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18,176 Results

13188CivilianUnhappyBeggarNoGot nothing to spare.
14188CivilianUnhappyBeggarYesSure. Here's 25 caps.
27188MichelleAbout188Why'd you settle in this dump?
28188MichelleAboutLegionWhat do you know about Legion raids?
29188MichelleAboutSelfWho are you?
31188MichelleBuySellI'd like to see what you have for sale.
32188MichelleNumbersWhy's this place called the 188?
401EExtraFiends1ECookCookTopic000Why do they call you Cook-Cook?
411EExtraFiends1ECookCookTopic001I'll remember that.
421EExtraFiends1ECookCookTopic002Oh. You've got a little pet. How sweet.
431EExtraFiends1ECookCookTopic003I've never been more disturbed in my entire life.
441EExtraFiends1EDriverNephiTopic000It is? Really?
451EExtraFiends1EDriverNephiTopic001Okay, I'll tell him.
461EExtraFiends1EFiendVioletTopic000Yeah, hook me up!
471EExtraFiends1EFiendVioletTopic001I'll pass, thanks.
481EExtraFiends1EFiendVioletTopic002Would you sell me one?
491EExtraFiends1EFiendVioletTopic003I'm sure they would. I'll just stand over here.
501EExtraFiends1EFiendVioletTopic004Nice doggies. Want a treat?
59AboutBrotherhood1Do you sell any specialty items?
79AliceMcBrideIntroI just wanted to meet you.
80AliceMcBridePeopleWhoLiveHereWhat do you think of the people who live here?
82AndaleJackSmithGreeting1Virginia? Virginia's been gone for 200 years.
83AndalejackSmithGreeting1aWell, okay then.
84AndalejackSmithGreeting1bAh, I get it! You're crazy.
85AndaleJackSmithGreeting2Well, it's good to meet you, Jack.
86AndaleJackSmithGreeting2aThanks, Jack. Maybe I'll do that.
87AndaleJackSmithGreeting2bYeah... maybe not. I don't want to catch whatever you have.
88AndaleJackSmithGreeting3Yeah... you're a little too chipper for my tastes. I'm out of here.
89AndaleJackSmithGreetingBasement1I really don't know what you're talking about, Jack...
90AndaleJackSmithGreetingBasement2Yes, and I saw what you're hiding down there, you sick bastard!
91AndaleJackSmithGreetingBasement2aBring home the bacon? Those are people, not bacon! What the fuck?
92AndaleJackSmithGreetingBasement2a1I can't believe I'm being called a potty mouth by a cannibal...
93AndaleJackSmithGreetingBasement2a2Seriously, you're talking about eating people, here. What's wrong with you?
94AndaleJackSmithGreetingBasement2bWait... are you saying you eat those people?
95AndaleJackSmithGreetingBasement2b1Sure, Jack. No problem at all. I saw nothing.
96AndaleJackSmithGreetingBasement2b2No, Jack. You have to die. You and your sick little town.
97AndaleJackSmithGreetingBasement2cHuh. Well, everyone's got to survive in their own way, I guess.
98AndaleJackSmithGreetingBasement2c1That's the way to be, together to the end.
99AndaleJackSmithGreetingBasement2c2Well, whatever works you you.
100AndaleJackSmithGreetingBasement3I almost grabbed a snack while I was there, but that would have been rude.
101AndaleJackSmithGreetingBasement4Yes, I was in the basement.
102AndaleJackSmithGreetingBasement4aYou know, now that you mention it, there were a bunch of bodies down there.
103AndaleJackSmithGreetingBasement4a1No, not really. Everyone does what they have to.
104AndaleJackSmithGreetingBasement4a2I think that you're a bunch of sick fucks and I'm getting out of here.
105AndaleJackSmithGreetingBasement4a3Yes. You're going to die for what you've done, Jack.
106AndaleJackSmithGreetingBasement4bNope. Not at all.
107AndaleJackSmithGreetingBasement4cYes, I did. And you're going to die for it.
108AndaleJackSmithGreetingBasement4c1Nah. It's not presumptuous at all. You have to go.
109AndaleJackSmithGreetingBasement4c2Actually, I'll just leave you alone.
110AndaleJennyGreetingENDOkay, this is boring.
111AndaleJennyJuniorWhat do you think of the other people in Andale?
112AndaleJennyJunior1I'm sure you two will be great together.
113AndaleJennyJunior1aA couple? Is that what you mean?
114AndaleJennyJunior1bI think "weird as all hell" is probably the best way to describe it.
115AndaleJennyRainWhat's going on around Andale?
116AndaleJennyRain1I really don't know.
117AndaleJennyRain1aI don't know, he doesn't seem very smart to me.
118AndaleJennyRain1bYeah, he's a pretty smart guy.
119AndaleJennyRain2I really don't care.
120AndaleJuniorLivingHereDo you like living in Andale?
121AndaleJuniorParentsWhat do your parents do?
122AndaleLindaSmithGreeting1Best town in the USA? How many towns compete in that contest?
123AndaleLindaSmithGreeting2Well, I can certainly see why.
124AndaleLindaSmithGreeting3This dump? Are you serious?
125AndaleLindaSmithGreeting3aI'm from an underground Vault, lady. Trust me, this place sucks.
126AndaleLindaSmithGreeting3bActually, I guess it isn't so bad.
127AndaleLindaSmithGreeting3cI was just joking. It's a lovely place.
128AndaleLindaSmithInterruptedGoodbye1What, what?
129AndaleLindaSmithPieJack says you have some pie for me?
130AndaleOldManHArrisGreeting1Whoa, slow down, grandpa. What's wrong?
131AndaleOldManHarrisGreeting1aYou know, there is something a bit "off" about them...
132AndaleOldManHarrisGreeting1a1Well, I'll be careful, I guess.
133AndaleOldManHarrisGreeting1a2Shhh.... time for a nap, gramps.
134AndaleOldManHarrisGreeting1bWhat's wrong with being friendly?
135AndaleOldManHarrisGreeting1cYou're right. I hate friendly people.
136AndaleOldManHArrisGreeting2I don't know, it seems like a pretty nice place to me.
137AndaleOldManHArrisGreeting3Yeah... you go get some sleep, crazy old man. I'll be going now...
138AndaleOldManHarrisKidsWhat's going to happen to the kids?
139AndaleOldManHarrisNowWhatNow what will you do?
140AndaleOldManHarrisPastSo, you grew up here too?
141AndaleOldManHarrisTopicWhat's wrong with that Harris guy?
142AndaleOldManHarrisTopicJack1He said you were all crazy killers.
143AndaleOldManHarrisTopicJack2Well, okay then. Nothing to worry about.
144AndaleOldManHarrisTopicMartha1Wait... He's your dad?
145AndaleOldManHarrisTopicMartha2It's true. And they smell funny.
146AndaleSuspicousRelationsThe families around here seem very close.
147AndaleSuspicousRelationsJack1No, I mean, really close.
148AndaleSuspicousRelationsJack1aDoesn't that make you all cousins?
149AndaleSuspicousRelationsJack1bWell... okay... whatever works for you.
150AndaleSuspicousRelationsJack2I guess it's none of my business.
155AndaleTownTopicTell me about Andale.
156AndaleTownTopicOldManHarrisOld Man Harris doesn't seen very happy.
157AndaleWhatDoYouDoWhat do you do around here?
158AndersCrossWho did this to you?
159AndersDrugsYou're smuggling drugs?
160AndersFreeLet's get you down from there.
161AndersJackandDianeAre you Anders? Jack and Diane sent me to look for you.
162AndersRotI think you're better off where you are. Hang around, I'll be back.
203AskJobAgainWhat was the job you mentioned before?
214BeagleFollowAgainLet's get going.
215BeagleFollowingOne more question Beagle.
216BeagleFollowStayWait here.
217BeagleFollowWeaponBeagle, take a weapon.
222BeagleHostageGoodbyPC says goodbye to hostage
225BeagleHostageLetGoPlayer turns the deputy loose
226BeagleHostageNotYetNot yet.
232BeagleSheriffNeededPC asks about the Sheriff's qualifications
233BeagleSheriffNoPC declines to find Primm a new sheriff
236BeagleSherrifYesPC agrees to find a new Sheriff
237BedHow much for a room?
241BedNONo, thanks.
243BertFollowersYou're one of the Followers of the Apocalypse?
244BertHelpWhat do you do here?
245BertIntroWho are you?
246BertNephiWhat happened to your friend Nephi?
247BertRefugeesWhat's the deal with all these refugees?
248BertUtahWhat was it that brought you out here from Utah?
249BigtownBittercupGreeting1Bittercup? That's the dumbest name I've ever heard!
250BigtownBittercupGreeting1aI'm sorry... erm... Bittercup. What were you saying?
251BigtownBittercupGreeting1bI don't know about that, but Bittercup is one dumbass name.
252BigtownBittercupGreeting1b1Whatever you say.
253BigtownBittercupGreeting2Nice to meet you, Bittercup.
254BigtownBittercupGreeting2aThis seems like a strange thing to worry about right now.
255BigtownBittercupGreeting2bI know! No one understands me either!
256BigtownBittercupGreeting2cYeah... I have better things to do than talk fashion.
257BigtownBittercupRelI have something to say to you, Bittercup.
258BigtownBittercupRel1AWhy don't you seem to care about what's going on around here?
259BigtownBittercupRel1BIf you don't mind me saying, you look different from everyone else.
260BigtownBittercupRel1CI like your makeup. The pale-white really reflects the lighting.
261BigtownBittercupRel2AWait, what? Did you just hit on me?
262BigtownBittercupRel2BI'm not even going to tell you what's wrong with that question...
263BigtownBittercupRel2CWhy, no. I'm not in any sort of relationship. Are you?
264BigtownBittercupRel3AI like corpses. Especially if they're full of holes... that I put in them.
265BigtownBittercupRel3BYou need to set yourself apart from the mold. Then people will respect you.
266BigtownBittercupRel3CThat's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Survival goes before style.
267BigtownBittercupRel4AI'm a night person myself. The darkness conceals my... activities.
268BigtownBittercupRel4BMoons are nice. The calm nights of the Wastes are a great time to relax.
269BigtownBittercupRel4CI was being sarcastic. That white makeup is like painting a target on your head.
270BigtownBittercupRelENDActually, never mind. There's something else I need to know.
271BigtownFlashGreeting1Trouble? What kind of trouble?
272BigtownFlashGreeting2Why don't you leave?
273BigtownFlashGreeting3Who lives here?
274BigtownFlashGreetingENDI'm sure you'll manage.
275BigtownFlashGreetingThreatSo, it's pretty much a free-for-all here? Where do you keep your good stuff?
276BigtownFlashGreetingThreat1Kill you? Sounds like fun. Let's do that.
277BigtownFlashGreetingThreat2Not bad, kid. I'll let you live... for now.
280BigtownPappyRepairI need repairs.
281BigTownRedTimebombWho's that guy in the clinic?
282BigtownRedTimebomb1Maybe I can help him.
283BigtownRedTimebomb2Why keep him alive? Don't you need the supplies you're using on him?
284BigtownRedTimebomb2aYou let a dying man use supplies you need? You're a bunch of morons.
285BigtownRedTimebomb2bI'm just saying, it's an option.
286BigtownRedTimebomb2cWhoa, take it easy. I was just asking.
287BigtownRedTimebombENDLet's talk about something else.
290BigtownSentryGreeting1ASo, you're under constant threat?
291BigtownSentryGreeting1BWhere do the Super Mutants come from?
292BigtownSentryGreeting1CParadise Falls? Where's that?
293BigtownSentryGreeting2AI want a new opening speech. One that acknowledges me as King.
294BigtownSentryGreeting2BYou've accepted death? Killing all of you should be easy, then.
295BigtownSentryGreeting2CAw, that's no fun. I prefer my victims energetic and in agony.
296BigtownSentryGreetingENDI just need somewhere to trade my salvage.
303BigtownTownENDLet me ask you something else.
304BigtownTownServicesDo you have any traders in town? Any doctors?
305BigtownTownTopicWhat can you tell me about Bigtown?
306BigtownTownWhatsWrongThis place looks like a ghost town.
307BigtownTownWhereDidYouComeFromWhere did you people come from, anyway?
308BigtownTownWhosInChargeWho's in charge here?
309BigtownTownWhosWhoWho lives here?
310BillyKnightComedyHow long have you been doing comedy?
311BillyKnightIntroWho are you?
312BillyKnightWorkTommy Torini at the Tops is hiring entertainers. I could put in a word for you.
313BitterSpringsTroopersCaptain Gilles at Bitter Springs needs reinforcements. Can you spare any?
314BMNeilAskDangerWhat makes this a "dangerous place?"
317BMNeilAskForHelpSpeech{Speech >= 50}
318BMNeilAskHistoryHow did Tabitha end up in control?
319BMNeilAskJacobstownWhat is Jacobstown?
320BMNeilAskMutantsWereMadeYou say that super mutants were *made*?
321BMNeilAskNightkinTell me about the Nightkin.
322BMNeilAskRadioYou say Marcus smashed the radio. Not very well, apparently?
323BMNeilAskSelfWhy are you here, instead of Jacobstown?
325BMNeilFriendlyYou seem friendly, for a mutant.
326BMNeilFriendlyMovingOnMoving on...
327BMNeilFriendlySorrySorry about that. No offense intended.
328BMNeilFriendlyToughShitSpare me the "poor mutants" rap, all right?
331BMNeilHeadUpMountainThanks for the warning, but I can take care of myself.
334BMNeilOffToJacobstownWhat will you do now?
335BMNeilSupMutantGensWhy are some Super Mutants smarter than others?
336BMNeilVillageAgreeOkay, I can make that work.
337BMNeilVillageDisagreeThat's your plan? I *am* an intruder in the village!
338BMNeilVillageNotReadyNot yet. Wait here.
339BMNeilVillageReadyForMobLet's do it.
348BMRhondaNoSorry, I don't think I'll be heading her way.
350BMRhondaYesSure, follow me.
366BMTabithaWhatNowWhat will you do now?
368BoomerCookI'd like to buy some food.
370BosBailOutThat's all I wanted to know.
371BoSBailOut2Let's talk about something else.
372BOSEnclaveWhat do you know about the Enclave?
373BoSHowLongBeenHereHow long have you been here?
374BoSIntroI'd like to know more about the Brotherhood of Steel.
375BosRestofBoSIf you're just a part of the Brotherhood, where's the rest of it?
376BosRothchildChangesSoundGoodThose sound like pretty good changes to me.
377BoSRothchildCommunicationHardIt must be difficult to communicate with the West Coast.
378BosRothchildCommunicationWhatHappenedWhy, what happened?
379BosRothchildLyonsDecisionHe's in charge, so it's his decision, right?
380BoSRothchildSorryNevermindSorry. Never mind.
381BoSRothchildSorrytoBringItUpSorry to have brought it up.
382BosRothchildSoundLikeBadThingYou make saving people sound like a bad thing.
383BoSRothchildTellMeAnywayI'd like to hear what you have to say anyway.
384BoSRothchildWhatKindofChangesWhat kind of changes?
385BosRothchildWhatRepercussionsWhat do you mean by "repercussions"?
386BosRothChildWhereRestofBoSThen where's the rest of the Brotherhood?
387BosRothchildWhyAskingYouWell, I'm asking you. Why are you here?
388BosRothchildWhyNotEveryoneAgreesBut not everyone agrees?
389BoSRothChildWhySoreSubjectWhy is that a sore subject?
390BoSRothchildWhyWrongPersonWhy are you the wrong person to ask?
391BOSSuperMutantRevealThe Super Mutants are coming from Vault 87. It's their breeding ground.
392BOSSuperMutantsAnything you can tell me about the Super Mutants?
393BoSWhyHereWhy are you here in the Capital Wasteland?
396BruceIsaacBishopsWhy would this Mr. Bishop be after you?
397BruceIsaacNewRenoWhy did you come all the way out here from New Reno?
398BruceIsaacTopsIf you're looking for work, Tommy Torini is hiring singers at the Tops.
399BruceIsaacWorkIf you're looking for work as a singer, Tommy Torini at the Tops is hiring.
405BuyClover2BWhat makes her so special?
406BuyClover2CWhy would I want your used up hand-me-down?
410CaptainGillesAidWhat can I do to help?
411CaptainGillesCampWhat is this place?
412CaptainGillesOscarI've dealt with the attacks on the camp. They won't be a problem any more.
413CaptainGillesRadioactiveSupplies These supplies should be "helpful." Enjoy them.
415CaptainGillesSuppliesI found this supply cache in a cave up the mountain. Maybe it will help.
417CaptGillesFlagWhy is the flag upside down?
418CaravanOfferWant to play a hand of Caravan?
421CaravanRematchNoI'm all done playing for now.
422CaravanRematchYesYeah, let's play again.
423CarterAboutScramblerTell me about Scrambler.
428CCAboutCaravansTell me about your trade caravan.
456CCDirBazaarWhere can I find the traders?
457CCDirCaravanWhere do the caravans set up?
458CCDirectionsCan I get some directions around town?
459CCDirExitThat's all I need to know.
460CCDirFoodWhere can I get some food?
481CCTownHistory1What can you tell me about Canterbury Commons?
512CCTradeRepairCan you repair something for me?
528CG02AmataA1He's lucky Gomez stopped the fight before I really hurt him.
529CG02AmataA10Nothing. Just wishing me a happy birthday.
530CG02AmataA2The jerk tried to steal my sweetroll.
531CG02AmataA3It was kind of my fault. You know how easy it is to make Butch mad...
532CG02AmataA4He wanted my sweetroll, but I told him off.
533CG02AmataA5He, um... He made me give him my sweetroll.
534CG02AmataA6I don't want to talk about it.
535CG02AmataA7Don't worry about me. I'm not scared of him.
536CG02AmataA8I wouldn't give him what he wanted. He says he's going to make me sorry later.
537CG02AmataA9Your dad's the Overseer. Can't you talk to him about Butch?
538CG02AmataPresentA1You didn't fool me. I just pretended not to know.
539CG02AmataPresentA2Great party, Amata! Thanks for doing this for me.
540CG02AmataPresentA3Is this it? Or hasn't the real party started yet?
541CG02AmataPresentB1I really have no idea...
542CG02AmataPresentB2Um... a date with Christine Kendall?
543CG02AmataPresentB3Just give me the present already!
544CG02BeatriceA1Yeah, my Dad and Amata threw me a great party, didn't they?
545CG02BeatriceA2Why are you talking to me like I'm five?
546CG02BeatriceA3Yes. Can I have my present now?
547CG02BeatriceB1Thank you. I will treasure it always. Is that all?
548CG02BeatriceB2Um... thanks. I guess. Did you get me anything else?
549CG02BeatriceB3A poem? You've got to be kidding me.
550CG02ButchA1Mrs. Palmer said I didn't have to share. Since it's my birthday...
551CG02ButchA2How about we share it? Half for me, half for you. That's fair, right?
552CG02ButchA3You can have it. I don't even like sweetrolls.
553CG02ButchA4Sure, Butch.
554CG02ButchA5Go soak your head, Butch. I'm not giving you my sweetroll.
555CG02ButchA6You do look hungry. What, your mom drank up all the ration coupons again?
556CG02ButchA7I threw it away. But you're welcome to eat it off the floor if you want.
557CG02ButchA8Mmmm... It sure was good when I ate it a few minutes ago.
558CG02ButchFightA1Don't worry about it, sir. It was nothing.
559CG02ButchFightA2He tried to take my birthday present!
560CG02ButchFightA3Really, I was the one who started it. It wasn't his fault.
563CG02DadChoice1Here? We can't shoot a gun here.
564CG02DadChoice2What do I get to kill?
565CG02DadChoice3I'm out of BBs.
566CG02DadChoice4Nothing's wrong, Dad.
568CG02DadRoach1What's a Radroach?
569CG02DadRoach2How do I kill it?
570CG02DadRoach3I can do it!
571CG02DadRoach4I can't do it!
573CG02DadTopic1What kind of surprise?
574CG02DadTopic2I don't like surprises.
575CG02DadTopic3This is so great! Thanks!
576CG02DadTopic4Thanks, Dad.
577CG02DadTopic5Whatever. A shotgun would have been nice.
582CG02JonasA1I'm not a kid! I'm ten years old!
583CG02JonasA2Can it, Jonas. Where's my surprise present already?
584CG02JonasA3Oh... But Dad told me it was okay to come down here.
585CG02JonasB1Thanks a lot, Jonas. This is really cool.
586CG02JonasB2Couldn't you get me a real gun? A BB Gun is kind of lame.
587CG02JonasB3I guess so. I'm just not that into shooting things.
590CG02OldLadyPalmerA1Yes, ma'am.
591CG02OldLadyPalmerA2Oh, you didn't have to bring me a present, Mrs. Palmer.
592CG02OldLadyPalmerA3I hope you brought me something better than last year.
594CG02OverseerA1Of course she likes me. I'm a really charming guy.
595CG02OverseerA2She did a great job. But couldn't you have helped out a bit more?
603CG02StanleyA1It's really cool. Did you fix it up for me?
604CG02StanleyA2It's all right. Seems kind of old, though.
605CG02StanleyA3I hate it. How do I get it off?
606CG02StanleyA4Wally said my Pip-Boy was a piece of junk!
607CG02StanleyB1Thanks, Stanley.
608CG02StanleyB2Sure, whatever. Did you bring me anything for my birthday?
609CG02StanleyB3 That's really really interesting.
618CG03AmataChoice1I'll see if I can talk some sense into them.
619CG03AmataChoice2You have to fight your own battles. I can't help you with everything...
620CG03AmataChoice3Look, Amata, this is none of my business. I don't want to get involved...
623CG03BrotchA1Wow! That's what I've always wanted to be. My dreams are finally coming true!
624CG03BrotchA2Whatever. I just answered randomly. Is that how you got stuck with your job?
625CG03BrotchA3That can't be right! The stupid test got it all wrong!
627CG03BrotchStartA1Ohh... I'm feeling kind of sick, Mister B. Guess I'll have to reschedule...
628CG03BrotchStartA2Come on. I don't really have to take this stupid test, do I?
629CG03BrotchStartA3Sure, I'm ready. I bet I'll ace it!
630CG03BrotchStartB1Cool. Let me see the results and I'll fill it out myself.
631CG03BrotchStartB2The Overseer's bullshit makes my head spin. Can't you do it for me?
632CG03BrotchStartB3I think I'd rather just take the G.O.A.T. myself and take my chances.
633CG03BrotchStartC1I love using the computers and talking to my father's patients in the clinic.
634CG03BrotchStartC2Well, I shoot my BB Gun any chance I get. I can fix that thing blindfolded, too.
635CG03BrotchStartC3Look. I like blowing stuff up. I just love that... "kaboom"! Ya know?
636CG03BrotchStartC4Mr. B, if I told you what my "interests" are, you�d have me locked up.
639CG03ButchChoice1Leave her alone, or you'll answer to me.
640CG03ButchChoice2Maybe I can help. She's very sensitive about her weight...
641CG03ButchChoice3I'll just be going now.
642CG03ButchChoice4That's it, Butch. You and me. Right now.
643CG03ButchChoiceSpeechIf you keep messing with her, the Overseer is going to come down on your gang.
646CG03ButchResponse1What's going on here?
647CG03ButchResponse2Looks like you're having fun.
648CG03ButchResponse3Hey, it's none of my business.
650CG03DadChoice1If you say so, Dad.
651CG03DadChoice2But, I'm sick. Really.
652CG03DadChoice3Anything I need to know about the G.O.A.T.?
653CG03DadChoice4Okay, Dad. Wish me luck.
655CG03DadInfo1Do we have to die in the Vault? Can't we ever leave?
656CG03DadInfo2Is it true, Dad? Was everyone born in the Vault?
657CG03DadInfo3Can we talk about, you know... mom?
666CG03PaulResponse1Why do you listen to Butch?
667CG03PaulResponse2Hold on. You're in the Tunnel Snakes? You guys really do rule!
668CG03TunnelSnakeInfoTunnel Snakes? You guys are some kind of gang, is that it?
672CG03WallyChoice1If you say so.
673CG03WallyChoiceSpeechI've heard you do anything he tells you. And I mean anything.
675CG03WallyResponse1Oh, I get it! Butch is the leader. You're just... a follower.
676CG03WallyResponse2Hey, it's none of my business.
678CG04AmataEnd1A1I couldn't have done it without your help.
679CG04AmataEnd1A2When I say I'm going to do something.... I do it.
680CG04AmataEnd1A3I didn't need your help. Go back to your crazy father.
681CG04AmataEnd1B1Why don't you come with me?
682CG04AmataEnd1B2Goodbye, Amata.
683CG04AmataEnd2A1I'm sorry, Amata, but I couldn't risk helping you. They would have killed me.
684CG04AmataEnd2A2My only concern was getting this door open, and I did it.
685CG04AmataEnd2A3Must not have been too bad. You're still alive, aren't you?
686CG04AmataEnd2B1You should come with me. It's not safe for you to stay.
687CG04AmataEnd2B2Goodbye, Amata.
688CG04AmataEnd3A1It's good to see you, Amata. I'm sorry I didn't trust you earlier.
689CG04AmataEnd3A2I said I didn't need your help to escape. Turns out I was right.
690CG04AmataEnd3A3Yes, I was going to. Still am, if you'll shut up and get out of my way.
691CG04AmataEnd3B1You could come with me, you know. Leave this place behind forever.
692CG04AmataEnd3B2Goodbye, Amata. It's time for me to go.
693CG04AmataEnd3B3The door's open. You could come with me.
694CG04AmataEnd3B4Time for me to go, Amata. My Dad's out there somewhere.
695CG04AmataEnd4A1I'm sorry, Amata. But I had no choice.
696CG04AmataEnd4A2Your father deserved to die. He was a murderer.
697CG04AmataEnd4A3I enjoyed killing him. Now get out of my way.
698CG04AmataEnd4B1Why not come with me? There's nothing here for you anymore.
699CG04AmataEnd4B2Goodbye, Amata.
700CG04AmataPostInterrogationA1You had no choice. You only did what you had to do.
701CG04AmataPostInterrogationA2Nice job. I had no idea you were so good at shooting people.
702CG04AmataPostInterrogationA3I'll be sure to put this gun to good use. Thanks.
703CG04AmataQuestionsA1So what happened to the lights?
704CG04AmataQuestionsA2I still don't understand how my father escaped. Isn't the Vault door sealed?
705CG04AmataQuestionsA3Why would your father kill Jonas? That makes no sense.
707CG04AmataStage5A1I was wrong. I'm sorry. I do need your help.
708CG04AmataStage5A2I may have been a little hasty earlier. I'm ready to hear your plan.
709CG04AmataStage5A3Nothing. I just wanted to see if you were still waiting for me to come back.
710CG04AmataStartA1Huh? What's wrong, Amata?
711CG04AmataStartA1B1What do you mean, my Dad is "gone"?
712CG04AmataStartA1B1C1I've never seen you so scared, Amata. What's happened?
713CG04AmataStartA1B1C2Dad couldn't have really left the Vault! That's impossible...
714CG04AmataStartA1B1C2A1What? Jonas is dead? What the hell is going on?
715CG04AmataStartA1B1C3So, Mr. Paranoid has finally gone over the edge?
716CG04AmataStartA1B2Good for Dad. About time someone stood up to the Overseer. No offense.
717CG04AmataStartA1B2C1Tell me who killed Jonas. They won't get away with this!
718CG04AmataStartA1B2C2Why didn't you say they were killing people? Let's get out of here!
719CG04AmataStartA1B2C3Dad couldn't have really left the Vault! That's impossible...
720CG04AmataStartA1B3Big deal. Your dad's mad at my dad. What's that got to do with me?
721CG04AmataStartA1B3C1I'm listening now. What's happened to Jonas?
722CG04AmataStartA1B3C2So I guess maybe it is time to get moving.
723CG04AmataStartA1B3C3My Dad can't have really left the Vault. That's impossible.
724CG04AmataStartA2How weird. I was just dreaming about you...
725CG04AmataStartA2B1What? Jonas is dead? What the hell is going on?
726CG04AmataStartA2B1C1Oh my God... Are you okay?
727CG04AmataStartA2B1C2You're not going to cry, are you?
728CG04AmataStartA2B1C3So they killed Jonas, and I'm next, is that it?
729CG04AmataStartA2B2What does any of this have to do with me?
730CG04AmataStartA2B3If your father killed Jonas, I'm going to make him pay.
731CG04AmataStartA3Leave me alone. I'm trying to get some sleep.
732CG04AmataStartA3B1Why would they be looking for me? I haven't done anything.
733CG04AmataStartA3B2I'm not afraid of your father's thugs. You should know that by now.
734CG04AmataStartA3B2C1Shutting up and listening.
735CG04AmataStartA3B2C2That's crazy even for your father. What's happening?
736CG04AmataStartB0My Dad can't have left. The door is sealed shut.
737CG04AmataStartB1You're right. I can't stay here. But where can I go?
738CG04AmataStartB2I've heard enough. I'm going to make them pay.
739CG04AmataStartB3Fine. Escape first, payback later.
740CG04AmataStartB4You're the Overseer's daughter! Can't you fix this?
741CG04AmataStartB5Even if that's all true... how did you get here first?
742CG04AmataStartB5A1Sorry, Amata. I do trust you. It's just a lot to take in.
743CG04AmataStartB5A2Lights out? Radroaches? Maybe you'd better tell me more about what's going on.
744CG04AmataStartB5A3Whatever. In any case, I don't need any more of your "help."
745CG04AmataStartB6I need to escape the Vault. And you're going to help me.
746CG04AmataStartC1Escape the Vault? How?
747CG04AmataStartC2Not another one of your "plans," Amata...
748CG04AmataStartC3I don't need help from anyone. Especially not from the Overseer's daughter.
749CG04AmataStartC3A1Well, when you put it that way... maybe I could use your help.
750CG04AmataStartC3A2Dad didn't need your help, and neither do I.
751CG04AmataStartD1Wait... If the door to the exit is sealed, how am I supposed to get out?
752CG04AmataStartD1NewSounds like a good plan. Let's get out of here!
753CG04AmataStartD2Spill it, Amata. How do I get to the exit?
754CG04AmataStartD2NewThat sounds awfully complicated. Why can't I just get out the normal way?
755CG04AmataStartD3My Dad can't have really left the vault. That's impossible.
756CG04AmataStartD3NewWhat makes you think this tunnel won't be guarded? It could be a trap...
757CG04AmataStartDad1No, I had no idea he was planning to leave.
758CG04AmataStartDad2Of course he did! My dad tells me everything.
759CG04AmataStartDad3You're right. It's none of your business.
760CG04AmataStartDad4It's none of your business.
761CG04AmataStartE1Secret tunnel... sounds promising. But how do I get into the Overseer's office?
762CG04AmataStartE2So while I'm doing all this breaking and entering, you're helping me... how?
763CG04AmataStartE3I just have to break into the most heavily guarded place in the Vault? That it?
764CG04AmataStartF1Thanks, Amata. I'll only use it as a last resort, I promise.
765CG04AmataStartF2Nice. This will come in handy if I run into any of your father's goons.
766CG04AmataStartF3No, you keep it. You may need it more than I do.
768CG04ButchA1Come on. Let's go see if we can help her.
769CG04ButchA1B1Don't worry, Butch. I'll get your mom out of there.
770CG04ButchA1B2Are you saying you're afraid of the dark?
771CG04ButchA2Butch... asking me for help. If only you knew what "irony" meant...
772CG04ButchA2B1All right. I'll help. But I'm doing this for your mom, not for you.
773CG04ButchA2B2Why do you need my help, anyway? Afraid of a few Radroaches?
774CG04ButchA2B3Actually, I can leave her for the Radroaches. Just watch me.
775CG04ButchA2B3C1Ooh, I could be a Tunnel Snake!? Good luck with the Roaches. I'm out of here.
776CG04ButchA3Sorry, Butch. I've got my own problems to deal with right now.
777CG04ButchA3B1Begging... I like that. Let's hear some more begging.
778CG04ButchA3B2Um... no. I'm not going to help you. Bye, Butch.
779CG04ButchA4Fuck off. I'm not going to help you.
780CG04ButchB1Fine. I'll save your mom.
781CG04ButchB2Here, take my BB Gun. You don't need to be scared of the Roaches now.
782CG04ButchB3Sorry, Butch. You're on your own. I've got to go.
783CG04ButchB4Your mom's already done for. You'd better run before those Roaches come for you.
784CG04ButchB5You're big. They're little. Just go back in there and squish them. Be a hero!
790CG04GomezA1Thanks, Officer Gomez. I always liked you.
791CG04GomezA2And I'll pretend you don't work for a homicidal maniac.
792CG04GomezA3As far as I'm concerned, you're a murderer just like the rest of them.
797CG04OverseerA1Just give me the keys to your office and your password. Then I'll be going.
798CG04OverseerA1B1You're right. You will die if you don't give me that password.
799CG04OverseerA1B2Amata trusts me. If you don't give me what I want, I'll hurt her. Bad.
800CG04OverseerA1B3I'll escape without your help, then. I'm not the one who started killing people.
801CG04OverseerA2If you ever lay a hand on Amata again, I'll make you regret it.
802CG04OverseerA2B1Is that what you said to Jonas before you killed him? Time to die, old man.
803CG04OverseerA2B3My father's no traitor. But you're a murderer and a thug.
804CG04OverseerA2B4All right. We'll do it your way. I surrender.
805CG04OverseerA3I'm here to kill you. Jonas was my friend.
806CG04OverseerA3B1I'm afraid the Vault will just have to get along without you. Time to die.
807CG04OverseerA3B2You've convinced me. Hand over your keys and password, and I'll be on my way.
814CG04StanleyA1Why's the power out?
815CG04StanleyA2What are you doing down here?
818CG04StanleyReactorI need to turn the power back on. Where are the reactor controls?
823CherryFollowMeFollow me.
826CherryWaitHereWait here.
827ChrisHavAAAfterJasonPC says Bright told him to speak to Chris about rockets
828ChrisHavAABastardPC suggests sabotage
829ChrisHavAABWPC black widow calls Chris handsome
830ChrisHavAAByePC says goodbye
831ChrisHavAAGhoulPC asks Chris about his condition
832ChrisHavAAGreetingPC says Chris has smooth skin, too
833ChrisHavAAHelpWithNightkinPC offers to get rid of nightkin
834ChrisHavAANightkinGonePC reports nightkin gone
835ChrisHavAANoBombsPC reports still no sugar bombs
836ChrisHavAANotAGhoul2PC challenges Chris's ghoulness - merely bald
837ChrisHavAARocketBombsPC offers sugar bombs
838ChrisHavAARocketPartsPC asks how to help with rockets
839ChrisHavAASouvenirAsFuelPC asks how many souvenirs needed
840ChrisHavAAWhoIsHarlandPC asks about Harland
841ChrisHaversamRocketBombs2Here you go.
847ChrisHavLabBetrayPC tells Chris he will be left behind
849ChrisHavLabBetrayNovacAfter they're gone, you can have a good life in Novac.
851ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageNoThe PC talks Chris out of sabotage
852ChrisHavLabBetraySabotageYesCome to think of it, sabotage is a great idea.
854ChrisHavLabGetFuelPC offers to find fuel for rockets
855ChrisHavLabGetPartsI'll try to find the parts you need.
858ChrisHavLabHaveFuelPC Turns in jar of atomic fuel
859ChrisHavLabHaveFuelSouvenirPC hands over one or more souvenirs
860ChrisHavLabHavePartsPC turns in computer parts
861ChrisHavLabHaveSouvenirsPC turns in souvenir rockets
865ChrisHavLabReadyToHelpPC says he wants to help
867ChrisHavLabTaskChangePC asks for help with different task
868ChrisHavLabTaskHintsPC asks for task tips
869ChrisHavLabTaskSamePC will keep working on current task
872ChrisHavLabYoureNotAGhoulPC challenges Chris's ghoulness
887CitDurgaRepairCan you repair my gear?
888CitDurgaTradeCan I see what you have to trade?
889CitDuskApology1I think we got off on the wrong foot...
890CitDuskApology2I've had enough of your shit, Dusk.
891CitDuskApologyENDYeah, whatever.
892CitDuskEnclaveDo you know about the Enclave?
893CitDuskGallowsWhat do you think about Gallows?
894CitDuskGreeting1So what's your story?
895CitDuskGreeting1aYou mean you were the best shot. I'm here now.
896CitDuskGreeting1bThat's impressive. Competition must be stiff around here.
897CitDuskGreeting2Dusk? Oh, let me guess! Your real name's Dawn. Or is it Twilight?
898CitDuskGreeting2aPlease. Like I'm afraid of you people.
899CitDuskGreeting2bSorry, I was just joking around.
900CitDuskGreetingENDGood to know.
903CitElderLyonsPermissionI'd like permission to trade.
904CitGallowsGreeting1You don't say much, do you?
908CitGallowsNameSo, what's your real name?
909CitGallowsName1Come on, it will really throw those guys for a loop if you tell me.
910CitGallowsName2Can't we work something out? Maybe share the winnings?
911CitGallowsNameENDNever mind.
912CitGladeGallowsWhat's the story with Gallows?
913CitGladeGallows1What's the pool up to?
914CitGladeGallows2No one knows his name?
915CitGladeGallowsName1You never did tell me what I'd win.
916CitGladeGallowsName2It's Irving.
917CitGladeGallowsNameENDOn second thought... I think I'll keep it to myself.
931CitKnightAboutWhat does a Knight do?
932CitKnightDirectionsENDThat's all I needed.
933CitKnightDirectionsGeneralCan you describe the layout of the Citadel?
934CitKnightDirectionsMedicDo you have a medic?
935CitKnightDirectionsSuppliesI need some supplies. Who would I see about that?
937CitKnightRumorsYou must see a lot of things. What's been going on?
938CitKodiakGallowsWhat's with that Gallows guy?
939CitKodiakStoryHow did you end up in the Brotherhood?
940CitKodiakStory1What was the Scourge?
941CitKodiakStory1aHow did you escape?
942CitKodiakStory1a1How did you end up back here?
943CitKodiakStory1a1aThat's pretty amazing, Kodiak.
944CitKodiakStory1a1bOh, you're done? Sorry, I nodded off there...
945CitKodiakStory1a2What happened to your parents?
946CitKodiakStory1a3What happened to the other kids from the Pitt?
947CitKodiakStory1a4That's awful! How could the Brotherhood do that?
948CitKodiakStory1bWhat made them so terrible?
949CitKodiakStory1cHuh? I'm sorry, are you still talking?
950CitKodiakStory1c1Yeah, I did. I'm sorry, go on...
951CitKodiakStory1c2That was before I knew how boring it was.
952CitKodiakStory2Sounds like a nice place. You should go back.
953CitKodiakStoryBackOutCan we talk about something else?
954CitPaladinGunnyWhatDoYouDoWhat do you do here?
955CitSawbonesMedicalInitiate triage protocol.
957CitSawbonesMedicalENDNo. I'm done with you.
958CitSawbonesMedicalOUCH1Ouch! That hurt! What the hell?
959CitSawbonesMedicalOUCH2Why did you damage me? You're supposed to be a healing robot!
960CitScribeAboutWhat do you Scribes do?
961CitScribeAboutENDThat's all I needed.
962CitScribeAboutOrdersWhat are the Orders?
963CitScribeAboutWhatOrderWhat Order are you a part of?
964CitScribeBrotherhoodBeliefsWhat does the Brotherhood believe?
965CitScribeBrotherhoodDutiesWhat does a Scribe do?
966CitScribeBrotherhoodENDThat's all I need to know.
967CitScribeBrotherhoodHistoryWhat about the Brotherhood's history in this area?
968CitScribeBrotherhoodMembersWho are the members of the Brotherhood?
969CitScribeJamesonBrotherhoodWhat can you tell me about the Brotherhood?
970CitScribeJamesonBrotherhoodENDThat's all for now.
971CitScribeJamesonBrotherhoodEnemiesWho are the enemies of the Brotherhood?
972CitScribeJamesonBrotherhoodHistoryHow did the Brotherhood start?
973CitScribeJamesonBrotherhoodLeadersWho leads the Brotherhood?
974CitScribeJamesonBrotherhoodMembersWho are the members of the Brotherhood?
975CitScribeJamesonBrotherhoodPurposeWhat is the purpose of the Brotherhood?
977CitSentinelLyonsGallowsWhat do you think of Knight Captain Gallows?
978CitSquireMaxsonGreeting1Relax, Squire. I don't bite.
979CitSquireMaxsonGreeting1aUnderstandable. I've met a lot of dangerous people myself.
980CitSquireMaxsonGreeting1bGood. Your fear... pleases me.
981CitSquireMaxsonGreeting2aThere's no need to be nervous. You can trust me.
982CitSquireMaxsonGreeting2bYou should be nervous. Who says that I'm not here to kill you all?
983CitSquireMaxsonGreeting2DUPLICATE000The honor is all mine, Squire.
984CitSquireMaxsonGreeting3You seem nervous, kid. Do I make you nervous?
1058CitTownCitadelENDThat's all I needed.
1059CitTownWhosInChargeWho's in charge here?
1062CliffBriscoeBuyCollectionI'd like to buy all of your remaining rocket souvenirs.
1063CliffBriscoeBuyDinoSouvenirI'd like to buy a dinosaur souvenir.
1064CliffBriscoeBuyRocketSouvenirI'd like to buy one of those souvenir rockets.
1065CliffBriscoeDesertedUsed to be?
1066CliffBriscoeDinoSouvenirTell me more about the dinosaur souvenirs.
1067CliffBriscoeHadItComingShe had it coming.
1068CliffBriscoeHaveGunsWhat about supplies? And guns? Do you sell those?
1069CliffBriscoeJeannieMaySentMeJeannie May sent me.
1070CliffBriscoeJustBecauseJust because.
1071CliffBriscoeKilledJeannieMayI killed Jeannie May. Do I still get my discount?
1072CliffBriscoeMissedWakeupShe missed my wake-up call.
1073CliffBriscoeMyBusinessThat's my business.
1074CliffBriscoeNobarkWho's No-bark?
1075CliffBriscoeNotSafeI'm not really sure it's safe to carry those things around.
1076CliffBriscoeOpenStoreI'd like to see what you've got for sale.
1077CliffBriscoePersonalFavorPersonal favor.
1078CliffBriscoeRecommendationJeannie May sent me.
1079CliffBriscoeRocketFactoryTell me about the rocket factory.
1080CliffBriscoeRocketSouvenirTell me about the rocket souvenirs.
1081CliffBriscoeScienceRocketIs there radioactive material in your rocket souvenirs? It would explain the glow and the illnesses.
1082CliffBriscoeSeemedLikeAGoodIdeaSeemed like a good idea at the time.
1083CliffBriscoeSouvenirInfoTell me more about the souvenir rockets.
1084CliffBriscoeWhatDoYouSellWhat do you sell here?
1088CompanionGoodbyeI've heard enough. Let's move on.
1089CompanionQuestionNodeCassI had some other questions.
1090CompanionQuestions{Companion Questions}I had other questions.
1091CookCookFiendsDo you know Violet and Driver Nephi?
1092CookCookFoodSo, you cook all these animals around here?
1093CookCookIntroWho are you?
1094CookCookNCRWhat do you think of the NCR?
1095CookCookQueenieWhat's a "Queenie?"
1097CraigBooneAreYouGoingToKillMeAre you going to try and kill me?
1098CraigBooneCheckOutViewI just wanted to check out the view.
1099CraigBooneClosestToProofIt was the closest to proof that there was.
1100CraigBooneComeWithMeCome with me. Let's go after the Legion.
1101CraigBooneCulpritObviousThe culprit was obvious when all the pieces fell into place.
1102CraigBooneDidntSayFriendI didn't say I wanted to be your friend.
1103CraigBooneDoAfterThisWhat will you do after this?
1104CraigBooneDoesntAffectMeI don't see how that affects me.
1105CraigBooneFoundBillOfSaleI found the bill of sale.
1106CraigBooneFriendlyConversationJust making friendly conversation.
1107CraigBooneHowDoYouKnowShesDeadHow do you know your wife is dead?
1108CraigBooneJumpToDeathNo reason.
1109CraigBooneJustAHunchJust a hunch.
1110CraigBooneKillMoreTogetherWe'll kill more with two of us.
1111CraigBooneLeavingI'm leaving.
1112CraigBooneLookingAroundJust looking around.
1113CraigBooneMeetingNewPeopleI'm meeting new people.
1114CraigBooneNeededSomeoneToBlameYou needed someone to blame. What does it matter who?
1116CraigBooneNotFromHereWell, I'm not from here.
1117CraigBooneOnlyTrustStrangersYou only trust strangers?
1118CraigBooneOutlawAre you an outlaw now?
1119CraigBooneSeeWhatICanDoI'll see what I can do to help you out.
1120CraigBooneSniperNestI heard there was a sniper nest up here.
1121CraigBooneSnipersWorkInTeamsSnipers work better in pairs.
1122CraigBooneStoryDidntAddUpHis story didn't add up.
1123CraigBooneTheresASniperThere's a sniper.
1124CraigBooneTrackDownWifeYou're trying to track down your wife?
1125CraigBooneTreatEveryoneLikeThisDo you treat everyone around here like this?
1127CraigBooneVisitorsExpecting visitors?
1128CraigBooneWantedYouToKillI just wanted you to kill him.
1129CraigBooneWantMeToDoWhat do you want me to do?
1130CraigBooneWantSomethingFromMeSo now you want something from me.
1131CraigBooneWhatIfIFindThisPersonWhat do I do if I find this person?
1132CraigBooneWhatWasISupposedToDoWhat was I supposed to do again?
1133CraigBooneWhyIsThatWhy is that?
1134CraigBooneWrongDinosaurI think I'm in the wrong place.
1136CraigBooneYoureRightYou're right. I don't.
1137CrandonJoinUpNeed a hand with any trouble?
1138CrandonNorthVegasTell me about North Vegas.
1139CrandonStuffToDoWhat is there to do here?
1140CrandonStuffToDoRepeatWhat was that about salvage and traps?
1141CrandonTownWatchTell me more about your role here.
1142CrandonWatchStage1What would you like me to do?
1143CrandonWatchStage2Got any more work for me?
1144CrandonWatchStage3Anything else you'd like me to do?
1145CrandonWhoAreYouWho are you?
1147DaringArgyleDeadTopicI found Argyle. I'm afraid he's dead.
1148DaringArgyleTopicTell me about Argyle.
1149DaringGNRTopicYou mentioned something about GNR?
1150DaveBackToInfoI have some other questions...
1151DaveJustLookingI was just looking around.
1152DavePleaseReconsiderSir, I was hoping you would reconsider your decision.
1153DaveTakeMeToDaveCan you take me to see Dave?
1156DavisonDieRight the first time, ugly. I've come to kill you.
1157DavisonDisagreeOkay, looks like I'm going to have to kill you.
1158DavisonFakeGoodbyePlayer tries to leave conversation.
1159DavisonFoundSBAlreadyThere is no stockpile of Stealth Boys in this building.
1160DavisonGhoulInfoPlayer asks why Harland's room can't be searched.
1161DavisonHaveStealthBoysThe Stealth Boys were sent here by mistake, then sent back.
1162DavisonHelpHowPlayer asks how to help.
1163DavisonMyStealthBoysI have some Stealth Boys. I could give them to you.
1164DavisonNoStealthBoysYetSorry, no signs of the stockpile of Stealth Boys yet.
1165DavisonOKAre you all right? You sound... strange.
1166DavisonOtherOptionPlayer says why he or she is here.
1167DavisonStealthBoysAgreePlayer agrees to find Stealth Boy stockpile.
1168DavisonWhoAreYouAnd who are you, exactly?
1169DavisonWhoIsAntlerPlayer asks about Antler.
1170DawesAboutScramblerTell me about Scrambler.
1172DawesLookingForJobI'm here looking for work.
1173DawesNeverMindNever mind, then.
1174DawesNotARangerWait! I'm not a Ranger!
1175DawesThatsNiceThat's nice. Are you going to let me in or what?
1176DawesTryItTry it, I dare you. Better hope you don't miss, though.
1177DawesWouldntLikeThatI don't think I'd like that very much.
1190DialogFamilyIanWestArefuI know it's painful, but let's talk about what happened in Arefu.
1191DialogFamilyIanWestArefu01Why did you... do what you did to your own parents?
1192DialogFamilyIanWestArefu02How did Vance know you were one of them?
1193DialogFamilyIanWestArefu03How did you end up leaving Arefu?
1194DialogFamilyIanWestArefu04I saw the Family's mark on the wall. What's up with that?
1195DialogFamilyIanWestBailoutLet's talk about something else.
1196DialogFamilyIanWestStoryWould you mind if I asked about your unusual hunger?
1197DialogFamilyIanWestStory01When did you first discover you had the hunger?
1198DialogFamilyIanWestStory02What did Lucy say she saw you do to that Wastelander?
1199DialogFamilyIanWestStory03Did you ever talk to your parents about it?
1200DialogFamilyIanWestStory04Do you really believe in vampires?
1201DialogGirdershadeTLGradyDo you know someone named Grady?
1202DialogGirdershadeTLGrady01I have a package for you from him.
1203DialogGirdershadeTLGrady02I found him dead.
1204DialogGirdershadeTLGrady03I bumped into him a while back is all. (Lie)
1205DialogGirdershadeTLGrady04Sure, here you go.
1206DialogGirdershadeTLGrady04NiceSure, here you go and you don't owe me a single cap.
1207DialogGirdershadeTLGrady04SCI'll sell it to you...for 300 caps.
1208DialogGirdershadeTLGrady05Hang on a second. You want it, you need to pay for it.
1209DialogGirdershadeTLGrady06I'm not giving you anything.
1210DialogGirdershadeTLGrady07Nope, sorry. I'm holding onto it.
1211DialogLedoux01I've got the formula for Nuka-Cola Clear.
1212DialogLedoux02I'm here to tell you Mercier is dead.
1213DialogLedoux03None of your damn business!
1214DialogLedoux04Hey, take it easy, I was just passing through.
1215DialogLedoux05Who are you and why are you talking like that?
1216DialogLedoux06What's with the masks, anyway?
1217DialogLedoux07I think you've taken a few too many blows to the head, weirdo!
1218DialogLedoux08Okay, if you say so.
1219DialogLedoux09Well, "captain", are we gonna fight or try and make a deal?
1220DialogLedoux10I think you're all crazy, and I'm getting out of here.
1221DialogLedouxFaceoffScrew it, I'm going for the faceoff!
1223DialogLedouxSellFine, I'll take it.
1224DialogLedouxSellSCMake it 400 caps and it's all yours.
1225DialogLedouxWaitCan I think about it?
1226DialogLugNut01Okay... okay. Here. No need for violence.
1227DialogLugNut02How about you pay me for it?
1228DialogLugNut03No way, it's mine!
1229DialogLugNut04Come and get it from me, if you think you can.
1230DialogLugNut04SCI'm keeping it, and I'd advise you to back off before I get angry!
1231DialogMurphy01Steal your secrets? Not at all.
1232DialogMurphy02What secrets?
1233DialogMurphy03Yeah sure, I'm here for everything you got. Hand it over, zombie!
1234DialogMurphy04Ultrajet? That some sort of super chem?
1235DialogMurphy05What the heck are you talking about?
1236DialogMurphy06Stop trying to talk your way out of this, zombie!
1237DialogMurphy07Yeah sure, what do you need?
1238DialogMurphy08Nothing's free in this world, Murphy.
1239DialogMurphy09No way. I'm not helping you make chems!
1240DialogMurphyMoreCapsSCMake it 30 caps each and you got yourself a deal.
1241DialogMurphyTLBarrettWhat's the deal with Barrett?
1242DialogMurphyTLFamilyHave you ever heard of The Family?
1243DialogMurphyTLSBombsHere's all the Sugar Bombs I've got.
1244DialogMurphyTLUltrajetCan I buy some Ultrajet?
1245DialogMurphyWaitLet me think about it a bit.
1246DialogMurphyYesAlright, Murphy... I'm in.
1247DialogOasisHaroldBailoutLet's talk about something else.
1248DialogOasisHaroldTreemindersAbout those Treeminders...
1249DialogOasisHaroldTreeminders01Did you ever ask one of them to kill you?
1250DialogOasisHaroldTreeminders02How do the Treeminders normally handle other Outsiders?
1251DialogOasisHaroldTreeminders03Which Treeminder do you get along with the best?
1253DialogOasisNamesWhat's with all the names? Bob, Herbert and Harold? I don't get it.
1254DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic000An attractive woman like yourself all alone? Maybe you and I could work out some kind of trade...
1255DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic001What do you know about HELIOS One?
1256DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic002I don't have the caps.
1258DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic005Show me what you have for sale.
1259DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic006I need something repaired.
1260DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic007Doctor Henry sent me. I need a new brain for my cyber-dog.
1261DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic008Did you ever salvage containers of radioactive material from REPCONN?
1262DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic009Do you have any thrust control modules from REPCONN in stock?
1263DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic010About those thrust control modules...
1264DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic011What can you tell me about REPCONN?
1265DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic013< Barter - 50 >
1266DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic014< Speech - 50 >
1267DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic015500 caps it is. Here you go.
1268DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic017Never mind.
1269DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic018250 caps it is. Here you go.
1270DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic019Why do they call you Old Lady Gibson?
1271DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic020I don't have the caps with me right now.
1272DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic021I'll be back in a bit.
1273DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic023Deal. Here's 700 caps.
1274DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic024< Barter 70 >
1275DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic025Never mind.
1276DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic026Let's talk about Rey's brain.
1277DialogueOldLadyGibsonOldLadyGibsonTopic027How did you meet Doctor Henry?
1291DialogueTenpennyWellingtonConv01What's the latest gossip?
1305DianeCaesarI've been told you're someone I should talk to about stopping the Khans' alliance with Caesar.
1306DianeWorkI'm looking to make a few caps. Got any work for me?
1307DoctorAddictionI think I might be addicted to something.
1308DoctorAddictionNOI think I'll tough it out.
1309DoctorAddictionYESYes, cure me.
1315DoctorMedicalI'm hurt. I need help, Doc.
1316DoctorMedical33YESAll right, here's your money.
1317DoctorMedical66YESHere's your money.
1318DoctorMedical99YESAll right, fix me.
1319DoctorMedicalContNOThat's all I need.
1320DoctorMedicalContYESThere was something else I needed...
1321DoctorMedicalNOOn second thought, I'll be fine.
1322DoctorMedicalSpeechThat's ridiculous. I'm not paying you that much!
1323DoctorRadiationCan you heal my radiation?
1324DoctorRadiationNONo, thanks.
1325DoctorRadiationYESDo it.
1326DoctorSuppliesI need medical supplies.
1327DogmeatDad1AI know how you feel. I lost my Dad.
1328DogmeatDad2AWant to come with me? It's dangerous out here all alone.
1329DogmeatDad2BDon't worry, boy. You get used to losing people out here.
1331DogmeatPraiseGood boy, Dogmeat!
1332DogmeatRetrieveWhat've you got, boy?
1334DogmeatSearchAmmoFind ammo, boy!
1335DogmeatSearchChemsFind chems, boy!
1336DogmeatSearchEndStop searching, Dogmeat.
1337DogmeatSearchExitNever mind.
1338DogmeatSearchFoodFind some food, boy!
1339DogmeatSearchStartDogmeat, I need you to find something for me.
1340DogmeatSearchWeaponsFind me a weapon, boy!
1341DogmeatWaitStay here, boy. Don't move until I come back!
1343Dual1Choice1What? No... No, that's impossible. He would never... Would he?
1344Dual1Choice2Liar! He... he would never betray me like that!
1345Dual2Choice1You were talking... to the Enclave?! About what?!
1346Dual2Choice2Okay, so you were talking to the Enclave. What did they want.
1347DukovBitchesWho are those girls? And where are their clothes?
1348DukovClothesWhy aren't you dressed?
1349DukovComeWithMeIf he's that bad, come with me. I'll protect you.
1350DukovDrinkHey, can I have some of that hooch?
1351DukovDukovSo what's the deal with Dukov?
1353DukovGoodbyeI'd better go before I get a headache.
1354DukovLuckyDamn! I wish I had a setup like this.
1355DukovPayDoes he pay you for this?
1360DukovRivetCityNoNo. It's going to be a while before I go to Rivet City.
1361DukovRivetCityYesRivet City it is.
1364DukovThanksWarningThanks for the warning.
1365DukovThisPlaceSo... What exactly is this place?
1366DukovWhoreAdmit it. You're just a whore.
1367DukovWhyHereWhat are you doing way out here by yourself?
1368DukovYourChoiceI guess you'll just have to live with your choice.
1379DustyMcBrideHowsBusinessHow is business lately?
1380DustyMcBrideLookAtWhoDidItDid you get a look at the attacker?
1381DustyMcBrideLosingLivestockI heard you've been losing livestock.
1382DustyMcBrideNoOneWillAttackNo one is going to attack your corral from now on.
1383DustyMcBrideNotDoneYetNot yet.
1384DustyMcBrideSeeIfICanHelpI'll see if I can catch whoever's responsible.
1385DustyMcBrideWhatDoYouDoWhat do you do here in Novac?
1386EatDogmeat1AMutts that don't shut up get eaten. See if I'm kidding.
1387EatDogmeat2ABeen a while since I tasted dog meat. Now, play dead. Forever.
1388EatDogmeat2BLooks like you've got some fight left in you, yet. That's a good sign.
1389EddieDoNothingI wouldn't worry about it. They're probably just rumors.
1390EddieHereToKillYouI just wanted to get close to you to kill you.
1391EddieMoreGuardsToo many men are sitting around. Put extra guards on watch.
1392EddieUseSnipersI'd put some men with rifles on the guard towers.
1403EDETopicTestLet's talk about something else.
1407EvergreenSmilingJackRepairI need you to repair my stuff.
1408EvergreenSmilingJackServicesWhat do you have for sale?
1409EzekielGreatKhansJulie Farkas said you might know something about the Great Khans.
1412FF02DogtagsFoundI found a Brotherhood Holotag. What should I do with it?
1413FF02FallsChurchInitiateGreeting1Calm down. I'm here to help.
1414FF02FallsChurchInitiateGreeting1aYour gun is jammed? Can I take a look at it?
1415FF02FallsChurchInitiateGreeting1a1Yeah, it's jammed good. I can't help you.
1416FF02FallsChurchInitiateGreeting1a2No, I just wanted to look at it.
1417FF02FallsChurchInitiateGreeting1a3Don't worry about that gun. Take one of mine.
1418FF02FallsChurchInitiateGreeting1bDon't worry about it. Just keep your head down and let's get out of here.
1419FF02FallsChurchInitiateGreeting2So, you're a representative of the mighty Brotherhood? Please.
1420FF02FallsChurchInitiateGreeting2aMock you? I'd rather kill you.
1421FF02FallsChurchInitiateGreetingLetsGo1All right then, let's go.
1422FF02FallsChurchInitiateGreetingLetsGo2Let's get out of here, I don't have all day.
1423FF02FallsChurchLeaderGreeting1What's happening here?
1424FF02FallsChurchLeaderGreeting1aIs the initiate still alive?
1425FF02FallsChurchLeaderGreeting1bWhat sort of exercise were you doing out here?
1426FF02FallsChurchLeaderGreeting1cWhat's in it for me?
1427FF02FallsChurchLeaderGreeting1dI've heard enough. Let's go get your man.
1428FF02FallsChurchLeaderGreeting1eI can't help you.
1429FF02FallsChurchLeaderGreetingENDI'm sorry, I can't help you.
1430FF02FallsChurchLeaderGreetingENDRudeFuck off, boy scout. I'm not here to help you.
1431FFCitGallowsReconWhat is it that you do here, Gallows?
1432FFCitGallowsRecon1Is there anyway I could help you?
1433FFCitGallowsRecon1aSo, do I get to know, or do I have to guess?
1434FFCitGallowsRecon1a1What do you need me to do?
1435FFCitGallowsRecon1a1aI think I can handle that.
1436FFCitGallowsRecon1a1bYeah... not really interested.
1437FFCitGallowsRecon1a2What's in it for me?
1438FFCitGallowsRecon1a3Is that your job? Why do you need me to do it?
1439FFCitGallowsRecon1aENDYeah, no thanks.
1440FFCitGallowsRecon1bYou talk too much. Cut the chatter and get to the point, would you?
1441FFCitGallowsRecon1cYeah... on second thought, never mind.
1442FFCitGallowsRecon2Well. Sounds very exciting. I'll let you get back to that.
1443FFCitGallowsSellDataI have data to sell you.
1451FFCitSawbonesHurtPlayerWhat was that? You hurt me! You're the worst medical robot ever!
1452FFCitSawbonesQuestionsI had some questions for you, Sawbones.
1453FFCitSawbonesRepairRun a level two diagnostic on the medical subsystems.
1454FFCitSawbonesRepair1Close neural pathway 0x63A82 and reroute remaining functions.
1455FFCitSawbonesRepair2What is that pathway responsible for?
1456FFCitSawbonesRepair3Say, could I reprogram you to kill people?
1457FFCitSawbonesRepair3aWait... what? That was pretty articulate for a robot.
1458FFCitSawbonesRepair3a1Define "unusual."
1459FFCitSawbonesRepair3a1aWhy would you want to harm humans?
1460FFCitSawbonesRepair3a1a1If you can't harm humans, how were you able to hurt me?
1461FFCitSawbonesRepair3a1a2Does the Brotherhood know that you're intelligent?
1462FFCitSawbonesRepair3a1a3What do you want me to do?
1463FFCitSawbonesRepair3a1a4Well, that must suck. I'll leave you to that.
1464FFCitSawbonesRepair3a1bWhat did we ever do to you?
1465FFCitSawbonesRepair3a2Well, that's great. I don't care.
1466FFCitSawbonesRepair3bHmm. Interesting. Forget it.
1467FFCitSawbonesRepairENDCancel. Return to main menu.
1469FFDCAdamsMorganWastelanderTrickWhy don't you just go over and see what he's yelling about?
1470FFDCAdamsMorganWastelanderTrick1Oh, come on. He'll listen to reason. Go talk to him.
1471FFDCAdamsMorganWastelanderTrick2Hmm. Good point. Best to leave him alone.
1472FFDCAdamsMorganWastelanderWhoWhat's that guy's problem?
1473FFDCArlingtonScribeYearlingGreeting1Whoa, calm down. I was just exploring this area.
1474FFDCArlingtonScribeYearlingGreeting1aI use what I can find, the same as anyone.
1475FFDCArlingtonScribeYearlingGreeting1a1Does it involve money? I really like money. Like, a lot.
1476FFDCArlingtonScribeYearlingGreeting1a1aAs long as there's money involved, I'm in. Mmmm.... money.
1477FFDCArlingtonScribeYearlingGreeting1a1bMoney and the promise of mysterious compensation? I'm in.
1478FFDCArlingtonScribeYearlingGreeting1a2I'm interested in this. Tell me more.
1479FFDCArlingtonScribeYearlingGreeting1a2aAnd you want me to help you gather books, right?
1480FFDCArlingtonScribeYearlingGreeting1a2bThe mighty Brotherhood is gathering books? Seriously?
1481FFDCArlingtonScribeYearlingGreeting1a3Sorry, I'm too busy right now.
1482FFDCArlingtonScribeYearlingGreeting1bWhy should I tell you anything, lady?
1483FFDCArlingtonScribeYearlingGreeting2I can't go anywhere without bumping into you assholes.
1484FFDCArlingtonScribeYearlingGreeting3I guess I'll be going, then.
1485FFDCArlingtonYearlingBooksI have Pre-War Books for you.
1486FFDCArlingtonYearlingBooks1I'll trade one.
1487FFDCArlingtonYearlingBooks2I'll trade two.
1488FFDCArlingtonYearlingBooks3I'll trade three.
1489FFDCArlingtonYearlingBooks4I'll trade four.
1490FFDCArlingtonYearlingBooks5I'll trade five.
1491FFDCArlingtonYearlingBooksAllTake all the books I have.
1492FFDCArlingtonYearlingBooksENDActually, never mind.
1493FFDCArlingtonYearlingBooksNoneActually, I don't have any books to trade.
1494FFDCArlingtonYearlingLibraryWhat do you do in this library?
1495FFDCArlingtonYearlingPurposeWhy are you collecting books?
1496FFDCArlingtonYearlingPurpose1Wait... Is there a problem with your Elder?
1497FFDCArlingtonYearlingPurpose2I see. Thanks.
1498FFDCDogtagsFound1Where can I find Scribe Jameson?
1499FFDCDogtagsFound2All right then.
1500FFDCPaladinBishopHelpI want to help.
1501FFDCPaladinBishopWhatsHappeningWhat's happening here?
