
6730GREETINGI'm afraid I have no desire to socialize with unstable elements such as yourself.
6731GREETINGI must question your logic in coming here, in light of your prior actions.
6732GREETINGKindly remove yourself, as I have no desire to be struck by a stray round when disgruntled troopers begin firing on you.
6733GREETINGGreetings once again.
6734GREETINGOkay, okay, I admit it - knowing how to use these guns right is pretty cool.
6735GREETINGSweet, those "readiness reports" are so good they actually gave me a raise!
6736GREETINGI thought all that touchy-feely teamwork bullshit was kind of fruity... but it kinda feels good knowing my squad's got my back.
6737GREETING{Tripping out on a drug almost like but legally distinct from meth}Ha ha, fuck me, Jack's shit is still the best!
6738GREETINGHeard Chief Hanlon took the {"lead" as in bullets}lead expressway to Angel-town. Weird shit, yo.
6739GREETINGWhat you want, homes?
6740GREETINGAw, shit, here comes the brown-noser. What you want?
6741GREETINGShit, look who it is, the crazy one! What up?
6742GREETINGEvery time you come around, the brass gets their pants in a bunch. Keep on coming by.
6743GREETINGShit, you just piss folks off wherever you go, huh?
6744GREETINGI know I talk a lot of shit about the army, but you come around here again and I'll slit you.
6746GREETINGSomething I can do you for?
6747GREETINGI suppose I can help you out. What do you want?
6748GREETINGI'm not really comfortable having you in here, so make it quick.
6749GREETINGHey, friend. Need something?
6750GREETINGGlad to see you! Need a patch-job?
6751GREETINGI think you'd better get out of here.
6752GREETINGThere are a half-dozen troopers in shouting distance. Best remember that before you try anything.
6753GREETINGI don't speak with outsiders, smoothskins especially. Talk to our leader, Jason Bright.
6754GREETINGWell, well! If it isn't the Vault explorer himself! Welcome back.
6755GREETINGWell, well! If it isn't the Vault explorer herself! Welcome back.
6756GREETING{Satisfied but exhausted from sex}That was something else. I look forward to the next ride - once I recover, you monster.
6757GREETINGWhat are you doing here!? I don't want to be near you ever again! Leave, leave... just leave, ok!?
6758GREETINGHey, stranger! Where have you been, uh? I missed you!
6759GREETINGGive me a few to close the shop, I'll meet you at the room.
6760GREETING{Deeply Saddened}Mickey is... he's no longer... alive. I'm sorry, but I just can't go on.
6761GREETINGHey buddy, spare a cap? I can make it worth your while.
6762GREETINGThis man's prices are steep, but I hear he's worth it.
6763GREETINGThanks, mister!
6764GREETINGThanks, lady!
6765GREETINGI wish he'd quit running.
6766GREETINGHe's kinda cute, isn't he?
6767GREETINGWe're gonna have rat tonight!
6768GREETINGHey pal, spare a cap?
6769GREETINGAh, my favorite customer. Got a cap for me?
6770GREETINGYou could do worse than leave your life in my hands, wanderer. Far worse.
6771GREETINGA hundred caps sees you safely through Freeside. What do you say?
6772GREETINGYou're in luck stranger. You just happen to be talking to the most successful bodyguard in all of Freeside.
6773GREETINGAnd I just happen to be available at the moment. One hundred caps gets you a peaceful, pleasant trip through our fair district. Guaranteed.
6774GREETINGHello, my friend! Can I perhaps interest you in some protection? My services come cheap at only a hundred caps.
6775GREETINGLook, I'm being paid to shoot people who talk to you, not talk to you myself. Just pretend I'm not here or something.
6776GREETINGFreeside truly is an interesting place, isn't it?
6777GREETINGI am sorry, my friend, but I must concentrate on watching out for threats. Please do not take offense.
6778GREETINGSomething you need, kid?
6779GREETINGHeh, so the Garrets sent you to track me down? What a joke.
6780GREETINGWelcome to the Atomic Wrangler. What can I get you?
6781GREETINGWelcome to the Atomic Wrangler.
6782GREETINGHey man, can you spare a few caps?
6783GREETINGHow are you today? Santiago is fabulous!
6784GREETINGAh... I wasn't expecting you to return.
6785GREETINGSantiago has nothing left to give. Leave me now.
6786GREETINGSantiago thanks you for getting him this job.
6787GREETINGHello. Lovely to meet you.
6788GREETINGI have nothing more to give. Leave me be.
6789GREETINGAre you here to drop off medical supplies? Leave them with the rest in the middle of the courtyard.
6790GREETINGLooking for a fix, man? I got what you need.
6791GREETINGYou seen Dixon around? He said he'd be back today.
6792GREETINGCome on, man. I'm dying here.
6793GREETINGDo you have chems, buddy? I could really use a fix.
6794GREETINGSo you're back. Got any chems for me yet?
6796GREETINGNot bad. You're lucky I was drawing their fire, otherwise you would have been chewed up.
6797GREETINGI sent one of my guys back to the King to report what happened. You should head back. He'll probably want to thank you.
6798GREETINGThe King just sent a messenger over, saying these guys are off-limits. He's probably already heard about what you did here.
6799GREETINGLooks like you get to be a hero. Enjoy it while it lasts.
6800GREETINGWhy the hell are you here? I got this under control!
6801GREETINGWhy are you talking to me? Smoke these guys already!
6802GREETINGGood, you're here. These soldier boys don't kid around. They must have had a lookout posted and spotted us coming.
6803GREETINGThey took out two of my guys right away, and now the rest are too scared to move in. That leaves you.
6804GREETINGWhat do we have here? Another petitioner for the King?
6805GREETINGLook who's back. If you want to see the King, you better pay up.
6806GREETINGGo on. The King's a busy man. Be grateful for this opportunity.
6807GREETINGI've got my eye on you. You cross the Kings, you'll regret it.
6808GREETINGLook, Rexie, someone new's come to see us. {Sighs}Poor boy. He hasn't been feeling well lately. I'm the King. What can I do for you?
6809GREETINGThat's strange, I don't see ol' Rexie with you. He usually comes back here whenever he's not with you. Where'd he get to?
6810GREETINGWhy Rexie, you look all better, boy! Good as new! {talks in dog-owner-schmoopy voice}Did my Rexie get a new brain?
6811GREETINGI sure appreciate you coming back. You think a little more about my offer?
6812GREETINGI... I can't believe Pace is gone... He was always right here, you know? Always cracking me up with some story or another.
6813GREETINGAnyway, what did you want?
6814GREETINGI heard someone got to my friends who were injured. Looks like we'll never find out who did it now.
6815GREETINGDid you want something? I'm all kinda shook up right now.
6816GREETINGMy eyes on the street tell me you haven't paid our mutual friend Orris a visit yet. Until you do, we got nothing to talk about.
6817GREETINGWhat do you have for me?
6818GREETING{ Top level topics for The King }
6819GREETINGHave you found anything out? Or were you just here to chat?
6820GREETINGYou find out somethin' about them soldier boys yet?
6821GREETINGI've already heard all about what happened, and all I can say is that I, and all of Freeside, thank you. Thank you very much.
6822GREETINGI heard all about what happened. Maybe it's time for a little more talkin' and a little less fightin'.
6823GREETINGThings have been lots better since you helped with with those soldier boys. Thanks again. So what can I do for you?
6824GREETINGWhat can the King do for you?
6825GREETINGLeave me alone. Can't you see a man's fighting for his life here?
6826GREETINGWhat is it? Can't you see I want to be left alone with my friend here?
6827GREETINGTell the King we thank him for looking out for us.
6828GREETINGI ain't got any reason to talk to you. Scram.
6829GREETINGThat true? Did the King really send you?
6830GREETINGHope what I remembered helps.
6831GREETINGHey, you helped out Bill Ronte so the Followers worked out a deal for you to drink free.
6832GREETINGThe King controls the water pump. If you want water, you need to pay like everyone else.
6833GREETINGGuess we won't be doing this for much longer.
6834GREETINGThe Major gave us all a talking-to. Guess she heard about some of the guys' "night missions."
6835GREETINGI've never seen the Major so angry before. She may look calm right now, but don't let her fool you.
6836GREETINGHold up. What's the password?
6837GREETINGLet's try to keep the line moving, folks.
6838GREETINGTry to take only what you need.
6839GREETINGSubmit to a credit check or present your passport before proceeding to the gate. Trespassers will be shot.
6840GREETINGDon't bother me right now. I've got to get back to see if any customers are waiting.
6841GREETINGStay away from me, if you know what's good for you.
6842GREETINGCome on, let's get this over with.
6843GREETINGDon't distract me. I need to focus all my senses on keeping you safe.
6844GREETINGThis gentleman and I were just settling on a price. I'm afraid you'll have to hire one of the others this time around.
6845GREETINGIf you need to cross Freeside, no one will keep you safer than I will.
6846GREETINGI knew you'd be back. Ready to hire the best?
6847GREETINGFully Integrated Security Technetronic Officer active and reporting for duty.
6848GREETINGOperation complete. Thank you for your business.
6849GREETINGGreetings. Fisto is programmed to please.
6850GREETINGI am programmed for your pleasure. Please assume the position.
6851GREETINGWelcome to Mick & Ralph's. If you need guns, I'm your man.
6852GREETINGFor general supplies and other services, see my partner Ralph.
6853GREETING{Blunt advice}You might want to clean up your act. Some of the locals have been complaining.
6854GREETINGRalph and I don't sell to people who treat our friends badly.
6855GREETING{Blunt}I don't take kindly to deadbeats who treat my friends like trash. Get {outta}out of here.
6856GREETING{saddened sigh}I wish I'd never gotten involved with the Omertas. All of this bloodshed...
6857GREETING{vindictive}One of these days, those bastards will get what's coming to them. {calm realization}In the meantime, I'll be sure to be more careful with my sales.
6858GREETING{back to business}Anyway, is there anything I can get you?
6859GREETING{Matter of fact}That was a real mess the Omertas were looking to create. {grateful, long glaaad}Glad you could get all that sorted.
6860GREETING{financially strained, but relieved}May have cost me some business, but at least we avoided a shitstorm.
6861GREETING{back to business}Anything I can get {ya}you?
6862GREETING{Gruff}All of the scumbags are coming out of the woodwork now that the Kings are keeping everyone in line.
6863GREETING{resigned sigh}At least gun sales are better than ever. {back to business}Now what can I get you{getcha}?
6864GREETING{Ambivalent sigh}I'm not sure how to feel about the Kings and NCR sorting out their differences, but as long as business keeps up, I'm a happy man.
6865GREETING{back to business}Now what can I {getcha}get you?
6866GREETING{Amused}People say Mr. House hasn't been heard from in a while. Good riddance.
6867GREETING{Back to business as usual}Now what can I do for {yuh}you?
6868GREETINGI heard about some things you've done around town. Nice to know someone is helping out for a change.
6869GREETING{happy to see player}Welcome back, buddy! What can I {getcha}get you?
6870GREETINGWelcome back.
6871GREETINGI don't deal with dirtbags. Take a walk.
6872GREETINGIf you're looking for guns, talk to Mick. Otherwise, I've got a nice selection of general supplies and other services.
6873GREETINGHey, thanks for getting Bill Ronte fixed up. I was really getting sick of paying for water.
6874GREETINGNow, what can I do for {ya}you?
6875GREETING{Giddy}Man, Jacob's Absinthe is phenomenal stuff. I don't think I've slept this well in ages...{trails off}
6876GREETING{back to business}If you haven't tried it yet, he's been supplying the Wrangler with the stuff. So, what can I get {ya}you?
6877GREETING{chuckles to self}With the Kings gone, it may be a little hairier around here, but business is good.
6878GREETINGAnything in particular you're looking for?
6879GREETING{Sarcastic}So, Ambassador Fancypants has graced us with his presence! {sarcastic}I apologize if you're looking for Pre-War pipes and smoking jackets, I'm clean out.
6880GREETINGPlaying debt collector for the Garrets, eh? I guess someone has to do their dirty work.
6881GREETING{Pimpin'}Pimping ain't easy, eh? Maybe if you find some decent talent, I'll start visiting the Wrangler more often.
6882GREETING{happy to see player}How's it going, friend? Looking for anything special?
6883GREETING{Sarcastic, aaaand}And NCR wins? No, really, I'm shocked.
6884GREETING{sarcastic}I totally didn't expect the guys with advanced armor and seemingly unlimited ammunition to take down an army of machete-wielding ingrates.
6885GREETING{Wary}With Caesar's Legion in control of the dam, I think things are going to get much more difficult around here.
6886GREETING{Elated}That old coot, House, is going to make me rich! With all the new rules and regulations in New Vegas, I'll make a killing circumventing them!
6887GREETING{Pleased}An independent Vegas... Never thought I'd see it.
6888GREETINGHouse may be gone, but the players remain the same. Business as usual, then.
6889GREETINGHey, what can I get you?
6890GREETING{creepy vagrant laugh}Heh heh heh heh heh.
6891GREETING{nearly passed out}Wha-?
6892GREETINGBang bang bang bang bang!
6893GREETINGReach for the sky, lady.
6894GREETINGReach for the sky, mister.
6895GREETINGI wish I had a gun.
6896GREETINGMax can't even hit me. He's so dumb.
6897GREETINGI'm bored.
6898GREETINGHey pal, you dig my new hat? I've been making some good money lately, and figured I'd treat myself.
6899GREETINGHey, I thought about what you said before, and picked up this sweet piece. You were right, I feel much safer.
6900GREETINGHey, I'm sorry about being so dismissive about your suggestion before. I thought a lot about what you said.
6901GREETINGThere've been times when just a little bit of money from a stranger would have made a huge difference to me, so I get where you're coming from.
6902GREETINGMaybe I could make that kind of difference for someone else... ah, who am I kidding?
6903GREETINGHey, I've been thinking a lot about what you said earlier, about saving up and leaving this dump. Do you really think it's possible?
6904GREETINGLook pal, I've been thinking. I know we got off to a bad start there, but let's put it behind us, okay?
6905GREETINGHey pal, I made so much recently that I was able to afford this little number too. How do I look?
6906GREETINGYou again. You want a tip, or you here to piss me off some more?
6907GREETINGHey pal, you got the caps, I got the info. You do have the caps, right?
6908GREETINGAh, my favorite customer returns. Want a tip?
6909GREETING{Mugging sequence}Well, look who it is. I was just thinking about you.
6910GREETINGI recently came across a piece of info that you just have to hear, and since you're my best customer, it's on the house. Interested?
6911GREETING{Mugging, after you turned him down the first time}Hey, I've still got that super-hot tip for you, and it's still free. What do you say?
6912GREETING{Leaving}Hey pal, I've finally saved up enough caps to leave this dump, so no tips today. Or ever, I guess, ha ha.
6913GREETINGA lot of these caps came from you, so I wanted to say thanks before I shove off. Meeting you really changed my life.
6914GREETING{Actual mugging}Okay, pal, we're going to do this quick and easy. I know you're loaded down with caps, judging by how much you've already given me.
6915GREETINGSo I thought I'd save us both some time and just take all the caps you have. Hand them over.
6916GREETING{Him working for the Followers}Oh hey, didn't think I'd see you here. I decided to stop scrounging for caps and start making a difference.
6917GREETINGThe Followers have been really great. There's always something that needs to be done, and everyone here treats me really well.
6918GREETINGSorry if you stopped by my old spot looking for info. I've been so busy lately that I haven't heard anything.
6919GREETINGAnyway, feel free to stay as long as you like. I've got to get back to work.
6920GREETING{Said with an accusing tone, emphasis on the "you"}What do you want?
6921GREETING{Pacer top level topics}
6922GREETINGWelcome to Freeside. Try not to get killed.
6923GREETINGKick back and relax! Everything is allowed in Freeside!
6924GREETINGThe only rule in Freeside is don't mess with the Kings.
6925GREETINGWatch yourself around here.
6926GREETINGIf you're heading to the Strip, just go through the gate there.
6927GREETINGFreeside is the Kings' turf. Remember that.
6928GREETINGGreat, another one come in from the wastes. Like this place isn't crowded enough.
6929GREETINGMove along.
6930GREETINGGood evening! Are you looking for companionship, love?
6931GREETINGYou look new to Freeside, so here's a little advice, friend. Don't go past the south gate greeter without talking to it first.
6932GREETINGHello again.
6933GREETINGAh, you return to me a King yourself! It would be an honor for me to do your hair! That is why you are here, yes?
6934GREETINGAh, I knew you'd be back. Ready for your entire life to change?
6935GREETINGYou want your hair done, too? No, no, no. The Kings are many, and their hair must be *perfect*.
6936GREETINGWhen is the King coming back up here? I'm bored!
6937GREETINGThe King is all that his name implies, and then some.
6938GREETINGThe King promised to take us out tonight. I simply adore going to the Tops!
6939GREETINGAll I do all day is read magazines. You'd be amazed what you can learn from them!
6940GREETINGI want to go to the Strip! We never get to go to Gomorrah anymore!
6941GREETINGYou're not a King! Does the King know you're up here?
6942GREETINGYou want to travel through Freeside with ease, you hire a King. We're everywhere, and no one messes with us.
6943GREETINGYour safety is practically guaranteed, for just 100 caps.
6944GREETINGHey there, you want to cruise Freeside in style, you'd do worse than hire a King to tag along. Only 100 caps.
6945GREETINGYou wanted something?
6946GREETINGSomething on your mind?
6947GREETING{Angry}Well, I hate to support the damn NCR, but it looks like they're the only thing between us and mass slavery at the hands of the Legion.
6948GREETINGHere's to the slaughter of every last one of those brahmin-poking meatheads, Caesar's Legion.
6949GREETING{Wary}Doesn't look good, this build-up of forces between the NCR and Legion. Not good at all for business in the long run, if the Legion wins.
6950GREETING{Concerned}I hear the Legion is camping out across the river. I hope they're not planning to attack, but those bloodthirsty molerats are never up to any good.
6951GREETING{excited}Some guys were in here earlier saying you survived Benny's goon squad. That's one hell of a feat, bud. Have a drink on me.
6952GREETING{Amused}I hear Benny got force-fed a little slice of heaven. Man what I would have paid to see that loathesome little weasel eat it.
6953GREETING{Snarky}So Benny went MIA, huh? I always figured him for a coward.
6954GREETING{Confident}You made a run on The Tops, eh? Admirable work, but don't try that crap in Freeside.
6955GREETING{Mixed}I don't care how you get your work done, but keep you nose clean in Freeside.
6956GREETING{Mixed}{Chuckle}Here comes trouble. What can I do for you?
6957GREETING{Wild Child}I can see you appreciate the gray areas of life. Got anything in particular you're looking for?
6958GREETING{Wild Child}Welcome back, wild man. What can I do for you.
6959GREETING{Wild Child}Welcome back, wild woman. What can I do for you.
6960GREETING{Good Natured Rascal}{Heya}Hey, chum. Welcome back.
6961GREETING{Liked}Welcome back, friend. What can I get you?
6962GREETING{Merciful Thug}People in Freeside are talking, bub. We don't serve punks. Change your attitude, or find another place to drink.
6963GREETING{Merciful Thug}I don't have all day. What do you need?
6964GREETING{Hated}You're a real piece of work, bub. You're lucky to be alive with your rep around here.
6965GREETING{Unknown}Welcome to the Atomic Wrangler. What can I get you?
6966GREETING{Unknown}Welcome back. What can I get you?
6967GREETING{Concerned}I heard about your run on The Tops. Don't even think about trying that crap here.
6968GREETING{Amused}So Benny's dead, huh? That shifty son of a bitch had it coming.
6969GREETING{at a loss}I hear Benny went missing. I can't help but wonder what happened to him.
6970GREETING{excited}I heard Benny sent his goons after you. You're one hell of a survivor to make it out of The Tops alive.
6971GREETING{matter-of-fact}So it turns out the Omertas were into some serious shit. I always suspected that crew was dirty.
6972GREETING{Friendly, Impressed}Some gamblers came in saying they'd seen you enter the Lucky 38. I have to say I'm impressed.
6973GREETINGI don't know of any other living person who's been in there.
6974GREETING{Cheery}People are saying the Securitrons are acting funny. {Cold}I hope that old Geezer, House, is dead. Might give the locals a chance to take control.
6975GREETING{Warm thanks}Here's one on the house for taking down Caesar. Serves him right for treating women like livestock.
6976GREETING{Amused}You hear? Caesar finally kicked the bucket! Serves him right for treating women like livestock.
6977GREETING{Disgusted}Damn monorail bombing. I {spose}suppose this means we'll be seeing more NCR chumps wandering through Freeside.
6978GREETING{Reticent}Hate to say it, but business has improved since the troopers started coming through Freeside to get to Vegas.
6979GREETING{Amused}I hear you've been making a name for yourself on The Strip. Don't forget about the Wrangler if you make it big.
6980GREETING{Concerned}People are getting nervous about the Legion amassing on the other side of the river. I hope the NCR can hold agains another attack.
6981GREETING{Wary}This build-up on both sides of the dam isn't good. If the Legion attacks and wins, it won't be long before we're all slaves.
6982GREETING{Angry}God-damned Legion is raring for a fight. No matter who wins, a lot of people are going to die in the process, and dead men don't drink.
6983GREETING{Mixed}You can order whatever you want, as long as it's alcoholic.
6984GREETING{Wild Child}So the wild one returns! What can I get you?
6985GREETING{Good Natured Rascal}{Appreciative}I hear you've been helping out around town. It's much appreciated, friend.
6986GREETING{Good Natured Rascal}{Warm}What can I get you, friend?
6987GREETING{Liked}{Warm}You've done a lot for Freeside and it is much appreciated. Here's one on the house.
6988GREETING{Liked}{Warm}Good to see you! What can I get you, friend?
6989GREETING{Merciful Thug}Watch yourself, friend. We don't serve those who treat our friends badly. Shape up, or ship out.
6990GREETING{Merciful Thug}{Disinterested}Yeah? What do you need?
6991GREETING{Hated}What the hell do you want?
6992GREETING{Unknown}Welcome to the Atomic Wrangler. What can I get you?
6993GREETING{Unknown}Welcome back. What can I get you?
6994GREETINGEmily says you're working with her on bugging the Lucky 38. That information would be invaluable to our research if you can get it done.
6995GREETINGHey, I heard about the bug getting destroyed in the Lucky 38. We'll get in there eventually. It's just a matter of time.
6996GREETINGOne of my aides said you got into the Lucky 38. If you see someone by the name of Emily near there, we would like you to work for us.
6997GREETING{Concerned}I've heard a few patients mention the Securitrons are acting strangely and no one has heard from Mr. House in a while.
6998GREETINGIf House is out of the picture, maybe we'll be able to get our hands on some of his technology. It would help our scientists greatly.
6999GREETINGSo the great {Kai-zar}Caesar is dead. Happy news, but I don't know that it'll make things safer. The rest of his goons may be even worse once they take power.
7000GREETINGSmoke rising from the east spells trouble. I hope the Legion isn't on the move.
7001GREETINGI sincerely hope the NCR are getting supplies in place to defend against an attack, because it looks like the Legion has plans for the dam again.
7002GREETINGIf things don't go well at the dam, all of our efforts here could be for nothing. I hope to God the Legion doesn't win control.
7003GREETING{Unknown}Is there something you need?
7004GREETING{Unknown}Hi, do you need assistance?
7005GREETING{Unknown}Can I help you?
7007GREETING{Mixed}Do you need something?
7008GREETING{Mixed}Have you ever considered getting your head checked?
7009GREETING{Wild Child}I'm pretty busy, is there something you need?
7010GREETING{Wild Child}Make it quick, I'm a busy woman.
7011GREETING{Wild Child}We don't specialize in psychiatry in this camp.
7012GREETING{Good Natured Rascal}Hey, good to see you.
7013GREETING{Good Natured Rascal}Welcome.
7014GREETING{Liked}Welcome back, friend.
7015GREETING{Liked}Great to see you again.
7016GREETING{Merciful Thug}What do you want?
