Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition

250 Results For DIAL:FULL 250 Max
"Free voice of the people"? What does that mean?
"I'm sorry" isn't good enough.
"One step"? What the hell, kid.
"Other assholes"?
"Yes Man?" What kind of a name is that?
"Yes Man?" What kind of a name is that?
"Your responsibility"? What does that mean?
'We'? Who is 'we'?
'Wind-Brahmin'? You mean the tumbleweeds?
< Barter - 50 >
< Barter - 50 >
< Barter - 55 >
< Barter 20 >
< Barter 25 >
< Barter 30 >
< Barter 35 >
< Barter 45 >
< Barter 50 >
< Barter 50 >
< Barter 50 >
< Barter 65 >
< Barter 70 >
< Barter 80 >
< Blink. >
< Keep holdout weapons > Sure, I agree to disarm.
< Keep holdout weapons. > Sure, here you go.
< Medicine - 30 >
< Medicine 25 >
< Medicine 35 >
< Medicine 40 >
< Medicine 50 >
< Science 25 >
< Science 90 >
< Sneak 25 >
< Speech - 30 >
< Speech - 45 >
< Speech - 50 >
< Speech - 50 >
< Speech - 65 >
< Speech 20 >
< Speech 25 >
< Speech 25 >
< Speech 30 >
< Speech 30 >
< Speech 30 >
< Speech 30 >
< Speech 35 >
< Speech 40 >
< Speech 50 >
< Speech 50 >
< Speech 60 >
< Speech 70 >
< Speech 75 >
< Speech 80 >
< Speech 80 >
< Speech 80 >
< Speech 80 >
< Speech 80 >
< Speech Option >
< Speech Option >
< Speech Option - 30 >
< Survival 20 >
< Tear Sergeant Teddy in half. >
<100 caps needed> I don't have the caps.
<100 caps> Fix me up.
<200 caps needed> I'm kind of short on caps right now.
<200 caps> Let's do it.
<250 caps needed>I can't meet your price right now.
<250 caps> This should be enough.
<300 caps needed> I don't have enough on me right now...
<300 caps> Here's your money.
<50 caps needed>I don't have the caps.
<50 caps> Fix me up.
<75 caps needed>
<75 caps needed> I don't have enough caps on me.
<75 caps> Fix me up.
<75 caps> What the hell. Let's do it.
Actually, nothing of the sort. We've come to exterminate you.
And it's the last you'll ever see.
Ave Caesar!
Easy, I'm just going to kill you.
Here's my answer.
I go where I please!
I guess I'll serve as their justice then.
I guess you'll have to find out the hard way.
I think I'll just put you down.
I'll help you leave, dead cold.
I'll make you do it.
I'll take over now, without you.
I'll take the money from Crimson Caravan as well.
I'm here to kill you.
I'm looking for you. It's time to die.
I'm not seeing it either, yet!
If you won't surrender, then you'll die.
Like this: You're dead.
Murdering deserters. Well, I think I've heard enough.
No, you won't.
Okay, bitch. You asked for it.
Okay, bitch. You asked for it.
Only after I've taken care of you.
She won't be, once I'm done with you.
Sure, but first, let's tie up loose ends.
That won't do. Time to put you down.
Time to put you down!
Time to put you down!
Time to put you down!
Well then. It sounds like there might be a bounty on your heads.
Well, I think your luck just ran out.
Well, in that case, maybe I'll do the town a favor and take you down.
Yes, but I figured I'd save her the trouble of killing you.
You are no help, time to put you down.
You're not going anywhere.
You're right, there's no turning back. Time to teach you a lesson.
That's it. Tired of listening to you anyway.
Graham did not smell the C4 until he entered Boulder... he only smelled victory.
How could a lone opponent like me reach you so easily, then?
I think they believe you'll be tricked as easily... maybe easier.
If you're such a "Terror" of the East, call off your dogs and face me one on one.
Is talking all you can do? I can talk tough, too - real tough.
Last I looked, that generator was on its last legs.
Seems to me you're doing a lot of talking for someone ready to fight.
That strength... other Legates didn't see it either, until it was too late.
Uh, yeah, probably don't think you can take me by yourself, huh?
Your success was too easy, though, wasn't it? You think I reached you by chance?
But... history has shown defeat is assured. Uh, yours, that is.
Oliver Forced Dialogue in Dam.
And now I'm going to kill you, you lying son of a bitch.
I think I'll just take my caps back from your corpse.
Nevermind. I think killing you will keep things simple.
Nothing now. I think I'll end your little investigation here.
Special delivery!
We agreed you should die.
Well, I can't just let him be killed. Word of this stops here.
Well, you're never going to find out.
You won't be telling anyone about this.
You'll never take me alive, pig!
You're a dead man.
I brought you a Doctor's Bag. I hope it helps.
200 seems a bit steep. How about 100?
I brought you these Doctor's Bags. I hope they help.
Alright. 200 caps it is.
I'm sure Contreras would be willing to work with you...
Okay, make that 500 caps. I'm sure Contreras can skim for you.
I brought you these Doctor's Bags. I hope they help.
Painkillers like these, you mean?
NCR wants intel on Cottonwood Cove.
Nah, but he is definitely looking for you.
Would my companion here make a suitable replacement meal?
Here you go.
Sure, here you go.
Sure, here you go.
I collected all of the debts.
Beats me.
He couldn't make it, so he sent me instead.
He just started following me one day. I have no idea where he came from.
He's a good friend of mine. I'm trying to help him out.
I assume the ants' tibular nastis pierced the patients' anterior traxes?
I did all I could to save him.
I didn't have a choice - they started shooting first.
I don't know who did this.
I don't know who took him. I just found him.
I give you my word I won't tell the NCR where you are. I want to resolve this peacefully.
I heard you, I did. I've changed... inside.
I paid for your release. You're free to go.
I sort of tasted human flesh once. Mmm mmm good. Tell me all your secrets.
I think the attackers were dead too... so it's... hard to tell.
I think you are healthy enough to take care of Motor-Runner yourself.
I think your leg's in good enough shape. You're all set.
I was hoping you'd want take down the NCR, since that's the plan.
I wasn't able to find out anything.
I'll do it. Where can I find Ted Gunderson?
I'll do the job you proposed. Where do I find Ted Gunderson?
I'll need 3000 caps to pay off the mercenaries.
I'll need all the medical supplies you can spare for an injured man down by the highway.
I'm a medical expert and my specialty is giant insect bites!
I'm here because of your debt to the Omertas. Pay me what you've got and you'll get more time.
I'm here to talk business. Interested in putting out a cookbook?

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