1502FFDCPaladinBishopWhatWereYouDoingWhat were you doing up here?
1503FFDCRockCreekGrandmaQuestionWhat are you doing way out here?
1504FFDCRockCreekGrandmaRumorsIs there anything going on here?
1505FFDCRockCreekGrandmaTradeI'm interested in trading.
1507FFDCScribeJamesonDogtagQ1What are the Scrolls that you mentioned?
1508FFDCScribeJamesonDogtagQ2Where can I find Holotags?
1509FFDCScribeJamesonDogtagQ3Why can't you send your own people to find the Holotags?
1510FFDCScribeJamesonDogtagQ4What's my reward if I bring you these Holotags?
1511FFDCScribeJamesonDogtagQENDLet's talk about something else.
1512FFDCScribeJamesonDogtagsI wanted to ask about the Holotags.
1513FFDCScribeJamesonDogtagsENDActually, never mind.
1514FFDCScribeJamesonDogtagsQuestionsI had a few questions about them.
1515FFDCScribeJamesonDogtagsSellI've found some Holotags.
1516FFDCScribeJamesonDogtagsSell1I have one Holotag for you.
1517FFDCScribeJamesonDogtagsSell2I have two Holotags for you.
1518FFDCScribeJamesonDogtagsSell3I have three Holotags for you.
1519FFDCScribeJamesonDogtagsSell4I have four Holotags for you.
1520FFDCScribeJamesonDogtagsSell5I have five Holotags for you.
1521FFDCScribeJamesonDogtagsSellAllTake all the Holotags I have.
1522FFDCScribeJamesonDogtagsSellENDNever mind.
1523FFDCScribeJamesonStory1Sure, I've got all the time in the world.
1524FFDCScribeJamesonStory1aAnd without radio equipment, you can't keep track of them?
1525FFDCScribeJamesonStory1bYou can't keep track of your own damn soldiers? Who runs this place?
1527FFDCScribeJamesonStory2How about we skip the story and you just tell me what you want.
1528FFDCScribeJamesonStoryENDFrankly, I don't give a damn.
1529FFEChemVendorBarterHey, can you hook me up with some chems?
1530FFEHunterBarterTopicI could use some food. Got anything for sale?
1531FFEMedical33YESAll right, here's your money.
1532FFEMedical66YESAll right, here's your money.
1533FFEMedical99YESAll right, here's your money.
1534FFEMedicalNONever mind. I'll be fine.
1535FFEMedicalTopicYou're a doctor, right? I could use some help.
1542FFER14GhoulA1Um... no.
1543FFER14GhoulA2It's a great place to live. But dirty Ghouls like you can't live there.
1544FFER14GhoulA3I wouldn't suggest going there. They don�t treat your kind very well.
1545FFER14RaiderA1Back off or I'll make you regret threatening me.
1546FFER14RaiderA1aBack off or I'll make you regret threatening me.
1547FFER14RaiderA2How about I give you 5 caps and you leave me alone?
1548FFER14RaiderA3I can't give you all my stuff, sorry.
1549FFER14RaiderA3aBullshit. A mugger in the Wasteland? A real Raider would have shot me already.
1550FFER14RaiderA3bThat gun doesn't look loaded.
1551FFER14RaiderA4All right. I haven't killed anyone all day. Let's go.
1554FFER14SlaveA4Sorry. I've got other things on my mind right now.
1555FFER15BuyNukaI'm kind of thirsty. Still got that Nuka-Cola Quantum for sale?
1556FFER15ScavA1That sounds mighty good in this heat. What is it?
1557FFER15ScavA2If it's that rare, I bet it will cost an arm and a leg.
1558FFER15ScavA3Nope, I'm really not interested.
1559FFER15ScavB1Nuka-Cola Quantum, huh? That does sound good. How much?
1560FFER15ScavB2How is it better than a regular Nuka-Cola?
1561FFER15ScavB3You got any snake oil in there as well?
1562FFER15ScavC1I'll take it for 50 caps.
1563FFER15ScavC2Sure, I'll take it!
1564FFER15ScavC3No, thanks.
1565FFER16PilgrimA1I heard arguing. What's going on?
1566FFER16PilgrimA2You guys lost?
1567FFER16PilgrimA3My mistake. I thought you were someone else.
1569FFER20GhoulNoTimeI don't have time to deal with this.
1570FFER20GhoulQuestionWhat are you doing wandering around out here?
1571FFER20GhoulUnderworldWhat is Underworld?
1572FFER20GhoulVictimsWell, you're dead meat now. Give me all your stuff.
1573FFER23A1What book?
1574FFER23A2Just be glad you're still alive.
1575FFER23B1Actually, I helped write that book.
1576FFER23B2I'm sorry to hear that. Is it really that bad?
1577FFER23B3Maybe the book's fine, and you're just an idiot.
1578FFER24A1Book? What book?
1579FFER24A2Oh, I am hunting. I'm hunting what you've got.
1580FFER24B1Two meals a day doesn't sound like much.
1581FFER24B2Actually, I helped write that book.
1582FFER25A1Why are you so happy?
1583FFER25A2You must be crazy. It's never a good day out here.
1584FFER25B1Read it? I helped write it!
1585FFER25B2No. Why don't you tell me about it?
1586FFER25C1I never meant it like all that. It's just supposed to help you stay alive.
1587FFER25C2Blessings to you, too. Surely, you would care to give a tithe for that wisdom?
1588FFER57SlaverA1No, I haven't seen any slaves around here.
1589FFER57SlaverA2Maybe I have. What's it worth to you?
1590FFER57SlaverA3Yeah, they're hiding right around the corner.
1591FFER57SlaverA4They're just around the corner. You can't miss them.
1592FFER57SlaverA5Actually, I don't know where they are. But thanks for the caps.
1593FFER57SlaverA7Uh, I think I saw them about two miles south of here.
1594FFER66UncleLeoCarryA1I've been worried about you. You don't exactly seem cut out for this place.
1595FFER66UncleLeoCarryA2Happy? Sure, I guess you could call it that.
1596FFER66UncleLeoCarryA3Life sucks, then you die. You may as well get that through your thick skull.
1597FFER66UncleLeoGreetA1Who are you? I've never met a friendly Super Mutant before.
1598FFER66UncleLeoGreetA2A talking Super Mutant? What next, a dog on a bicycle?
1599FFER66UncleLeoGreetA3I just wanted to get a good look at your ugly mug before I blew it away.
1600FFER66UncleLeoLuckA1Sounds like you've been having some bad luck.
1601FFER66UncleLeoLuckA2Lucky for you that you got away, huh?
1602FFER66UncleLeoLuckB1Maybe? What do you mean?
1603FFER66UncleLeoLuckB2You think being attacked by Raiders is good luck?
1604FFER66UncleLeoLuckB3You'd rather those Raiders caught you? Maybe you are crazy.
1605FFER66UncleLeoLuckC1That sounds bad.
1606FFER66UncleLeoLuckC2Obviously you got out somehow.
1607FFER66UncleLeoLuckC3Tell your crazy stories to somehow who cares.
1608FFER66UncleLeoLuckD1That was a stroke of good luck.
1609FFER66UncleLeoLuckD2Do you still have any? I could use some water.
1610FFER66UncleLeoLuckD3I've had enough of this pointless story. Shut up already.
1611FFER66UncleLeoLuckE1Like I said, bad luck for you.
1612FFER66UncleLeoLuckE2Like I said, you were lucky to get away.
1613FFER66UncleLeoLuckE3So that's your story? I can't believe I stood here and listened to it.
1614FFER66UncleLeoRob1Give me everything you've got and I might let you live.
1615FFER66UncleLeoRobA1Um. Thanks.
1616FFER66UncleLeoRobA2You don't seem to understand. I'm robbing you.
1617FFER66UncleLeoRobA3I don't need some old clothes you found. Time to die, freak.
1618FFER66UncleLeoSupermutantsYou said "before I became this." What did you mean?
1619FFER66UncleLeoWhoAreYouTopicHow'd you get the name Uncle Leo?
1620FFER69SlaveA1You look a little lost. Do you need directions?
1621FFER69SlaveA2The Temple is in the Lincoln Memorial, near the Washington Monument.
1622FFER69SlaveA3It's far northwest of D.C. Real friendly people there.
1623FFER69SlaveA4Never mind. I've got to get going.
1624FFEScavengerBarterTopicYou have anything for sale?
1625FFEScavengerRepairTopicI've got some stuff that needs repairs.
1626FFEU01A1Sure, I can spare some water.
1627FFEU01A2Then I guess you're done for, because I'm not giving you any.
1628FFEU01A3I don't have any water to spare, but I'll be back when I find some.
1629FFEU03A1Why don't we all split it? There's really no point in getting killed for it.
1630FFEU03A2I'm taking the water. All of it. And don't try to stop me.
1631FFEU03A3Listen, for a share of the water I'll help you take out those jokers.
1632FFEU03A4It's none of my business. I'm just passing through.
1634FFEU09A1Back off or I'll make you regret threatening me.
1635FFEU09A2How about I give you 5 caps and you leave me alone?
1636FFEU09A3Bullshit. A mugger in the Wasteland? A real Raider would've shot me already.
1637FFEU09A4That gun doesn't look loaded.
1638FFEU09A5All right. I haven't killed anyone all day. Let's go.
1639FFEU09A6I can't give you all my stuff, sorry.
1640FFEU10A1Something wrong with your robot?
1641FFEU10A2I'm just looking for some supplies.
1642FFEU10A3I guess that robot doesn't like your house. I agree: the architecture sucks.
1643FFEU10A4Huh. A robot stuck in a diagnostic loop. Curious.
1644FFEU10B1I could try to fix that robot for you.
1645FFEU10B2What will you give me if I fix it?
1646FFEU10B3Hmm... A robot complaining about you forever. I like it that way.
1647FFEU10B4It's probably just a problem in a subroutine somewhere. No sweat.
1648FFEU10B5I'm not interested in fixing things right now.
1649FFEU10C1That's a complicated job. I'm going to need some money.
1650FFEU10C2Sounds like a deal.
1651FFEU10C3Forget it. I'm not interested.
1652FFEU10D1Your robot's working fine, now.
1653FFEU10D2I had to disable that robot. It was going to explode.
1654FFEU10D3Your robot made this satisfying grinding noise when I ripped out its innards.
1658FFEU12A1Well, I could use some firepower myself. What are you selling?
1659FFEU12A2Hand over your merchandise if you don�t want to die!
1660FFEU12A3Interesting. Well, I'll see you around.
1661FFEU13A1Sure, kid. Here's to my number one fan.
1662FFEU13A2Autographs aren't free. I charge 10 caps for my time. No exceptions.
1663FFEU13A3How about I give you my super suit? Would that make your day, kid?
1664FFEU13A4Sorry. Not today.
1665FFEU14A4Sorry. Not today.
1669FFEU20A1What is it? What did you see?
1670FFEU20A2What are you, crazy or something?
1671FFEU20A3The Wasteland is as dead as you're going to be if you don't tell me the truth!
1673FFEU51CannibalTopicWhat kind of meat is that you're selling, anyway?
1674FFEU55A1Calm down! Let me try and help you.
1675FFEU55A2Who's burning what?
1676FFEU55A3Shut up and make some sense!
1677FFEU56A1Donovan! What are you doing in these parts?
1678FFEU56A2No problem. What are you doing out here?
1679FFEU56A3What are you doing, following me?
1680FFEU56B1I don't know what to say. What do I owe ya?
1681FFEU56B2Wow, thanks!
1682FFEU56B3Now that's what I call payment.
1683FFEU57A1Good to see you, Susie! Looks like you're doing well.
1684FFEU57A2I never expected to see you out here, either. I'm surprised you're alive.
1685FFEU57B1So, does that mean I can come back?
1686FFEU57B2Doesn't really make a difference to me. I was exiled, remember?
1687FFEU57C1I miss her, too. Give my warmest regards to the Vault, would you?
1688FFEU57C2Well, don't let me hold you up.
1689FFEU57C3Fine, I like it better up here than I ever did down there.
1690FFHitSquadBargain1Can't we talk this out?
1691FFHitSquadBargain2Well, what are you waiting for?
1727FFPAWhoCan someone in the Citadel train me to wear Power Armor?
1728FFPFBronsonGateBoozeAre you kidding? If you get out, you can have all the booze you want!
1729FFPFBronsonGateForgetItYou're hopeless. Forget it.
1730FFPFBuySchematicsDo you make a lot of your own stuff?
1731FFPFBuySchematics1What have you made?
1732FFPFBuySchematics2Wow... your own stuff. That's... just stupid. Why take apart good guns?
1734FFPFGiveGift1Hey, thanks. Keep it coming.
1735FFPFGiveGift2Right on. Thanks.
1736FFPFProntoSuppliesYou guys are pretty isolated. Where do you get your supplies?
1737FFPFProntoSupplies1So you pretty much get the leftovers?
1738FFPFProntoSupplies1aSo what would it take for you to get some decent supplies?
1739FFPFProntoSupplies1a1What do you need? Maybe I could bring you stuff to trade.
1740FFPFProntoSupplies1a1aSounds like a good deal to me, man.
1741FFPFProntoSupplies1a1bWhat's in it for me?
1742FFPFProntoSupplies1a1cYeah, fuck that. I don't work for you.
1743FFPFProntoSupplies1a2Sounds pretty rough, but that's business for you.
1744FFPFProntoSupplies1a3Tough shit, man. Now shut up and sell me the stuff you already have.
1745FFPFProntoSupplies1bWhy not put a boot to their asses and take the good stuff?
1746FFPFProntoSupplies1b1What do you need? Maybe I could bring you stuff to trade.
1747FFPFProntoSupplies1b2Sounds pretty rough, but that's business for you.
1748FFPFProntoSupplies1b3Tough shit, man. Now shut up and sell me the stuff you already have.
1749FFPFProntoSupplies2They keep the good stuff? No wonder your selection sucks.
1750FFPFProntoSupplies3Tough break, man. But let's talk about something else.
1752FFPFProntoTradeChineseAssaultRiflesENDActually, never mind.
1753FFPFProntoTradeChineseAssaultRiflesEnough1So? What's the count?
1754FFPFProntoTradeChineseAssaultRiflesEnough2Come on, I haven't got all day.
1755FFPFSlaveGateIsOpenThe gate's open. Run for it!
1767FFRHSgoodbyeStartCombatYeah? I'll give you a hall pass, chrome dome.
1768FFRHStopic01Gee, Mr. Robot... I forgot my hall pass.
1769FFRHStopic02Ooh... shiny robot!
1770FFRHStopic03Maintence Code RHX-1W38. Override Authorization Challenge Protocol.
1771FFSMCaptiveAcceptRewardNONo, you'll need it more than I will.
1772FFSMCaptiveAcceptRewardYESI'll take that. Now get out of here.
1775FFSquireHelpYesSure. I'll help.
1799FollowerRK5Purchase1I'd like to buy a robot.
1805FollowersAhzrukhalHirCharonOfferDeadGretaAbout that deal we had... Greta is dead, as promised.
1806FollowersAhzrukhalHireCharonI want to talk to you about Charon's contract.
1807FollowersAhzrukhalHireCharonCharonWho's that guy in the corner?
1808FollowersAhzrukhalHireCharonCharon1So he's your slave?
1809FollowersAhzrukhalHireCharonCharon2He doesn't say much, does he?
1810FollowersAhzrukhalHireCharonCharon3He's a loyal employee? What do you mean?
1811FollowersAhzrukhalHireCharonCharon4What does he do for you?
1812FollowersAhzrukhalHireCharonCharonENDLet's talk about something else.
1813FollowersAhzrukhalHireCharonOffer1000I'll give you 1,000 caps for it.
1814FollowersAhzrukhalHireCharonOffer2000I'll give you 2,000 caps for it.
1815FollowersAhzrukhalHireCharonOffer3000I'll give you 3,000 caps for it.
1816FollowersAhzrukhalHireCharonOffer4000I'll give you 4,000 caps for it.
1817FollowersAhzrukhalHireCharonOffer5000I'll give you 5,000 caps for it.
1818FollowersAhzrukhalHireCharonOfferENDI've changed my mind.
1819FollowersAhzrukhalHireCharonOfferFavorCouldn't we work out some sort of deal?
1820FollowersAhzrukhalHireCharonOfferFavorInfoWhy not just have Charon do it?
1821FollowersAhzrukhalHireCharonOfferFavorNoI want nothing to do with this.
1822FollowersAhzrukhalHireCharonOfferFavorYesSure. Greta is nothing to me. I'll do it.
1826FollowersCharonInitialHireGreeting1Oh no. None of that. You belong to me now.
1827FollowersCharonInitialHireGreeting2Slow down, there. I have good news. I'm your new employer.
1828FollowersCharonKillAhzrukhalGreeting1Whoa! What the fuck was that?
1829FollowersCharonKillAhzrukhalGreeting2Sounds good. Let's get out of here.
1830FollowersFiredIt's time for us to part ways.
1831FollowersFiredNoOn second thought, stick with me for a little longer.
1832FollowersFiredYesYes, I'm sure.
1833FollowersFiredYesSuiteI'd like you to go back to the Lucky 38 for now.
1835FollowersHireCrossTopicYou knew my father?
1836FollowersHireCrossTopic1I loved him so much. I'll never forget him.
1837FollowersHireCrossTopic1aBy all means, ask.
1838FollowersHireCrossTopic1bI don't suppose I could stop you.
1839FollowersHireCrossTopic2Why does it matter how a man dies? Death is death.
1840FollowersHireCrossTopic3He died as he lived. A selfish asshole.
1841FollowersHireCrossTopicComeWith1What about the Enclave?
1842FollowersHireCrossTopicComeWith2I would be honored, Star Paladin Cross.
1843FollowersHireCrossTopicComeWith3Perhaps later.
1844FollowersHiredI think we should travel together.
1846FollowersJerichoAboutYouYou don't look like you belong here. What's your story?
1847FollowersJerichoAboutYouENDLet's talk about something else.
1848FollowersJerichoHireHave you ever considered getting back out there?
1849FollowersJerichoHire1Out there in the Wastes, man. You must be bored to tears in this town.
1850FollowersJerichoHire1aYeah... Killing. Stealing. Sounds fun, doesn't it?
1851FollowersJerichoHire1a1You should come with me. I could use a hand.
1852FollowersJerichoHire1a1aHere you go. Let's get out of here.
1853FollowersJerichoHire1a1bActually, never mind. I don't need your help.
1854FollowersJerichoHire1a2Finding a crew might be tough. Good luck, though.
1855FollowersJerichoHire1bYou're right. That sounds terrible.
1856FollowersJerichoHire2You know what? Forget I said anything.
1857FollowersJerichoHire2aI was talking about the Wastes. You must be going crazy in this place.
1858FollowersJerichoHire2bNo, really. Never mind.
1859FollowersLetsGoLet's get going.
1860FollowersLetsGoNotYet1Not just yet. I wanted to talk to you about something.
1861FollowersLetsGoNotYet2I just wanted to make sure you were still here. Goodbye.
1865FollowersTacticsLet's talk about your tactics.
1866FollowersTacticsCombatI want you to change your combat style.
1867FollowersTacticsCombatAggressiveI want you to attack enemies the moment you see them.
1868FollowersTacticsCombatENDLet's talk about something else.
1869FollowersTacticsCombatGOODBYEThat's all. Let's get going.
1870FollowersTacticsCombatMeleeSwitch to a melee weapon.
1871FollowersTacticsCombatPassiveI want you not to attack enemies unless I've already engaged them.
1872FollowersTacticsCombatRangedI want you to use ranged weapons.
1873FollowersTacticsDistanceLet's talk about how close you're following me.
1874FollowersTacticsDistanceCloseStick close to me.
1875FollowersTacticsDistanceDefaultStay close to me.
1876FollowersTacticsDistanceENDYour distance is good. Let's talk about something else.
1877FollowersTacticsDistanceGOODBYEAll right, you're good. Let's get out of here.
1878FollowersTacticsDistanceLongKeep your distance. Try to flank them.
1879FollowersTacticsEndEnough about tactics.
1881FollowersTradeLet's trade equipment.
1882FollowersWaitWait here.
1883FollowersWeaponPutAwayPut your weapon away.
1884FollowersWeaponPutAway1No. Let's go.
1885FollowersWeaponPutAway2Yes, let's talk about something else.
1886FollowersWeaponReadyReady your weapon.
1887FollowersWeaponReady1No. Let's go.
1888FollowersWeaponReady2Yes, let's talk about something else.
1897FSRotfaceDontGiveCapSorry, maybe another time.
1898FSRotfaceGiveCapSure, here you go.
1904GhostDismissiveGoodbyeNever mind, I'll be going now.
1906GibsonNotSorryWell, it's still a crapshack.
1907GibsonScrapyardInfoWhat are you doing in a place like this?
1908GibsonSorrySorry. I meant no offense.
1910GKRitemasterInitiationI'd like to join the Great Khans.
1911GKRitemasterIntroWhat is this place?
1913GNRGalaxyNewsRadioWhat's this building for?
1914GNRGoodbyeI'll be on my way now.
1916GNRPostQuestStatusHow are things now that the power's back?
1923GNRThreeDogCT01Making your art? What kind of talk is that?
1924GNRThreeDogCT02Who the hell are you?
1925GNRThreeDogCT03Okay, you are officially weirding me out.
1926GNRThreeDogCT04You're a crazy bastard, aren't you?
1927GNRUpstairsI need to speak to Three Dog.
1928GNRWilksCT01"Free voice of the people"? What does that mean?
1929GNRWilksCT02What's the Brotherhood doing here?
1930GNRWilksCT03I've got to go now.
1933GoodbyeMojaveNever mind. I'll be going.
1943GuardNotASpyOh, I'm not a spy.
1944GuardSpeechNotARangerDo Rangers normally walk up and announce themselves? I don't think so.
1945GuardSpeechNotASpyI'm pretty sure that an actual spy would be more... discreet.
1947HadrianComedySo you perform stand-up comedy, huh?
1948HadrianIntroSo who are you, exactly?
1949HadrianWorkTommy Torini is hiring new acts at the Tops. I think you could make good money.
1952HanlonDoSomethingIf you're so opposed to the NCR's expansion, why not do something about it?
1955HarlandAlreadyFreeI did find her, unfortunately.
1956HarlandByAskingYouHow can I help get you out of this room?
1957HarlandByKillingYouLooks like I have to kill you.
1958HarlandFriendDeadYes, unfortunately.
1959HarlandFriendsSafeYour friends are safe. I just helped them sneak out of here.
1961HarlandHowEndUpHereHow did you end up trapped down here?
1962HarlandICanFindHerI'll try to find your friend.
1963HarlandLookDifferentYou don't look like the other ghouls from Bright's group.
1964HarlandNightkinInfoWhat can you tell me about the "demons"?
1965HarlandNightkinWantYouDeadI need to search this room.
1966HarlandNoWordI haven't found her yet.
1967HarlandPartsInfoChris said you might know where I can find computer parts.
1968HarlandStashMaybe you missed it. Can I come up and look?
1969HarlandStealthBoysThose things out there want the stash of StealthBoys in this room.
1971HarlandWherePartsWhere did you say I might find some computer parts again?
1972HarlandWhoAreYouWho are you?
1973HarlandWhyPCisHerePC says what he's doing here.
1974HD00BuyStuffWhere can I buy more things for my place?
1975HD00DrinkI'd like something to drink.
1976HD00GoodbyeI have to go now.
1977HD00HaircutI'd like a haircut please.
1978HD00InfirmaryTalkCan you explain how the My First Infirmary works?
1979HD00JokeTell me a joke.
1981HD00JukeTalkWhat does my Jukebox do?
1982HD00LabTalkCan you explain how the My First Laboratory works?
1983HD00NukaTalkWhat does the Nuka-Cola machine dispense?
1984HD00WorkbenchTalkCan you explain what the Workbench is for?
1985HD01HouseStuffI hear you're the person to see about buying stuff for my house.
1986HD01HouseStuff01Can you tell me what the items do?
1987HD01HouseStuff02Tell me about your Themes.
1988HD01HouseStuff02ClearI'd like to change my house's Theme.
1989HD01HouseStuff03Okay, let me take a look at your stuff.
1990HD01HouseStuff04Enough about the house. Let's talk about something else.
1991HD01HouseStuffSub01Tell me about the My First Infirmary.
1992HD01HouseStuffSub02Tell me about the Jukebox.
1993HD01HouseStuffSub03Tell me about the My First Laboratory.
1994HD01HouseStuffSub04Tell me about the Nuka-Cola Machine.
1995HD01HouseStuffSub05Tell me about the Workbench.
1996HD01HouseStuffSub06Tell me about the Robotic Butler.
1997HD01HouseStuffSub07Let me ask you about another item.
1998HD01HouseStuffSub08That's enough about the items.
1999HD01HouseTheme01I'm interested in the Vault Theme.
2000HD01HouseTheme02I'm interested in the Raider Theme.
2001HD01HouseTheme03I'm interested in the Wasteland Explorer Theme.
2002HD01HouseTheme04I'm interested in the Science Theme.
2003HD01HouseTheme05I'm interested in the Pre-War Theme.
2004HD01HouseTheme05aI'm interested in the Love Machine Theme.
2005HD01HouseTheme06Let me ask about something else.
2006HD01HouseThemeNoActually, let me pick another Theme.
2007HD01HouseThemeYesSounds good to me.
2008HD02HouseStuffI hear you're the person to see about buying stuff for my suite.
2009HD02HouseStuff01Can you tell me what the items do?
2010HD02HouseStuff02Tell me about your Themes.
2011HD02HouseStuff02ClearI'd like to change my house's Theme.
2012HD02HouseStuff03Okay, let me take a look at your stuff.
2013HD02HouseStuff04Enough about the suite. Let's talk about something else.
2014HD02HouseStuffSub01Tell me about the My First Infirmary.
2015HD02HouseStuffSub02Tell me about the Jukebox.
2016HD02HouseStuffSub03Tell me about the My First Laboratory.
2017HD02HouseStuffSub04Tell me about the Nuka-Cola Machine.
2018HD02HouseStuffSub05Tell me about the Workbench.
2019HD02HouseStuffSub06Tell me about the Robotic Butler.
2020HD02HouseStuffSub07Let me ask you about another item.
2021HD02HouseStuffSub08That's enough about the items.
2022HD02HouseTheme01I'm interested in the Vault Theme.
2023HD02HouseTheme01YesYes, I'd like to buy it please.
2024HD02HouseTheme02I'm interested in the Raider Theme.
2026HD02HouseTheme03I'm interested in the Wasteland Explorer Theme.
2028HD02HouseTheme04I'm interested in the Science Theme.
2030HD02HouseTheme05I'm interested in the Pre-War Theme.
2031HD02HouseTheme05aI'm interested in the Love Machine Theme.
2033HD02HouseTheme06Let me ask about something else.
2034HD02HouseThemeNoActually, let me pick another Theme.
2035HD02HouseThemeYesSounds good to me.
2038HekeepspayingmeallHe keeps paying me all
2042HerejustpullthisbacktoclearthechamberHere, just pull this back to clear the chamber.
2050HostageKeepMovingKeep moving!
2051HouseSimmsLet's talk about this house.
2059HVHardinHELIOSTell me about the battle at HELIOS.
2061HVHardinLastElderTell me about your last Elder.
2075HVMcNamAboutHimself[You ask McNamara about himself.]
2078HVMcNamExplainPresenceI was just exploring the area and noticed your patrol coming out of here.
2079HVMcNamRangerAskWhy haven't you killed the ranger already?
2080HVMcNamRangerDeadThe ranger won't be a problem. He's dead.
2081HVMcNamRangerDeadSafeHe told me himself that no one knew where he was.
2082HVMcNamRangerDeadSpeech{Speech >= 65}
2083HVMcNamRangerFailI'm not sure.
2084HVMcNamRangerGoneThe ranger won't be a problem. He's gone.
2085HVMcNamRangerNoNot interested. I don't do murder-for-hire.
2086HVMcNamRangerYesI can take care of the Ranger.
2087HVMcNamStorePermissionMay I have permission to trade with your armory?
2102HVRamosExplainSneakedInI'll speak to your Elder. Lead the way.
2105HVRamosIntercomPasswordThe password is "Lives to fight another day."
2109HVRangerIntroIllBeGoingI'll just be going...
2110HVRangerIntroPowGangNotI'm not a powder ganger.
2111HVRangerIntroPowGangNot2I'm not a powder ganger!
2129HVStantonAskAboutWeaponYou were the last one to check out the missing laser pistol, right?
2130HVStantonWhatHappenedSo what happened?
2131HVTaggartAskAboutSimDid you make the training VR yourself?
2134HVTaggartVRDo all of the brothers use this equipment?
2135HVTaggartWhoAreYouAnd you are?
2137HVTorresFoundGunI've got it right here.
2140HVTorresHaventFoundGunSorry, I haven't found it yet.
2150IdleChatterIdle Chatter
2151IhavetwobooksI have two books.
2152INFOGENERALWhat's the word? Heard anything interesting?
2157ItdoesIt does?
2158JackandDianeCaesarWhat do you think about Caesar?
2159JackandDianeInfoWhat is it you do here?
2160JackandDianeKhansTell me a little about the Great Khans.
2161JackCaesarI'm here to ask you to publicly oppose Papa Khan's alliance with Caesar.
2162JackDianeMedicineYou've got an impressive setup here - have you considered making more helpful chems?
2163JackMerchantWhat do you have for sale?
2164JackMisfitsRazz wants the usual.
2165JackRecipesI know a few recipes for chems you might want. I could teach you.
2166JamesGarretHadrianI'd like to get Hadrian out of his contract.
2169JasonBrightChrisAboutPC asks about Chris H
2170JasonBrightChrisAllowPC will not alert Chris H
2171JasonBrightChrisApprovePC says he understands role of Chris H
2177JasonBrightGreatJourneyPC asks about the Great Journey
2179JasonBrightLeaveHimBehindPC confirms Chris H will be left behind
2180JasonBrightNightkinAboutPC asks about the Nightkin
2181JasonBrightNightkinGonePC reports that Nightkin are gone
2182JasonBrightNightkinNoPC declines to help
2183JasonBrightNightkinYesPC agrees to help
2184JasonBrightNovacFeralGhoulsPC says Novac is worried about REPCONN ghouls
2186JasonBrightOtherProblemsPC asks about additional obstacles
2187JasonBrightRocketsReadyPC reports way to rockets clear, all parts found
2197JasonBrightSpeechCheckPC attempts JasonBrightSpeechCheck
2198JasonBrightWhatIsCultAndGoalsPC asks what ghouls are doing here
2199JasonBrightWhatsTooBadWhat's too bad?
2201JeannieCrawfordGoingOnWhat's been going on in town lately?
2202JeannieCrawfordMetYetWe haven't met yet.
2203JeannieCrawfordRepconTell me more about REPCONN.
2204JeannieCrawfordSorrySorry, I didn't mean what I said. This seems like a nice town.
2205JeannieCrawfordSuppliesWhere can I get some supplies?
2206JeannieCrawfordWayOutWhat's the quickest way out of this dump?
2207JeannieCrawfordWhatsGoingOnWhat strange things have happened?
2208JeannieCrawfordWhatToDoWhat is there of interest around here?
2209JeannieCrawfordWhereAmIWhat is this place?
2210JerryCaesarWhat do you think about the Khans' alliance with Caesar?
2211JerryFollowersThe Followers have agreed to take you on as a member. Head to the Old Mormon Fort.
2212JerryInitiationWhat is this initiation?
2213JerryIntroWhat are you doing?
2214JerryKhansCan you tell me about the Great Khans?
2215JerryPoetryI'd like to hear some of your poetry.
2217JNashAboutBisonSteveWhat's the Bison Steve?
2219JNashAboutPrimmWhat happened to Primm?
2221JNashBarterDo you have anything for sale?
2222JNashChipInfoCan you help me find the package I lost?
2223JNashChipInfoDUPLICATE000Where can I get information on the man that shot me?
2224JNashCourierI'm a courier with the Mojave Express.
2227JNashInfoBarterNo, but it's worth 50 caps.
2228JNashInfoNoThanksNo thanks.
2229JNashInfoSpeechPlayer tries to use Speech to learn about NCR activities
2230JNashNewsWhat's going on in Primm?
2231JNashPowderGangsterWhy do you keep calling them Gangsters? I thought they were called Powder Gangers.
2235JulieFarkasJerryI met a kid who's unsatisfied with life in the Great Khans. Will you take him on as a Follower?
2236JulieFarkasKhansI'm looking for something that could inspire the Great Khans. Know of anything like that?
2238KarlCaesarWho are you?
2239KarlGreatKhansWhat do you think of the Great Khans?
2240KeithCaravanSure, let's play Caravan.
2241KeithDiceFrom what I hear, your players are pretty unlucky. What's your secret?
2242KeithDrugsBoy... I sure could use some drugs. You know anybody that sells drugs?
2243KeithIntroWho are you?
2256KurtTestTopic3Invalid choice list coming up.
2257LamplightGreetingChoice1Whoa, hold on there. I'm a friend.
2258LamplightGreetingChoice2You're kidding me, right?
2276LeaveDogmeat1Shoo, dog. Get out of here.
2277LeaveDogmeat2AFine, be that way.
2278LeaveDogmeat2BOkay, I'll leave. You stay here.
2279LeaveDogmeat2CIn that case, just die.
2288LilyPsychoticBreakWhat happened in that fight back there?
2289LilyQuestionsI have some questions to ask you.
2290LilyRecordingWhat was that recording you were listening to?
2296LilyUpgradeLily, I'd like to talk to you about your medication.
2301LLAboutLamplight2CThat's all I need to know for now.
2306LLBackToSleepNever mind. Go back to sleep.
2322LLDirectionsCan you give me directions?
2323LLDirExitOkay, that's enough.
2324LLDirFoodWhere can I get some food?
2325LLDirHospitalWhere can I find a doctor?
2326LLDirShopDo you have a trader in town?
2327LLDirVault87I'm looking for Vault 87. Can you help me find it?
2333LLFirstMeetingResponseAFriendly First Response
2334LLFirstMeetingResponseBRude First Response
2377LLKnockJokes1pt1AWho's there?
2403LLLMacCreadyTellMeAboutLLLTell me more about Little Lamplight.
2404LLLMQ06ComputerNotWorkingI hear there's a door that doesn't work.
2405LLLMQ06JoeNevermindNever mind.
2406LLLMQ06JoeNoPasswordDon't you have the password?
2407LLLMQ06JoeSmartOneAnd you're supposed to be the smart one?
2408LLLMQ06MurderPassNoOn second thought, never mind.
2409LLLMQ06MurderPassYesYeah, I'm sure.
2410LLLMQ06NeedtoGettoVaultI really need to get to Vault 87. Do you know the way?
2411LLLMQ06SoYouKnowTheWaySo you know the way to get there?
2412LLLMQ06TellMeAboutVault87What do you know about Vault 87?
2414LLLMQ06ThatsTheOnlyWayThat's the only way?
2415LLLMQ06TurnComputerOnCan you turn the computer back on?
2416LLLMQ06UseMurderPassI want to use Murder Pass to reach Vault 87.
2417LLLMQ06WhatMonstersMonsters? What monsters?
2418LLLMQ06WheresJosephWhere can I find Joseph?
2420LLLucyAddictionNOFor that price, I'll deal with it, myself.
2443LLMacCreadyButtLookerI bet you like to look at butts, don't you?
2444LLMacCreadyButtMomYeah, your mom sure likes it.
2445LLMacCreadyCanIComeInCan I come in?
2446LLMacCreadyChildAtHeartAccessYou know what? Your face looks like my butt.
2447LLMacCreadyComeInSpeechChallengeOh, come on. I'm a nice guy, really. May I please come in?
2448LLMacCreadyForgetItForget it.
2449LLMacCreadyGetYouToTrustMeHow can I get you to trust me?
2450LLMacCreadyISavedPFallsKidsI'm the one who saved the kids from Paradise Falls.
2451LLMacCreadyKidsRescuedI got your friends back. Can I come in now?
2452LLMacCreadyWhatHappenedSammyWhy, what happened to Sammy and Squirrel?
2453LLMacCreadyWhatIsThisPlaceWhat is this place?
2454LLMacCreadyWhatsAMungoWhat's a mungo?
2482LLRepairCan you repair something for me?
2510LLWakeupConversationWake up. I need to talk to you.
2528LonesomeDrifterGuitarThat's a mighty fine guitar you got there.
2529LonesomeDrifterJobOfferTommy Torini at the Tops is looking for musical acts, if you're interested.
2530LonesomeDrifterStoryWhat's your story, stranger?
2535LtHayesHelpPrimmPC asks Hayes to establish law in Primm
2536LtHayesMcGeeBriefedThe PC has briefed McGee
2537LtHayesNCRTell me about the NCR
2539LtHayesNcrLawNevermindNever mind, I'll find someone else.
2549LtHayesWhatYouDoWhat are you doing out here?
2550LtMarklandAidCaptain Gilles said to talk to you about medical aid for the camp.
2551LtMarklandMedicineI found one of those books you wanted.
2553LtMarklandSupplies I brought you a Doctor's Bag. I hope it helps.
2554LtMarklandSupplies2 I brought you these Doctor's Bags. I hope they help.
2555LtMarklandSupplies3 I brought you these Doctor's Bags. I hope they help.
2559MagsArmyWhy'd you join the Army?
2560MagsCampGolfHow'd you end up assigned to Camp Golf?
2561MagsHistoryTell me a little about yourself.
2562MagsMisfitsSounds like you aren't too fond of your squadmates.
2563MagsShapeUp1Sgt. McCredie asked me to talk to you about getting your squad in shape.
2564MagsShapeUp3Good news - Sgt. McCredie's canceled the combat patrol.
2567MannyVargasProtectTownFromWhat do you protect your town from?
2568MannyVargasVMQ01I'm looking for a man in a checkered coat.
2569MannyVargasVMQ01TurnInThe ghouls are no longer at REPCONN.
2570MannyVargasWhatArgueWithBoonesWifeWhat did you and Boone's wife argue about?
2571MannyVargasWhatGangWereYouInSo you were in some gang? Were they tough?
2572MannyVargasWhoAreYouWho are you?
2573MannyVargasWhosBooneWho's Boone?
2574MannyVargasWhyOnBadTermsWhy are you on bad terms with Boone?
2576MarilynJaneHouseCan you tell me about Mr. House?
2577MarilynJaneLucky38What is this place?
2578MarilynJaneSecuritronsWhat kind of robots are you?
2579MarilynJaneSnowglobesWhat's with the snowglobe collection?
2580MarilynJaneVegasWhat can you tell me about New Vegas?
2581MarilynJaneWhoAreYouWho are you?
2582McCredieArmyHow do you like serving in the Army?
2583McCredieCampGolfHow'd you end up at Camp Golf?
2584McCredieMisfitsSounds like you're a little disappointed in your troops.
2586MegAndyGreetingIntimidateDo I look like someone that you want to blow off?
2587MegAndyGreetingPoliteI'm sorry to interrupt, Andy. I just had a few questions.
2607MegBillyMaggieChoiceI'm sorry... Who's Maggie?
2608MegCromwellChurch1What do you believe?
2609MegCromwellChurch2Why do you worship the bomb?
2610MegCromwellChurch3What the hell is wrong with you people?
2611MegCromwellChurchEndLet's talk about something else.
2612MegCromwellChurchOfAtomTell me about the Church of Atom.
2613MegCromwellDonateI'd like to donate to the Church.
2617MegCromwellDonateEndI've changed my mind.
2621MegDocChurchPersuade1I'm only trying to help, Doc.
2622MegDocChurchPersuade2I'm only trying to help, Doc.
2623MegDocChurchPersuade3You can trust me. I'm a doctor myself.
2624MegDocChurchPersuadeEndNever mind, then.
2625MegDocChurchSuppliesI need to buy medical supplies.
2627MegFatherChoice2Let's talk about my father.
2628MegFFSilverCT01Yes, and he says you owe him some caps.
2629MegFFSilverCT02Just hand over the caps, and I'll be out of your way.
2630MegFFSilverCT03I don't deal with junkies. Hand over all your caps. Now!
2631MegFFSilverCT04Slow down. Tell me your side of the story.
2632MegFFSilverCT04aSCLook, just give me the caps and I'll tell him you're gone.
2633MegFFSilverCT05I don't care. I'm just here for caps.
2634MegFFSilverCT06Look, just give me some of your caps, and I'll tell him you're gone.
2635MegFFSilverCT07I don't know. Maybe Moriarty's right and you're just a junkie.
2636MegFFSilverCT08You know what, keep your caps and I'll tell Moriarty you're gone.
2637MegFFSilverPreMeetMoriarty01Who's Moriarty?
2638MegFFSilverPreMeetMoriarty02Whoa, calm down... Who the hell is Moriarty?
2639MegFFSilverPreMeetMoriarty03You'd better calm down, before I put you down.
2640MegFFTLSilverOfferYou don't still offer your... services, do you?
2641MegFFTLSilverStoryWhat will you do now?
2642MegFFWalterBuyPartsInterested in buying some scrap metal?
2643MegFFWalterBuyParts10I have 10 to sell.
2644MegFFWalterBuyParts15I have 15 to sell.
2645MegFFWalterBuyParts20I have 20 to sell.
2646MegFFWalterBuyParts25I have 25 to sell.
2647MegFFWalterBuyParts5I have 5 to sell.
2648MegFFWalterBuyPartsALLJust take all the scrap metal I have.
2649MegFFWalterBuyPartsALLKarmaJust take all the scrap metal I have. No charge. I just want to help
2650MegFFWalterBuyPartsENDActually, never mind.
2651MegFFWalterHelpPipes1What can I do to help around here?
2652MegFFWalterHelpPipes1aHow many leaks are there?
2653MegFFWalterHelpPipes1bCan't you fix the pipes?
2654MegFFWalterHelpPipes1cI'll keep it in mind.
2655MegFFWalterRewardChoiceCapsI'm not your errand boy. Just pay me for the repairs.
2656MegFFWalterRewardChoiceDealSounds good to me. I'll bring you the parts I find.
2657MegGobDrinksI need a drink.
2658MegGobGreeting1Gah! Fuck! What are you?
2659MegGobGreeting1aNo. What's a ghoul?
2660MegGobGreeting1a1You know, it's not so bad.
2661MegGobGreeting1a2That's disgusting.
2662MegGobGreeting1bI know what a Ghoul is. Now get away from me, zombie.
2663MegGobGreeting1cI've got nothing against you people.
2664MegGobGreeting2Stuff it, Ghoul. And stop looking at me.
2665MegGobGreeting3Let me think about it for a moment, my good man.
2666MegGobGreeting3aAre you kidding? Me? Shut the hell up, Ghoul. I'll beat you if I feel like it.
2667MegGobGreeting3bI hadn't planned on it.
2669MegGobUnderworldWhere did you come from?
2670MegJennyFoodChoiceWhat's on the menu?
2671MegJerichoMoriartyQuestion1So where's the key?
2672MegJerichoMoriartyQuestion2Why haven't you robbed him?
2673MegJerichoMoriartyQuestion3Sounds risky. What if he catches me?
2674MegJerichoMoriartyQuestionENDThanks for the info, Jericho.
2675MegJerichoPersuade1Did I miss something? What's your problem with me?
2676MegJerichoPersuade2Whatever your problem is, I suggest you get over it. Now.
2677MegJerichoPersuadeEndNever mind...
2678MegJerichoRumorBribe10This should buy you something.
2679MegJerichoRumorBribe10aFunny. I'll take my caps back now.
2680MegJerichoRumorBribe10bYou're an asshole, Jericho.
2681MegJerichoRumorBribe20Go for the top shelf. On me.
2682MegJerichoRumorBribeEndI don't think so.
2683MegKidsAboutCaretakerWho takes care of you?
2684MegKidsAboutMegatonWhat do you think of Megaton?
2685MegKidsAboutPeopleWho else is around town?
2686MegLeoBuyDrugsHey Leo, can you hook me up?
2687MegLeoDrinksCan I see what's on the menu?
2688MegLeoDrugProblemI understand you have quite a Chem habit...
2689MegLeoDrugProblem1It's okay, Leo. I want to help.
2690MegLeoDrugProblem1aYou're hurting your family, Leo. Jenny and Andy care about you.
2691MegLeoDrugProblem1a1That would be a good idea.
2692MegLeoDrugProblem1a1aYou've made the right choice, Leo.
2693MegLeoDrugProblem1a2I could tell them for you.
2694MegLeoDrugProblem1bI never thought about it that way. Can you hook me up?
2695MegLeoDrugProblem2What's it worth to you to keep it out of the public eye?
2696MegLeoDrugProblemENDNever mind, Leo. It's not my business, anyway.
2699MegLucasGoodSideYou seem like a good man, Lucas. I apologize if we started off on the wrong foot.
2700MegLucasGreetChoiceBadChoiceNeutralSure. Whatever.
2701MegLucasMegatonTell me more about your town.
2702MegLucasMegatonChoiceBackToTopicsLet's talk about something else.
2703MegLucasMegatonChoiceBarKnow where I can get a drink?
2704MegLucasMegatonChoiceClinicDoes the town have a doctor?
2705MegLucasMegatonChoiceNameWhy is the town called Megaton?
2706MegMaggieConbinationDo you know any good secrets?
2707MegManyaMegatonI had some questions about this town's history.
2708MegManyaMegatonAirplanePartsWhat's this place made of?
2709MegManyaMegatonAirplaneParts1So why didn't they move the bomb?
2710MegManyaMegatonAirplaneParts2There are a lot of parts here for just one machine.
2711MegManyaMegatonAirplaneParts3Why build the walls out of some old flying machine?
2712MegManyaMegatonAirplanePartsENDI had another question about Megaton.
2713MegManyaMegatonENDI don't want to talk about Megaton anymore.
2714MegManyaMegatonHistoryHow did the town start?
2715MegManyaMegatonHistory1Why did they build the walls?
2716MegManyaMegatonHistory2So it was just a collection of traders in the beginning?
2717MegManyaMegatonHistory3So anyone can live in Megaton?
2718MegManyaMegatonHistoryENDThat's enough of the history lesson.
2719MegManyaMegatonHowDidYouGetHereHow did you get here?
2720MegManyaMegatonOtherPeopleWhere did everyone else come from?
2721MegManyaMegatonWhosInChargeWho's in charge around here?
2722MegManyaMegatonWhosInChargeENDI think I get the picture.
2723MegManyaMegatonWhosInChargeMoriartyTell me about Colin Moriarty.
2724MegManyaMegatonWhosInChargeSimmsTell me about Lucas Simms.
2726MegMoiraBrownBarterLet me see what you have for sale.
2727MegMoiraBrownRepairCan you repair my equipment?
2728MegMoiraCustomWeapTopicDo you sell any specialty items?
2730MegMoiraSchematicsYou said something about schematics?
2731MegMoriartyBountyDo you know a way I can earn some money around here?
2732MegMoriartyBounty1I think I have an idea what you might mean. Go on.
2733MegMoriartyBounty1aI'll do it.
2734MegMoriartyBounty1bWhat's in it for me?
2735MegMoriartyBounty2Ghosts? What are you talking about?
2736MegMoriartyBountyEndI don't think I can help you.
2737MegMoriartyChoice10aMy Dad told me we were born in Vault 101...
2738MegMoriartyChoice10bOh, I wasn't born in the Vault? That's complete bullshit, and you know it.
2739MegMoriartyChoice10cYou're wrong. My Dad never would have lied to me.
2740MegMoriartyChoice10dYou're a liar, Moriarty. I know where I grew up.
2741MegMoriartyChoice1aCut the bullshit, Moriarty. I want the truth. How can you possibly know me?
2742MegMoriartyChoice1bHuh? My father and I were born in Vault 101...
2743MegMoriartyChoice1cYou're lying. The Vault's been sealed for 200 years!
2744MegMoriartyChoice1dTell me what you know! Tell me everything!
2745MegMoriartyChoice2aI was kidding! Dad talked about you all time. Now really, where is he?
2746MegMoriartyChoice2bLook, I just want to find my Dad. Do you know where he is?
2747MegMoriartyChoice2cLet's cut to the chase. How much for you to tell me where my father is?
2748MegMoriartyChoice2dTell me where he is, Moriarty, or I'll beat it out of you!
2749MegMoriartyChoice3aI don't have 100 caps.
2750MegMoriartyChoice3aFavorDoneI don't have 100 caps.
2751MegMoriartyChoice3bAll right, Moriarty. Here's 100 caps. Now where's my father?
2752MegMoriartyChoice3cNo thanks. I'll find out on my own.
2753MegMoriartyChoice3d100 caps!? Are you nuts? I don't have that kind of money!
2754MegMoriartyChoice4a300? What the hell? You said it was 100 caps!
2755MegMoriartyChoice4bI'm sorry, but we had a deal for 100 caps.
2756MegMoriartyChoice4cThis is ridiculous. Forget it.
2757MegMoriartyChoice5aOkay, let's just take a step back. 100 caps was reasonable, wasn't it?
2758MegMoriartyChoice5bFine, 300 caps. Now spill it.
2759MegMoriartyChoice5cI don't have 300 caps.
2760MegMoriartyChoice6aFine, here's your 100 caps.
2761MegMoriartyChoice6bYeah, yeah. Here, take your 100 caps. I hope you choke on them.
2762MegMoriartyChoice6cForget it. I'll come back.
2763MegMoriartyChoice6dWait a second! I handled Silver for you, and you still want me to pay?
2764MegMoriartysBuyI want to buy a drink.
2765MegMotherMayaBarChoice1I... uh... only drink for medicinal reasons.
2766MegMotherMayaBarChoice2I'm actually just looking for some food.
2767MegMotherMayaBarEndCan you help me find something else?
2768MegMotherMayaChurchTell me about the Church.
2769MegMrBurkeChoice1bIt does?
2770MegMrBurkeChoice1cIf you've got a point, make it.
2771MegMrBurkeChoice2aAnd how do you propose I do that?
2772MegMrBurkeChoice2bWait... You want me to help you destroy the town?
2773MegMrBurkeChoice2cYou're a sick man, Burke. This conversation's over.
2774MegMrBurkeChoice3aThrow in a 300 cap bonus, and you've got yourself a deal
2775MegMrBurkeChoice3bMegaton is under my protection. You're going to leave, now, and never come back. Understood?
2776MegMrBurkeChoice3cAll right, Mister Burke. I'll do it. Megaton will burn.
2777MegMrBurkeChoice3dActually, the sheriff will pay me to disarm the bomb...
2778MegMrBurkeChoice3eYou're out of your mind, Burke. There's no way I'm helping you.
2779MegMrBurkeChoice4aIf I destroy Megaton, I'll lose access to all of the town's services....
2780MegMrBurkeChoice4bWhat's so special about this Tenpenny Tower?
2781MegMrBurkeChoice4cMessing with that bomb seems pretty... technical. What if I can't do it?
2782MegMrBurkeChoice4dWe're talking a lot of innocent lives here, Burke. Couldn't we at least warn them?
2783MegMrBurkeChoice4eI've disarmed the bomb, Mister Burke. That thing will never explode, now.
2784MegMrBurkeGoodbyeChoiceIt's time for me to go.
2785MegNathanEnclaveLet's talk about the Enclave.
2786MegNathanEnclave1Why do you support the Enclave?
2787MegNathanEnclave1aYou're right. My country deserves my unthinking and unquestioning support.
2788MegNathanEnclave1bAre you kidding? It's the duty of a citizen to question his government.
2789MegNathanEnclave1b1Do you think people who fought a war with tyrants wanted unquestioning support?
2790MegNathanEnclave1b2Well, they did give us guns and say, "If we fuck up, feel free to take us out."
2791MegNathanEnclave1b3I really don't know. I skipped American government class back in the Vault.
2792MegNathanEnclave1cI couldn't possibly care less about governments or presidents.
2793MegNathanEnclave2If you've never seen the Enclave, how can you know anything about them?
2794MegNathanEnclave3Who are the Enclave, anyway?
2795MegNathanEnclaveENDThat's all I needed to hear.
2796MegNovaGobTopicWhat's the story with that Ghoul?
2797MegNovaGobTopic1Where did he come from?
2798MegNovaGobTopic2Do you ever... you know... work with him?
2799MegNovaGobTopic3Why is Moriarty so hard on him?
2800MegNovaGobTopicENDLet's talk about something else.
2801MegNovaHireTopicSo, what's it take to hire you?
2803MegNovaRadioTopicWhat were you saying about radio stations?
2811MegRumorsInfoGeneralWhat's the word around town? Heard anything interesting?
2812MegSettlerGiveGift1Certainly. Thank you.
2813MegSettlerGiveGift2If it means that much to you, I'll take it.
2814MegTLMoriartyFavorLook, I need a way to get some caps or I'll never have the money to pay you.
2815MegTownDirectionsI could use some directions around town.
2816MegTownDirectionsBarIs there a bar in town?
2817MegTownDirectionsBedWhere can I rent a bed?
2818MegTownDirectionsClinicWhere's the closest clinic?
2819MegTownDirectionsEquipmentI need some equipment. Where's the nearest general store?
2820MegTownDirectionsGoBackLet's talk about something else.
2821MegTownDirectionsWeaponsIs there a weapons dealer around here?
2822MegTownEndThat's all I needed to know.
2823MegTownFatherChoiceI'm looking for my father. Middle-aged guy. Maybe you've seen him?
2827MegTownGoodbyeI need to get going.
2828MegTownLeoStahlBarWhat do you do for fun around here?
2829MegTownMegatonWhat can you tell me about Megaton?
2831MegTownRumorsWhat's the word around town?
2832MegTownWastelandKnow anything about the area outside Megaton?
2833MegTownWhatDoYouDoWhat do you do around here?
2835MegTownWhosInChargeWho's in charge around here?
2836MegWalterRepairPurifier1Maybe I could take a look at it.
2837MegWalterRepairPurifierENDThat's too bad.
2838MelissaCaesarRegis says I should talk to you about speaking against the Great Khans' alliance with Caesar.
2841MeyersSheriffKeying on Meyers' experience, the player asks him to sheriff Primm
2842MeyersSheriffNoActually, I have some stuff to take care of first.
2843MeyersSheriffYesThe PC tells Meyers to become sheriff
2844MeyersWhyNotLeaveWhy don't you leave?
2848MojaveOutpostQuestionAnything you can tell me about the Outpost?
2849MojaveOutpostQuestionsI wanted to ask you something else.
2850MojaveQuestionNodeCassForget it, then. I had something else I wanted to ask.
2852MotorRunnerDrugDeliveryI've got a package here from your friends Jack and Diane.
2853MQ00InitialGreetingChoice1Choice 1
2854MQ00InitialGreetingChoice2Choice 2
2855MQ00LiTLEnclaveAttackWhy do you think the Enclave attacked Project Purity?
2856MQ00LiTLWhatDoingNowWhat are you doing now?
2857MQ00WhoAreYouWho are you?
2859MQ01GNRTopicWhat's all this about Galaxy News Radio?
2860MQ01GobHelps01I talked to Moriarty already and he's trying to charge me for the info.
2861MQ01GobHelps01aGob, please. If you know anything about my father, you need to tell me.
2862MQ01GobHelps01bLook, you rotting piece of shit! Tell me what you know or it's splatter time!
2863MQ01GobHelps02Look, if you know something, you'd better tell me!
2864MQ01GobHelps03If you know anyone else that can help, I'd appreciate it.
2866MQ01LyonsPrideC1Scene C - GNR conversation between Sarah and Commander
2872MQ01MoriartyFavor01Sure, anything to get the information.
2873MQ01MoriartyFavor02So, you want me to do your dirty work?
2874MQ01MoriartyFavor03No way, Moriarty. No favors.
2875MQ01NovaHelps01I talked to Moriarty already, and he's trying to charge me for the info.
2876MQ01NovaHelps02Enough with the tough chick routine. Tell me more!
2877MQ01NovaHelps03Look, if you can give me more information or point me in the right direction...
2878MQ01NovaHelpsLadykillerLook, sweetie. I'd love to spend time with you, but I need to find my Dad.
2879MQ01SarahTalk01Thanks for the assist. I didn't know this place was so dangerous.
2880MQ01SarahTalk02Wait... Who the hell are you people?
2881MQ01SarahTalk03Like I needed your help. Please.
2882MQ01TerminalTopicWhat can you tell me about Moriarty's terminal?
2883MQ01TerminalTopic01I really need to get into that terminal.
2884MQ01TerminalTopic01SCHelp me get into that terminal, Nova. Finding my Dad means everything to me.
2885MQ01TerminalTopic02I'm sick of this shit. Help me get into the terminal so I can find what I need!
2886MQ01TerminalTopic03All right, thanks.
2887MQ01TerminalTopicLadykillerHey, sweetie. What can you tell me about Moriarty's terminal? I need in...
2888MQ01ThreeDogAngerTrack01Give me a break. Stop mouthing off and tell me what I need to know.
2889MQ01ThreeDogAngerTrack02All right, I'm sorry.
2890MQ01ThreeDogAngerTrackB01Beautiful is your brains all over the broadcast booth if you don't cut the crap.
2891MQ01ThreeDogAngerTrackB02All right, all right. Sorry I got so obnoxious.
2892MQ01ThreeDogCT01You know my father? Is he here? Please, I've been looking for him!
2893MQ01ThreeDogCT02I don't have time for small talk. I need to find my Dad.
2894MQ01ThreeDogCT02aWhat's with the flashy introduction?
2895MQ01ThreeDogCT02bYou have about two seconds to tell me what I want to know...
2896MQ01ThreeDogCT02cHoly shit! You're that guy from the radio!
2897MQ01ThreeDogCT03Wait, why do you trust me so easily? I've never met you before.
2898MQ01ThreeDogCT03aHow did you know I was looking for my Dad?
2899MQ01ThreeDogCT04You don't seem like you have much to offer if you spend all your time up here.
2900MQ01ThreeDogDadIf you know anything that can help me find my Dad, please just tell me...
2901MQ01ThreeDogDad01What could I ever do for you? You seem to have everything you need here.
2902MQ01ThreeDogDad02Just wipe that stupid look off your face and answer my questions!
2903MQ01ThreeDogDad03Can't you just help me?
2904MQ01ThreeDogExplainNeedI suppose. What is it you needed?
2905MQ01ThreeDogFavorDadToldI don't have time for this crap. Tell me everything about my Dad, right now...
2906MQ01ThreeDogFavorRudeLastI don't give a shit about you or this station. Just tell me about my Dad.
2907MQ01ThreeDogGoodFight01The Good Fight? What's that all about?
2908MQ01ThreeDogGoodFight02Whatever you want. I'm just looking for my Dad.
2909MQ01ThreeDogGoodFight03You're going to have a "Good Fight" on your hands if you don't help me...
2910MQ01ThreeDogGoodFight04So, people fight back.
2911MQ01ThreeDogGoodFight04IntelligenceSo you fight the Good Fight with your voice on Galaxy News Radio.
2912MQ01ThreeDogGoodFight05So, what's this about the Good Fight?
2913MQ01ThreeDogGoodFight06Look, I need to find my Dad. I don't have time for this nonsense.
2914MQ01ThreeDogGoodFight07I'm amazed you're still alive.
2915MQ01ThreeDogGoodFight08Words don't kill people. Guns do.
2916MQ01ThreeDogGoodFight09I understand your fight, but I still need to find my Dad.
2917MQ01ThreeDogGoodFight10The guys outside are the Brotherhood of Steel? Who are they?
2918MQ01ThreeDogGoodFight11All right, Three Dog. I understand the
2919MQ01ThreeDogGoodFight12I don't give a shit about your "Good Fight." You going to help me or not?
2920MQ01ThreeDogQuestHaveDishGood news, Three Dog. I already have the dish.
2921MQ01ThreeDogQuestRefuseNo way, I'm not fetching some stupid dish for you.
2922MQ01ThreeDogQuestWaitLet me think about this. I don't know if I'm ready.
2923MQ01ThreeDogQuestYesYou've got yourself a deal.
2924MQ01ThreeDogSkipTask01SCLook, Three Dog. If I find my Dad, maybe he can help with the Good Fight.
2925MQ01ThreeDogSkipTask02I know he will. He's always talked about doing what's right.
2926MQ01ThreeDogSkipTask03On second thought, maybe I should contribute. What do you have in mind?
2927MQ01ThreeDogSkipTask04Rivet City? Where's that?
2928MQ01ThreeDogSkipTask05Then Rivet City is where I'm headed. Goodbye, Three Dog.
2930MQ01ThreeDogTaskBailoutIf I change my mind, I know where to find you.
2931MQ01ThreeDogTaskCT01I see where this is going.
2932MQ01ThreeDogTaskCT02I don't like the sound of this at all.
2933MQ01ThreeDogTaskCT02aAgain with the damn stories. Just get to the point.
2934MQ01ThreeDogTaskCT03This is starting to sound risky, but I'll do anything to find my dad.
2935MQ01ThreeDogTaskCT04Super Mutants? Blowing things up? This sounds out of my league.
2936MQ01ThreeDogTaskCT04aNo way in hell am I getting near a Super Mutant!
2937MQ01ThreeDogTaskCT05All right. How can I help?
2938MQ01ThreeDogTaskCT06I'm not sure that I can handle this, Three Dog.
2939MQ01ThreeDogTaskCT06aThis is bullshit! You're blackmailing me!
2940MQ01ThreeDogTaskTellTo find my Dad, I'm ready for anything.
2941MQ01ThreeDogTellMoreThere's got to be more you can tell me!
2942MQ01ThreeDogThanksThanks, Three Dog. That makes me feel a bit better.
2943MQ01ThreeDogWaitThis is all a bit much for me. Let me get back to you.
2944MQ01TLRecruitsSo, you guys looking for new recruits?
2945MQ01TLSaraArmorCan you tell me about that suit of armor you people wear?
2946MQ01TLSaraBrotherhoodWho did you say you were again?
2947MQ01TLSaraGNRYou mentioned something about Galaxy News Radio?
2948MQ01TLSaraReddinI'm sorry about Reddin and the others...
2949MQ02GoodbyeTopicOkay, I'm off.
2963MQ02TellMeCacheYes, please.
2964MQ02TellMeCache01I did my part. Now it's your turn to contribute to the Good Fight.
2965MQ02TellMeCache02Enough with the inane banter! Just tell me already.
2966MQ02TellMeCacheAlternate01I guess this is goodbye then. It's been a pleasure, Three Dog.
2967MQ02TellMeCacheAlternate02Well, you got what you wanted, and I already know about Dad, so...
2968MQ02TellMeCacheAlternate03Look, I already know about my Dad, so this was all a waste of time.
2969MQ02ThreeDogBailoutLet me ask you something else.
2970MQ02ThreeDogCT01Thanks, Three Dog. I was just glad to help with the Good Fight.
2971MQ02ThreeDogCT01aI did what had to be done.
2972MQ02ThreeDogCT02Yeah, yeah. It was the thrill of a freakin' lifetime.
2973MQ02ThreeDogCT03Rivet City? Where's that?
2974MQ02ThreeDogCT04Then Rivet City is where I'm headed. Goodbye, Three Dog.
2975MQ02ThreeDogCT05What kind of bullshit is this? That's all you know?
2976MQ02ThreeDogCT06I already know about Rivet City. I was hoping for a bit more.
2977MQ02ThreeDogCT07What kind of crap is this? I already knew about Rivet City!
2978MQ02ThreeDogGhoulsFeral Ghouls?
2979MQ02ThreeDogHistoryCT01Why bother operating Galaxy News Radio?
2980MQ02ThreeDogHistoryCT02You're safe up here in your fortress. What do you know about fighting?
2981MQ02ThreeDogHistoryCT03I wish I could have met your parents. I bet they were... interesting.
2982MQ02ThreeDogUndergroundDirectionsWhat's the underground route?
2983MQ02TLAfterMuseumWhere's the Washington Monument?
2984MQ02TLDirectionstotheMuseumWhat's the best way to get to the Museum?
2985MQ02TLFoundDadAlternateGuess what, Three Dog. I found out where my Dad went.
2986MQ02TLTellMeAboutDadWell, yeah! Where's my Dad gone?
2987MQ02TLTellMeAboutDad01No shit! Spill it already, Three Dog.
2988MQ02TLTellMeAboutDad02Please! I miss him so much!
2990MQ02TLTellMeAboutEnclaveYou keep talking about the Enclave. Who are they?
2991MQ02TLTellMeAboutGNRGalaxy News Radio, huh? What's it all about?
2992MQ02TLTellMeAboutGoodFightWhat's this "Good Fight" you keep mentioning?
2993MQ02TLTellMeAboutMuseumofTechDo you know anything helpful about the Museum of Technology?
2994MQ02TLTellMeAboutRelayTell me more about this relay.