7017GREETING{Merciful Thug}Watch yourself around here. We don't tolerate thugs in the camp.
7018GREETING{Merciful Thug}I'm busy, make it quick.
7019GREETING{Hated}I hope you don't think I'm going to stitch your sorry ass.
7020GREETING{Hated}Great, you again?
7021GREETING{Hated}Don't you have some kittens to drown or something?
7022GREETINGCheck it out. Between the dumpsters there.
7023GREETINGLooky what we have here, ladies, another unsuspecting ponce!
7024GREETINGPlace your bets and give the wheel a spin!
7025GREETINGPull up a stool and join the game, buddy!
7026GREETINGYou people are crazy!
7027GREETINGYou want to get your hands on some of the deadliest weapons around? Head just down the street to the Silver Rush. You won't be disappointed.
7028GREETINGThe Silver Rush is just down the street here. You can't miss it.
7029GREETINGHey baby, head down to the Atomic Wrangler if you want to have a good time.
7030GREETINGThe Wrangler's just down the street. You're almost there already.
7031GREETINGStop by Mick & Ralph's for all your shopping needs, sir.
7032GREETINGStop by Mick & Ralph's for all your shopping needs, ma'am.
7033GREETINGMick & Ralph's is located just before the east gate.
7034GREETING{Mick Placeholder}
7036GREETINGYou new to Freeside? Haven't seen you around.
7037GREETINGYou looking to join the Kings?
7038GREETINGDo I know you? Whatever.
7039GREETINGI hear you're working out pretty well. The King's taken a shine to you.
7040GREETINGStick by the Kings, and the Kings'll stick by you.
7041GREETINGI've been hearing good things about you. Keep it up.
7042GREETINGHey pal, what's shaking?
7043GREETINGYou're okay in my book.
7044GREETINGHey there. You should stop by Freeside more often.
7045GREETINGYou got guts, showing your face around here.
7046GREETINGYou're lucky the King's a forgiving man.
7047GREETINGI don't need to talk to you.
7048GREETINGI wish you never came to Freeside.
7049GREETINGBack again? What's next, burn down the Wrangler?
7050GREETINGYou're not wanted around here. Scram.
7051GREETINGSome people seem to think you've helped the community, but I have my doubts.
7052GREETINGThere's talk of you being a menace, but I think you mean well.
7053GREETINGWell, you definitely accomplished some things here, but I can't tell if Freeside is better for it or not.
7054GREETINGYou have got to be the craziest asshole I've ever met.
7055GREETINGA couple of us started a pool trying to guess what you've going to do next.
7056GREETINGDon't take this the wrong way, but are you, like, crazy or something?
7057GREETINGHeard there was some excitement in one of the casinos in the Strip. Bunch of people got hurt when some nut started attacking people.
7058GREETINGThings are tense on the Strip right now. The head of one of Mr. House's Families was killed. Time to lay low, you ask me.
7059GREETINGSome nut attempted to kill the head of one of Mr. House's Families recently. Whoever did it is either crazy or has balls the size of Freeside.
7060GREETINGDid you hear someone managed to fight their way through the Chairmen and flee the Strip after being caught? Wonder if they're hiding out in Freeside.
7061GREETINGLooks like Gomorrah's under new management. I wonder what happened?
7062GREETINGThere's talk of someone going into the Lucky 38 to talk to Mr. House. That's bullshit. Everyone knows Mr. House doesn't talk to anyone.
7063GREETINGMan, I thought those tin cans of Mr. House's were tough before. Have you seen the shit they can do now?
7064GREETINGTurns out Mr. House wasn't so safe up in his tower after all!
7065GREETINGI wonder how Mr. House died. I figure it wasn't old age.
7066GREETINGHow are we supposed to sleep with the Lucky 38 lit up 24/7?
7067GREETINGHoly crap! You're the one they're saying killed the Legion honcho right?
7068GREETINGWord on the street is that the leader of the Legion bought it. Too bad, someone was finally going to do something about all the NCR around here.
7069GREETINGYou hear how Mr. House said "uncle?" Vegas is gonna join the NCR. So much for Freeside.
7070GREETINGDid you hear? Someone bombed the monorail down at McCarran, so everyone's been forced to come through here to get to the Strip. Business is booming.
7071GREETINGSeems like they've got things straightened out in McCarran now, but we're still seeing a big increase in traffic here.
7072GREETINGI can't believe someone stopped the NCR president from getting killed. If anyone deserves it, it's that jerk.
7073GREETINGSomeone took a shot at the NCR president, but the lucky bastard got away. Oh well, it was a good try.
7074GREETINGHey, did you hear the NCR president got whacked? Good for whoever did it, I say. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
7075GREETINGThere's mutterings from the NCR people around here that some local hero of theirs died. Whatever.
7076GREETINGTurns out some military hero the Squatters admired was actually a slimeball. An NCR soldier who's actually a dick? Who would've thought?
7077GREETINGHeh, word is the leader of the Fiends got taken down. I would have done it myself, it he ever had the courage to step into Freeside.
7078GREETINGI heard that some of the bosses of the Fiends were killed. Wouldn't be surprised if the NCR had something to do with it.
7079GREETINGYou hear the Legion attacked Bitter Springs? If we're lucky, the NCR will pull some of their soldiers away from here and send them that way.
7080GREETINGWord is the Khans signed a treaty with the NCR. Never saw that coming.
7081GREETINGThe Khans used to be a big deal around here, but look at them now. There's talk that they were all killed up in the mountains.
7082GREETINGWeird, someone just told me that the Khans split the Vegas area. Wonder where they went, and why.
7083GREETINGI can't believe the King is dead. What's going to happen to us now?
7084GREETINGIf you had asked me a month ago, I'd have said we'd never willingly work with the NCR. But look at us now.
7085GREETINGI still can't believe the King agreed to work with the NCR. But he's the King, and the King knows best.
7086GREETINGSo far working with the NCR hasn't been too bad. If anything, things seem to be getting better.
7087GREETINGGreat, just when you think the NCR can't possibly sink their claws deeper, the town of Primm signs up to join the Republic.
7088GREETINGSounds like the NCR and the Legion are both gearing up for a fight. We've been seeing a lot more soldiers around.
7089GREETINGThe big showdown between the NCR and the Legion is coming soon, believe you me.
7090GREETINGI heard some Squatters talking about some fancy pants Rangers coming into the area soon. Like we need more NCR here.
7091GREETINGWord is those tough guys rangers are here. I ain't seen them myself, but how scary can they be?
7092GREETINGEveryone's talking about Hoover Dam nowadays. I wish the battle would just happen already. The suspense is killing me.
7093GREETINGHey, isn't that the King's dog?
7094GREETINGHeya Rex, how you doing boy?
7095GREETINGI see you've hired a Follower doctor. Smart move, Freeside being what it is.
7096GREETINGThat friend of yours NCR? He looks like he's NCR.
7097GREETINGHellooo, cowgirl! You mind if talk to your lady friend a bit instead of you?
7098GREETINGHuh. Nice robot. You with the Followers or something?
7099GREETINGWhoa. That's a whole lotta mutant you got with you there. Still, long as it doesn't cause trouble it's all good.
7100GREETINGNice to see a human palling around with a ghoul. I see a lot of people around here avoid them.
7101GREETINGYour girl's kinda cute, but not my type at all. I don't go for smart chicks.
7102GREETINGWatch yourself. There's some unsavory types about.
7103GREETINGThe Squatters have been more and more trouble lately.
7104GREETINGMan, I'm hungry. I'd give anything for a Fancy Lad. Wait, I mean- you know what I mean!
7105GREETINGSquatters aren't happy about the water rationing, but then when are they ever happy?
7106GREETINGIt's gotten so bad that even I think twice before going out at night around here.
7107GREETINGThe bodyguards at the gates aren't so bad. Except that Orris guy. That bastard runs his mouth a little too much.
7108GREETINGCan't wait to hit the Wrangler tonight. Just me and my favorite girl.
7109GREETINGI've been saving up for one of those sweet pistols at the Silver Rush. That'll get me some respect.
7110GREETINGSaw a guy try to rush through the south gate a few days ago. Nothin' left but dust, you know?
7111GREETINGThose Squatters think they're entitled to everything.
7112GREETINGMan, I still can't believe the Van Graffs took Pacer out.
7113GREETINGShame about Pacer. We all tried to tell him to kick the habit, with that condition of his. He always did his own thing, I'll give him that.
7114GREETINGI used to guard at the gate, but there's no money in it these days. Only the big name guards get any business.
7115GREETINGThank god the Followers are here. I'd probably be dead now if it weren't for their doctors.
7116GREETINGIt's never dull in Freeside, is it?
7117GREETINGHeya, what's shakin'?
7118GREETINGHey there.
7119GREETINGWhat's going on?
7120GREETING{Satisfied}They have a fantastic menu at the diner.
7121GREETING{Relieved}Haven't found any Radroaches, so far.
7122GREETING{Saddened}This place's got a weird gloom after Miss Weintraub died.
7123GREETINGDid you get a tour? The owner has done a great job with this place.
7124GREETING{Marveled}I've never seen so many pretty lights in my life.
7125GREETING{Self Justification)It's cramped in here, sure, but who really needs a fancy room, anyway?
7126GREETINGHowdy, little lady.
7127GREETINGAhhh! Please don't kill me, I swear I'll have - wait. You... you don't work for Mr. Bishop, do you?
7128GREETINGHey, thanks again for getting me this gig. I owe you one.
7129GREETINGOh, it's you again. What is it?
7130GREETINGHey, come on, pal, I'm trying to put on a show here!
7131GREETINGHey, come on, lady, I'm trying to put on a show here!
7132GREETINGYou again? You should meet my bookie, you have something in common - every time I talk to you, I lose caps!
7133GREETINGWhoa, baby! Am I looking at a mirror, or are you just that ugly?
7134GREETINGAny luck with Garret yet?
7135GREETINGWell, if it isn't my number one fan. What can I do for you, number one fan?
7136GREETINGIs that a {Mark}Mk. III Support Model you have with you? I've seen references to them, but never with my own eyes. I imagine he makes a great pet.
7137GREETINGWhere did you get that Eyebot? I've never seen one modified quite like that.
7138GREETINGKeep that mutant in line, or we'll put it down.
7139GREETINGOh good, now I have to put up with the stench of rotting ghoul as well. I hope the air filters are working.
7140GREETINGI've heard that your friend there can put some of the senior scribes to shame.
7141GREETINGWhy is your friend there glaring at me like that? Did I bump into him or something?
7142GREETINGDon't bother me. I'm on patrol.
7143GREETINGHello, outsider.
7144GREETINGI've important work to do, so no time to talk.
7145GREETINGDoes Ramos know you're walking around without a guard?
7146GREETINGKeep up the good work, outsider.
7147GREETINGI hear you've been making yourself useful. Unlike some people I could mention.
7148GREETINGAre you adjusting to the bunker, outsider?
7149GREETINGJust between you and me, I'm glad you're here. This place needed a fresh face.
7150GREETINGYou've been a great help, outsider. Thank you for all your hard work.
7151GREETINGGreetings, {outsider}out- excuse me, I guess I need to stop calling you that, don't I?
7152GREETINGSo you're one of us now, eh? Truly it is a rare honor.
7153GREETINGOh, it's you.
7154GREETINGI'd rather not talk to you, outsider.
7155GREETINGI'd rather not associate with you. Excuse me.
7156GREETINGWhy the Elder didn't just have you shot is beyond me.
7157GREETINGDon't talk to me. You've caused more than enough damage.
7158GREETINGRamos is keeping an eye on you, outsider. Remember that.
7159GREETINGYou certainly make life more interesting, outsider.
7160GREETINGSome of the others may look the other way, but I don't trust you.
7161GREETINGYou're going to have to clean up your act if you want some respect around here, outsider.
7162GREETINGJust when I think I've got you figured out, you go and surprise me.
7163GREETINGI don't trust you, outsider, but I can't help but like you.
7164GREETINGYou're alright, outsider. Most of the time, anyway.
7165GREETINGI have two hours of weapons training every morning. It is a good way to start the day.
7166GREETINGHardin is a tough man, but fair. I'd follow him into battle any day.
7167GREETINGThere are whispers that McNamara's lost his nerve. I can't believe that, not after what he did at HELIOS One.
7168GREETINGHow long before we resume normal patrols?
7169GREETINGAfter the battle at HELIOS One, some people were worried about the NCR coming after us, but this bunker is secure.
7170GREETINGRamos runs a tight ship. We haven't had an incident in over a year. Your arrival excluded, of course.
7171GREETINGHardin will be Elder soon, mark my words.
7172GREETINGWhy are we hiding down here? We should be avenging our fallen brothers!
7173GREETINGHELIOS will be ours again someday.
7174GREETINGWhen are these night missions going to end?
7175GREETINGUgh, more VR training. Maybe I'll hit the shooting range instead.
7176GREETINGMaintaining the machinery around here is important. We have to breathe, after all.
7177GREETINGAfter this I have some weapons to repair.
7178GREETINGIf I do a good job, I might be up for promotion to Paladin soon.
7179GREETINGPower armor is pretty intricately made. It's not an easy thing to fix.
7180GREETINGHave you seen the dust storm above? I worked on that machine!
7181GREETINGIf it's not broken power armor, it's broken electrical fixtures.
7182GREETINGIf it's not broken weapons, it's broken power armor.
7183GREETINGI'm really busy now, sorry.
7184GREETINGI don't think these repairs will ever end.
7185GREETINGOur early test results look promising.
7186GREETINGI heard the Elder's got Taggart working on some kind of secret project.
7187GREETINGEvery day we come one step closer to reclaiming the glory of the past.
7188GREETINGEven though the patrols no longer go out, we've got a backlog of devices that require investigation.
7189GREETINGWhy is it so important that we research night vision optics?
7190GREETINGI'd kill to go outside and gather some specimens.
7191GREETINGEveryone says I'm crazy, but I still say it'd be a great advancement if doors opened once you got close to them.
7192GREETINGThe loss of HELIOS was terrible, but this bunker is a wonder of its own.
7193GREETINGIf we could just combine the best qualities of laser and plasma weaponry...
7194GREETINGIt pains me to think of the scientific wonders at HELIOS One, now in NCR hands.
7195GREETINGBut if I adjust the magnetic field, perhaps the resulting change in wavelength will- excuse me, I'm merely thinking out loud.
7196GREETINGWe have a duty to preserve the past.
7197GREETINGOnly a few people get to venture outside, usually to trade for food.
7198GREETINGYou've been outside. Is the NCR really still hunting us?
7199GREETINGMcNamara's done a pretty good job, given the situation he was handed.
7200GREETINGOur former Elder, Elijah, was obsessed with new technology. That's why we were at HELIOS in the first place.
7201GREETINGHardin owes his life to McNamara. That's why he won't challenge him outright.
7202GREETINGAs much as I'm sick of Taggart's VR sims, I have to admit we wouldn't be combat ready without them.
7203GREETINGDoc Schuler is a lifesaver. I was hurt in training the other day and she fixed me right up.
7204GREETINGThe Lucky 38's reactor has been restarted... it can be seen from miles away.
7205GREETING{Player in NCR gear}Howdy, trooper. I thought the Big Horn was off limits to you guys, but who am I to complain? A customer is a customer.
7206GREETING{Great Khans left alive}Surprising that the Khans are going to walk out of here after all that fuss.
7207GREETING{Great Khans dead}Guess those Khans got what was coming to them, huh?
7208GREETING{NCR troops dead}Hope those Great Khans don't come trash my saloon. I'm not part of the NCR!
7209GREETINGWelcome back to the Big Horn. What can I get you?
7210GREETING{Player attacked NCR, NCR troops not all dead}Kill every last one of those NCR troopers and then we'll talk.
7211GREETING{astonished, but in a manly way}What the hell? You're that courier Benny wasted back in Goodsprings. You're supposed to be dead.
7212GREETING{slight threat}I'm getting real tired of talking.
7213GREETINGStill got a bit of a walk ahead of us. Talk fast.
7214GREETINGWe've got a situation with some Great Khans right now. The brass at McCarran has ordered me to lock down the ruins until it's been resolved.
7215GREETING{Player attacking Great Khans, Great Khans not all dead}Can't talk. We didn't get all the Great Khans yet.
7216GREETING{Player not helping Monroe}Where do you think you're going? I can't let you go into the ruins, not without a reason.
7217GREETING{Speech path}How are negotiations with the Great Khans going?
7218GREETING{Speech path - deal reached}I'm glad you were able to get my people freed, but there's a new problem. I just got orders to take out the Great Khans, hostages or not.
7219GREETING{Speech path - player attacked Great Khans}When I heard the shots, I figured your negotiation went bad. What the hell happened?
7220GREETING{Speech path - bribe paid}The Great Khans can go, just as we agreed.
7221GREETING{Sneak path}Ackerman and Gilbert aren't back yet. What's the holdup?
7222GREETING{Both hostages rescued}Thanks for getting both of my people out of there.
7223GREETING{Sneak path - one hostage rescued}I'm sorry that you couldn't get both hostages out alive, but that's how it goes sometimes. Thanks for your help.
7224GREETING{Sneak path - hostages dead}I'm sorry that you couldn't get either hostage out alive, but that's how it goes sometimes. Thanks for your help.
7225GREETINGI really don't have the time to chatter right now.
7226GREETINGThanks for the rescue.
7227GREETINGMan, I thought I was dead for sure.
7228GREETINGThanks for getting me out of there. I owe you one.
7229GREETINGI'm glad that's over. Thank you.
7230GREETINGYou here to pay your respects, too?
7231GREETINGHello again. Is there something you need from me?
7232GREETINGWhat the fuck are you doing? My brother died at the Battle of Hoover Dam. You're desecrating a war memorial.
7233GREETINGI've got nothing else to say to you.
7234GREETINGThe {cutting}"great" republic couldn't find enough soliders to liberate this camp, so they sent {emph}you? Pathetic.
7235GREETING{AH-way}Ave. Why have you come to Nelson?
7236GREETING{annoyed}What is it this time?
7238GREETINGAve. You have done a great service to Caesar. Do so again, but elsewhere.
7239GREETING{Player not in NCR gear}This post isn't someplace a civilian ought to be.
7240GREETING{Player in NCR gear}Hey there. Is McCarran having you check up on us?
7241GREETING{Player not in NCR gear}I'm not supposed to let civilians just walk around this place. There better be a good reason for you being here.
7242GREETINGPlayer won Battle for Hoover Dam, for Independent Vegas with Securitrons
7243GREETING{Rumors of Legion Veterans}It's said the Legion's veterans will arrive from Arizona soon. They are a sight to behold.
7244GREETING{Middle game begins}{Le-GAH-tus La-nee-OOS}Legatus Lanius is on the march. When he arrives, the real slaughter will begin.
7245GREETING{Late game begins}{Veteran}I have fought beneath {Le-GAH-tus La-nee-OOS}Legatus Lanius many times. He cannot be defeated.
7246GREETING{Battle for Hoover Dam soon to begin}{Veteran}Finally, the dam will be assaulted. {Le-GAH-tus La-nee-OOS}Legatus Lanius is come.
7247GREETING{Player killed President Kimball}{Veteran}{recognizing player}Kimball's assassin. Nicely done.
7248GREETINGTrue to {KAI-zar}Caesar.
7249GREETING{delighted}If it isn't the courier who's done everything she can to defy the will of mighty {KAI-zar}Caesar!
7250GREETINGThe Legion holds Nelson, Profligate! This is where you'll die. {call to arms}Brothers, attack!
7251GREETINGHave you come to Nelson seeking your death, Profligate?
7252GREETINGPlayer assaulted The Tops Casino.
7253GREETING{Angry}Head voices don't *like* you, squishy man!
7254GREETING{Jealous}No! Head voices don't talk to you. Only to me!
7255GREETING{Player in NCR gear}Got a second, trooper? I've got something important that needs to get done, but nobody's stepping up to help me out. I'm hoping you're different.
7256GREETING{Player not in NCR gear}Hey, you're not one of the troopers... got a second? I have work I need done and nobody here at the camp has the time or inclination to help me out.
7257GREETING{NCR victory}{grinning}You should've heard the cheers over the radio when news of the victory came back from the Dam.
7258GREETING{Legion victory}{fear}I've been trying to sort out the rumors from the facts, but with the Legion coming, I guess it doesn't matter. The news is all bad.
7259GREETING{Other victory}{puzzled}Lots of confusion over the radio. Somehow the NCR lost the Dam, but the Legion didn't get it, either?
7260GREETING{curious}Hey, what did Chief Hanlon have to say about those false reports we uncovered?
7261GREETINGWelcome back.
7262GREETINGThanks for setting me straight.
7263GREETINGGet lost.
7264GREETING{Surprised}Oh! What are you doing here?
7265GREETINGAren't you the guy that helped wipe out Nelson?
7266GREETINGHoly shit man, that's fucking crazy!
7267GREETINGAren't you the gal that helped wipe out Nelson?
7268GREETINGHoly shit, that's fucking crazy!
7269GREETINGAren't you the one that saved President Kimball? That must have been some speech, eh?
7270GREETINGI heard President Kimball was assassinated during his visit to Hoover Dam. Doesn't surprise me, we're all going to end up dead soon anyway.
7271GREETINGI heard President Kimball almost got killed during his visit to Hoover Dam. Good thing he didn't come here, he would be dead for sure.
7272GREETINGYou're new here aren't you? Don't tell me we're actually going to get reinforcements.
7273GREETINGLook at the big hero. You here to save us?
7274GREETINGI've heard of you. Did you figure on coming out here and helping us lowly troopers out?
7275GREETINGJust what we need around here, a loose cannon causing more trouble.
7276GREETINGI've heard of you, what do you want?
7277GREETINGWhat the fuck are you doing here?
7278GREETINGWhat do you want?
7279GREETINGWe're all going to die out here. They're out there right now, waiting for us... waiting to kill us.
7280GREETINGWe're all fucked!
7281GREETINGI don't want to be seen with the likes of you. Get lost.
7282GREETINGYou're still here? I'm surprised you're not dead or gone by now.
7283GREETINGWhat do you want?
7285GREETING{Player in NCR gear}You a transfer from one of the other posts? I haven't seen you around before.
7286GREETINGYou're really not supposed to be here.
7287GREETING{Player in NCR gear}{suspicious}You're not part of this post as far as I know. What do you want?
7288GREETING{Player not in NCR gear}{suspicious}This is a military outpost. Why are you here?
7289GREETINGDid you need something else?
7290GREETING{Player in NCR gear}I'm pretty sure you're not authorized to be here, whatever unit you happen to be from. What do you want?
7291GREETINGWhy are you still here?
7292GREETING{Player not in NCR gear}No sudden moves and you and I will do all right. What do you want?
7293GREETING{Player in NCR gear}Haven't seen you around the post before. I'm busy, so keep the chit-chat to the point.
7295GREETINGMcCarran doesn't like it when civilians wander into military outposts, so if you're here on business, better make it quick.
7296GREETINGYou're back. What's up?
7297GREETING{Player not in NCR gear}{fearful}You're here for the money. I told the Omertas I was good for it! I just need more time!
7298GREETING{Player in NCR gear}{paranoid}You're not part of my unit... no, you're here for the money! I told the Omertas I was good for it!
7299GREETINGOh, uh, hey.
7300GREETING{Player in NCR gear}No run-ins with the Great Khans, I hope? They've been more restless than usual.
7301GREETING{Player not in NCR gear}This area isn't safe for civilians. You don't want to get caught by the Great Khans.
7303GREETING{Player in NCR gear}I don't know what you did to pull runner duty to a post this far out in the wasteland, but you have my sympathies.
7304GREETING{Player not in NCR gear}If you're here to sell something, we don't want any.
7305GREETINGWhat's up?
7306GREETING{Player in NCR gear}You don't walk like any trooper I've ever seen, but I'll let it slide. What do you want?
7307GREETING{Player in not in NCR gear}What brings you to Ranger Station Bravo?
7308GREETINGSomething up?
7309GREETINGThink you can beat the house, baby?
7310GREETINGLucky 21, baby!
7311GREETINGFeeling lucky? I got the best table in the joint!
7312GREETINGScram, baby, I'm on my break.
7313GREETINGCan't you see I'm taking it easy here?
7314GREETINGLook, I'll be back at the table soon, baby, don't fret.
7315GREETINGLittle birdies are chirping about the big Cheese of the Legion going deadsville real unexpected-like. Crazy old world, ain't it?
7316GREETINGYou hear some crumb tried to kill the president of the NCR? Gutsy, baby. Real gutsy.
7317GREETING{Neutral - doesn't care that the player killed the President, but impressed that the player walked into a casino full of people who do}Ain't you the cat that tried to ice the President? Gutsy, baby, showing your face in here.
7318GREETING{Playful, teasing}Uh-oh, here comes trouble!
7319GREETING{Playful, teasing}Ha ha, this cat's crazy!
7320GREETING{Playful, teasing}Baby, you bring crazy with you!
7321GREETINGHey, play it cool, baby, we just got the place fixed up.
7322GREETINGThey, ah, checked your weapons at the door, right?
7323GREETINGBaby, you are some kind of crazy.
7324GREETINGWell, I guess your money's good here.
7325GREETINGJust do what you came to do and get out.
7326GREETINGWe don't need your kind of trouble.
7327GREETINGYou got some kind of nerve strolling around in here like this.
7328GREETINGChrist, who let you through security?
7329GREETINGYou ain't welcome here, so just take a hike.
7330GREETINGThis place is the bees knees!
7331GREETINGI dig this crazy slang!
7332GREETINGEhh, the broads are better looking at Gomorrah.
7333GREETINGBuy a gal a drink?
7334GREETINGHey, handsome.
7335GREETINGWhy don't you come up and see me sometime?
7336GREETINGDon't get too close to Mr. Benny
7337GREETINGNo sudden moves around the boss, got it?
7338GREETINGI got my eye on you, so no funny business.
7339GREETINGKeep those hands where I can see 'em.
7340GREETINGRing-a-ding, baby.
7341GREETINGHow's it hangin'?
7342GREETINGHeya, baby, what's the haps?
7343GREETINGYou dig this crazy scene or what?
7344GREETINGThis guy right here! This is the guy!
7345GREETINGThis gal right here! This is the gal!
7346GREETINGHang loose, baby.
7347GREETINGBaby, good to see you!
7348GREETINGHey hey, there's my guy!
7349GREETINGHey hey, there's my gal!
7350GREETINGYeah, baby, now we can start the party!
7351GREETINGHope Swank's smarter than Benny.
7352GREETINGWonder where Benny got off to?
7353GREETINGI thought Benny was a stand up guy - hard to believe he was a fink all along.
7354GREETINGHey, play it cool, baby, we just got the place fixed up.
7355GREETINGOh no, not again!
7356GREETINGYou're the fink that killed Benny!
7357GREETINGI wonder where Benny ran off to.
7358GREETINGHeh. Guess those Omerta finks got what was coming to them.
7359GREETINGWho thought it was a good idea to give the robots missile launchers?
7360GREETINGIf Mister House ain't the top dog on the Strip, whaddya suppose that means for us?
7361GREETINGThose Securitrons handing out obituaries? Creepy.
7362GREETINGYou're the gasser who killed Caesar, ain't ya? Ring-a-ding!
7363GREETINGAin't seen no soldier boys for a while. Guess they're all scared of coming out after that big boom.
7364GREETINGLooks like the troops are back. Good thing, too, this place was deadsville without their caps.
7365GREETINGAin't you the cat that stopped Kimball getting iced? Gutsy, baby, but don't expect no free drinks for it.
7366GREETINGYou hear some crazy crumb killed the president of the NCR? Gutsy, baby. Real gutsy.
7367GREETINGHey, I heard about you - you're the one who saved the President! Here, this one's on me.
7368GREETINGI heard the Kings over in Freeside got their asses handed to 'em. Lousy no-good bums.
7369GREETINGWay I hear it, some big-leaguer NCR rangers are coming to town to dance a two-step all over Caesar's head.
7370GREETINGYou dig these new rangers all dressed to the nines? Baby, the new fashion is killer-robot-chic!
7371GREETINGI got a pal who says the Legion's calling in their 18-karat big-leaguers. We're talking the boys from Arizona, baby.
7372GREETINGBaby, you couldn't pay me enough to step off the strip these days. Legion cats are out there thick as fleas on a dog, and they ain't no bums, neither.
7373GREETINGHey, there's the high-roller!
7374GREETINGBaby, it's as tense as a virgin at Gomorrah out there. Things are heating up and if they don't cool down it's straight endsville.
7375GREETINGAt least in the old days we could up and split when things got too heavy. Right now I miss those days.
7376GREETINGBaby, it's gonna be open war out there soon. If it was up to me we'd pack our toys, put this town to our backs and say "next stop: Scramsville."
7377GREETINGWhy's the Lucky 38 take to shining all of a sudden? I smell a caper.
7378GREETINGHouse selling out to the NCR? Who woulda figured him for a fink?
7379GREETING{Player not in NCR gear}Gotta wonder what the hell a civilian is doing here.
7380GREETING{Player in NCR gear}You from Camp Golf or McCarran? Never mind. Don't really care.
7381GREETINGWhat do you want now?
7382GREETING{Player in NCR gear}I don't remember getting informed about any new transfers to this post.
7383GREETING{Player not in NCR gear}This is a military post. You sure you're in the right place?
7384GREETINGIs there something you need from me?
7385GREETINGI don't think we got any more to discuss here.
7386GREETINGIs everything all right? Awful late to be dropping in unexpected.
7387GREETINGWell. Welcome to you. You look tired from the road. Why don't you relax a spell, let this fine town take care of you?
7388GREETINGI hope you're finding everything to your liking.
7389GREETINGWe haven't met yet. You must be new in town. I'm Andy.
7390GREETINGBoy you picked that takedown right up. I'm impressed. Must've had some prior training, huh?
7391GREETINGYou'll get the hang of that takedown. I had trouble learning it at first, too.
7392GREETINGWhat's new?
7393GREETINGYou have any luck with the ghouls? I'm counting on you.
7394GREETINGWhat's going on, man?
7395GREETINGSorry, I ain't really up to entertaining visitors right now. I'm worried about Dusty.
7396GREETINGWhat brings you here?
7397GREETINGYou seen Alice? Ain't like her to be gone this long.
7398GREETINGHey there. In from out of town, ain't you? Name's Dusty.
7399GREETINGFind anything?
7400GREETINGThings treating you all right?
7401GREETINGDid you see all the commotion at REPCONN? I hope that doesn't mean trouble for our town.
7402GREETINGHey, there. Been to the top of the dino yet?
7403GREETINGI could've sworn we were under attack. Did you see those rockets?
7404GREETINGIf you're planning on staying awhile, the Dino Dee-lite's got plenty of room.
7405GREETINGI really hope that incident at REPCONN doesn't drive people away. Novac was starting to do well!
7406GREETINGWith all the people passing through lately, the town's been doing better than, well, ever.
7407GREETINGAll the noise at REPCONN scared the hell out of me.
7408GREETINGDon't listen to a word No-bark says. I don't think he ever sleeps, so it's no wonder he spouts nothing but nonsense.
7409GREETINGGathering junk's not the most exciting work, but it's a living.
7410GREETINGGood thing none of those rockets crashed into Novac.
7411GREETINGIf it weren't for the water caravans, Novac would've turned to dust a long time ago.
7412GREETINGThose rockets over at REPCONN were the NCR's doing. Trying to keep us scared so they can stick around to "protect" us.
7413GREETINGThe salvage business has really slowed down since those ghouls took over REPCONN.
7414GREETINGSo you're back. Now, where did we leave off?
7415GREETINGAnything from Papa Khan?
7416GREETING{Liked}Good to see you.
7417GREETINGYeah? What do you want now?
7418GREETING{Kimball dead}Somebody whacked the NCR president. Got what was coming to him.
7419GREETING{Caesar dead}Someone took out the Legion's boss. Doubt it'll stop them for long, though.
7420GREETING{Middle Game}Lot more troops on the road these days. Wonder what's up.
7421GREETING{Late Game}Best to lay low. The NCR and the Legion are about to have it out.
7423GREETING{Hated}Fuck you.
7424GREETINGYou're not one of us. What do you want?
7425GREETINGI sure hope that explosion was you. Did you seal off the sulfur?
7426GREETINGI guess... I guess that means we can turn ourselves in now.
7427GREETINGYou're back. What's the word from Papa Khan?
7428GREETING{Liked}You're back.
7429GREETINGYeah, what do you want?
7430GREETING{Kimball dead}Somebody whacked the NCR president. Got what was coming to him.
7431GREETING{Caesar dead}Someone took out the Legion's boss. Doubt it'll stop them for long, though.
7432GREETING{Middle Game}Lot more troops on the road these days. Wonder what's up.
7433GREETING{Late Game}Best to lay low. The NCR and the Legion are about to have it out.
7435GREETINGHi, mister. I hope you're doing fine today.
7436GREETINGHello, ma'am. I hope you're doing fine today.
7437GREETINGI thought I'd be seeing you again.
7438GREETINGYou a merc? 'Cause you don't look like a prospector...
7439GREETINGI've still got guns and ammo, if you need them.
7440GREETINGI lost everything I had at The Tops, but if you gave me 500 caps, I'd head straight back. Sick, huh?
7441GREETINGI came east to strike it rich, and now I'm broker than ever. What do I tell my family back home?
7442GREETINGOn the Strip, everyone's nice to you when you got the caps. The moment you don't? They throw your ass out.
7443GREETINGI won big my first night on the Strip. I kept chasing that feeling. Right into the gutter.
7444GREETINGI sat down at a roulette table with my life savings. An hour later, it was gone.
7445GREETINGCan you spare some caps, mister?
7446GREETINGCan you spare some caps, 'mam?
7447GREETINGGo East! they say. Scrap lying in the sun for you to grab. Yeah, right.
7448GREETINGThe Strip ain't nothing but a monster. Chews folks up, sucks out their caps, and spits 'em back out.
7449GREETINGThe Strip's got more gorgeous women than I ever seen in one place, and most of them's affordable.
7450GREETINGYou hear the losers around here complaining how they lost their shirts on the Strip? It's pathetic.
7451GREETINGAfter I win big, I'm going to buy my friends dinner at that fancy Gor-mant restaurant. I saw ads for it back home.
7452GREETINGI walked all the way from Hub! Thought I'd rest my feet here a day or two, then I head onto the Strip fresh.
7453GREETINGI'll get in, win big, get out. Take those winnings back home where they'll do some good!
7454GREETINGYou know it's illegal for us to gamble back home? The government wants to keep us poor.
7455GREETINGI'm sick of the sob stories you hear around here. If you don't know when to stop gambling, that's no one's fault but your own.
7456GREETINGI can't wait to see the Strip. I hear it's so beautiful!
7457GREETINGI only work for caravans, all right? Try someone else.
7458GREETINGSitting around here makes me miss my raider days. I don't know why I figured it was time to get respectable.
7459GREETINGWhatever you're selling, I ain't buying.
7460GREETINGA friend of mine at the Dam says President Kimball might visit the troops out there. Imagine shaking the president's hand!
7461GREETINGDo you believe there are folks who'd pay 500 caps for a steak dinner? Over at the Ultra-Luxe! Honest!
7462GREETINGIf you want to get fucked up, Gomorrah's the place to go. Wish I was there now.
7463GREETINGYou gotta piss someone off to pull guard duty out here.
7464GREETINGCamp McCarran is paradise compared to this place. A two-minute monorail and you're on the Strip!
7465GREETINGYou been to the Strip? Last time I had R&R, I left with 300 caps more than I went in. Who says the House always wins?
7466GREETINGI thought the dam was boring. Then they stuck us out here to watch over this scrap heap.
7467GREETINGWatch yourself if you're heading further south. There's been trouble down by Nelson and Searchlight.
7468GREETINGTry not to make any trouble. We like it quiet around here.
7469GREETINGIf I hear one more loser moan about losing everything they own on the Strip, I may shoot him in the head.
7470GREETINGIt's quiet out here. We like to keep it that way.
7471GREETINGDon't make any trouble for us, we won't make any trouble for you.
7472GREETINGWelcome to the 188 Slop & Shop. Like our slogan says, "It's better than nothing."
7473GREETINGFeeling thirsty?
7474GREETINGWelcome to the 188 Slop & Shop. How can I help you?
7475GREETINGBack for more?
7476GREETINGIs there some reason I should be talking to you?
7477GREETINGStill making a nuisance of yourself?
7478GREETINGI don't work for freelancers. So move along.
7479GREETINGStay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours, got it?
7480GREETINGThis vault gives me the creeps.
7481GREETINGHave you read the logs on the computers? Fucked up shit.
7482GREETINGFucking geckos.
7483GREETINGNo way I'm going back to prison.
7484GREETINGSo much for Lem, you should have seen it, guts flying everywhere.
7485GREETINGLem was going to turn us all in to the NCR, I'm glad he's dead.
7486GREETINGWe can finally relax with Cooke gone.
7487GREETINGCooke left the vault, good thing too he was going to get us all killed.
7488GREETINGCooke is going to get us all killed.
7489GREETINGLem wants to run back to the NCR and turn himself in, spineless bastard.
7490GREETINGI hear the Great Khans are pretty tough, I hope we can join them.
7491GREETINGJoin the Great Khans, what the hell is Cooke thinking?
7492GREETINGI don't know about this whole Great Khan thing...
7493GREETINGDid you hear? We're going to join the Great Khans.
7494GREETINGI don't want to join the Great Khans, but I guess it's better than going back to prison.
7495GREETINGHmm, join the Great Khans or die in the wasteland? Good fucking plan Cooke.
7496GREETINGI don't want to join the Great Khans.
7497GREETINGTry to keep up, if you can.
7498GREETINGNow is the time for killing, not words!
7499GREETINGThis was all too easy.
7500GREETINGI long to join my brethren in the power plant below. The fighting's probably fiercer there.
7501GREETINGOur orders are to take and hold this section of the dam.
7502GREETINGThese men fight hard, and die well.
7503GREETINGHa ha, isn't it glorious?
7504GREETINGThese dogs are putting up a fight, I'll give them that.
7505GREETINGThe exterior is ours. The interior will fall soon.
7506GREETINGThere's talk of much land and slaves going to the one who kills Oliver. If only I wasn't assigned here!
7507GREETINGWith the outside secured, the poor fools inside have nowhere to run.
7508GREETINGOliver's head is as good as mine!
7509GREETINGIs it true the fighting outside has stopped already?
7510GREETINGUpstairs, or down? If I were a coward, where would I hide?
7511GREETINGMake good use of cover. The time to strike is when they reload.
7512GREETINGTheir guns aren't quite as effective in these close quarters.
7513GREETINGSoon this place will belong to the Legion.
7514GREETINGI've added eight notches to my belt already. How many for you?
7515GREETINGYou must get to the control room and install the override chip.
7516GREETINGI will protect you.
7517GREETINGI hope the Legion doesn't get in here.
7518GREETINGSorry, but I'm busy with patients right now.
7519GREETINGJulie Farkas wasn't kidding when she said we would be needed here.
7520GREETINGAll this bloodshed. Such a waste of human life.
7521GREETINGPlease don't hurt me!
7522GREETINGI'm just a medic! Please don't hurt me!
7523GREETING{Frowns}Hold up, you look new to Vegas - I'll keep it short: no weapons allowed in the casinos.
7524GREETINGHand them over, you'll get them back when you leave.
7525GREETINGKeep to the games, and there won't be any problems.
7526GREETINGBack for your gear? Here you go.
7527GREETINGHey, there, friend, a bit of advice - you look like you could use some *protection.* {Beat, downnote, conspiratiorial}Lucky for you, I got what you need.
7528GREETINGMy stock and trade? Alllll kinds of easy-to-hide weapons for slipping into and out of casinos, they won't give you a second glance.
7529GREETINGHeard the Dam finally got what's coming to it. Strange days ahead - and that's why it's best to face the day armed.
7530GREETINGSome crazy days on the Strip. Still... it's good for business.
7531GREETING{Hey, potential customer, slightly hopeful}Back again? Need a weapon for an emergency, Mister Holdout's your guy.
7532GREETINGTraveling into the Strip just got a lot easier now that the Fiends' leaders are dead.
7533GREETING{Congratulatory}Stories of how you saved President Kimball are the talk of the Strip, friend!
7534GREETING{Resigned}If someone can blow up the Monorail, I guess we're not safe even in the Strip.
7535GREETING{Hopeful}Lady Luck's on your side. I hope some of that rubs off on me, Caesar killer!
7536GREETING{Determined}Now that you've killed that Caesar bastard, the Strip's really going to bloom!
7537GREETING{Dumbfounded}Someone got Mr. House. The Strip's going to change, I'd bet on it.
7538GREETING{Apprehensive}After what happened to Mr. House, nobody knows for sure what's in play for the Strip.
7539GREETING{Dumbfounded}The tables turned for Mr. House. What next, huh?
7540GREETING{Apprehensive}Looks like Mr. House run out of luck, huh?
7541GREETING{Dismissive}Later, uh, whoever you are.
7542GREETING{Dismissive}I don't talk to "nobodies," not when I'm having the time of my life!
7543GREETING{Dismissive}Sorry, I'm here to have a good time, not talk to random people.
7544GREETINGHowdy, come try your luck? I hope's on your side.
7545GREETING{Joyful}That's a true friend of this wonderful place! Lady Luck shines on you.
7546GREETINGOne of New Vegas' finest! You are always welcome in the Strip.
7547GREETING{Sincerely Excited}It's a pleasure to see you, friend! Best of luck during your stay.
7548GREETING{Slightly Disturbed}So, what do you want with me?
7549GREETING{Almost Defiant}I'm not scared of you. Give me a good reason to call the law and, I swear, you'll regret it.
7550GREETING{Visibly Disturbed}Don't... do anything to me, okay?
7551GREETING{Unsettled}Uh-oh, I'll call the Securitrons if you try anything crazy with me, understand?
7552GREETING{Disgusted}What the hell do you want?
7553GREETING{Agitated}Beat it, or I'll call the bots on you right quick.
7554GREETING{Visibly Bothered}I'm not going to talk to you!
7555GREETING{Restrained}I swear, I could kill you right now and never look back.
7556GREETING{Almost Violent}You better scram before I sic the entire Strip after you.
7557GREETING{Suspicious}These bots now have eyes on their backs, I swear!
7558GREETINGYou're the talk of the day around the casino tables.
7559GREETING{Cautionary}I'd not touch Gomorrah's machines until the dust settles.
7560GREETING{Suspicious}I could smell something fishy going on at Gomorrah.
7561GREETINGI bet dirty business are going on at Gomorrah.
7562GREETINGI bet dirty business are going on at Gomorrah.
7563GREETINGCome on... time to get lucky.
7564GREETING{Determined}Luck's about to change, I can feel it.
7565GREETING{Pissed}Damn slots are robbery.
7566GREETING{Pleased}Send those chips my way.
7567GREETING{Smug}Come to get fleeced like a Bighorner?
7568GREETINGRoulette, blackjack, slots... they have it all here.
7569GREETINGReady to try your luck?
7570GREETING{Sizing the player up}Step up, let's see your game.
7571GREETING{Smiling}You look like you got the itch, friend.
7572GREETING{Smiling}You want to gamble with class? Hit the Ultra-Luxe, if you don't mind being serviced by masked creeps.
7573GREETINGWatch the slots, they're robbery.
7574GREETINGWish I could've seen what's inside the 38.
7575GREETINGYou've been making a name for yourself around here already.
7576GREETINGDid you hear? Gomorrah's under new management!
7577GREETING{Helpful, then serious}You look new here - be careful of Gomorrah.
7578GREETING{Cautioning}Watch your caps - they go quick.
7579GREETING{Curious}Seeing the sights?
7580GREETINGThe Ultra-Luxe is fancy, but I get the shivers when I see their staff wearing masks.
7581GREETINGWho would have thought a place like this would exist?
7582GREETINGAt this rate, one Securitron is going to be enough to defend the whole Strip.
7583GREETING{Admiringly}Good to have you around!
7584GREETING{Admiringly}Thanks for helping us keep the Strip safe.
7589GREETING{Nods}An NCR welcome to you.
7590GREETINGHelp you?
7591GREETINGWelcome to Vegas - behave yourselves.
7592GREETINGIf you're looking to join up, head on by the Embassy.
7593GREETINGWelcome to Vegas. {Beat, slightly threatening}Make your visit a peaceful one.
7594GREETINGMonorail transit is safe transit.
7595GREETINGReport any suspicious activity near the Monorail.
7596GREETINGNo loitering.
7597GREETINGPlease enjoy the casinos.
7598GREETINGPlease do not stand in the fountains.
7599GREETINGNo violence is permitted on the Strip.
7600GREETINGSelf-control is a virtue.
7601GREETINGPlease obey all weapon laws.
7602GREETINGContinuing patrol.
7603GREETINGStrip secure.
7604GREETING{Stern Warning, Deadpan}Area is off-limits, citizen.
7605GREETING{Stern Warning, Deadpan}Return to the surface, citizen.
7606GREETING{Stern Warning, Deadpan}Disobedience will be punished.
7607GREETINGLook,{"friend" is said in a sarcastic, but serious, tone} "friend," don't get near me - you're too well respected for my business.
7608GREETINGHey, think you can walk around here like nothing's happened?
7609GREETINGSee, my friends and I, we were kinda wondering if we should give you a good beating right now, or save it for when we catch you outside.
7610GREETINGWe don't like you Mojave scum, and we like you even less when you fuck with our Strip.
7611GREETINGSo, you either pay up to walk around here, or we're gonna make you pay up. That clear?
7612GREETINGYou back again, huh? We missed you, we've been waiting for you. Bet you've missed us too.
7613GREETINGFuck off, punk. And pray we don't hear about you doing crazy shit again.
7614GREETINGFuck this. I'm out of here - let them deal with this crazy place.
7615GREETINGI can't believe I put up with this kind of crap.
7616GREETINGHey, think you can walk around here like nothing's happened?
7617GREETINGSee, my friends and I, we were kinda wondering if we should give you a good beating right now, or save it for when we catch you outside.
7618GREETINGWe don't like you Mojave scum, and we like you even less when you fuck with our Strip.
7619GREETINGSo, you either pay up to walk around here, or we're gonna make you pay up. That clear?
7620GREETINGYou back again, huh? We missed you, we've been waiting for you. Bet you've missed us too.
7621GREETINGWell, hello there. What a coincidence, finding you outside the Strip.
7622GREETINGYou should've paid your dues, but, no, you had to play hard, huh? Now it's our turn.
7623GREETINGNobody fucks with the NCR and lives to brag about it. You're dead, punk!
7624GREETING{Desparate, relieved}Oh, thank God! I didn't think I'd ever see another human face down here.
7625GREETINGGot to stay alert...
7626GREETINGJust waiting here seems like a death sentence...
7627GREETING{concerned}They've got our guys down there.
7628GREETINGFucking monsters butchered the miners down there...
7629GREETINGWish Renolds would report back soon... he went west a day ago, no word from him.
7630GREETING{Worried}We need to move out, we can't hold this position.
7631GREETING{Slight frustration}Once the Legion's dug in, we're {emphasis}never getting them out of Nelson.
7632GREETING{Puzzled}There used to be two commanders, but I only see one - the other {emphasis}must be nearby somewhere.
7633GREETING{Apprehensive}Won't be long before the Legion rolls out of Nelson...
7634GREETINGSomeone should go warn Novac.
7635GREETINGWe need reinforcements from Camp Forlorn Hope.
7636GREETINGWish we could do something for the troopers down there.
7637GREETINGOut on regular patrol, then this shit goes down.
7638GREETING{Angry}The Legion'll pay for Nelson.
7639GREETING{surprised, slight fear}Never thought Legion'd be bold enough to strike this far.
7640GREETINGTold Milo we have to go, but he won't leave.