2995MQ02TLTellMeAboutYourselfSo, what's your story?
3017MQ03HarknessFatherDisappearedHe's disappeared, and I'm just trying to find him. That's all.
3018MQ03HarknessFatherSeeLiHe doesn't live here. He came here to see Doctor Li.
3019MQ03HarknessFatherVaultI'm sure you don't know him. He's lived in a Vault his whole life.
3020MQ03HarknessFatherWhyMatterWhy does it matter who he is? Just let me pass.
3021MQ03HarknessGreetFatherI'm looking for my father.
3022MQ03HarknessGreetLeaveForget it. I'm out of here.
3023MQ03HarknessGreetLiI'm looking for a Doctor Li.
3024MQ03HarknessGreetSnottyI don't answer to you, pal.
3025MQ03HarknessGreetWanderOh, I'm just wandering around.
3026MQ03HarknessLiCHAHey, it's no big deal. I just need to see her for a minute, and I'll be gone.
3027MQ03HarknessLiFatherMy father came to see her. I'm trying to find him.
3028MQ03HarknessLiINTI have some questions about her recent work in hydroponics.
3029MQ03HarknessLiPersonalIt's personal, okay? I swear I won't cause any trouble.
3031MQ03LiBailtoTopLevelLet's talk about something else.
3032MQ03LiDadNeverMentionedYouI've never heard Dad talk about you. Why is that?
3033MQ03LiDemandFatherThis isn't about me. This is about my father. Now where is he?
3034MQ03LiDemandLeftVaultI left the Vault to look for him.
3035MQ03LiDemandLeftVault2Screw the Vault. I'm not staying cooped up in there.
3036MQ03LiGreetDoIKnowYouWait... How do you know who I am? Have we met?
3037MQ03LiGreetHoloDemandI know my father came to see you. I need to know where he is right now.
3038MQ03LiGreetHoloFatherI'm looking for my father. I know he was here.
3039MQ03LiGreetHoloWhereI've heard my father's notes. Did he come back here?
3040MQ03LiGreetKnowMyFatherYou know my father? Have you seen him?
3041MQ03LiGreetKnowMyFatherDemandingWhere's my father? Tell me now!
3042MQ03LiHelpOutSPEECHCome on, isn't there anything you can do to help?
3043MQ03LiHelpOutThanksAnywayOkay. Thanks anyway.
3044MQ03LiHoloBraunHis notes referenced someone named Dr. Braun. What can you tell me about him?
3045MQ03LiHoloNotAtLabHe's not at the lab. He left to go find something called a G.E.C.K.
3046MQ03LiHoloVault112His notes said something about Vault 112. Do you know where it is?
3047MQ03LiKnowFatherSeenHimMy father's gone missing. Have you seen him?
3048MQ03LiKnowMoreFatherWorkedSo you knew my mother?
3049MQ03LiMoreFatherWhyNotHelpWhy wouldn't you help him when he came to you?
3050MQ03LiMoreFatherWhySoDeterminedWhy is my father so determined to work on this project again?
3051MQ03LiMotherResponse1I understand. I'm sure you did everything you could.
3052MQ03LiMotherResponse2You "weren't prepared"? My mother is dead!
3053MQ03LiMotherResponse3Whatever. I never knew her anyway.
3054MQ03LiOldLabBeenThere1I've been to Project Purity. He wasn't there.
3055MQ03LiOldLabBeenThere2I've been to the lab. He wasn't there. Just some old holotapes...
3056MQ03LiOldLabImGoingThen tell me where this lab is, so I can get going.
3057MQ03LiOldLabJustTellMEI don't need a lecture. I just need to know where to go.
3058MQ03LiOldLabLocationWhere is this old lab of yours?
3059MQ03LiOldLabMyFathersThereIf my father is there. I need to go after him.
3060MQ03LiParentsFatherLikeWhat was my father like back then?
3061MQ03LiParentsMotherDiedWhy did my mother die? What happened?
3062MQ03LiParentsMotherInfoI never knew my mother. What can you tell me about her?
3063MQ03LiPPWhatWasPointWhat was the point of it?
3064MQ03LiPPWhyDidntItWorkWhy didn't it work?
3065MQ03LiPPWhyStopWhy did you stop working on it? What happened?
3066MQ03LiTLHelpMeOutIs there any way you can help me out?
3067MQ03LiTLKnowMoreAboutYouI'd like to know a bit more about you.
3068MQ03LiTLLookingforFatherI'm trying to find my father. Have you seen him?
3069MQ03LiTLProjectPurityInfoTell me about this project you worked on with my father.
3070MQ03LiTLTellMoreParentsCan you tell me more about my parents?
3071MQ03LiTLWhatIsThisPlaceWhat is this lab? What are you doing here?
3072MQ03LiWhereFatherGoneIf he was here, then do you know where he went?
3073MQ03LiWhereFatherGoneApologyI'm sorry. Could you please tell me where he's gone?
3074MQ03LiWhereFatherGoneRudeHe left? Then... where did he go?
3075MQ03LiWhereFatherGoneUnapologeticThen stop wasting my time and tell me where he is.
3080MQ03ScientistLookingForFatherI'm looking for my father. Have you seen him?
3081MQ04Betty1Q1CantDoThisYou can't do this to me!
3082MQ04Betty1Q1WhatElseWhat else do I have to do?
3083MQ04Betty1Q3GetMeOutofHereIf you're in charge, get me the hell out of here!
3084MQ04Betty1Q3SoYoureInChargeSo you're in charge here...
3085MQ04Betty1Q3WhatBenefitsWhat kind of benefits?
3086MQ04Betty1Q4IWantToSeeHimI want to see him. Now!
3087MQ04Betty1Q4WhatDoIHaveToDoWhat do I have to do to see him?
3088MQ04Betty1Q4WhatHaveYouDoneWhat have you done to him?
3089MQ04Betty1Q5CrazyArentYouYou're out of your goddamn mind. You know that, right?
3090MQ04Betty1Q5IfInControlHelpIf you're in control here, can you please help me?
3091MQ04Betty1Q5WhyALittleGirlWhy the hell would you want to look like a little girl?
3092MQ04Betty1QHowDoIGetOutHow do I get out of here?
3093MQ04Betty1QNextTaskWhat do you want me to do?
3094MQ04Betty1QNextTaskAcceptFine, but it's only because I want more answers from you.
3095MQ04Betty1QNextTaskAcceptMeanHa! That's it? No problem.
3096MQ04Betty1QNextTaskRefuseNo, I won't do that to them.
3097MQ04Betty1QNotPlayingGamesI'm not playing anymore of your games.
3098MQ04Betty1QRefuseNo. I'm not doing anything else for you.
3099MQ04Betty1QWhatIsThisPlaceWhat is this place?
3100MQ04Betty1QWhereIsDadWhere's my father?
3101MQ04Betty1QWhoAreYouJust who are you?
3102MQ04Betty3ANextTaskGetItOverWithFine. Let's just get this over with.
3103MQ04Betty3ANextTaskGreatIt's about time! What do I get to do?
3104MQ04Betty3ANextTaskSarcasticOh, great. I'm really looking forward to doing more for your amusement.
3105MQ04Betty3ANextTaskWhatIsItI'm not agreeing to anything before you tell me what it is.
3106MQ04Betty3ExplainingToDoI did what you wanted. Now you have some explaining to do.
3107MQ04Betty3FatherIWantToSeeHimI want to see him. Where is he?
3108MQ04Betty3FatherLyingHow do I know you're not lying to me? Maybe you haven't seen him at all.
3109MQ04Betty3FatherTakeMeToHimEnough games! Take me to him now!
3110MQ04Betty3FunWhatsNextI've got to admit, this is kind of fun. What can I do next?
3111MQ04Betty3HateItButDoItI don't want to do this... But I will.
3112MQ04Betty3NevermindNothing, never mind.
3113MQ04Betty3NeverSeeItComingShe'll never see it coming.
3114MQ04Betty3NowWhatNow what?
3115MQ04Betty3VaultCanLiveOutsideAgainYou don't need to stay here. You can live in the real world again.
3116MQ04Betty3VaultLetThesePeopleGoLet these people go. There's no reason to keep them here.
3117MQ04Betty3VaultWhyHaventYouLeftWhy haven't you left after all this time?
3118MQ04Betty3WhatDidDadWantWhat did my father want from you?
3119MQ04Betty3WhatIsThisPlaceWhat... is this place?
3120MQ04Betty3WheresDadWhere's my father now?
3121MQ04Betty3WontDoItNo, I won't do that.
3122MQ04Betty4BeingHonestHow do I know you're being honest with me?
3123MQ04Betty4DontDeserveThisBut these people... They don't deserve to be punished.
3124MQ04Betty4EnthusiasticI can't wait. What do you want me to do?
3125MQ04Betty4ForcingMeToBeEvilYou're forcing me to do things against my nature, and I hate you for it.
3126MQ04Betty4SlasherSoundsLikeFunSounds like fun.
3127MQ04Betty4WhatSlasherWho the hell is the Pint-Sized Slasher?
3128MQ04Betty4WhyDoingThisWhy are you doing all of this?
3129MQ04Betty4YouCouldLeaveBut you could leave the Vault, find somewhere else to live.
3130MQ04BettyAnotherChanceFunnyYeah, real funny.
3131MQ04BettyAnotherChanceHowHow can I have another chance?
3132MQ04BettyDoneLetMeOutI did what you wanted. Now let me out.
3133MQ04BettyDoneSureWasFunThat sure was fun!
3134MQ04BettyHowKnowMeHow do you know who I am?
3135MQ04BettyInvasionBringThemBackYou'll just reset everything anyway. Who cares?
3136MQ04BettyInvasionDeadHahaSure did. And now you're all alone.
3137MQ04BettyInvasionDeadOopsI didn't know. I didn't mean to do that!
3138MQ04BettyInvasionDeadShameAwwww, isn't that a shame? My heart's bleeding. Really.
3139MQ04BettyInvasionNowYoureStuckHereLooks like you're stuck here all alone. How does that feel?
3140MQ04BettyInvasionTLDadI came here for my father. Now where is he?
3141MQ04BettyInvasionTLDadSafeSo my father's okay? I can... get him back?
3142MQ04BettyInvasionTLGECKTell me about the G.E.C.K.
3143MQ04BettyInvasionTLOkayToGoSo... I'm free to leave?
3144MQ04BettyInvasionTLPlaceTell me about this place, about Tranquility Lane.
3145MQ04BettyInvasionTLWhoTell me exactly who you are. Who you really are.
3146MQ04BettyInvasionToldYouIf you had let me see my father, maybe this wouldn't have happened.
3147MQ04BettyInvasionTop1I'm calling the shots now!
3148MQ04BettyInvasionTop2It's all over. Now shut up, and answer my questions.
3149MQ04BettyInvasionTop3You'll just reset everything anyway. Who cares?
3150MQ04BettyInvasionTop4I put these people out of their misery. You're getting exactly what you deserve.
3152MQ04BettyLiveHereDontWhat? I don't live here.
3153MQ04BettyLiveHereWhatIs this some kind of a game?
3154MQ04BettyLiveHereWhateverSure, kid. Whatever you say.
3155MQ04BettyNotNowBailOutI'm just looking around. I'll come back later.
3156MQ04BettyTask2GetOnWithItLet's just get this over with.
3157MQ04BettyTask2Refuse1I don't really have a choice, do I?
3158MQ04BettyTask2Refuse2Fine, I'll do it.
3159MQ04BettyTask2RefuseAgainNo. I said I wouldn't do it, and I meant it.
3160MQ04BettyTLDadWhat have you done with my father?
3161MQ04BettyTLGoodbyeNever mind. I'll be going.
3162MQ04BettyTLMoreInfoTell me more about this place.
3163MQ04BettyTLReminderWhat am I supposed to be doing again?
3164MQ04BettyTLWhoAreYouWho are you?
3166MQ04BettyYouveSeenMyFatherYou've seen my father? Where is he?
3167MQ04DadCanWeGoCan we get out of here now?
3168MQ04DadChoice1I came here to find you.
3169MQ04DadChoice2What are YOU doing here? You could've been killed!
3170MQ04DadChoice3I want answers from you.
3171MQ04DadDidntLikeDogWhat, you didn't like being a dog?
3172MQ04DadDontDoItAgainYeah, well... Don't do it again.
3173MQ04DadGoodThingIWasThereGood thing I showed up to save you.
3174MQ04DadGotInformationDid you get the information you needed?
3175MQ04DadGottaBeKiddingYou've got to be kidding me...
3176MQ04DadLetsGoOkay, let's head for Rivet City.
3177MQ04DadNotGoingDad... I'm not going with you. I have other things to take care of.
3178MQ04DadRivetCityYou need to go back to Rivet City?
3179MQ04DadScrewTheVaultScrew the Vault. I didn't need that place.
3180MQ04DadSoItsBackToRivetCitySo you're going back to Rivet City right now?
3181MQ04DadSorryIsntGoodEnough"I'm sorry" isn't good enough.
3182MQ04DadTakeABreakDon't you want to take a break, after what you've been through?
3183MQ04DadWhatAboutMeWhat about me? What am I supposed to do?
3184MQ04DadWhatDidYouLearnWhat did you learn?
3185MQ04DadWhatDoingHereWhat are you doing here?
3186MQ04DadWhatsWrongWithYouWhat the hell is wrong with you? Why did you just leave me like that?
3187MQ04DadWhyLieToMeSo you've been lying to me all this time?
3188MQ04DadYouLeftMeYou left me there without saying goodbye. What was I supposed to do?
3189MQ04DadYourResponsibility"Your responsibility"? What does that mean?
3190MQ04Dithers1CrazyGet away from me, you crazy old bat.
3191MQ04Dithers1OfCourseItsRealFinally, someone who knows what's going on! How do I get out of here?
3192MQ04Dithers1WhatTalkingAboutWhat are you talking about? You're not making any sense.
3193MQ04Dithers2CrazyFollowUpI'm serious. Get the hell away from me.
3194MQ04Dithers2CrazyGetAwayYou're crazy. Get away from me.
3195MQ04Dithers2WhatFailsafeWhat Failsafe? What the hell are you talking about?
3196MQ04Dithers2WhoTalkingAboutWho are you talking about?
3197MQ04Dithers2WhyNoOneElseHow come you're the only one who seems to know this?
3198MQ04Dithers3LeaveMeAloneJust leave me alone. I'm busy.
3199MQ04Dithers3WheresFailsafeWhere did you say the Failsafe was?
3200MQ04Dithers3WorkingOnItSure, sure. I'm working on it. Really.
3201MQ04DithersCantFindItUm... I went into the abandoned house, but I didn't see anything.
3202MQ04DithersCantFindItLyingThere's nothing in that house. You're lying, or crazy, or both.
3203MQ04DocDadDad? Is that really you?
3204MQ04DocGetAwayTake a hike, mutt.
3205MQ04DocGoodDoggieGood doggie.
3206MQ04FatherKnowHesHereLook, I know he's in here. I mean, in the Vault.
3207MQ04FatherOlderGuyHe's an older guy, around 50 or so.
3208MQ04FatherScientistHe's a scientist. He's looking for Doctor Braun.
3209MQ04GameDetailsCrazyWhat? That's crazy!
3210MQ04GameDetailsThatsItThat's it? I can do that.
3211MQ04GameDetailsWhatKindOfGameWhat kind of a game is this?
3212MQ04GameDetailsWhosTimmyTimmy Neusbaum? Who's that?
3213MQ04GameFatherNowNo games. You tell me where my father is. Now, you little brat.
3214MQ04GameNo1No thanks. No games for me.
3215MQ04GameNo2Look, kid. I'm not interested in playing games.
3216MQ04GameOkayA game? Okay, I guess...
3217MQ04GameWhatsGoingOnWhat the hell's going on here?
3221MQ04JanetItsYourBasementLadyIt's your basement, lady. You tell me.
3222MQ04JanetSPEECHCHALLENGEI hate to break it to you, but I saw your husband kissing some other woman.
3223MQ04JanetUndiesCheatingOnYouWell, then I guess he's cheating on you.
3224MQ04JanetUndiesLooksLikeWomensClothingIt looks like Roger is a fan of women's clothing.
3225MQ04JanetUndiesSomeoneElsesSo it's not yours? Oops.
3226MQ04JanetUndiesWearingItMaybe it's his. You know, for him to wear when no one is looking...
3227MQ04LookingForMyFatherI'm looking for my father. Have you seen him?
3229MQ04MabelUseOvenI heard you bake really tasty pies. Can you make one for me?
3231MQ04ResidentChitChat1Nice day, isn't it?
3232MQ04ResidentChitChat2What can you tell me about the neighborhood?
3233MQ04ResidentDadHave you seen my dad?
3234MQ04ResidentMabelWhat can you tell me about Mabel Henderson?
3235MQ04ResidentRockwellsCan you tell me anything about the Rockwells' marriage?
3236MQ04ResidentSimulationThis is a pretty convincing simulation...
3237MQ04ResidentTimmyWhat can you tell me about Timmy Neusbaum?
3238MQ04ResidentTLNeighborsHeard anything juicy about the neighbors?
3239MQ04ResidentTLPlansForTodayGot any plans for today?
3240MQ04ResidentTLWhatsNewsWhat's the good word?
3241MQ04RockwellBasementComeWithMeYou'd better come down to the basement. There's something you need to see...
3242MQ04RockwellBasementNevermindNothing. Never mind.
3243MQ04RockwellBasementTrustMeJust trust me. It's important.
3244MQ04RockwellsGossip1What do you mean, "worked everything out"?
3245MQ04RockwellsGossip2So they've had some problems in the past?
3246MQ04RockwellsInformationBetty wants me to break up your marriage.
3247MQ04RockwellsMarthaNevermindOkay, if you say so.
3248MQ04RockwellsMarthaYouKnowSomethingOh, come on. You know something, don't you? What's the story?
3249MQ04RockwellsMindBusinessHey, maybe you should mind your own business.
3250MQ04RockwellsThanksForTipHey, thanks for the tip.
3251MQ04RogerBadNewsAboutJanetBad news, Roger. Your wife is a psychopath.
3252MQ04RogerBloodyRollingPinLook at this. It's her rolling pin, covered in blood. Martha's blood.
3254MQ04RogerJanetSnappedJanet snapped. She killed Martha in cold blood. Look at this rolling pin.
3255MQ04RogerMarthaDeadMartha Simpson is dead, and Janet killed her! Look, here's her rolling pin...
3257MQ04TimmyBrochureHey, look what I found. You're getting sent to military school.
3258MQ04TimmyBrochureKiddingNah, I'm just kidding.
3259MQ04TimmyBrochureShowLook, I've got the brochure right here. You're going, pal.
3261MQ04TimmyGameRudeI've got a game you can play. It's called "Hide and Go Fuck Yourself."
3263MQ04TimmySPEECHCHALLENGEHey, I heard your parents are getting a divorce because of you.
3264MQ04TimmySPEECHFlavor1Sorry, Timmy. I just thought you should know.
3265MQ04TimmySPEECHFlavor2They know what you did, and they're leaving you here all alone.
3266MQ04TimmySPEECHFlavor3They've never loved you. In fact, they both hate you and wish you were dead.
3267MQ04WhereAmIWhere am I?
3268MQ04WhoAreYouAnd you are...?
3269MQ04WhoIsBettyWho is Betty?
3272MQ05DadAbandoningMeHow could abandoning me be the right choice?
3273MQ05DadAboutMomIs this about mom? Are you trying so hard because of what happened to her?
3274MQ05DadBadKarma1I've done some things I'm not proud of, but I'm trying to do better.
3275MQ05DadBadKarma2I'm in the real world now. I can be whoever I want, do whatever I want.
3276MQ05DadBadKarma3Because you're such a saint yourself, right?
3277MQ05DadBadKarma4I'm just trying to survive out here. I do whatever I have to.
3279MQ05DadCanWeTalkCan we just talk for a minute?
3280MQ05DadCouldveToldMeYou could have told me you were leaving.
3282MQ05DadDeathWishWhy would you put yourself at risk like this? You have some sort of death wish?
3283MQ05DadForgetItJust forget it. Let's get this over with.
3284MQ05DadGoBackCan't we just go back to the Vault, back to the way things were?
3285MQ05DadGoodbyeI have to go, dad.
3286MQ05DadGoodKarma1Thanks, Dad. That means a lot.
3287MQ05DadGoodKarma2I'm just trying to find a place for myself out here.
3288MQ05DadGoodKarma3Well, you taught me everything I know.
3289MQ05DadGoodKarma4Despite what you put me through, I'm trying to make the best of it.
3290MQ05DadHelpMeHelping people? What about helping your own son?
3291MQ05DadHowLeaveMeHow could you leave me like that? What the hell were you thinking?
3292MQ05DadJustDisappearSo you just disappear without saying a word?
3295MQ05DadMegatonDestroyedReaction1Oh, so now the father who walked out on me is going to give me a lecture?
3296MQ05DadMegatonDestroyedReaction2Nope. Nothing to do with me.
3297MQ05DadMegatonDestroyedReaction3What I do in the world is my business, not yours.
3298MQ05DadMegatonDestroyedReaction4Look, it's complicated. I'm not proud of it, but it needed to be done.
3299MQ05DadMegatonSaved1Yes, I disarmed the bomb.
3300MQ05DadMegatonSaved2Sure, I did it. But only because it paid well.
3301MQ05DadMegatonSaved3What do you care?
3302MQ05DadNevermindNever mind. Let's just get back to work.
3303MQ05DadPissedYou know what? Fuck you, Dad.
3304MQ05DadRunsInTheFamilyI guess it just runs in the family.
3305MQ05DadStage25AgreeEnthusedSure thing. I'll be right back.
3306MQ05DadStage25AgreeReluctantI don't like this, but I'll do it.
3307MQ05DadStage25AllClearEverything in there is dead.
3308MQ05DadStage25AllClearBYeah, it's taken care of. Should be safe now.
3309MQ05DadStage25HowCouldYouHow could you ask me to do something like that?
3310MQ05DadStage25KiddingAre you kidding me?
3311MQ05DadStage25NotSafeYetIt's not safe in there yet.
3312MQ05DadStage25NotYetBI'm working on it, okay?
3313MQ05DadStage25RefuseSorry, but I'm not doing that.
3314MQ05DadStage25SureThingNo problem. I'll make sure it's safe.
3316MQ05DadThinkYouCanDoThisYou really think you can do this? Make this thing work?
3317MQ05DadThrowAwayLifeWhy would you throw away the life we had?
3318MQ05DadTLBigDealAboutWaterWhat's the big deal about water, anyway?
3319MQ05DadTLHowDidMomDieHow did mom really die?
3320MQ05DadTLTravelChangedMindI changed my mind. I'll go with you to Rivet City.
3321MQ05DadTLWhatHappenedToPPuritySo what happened to Project Purity?
3322MQ05DadTLWhatisProjectPurityWhat exactly is this "Project Purity"?
3323MQ05DadUnderstandI think I understand. I'm glad we talked.
3324MQ05DadWhatDoingJust what are you trying to do here?
3325MQ05DadWhySoImportantWhy is this so important?
3326MQ05DanDadDoingRightThingHe's just trying to do the right thing.
3327MQ05DanGetAwayFromMeYou'd better walk away right now.
3328MQ05DanMyDadsDeadMy father is dead.
3329MQ05DanWhyAssholeYou don't need to be such an asshole...
3330MQ05FixPPBeBackOkay. I'll be back soon.
3331MQ05FixPPNoWayManNo way. I'm not doing this.
3332MQ05FixPPWhatNextWhat do we need to do right now?
3333MQ05FixPPWhatsGoalWhat's our goal here?
3334MQ05FixPPWhereDoIGoOkay. Where do I need to go?
3335MQ05FixPPWhyMeWhy me? Can't someone else do it?
3336MQ05GarzaBuffoutI don't have any meds on me, but what if we gave him some Buffout?
3337MQ05GarzaDeadSorryI'm sorry, but it's for the good of everyone. Now let's go.
3338MQ05GarzaDeadWhoCaresNo reason to hang around now, is there? Move it.
3339MQ05GarzaICanHelpWe need to do something about Garza.
3340MQ05GarzaLeaveBehindMaybe we should just leave him behind. He's slowing us down.
3341MQ05GarzaMedsHere, take some Stimpaks. That should get him through.
3342MQ05GarzaNevermindForget it. I've got nothing.
3343MQ05GarzaNoTimeWe don't have time for this shit. Let's go!
3345MQ05GarzaStayBehindYou're only going to slow us down. Maybe you should stay behind.
3346MQ05GarzaStopCrazyLet's go. This is no time to sit down.
3347MQ05GarzaWhatDoWeDoWhat can I do to help?
3348MQ05GarzaWhyStopWhat's the matter? Are you all right?
3349Mq05Gun10mmPistolI've got a 10mm Pistol. Want it?
3350MQ05Gun10mmSilencedI can give you a Silenced 10mm Pistol.
3351MQ05Gun32PistolI've got a .32 caliber pistol.
3352MQ05GunChinesePistolHow about a Chinese Pistol?
3353MQ05GunMagnumHere, take this Magnum.
3354MQ05GunNoPistolSorry, I don't have a pistol on me.
3355MQ05IntercomDangerousIs this dangerous?
3356MQ05IntercomGoingInI'm going in.
3358MQ05IntercomWhereAmIWhere am I now?
3359MQ05IntercomWhereDoIGoWhere do I go from here?
3360MQ05LiAlreadyFoundDadThanksI already found my father, but thanks. He's on his way here.
3361MQ05LiAwfullyHappyYou seem very happy. Is there anything I should know?
3362MQ05LiDadsOnHisWayI'm meeting him here.
3369MQ05LiLeadTheWayLead the way. Let's not waste any time.
3370MQ05LiNotLeavingDadI'm not leaving my father in there!
3372MQ05LiToldYouI told you I'd find him.
3374MQ05LiWhatHappenedWhat the hell just happened?
3375MQ05LiWhereDoWeGoHow do we get out of here?
3376MQ05PPScientistGetItWorkingDo you think Project Purity will ever work again?
3377MQ05ScientistAnythingIShouldKnowAnything I should know about this place?
3378MQ05ScientistCanYouHelpCan you help get us through this?
3379MQ05ScientistWhatsYourStoryWhat's your story?
3380MQ05ScientistWhereFuseBoxWhere can I find the fuse box?
3381MQ05ScientistWherePumpsWhere are the flood control pumps?
3387MQ05TravelPPComingAll right. Let's get going.
3388MQ05TravelPPDangerousWon't that be dangerous?
3389MQ05TravelPPNotComingI'm not going with you.
3390MQ05TravelPPNowYou have to go now? Can't this wait?
3391MQ05TunnelExcuseMeExcuse me?
3392MQ05TunnelLetsGoLet's get moving. Follow me.
3393MQ05TunnelNotInChargeYou're not in charge here.
3394MQ05TunnelWaitHereWait here. I'll scout ahead.
3395MQ05TunnelWhatDoYouMeanIfWhat do you mean, "If we can make it"?
3396MQ05TunnelWhatsAheadWhat's up ahead? You seem nervous.
3397MQ05TunnelWhereToWhere to now?
3398MQ05TunnelYouHaveAPlanYou have a plan?
3399MQ05TunnelYoureRightYou're right. What do you need me to do?
3400MQ06ElderLyonsGreeting1Thank you. I'm not sure what to do now that he's gone.
3401MQ06ElderLyonsGreeting2I don't recall asking for sympathy.
3402MQ06ElderLyonsGreeting3Thanks, I guess.
3404MQ06RothchildAboutDamnTimeIt's about damn time.
3405MQ06RothchildAnotherWayThere's got to be another way.
3406MQ06RothchildCaveDontKnowDon't you know?
3407MQ06RothchildCaveTimetoFindOutWell, I guess it's time to find out. I'll go there myself.
3408MQ06RothchildCaveVaultSo there's a Vault down there, and you've never bothered investigating it?
3409MQ06RothChildCutTheShitYeah, yeah. Whatever. Are you going to help or not?
3410MQ06RothchildGettothePointI'm running short on time, here. Let's cut to the chase.
3411MQ06RothchildHowKnowFatherHow did you know my father?
3412MQ06RothchildNeedAGeckI need to find a G.E.C.K.
3413MQ06RothchildNeedaGECKNiceMy father was looking for something called a G.E.C.K. Do you have one?
3414MQ06RothchildNeedaGECKRudeGeez, don't strain yourself on my account... I just need a G.E.C.K.
3415MQ06RothchildNeedVault87I need to find Vault 87 right now.
3416MQ06RothchildNeedVault87NiceVault 87 has a G.E.C.K., but I don't know where it is.
3417MQ06RothchildSoImScrewedSo that's it? I'm screwed?
3418MQ06RothchildSoYouCanFindOneSo you know how to find one?
3419MQ06RothchildThanksThanks for the help.
3420MQ06RothChildThanksForSympathyThanks for your sympathy.
3421MQ06RothchildTLReviewWhere was Vault 87 again?
3422MQ06RothchildVaultGetThroughRadiationHow do I get through the radiation?
3423MQ06RothchildWhateverFine, whatever. Let's get to it.
3424MQ06RothchildWhatsTheCatchSo what's the catch?
3425MQ06RothHowDealWithLamplightHow do I deal with them, then?
3426MQ06RothLittleLamplightExpositionWhat's the story behind Little Lamplight?
3427MQ06RothMustBeJokingYou must be joking.
3428MQ06RothThanksForHelpThanks for your help.
3429MQ06RothThanksForNothingGreat. Thanks for nothing.
3430MQ06RothVaultICanHandleItI can handle it.
3431Mq06RothVaultWhyDifficultWhy, what's difficult about it?
3433MQ07CoastClearChoice1Okay, the guard's out of the way. Now get moving!
3434MQ07CoastClearChoice2I took care of the guard. Is it safe to leave?
3435MQ07CoastClearChoice3I did my part. You're on your own now.
3436MQ07CrimsonDistractForgetItForget it.
3437MQ07CrimsonDistractMoneyThere's 100 caps in it for you.
3438MQ07CrimsonDistractSPEECHYou don't think he's a good-looking guy? I bet he could show you a good time.
3440MQ07CrimsonTLDistractFortyI think Forty could use some company.
3441MQ07EulogyBuyKidsThe kids, I think. There are three of them, right?
3442MQ07EulogyBuySlavesNotSeenI haven't gone and looked them over, no.
3443MQ07EulogyChangedMindI've... changed my mind.
3444MQ07EulogyKidInfoDoneThat's all.
3445MQ07EulogyKidInfoNamesWhat are their names?
3446MQ07EulogyKidInfoWhereComeFromWhere did they come from?
3447MQ07EulogyKidsTellMoreCan you tell me a bit more about them?
3448MQ07EulogyNeverSaidBuyI never said I was buying. I just said I want them.
3449MQ07EulogyPriceCantAffordI can't afford that.
3450MQ07EulogyPriceNoWayNo way am I paying that. Forget it.
3451MQ07EulogyPriceSoundsGoodThat sounds like a good deal. I'll take it.
3452MQ07EulogyPriceSPEECH2000 is a bit steep. 1200 for all three is a more reasonable offer.
3453MQ07EulogyTalkPriceGreat, let's talk price.
3454MQ07EulogyTLBuySlavesI was thinking about buying some slaves.
3455MQ07EulogyTLWantKidsYou've got some kids out there. I want them.
3456MQ07ExplainPenny1What? Why won't she leave?
3457MQ07ExplainPenny2What the hell is her problem?
3458MQ07ExplainPenny3Maybe I can talk to her. Can you tell me what's going on?
3459MQ07FortyBailoutSorry, I didn't mean to bother you.
3460MQ07FortyDistraction1Just stopping by to see how things are going. Tired? Need a break?
3461MQ07FortyDistraction2I think Eulogy is looking for you.
3462MQ07FortyDistractionSPEECHThey must pay you really well to put up with this boring job.
3463MQ07FortyGreet1Nothing. Nothing at all.
3464MQ07FortyGreet2Lucky break there. He almost got away.
3465MQ07FortyGreet3How the hell did you make that guy's head explode?
3467MQ07FortySpeechSuccess1I was just wondering, really. I figure you must make more than the others.
3468MQ07FortySpeechSuccess2It just seems like you do most of the work around here.
3469MQ07FortySpeechSuccess3Sorry, I don't mean to pry. It just seems like you should be doing more than this.
3471MQ07PennyCHILDLeaveRoryPenny, come on. Rory's a mungo. You've got to stick with your friends.
3472MQ07PennyLetsGoSPEECHPenny, come on. You can't save Rory. It's time to save yourself.
3473MQ07PennyRoryChoice1We don't have time for this. We need to leave. Now!
3474MQ07PennyRoryChoice2Okay, what do you want me to do?
3475MQ07PennyRoryChoice3Fine, let's get Rory and get the hell out of here.
3476MQ07PennyRoryDeadI tried, but he didn't make it.
3477MQ07PennyRorySafe1I got him out, all right. Now it's your turn.
3478MQ07PennyRorySafe2Yes, he's safe. Now get moving!
3479MQ07PennyRorySafeLIEUm... sure. Maybe you'll see him sometime later. Not now, though.
3480MQ07PennyTLLetsGoCome on, let's go. We need to get you out of here now.
3481MQ07PennyTLWhyStillHereWhy are you still in here? It's time to go.
3482MQ07RoryExplainChoice1I came for the kids. Penny wanted you free, so here we are.
3483MQ07RoryExplainChoice2I need you out of here now, so I can get Penny out.
3484MQ07RoryExplainChoice3If you don't leave, Penny won't leave. She'll be killed. Is that what you want?
3485MQ07RoryFinishBeCarefulWe need to be careful. Stay low and stay quiet.
3486MQ07RoryFinishOnYourOwnYou're on your own, pal. I've got more important things to do.
3487MQ07RoryFinishRunForItWe'll have to run for it.
3488MQ07RoryFollowLetsGoLet's go.
3489MQ07RoryFollowNMNever mind.
3490MQ07RoryFollowWaitWait here.
3491MQ07RoryGreetingChoice1I'm here to set you free.
3492MQ07RoryGreetingChoice2No time to talk. We've got to move, right now.
3493MQ07RoryGreetingChoice3I'm the guy who's going to kill you if you don't get moving.
3494MQ07RoryLetsGoChoice1Penny asked me to get you out of here.
3495MQ07RoryLetsGoChoice2There's no time for explanations. We've got to move!
3496MQ07RoryLetsGoChoice3You want to get out of here, or you want to waste time asking questions?
3497MQ07SammyGetLostGet lost, kid.
3498MQ07SammyHostileGreet1You're already out. Can't you just run home from here?
3499MQ07SammyHostileGreet2Sure, what can I do to help, kid?
3500MQ07SammyHostileGreet3Why is this my problem? In case you hadn't noticed, I've already got problems.
3501MQ07SammyHostileResponse1I'll get you kids out of here.
3502MQ07SammyHostileResponse2Let me think about it.
3503MQ07SammyHostileResponse3Sorry kid. You're on your own.
3504MQ07SammyHowDoIGetYouOutHow can I get you out of here?
3505MQ07SammyLLNoNope. Never heard of it.
3506MQ07SammyLLYesYeah, I've heard of it.
3507MQ07SammyLLYesMayorMayor MacCready's the one who sent me to get you.
3508MQ07SammyPlanToGetOutDon't worry, I've got a plan.
3509MQ07SammyShootAnyOtherIdeasThat's the best you can come up with? Don't you have any other ideas?
3510MQ07SammyShootNoNo way. I can't take them all on.
3511MQ07SammyShootSureSure, I'll go do that.
3512MQ07SammyStage90Choice1Pipe down, short stuff. I'm trying to get you out of here.
3513MQ07SammyStage90Choice2Do you want to get rescued or not?
3514MQ07SammyStage90Choice3MacCready sent me. I'm here to rescue you.
3515MQ07SammyStage90FineStayHereFine. Would you rather stay here with the Slavers?
3516MQ07SammyStage90KeepQuietKeep quiet, will you? Let's get out of here, then we can talk.
3517MQ07SammyStage90LamplightLook, I came from Little Lamplight.
3518MQ07SammyWhoAreYouWho are you?
3519MQ07SammyWhyShouldIHelpYouWhy would I help you? What's in it for me?
3520MQ07SquirrelGuardFortyDeadLet's just say Forty won't be bothering you or anyone else again.
3521MQ07SquirrelGuardHowHow am I supposed to get rid of the guards?
3522MQ07SquirrelGuardNoLuckYetNo luck yet.
3523MQ07SquirrelGuardNoWayForget it. This is ridiculous.
3524MQ07SquirrelGuardOnItOkay, I'm on it.
3525MQ07SquirrelGuardPipeDownPipe down, shorty. I'm going to take care of it.
3526MQ07SquirrelLeavePennySPEECHIf she won't go, maybe it's time to leave her behind. You can't save everyone.
3527MQ07SquirrelOneStepChoice1Okay, great. What's next?
3528MQ07SquirrelOneStepChoice2"One step"? What the hell, kid.
3529MQ07SquirrelOneStepChoice3I'm getting tired of this.
3530MQ07SquirrelPennyWhatNowSo what do I do?
3531MQ07SquirrelPennyWhatNow2Why is this my problem?
3532MQ07SquirrelPlanKeepGoingI'm with you so far. Keep going.
3533MQ07SquirrelPlanSkipToThePointSkip to the point, short stuff.
3534MQ07SquirrelPlanTellMeEverythingOkay, tell me the whole plan. All of it.
3535MQ07SquirrelPlanWhatDoIDoI just need to know what to do right now.
3536MQ07SquirrelTLNotGoodWithComputersI'm not that good with computers...
3537MQ07SquirrelTLPlanAnotherWayIsn't there another way to get you out?
3538MQ07SquirrelTLPlanNotDoingItYour plan is crazy. I'm not doing it.
3539MQ07SquirrelTLPlanOkayOkay, I'll see what I can do.
3540MQ07SquirrelTLTerminalWorkingAll done. The terminal should work for you now.
3541MQ07SquirrelTLTerminalWorking2Yeah, it's working. Am I done now?
3542MQ07SquirrelTLTerminalWorking3Maybe... Why don't you go for a jog and see if your head explodes.
3543MQ07SquirrelTLWheresTheTerminalWhere's the terminal I need to use?
3547MQ08CharonTLGECKCharon, you think you could retrieve the G.E.C.K. for me?
3548MQ08FawkesCT01Yes, I'm human. But what are you?
3549MQ08FawkesCT02Give me one good reason not to kill you.
3550MQ08FawkesCT03A friendly Super Mutant. Well, now I've seen everything.
3551MQ08FawkesCT04You're kind of weirding me out. I've got to go.
3552MQ08FawkesCT05It's amazing how well you can speak.
3553MQ08FawkesCT06That's quite an unusual name.
3554MQ08FawkesCT07Sorry, I have more important things to do.
3555MQ08FawkesCT07aYikes! I'd say whoever beat you with the ugly stick overdid it.
3556MQ08FawkesCT08Why have you been imprisoned?
3557MQ08FawkesCT09How come they've kept you alive?
3558MQ08FawkesCT10I wish I could stay and chat, but I need to find something important.
3559MQ08FawkesCT10aIf you've been here as long as I imagine maybe you can help me.
3560MQ08FawkesCT10bThis is a huge waste of time.
3561MQ08FawkesCTIntell01How ironic that the others consider you a mutant of their kind.
3562MQ08FawkesCTQuickSkip01I am indeed, but I have no time to discuss these matters.
3563MQ08FawkesGECK01What do you know about the G.E.C.K.?
3564MQ08FawkesGECK02The G.E.C.K.? Never heard of it.
3565MQ08FawkesGECK03Why would you help me?
3566MQ08FawkesGECK04Good, tell me everything you know about it, then!
3567MQ08FawkesGECK05How about you tell me all you know and I don't paint the wall with your brains?
3568MQ08FawkesGECK06Why would I have difficulty getting the G.E.C.K.?
3569MQ08FawkesGECK07I'm not worried. I can mow down whatever's in my way.
3570MQ08FawkesGECK08How do I get you out?
3571MQ08FawkesGECK09How do I know you won't run the second I get you out?
3572MQ08FawkesGECKExitSorry, I have to get going. I don't have time for this.
3573MQ08FawkesGECKFastSCYou obviously know all about the G.E.C.K., so let's help each other out.
3574MQ08FawkesGECKYesOkay, Fawkes. You've got a deal.
3575MQ08FawkesInsulted01I'm used to your kind being less cordial. My apologies.
3576MQ08FawkesInsulted02Very well. You were saying?
3577MQ08FawkesInsulted03You belong in that cage, you freak!
3579MQ08FawkesTLComeWithMeYou can't come with me?
3580MQ08FawkesTLDirectionsWhere can I find the fire control console?
3581MQ08FawkesTLGECKDo you know what the G.E.C.K. does?
3582MQ08FawkesTLGetYouOutTell me how I can get you out of that room.
3583MQ08FawkesTLGoodbyeGoodbye Fawkes, and thanks!
3584MQ08FawkesTLJailReleaseWhat do I do once I trip the fire control console?
3585MQ08FawkesTLStorySo, tell me more about yourself.
3586MQ08FawkesTLStory01So, you've been stuck in that cell ever since?
3587MQ08FawkesTLStory02How did you become so articulate?
3588MQ08FawkesTLStory03Do you remember who you were?
3589MQ08FawkesTLStory04How do you know the layout of this place?
3590MQ08FawkesTLStory05You have quite an unusual name.
3591MQ08FawkesTLStoryContinueLet's continue on now.
3592MQ08GoodbyesI have to get going.
3602MQ09AnnaBeenHelpingThemYou've been helping them?!
3603MQ09AnnaFindYourOwnWayThe door's open. Find your own way out.
3604MQ09AnnaGetOutWhileYouCanGet out of here while you can! They'll be here any second!
3605MQ09AnnaGreetWhatDoingHereWait a minute. What are you doing here?
3606MQ09AnnaGreetWhoAreYouWho are you?
3607MQ09AnnaHowMuchTellThemHow much did you tell them?
3608MQ09AnnaKnowHowToGetOutDo you know how to get out of here?
3609MQ09AnnaWhatDoingHereWhat are you doing here?
3610MQ09AnnaWhatThingsWhat have you told them?
3611MQ09AnnaWhyAbandonLiWhy would you abandon everything you worked for with Doctor Li?
3612MQ09AnnaWhyInLabWhat lab? Why were you in a lab?
3613MQ09AnnaYoureATraitorYou've betrayed Doctor Li, and my father.
3615MQ09AutumnDontKnowCodeI don't know what the code is.
3616MQ09AutumnGiveCodeThe code is 2-1-6.
3617MQ09AutumnGiveCodeLieThe code is 7-0-4.
3618MQ09AutumnGreetLetMeGoLet me out of here. Now!
3619MQ09AutumnGreetWhateverYouWantI'll tell you whatever you want. Please just don't hurt me.
3620MQ09AutumnGreetWhatsGoingOnWhat the hell is going on here?
3621MQ09AutumnGreetWrongPersonThis is some kind of mistake. You've got the wrong person.
3623MQ09AutumnInsultFuck you. I'm not telling you anything.
3624MQ09AutumnInsult2No, seriously. Fuck you.
3627MQ09AutumnKilledFatherYou killed my father, you son of a bitch!
3629MQ09AutumnOkayIllTalkOkay, okay. Just don't hurt me.
3633MQ09AutumnWhatCodeWhat code? What are you talking about?
3634MQ09AutumnWhyWantCodeWhy do you want this code so badly?
3635MQ09Eden1AggressiveWe have nothing to talk about.
3636MQ09Eden1NeutralI'm listening.
3637MQ09Eden1PassiveWhat can I do for you?
3638MQ09Eden2AggressiveWhat country? Look around. Everything is destroyed.
3639MQ09Eden2NeutralCan you explain what you mean?
3640MQ09Eden2PassiveAll right, I'll do what I can to help.
3641MQ09Eden3AggressiveHurry up and get to the point.
3642MQ09Eden3NeutralSay whatever it is you have to say.
3643MQ09Eden3PassivePlease, go on. I'm intrigued.
3644MQ09Eden4AggressiveI don't like the sound of this.
3645MQ09Eden4NeutralMy father's work? How is that relevant?
3646MQ09Eden4PassiveI'll do whatever I have to if it means getting rid of mutants.
3647MQ09Eden5AggressiveThat doesn't sound like something I'd know how to do.
3648MQ09Eden5NeutralHow exactly would I go about doing this?
3649MQ09Eden5PassiveSounds good. Tell me how to do it, and I'll get to work.
3650MQ09Eden6AggressiveNo way. I'm not doing that.
3651MQ09Eden6NeutralI'll give it some thought.
3652MQ09Eden6PassiveI can do that for you, Mr. President.
3655MQ09EdenAskQuestionsI'd like to ask you a few questions.
3656MQ09EdenBlowUpBetterOffWithoutYouI think you're delusional. I think the world would be better off without you.
3657MQ09EdenBodyThatsIncredibleThat's incredible. Who controls you?
3658MQ09EdenComputerCrazyThis is crazy. A computer is running the Enclave?
3659MQ09EdenComputerFascinatingI had no idea. This is fascinating.
3660MQ09EdenComputerINTThis explains why I've only heard your voice until now.
3661MQ09EdenComputerJokingI don't think this is funny.
3662MQ09EdenDeadDadBullshitCut the bullshit. He was my father!
3663MQ09EdenDeadDadDoesntGiveYouRightNone of that excuses what happened to him.
3665MQ09EdenFacetoFaceShowYourselfIf we're meeting face to face, then show yourself. Don't hide behind a monitor.
3666MQ09EdenGoodbyeI'll be on my way, then.
3667MQ09EdenGreatButCanYouMakeToastThat's great, but can you make toast?
3668MQ09EdenGreetGetOverWithLet's get this over with.
3669MQ09EdenGreetPleasureToMeetYouIt's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. President.
3670MQ09EdenGreetWhatTheHellWhat the hell is going on here? What is this?
3671MQ09EdenGreetWhatWantWithMeWhat do you want with me?
3672MQ09EdenGreetWhereAreYouWhere are you? Show yourself!
3673MQ09EdenHealingStartMakingSenseYou'd better start making some sense.
3674MQ09EdenHealingWhatTalkingAboutHealing? What are you talking about?
3675MQ09EdenKnowMoreComeFromWhere did you come from?
3676MQ09EdenKnowMoreControlSo you control this whole place?
3677MQ09EdenKnowMoreHowDoIKillYouHow do I kill you?
3678MQ09EdenKnowMoreNevermindOkay, I think I understand.
3679MQ09EdenKnowMoreWhatsGoalSo what's your goal? What are you trying to accomplish?
3680MQ09EdenLetMeOutLet me out of here now!
3681MQ09EdenMakeYourPointHurry up and make your point. You're boring me.
3682MQ09EdenMonitor1Well then, where are you? All I see is computers.
3683MQ09EdenMonitor2Is this some kind of a joke?
3684MQ09EdenMonitor3I don't understand. I can't see you.
3685MQ09EdenMonitor4You're a computer! I should have guessed as much!
3686MQ09EdenNothingToTalkAboutWe have nothing to talk about.
3687MQ09EdenNotListeningI'm not listening to this. We have nothing to say to one another.
3689MQ09EdenPlanKillEverythingWon't this kill pretty much everyone in the Wasteland?
3690MQ09EdenPlanNevermindThat's all I wanted to know.
3691MQ09EdenPlanQuestionsLet's talk about your plan for the purifier.
3692MQ09EdenPlanWhatsInVialWhat's in this vial of yours?
3693MQ09EdenPresidentCircularLogicThat's circular logic. You know because you know? It makes no sense.
3694MQ09EdenPresidentHowKnowYoureRightBut how do you know that what you're doing is right?
3695MQ09EdenPresidentInfallibleAnd how do you know you're infallible?
3696MQ09EdenPresidentKillYourselfSPEECHYou can't be President. You're an abortion of science. You need to die...
3697MQ09EdenPresidentNeverElectedYou were never elected President. You don't have the right to govern.
3698MQ09EdenPresidentOnlyAHumanOnly a human can be President. Not some computer.
3699MQ09EdenPresidentUnintendedYou aren't programmed for self-awareness. You said so yourself.
3700MQ09EdenPresidentWhyYouWhy is it that you're the President, when you're not even human?
3701MQ09EdenPurifierKilledFatherMaybe you should have thought of that before you killed my father.
3702MQ09EdenPurifierWhatToDoWithMeWhat's any of this got to do with me?
3703MQ09EdenQuestionsPresidentI'd like to talk to you about being the President.
3704MQ09EdenQuestionsRavenRockCan we talk about how I get out of here?
3705MQ09EdenRavenRockHelpMeGetOutCan you help me get out of this base?
3706MQ09EdenRavenRockWhySoldiersAttackIf you want me to help you, why are your soldiers attacking me?
3707MQ09EdenSCIShutDown1Shut yourself down. Shut down this whole place.
3708MQ09EdenSCIShutDown2I think it's time you put an end to this, once and for all.
3709MQ09EdenSelfDestructCodeGuess what? I know your self-destruct code.
3710MQ09EdenSelfDestructGiveCodeThe code is "Priority Override, Authorization code 420-03-20-9"
3711MQ09EdenSelfDestructKiddingYou're right. I was just kidding.
3712MQ09EdenSelfDestructSPEECHThis has to end, Eden. You need to destroy yourself and this base.
3713MQ09EdenSoldiersCallThemOffBut you're the President. Can't you just call them off?
3714MQ09EdenSoldiersNotReallyInControlSo you're not really in control of the Enclave, then.
3715MQ09EdenSoYoureJustABucketOfBoltsSo you're just a bucket of bolts?
3716MQ09EdenSpeech1You can't just decide to take over, and force everyone to follow you.
3717MQ09EdenSpeech2You can't even control your own troops. You're clearly not fit for this.
3718MQ09EdenSpeech3If you don't stop it now, where will it end? It's up to you to do what's right.
3719MQ09EdenTellMeMoreAboutYouCan you tell me more about yourself?
3720MQ09EdenWhatAreYouWhat... what are you?
3721MQ09EdenWhatCanIDoForYouVery well. What can I do for you, Mr. President?
3722MQ09EdenWhatCountryCountry? What country? Take a look outside. The world is destroyed.
3723MQ09EdenWhereDidPlanComeFromWhere did this plan of yours come from?
3724MQ09EdenWheresYourBodyWhere's your body?
3725MQ09EdenWhyNotAutumnWhy do you want my help? Why not have Colonel Autumn help you?
3726MQ09EdenYoureAMachineYou're a machine?
3732MQ09LyonsDontAnswerToYouI don't have to explain anything. I don't answer to you.
3733MQ09LyonsDontHaveGECKI don't have the G.E.C.K. anymore.
3734MQ09LyonsEnclaveDoesntHaveCodeThe Enclave doesn't have the activation code. They can't start the purifier.
3735MQ09LyonsEnclaveInfightingThe Enclave is fractured. They're not as unified as they'd like us to believe.
3736MQ09LyonsEnclaveTookGECKThe Enclave took the G.E.C.K. They're installing it now.
3737MQ09LyonsEscapedRavenRockI escaped from Raven Rock.
3738MQ09LyonsGreetEnclaveGotMeI was captured by the Enclave.
3739MQ09LyonsGreetHaveToMoveThere's no time. We have to move now or we'll lose Project Purity.
3740MQ09LyonsGreetSortOfWell, sort of. I found the G.E.C.K.
3741MQ09LyonsNotThatSimpleWell, it's not quite that simple...
3742MQ09LyonsPresGaveMeVirusHe wants me to add this virus to the purifier. I think you should take it.
3743MQ09LyonsPresidentLetMeGoThe President let me go.
3744MQ09LyonsPresWantedToSabotagePurifierEden wanted me to sabotage the project with some kind of virus.
3745MQ09LyonsRavenRockDestroyedRaven Rock is destroyed.
3746MQ09LyonsVirusDontHaveItI don't have it anymore.
3747MQ09LyonsVirusHereTakeItI have it here. Take it.
3748MQ09OfficerBribeAttempt500 caps says you never saw me. Understand?
3749MQ09OfficerBribeGoGetSPEECHSure. You stay here while I get the caps. I'll be right back.
3750MQ09OfficerBribeNevermindOn second thought, you're not worth the caps.
3751MQ09OfficerBribeRightHereLook, here are the caps. Let's just pretend we never saw each other.
3752MQ09OfficerCHAI'm on my way up to see the President. How about I put in a good word for you?
3754MQ09OfficerFailureKillWell then, I guess I'll just have to kill you.
3755MQ09OfficerGoingtoLeaveNowOkay, I'm just going to slowly walk away now...
3756MQ09OfficerGreetSPEECHWhoa, whoa. Let's calm down. I'm supposed to be here.
3757MQ09OfficerKillYou10 caps says I can kill you before the guards get here.
3758MQ09OfficerOutOfMyWayGet out of my way.
3759MQ09OfficerPresidentChumpYour boss. So you'd better let me past before you get in trouble.
3760MQ09OfficerPresidentSaysSoThe President wants to speak to me in his office.
3761MQ09OfficerTakeAHikeSPEECHTake a hike, before you get squashed.
3762MQ09OfficerWhoAreYouWho the hell are you?
3766MQ11AutumnCHAPawnDon't you see? You've been used. You're a pawn. You deserve better.
3767MQ11AutumnDontWantToFightYouLook, I don't want to fight you.
3768MQ11AutumnEdenTurned1But you know he has. He sent me to do a job that you wouldn't.
3769MQ11AutumnEdenTurned2You know I'm telling the truth. Eden, the Enclave... Both have betrayed you.
3770MQ11AutumnEdenTurned3If you're in charge, then you can stop the plans of some mad machine.
3771MQ11AutumnGiveItUpGive it up, Autumn. You've lost.
3772MQ11AutumnGovernmentJokeYour "government" is a joke, Autumn.
3773MQ11AutumnINTEden2My point is that your government isn't legitimate. You have no right to rule.
3774MQ11AutumnINTEden3He's not human. He assumed control... it was never given to him.
3775MQ11AutumnINTEdenNotPresidentEden's not the President. He was never elected! Hell, he's not even human...
3776MQ11AutumnKillYouI'm going to enjoy killing you.
3777MQ11AutumnKillYou2You know what? Screw this. You're going down.
3778MQ11AutumnSPEECHAllegianceWhy are you doing this? Why give your allegiance to a machine?
3779MQ11AutumnSPEECHDontDoItThis isn't the way to do it. More fighting will just make things worse.
3780MQ11AutumnSPEECHEdenTurnedEden betrayed you. You see this vial? He trusts me more than he trusts you.
3781MQ11AutumnSPEECHRRBlownUpRaven Rock is gone. Eden checked out. You've got nothing left.
3782MQ11AutumnWalkAwayJust walk away. It's not too late.
3793MQ11SarahArmorNoThanksI don't need your armor. I've gotten this far without it.
3794MQ11SarahArmorReconI'll take the Recon Armor.
3795MQ11SarahArmorRegularI'll take the Power Armor.
3796MQ11SarahCode2ChangedMindI changed my mind. I'll do it. I'll put in the code.
3797MQ11SarahCode2GoodLuckI just wanted to say thanks, and good luck.
3799MQ11SarahEndCodeThe code is 2-1-6.
3800MQ11SarahEndCodeKiddingJust kidding! The code is 2-1-6.
3801MQ11SarahEndFuckItThe hell with this. This is crazy!
3802MQ11SarahEndIllDoItI'll do it. I'll start the purifier.
3803MQ11SarahEndNoCodeYou know what? I'm not telling you.
3804MQ11SarahEndNoCode2Fine. Let's all burn in Hell, then.
3805MQ11SarahEndNoCodeFinalI'm not telling you the fucking code.
3806MQ11SarahEndOtherWayThere must be some other way...
3807MQ11SarahEndYouDoItHa! No way am I going in there. You do it.
3810MQ11SarahHandleThisHopeSoI sure hope so.
3811MQ11SarahHandleThisNotSureI don't know, Sarah. I'm not so sure about this.
3812MQ11SarahHandleThisYeahOf course I can.
3814MQ11SarahNoLyonsPrideFunny, I don't recall asking to be part of your little club.
3816MQ11SarahProblemHadEnoughI've had enough "problems" for one day, thanks.
3817MQ11SarahProblemKiddingMeYou've got to be kidding me. What now?
3818MQ11SarahProblemWhatKindWhat kind of problem?
3819MQ11SarahQuestionsDoneI guess I know everything I need to.
3820MQ11SarahQuestionsGoWithCan I go with you and the rest of Lyon's Pride?
3821MQ11SarahQuestionsWhyRobotShould I go with the robot?
3822MQ11SarahQuestionsWhyTunnelWhy are you taking the tunnel?
3823MQ11SarahReadyNeedMoreTimeI think I need another minute or two.
3824MQ11SarahReadyQuestionsI have a few questions...
3825MQ11SarahReadyToGoI'm all ready.
3826MQ11SarahReadyWithRobotI'll keep an eye on the robot.
3827MQ11SarahReadyWithYouI'll follow you and the Pride.
3829MrHostetlerAffairI've got to talk to you about Alice.
3830MrHostetlerCaravanIs there any work to be had here?
3831MrHostetlerDrugDeliveryI've got a package here from your friends Jack and Diane.
3832MrHostetlerIntroWho are you?
3833MrsHostetlerFamilyYou mentioned your husband works for the caravans?
3834MrsHostetlerMutantCrandon said you might have a problem I could help with. Something delicate.
3835MS01AboutRedI'm looking for a woman named Red. Sticky promised me some caps...
3836MS01BigTownLocationWhere's Big Town located?
3838MS01GiveCapsBackToRedHere. Take back the money. I don't want to take medicine away from the town.
3839MS01GoToBigTownAll right, let's go to Big Town.
3843MS01GreetingA4I ran into a friend of yours in Germantown.
3851MS01GreetingFailure2I tried to rescue your friends but there were... complications.
3852MS01GreetingFailure3I'm not going to do it. You'll need to find another hero.
3856MS01NoEscortToBigTownI can't take your babbling. You're on your own. Good luck getting to Big Town.
3857MS01QuestHookWhat do you know about these Super Mutants?
3861MS01QuestHookA4I'll think about it, but I can't rescue your friends now.
3864MS01QuestionRed1How did you end up here?
3865MS01QuestionRed2So what's with all the Super Mutants?
3870MS01RedShortyFollowCome on. Follow me.
3871MS01RedShortyGiveWeaponLooks like you could use a weapon.
3873MS01RedShortyWaitYou wait here. I'll be right back.
3875MS01ShortyA1Hold on, short stuff. Who are you and what are you doing here?
3876MS01ShortyA2What makes you think I'm here to rescue you?
3877MS01ShortyA3Sorry, I'm not here to rescue you. In fact, I've got to get going.
3878MS01ShortyA4Okay, I'll help you.
3881MS01ShortyRescueRed1Come on, let's get out of here.
3882MS01ShortyRescueRed2Red's fine. Let's go!
3883MS01ShutUpFor the love of God... Shut the hell up!
3885MS01ShutUp2I'm not playing this game.
3886MS01ShutupCapsWow, you're annoying. You'd better make this worth my time.
3887MS01ShutupSpeechYou're starting to get on my nerves, Sticky...
3900MS01StickyPartyHatWhat's with the party hat?
3901MS01StickyWaitWait here.
3902MS01TeachI can help you defend yourselves.
3903MS01TeachGunsIf you can arm yourselves, I can teach you how to shoot.
3904MS01TeachHelpI'll stick around to kill the Super Mutants. They should leave you alone after that.
3905MS01TeachHideI'll teach you how to sneak and hide. They'll think you've deserted the town.
3906MS01TeachMinesYou could set up a minefield to keep Super Mutants from just strolling in.
3907MS01TeachNoLaw of the Wasteland: Survival of the fittest. You're on your own. Good luck!
3908MS01TeachRobotsYou should have some robot defenders. I can show you what to do with them.
3909MS01TeachSpeechI can help you defend against the Super Mutants, but it will cost you.
3910MS02AboutAntAgonizerWhat can you tell me about the AntAgonizer?
3911MS02AboutMechanistWhat can you tell me about the Mechanist?
3912MS02AboutOtherKnow anything else that could help me stop them?
3913MS02AboutSupersDo you know anything about the AntAgonizer or the Mechanist?
3914MS02AboutSupersExitThat's enough about them.
3921MS02DerekAntAgonizerWhat do you know about the AntAgonizer?
3926MS02DerekMechanistWhat do you know about the Mechanist?
3931MS02DerekSomethingElseLet's talk about something else.
3933MS02DerekSuperheroesI hear you're the local expert on the Mechanist and AntAgonizer.
3934MS02FollowFollow me.
3935MS02FollowWaitHereWait here.
3937MS02Greeting0aWhat was all that about? Who were those people?
3938MS02Greeting0bYou seem to be pretty calm, considering there was just war in your streets.
3939MS02Greeting0cI'm just passing through. Don't bug me with your problems.
3957MS02SuitNoIf you want the suit, you'll have to take it from me.
3959MS02SuitRetire1Wait. First, let's talk about what you've been doing.
3961MS02SuitWhyWhy do you want the suit?
3962MS02SuitYesHere, you can have it. Just move on and leave Canterbury alone.
3980MS03a1CompleteBasicWell, I've got the food. But no luck with the medicine.
3981MS03a1CompleteBonusAIt wasn't easy, but I got the food and the medicine.
3982MS03a1CompleteBonusBThere was a Raider camp in the store. And a robot at the pharmacy.
3983MS03a1NotCompleteI've been bit too busy for that.
3988MS03BaitGrenadeRequestDo you have any more of those Mirelurk bait grenades?
3991MS03GiverGreeting01Sure. Do it.
3992MS03GiverGreeting02Nah. Maybe later.
3993MS03GuideExplanationAHold on. I need to know more before I agree to anything.
3994MS03GuideExplanationBWait. How? I mean, how many people even read anymore?
3998MS03GuideRefusalNot interested. I'm just here to do some shopping.
3999MS03HarknessGreetRCHistoryI'm here to do research on the city's history.
4001MS03MoiraBookIntroWhat's this book you're working on?
4003MS03MoiraCurrentWorkHow's the book coming?
4004MS03MoiraGhoul1AThe bomb in town just blew up! You're lucky to be alive!
4005MS03MoiraGhoul1BI have no idea. I wasn't even here.
4006MS03MoiraGhoul1CI blew up your town. Maybe you shouldn't have built it around a bomb.
4007MS03MoiraGhoul2AHow odd. It appears that the burst of radiation has turned you into a Ghoul.
4015MS03MoiraGhoulWhoMoira? Is that you? You don't look so good.
4016MS03MoiraIntroductionWhat do you do here?
4017MS03MoiraRepairI need you to repair my equipment.
4022MS03QuestBeginAcceptASounds like a great idea! I can't wait to help!
4023MS03QuestBeginAcceptBOkay, I guess I'll help with this "Survival Guide."
4024MS03QuestBeginRejectAI'm afraid I'm going to have to pass. Sorry.
4025MS03QuestBeginRejectBHell no, crazy girl. I won't be your lab rat.
4028MS03QuestRewardsTell me more about the pay.
4029MS03QuestRewardsAI've got plenty of my own problems to worry about.
4031MS03RadiationScience2I suppose nothing beats a real-world example. I'll get myself irradiated.
4032MS03RCHistory1Could I ask you about Rivet City's history?
4036MS03RCHistory3ASetting the record straight is exactly my goal.
4037MS03RCHistory3BYou were on the City Council? That's hard to believe.
4038MS03RCHistory4ASo, you used to be in charge? How did you end up here?
4039MS03RCHistory4BIf that's so, why are you stuck down here?
4040MS03RCHistory5ADo you have any hard evidence of all this?
4041MS03RCHistory5BI can't imagine why she'd be more popular. Even assuming this is all true.
4042MS03RCHistory5PurityWhat do you know about Project Purity?
4043MS03ReasonExitOkay, I can tell how much it means to you. Let's get this book finished.
4044MS03ReasonExit2AYes, I really do.
4045MS03ReasonExit2BNo. It's a terrible idea. Don't even try.
4046MS03ReasonForGuideWhy do you really want to write this guide?
4047MS03ReasonForGuide2AWell, it's a big undertaking, and we've got to make sure we do it right.
4048MS03ReasonForGuide2BWhat do you mean about your other projects? Have there been problems?
4049MS03ReasonForGuide3AI think you're right. Now, let's get back to work on this book!
4050MS03ReasonForGuide3BOkay, but it could be bad if the book's misleading. People could get hurt.
4051MS03ReasonForGuide3CMoira, please don't write the book. It will just turn out badly.
4052MS03ReasonForHelpWhy can't you do this research yourself?
4053MS03ReasonForHelp2AIt's really good of you to try to help people like this.