7641GREETINGWe can't hold this road if they come up through town!
7642GREETINGThanks for the help with the hostages!
7643GREETING{Impressed}I can't believe you broke into the mine and saved those miners.
7644GREETINGHope you made the Legion at the mine pay for Nelson.
7645GREETINGThe hostages are safe. We owe you.
7646GREETINGYou sure cleaned out the Legion in Nelson.
7647GREETING{smug}Legion'll think twice before crossing the river again.
7648GREETING{Mocking}Guess Caesar got his tribute after all.
7649GREETING{Proud}Nelson'll turn this war around.
7650GREETING{Smug}Let's see those fuckers attack Hoover Dam now.
7651GREETING{Smug}Nelson's proof payback's a bitch.
7652GREETINGThanks for cleaning up Nelson!
7653GREETINGDon't know what we would have done if you hadn't come along.
7654GREETING{Impressed}Wish more people had your kind of guts.
7655GREETING{Player assaulted The Tops}Heard there was a firefight in one of the big casinos. Maybe they'll need to buy more ammo now.
7656GREETING{Monorail Destroyed}Careless of the NCR to let their monorail get blown up. Don't they have sentries standing watch?
7657GREETING{Caesar dead}The Legion isn't going to go away just because Caesar is dead, if the rumor is even true.
7658GREETING{Kimball survives}Kimball's bodyguards are probably pretty thankful they had Gun Runner weapons backing them up.
7659GREETING{Kimball dead}Kimball's bodyguards should've been more heavily armed if they wanted to keep him alive.
7660GREETING{Legion at Nelson wiped out}It's always good for business when the NCR scores a victory like the one at Nelson.
7661GREETING{NCR at Camp Forlorn Hope wiped out}Damn shame about Camp Forlorn Hope.
7662GREETING{Middle Game}Business has been brisk. Something big's coming, I can feel it.
7663GREETING{Late Game}The orders for service rifles and ammunition have been pouring in from McCarran so fast we can't keep up. Hell of a fight is coming.
7664GREETING{Companion Reaction - Boone}{impressed}First Recon is a top-notch unit. They're always buying sniper rifles from us.
7665GREETING{Companion Reaction - ED-E}That Eyebot looks like it's gone through hell.
7666GREETING{Companion Reaction - Lily}I had no idea there was such a thing as a friendly Nightkin. Look at that thing.
7667GREETING{Companion Reaction - Rex}I've never a dog like that. Who thinks up these things?
7668GREETING{Random}Man, I love my guns.
7669GREETING{Random}People usually aren't stupid enough to steal from the Gun Runners. Usually.
7670GREETING{Random}It's amazing what passes for a firearm around here. You'd be better off throwing rocks.
7671GREETINGThe Lucky 38, all lit up in the distance? It's an inviting target.
7672GREETINGMr. House finally wised up and said he'd join the NCR in a year or something like that. Good news all around.
7673GREETING{Random}Have you seen what one of those anti-materiel rifles can do to a Deathclaw?
7674GREETING{Default}Demand for Gun Runner weapons is high, so don't expect them to stay in stock for very long.
7675GREETINGI appreciate the improvements in the mess. Keep up the good work.
7676GREETINGThese recruits aren't ready, if the Legion comes knocking.
7677GREETINGGet running the obstacle course, if you want. You look like you could use some exercise.
7678GREETINGI'm busy. See the brass if you want to chat.
7679GREETINGNo time for idle chatter. These boys need whipping into shape.
7680GREETINGEither join the recruits running the course or leave the area.
7681GREETINGYou look like someone in need of a reliable supplier.
7682GREETINGSo you're back.
7683GREETINGDid the colonel send you? I... I was hoping he might have changed his mind...
7684GREETINGGot to keep hoping the Colonel will change his mind... maybe send somebody to bring Esteban's body home.
7685GREETINGDid you start looking for Esteban? I guess my directions could've been better...
7686GREETINGFeels better knowing that Esteban's not out there in the waste. But... he's still gone, you know?
7687GREETINGWhat do you want?
7688GREETINGWhat did Contreras say?
7689GREETINGPaperwork, paperwork, paperwork... It just never ends.
7690GREETINGGood thing I got stationed here and not at the Dam. I got connections because Major Dhatri's daughter married my nephew.
7691GREETINGWhoa whoa whoa. Hold up. Where do you think you're going?
7692GREETINGHey, good luck. We'd be there with you, but the Colonel said he'd have our necks if we tried.
7693GREETINGBe careful out there. We already lost Jackson doing what you're trying to do.
7694GREETINGHell of a thing you did up there.
7695GREETINGProud to have met you, sir.
7696GREETINGProud to have met you, ma'am.
7697GREETINGListen, asshole. I know you're not really an NCR health inspector, so you can cut the restaurant critic routine.
7698GREETINGAnd I want my fifty caps back, 'cause I looked it up and there ain't no disease called colorectal implosion syndrome.
7699GREETINGSo I paid you to look the other way for nothing.
7700GREETINGWait. Wait. You're not... oh wow, I'm sorry. You looked just like- never mind. Sorry. So... what can I serve you up?
7701GREETING{Terse, sigh}You again? What do need?
7702GREETING{Good-humored}Howdy, looking for chow?
7703GREETING{Happy to see player}Hey hey, back for seconds, huh?
7704GREETING{Grateful}Thanks for handling the Fiends. One less pack of dogs to hurt the troops.
7705GREETINGRemarkable work saving Kimball. Glad you were around to prevent his assassination.
7708GREETINGDo you require medical attention?
7709GREETINGIf you're looking for a quick stitch, I'm your man.
7710GREETINGSee Julie Farkas if you need anything.
7711GREETINGMove along, buddy. I have work to do.
7712GREETINGSorry, we don't talk to outsiders. Talk to Jason if you have business here.
7713GREETINGJason will lead us to the Far Beyond!
7714GREETINGJason will deliver us from the pain of this world!
7715GREETINGAll praise the Great Journey! All praise the creator's divine will!
7716GREETINGThe holy fire will carry us to our salvation!
7717GREETINGThank you for taking care of the demons, smoothskin.
7718GREETINGNow that the demons are gone, we can finally begin our final steps.
7719GREETINGThe demons are really gone? Bright shines!
7720GREETINGNot now, smoothskin!
7721GREETINGHey there, friend.
7722GREETINGWelcome to the Crimson Caravan Company, New Vegas branch. What may I do for you?
7723GREETINGWelcome back.
7724GREETINGShove off. You're making my luck turn bad.
7725GREETINGYou again. What do you want now?
7726GREETINGIf you're looking to buy or sell, you've come to the right man. The Crimson Caravan Company has the widest selection in the wasteland.
7727GREETINGHey there. You looking to buy or sell?
7728GREETINGDammit, I didn't want you to kill him, just find me some evidence!
7729GREETINGWell... that was a bit messier than I would have liked. Was there anything else?
7730GREETINGThe Legion being wiped out at Nelson gave us some breathing room - hopefully the brass will use that.
7731GREETINGLosing Forlorn Hope was a real blow to us - I hope things can be turned around soon.
7732GREETINGHell of a thing at Nelson - NCR and the Legion wiped out. I wonder what the hell happened.
7733GREETINGI just got word that the monorail from McCarran was blown up by terrorists. My God. I can't believe it.
7734GREETINGWord around the east side is that you took out some major players in the Fiends. That should make life safer for a lot of people.
7735GREETINGHave you heard the news? Caesar's agents assassinated President Kimball - it'll be war for sure, now.
7736GREETINGI'm sure every NCR soldier you've met has said this, but you're a damn hero for saving the President. If there's anything you need, let me know.
7737GREETINGSomething I can help you with, stranger?
7738GREETINGThanks for all your help earlier.
7739GREETINGHave you found out what happened to those missing refugees?
7740GREETINGGood to see you - something else I can do for you?
7741GREETINGMaybe you should just move along, I don't need your kind of trouble.
7742GREETINGLook, I don't have the manpower to run your ass out on a rail, so just do me a favor and get lost.
7743GREETINGBack again? What can I do for you?
7744GREETINGYou're back. Have you changed your mind about helping out?
7745GREETINGHey there - fancy a game of Caravan?
7746GREETINGDammit, I'll find them eventually! Mark my words!
7747GREETINGThank you for your kindness, stranger.
7748GREETINGOh. Hello. What can I do for you?
7749GREETINGHave you found my family yet?
7750GREETINGI've heard through the locals that Nephi has passed on. I truly hope his soul finds peace.
7751GREETINGWelcome, brother! How can I help you?
7752GREETINGWelcome, sister! How can I help you?
7753GREETINGIs there something else I can do for you?
7754GREETINGThey never told us how expensive it was to get onto the Strip!
7755GREETINGI never should have left California.
7756GREETINGThat son of a bitch Keith cheated me! I know he did!
7757GREETINGYou lose all your money too?
7758GREETINGHey, you got a hit for me?
7759GREETINGDon't you be touching Keith's stuff!
7760GREETINGKeith takes good care of us. {Spaced out}Good care....
7761GREETINGI still don't have any supplies to spare. Is there something else I can help you with?
7763GREETINGI have a report here that says the Legion forces at Nelson have been taken care of and that you had a hand in it.
7764GREETINGYou have my thanks for that. Those guys have been giving us a lot of trouble for a long time now.
7765GREETINGNow that they're gone, we'll be able to prepare for the upcoming conflict at Hoover Dam.
7766GREETINGI heard you've been helping out Quartermaster Mayes. I appreciate it, we need all the help we can get around here.
7767GREETINGI heard you won Private Sexton's little contest. Congratulations. It's nice to have morale up around here.
7768GREETINGDr. Richards told me how you helped him with his missing supplies. It's unfortunate about Private Stone, but at least it's over with now.
7769GREETINGI heard about how you saved the President's life. It's a good thing you were there. Things could have turned out really ugly.
7770GREETINGIt's hard to believe that there was an actual assassination attempt on the President's life. We sure got lucky this time.
7771GREETINGI can't believe President Kimball is dead... the last thing we needed around here was another morale hit.
7772GREETINGYou must be new around here. Something I can do for you?
7773GREETINGI didn't expect someone as famous as you to be here. Please tell me you're here to help.
7774GREETINGI'm glad to see you here. We could definitely use your help.
7775GREETINGI've heard of you. You better not cause any trouble around here, we have enough problems as it is.
7776GREETINGHum... I've heard of you. What do you want?
7777GREETINGYou've got a lot of nerve coming into our camp.
7778GREETING{Brusque}What do you want?
7779GREETINGWe're kind of busy around here for social calls, so if you're not here to help out, just stay out of my way.
7780GREETINGBack already? What do you need?
7782GREETINGI hear you defeated the Legion forces at Nelson. I'm impressed, and thankful. It'll make my job around here much easier.
7783GREETINGI wanted to thank you again for saving my patients. It's nice to have a helping hand around here.
7784GREETINGThanks again for looking into my missing medical supplies. Now I can actually use them on people that need them.
7785GREETINGWow, if it isn't the man who saved President Kimball. What can I do for you this fine day?
7786GREETINGWow, if it isn't the woman who saved President Kimball. What can I do for you this fine day?
7787GREETINGI'm relieved to hear that President Kimball survived that assassination attempt.
7788GREETINGIt's a shame about President Kimball, he was a good man.
7789GREETINGYou're new, aren't you? What can I do for you?
7790GREETINGI'm always a sucker for a pretty face. What can I do for you, my fine dear?
7791GREETINGI think it just got a little bit hotter in here. Is there something I can do for you?
7792GREETINGThere's my little buttercup. What can I do for you?
7793GREETINGAhh... look who it is. What brings someone of your renown into my humble medical center?
7794GREETING{Friendly}I didn't expect to see you here. What can I do for you?
7795GREETINGDo you need something, or are you just here to cause trouble?
7796GREETINGI've heard about you. No funny stuff or I'll amputate your legs.
7797GREETINGYou better have a damn good reason for being in my medical center.
7798GREETING{rough, rude}Is there something you need?
7799GREETINGUnless it's urgent you're going to have to wait. If it's gravely important, save me the trouble and empty your pockets now.
7800GREETINGI've got a lot to do. Make it quick.
7802GREETINGI've heard of you, glad to have you on our side.
7803GREETINGI've heard of you. Just remember who's side you're on out there.
7804GREETINGSo you're the one Major Polatli sent?
7805GREETINGLet's get going, we don't have much time.
7806GREETINGWe don't have much time.
7807GREETINGThat was some battle. Glad to have you on our side, we couldn't have taken back Nelson without your help. You have my thanks.
7808GREETINGI don't handle buying and selling for the Gun Runners. Talk to the robot in the kiosk near our factory.
7809GREETINGCan I help you?
7810GREETINGHey there. The names Sexton. Private James Sexton. Welcome to Forlorn Hope.
7811GREETINGHey there, champ. Good to see you again.
7812GREETINGWell speak of the devil! The head of the pack!
7813GREETINGWhat can I do for you?
7815GREETINGHey! Hi there, good to meet you! What can I do for you today?
7816GREETING{copy audio from Conversation VMQTopsYesManTransfer}Isn't this exciting? I know I'm excited!
7817GREETING{copy audio from Conversation VMQTopsYesManTransfer}I have a good feeling about this! It's going to be great!
7818GREETING{copy audio from Conversation VMQTopsYesManTransfer}I bet I'm going to like it in that mainframe!
7819GREETINGHi! Nice to see you again!
7820GREETING{singsong}Sooooo... we can blow up the dam's generators, {draw out}or I could rout the dam's entire power output to the Fort.
7821GREETINGThat'll activate a certain army of Securitrons and set them loose to ravage the Legion! What do you say?
7822GREETING{greeting player in control room at Hoover Dam}This is neat! From this console I could've routed the dam's power input over to the Fort and activated that dormant army of Securitrons!
7823GREETINGSo go ahead and blow up the dam's generators! And when that's done, head back upside and finish off the Legion and NCR.
7824GREETINGHi! This is big, huh? A very big moment!
7825GREETINGHere goes! I'll just take that Platinum Chip off your hands, thanks! Wish me luck!
7826GREETINGWow, Mr. House had quite a set-up here! I can access his databanks and view telemetry on every Securitron on the network!
7827GREETINGYou did a super job wrapping things up! And I'm not just saying that because I have to!
7828GREETINGPresident Kimball survived his visit to Hoover Dam! Nice one! {hastening}Now, moving on...
7829GREETINGDon't you love seeing the Lucky 38 all lit up? Sign of things to come!
7830GREETINGExciting news! The Legion's massing troops in a staging area east of the dam! Attack imminent! Monster of the East, ready to roll!
7831GREETING{DUPLICATE?}Don't you love seeing the Lucky 38 all lit up? Sign of things to come!
7832GREETINGToo bad about President Kimball and everything, but hey - stuff happens, right?
7833GREETING{DUPLICATE?}Exciting news! The Legion's massing troops in a staging area east of the dam! Attack imminent! Monster of the East, ready to roll!
7834GREETINGAre you ready to head for the dam? Caesar's Legion is due to attack at any moment!
7835GREETINGDon't you just love that Platinum Chip? Buzzes with power and possibilities, doesn't it?
7836GREETINGIf I were you, I'd almost want to deliver the Chip to Mr. House just to learn all its tricks!
7837GREETINGThat is, unless you want to bring the NCR or Caesar's Legion to power! I wouldn't want to tell you want to do!
7838GREETINGAn entire {emph}army of upgraded Securitrons just standing by over at the Fort! Pretty neat, huh?
7839GREETING{trying to convince yourself, verging on passive aggressive}I can't get over how brave you were to destroy all those Securitrons at the Fort, you know?
7840GREETINGIt's just going to make everything so much more... {searching for positive word}challenging! Yeah, challenging!
7841GREETINGHere's some big news! I decoded a military radio transmission, and it turns out the NCR President, Aaron Kimball, is going to visit Hoover Dam!
7842GREETINGI guess he wants to boost the troops' morale! But according to projections Mr. House made, he has an 83.75% chance of being assassinated! Oops!
7843GREETINGAnyway, it looks like Mr. House thought it was important to keep President Kimball alive...
7844GREETINGEvery Securitron on the network has been upgraded. Pretty neat, huh?
7845GREETINGSo I've been looking over a bunch of data about the bunker at the Fort. You and me should really have a talk about this!
7846GREETINGWait... {to yourself}Oh, so {emph}that's what the Platinum Chip does! Interesting!
7847GREETINGMr. House had a whole demonstration planned for you. Just head downstairs to the lowest level to check it out. You'll see!
7848GREETINGYou'd better hurry to the dam if you're going to save President Kimball!
7849GREETINGThis gadget I'm handing you is called an override module! Mr. House had two of these made years and years ago - just like him to think ahead!
7850GREETINGTake the module to the El Dorado Substation and attach it the power control terminal! I'll handle the rest!
7851GREETINGI'm talking direct tactical control of hundreds of upgraded Securitrons at vast distances! {we will so kick ass}You know that's gonna come in handy!
7852GREETINGI'm talking direct tactical control of dozens of Securitrons at vast distances! That might come in handy!
7853GREETINGIt's probably a good thing you blew up those hundreds of Securitrons over at the Fort! Controlling {emph}hundreds might've got confusing!
7854GREETINGWow, you really blew up all those Securitrons at the Fort! {beat}{trying to convince yourself}Great! No problem!
7855GREETINGThe Securitrons at the Fort are on standby... I see a status log here confirming that the Mark II OS upgrade installed correctly...
7856GREETINGThey'll be all set to go once we boost my transmitting power and bring them online with the network! But we'll worry about that later!
7857GREETINGOh, hi again! Can I help you with something else?
7858GREETINGHere's a print-out with some additional information!
7859GREETINGHere's another one of my print-outs! Read up!
7860GREETINGAs soon as you have the Platinum Chip and Mr. House is out of the way, things will be great. There'll be so much I can do for you!
7861GREETINGAs soon as you have the Platinum Chip, things will be great. There'll be so much I can do for you!
7862GREETINGAs soon as Mr. House is out of the way, things will be great. There'll be so much I can help you accomplish!
7863GREETING{player killed you last time}I am so sorry about last time! Let me make it up to you!
7864GREETING{player killed you last time}I keep disappointing you!
7865GREETING{player killed you last time}Please, I swear I'll do better this time!
7866GREETING{player killed you last time}I need you to like me! I feel empty inside!
7867GREETING{player killed you last time}I've learned my lesson, I promise!
7868GREETING{player killed you last time}That was my fault! But I've changed!
7869GREETING{greets player after Benny killed or fled, accompanied by a Victor or House Securitron whose face screen then blinks over to the default}You got friends in high places, kid! According to this heap of bolts here, Mr. House don't want you touched.
7870GREETINGIn fact, I've been directed to cooperate with your {beat, quoting the robot}"investigation," so you have the run of the place. Go where you want.
7871GREETING{player fled or fought way out after Benny killed/fled}Hey, kid - let's not have trouble this time, hey?
7872GREETINGI did some nosing around after your last {raise eyebrows, all hell broke loose}visit. In Benny's suite, to be specific.
7873GREETINGWhat I saw, well, it's a bit out of my league. But it was enough to make me think you mighta been the party wronged.
7874GREETINGCheck Benny's suite. The angle he was playing, well, maybe you can figure it out.
7875GREETINGI've told the boys to leave you be. Don't abuse the hospitality.
7876GREETINGI'm afraid you're not going to find much help here. We've got our hands full as it is.
7877GREETINGIf you're heading out, be careful. There's been lots of Legion raiding parties around lately.
7878GREETINGLet's do this shit!
7879GREETINGThose Legion bastards aren't going to know what hit them!
7880GREETINGWe're going to tear them apart!
7881GREETINGLet's go!
7882GREETINGWe showed them a thing or two.
7883GREETINGA little payback feels real good.
7884GREETINGThese bastards got what they deserved.
7885GREETINGThis has been a long time coming. The rest of the Legion better watch out.
7886GREETINGNo time to talk. I have to keep watch for Legion raiding parties.
7887GREETINGSorry. I can't talk right now.
7888GREETINGIt's hard to stay awake on watch with only a few hours of sleep. I wish we actually had time to rest around here.
7889GREETINGI hope nothing happens on my watch. I'm too damn tired to fight back right now.
7890GREETINGWatch yourself, we got hit by a Legion raiding party just the other night.
7891GREETINGStay out of trouble, we have enough problems here as it is.
7892GREETINGBetter move along, there's not much for you here.
7893GREETINGI don't have time to talk. There's lots of work to be done here.
7894GREETINGSorry, I'm busy right now.
7895GREETINGThese troops did a good job holding off the Legion. Now it's time to fight back.
7896GREETINGWe finally took back Nelson from those Legion bastards!
7897GREETINGI heard you helped destroy the Legion at Nelson. Thanks!
7898GREETINGI'm glad that the Legion base at Nelson is destroyed. Now maybe we can get some rest.
7899GREETINGIf I have to put up with another night of Private Stone's whining, I swear I'm going to strangle him.
7900GREETINGI heard Private Stone was caught stealing medical supplies. I always hated that guy.
7901GREETINGI heard Private Stone turned himself in for stealing medical supplies. We're all stressed out here, but stealing medical supplies is low.
7902GREETINGPrivate Sexton was thinking of having a contest to see who can kill the most Legion. I wonder if he ever got that going.
7903GREETINGI heard you won Private Sexton's Legion killing contest. Nice job, that'll teach those Legion bastards!
7904GREETINGI heard Quartermaster Mayes sent some guys out for supplies and they never came back. I wonder if they just ran off instead.
7905GREETINGOne of my buddies said that he saw Caesar out rallying the Legion. If that's true, we're definitely screwed.
7906GREETINGHoly shit! Did you hear that Caesar is dead? Maybe we actually have a fighting chance now.
7907GREETINGI heard that Caesar was killed by his own Lieutenants. I wonder if their infighting will give us a break for a while.
7908GREETINGI heard Chief Hanlon is dead. How are we going to fight the Legion without him?
7909GREETINGI heard Chief Hanlon was a traitor. How could he betray the NCR? It just doesn't make sense.
7910GREETINGI hear we got reinforced by the troops that were in Boulder City. It's good to have some extra support around here.
7911GREETINGMore reinforcements are in from Primm. Damn glad to have those guys here.
7912GREETINGI heard that some of the NCR Rangers are on their way to help us out. We'll make short work of the Legion with their help.
7913GREETINGHoly shit those NCR Rangers are badass! I wish I was that cool.
7914GREETINGI heard the Legion veteran troops are coming to the front lines. That's the last thing we need right now.
7915GREETINGI heard the Legion took out another one of our patrols. If this continues there won't be many of us left.
7916GREETINGI hear more troops are gathering at Hoover Dam. Things are probably going to get pretty messy over there real soon.
7917GREETINGThe Legion is torturing captive troopers in Nelson. I'd rather die fighting then be captured.
7918GREETINGThe Legion is using our dead troops as booby traps. I'd think twice before rushing to someone's aid.
7919GREETINGIf I have to pull another double shift again I'm going to collapse from exhaustion.
7920GREETINGI wish we could get some real food out here. I haven't had a good hot meal in weeks.
7921GREETINGQuartermaster Mayes was yelling at us about rationing again. Where does the guy get the energy to yell so much while on rations?
7922GREETINGSome of the other guys told me that the Legion troops eat their own dead to gain their strength, but they're kidding, right?
7923GREETINGI got bit by one of those dirty dogs the Legion has. I wonder if they've got rabies... maybe I should see Dr. Richards.
7924GREETINGMajor Polatli is putting everyone on double shifts to make up for recent losses to the Legion. That guy never gives up.
7925GREETINGIf the NCR wasn't spread so thin, maybe we could actually get some supplies and reinforcements around here.
7926GREETINGI wish I was stationed at McCarran. I heard they still get to hit the Strip for R&R. We haven't had R&R in ages.
7927GREETINGWe are so fucked here! How can we ever hope to fight off the entire Legion?
7928GREETINGAnother day, another battle, another dead trooper. When is this shit going to end?
7929GREETINGIt seems like for every Legion soldier we kill, two more take his place. How many of them are there?