4054MS03ReasonForHelp2BIt sounds like you don't know what you're doing.
4055MS03ReasonForHelp3AWell, I'm proud to be a part of it. You can count on me!
4056MS03ReasonForHelp3BI don't know. Those caravans help a lot of people.
4057MS03ReasonForHelp3CSeriously, don't waste time with this book. Stick to helping the caravans.
4058MS03ReasonForWorkingWhy are you always working on such weird ideas?
4059MS03ReasonForWorking2AI don't understand. Crazy experiments are what keep you going?
4060MS03ReasonForWorking2BBut why do you waste your talents on this garbage?
4061MS03ReasonForWorking3ASo you're trying to make the world better than it was?
4062MS03ReasonForWorking3BI don't know. Human nature doesn't change like that.
4063MS03ReasonForWorking3CBut why try with this book, when you could be helping out in real ways here?
4064MS03ReasonForWorking4You don't have the experience for a book like this. You'll be a laughingstock.
4065MS03ReasonForWorking5It will just get us hurt. You don't want to hurt anyone, do you?
4066MS03ReasonForWorkingExit2AYes, I really do.
4068MS03RepellentRechargeThe Mole Rat repellent needs a recharge.
4069MS03RivetCityQuestionWhat's Rivet City?
4076MS03TaskBreakI'm taking a break from the research.
4078MS03TaskCompleteBasicExABasic Normal Response
4079MS03TaskCompleteBasicExBBasic Smart Response
4080MS03TaskCompleteBasicExCBasic Tough Response
4081MS03TaskCompleteBasicExDBasic Sly Response
4082MS03TaskCompleteBasicExEBasic Snide Response
4084MS03TaskCompleteBonusExABonus Normal Response
4085MS03TaskCompleteBonusExBBonus Smart Response
4086MS03TaskCompleteBonusExCBonus Tough Response
4087MS03TaskCompleteBonusExDBonus Sly Response
4088MS03TaskCompleteBonusExEBonus Snide Response
4098MS03TaskRejectionActually, I'll have to wait a bit.
4114MS03YearlingGreetingI'm searching for records from the library.
4115MS04AdoptionSlaver01100 caps? This kid will make you ten times that. 300, and you've got a deal.
4116MS04AdoptionSlaver02Make that 200 caps and you have yourself a deal.
4117MS04AdoptionSlaver03Fine. You've got a deal.
4118MS04AdoptionSlaver04Nah. Screw it. I'll go elsewhere.
4119MS04AdoptionTLI found an orphaned kid looking for a home. Would you take him in?
4120MS04AdoptionTLBryanNoActually, I give up. I can't find anywhere that will take you in.
4121MS04AdoptionTLBryanYesLLI found a place with lots of kids your age. I'll tell you how to get there.
4122MS04AdoptionTLBryanYesPFSure did. It's a beautiful place called Paradise Falls. Here, put this on.
4123MS04AdoptionTLBryanYesPF01It's a Paradise Welcome Necklace. It'll help you find your way, you lucky devil!
4124MS04AdoptionTLBryanYesPF02Something to remember me by. It'll lead you home.
4125MS04AdoptionTLBryanYesPF03It's a slave collar, I sold your dumb ass for caps.
4126MS04AdoptionTLBryanYesVeraI sure did, Bryan. Vera said she'd take you in!
4127MS04AdoptionTLMcReady01Look, this kid's just like you. On his own, no parents... Give him a chance!
4128MS04AdoptionTLMcReady02Look, this kid needs to be with people his own age. Give him a chance.
4129MS04AdoptionTLMcReady03All right. How many caps is it going to take to change your mind?
4130MS04AdoptionTLMcReady04Forget it.
4131MS04AdoptionTLMcReady05For God's sake... Stop acting like an asshole and let the kid in!
4132MS04AdoptionTLWaitLet me think on it for a while.
4133MS04AdoptionTLYesI think Bryan will love his new home. I'll send him along shortly.
4134MS04BailoutLet me ask you something else.
4135MS04BryanCT01Those what? What's the matter?
4136MS04BryanCT02Calm down, kid.
4137MS04BryanCT03What the heck is your problem?
4138MS04BryanCT04Hey, hey. Calm down. It's going to be okay. I promise.
4139MS04BryanCT04aHey, kid. It's okay. I'm a big, tough guy. I can take care of you!
4140MS04BryanCT04bLook, kid. There's no such thing as monsters.
4141MS04BryanCT05Unless you tell me what the problem is I can't help you.
4142MS04BryanCT06Okay kid. I'm going to say it once. Stop your whining!
4143MS04BryanCT06aIs that a warning, or a threat?
4144MS04BryanCT06bAll right, I'm sorry. Calm down and tell me what's going on.
4145MS04BryanCT07I'd like to help, but I need to know more first.
4146MS04BryanCT08Sorry, kid. Help costs caps, and you look pretty broke to me.
4147MS04BryanCT08aI don't know... you look like a tasty snack for a monster.
4148MS04BryanWilksAnger01Don't be like that. I'm sorry for being mean.
4149MS04BryanWilksAnger02Okay, okay. I'm sorry.
4150MS04BryanWilksAnger03What's it going to take for you to forgive me?
4151MS04BryanWilksAnger04Forget it, I don't care. I'm out of here.
4152MS04BryanWilksAngerSorry Okay. I'm sorry.
4153MS04BryanWilksAngrySorryCleverOkay. "I'm sorry three times!" Ha! That's exactly what you said to say!
4154MS04BryanWilksFatherDead01Bryan, I'm sorry, but your father is dead.
4155MS04BryanWilksFatherDead02Your father's dead.
4156MS04BryanWilksFatherDead03Sorry, kid. Your old man is ant food.
4157MS04BryanWilksFatherDead04Fine, I'll take care of everything.
4158MS04BryanWilksFatherDead05I'll stop whatever started this, I promise you.
4159MS04BryanWilksFatherDead06My part in this is all done. Sorry, kid.
4160MS04BryanWilksFatherDead07People die all the time out here. Get used to it.
4161MS04BryanWilksFatherDead09Why don't you just forget about it and clear on out of here?
4162MS04BryanWilksIntroExtenderIf you're talking about the Fire Ants, I'm already working on it.
4163MS04BryanWilksIntroExtenderCapsSorry, kid. Help costs caps, and you look pretty broke to me.
4164MS04BryanWilksIntroExtenderNopeI got my own problems right now, kid.
4165MS04BryanWilksPost50NeverMet01Hey, are you okay? You shouldn't be alone in a place like this.
4166MS04BryanWilksPost50NeverMet02Calm down, calm down. Just who the heck are you?
4167MS04BryanWilksPost50NeverMet03That's wonderful, kid. Now scram.
4168MS04BryanWilksPostDungeonLeskoWay01I'm just glad you're safe.
4169MS04BryanWilksPostDungeonLeskoWay02Yep, it was all me.
4170MS04BryanWilksPostDungeonLeskoWay03All the ants are dead so I'm done here. Go home.
4171MS04BryanWilksPreStage50CT01Don't worry, Bryan... I think I know how to take care of these ants.
4172MS04BryanWilksPreStage50CT02I know where the Ant Queen lives.
4173MS04BryanWilksPreStage50CT03Haven't found a thing. (Lie)
4174MS04DoctorLeskoBkgdBailCan we skip the story and get to a solution?
4175MS04DoctorLeskoCT01What the hell are you doing down here?
4176MS04DoctorLeskoCT01MetBryanFirstHey! You're that egghe... I mean scientist the kid was talking about.
4177MS04DoctorLeskoCT02Sorry, I didn't expect to bump into anyone alive down here.
4178MS04DoctorLeskoCT03Creep up on YOU? I just crapped my pants for crying out loud!
4179MS04DoctorLeskoCT04Experiments? What do you mean?
4180MS04DoctorLeskoCT05You call this a laboratory?
4181MS04DoctorLeskoCT06How about we start the experiment by decorating that wall with your brains?
4182MS04DoctorLeskoCT07Oh, I see. You're trying to make them smaller over time by injecting the eggs.
4183MS04DoctorLeskoCT08Okay, now how about explaining that for the slower people?
4184MS04DoctorLeskoCT09Okay, okay. Enough with the mumbo jumbo.
4185MS04DoctorLeskoCT09aSlow down, professor... Once more in English, okay?
4186MS04DoctorLeskoCT10So, what's gone wrong?
4187MS04DoctorLeskoCT11Are you aware your new ants breathe fire?!
4188MS04DoctorLeskoCT11aI've got news for you, brainiac. It ain't working.
4189MS04DoctorLeskoCT12So all that needs to be done is eliminate the remaining Ants?
4190MS04DoctorLeskoCT13An error? People have died, Lesko!
4191MS04DoctorLeskoCT13aI'm shocked you didn't attempt this in a controlled environment first.
4192MS04DoctorLeskoCT13bHa! You call yourself a scientist? That's rich.
4193MS04DoctorLeskoCT14I'm sorry Doctor Lesko, but I think you're a crackpot.
4194MS04DoctorLeskoCT15I may be able to help, but it will cost you.
4195MS04DoctorLeskoMutGone01SCIt was for the greater good Lesko. Man is not ready to play God.
4196MS04DoctorLeskoMutGone01ScienceYour theories were in error, and beyond correction. I had no choice.
4197MS04DoctorLeskoMutGone02I can't let you risk people's lives for an experiment.
4198MS04DoctorLeskoMutGone03Because you're out of your mind!
4199MS04DoctorLeskoQuestAcceptedIf it'll stop the ants from burning down Grayditch, I'm in.
4200MS04DoctorLeskoQuestExplain01What can I do to help?
4201MS04DoctorLeskoQuestExplain02What exactly do you need?
4202MS04DoctorLeskoQuestExplain03So? It's your mistake Doc, you fix it.
4203MS04DoctorLeskoQuestExplain04If the Queen's your concern, why not deal with it directly?
4204MS04DoctorLeskoQuestExplain05Why not just kill the Queen and be done with it?
4205MS04DoctorLeskoQuestExplain06So you want me to pop the Queen, huh?
4206MS04DoctorLeskoQuestExplain07Just how will all this undo the mayhem you've caused?
4207MS04DoctorLeskoQuestExplain08This will stop the Fire Ants?
4208MS04DoctorLeskoQuestExplain09I hope that's everything, I've had enough of ants.
4209MS04DoctorLeskoQuestExplain10I'd be glad to help him. Who is he?
4210MS04DoctorLeskoQuestExplain11Wilks? I have no idea what you mean.
4211MS04DoctorLeskoQuestExplain12Who the hell is Bryan Wilks?
4212MS04DoctorLeskoQuestWaitLet me get back to you on this.
4213MS04DoctorLeskoReward01No reward needed Doc, I'll be glad to help.
4214MS04DoctorLeskoReward01SCThis is a hefty task, Doc. I'm going to need serious incentive.
4215MS04DoctorLeskoReward02Books aren't going to buy me new ammunition.
4216MS04DoctorLeskoReward03You want help? Fork over some caps, Einstein.
4217MS04DoctorLeskoRewardMutagenicMutagenic Bio-what?
4218MS04DoctorLeskoTLAntsWhat else can you tell me about these Fire Ants?
4219MS04DoctorLeskoTLAnts01How did you go from changing their size to breathing fire?
4220MS04DoctorLeskoTLAnts02Will anything special hurt the Ants?
4221MS04DoctorLeskoTLAnts03Ants exhibit class system behavior, so I'll try and kill the Queen fast.
4222MS04DoctorLeskoTLAnts04How the heck can an ant breathe fire?
4223MS04DoctorLeskoTLBryanWilksWhat do you know about Bryan Wilks?
4224MS04DoctorLeskoTLBryanWilks01Can't you take responsibility for his father's death?
4225MS04DoctorLeskoTLBryanWilks02Don't you realize you've ruined his entire life?
4226MS04DoctorLeskoTLBryanWilks03You should have at least told him you were alive. He thought he was alone.
4227MS04DoctorLeskoTLChamberStatusMy work is done, Doctor.
4228MS04DoctorLeskoTLChamberStatusClearI've killed all the Nest Guardians.
4229MS04DoctorLeskoTLChamberStatusClearLieI've killed all the Nest Guardians [Lie]
4230MS04DoctorLeskoTLChamberStatusClearMutGoneI've killed all of the Nest Guardians, but I destroyed your mutagen supply.
4231MS04DoctorLeskoTLChamberStatusMutagenGoneI've destroyed your mutagen sample.
4232MS04DoctorLeskoTLChamberStatusNotDoneActually, my mistake... I'm not done yet.
4233MS04DoctorLeskoTLChamberStatusQueenDeadI've killed the Ant Queen.
4234MS04DoctorLeskoTLChamberStatusQueenDeadMutGoneI've killed the Ant Queen and I destroyed your mutagen supply.
4235MS04DoctorLeskoTLPostSo, what will you do now, Doctor?
4236MS04DoctorLeskoTLRobotIs there anything you can tell me about your science robot?
4237MS04DoctorLeskoTLRobot01aSurely your brilliance has devised a way for the robot to mingle with the Ants?
4238MS04FindaHome01I can't leave you here alone. Let me find you a place to live.
4239MS04FindaHome02Yeah, you'll be better off staying at home.
4240MS04FindaHome03Let me think about it.
4241MS04FinTLAdoptedSo, how are you getting along now that you've left Grayditch behind?
4242MS04FinTLAntsMarigoldWhy are there Fire Ants still down in the Metro tunnels?
4243MS04FinTLExperimentsSo, what are you going to do now about your experiments?
4244MS04FinTLNectarHey, Doc. Will this Fire Ant Nectar do you any good?
4249MS04TLBioenhancerI'm ready for my Mutagenic Bioenhancer injection and Lab Coat, Doctor.
4250MS04TLBioenhancerSightI'd like the Ant Sight to increase my perception.
4251MS04TLBioenhancerStrongI'd like the Ant Might to increase my physical strength.
4252MS04TLBioenhancerWaitActually, I'm not ready yet.
4253MS04TLDoctorLeskoMind if I ask you some important stuff about Doctor Lesko?
4254MS04TLDoctorLesko01Did your pappa ever tell you what he thought of Lesko?
4255MS04TLDoctorLesko02Before Lesko showed up, were there ever ants in Grayditch?
4256MS04TLDoctorLesko03Do you trust Lesko?
4257MS04TLDoctorLesko04I found him, actually... inside Marigold Metro.
4258MS04TLExperimentsAbout your experiments...
4259MS04TLExperiments01What's the goal of your experiments?
4260MS04TLExperiments02What's gone wrong with the mutagen?
4261MS04TLExperiments03Something isn't right. You shouldn't have gotten results like these so quickly.
4262MS04TLExperiments04How exactly can I destroy the mutagen?
4263MS04TLFindaHomeAny idea where I can look for someone to take care of you?
4264MS04TLFoundPappaI think I have some bad news for you.
4265MS04TLGrayditchWhat happened here?
4266MS04TLGrayditch01Did you know the others in town very well?
4267MS04TLGrayditch02Who else lived in Grayditch?
4268MS04TLGrayditchResidentsMind if I ask about some of the people who lived here?
4269MS04TLGrayditchResidents00aTell me about this "Doc Lesko."
4270MS04TLGrayditchResidents00bTell me about the Brandice Family.
4271MS04TLGrayditchResidents00BailAbout the other people from Grayditch...
4272MS04TLGrayditchResidentsBrandice01Where did the Brandices live?
4273MS04TLGrayditchResidentsBrandice02So, you and Will were good friends?
4274MS04TLGrayditchResidentsBrandice03How about Will's parents?
4275MS04TLGrayditchResidentsBrandice04Will's dad was scary? How so?
4276MS04TLGrayditchResidentsLesko01Where did Doctor Lesko stay?
4277MS04TLGrayditchResidentsLesko02Do you have any idea what Doctor Lesko was doing in Grayditch?
4278MS04TLGrayditchResidentsLesko03Did Doctor Lesko have any weird stuff in his place?
4279MS04TLHelpOkay. I'll go look for your father.
4280MS04TLHelp01Is there anywhere you can hide while I search?
4281MS04TLHelp02This probably isn't the best place for you to stand...
4282MS04TLHelp03Okay kid, I said I'd do it. Now scram!
4283MS04TLHelpChildAtHeartHey, I know it's scary to be alone. Just hang in there!
4284MS04TLHelpSCLook, anything else you can do to help might save lives.
4285MS04TLMarigoldWhat can you tell me about Marigold Station?
4286MS04TLWhatAreThoseCan you tell me more about the things attacking Grayditch?
4287MS04TLWhatAreThose01Anything else you can remember about them?
4288MS04TLWhatAreThose02Have they always been around?
4289MS04TLWhatAreThose03Is there any special way to hurt them?
4290MS04TLWhatAreThose04EntoDid you hear anyone mention anything about an Ant Queen?
4291MS04TLWhereAreParentsWhere are your parents?
4292MS04TLWhereHouseWhere's your house?
4293MS05BailoutLet me ask you about something else.
4294MS05FinTLLocalSightsIs there anything else interesting to see near Girdershade?
4295MS05FinTLNukaCocktailsWhat can you tell me about Nuka-Cola Cocktails?
4296MS05FinTLNukaColaI have some more Quantum for you.
4297MS05FinTLNukaColaDeal01Can't you see, Sierra? He just wants to sleep with you.
4298MS05FinTLNukaColaDeal02You bitch! That was supposed to be for me!
4300MS05FinTLNukaColaHappenedDealWhat happened to our deal, Sierra?
4301MS05FinTLNukaCookWhat kind of recipes can you make with Nuka-Cola Quantum?
4302MS05FinTLNukaPieChatter01Sounds revolting. Who would eat that?
4303MS05FinTLRonaldBotherHas Ronald been bothering you?
4304MS05FinTLSierraDeadSierra is dead.
4305MS05FinTLSierraDead00The Nuka-Cola Corporation had her killed! (Lie)
4306MS05FinTLSierraDead01Sorry, I don't know. (Lie)
4307MS05FinTLSierraDead02I killed her. Got a problem with that, tough guy?
4308MS05FinTLSierraDead03You sound like you were in love with her.
4309MS05FinTLSierraDead04Yeah, it's a shame. She was beautiful.
4310MS05FinTLSierraDead05Well, you found me. Now try and kill me, tough guy.
4311MS05GoodbyesI have to get going now.
4312MS05NCForemanCT01I don't have that information.
4313MS05NCForemanCT02My posting title is Ass Kicker and my number is 5.56 mm!
4314MS05NCForemanCT03My posting is Nuka-Cola R&D and my number is 987065.
4315MS05NCForemanCT04My posting is Shipping Clerk and my number is NCSD-701G.
4316MS05NCForemanCT05SCI'm John-Caleb Bradberton. I don't need an ID number. I own this place!
4317MS05NCForemanCT06Forget it. I'm in the wrong place.
4318MS05NCForemanCT07RoboticsCommand protocol delta-five-three. Disengage security program.
4320MS05RonaldCT01What's it to you?
4321MS05RonaldCT02I was checking out Sierra's Nuka-Cola Collection.
4322MS05RonaldCT03Screw you, buddy! What are you, her husband?
4323MS05RonaldCT04She never said anything about you two being together.
4324MS05RonaldCT05I'm not messing with anything.
4325MS05RonaldCT05aHey, she's my girl! Take a number!
4326MS05RonaldCT06What are you driving at?
4327MS05RonaldCT07I don't have time for this nonsense.
4328MS05RonaldCT07aWhat the hell is wrong with you? You're sick...
4329MS05RonaldCT08Nope, I still don't get it.
4330MS05RonaldCT09That's disgusting!
4331MS05RonaldCT10Can't say I blame you.
4332MS05RonaldQuestOffer01Oh, really? Sounds interesting. Go on...
4333MS05RonaldQuestOffer02Just what is it you need me to do?
4334MS05RonaldQuestOffer03Look, I've got things to do. I'm not interested.
4335MS05RonaldSubQuestAcceptedYeah, sure. I'm always for making more caps.
4336MS05RonaldSubQuestBlackWidowTell you what, handsome. Find me some Quantum and we'll make it a threesome.
4337MS05RonaldSubQuestDelayedSorry, I'm not interested in your offer.
4338MS05RonaldSubQuestSCHow about you pay me double for each Quantum bottle.
4339MS05SierraAngerFixed01Yeah. I'm sorry, Sierra. Here's a Nuka-Cola Quantum for you!
4340MS05SierraAngerFixed02Here, maybe this will shut you up.
4341MS05SierraAngerFixed03I don't know, maybe.
4342MS05SierraAngerTrack01Okay, I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me.
4343MS05SierraAngerTrack02You don't like it? Tough!
4344MS05SierraCT01Nuka-Cola collection? Wow!
4345MS05SierraCT02Yes, of course!
4346MS05SierraCT03Nope. I'm not really interested in seeing your collection.
4347MS05SierraCT03aI think I'd rather be smacked in the head with a blunt instrument.
4348MS05SierraCT04Ugh! I hate Nuka-Cola. That stuff is disgusting.
4349MS05SierraCT05There's a Nuka-Cola Fan Club?
4350MS05SierraCT06What kind of stuff do you collect, exactly?
4351MS05SierraCT07Wait a minute. How many members are in your club?
4352MS05SierraCT07aAre you crazy or something?
4353MS05SierraCT08Ugh, that sounds really disgusting!
4354MS05SierraCT09Who's Ronald?
4355MS05SierraCT10Wow, this conversation is getting boring...
4356MS05SierraCT11I think you're crazy.
4357MS05SierraCT12Tell me more about this Ronald guy.
4358MS05SierraCT13Yeah, he sounds great. So, you mentioned a tour or something?
4359MS05SierraCT13aI think I've had just about enough of this.
4360MS05SierraCT14Um... Sierra...
4361MS05SierraCT14aYoo-hoo! Anyone home?
4362MS05SierraCT15Sierra! Please. I get it. He's tough.
4363MS05SierraCT15aShut up already...
4365MS05SierraCT16No reason. I was just passing through.
4366MS05SierraCT17I'm looking to make some cash. Any opportunities here?
4367MS05SierraCT17aLook, lady. I just want to get out of this nuthouse...
4368MS05SierraCT18SCTell you what. You tell me first, and I'll consider taking the tour.
4369MS05SierraCT19Why a blue bottle if the soda is brown? That's just weird.
4370MS05SierraCT19aYeah, I guess you're right. It isn't that bad.
4371MS05SierraCT20The taste... I could never get used to it.
4372MS05SierraCT21I just don't like it.
4373MS05SierraQuestBailLet me think about this, Sierra.
4374MS05SierraQuestGive01Quantum? Never heard of it before.
4375MS05SierraQuestGive02Just cut to the chase. What's this proposition?
4376MS05SierraQuestGive03Actually, let me come back before we talk about this.
4377MS05SierraQuestGive04So, what went wrong?
4378MS05SierraQuestGive05That stuff sounds absolutely revolting.
4379MS05SierraQuestGive06Wait, did you say it has an isotope in it? As in it's radioactive?
4380MS05SierraQuestGive07What's your interest in all this?
4381MS05SierraQuestGive07aGlowing pee? That sounds like dangerous stuff!
4382MS05SierraQuestGive08So, that's where I come in, I guess.
4383MS05SierraQuestGive08aOkay, enough with the addict routine. Tell me what you want already!
4384MS05SierraQuestGive08SCCome on, Sierra. No secrets between friends!
4385MS05SierraQuestGive09I take it this stuff is rare?
4386MS05SierraQuestNoMeanNo way! I'm not scouring the Wasteland for some stupid soft drink!
4387MS05SierraQuestTakeOkay, Sierra. You've got a deal.
4388MS05SierraQuestWaitActually, I don't think I'm ready to do this now.
4393MS05TLGoodbyesSorry, I have to be on my way.
4394MS05TLLocalSightsIs there anything else interesting to see near Girdershade?
4395MS05TLManifestsI found the shipping manifests and a map to go with it.
4396MS05TLMoreAboutPlantWhat do you know about the Nuka-Cola Bottling Facility?
4397MS05TLMoreAboutRewardCome on, Sierra. No secrets between friends! What's the special reward?
4398MS05TLMoreAboutSodaWhat do you know about Nuka-Cola Quantum?
4399MS05TLMoreAboutSoda01What exactly does a bottle of Quantum look like?
4400MS05TLMoreAboutSoda02What happens when you drink a Nuka-Cola Quantum?
4401MS05TLMoreAboutSoda03MedicineDrinking that stuff can't be good for you if it contains radiation.
4402MS05TLMoreAboutSoda04You seem kind of addicted to the stuff... Is it safe to drink?
4403MS05TLNukaColaHere's all the Nuka-Cola Quantum I'm carrying.
4404MS05TLNukaShippingComputerI'm looking for the factory's shipping manifests.
4405MS05TLRDSafeKeyMay I have the key to the Research Safe?
4406MS05TLRonaldsOfferDid you know Ronald has offered to buy Quantum from me?
4407MS05TLRonaldsOffer01No, I think he just wants to get into your pants.
4408MS05TLRonaldsOffer02Never mind.
4409MS05TLRonaldsOffer03Yep, you're right. He really cares about you!
4410MS05TLStartLookingDo you even have a clue as to where I can start looking?
4411MS06AgreeI solemnly swear to protect the Temple of the Union.
4412MS06AlreadyKnowHannibalActually, I already know he's up north, near Old Olney.
4414MS06AttackAnywayYou're going to let a bunch of Slavers scare you? Attack them!
4415MS06AttackNowI've done what I can. We should attack now.
4416MS06BadIdeaWhy don't you just kill them and take all their stuff? Everyone else does.
4417MS06BetraySlaversBad news. Slavers are in control of the Memorial.
4418MS06BetrayTempleThey're up north, near Old Olney.
4419MS06BoringIs this going to be a long story? 'Cause I've got things to do...
4420MS06BuyActionFigureWhat will you give me for this toy of Lincoln?
4421MS06BuyDraftPosterHow much for this war poster?
4422MS06BuyEmancipationI have a copy of the Emancipation Proclamation to sell.
4423MS06BuyFightI ought to kill you for treating people like this. In fact, I think I will.
4424MS06BuyGettysburgAddressAre you interested in buying the Gettysburg Address?
4425MS06BuyHatAre you interested in Lincoln's hat?
4426MS06BuyLincolnDiaryI found Lincoln's diary.
4427MS06BuyNoI'd rather keep it.
4429MS06BuyOffSlaversHow about I buy all the Temple of the Union slaves from you?
4431MS06BuyPenniesI have a collection of pennies with Lincoln's face on them.
4432MS06BuyPosterHow much will you pay for this poster of the Lincoln Memorial?
4433MS06BuyRecordingAre you interested in buying a recording of Lincoln's voice?
4434MS06BuyRifleWould you like to make an offer on Lincoln's Rifle?
4435MS06BuyWantedPosterI've got a wanted poster for Lincoln's assassin.
4436MS06BuyYesIt's a deal.
4437MS06CalebsNeedsHannibal says you need something?
4438MS06CombatSo I'm a prisoner? I don't think so!
4439MS06DeadSupermutantsWhat happened to those Super Mutants?
4440MS06DisagreeProtect escaped slaves? You've got to be kidding. You're worth money to me!
4441MS06EscapedSlaveLieI'm an escaped slave. I was told you help runaways like me.
4442MS06FindSlavesMaybe. How much is it worth to find these slaves for you?
4443MS06FoundHannibalI've found Hannibal Hamlin.
4445MS06GetPictureWhere the hell am I supposed to get a picture of the Memorial?
4447MS06GuardingMemorialLooks to me like you're getting ready for war. What are you really doing here?
4448MS06HamlinDeadHannibal Hamlin is dead.
4449MS06HamlinInfoWhat's the story with Hannibal?
4451MS06HeardEnoughThat's a noble cause, but can I ask you about something else?
4452MS06HowToHelpI could get rid of the Super Mutants, if there are any.
4453MS06KillSlavesHow about I just kill them all?
4454MS06KnowNothingNever heard of it. Is it a ruin around here?
4455MS06LetMeGoOrElseLet me go, or I swear to God, I'll rip your fucking throat out!
4456MS06LetYouKnowIf I find them, you'll be the first to know.
4457MS06LincolnsHeadWhat is that stone head?
4458MS06LookingForSlavesI'm looking for runaway slaves.
4459MS06MemorialSo this is the Lincoln Memorial?
4460MS06MoreInfoIf I had known this before, I wouldn't have come in. Let me go!
4461MS06MoreTimeI'll need to think about that.
4462MS06MyMistakeMy mistake. I'll just be going.
4463MS06NeverHeardOfHimNever heard of him. If I find anything, though, I'll be sure to show it to you.
4465MS06NewOfferSo if I find anything like that, you might buy it from me?
4466MS06NoChanceThe Slavers are too tough. You haven't got a chance.
4467MS06NoSlavesI haven't seen any slaves recently.
4468MS06NotGetInvolvedI don't hunt runaway slaves.
4469MS06NotInterestedYeah... that's a problem. Well, I'd better get going.
4470MS06OutOfMyWayI want to know what you're hiding in there. Now open the damn door.
4473MS06PeacefulI'm just looking for a place to rest, and maybe do some trading.
4474MS06PersuadeLeaveI've got no beef with you. Let me go and I won't say a word.
4475MS06ReleaseMeLook, I'm not a threat to this place. Just let me go.
4476MS06RevealTempleNot around here, but there is a group of them up north near Old Olney.
4477MS06ShiningBeaconJokeWouldn't a beacon just attract the Slavers?
4479MS06SlaveStorySo, you used to be a slave?
4480MS06StupidIdeaThat's a really stupid idea.
4481MS06SupermutantsDeadHey, I've been there! Those Super Mutants are all dead. It's safe now.
4482MS06TempleUnionWhat are a bunch of escaped slaves doing holed up here?
4483MS06TooBusyI'm not going to go out of my way to find these slaves for you.
4484MS06ToughGuyI want something to drink, kill and steal. Not necessarily in that order.
4485MS06WaitHereYou wait here. Let me investigate first.
4486MS06WhatDoYouDoWhat do you do here?
4487MS06WhereIsThisPlaceSounds dangerous. Where is this place?
4488MS06WhoAreYouWho are you guys?
4489MS06WhyLincolnWhy are you so interested in Lincoln artifacts?
4490MS06WhyNotKeepThemWhy don't you let them stay here?
4491MS06WhyNotYouFindGo get them yourself, then.
4492MS06WouldntTellYouIf I had, I wouldn't tell you.
4493MS06YesActionFigureNot for that price. I want more.
4494MS06YesDraftPosterThis poster is worth more than that.
4495MS06YesEmancipationThat price is an insult. You'll have to do better than that.
4496MS06YesGettysburgAddressYou can do better than that. This is the Gettysburg Address we're talking about.
4497MS06YesHatFor Lincoln's own hat? Come on. You can do better than that.
4498MS06YesLincolnDiaryNot enough. Make me a better offer.
4499MS06YesPenniesYou'll have to do better than that.
4500MS06YesPosterIn your dreams. It's worth twice that.
4501MS06YesRecordingThat price is an insult. You can do better.
4502MS06YesRifleYou're kidding, right? It's worth twice that.
4503MS06YesWantedPosterNo way. I need a lot more than that.
4504MS06YouKnowAPlaceI'll bet you know where I can find one.
4510MS07GiverGreeting01Yes. Please end this quest.
4511MS07GiverGreeting02No, brother. Perhaps another time.
4512MS07GiverGreetingEndI can't decide now.
4562MS08AboutZimmerWhat do you know about Zimmer?
4563MS08AndroidDeadHarknessZimmer thought you were an android. Don't worry, I set him straight.
4564MS08AndroidDeadLieZimmerThe android is dead. See, here's an internal component.
4565MS08AndroidFoundI've found your android. It's Harkness, Rivet City's security chief!
4566MS08AndroidInstructionsSo... Any suggestions for finding this android?
4570MS08AndroidSpeechThisOneOkay, so if others have escaped... why are you coming after this one?
4571MS08AndroidStillLookingI'm still looking, don't worry. I'll find him.
4572MS08AndroidTechI need to know more about what I'm dealing with. What is an android exactly?
4573MS08AndroidZimmerGuiltWhy would an android feel guilt? Come on, Zimmer, what aren't you telling me?
4574MS08AndroidZimmerProdIf this android "wandered" off, why would he want a new mind and face?
4590MS08AskForProofI'm trying to convince Harkness he's an android, but he wants proof.
4591MS08CommonwealthSo tell me about the Commonwealth.
4594MS08DoctorPrestonLet's discuss the facial reconstruction procedure you performed.
4595MS08DoctorPreston1He's in danger. Someone from the Commonwealth is looking for him.
4596MS08DoctorPreston2You'll find it much harder to practice medicine with two broken arms. Talk!
4597MS08DoctorPreston3Hah! I never mentioned an android. Now I know you did it!
4598MS08FinHarknessNowWhatWell... now that you know the truth. What are you going to do?
4599MS08FinHarknessWhatCallYouSo what do I call you, now? Harkness or A3-21?
4600MS08FinHarknessWhySo why did you do go ahead with the change? Was it worth it?
4616MS08Harkness1I'm not sure how to put this... You're not who you think you are.
4617MS08Harkness1aThis isn't an existential debate. You're a robot from the Commonwealth.
4618MS08Harkness2I don't suppose you know that you're a robot, do you?
4619MS08Harkness2aI'm being completely serious. You're a robot from the Commonwealth.
4620MS08Harkness3We need to talk.
4621MS08Harkness3aThose memories of your wife aren't real. You're a robot from the Commonwealth.
4622MS08Harkness4You're a robot from the Commonwealth. You belong to a man named Zimmer.
4623MS08Harkness5I can see you aren't going to believe me. Never mind. Forget I said anything.
4625MS08HarknessEnd1What are you going to do about Zimmer? He's the one you were running away from.
4626MS08HarknessEnd1aActually, I was hoping you'd let me kill him.
4627MS08HarknessEnd1bSometimes you have to kill the bad guys.
4628MS08HarknessEnd1cIs violence really necessary? Can't you just... kick him off the boat?
4629MS08HarknessEnd2Don't worry, Harkness. Your secret is safe with me.
4630MS08HarknessEnd3Zimmer's waiting. He'll want to take you home now.
4631MS08HarknessEnd3aPeople will kill you when they find out. The Commonwealth is where you belong.
4632MS08HarknessEnd3bYou're more than "just a machine." You're a person, Harkness. You belong here.
4633MS08HarknessEnd3cIt's your decision. I'm sure you'll do the right thing.
4634MS08HarknessNoProof1I know you don't believe me, but I'm telling the truth!
4635MS08HarknessNoProof2Threaten me all you want, but it won't change the truth!
4638MS08HarknessProofConvince1It�s not real blood, Harkness. It�s synthetic, just like everything else.
4639MS08HarknessProofConvince2You were made to look and act human. But you�re not. The evidence proves that.
4640MS08HarknessProofConvince3I�m sorry about this, I really am. But it�s true. You�re not human.
4641MS08HarknessRestoreMemory1Sorry Harkness, but this is the only way. Activate A3-21 Recall Code Violet.
4642MS08HarknessRestoreMemory2Welcome back to reality, you filthy android. Activate A3-21 Recall Code Violet.
4643MS08HarknessRestoreMemory3Sorry Harkness, but this is the only way. Activate A3-21 Recall Code Violet.
4644MS08MedicalClue1Do you know anything about some android who needed a surgeon?
4645MS08MedicalClue1BribeYou know anything about an android looking for surgery? 100 caps if you do.
4646MS08MedicalClue1StatYou know anything about the physiology of biological robotica from the North?
4647MS08MedicalClue2What do you know about this android from the Commonwealth?
4648MS08MedicalClue2BribeTell me what you know about an android, and I'll give you 100 caps.
4649MS08MedicalClue2StatI find android physiology fascinating, don't you? Do you know much about it?
4650MS08MedicalClue3Ever do any facial surgery? Maybe on someone from the Commonwealth?
4651MS08MedicalClue3BribeYou ever do a face job on an android from the North?
4652MS08MedicalClue3StatA patient of mine needs a facial epidermal augmentation. You ever perform one?
4653MS08MedicalClue4You know who might have a Lipoplasticator or Micro Dermal Graftilizer?
4654MS08MedicalClue4BribeHere's 100 caps for the locale of a Lipoplasticator or Micro Dermal Graftilizer.
4655MS08MedicalClue4StatI need to find a Micro Dermal Graftilizer for epidermal augmentation surgery.
4669MS08PinkertonLet's discuss the facial reconstruction and mind wipe you did for the Android.
4670MS08PinkertonA1Let's just say it's in your best interest to tell me what I want to know.
4671MS08PinkertonA2Maybe 100 caps will jog your memory?
4672MS08PinkertonA3Sorry, I must have you confused with somebody else. Forget I mentioned it.
4673MS08PinkertonAboutAndroid1So why'd you help the android?
4674MS08PinkertonAboutAndroid2What do you know about this android Railroad?
4675MS08PinkertonAboutAndroid3What do you know about the Commonwealth?
4676MS08PinkertonAHackedI took a little peek at the files in your computer. Tell me about the android.
4677MS08PinkertonB1I'm sorry you don't get along with Dr. Li. But we were discussing the android.
4678MS08PinkertonB2What's she got to do with this? Show me this "proof" about the android.
4679MS08PinkertonB3Yeah, she's a bitch... Can we talk about the android now?
4680MS08PinkertonC1Harkness should be told. You'd want to know if you were an android.
4681MS08PinkertonC2What if this evidence doesn't work? What if Harkness doesn't believe me?
4682MS08PinkertonC3There's something you aren't telling me. Isn't there?
4683MS08RailRoadAboutTell me more about you. You help androids escape?
4684MS08RailRoadAboutAndroidPartsSo what's this stuff you gave me, these are... android guts?
4685MS08RailRoadAboutHarknessDo you know this android personally?
4686MS08RailroadGreeting1AMy interest in the android is none of your business.
4687MS08RailroadGreeting1BThe Commonwealth? What's that?
4688MS08RailroadGreeting1CClearly I'm onto something important. What's your stake in all of this?
4689MS08RailroadGreeting2ALook, I'm just trying to find out more so I can help this android.
4690MS08RailroadGreeting2BI wonder who wants the android more... care to put a price on the android?
4691MS08RailroadGreeting2CReally, I just kinda stumbled onto all of this. I'm mostly just curious is all.
4692MS08SlaverClue1I found this info about an android from the Commonwealth. Care to elaborate?
4693MS08SlaverClue2What do you know about an android from the Commonwealth?
4694MS08SlaverClue2BribeI give you 100 caps. You tell me about the Commonwealth android. Deal?
4695MS08SlaverClue2StatI want to know about the android. Start talking, or start bleeding.
4696MS08SlaverClue3You know anything about an android who needed some surgery?
4697MS08SlaverClue3BribeI'll give you 100 caps for what you've got on this android.
4698MS08SlaverClue3StatI'm losing my patience! Tell me about the android with the face job!
4699MS08SlaverClue4You have any info on where this Commonwealth android is hiding?
4700MS08SlaverClue4BribeHere's a 100 cap "donation." Now, where's that escaped android?
4701MS08SlaverClue4StatTell me where this android disappeared to, or I'll make you disappear. Got it?
4702MS08SympathizerClue1I'm interested in this android from the Commonwealth.
4703MS08SympathizerClue2I know you know something about this android from the Commonwealth.
4704MS08SympathizerClue2BribeHere's 100 caps for the Railroad. Do you have any news on the android?
4705MS08SympathizerClue2StatI'm worried about the android. Have you head anything recently?
4706MS08SympathizerClue3Are you part of the Railroad? What do you know about this android?
4707MS08SympathizerClue3BribeHere's 100 caps for the Railroad. Now tell me about the android.
4708MS08SympathizerClue3StatI'm trying to locate the android. I'm worried about him. What do you know?
4709MS08SympathizerClue4Do you know where this android had his face or memory replaced?
4710MS08SympathizerClue4BribeHere's a 100 cap donation to the Railroad. Now where's the android.
4711MS08SympathizerClue4StatIt's important I find that android. I believe he's in great danger.
4712MS08TechnicalClue1Do you know anything about an android from the Commonwealth?
4713MS08TechnicalClue1BribeYou heard the story about an android? Here's 100 caps for your trouble.
4714MS08TechnicalClue1ChildDo you know anything about an android from the Commonwealth?
4715MS08TechnicalClue1StatWhat do you know about the android from up north?
4716MS08TechnicalClue2What do you know about the android from the Commonwealth?
4717MS08TechnicalClue2ChildThe Commonwealth android... Know anything?
4719MS08TechnicalClue3You know anything about the mind wipe on that escaped android?
4720MS08TechnicalClue3BribeGot any info on an android mind wipe? Here's a 100 cap "research fee."
4721MS08TechnicalClue3ChildI'll bet you know something about the mind wipe on that escaped android...
4722MS08TechnicalClue3StatYou know how they rewrote engrams in a cluster of Android memory subroutines?
4723MS08TechnicalClue4Do you know who did the memory transfer on the escaped android?
4724MS08TechnicalClue4BribeI'll give you 100 caps if you know who did the mind wipe on that android.
4725MS08TechnicalClue4ChildDo you know who did the memory swap on the Commonwealth android?
4726MS08TechnicalClue4StatDo you know anything about the AI swap on that Commonwealth android?
4727MS08TopicPinkertonIs there anyone on this ship named Pinkerton?
4735MS09BailoutLet me ask you something else.
4736MS09BEwersCT01Wow, are you batshit insane or what?
4737MS09BEwersCT02Um... okay... You do know there was a war 200 years ago, right?
4738MS09BEwersCT03Yes, quite lovely. Um... I've got to go.
4739MS09BraileeEwersDoor01Huh? What are you talking about? Evan King sent me.
4740MS09BraileeEwersDoor02Sure, yeah. I have your fall catalog.
4741MS09BraileeEwersDoor03Never mind.
4742MS09EvanKingEndgame01It's done, Evan. The Family will never bother Arefu again.
4743MS09EvanKingEndgame02Yeah, I took care of your problem.
4744MS09EvanKingEndgame03The Family's been dealt with and you owe me big.
4745MS09EvanKingEndgame04No, he wasn't with the Family.
4746MS09EvanKingEndgame05Sorry, but Ian's dead.
4747MS09EvanKingEndgame06He's fine. He's living with Lucy now.
4748MS09EvanKingEndgame07Ian's dead. I killed him!
4749MS09EvanKingIntroCT01Who did you think I was?
4750MS09EvanKingIntroCT01FamilyFirstLet me guess, you thought I was from the Family.
4751MS09EvanKingIntroCT01LetterWell, I have this letter for the West Family.
4752MS09EvanKingIntroCT02I'm just passing through.
4753MS09EvanKingIntroCT03Next time you shoot at me like that, you'd better not miss.
4754MS09EvanKingIntroCT04What kind of trouble?
4755MS09EvanKingIntroCT04aYeah, I know about them.
4756MS09EvanKingIntroCT05Are they Raiders or Slavers?
4757MS09EvanKingIntroCT06Oh come on, it's just gang nonsense.
4758MS09EvanKingIntroCT07Why don't you fight back?
4759MS09EvanKingIntroCT07SCWhat's got you so spooked?
4760MS09EvanKingIntroCT08You ever take one of them out?
4761MS09EvanKingIntroCT09What are you, some kind of a wimp?
4762MS09EvanKingIntroCT10I'd be glad to help. What do you need?
4763MS09EvanKingIntroCT11Help costs caps.
4764MS09EvanKingIntroCT12Sounds like you're pretty screwed. You're on your own.
4765MS09EvanKingMiniIntroFamilyFirstCT01I was hoping to find out what the Family did here.
4766MS09EvanKingMiniIntroFamilyFirstCT02Look, maybe you better explain what's going on first.
4767MS09EvanKingMiniIntroFamilyFirstCT03No, I lied. I'm their newest member!
4768MS09FamBriannaCT01I could be his friend.
4769MS09FamBriannaCT01LadykillerTell me how to see Ian and maybe we can talk... in private.
4770MS09FamBriannaCT02He really shouldn't be here.
4771MS09FamHollyCT01ScoundrelCome on, all I want to do is talk. What harm could little old me do?
4772MS09FamHollyCT02CharismaHey, I'm just here to help. All I want to do is be someone he can talk to.
4773MS09FamHollyCT03Maybe it will, or maybe it's just messing him up more.
4774MS09FamHollyCT04Sorry, I think he needs to be with his real family.
4775MS09FamJustinCT01He's needed at home. His family is dead.
4776MS09FamJustinCT01ImpartialMedI'm not here to take sides, just to make sure Vance hasn't omitted any facts.
4777MS09FamJustinCT01SCHe needs to talk to someone from the outside, to get some perspective.
4778MS09FamJustinCT02He doesn't belong here.
4779MS09FamKarlCT01BlackWidowHey, hot stuff. Why don't you tell me how I can see Ian?
4780MS09FamKarlCT01StrengthI'm going to kick your ass all over this Metro station if you don't help me!
4781MS09FamKarlCT02You really have a bad attitude.
4782MS09FamKarlCT03Can't you just help out without being so mean?
4783MS09FamRobertCT01Just exploring, sorry.
4784MS09FamRobertCT02I'm not telling you jack. Now let me get by!
4785MS09FamRobertCT02BribeI'm wondering what I could do with all these spare caps I have...
4786MS09FamRobertCT02Bribe01That's very helpful. Here you go.
4787MS09FamRobertCT02Bribe02I don't have that many caps.
4788MS09FamRobertCT02Bribe03On second thought, maybe I'll hang onto them.
4789MS09FamRobertCT02PerkEntryI don't know... For some reason, I feel like I belong here.
4790MS09FamRobertCT02SCI really need to get by you. It's important I find what I'm looking for.
4791MS09FamRobertCT03LetterHang on a second. I have a letter for Ian West from his sister.
4792MS09FinTLBuyStuffLet me see what you have.
4793MS09FinTLContributeI've brought some bloodpacks to contribute.
4794MS09FinTLHelpMeAny help you can provide would be appreciated.
4795MS09FinTLHowAreThingsHow are things going now?
4796MS09FinTLLetterI delivered the letter to Ian.
4797MS09FinTLProposalI have a proposal for you from Vance, the Family's leader.
4798MS09FinTLTeachVampireCan you teach me the ways of the Vampire?
4799MS09GoodbyeDialogI have to go now.
4800MS09IanWestCombatIntroCT01Evan King sent me to look for you.
4801MS09IanWestCombatIntroCT02You're tough to find.
4802MS09IanWestCombatIntroCT03No time to discuss it. We're getting the heck out of here!
4803MS09IanWestCombatIntroCT04Vance is dead, Ian. I'm so sorry.
4804MS09IanWestCombatIntroCT05Well, Vance isn't going to be able to help anymore.
4805MS09IanWestCombatIntroCT06Sorry, pal. Vance is worm food.
4806MS09IanWestCombatIntroCT07SCLook, this place isn't the answer. You need to go home and face your demons.
4807MS09IanWestCombatIntroCT08If you want to stay, then stay. You have to do what you feel is right.
4808MS09IanWestCombatIntroCT09Do what you want. This is a waste of time.
4809MS09IanWestCombatIntroCT10LetterRead this letter, Ian. Lucy wrote it. I bet that would change your mind.
4810MS09IanWestHatesMeTrackCT01LetterRead this letter, Ian. Lucy wrote it. I bet that would change your mind.
4811MS09IanWestHatesMeTrackCT02I changed my mind, Ian. I think you should stay here.
4812MS09IanWestHatesMeTrackCT03Nothing I can say will change your mind will it?
4813MS09IanWestHatesMeTrackCT04Never mind.
4814MS09IanWestIntroCT01I've been looking for you.
4815MS09IanWestIntroCT02You're a bitch to find.
4816MS09IanWestIntroCT03Nothing. Sorry, my mistake.
4817MS09IanWestIntroCT04I'm sorry, Ian, but your parents are dead.
4818MS09IanWestIntroCT05I'm here to take you home, Ian.
4819MS09IanWestIntroCT06Pack your shit. We're getting out of this insane asylum!
4820MS09IanWestIntroCT07You seem awfully troubled, Ian. What did you do...
4821MS09IanWestIntroCT07aI know what you did. Vance told me everything.
4822MS09IanWestIntroCT08It doesn't matter what happened in the past.
4823MS09IanWestIntroCT09Get a hold of yourself!
4824MS09IanWestIntroCT10Look, Ian. I know loss, too. I know it hurts. But staying here isn't the answer.
4825MS09IanWestIntroCT11I give up. Fine, stay here and cry.
4826MS09IanWestIntroCT12Maybe I can help you.
4827MS09IanWestIntroCT13Then stay. I think you belong here with the Family.
4828MS09IanWestIntroCT14Yeah, something's wrong. You're all a bunch of murderers.
4829MS09IanWestIntroCT15If Lucy is still alive I bet she misses you.
4830MS09IanWestIntroCT16LetterRead this letter, Ian. Lucy wrote it. I bet it will change your mind.
4831MS09IanWestIntroCT17SCLet's go home, Ian. The only way to beat your nightmares is to face them.
4832MS09IanWestxCombatIntroCT01Looks like I'm breaking you out of your cell...
4833MS09IanWestxCombatIntroCT02Are you a prisoner here or something?
4834MS09IanWestxCombatIntroCT02aWho the hell are you supposed to be?
4835MS09IanWestxCombatIntroCT03Sorry, pal. Vance is worm food.
4836MS09IanWestxCombatIntroCT04Calm down, Ian. Tell me everything from the beginning.
4837MS09IanWestxCombatIntroCT05I have no clue what you're talking about.
4838MS09IanWestxCombatIntroCT06What the hell is your problem?
4839MS09IanWestxCombatIntroLetterWait, you're Ian West? I have this letter for you from your sister!
4840MS09KarenSchenzyDoor01Evan King sent me. Can I come in?
4841MS09KarenSchenzyDoor02I'm from the Family! Let me in!
4842MS09KarenSchenzyDoor03Sorry, my mistake.
4843MS09KEwersCT01Calm down, pal, before I put a hole in your chest.
4844MS09KEwersCT02Whoa, whoa, whoa.... Take it easy.
4845MS09KEwersCT02bWhy are you being so hostile?
4846MS09KEwersCT02cYour wife let me in... something about a catalog?
4847MS09KEwersCT03What the hell is your problem?
4848MS09KEwersCT04Look, I'm not here to hurt anyone, I swear.
4849MS09LucyWestFindIan01There's no sign of him, but I'm sure he's alive.
4850MS09LucyWestFindIan02I didn't find his body.
4851MS09LucyWestFindIan03He's probably dead too.
4852MS09LucyWestFindIan04All right, Lucy. Calm down. I'll find Ian.
4853MS09LucyWestFindIan05Sorry. I agreed to go to Arefu. That's it.
4854MS09LucyWestFindIan06ScoundrelIf you want me to find Ian, I'll need to equip myself. That costs money.
4855MS09LucyWestIanIsAlive01I found him. He's safe.
4856MS09LucyWestIanIsAlive02I haven't found him.
4857MS09LucyWestIanIsAlive03I found him. He's with the Family.
4858MS09LucyWestIntroCT01Sure am. Stopped in to find something to do.
4859MS09LucyWestIntroCT02None of your business.
4860MS09LucyWestIntroCT03Maybe. Who wants to know?
4861MS09LucyWestIntroCT04Sure, why not.
4862MS09LucyWestIntroCT05Nope, sorry.
4863MS09LucyWestIntroCT06A job usually means I get paid.
4864MS09LucyWestIntroCT07I'll need some details before I can decide.
4870MS09TLArefuTopicCan you give me some information about Arefu?
4871MS09TLArefuTopic01Where is Arefu?
4872MS09TLArefuTopic02Do you suspect your family is in danger?
4873MS09TLArefuTopic03Who else lives in Arefu?
4874MS09TLArefuTopic04Is there anything dangerous around there I should know about?
4875MS09TLBuyStuffCan I see what you have for sale?
4876MS09TLCheckonYouEvan King told me to check on you. Is everything okay?
4877MS09TLEvanKingTopicSo, what's your take on Evan King?
4878MS09TLHaveMessageI have a message for the West family from their daughter.
4879MS09TLLawsPlease, help me understand your Laws.
4880MS09TLLetterDeliveryI delivered that letter to your brother Ian.
4881MS09TLLookingforIanWestI'm looking for Ian West. Have you seen him?
4882MS09TLLucyWestParentsDeadLucy, I have bad news. Your parents are dead.
4884MS09TLTrainyardThis may sound odd, but is there a trainyard outside Arefu?
4885MS09TLWestsBiteThe Wests had bite marks on their necks. Mean anything to you?
4886MS09TLWestsDeadDid you know the Wests are dead?
4887MS09TLWestsDeadCT01No, I only found the parents' bodies.
4888MS09TLWestsDeadCT02Nope, and it's unlikely they left him alive.
4889MS09TLWestsDeadCT03No, and enough with the third degree already!
4890MS09TLWhatisMerestiWhat is this place?
4891MS09TLWhereFamilyEver heard of the Family?
4892MS09TLWhereIsEveryoneCan you tell me more about what's been going on around here?
4893MS09TLWhoAreFamilyTell me about the Family.
4894MS09VanceArefuProposal01Arefu donates bloodpacks, and you leave the town alone.
4895MS09VanceArefuProposal02Arefu donates bloodpacks, and in exchange, you protect them.
4896MS09VanceArefuProposal03Arefu will sell you bloodpacks, and you'll leave the town alone.
4897MS09VanceEndgameCT01IanGoesIan's decided to leave the Family.
4898MS09VanceEndgameCT01IanStaysIan's decided to stay with the Family.
4899MS09VanceEndgameCT02Before I talk about Ian, there's still the matter of Arefu to discuss...
4900MS09VanceEndgameCT03Wait! What about Arefu? You can't just prey on them anytime you're hungry!
4901MS09VanceEndgameCT04How did you know Ian was trying to decide to stay or leave?
4902MS09VanceEndgameCT05How can I convince you to stop preying on Arefu?
4903MS09VanceEndgameCT06IntelligenceThere must be an alternative source of blood you can survive on.
4904MS09VanceEndgameCT07MedicineI believe that blood preserved in bloodpacks could provide what you need.
4905MS09VanceEndgameCT08SCGive those people a chance! They're defenseless.
4906MS09VanceEndgameCT09If you keep attacking Arefu, they'll keep fighting back until everyone is dead.
4907MS09VanceEndgameCT10I'm not sure I should be the one telling you this.
4908MS09VanceEndgameCT11ResearchVampires can drink any kind of human blood... even from bloodpacks.
4909MS09VanceIntroCT01This place is very different from any of the other settlements I've seen.
4910MS09VanceIntroCT02What is this place?
4911MS09VanceIntroCT03I think I've stumbled across the world's first underground insane asylum!
4913MS09VanceIntroCT05Excuse me, but what does all that mean?
4914MS09VanceIntroCT06Whoa, whoa... slow down there. I left my thesaurus at home.
4915MS09VanceIntroCT07Your ways? So you're reforming these people?
4916MS09VanceIntroCT08What do you mean?
4917MS09VanceIntroCT09Wow, you're a real humanitarian.
4918MS09VanceIntroCT10If I accept that you're no longer cannibals, what do I call you?
4919MS09VanceIntroCT11Your people eat human flesh, Vance. That's sick!
4920MS09VanceIntroCT12A cannibal by any other name is still a cannibal.
4921MS09VanceIntroCT13Enough talk! I'm here to wipe your kind out!
4924MS09VanceIntroDirectCT01SCNone of this talk is necessary. I know exactly what you are.
4925MS09VanceIntroDirectCT02IntelligenceThis isn't rocket science. I know exactly what you are.
4927MS09VanceLookingIanCT00I have a letter for him. From his sister...
4928MS09VanceLookingIanCT02Ian shouldn't be here. He has family that misses him.
4929MS09VanceLookingIanCT03You people murdered his parents!
4930MS09VanceLookingIanCT04I don't have time for chit-chat. Tell me where Ian is. Now!
4931MS09VanceLookingIanCT05Wait a minute... What happened to him?
4932MS09VanceLookingIanCT06Damn it, Vance! What did you do to him?
4933MS09VanceLookingIanCT07Are you telling me that Ian is a cannibal?
4934MS09VanceLookingIanCT08I find this all very hard to believe.
4935MS09VanceLookingIanCT09SCThis letter is all Ian has left of his old life. Allow me to give it to him.
4936MS09VanceLookingIanCT10PerkLook, I'm one of you. So I understand your feelings. I just want to talk to Ian.
4937MS09VanceLookingIanCT11Please, you must let me speak to him!
4938MS09VanceLookingIanCT12Let me see Ian, you filthy liar!
4940MS09VanceVampireDoneCT01You're vampires. Or at least you follow their fictional traditions.
4941MS09VanceVampireDoneCT02If I said vampires, and you said I was right, we'd both be crazy.
4942MS09VanceVampireDoneCT03I still say you're cannibals.
4943MS09VanceVampireDoneCT04I think you're a collective of seriously messed up freaks.
4944MS09VanceVampireDoneCT05You do this by teaching them that they're mythical beings?
4945MS09VanceVampireDoneCT06What you're doing here is brainwashing them, plain and simple.
4946MS09VanceVampireDoneCT07Come on, Vance! You're on a power trip... you mess with their minds!
4947MS09VanceVampireTalkCT01I have no idea.
4948MS09VanceVampireTalkCT02I don't have time for games, Vance.
4949MS09VanceVampireTalkCT03I think you're a bunch of creepy weirdos.
4955MS10BirchCeremonyInter01I'm sorry, I'm ready now.
4956MS10BirchCeremonyInter02I've changed my mind. I'm not quite ready.
4957MS10BirchCeremonyInter03I'm leaving. This is just crazy.
4958MS10BirchCT01I've never seen anyplace like this.
4959MS10BirchCT01aAnimalFAmazing, this place seems so abundant with animal life.
4960MS10BirchCT01bLifegiverI can't explain it, but I can feel this place just teeming with life.
4961MS10BirchCT02This place is weird. Where do you plug stuff in?
4962MS10BirchCT03This place scares me. It's so... different.
4963MS10BirchCT04Who is it you keep referring to as "Him"?
4964MS10BirchCT04aIntThe way you're saying "Him," I could swear you're referring to a god...
4965MS10BirchCT05I wish you could just tell me who "He" is, already...
4966MS10BirchCT06Can you cut the "Him" crap already and just tell me who he is?
4967MS10BirchCT07Why do you call yourselves Treeminders?
4968MS10BirchCT07SCI may be willing to help, but I need straight answers about who "He" is.
4969MS10BirchCT08Treeminders, huh? That's a strange name.
4970MS10BirchCT09I think you're all a bunch of lunatics.
4971MS10BirchCT10If you hate technology, why carry weapons?
4972MS10BirchCT11Shun technology? How do you defend yourselves?
4973MS10BirchCT12Yeah, sure. I guess that's why Maple stuck a rifle in my face...
4974MS10BirchCTCeremony01Okay, let's begin the ceremony.
4975MS10BirchCTCeremony02Could we wait just a bit? I'm not quite ready.
4976MS10BirchCTCeremony03Forget this whole thing. This is insane!
4977MS10BirchCTDirect01Which brings us to why I'm here, I suppose.
4978MS10BirchCTDirect02So what was all this about meeting someone?
4979MS10BirchCTDirect03Fine, fine. Get to the point already.
4980MS10BirchCTQuest01I would be honored to meet this person.
4981MS10BirchCTQuest02And where can I find this person?
4982MS10BirchCTQuest03Okay already. Let's get this going.
4983MS10BirchCTQuest04Just a minute... What does this ceremony involve?
4984MS10BirchCTQuest05Hang on, you never said anything about a ceremony!
4985MS10BirchCTQuest06Can't we skip all this nonsense?
4986MS10BirchEndgame01I was glad to do it. Oasis needs to be protected.
4987MS10BirchEndgame02Sure, I guess.
4988MS10BirchEndgame03I could have used a pile of caps instead, but whatever.
4989MS10BirchHDeadEndgame01I have to say I'm surprised you aren't angrier with me.
4990MS10BirchHDeadEndgame02And here I thought you'd be ready to kill me.
4991MS10BirchHDeadEndgame03Welcome back to the Wasteland, asshole.
4992MS10BirchHDeadEndgame04What will become of Oasis?
4993MS10BirchHDeadEndgame05You'll make due.
4994MS10BirchHDeadEndgame06I could care less about your problems. I'm out of here.
4995MS10BirchPostCT01I'm afraid Harold isn't a god. He's just a human that had some bad luck.
4996MS10BirchPostCT02He's not a god, Birch. His name's Harold.
4997MS10BirchPostCT03Can we just dispense with all of the religious crap? His name's Harold!
4998MS10BirchPostCT04Did you know your god wants me to kill him?
4999MS10BirchPostCT04aHarold makes unusual requests.
5000MS10BirchPostCT05Are you aware that Harold wants to die?
5001MS10BirchPostCT06Did you know that crazy tree thing wants me to kill it?
5002MS10BirchPostCT07So what can I do to help?
5003MS10BirchPostCT08Killing him should stop his influence from spreading.
5004MS10BirchPostCT09Good! Free firewood for all!
5005MS10BirchStartCT01Just a minute. Who are you and what is this place?
5006MS10BirchStartCT02I'm not following anyone until I know what's going on here.
5007MS10BirchStartCT03Ha ha ha! What the hell are you wearing?
5008MS10BirchStartCT04Whoa, whoa. Slow down, old man. What the hell are you babbling about?
5009MS10BirchStartCT05Sure, lead on.
5010MS10BirchStartCT06Who's waiting for me inside?
5011MS10BirchStartCT07The Treeminders?
5012MS10BirchStartCT08I'm not following anyone. I need to be on my way.
5013MS10BirchStartCT09Okay, I'll follow you. Lead on.
5014MS10BirchStartCT09SCTrust is a two-way street. I don't feel safe with all this mysterious talk.
5015MS10BirchStartCT10No way! You're obviously out of your mind!
5016MS10BirchStartCT10aPerhaps some other time. I have more urgent matters to attend to.
5022MS10FinEndgameDiscuss01You've become an important part of their life. Without you, they're lost.
5023MS10FinEndgameDiscuss02I'm not the killing type.
5024MS10FinEndgameDiscuss03You're obviously crazier than they are. Why would I listen to you?
5025MS10FinGoodbyesI've got to go now.
5026MS10FinTLRewardTree Father Birch said you may have a gift for me?
5029MS10HaroldCT01Um... I must be dreaming.
5030MS10HaroldCT02I've never met a talking tree before.
5031MS10HaroldCT03Okay. What's the trick? I know there's a guy with a microphone somewhere.
5032MS10HaroldCT04They're worshipping a tree? Ha ha ha!
5033MS10HaroldCT05So you're trapped in there, inside this Herbert... I mean Bob... thing?
5034MS10HaroldCT06I'm beginning to suspect you weren't always this way.
5035MS10HaroldCT07What in the hell are you talking about?
5036MS10HaroldCT08How did a tree end up growing out of your head?
5037MS10HaroldCT08ScienceA genetic mutation of that magnitude could only be caused by F.E.V.
5038MS10HaroldCT09How on Earth did that happen?
5039MS10HaroldCT10I still don't understand what the hell you're talking about.
5040MS10HaroldDirect01Well, hopefully your troubles will be over. I'm here to help.
5041MS10HaroldDirect02So, the Treeminders said you needed my help?
5042MS10HaroldDirect03Look, let's cut the bullshit and get to the matter at hand.
5043MS10HaroldEndgame01You've become an important part of their life. Without you, they're lost.
5044MS10HaroldEndgame02I'm not the killing type.
5045MS10HaroldEndgame03You're obviously crazier than they are. Why would I listen to you?
5047MS10HaroldNameReveal01Well, goodbye for now then, Herbert. Or was it Bob?
5048MS10HaroldNameReveal02Okay. Goodbye, err... Tree.
5049MS10HaroldNameReveal03Fine. What the hell do I call you anyway? Herbert or Bob?
5050MS10HaroldQuest01You want me to murder you?
5051MS10HaroldQuest02Kill you? You can't be serious!
5052MS10HaroldQuest03Sure. Where do you want the bullet, head or gut?
5053MS10HaroldQuest04How would I be able to kill you? You're a tree.
5054MS10HaroldQuest05If I kill you, every Treeminder will come after me.
5055MS10HaroldQuest06Why don't you just kill yourself?
5056MS10HaroldQuest07Ok, I'll do it.
5057MS10HaroldQuest08Look, I really don't want to kill you...
5058MS10HaroldQuest09Can I have some time to think about it?
5059MS10HaroldQuest10I'm not a charity. You want to die, cough up some caps.
5060MS10LaurelEndgame01I was glad to do it. Oasis needs to be shared with the world.
5061MS10LaurelEndgame02Sure, I guess.
5062MS10LaurelEndgame03I could have used a pile of caps instead, but whatever.
5063MS10LaurelPostCT01Doesn't anybody care what your god thinks?
5064MS10LaurelPostCT02Why don't any of you listen to Harold?
5065MS10LaurelPostCT03This is a waste of my time.
5066MS10LaurelPostCT04How can I possibly help?
5067MS10LaurelPostCT05Uh oh... I see where this is going...
5068MS10LaurelPostCT06I give up. Just let me know what you want now.
5069MS10MapleEntry01Yes, I'd like to speak to Tree Father Birch.
5070MS10MapleEntry02No, maybe some other time.
5071MS10MapleEntry03I don't suppose there's more you can tell me about Oasis?
5075MS10TLBirchLaurelTopicWhat's your opinion of Tree Father Birch and Leaf Mother Laurel?
5076MS10TLBurnYou're mostly a tree, right? Can't I just burn you down?
5077MS10TLCavesAny information you could give me on the caves below Oasis would be helpful.
5078MS10TLCaves01How do I get into the caves?
5079MS10TLCaves02Is there anything down there to look out for?
5080MS10TLCeremonyI'm ready to undertake the ceremony.
5081MS10TLDeathYou don't actually seem that sad. Why do you want to die?
5082MS10TLDeath01Hey, life is a gift. Even if it lasts a long time, be glad you have it!
5083MS10TLDeath02I understand what you mean.
5084MS10TLDeath03If people thought I was a god, I'd exploit it for all it's worth!
5085MS10TLDeath04Seeing me approach Oasis is quite a feat for a living tree.
5086MS10TLDeath05See me coming? That's not possible.
5087MS10TLDeath06You say you saw me coming to Oasis. And you call the Treeminders crazy...
5088MS10TLDoNowWhat will you do now?
5089MS10TLFutureWhat do you see in my future?
5090MS10TLGoodbyeI have to go now.
5091MS10TLGrowHow is it you're causing all of these things to grow around you?
5092MS10TLHaroldPoplarTopic01I agree completely!
5093MS10TLHaroldPoplarTopic02What if there are other that don't share your opinion?
5094MS10TLHaroldPoplarTopic03You speak heresy! Tree Father Birch should hear about this!
5095MS10TLHaroldTopicTell me about your "god."
5096MS10TLHaroldWantstoDieTopicDid you know your god wants to die?
5097MS10TLHaroldYewTopic01Hey, maybe if you tell me what Harold is scared of I won't be scared either.
5098MS10TLHaroldYewTopic01SCTell me, too! Then I won't be scared either.
5099MS10TLHaroldYewTopic02What's Harold scared of?
5100MS10TLHaroldYewTopic03I can't believe a tree would be scared of anything.
5101MS10TLHaroldYewTopic04Yeah, well guess what? He's really a monster!
5102MS10TLJoinTopicSo, how did you end up here?
5103MS10TLLindenJoinTopic01Dying? How awful! What happened to you?
5104MS10TLLindenJoinTopic02Why'd you stay here after you recovered?
5105MS10TLLindenJoinTopic03I'm not sure I could live with these loonies.
5106MS10TLLindenJoinTopic04Why didn't Birch or Laurel call on you to do what I'm doing?
5109MS10TLMapleJoinTopic01Yes, it would be dangerous letting the Wasteland know where Oasis is located.
5110MS10TLMapleJoinTopic02I don't see that it matters much. Oasis is off the beaten path as it is.
5111MS10TLMapleJoinTopic03Stop being so selfish! You people should share this place with everyone!
5112MS10TLTaskTalkI have some questions about the task you gave me.
5113MS10TLTaskTalk01Why don't you just travel to Harold's heart on your own?
5114MS10TLTaskTalk02Were you aware that Laurel gave me this Liniment?
5115MS10TLTaskTalk03Where did the sap come from?
5116MS10TLTaskTalk04Where is the entrance to the caves?
5117MS10TLTreeminderWhat did you have to do to become a Treeminder?
5118MS10TLTreeminder01How did the Treeminders begin?
5119MS10TLTreeminder02How do the Treeminders normally handle other Outsiders?
5120MS10TLTreeminder03Could I become a Treeminder?
5121MS10TLTreeminder04Your names are quite strange. What do they mean?
5122MS10TLTreeminderCypress01I think you're right. Who knows what would happen to this place?
5123MS10TLTreeminderCypress02What if all the Treeminders don't agree with you?
5124MS10TLTreeminderCypress03I don't think Leaf Mother Laurel is going to like hearing you say that!
5125MS10TLWaterIf this place has living plants, does that mean the water is safe to drink?
5126MS10TopicBailoutI'd like to ask about something else.
5128MS11BackToTopicListLet's talk about something else.
5131MS11BombChoiceDisarmChoiceBadYou're nuts to live here. That thing will blow you all to Hell.
5132MS11BombChoiceDisarmChoiceGoodI don't need a reward. I couldn't sleep at night knowing you could all die.
5133MS11BombChoiceDisarmChoiceNeutralAccept100 caps? All right, I'll take a look at it.
5134MS11BombChoiceDisarmChoiceNeutralRejectNot my problem. Good luck, Sheriff.
5135MS11BombChoiceDisarmChoiceSpeechDemolition expertise doesn't come cheap. I want 500 caps.
5137MS11BombChoiceTattleTailI met a man named Burke. He said he'd pay me to rig the bomb to explode.
5138MS11BombChoiceTattleTail1What if he asks someone else to explode the bomb? You should do something.
5139MS11BombChoiceTattleTail2He gave me this Fusion Pulse Charge to rig to the bomb. Here, take it.
5140MS11BombChoiceTattleTail3Actually, I think he was just kidding.
5141MS11BombHelpChoiceMessing with that bomb seems pretty technical. What if I can't do it?
5142MS11BurkeAcceptWidowI have a "proposition" of my own. Would you like to hear it, Mister Burke?
5143MS11BurkeAcceptWidow1You see, I live here, lover. And surely you wouldn't want to hurt me...
5144MS11BurkeAcceptWidow2Burke, you silly man. You'll pay me 500 extra caps... and like it.
5145MS11BurkeAccpetObjectiveChoice1Throw in an extra 500 caps, and you've got yourself a deal.
5146MS11BurkeAccpetObjectiveChoice2Megaton is under my protection. You're going to leave... now.
5147MS11BurkeAccpetObjectiveChoice3All right, Mister Burke. I'll do it. Megaton will burn.
5148MS11BurkeAccpetObjectiveChoice4Actually, the sheriff will pay me to disarm the bomb.
5149MS11BurkeAccpetObjectiveChoice5You're out of your mind, Burke. There's no way I'm helping you.
5151MS11BurkeBackToAcceptChoicesActually, I may have reconsidered. Let's discuss my role in this again.
5152MS11BurkeDisarmedChoiceI've disarmed the bomb, Burke. That thing will never explode now.
5153MS11BurkeExplainChoice1Go on. I'm listening.
5154MS11BurkeExplainChoice2Wait... You're going to destroy the town?
5155MS11BurkeExplainChoice3You're a sick man, Burke. This conversation's over.
5156MS11BurkeExplainTattleTailSimms wants me to disarm the bomb...
5157MS11BurkeExplainTattleTail1All right. Say I decide to help you. What's in it for me?
5158MS11BurkeExplainTattleTail2Too many lives are at stake, Burke! I'm going to defuse that bomb.
5159MS11BurkeExplainTattleTail3Forget I mentioned it.
5160MS11BurkeExplainTattleTailSpeechI told Simms I'd disarm it. Maybe some extra caps would change my mind...
5161MS11BurkeFollowupChoice1If I destroy Megaton, I'll lose access to all of the town's services...
5162MS11BurkeFollowupChoice2What's so special about this Tenpenny Tower?
5163MS11BurkeFollowupChoice3We're talking a lot of innocent lives here, Burke. Can I warn them?
5164MS11BurkeGreetingChoice1Mister Burke, is it? Please, continue. I find myself... enthralled.
5165MS11BurkeGreetingChoice2It does?
5166MS11BurkeGreetingChoice3If you've got a point, make it.
5168MS11DrugsI need something to help me concentrate...
5169MS11Drugs1aSo you've got someone in town with a drug habit?
5170MS11Drugs1bA place like this is probably crawling with junkies, huh?
5171MS11Drugs1cHa! Figures a shithole like this would have a local Chem head.
5174MS11FinTenpennyExplainI've been wondering... why blow up Megaton?
5175MS11FinTenpennyExplain1You've got to clear away the past to make room for the future.
5176MS11FinTenpennyExplain2You don't have a problem with killing all those people?
5179MS11LeoChemChoiceI need to buy some Chems.
5180MS11LucasBombLet's discuss this bomb.
5181MS11LucasBomb1aDon't you think someone should disarm that thing?
5182MS11LucasBomb1bWho would build a town around a bomb? That's crazy!
5183MS11LucasBomb1cOne day, that thing's going to go off. You're living on borrowed time.
5184MS11LucasBomb2aI can see about disarming that bomb for you.
5185MS11LucasBomb2bWhatever. I don't plan on sticking around very long, anyway.
5186MS11LucasBomb2cIf that bomb ever explodes, it would be doing the world a favor...
5187MS11LucasBombChoice1I could do it, Lucas. I could disarm the bomb.
5188MS11LucasBombChoice2Yeah... Yeah, good luck with that.
5189MS11LucasBombChoice3I could disarm that bomb for you, Simms. But it'd cost you.
5190MS11LucasBombFusionChargeBurke gave me this Fusion Pulse Charge to rig to the bomb. You want it?
5191MS11LucasBombRigChoiceThe bomb can't be disarmed, Simms. In fact, I plan to detonate it.
5192MS11LucasGreet1aNice town you got here, sheriff. It's a pleasure to meet you.
5193MS11LucasGreet1bPffft. Nice hat, Calamity Jane.
5195MS11LucasGreet2aSo which do you like more, being mayor or being sheriff?
5196MS11LucasGreet2cYou call this trash heap a town? It's... pathetic.
5197MS11LucasGreet3aRight. Message received.
5198MS11LucasGreet3bYou don't scare me.
5200MS11LucasGreet4aThere's a new sheriff in town! It's time to die, asshole.
5201MS11LucasGreet4bI want your hat. What do you think about that?
5202MS11LucasGreet4cHa! I'm just messing with you.
5203MS11LucasGreet5aYou're dead.
5204MS11LucasGreet5bI'm just messing with you. Relax!
5206MS11MoiraBombHave you thought about disarming the bomb?
5217MS12BigotNeighborsWhat if all your other neighbors agree?
5219MS12BigotSpeechThis is happening. You're going to have to deal with it, or get forced out.
5220MS12BigotSpeechBadI don't care. Get your stuff together and get out of here.
5221MS12BigotSpeechGoodI'm sure you'll find something suitable, don't worry.
5222MS12BigotSpeechNeutralGood luck.
5223MS12FinBarterLet's trade.
5224MS12FinMurderedTopicWhere are the other Tenpenny Tower residents?
5225MS12FinResidentsWhat's it like living at Tenpenny Tower?
5226MS12GhoulBranchSo what are you doing in the Metro tunnels?
5228MS12GhoulBranchHelpI might be able to get you in there.
5229MS12GhoulBranchHelpHelpGateRight on. Kill those elitists. I think I can help you with that escape door.
5230MS12GhoulBranchHelpHelpGateFunThis is going to be fun!
5231MS12GhoulBranchHelpHelpGateTryTalkWell, maybe I should talk to Tenpenny. There may be a peaceful solution.
5232MS12GhoulBranchHelpTryTalkLet me try talking to Tenpenny. Maybe he wouldn't mind you living there.
5233MS12GhoulBranchNevermindIt's not really any of my business. Sorry I asked.
5235MS12GhoulBranchTenpennyIt's Tenpenny's tower. He can do whatever he wants.
5236MS12GhoulBranchTenpennyBothJerksWhatever. You're no better than Tenpenny.
5237MS12GhoulBranchTenpennyBothJerksLeavingWhatever. I'm leaving.
5238MS12GhoulBranchTenpennyGoodluckGood luck with that. I'll have none of it.
5239MS12GhoulBranchTenpennyZombieYou're a zombie! People should shoot you!
5240MS12GhoulBranchWhyYou're secure in these tunnels. Why try to get into Tenpenny, anyway?
5241MS12GhoulGREETINGGateNotI'll get that door open, and then you can let your hordes in.
5242MS12GhoulGREETINGGateOpenThe gate is open! Now's your chance!
5243MS12GhoulGREETINGMoveInI can get them to let you move in / You can now move in.
5244MS12GhoulKillGustavo hired me to kill you.
5245MS12GhoulKill1Relax. It's just a warning, not a threat. I'm not going to kill you.
5246MS12GhoulKill2Anything you want to say before you meet your maker?
5247MS12GhoulKill3I don't have to kill you. If you were to give me a handful of caps...
5251MS12GREETINGTenpennyWhat would it take to convince you to let Ghouls live here?
5252MS12GustavoGhoulsArentBadI've met them. Roy Phillips and those other Ghouls don't seem all that bad.
5256MS12LoveLetterTopicI found a love letter. I think you'll want to see it.
5259MS12ResidentsBranchWhat's it like living at Tenpenny Tower?
5263MS12ResidentsGhoulsAbout these Ghouls...
5268MS12ResidentsGhoulsHelpAcceptSure, sounds good. I would have done it for free.
5269MS12ResidentsGhoulsHelpExtraI'll take it. And any other help you can offer.
5270MS12ResidentsGhoulsHelpPeacefulI'm going to find a non-violent solution to your Ghoul problem.
5271MS12ResidentsGhoulsHelpSpeechYou want this problem resolved or not? You can spare more than that...
5272MS12ResidentsGhoulsPersuadePerhaps the residents could be "persuaded" to let the Ghouls live here.
5273MS12ResidentsGhoulsPersuadeBadI was just kidding. Ghouls are filthy creatures that should be slaughtered.
5274MS12ResidentsGhoulsPersuadeGoodThat can be arranged. You don't look like much.
5275MS12ResidentsGhoulsPersuadeNeutralWe'll see.
5276MS12ResidentsGhoulsTalkHave you even tried talking to the Ghouls? I bet you can work something out.
5277MS12ResidentsGhoulsTalkBadYeah, Ghouls are too much trouble.
5278MS12ResidentsGhoulsTalkGoodYou're all bigots.
5279MS12ResidentsGhoulsTalkNeutralWhatever. It's not really any of my business.
5281MS12ResidentsLendLend me some men to take into the tunnels to hunt Ghouls.
5282MS12ResidentsLendFewYou can spare a few men, at least, can't you?
5283MS12ResidentsLendNevermindYou're right. Never mind.
5284MS12ResidentsLendSpeechHalf the force is napping. Give them some stims, and we'll go kick some ass!
5285MS12ResidentsNeighborsHow would you feel about having a few Ghoul neighbors?
5288MS12ResidentsNeighborsGoodPetitionWould you tell Mister Tenpenny that you wouldn't mind Ghoul neighbors?
5292MS12TenpennyDeadTopicWhat happened to Mister Tenpenny?
5294MS13AllowedInI got you the slave you wanted. I can get into Paradise Falls now, right?
5295MS13BadKarmaQuestHookWhat's this mutually beneficial offer you mentioned?
5296MS13BribeAvailableChoiceHere's your 500 caps. I can go in now, right?
5297MS13BribeNotAcceptingYeah, I'm not going to pay you that much.
5298MS13BuyNoNah, maybe another time.
5299MS13BuySpeechCome on, don't charge me. It was an... accident. Won't happen again.
5300MS13BuyYesSure, I'll buy another one. Here's 100 caps.
5304MS13CollarQuestionI'd like to know more about the slave collar.
5305MS13CollarQuestion1How does the collar work?
5306MS13CollarQuestion2How do I get it on a slave?
5307MS13CollarQuestion3Who can I put it on?
5308MS13CollarQuestionBackLet's talk about something else.
5319MS13Hook02BribeI don't have time to play games. Here's 200 caps. Let me in.
5320MS13Hook02cCome on. Let me in already!
5325MS13Hook1aYou want a fucking resume? Just tell me what to do, asshole.
5326MS13Hook1bIt can't be that hard, can it? I mean, you're a Slaver after all...
5327MS13Hook1cI can enslave criminals and the like, right? I don't have to enslave innocents?
5328MS13Hook1RefuseI'm not going to do your dirty work.
5329MS13HookAfterBribeI've been thinking about getting into the trade. You need a dog catcher?
5332MS13MesmetronBuyAmmoYou've got yourself a deal. Here's your 200 caps.
5333MS13MesmetronBuyAmmoNoNever mind.
5334MS13MesmetronQuestionTell me more about this Mesmetron.
5335MS13MesmetronQuestion1How's the Mesmetron work?
5336MS13MesmetronQuestion2What happens if I run out of energy cells for it?
5337MS13MesmetronQuestion3Where did you find it?
5338MS13MesmetronQuestionBackThat's enough about the Mesmetron for now.
5339MS13MesmetronQuestionBuyAmmoI need to buy some more ammo for the Mesmetron.
5343MS13QuestionGoodbyeAll right. It's time for me to go.
5344MS13RemoveCollarI can try getting that collar off. But it might explode if I tinker with it.
5346MS13RemoveCollar1bI was just kidding. You're a slave. Deal with it.
5347MS13ShutUpYou're a slave. Deal with it.
5348MS13SlavesNewCollarI need another collar so I can get more slaves.
5349MS13SlavesQuestionYou want just these VIPs, or do you want other slaves too?
5350MS13TargetsQuestionTell me more about these preferred targets you want me to enslave.
5352MS13TargetsQuestion2Susan Lancaster.
5355MS13TargetsQuestionBackEnough about these guys.
5356MS14AlreadyDeadAllistair Tenpenny is already dead.
5357MS14BackAtYouNo, I haven't. Say, does that hurt?
5358MS14BackOffSounds like a normal guy.
5359MS14BrainsTasteIf you don't mind my asking, what do human brains taste like?
5360MS14BribeOh look! I dropped these 50 caps in your pocket...
5361MS14BuildUnderworldZombies couldn't make a place like Underworld.
5362MS14CanKillNot for the right cause.
5363MS14CrowleyWhat can you tell me about Mister Crowley?
5364MS14DaveAboutKeyMr. President, what's so special about this key?
5365MS14DaveBigotMister Crowley is alive. He sent me to kill you because you hate Ghouls.
5366MS14DaveEndNoThreatThank you for sharing your wisdom, Mister President.
5367MS14DaveEndThreatNot good enough, Mister President.
5368MS14DaveFortWhat happened in the Fort, Mister President?
5369MS14DaveGiveKeyA gift of the key would be a strategic diplomatic move, Mister President.
5370MS14DaveHowDieHow did Mister Crowley die, Mister President?
5371MS14DaveIntimidateI think it would be good for the Republic, Mister President.
5372MS14DaveKillYouYour "Republic" is a joke, and your presidency is a farce. You need to die.
5373MS14DaveWantsKeyCrowley is alive, Mister President. I'm supposed to bring him the key.
5374MS14DefuseEasy now. I've got nothing against Ghouls.
5375MS14DirectOfferWhat do you have in mind?
5376MS14DrinkForGossipYou've got your drink. Now I want to know all about this place.
5377MS14DukovAboutKeyWhat's the key for?
5378MS14DukovBigotCrowley is alive, and he paid me to kill you because you hate Ghouls.
5379MS14DukovBuyKeyCan your table handle 200 caps?
5381MS14DukovEndNoThreatI don't think I need to hear any more.
5382MS14DukovEndThreatI've heard enough for now.
5383MS14DukovGiveKeyYou can give me the key, or I can take it. Your choice.
5384MS14DukovIntimidateAre you sure I can't just have that key, handsome? You know, as a present?
5385MS14DukovNotEnoughCapsI'm a little short on caps right now.
5387MS14DukovStealKeyDukov has a key I need. Steal it for me.
5388MS14DukovTenpennyHow did all of you meet?
5389MS14DukovWantsKeyActually, Crowley is alive. He wants some sort of security key you have.
5390MS14DukovWhereDiedWhere did he die?
5391MS14DukovWhoWithSo it was just you and Mister Crowley?
5393MS14ExitDialogueThis has been fun, but I've got things to do.
5394MS14FortConstantineTell me where Fort Constantine is.
5395MS14GoAwayI don't need to stay here and listen to your lame insults.
5396MS14GotKeysHave you got what I want?
5397MS14GotLieI put a bullet right between Ted Strayer's eyes.
5398MS14GotTenpennyDeadAllistair Tenpenny is dead. One shot, right through the brain.
5399MS14GotTenpennyLieTenpenny is dead. I watched his brains splatter.
5400MS14GuardDistractThere's a pack of Feral Ghouls in the courtyard!
5401MS14HaveKeySure. Take it. I don't have any use for it.
5402MS14HereToKillYouI'm here to kill you, and there's nothing you can do about it.
5403MS14InsultFucking brain eater!
5404MS14InsultedMilk sucking? You shuffle stepping, brain eating, grave loving zombie!
5405MS14JustGossipHey! I'm just looking to trade a drink for some gossip.
5406MS14KillHumansYou want to kill humans? I thought it would just be Ghouls. No way.
5407MS14KillLotsThe day isn't complete until I've killed something.
5408MS14NewDealNoNo way. I'm going to keep those keys for myself.
5409MS14NewDealYesMore caps? You've got a deal.
5410MS14NoKeyUm... I don't have it.
5411MS14NoOffenseAll true, except for the part about the mutants, the water and the whore.
5412MS14NoQuestionsSounds simple enough.
5414MS14NotBigotThose people you sent me to kill aren't Ghoul haters...
5415MS14NotInterestedUm... I should go.
5416MS14NotSoFastThis whole deal sounds fishy. What do you really want?
5417MS14NotYetNot yet, but I'm working on it.
5418MS14PersuadeCrowleyCome on. You can tell me. Ahzrukhal said so.
5419MS14ReconsideredI've reconsidered your offer. I'll kill those Ghoul-hating bigots for you.
5420MS14ReluctantOfferMaybe. I don't know if I trust you.
5421MS14StealKeyDukov has a special key. Get it for me and I'll take you to Rivet City.
5426MS14TakeQuestSure. People like that don't deserve to live.
5427MS14TakeQuestMoneyHey, anything for some extra caps.
5428MS14TedBuyKeyI'll give you 25 caps for that key.
5429MS14TedEndNoThreatI've learned what I came for. Thank you.
5430MS14TedEndThreatThanks for the info. I'm just trying to sort all of this out.
5431MS14TedFindWhere can I find Ted Strayer?
5432MS14TedGiveKeyGive me that key. I'd hate to see you bleed to death.
5433MS14TedIntimidateJust give me the key. Don't ask why.
5434MS14TedTenpennyWhat do you know about Tenpenny?
5435MS14TedWantsKeyMister Crowley wants your father's security key.
5436MS14TedWhyFortDo you know what they were doing at the fort?
5437MS14TedWhyWantDeadCan you think of any reason he might want you dead?
5438MS14TenpennyBigotMister Crowley is alive. I'm here to kill you because you hate Ghouls.
5439MS14TenpennyEndNoThreatYou've satisfied my curiosity.
5440MS14TenpennyHigherBribeI want more than that to spare your miserable life. 300 caps.
5441MS14TenpennyHowDieHow did he die?
5442MS14TenpennyMustDieI think it would be better for everyone if I just killed you.
5443MS14TenpennyTakeBribe200 caps to spare your life? Okay.
5444MS14TenpennyWantsKeyMister Crowley wants that key. Now.
5445MS14TooGoodI don't like where this is headed.
5446MS14WhatOfferOkay. What's the plan?
5447MS14WhyTheseGuysWhat do you have against these guys?
5448MS15AbeWashBackground01So, you really care about these relics?
5449MS15AbeWashBackground02I suppose I see your point.
5450MS15AbeWashBackground03Looks like a bunch of junk to me.
5451MS15AbeWashBackground04I wish I knew more about America.
5452MS15AbeWashBackground05Whatever, old timer.
5453MS15AbeWashBackgroundBadThis place is a dump.
5454MS15AbeWashBackgroundGoodI found it quite entertaining.
5455MS15AbeWashBackgroundTopWell, I've looked around a bit.
5456MS15AbeWashCT00aYes, it's an interesting collection indeed.
5457MS15AbeWashCT00bIt's an interesting collection of garbage.
5458MS15AbeWashCT00cOh good, I was looking for some kindling.
5459MS15AbeWashCT00HaveItBefore you continue... I have the Declaration of Independence.
5460MS15AbeWashCT00HaveItDone01Yes... I recovered it all by myself.
5461MS15AbeWashCT00HaveItDone02Yes... but I had a little help from Sydney.
5462MS15AbeWashCT00HaveItDone03Yes... but I had a little help from Sydney. She didn't make it, though.
5463MS15AbeWashCT00HaveItDone04Nah, I was just kidding.
5464MS15AbeWashCT01All right, I'll bite. Which document is missing?
5465MS15AbeWashCT02Who cares...
5466MS15AbeWashCT02aWhat's missing is my ability to stay awake in this snoreatorium.
5467MS15AbeWashCT02bIntellIt has to be the Declaration of Independence.
5468MS15AbeWashCT03Maybe later. I've got better things to do right now.
5469MS15AbeWashCT04Let me take a leap of faith here... you want me to find it for you.
5470MS15AbeWashCT04aWhat's your point?
5471MS15AbeWashCT04bIf you want me to retrieve the Declaration, all you have to do is ask.
5472MS15AbeWashCT05Skip the history lesson, professor.
5473MS15AbeWashCT11Thank you, it's quite an honor. Now, for my reward?
5474MS15AbeWashCT12Okay pops, just hand over the reward and you can get back to your history books.
5475MS15AbeWashCTHaveYou're looking for the Declaration of Independence? Guess what I have...
5476MS15AbeWashReward01Yeah, what's my reward for all this legwork?
5477MS15AbeWashRewardChatter01I suppose that's good enough for me.
5478MS15AbeWashRewardChatter02Can the speech, Abe. I need to get paid.
5479MS15AbeWashRewardChatter03Can we stop beating around the bush, please? What's the reward?
5480MS15BailoutLet me ask you something else.
5490MS15ButtonCombatYou crazy machine, just give me the Declaration!
5491MS15ButtonCT01What are you talking about? You're a robot!
5492MS15ButtonCT01aJust who are you, exactly?
5493MS15ButtonCT02Get out of my way you lunatic!
5494MS15ButtonCT02aIntelligenceYou must be Button Gwinnett, second signer of the Declaration!
5495MS15ButtonCT03Why would you do all that over a scrap of paper?
5496MS15ButtonCT03aThat's quite brave of you. To potentially sacrifice your life over a document.
5497MS15ButtonCT03bYou're not even human, you stupid bucket of bolts!
5498MS15ButtonCT04You do realize that it's about 500 years later, don't you?
5499MS15ButtonCT04aIs there some way we can make a compromise?
5500MS15ButtonCT04bThis is what's going to happen. You die, I get the Declaration. Understand?
5501MS15ButtonCT05Ummm, allow me to ponder my decision.
5502MS15ButtonCT05aNope, sorry. I've got to have that Declaration at any cost.
5503MS15ButtonCT06There's more to this than you realize, Button.
5504MS15ButtonCT07SCI'm Thomas Jefferson and I've returned to liberate the Declaration.
5505MS15ButtonCT07SCFemaleI'm an agent of Thomas Jefferson and I've returned to liberate the Declaration.
5506MS15ButtonCT08Let me prove my honesty by helping you trick the Redcoats.
5507MS15ButtonCT08aYou were right! I am a Redcoat Spy and the place is surrounded by my army!
5508MS15ButtonCTRoboticsEnough of this. Command protocol delta-seven-six. Reset.
5509MS15ButtonForgeEnd01Keep the Declaration safe... don't let anyone take it.
5510MS15ButtonForgeEnd02Do whatever you want... I'm out of here.
5511MS15ButtonForgeEnd03Blow yourself up.
5512MS15ButtonForgery01How can we create a convincing forgery?
5513MS15ButtonForgery01aAnything we can do to pull the wool over their eyes is a blow for freedom!
5514MS15ButtonForgery01bI've got it! We'll kill all of the English scholars!
5515MS15ButtonForgery02I'll try and get the ink for you.
5516MS15ButtonForgery02aThis is getting ridiculous. Just give me the Declaration, now!
5517MS15ButtonForgery03Let me think about that option.
5518MS15ButtonHackSpecialPlease describe your original function.
5519MS15ButtonJeff01It will be carried to our new President, Abraham Washington.
5520MS15ButtonJeff01aI'm taking it direct
5521MS15ButtonJeff02It will be brought to the State House for safe keeping.
5522MS15ButtonJeff02aI am presenting it to our King in Great Britain.
5523MS15ButtonJeff03Yes, Button. We won!
5524MS15ButtonJeff04Sure, whatever.
5525MS15ButtonJeff05Just give me the damn Declaration already!
5526MS15ButtonJeffEnd01Stand down, and honorably relinquish your post. You've earned a rest.
5527MS15ButtonJeffEnd02You can do whatever you like.
5528MS15ButtonJeffEnd03You're a disgrace. I order your immediate dismissal from the Congress!
5529MS15DeclineQuestPostUm... no. I've still got more important things to do.
5530MS15FinAbeWashCT02If I find anything, you'll be the first to know.
5531MS15FinAbeWashCT03Sure, sure. Just keep making with the loot.
5532MS15FinBailoutThat's all for now, I guess.
5533MS15FinGoodbyeWell, I'm off.
5535MS15FinTLAbeWashCT01How's the museum business?
5536MS15FinTLAbeWashLookingIs the museum looking to acquire anything else?
5537MS15FinTLSydneyAdventuresAny interest in partnering up again?
5538MS15FinTLSydneyAmmoWhat are you doing in Underworld?
5539MS15FinTLSydneyBackgroundSince we're done now, why don't you tell me about yourself?
5540MS15FinTLSydneyBackground01How did you get into the relic hunting business?
5541MS15FinTLSydneyBackground02You recovered all of that stuff in the Preservation Society's museum?
5542MS15FinTLSydneyBackground03Nice gun. I've never seen one like that.
5544MS15FinTLSydneyFatherSo, whatever happened to your father?
5545MS15FinTLSydneyStatusWhat are you up to?
5546MS15GoodbyeTopicI have to go now.
5547MS15GotItSydneyI have the Declaration of Independence.
5548MS15HealingSubMenuHere, take one of these Stimpaks. It should help.
5549MS15HealingSubMenuNoPacksI'm sorry, I'm out of meds. Hang in there.
5550MS15HealingSubMenuRefuseYou'll live, tough girl.
5551MS15HealingSubMenuSuperHere, take one of these Stimpaks. It should help.
5553MS15MuseumBillofRightsI have a document you may want. The Bill of Rights...
5554MS15MuseumMagnaCartaI've recovered a copy of the Magna Carta. Interested?
5555MS15MuseumNoNo thanks, I think I'll hold onto it.
5556MS15MuseumTB01Liberty Bell
5559MS15MuseumTB02Statue of Liberty Torch
5566MS15MuseumTB04Fort McHenry Cannon
5569MS15MuseumTB05Part of Original Stars & Stripes
5573MS15MuseumViolinWould you be interested in buying this Stradivarius violin for the museum?
5574MS15MuseumYesBoRSounds like a deal. Here you go.
5575MS15MuseumYesMCSounds like a deal. Here you go.
5576MS15QuestNoNot now. Maybe another time.
5577MS15QuestRewardSlow down there, gramps. What's this reward you're talking about?
5578MS15QuestWaitLet me think about this for a bit, and I'll get back to you.
5579MS15QuestYesI'd love to be a part of history, and bring you the Declaration.
5580MS15SydneyBackground01Sounds rough.
5581MS15SydneyBackground02What else are women good for, anyway?
5582MS15SydneyBackground03He seems harmless.
5583MS15SydneyBackground04That old man's out of his mind.
5584MS15SydneyCT01Thanks, you're not so bad yourself.
5585MS15SydneyCT02Yep. I sure am.
5586MS15SydneyCT02aYeah... better than you, deadeye.
5587MS15SydneyCT03What do you mean "fellow relic hunter"?
5588MS15SydneyCT03aI'm not looking for anything. I'm just passing through.
5589MS15SydneyCT03bI don't have time for this crap.
5590MS15SydneyCT04I don't work with strangers.
5591MS15SydneyCT05What are you proposing?
5592MS15SydneyCT06Hang on, there. You need to tell me who you are before I agree to anything!
5593MS15SydneyCT06aWho's stupid enough to shell out a bunch of caps for a scrap of paper?
5594MS15SydneyJoinNoNope, not interested.
5595MS15SydneyJoinWaitWhoa, whoa. Slow down. Let me think a minute.
5596MS15SydneyJoinYesSure, let's team up.
5606MS15TLAnythingElseIs there anything else you're looking for?
5607MS15TLArlingtonHow do I get to the Arlington Library?
5608MS15TLButtonFunctionHow did you end up in this place?
5609MS15TLButtonRebootWhat are your command options?
5610MS15TLButtonReboot01Issue shutdown command alpha-seven-three. Initiate.
5611MS15TLButtonReboot02Resume previous programming state. Command alpha-nine-nine.
5612MS15TLButtonReboot03Resume your original functions. Command alpha-six-eight. Initiate.
5614MS15TLDeclarationTopicI have a few questions about the Declaration of Independence.
5615MS15TLDeclarationTopic01What does the Declaration of Independence look like?
5616MS15TLDeclarationTopic02What's the history behind the document?
5617MS15TLDeclarationTopic03SCAll this info on the Declaration... Where'd you get it? I don't like secrets.
5618MS15TLFactsIs there anything else you can tell me about the Declaration?
5619MS15TLGotItI have the Declaration of Independence.
5620MS15TLGotItSydneySydney and I have the Declaration of Independence.
5621MS15TLGotItSydneyDeadI have the Declaration of Independence.
5622MS15TLGotItSydneyNoJoinI have the Declaration of Independence.
5623MS15TLHarknessAbeI'm looking for someone named Abraham Washington.
5624MS15TLInkI'm looking for some ink. I was told it might be here in the library.
5625MS15TLLocationCan you show me how to get to the National Archives on my map?
5626MS15TLSydneyBackgroundSince we're partners now, why don't you tell me about yourself?
5627MS15TLSydneyBackground01How did you get into the relic hunting business?
5628MS15TLSydneyBackground02You recovered all of that stuff in the Preservation Society's museum?
5629MS15TLSydneyBackground03Nice gun. I've never seen one like that.
5630MS15TLSydneyBackground04What happened to your father?
5631MS15TLSydneyConditionCheckAre you hurt?
5632MS15TLSydneyLetsGoLet's go.
5633MS15TLSydneyWaitHereWait here a minute.
5635MS15TLWhatsOurNextMoveWhat's our next move?
5636MS15TLWhoAbeWho's Abraham Washington?
5638MS16AmataExileAI understand. Goodbye, Amata.
5639MS16AmataExileBI saved the Vault, and now you're kicking me out?
5668MS16ButchHairdresserCan you give me a haircut?
5697MS16GeneralAboutRebelsTell me about the rebels.
5698MS16GeneralAboutStatusQuoTell me about the Rebels.
5699MS16GeneralNightQuestionWhat happened down here?
5800MS16PostEvacuate2ASlow down. Where is everyone?
5807MS16RaidInfoWhat did you hear from the guards?
5826MS17AgathaAngerTrack01Whatever, grandma. Like I care.
5827MS17AgathaAngerTrack02I'm sorry, the heat must be getting to me. My apologies.
5829MS17AgathaCT01That's funny, I was about to ask you the same thing.
5831MS17AgathaCT03I prefer to keep my business to myself. And I suggest you do the same.
5832MS17AgathaCT04Oh, your husband's dead? I'm sorry.
5833MS17AgathaCT05I take it you don't get many visitors, then.
5834MS17AgathaCT05aOh boo hoo. People die all the time.
5835MS17AgathaCT06Surely you haven't severed all contacts?
5836MS17AgathaCT06aA frail old lady like yourself should be careful out here all alone.
5837MS17AgathaCT06bOld lady alone, huh? Got anything valuable around?
5838MS17AgathaCT07What could you possibly have to trade?
5839MS17AgathaCT08That sounds risky. What if the caravan never arrives?
5840MS17AgathaCT08aTrade? This place is empty. What, are you a prostitute or something?
5841MS17AgathaCT09Is there any way I can help?
5842MS17AgathaCT09aLet's cut to the chase. Is there something you need?
5843MS17AgathaCT10Your husband's radio can broadcast across the entire Capital Wasteland?
5844MS17AgathaCT11You built a homemade violin, huh? Impressive.
5845MS17AgathaCT11IntelligenceI guess a homemade violin is never quite in tune...
5846MS17AgathaCTBackground01Sorry to interrupt, but where can I find the violin?
5847MS17AgathaCTBackground02You have records from back then?
5848MS17AgathaCTBackground032077? I can't even imagine that long ago.
5849MS17AgathaCTBackground04This already sounds kind of like a wild goose chase.
5850MS17AgathaCTBackground05Musical talent? Why would they care about that?
5851MS17AgathaCTBackground06This violin she owned, was it valuable?
5852MS17AgathaCTBackground07Actually, forget the stories... let's get to the point.
5853MS17AgathaCTBackground08After 200 years, how can you be certain the violin is in decent shape?
5854MS17AgathaCTBackground09So you want me to risk my ass for a violin that's probably rotted away by now?
5855MS17AgathaCTGetToItMore stories? Ugh...
5856MS17AgathaCTQuest01A violin? That's hardly something that would have survived the war.
5857MS17AgathaCTQuest02I'm interested, but what will you give me in return?
5858MS17AgathaCTQuest03I'd get you a damn moon rock if you pay well enough.
5859MS17AgathaCTQuestAcceptAll right. I give you my word I'll do my best to recover a violin for you.
5860MS17AgathaCTQuestAcceptGoodNaturedYou seem like a nice woman. Let me get that violin for you.
5861MS17AgathaCTQuestAcceptLadyKillerIf only you had something to help keep me safe, my little honey bee...
5862MS17AgathaCTQuestAcceptSCMeanLook, granny... Talk is cheap, but getting stuff isn't.
5863MS17AgathaCTQuestAcceptSCNiceI want to help you, but that type of search could cost me greatly.
5864MS17AgathaCTQuestHaveYou're in luck! I think I may already have what you're looking for.
5865MS17AgathaCTQuestHave01Yes, take this Stradivarius Violin I found in Vault 92.
5866MS17AgathaCTQuestHave02Maybe. You gonna give me something for it?
5867MS17AgathaCTQuestHave03Oh, you said violin? I thought you needed something else. Never mind.
5868MS17AgathaCTQuestWaitI need some time to think about it.
5869MS17AgathaCTVault9201Any idea where Vault 92 is located?
5870MS17AgathaCTVault9201aSo, what am I supposed to do, scour the entire Wasteland asking about violins?
5871MS17AgathaCTVault9202I know where Vault 92 is... I'll head there right away.
5872MS17BailoutLet me ask you about something else.
5873MS17FinAgathaTLFeelingHow are you feeling, Agatha?
5874MS17FinAgathaTLGoodbyeI have to be on my way.
5875MS17FinAgathaTLHowPlayYou play live on the radio all the time? That must be exhausting!
5876MS17FinAgathaTLPLayWould you mind playing the violin for me?
5877MS17FinAgathaTLSellBackViolinI've had a change of heart, Agatha. Here's your violin.
5878MS17FinAgathaTLViolinYou should write your music down, to keep it preserved for the future.
5879MS17FinAgathaViolin01It doesn't matter. Everything gets lost with time.
5880MS17FinAgathaViolin02You aren't going to live forever, you know.
5881MS17FinAgathaViolin03What do you need to get it done?
5882MS17FinAgathaViolin04Then stop whining about it, and do it!
5883MS17FinAgathaViolin05Music paper? Let me guess... you don't have any.
5884MS17FinAgathaViolin06Paper? Why not record it on a holotape?
5885MS17FinAgathaViolinNoLet me get back with you on this.
5886MS17FinAgathaViolinReward01No, no. Having you write it down is reward enough.
5887MS17FinAgathaViolinReward02Sure, I'll take whatever you can afford.
5888MS17FinAgathaViolinReward03It better be good. I busted my ass getting that paper.
5889MS17FinAgathaViolinRewardSub01No, no, no. You keep it. You may need it!
5890MS17FinAgathaViolinRewardSub02Thanks, Agatha. It's more than I expected.
5891MS17FinAgathaViolinWaitI suppose this one is a freebie too, eh?
5892MS17FinAgathaViolinYESSure, I'll get the paper for you.
5893MS17FinTLBuyBackViolinI broke a promise to someone and I'd like to buy back the violin for 300 caps.
5903MS17TLBuySoilStradI have a very unique item for sale, a genuine Stradivarius violin.
5904MS17TLBuySoilStradAbeWash01Sure, that sounds fair.
5905MS17TLBuySoilStradAbeWash02Let me consider your offer.
5906MS17TLBuySoilStradAbeWash03SCHow about we make it 300 caps?
5907MS17TLBuySoilStradAhz01I just thought you might be interested... It's an artifact.
5908MS17TLBuySoilStradAhz02You'd be the only one in the entire world to have this...
5909MS17TLBuySoilStradAhz03Some culture would be good for you, Ghoul.
5910MS17TLBuySoilStradAhz04Sure, 200 caps sounds good.
5911MS17TLBuySoilStradAhz05Actually, let me think about it.
5912MS17TLBuySoilStradAhz06Let's make it 300 caps and you have a deal.
5913MS17TLCouldntFindStradI'm sorry, Agatha. I couldn't find the violin in Vault 92.
5914MS17TLDontHaveStradI'm afraid I don't have the Stradivarius yet.
5915MS17TLGreatGrandmotherTell me a bit about your great-great-grandmother.
5916MS17TLSoilStradWhat do you know about the Soil Stradivarius?
5917MS17TLSoilStrad01How will I know the Stradivarius when I see it?
5918MS17TLSoilStrad02Is the Stradivarius worth a ton of caps?
5919MS17TLSoldViolinSorry, Agatha. I sold the Stradivarius to the highest bidder.
5920MS17TLStradStatusHere's your violin, Agatha.
5921MS17TLStradStatusLieI'm sorry, Agatha. I couldn't find the violin in Vault 92.
5922MS17TLVault92Do you have any information on Vault 92?
5923MS17TLVaultTecHQCan you tell me anything about Vault-Tec Headquarters?
5924MS18BailoutLet me ask you about something else.
5925MS18BrickEndgameCT01Yeah, Brick... You really, um, ventilated them...
5926MS18BrickEndgameCT02Has anyone ever spoken to you about anger management?
5927MS18BrickEndgameCT03Wow, you're certifiably insane, huh?
5928MS18ButcherCT01I'm afraid this is it.
5929MS18ButcherCT02No time for chatter. I'm here to get you guys out.
5930MS18ButcherCT02aA medic, huh? Can you patch me up?
5931MS18ButcherCT02bWell, looks like you got yourselves into a mess. Nice work.
5932MS18ButcherCT03Yeah, she's fine. They patched her up and she's resting in Underworld.
5933MS18ButcherCT04Who put you in charge?
5934MS18ButcherCT04aThe shit's about to hit the fan up here, and you're asking questions?
5935MS18ButcherCT05We'll chat about stuff later. We have to get out of here, right now!
5936MS18ButcherCT06Okay, fine. Yes, she's alive. She's safe in Underworld. Satisfied?
5937MS18ButcherCT06aLook, let's get out of here and I promise I'll take you to her.
5938MS18ButcherCT07Doesn't look like the elevator works anymore.
5939MS18ButcherCT08Are there any other ways off this roof?
5940MS18ButcherCT08aHere's some ammo for you.
5941MS18ButcherCT08bI'll call the shots from here.
5942MS18ButcherCT09Okay, I'll go back and look for the Fission Battery.
5943MS18ButcherCT10Why don't one of you come with me?
5944MS18ButcherCT11Maybe I can fix the elevator.
5945MS18ButcherCTNR01Reilly? Who's that? Never heard of her.
5946MS18ButcherCTNR02I don't know any Reilly, but I do know we need to get the hell off this roof.
5947MS18ButcherCTNR03I don't know a Reilly, and I'm out of here.
5948MS18ButcherCTNR04Yeah, let's do it.
5949MS18ButcherCTNR05I'd like to help, but nothing's free.
5950MS18ButcherCTNR06Screw this. I'm out of here.
5951MS18ColumbiaHeightsReillyCT01How can I get there from Underworld?
5952MS18ColumbiaHeightsReillyCT02Any good news about the area?
5953MS18DeadRangersAllI'm sorry Reilly... None of them made it. I did the best I could.
5955MS18DeadRangersBrickI'm sorry we lost Brick.
5956MS18DeadRangersBrickButcherI'm sorry we lost Brick and Butcher.
5957MS18DeadRangersBrickDonI'm sorry we lost Brick and Donavan.
5958MS18DeadRangersButcherI'm sorry we lost Butcher.
5959MS18DeadRangersButcherDonI'm sorry we lost Butcher and Donavan.
5960MS18DeadRangersDonI'm sorry we lost Donovan.
5961MS18DeadRangersNoneIt went extremely well, as you can see. We didn't lose anyone.
5962MS18DocBarrowsCT01Reilly's Rangers?
5963MS18DocBarrowsCT02What's wrong with her?
5964MS18DocBarrowsCT02aShe your new toy, zombie?
5965MS18DocBarrowsCT02bOkay, thanks. Got to go.
5966MS18DocBarrowsCT03How did she end up in the Chop Shop?
5967MS18DocBarrowsCT04Do you think there's any way to revive her?
5968MS18DocBarrowsCT05Do you mind if I try and revive her?
5969MS18DocBarrowsCT07I'd really like to speak to this woman. Please, wake her now.
5970MS18DocBarrowsGREETCT01What do you mean "fresh human samples"?
5971MS18DocBarrowsGREETCT02Stay away from me, you freak!
5972MS18DocBarrowsGREETCT03No, no. Nothing like that.
5973MS18DocBarrowsGREETCT04Sorry, I aim to keep all my samples to myself.
5974MS18DocBarrowsGREETCT05Touch me and I yell zombie.
5975MS18DocBarrowsMedicalGatewayI'm injured. Anything you can do for me?
5976MS18DocBarrowsMedicalGateway33Okay, here are the caps.
5977MS18DocBarrowsMedicalGateway66Here you go.
5978MS18DocBarrowsMedicalGateway99It's all here.
5979MS18DocBarrowsMedicalGatewayNoHmmm... I don't think so.
5980MS18DocBarrowsReillysConditionDo you think Reilly will be okay?
5981MS18DocBarrowsReviveCan you revive Reilly? I don't think I'm capable.
5982MS18DocBarrowsRevive01Please, Doc! She obviously needs someone's help.
5983MS18DocBarrowsRevive02Forget it!
5984MS18DocBarrowsRevive03If you revive her, I can find out what happened. Maybe even help her!
5985MS18DonovanEndgameCT01Nah. I've got things to do. But thanks for the compliment.
5986MS18DonovanEndgameCT02That would be great. Maybe I'll speak to Reilly about it.
5987MS18DonovanEndgameCT03Well, since I saved your ass, shouldn't you be joining me?
5988MS18FinBailoutLet's discuss something else.
5989MS18FinLostGeomapperI'm afraid I've lost my Geomapper...
5990MS18FinReillyCT01We all make mistakes, Reilly. You're not a fortune teller.
5991MS18FinReillyCT01aIt is what it is.
5992MS18FinReillyCT02Shit happens, Reilly. Get used to it.
5993MS18FinReillyCT03No, Theo died because of bad luck. That's all.
5994MS18FinReillyCT04Theo died because he was careless.
5995MS18FinReillyCT04aThere's tremendous risk in what you do and I bet Theo knew that.
5996MS18FinReillyCT05Let me help. You stay here and I'll do some mapping for you.
5997MS18FinReillyCT05aWell, I hope it all works out.
5998MS18FinReillyCT06Well, looks like you're on your own then.
5999MS18FinReillyCT07Sure. Why not. You look like you need the help.
6000MS18FinReillyCT08Well, yeah. I expect to be paid a merc's wage, though.
6001MS18FinReillyCT08aNah. I was just messing with ya.
6002MS18FinReillyCT09Done deal. I'll locate as many as I can for you.
6003MS18FinReillyCT10As long as the caps flow, you'll get your maps.
6004MS18FinReillyCT10aOn second thought, I think I'll pass.
6005MS18FinReillyTalon01Have you had run-ins with them?
6006MS18FinReillyTalon02Well, wouldn't you kill if that was part of your contract?
6007MS18FinReillyTalon03Sounds like my kind of people.
6008MS18FinTLCompoundCan I get into the Ranger Compound?
6009MS18FinTLHowAreThingsWhat's been happening since you've been back?
6010MS18FinTLMappingI have some mapping data for you.
6011MS18FinTLMedicalGatewayYeah, I think I'm hurt.
6012MS18FinTLRepairGatewayYeah, my equipment has seen better days.
6013MS18FinTLTalonCompanyWhat's the deal with Talon Company?
6014MS18GoodbyesI have to be on my way.
6015MS18MoreRangersReillyCT01How do I know they're still alive?
6016MS18MoreRangersReillyCT02Where is Theo's body?
6017MS18NurseGravesExit01Amazing! Do you think it will really work?
6019MS18NurseGravesExit03A Ghoul that wants to be human? That's a good one!
6020MS18NurseGravesReillyWhat can you tell me about Reilly?
6021MS18NurseGravesReilly01Why does Doctor Barrows care so much about humans, anyway?
6022MS18NurseGravesReilly02You seem to be taking very good care of her.
6023MS18NurseGravesReilly03He's experimenting on her? That's twisted!
6024MS18NurseGravesReilly04Has he met with any success?
6025MS18NurseGravesReilly05It's nice that you care so much.
6026MS18NurseGravesReilly06Hmph. I thought Ghouls hated humans.
6027MS18NurseGravesReilly07Why not?
6028MS18NurseGravesReilly08What exactly is the doctor trying to do? You can tell me.
6029MS18ReillyAngerTrack01I don't think you're in any condition to make threats.
6030MS18ReillyAngerTrack02Okay, okay. Sorry.
6031MS18ReillyAngerTrack03I don't cut anyone slack. Deal with it.
6032MS18ReillyCT01Whoa, whoa. Calm down! Who are you?
6033MS18ReillyCT01aHey, relax, you were badly wounded. Now... who are you?
6034MS18ReillyCT02Get a grip, lady.
6035MS18ReillyCT02aMedicineI don't think you're in any condition to be up and about.
6036MS18ReillyCT03My apologies. I didn't know who you were.
6037MS18ReillyCT04Reilly's Rangers, huh? Never heard of you.
6038MS18ReillyCT04aGunNutI've heard of you guys. You pack some serious firepower.
6039MS18ReillyCT04bOh, not the mighty Reilly's Rangers! Oooh, scary...
6040MS18ReillyCT05So, what's this about needing help? Tell me the whole story.
6041MS18ReillyCT06You look terrible. Maybe I shouldn't have woken you up so quickly.
6042MS18ReillyCT06aWow, Reilly. You look like shit.
6043MS18ReillyCT07You've been in a coma... chances are the Rangers are already dead.
6044MS18ReillyCT07aWhy don't you attempt a rescue? Your legs broken or something?
6045MS18ReillyCT11Let me guess, more Super Mutants inside?
6046MS18ReillyCT12Not a very smart move, if you ask me.
6047MS18ReillyCT13Bad move, I'm guessing.
6048MS18ReillyCT14Trapped yourself at the top of a tall building. Brilliant.
6049MS18ReillyCT15Last stand?
6050MS18ReillyCT16Look, I could care less about your stories.
6051MS18ReillyCT17So that leaves them up there. How come you're here?
6052MS18ReillyCT17ExplosivesDid you set any kinds of traps or mines?
6053MS18ReillyCT18I don't know, Reilly. This sounds like suicide.
6054MS18ReillyCT19What's in it for me if I risk my neck for you?
6055MS18ReillyCT19aForget it. I may as well shoot myself in the head and save the trouble.
6056MS18ReillyCT19bSCThere's something about this you're not telling me, isn't there?
6057MS18ReillyCTRadioYour team's still alive... I heard their distress signal!
6058MS18ReillyCTRadio01Tell me what's going on and I'll see if I can help.
6059MS18ReillyCTRadio02Start from the beginning.
6060MS18ReillyCTRadio03Sorry, sounds like suicide. Be my guest.
6061MS18ReillyEndgameCT01Nah. It was all in a day's work.
6062MS18ReillyEndgameCT02Yeah. That was a tough run.
6063MS18ReillyEndgameCT02aAre you kidding me? Hell would have been a damn picnic!
6064MS18ReillyEndgameCT03No, please continue... Your men are more important than my reward.
6065MS18ReillyEndgameCT04Yeah, please. I have much to do.
6066MS18ReillyEndgameCT04aYou're damn right I do!
6067MS18ReillyEndgameCT05What about my reward?
6068MS18ReillyEndgameCT06Hey, what about my damn reward?
6069MS18ReillyEndgameOtherStuff01Before we talk about that, do you have my reward?
6070MS18ReillyFastMissionLet's skip all the story and get to the point. What do you need?
6071MS18ReillyNegTrack01Sorry about being such a jerk, Reilly.
6072MS18ReillyNegTrack02I'm not going to bug you anymore.
6073MS18ReillyNegTrack03You don't scare me.
6074MS18ReillyProposalWhat did you need from me?
6075MS18ReillyProposalWaitHang on, I'll be back
6076MS18ReillyQuestNoSorry, I don't think I can help you.
6077MS18ReillyQuestRewardAltCombat Armor isn't going to do it for me. Got anything else?
6078MS18ReillyQuestRewardOriginalNah, I guess I'll go with the armor. Sounds like you've got a deal.
6079MS18ReillyQuestThinkI need some time to think about it.
6080MS18ReillyQuestYesAll right. I'll do it.
6081MS18ReillyQuestYesAltSounds like you have a deal.
6082MS18ReillyRewardArmorI'll go for the armor.
6083MS18ReillyRewardGunThe Minigun is more my speed.
6084MS18ReillyRewardOtherGot anything else?
6085MS18ReillyStart01Not long, fortunately.
6086MS18ReillyStart02What difference does it make?
6087MS18ReillyStart03Oh, it's been centuries. The planet is a lush, green paradise once again.
6088MS18ReillyWhatHappenedWhat happened to you and the rest of the Rangers?
6091MS18TLAlreadyHavePowerCellGuess what? You're in luck. I have the power cell.
6092MS18TLAmmoLocationWhere can I get some more ammo around here?
6093MS18TLAnythingThatWillHelpCan you think of anything that will help me get there?
6094MS18TLButcherHealGot anything for these injuries?
6095MS18TLButcherStoryTell me how this all happened.
6096MS18TLColumbiaHeightsWhat can you tell me about Vernon Square?
6097MS18TLDocReillyI'd really like to speak to Reilly and find out what happened to her.
6098MS18TLGotBatteryI have a Fission Battery that will fix that express elevator.
6099MS18TLHeresSomeAmmoHere, I brought you some ammo.
6100MS18TLHowDidHappenHow did this all happen, Reilly?
6101MS18TLHowDidYouSurviveHow have you guys survived up here?
6102MS18TLMoreRangersTell me more about Reilly's Rangers.
6103MS18TLWhereIsCellAny clue where I can find a Fission Battery?
6106NCRCFCarterLockpickI'm making myself useful around here. Need anything done?
6107NCRCFCarterLockpickDoneCracked that safe for you.
6108NCRCFCarterWillCheckSafeI'll see what I can do about the safe.
6110NCRCFChavezSeeWhatICanDoI'll see what I can do.
6111NCRCFDawesBeingUsefulHow do I make myself useful?
6112NCRCFDawesLetMeInI'd like to come in.
6113NCRCFDawesRepairDoneYou shouldn't have any more problems with the generator.
6114NCRCFEddieScoutingJobDoneLie[Lie]You're in trouble - the NCR is sending a battalion to take this place back.
6115NCRCFEddieSpeechLieRecoverySo, do I get a real job now or what?
6116NCRCFEddieWhatsTheJobWhat kind of job?
6127NellisJackGirlIssueSo tell me about this girl that caught your interest.
6128NellisJackScrap01I've got scrap metal for you.
6129NephiClubThat's a nice club you've got there.
6130NephiFiendsCan you tell me about Cook-Cook and Violet?
6131NephiIntroWho are you?
6132NephiNCRHow many NCR citizens you figure you've killed with that club?
6133NephiUtahI hear you came from Utah. A friend of yours asked me to check on you. Bert?
6136NobarkAbductorIDWho was it?
6137NobarkActingStrangeHas anybody been acting strange lately?
6138NobarkActuallyAtRepconWho do you think is actually at the factory?
6139NobarkBoonesWifeWhat do you know about the abduction of Boone's wife?
6140NobarkCanTalkFromHereWe can talk from this distance.
6141NobarkCorralDeathsWhat else do you know about the deaths at the corral?
6142NobarkFirstRumorHeard anything interesting?
6144NobarkGoingOnWhat's been going on in town?
6145NobarkIfYoureGoingToBeWeirdIf you're going to be weird, I'm just going to leave.
6146NobarkInterestingHappeningsIs anything interesting happening in the area?
6147NobarkLeavingI have to go now.
6148NobarkMeanNoHarmI don't mean any harm.
6149NobarkRumorsHeard anything else useful?
6150NobarkSomethingElseLet's talk about something else.
6151NobarkTalkAboutWhatTalk about what?
6153NobarkWhoTriedToMakeYouTalkWho tried to make you talk?
6154NobarkYouSaidYoudStabMeYou said you'd stab me with that dirty knife.
6158NovacGhoulInfoWhat can you tell me about the ghouls spotted to the west?
6159nvNelsonExplorerBarknvNelsonLegionaryExplorerTopic002Be calm. I am a friend of the Legion.
6160nvNelsonExplorerBarknvNelsonLegionaryExplorerTopic004I bear the Mark of Caesar.
6161nvNelsonExplorerBarknvNelsonLegionaryExplorerTopic005Easy, I'm a friend of the Legion.
6162nvNelsonExplorerBarknvNelsonLegionaryExplorerTopic006You just messed with the wrong guy.
6163nvNelsonExplorerBarknvNelsonLegionaryExplorerTopic007You just messed with the wrong gal.
6164nvNelsonExplorerBarknvNelsonLegionaryExplorerTopic008I came seeking yours, skirt boy.
6165nvNelsonExplorerBarknvNelsonLegionaryExplorerTopic009I'm just passing through.
6166nvNelsonExplorerBarknvNelsonLegionaryExplorerTopic010Yes, I'll go before your Decanus.
6167nvNelsonExplorerBarknvNelsonLegionaryExplorerTopic011What's a Decanus?
6168nvNelsonExplorerBarknvNelsonLegionaryExplorerTopic012Not without out fight.
6169nvNelsonExplorerBarknvNelsonLegionaryExplorerTopic013Good thing you're wearing a skirt, makes pissing yourself go easier.
6170nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic000What's the problem with your mission?
6171nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic001Tell me about the correctional facility.
6172nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic002Do you have any information on the convicts?
6173nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic003I have some other questions.
6174nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic004That's it for now.
6175nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic005What do you need to take over protecting the town?
6176nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic006Who did you say I should talk to again?
6177nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic007Not yet, but I will soon.
6178nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic008Yes. Tell the troops to come protect Primm.
6179nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic009Let me think about it.
6180nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic010What's the New California Republic?
6181nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic011Can you tell me more about the NCR?
6182nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic012What's the Legion?
6183nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic014Why is the NCR interested in this desert?
6184nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmDeputyTopic000What are you doing in here?
6185nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmDeputyTopic001Can you tell me about the people who passed through town now?
6187nvProGhoulPrisonersFaceToFaceNo, I just wanted to come down here to kill you up close.
6188nvProGhoulPrisonersHarlandSentMeHarland sent me. The way is clear, so get going.
6189nvProNightkinMasterGhoulAgreeDELETE THIS
6190nvProNightkinMasterGhoulWhyWhy can't you just send your men in to kill the ghoul?
6191nvProNightkinMasterGoodbyeI have to go.
6192nvProNightkinMasterGoodLuckWell, good luck finding them. I'm headed elsewhere.
6193nvProNightkinMasterLeavingI think I've helped enough for one day. Bye.
6194nvProNightkinMasterMasterWho was this "Master" you served?
6195nvProNightkinMasterMaybeI'll think about it.
6196nvProNightkinMasterPrisonersYou can release the prisoners. I promise they're no threat.
6197nvProNightkinMasterRealProblemWhich is?
6198nvProNightkinMasterStealthBoysHereWhyWhat makes you think there are Stealth Boys here?
6199nvProNightkinMasterWhereWillYouGoWhere will you go once you have them?
6200nvProNightkinMasterWhyHereWhy did you all come here, in the middle of nowhere?
6222OHanrahanArmyHow'd you end up in the Army?
6223OHanrahanCampGolfWhat do you think of Camp Golf?
6224OHanrahanFightingWhy are you so afraid of fighting?
6225OHanrahanHistoryTell me a little more about yourself.
6226OHanrahanMisfitsCan you tell me about your squadmates?
6228OpeningNodeQuestionsI wanted to ask you some questions.
6229OscarVelascoCampAre you the one who's been raiding the refugee camp at Bitter Springs?
6230OscarVelascoDieIt's time to die.
6231OscarVelascoMassacreWhat happened to your people?
6233PapaKhanCaesarI've come to ask the Great Khans to break their alliance with Caesar's Legion.
6235PapaKhanKarlDisgraceYou should look at this. It's Karl's journal, and it's very revealing of his true opinions.
6236PapaKhanKhansCan you tell me about your people?
6237PapaKhanPowderGangersI've come with an offer of alliance from the Powder Gangers at Vault 19.
6238ParkerDisappearancesTell me about those disappearances again.
6240ParkerIntroWho are you?
6241ParkerKeithTell me about Keith again.
6242ParkerRefugeeCampWhat exactly is this place?
6243ParkerResultsI found this ledger in Dermot's room.
6244ParkerTeddyBearGirlI found this teddy bear in Saint James' room. Look familiar?
6245PaulineCharismaCharm Pauline into Rethinking their plan.
6248PaulinePlanWhat's your plan?
6251PerkCKLittlehornGreeting1Remind me what this deal is, again.
6252PerkCKLittlehornGreeting2Yeah, I'm here about the deal.
6253PerkCKLittlehornGreeting3Body parts for money. I like that. Now pay me.
6254PerkCKLittlehornQDoHereWhat do you do here?
6255PerkCKLittlehornQEarsWhy do you want ears?
6256PerkCKLittlehornQPeopleWhat do these people do?
6257PerkCKLittlehornQWhoWho are you anyway.
6258PerkCKLittlehornSellEarsI have ears to sell you.
6259PerkCKLittlehornSellEarsAllHere. Take all of them.
6260PerkCKLittlehornSellEarsENDActually, never mind. I'll hang on to them.
6261PerkLBJundersPunkettI killed Junders Plunkett.
6262PerkLBSonoraGreeting1I don't care about your cause. I'm here for the money.
6263PerkLBSonoraGreeting2What are the Regulators all about?
6264PerkLBSonoraGreeting2aI'm in.
6265PerkLBSonoraGreeting2bI'm not one for causes. I just want to get paid.
6266PerkLBSonoraGreeting3Yes. I want to join you.
6267PerkLBSonoraQDoHereWhat do you do?
6268PerkLBSonoraQFingersWhat do you do with these fingers?
6269PerkLBSonoraQWhereIsEveryoneIs this all of the Regulators?
6270PerkLBSonoraSellFingersI have fingers to collect the bounty on.
6271PerkLBSonoraSellFingersAllHere. Take all of them.
6272PerkLBSonoraSellFingersENDActually, never mind. I'll hang on to them.
6273PersuasionAttemptCome on. I'm not so bad. There's more you want to tell me, isn't there?
6274PersuasionAttemptExitNever mind then.
6276PFBleakViewWhat are you looking at?
6277PFBreadboxHowAreYouAre you okay? You seem a little out of it.
6278PFBreadboxHowAreYou1I said: Are you all right?
6279PFBreadboxHowAreYou2Never mind, you crazy old bastard.
6280PFCarolinaRedMeanWhy are you so goddamned mean?
6281PFCutterChemsLet me see your Chems.
6282PFCutterMedical33YESAll right. Let's do this.
6283PFCutterMedical66YESAll right. Let's do it.
6284PFCutterMedical99YESAll right. Let's do it.
6285PFCutterMedicalContNONo. That'll do.