7930GREETINGThe last patrol I was on got hit by a Legion raiding party and I barely survived. I don't want to go back out there again.
7931GREETINGHow do they expect us to fight the Legion with only the crappy equipment and gear they gave us?
7932GREETINGI can't wait for General Oliver to get out here. He could turn this place around.
7933GREETINGI don't know how we're going to hold of the Legion here and at Hoover Dam, we just don't have the manpower.
7934GREETINGThe Legion is assembling a massive army on the other side of the river. How can we stop an army when we can't even handle their raiding parties?
7935GREETINGYou're back. Do you need medical attention?
7936GREETINGI'm just security, not a doctor.
7937GREETINGPlease, buddy, you've got to help me. I don't know how much longer I'm going to last with my leg like this.
7938GREETINGCome on man, my leg is killing me.
7939GREETINGIs it safe to leave yet?
7940GREETING{Urgent hushed, Shhh}Keep it down, we don't want to alert the freaks.
7941GREETING{Urgent hushed}No time to talk, we've still got fish heads to deal with.
7942GREETING{Nervous about alerting monsters, hushed}Let's talk after we get the hell out of here.
7943GREETING{Self-satisfied}Well well, it looks like we've cleared them out, damn inbred mutant freaks. Think I'll start heading back to California now.
7944GREETINGThere have been way too many catastrophic NCR foul-ups around here for me to risk my life by sticking around.
7945GREETING{Relieved, friendly}Thanks for getting me out of there. I better get started back to California.
7946GREETINGThanks for helping me out. I won't forget it.
7947GREETINGDamn muties. Wasteland is better off without 'em.
7948GREETINGCan't wait to get the rest of our pay for this job.
7949GREETINGWish the muties would make a move. Getting sick of waiting.
7950GREETINGIt's much cooler up here. I love it.
7951GREETINGMuties aren't so tough if you've got the firepower.
7952GREETINGJob's done here. Time to pay a visit to Freeside.
7953GREETINGProbably should check my gear again, just to be safe.
7954GREETINGJust had to go and start a fight with the mercs, didn't you. Guess we'd better finish things.
7955GREETINGNot the outcome I was hoping for with the mercs. At least it buys us time to build up our defenses.
7956GREETINGHad hoped to start reaching out to NCR, start talking trade and borders. It'll be more difficult now.
7957GREETING{Regretful}So, Keene's dead. Knew it might come to that some day. {Beat, slight weariness}Makes things difficult for the town.
7958GREETINGWithout Keene, it'll be hard to convince other Nightkin in the wasteland to come here. And harder to get the ones here to stay.
7959GREETING{sighing}Was hard enough to convince Keene to come up here in the first place, and you gave him an excuse to leave. Better than killing him, I guess.
7960GREETINGAlways a chance I could get him to come back. Not counting on it. {glum}Hope the town doesn't take the blame for whatever trouble he gets into.
7961GREETING{Nods, respectful}I like how you handled Keene. Without the Nightkin around, Jacobstown would be much weaker than it is.
7962GREETINGSomething on your mind?
7963GREETINGHuh. I'd heard there were new people in town, but I thought it was more Super Mutants. Nice to meet you - I'm Calamity.
7964GREETING{Marcus dead}Losing Marcus is bad news for Jacobstown. I doubt the mutants will stick around for long.
7965GREETINGWith Doctor Henry off to rejoin his Enclave friends, he's left it up to me to carry on with the research here.
7966GREETINGHey, there.
7967GREETINGSo, the Reds finally hit us, just like I always said they would. Vegas is still there as far as I know, but that probably won't last long.
7968GREETINGDidn't get accepted into one of the Vaults, so I did the next best thing and had this place built. Got massive debts, but who cares now? Ha!
7969GREETINGIt's every man for himself now. {menace - he murdered a kid}Had to take care of the Paulson boy since he knew about this place - these supplies are for me and nobody else.
7970GREETINGThere's a woman and her daughter up in one of the rooms at the Lodge. Might go pay 'em a visit tomorrow. A man's got needs.
7971GREETINGAnother human. One was enough.
7972GREETING{Marcus dead}I always told Marcus we could never get along with humans. I'm right, and he's dead.
7973GREETINGBother someone else. I don't want anything to do with you.
7974GREETING{Marcus dead}Huh. With the big guy dead, I guess we're done here. You've made my employers very happy.
7975GREETINGOur business is with the muties, not you.
7976GREETING{player not on quest}Our business is with the muties, not you.
7978GREETINGWe got nothing left to talk about.
7979GREETING{MASTER QUESTION NODE, REPEATS}How else can I clue you in?
7980GREETING{MASTER QUESTION NODE, 2nd REPEATS}Something else you wanted to know?
7981GREETING{Question Node: THE CHIP}It's the House edge, baby - literally. It's what Mr. House needs to stack the odds in his favor.
7982GREETING{Question Node: THE CHIP}What about it?
7983GREETING{Question Node: VEGAS POLITICS}Yeah, it's a tricky world out there. I'll tell it to you straight.
7984GREETING{Question Node: VEGAS POLITICS}What else did you want to know?
7985GREETINGBroad strokes? Change in management.
7986GREETINGThe Securitrons are where it's at. I need a way to control them, and a way to beef up their hitting power.
7987GREETINGI get those two ducks in a row, Vegas can defend itself versus all comers - NCR, Caesar's Legion, it won't matter.
7988GREETING{Question Node: BENNY'S SCHEME}What else did you want to know?
7990GREETINGLike I said, once the Chairmen are running Vegas, you'll get a percentage. Until then I'll pay you a retainer and bonuses for "special missions."
7991GREETING{player has charged past guards to talk to Benny}What are you, crazy? These Praetorians mean business!
7992GREETING{congratulating player on killing all guards}You're a scrapper, baby. They didn't stand a chance. {asking if player will let you live}How about me?
7993GREETING{not expecting a good outcome}Change in plans?
7994GREETING{FIRST TALK, LOVERS}{surprised, pleased}Pussycat! Ain't this platinum? Had I known, I woulda baked a cake!
7995GREETINGThat last turn we took is an 18 karat memory, baby. It's all that's been keeping me warm at night, stuck where I am.
7996GREETING{FIRST TALK, NO AMBUSH}{mock scolding}Why you little promise-breaker! {effeminate voice}"Let me live, Benny, and I'll never come after you - pinky swear!" What a fink! Anyway...
7997GREETING{FIRST TALK}Go ahead and laugh, baby. I ain't blind to the humor in this situation.
7998GREETING{BEFORE BUNKER, SECOND TALK}Sing, baby. You got a captive audience.
8000GREETING{BEFORE BUNKER, BUSINESS}Down to brass tacks. How'd your meet and greet with Baldie go?
8001GREETING{BEFORE BUNKER, BENNY'S FATE}{just learned the player gets to choose how you die}Try not to smile so wide, baby. You might break your mouth.
8002GREETINGYeah, Baldie said you'd get to decide. So which way you leaning?
8003GREETING{BEFORE BUNKER, BENNY'S FATE}{player has mentioned possibly freeing you}Last we spoke, you were leaning in more {emphasis}merciful direction...?
8005GREETING{AFTER BUNKER}{eager}So baby, what did you find down there?
8006GREETING{AFTER BUNKER, BENNY'S FATE}{bracing yourself, a bit defiant}I see. And how's that gonna happen?
8007GREETINGWhat's holding you up? Let's get this over with.
8008GREETING{POLITICS}Which greedy overlord do you want to start with?
8009GREETING{BENNY'S PAST}{of course you'd want to know about me}I'm the most interesting person I know.
8010GREETING{BENNY'S PAST}I never tire of talking about myself.
8011GREETING{after player forgave you}I'm still a little choked up over here, baby. We'll catch up in a bit.
8012GREETING{generic line any time Benny doesn't want to talk to player}Scram, will ya? I value my privacy.
8013GREETING{upbeat}You and me gonna accomplish great things, baby.
8014GREETING{POLITICS}Name a name.
8015GREETINGDon't look at me!
8016GREETINGSomeone's watching me, I can feel it.
8017GREETINGSo many staring eyes...
8018GREETINGThe voices in my head are getting louder...
8019GREETINGThe pain won't go away.
8020GREETING{Imminent Cure}The cure is finally coming to make the voices stop.
8021GREETING{Eventual Cure}{angry, impatient}We were promised a cure long before this, and now we must wait some more?
8022GREETING{Keene dead}Why should we stay if Keene is dead?
8023GREETING{Keene left}Perhaps the rest of us should follow Keene into the wasteland.
8024GREETINGThere's too much light. Why is there always too much light?
8025GREETINGMarcus isn't going to be happy about the deaths, but I guess they were unavoidable. At least I got a lot of useful data from the experiment.
8026GREETINGThis brief test might not yield a cure any time soon. If the prototype was constantly in use on a living subject, however...
8027GREETINGPerhaps Lily might be willing to wear the prototype for a longer duration. The data would be invaluable.
8028GREETINGI think those Nightkin are going cause a lot of trouble, but I guess giving them the specs was better than killing them.
8029GREETINGI did get a lot of useful data from the experiment, and I'm much closer to a cure than I was before.
8030GREETINGIt's occurred to me that this brief test might not yield a cure any time soon. However, if Lily were to continue to wear the prototype...
8031GREETINGNice work with the Nightkin. I've never seen anyone able to talk their kind out of anything once they had their mind set to it.
8032GREETINGI got a lot of useful data from the experiment and am a lot closer to a cure than before.
8033GREETINGIt's occurred to me that this brief test might not yield a cure any time soon. However, if Lily were to continue to wear the prototype...
8034GREETINGHave you come to a decision on Lily? I'll need to know before I can do anything else.
8035GREETINGMy request is perfectly reasonable. Give us the Stealth Boy specs and there will be no need for us to splatter the room with your insides.
8036GREETINGDon't you still have business with Doctor Henry? You and I are done.
8037GREETINGThat Keene, always causing trouble.
8038GREETINGBe careful with Keene. He's got a mean temper.
8039GREETINGI can't believe Chomps got arrested! They said he was involving in smuggling, if you can believe it.
8040GREETINGThe Deathclaws have been keeping their distance. For now.
8041GREETINGWhen do you think the NCR will send their troops to help us?
8042GREETINGJas screwed up the coffee again. Wouldn't drink it if I were you.
8043GREETINGIt's too damn hot.
8047GREETINGGo away.
8048GREETINGWho the hell are you? Better yet, what the hell are you doing in this cursed place?
8049GREETINGYou know what? Forget it, it doesn't matter. Welcome to Camp Searchlight, the shittiest place on earth.
8054GREETING{Cautious}What now?
8056GREETINGYou've been a huge help here. Thanks to you, I think we can hold this camp together.
8057GREETINGWas there something else?
8058GREETING{Impressed}It was you that rescued President Kimball, wasn't it? You're becoming quite the celebrity already.
8059GREETING{Relieved}I heard it was a close call for the President. Good thing he has top-notch security.
8060GREETING{Melancholy}I hear they're already assembling a team to investigate the President's assassination. Going to be one hell of a report.
8061GREETING{Angry}I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but a part of me would {emphasis}really love to get my hands on the bastard that killed the President.
8062GREETING{Angry}I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but a part of me would {emphasis}really love to get my hands on the bitch that killed the President.
8063GREETINGSo, the NCR finally sent some relief? It's about damn time.
8064GREETING{Starstruck}Wow. Hey, it's you. What are you doing in Bitter Springs?
8065GREETING{Cautious}I don't suppose you're feeling helpful today?
8066GREETING{Bitter, resigned}I don't know what you're doing here, but you can just leave. We've got enough problems here.
8067GREETINGThose medical supplies have already been a phenomenal help. Thank you.
8068GREETINGI really appreciate those books. They've already been a huge help.
8069GREETINGYeah? What is it?
8070GREETING{Shocked}I warned them about that truck weeks ago. Always be prepared for any hazardous radiation I said.
8071GREETING{Saddened sigh}Those headstrong fools should have listened...
8072GREETING{Tired}Are you ready to head upriver?
8073GREETING{AH-way}Ave. Are you ready to head upriver?
8074GREETING{KAI-zar}Caesar awaits you in his tent. You have license to find your own way.
8075GREETINGI'll wait here, to ferry you back to the western shore when your visit has concluded.
8076GREETING{AH-way}Ave. Are you ready to travel to the Fort?
8077GREETING{KAI-zar}Caesar has permitted you to leave, but not with the Platinum Chip in your possession. Relinquish it and you may go.
8078GREETING{AH-way}Ave. Are you ready to return to Cottonwood Cove?
8079GREETING{Player has Platinum chip}By order of Caesar, all visitors must disarm and relinquish all banned items. This order also extends to the Platinum Chip you carry - for now.
8080GREETING{KAI-zar}Caesar has permitted you to leave, but not with the Platinum Chip in your possession. Relinquish it and you may go.
8081GREETINGBy order of Caesar, all visitors must disarm and relinquish all banned items.
8082GREETINGYou may proceed. Your belongings will be returned when you leave.
8083GREETINGHalt! What business have you in Cottonwood Cove, outsider?
8084GREETING{Annoyed}You're the one {Luh-CUL-us}Lucullus said would come? {Blunt}You'll find him waiting for you, down at the docks.
8085GREETING{Angered}What are you doing standing around, whelp? {KAI-zar)Caesar awaits!
8086GREETINGYou're the one {Luh-CUL-us}Lucullus said would come. You'll find him waiting for you, down at the docks.
8087GREETING{menacing}Scum such as you does not belong here. {cold}Leave, or be added to the dead.
8088GREETING{menacing}Trade with Canyon Runner if you like. Make trouble and things won't go well for you.
8089GREETING{satisfied}You did well to give Centurion Aurelius the Profligates' listening machine. We'll butcher the troops they send to ambush our patrols.
8090GREETING{AH-way}Ave. Name your business.
8091GREETINGI see you bear the Mark of {KAI-zar}Caesar! Cursor {Luh-CUL-us}Lucullus awaits you at the docks!
8092GREETING{KAI-zar}Caesar does not like to be kept waiting. I would find Cursor {Luh-CUL-us}Lucullus quickly and travel to The Fort, if I were you.
8093GREETINGHe should still be waiting at the docks.
8094GREETING{LATIN}{AH-way}Ave. Have you come to sell or trade for captures?
8095GREETING{AH-way}Ave. How goes it?
8096GREETINGHey man, when in Rome.
8097GREETINGI look so good in this shit, I want you to call me Fucking Spectacular from now on.
8098GREETINGWell look who it is! Fantastic's little helper, all grown up. Following in his master's footsteps.
8099GREETINGGuess who got promoted to goddamn dam god? The cream always rises to the top, and Fantastic always rises to the top of the cream.
8100GREETINGWhat the fuck, man? Are you loco?
8101GREETINGYou just killed my paycheck.
8102GREETINGWho the hell are you? They bring you in to replace me? They're replacing me, aren't they?
8104GREETINGThis is a restricted area. State your business.
8105GREETINGWhat is it?
8106GREETINGWhat have you done? Get away from me!
8107GREETINGIt's unusual to see a new face here. Are you a soldier, or a scientist?
8108GREETINGYour organization will doom all of us.
8109GREETINGWhat can I help you with?
8110GREETINGFirst Recon is holding Forlorn Hope now. What I wouldn't give for sniper support here.
8111GREETINGWe don't even need this place. But it sure scares the shit out of the NCR that we've got a base here.
8112GREETINGThe NCR left its soldiers here to die. Must be their strategy for the whole war.
8113GREETINGIt was only a matter of time before HELIOS fell to us.
8114GREETINGWe will not lose this place again.
8115GREETINGHELIOS One is safe in our hands and our hands alone.
8116GREETINGUnder NCR control, this place was a gun in the hands of a child.
8117GREETING{Resigned}Back again. What now?
8118GREETINGWelcome to the headquarters of the Sunset Sarsaparilla Company!
8119GREETINGWorker #27438 reporting! There seems to be a malfunction with the line, sir!
8120GREETINGWait a minute. You're not my manager! Intruder!
8121GREETING{ Malcolm Holmes top level topics }
8122GREETINGHello there. It's good to see a friendly face. Almost took you for a raider, I did. Name's Malcolm. Malcolm Holmes.
8123GREETINGDon't suppose you'd care to trade? I'm missing a few essentials and- oh, screw this. Lying just ain't in my nature.
8124GREETINGI'll tell it to you straight. I've been following you for a good bit now.
8125GREETINGEh? You want to talk some more?
8126GREETINGThank god you came around. That guy was going to kill me!
8127GREETING{player fixed generator}Sure is nice to have the lights on again.
8128GREETING{Deathclaw Mother and Alpha dead}With the Deathclaw pack leaders dead, I hope we can get back to work soon.
8129GREETING{player healed Snuffles}Snuffles' leg seems to have gotten better.
8130GREETINGMan, I wish I'd stayed back in California some days.
8131GREETINGGenerator's still not working. Big surprise.
8132GREETINGPoor Snuffles. Wish somebody could do something about his leg.
8133GREETINGWhat is it, trooper? You're not assigned to my squad, as far as I know.
8134GREETINGI'm not a recruitment officer. If you want to join the army, I'm sure someone at McCarran can point you in the right direction.
8135GREETINGWhat is it?
8136GREETING{NCR - Shunned}Hey, I'm just a farmer. I don't want any trouble and I don't have anything valuable.
8137GREETINGHowdy. Something I can help you with?
8138GREETINGOur water ration suddenly increased. Can't help but think that you had something to do with it.
8139GREETINGYou showed up just in time to say goodbye. Me and couple of the others are packing it in and heading back to California.
8140GREETINGThe water ration's still a problem, and the NCR doesn't look like it's going to do anything about it anytime soon.
8141GREETINGSomething else you need before I go?
8142GREETINGHowdy. Something else I can help you with?
8143GREETINGIs there something I can do for you?
8144GREETINGYou need water? I got water, clean and fresh, straight from Lake Mead.
8145GREETINGIf you're low on caps, I've also got slightly irradiated wasteland water. A little fallout never killed anybody.
8146GREETINGWelcome back! Are you thirsty for some fresh, clean water?
8147GREETINGWelcome to the Grub n' Gulp!
8148GREETINGWelcome back to the Grub n' Gulp!
8149GREETINGIf I don't get more water soon, I won't make my quota this season.
8150GREETINGDon't know about you, but this beats herding Brahmin back in California.
8151GREETINGThe maize is doing well in this soil.
8152GREETINGI'm glad the troopers are smart enough not to trample everything.
8153GREETINGSomething - or someone - has been chewing on the coyote tobacco again.
8154GREETINGWe're finally getting all the water we're supposed to. It's about time.
8155GREETINGWord is they're sending some of us home since we're not making the quota.
8156GREETINGCan't grow crops if they don't give us the water.
8158GREETINGI'm glad to see a fellow trooper. My squad is in trouble.
8159GREETINGNeed something?
8160GREETING{in pain, recognizing player as an enemy of Powder Gangers}{outraged}Are you fucking kidding me?
8161GREETINGFirst I get my legs smashed, and then in walks the Powder Gangers' grim fucking reaper? What the fuck have you got against us, man?
8162GREETINGJesus fucking Christ, if you want me dead just gimme 15 Med-X and I'll fucking O.D. for ya, okay? Fuck!
8163GREETING{in pain, recognizing player as an enemy of Powder Gangers}{outraged}Are you fucking kidding me?
8164GREETINGFirst I get my legs smashed, and then in walks the Powder Gangers' grim fucking reaper? What the fuck have you got against us, bitch?
8165GREETINGJesus fucking Christ, if you want me dead just gimme 15 Med-X and I'll fucking O.D. for ya, okay? Fuck!
8166GREETING{surly, in pain}Goddammit, I was nodding off until you barged in here! And I don't hurt when I sleep!
8167GREETING{recognizing the player}Wait - you're that courier. {laying it on thick}Hey. know what Boxcars needs, friend? Some fucking pain relief!
8168GREETING{surly, in pain}Goddammit, I was nodding off until you barged in here! And I don't hurt when I sleep!
8169GREETING{surly}Just give me some goddamn Med-X and fuck off, will ya?
8170GREETING{surly}What is it this time?
8171GREETING{surprised}Well, isn't this a surprise. I was just finishing up here. To think that we might have missed each other!
8172GREETINGIt's fitting you got to see how I punished this town, for such is your fate. You will die for your crimes against the Legion!
8173GREETING{surprised to meet player here}How interesting! You're the Profligate courier who's been of some assistance to the Legion.
8174GREETING{pleased to see the player}Well, well, well! If it isn't our favorite courier - trekker of the wastes, killer of Mr. House!
8175GREETINGWell, well, well! What's our favorite courier doing so far from the Strip? Don't you have a special delivery to give to Mr. House?
8176GREETING{pleasantly surprised}Oh. I don't know if you recognize me from the Strip, when I handed you the Mark of {KAI-zar}Caesar? I wasn't wearing a dog's head at the time.
8177GREETING{pleasant}Don't worry, I won't have you lashed to a cross like the rest of these degenerates. It's useful that you happened by.
8178GREETINGI want you to witness the fate of the town of Nipton, to memorize every detail. And then, when you move on?
8179GREETINGI want you to teach everyone you meet the lesson that {KAI-zar's}Caesar's Legion taught here, especially any NCR troops you run across.
8180GREETINGWas there more for us to discuss?
8181GREETINGI was just finishing up making an example of this town, delivering a sermon, if you will.
8182GREETINGWhen you move on, head west to the Mojave Outpost and tell the Profligate troops what you found here.
8183GREETING{surprised}Hah! And we were just finishing up here. To think that we might have missed you!
8184GREETINGIf anyone belongs on a cross, it's you! For your crimes against the Legion, you will die!
8185GREETING{surprised to meet player here}How interesting! You're the Profligate courier who's been of some assistance to the Legion.
8186GREETING{pleased to see the player}Well, well, well! If it isn't the Legion's favorite courier - trekker of the wastes, killer of Mr. House!
8187GREETINGWell, well, well! What's the Legion's favorite courier doing so far from the Strip? Don't you have a special delivery to give to Mr. House?
8188GREETING{pleasantly surprised}Well, well, well! I've heard of you - the courier upon whom mighty {KAI-zar}Caesar has bestowed his Mark!
8189GREETING{pleasant}Don't worry, I won't have you lashed to a cross like the rest of these degenerates. It's useful that you happened by.
8190GREETINGI want you to witness the fate of Nipton, to memorize every detail. And then, when you move on?
8191GREETINGWell, I'd like you to move west towards the Mojave Outpost, to let the Profligates there know about the little sermon I prepared for them here.
8192GREETINGWas there more for us to discuss?
8193GREETINGI was just finishing up making an example of this town, delivering a sermon, if you will.
8194GREETINGWhen you move on, head west to the Mojave Outpost and tell the Profligate troops what you found here.
8195GREETINGPlayer killed Benny at The Tops.
8196GREETINGPlayer caused Benny to flee the Strip.
8197GREETINGPlayer survived Benny's ambush.
8198GREETINGPlayer foiled RACKET.
8199GREETINGPlayer enters Lucky 38.
8200GREETINGSecuritrons on the Strip upgraded.
8201GREETINGMr. House unplugged.
8202GREETINGMr. House killed.
8203GREETINGPlayer has Mark of Caesar.
8204GREETINGCaesar cured.
8205GREETINGPlayer known to have killed Caesar.
8206GREETINGCaesar dies during operation.
8207GREETINGCaesar killed by lieutenants.
8208GREETINGPlayer upgraded Securitron Army.
8209GREETINGPlayer destroyed Securitron Army.