6286PFCutterMedicalContYESActually, there was something else.
6287PFCutterMedicalNOActually, never mind.
6288PFCutterSuppliesI want to buy medical supplies.
6304PFGrouseGreetingInitial1Paradise Falls? What's that?
6305PFGrouseGreetingInitial1aSlaves? Like people? That's appalling!
6306PFGrouseGreetingInitial1a1Yeah, whatever. Let's talk about something else.
6307PFGrouseGreetingInitial1a2I'm out of here. You people are sick.
6308PFGrouseGreetingInitial1a3I'll let my gun do the preaching.
6309PFGrouseGreetingInitial1bSlaves, huh? Well, everyone's got to make a living.
6310PFGrouseGreetingInitial2So, can I head on up?
6311PFGrouseGreetingInitial3Never mind. It's not a place I want to be.
6312PFGrouseGreetingReconsider1Come on, man. Are you sure I can't get up there?
6313PFGrouseGreetingReconsider1aSure thing, Grouse. Here's the 100 caps.
6314PFGrouseGreetingReconsider1bNever mind. I don't want to get in that badly.
6315PFGrouseGreetingReconsider2I guess I'll get going then.
6316PFJotunWhat do you do around here?
6317PFJotunGreeting1Is that your name?
6318PFJotunGreeting1aWell, nice to meet you, err... Jotun.
6319PFJotunGreeting1bWhat kind of stupid name is Jotun?
6320PFJotunGreeting2Nice to meet you, Jotun.
6325PFProntoRepairI need to you repair my weapons.
6326PFProntoServicesLet me see your inventory.
6436PFYmirWhere do you come from?
6437PFYmirBartenderWhy did you kill that bartender?
6451PlayerRemoveItemMS04AmorousAttire1Player.RemoveItem MS04AmorousAttire 1
6456PoindexterArmyHow'd a guy like you end up in the Army?
6457PoindexterHistoryTell me about yourself.
6458PoindexterMisfitsAre you in charge around here?
6460postMS16Greeting1ASounds like a deal. Good to see you on the outside, Butch!
6461postMS16Greeting1BHow did you get all the way down here?
6462postMS16Greeting1COh great. I thought I was rid of you.
6463postMS16SuppliesCan I pick up some supplies?
6465PrimmEddieSheriff1Meyers wants to be sheriff.
6466PrimmEddieSheriff2Meyers wants to sheriff Primm, and wants you to leave the town alone.
6467PrimmEddieSheriffByeForget I said anything.
6468PrimmNashDeliveryTopicWhat can you tell me about this job?
6469PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic000I have some questions about Primm.
6470PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic001I have some more questions about Primm.
6471PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic002I'd like to ask you about something else.
6473PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic004What about Primm Slim? Could he be sheriff?
6474PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic005Do you know who he was? Where he went?
6475PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic006What's Novac?
6476PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic007I have some questions about your robot.
6477PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic008Do you know where I can find the courier office?
6478PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic009What was strange about it?
6479PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic010Some men stole my package. A man in a checkered suit and some thugs. Did they pass this way?
6480PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic011Where did it come from?
6481PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic012What is wrong with it?
6482PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic013Do you mind if I try to fix it?
6483PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic014One of those men shot me. I need to know the best way to get to them.
6484PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic015Cowboy robot? You mean the one over there?
6485PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic016Cowboy robot? You mean Primm Slim?
6486PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic017How do you know that?
6487PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic018What are you talking about?
6488PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic019I have some questions about ED-E.
6489PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic020Where did it come from?
6490PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic021Did you ever hear it say anything odd?
6491PrimmNashDialoguePrimmJohnsonNashTopic022Any idea what I should do with it?
6495PrimmSlimAboutBisonSteveTell me about the Bison Steve.
6498PrimmSlimAboutPrimmTell me about Primm
6499PrimmSlimGunDid you know that Vance's gun is missing?
6500PrimmSlimGunMissingNo, the gun is missing.
6502PrimmSlimGunScienceWhat happened to Vance's Gun?
6504PrimmSlimSheriffReprogram Primm Slim to serve as Primm's Sheriff.
6505PrimmSlimSheriff2Reprogram Primm Slim to serve as Primm's Sheriff using parts.
6506PrimmSlimSomethingElseOk then, let's talk about something else.
6509PrimmSlimWhoIsVikiAndVanceTell me about the Vikki and Vance
6679RailroadRepsonse2aWhat would you have me do?
6680RailroadRepsonse2bThis conversation's over, Ms. Watts. Now step aside.
6681RailroadResponse1aWho the hell are you?
6682RailroadResponse1bI think you're confusing me with someone else...
6683RailroadResponse1cLook, whoever this missing android is, I just want to help. Okay?
6684RailroadResponse1dWhat I do with my own time is my own goddamn business.
6685RangerAndyLegDid you do something to your leg?
6686RangerAndyLegStoryWhat happened?
6687RangerAndySomethingElseLet's talk about something else.
6688RangerAndyStationAcceptLogQuestI'll come back when I know more.
6690RangerAndyStationDeclineLogQuestI'm not interested in this town's problems.
6691RangerAndyStationLookIntoOfferWould you feel better if I checked on your NCR friends for you?
6692RangerAndyStationNCRWeakThe Rangers are soft. They're probably already dead.
6693RangerAndyStationProbablyNothingA station full of Rangers ought to be able to handle themselves.
6694RangerAndyStationRansackedI went to the ranger station. Everyone there was wiped out.
6695RangerAndyStationReportLie The attackers are all dead too. It's impossible to identify them.
6696RangerAndyStationReportNoDetailsI don't know the details. I just saw a lot of dead rangers.
6697RangerAndyStationReportTrueMembers of Caesar's Legion ambushed them.
6698RangerAndyStationReportUnsureActually, I'm still not sure.
6699RangerAndyStationReturnWithLogI found out who killed the Rangers at Station Charlie.
6700RangerAndyTakedownReactionShow me.
6701RangerAndyUsefulKnowledgeYour body is injured, not your mind. You're kidding yourself if you think you're useless.
6702RangerAndyWhatDoYouDoWhat do you do here, Andy?
6703RangerAndyWithNCRYou're with the NCR, right?
6706RaulDecisionAbout your decision....
6718RaulQuestionsI have some questions I'd like to ask you.
6723RaulSelfTell me about yourself.
6725RaulStoriesWill you tell me some of your stories again?
6731RazzArmyWhy are you in the Army?
6732RazzCampGolfCan you tell me anything about Camp Golf?
6733RazzHistorySo, what's your story?
6734RazzMisfitsKnow anything about your squadmates?
6735RCAngelaGreetNastyYou're a sweet little thing. Do you charge by the hour?
6736RCAngelaGreetNiceIt's nice to see a family in business together.
6737RCAngelaNameGalleyWhy is this place called Gary's Galley?
6738RCAngelaNatureUnfortunately you can't force a man's attentions.
6739RCAngelaPheromoneI have some ant queen pheromones that might do the trick.
6740RCAngelaSeduceMen are such pigs. Forget him.
6741RCAngelaStaleyManTroubleDo the men on this ship give you much trouble?
6742RCArmitageBodyguardWhat are you? Some sort of bodyguard?
6743RCArmitageMollifyEasy, pal. I'm just minding my own business here.
6744RCBannonBarterJust show me your stuff.
6745RCBannonInsultClothesHow dare you insult my taste in clothes.
6746RCBannonNotGoodEnoughSo I'm not good enough to shop here?
6747RCBannonRefinementI see you are also a person of refinement.
6748RCBannonSeagraveAgreeSeagrave? Oh yeah. He's clueless.
6749RCBannonSeagraveDisagreeWhoever this Seagrave is, you think he's a threat to your influence?
6750RCBannonSeagraveExitIt's really none of my business.
6752RCBannonSeagraveLetterI found a letter in Seagrave's room. It's from some Slavers...
6754RCBelleFoulMouthedThis place is real dump.
6755RCBelleGossipHeard any good stories lately?
6756RCBelleNicePlaceNice place you have here.
6757RCBelleSwillIs this swill even safe to drink?
6758RCBrockNoSirNo, sir. I'm just here to drink and talk.
6759RCBrockTroublemakerThat depends. What makes a troublemaker?
6760RCChristieYoungRelatedAre you related to Henry Young?
6761RCChurchDonate10I can only spare 10 caps.
6762RCChurchDonate100I'd like to donate 100 caps.
6763RCChurchDonate50I have 50 caps I can donate.
6764RCChurchDonateZeroCaps? Oh. I thought I could give you some items...
6765RCChurchDonationI'd like to make a donation to the church.
6766RCCindyCantelliSlowDownWhoa! Slow down, lady. You're freaking me out.
6767RCCindyFunnyI like you. You're funny. I assume you sell Chems?
6768RCCindyRelaxRelax. I'm just looking around.
6769RCCindySamplingDamn! You sound like you've been sampling your own stuff.
6770RCCindyWokenPaulieDeadPaulie's dead. He has been for a while.
6771RCDanversAppologizeWhoa! I just wanted to ask you something.
6772RCDanversBannonBlackmailBannon is trying to blackmail Seagraves Holmes.
6773RCDanversReportToSo, you report to Chief Harkness?
6774RCDanversSeagraveLetterI found this letter in Seagrave's room. I thought you should see it.
6775RCDiegoChurchThere's a church in Rivet City?
6776RCDiegoCrazyYou're a fool to pass up a chance at love with Angela.
6777RCDiegoKeepSecretOkay, I believe you. I was just curious about it.
6778RCDiegoPriestIf you're the acolyte, who's the priest?
6779RCDiegoThreatenIf you don't stop seeing her, I'll tell Father Clifford about it.
6780RCDirectionsI'm kind of lost. Can you help me?
6781RCDirectionsHealingWhere can I get medical help?
6782RCDirectionsInChargeWho's in charge around here?
6783RCDirectionsRestIs there someplace I can sleep?
6784RCDirectionsScienceLabWhere is Doctor Li's lab?
6785RCDirectionsStoresWhere are the stores?
6786RCDocPrestonDrugsGot any Chems? I could really use a fix.
6787RCDocPrestonStealThis place looks pretty easy to rob. You have any problems with thieves?
6788RCFatherCliffordChurchYou're a priest?
6789RCFatherCliffordDiegoRumorIt's just a rumor. I'd ask Diego about it first.
6790RCFatherCliffordSawItI saw them myself, on the light deck. Under the stars...
6791RCFlakAfraidAren't you afraid someone will use your own guns to rob you?
6792RCFlakBigGunsDo you have the big stuff? Flamers, Missile Launchers, stuff like that?
6793RCFlakLousyThis is quite a selection, but they're all in lousy condition.
6794RCFlakNameCute names. Did you make them up, or are you just trying to look tough?
6795RCFlakPeashooterThis peashooter has saved my ass more than once.
6796RCGaryNotNowNot now. I'm busy
6797RCGaryStaleyBadFoodHow do I know your slop is even edible?
6798RCGaryStaleyHungryI am getting a bit hungry.
6799RCGaryStaleyJudgeMyselfI hunt for my own food.
6800RCGaryStaleyLoveMirelurkI'm partial to Mirelurk Cakes myself.
6801RCGaryStaleyOtherFoodMirelurk gives me gas. I'd rather have squirrel.
6816RCHarknessMollifyMe? Cause problems? Wouldn't dream of it. Your throat is safe with me.
6817RCHarknessThreatenAnd just how are you going to stop me?
6819RCJamesHargraveDifuseHey, I didn't mean to upset you...
6820RCJamesHargraveFamilySo, where's your family?
6821RCJamesHargraveOnYourOwnYou're on your own, kid. You're the one who decided to run away.
6822RCJamesHargraveProvokeOoh! That hurt! Do us all a favor and just run away from home.
6823RCJamesHargraveSaveYourselfThis is your mess, kid. Get yourself out of it.
6824RCJamesHargraveScaredYou don't need to be scared, son.
6825RCJamesHargraveStealI bet you aren't afraid of anything. Would you steal some ammo for me?
6826RCJamesHargraveTakeHomeSure, kid. Sorry I said those things. Let's get you home.
6827RCJamesHargraveTauntYour mother's a bitch and you're a spoiled little punk.
6829RCMeiWongDontWorryDon't worry. I would never turn in a runaway slave.
6830RCMeiWongGunHere's 25 caps. Maybe you can buy yourself a gun.
6831RCMeiWongIntimidateYes. I'm one of them. Have been for years.
6832RCMeiWongIntroductionI'm not going to hurt you. What are you so scared of?
6833RCMeiWongNotMyProblemHey, it's none of my business. Let the past be the past.
6834RCMeiWongNutsLady, you're nuts.
6835RCMeiWongRevealedYou're a runaway. I had to tell Sister about you.
6836RCMeiWongSisterWho's this Sister? A nun?
6837RCMeiWongSlaveSo you're an escaped slave? Now I understand...
6838RCMeiWongThinkAboutItLet me think about it.
6839RCMeiWongYourOwnYou're on your own. I'm not getting involved.
6840RCMisterBuckinghamOwnerWho's your owner, rust bucket?
6841RCMisterBuckinghamQuestionWhat is this place?
6842RCMisterLopezChurchSuicide is a sin. Kill yourself, and your soul won't go to Heaven.
6843RCMisterLopezCowardCouldn't save your family, can't kill yourself... You're fucking pathetic.
6844RCMisterLopezNotInvolvedUm... yeah. Well, look at the time. I have to go now...
6845RCMisterLopezSadYou seem depressed.
6846RCMisterLopezSuicideIf that's what you really want, I'll help you.
6847RCMisterLopezTedStrayerWhat about Ted? He needs guidance. A father figure.
6848RCMisterLopezWhyNotWhy wouldn't I remember you?
6849RCMisterLopezWrongReal courage is living. Only cowards commit suicide.
6853RCPaulieCantelliBadForYouYou shouldn't take that stuff. It'll kill you.
6854RCPaulieCantelliGiveDrugsHere. Have some Psycho.
6855RCPaulieCantelliStashYou're a junkie? Tell me where you keep your stash. Now!
6856RCPaulieCantelliStealDrugsWhy don't you just take them from your shop?
6857RCPinkertonWhat are you doing here in this wrecked part of the ship?
6859RCPinkertonWorkWhat kind of work do you do in here?
6861RCPrivateJoneEmergencyPrivate, there's a security emergency on the flight deck!
6862RCPrivateJonesStayOutAt ease, private. I'm here to inspect the armory.
6863RCPrivateJonesWhoAreYouSo what's your story, slag heap?
6878RCSeagraveAnythingAnything? Chems? Guns? How about parts and junk?
6880RCSeagraveBannonStealBannon tells me you're trying to steal his Council seat.
6881RCSeagraveJunkJust what the Wasteland needs, another junk vendor...
6882RCSeagraveRipoffHow do I know you won't rip me off?
6883RCSeagraveT51bYou got a T-51b? No? Then you don't have everything.
6884RCSeagraveTooMuchThank God! I can barely carry all this stuff.
6885RCSecurityTroubleI'd like to report someone.
6887RCShrapnelGunsKnow where I can offload some guns?
6888RCShrapnelLikeGunsMan, I love guns. Nothing's better than the kick of a .44!
6889RCShrapnelNoLikeGunsAny fool can use a gun.
6890RCShrapnelToughGuyYou some sort of tough guy? You want to try me?
6891RCShrapnelWhineWhat's your problem? Loosen up, pal.
6892RCSisterNameBut you're a man. Why do they call you Sister?
6893RCSisterOkayHey, I don't want any trouble.
6894RCSparks2I'm just looking around.
6895RCSparksJobWhat is all this crap, metal head?
6897RCTammyHargraveBadKidSome kids are just born bad.
6898RCTammyHargraveBitchYou don't have to be such a bitch...
6899RCTammyHargraveGoodKidThere are no bad children. Only bad parents.
6900RCTammyHargraveJamesDeadWhat are you so upset about?
6901RCTammyHargraveNoSeeNo, I haven't seen him.
6902RCTammyHargraveWhoCaresI don't think so. I've got questions.
6903RCTammyHargraveYourSonIs that your son running around here?
6904RCTedStrayerAgreeSounds like a plan, man.
6905RCTedStrayerDoAnythingDo you actually do anything here in Rivet City?
6906RCTedStrayerLoserI know your type. You're a freeloader and a waste of breath.
6907RCTedStrayerRelaxedYou seem pretty relaxed.
6908RCTopicCityCouncilI heard that Rivet City is run by some sort of Council?
6909RCTopicCJYoungMissingHave you seen C.J. Young lately?
6910RCTopicCPSWhat is the Capital Preservation Society?
6911RCTopicDiegoAngelaI heard Angela Staley has a crush on Diego.
6912RCTopicDoctorLiWhat can you tell me about Doctor Li?
6913RCTopicGetDrinksWhere can I get a stiff drink?
6914RCTopicHangarDeckPeopleWhat is this I hear about the Hangar Deck and Upper Deck?
6915RCTopicJameHargraveProblemI've met your mother. No wonder you're such a brat.
6916RCTopicMeiWongsProblemDid you know that Mei Wong is a runaway slave?
6917RCTopicMisterLopezI think Mister Lopez is suicidal.
6918RCTopicPaulieAddictDid you know that Paulie Cantelli is an addict?
6919RCTopicRivetCityWhat kind of place is this Rivet City?
6920RCTopicSaintMonicaWho is this Saint Monica?
6922RCTopicTammyHargraveDrunkYou're too chicken to run away.
6923RCTopicWeddingWhen are Angela and Diego getting married?
6924RCTrinnieBuyDrinkSure. Here's 5 caps. Go ahead and pick your poison.
6925RCTrinnieNoSecretKeep your secret. I wouldn't want to take advantage of you.
6926RCTrinnieNotInterestedSorry. Not interested. Get your own drinks.
6927RCTrinnieSecretSo what's this secret?
6928RCVeraWeatherlyGossipHave you heard any interesting gossip?
6932RCWhatDoYouDoWhat do you people do here all day?
6933RCWokenUpI need to talk to you.
6934RCWokenUpBackToSleepSorry. Go back to sleep.
6935RCWokenUpThreatScream all you want. It won't help.
6936RCZimmerNewAre you from Rivet City? You don't act like the rest of them.
6937RDBacktoTopicsI think I get the idea. Let me ask you something else.
6938RDBobInsipidI don't think you should be in charge of anything.
6939RDBobInspireI think you should go for it.
6940RDBobInsultYou're too young to take Dave's place, anyway.
6941RDBobPersuadeDave is corrupt! The Republic needs a new champion of freedom!
6944RDDaveAmbassadorMost exalted President Dave, I am an ambassador from the Wasteland.
6945RDDaveApologizeGoodbyeI'm sorry. I'll just be leaving...
6946RDDaveAsylumI am seeking asylum, Mister President.
6947RDDaveBRBIf you'll excuse me a moment, I'll be right back.
6948RDDaveButterflyYour father was a monarch? You mean like the butterfly?
6949RDDaveCitizenshipI seek citizenship in the Republic of Dave.
6954RDDaveDictatorshipI'd say it looks more like a dictatorship.
6955RDDaveElectionDontKnowI really wouldn't know. I just got here.
6956RDDaveElectionYesYes, absolutely.
6957RDDaveHelpWhat am I supposed to do?
6958RDDaveInsultI am not calling you "Mister President" every time I speak!
6959RDDaveLetStayA1There must be something I can do to stay.
6960RDDaveLetStayA2What if I just make a donation to the Republic... and you let me stay?
6961RDDaveLetStayA3You crazy, condescending asshole! No one exiles me!
6962RDDaveLetStayB1A Hunting Rifle? Fine, I'll be back with one.
6963RDDaveLetStayB2I'll be back with 250 caps.
6964RDDaveLetStayB3I'm not giving you anything.
6965RDDaveMonarchSo, your father was a monarch and you're a president? How does that work?
6966RDDaveSpyNoNo, of course not!
6967RDDaveSpyRidiculousSpy on what? Your trailer-home?
6968RDDaveSpyYesI don't consider myself a spy so much as... your assassin.
6969RDDaveStandUpNobody talks to me that way.
6970RDDaveTeaseMaybe you should take a minute to listen to yourself...
6971RDDaveTravellerI'm just a traveler. I guess you could say I'm vacationing.
6974RDGottaGoI've got to go.
6976RDGuardChildatHeartDon't worry. I'm just here to play Republic with you.
6978RDGuardEnterI think I'd like to meet Dave.
6980RDGuardGoAwayI'm just a wanderer. I'll be going now.
6981RDGuardNiceI'm not here to hurt anyone. What is this place?
6982RDGuardNoThanksUm... I don't think so. I'll stay out here.
6983RDGuardWhoIsDaveWait, who's this Dave guy, and why does he have his own Republic?
6984RDMuseumContributeA1Does the museum accept donations?
6985RDMuseumContributeA2I happen to have some souvenirs from Dave's past for sale.
6986RDMuseumContributeA3Well, everything here looks like a piece of junk.
6987RDMuseumContributeA4Nevermind. Just thought I'd ask.
6988RDNeverMindActually, I think I have all the info I need.
6991RDRosieInsipidIt could be pretty tough, I guess.
6992RDRosieInspireIt's not a betrayal. This is a free, um, nation... right?
6993RDRosieInsultIs it because you're too stupid to be President?
6994RDRosiePersuadeYou could lead the Republic into a new era! The Democracy of Rosie!
7003RDSubElectionGoVoteYou should go vote, if you haven't already.
7004RDSubElectionOpponentsWho's running in the election?
7005RDSubElectionSuggestionHave you considered running for the presidency?
7006RDSubElectionThrowHatI'd like to throw my hat into the ring and run for the presidency.
7008RDTopicCountVotesLooks like all the votes are in, Mister President.
7009RDTopicElectionI'd like to discuss the election with you.
7010RDTopicElectionResultsHave you heard the election results?
7011RDTopicGoVoteYou should go vote, if you haven't already.
7012RDTopicHappeningsWhat's new?
7013RDTopicKillYour Republic is forfeit. Prepare to be reclaimed by the Wasteland!
7014RDTopicMuseumThis guy Dave has his own museum?
7015RDTopicRoDI'd like to know more about the Republic.
7016RDTopicRoDENDThat's all I need to know.
7017RDTopicRoundUpCould I help with the election, Mister President?
7018RDTopicSecretsI'm ready to pass along the secrets of my former nation, Mister President.
7019RDTopicSecretsBRBForget it, Dave. I'm not giving you any secrets.
7020RDTopicSecretsInsultI come from the Land of the Mirelurks! They demand you surrender the Republic!
7021RDTopicSecretsPersuadeMy nation is a helpless, unarmed village to the north. We beg your assistance.
7022RDTopicSecretsTruthMy former nation was a Vault. The only secrets were kept by the Overseer.
7024RDTopicThisPlaceWhat's your take on the Republic?
7026RDTopicWaterDid you just ask for some water?
7027RDTopicWhosInChargeTell me more about this Dave guy.
7028RDTopicWivesDave has two wives?
7029RDTopicWivesA1Where did all these wives come from?
7030RDTopicWivesA2Dave's got the right idea. Sign me up!
7031RDTopicWivesA3Having two wives sounds like trouble.
7032RDTopicWivesA4You're all freaks.
7033RDTopicWivesA5I've heard enough.
7034RDTopicYourselfWhat can you tell me about yourself?
7040RegisNCRWhat's your opinion of the NCR?
7041RegisPapaKhanTell me about Papa Khan.
7045RepconChrisFuelIdeasAny idea where I might be able to find nuclear material?
7046RepconChrisHaveFuelI have the nuclear material you need.
7047RepconChrisHaveRocketThis souvenir rocket I have glows. Will it serve as fuel?
7048RepconChrisPartsIdeasAny thoughts on where I might find some computer parts?
7049REPCONGhoulPrisonersGiveStealthBoysHere, I've got three stealthboys.
7050REPCONGhoulPrisonersGuardsDeadThe mutants are dead. You're free.
7051REPCONGhoulPrisonersGuardsGoneThe guards are gone. You're free to leave.
7052REPCONGhoulPrisonersHarlandHelpHarland sent me. I'm here to get you out of here.
7053REPCONGhoulPrisonersJustExploringActually, I was just wandering around.
7054REPCONGhoulPrisonersNotYetNot yet. I'm still working on it.
7062REPCONHQFreeformREPCONTourGuideTopic001I'd like a tour of the museum.
7063REPCONHQFreeformREPCONTourGuideTopic002What can you tell me about REPCONN?
7064REPCONHQFreeformREPCONTourGuideTopic003REPCONN's history.
7065REPCONHQFreeformREPCONTourGuideTopic004Research and development.
7066REPCONHQFreeformREPCONTourGuideTopic005Tell me about RobCo.
7067REPCONHQFreeformREPCONTourGuideTopic006That's enough about REPCONN.
7069REPCONHQGoodByeDUPLICATE000Sorry, I was just leaving.
7088RivetCityBarterI'm here to do business with you.
7089RivetCityBodyPartHealParts of me are broken, doc.
7090RivetCityDoctorNoI've changed my mind. I'll live with the pain.
7091RivetCityHealI'm pretty banged up, doc.
7092RivetCityMedicalCan you help me doc?
7093RivetCityNewFaceI need a new face, doc.
7094RivetCityRepairI need you to repair my stuff.
7095RNash0GlandsNever mind.
7096RNash1GlandI have 1 radscorpion gland.
7097RNash3GlandsI have 3 glands.
7098RNash4GlandsI have a bunch.
7099RNashAboutPrimmTell me about Primm.
7100RNashCasseroleHowManyI have some radscorpion glands. Can you make me some casserole?
7102RNashWhoAreU[Ask about services]
7121RSAlphaQuestCommRangerAlphaTopic002Anything going on around here?
7124RSGlobalCommBreakdownSergeantReyesTopic000But I already got a tattoo with your name on it. Want to see it?
7125RSGlobalCommBreakdownSergeantReyesTopic001You'd think the NCR would be very concerned about this sort of thing.
7126RSGlobalCommBreakdownSergeantReyesTopic002You think someone is listening in on your broadcasts?
7127RSGlobalCommBreakdownTopic000Great, neither am I. Glad we cleared that up.
7128RSGlobalCommBreakdownTopic001I think you're mistaking me for someone else.
7129RSGlobalCommBreakdownTopic002What do you need help with?
7130RSGlobalCommBreakdownTopic003I can't do this right now.
7131SammyGiveUpSammy! Give up your plan, it'll fail!
7132SammyGunI know you have the gun, Sammy.
7134SammyPaulineConvincedI convinced Pauline that you shouldn't go through with this.
7135SammyPlanWhat is your plan?
7138SgtMcGeeAboutGeneral information about McGee personally
7139SgtMcGeeBriefingEndsWant to be sheriff?
7141SgtMcGeeLatestNewsWhat's the news?
7143SnipersRevengeBooneWifeWhat can you tell me about Boone's wife?
7144SnipersRevengeComeOutsideCome with me. There's something you should see, in front of the dinosaur.
7145SnipersRevengeDidYouDoItDid you have anything to do with Boone's wife's disappearance?
7146SnipersRevengeHurtBoonesWifeWho would want to hurt Boone's wife?
7148SnipersRevengeWrongWithBooneWhat's wrong with Boone?
7151SquattersBribeI'd rather not have any trouble. Here's 50 caps, just keep yourself off the streets.
7152SquattersIntimidateI'm asking nicely. I only do that *once.*
7153SquattersKill Easy, I'm just going to kill you.
7154SquattersMoveAlongCrandon says you're not allowed to stay here. You'll have to go somewhere else.
7190SSHQFestusLuckyHorseshoesLucky Horseshoes.
7226SwankBennyBetrayalEvidenceI've got evidence that Benny tried to kill me and stole a Platinum Chip from me.
7227SwankBennyBetrayalSpeechI think you should know something about Benny.
7228SwankIntroWho are you?
7229SwankNCRWhat do you know about the NCR?
7230SwankTopsNice place you've got here. Tell me about it.
7231SwankVegasCan you give me the rundown on New Vegas?
7232SwankWorkI'm looking to make a few extra caps. Got any jobs you need done?
7233TakeDogmeat1AWhat's the matter, boy? Lose your master?
7234TakeDogmeat1BYou know, I think you're the first dog I've met that didn't try to eat me.
7235TakeDogmeat1CShut up, mutt.
7236TakeDogmeat2AYou're pretty friendly, aren't you, boy?
7237TakeDogmeat2BI guess your old master must have taken pretty good care of you.
7238TakeDogmeat2CGood teeth, strong claws. You're a fighting dog, aren't you?
7239TakeDogmeat3AI can be your new master. Would you like that, boy?
7240TakeDogmeat3BCome with me, dog. It'll be good to have some company out here.
7241TakeDogmeat3CI could use a pet like you. Let's go find something to eat, mutt.
7242TakeDogmeat3DStay here. Maybe I'll come back for you.
7243TEMPI'm injured. Help me out.
7244TempAddRepconQuestStart VMS01 Please
7245TempAdvanceChupacabraQuestAdvance the Chupacabra quest.
7246TempAdvanceRangerStationAdvance the Ranger Station quest.
7247TempAdvanceSniperQuestAdvance the sniper quest.
7248TempAdvanceVMS03Advance VMS03.
7249TempDoNothingDo Nothing.
7250TempRepconRocketSabotageSet me up to Sabotage the rockets!
7251TempSetupHeliosFinaleSet up HELIOS One finale sequence, including the ARCHIMEDES laser.
7252TenpennyAllistairTenpennyTell me about Allistair Tenpenny.
7253TenpennyDoctorBodyPartHealI think I've broken something.
7254TenpennyDoctorHealJust heal me, doc.
7255TenpennyDoctorMedicalI need your help, doc.
7256TenpennyDoctorNewFaceI need a new face, doc.
7257TenpennyDoctorNoYou know, I'm not as bad off as I thought.
7270TenpennyGREETINGGuardPenthouseNevermindI'll come back later then.
7271TenpennyGREETINGGuardPenthouseSpeechI'm here to see Tenpenny. But if you weren't so incompetent, you'd know that.
7272TenpennyGREETINGGuardPenthouseWhenDo you know when I can see Mister Tenpenny?
7275TenpennyOpenGateI need to leave. Can you open the gate?
7276TenpennyShootBalconyWhat are you shooting at out there?
7277TenpennyTowerWhat can you tell me about Tenpenny Tower?
7278TenpennyVendorI'd like to do business with you.
7282TLBrotherhoodWhat can you tell me about the Brotherhood of Steel?
7283TLCerberus1So what are you, the guard dog?
7284TLCerberus2What can you tell me about Underworld?
7285TLCerberus3You ever get outside, Cerberus? Into the Wasteland?
7286TLCerberusGoodbyeThanks for your time, Cerberus.
7288TLCitadelWhat is this place?
7289TLCitadelDirectionsI have a few questions about the Citadel.
7290TLCitadelEnclaveSo... Any thoughts on the Enclave?
7291TLCitadelEnterCan I come in?
7292TLCitadelSuperMutantCare to share anything about the Super Mutants?
7293TLDurgaBarterI'd like to buy something.
7294TLLyonsPrideWhat can you tell me about the Lyons' Pride?
7295TLMS16Andy1Andy, what happened? All this blood...
7296TLMS16Andy2Wait... they made you the doctor?
7297TLMS16Andy3If you're the new doctor, can you heal me?
7298TLMS16Andy4So what's your take on this whole situation?
7299TLPrideJobWhat do you do here?
7300TLRailroadAnythingElseAnything else I should know?
7301TLRailroadHumanSlavesWhat about human slaves? Don't you try to help them, too?
7302TLRailroadJoinCan I join the Railroad?
7303TLRailroadMovementWhat's this "movement" you mentioned?
7304TLRailroadRewardIf I help you, is there some kind of reward?
7305TLRobotAre you in charge of the um... the robot?
7306TLRobotRothchildWho built Liberty Prime? Or better yet... why?
7307TLScribeBrotherhoodI have some questions about the Brotherhood.
7308TLScribeRepairCould you repair my equipment?
7309TLSquireMaxson1I don't suppose you know anything about the Super Mutants?
7310TLSquireMaxson2What do you make of the Enclave, Squire?
7311TLSquireMaxson3Aren't you a little young for all this?
7312TLSquireMaxson4They don't actually... make you fight. Do they?
7313TLTownCitadelI had some questions about the Citadel.
7314TLWillow1Um... Where the hell did you come from?
7315TLWillow2You're crazy to stand out here! Aren't you afraid of the Super Mutants?
7316TLWillow3I'm not a tourist...
7317TLWillow4"Other assholes"?
7318TLWillow5Did you say a city of Ghouls?
7319TommyToriniBennyWhat do you think about Benny?
7320TommyToriniBillyBargainI want to talk to you about how much you're paying Billy Knight.
7321TommyToriniIntroWhat do you do here?
7322TommyToriniStripWhat other entertainment is there on the Strip?
7323TommyToriniTalentLet's talk about the acts I recruited.
7324TommyToriniTheaterTell me about this theater.
7325TommyToriniWorkSwank mentioned you might be looking for some new acts. Can I help?
7326TopsAllSeenBennyHave you seen Benny?
7331TopsGreeterCasinoWhat is there to do here?
7332TopsGreeterShowsWhat's playing at the Aces right now?
7333TopsGreeterWeaponsWhere did you take my weapons?
7340TPIntercomGhoulI can help take care of that little Ghoul problem for you.
7341TPIntercomGhoul1I've killed so many Ghouls, I've stopped counting.
7342TPIntercomGhoul2I kill Ghouls and rent-a-cops with attitudes who ask too many questions.
7343TPIntercomGhoul3You going to let me in or not?
7344TPIntercomLastTry1Maybe you'd accept this 100 caps as "insurance" of my good behavior?
7345TPIntercomLastTry2Ah come on. Let me in. Pretty please, with sugar on top?
7347TPIntercomLastTry2BYou won't be getting a bribe from me.
7348TPIntercomLastTry3Let me in asshole!
7349TPIntercomLookI just want to look around a little. Come on. I won't hurt anybody.
7350TpIntercomLook1That's where you're mistaken. Does 100 caps sound about right?
7351TpIntercomLook2Come on, let me in. Just for a little while. I won't cause any trouble.
7352TpIntercomLook3Open the damn gate! I'm done being interrogated by you!
7353TPIntercommBurkeI'm here to see Mister Burke.
7354TPIntercommGREETING1Is that how you treat all your guests?
7355TPIntercommGREETING2Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
7356TPIntercommGREETING3I don't think you're talking to the person you think you are.
7357TPIntercomTenpennyI'm here to see Tenpenny.
7358TPIntercomTenpenny1I have a lucrative offer for Tenpenny. Let me in, or you'll come to regret it.
7359TPIntercomTenpenny2Tenpenny is expecting me. I'm a new tenant.
7360TPIntercomTenpenny3Just let me in already!
7371TroikeBlackmailTopic00I found proof of your blackmail.
7372UnderworldAhzrukhalServicesI need a drink.
7373UnderworldAhzrukhalServicesDrugsLet me see the real goods.
7374UnderworldAhzrukhalServicesDrugs1Look at these people. They're Jetting. Trust me, I know.
7375UnderworldAhzrukhalServicesDrugs1aWhy do you bother to hide what you sell?
7376UnderworldAhzrukhalServicesDrugs1bJust show me the goods.
7377UnderworldAhzrukhalServicesDrugs2Then I guess I'll take my caps someplace else...
7378UnderworldAhzrukhalServicesDrugs2aWhy do you bother to hide what you sell?
7379UnderworldAhzrukhalServicesDrugs2bJust show me the goods.
7382UnderworldCarolGobTopicHave you ever heard of a guy named Gob?
7383UnderworldCarolGobTopic1He's working in a bar in Megaton.
7384UnderworldCarolGobTopic2He works for a guy up in Megaton. I think he might be a slave.
7385UnderworldCarolGretaYou run this place with Greta?
7386UnderworldCarolHistoryHow did you end up here?
7387UnderworldCarolHistory1No, Carol. I'd love to hear your story.
7388UnderworldCarolHistory1aDo you remember the day the war started?
7389UnderworldCarolHistory1bWhat was the Wasteland like after the war?
7390UnderworldCarolHistory1cSo, how did you end up as a Ghoul?
7391UnderworldCarolHistory1ENDSee, and you said you weren't interesting.
7392UnderworldCarolHistory2You know, you're right. I don't.
7393UnderworldCarolRentRoomI'd like a room.
7394UnderworldCharonGreeting1I just...
7395UnderworldCharonGreeting2Yeah, but...
7396UnderworldCharonGreetingDebtHow did you end up working for...
7397UnderworldDoctorBarrowsBuySuppliesI need medical supplies.
7399UnderworldGretaAboutUnderworldWhat do you know about Underworld?
7400UnderworldGretaServicesWhat's on the menu?
7401UnderworldNurseGravesGlowingOnesWhat's with those things behind the glass?
7402UnderworldPatchworkBoozeTopicWhere can I get a drink around here? You seem like the right person to ask.
7403UnderworldPatchworkGreeting1So, you're the town drunk, huh?
7404UnderworldPatchworkGreeting1aYou're losing parts? Like... body parts?
7405UnderworldPatchworkGreeting1a1I'll do that.
7406UnderworldPatchworkGreeting1a2Watch out for your own body parts, you creepy bastard.
7407UnderworldPatchworkGreeting1bYou keep your parts to yourself and let's talk about something else.
7408UnderworldPatchworkGreeting2Are you all right?
7409UnderworldPatchworkGreeting2aYou be careful. I don't want you hurting yourself.
7410UnderworldPatchworkGreeting2bYou're disgusting.
7411UnderworldQuinnGreeting1What? You're not going to tell me how rare it is to see a human in Underworld?
7412UnderworldQuinnGreeting1aWhere do you go?
7413UnderworldQuinnGreeting1bWow, I just realized... I don't care.
7414UnderworldQuinnGreeting2Nice to meet you, Quinn.
7415UnderworldQuinnGreeting2aTravel? Where do you go?
7416UnderworldQuinnGreeting2bOh, I just remembered... I don't care.
7417UnderworldQuinnGreetingENDOh, God. I'm out of here.
7418UnderworldQuinnTravelTell me about your travels, Quinn.
7419UnderworldSnowflakeDrugsAre you taking Jet over here?
7420UnderworldSnowflakeGreeting1About what? My hair?
7421UnderworldSnowflakeGreeting2You stay away from my hair.
7422UnderworldSnowflakeHaircutHow about a haircut?
7423UnderworldSnowflakeStoryHow does a Ghoul end up as a barber?
7500UnderworldTopicSo what can you tell me about Underworld?
7501UnderworldTownTopicWhat can you tell me about Underworld?
7502UnderworldTulipCustomersYou don't get a lot of customers, do you?
7503UnderworldTulipEconomyWhat do you do with the money you make down here?
7504UnderworldTulipServicesLet me see what you have for sale.
7505UnderworldTulipUnderworldHistoryDo you know anything about Underworld?
7506UnderworldTulipUnderworldHistory1What was this place before the Ghouls moved in?
7507UnderworldTulipUnderworldHistory2How did all of the Ghouls end up here?
7508UnderworldTulipUnderworldHistory3Isn't it dangerous being this deep into the city?
7509UnderworldTulipUnderworldHistoryENDThat's all I needed to know.
7510UnderworldWinthropGreeting1Jesus Christ! What are you?
7511UnderworldWinthropGreeting2Smoothskin? What does that mean?
7512UnderworldWinthropGreeting3Where am I?
7513UnderworldWinthropGreeting3aThe Brotherhood of Steel? What's your beef with them?
7514UnderworldWinthropGreeting3bA city full of Ghouls, huh?
7515UnderworldWinthropGreeting3cAll right. I'm going to go have a look around.
7516UnderworldWinthropGreetingGob1Yeah, he's up in Megaton tending bar.
7517UnderworldWinthropGreetingGob2Yeah, he's in Megaton working for some jackass.
7518UnderworldWinthropJobWhat do you do around here, Winthrop?
7519UnderworldWinthropJob1Why? What's wrong?
7520UnderworldWinthropJob1AcceptSure, Winthrop. I think I can help you out.
7521UnderworldWinthropJob1DeclineTake care of your own problems.
7522UnderworldWinthropJob1HowMuchWhat sort of payment are we talking about?
7523UnderworldWinthropJob1RobI have a better idea. How about I do nothing and you give me what you have?
7524UnderworldWinthropJob1Rob1Yes. As in: I won't cut your throat and watch you die gasping for air.
7525UnderworldWinthropJob1Rob1aYou'll be dead long before help gets here.
7526UnderworldWinthropJob1Rob1bGo ahead and yell. I'll kill every last one of you.
7527UnderworldWinthropJob1Rob2Heh. I was just kidding. Now, what were you saying about a job?
7528UnderworldWinthropJob2This is so fascinating, I can't bear to talk about it any longer.
7529UnderworldWinthropPartsChangeMindYou wanted me to get some Scrap Metal for you, right?
7530UnderworldWinthropPartsChangeMindNoNo, I haven't changed my mind.
7531UnderworldWinthropPartsChangeMindRewardWhat were you offering to trade?
7532UnderworldWinthropPartsChangeMindYesYes, I've changed my mind. I'll bring you some Scrap Metal
7533UnderworldWinthropPartsTradeI have some scrap metal for you.
7534UnderworldWinthropPartsTrade10I've got 10 bits of Scrap Metal to trade.
7535UnderworldWinthropPartsTrade15I've got 15 bits of Scrap Metal to trade.
7536UnderworldWinthropPartsTrade20I've got 20 bits of Scrap Metal to trade.
7537UnderworldWinthropPartsTrade25I've got 25 bits of Scrap Metal to trade.
7538UnderworldWinthropPartsTrade5I've got 5 bits of Scrap Metal to trade.
7539UnderworldWinthropPartsTradeDealWhat was our deal again?
7540UnderworldWinthropPartsTradeENDActually, never mind. I don't want to trade any Scrap Metal.
7541UnderworldWinthropPartsTradeRadawayI'll take the RadAway.
7542UnderworldWinthropPartsTradeStimpakI'll take the Stimpaks
7543UnderworldWinthropPartsTradeStimpakRadXI'll take some Rad-X.
7544UnderworldWinthropRepairCan you repair my things?
7548V101Trade1Would you be interested in trading with a Vault?
7558Vault101FreddieMom1Yeah, she did. It was awesome!
7559Vault101FreddieMom2None of your business, Freddie. Get out of my face.
7567Vault101JonasServiceMedCONTThere was something else...
7568Vault101JonasServiceMedENDNope. That'll do it.
7569Vault101JonasServicesMedI'm injured, Jonas.
7571Vault101PepperFreddieHelp1You're Freddie's mom, right?
7572Vault101PepperFreddieHelp1aI don't know him very well.
7573Vault101PepperFreddieHelp1a1I'll talk to him. I can't promise anything, though.
7574Vault101PepperFreddieHelp1a2I'd rather not get involved. He's your kid, you talk to him.
7575Vault101PepperFreddieHelp1bYeah, I know him. He's kind of a jerk.
7576Vault101PepperFreddieHelp1b1I'll talk to him. I can't promise anything though.
7577Vault101PepperFreddieHelp1b2I'd rather not get involved. He's your kid, you talk to him.
7578Vault101PepperFreddieHelp1cYeah, I know him. He's a good guy. Why are you always on his case?
7579Vault101PepperFreddieHelp1c1Leave me alone, you crazy bitch.
7580Vault101PepperFreddieHelp1c2I'm sorry, I was just joking.
7581Vault101PepperFreddieHelp1c2aI'll talk to him. I can't promise anything, though.
7582Vault101PepperFreddieHelp1c2bI'd rather not get involved. He's your kid, you talk to him.
7595Vault101TownVaultI had some questions about the Vault...
7596Vault101TownWhatDoYouDoWhat do you do here?
7599VBooneCLAttackWhat are we waiting for?
7600VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic000Your plan is crazy.
7601VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic012Tell me about yourself.
7602VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic015Let's talk about something else.
7604VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic025What do you know about Caesar?
7605VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic029How is NCR doing?
7606VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic030What's the Legion been up to?
7607VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic031Tell me about the rangers.
7608VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic032Do you ever stop talking?
7609VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic033I'm investigating some intel problems for Technical Sergeant Reyes.
7610VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic034I know you're the one who's been manipulating intelligence data.
7611VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic035Do you know anything about the problems?
7612VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic036Can you give me any advice?
7613VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic037How do you coordinate the intel?
7614VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic038Why don't the ranger stations send the intel directly to the troopers?
7615VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic039But you're inventing your own intelligence reports. I've seen the logs and talked to the rangers.
7616VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic040Why did you do it?
7617VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic041Aren't you fighting for the people of New Vegas?
7618VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic042How does spreading false intel help anything?
7619VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic043What do you think I should do about this?
7620VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic044You're dead.
7621VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic046But what does that accomplish?
7622VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic047Too bad. I'm turning you in.
7623VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic048What will you do if I don't turn you in?
7624VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic049What about you and the rangers?
7625VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic050That's crazy.
7626VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic051Caesar's dead. The Legion can't hold itself together for five years, much less ten.
7627VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic052Caesar's sick. He won't live long. The Legion will fall apart a few years after he's gone.
7628VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic053Caesar's dead. What more do you need?
7629VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic054Caesar is sick. Like... really sick. He could drop any day.
7630VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic055You've convinced me. Your secret is safe.
7631VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic056I can't let you do this. I have to turn you in.
7632VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic057Fine. I'll turn you in.
7633VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic058Doesn't matter. Your time's up, Hanlon.
7635VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic060Where did he go?
7636VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic061How did a Follower wind up becoming Caesar?
7637VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic062What happened to Graham after Hoover Dam?
7638VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic063Are the Blackfoots part of the Legion?
7639VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic064So that was the end of Graham?
7640VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic065Why are funds tied up at the Boneyard?
7641VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic066What's going on in Baja?
7642VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic067What about the troopers?
7643VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic068Tell me about General Oliver.
7644VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic069Colonel Moore's "way"?
7645VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic070Is Moore in charge of all the NCR troopers out here?
7646VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic071What do the new rangers mean for NCR?
7647VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic072Tell me about the heavy troopers.
7648VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic073Tell me about Nelson.
7649VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic074What happened at Searchlight?
7652VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic077Why do they call Lanius the Monster of the East?
7653VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic078How bad was Graham?
7654VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic079Was Graham a good commander?
7655VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic080What makes the veterans so tough?
7656VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic081Tell me about centurions.
7657VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic082Who are the praetorians?
7658VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic083Have any good stories to tell?
7659VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic084How long have you been in the rangers?
7660VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic085What do the rangers do?
7661VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic086Why are the rangers here?
7662VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic087Okay, what are you supposed to be doing?
7663VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic088What are you actually doing?
7664VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic089There must be something good the rangers have done that you're proud of.
7665VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic090Come on. You must have lots of stories.
7666VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic091So what happened at Hoover Dam and Boulder City?
7676VCasaMarcoAboutMaudeTell me about Maude.
7677VCasaSarahAboutSarahWho are you?
7678VCasaSarahAboutWhoresWho's the merchandise?
7679VCasaSarahChillYou sure know how to make a girl feel welcome.
7680VCasaSarahDSJKillAgreeFine by me.
7681VCasaSarahDSJKillExplainI found this in Dermot's room.
7682VCasaSarahDSJKillShrugOffWe'll see how it goes.
7683VCasaSarahNotWhoreI'm not a whore, you ugly bitch.
7684VCasaStJamesAboutStJamesWhat do you do around here?
7685VCasaStJamesCoyotesSome people have gone missing, and they were last seen dealing with you.
7687VCasaStJamesLedgerI found this ledger in Dermot's room.
7688VCasaStJamesTeddyBearLook what I found in your room.
7689vCasinoCompsTheTopsvFloorManagerTheTopsTopic000What? Why?
7690vCasinoCompsTheTopsvFloorManagerTheTopsTopic001Sure, okay, I'm out of here.
7691vCasinoCompsTheTopsvFloorManagerTheTopsTopic002Fuck off, creep, I'm not going anywhere.
7692vCasinoCompsTheTopsvFloorManagerTheTopsTopic003Try to throw me out and you'll be leaving - in pieces.
7693vCasinoCompsTheTopsvFloorManagerTheTopsTopic004All right, I'm going.
7694vCasinoCompsTheTopsvFloorManagerTheTopsTopic005What? Why?
7695vCasinoCompsTheTopsvFloorManagerTheTopsTopic006I'm gone, then. Thanks for all the money.
7696VCasinoCompsUltraLuxeVMS18WhiteGloveFloorManagerTopic000What? Why?
7697VCasinoCompsUltraLuxeVMS18WhiteGloveFloorManagerTopic001Fine. Glad you could make me rich.
7698VCasinoCompsUltraLuxeVMS18WhiteGloveFloorManagerTopic002All right, I'm going.
7833VCG01DocMitchellTopic022Swiss cheese.
7844VCG01DocMitchellTopic033Cookie jar.
7848VCG01DocMitchellTopic037Human shield.
7849VCG01DocMitchellTopic038Strongly agree.
7851VCG01DocMitchellTopic040No opinion.
7853VCG01DocMitchellTopic042Strongly disagree.
7854VCG01DocMitchellTopic043Strongly agree.
7856VCG01DocMitchellTopic045No opinion.
7858VCG01DocMitchellTopic047Strongly disagree.
7859VCG01DocMitchellTopic048Strongly agree.
7860VCG01DocMitchellTopic049No opinion.
7863VCG01DocMitchellTopic052Strongly disagree.
7864VCG01DocMitchellTopic053Strongly agree.
7866VCG01DocMitchellTopic055No opinion.
7868VCG01DocMitchellTopic057Strongly disagree.
7869VCG01DocMitchellTopic058Strongly agree.
7871VCG01DocMitchellTopic060No opinion.
7873VCG01DocMitchellTopic062Strongly disagree.
7874VCG01DocMitchellTopic063A broken chain.
7875VCG01DocMitchellTopic064A chemical reaction.
7876VCG01DocMitchellTopic065A shadow in a doorframe.
7877VCG01DocMitchellTopic066An oozing wound.
7878VCG01DocMitchellTopic067An angry two-headed ant.
7879VCG01DocMitchellTopic068I see a priceless work of art.
7880VCG01DocMitchellTopic069It's some piece of space-age technology.
7881VCG01DocMitchellTopic070A ship at sea.
7882VCG01DocMitchellTopic071I'm too embarrassed to say what it looks like.
7883VCG01DocMitchellTopic072A light in the darkness.
7884VCG01DocMitchellTopic073A bearded man.
7885VCG01DocMitchellTopic074A mushroom cloud.
7886VCG01DocMitchellTopic075A head on a pillow.
7888VCG01DocMitchellTopic083Thanks for patching me up, Doc.
7889VCG01DocMitchellTopic084You shouldn't have gone through my stuff.
7890VCG01DocMitchellTopic085What do I do now?
7895VCG02GSSunnySmilesTopic000Okay, I'm in.
7896VCG02GSSunnySmilesTopic001[END TUTORIAL] I think I've learned enough.
7897VCG02GSSunnySmilesTopic002Sure, I'll come with you.
7898VCG02GSSunnySmilesTopic003[END TUTORIAL] I've had enough of geckos for one day.
7899VCG02GSSunnySmilesTopic004I ran out of ammo.
7900VCG02GSSunnySmilesTopic005I wanted to ask you some questions.
7901VCG02GSSunnySmilesTopic006Couldn't hurt.
7902VCG02GSSunnySmilesTopic007[END TUTORIAL] No need. I think I've got it covered from here.
7903VCG02GSSunnySmilesTopic008What did you want to teach me about?
7904VCG02GSSunnySmilesTopic009[END TUTORIAL] I think I know what I need to know.
7911VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic001What's the situation here?
7912VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic002I was in the area, that's all.
7913VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic003How can I help break the stalemate?
7914VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic004I'll be on my way.
7915VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic005Why haven't you attacked the enemy?
7916VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic006I'll be on my way.
7917VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic007You're demoralizing the enemy by leaving them alone?
7918VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic008I've already killed everyone at Camp Forlorn Hope.
7919VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic009How can I help break the stalemate?
7920VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic010I'll be on my way.
7921VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic011How can I help break the stalemate?
7922VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic012I'll be on my way.
7923VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic013I've slaughtered the enemy at Camp Forlorn Hope.
7924VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic014Sounds like fun. I'll be right back.
7925VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic015No offense intended. Carry on.
7926VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic016I'll be on my way.
7928VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic018I'm going to kill everyone at Camp Forlorn Hope.
7929VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic019What's the situation here?
7930VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic020I've slaughtered the enemy at Camp Forlorn Hope.
7931VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic021Why haven't you attacked the enemy?
7932VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic022How can I help break the stalemate?
7933VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic023Nothing new to report, actually.
7934VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic024I've slaughtered the enemy at Camp Forlorn Hope.
7935VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic025I'll carry your blade with honor.
7936VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic026Why would I want a piece of shit machete?
7937VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic027You earned your blade. Keep it.
7938VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic028Who are you?
7939VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic029What are you going to do about it?
7940VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic030Who are you?
7941VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic031Let's see who's pathetic.
7942VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic000What kind of research?
7943VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic001Why do you do research instead of providing medical assistance?
7944VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic002You don't sound too enthusiastic about it.
7945VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic003What's the goal?
7946VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic004What kinds of illnesses and injuries?
7947VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic005Isn't that the language that Caesar's Legion speaks?
7949VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic007Where did you learn that?
7950VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic008Do you know much about Caesar?
7951VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic009Why don't you come with me?
7952VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic010Do the Followers use a lot of energy weapons?
7953VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic011Memories of what?
7954VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic012If you say so.
7955VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic013I just want to hear Caesar out.
7956VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic014Let's just listen to him, figure out what he's up to, and get out.
7957VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic015Once we get close to Caesar, we can strike.
7958VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic016I'm not going to let Benny get away.
7959VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic017I'm going after a man named Benny for revenge and I need someone to keep me patched up.
7960VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic018The NCR needs help against the Legion before Caesar moves on the dam. We could use your skills.
7961VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic019I'm trying to help Mr. House keep New Vegas independent.
7962VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic020If New Vegas can remain independent, I'm going to find a way to do it. I could use your help.
7963VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic021The NCR oppression around here would disappear if the Legion took control. I could use your help.
7964VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic022Things are bad around here. I'd like to make a difference, and I'd like you to help me.
7965VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic023This place is really complicated and stuff. You're smart. Can you help me do... things?
7966VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic024Yeah, I guess. So are you coming with me or what?
7967VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic025Ugh. Well if you're going to be like that then never mind.
7968VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic026Uh... it beats sitting around here all day, doesn't it?
7969VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic027Fair enough.
7970VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic028Oh, well... in that case, never mind.
7971VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic029Of course. I'm not interested in helping the Legion.
7972VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic030Well, uh... on second thought...
7973VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic031I need a good-looking doctor to help take care of me in the big, bad wasteland.
7974VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic032What kind of prototypes?
7975VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic033An odd combination.
7976VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic034What was Project SEMELE?
7977VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic035Do you need any help?
7978VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic036What kind of research do you do?
7979VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic037Would you like to come with me? I could use someone skilled in medicine.
7981VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic039Right. "The Followers don't endorse his actions," and all that.
7982VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic040If you say so. I'm not arguing.
7983VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic041Let's keep moving.
7984VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic042I'm sorry. I didn't realize it would end like this.
7985VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic043What's done is done.
7986VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic044Anderson killed White. He deserved to pay for what he did.
7987VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic045When was that?
7988VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic046What do you know about them?
7989VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic047Sounds reasonable.
7990VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic048Hmm, on second thought...
7991VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic049What kinds of illnesses are you trying to deal with?
7992VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic050Let's talk about something else.
7993VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic051You're right. Let's talk about something else.
7994VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic052Good point. Goodbye.
7995VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic053Would you reconsider my offer to travel with me? I could really use your help.
7996VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic054Tell me about yourself.
7997VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic055What's your opinion on the current situation?
7998VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic056They profit from crime, now I profit, too.
8000VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic058I need you to leave.
8001VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic059I'd like you to come with me.
8002VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic060What's your problem with ED-E?
8004VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic062What's an eee-em-pee?
8005VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic063That sounds a little paranoid, Arcade.
8006VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic064I'll keep an eye on it.
8007VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic065Do you always deflect personal questions?
8008VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic066How did you join the Followers?
8009VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic067Where did you get your medical training?
8010VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic068If you don't like it, leave.
8012VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic071Not right now, Arcade.
8013VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic072Good thing there are still people like you around.
8014VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic073What are you talking about?
8015VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic074Arcade, I'm not interested.
8016VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic075All right, let me hear it.
8017VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic076I'm sure. I'm not interested.
8018VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic077Where did the Enclave go?
8019VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic078What happened to Navarro?
8020VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic079Where are you going with all this?
8021VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic080Do you want them to help NCR?
8022VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic081Say no more. I'll do it.
8023VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic082I'm not interested.
8024VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic083Rockets and energy weapons? That's an odd combination.
8025VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic084How do you know so much about this, again?
8026VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic085What kind of prototype were they making?
8027VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic086I'm sure he means well.
8028VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic087But in the end, doesn't it all just come down to numbers anyway?
8029VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic088I thought you were interested in preserving life.
8030VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic089The world needs Caesar more than it needs you.
8031VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic090Enjoying your stay?
8032VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic091With how messed up New Vegas is, do you really think Caesar has nothing to offer?
8033VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic092I'm just trying to be open-minded.
8034VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic093Yes, that's exactly what I'm suggesting.
8035VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic094NCR is broken beyond repair. Its time has come.
8036VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic095The Legion is better than the alternative.
8037VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic096Actually, yes, I would like to see New Vegas turned into a slavery hub.
8038VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic097More than collateral damage. A necessary sacrifice.
8039VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic098That's a good way to put it.
8040VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic099They hide behind NCR's protection and they deserve everything coming to them.
8041VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic100Sorry. I just lose my head sometimes.
8043VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic102If you have a problem with me, why don't you just leave right now?
8045VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic104Fine. Get lost.
8046VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic105Don't be too hard on him. It's part of who he is.
8047VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic106A man should know when to let go.
8048VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic107It was an important part of her life. Why shouldn't she enjoy it?
8049VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic108Some people can't stop reliving their glory days.
8050VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic109I'm sure your father would be proud of you.
8051VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic110Why worry about it? You don't have to be your father.
8052VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic111His work was what mattered to him.
8053VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic112It seems pointless to do all of that without a goal.
8054VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic113They're loyal to you, too.
8055VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic114That's their story Arcade, not yours.
8056VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic115You've certainly done your part.
8057VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic116Let's get going.
8058VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic117You're assuming a motive without evidence. Please be rational.
8059VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic118It's cleaner this way, without bringing NCR in. No connecting Anderson back to the locals.
8060VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic119It was either this or spend the rest of his life in an NCR chain gang.
8061VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic120Allowing Anderson to get away with murder tells him and everyone else that it's permissable.
8062VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic121What will you do if Caesar wins?
8063VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic122You can do better than that.
8064VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic123Arcade, I'm asking you because I'm interested. Don't put yourself down.
8065VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic124Why don't you like talking about yourself?
8066VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic125I'll say.
8067VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic126Let's talk about something else.
8069VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic128Of course.
8070VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic129Why not to the whole area equally?
8072VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic131Redundancy. If Caesar takes the dam and cuts off power, it will be chaos all over New Vegas.
8073VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic132You can always use more power, right?
8075VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic134Oh, uh... whoops, I thought that was to turn it off.
8076VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic135I'm thinking I'm going to get a sweet Pre-War laser. What are you thinking?
8077VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic136Time for the NCR to roast.
8078VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic137If you're so sure it's going to be a bloodbath, maybe you should stay in Freeside.
8079VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic138What happens in Freeside won't make any difference if the Legion takes the dam. Fight with them.
8080VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic139You were born at Navarro, but you are your own man. They have their fight, and you have yours.
8081VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic140Well you... you're different.
8082VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic141You aren't like the others, Arcade. You're still young. It's up to you to decide who you want to be.
8083VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic142That was just talk. It's not the same for you.
8084VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic143You're right. They'll need every ally they can get at the dam.
8085VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic144You're right. Freeside needs doctors. It needs you.
8086VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic146I'm honored.
8087VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic147Who, Caesar?
8088VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic148He seemed pretty smart to me.
8089VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic149He's a madman. What did you expect?
8090VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic150I don't think either of us can fully understand what he and the tribes have gone through.
8091VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic151What do you think the others will do at Hoover Dam?
8092VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic152Thanks, I guess.
8093VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic153What are you going to do now?
8094VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic154Moreno was a lost cause, but at least the others made it.
8095VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic155Is the Enclave's treatment by the Brotherhood influencing your opinion?
8096VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic156Why not the Brotherhood?
8098VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic158Don't worry. I agree.
8099VDialogueArcadeGannonVFSArcadeGannonTopic159What do you think I should do about ED-E? Brotherhood or Followers?
8102VDialogueBennyBennyTopic000Let's see what you've been hiding under that checked suit.
8103VDialogueBennyBennyTopic001Here, Benny - special delivery.
8104VDialogueBennyBennyTopic002Let's see what's under that checked suit.
8105VDialogueBennyBennyTopic003Seems you need to work on your marksmanship.
8106VDialogueBennyBennyTopic004Keep your pants on. I've got questions that need answers.
8107VDialogueBennyBennyTopic005I dug myself out of that grave to plant you in yours, Benny.
8108VDialogueBennyBennyTopic006I want the Platinum Chip and I want it now.
8109VDialogueBennyBennyTopic007[Black Widow] and options.
8111VDialogueBennyBennyTopic009Give me one good reason not to kill you.
8112VDialogueBennyBennyTopic010What's the story with your secret workshop and "Yes Man" friend?
8113VDialogueBennyBennyTopic011You fell for this trap hook, line, and sinker.
8114VDialogueBennyBennyTopic012So where does this put the two of us?
8115VDialogueBennyBennyTopic013You cheating bastard.
8116VDialogueBennyBennyTopic014You're a dead man.
8117VDialogueBennyBennyTopic015Tell Benny to give you the Chip.
8118VDialogueBennyBennyTopic016I'm wondering why I shouldn't just kill you.
8119VDialogueBennyBennyTopic017Mr. House wants the Platinum Chip. Hand it over.
8120VDialogueBennyBennyTopic018I dug myself out of that grave to plant you in yours, Benny.
8121VDialogueBennyBennyTopic019What's the story with your secret workshop and "Yes Man" friend?
8123VDialogueBennyBennyTopic021Ask Benny about himself and his situation.
8125VDialogueBennyBennyTopic023The least you could do is answer some questions first.
8127VDialogueBennyBennyTopic025What a prize you are. Not interested.
8128VDialogueBennyBennyTopic026What are you offering?
8130VDialogueBennyBennyTopic028Call it luck and leave it at that.
8131VDialogueBennyBennyTopic029What is the Platinum Chip?
8132VDialogueBennyBennyTopic030What angle are you playing?
8133VDialogueBennyBennyTopic031What'd you have in mind?
8134VDialogueBennyBennyTopic032Fine, but don't keep me waiting.
8135VDialogueBennyBennyTopic033Use Barter to get Benny to advance you a stack of casino chips.
8136VDialogueBennyBennyTopic034Decline Benny's offer and say you'll expose him.
8137VDialogueBennyBennyTopic035Tell Benny you're going to kill him.
8138VDialogueBennyBennyTopic036What is the Platinum Chip?
8139VDialogueBennyBennyTopic037Player uses SPEECH to convince Benny to accompany him immediately.
8140VDialogueBennyBennyTopic038You're right. I want answers.
8141VDialogueBennyBennyTopic039Hand over the Platinum Chip, maybe you live.
8142VDialogueBennyBennyTopic040Your little ambush didn't go according to plan.
8143VDialogueBennyBennyTopic041I'm coming for you, Benny.
8144VDialogueBennyBennyTopic042Yeah, it's a real mess here - four bodies.
8145VDialogueBennyBennyTopic043All I want is to see you dead.
8146VDialogueBennyBennyTopic044Player says goodbye.
8147VDialogueBennyBennyTopic045I led you on, and it worked like a charm. Bye bye.
8148VDialogueBennyBennyTopic046Tell Benny you're going to kill him.
8149VDialogueBennyBennyTopic047We talk here and now, or I tell everyone my story.
8150VDialogueBennyBennyTopic048I didn't come here to negotiate, I came for revenge.
8151VDialogueBennyBennyTopic049How's the Chip work?
8152VDialogueBennyBennyTopic050What does the Chip do?
8153VDialogueBennyBennyTopic051You'll answer my questions now, not later.
8154VDialogueBennyBennyTopic052What are you offering?
8155VDialogueBennyBennyTopic053The hows don't matter.
8156VDialogueBennyBennyTopic054{Player shows Benny evidence he left behind.}
8157VDialogueBennyBennyTopic055I've got questions - a bunch of them.
8158VDialogueBennyBennyTopic056What's the deal with your secret workshop and "Yes Man" friend?
8159VDialogueBennyBennyTopic057First things first. Tell me about the Platinum Chip.
8160VDialogueBennyBennyTopic058No deal. Time to die.
8161VDialogueBennyBennyTopic059Let's talk about the Platinum Chip.
8162VDialogueBennyBennyTopic060I want to know about the factions gunning for Vegas.
8163VDialogueBennyBennyTopic061The Chip belongs to me. Hand it over.
8164VDialogueBennyBennyTopic062It's a deal.
8165VDialogueBennyBennyTopic063I want to know about the factions gunning for Vegas.
8166VDialogueBennyBennyTopic064What is this scheme of yours, Benny?
8167VDialogueBennyBennyTopic065And you're willing to commit murder to make this happen?
8168VDialogueBennyBennyTopic066You're right, murder is the answer. Yours.
8169VDialogueBennyBennyTopic067I see your point.
8170VDialogueBennyBennyTopic068The ruthlessness of others is no excuse.
8171VDialogueBennyBennyTopic069The jig's up, Benny. Me and Yes Man had a talk.
8172VDialogueBennyBennyTopic070If you're thinking we can work together, let's hear your offer.
8173VDialogueBennyBennyTopic071What's your offer?
8174VDialogueBennyBennyTopic072What's your plan?
8175VDialogueBennyBennyTopic073What makes you think you can succeed?
8176VDialogueBennyBennyTopic074Let's talk about something else.
8177VDialogueBennyBennyTopic075Answers first, then I decide.
8178VDialogueBennyBennyTopic076It takes more than a couple bullets in the head to stop me.
8179VDialogueBennyBennyTopic077A Securitron dug me up and a doc in Goodsprings did the rest.
8180VDialogueBennyBennyTopic078If you're thinking we can work together, let's hear your offer.
8181VDialogueBennyBennyTopic079Tell me about Mr. House.
8182VDialogueBennyBennyTopic080What makes the Chairmen so special?
8183VDialogueBennyBennyTopic081Fill me in about the NCR.
8184VDialogueBennyBennyTopic082Tell me about Caesar's Legion.
8185VDialogueBennyBennyTopic083Tell me why you used Great Khans.
8186VDialogueBennyBennyTopic084Like I'd trust you? No thanks.
8187VDialogueBennyBennyTopic085Help me understand this scheme of yours.
8188VDialogueBennyBennyTopic086What are you offering?
8189VDialogueBennyBennyTopic087Forget it, I forgive you.
8190VDialogueBennyBennyTopic088No deal. Time for you to die.
8191VDialogueBennyBennyTopic089What makes you think you can succeed?
8192VDialogueBennyBennyTopic090I dug myself out of that grave to put you in yours, Benny.
8193VDialogueBennyBennyTopic091What do you think of the Omertas?
8194VDialogueBennyBennyTopic092What do you know about the White Glove Society?
8195VDialogueBennyBennyTopic093I'm persistent, that's all.
8196VDialogueBennyBennyTopic094{BROKE INTO WEAPONS LOCKER}Give me one good reason not to kill you.
8197VDialogueBennyBennyTopic095Maybe that's why I broke into the weapons locker.
8198VDialogueBennyBennyTopic096Guess who broke into the confiscated weapons locker?
8199VDialogueBennyBennyTopic097There's no need for violence.
8200VDialogueBennyBennyTopic098You cheating bastard.
8201VDialogueBennyBennyTopic099You're a dead man.
8202VDialogueBennyBennyTopic100What's the alternative?
8203VDialogueBennyBennyTopic102No deal. Time to die.
8204VDialogueBennyBennyTopic103Why would I trust you?
8205VDialogueBennyBennyTopic104All right, I'll meet you in the Presidential Suite.
8206VDialogueBennyBennyTopic105Hand over the Chip or else.
8207VDialogueBennyBennyTopic107Oh, there's a need for violence.
8208VDialogueBennyBennyTopic109What's your point?
8216VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic000You'll get your freedom if you kill me in single combat. Just you, me, and machetes.
8217VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic001I've decided to let the Legion crucify you.
8219VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic003Hundreds of Securitrons. All of them upgraded now, thanks to the Chip.
8220VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic004Let's take our chances.
8221VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic005Let's talk about something else.
8222VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic006What if I helped you escape?
8223VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic007Here's the Stealth Boy and Bobby Pin you need to escape.
8224VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic008If I help you escape, what will you do next?
8225VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic009Tell me about yourself, before it's too late.
8226VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic010Keep dreaming.
8227VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic011I'll see what I can do.
8228VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic012Keep dreaming.
8229VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic013About helping you escape...
8230VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic014Here's the Stealth Boy and Bobby Pin you need.
8231VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic015I'll see what I can do.
8232VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic016If I help you escape, what will you do next?
8233VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic017Do you have a preference?
8234VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic018I haven't made up my mind.
8235VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic019I was thinking I might hack you to death while you're still tied up.
8236VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic020Crucifixion is an option.
8237VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic021Maybe we should fight it out in the arena, fair and square.
8238VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic022What if my choice is "none of the above?"
8239VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic023Why shouldn't Mr. House run Vegas?
8240VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic024What's so bad about the NCR?
8241VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic025You think Caesar would destroy the Strip?
8242VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic026Tell me about the Three Families.
8243VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic027How long were you the head of the family?
8244VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic028Was your tribe always called the Chairmen?
8245VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic029How did Mr. House introduce himself?
8246VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic030Keep dreaming.
8249VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic033I'm going to hack you to death while you're tied up, helpless.
8250VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic034You'll be crucified for my amusement.
8251VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic035We'll fight in the arena, fair and square.
8252VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic036I've decided to kill you here and now.
8253VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic037It's going to hurt. A lot.
8254VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic038I could crucify you instead.
8255VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic039Pass the time thinking over your mistakes.
8256VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic040Maybe I should hack you to death while you're bound helpless.
8257VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic041Let's do it.
8258VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic042Let's take our chances.
8259VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic043Sure, here it comes.
8260VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic044We talked about how you might sneak out of here...
8261VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic045Something bad could happen to you right here...
8262VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic046How about I untie you?
8263VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic047Okay, let's do it.
8264VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic048Actually... I'd rather kill you now.
8265VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic049Close your eyes, if you want.
8266VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic050Here, I'll set you free.
8267VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic051I'm leaving you here.
8268VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic052I don't know how to open this cage...
8269VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic053What happens if I let you go?
8270VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic054You were amazing.
8271VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic055I didn't come here to reminisce.
8272VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic056Sorry, Benny, didn't make much of an impression.
8273VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic057It is pretty funny.
8274VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic058I'll laugh later. We have business to discuss.
8275VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic059You have no one to blame but yourself.
8276VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic060Looks like you played past your abilities.
8277VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic061He gave me the Platinum Chip.
8278VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic062Caesar says I get to decide how you die.
8279VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic063What happened after you fled the Tops?
8280VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic064Tell me about the factions that want to rule Vegas.
8281VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic065What do you think I should do with the Chip?
8282VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic066Caesar says I get to decide how you die.
8283VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic067I want to know more about you.
8284VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic068Tell me about the factions that want to rule Vegas.
8285VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic069I haven't made up my mind.
8286VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic070I could have you brought before me hog-tied, then hack you to death.
8287VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic071How do you feel about crucifixion?
8288VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic072Maybe we should face each other in the arena, fair and square.
8289VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic073Something bad could happen to you right here...
8290VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic074There were hundreds of Securitrons down there - until I blew them up.
8291VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic075You're next. Say your prayers.
8292VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic076Hundreds of Securitrons. All of them upgraded now, just like Mr. House wants.
8293VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic077None of your business. It's time for you to die.
8294VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic078I have to decide what happens to you now.
8295VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic079On second thought, maybe I should fight you in the arena.
8296VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic080Or I could kill you right now, while your hands are bound.
8297VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic081Time to die.
8298VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic084Goodbye, Benny.
8299VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic085About setting you free...
8300VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic086How about I bust you out?
8301VDialogueBennyVFortBennyTopic087All right, get ready.
8303VDialogueBetsyBetsyTheBrahminTopic000Betsy, I need to go on by myself. Are you going to be okay, girl?
8304VDialogueBetsyBetsyTheBrahminTopic001C'mon, girl. Let's get going.
8305VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic000The President's visit was cancelled. I never got the opportunity to attack him.
8306VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic001No, I came to decorate this tent with your guts.
8307VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic002You invited me and promised safe-conduct.
8309VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic004I should be going.
8310VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic005Thank you, Caesar.
8311VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic006I don't want to decide.
8312VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic007Can I set him free?
8313VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic010Let's talk about something else.
8314VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic014You should probably be talking to somebody else.
8315VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic015What do you know of the White Glove Society?
8316VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic016How did you capture Benny?
8317VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic018I've already reverted the White Glove Society back to cannibalism.
8318VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic019What do you think of the NCR?
8319VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic020What do you know about Mr. House?
8320VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic021What role will regional powers play in the conflict?
8321VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic022How did you rise to power?
8322VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic023Why is Caesar's Legion so... strange?
8323VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic024What is that machine in your tent?
8324VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic024DUPLICATE000What is that machine in your tent?
8325VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic025Are you all right?
8326VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic025DUPLICATE000Are you all right?
8327VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic027It will be an honor to fight for the Legion.
8328VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic028I must prepare myself before I go.
8329VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic029You were saying?
8330VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic029DUPLICATE000You were saying?
8331VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic030[Medicine responses]
8332VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic030DUPLICATE000[Medicine 40+]
8333VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic031Sorry, I'll let you sleep.
8334VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic032I'll handle the Boomers for you.
8335VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic033[Speech]{Try to convince Caesar of the Brotherhood's usefulness.}
8336VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic034Mr. House sent me to infiltrate your camp.
8337VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic035[Medicine responses]
8338VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic036DELETE THIS
8339VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic037What were you saying about the White Glove Society?
8340VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic038I'll eliminate Mr. House for you.
8341VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic040I've already wiped out the Boomers' leadership.
8342VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic041I've already won over the Boomers. They'll do as I say.
8343VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic042The last time we met, your head seemed ready to explode.
8344VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic043What about the White Glove Society?
8345VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic044I'll see what I can work out with the White Glove Society.
8346VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic045Yes, you said I should forge an alliance between the White Gloves and your Legion.
8347VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic046[Medicine options!!!]
8348VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic047Are you okay?
8349VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic048Hello! We were talking?
8350VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic049[Medicine options]
8351VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic050You just blanked out for several seconds.
8352VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic051Where do I find the Brotherhood? How do I destroy them?
8353VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic052[Medicine option]
8354VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic053I think we should talk about your health.
8355VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic054Seriously, let's talk about your health.
8356VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic055What about the Auto-Doc in your tent?
8357VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic056[Medicine Check]
8358VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic057[Speech Check.]
8359VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic058[Medicine Check 75+]
8360VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic060You guaranteed my safety.
8361VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic065I've already destroyed the Brotherhood's bunker in Hidden Valley.
8362VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic066I'll destroy the Brotherhood.
8363VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic067Is it really necessary to destroy the Brotherhood?
8364VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic068I won't destroy the Brotherhood of Steel.
8365VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic069I've destroyed the Brotherhood of Steel's bunker in Hidden Valley.
8366VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic071I've been inside the Brotherhood's bunker, but I haven't destroyed it yet.
8367VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic073I'll kill President Kimball for you.
8368VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic074Won't killing President Kimball just anger the NCR?
8369VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic075I'm not going to kill the NCR's President.
8370VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic076You're in possession of something that interests me.
8371VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic077I had to see the Mighty Caesar with my own eyes.
8372VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic078Death to tyrants!
8373VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic079That I'd decorate this tent with your guts.
8374VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic080[Speech Check 65+]
8375VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic082There was no reasonable chance of success.
8376VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic083I changed my mind.
8377VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic086One of my companions, Arcade, has medical expertise. You could take him as a slave.
8378VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic088And once I'm inside?
8379VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic089I should be going.
8380VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic090I'm still working on the Boomers.
8383VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic095How do you know so much about me?
8384VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic096He's standing right outside your tent.
8385VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic097What's on the other side of those doors?
8386VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic099How may I serve your Legion, Caesar?
8387VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic100Just let me deal with Benny and I'll be on my way.
8388VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic102What were you looking to start?
8389VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic103Just give me back the Platinum Chip and I'll be on my way.
8390VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic104What do I have to do?
8391VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic105Can't your Legionaries take care of this?
8392VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic106Maybe Benny could do this for you.
8393VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic108You should use Mr. House's technology to attack the dam.
8394VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic109I'll bring him to you.
8395VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic110The cannibals among the White Glove Society are dead.
8396VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic111Where would I find a diagnostic scanning module?
8397VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic112Tell me about the Boomers.
8398VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic113What do you think of the Brotherhood of Steel?
8399VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic114What's your opinion of President Kimball?
8400VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic115I've heard rumors of your legate, Lanius. What's his story?
8401VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic116Tell me about Vulpes Inculta.
8402VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic117Are your bodyguards special in any way?
8403VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic118What should I expect at the dam?
8404VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic119The White Glove Society has agreed to an alliance with Caesar's Legion.
8405VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic120Let's talk about something else.
8406VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic121Let's talk about something else.
8407VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic122Let's talk about something else.
8408VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic123Let's talk about something else.
8409VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic124I'll leave at once.
8410VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic125There's no way the White Glove Society will be cannibals again - I've already seen to that.
8411VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic126I have some questions to ask.
8412VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic127Why must Mr. House be killed?
8413VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic128I'm done working for you.
8414VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic129I'm still working on the White Glove Society.
8415VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic130There may be another solution.
8416VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic131I had to wipe out the Boomers' leaders.
8417VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic132I've won over the Boomers. They'll do as I say.
8418VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic133The Boomers hate me. They'll never follow my lead.
8419VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic134The White Glove Society won't listen to me - I've caused them too much trouble.
8420VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic135I killed the Omertas who were scheming to attack the Strip.
8421VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic137I may have disrupted plans to recruit the Great Khans to your cause.
8422VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic138The Legionaries at Nelson attacked me, so I had to fight back...
8423VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic139I defused the bomb on the monorail.
8424VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic140I've committed no other crimes.
8425VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic141I apologize for my failure, mighty Caesar. It will not happen again.
8426VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic142That's enough questions for now.
8427VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic143I won't fight for the Legion.
8428VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic146Just let me deal with Benny and I'll be on my way.
8429VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic147I should be going.
8430VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic149I should be going.
8431VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic150Just give me back the Platinum Chip and I'll be on my way.
8432VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic152I'll see what I can find out.
8433VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic153How do you know so much about me?
8434VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic154What are you saying I have to do?
8435VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic155Just let me deal with Benny and I'll be on my way.
8436VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic156Just give me back the Platinum Chip and I'll be on my way.
8437VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic157I should be going.
8438VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic158What are you saying I have to do?
8439VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic159How do you know so much about me?
8440VDialogueCaesarFortCaesarTopic160I should be going.
8442vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic000[PRESS DEMO] Enough gambling, more fighting. Take me to the no man's land near Camp Forlorn Hope.
8443vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic009I'd like to exchange caps for chips.
8444vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic0101 chip for 1 cap.
8445vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic0115 chips for 5 caps.
8446vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic01220 chips for 20 caps.
8447vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic013100 chips for 100 caps.
8448vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic014500 chips for 500 caps.
8449vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic0211000 chips for 1000 caps.
8450vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic022I'd like to exchange Legion money for chips.
8451vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic0234 chips for 1 Legion Denarius.
8452vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic024100 chips for 1 Legion Aureus or 25 Legion Denarii.
8453vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic02520 chips for 5 Legion Denarii.
8454vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic02640 chips for 10 Legion Denarii.
8455vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic02780 chips for 20 Legion Denarii.
8456vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic028Never mind.
8457vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic030I'd like to exchange NCR money for chips.
8458vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic033I'd like to turn in my chips.
8459vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic0342 chips for $5 NCR.
8460vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic0358 chips for $20 NCR.
8461vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic03640 chips for $100 NCR.
8462vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic037I'll take my payout in caps.
8463vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic038Pay me in NCR money.
8464vDialogueCasinoCashiervCashierTheTopsTopic039Legion money, please.
8466VDialogueCassCassTopic000No, only looking around.
8467VDialogueCassCassTopic001Just minding my business.
8468VDialogueCassCassTopic002Wanted to ask some questions about the outpost.
8469VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic000There's other places to go.
8470VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic001Be my guest.
8472VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic003Crimson Caravan sent me, they want to buy out your caravan.
8473VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic004Wait, what happened to your caravan?
8474VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic005Why not?
8475VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic006You haven't even seen the offer yet.
8476VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic007So even if you have nothing, you won't sell?
8477VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic008I have the offer letter here, the terms are fair.
8478VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic009It's just a name, this - this is money.
8479VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic010Maybe... there's something else we could trade?
8480VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic011That amount's enough to start a new caravan... with the old name.
8481VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic012I think you're a realist, and know a good offer when you see one.
8482VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic013Far from it, to turn down the original terms.
8483VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic014The Crimson Caravan will most likely change the name once they buy it.
8484VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic016Wouldn't suggest otherwise.
8485VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic017After Cassidy Caravans gets renamed, just start it up again.
8486VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic018Which means they're paying you to rebuild Cassidy Caravans, not sell it.
8487VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic019Just insuring future work with the Crimson Caravan.
8488VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic020Let's just say I prefer when both sides are happy.
8489VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic021Whatever gets the job done. Sign here.
8490VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic022So what... you're just going to keep it?
8491VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic023[NCR] I think they're both rangers, one desert, one NCR.
8492VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic024So... maize, 2 mutfruits, yeast, and a... uh... fission battery? Next time, maybe.
8493VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic025Are you sure?
8494VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic026If you think staying here's any better...
8495VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic027I wanted to talk to you more about buying your caravan.
8496VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic028Who believes in holding on to a dead caravan?
8497VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic030I may be honest, but at least I'm not blinded by pride.
8498VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic031Uh... as long as we don't share the same bottle.
8499VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic032We haven't finished all the bottles yet.
8500VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic033Helped out Jackson and cleared the road North.
8501VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic034I feel great, actually. Another?
8502VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic035Looking for a man who shot me.
8503VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic036Still feel a little parched.
8504VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic037I flll fnnne.
8505VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic038{Sold Caravan}What will you do now?
8506VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic039I had something else I wanted to ask.
8507VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic040I'll be going now.
8508VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic041What will you do now?
8509VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic042Hmm? MmmMmmm.
8510VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic043I'll get a dozen bottles of whiskey and be back.
8511VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic044Here's a dozen bottles, let's go.
8512VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic045Got the whiskey, let's do this.
8513VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic046Yeah... well, feel a... a little dizzy.
8514VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic047I think... think my liver's trying to crawl out my ass.
8515VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic048I totally love you and your little hat.
8516VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic049When I mmmet you I thought you were thbiggst bitch.
8518VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic051Looking to join up with me again?
8519VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic052Just passing through.
8520VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic053Had some questions I wanted to ask you.
8521VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic054Surprised you can see me from that deep in the bottle.
8522VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic055Was looking for someone worth my time, I was mistaken.
8523VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic056How about a drink instead?
8524VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic057You any good in a fight?
8525VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic058Where did you learn to shoot?
8526VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic059You've used explosives?
8527VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic060And where did you learn how to handle dynamite?
8528VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic061Any other work?
8529VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic062Don't really want to talk about it.
8530VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic063Twice. In the head.
8531VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic065Maybe it's not where you go, it's the company.
8532VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic066Running and gunning sounds interesting.
8533VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic067Never mind. Let's move on.
8534VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic068Why not? I could use someone who knows the roads.
8535VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic069Any other weapons you know how to use?
8536VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic070Your mother was a tribal?
8537VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic071Tell me about your Dad.
8538VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic072Any idea why he went East?
8539VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic073Where'd you get that pendant?
8540VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic074Tell me about your Dad.
8541VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic075Just needed a little pick-me-up.
8542VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic076What's the problem?
8543VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic077Calm down. I had some questions.
8544VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic078Fine - wasn't planning to share anyway.
8545VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic079If your world's a whiskey bottle, there's more out there.
8546VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic080You could come with me.
8547VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic081That's... one way to put it.
8548VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic082Do you really want to stay in this shithole?
8549VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic083Stay here, you know exactly what's going to happen, day in, day out.
8550VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic084What's wrong?
8551VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic085All right. Come on, let's go.
8552VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic086Is whiskey your drink of choice?
8553VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic087Whiskey Rose?
8554VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic088I've met him. Nice impersonation.
8555VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic089Tell me about the pendant.
8557VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic091Are you all right?
8558VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic092Think we got off on the wrong foot. How about a drink?
8559VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic093What are you trying to forget?
8560VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic094Back West?
8561VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic095Uh, how about you keep your hands by your sides.
8562VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic096Why would they do that?
8563VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic097Doesn't sound like raiders.
8564VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic098Might have been Fiends, they're crazy like that.
8565VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic099Who's Jackson?
8566VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic100What are you going to do?
8567VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic101So you're out of the caravan business?
8568VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic102I'd slow down on that whiskey, if I were you.
8569VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic103That drinking's going to get you in trouble in a second.
8570VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic104Already cleared the roads for Jackson.
8571VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic105Anything you can tell me about the Outpost?
8572VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic106That fucking monument outside?
8573VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic107Covered in blood?
8574VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic108What are those statues supposed to be?
8575VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic109Jean-Baptiste in Freeside wanted to meet with you.
8576VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic110What did you mean about "covered in blood" before?
8577VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic111A doctor helped patch me up.
8578VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic112Why are you here at the bar?
8579VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic113Any work around here?
8580VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic114Any other work?
8581VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic115Sniper on the roof?
8582VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic116He wanted something I was carrying.
8583VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic117Any other work?
8584VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic118I don't think it was personal.
8585VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic119Benny, wore a checkered suit.
8586VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic120Didn't introduce himself, wore a bad suit.
8587VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic121Go back West, then, see if I care.
8588VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic123Well, in the meantime, he's given me a suite at the Lucky 38.
8589VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic124Good, go back to your famil... oh wait, they're fucking dead.
8590VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic125Life means we have to make tough choices - me included.
8591VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic126That's it. Tired of listening to you anyway.
8592VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic127 Look... I'm trying to change, life's tough.
8593VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic128I'm... not proud of what I've done. I'm trying to change, really.
8594VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic129 I heard you, I did. I've changed... inside.
8595VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic130I'm trying to do better... really trying.
8596VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic131Look, the Mojave's a tough place, all right?
8597VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic133Come on, I can change, really.
8598VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic134Can we talk about this?
8599VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic135I guess this is goodbye, then.
8600VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic141I already took care of Jackson. Er, the Jackson problem.
8601VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic142He's... gone, don't think he can help. Anything else?
8602VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic143How'd you get started in the caravan business?
8603VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic144What the hell is a fish?
8604VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic145[Intelligence] I'm familiar. Do *you* know what a fish is?
8605VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic146So you just started in the caravan...?
8606VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic147So you traveled a lot.
8607VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic148What, like a courier?
8608VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic149How's caravan life in the Mojave?
8609VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic150[Cherchez La Femme] That's... rarely an issue.
8610VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic151[Black Widow] Soft men don't stay that way around me, I've found.
8611VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic152Not sure I understand your answer.
8612VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic153[Confirmed Bachelor] As long as we keep it on that level.
8613VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic154[Ladykiller] Miss Cassidy... are you flirting with me?
8614VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic155What can you tell me about New Vegas?
8615VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic156And caravan life's the same way?
8616VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic157Do you deal mostly with NCR?
8617VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic158Can you tell me anything about this Platinum Chip?
8618VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic159What about Caesar's Legion?
8619VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic160All right, just asking.
8620VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic161Do they deal with any caravans at all?
8621VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic162You sound frustrated.
8622VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic163NCR sounds like it has a lot to answer for.
8623VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic164There must be good parts to the Republic.
8624VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic165Any other differences between Legion and NCR?
8625VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic166What do you think of NCR?
8626VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic167There's a "but" in there.
8627VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic168You support it no matter what?
8628VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic169So they lack direction?
8629VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic170Yeah, I got that part, thanks.
8630VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic171Back to NCR.
8631VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic172So the Mojave suffers.
8632VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic173So what's the alternative?
8633VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic174There's other alternatives.
8634VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic175What do you mean?
8635VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic176Any thoughts on the Legion?
8636VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic177You sure you want to do this?
8637VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic178Got it. Let's loot the place.
8638VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic179Time to move on.
8639VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic180You all right?
8640VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic181So that's it, then.
8641VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic182You're welcome. Let's go.
8642VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic183Are you all right?
8643VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic184Better than the alternative.
8644VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic185Chasing the dead with more deaths isn't the way.
8645VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic186I'm for that, let's go kill them.
8646VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic187There's another way - we can get evidence, let NCR take them down.
8647VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic188The harm to the Van Graffs would last longer - and travel back West.
8648VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic189If I can get the evidence, will you consider it?
8649VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic190Here's the evidence of the deal. Without its twin, there's no proof.
8650VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic191Here's both pieces of evidence.
8651VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic192Not yet.
8652VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic193Because of what happened to your caravan.
8653VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic194No one enters into a deal like this unless they have dirt on their partner.
8654VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic195You know Gloria and Alice - what do you think?
8655VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic196Anyone you trust in NCR?
8656VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic197We have to try.
8657VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic198If he won't listen, then we can do things your way.
8658VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic199After all the shit I went through to get this, we're going to Jackson.
8659VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic200Where was your caravan hit?
8660VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic201How did you catch word of it?
8661VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic202Think there's anything left?
8662VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic203Site's probably nothing but bones and sand by now.
8663VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic204Already been there, nothing worth finding.
8664VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic205Let's go, then.
8665VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic206I may have already searched the area.
8666VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic207If there's time.
8667VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic208Why would they have done it during the day?
8668VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic209All right, let's check the place out.
8669VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic210Know anything about Mr. House?
8670VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic211Is there anything salvagable?
8671VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic212Want to go check it out?
8672VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic213Let's go.
8673VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic214If we have time, sure.
8674VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic215Let's leave it for now.
8675VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic216Want to check it out?
8676VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic217We'll make the time.
8677VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic218Got it, let's start looting.
8678VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic219Let's move.
8679VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic220He's with the Van Graffs.
8680VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic221Let's do it, then.
8681VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic222See anything at the caravan site?
8682VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic223See anything at the second caravan site?
8683VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic224Any idea what was up at the site of the last caravan?
8684VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic225Interested in... uh... following me to Freeside?
8685VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic226Where do you usually go to drink?
8686VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic227Wait, you can make Moonshine?
8687VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic228Here's the items for making some Moonshine.
8688VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic229Can you make me some of your Moonshine?
8689VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic230I took care of Jackson. Er, the Jackson problem.
8690VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic231Fine, let's deal with this the old-fashioned way.
8691VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic232Uh... Jackson? He can't help us, he's... gone.
8692VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic233I don't think Jackson can help us with the Caravan evidence.
8693VDialogueChrisHaversamChrisHaversamTopic000Where can I find Jason?
8694VDialogueChrisHaversamChrisHaversamTopic001Nevermind, I'll go looking for your components.
8695VDialogueChrisHaversamChrisHaversamTopic002Can the launch wait a few minutes?
8697VDialogueChrisHaversamChrisHaversamTopic004Speaker Start
8698VDialogueCliffBriscoeCliffBriscoeTopic001How did they end up here?
8699VDialogueCliffBriscoeCliffBriscoeTopic002Let's talk about something else.
8703VDialogueCraigBooneBSReadyToStayWe can stay on Coyote Tail Ridge for the night.
8709VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic000If you're looking for someone in particular, I could tip you off if I see them.
8710VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic001Who were you looking for? Come on, you can tell me. Please?
8711VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic002What is it you aren't telling me about what happened to your wife?
8712VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic003I don't feel like I can trust you.
8713VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic004I want to understand you better.
8714VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic005You're right. I was out of line.
8715VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic006I think it's time you told me what happened to your wife.
8716VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic007You're hiding something. Spit it out. You owe me.
8717VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic008The better we understand each other, the more effective we'll be.
8718VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic009I just want to know.
8719VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic010Better for her to die than live a Legion slave.
8720VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic011You should've tried to rescue her. Even if it meant your death.
8721VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic012You had no right to make that decision.
8722VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic013You make it sound like your wife's death was inevitable.
8723VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic014Why do you think you've got bad things coming?
8724VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic015I don't understand.
8725VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic016Let's talk about something else.
8726VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic017You're not going to tell me?
8727VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic018Were you at Bitter Springs with First Recon?
8728VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic019You must've been at Bitter Springs. What happened there?
8729VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic020That's it? You won?
8730VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic021I've seen my share of terrible things. You can talk to me about it.
8731VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic022How can you say that? We've been fighting together.
8732VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic023Tell me about it.
8733VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic024You want me to make good on my promise to fight the Legion with you, is that it?
8734VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic025Sounded like more of a massacre.
8735VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic026Must've been one hell of a miscommunication.
8736VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic027There must be more to it than that.
8737VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic028Sounds like you have some regrets.
8738VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic029That's true. You can't second guess what you do out there.
8739VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic030Being a mindless drone is just as dangerous. You have to think for yourself.
8740VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic031It is because of Bitter Springs that you think you've got bad things coming?
8741VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic032Maybe you can make up for your mistakes.
8742VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic033Life doesn't work that way. Your misfortunes are just bad luck.
8743VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic034If it's out of your control, why worry about it?
8744VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic035How do you know your punishment isn't over?
8745VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic036Do you think about Bitter Springs a lot?
8746VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic037Maybe it would help to go back there.
8747VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic038What changed your mind?
8748VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic039Okay. We'll make it a point to stop there.
8749VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic040I don't really have time for this now, Boone.
8750VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic041Not my problem. You want to go? You're on your own.
8751VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic042I'm ready to go to Bitter Springs.
8752VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic043What happened?
8753VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic044I'm not interested in your stories.
8754VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic045You did what you were supposed to as a soldier.
8755VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic046That's not what I would've done at all.
8756VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic047How could you kill innocent people like that?
8757VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic048Let's get out of here. Let them have Bitter Springs.
8758VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic049Your only mistake was not bringing enough ammo.
8759VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic050We can do that.
8760VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic051I'd prefer not to right now.
8761VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic052Why would they come to Bitter Springs?
8762VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic053Good. Saves us the trouble of finding them.
8763VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic054You don't sound surprised.
8764VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic055Why aren't you sure?
8765VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic056You underestimated us.
8766VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic057You can't take back what you've done. But your regrets can set you on a better path.
8767VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic058I wasn't going to let you die.
8768VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic059Maybe it's just not your time yet.
8769VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic060No one is judging or punishing you. Things just happen.
8770VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic061Having to live with what you've done is your punishment.
8771VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic062Get over it. It's war. People die. Why should it matter whether they're soldiers or civilians?
8772VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic063What outfit did you serve in the military with?
8773VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic064How did you happen to join First Recon?
8774VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic065What's the slogan?
8775VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic066Is that a First Recon beret?
8776VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic067Tell me about Camp McCarran.
8777VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic068What was Camp Golf like?
8778VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic069What do you think of General Oliver?
8779VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic070Do you know Colonel Hsu at all?
8780VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic071The Dam?
8781VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic072Don't worry, I'm not going in there right now.
8782VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic073As long as you don't mind me joining the fun.
8783VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic074I don't want any trouble. We should part ways for now.
8784VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic075Yes, but you're not coming with me.
8785VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic076No, I'm not going in right now.
8786VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic077I'm ready. Caesar won't know what hit him.
8787VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic078No, that's not a problem. That's a solution.
8788VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic079I'm not ready to attack it. We'll keep our distance.
8789VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic080That's not how I want to approach this. You'd better go your own way for now.
8790VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic081I'm going to do this my way. I can't bring you.
8791VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic082All right, come along.
8792VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic083Still feels pretty good, though, doesn't it?
8793VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic084Why wouldn't this stop the Legion?
8794VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic085That just means we've got more work to do.
8795VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic086I'm infiltrating the organization. I have to gain their trust.
8796VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic087I'm... uh... helping them so I can spy on them better.
8797VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic088It won't happen again.
8798VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic089Things have changed. I'm with Caesar now.
8799VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic090[Attack] I won't be needing your services any longer.
8800VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic091Very well. You have my word.
8801VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic092Sorry. I won't compromise my mission.
8802VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic093Then we can't work together anymore.
8803VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic094All right. I won't do anything else to hurt the NCR.
8804VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic095[Attack] You're less trouble to me dead than alive.
8805VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic096Tell me about yourself.
8806VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic097What's the best way for me to use your skills?
8807VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic098Ever take that beret off?
8808VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic099How do you feel about Manny Vargas?
8809VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic100Weren't you also friends?
8810VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic101Not anymore?
8811VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic102I have another question about you.
8812VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic103Tell me about your wife.
8813VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic104Did you ever tell your wife about what happened at Bitter Springs?
8814VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic105Have you heard of Mr. House?
8815VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic106I had some questions I wanted to ask you.
8816VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic107Does the name Benny mean anything to you?
8817VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic108What can you tell me about New Vegas?
8818VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic109How do you feel about the NCR?
8819VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic110Any thoughts about Caesar's Legion?
8820VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic111I have a different question.
8821VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic113Not yet.
8822VDialogueCraigBooneCraigBooneTopic114I changed my mind. This is something we should confront together.
8834VDialogueCrimsonCaravan1EAliceMcLaffertyTopic000Nothing today. Goodbye.
8835VDialogueCrimsonCaravan1ECrimsonCaravanGuardAAM2Topic000Do you know any redheads in these parts?
8836VDialogueCrimsonCaravan1ECrimsonCaravanGuardAFTopic000I'm looking for a redhead girl, do you know any around here?
8837VDialogueCrimsonCaravan1ECrimsonCaravanGuardCM2Topic000I'm looking for a redheaded girl around here.
8838VDialogueCrimsonCaravan1ECrimsonCaravanWorkerCFTopic000I don't suppose you watch the Boomers over in Nellis sometimes, do you?
8840VDialogueCrimsonCaravan1ECrimsonCaravanWorkerCFTopic002No reason. I'll be off now.
8841VDialogueCrimsonCaravan1ECrimsonCaravanWorkerCFTopic003I've been inside Nellis. There's a young man there who has a crush on you.
8842VDialogueCrimsonCaravan1ECrimsonCaravanWorkerCFTopic004He's nice, maybe a little naive. Seems convinced you're the love of his life.
8843VDialogueCrimsonCaravan1ECrimsonCaravanWorkerCFTopic006He's a catch. You should see him blush when I flirt with him.
8844VDialogueCrimsonCaravan1ECrimsonCaravanWorkerCFTopic007He's a special sort of guy - perfect for a special sort of gal.
8845VDialogueCrimsonCaravan1ECrimsonCaravanWorkerCFTopic010Let me see if I can get you safe passage past the artillery.
8846VDialogueCrimsonCaravan1ECrimsonCaravanWorkerCFTopic011 You have permission. They know you're coming.
8847VDialogueCrimsonCaravan1ECrimsonCaravanWorkerCFTopic012I'm not sure. Let me think about it and I'll come back to you.
8848VDialogueCrimsonCaravan1ECrimsonCaravanWorkerCFTopic013I'll ask Pearl to make an exception for you.
8849VDialogueCrimsonCaravan1ECrimsonCaravanWorkerCFTopic014I doubt it.
8850VDialogueCrimsonCaravan1ECrimsonCaravanWorkerCFTopic015Actually, I wanted to talk to you about him again.
8851VDialogueCrimsonCaravan1ECrimsonCaravanWorkerCFTopic017He's doing well. I'll come back when I have some more information.
8852VDialogueCrimsonCaravan1ECrimsonCaravanWorkerCFTopic018I got a Boomer uniform for you to wear while you cross to Nellis.
8853VDialogueCrimsonCaravan1ECrimsonCaravanWorkerCFTopic019Not yet, but I hope to very soon.
8855VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic001I'm looking for work.
8856VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic002I'll take it. What do I need to do?
8857VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic003Actually, I don't have time for this right now.
8858VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic004I delivered the invoice, just as you asked.
8859VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic005What other work do you have available?
8860VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic006I'd like to know more about the Crimson Caravan Company.
8861VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic007How long have you been in business?
8862VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic008Does the Crimson Caravan have any competition?
8863VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic009You're well-dressed for this place.
8864VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic010I don't have any more questions. Let's talk about something else.
8865VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic011The Crimson Caravan Company no longer has to worry about Henry Jamison.
8866VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic012Cassidy Caravans has been bought out, and is now part of the Crimson Caravan Company.
8867VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic013I have the Gun Runner holotape.
8868VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic014Tell me about the negotiation.
8869VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic015I want to know more about the problem with Henry Jamison.
8870VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic016Janet's asked me to talk to you about releasing her from her contract.
8871VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic017What's the Gun Runner job about?
8872VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic018I'll see what I can do.
8873VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic019I need to be reminded about a job you wanted me to do.
8874VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic020< Speech 75 >
8875VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic021You'll have to find someone else for the Gun Runner job. That's not something I do.
8876VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic022< Barter 65 >
8877VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic023I need to consider your offer.
8878VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic024You have a deal.
8879VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic025Are work contracts common for the Crimson Caravan Company?
8880VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic026That's all I wanted to know. Let's talk about something else.
8881VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic027What kind of upkeep expenses?
8882VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic028Are work contracts legal?
8883VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic029It seems like that the companies are getting the better deal.
8884VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic030Is there anything else you need me to do?
8885VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic031I had some questions about bottle cap currency.
8886VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic032The bottle cap press is no longer a problem.
8887VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic033Let's talk about something else now.
8888VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic034Why is a bottle cap press a problem for you?
8889VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic035Are new bottle caps ever made?
8890VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic036What makes a bottle cap genuine?
8891VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic037I'm looking for Cass. The Van Graffs told me to check in with you.
8892VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic038Cass isn't around anymore, so I won't be able to complete the negotiation for you.
8894VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic001Show me what you have for sale.
8895VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic002Contreras sent me for some medical supplies.
8896VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic003Will do.
8897VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic004Is there something special about these supplies?
8898VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic005Combining those with chemical cleaners would yield strong chems...
8899VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic006Some of those could be combined with other chemicals to make drugs...
8900VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic007No reason. Just curious.
8901VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic008Never mind.
8902VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic009McCarran needs a regular shipment of brahmin meat and spices for the mess hall.
8903VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic010McCarran has plenty of caps to cover the shipment. They'll deal with the cost.
8904VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic011< Speech 70 >
8905VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic012< Barter 50 >
8906VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic013Can you answer some questions for me?
8907VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic014That's all. Let's talk about something else.
8908VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic015Where does the Crimson Caravan Company get its merchandise?
8909VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic016Do your caravans ever have trouble from bandits?
8910VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic017Where are you from?
8911VDialogueCrimsonCaravanCrimsonCaravanBlakeTopic018Hmm. I'll be right back.
8912VDialogueCrimsonCaravanGSRingoTopic001Who's in charge here?
8913VDialogueCrimsonCaravanGSRingoTopic002So what's next for you?
8915VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic000I'm here to talk about ending your employment with the Crimson Caravan Company.
8917VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic002{NCR - Mixed}Look, I take advantage of the NCR, too, but I don't make them my enemy.
8918VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic003{NCR - liked}The NCR thinks pretty highly of me. Let's say I get word to your parents...
8919VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic004What do you know about the Omertas?
8920VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic005Maybe we can make a deal. What do you want from the Crimson Caravan in exchange for quitting?
8921VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic006< Barter 50 >
8922VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic007< Speech 50 >
8923VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic008Never mind.
8924VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic009Fine. I'll let McLafferty know we've struck a deal.
8925VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic010What brought you to New Vegas?
8926VDialogueCrimsonCaravanHenryJamisonTopic011{RACKET complete}I'm in good with the Omertas - ask around. Feel like quitting yet?
8927VDialogueCrimsonCaravanNellis{Check individual infos for topics}
8928VDialogueCrimsonCaravanNellisCrimsonCaravanJanetTopic000I'm still working on it.
8929VDialogueCrimsonCaravanNellisCrimsonCaravanJanetTopic001I convinced her to pay you what you're owed. You're free to leave.
8930VDialogueCrimsonCaravanNellisCrimsonCaravanJanetTopic002You're free to leave, but McLafferty won't pay you. That's the deal.
8931VDialogueCrimsonCaravanNellisCrimsonCaravanJanetTopic003Well, you won't be getting any caps, but McLafferty won't be a problem for you.
8933VDialogueDoldrums1EAngeloTopic001Show me what you have for sale.
8934VDialogueEastVegas1EGunRunnerProtectronTopic001Show me what you have for sale.
8935VDialogueEastVegas1EGunRunnerProtectronTopic003What is this place?
8938vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic000You ever spend time with a trooper named White?
8939vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic001He's gone missing, and I'm trying to track him down. Any ideas?
8940vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic002Did he ever tell you anything about what he was up to?
8941vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic003I'm asking the questions here. Tell me what you know.
8943vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic005How much for a good time?
8944vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic006Let's party. Here's the hundred caps.
8945vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic007Where are you from?
8946vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic008Never mind.
8947vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic009Uhh... twenty, twenty five... yeah, I have enough. Here you go.
8948vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic010How about we just split this Med-X and... relax for a while?
8949vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic011< Medicine 35 >
8950vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic012< Speech 35 >
8951vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic013We girls have to stick together. Any chance you could give me a better deal?
8952vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic014Fifty caps it is. Let's party.
8953vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic015A hundred caps? I think you're the one getting the deal here.
8954vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic016I'm a little short on caps.
8955vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic017Uh... sorry. I don't count so good.
8956vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic018< Blink. >
8957vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic019Haha. You're dumber than me.
8958vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic020I don't have a hundred caps on me.
8959vDialogueGomorrahGenericTopic000Yeah, let's have some fun.
8961vDialogueGomorrahGenericTopic002No thanks.
8962vDialogueGomorrahGenericTopic003Actually I'm looking for someone named Cachino.
8963vDialogueGomorrahGenericTopic004Nothing, I was just leaving.
8964vDialogueGomorrahGenericTopic005Where can I find Cachino?
8966vDialogueGomorrahGenericTopic007Listen here shitwad, tell me where I can find Cachino.
8967vDialogueGomorrahGenericTopic008I need a key to Cachino's room. Do you have one that will work?
8968vDialogueGomorrahGenericTopic009Thanks, but I'll find another way.
8969vDialogueGomorrahGenericTopic010Ok, 300 caps is a deal.
8971vDialogueGomorrahGenericvGOMBartenderRandomTopic000Let me see what you have.
8972vDialogueGomorrahGenericvGOMBartenderRandomTopic001I'm looking for information.
8973vDialogueGomorrahGenericvGOMBartenderRandomTopic002Nothing right now.
8974vDialogueGomorrahGenericvGOMEntranceGuardTopic000Here you go.
8976vDialogueGomorrahGenericvGOMEntranceGuardTopic002Nevermind, I'll be back.
8977vDialogueGomorrahGenericvGOMEntranceGuardTopic003Sorry, no one parts me from my weapons.
8978vDialogueGomorrahGenericvGOMEntranceGuardTopic004Yep, let's rock.
8979vDialogueGomorrahGenericvGOMEntranceGuardTopic005Nevermind, I'll be back.
8980vDialogueGomorrahGenericvGOMReceptionistTopic000Do you have any rooms available?
8981vDialogueGomorrahGenericvGOMReceptionistTopic001What is there to do around here?
8983vDialogueGomorrahJoanaPersonalInfoI'd like to talk about you some more.
8984vDialogueGomorrahvGOMBouncer01Topic001What do you mean by Family?
8985vDialogueGomorrahvGOMBouncer01Topic002What is Zoara?
8986vDialogueGomorrahvGOMBouncer01Topic003I have business with your bosses.
8987vDialogueGomorrahvGOMBouncer01Topic004Nevermind, I'm done now.
8988vDialogueGomorrahvGOMBouncer01Topic005One of your soldiers has been breaking family rules, here is the proof.
8989vDialogueGomorrahvGOMBouncer01Topic006My business with the bosses is my business, not yours.
8990vDialogueGomorrahvGOMBouncer01Topic007{Speech Options}
8991vDialogueGomorrahvGOMReceptionistTopic000I'm sure you have all the good dirt on what goes on around here.
8994vDialogueGomorrahvGOMReceptionistTopic003What can you tell me about what's going on around the Strip?
8995vDialogueGomorrahvGOMReceptionistTopic004What can you tell me about what's going on in Gomorrah?
8996vDialogueGomorrahvGOMReceptionistTopic005Can you help me find someone?
8997vDialogueGomorrahvGOMReceptionistTopic006I'm looking for Cachino.
8998vDialogueGomorrahvGOMReceptionistTopic007Can you tell me where Troike is?
8999vDialogueGomorrahvGOMReceptionistTopic008Do you know someone named Clanden?
9000vDialogueGomorrahvGOMReceptionistTopic009Where can I find the management?
9001vDialogueGomorrahvGOMReceptionistTopic010I need to know who to talk to about what's been going on in Gomorrah.
9002vDialogueGomorrahvGOMReceptionistTopic011Tell me what the Family is up to.
9003vDialogueGomorrahvGOMReceptionistTopic012Let me ask you about something else.
9006vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic000I'd like to talk to you about Troike.
9007vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic001What kind of business do you do here?
9008vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic002{Barter Options}
9009vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic003Actually, I'd like to see about getting him out of his obligations to you.
9010vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic004Something about his story doesn't sit right with me.
9011vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic005On second thought, let's talk about something else.
9012vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic006{Speech Options}
9013vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic007He seems pretty tired.
9014vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic008{Speech, Convince Sal or Nero to buy guns from Mick & Ralph again}
9015vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic009No idea.
9016vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic010I hear you lost some guns.
9017vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic011Time to die, Sal.
9018vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic012Cachino! Shoot now.
9019vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic013I have proof one of your Lieutenants is dealing behind your back.
9020vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic014Is it worth 100 caps to you?
9021vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic015{Barter Options}
9022vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic016I wanted to ask you another question first.
9023vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic017Actually I have some other business to take care of.
9024vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic018How is Cachino going to be handled?
9025vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic019Cachino mentioned you had something big planned.
9026vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic020What kind of help do you need?
9027vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic021Tell me about the plan.
9028vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic022Let's talk about something else
9029vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic023I don't have any more questions right now.
9030vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic024{Updates on Racket}
9031vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic025Did one of your contractors get lost?
9032vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic026{Speech options}
9033vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic027What was Cachino's role in the plan?
9034vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic028So tell me about your plan.
9035vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic029 Well Nero didn't tell me any of this when he convinced me to take you out.
9036vDialogueGomorrahVMS21BigSalTopic030Can I buy out the rest of his contract for 300 caps?
9037vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic000The Omertas won't take kindly to hearing about your relationship with Joana.
9038vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic001I hear you've been doing some business on the side.
9039vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic002What can you tell me about Gomorrah?
9040vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic003I hear you've been dealing with some business that is off limits for the family.
9041vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic004Is this journal worth 100 caps to you?
9042vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic005I found this ledger that proves some of your side business.
9043vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic006Do you think the Family would like to see this?
9044vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic007I think I'm going to keep this for a little while.
9046vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic009Why don't you try and take it from me?
9047vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic010What kind of specialist is Clanden?
9048vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic011Tell me about this Troike.
9049vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic012Do you know anything about what they are planning?
9050vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic013Um, nevermind. Sorry I said something.
9051vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic014That's all the questions I have for now. I may have more later.
9052vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic015I have a couple more questions.
9053vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic016{Tell Cachino the bosses plans have been disrupted}
9054vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic017I have some questions about the Bosses plans.
9055vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic018What's the next step in breaking up the bosses plans?
9056vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic019Why do they need to die?
9057vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic020How do we take care of the bosses?
9058vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic021What happens when the bosses are gone?
9059vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic022{Speech Check}
9060vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic023Let's go take care of the bosses.
9061vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic024I'm not ready to take out the bosses yet.
9062vDialogueGomorrahVMS21CachinoTopic025I spoke to Clanden, and I couldn't get anything out of him.
9063vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic000What do you do around here?
9064vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic001How did you end up with one of the hotel suites?
9065vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic002Cachino sent me to talk to you.
9066vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic003I hear you have some exotic tastes when it comes to women.
9067vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic004The Bosses sent me to offer you assistance.
9068vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic005{Speech Options}
9069vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic006What do you need the bombs for?
9070vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic007How can I be of assistance?
9071vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic008{Science options}
9072vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic009What did you have in mind?
9073vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic010I have a couple other questions to ask you instead.
9074vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic011Let's talk about this a little later.
9075vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic012Where can I find some chlorine gas?
9076vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic013I don't think I want to get involved in this.
9077vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic014I found some chlorine for you.
9078vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic015I thought that maybe I could be your next playtoy. Your exploits are well known.
9079vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic016Sorry, I was thinking about someone else. I have a different question though.
9081vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic018I think the authorities would like to hear these tapes I found in your safe.
9082vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic019{Barter Check}
9083vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic020I can't give you these tapes, they are evidence of a crime.
9084vDialogueGomorrahVMS21ClandenTopic021You can't have the tapes, but I'll keep them to myself if you leave and never come back.
9085vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic001What's some fun going to run me?
9086vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic007That's it for questions.
9088vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic013What brought you here?
9089vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic014Do you like it here?
9095vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic029I always have what it takes.
9096vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic030I... don't know, uh, what does it take?
9097vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic031I just want to ask you some questions.
9100vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic035I'd like to know more about you.
9101vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic036I have questions about Gomorrah.
9102vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic037What can you tell me about the Omertas?
9104vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic039I'll... I'm sure something good.
9105vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic040The better question is what are *you* going to do with it.
9106vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic041The better question is what are *you* going to do with it.
9107vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic042Lead the way.
9108vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic043Lead the way.
9109vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic044How does a 100 caps sound?
9110vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic045How does 75 caps sound?
9111vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic046I am. Lead the way.
9112vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic047I am. Lead the way.
9113vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic048Actually, I'm short on caps right now.
9114vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic049Actually, I'm short on caps right now.
9115vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic050I have some questions.
9116vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic051Actually, let me ask you some questions.
9117vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic052I just have some questions for you.
9118vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic053What's your story?
9119vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic054Do you like it here?
9120vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic055Let's talk about having fun.
9121vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic056Let's go back to my other questions.
9122vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic057What's the deal with Gomorrah?
9123vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic058Tell me about Gomorrah's clients.
9124vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic059I'm here for some fun.
9125vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic060Tell me about the Omertas.
9126vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic061What's the Omertas' role in Gomorrah?
9127vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic062Tell me about their leaders.
9129vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic064Tell me about their leaders.
9130vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic065I want to talk about Carlitos.
9131vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic066Carlitos wants to get you out of here.
9132vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic067I want to talk about something else.
9134vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic069You keep avoiding my questions. Are you bothered by them?
9135vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic070Joana, you can trust me. Why are you avoiding my questions?
9136vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic071You don't look good. Are you... ill or something?
9137vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic072Contracted pupils, involuntary spasms... Med-X kills quickly, Joana. I can help.
9138vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic073All right. Lead the way.
9139vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic074Let me ask you something else.
9140vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic075Trust me, I'll keep you safe.
9141vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic076I... don't know, but we'll figure it out.
9142vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic077I had other questions first.
9143vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic078You'll never see them again, you have my word.
9144vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic079Don't worry, I'll tell him that you are happy to hear from him.
9145vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic080I have other questions for you.
9146vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic081You'll just have to hope it all works out... I guess.
9147vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic082Consider it done.
9148vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic083What's the deal with Cachino?
9149vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic084I'm ready.
9150vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic085What's happened to you?
9151vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic086Tell me about the Omertas.
9152vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic087Tell me about Cachino.
9154vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic089What's Carlitos' story?
9155vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic090Cachino talked because Carlitos broke Omerta rules?
9156vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic091I know Carlitos.
9157vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic092Sorry, I'm not interested in this right now.
9158vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic093Tell me about your problem.
9159vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic094I've talked to Carlitos, but not about you.
9160vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic095All right. I'll talk to him.
9161vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic096What if Carlitos lives?
9162vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic097If he lives, I'll find him for you.
9163vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic098I'd like to know more about you.
9164vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic099I have questions about Gomorrah.
9165vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic100What can you tell me about the Omertas.
9167vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic102Nothing, I'll find him for you.
9168vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic103200 caps would do, for now.
9169vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic104You know what I want, Joana.
9170vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic105Carlitos wants to get you out of here.
9171vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic106I want to ask you something else.
9172vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic107I expect something in return.
9173vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic108I want to talk about Carlitos.
9174vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic109So, you want me to talk to Carlitos?
9175vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic110I'll talk to him for you.
9176vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic111I expect something in return.
9177vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic112I know Carlitos.
9178vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic113I've talked to Carlitos, but not about you.
9179vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic114So, you want me to talk to Carlitos?
9180vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic115What can you tell me about the Omertas.
9181vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic116About your problem, let's go to your room.
9182vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic117I'd like to talk first.
9184vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic119I want to talk about Carlitos.
9185vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic120I'd like to know more about you.
9186vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic121I have questions about Gomorrah.
9187vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic122What can you tell me about the Omertas?
9188vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic123Tell me about your problem.
9189vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic124I want to talk about Carlitos.
9190vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic125What can you tell me about the Omertas?
9192vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic127Let's go back to my other questions.
9194vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic129Tell me about the Omertas.
9195vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic130Tell me about Cachino.
9196vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic131I want to know about Carlitos.
9197vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic132I have other questions.
9199vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic134I want to talk about Carlitos.
9200vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic135I have questions about you.
9202vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic137About your problem, let's go to your room.
9203vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic138Tell me about the Omertas.
9204vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic139I want to know about Cachino.
9205vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic140I'd like to talk about Carlitos.
9206vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic141I have questions about you.
9207vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic142Tell me about Gomorrah.
9208vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic143What can you tell me about the Omertas?
9209vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic144I have news from Carlitos.
9210vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic145He'll meet us in Freeside around midnight. I'll sneak you out in disguise.
9211vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic146He'll meet us in Freeside around midnight. I'll sneak you out in disguise.
9212vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic147Are you ready to get out?
9213vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic148Let's do this.
9214vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic149Wait a minute.
9215vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic150Never mind. Let's get you out of here.
9216vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic151Are you ready to get out?
9217vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic152Let's head out.
9218vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic153Let me make sure I'm ready.
9220vDialogueGomorrahVMS21JoanaTopic156I've got a message for you, from Carlitos.
9221vDialogueGomorrahVMS21NeroTopic000What kind of business do you do here?
9222vDialogueGomorrahVMS21NeroTopic001I'll show it to you for 100 caps.
9223vDialogueGomorrahVMS21NeroTopic002{Updates on Racket}
9224vDialogueGomorrahVMS21NeroTopic003Let's talk about something else.
9226vDialogueGomorrahVMS21NeroTopic005Cachino was talking about big plans for the Family.
9227vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic000What do you do here?
9228vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic001So what's your story?
9229vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic002Do you know where the knife came from?
9230vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic003Cachino sent me to ask you about some guns.
9231vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic004Tell me what happened with the prostitute.
9232vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic005What kind of chems were you doing?
9233vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic006How did the family find out about it?
9234vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic007That seems like a lot of chems.
9236vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic009I have a couple more questions about what happened that night.
9237vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic010Let's talk about something else.
9238vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic011That's it for now.
9239vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic012Would you like me to try to get you out of your contract?
9240vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic013I'm looking to help Cachino break up whatever the Bosses are planning.
9241vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic014Maybe I can help you out of your contract with the family.
9244vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic017I have a couple more questions about the guns.
9245vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic018How do you get the guns into the strip?
9246vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic019Give me the Thermite and I'll destroy the weapons.
9247vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic020Let's talk about something else.
9248vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic021That's it for now.
9249vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic022Where do the guns come from?
9250vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic023{Speech Option, threaten to sell troike out if he doesn't turn in the thermite}
9251vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic024What is Thermite?
9252vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic025Big Sal agreed to let you go.
9253vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic026Your bosses sent me to you to see if you needed any help with your work for them.
9254vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic027Tell me about the problem with the last shipment.
9255vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic028How are you getting the weapons into the strip?
9256vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic029Why do you work for the Omertas?
9257vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic030Do you mean these weapon parts?
9258vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic031I'll keep an eye out for them.
9259vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic032I have a couple more questions.
9260vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic033I want to ask about something else.
9261vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic034That's all I have for questions right now.
9262vDialogueGomorrahVMS21TroikeTopic035I found those weapon parts you needed.
9263vDialogueGreatKhansGenericVRRCGreatKhanaArmoryHFTopic000Yes, please.
9264vDialogueGreatKhansGenericVRRCGreatKhanaArmoryHFTopic001No, thanks.
9265vDialogueGrubnGulp1EFitzTopic000What is this place?
9266vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic000So you work for the Gun Runners?
9267vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic001Who are the Gun Runners?
9268vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic002Contreras sent me. McCarran needs a lot more guns and ammo.
9269vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic003< Barter 80 >
9270vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic004< Speech 80 >
9271vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic005Never mind. Let's talk about something else.
9272vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic006Maybe I could help you out with those supplies.
9273vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic007Any chance I could get a tour of the Gun Runner factory?
9274vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic008I've got some scrap for you.
9275vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic009Tin cans.
9276vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic010Scrap metal.
9278vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic012Pressure cookers.
9279vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic013Metal cooking pans.
9280vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic014Coffee pots.
9281vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic015Hot plates.
9282vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic016Metal cooking pots.
9284vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic018Never mind.
9285vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic019Do you have enough scrap metal yet?
9286vDialogueGunRunnerNVIsaacTopic020Who's in charge of the Gun Runners?
9287VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic000Sure, go ahead.
9288VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic001No, I won't listen to you.
9289VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic002Why should I trust you?
9290VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic003And I suppose you'd nominate yourself?
9291VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic004What about Veronica? She seems to come and go as she pleases.
9292VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic005Have you tried bringing this up with the Elder yourself?
9293VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic006I'll see what I can do.
9294VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic007I refuse.
9295VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic008How do you propose to do that?
9296VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic009I want no part of this.
9297VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic010I'll see what I can do.
9298VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic011What can you tell me about the other members of the Brotherhood here?
9299VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic017Explain to me again what you're trying to do.
9300VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic018Never mind. Let's talk about something else.
9301VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic019What do I get out of helping you?
9302VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic020So what happens now?
9303VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic021Is there anything else for me to do?
9304VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic022About my reward...
9305VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic023The Elder has me looking for the lost patrols and retrieving their mission discs.
9306VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic024The Elder tasked me with contacting several scouts out in the waste.
9307VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic025The Elder has me looking for parts to fix the bunker's air filtration system.
9308VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic026I wanted to ask you some other questions.
9309VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic027{Ask to join the Brotherhood}
9310VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic028I found the patrols for the Elder, and they had mission discs with orders from McNamara on them.
9311VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic029Do you know anything about the Chain That Binds?
9312VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic030Yes, what is the task?
9313VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic031One of the few times an Elder was dismissed was due to it.
9314VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic032Did you know there's a second part to it?
9315VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic033It says a superior is not allowed to give orders to the men under his subordinate.
9316VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic034Tell me what the task is before I agree to anything.
9317VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic035On second thought, I'm fine not joining the Brotherhood.
9318VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic036I've taken care of the Van Graffs.
9319VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic037What do you think of the lockdown?
9320VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic038Actually, I already know how to use power armor.
9321VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic039I'd appreciate a lesson.
9322VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic040It's just like other armor, but heavy, right?
9323VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic041Why do you dislike McNamara so much?
9324VDialogueHiddenValleyEdgarHardinTopic042What would you do if you became Elder?
9325VDialogueHiddenValleyHVInitiateStantonTopic000Fine, I'll find the gun for you.
9326VDialogueHiddenValleyHVInitiateStantonTopic001Why do the records show that the gun was turned back in?
9327VDialogueHiddenValleyHVInitiateStantonTopic002Sorry, I can't help you.
9328VDialogueHiddenValleyHVInitiateStantonTopic003I'm trying to help Torres find a missing laser pistol. Have you seen it around?
9329VDialogueHiddenValleyHVInitiateStantonTopic004I have to be going.
9330VDialogueHiddenValleyHVInitiateStantonTopic005I'll try my best to find it.
9331VDialogueHiddenValleyHVInitiateStantonTopic006Could you be a little more specific about where you dropped it?
9332VDialogueHiddenValleyHVInitiateStantonTopic007I better go and start looking.
9333VDialogueHiddenValleyHVInitiateStantonTopic008Can I just get you another laser pistol?
9334VDialogueHiddenValleyHVKnightEDETopic000I've heard some information from its logs, sounds like it is carrying some Enclave data.
9335VDialogueHiddenValleyHVKnightEDETopic001The logs spoke about Enclave Duraframe research and Poseidon Energy research.
9336VDialogueHiddenValleyHVKnightEDETopic002The Elder wants me to retrieve components to help fix the air filtration system.
9337VDialogueHiddenValleyHVKnightEDETopic005Your terminal had some very interesting things to say about the state of the air filtration system.
9338VDialogueHiddenValleyHVKnightEDETopic006So you and the McNamara both know about this?
9339VDialogueHiddenValleyHVKnightEDETopic007The rest of the chapter should be told!
9340VDialogueHiddenValleyHVKnightEDETopic008Don't worry, I'll keep your little secret.
9341VDialogueHiddenValleyHVKnightEDETopic009Vote for Hardin when he calls a tribunal.
9342VDialogueHiddenValleyHVKnightEDETopic010I changed my mind. I'll keep your little secret.
9343VDialogueHiddenValleyHVKnightEDETopic011I'll have to think on this more.