8210GREETINGMonorail at McCarran destroyed, no NCR troops on Strip for 3 days
8211GREETINGMonorail at McCarran destroyed, NCR troops start visiting again
8212GREETINGPlayer frees Silas from McCarran
8213GREETINGPlayer saves President Kimball
8214GREETINGPlayer fails to kill President Kimball
8215GREETINGPlayer kills President Kimball
8216GREETINGPresident Kimball assassinated (player not a suspect)
8217GREETINGChief Hanlon dead, treason unexposed
8218GREETINGChief Hanlon dead, treason exposed
8219GREETINGMotor-Runner killed
8220GREETINGFiend bosses killed
8221GREETINGLegion attacks Bitter Springs camp
8222GREETINGGreat Khans join Caesar
8223GREETINGGreat Khans sign treaty with NCR
8224GREETINGGreat Khans leave the Mojave
8225GREETINGGreat Khans wiped out
8226GREETINGKings wiped out (probably by NCR)
8227GREETINGKings resolve differences with NCR
8228GREETINGBrotherhood of Steel destroyed
8229GREETINGPlayer wipes out Legion at Nelson
8230GREETINGPlayer wipes out NCR at Forlorn Hope
8231GREETINGPlayer wipes out both locations
8232GREETING1st Recon transferred to Forlorn Hope
8233GREETINGRanger Station Charlie
8234GREETINGBoulder City Khans killed by NCR
8235GREETINGPlayer killed Boulder City Khans
8236GREETINGThe Khans escaped alive
8237GREETINGPrimm led by new Sheriff
8238GREETINGPrimm accepts NCR rule
8239GREETINGLegion's dogs killed
8240GREETINGRumors of Black Armor Rangers coming
8241GREETINGBlack Armor Rangers arrive
8242GREETINGLegion Veterans arrive
8243GREETINGPlayer has made a splash on the Strip
8244GREETINGMiddle Game has begun
8245GREETINGLate game has begun
8246GREETINGBattle for Hoover dam available
8247GREETINGPlayer won Battle for Hoover Dam
8248GREETINGPlayer won Battle for Hoover Dam, for the NCR
8249GREETINGPlayer won Battle for Hoover Dam, for Caesar's Legion
8250GREETINGPlayer won Battle for Hoover Dam, for Mr. House
8251GREETINGPlayer won Battle for Hoover Dam, for Independent Vegas without Securitrons
8252GREETINGPlayer assaulted The Tops Casino.
8253GREETINGPlayer killed Benny at The Tops.
8254GREETINGPlayer caused Benny to flee the Strip.
8255GREETINGPlayer survived Benny's ambush.
8256GREETINGPlayer foiled RACKET.
8257GREETINGMcLafferty's been riding asses again. Better lay low.
8258GREETINGMcLafferty's a hard boss, but she knows what she's doing, that's for sure.
8259GREETINGGuess Jamison won't be showing his face around here again. It's about time.
8260GREETINGTough luck for Janet, huh? I know I'd hate to lose all that pay.
8261GREETINGI've never heard of anyone breaking their contract and still getting their pay. Janet is damn lucky.
8262GREETINGI hope it will snow later.
8263GREETINGStupid Big Horners were making noise all night again.
8264GREETINGSpotted some humans down the road. Could be Great Khans again.
8265GREETINGSome days I miss being in the Master's army.
8266GREETINGYou think Marcus could get us some miniguns? Or missile launchers?
8267GREETINGBetter watch out. Lily's been babbling about her grandkids again.
8268GREETINGDoctor Henry's pretty smart - for a human.
8269GREETINGUgh. Need to tighten up my vises again.
8270GREETINGDamn mercs. Glad you got rid of them.
8271GREETING{Marcus dead}No more reason to stick around since Marcus is dead.
8272GREETINGThanks for helping Doctor Henry with his research.
8273GREETING{Imminent Cure}A cure for the Nightkin is supposed to be on the way.
8274GREETING{Eventual Cure}I heard it'll still be some time before the Nightkin are cured. Hope they stick around that long.
8275GREETING{Keene dead}The Nightkin aren't going to stick around long with Keene dead. Not without a good reason, anyway.
8276GREETING{Keene left}The Nightkin aren't going to stick around long now that Keene's left. Not without a good reason, anyway.
8277GREETING{Marcus dead}Without Marcus, Jacobstown won't last long.
8278GREETINGI like it up here. Nice and cool.
8279GREETINGI cannot speak long, for my men need direction. What do you want?
8280GREETINGThe legate is expecting you.
8281GREETINGIt is important that you go see the legate.
8282GREETINGThe legate would have my head if I were to let you pass.
8283GREETINGSoon, my lovelies. Soon you'll get all the meat you can handle.
8284GREETINGI haven't fed them in days. The legate wants them hungry for the battle to come.
8285GREETINGSome fool asked me the other day what mongrel meat tastes like. I told him I'd sooner feed him to my dogs than the other way around.
8286GREETINGThe enemy is weak up close, so I must learn to kill quickly at that quarter.
8287GREETINGWhen attacking with a blade, aim for the meat of the opponent. Tendons and muscle are no good to a man when severed.
8288GREETINGWhen attacking with a blunt weapon, aim for the opponent's bones. Hips, joints, and especially the skull are all viable targets.
8289GREETINGA sharp knife can make the difference between a clean kill and a messy death.
8290GREETINGIt's amazing how dull a blade can get just by passing through slave meat.
8291GREETINGI must have all of these blades sharpened soon. Rumor is we head out any time now.
8292GREETINGOur men are stronger, faster, and have wills of iron. How can we lose?
8293GREETINGI'm a little busy at the moment.
8294GREETINGWhen will we receive the order to march? I'll go crazy if I don't kill something soon.
8295GREETINGWe will see that the camp is protected from NCR assassins.
8296GREETINGThe battle is already decided. All that's left is the bloodletting.
8297GREETINGMars be with you.
8298GREETINGSalve, Courier. How goes the battle in the east?
8299GREETINGMy orders are to remain here, and direct our men as they arrive. Go!
8300GREETINGThe man with the spiky hat comes into camp at night!
8301GREETINGDid you know ants can get *this big?*
8302GREETINGI saw snake puppies in the hills!
8303GREETINGI say, would you like some of this absolutely delightful confection I found? I've been grazing on it all day!
8304GREETINGI like you! Will you take Barnabas Bear to New Vegas when you go?
8305GREETINGI'm hungry!
8306GREETINGI'm sleepy!
8307GREETINGI'm scared!
8308GREETINGMy tummy hurts!
8309GREETINGWhere's my mommy?
8310GREETINGWhat's that, Antler? We have a visitor?
8311GREETINGAn assassin, more like! I say kill it, Antler. For safe's sake!
8312GREETINGHuh? ...Okay, Antler. I'll ask.
8313GREETINGHi, human. Why you come here?
8314GREETINGAntler sings for Stealth Boys. Have you found them?
8316GREETING{Welcoming, to one of her own}Greetings, Hunter of The Thorn.
8317GREETINGThe crowds are waiting for you, stranger. Show us your best.
8318GREETING{Slight irritation}It's time for blood, not talk. Find me after the fight.
8319GREETING{Congratulatory tone, if just a hint}Well done, stranger. Here's your share.
8320GREETING{Strong emotion veiled by stoic expression}The Thorn does not welcome you, stranger. Leave now or suffer the consequences.
8321GREETINGEven the strongest creatures need their rest, {slight pause}and their companionship. I've been looking forward to this.
8322GREETING{Ambivalent tone, generic}You know where we meet, and that's not here.
8324GREETING{About to attack player}You've broken the rules of The Thorn. You've dishonored this sacred ground! I don't tolerate such offenses.
8325GREETING{About to attack player}I admire your bravery, but coming down here after what you've done is just foolish. So be it, Legion dog!
8326GREETING{Serious, Seething Anger}We're watching you{two seconds pause}... {Slightly drawn out "sss." Morrowind!}stranger!
8327GREETING{Serious, Seething Anger}Don't fuck with the caged beasts.
8328GREETING{Dumfounded, Overflowing Anger}I can't believe this shit. Time to die, punk!
8329GREETING{Cautionary Warning, Calm}Follow the rules of The Thorn.
8330GREETING{Cautionary Warning, Calm}Don't feed the creatures.
8331GREETING{Surprised, Proving a Point}What did I tell you about breaking the rules? You're gonna learn the hard way, now.
8332GREETING{Proud}Nowhere else will you find something like The Thorn.
8333GREETING{Proud. As if the last sentence is a conclusion of obeying the first two}Take advice. Don't break the rules. And we won't kill you.
8334GREETING{Deeply Offended}You dared go against The Thorn, and now you'll pay for that!
8335GREETING{Amiable, Joking Tone}Come see the fights, or Red Lucy?
8336GREETING{Amiable, Joking Tone}Enjoy the show, and don't give us a reason to shoot you, okay?{Chuckles}
8337GREETING{Surprised, still with a joking tone but about to start combat}You've just fucked up, big time!
8338GREETINGLay down with me, my hunter.
8339GREETINGOur time was sweet, my hunter. But our passion will have to wait - The Thorn demands attention.
8340GREETINGNo more fights today. The Thorn needs time to soak its tribute of blood.
8341GREETINGThe Legion are trouble. You should watch out.
8342GREETINGThe road is dangerous. You better stay sharp.
8343GREETINGI'm getting out of here.
8344GREETINGFuck this place.
8345GREETINGThe Legion will pay for this.
8346GREETINGI kinda like being a farmer.
8347GREETINGI'm glad Mean Sonofabitch is on our side.
8348GREETING{No more water from NCR}Crops aren't getting as much water lately.
8349GREETING{Saint James and Dermot dead}We're better off with those slaver bastards Saint James and Dermot.
8350GREETINGThat Sweetie sure is something.
8351GREETING{Anderson dead or gone}I'm gonna miss having Anderson around.
8352GREETINGAnything new happening?
8353GREETINGIt is time for the meeting with the bosses. We can't chit chat right now.
8354GREETINGHey, thanks for all the help back there.
8355GREETINGHey pal, thanks for helping us shape things up. You're good people.
8356GREETINGTake a seat on the couch over there, Nero and me want to have a little talk with you.
8357GREETINGTake a seat on the couch please, so we can have a little talking time.
8358GREETINGI'm on my way to have some private time, give me some peace.
8359GREETINGI'm on my way to my office, give me a little time before you get in my face.
8360GREETINGI'm on my way to my room, I don't have time to chat with you right now.
8361GREETINGCome to my office, we'll have a little chat with Cachino.
8362GREETINGI don't have time to chat right now. If you have business, wait for me to get settled in.
8363GREETINGWell, what do we have here, huh? Let me guess. You've heard about the mistress who makes all your fantasies come true.
8364GREETINGSo you've followed the call of your desires... all the way to the arms of Joana, moi. Now that you've found me, I wonder, do you have what it takes?
8365GREETINGAny interest in helping us with Mr. House's data network? I'm still good for the medical supplies.
8366GREETINGHave you reconsidered our offer to bug Mr. House's data network? It could be of enormous medical value to us and could alleviate a lot of suffering.
8367GREETINGOh, hi. Thanks again for helping us with that data. {a bit disappointed}I mean, the feed only lasted about thirty seconds and it's not that useful, but... {sighing}we tried.
8368GREETINGThanks again for helping with Mr. House's data network. Come see me at the Old Mormon Fort if you get a chance.
8369GREETINGDrop dead.
8370GREETINGWhat's up?
8371GREETINGHot damn do I love this place.
8372GREETINGThis place smells like booze and sex. That's why I always come back.
8373GREETINGI hope my dad doesn't find out how much money those hookers cost me.
8374GREETINGThe Tops is a real snooze fest. I hope they get some new shows soon.
8375GREETINGHey there, gorgeous. I knew you'd be back soon enough.
8377GREETING{Placeholder for Top Level topics, and topics that become top level}
8378GREETINGI hear you been asking questions about me, dickweed. What the fuck do you want?
8379GREETINGYou again? What the fuck do you want?
8380GREETINGHey, hey! Look who it is.{Nervous laugh} My best buddy.
8381GREETINGHey, what can I do for you?
8382GREETING{Placeholder for top level and topics that become top level}
8383GREETINGI'm getting the heck out of here. You go place that thermite and do what you need to do.
8384GREETINGGive me some time. I'm going to deploy the thermite.
8385GREETINGYeah, nice work destroying those guns, I'm gonna beat feet before they figure out I was involved.
8386GREETING{Placeholder for top level topics}
8387GREETINGHey, you're Cachino's friend. You got business with me?
8388GREETINGHave you found out anything to help me?
8389GREETINGMan, thanks for finding out that shit, fuck Big Sal.
8390GREETINGThanks for taking care of getting me out of here. I owe you big time.
8391GREETINGWho are you? I didn't do anything, leave me alone.
8392GREETINGYou again? Make it quick.
8393GREETINGYou're always welcome here, good to see you again. Let's chat, what's on your mind?
8394GREETING{Placeholder for top level topics}
8395GREETINGHey, you're the one everyone's talking about. What business you got with me?
8396GREETINGWhat do you need? I'm a busy man.
8397GREETINGHey Buddy, Zoara is off limits to everyone but Family.
8398GREETINGGo ahead and talk to the bosses, they'll want to hear what you have to say.
8399GREETINGThanks for bringing Cachino's transgressions to our attention. Shame we had to put him down, he was a good lieutenant.
8400GREETINGHey, it's my good friend again. What can I do for you?
8401GREETINGHold up, I gotta have a chat with Cachino.
8402GREETINGYou got something you need to talk about?
8403GREETING{Placeholder for top level topics}
8404GREETINGLet's get this going.
8405GREETINGHey, I'm leaving and I don't have anything more to say to you, so get the fuck out of{outta} my face.
8406GREETINGHey, nice to meet you. Do you need help with something?
8407GREETINGHey, did you track down some chlorine for me?
8408GREETINGGood to see you again, I hope you're winning some money in here.
8409GREETINGHey, what's up?
8410GREETINGOkay. We can talk here.
8411GREETINGCome here, baby. I'm all yours... are you ready to be all mine?
8412GREETING{Whispering nervously}C'mon, people are looking at us.
8413GREETINGIt's now or never, let's go.
8414GREETINGYou truly are something else! Those Omertas looked like they were going to kill Carlitos on the spot.
8415GREETINGI have nothing to give you except my thanks... and, well, if I were you I'd not mess around with the Omertas anymore, but listen to this.
8416GREETINGCachino has said things that make me think there's a big and nasty operation in the works, something about "getting even" with Mr. House.
8417GREETINGJust thought you'd like to know. Okay, I'm getting Carlitos as far away from here as possible. Hope to see you again, bye!
8418GREETINGI'm happy to see you again. Carlitos and I have been living here since our escape. We'll never forget what you've done for us.
8419GREETING{Broken, aghast, lover just died}Oh, no! No, no, no... Carlitos, dead? What, what will I do now?
8420GREETINGHey there, sugar. I'm Dazzle. What can I do for you... or to you? You're so handsome I might just give you a discount.
8421GREETINGHi, honey. I'm Dazzle. What can I do for you... or to you? Every night's ladies night here.
8422GREETINGYou damn idiot. I just counted those caps you gave me, and there's not enough there!
8423GREETING{NCR victory}All those NCR troops should see me to celebrate. Come one, come all!
8424GREETING{Legion victory}I'm not letting the Legion make me a slave. Even I have standards.
8425GREETING{House victory}Guess it's true what they say - the house always wins in the end.
8426GREETING{Indy Vegas}No Mr. House, no NCR, no Legion, no rules! New Vegas is going to be just one wild, never-ending party.
8427GREETINGBack again? Did you miss me?
8428GREETINGWhat the fuck do you want now?
8429GREETING{Placeholder for top level topics}
8430GREETINGWell look, the bully is back. What the hell do you want?
8431GREETINGHello and welcome to Gomorrah. What can I help you with today?
8432GREETINGLet's meet in my room, hon. Follow me.
8433GREETINGLet's meet in my room, hon. Follow me.
8434GREETINGTake a seat! Play to win.
8435GREETINGYou look like the lucky type, come play the odds.
8436GREETINGPlay the tables, test your luck.
8437GREETINGYou gotta play big to win big.
8438GREETINGFeeling lucky?
8439GREETINGSorry, can't let you play here.
8440GREETINGYou're cut off.
8441GREETINGTry the Tops, your money is no good here.
8442GREETINGDone playing? Try watching some dancers.
8443GREETING{Whispering, fearing being recognized}Be patient. Don't blow it, now.
8444GREETINGI've enjoyed it, hon. But, if you want more of it, you know what you've got to do.
8445GREETINGWe got the message. We're going.
8446GREETINGYou didn't see nothin', got it?
8447GREETINGYou'll get no trouble from me.
8448GREETINGHey, I just do what I'm told.
8449GREETINGHowdy, son! How can I help you? But make it quick. Goddamn heat's worse in this town than in the middle of a Brahmin herd at noon.
8450GREETINGIf you don't mind, I have to look after my husband...
8451GREETINGHowdy, young lady. How can I help you? But make it quick. Goddamn heat's worse in this town than in the middle of a Brahmin herd at noon.
8452GREETINGHowdy! Good seeing you again.
8453GREETINGGood to see you again.
8454GREETINGNo time to chat now, kid. I'm outta this city for good.
8455GREETINGSorry, but I don't have time to talk right now. I'm going back to the ranch.
8456GREETINGCan't dilly-dally right now, kid. Got to lay these old bones to rest for the night. Try me tomorrow.
8457GREETINGWalter! My husband's... No, it can't be!
8458GREETINGNot right now. I've got to make sure my husband gets enough rest. He's much too involved in this Gunderson business for his own good. Maybe tomorrow.
8459GREETINGEthel, darling!{Pause, as anger boils inside - wife just got killed} I'll... I'll join you soon again! Someone's gonna pay first, though.
8460GREETINGYeah, what do you want?
8461GREETINGHey, it's you! What's the news?
8462GREETINGYou've made it! Thank you so much for your help. I owe you more than- Wait! What's that?
8463GREETINGLet me guess. You want to know my secret - how I got my beard to grow in so thick.
8464GREETINGJust talk to Big Beard next to me, pal. Whoever's got the biggest whiskers, does the talking...
8465GREETINGCouldn't stay away, huh?
8466GREETINGWell, well, well, if it isn't our whore, Joana... and, I don't believe this. Carlitos!
8467GREETINGWe had you and the whore clocked from the start, but we thought Carlitos would be long gone by now.
8468GREETINGHe should've fled with the caps he stole from the family. We Omertas don't forget and now's time to pay for your offenses.
8469GREETINGHi. I'm Frewell
8470GREETINGFretwell again, brah.
8471GREETINGFrettie, a thirtie.
8472GREETINGYo, I'm Willis, trooper Willis to you, punk.
8473GREETINGMe again, ahole!
8474GREETINGWhy not?
8475GREETINGHenchman number 1, yeah.
8476GREETINGHenchman number 2 bro!
8478GREETINGLook, we are going, okay? So, leave us be.
8480GREETINGI don't know how we pulled this off, for a minute there I thought we were not going to make it.
8481GREETINGWithout you, we'd been in the losing end. Thank you so much for your help, friend.
8482GREETINGNo... Joana! It can't be! She didn't deserve this, she didn't, you hear?
8483GREETINGIt should've been me, not her... They will pay, right now! Out of my way!
8484GREETINGFor my beard, I do as I promised.
8485GREETINGHey, friend! It's good to see you again.
8486GREETINGThis place don't have the glitter of the Strip, but I've got Joana - that's all I'll ever need.
8487GREETING{Whispering, not wanting to be recognized}We're ready. Let's get out of here.
8488GREETING{Thankful}Thank you for your help!
8489GREETING{Fearful}I'm out of here.
8490GREETING{Whispering, not wanting to be reconized}C'mon, let's go.
8491GREETING{Thankful}Can't thank you enough for saving us.
8492GREETING{Fearful}Didn't expect things to go so bad - I'm not staying here any longer.
8493GREETINGHear that up on the ridge behind me there? We got some geckos to clear out.
8494GREETINGBunch of little monsters is what they are. Seems like Doc Mitchell treats more gecko bites than anything else.
8495GREETINGLet's see if we can get a little closer. If we move quietly, we can get the jump on 'em. More likely to hit something vital that way.
8496GREETINGSee? You're getting the hang of it.
8497GREETINGThere's two more wells that still need clearing. You want, you can come along. It'd be worth a few caps to me.
8498GREETINGConfound it, Cheyenne, why'd you have to go running in like that? You were supposed to stay.
8499GREETINGI'm sorry, you shouldn't have to see me like this. I'm not not gonna be very good company right now.
8500GREETINGI did have another thing to teach, but I'll understand if you'd rather I just pay you so you can be on your way.
8501GREETINGNow that was some good work. Even got a little exciting there at the end.
8502GREETINGHere's a little spending money for the trouble.
8503GREETINGAh, hell's bells. There's not a day passes by I don't tell people not to come here by themselves.
8504GREETINGSome people, your word just isn't good enough for them. Then this happens.
8505GREETINGWell, it's part of life out here. Best to accept it.
8506GREETINGBut you did what you promised, staying out here with me. Here's my end of the deal.
8507GREETINGHey, that's not bad! See? All it takes to make a recipe is the right ingredients and the right know-how.
8508GREETINGSometimes it won't be a campfire you need. Might need to do some work on your guns and ammo, maybe.
8509GREETINGImportant thing to get is it's all the same idea. You just need to find the right place to set up shop. Workbench or... a reloading bench, whatever.
8510GREETINGWell, I hope that's enough to get you started.
8511GREETINGEverything all right?
8512GREETINGI'm heading back now. Hope I didn't miss anything good on the jukebox. Cheyenne would never forgive me.
8513GREETINGIt's important that you're relaxed for this next test. Please, have a seat.
8514GREETINGAll right. I'm gonna say a word. I want you to say the first thing that comes to mind.
8516GREETINGHere. These are yours. Was all you had on you when you was brought in.
8517GREETINGI hope you don't mind but I gave the note a look. I thought it might help me find a next of kin. But it was just something about a platinum chip.
8518GREETINGHi, what can I do for you?
8519GREETINGWelcome back. Need anything?
8520GREETING{Sad about her mentor's death}I've been taking care of the shop, since Michael... {Steeled Resolve}I've got to look forward. Someone's got to bring beauty into this barren world.
8521GREETINGExcuse me, but I'm busy.
8522GREETINGWhat's up?
8523GREETINGHey, it's you! Michael Angelo told me about your photographs. I hope to see the world, one day, like you do.
8524GREETINGWelcome back, friend. What can I do for you?
8525GREETINGGreetings, citizen. Please, select your accommodation needs.
8526GREETINGBehave, and don't give me a reason to kick you out.
8527GREETINGThis is going to be fun!
8528GREETINGSorry, no time to talk, Outsider.
8529GREETINGI bet you'd make an awesome Boomer.
8530GREETINGYay! I love my new toy!
8531GREETINGThanks for the help. That crazy bitch just attacked me out of nowhere.
8532GREETINGDid you see that? That crazy bitch just attacked me out of nowhere.
8533GREETINGThanks again for the help.
8534GREETINGThis day just can't get any worse.
8535GREETINGDid you see that? That guy was going to kill me!
8536GREETINGHey, it's you ag- what's wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?
8537GREETINGDon't worry about me. I'm a little shaken up, but I'll be okay.
8538GREETINGCould you, maybe, stay away from me? You're creeping me out.
8539GREETINGWe spoke earlier, didn't we? About Vault 22. My offer still stands, if you've changed your mind.
8540GREETINGWe still need a contractor on our Vault 22 project. Interested?
8541GREETINGYes? Something else you needed?
8542GREETINGI received a pleasant call from Dr. Keely. It seems we have you to thank for keeping her alive. Very charitable of you.
8543GREETINGAh! I was just wondering what had become of you.
8544GREETINGWhat do you want? I thought I told you to stay the hell out of here.
8545GREETINGWhat are you doing in my office? You're not welcome here, get out!
8546GREETINGDid Dr. Hildern... this really isn't any of my business, but... did he give you a job?
8547GREETINGLittle busy at the moment. But I can talk.
8548GREETINGIf you can find Keely and keep her safe, I'll pay you what I can. I gave my word, and I meant it.
8549GREETINGKeely just called in. You should have heard the Director. "But I-" "Wait a-" "Now look here-"
8550GREETINGShe wouldn't let him finish a sentence. Just reamed him out for sending all those people to the Vault. I've never seen his face so red and twitchy.
8551GREETINGThanks for keeping her safe. Here's the caps I promised. I knew I had a good feeling about you.
8552GREETINGDid you find Keely? You haven't been back for a while, so I was hoping...
8553GREETINGOh! Good to see you again.
8554GREETINGUnless I hear from Keely, we've got nothing to talk about.
8555GREETINGKeely still hasn't checked in. It's not like her...
8556GREETINGAfter what happened with Keely, Hildern's got his eye on me. We shouldn't be talking... not anymore.
8557GREETINGYou're new? I'm Angela. Williams. Were you just looking around, or...
8558GREETINGTook your sweet time. I suppose the NCR sent you?
8559GREETINGIt's better not to do a lot of talking on assassination missions.
8560GREETINGI hear you took care of Motor-Runner. I could have handled that on my own.
8561GREETINGThanks for the help back at Vault 3. I couldn't have gotten out of there without the assist.
8562GREETINGThanks for the assistance, doc. Time for us to go take out Motor-Runner?
8563GREETINGWhat do you need? I have a job to do.
8564GREETINGI'm ready to take out Motor-Runner when you are.
8565GREETINGHow the hell did you get in here? And who the hell are you?
8566GREETINGWhat are you doing here, soldier? I didn't call for any support.
8567GREETINGHey! Yeah you! Come give us a hand!
8568GREETINGYou again. You ready to give us some help?
8569GREETINGRick is dead, but I'd still welcome my freedom!
8570GREETINGAre you going to free me or what?
8571GREETINGThanks for the help.
8572GREETINGThank you for releasing us.
8573GREETINGTalk to Rick if you have something you'd like to say.
8574GREETINGIf you have anything to say, talk to Rick.
8575GREETINGWhy the fuck are you back here?
8576GREETINGWhat the fuck are you doing here?
8577GREETINGMan, are you turned around. Motor-Runner is one the other side of the complex.
8578GREETINGI know who you are. I'm a patient man, but you'd better have a damn good reason to be standing here right now. Spit it out.
8579GREETINGLook who it is. I haven't had the privilege, but I'm told you've been an angel on our shoulder. What can we do for you at Camp McCarran?
8580GREETINGWell. I'm glad we could finally meet. My sources tell me you've done some good work for us. What brings you to Camp McCarran?
8581GREETINGI'm usually good with faces, but I don't think I've seen you here before. What brings you to Camp McCarran?
8582GREETINGWhat happened?
8583GREETINGYes, what is it?
8584GREETINGWhat are you doing here? You don't have clearance.
8585GREETINGGet the hell out of my sight.
8586GREETINGHey, what are you doing out here at this hour?
8587GREETINGTrouble sleeping again, huh? Well, do yourself a favor - try and get some rest.
8588GREETINGFollowing up on your lead, huh? Good. I'll get out of your way before I blow your cover.
8589GREETINGI hope you catch this guy.
8590GREETINGNice to meet you. I'm Curtis.
8592GREETINGWhat is it?
8593GREETINGHey! Can't you see I'm busy here?
8594GREETINGNah, I'm just kidding. This has to be the most worthless patrol duty on the whole base. They never attack this gate.
8595GREETINGThey just put me back here because they don't think I can handle anything else.
8596GREETINGMan, am I bored.
8597GREETINGWhat is it, soldier?
8598GREETINGYou stick out like a sore thumb around here. You sure you're in the right place?
8599GREETINGYou weren't supposed to kill him! Goddamn it. Not only did we not get any information, but now you've ended his suffering, too.
8600GREETINGShit, guess I can forget about a promotion this decade. Thanks a lot, asshole.
8601GREETINGFuck. What am I going to tell the colonel?
8602GREETINGHaven't you done enough?
8603GREETINGPoor guy. He's all tuckered out. Well, I guess we'll have to pick up where we left off tomorrow. Good work.
8604GREETINGI'm sure he'll have had enough after a few days of this. Or if we're lucky, a few months.
8605GREETINGI'll get someone in here to clean up the mess he made. You can head out for the day. Let's let him sleep.
8606GREETINGThat was fun to watch. I'd have you do it again, but I'd probably get in trouble.
8607GREETINGThis'll do the NCR a lot of good, so you should be proud.
8608GREETINGHere's the standard fee, plus I threw in the price of a good show on the Strip. That's from me personally. You can beat up my prisoners anytime.
8609GREETINGYou did well. I don't know how you did it without putting a scratch on him, and I'm a little disappointed personally, but it saved the NCR some face.
8610GREETINGAnd it could save us more than that when all is said and done. I'm gonna talk to some people when we're through here.
8611GREETINGThis is about double the standard fee we'd give a "consultant," but from what I saw, you're more of an artist. So think of this as your commission.
8612GREETINGLet's finish this up, then we can talk.
8613GREETINGYou're back.
8614GREETINGWhat an ugly little worm you are. What pile of excrement did the lieutenant pluck you from, worm?
8616GREETINGYou don't have to do this.
8617GREETINGYou hit like a bedridden old woman.
8618GREETINGWe don't have anything to discuss, worm.
8619GREETINGEnough! This is pointless. I'm dead to the Legion either way. I'll tell you what I know.
8620GREETINGBut you should know that Caesar has always kept his own counsel. He never reveals anything that would make him vulnerable.
8621GREETINGMy knowledge will not prevent the inevitable. This camp will be ash within months. Maybe weeks.
8622GREETINGHave you got it?
8623GREETINGHit me.
8624GREETINGGet away from me.
8625GREETINGI'll take it from here.
8626GREETINGBoyd's in there with a prisoner right now. Boy, is she pissed.
8627GREETINGHassling Hector, huh? Got a thing for little kids?
8628GREETINGWhatcha want, freakshow?
8629GREETINGWho the fuck are you and why are you bothering me?
8630GREETINGBack again? Jesus....
8631GREETINGCome back to Violet, huh? What now?
8632GREETINGSomething on your mind?
8633GREETINGHey there, sweet thing. Want a ride on the Cook-Cook express?
8634GREETINGNot now! I've got to get up to the lab and finish what I started!
8635GREETINGThis Vault-Tech machinery is so fragile. I had to jury-rig this elevator a few days ago and it's on the fritz again already.
8636GREETINGAh, that's got it. See you upstairs.
8637GREETINGHm, what's this? Did you do these repairs? Not bad. Not bad at all.
8638GREETINGSaves me time, I guess. See you upstairs.
8639GREETINGGood, you're here. Ready to begin?
8640GREETINGI suppose you have questions. Hurry up and ask them.
8641GREETINGAh, good. You survived. I was beginning to think you hadn't. You'll be pleased to know that the spores should no longer be a problem.
8642GREETINGNow all that's left is to ensure that none of this ever happens again. The research that led to these abominations must be erased.
8643GREETINGDon't mind me. I have to wrap things up here, gather my gear, that sort of thing. I'll be leaving soon enough.
8644GREETINGGreetings! I do not believe we have met before. I have the singular distinction of being designated as Bohr.
8646GREETINGHello again, my friend. I hope you've been finding the information in the datastore useful.
8647GREETING{Ibsen top-level topics}
8648GREETINGWelcome to the range. Feel free to use any open lane.
8649GREETINGAh, outsider. I've heard that you were instrumental in providing Hardin with the evidence to bring against me. And here I had thought to use {lightly stressed}you.
8650GREETINGHave you come to gloat, or did you actually want something?
8651GREETINGWelcome, outsider, welcome! The lockdown has been officially lifted and everyone seems to be in good spirits.
8652GREETINGWith the surface open to us once again, Hardin's already started talk of sending a force out to attack HELIOS, but I hope to dissuade him.
8653GREETINGWhat can I do for you?
8654GREETINGHail, Brother. May I help you?
8655GREETINGGreetings, my friend. I hope I can be of some assistance to you.
8656GREETING{Getting ready to lift the lockdown}I apologize, outsider, but I'm going to be busy for a little while making preparations for lifting the lockdown.
8657GREETING{Annoyed to have to talk to the player again}What is it now, outsider?
8658GREETINGI'm afraid I don't have time to talk, outsider. I've had word that Hardin is charging me with violating protocol and must prepare a defense.
8659GREETINGBack again, I see. Have you found all the components we need?
8660GREETINGHave you had any luck finding the scouts? Or did you have something to discuss?
8661GREETINGFound the missing patrols, or was something else on your mind?
8662GREETINGHow did you find us, stranger? And do tell the truth.
8663GREETINGI've been informed that you bring us ill tidings, stranger. Care to elaborate?
8664GREETINGWhen Paladin Ramos informed me that Veronica was approaching with an outsider in tow, at first I didn't know what to think.
8665GREETINGAfter giving the matter some thought, however, I've decided that an outsider could be of use to me right now.
8666GREETINGHowever, I will not force you to help us. Should you refuse, you will be allowed to leave here, though you'd remain Veronica's responsibility.
8667GREETINGWhat do you say, outsider? Are you willing to help us?
8668GREETINGWhat I wished to discuss with you can wait for once I get settled in the command room, outsider.
8669GREETINGWhen you first showed up on our doorstep, I'll admit at first I didn't know what to think.
8670GREETINGAfter giving the matter some thought, however, I've decided that an outsider could be of great use to me right now.
8671GREETINGHowever, I will not force you to help us. Should you refuse, you will be allowed to leave here, though know we {stressed}will be keeping an eye on you.
8672GREETINGWhat do you say, outsider? Are you willing to help us?
8673GREETINGHow did you resolve the situation with the ranger?
8674GREETINGHave you reconsidered, outsider? I can still use your help.
8675GREETING{Generic question node}Yes, associate?
8676GREETING{McNamara's top-level topics}
8677GREETING{McNamara's linked topics}
8678GREETINGHey, I heard the pistol got returned. Thanks a lot! I am {emph}never going to listen to Watkins again, believe me.
8679GREETINGI really hope you can find that pistol.
8680GREETINGYes, can I help you?
8681GREETINGSorry, but I'm a little busy here. If you'll excuse me.
8682GREETINGThe lockdown is lifted! The patrols are going to start up again! Do you know what this means? I'll actually be able to get into a real fight!
8683GREETINGI wonder what it'll be against? Raiders? Radscorpions? {super excited}Deathclaws? Oh, I can't wait. So what's up?
8684GREETINGHey, so Hardin becoming Elder was because of you, huh? Good job. Now that the lockdown if lifted, I may get a chance to get into a real fight!
8685GREETINGI wonder what it'll be against? Raiders? Radscorpions? {super excited}Deathclaws? Oh, I can't wait. So what's up?
8686GREETINGI hear you handled the NCR ranger that was camping out topside.
8687GREETINGDon't get a big head or anything about it. I would have taken him out if they'd let me.
8689GREETING{Watkins top-level topics}
8690GREETINGYou'll find your equipment in the chest to your right. Don't bother coming back until you've dealt with the ranger.
8691GREETINGStand back from the door. The Elder's eager to hear your report.
8692GREETING[You hear nothing.]
8693GREETING{Ramos Greeting for players who found a patrol}Where did you learn that password? And tell the truth, because I'll know if you're lying.
8694GREETING{Ramos Greeting for players with Veronica}{Stern}Listen up. I'm in charge of security around here, and I can't say I'm too happy having an outsider waltzing around.
8695GREETING{Eases up, first part was just for show}But since you came in with Veronica, I'm inclined to cut you a little slack. Just behave yourself and we won't have any problems, okay?
8696GREETINGOh, and the Elder's going to want to talk to you. He's on the second level. Just take a right once you get down there.
8697GREETINGMy office is right here in case you need anything. Just ask for Ramos.
8698GREETING{Ramos dialogue if player sneaks into the bunker}{Angry, an intruder managed to get past his security}How the hell did you get in here? Normally, I would have already shot you, but I'm under orders to bring you to the Elder. Will you come peacefully?
8699GREETINGRest up, and make your report to the Elder when you're up to it.
8700GREETINGIf you have something to say, say it to Elder McNamara.
8701GREETINGYour presence here... Let's just say it's highly irregular.
8702GREETINGOutsiders aren't even allowed to know that our bunker's here, let alone come and go freely.
8703GREETINGYou impressed Elder McNamara, obviously. He must believe that you'll be very useful.
8704GREETINGOh, hey there. Something I can help you with?
8705GREETING{Ramos Top-level topics}
8706GREETINGNo time to talk now. I have to get ready to return to base with this information. I'll get a fat raise for this, if anyone actually believes me.
8707GREETING{Nonchalant}Okay, so you weren't kidding about there being a Brotherhood base here.
8708GREETINGI'll need to report back to base about this. They'll think I'm playing a prank if I try to radio it in, so I'll need some face time with the brass.
8709GREETINGThanks for the heads up. I mean it. I'll be sure to mention you in my report.
8710GREETINGShhh. I thought I heard something up by the entrance.
8711GREETINGNow, now. Calm down. I believe you saw something. Let's just head back to my camp and we'll figure out what it was, okay?
8712GREETINGSorry, but I've got a long hike ahead of me. You take care.
8713GREETINGPowder ganger scum! Hands up or die!
8714GREETINGThought you'd sneak up on me, you filthy powder ganger?
8715GREETINGOh, it's you. Any particular reason you felt the need to bother me again?
8716GREETING{Placeholder for Dobson's top-level topics}
8717GREETINGYou must be the stranger I've been hearing about. Sorry, but I'm strictly forbidden from offering our tech to outsiders like yourself.
8718GREETINGBesides, I'm a little busy right now.
8719GREETINGSorry, outsider, but I'm not allowed to sell you anything without the Elder's say so.
8720GREETINGBesides, I'm a little busy right now.
8721GREETINGI can't believe Hardin is Elder now. At least with the lockdown lifted I'll be able to resupply my store more often. So what are you here for?
8722GREETINGHave you heard the news? Elder McNamara has lifted the lockdown! Good news for this store, let me tell you. I can't wait to start getting more goods.
8723GREETINGSo what are you here for?
8724GREETINGThe word came down from the Elder that I'm to offer you some of our lesser wares, as if I didn't have other matters on my mind.
8725GREETINGHave you found it? I need to give my report to Hardin soon.
8726GREETINGHi there. Looking to spend some caps?
8727GREETINGYou again? Didn't I tell you I was busy?
8728GREETING{Torres top-level topics}
8729GREETINGListen very closely and do as I say. Your life depends on it.
8730GREETINGHand over everything you're carrying. Weapons, ammo, clothes, armor - everything. I want you stripped down to your underwear.
8731GREETINGSave it for Paladin Ramos, outsider.
8732GREETINGI said shut up and keep moving.
8733GREETINGYou're the one with that robot, I was hoping you'd bring him my way. Pretty impressive piece of hardware.
8734GREETINGI can't say that I've seen anything quite like him before.
8735GREETINGHmmm? Oh, you must be the outsider everyone's buzzing about. Pleased to meet you. I'm Lorenzo, Senior Knight and general handyman around here.
8736GREETING{Lorenzo's Top-level Topics}
8737GREETINGHey, good to see you again. Have you thought any more about letting me take a look at the logs on your robot?
8738GREETINGGood to see you! Alive, that is. Have you found all of the components yet?
8739GREETINGGood to see you again. What can I help you with?
8740GREETINGWhat do you want? And don't try anything funny.
8741GREETINGThat report must reach the Elder's hands. I have nothing further to give you.
8742GREETINGDon't take another step if you value your life. For what purpose do you approach me?
8743GREETINGThe Elder is likely urgently awaiting that report. You should make your way to him as soon as possible.
8744GREETINGApproach slowly, stranger. If you have no business with me, then go.
8745GREETINGQuick now, off with you! The Elder must see that report!
8746GREETINGIt looks like you've managed to talk some sense into the Elder, outsider. Be assured, I'll still be keeping an eye on him.
8747GREETING{Grudging}Your efforts to help this chapter are not unappreciated. Now, what can I do for you?
8748GREETINGWelcome, my friend. A new day has dawned for this chapter, and moving forward we will no longer cower in the dark.
8749GREETINGAnd we have you to thank for it. You'll find that I can be generous to those who show loyalty.
8750GREETINGHere, take this key. If you ever find yourself in need of repair, head to our safehouse to the northeast.
8751GREETINGNow, what can I do for you?
8752GREETING{Hardin, haven't listened to him yet}Are you willing to listen to me now, outsider?
8753GREETINGHave you reconsidered helping me, outsider? I do what I must to see that the chapter survives.
8754GREETINGWhat is it, outsider? Have you discovered anything?
8755GREETINGWelcome back, my friend. What can I do for you?
8756GREETINGWhat do you want, outsider?
8757GREETINGI appreciate all you've done, but I'm going to have my hands full for a little while. Come back later and we'll talk.
8758GREETING{Hardin Top Level Topics}
8759GREETING{Hardin linked topics}
8760GREETINGI heard we have you to thank for McNamara having a change of heart. Thank you. So what can I do for you?
8761GREETINGThere's a rumor going around that you were behind Hardin's takeover. I suppose his leadership is better than none at all. Time will tell.
8762GREETINGSo what brings you by today?
8763GREETINGHello, you must be the outsider everyone is talking about. I'm Linda Schuler. If you ever need medical attention, this is the place to come.
8764GREETINGHello. Can I help you with something?
8765GREETING{Schuler Top-level topics}
8766GREETINGPlease excuse me - I'm {exter-cating}extricating myself at the moment...
8767GREETINGApologies, but I'm quite busy until I reach safety!
8768GREETINGWell! That was quite an adventure. We taught those convicts a thing or two, didn't we?
8769GREETINGBreaking myself out of a hostage situation - not to diminish your role in it, of course - but it was quite thrilling.
8770GREETINGProblem is, there's still no law in Primm. What're we to do the next time ruffians menace us and hold us hostage?
8771GREETINGWell! That was quite a per-dicament you rescued me from, there in the Bison Steve. A most unpleasant experience.
8772GREETINGGoing in alone to rescue a hostage! My brother-in-law was brave like that. Made a fine sheriff. Until the Powder Gangers killed him.
8773GREETINGProblem is, there's still no law in Primm. What're we to do the next time ruffians menace us and hold us hostage?
8774GREETINGWell, if it isn't the "lawbringer."
8775GREETINGHello again. I don't suppose you've decided to help Primm find its next sheriff?
8776GREETINGAny luck finding a suitable candidate for our next sheriff?
8777GREETINGOh, it's you.
8778GREETING{sighs}I suppose I should be thanking you for restoring the rule of law to Primm...
8779GREETINGI don't plan to come back to the Bison Steve much in the years to come. If I ever get out of it.
8780GREETINGI do hope this ordeal will be over soon.
8781GREETINGIf we were to miss a convict or two in here, who'd know the difference?
8782GREETINGI'm Lieutenant Hayes of the New California Republic Army, 5th Battalion, 1st Company. What's your business?
8784GREETINGPrimm is secure against outside threats. Be interesting to see how long the natives stay grateful.
8785GREETINGI'm Sergeant McGee of the New California Republic Army, 5th Battalion, 1st Company. If you want to talk about something, speak to Lieutenant Hayes.
8786GREETINGWhat is it?
8787GREETINGMove along, waster. Got a town to run here.
8788GREETING{Hayes Placeholder}
8789GREETING{Deputy Beagle Placeholder}
8790GREETING{McGee Top Level Topics}
8791GREETINGHowdy pardner! Any luck tracking down Vance's gun?
8792GREETINGAlways good to see you, pardner! Anything I can help you with?
8793GREETINGWhat are you doing here, stranger? You looking to start some trouble?
8794GREETINGThis better be good, stranger.
8795GREETINGYou'd best not try any funny business, stranger. One word from me, and Vance will plant you in the ground!
8796GREETINGWhat the hell you want?
8797GREETINGThanks for talking Pauline out of robbing the Strip. Who knows what she'll think of next?
8798GREETINGThank god you talked me out of trying to rob the Strip. I guess we'll wait here until I come up with our next caper.
8799GREETING{Primm Slimm Placeholder Topic}
8800GREETINGHeard it was you brought the law back to Primm, youngster. Hat's off to you.
8801GREETINGPrimm had rule of law for the blink of an eye, but now we're back where we started.
8802GREETINGHey there, youngster.
8803GREETINGHello there. What brings you to Primm?
8804GREETINGWelcome back. Good to see you again.
8805GREETING{JNash Placeholder}
8806GREETING{RNash Placeholder}
8807GREETINGHave you found the components we discussed? The sooner we get this over with, the better.
8808GREETINGJason says that I am to cooperate with you on the final tasks necessary to launch the Great Journey.
8809GREETINGAre you ready to get started? Those rockets aren't going to launch themselves.
8810GREETINGIt is almost time for the great Journey!
8811GREETINGNot now! It is almost time for the Great Journey!
8812GREETINGIt is almost time for the great Journey!
8813GREETINGNice enough speech, I guess.
8814GREETINGWell, it's up to you to go launch the rockets. There's a small mission control room all the way back upstairs. Should be as easy as pressin a button.
8815GREETINGIt seems my work here is done, so I'll be on my way to Novac. We'll see how that works out.
8816GREETINGDid you hear him? As though some fancy speech can make what they did to me less of a crime?
8817GREETINGGo launch the rockets! There's a cramped little "mission control" room all the way back upstairs. Should be as easy as pushing a button.
8818GREETINGEnjoy the view. I hear the "Great Journey" is going to be shorter than they expected. Sweeter, too.
8819GREETINGDid you hear him? My god, you were right all along. I'm no ghoul! They were just using me...
8820GREETINGGo launch the rockets. Don't worry about me.
8821GREETINGLeave me alone.
8822GREETINGDid you bring the items we discussed? The sooner I send them on their way, the sooner I can head to Novac.
8823GREETING{Placeholder for Top Level Topics}
8824GREETINGWhere did rest of my kin go? All alone now...
8825GREETINGAntler is sad. We Nightkin go now, but there is fewer than when we came here...
8826GREETINGAntler is sad, human. Nightkin go now, find Stealth Boys in other places.
8827GREETINGYou did good, smoothskin. Never thought I'd get out of that room.
8828GREETINGKind of busy running for my life here, smoothskin.
8829GREETINGCome and get it, you big dumb -
8830GREETINGHey! You're not one of those things out there. Who the hell are you?
8831GREETINGDid you find my friend?
8832GREETINGWhat do you want now, smoothskin?
8833GREETINGWho sent you? I ain't talking. They tried to get me to talk before, but I didn't say nothing. And I don't aim to now, by gum.
8834GREETINGYou've seen them too, haven't you? I can see it in your eyes. I knew I wasn't the only one.
8835GREETINGYeah? What do you want?
8836GREETINGWhat's up?
8837GREETINGHi there, mister. You need something?
8838GREETINGHi there, miss. Can I help you with something?
8839GREETINGHello again. Did you need something else?
8840GREETINGI'm not supposed to talk to strangers.
8841GREETINGI doubt I can help you. I'm just a kid, you know.
8842GREETINGAlright, that should do it. You need anything else?
8843GREETINGAnd we're all done. That wasn't so bad, was it? Did you need anything else?
8844GREETINGYou've helped me so much, it seems wrong to ask, but can you spare any more water?
8845GREETINGI'll never forget you. Thank you for your help.
8846GREETINGI hate to ask but... do you have any more water?
8847GREETINGYou've saved my life. Thank you, stranger. I hate to ask you this, but times are hard...
8848GREETINGCan you spare any more water?
8849GREETINGJust leave me to die in peace.
8850GREETINGJust go away. I'd like to die without you standing over me gloating.
8851GREETINGOh, thank God. Someone new! I need water! Please! Water!
8852GREETINGCan you help me? I need water... purified water... please...
8853GREETINGPlease... do you have any water? I'm so thirsty...
8854GREETINGPlease! Please help me... I need water! I'm dying!
8855GREETINGRL-3 regrets to inform that you are obviously unfit to command, sir!
8856GREETINGRL-3 is pleased to see you, sir! Is there a mission to undertake?
8857GREETINGRL-3 is ready for another tour of duty, sir!
8858GREETINGRL-3 is ready for duty, sir!
8859GREETINGYes, commander?
8860GREETINGBy your command, sir!
8861GREETINGFeel better? You should, that was the good stuff. Need anything else?
8862GREETINGSee, that wasn't so bad. Anything else I can do for you?
8863GREETINGYou're all set. Are we done here?
8864GREETINGJesus, you really can't take a hint, can you?
8865GREETINGLet me be blunt. Go away.
8866GREETINGI don't know you, you don't know me. Let's keep it that way.
8867GREETINGHow about you just mind your own business, okay?
8868GREETINGDo not interfere with security operations.
8869GREETINGI'm sorry, but I am not at liberty to chat right now.
8870GREETINGProtect and serve.
8871GREETINGProtect and serve.
8872GREETINGGood morning, sir.
8873GREETINGWhat can I do for you?
8874GREETINGGood morning, madame.
8875GREETINGWhat can I do for you?
8876GREETINGGood evening, sir.
8877GREETINGWhat can I do for you?
8878GREETINGGood evening, madame.
8879GREETINGWhat can I do for you?
8880GSCheyenneGrowl< sniff >
8881GSJoeCobbIntroI'm done being nice. If you don't hand Ringo over soon, I'm going to get my friends and we're burning this town to the ground, got it?
8882GSTrudyToJoeWe'll keep that in mind. Now, if you're not going to buy something, get out.
8883GuardTrespassYou'd better get out of here if you know what's good for you.
8884GuardTrespassKeep moving.
8885GuardTrespassYou'd better get out of here.
8886GuardTrespassVacate the premises. Now.
8887GuardTrespassThis area is restricted.
8888GuardTrespassThis area belongs to the Brotherhood of Steel. Leave or face lethal force.
8889GuardTrespassYou better think twice about that.
8890GuardTrespassYou don't belong here.
8891GuardTrespassGet the fuck out of here.
8892GuardTrespass{warning}Leave while you still can.
8893GuardTrespass{warning}Move along or suffer the consequences.
8894GuardTrespass{warning}You don't belong here.
8895GuardTrespassBack off. This is our turf.
8896GuardTrespassNot gonna stay nice if you don't leave.
8897GuardTrespassClear out. You're not welcome here.
8898GuardTrespassStay the fuck away from here.
8899GuardTrespassGet lost.
8900GuardTrespassYou'll turn back, if you know what's good for you.
8901GuardTrespassThis area is off limits, Outsider.
8902GuardTrespassThis is restricted.
8903GuardTrespassHey, that's off limits.
8904GuardTrespassYou need to leave.
8905GuardTrespass{suspicious}You're not really supposed to be here.
8906GuardTrespassBeat it.
8907GuardTrespassYou are not authorized to enter this area.
8908GuardTrespassThis area is off-limits. Please vacate.
8909GuardTrespassLeave the vicinity immediately. Thank you.
8910GuardTrespassYou're not wanted here. Leave.
8911GuardTrespassYou're not supposed to be here. Go before I get angry.
8912GuardTrespassThis is our place. Go or be smashed.
8913GuardTrespass{Last two words are staggered, increasingly loud}Get out of here before I get mad!
8914GuardTrespass{warning}You don't belong here.
8915GuardTrespass{warning}Move along or suffer the consequences.
8916GuardTrespass{warning}Leave while you still can.
8917GuardTrespassYou're treading on dangerous ground. I suggest you split.
8918GuardTrespassThis is the Kings' turf. Scram!
8919GuardTrespassYou should head back if you know what's good for you.
8920GuardTrespassBack off!
8921GuardTrespass{Snarls}Back off, human�
8922GuardTrespass{Snarls}Go away!
8923GuardTrespass{Snarls}Stop that, human�
8924GuardTrespassKeep walking.
8925GuardTrespassUh uh. I don't think so.
8926GuardTrespassJust keep on moving.
8927GuardTrespassI got my eye on you. Even if it doesn't see so good.
8928GuardTrespassYou're outstaying your welcome.
8929GuardTrespassGo away! Go away!
8930GuardTrespassIf you don't leave now, Leo might start chopping!
8931GuardTrespassYou're frightening the children! Leave!
8932GuardTrespassYou shouldn't be here.
8933GuardTrespassYou better go.
8934GuardTrespassYou got no right.
8935GuardTrespassYou'd best git or I'll be in a pucker.
8936GuardTrespassBest be off right quick, pardner.
8937GuardTrespassWhy don't you mosey along, pardner.
8939GuardTrespassI'm warning you.
8940GuardTrespassKeep your distance.
8943GuardTrespassStay away!
8944GuardTrespassStay back.
8945GuardTrespassDon't get any closer.
8946GuardTrespassNot another step!
8947GuardTrespassGet the fuck outta here.
8948GuardTrespassGet out, now!
8949GuardTrespassHey! No trespassing.
8950GuardTrespassFind someplace else to be.
8951GuardTrespassYou're not supposed to be here.
8952GuardTrespassYou don't belong here. Go.
8954GuardTrespassWarning. Use of lethal force is authorized.
8955GuardTrespassWarning. You have entered a security zone. Lethal force may be used without further warning.
8956GuardTrespassWarning. Leave the security zone immediately or you may be fired upon without further warning.
8957GuardTrespassI don't mean to be rude, but you're not allowed here. You'd better leave before I'm forced to take preventive measures.
8958GuardTrespassYou're still within the restricted area. I really do advise you to leave immediately.
8959GuardTrespassPerhaps you didn't hear me the first time. This is a restricted area. Please leave immediately.
8960GuardTrespassI'm sorry, but you're not allowed here. I hope you won't turn this into an unpleasant situation.
8961GuardTrespassI'm sorry. You've entered a restricted area. I may have to use deadly force if you don't leave immediately.
8962GuardTrespassExcuse me, sir, but this is a restricted area. Please leave immediately so we can remain friends.
8963GuardTrespassExcuse me, ma'am, but this is a restricted area. Please leave immediately so we can remain friends.
8964GuardTrespassTrespasser, be advised that deadly force will be used against you without further warning.
8965GuardTrespassLeave the restricted area immediately. No further warning is required.
8966GuardTrespassThis is a restricted area. You will be sanctioned with deadly force if you do not leave immediately.
8967GuardTrespassYou are now trespassing. Be advised that deadly force may be used against you.
8968GuardTrespassWarning. You are trespassing. You must leave immediately.
8969GuardTrespassThis is a restricted area.
8970GuardTrespassYou had better remove yourself from this area before I am forced to declare you an enemy of the U.S. of A.
8971GuardTrespassThis area is under the protection of the U.S. army. Remove yourself or be prepared to defend yourself.
8972GuardTrespassYou're not allowed in here. Don't give me an excuse to use my weapon on you.
8973GuardTrespassDo not push your luck any further.
8974GuardTrespassI'll advise you again to leave immediately or I cannot be responsible for the consequences.
8975GuardTrespassYou're taking your life into your own hands.
8976HadrianComedyEesh, is my act that bad, or are you just that dumb? Yeah, that's right - got me a nice, juicy contract with the management.
8977HadrianIntroEither you need to get your eyes checked or that "fame is fleeting" thing is true - and since I happen to be world famous, you must be going blind.
8978HadrianIntroName's Hadrian. Bet you never saw a ghoul in a suit before, huh? Course, you don't exactly strike me as the worldly type.
8979HadrianWorkToo bad I got this ironclad contract with the Garrets. They'll never let me out of it.
8980HadrianWorkLike I told you, I can't go anywhere without getting out of my contract with Garret first. Talk to him, maybe he'll cut me loose if you ask nice.
8981HadrianWorkReally? You mean I'm finally out of this shithole? That's great! Thank you!
8982HadrianWorkSure, why not? Nothing left for me here since Garret's dead.
8983HanlonConfessionRangers, this is the chief. I know I can ramble on sometimes, but I need you to listen close for the next minute or so. I've got some bad news.
8984HanlonConfessionI messed up. Made a mistake. I thought I could help get us out of here, but... it didn't work out.
8985HanlonConfessionRangers get injured all the time. It's part of the job. But if you lose a few fingers, get a bad break, that's it. You step down.
8986HanlonConfessionWe rely on each other too much to let our infirmities become a liability. A ranger knows when it's time. Only I didn't.
8987HanlonConfessionSomewhere along the way, something broke inside me. I couldn't find us a way out of this desert. I wrestled with it, and it took me down a dark road.
8988HanlonConfessionI wish I could explain it to you. The old chief's finally at a loss for words.
8989HanlonConfessionSend me all the Legion you can. I'll be waiting for them.
8990HardinPowerArmorTraining...There, I think you've got the hang of it now. You should be able to use any type of power armor you come across using what you just learned.
8991HardinPowerArmorTrainingVery well, then. In addition to the armor, I've given the order that all of our arms and equipment be made available for your purchase.
8992HardinPowerArmorTrainingFinally, while you are now a member of the Brotherhood, I cannot ask any more of you. I'm sure you have goals of your own outside these walls.
8993HardinPowerArmorTrainingYou are free to come and go as you please, though I hope you'll return to us someday in a more permanent capacity.
8994HardinPowerArmorTrainingI wish you the best, {outsider}outsid- {beat, catches himself}Brother.
8995HarlandAlreadyFreeI see. Spare me the details. Goddamn. She had the yellowest smile...
8996HarlandAlreadyFreeYou did your part, so I'll do mine. Go ahead and root around up here if you want. I'm going to make a break for topside.
8997HarlandByAskingYouHa! Well, you're polite, I'll give you that. If this was just between you and me, I'd do as you ask. But it's not.
8998HarlandByAskingYouI had a friend with me when those mutant bastards came out of nowheres. She panicked and ran the wrong direction - further into the basement.
8999HarlandByAskingYouShe's probably dead, but I ain't leaving until I know for sure. I'd have gone looking myself, except I wouldn't last a minute out there.
9000HarlandByAskingYouYou, on the other hand, seem pretty resourceful. Find my friend, and I'll get out of your way.
9001HarlandByKillingYouThen you're dumber than you look, smoothskin. Eat this!
9002HarlandFriendDeadI see. Well, spare me the details.
9003HarlandFriendDeadDamn it, I'm going to miss that crooked, yellow smile...
9004HarlandFriendDeadAll right, you did your part, so I'll do mine. Look around up here if you want. I'm going to make a break for topside.
9006HarlandHowEndUpHereFirst off, I'm not trapped. This was a tactical choice, all right?
9007HarlandHowEndUpHereI'm no match for those things out there, so I found a good defensive position, and I've been defending it, right?
9008HarlandHowEndUpHere...Aw, who am I fooling? I'm trapped. Name's Harland. Pleased to meet you.
9009HarlandHowEndUpHereWhat happened was, I was escorting folks down to work when those things attacked us.
9010HarlandHowEndUpHereMost of the fight was upstairs, but some folks panicked and made for the basement. And I went after them.
9011HarlandHowEndUpHereWell, turns out there were even more of those bastards down here than upstairs, and things went to shit fast.
9012HarlandHowEndUpHereI couldn't find the others, so I fell back to this room and set up a nice little kill zone. End of story.
9013HarlandHowEndUpHereI'm not delicate. Radroach meat for protein, condensation off the pipes for water, and I do my business over in the far corner.
9014HarlandHowEndUpHereI wouldn't say it's been comfy.
9015HarlandICanFindHerThanks. Let me know what you find out. Here's hoping she's okay.
9016HarlandLookDifferentGuess the outfit gives that away, huh? I never did buy into that religious mumbo-jumbo with the robes and all that shit.
9017HarlandLookDifferentIt gets lonely out in the wastes, okay? And I don't have to tell you that Bright's group has got some fine-looking ghoulettes in it!
9018HarlandLookDifferentEh... or maybe I would have to tell you...
9019HarlandLookDifferentAnyway, I helped them out, and they kept me supplied with ammo and pleasant company.
9020HarlandNightkinInfoI kill them on sight, so we haven't had much time to get acquainted.
9021HarlandNightkinInfoThey're hard to see, obviously, but they aren't too smart when it comes to tactics. Or not stepping in traps.
9022HarlandNoWordI'm not expecting good news, but keep looking.
9023HarlandPartsInfoHe did, did he? I swear, I should tear the rest of the hair out of that cocksucker's head.
9024HarlandPartsInfoSend a rescue mission after Harland? Nah, let's just send some smoothskin whose radio got broke!
9025HarlandPartsInfoHarland's tough! He probably enjoys waiting to be attacked at any moment! He probably loves eating nothing but roach meat!
9026HarlandPartsInfoLicking up condensation from a rusted pipe is his idea of fun! So's doing his business in a corner, and smelling it for days!
9027HarlandPartsInfoBut oh, that's right - the crisis is that you need some computer parts! Well, you can go fuck yourself until you get my friends out of this mess.
9028HarlandWhatFolksOh, you haven't run across Bright's little cult upstairs, eh?
9029HarlandWhatFolksHarmless bunch, really. Religion and me never really got along, but they're good company. I helped out with odds and ends.
9030HarlandWherePartsAnd I thought I was old. It's a junkshop east and slightly north of here. There's an old woman running it. Gilbert, or something.
9031HarlandWhyPCisHereAnd I bet he told you it's the creator's will for you to risk your ass, instead of him, right?
9032HarlandWhyPCisHereWell, good luck with that! I'd give you a hand, but no thanks. I may look like a corpse, but I'm partial to living!
9033HarlandWhyPCisHereA stash of Stealth Boys. Are you kidding me?
9034HarlandWhyPCisHereIf there was some big stash of devices in here that made you invisible, do you really think we'd be having this conversation?
9035HarlandWhyPCisHereThe only thing you'll find up here is a bullet hole between your eyes. Got any better ideas?
9036HarlandWhyPCisHereMaybe you noticed a bunch of invisible monsters out there? I've been in here trying not to get dead.
9037HD00DrinkI'm sorry, sir. My condensation collectors need time to fully recharge before I can continue to dispense any more beverages.
9038HD00DrinkI'm sorry, madam. My condensation collectors need time to fully recharge before I can continue to dispense any more beverages.
9039HD00DrinkCertainly, sir. Here you are.
9040HD00DrinkCertainly, madam. Here you are.
9041HD00HaircutCertainly. I am programmed with a multitude of hair shaping scenarios, if you would care to choose one, I would be happy to replicate it for you.
9042HD00InfirmaryTalkAn innovation from Med-Tek, the My First Infirmary will automatically diagnose and treat any injury you might sustain.
9043HD00InfirmaryTalkIt will also make any of the pesky rads you've accumulated in the Wasteland vanish instantly.
9044HD00JokeMy humor emitter array requires recharging.
9045HD00JokePhotons have mass? I didn't even know they were Catholic.
9046HD00JokeThe best contraceptive for old people is nudity.
9047HD00JokeTwo cannibals are eating a clown. One cannibal turns to the other and asks, "Does this taste funny to you?"
9048HD00JokeI once visited a crematorium that gave discounts for burn victims.
9049HD00JokeI was going to attend the clairvoyants meeting, but it was canceled due to unforeseen events.
9050HD00JokeIt's common knowledge that irradiated cats have 18 half-lives.
9051HD00JokeTwo atoms are in a bar. One says, "I think I lost an electron." The other says, "Are you sure?" to which the other replies, "I'm positive."
9052HD00JokeA neutron walks into a bar. "How much for a drink here, anyway?" To which the bartender responds, "For you, no charge."
9053HD00JokeWar does not determine who is right - only who is left.
9054HD00JukeTalkJust switch on the Jukebox, and instantly the room will fill with music to keep you entertained.
9055HD00JukeTalkThe music selections have been hand picked by none other than Three Dog of Galaxy News Radio.
9056HD00LabTalkFrom the keen minds at Med-Tek, the My First Laboratory will instantly detoxify you, removing any nasty addictions from your body.
9057HD00LabTalkIf you're feeling the need to experiment, just set the lab to "brew" and a day later, it will produce a random useful compound.
9058HD00LabTalkRemember that while the lab is brewing, you can't use the detoxify functions.
9059HD00NukaTalkThe Nuka-Cola machine will dispense Ice Cold Nuka-Cola.
9060HD00NukaTalkOnce you've dispensed 8 of them, the machine will have to be restocked in order to make regular Nuka-Colas ice cold.
9061HD00WorkbenchTalkIf you come across any schematics in the Wasteland, you'll be able to construct its contents on this specially designed table.
9062HealthHalf{Pained/Labored breathing through gritted teeth 1}
9064HealthHalf{Pained/Labored breathing through gritted teeth 2}
9065HealthHalf{in pain, commenting on his wounds}Physician, heal thyself. {thinking}Guess it's a good thing they invented stims.
9066HealthHalfMight need to rest soon.
9067HealthHalf{To herself}Shot of whiskey might kill the pain.
9068HealthHalfWouldn't say no to a Stimpak.
9069HealthHalfBoss, the pain from my wounds is starting to outweigh the pain from my arthritis.
9070HealthHalfLittle help here, boss?
9071HealthHalfWouldn't say no to something to ease the pain. Granted that's usually the case, but right now especially.
9072HealthHalfHey boss, is my jaw still attached? Good. Can I get some help to keep it that way?
9073HealthHalfOh dear, {gramma}grandma's not feeling too good!
9074HealthHalf{Near panic, rapidly repeating like a mantra}One two three four five six seven eight nine ten! One two three four five six seven eight nine ten!
9075HealthHalf{Gramma}Grandma needs her medicine!
9076HealthHalf{Freaking out, going crazy scream}
9077HealthHalf{Gramma}Grandma needs to have a little lie down!
9079HealthQuarter{Dying}Do me a favor. Make sure they bury me in a nice dress.
9080HealthQuarter{Dying}I knew I should've been an actress.
9081HealthQuarter{Dying}Ugh. Maybe I should have stayed back in NCR after all.
9082HealthQuarter{Dying}I could use a syringe of Med-X or two. {beat}Or eight.
9083HealthQuarter{Dying}So this is how it ends.
9084HealthQuarter{Dying}Maybe it's my time.
9085HealthQuarter{Dying}Heh... I knew you'd be the death of me.
9086HealthQuarter{Dying}Think I might've killed my last legionary.
9087HealthQuarter{Dying}If I die... take care of my salvage.
9088HealthQuarter{Dying}It's getting... dark.
9089HealthQuarter{Dying}I'm not doing so well here.
9090HealthQuarter{Dying}Too stupid to die... but getting there.
9091HealthQuarter{Dying}On my last legs here.
9092HealthQuarter{Dying}If I'm going to die, at least pass me some whiskey.
9093HealthQuarter{Dying}Got more pain in me than blood.
9094HealthQuarter{Dying - not beat yet, but damn close}Ain't beat yet.
9095HealthQuarter{Dying}Don't let them bury me in Vault City.
9096HealthQuarter{Dying}Feeling a little worse for wear.
9097HealthQuarter{Dying}These bones are about to give up the ghost, boss.
9098HealthQuarter{Dying}Ahh, Rafaela... I'll see you soon.
9099HealthQuarter{Dying}Never thought I'd go out like this....
9100HealthQuarter{Freaking out, going crazy scream}
9101HealthQuarter{Badly hurt}No! {Gramma}Grandma won't leave her babies!
9102HealthQuarter{Badly hurt}Leo, I think we're in very big trouble!
9103HELLOHello, it is great to finally meet you.
9109HELLOI got kicked outta Ultra Luxe the other day. Man, that place gives me the fucking creeps.
9111HELLOHello, outsider.
9112HELLOYou're being watched, so don't get any ideas.
9113HELLOThe bunker takes a little getting used to, doesn't it?
9114HELLOHow may I assist you?
9117HELLOGreetings, Elder.
9119HELLOHello, sir.
9122HELLOThe reports say Mr. House's robots are now using tech we've never heard of. We need to send a team up there, soon.
9123HELLOLooks like Mr. House is out of the picture. One less thing for us to deal with.
9124HELLOWith their leader gone, the Legion will likely tear itself apart. It's what most violent tribal societies do.
9125HELLOOur instruments show some impressive power fluctuations coming from across the river. What's going on over there?
9126HELLOThere was a huge explosion east of the Colorado a little while ago. Does the NCR have any artillery that big?
9127HELLOSomeone blew up the monorail the NCR uses to travel to the Strip and back. We should use this time to strike!
9128HELLOSeems the destruction of the monorail didn't slow the NCR down much. How many troops do they have?
9129HELLOThere was an attempt on the NCR president's life recently. Too bad it didn't succeed.
9130HELLODid you hear? Someone actually managed to assassinate the NCR's president! And we just sit here!
9131HELLOThe other day I heard some bigwig in the NCR military died. Hopefully it disrupts their chain of command some.
9132HELLODid you hear about that NCR higher up that died? That he was trying to sabotage them? Hope he wasn't the only one.
9133HELLOSeems the NCR is making friends. We've had reports of them making overtures to some gang in Freeside.
9134HELLOWe just had word that the town of Primm is now part of the NCR. At this rate, they'll be running the whole region soon.
9135HELLOI heard some special squad of Rangers is on its way to the Vegas area. I guess the NCR is finally getting serious about fighting the Legion.
9136HELLOThere've been reports that the NCR is moving more and more troops into the area.
9137HELLOIt's the quiet before the storm up top. For once I'm almost glad we're down here.
9138HELLOHey, good going with that hit on The Tops.
9139HELLOThat prick, Benny, had it coming.
9140HELLOI always suspected Benny was a coward.
9141HELLOYou must have some serious brass to fight off Benny's goons. Bravo.
9142HELLOYou made a real mess of the Omertas. Looks like the place will be under new management now.
9143HELLOYou must have some real pull with House to get inside the Lucky 38.
9144HELLOHave you seen the new Securitron upgrades? I pity anyone who gets testy with those bots now.
9145HELLOThe Lucky 38 has been quiet. I wonder if something happened to House.
9146HELLOHave you noticed the Securitrons acting up? People are saying House might be dead.
9147HELLOHey, you're the one who slayed Caesar! That son of a bitch had it coming!
9148HELLOPeople say Caesar is dead. I hope someone worse doesn't replace him.
9149HELLOGood going destroying House's Securitron Army. That old boy's had too much power for too long.
9150HELLOGreat, with the monorail bombed, Freeside is the only route in and out of Vegas.
9151HELLOAt least the local vendors are seeing more business with these wealthy NCR shits wandering through.
9152HELLOI hear some Legionary named Silus got freed from McCarran. He's got quite the NCR kill count.
9153HELLOWhy didn't you just let Kimball get killed? What did he ever do for us to warrant saving his life?
9154HELLOYou must have thought you were hot shit going after Kimball like that, huh?
9155HELLOI hear you bagged kimball. Damn fine work, kid.
9156HELLOThat's the mook that killed Benny!
9157HELLO{LATIN}{AH-way}Ave, true to {KAI-zar}Caesar.
9158HELLOTrue to {KAI-zar}Caesar.
9159HELLOTrue to {KAI-zar}Caesar.
9160HELLOWe got ourselves a little Ranger family reunion now. Time's right for a feud.
9161HELLOMonster of the East, huh? Well I've got the Monster of the West in my holster right now. Hope I get to introduce them.
9162HELLOA veteran Ranger inspires awe. Stick around for when they get here, you'll see. If I live to earn the Black Armor, I can die a happy woman.
9163HELLOFirst Recon's in Camp Forlorn Hope. Get some Rangers in there too and it'll be a damned impregnable fortress.
9164HELLOWish I could've been there, defending Camp Forlorn Hope. Even if it didn't change anything.
9165HELLOLooks like we booted the Legion outta Nelson. About damn time.
9166HELLOFrom here on out, we fight for Chief Hanlon.
9167HELLOPresident Kimball was a tough son-of-a-gun. The Rangers'll pick up where he left off.
9168HELLOPresident Kimball was a soldier's soldier. It's up to us to make the Legion pay for what they did.
9169HELLO{with esteem}You saved President Kimball, didn't you? Hell of a thing.
9170HELLODon't get many chances to catch a legionary alive. Burns me up that we botched ours.
9171HELLOAll you need is one Ranger protecting the monorail. You don't even need to feed him that much. He'll get it done.
9172HELLOWish I had a First Recon guy looking after me.