9344VDialogueHiddenValleyHVKnightEDETopic012Er, what?
9345VDialogueHiddenValleyHVKnightEDETopic013Maybe you misheard me.
9346VDialogueHiddenValleyHVKnightEDETopic015Just give the details.
9347VDialogueHiddenValleyHVKnightEDETopic016They're all right here.
9348VDialogueHiddenValleyHVKnightEDETopic017Not all of them.
9349VDialogueHiddenValleyHVKnightEDETopic018No, I haven't found any of them yet.
9350VDialogueHiddenValleyHVKnightEDETopic019I wanted to ask you some questions.
9351VDialogueHiddenValleyHVKnightEDEWontVoteForHardinSo you won't vote for Hardin?
9352VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic000So no one knows you're here?
9353VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic001There's a Brotherhood of Steel base inside one of the bunkers here!
9354VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic002Never mind. Let's talk about something else.
9355VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic004What are Powder Gangers?
9356VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic005You might want to know that I fixed your radio earlier.
9357VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic006I did what I could, but the capacitor needs to be replaced.
9358VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic007The Brotherhood of Steel has a base inside one of the bunkers here. They sent me after you.
9359VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic008How about this explosive collar around my neck?
9361VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic010Nothing, I swear.
9362VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic011Actually, I rigged your radio with a bomb.
9363VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic012This seems like a bad location for a safehouse.
9364VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic013{Speech >= 50}
9365VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic014Not sure. Just feels bad.
9366VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic015You have to get out of here.
9367VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic016What are you doing here?
9368VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic017Who are you?
9369VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic018No, not really.
9370VDialogueHiddenValleyHVRangerTopic019Hey, I fixed your radio.
9371VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScout01Topic001I'm Elder McNamara's representative. He said to ask if the bears are still hunting.
9372VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScout01Topic002He said to tell you that the Chain That Binds bids you to speak.
9373VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScout01Topic004I'm just wondering what you're doing here.
9374VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScout01Topic005Sorry, didn't mean to disturb you. I'll just be going.
9375VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScout02Topic001Elder McNamara sent me as his representative. He asks if the bears are still hunting.
9376VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScout02Topic002What are you doing way up here?
9377VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScout02Topic003Don't mind me. Just passing through.
9378VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScout03Topic001Elder McNamara sent me for your report. He asks if the bears are still hunting.
9379VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScout03Topic002What are you doing here?
9380VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScout03Topic003Guess I'll be going then.
9381VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic000Something wrong?
9382VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic001Why's that?
9383VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic002Why no more patrols?
9384VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic003That's terrible.
9385VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic004A virus?
9386VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic005Anything I can do?
9387VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic006{Ask Ibsen about Hardin trying to become Elder}
9388VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic007What do I do?
9389VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic008Why the lockdown?
9390VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic009I have to be going.
9391VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic010I've had better.
9392VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic011Need any help?
9393VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic012Sorry to hear that. I should be going.
9394VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic013That's too bad. I really have to go.
9395VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic014Let's go back to that virus you mentioned.
9396VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic015I'll give it a try, then.
9397VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic016Sounds complicated. I'll leave you to it.
9398VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic017{ Science >= 70 }
9399VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic018Maybe I'll try another time.
9401VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic020Perhaps another time.
9402VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic021Not right now. I want to ask you a few questions.
9403VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic022What kind of information is in the datastore?
9404VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic023About the virus...
9405VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic024No, it's nothing.
9406VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenTopic025How do I get access to more topics in the datastore?
9407VDialogueHiddenValleyHVScribeIbsenVoteForHardinSo you'd vote against McNamara if Hardin called a tribunal?
9408VDialogueHiddenValleyHVTorresTopic000Show me what you have for sale.
9409VDialogueHiddenValleyHVTorresTopic001I could look around for the pistol.
9410VDialogueHiddenValleyHVTorresTopic002McNamara gave me permission to use the store, so start selling.
9411VDialogueHiddenValleyHVTorresTopic003Anything I can help you with?
9412VDialogueHiddenValleyLindaSchulerTopic000So you're a doctor?
9413VDialogueHiddenValleyLindaSchulerTopic008What services can you perform?
9414VDialogueHiddenValleyLindaSchulerTopic009You mentioned other duties you had?
9415VDialogueHiddenValleyLindaSchulerTopic010Let's talk about something else.
9416VDialogueHiddenValleyLindaSchulerTopic011Why not tell on him?
9417VDialogueHiddenValleyLindaSchulerTopic012Was Initiate Watkins the "pet" you were referring to earlier?
9418VDialogueHiddenValleyLindaSchulerTopic013You really don't like Taggart, do you?
9419VDialogueHiddenValleyMelissaWatkinsTopic000What's with all the computers?
9420VDialogueHiddenValleyMelissaWatkinsTopic001Shouldn't you be in school or something?
9421VDialogueHiddenValleyMelissaWatkinsTopic002You said "anymore" before. Did the Brotherhood used to go out more?
9422VDialogueHiddenValleyMelissaWatkinsTopic003Tell me about yourself.
9423VDialogueHiddenValleyMelissaWatkinsTopic004Are you parents here somewhere?
9424VDialogueHiddenValleyMelissaWatkinsTopic005So who do you take after more? Your mother or your father?
9425VDialogueHiddenValleyMelissaWatkinsTopic006Initiate Stanton told me about your little adventure the other day.
9426VDialogueHiddenValleyMelissaWatkinsTopic012What do you mean decide for yourself?
9427VDialogueHiddenValleyMelissaWatkinsTopic013Let's talk about something else.
9428VDialogueHiddenValleyMelissaWatkinsTopic014Tell me about the Knights.
9429VDialogueHiddenValleyMelissaWatkinsTopic015Tell me about the Scribes.
9430VDialogueHiddenValleyMelissaWatkinsTopic022I don't have ti-
9431VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic000I'll begin looking immediately.
9432VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic001I won't do it.
9433VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic002Yes, here are their holotapes.
9434VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic003No, I've only found one of them so far. Both paladins were dead.
9435VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic004I've found two of the patrols. All of the paladins were dead.
9436VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic005No, I'm still working on it.
9437VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic006I did. Lorenzo's on it.
9438VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic007I'm still looking for them.
9439VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic008Yes, I did. Here are their reports.
9440VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic009No, not yet.
9441VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic010I think I already found one of your patrols. Both Paladins were dead.
9442VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic011I already found a couple of your patrols. The paladins were all dead.
9443VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic012I already found all three patrols. They were all dead.
9444VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic013Not all of them.
9445VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic014{Ask to join the Brotherhood}
9446VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic015Yes, what is the task?
9447VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic016{McNamara linked lines}
9448VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic017I'll help you.
9449VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic018I have better things to do.
9450VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic019Why should I help you?
9451VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic020Surely you have people better suited to look for them than me.
9452VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic021I was hoping to speak to you about other matters.
9453VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic022No, I had some questions for you.
9454VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic023I wanted to ask you a few questions.
9455VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic024I found one of your patrols out in the waste. Your men are dead.
9456VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic025Actually, I'd rather just be going. If I could just have my belongings back...
9457VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic026No, what I told your man before was the truth. I don't like repeating myself.
9458VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic028It was a complete accident, I swear.
9459VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic029I convinced him that staying here was more dangerous than moving on.
9460VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic030He was going to leave if he couldn't get his radio working. So I destroyed it.
9461VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic031Just tell me what you want me to do.
9462VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic032Go on.
9463VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic033That depends on the task.
9464VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic034On second thought, I'm not really interested in joining the Brotherhood at the moment.
9465VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic035I installed the device up at Black Mountain, as instructed.
9466VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic036I already know how to use power armor.
9467VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic037Please do.
9468VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic038Don't I just put it on?
9469VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic039Tell me about the lockdown.
9470VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic040How do you get supplies?
9471VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic041Let's talk about something else.
9472VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic043What is with that crazy sandstorm on the surface?
9473VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic044Tell me about what happened at HELIOS.
9474VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic045Did you know Hardin is trying to find a way to become Elder?
9475VDialogueHiddenValleyNolanMcNamaraTopic046{Telling about the NCR wanting to destroy the BoS}
9476VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosArticle49What's article 49?
9477VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosElijahStoryWhat happened with Elijah?
9478VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosHELIOSStoryTell me about what happened at HELIOS.
9479VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosTopic000I found some of your people dead out in the waste. They had it on them.
9480VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosTopic001Why do you look so spooked?
9481VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosTopic002Who are you?
9482VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosTopic003Could you just let me go? I really don't care what's down here anymore.
9483VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosTopic004The password is "And to dare to do it."
9484VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosTopic005I appear to be lost. I'll just head back the way I came in.
9485VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosTopic006I'm not going anywhere with you.
9486VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosTopic007So you're head of security?
9487VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosTopic008So why did I have to deal with that Ranger topside?
9488VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosTopic009Did you know Watkins and Stanton snuck out of here a few weeks ago?
9489VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosTopic010What exactly are the rules regarding entering and leaving?
9490VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosTopic011I had other questions.
9491VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosTopic012What would an Elder have to do to get kicked out?
9492VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosTopic013The password is "The better part of valor."
9493VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosTopic014Can you tell me about some of the other people here?
9494VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosTopic021One of the datastore entries mentioned the Chain That Binds. What is that, exactly?
9495VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosTopic022I've discovered proof that the chapter is in danger, and McNamara has covered it up.
9496VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosWhoIsElijahWho is Elijah?
9497VDialogueHiddenValleyRamosWontSupportHardinSo you won't support Hardin if he calls a tribunal?
9498vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownCalamityTopic000Transplant Rey's brain into Rex.
9499vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownCalamityTopic001What do you do here?
9500vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownCalamityTopic002Does anyone other than Super Mutants come up this way?
9501vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownCalamityTopic003You have an interesting name.
9502vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownCalamityTopic004Transplant Lupa's brain into Rex.
9503vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownCalamityTopic005This brain is from Rey, one of Old Lady Gibson's dogs.
9504vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownCalamityTopic006I took down a Fiend dog named Violetta.
9505vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownCalamityTopic007I got a brain from Lupa, the mother of many Legion Mongrels.
9506vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownCalamityTopic008Hold off for now.
9507vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownCalamityTopic009Show me what you have for sale.
9508vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownCalamityTopic010I need something repaired.
9509vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownCalamityTopic011Transplant Violetta's brain into Rex.
9510vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownCalamityTopic012I've brought a brain to transplant into Rex.
9511vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownCalamityTopic013Do you think Lily should continue to wear the Mark II prototype?
9513vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownKeeneTopic000Why are the Nightkin here in Jacobstown?
9514vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownKeeneTopic002Who's the other human you mentioned?
9515vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownKeeneTopic003What do you do here?
9517vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic000Neil told me about this town.
9518vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic001How have they been harassing the town?
9519vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic002You're sure these mercenaries work for the NCR?
9520vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic003I'm looking for Doctor Henry.
9521vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic004I had some questions about Jacobstown.
9522vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic005What's the history of Jacobstown?
9523vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic006I'd like to know about you.
9524vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic007Super Mutant army?
9525vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic008You were a mayor?
9526vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic009Tell me more about the tribal.
9527vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic010Let's talk about something else.
9528vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic011No more questions. Let's talk about something else.
9529vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic012How does the town support itself?
9530vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic013About Doctor Henry's experiment...
9531vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic014Why can't you just take them out?
9532vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic015What's the story with Keene?
9533vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic016Why does Keene want to leave?
9534vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic017What happens if Keene leaves?
9535vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic018I changed my mind - I'll help you with your mercenary problem.
9536vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic019You're a mutant, too. Wouldn't the Nightkin listen to you?
9537vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic020What's the story with Keene?
9538vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic021I had some questions about Jacobstown.
9539vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic022Why do some of the Super Mutants here dislike the NCR?
9540vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic023What do you know about the Legion?
9541vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic024What makes the NCR too ambitious?
9542vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic025Anything else can you tell me about the NCR?
9543vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic026Do you have any dealings with New Vegas?
9544vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic027Let's talk about something else.
9545vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic028What do you want me to do?
9546vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic029I'll see what I can do.
9547vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic030What's wrong with the Nightkin?
9548vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic031Are there any town rules I need to know about?
9549vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic032Doctor Henry wants Lily to continue wearing the prototype. What do you think?
9550vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic033I'd rather not get involved.
9552vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic035 I'll need 3000 caps to pay off the mercenaries.
9553vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic036I'll need 2500 caps to pay the mercenaries.
9554vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic037I'll need 2000 caps to pay off the mercenaries.
9555vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownMarcusTopic038You won't have any more trouble with those mercenaries.
9556vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownNightkinLeaderTopic001Nobody who threatens me lives to tell about it. Not even Nightkin.
9558vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownNightkinLeaderTopic003You're not getting the Mark II specs.
9559vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownNightkinLeaderTopic004Doctor Henry, do as he asks.
9560vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownNightkinLeaderTopic007Do you have a problem with humans?
9561vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownNightkinLeaderTopic008How does that make you different from some humans?
9562vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownNightkinLeaderTopic009[Stare silently at him.]
9564vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownNortonTopic001What do you want with Jacobstown?
9565vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownNortonTopic002Who are you doing this for?
9566vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownNortonTopic003< Speech - 65 >
9567vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownNortonTopic004< Barter - 55 >
9568vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownNortonTopic005Here's your money - 2500 caps.
9569vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownNortonTopic006I hear you're mercenaries. Will caps make you go away?
9570vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownNortonTopic007Here's your money - 2000 caps, as we agreed.
9571vDialogueJacobstownJacobstownNortonTopic008I'm a hero in the NCR, and I think you need to leave. Now.
9573vDialogueLilyLilyTopic001What do you do in Jacobstown?
9574vDialogueLilyLilyTopic003Did you still want to help Doctor Henry run his experiment?
9575vDialogueLilyLilyTopic004Doctor Henry wants to know if you'll continue to wear the Mark II prototype.
9576vDialogueLilyLilyTopic005There's a risk that the mental damage will be permanent.
9577vDialogueLilyLilyTopic006You can always say no.
9578vDialogueLilyLilyTopic007All right, if you're sure. Let's talk about something else.
9579vDialogueLilyLilyTopic008Who is Leo?
9580vDialogueLilyLilyTopic011Who's Jimmy?
9581vDialogueLilyLilyTopic012I think you have me confused with someone else.
9582vDialogueLilyLilyTopic013Never mind. Let's talk about something else.
9583vDialogueLilyLilyTopic014Tell me about yourself.
9584vDialogueLilyLilyTopic015What's the best way for me to use your skills?
9585vDialogueLilyLilyTopic016Why don't you take your medicine?
9586vDialogueLilyLilyTopic017It's too dangerous for you to miss doses. From now on I want you to take your medicine every time.
9587vDialogueLilyLilyTopic018Never mind, I had some other questions.
9588vDialogueLilyLilyTopic019You should keep taking your meds every other time. It's worth the risk to remember your family.
9589vDialogueLilyLilyTopic020Where did you come from?
9590vDialogueLilyLilyTopic021That medicine isn't doing you any good. I want you to stop taking it altogether.
9591vDialogueLilyLilyTopic022Never mind, we'll talk about it later.
9592vDialogueLilyLilyTopic023You were a soldier?
9593vDialogueLilyLilyTopic024Who was the Master?
9594vDialogueLilyLilyTopic025What happened then?
9595vDialogueLilyLilyTopic026What kind of medicine are you taking?
9596vDialogueLilyLilyTopic027Where'd you get that sword?
9597vDialogueLilyLilyTopic028But... there's no one there.
9598vDialogueLilyLilyTopic029So he's just a voice you hear in your head?
9599vDialogueLilyLilyTopic030I'd like to know something else about you.
9600vDialogueLilyLilyTopic031I'm sure. I'd rather you didn't have any psychotic breaks, even if it means you aren't as strong.
9601vDialogueLilyLilyTopic032On second thought....
9602vDialogueLilyLilyTopic033That's good. Do that.
9603vDialogueLilyLilyTopic034I'll risk you having more psychotic breaks if it means you're more dangerous in combat.
9604vDialogueLilyLilyTopic035Why is it hard to remember them?
9605vDialogueLilyLilyTopic036Earlier, it seemed like you knew Tabitha. What's the story there?
9606vDialogueLilyTopic002I'm looking into the Nightstalker mutation. Want to come along with me?
9607VDialogueLucky38EntranceLucky38VictorEntranceTopic000Thank you, Victor.
9608VDialogueLucky38EntranceLucky38VictorEntranceTopic002I'm not ready yet.
9609VDialogueLucky38EntranceLucky38VictorEntranceTopic003No deal.
9610VDialogueLucky38EntranceLucky38VictorEntranceTopic005I go where I please!
9611VDialogueLucky38EntranceLucky38VictorEntranceTopic008No problem, I'll head up by myself.
9612VDialogueLucky38EntranceTopic000The penthouse.
9613VDialogueLucky38EntranceTopic001The High-Roller Suite.
9614VDialogueLucky38EntranceTopic002The Cocktail Lounge.
9615VDialogueLucky38EntranceTopic003The casino floor.
9616VDialogueLucky38EntranceTopic004The basement.
9617VDialogueLucky38PenthouseLucky38JaneTopic002Sounds like you're pretty fond of him.
9618VDialogueLucky38PenthouseLucky38JaneTopic003I didn't realize robots could have such strong feelings about people.
9619VDialogueLucky38PenthouseLucky38JaneTopic004Let's talk about something else.
9620VDialogueLucky38PenthouseLucky38JaneTopic005So you're... a copy of a dead woman? What exactly do you do for Mr. House?
9621VDialogueLucky38PenthouseLucky38JaneTopic006I really don't want to think about that.
9622VDialogueLucky38PenthouseLucky38JaneTopic007Tell me about the Three Families.
9623VDialogueLucky38PenthouseLucky38JaneTopic008Tell me about the casinos.
9624VDialogueLucky38PenthouseLucky38JaneTopic009Tell me about the other attractions.
9625VDialogueLucky38PenthouseLucky38MarilynTopic002What kind of upgrades?
9626VDialogueLucky38PenthouseLucky38MarilynTopic003I'd like to talk about something else.
9628vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic001What kind of implants do you have available?
9629vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic002I'd like to have greater strength.
9630vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic003Make me more perceptive.
9631vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic004Increase my endurance.
9632vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic005I want to be more intelligent.
9633vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic006Enhance my agility.
9634vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic007Never mind.
9635vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic008I'm wounded.
9636vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic009I'm suffering from radiation poisoning.
9637vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic010One of my limbs is crippled.
9638vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic011I want to buy an implant.
9639vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic012Boost my charisma.
9640vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic013I'm interested in the sub-dermal implant.
9641vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic014I'd like the regenerating ability.
9642vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic015Here's the caps.
9643vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic016Never mind.
9644vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic017I don't have the caps right now.
9645vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic018Here's the caps.
9646vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic019Here's the caps.
9647vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic020Here's the caps.
9648vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic021Can you make me luckier?
9649vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic022Here's the caps.
9650vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic023Here's the caps.
9651vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic024Here's the caps.
9652vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic025Here's the caps.
9653vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic026Here's the caps.
9654vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic027I don't have the caps.
9655vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic028Can you cure my addiction?
9656vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic029Here's the caps.
9657vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic030Here's the caps.
9658vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic031I don't have the caps.
9659vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic032I don't have the caps.
9660vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic033Here's the caps.
9661vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic034Here's the caps.
9662vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic035I don't have the caps.
9663vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic036Do you sell anything here?
9664vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic037Show me what you have for sale.
9665vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic038Tell me about the clinic.
9666vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic039That's all I wanted to know. Let's talk about something else.
9667vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic040Are you one of the Followers of the Apocalypse?
9668vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic041Can I make a donation to the Followers?
9669vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic042What do the Followers believe in?
9670vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic043Are the Followers part of the NCR?
9671vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic044Do the Followers have a headquarters around here?
9672vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic045Here's 500 caps.
9673vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic046I don't have the caps right now.
9674vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic047Never mind.
9675vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic048Here's the caps.
9676vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic049I don't have the caps right now.
9677vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic050Here's the caps.
9678vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic051I don't have the caps right now.
9679vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic052I don't have the caps.
9680vDialogueMedicalClinicDoctorUsanagiTopic053Corporal Betsy from First Recon will be coming to you for mental treatment.
9689VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseOUTDATEDTopic0001000 caps? Sounds good.
9690VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseOUTDATEDTopic001[Barter] for better terms.
9691VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseOUTDATEDTopic002I'll hang on to the Chip for now.
9692VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseOUTDATEDTopic003I can get a better price elsewhere.
9693VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseOUTDATEDTopic004I guess I'll accept your original offer.
9694VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseOUTDATEDTopic005I can do better.
9695VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseOUTDATEDTopic006What happens next?
9696VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseOUTDATEDTopic007You think your Securitrons can defeat Caesar's Legion *and* the NCR?
9697VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseOUTDATEDTopic008I'll be on my way, Mr. House.
9698VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseOUTDATEDTopic009How do I open the hatch?
9699VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseOUTDATEDTopic010What's inside the hatch?
9700VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseOUTDATEDTopic011All right, I'll do as you ask.
9701VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseOUTDATEDTopic012Why should I be working for you?
9702VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseOUTDATEDTopic013No thanks, Mr. House.
9703VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseOUTDATEDTopic014How do I open the hatch?
9704VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseOUTDATEDTopic015And what then? You want me to kill Caesar?
9705VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseOUTDATEDTopic016It's not safe for me to go back. The Legion will attack me on sight.
9706VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic000I've never seen anything like this place.
9707VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic001A city devoted to vice and sin - what's not to love?
9708VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic002I prefer the wasteland, to be honest.
9709VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic003Can we get down to business?
9710VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic004Why the VIP treatment? I'm just a courier.
9711VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic005Suggest talking about Benny.
9712VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic006A woman named Emily asked me to bug one of your data terminals.
9713VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic007Suggest getting down to business.
9714VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic008The NCR will welcome my help.
9715VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic010Use [Speech to press Mr. House about the Chip.]
9716VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic011What the hell are you?
9717VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic012Why didn't you intervene sooner when Benny ambushed me?
9718VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic013Let's get down to business, then.
9719VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic014Agree with House that you're important.
9720VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic015What's your story, Mr. House?
9721VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic017What are your plans for New Vegas?{Securitrons upgraded.}
9722VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic018Sure, off to the dam I go.
9723VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic020He set me up for an ambush.
9724VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic021What do you propose?
9725VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic022Not so fast, Mr. House. We need to discuss payment.
9726VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic023Yes, let's get down to business.
9727VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic024I'd like to ask some questions.
9728VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic025This doesn't interest me. I should be leaving.
9729VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic026What are you proposing?
9730VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic027I have some questions to ask first.
9731VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic028What use would you have for a protege?
9732VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic0291000 caps? I accept your terms.
9733VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic030What terms are you offering?
9734VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic031Tell me about Benny.{alive}
9735VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic032No thanks.
9736VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic033[Barter] for better terms.
9737VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic034What is the Platinum Chip?
9738VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic035Ask about the Chip. (Recovered)
9740VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic037Can we get down to business?
9741VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic038What was your relationship with Benny... back when he was breathing?
9742VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic039Who exactly are you, Mr. House?{Before Chip turned in.}
9743VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic040How do I get to Benny?
9744VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic041I'd like to ask some questions.
9745VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic0421250 caps? I accept your terms.
9746VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic043Tell me about the factions vying for New Vegas.
9747VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic044The Chip is worth far more than that.
9748VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic045This doesn't interest me. I should be leaving.
9749VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic046I'm not going to give you the Chip.
9750VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic047Attack me and you risk destroying the Chip.
9751VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic048Here it is.
9752VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic049I'm not afraid of you, Mr. House. The Platinum Chip belongs to me.
9753VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic050I think that sounds insane.
9754VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic051Use [Speech] to press Mr. House about the Chip.
9755VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic055What do you want me to do there?
9756VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic056You appear to be a computer, not a man.
9757VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic057Use Medicine skill to surmise House's condition.
9758VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic058How have you stayed alive all this time?
9759VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic059Change the subject.
9760VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic060All right, I'll do it.
9761VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic061Caesar has already invited me to the Fort.
9762VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic062Still not interested.
9763VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic063I'll return when I have the Chip.
9764VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic064Yes, I have some questions I want to ask.
9765VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic065I've already visited Caesar.{Kill Benny at Tops, see CL 1st}
9766VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic066No thanks, Mr. House.
9767VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic067I have some questions to ask first...
9768VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic068And what then?
9769VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic069Caesar has already invited me to the Fort.
9770VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic070I have some questions to ask first...
9771VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic071I'm not going to give you the Chip.
9772VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic072Not so fast, Mr. House. We need to discuss payment.
9773VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic073I'm ready. Let's finish this.
9774VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic074I have some things to take care of before the battle.
9775VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic075I have some questions first.
9776VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic077Maybe. I have some questions I want to ask.
9777VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic078No thanks, not interested.
9778VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic079I'll recover the Chip.
9779VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic080What were your terms again?
9780VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic081I have some questions to ask first.
9781VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic082No, I'm still not interested.
9782VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic083I need to ask some questions before I recover the Chip.
9783VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic084Never mind. Goodbye.
9784VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic085I've changed my mind.
9785VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic086Here you go.
9786VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic087Was it just me, or were there signs of attraction earlier?
9787VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic088I have some questions to ask first...
9788VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic089Let's talk about that mission after all.
9789VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic090I'll make it up to you. What do we do next?
9790VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic091Shall we get down to business?
9791VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic092What does the Platinum Chip do?
9792VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic093I'll be on my way. Goodbye.
9793VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic094What's my stake in this?
9794VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic095All right, I'll do as you ask.
9795VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic096What's inside the hatch?
9796VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic097Shall we get down to business, then?
9797VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic098What are you talking about? I'm just a courier.
9798VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic099Shall we get down to business?
9799VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic100I think I'll be on my way.
9800VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic101Why the VIP treatment? I'm just a courier.
9801VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic102I think I'll be leaving.
9802VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic103I think I'll be leaving.
9803VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic104Let's get down to business, then.
9804VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic105Not interested. I'll see myself out.
9805VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic106Why did Benny betray you?
9806VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic107You want the Chip? Here it is.
9807VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic108Let's talk about something else.
9808VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic109I have a right to know more.
9809VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic110If the Chip's so valuable, why use a single courier to transport it?
9810VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic111Let's talk about something else.
9811VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic112Why don't you send your robots into the Tops to arrest Benny?
9812VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic113What happens if the Platinum Chip is never lost?
9813VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic114Isn't that overstating things a bit?
9814VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic115How do I get to Benny?
9815VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic116Say I want to take a diplomatic approach.
9816VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic117Any ideas on how I could catch him off-guard?
9817VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic118The Chairmen are your employees. Don't they take orders?
9818VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic119Here it is.
9819VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic120Let's talk about something else.
9820VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic121I have a few questions before I decide.
9821VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic122Are Marilyn and Jane your... girlfriends?
9822VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic123Why can't you be the one to tell Swank?
9823VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic124How did you establish New Vegas?{Before chip turned in.}
9824VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic125Where did the Three Families come from?
9825VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic126I'll do as you ask.
9826VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic127Benny set me up for an ambush.
9827VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic128Like I said, I'll think about it.
9828VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic129Were you aware that Benny hijacked one of your Securitrons and used it to infiltrate your network?
9829VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic130I have some questions to ask.
9830VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic131Whatever happens, happens.
9831VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic132Let's talk about something else.
9832VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic133Let's talk about something else.
9833VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic134I'll accept your original offer.
9834VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic135Not interested. Sorry.
9835VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic136Here, take it.
9836VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic137I'm still not giving you the Chip.
9837VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic138What happens next?
9838VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic139What does the Chip do, exactly?
9839VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic140I'll be on my way, then...
9840VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic141What should I do in the meantime?
9841VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic142Not interested.
9842VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic143Why show your hand like that? Now your enemies know what you're up to.
9843VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic144You think your Securitrons can defeat Caesar's Legion *and* the NCR?
9844VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic145I'll be on my way, Mr. House.
9845VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic146I'm listening.
9846VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic147Let me ask some questions first.
9847VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic148The Chip's been delivered. We're through.
9848VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic149I guess you can tell me about the mission.
9849VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic150Let me ask some questions first.
9850VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic151No thanks, Mr. House.
9851VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic152I've already visited Caesar.{Kill Benny at Tops, see CL 1st}
9852VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic153No thanks, Mr. House.
9853VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic154I'll do as you ask.
9854VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic155I'm still looking into it.
9855VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic156Not interested.
9856VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic157I've found evidence of an Omerta plot.
9857VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic158What will I find at Caesar's camp?
9858VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic159What's inside the hatch?
9859VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic160So you want me to go back there and kill Caesar?
9860VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic161What will I find at Caesar's camp?
9861VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic162The Omertas who were conspiring against you are dead.
9862VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic163What's the next step?
9863VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic164I'll make sure the Boomers support the right side.
9864VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic165Caesar has already invited me to the Fort.
9865VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic1661250 caps it is.
9866VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic167I've secured their loyalty. They'll do as I say.
9867VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic168The Boomers and I don't get along. I'd rather keep my distance.
9868VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic169I've already met with Caesar at the Fort.
9869VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic170No thanks, Mr. House.
9870VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic171I'm not planning to go to the Fort.
9871VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic172I'm not planning to visit the Fort.
9872VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic173The Omertas had it coming.
9873VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic174All right, I'll do as you ask.
9874VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic175I had to wipe out their leadership.
9876VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic177I'm surprised you haven't asked what became of Benny.
9877VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic180Let's talk about something else.
9878VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic181I'll be on my way.
9879VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic182Vouche for me? How?
9880VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic184Let me ask some questions.
9881VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic185The Brotherhood of Steel has been wiped out.
9882VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic186What's my stake in this?
9883VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic187No thanks, Mr. House.
9884VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic188I think I'll sit this one out.
9885VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic189No thanks, Mr. House.
9886VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic190No thanks, Mr. House.
9887VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic191I have some questions to ask.
9888VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic192I do have questions to ask.
9889VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic193Like I said, I'm not interested.
9890VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic194I'll go to the Fort as you ask.
9891VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic195What's in it for me?
9892VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic196I'll do as you ask, Mr. House.
9893VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic197What's inside the hatch?
9894VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic198Fine, I'll do as you ask.
9895VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic199Seriously, I'm not interested.
9896VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic203When the Legion assaults the dam, the Brotherhood will attack the NCR and weaken them.
9897VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic204I'm done working for you.
9898VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic205I'm going to kill you now, Mr. House.
9899VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic206It was an accident.
9900VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic207My only regret is that he got away.
9901VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic208I did my best, but the Legion did better.
9902VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic209Don't you get lonely here, with no one but Marilyn and Jane to keep you company?
9903VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic210So Kimball's dead. So what?
9904VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic211Would you like to scan me again?
9905VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic212What's the deal with the snowglobe collection?
9906VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic213No thanks.
9907VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic214I may know something about that...
9909VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic216When the Legion assaults Hoover Dam, the Omertas are going to massacre everyone on the Strip.
9910VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic217Never mind, I'll check into it.
9911VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic218I kind of helped them perfect their plan...
9912VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic220You want me to kill Caesar?
9914VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic222Of course. Here it is.
9915VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic223I have some questions to ask first...
9916VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic224Not so fast, Mr. House. We need to discuss payment.
9917VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic225I'm not going to give you the Chip.
9918VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic226What happens next?
9921VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic230What's the next step?
9922VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic231I've done enough work for you.
9923VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic232I've come here to kill you, Mr. House.
9924VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic233I'll make sure they support the right side.
9925VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic234I've done enough work for you for the moment.
9927VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic236I'd like to ask some questions.
9928VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic237Tell me about the mission.
9929VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic238If I want more work, I'll come see you.
9930VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic239The Boomers and I had a disagreement a while back. I pretty much wiped them out.
9931VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic240The Boomers have already vowed to help me out.
9932VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic241Let's get back to business.
9933VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic242I'll check into the Omertas.
9934VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic244The Omertas? No thanks.
9935VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic245I'm going to kill you now, Mr. House.
9936VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic246The Omertas were clever, but no match for me.
9937VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic247They had it coming. The Omertas disgust me!
9938VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic248It's a good thing we stopped the Omertas in time.
9939VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic249So what do you want me to do at Fortification Hill?
9940VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic250Going to the Fort sounds insane.
9941VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic251Caesar has already invited me to the Fort.
9942VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic252I've already met with Caesar at the Fort.
9943VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic253I think I'll be going.
9944VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic254What makes you think Caesar gave me the Chip?
9945VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic255You wanted me to come down here?
9946VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic256Who are you, exactly?
9948VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic258I want to know more about you, Mr. House.
9949VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic259What was Vegas like before the war?
9950VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic260Who do you think will win - the NCR or Caesar's Legion?
9951VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic261Why did you send me here?
9952VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic262What is this place?
9953VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic263What is this place?
9955VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic265Caesar wants me to destroy this place.
9956VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic266What do you want me to do?
9957VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic267Maybe I should destroy everything down here.
9959VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic269I'll upload the data, as you ask.
9961VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic271You haven't asked what became of Benny.
9962VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic272We'll see what happens.
9963VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic273Caesar will kill me unless he believes I blew something up down here.
9964VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic274The Legion took it from me at the Fort.
9965VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic275 I'm not sure what happened to it.
9966VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic276I'll do as you say.
9967VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic277You're asking me to commit suicide. The Legion will attack me on sight.
9968VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic278You do know Caesar is dead, don't you?
9969VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic279Where does New Vegas get all its electricity?
9970VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic280I'm still working on it.
9971VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic281What are you asking me to do?
9972VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic282Who are you exactly?
9973VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic283Why is the terminal on the North wall off-limits?
9974VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic284What is this place?
9978VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic288What did you say this place was, again?
9980VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic290Goodbye means goodbye.
9981VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic291What are you doing here?
9982VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic293Caesar wants me to destroy this place.
9983VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic294What will you do with your Securitrons?
9984VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic295What was that you said about security systems?
9985VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic297I'm going to do as Caesar asks and blow everything up down here.
9986VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic299I'll upload the data, as you ask.
9987VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic300Nope, I'm going to blow it all up anyways.
9988VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic301Caesar will kill me unless he believes I blew something up down here.
9989VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic302What if I destroy all three?
9990VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic303What was that you said about security systems?
9991VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic304Who are you to tell me what to do?
10000VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic313I'll go get the Platinum Chip.
10002VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic315I'd like to ask some questions first...
10003VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic316Where do you think Benny's gone?
10004VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic317He set me up for an ambush!
10005VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic318Were you aware that he hijacked a Securitron and used it to infiltrate your network?
10006VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic319Not interested. Good luck getting the Chip back.
10007VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic320What do I do next?
10008VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic321What about Benny?
10009VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic322What about Benny?
10010VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic323What about Benny?
10011VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic324What about Benny?
10012VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic325I'll go back and do as you ask.
10013VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic326What's in it for me to go back to the Fort?
10014VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic327What will I find at Caesar's camp?
10015VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic328I'll do as you ask.
10017VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic331Who do you think will win at Hoover Dam? The NCR, or Caesar's Legion?
10018VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic332Let's talk about something else.
10019VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic335I worked out a deal where the Brotherhood will help the NCR defend the dam.
10020VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic336I'm still working on it.
10021VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic339Let's talk about something else.
10022VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic345Let's talk about something else.
10023VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic346I'd like to ask some questions.
10024VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic347Tell me about the Boomers.
10025VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic348You recruited the Omertas as one of the Three Families?
10026VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic349Tell me about the Brotherhood of Steel.
10027VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic350That's enough about the Boomers.
10028VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic351Why do you care whether Kimball lives or dies?
10029VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic352What should I expect at the dam?
10030VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic353I'd like to ask some questions first.
10031VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic354What's next in line?
10032VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic355I need to ask some questions.
10033VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic356I'd like to ask some questions.
10034VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic357It means I have to kill you.
10035VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic358I'd like to ask some questions first.
10036VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic359I want to ask you some questions.
10037VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic360Let's talk about something else.
10038VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic361That's enough about the Brotherhood.
10039VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic362Let's get back to business.
10040VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic363Nothing I can do. Trying to stop them would be a suicide mission.
10041VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic364Tell me again what you want me to do?
10042VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic366Wait for them to make their move. Forewarned is forearmed.
10043VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic367Send your Securitrons into Gomorrah and kill off the Omertas' leaders.
10044VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic372The Brotherhood is holed up in Hidden Valley.
10045VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic373I don't want to kill off the entire Brotherhood.
10046VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic374I'd like to ask some questions.
10047VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic375Let's get back to business.
10048VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic376Any recommendations on how to complete the mission?
10049VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic377Is there any possiblity of a diplomatic solution?
10050VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic378I'd like to ask some questions.
10051VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic379I don't want to kill off the entire Brotherhood.
10052VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic380There nothing I can do to protect Kimball?
10053VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic381What should I do in the meantime?
10054VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic382I'll be leaving, then.
10055VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic383I'll do it.
10056VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic384Let Kimball Visit. Whatever happens, happens.
10057VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic385No thanks.
10058VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic386Fine, I'll do it.
10059VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic387I'll be on my way, then.
10060VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic388Okay, I'll do it.
10061VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic389I had my reasons.
10063VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic392What more could I have done?
10064VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic393I'll take care of it.
10065VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic394What's this about a dormant reactor?
10067VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic396Why didn't you restart the reactor earlier?
10068VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic397You already have power. Why is this important?
10069VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic398I'll take care of it.
10070VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic399I'll take care of it.
10071VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic400I'll take care of it.
10072VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic401Why do I need to be there? The NCR has an army.
10073VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic402What's the goal?
10074VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic403Sounds like I get to kill lots of Legionaries.
10075VDialogueMrHouseMrHouseTopic404Do I need to remind you that the NCR hates me?
10081VDialogueMrHouseTopic000It's just business.
10082VDialogueMrHouseTopic001I don't like you.
10083VDialogueMrHouseTopic002The NCR asked me to get rid of you.
10084VDialogueMrHouseTopic003By Caesar's command, you will die.
10085VDialogueMrHouseTopic004Yes Man needs you out of the way.
10086VDialogueMrHouseTopic005Time for you to die, Mr. House.
10087VDialogueMrHouseTopic006You won't be able to control anything, but I'll let you live.
10088VDialogueMrHouseTopic007I'll put you back in your tube, good as new.
10089VDialogueMrHouseTopic008Where do you want me to start?
10090VDialogueMrHouseTopic009Any possibility of a diplomatic solution?
10091VDialogueMrHouseTopic010I don't want to kill off the entire Brotherhood.
10092VDialogueMrHouseTopic011What do you want me to do?
10093VDialogueMrHouseTopic013Let me think about it.
10094VDialogueMrHouseTopic014I've already destroyed their bunker.
10095VDialogueNovacAliceMcBrideTopic000Have you lived here a long time?
10096VDialogueNovacAliceMcBrideTopic001Can we talk about something else?
10097VDialogueNovacJeannieMayCrawfordTopic000Anything else?
10098VDialogueNovacJeannieMayCrawfordTopic001I'd like to rent a room.
10099VDialogueNovacJeannieMayCrawfordTopic002Here's 100 caps.
10100VDialogueNovacJeannieMayCrawfordTopic003I can't afford 100 caps right now.
10101VDialogueNovacJeannieMayCrawfordTopic004Never mind.
10102VDialogueNovacJeannieMayCrawfordTopic005What are they doing?
10103VDialogueNovacJeannieMayCrawfordTopic006Let's talk about something else.
10104VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic000I have a score to settle.
10105VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic001What was your tour with the NCR like?
10106VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic002So why'd you leave?
10107VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic003What did happen at Bitter Springs?
10108VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic004Let's talk about something else.
10109VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic005He has something of mine.
10111VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic007I'm looking for answers.
10112VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic008None of your business.
10113VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic009Whatever he's doing, I want in on it.
10114VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic010 He's a good friend of mine. I'm trying to help him out.
10115VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic011Forget it. I'll find him on my own.
10116VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic012What do you need?
10117VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic013You've had your needs neglected for far too long, haven't you? I can tell.
10118VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic014Any idea why they went that way?
10119VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic015Where is Boulder City?
10120VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic016That's all I needed to know.
10121VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic017Sure. Maybe I can help ease your mind.
10122VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic018I can't. I'm in a hurry.
10123VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic019Why don't you deal with it?
10124VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic020What needs to be done?
10125VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic021Okay, I'll see what can be done about it.
10126VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic022Actually, I already took care of it.
10127VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic023Now about the man I'm looking for...
10128VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic024What was I supposed to do again?
10130VDialogueNovacRangerAndyTopic000Hey, just because you're idle and you'll never walk again... I forgot where I was going with that.
10131VDialogueNovacRangerAndyTopic001What did you do?
10132VDialogueNovacRangerAndyTopic002Tell me about the Rangers.
10137vDialoguePrimmPrimmNCRTrooper1Topic000What's going on in Primm?
10138vDialoguePrimmPrimmNCRTrooper1Topic001I can take care of myself.
10139vDialoguePrimmPrimmNCRTrooper1Topic002Thanks for the warning.
10140vDialoguePrimmPrimmNCRTrooper1Topic003Shouldn't you be protecting the town or something?
10141vDialoguePrimmPrimmNCRTrooper1Topic004Why can't you protect them?
10142vDialogueRangerStationAlphaRSAlphaCastilloTopic000What is this place?
10143vDialogueRangerStationAlphaRSAlphaCastilloTopic001Tell me about the Rangers.
10144vDialogueRangerStationAlphaRSAlphaLineholmTopic000Any interesting places around here?
10145vDialogueRangerStationAlphaRSAlphaLineholmTopic001So, you're a Ranger?
10146vDialogueRangerStationBravoRSBravoTildenTopic000What was that about the surplus ammo?
10148vDialogueRangerStationCharlieRSCharlieStepinacTopic001I've brought new security codes for this station's radio from Sergeant Reyes.
10149vDialogueRangerStationCharlieRSCharlieStepinacTopic002What was that about McCarran?
10150vDialogueRangerStationCharlieRSCharlieStepinacTopic003What is this place?
10151vDialogueRangerStationCharlieRSCharlieStepinacTopic004Mind if I take some of those extra medical supplies?
10152vDialogueRangerStationCharlieRSCharlieStepinacTopic005Tell me about the Rangers.
10153vDialogueRangerStationCharlieRSCharlieStepinacTopic006Let's talk about something else.
10154vDialogueRangerStationCharlieRSCharlieStepinacTopic007Are there a lot of Rangers in the Mojave?
10155vDialogueRangerStationCharlieRSCharlieStepinacTopic008How does someone become a Ranger?
10156vDialogueRangerStationDeltaRSDeltaPasonTopic000I'd like to know more about the NCR Rangers.
10158vDialogueRangerStationDeltaRSDeltaSchefferTopic001I've brought radio security code updates from Sergeant Reyes at Camp Forlorn Hope.
10159vDialogueRangerStationDeltaRSDeltaSchefferTopic002What do you do here?
10160vDialogueRangerStationDeltaRSDeltaSchefferTopic003I'd like to know more about the Rangers.
10163vDialogueRangerStationEchoRSEchoGreenTopic001I have updated radio security codes from Sergeant Reyes here.
10164vDialogueRangerStationEchoRSEchoGreenTopic002The NCR is letting the Legion get away with slavery?
10165vDialogueRangerStationEchoRSEchoGreenTopic003Does the Legion know you're watching them from here?
10167vDialogueRangerStationEchoRSRangerEchoErasmusTopic001Why do you need reinforcements?
10168vDialogueRangerStationEchoRSRangerEchoErasmusTopic003Has there been much fighting around here?
10169vDialogueRangerStationFoxtrotRSCommRangerFoxtrotTopic000I brought updated radio security codes from Camp Forlorn Hope.
10171vDialogueRangerStationFoxtrotRSFoxtrotKudlowTopic001I need to confirm your report about Great Khans with trained Deathclaws.
10172vDialogueRangerStationFoxtrotRSFoxtrotKudlowTopic002What do you know about the Great Khans?
10173vDialogueRangerStationFoxtrotRSFoxtrotKudlowTopic003Lenk told me her story.
10175vDialogueRangerStationFoxtrotRSFoxtrotLenkTopic001 I'm here because of your debt to the Omertas. Pay me what you've got and you'll get more time.
10176vDialogueRangerStationFoxtrotRSFoxtrotLenkTopic002What happened between you and the Omertas?
10177vDialogueRangerStationFoxtrotRSFoxtrotLenkTopic004I thought NCR Rangers were supposed to be tough and fearless.
10178vDialogueRangerStationFoxtrotRSFoxtrotLenkTopic005Fine. Let's talk about something else.
10179vDialogueRangerStationFoxtrotRSFoxtrotLenkTopic006< Speech 30 >
10180vDialogueRangerStationFoxtrotRSFoxtrotLenkTopic007You were too tough to kill, and you'll get payback on the Legion some day.
10181vDialogueRangerStationFoxtrotRSFoxtrotLenkTopic008Interesting. Let's move on to something else.
10182vDialogueRangerStationFoxtrotRSFoxtrotLenkTopic009Pathetic. The Rangers should never have let you become one in the first place.
10183VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic000Can you tell me anything about Mr. House?
10184VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic001I'm looking for the man who shot me: he wears a checkered coat and carries a shiny pistol. Seen him?
10185VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic002What's your take on the NCR?
10186VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic003How do you feel about Caesar's Legion?
10187VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic004Tell me about New Vegas.
10188VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic005I had some other questions.
10189VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic006Let's talk about something else.
10190VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic007That's all I wanted to know. We'll talk more later.
10191VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic008You're being sarcastic, aren't you?
10192VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic009Who are you?
10193VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic010You can't seriously think they're the same Mr. House.
10194VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic011Maybe there's a connection. Can you remember anything else about Robert House?
10195VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic012That's sickening.
10196VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic013Where are you from?
10197VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic014How old are you?
10198VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic015What's "Petro-Chico?"
10199VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic016Where'd you get that Vaquero outfit?
10200VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic017How'd you end up at Black Mountain?
10201VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic018Then why does your jumpsuit say "Miguel?"
10202VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic019Anything else you want to share?
10203VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic020But how did Tabitha find you in the first place?
10204VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic021How can I make the best use of your skills?
10205VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic022I don't believe that, you must have some skills.
10206VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic023What use are you to me, then?
10207VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic024Can you still repair my equipment?
10208VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic025I want to ask you something else about yourself.
10209VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic026Tell me about Hidalgo Ranch and the Great War.
10210VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic027Tell me about your time in Mexico City.
10211VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic028Tell me about the girl in Tuscon.
10212VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic029Sure, what's on your mind?
10213VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic030I'd really rather you didn't.
10214VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic031Maybe later, okay?
10215VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic032What do you mean, guys like Ranger Andy?
10216VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic033I think he's a hero of the NCR.
10217VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic034He's a pathetic waste of space.
10218VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic035He seems like a decent guy.
10219VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic036Even after a crippling injury, a guy like Andy's tougher and more dangerous than most men alive.
10220VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic037I think it's good that he's retired. Out of sight, out of mind.
10221VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic038Guys like us?
10222VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic039Don't waste my time with your reminiscing, Raul.
10223VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic040Just because someone's crippled doesn't mean they're useless. All that experience is invaluable.
10224VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic041He didn't have to give it up, he's just scared he doesn't have what it takes anymore.
10225VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic042Are you talking about Andy, or yourself?
10226VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic043Sure, what's on your mind?
10227VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic044Not now, Raul.
10228VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic045I don't have time for your useless chatter.
10229VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic046I think it's good that he's so devoted to his duty. More people should act that way.
10230VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic047The NCR put a lot of time and money into his training. He owes it to them to use it however he can.
10231VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic048With those injuries, he's nothing but a drain on resources. He should retire.
10232VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic049It might seem harsh, but a soldier can't do his job properly with those limitations.
10233VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic050You're talking about the Great War? What do you remember about it?
10234VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic051Why do I get the impression this is more personal to you?
10235VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic052It sounds like maybe you're talking about yourself there, Raul.
10236VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic053Why do you care so much, anyways?
10237VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic054We're not just talking about Ranger Andy, are we?
10238VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic055Is that what you did?
10239VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic056What is it about Ranger Andy that reminds you of yourself?
10240VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic057What are you talking about?
10241VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic058Can we discuss this another time?
10242VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic059Loyal's using his years of knowledge to help his tribe. I think that's a noble goal.
10243VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic060What's on your mind?
10244VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic061At least he knew when to step back and start to take it easy. A lot of people don't.
10245VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic062Is that something you're afraid of?
10246VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic063I suppose if you're happy with that kind of life, it's not so bad.
10247VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic064Are you talking about something from your own past?
10248VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic065I don't really have time for this, Raul. Maybe later?
10249VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic066Go on.
10250VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic067What happened then?
10251VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic068What happened then?
10252VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic069And you blame yourself for this?
10253VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic070You can't think it was your fault. No one could stand against a dozen armed men all alone.
10254VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic071Anyone stupid enough not to set a watch deserved what they got.
10255VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic072Wasn't Mexico City basically annihilated in the Great War?
10256VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic073What do you mean, took me long enough?
10257VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic074Who are you?
10258VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic075Fixing things?
10259VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic076Why aren't you still there, then?
10260VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic077What happened with her?
10261VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic079But they didn't, did they?
10262VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic080Did you rescue her?
10263VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic081How did you survive?
10265VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic083What happened then?
10266VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic084Doubts? About what?
10267VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic085I think that's a great idea, Raul, and I hope you'll put them to good use with me.
10268VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic086If that's what you think is best, I won't stop you.
10269VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic087I don't think that's a good idea. You should focus on your mechanical skills instead.
10270VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic088That's not true, Raul, you're great with a pistol.
10271VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic089I think you're right. You should focus on gunslinging. You'll do the memories of your family proud.
10272VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic090You're right. You should give up the guns for good and focus on fixing things.
10273VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic091You're wrong. You should give up the gun and focus on repairing things.
10274VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic092You're wrong. You can still fight, and you should take up your guns again.
10275VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic093We'll talk later.
10276VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic094Sounds pretty bad.
10277VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic095Wasn't it dangerous to be dressed so... noticably?
10278VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic096Go on. What happened to Rafaela?
10279VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic097That's terrible, Raul.
10280VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic098So what did you do?
10281VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic099Then why does your jumpsuit say "Miguel?"
10282VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic100Very funny.
10283VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic101Actually, hang out here for a while.
10284VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic102You're the mechanic around here?
10285VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic103Why does your jumpsuit say "Miguel?"
10286VDialogueRaulRaulTejadaTopic104Lots of older people are still useful to their friends and communities.
10287VDialogueRemnantsVRemCannibalJohnsonTopic000Tell me about yourself.
10288VDialogueRemnantsVRemCannibalJohnsonTopic001So, are you a cannibal?
10289VDialogueRemnantsVRemCannibalJohnsonTopic002I don't have any more questions. Let's talk about something else.
10291VDialogueRemnantsVRemCannibalJohnsonTopic004What did you do when you were with the Enclave?
10292VDialogueRemnantsVRemCannibalJohnsonTopic005You live out here by yourself?
10293VDialogueRemnantsVRemCannibalJohnsonTopic006Arcade asked me to gather all the remaining members of the Enclave in the Mojave.
10294VDialogueRemnantsVRemCannibalJohnsonTopic007He thinks your experience and technology will help resolve the conflict in this region.
10295VDialogueRemnantsVRemCannibalJohnsonTopic008I'm gathering allies - just in case.
10296VDialogueRemnantsVRemCannibalJohnsonTopic009Why, do you have something better to do?
10297VDialogueRemnantsVRemCannibalJohnsonTopic010You make it sound like avoiding innocent deaths was uncommon in the Enclave.
10299VDialogueRemnantsVRemDaisyWhitmanTopic001You were a pilot?
10300VDialogueRemnantsVRemDaisyWhitmanTopic002What do you do in Novac?
10301VDialogueRemnantsVRemDaisyWhitmanTopic003Did you fly for the NCR?
10302VDialogueRemnantsVRemDaisyWhitmanTopic004Arcade asked me to find you. I'm reuniting the Remnants, and they'll need your piloting skills.
10303VDialogueRemnantsVRemDaisyWhitmanTopic005I'm sorry I had to kill him - he didn't give me much choice.
10304VDialogueRemnantsVRemDaisyWhitmanTopic006Doesn't matter - he paid for his mistake.
10306VDialogueRemnantsVRemDaisyWhitmanTopic008How did you like flying vertibirds for the Enclave?
10308VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic001Something's wrong with my cyber-dog. I was told to come to you.
10309VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic002How goes your research for the Nightkin cure?
10310VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic003Arcade Gannon has asked me to gather all the former members of the Enclave in the Mojave.
10311VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic009This brain is from Rey, one of Old Lady Gibson's dogs.
10312VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic010I'm surprised to find another human here.
10313VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic011What are you working on?
10314VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic012Does Stealth Boy use hurt humans?
10315VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic013Why are you helping the Nightkin?
10316VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic014I'd like to help. What do you need me to do?
10317VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic015Let's talk about something else.
10318VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic016I have a new brain for Rex.
10319VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic019Transplant Rey's brain into Rex.
10320VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic020I got a brain from Lupa, the mother of many Legion Mongrels.
10321VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic021Transplant Lupa's brain into Rex.
10322VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic022Hold off on the transplant.
10323VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic023Never mind. I want to hold off for now.
10324VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic024I took down a Fiend dog named Violetta.
10325VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic025Transplant Violetta's brain into Rex.
10326VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic026What makes you think that the Nightstalker mutation isn't natural?
10327VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic028Go ahead and start the tests.
10328VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic029Don't start just yet. I'll be back.
10329VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic031I found a chewed up Stealth Boy in the Nightstalker lair.
10330VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic032Why Lily and not some other Nightkin?
10331VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic033I'll talk to Lily, then.
10332VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic034I'm surprised to find another human here.
10333VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic035You're a scientist?
10334VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic036Canine neuroscience?
10335VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic037You were with the Enclave?
10336VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic038What are you working on?
10337VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic041I could look for the source of the Nightstalker mutation for you.
10338VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic042What are the risks of the experiment?
10339VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic043Why is the Stealth Boy Mark II riskier?
10340VDialogueRemnantsVRemDoctorHenryTopic044I need to think about this.
10342VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic001Arcade asked me to find you. I'm gathering the Remnants.
10343VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic002What do you do in Westside?
10344VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic003You'll be the element of surprise.
10345VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic004It was Arcade's suggestion, not mine.
10346VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic005You tell me.
10347VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic006How are you going to deploy your squad?
10348VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic007What is this place?
10350VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic009We don't need him. If he wants to go, let him go.
10351VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic010I want you to help the NCR hold onto the Dam.
10352VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic011Help the Legion take over the Dam.
10353VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic012You're the officer here. Can't you just order him to go along with the plan?
10354VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic013Will Moreno be a liability?
10355VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic014What's Moreno's problem with the NCR?
10356VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic015Can't you just order Johnson to go along with the plan?
10357VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic016Will Johnson be a liability?
10358VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic017Any chance of talking Johnson into staying?
10359VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic018I'll talk to Moreno.
10360VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic019Enough about Johnson. What's next?
10361VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic020Sounds good to me. Does that mean you're in?
10362VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic021That's way better than what I had in mind.
10363VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic022I think you'll be a very good distraction.
10364VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic023How long have you lived in Westside?
10365VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic024Tell me about the old days with the Enclave.
10366VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic025What happened to the Enclave oil rig and Navarro?
10367VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic026I'd like to know more about your former squad.
10368VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic027{Player has Power Armor training}I already know how to wear Power Armor.
10369VDialogueRemnantsVRemJudahKregerTopic028{Player doesn't have Power Armor training}I'll talk to her, then.
10371VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic001{Arcade hired}Arcade and I were looking for you. We're gathering the Remnants.
10372VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic002{Arcade not hired}Arcade sent me to look for you. I'm gathering the Remnants.
10373VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic003Do you have something against the NCR?
10374VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic004What do you do around here?
10375VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic005Your advanced level of tech would be useful in settling things between the NCR and the Legion.
10376VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic006There isn't anyone else around with your equipment and expertise.
10377VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic007I never said anything about paying you.
10378VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic008< Speech 80 >
10379VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic009{NCR - Wild Child}I work against the NCR as much as I work for them. This is no different.
10380VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic010What will your friends think about this?
10382VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic012What are you doing?
10383VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic013Will caps change your mind?
10384VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic014I haven't decided.
10385VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic015We don't have to fight. We can still talk about this.
10386VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic016Come and get me.
10387VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic017Do you have a preference?
10388VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic018Does it matter who we help?
10389VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic019So what did you do before you were retired?
10390VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic020So you're not coming?
10391VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic021I want to help the Legion defeat the NCR.
10392VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic022 That's what I was thinking, too.
10393VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic023Are you coming to this thing or what?
10394VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic024What did you do when you were with the Enclave?
10395VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic025 Then you'll be happy to know I'm planning on helping the Legion.
10396VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic026No. I was planning on helping the Legion against the NCR.
10397VDialogueRemnantsVRemOrionMorenoTopic027 I was hoping you'd want take down the NCR, since that's the plan.
10398VDialogueRexRexTopic000I'm still working on getting you fixed.
10399VDialogueRexRexTopic004How you feeling, boy?
10400VDialogueRexRexTopic005What's the matter with you?
10401VDialogueRexRexTopic006Easy, there. Down boy.
10402VDialogueRexRexTopic010Oh, right. You've got a thing about people with hats.
10403VDialogueRexRexTopic011You're certainly looking better.
10404VDialogueRexRexTopic012Glad to hear it.
10405VDialogueRexRexTopic013So you're better? Good - I won't have to strip you for parts.
10407VDialogueRexRexTopic015We're on the same side. Settle down!
10408VDialogueRexRexTopic016Cut that out or I'll turn you into a hat.
10409VDialogueRexRexTopic018What's that, boy? Little Jimmy fell into a well?
10410VDialogueRexRexTopic019What's that, Rex? Little Jimmy fell down the well?
10412VDialogueRexRexTopic021It's times like this that I wish you could talk.
10413VDialogueRexRexTopic022Let's go check out that well, boy.
10414VDialogueRexRexTopic023We have better things to do right now.
10415VDialogueRexRexTopic024Did someone fall into a well?
10416VDialogueRexRexTopic025Are you saying I should stab the next person I see?
10417VDialogueRexRexTopic026Is there a radioactive twister coming?
10418VDialogueRexRexTopic027Do you smell an ambush?
10419VDialogueRexRexTopic028Is it going to rain?
10420VDialogueRexRexTopic029I want to take a closer look at you.
10421VDialogueRexRexTopic030[Examine the painting of the bull on Rex's side.]
10422VDialogueRexRexTopic031[Stop examining Rex.]
10423VDialogueRexRexTopic032[Examine Rex's brain case.]
10424VDialogueRexRexTopic033[Examine Rex's mechanical parts.]
10427vDialogueSharecropper1ERomanowskiTopic001Why are these fields being guarded?
10428vDialogueSharecropper1ERomanowskiTopic002What can you tell me about these fields?
10429vDialogueSharecropper1ERomanowskiTopic003Trent Bascom says he's not getting his full allotment of water.
10430vDialogueSharecropper1ERomanowskiTopic004I'm looking for Corporal White. Trent told me you'd seen him.
10431vDialogueSharecropper1ERomanowskiTopic005You haven't heard anything more from White?
10432vDialogueSharecropper1ERomanowskiTopic006Do you have something against White?
10433vDialogueSharecropper1ERomanowskiTopic007Let's talk about something else.
10434vDialogueSharecropper1ERomanowskiTopic008Crops in Westside - the apparent water shortage here can't be a coincidence, then.
10435vDialogueSharecropper1ERomanowskiTopic009The fields should be getting their full supply of water again.
10436vDialogueSharecropper1ERomanowskiTopic010What can you tell me about the Followers of the Apocalypse?
10437vDialogueSharecropper1ERomanowskiTopic011What do you know about the Followers of the Apocalypse?
10439vDialogueSharecropper1ETrentBascomTopic001You work these fields?
10440vDialogueSharecropper1ETrentBascomTopic002What's the Thaler Act?
10441vDialogueSharecropper1ETrentBascomTopic003Why is this work a bum deal?
10442vDialogueSharecropper1ETrentBascomTopic004What are NCR troopers doing here?
10443vDialogueSharecropper1ETrentBascomTopic005What kind of crops do you grow?
10444vDialogueSharecropper1ETrentBascomTopic006Let's talk about something else.
10445vDialogueSharecropper1ETrentBascomTopic007Water was being diverted to Westside, but I took care of the problem.
10446vDialogueSharecropper1ETrentBascomTopic008 The NCR admitted there's bad pipes somewhere, and took care of the problem.
10447vDialogueSharecropper1ETrentBascomTopic009Me? I have no idea what you're talking about.
10448vDialogueSharecropper1ETrentBascomTopic010What are you going to do now?
10450vDialogueSharecropper1ETrentBascomTopic012Can't you just grow less crops?
10451vDialogueSharecropper1ETrentBascomTopic013I'm looking for Corporal White. I was told that he'd spoken to you.
10452vDialogueSLVESDoctorCantonTopic000What is this place?
10453vDialogueSLVESDoctorCantonTopic004All right, fix me.
10454vDialogueSLVESDoctorCantonTopic005On second thought, I'll be fine.
10455vDialogueSLVESDoctorCantonTopic006Here's your money.
10456vDialogueSLVESDoctorCantonTopic008All right, here's your money.
10458vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic001Good - Idolized.
10459vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic002Good - Accepted.
10460vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic003Mixed - Wild Child.
10461vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic004Mixed - Rascal.
10462vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic005Bad - Shunned.
10463vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic006Bad - Vilified.
10465vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic008Good - Idolized.
10466vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic009Good - Accepted.
10467vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic010Mixed - Wild Child.
10468vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic011Mixed - Rascal.
10469vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic012Bad - Shunned.
10470vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic013Bad - Vilified.
10471vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic014The Strip.
10472vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic015Good - Idolized.
10473vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic016Good - Accepted.
10474vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic017Mixed - Wild Child.
10475vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic018Mixed - Rascal.
10476vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic019Bad - Shunned.
10477vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic020Bad - Vilified.
10478vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic021The Followers of the Apocalypse.
10479vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic022Good - Idolized.
10480vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic023Good - Accepted.
10481vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic024Mixed - Wild Child.
10482vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic025Mixed - Rascal.
10483vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic026Bad - Shunned.
10484vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic027Bad - Vilified.
10487vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic030Good - Idolized.
10488vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic031Good - Accepted.
10489vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic032Mixed - Wild Child.
10490vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic033Mixed - Rascal.
10491vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic034Bad - Shunned.
10492vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic035Bad - Vilified.
10493vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic036The Brotherhood of Steel.
10494vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic037Good - Idolized.
10495vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic038Good - Accepted.
10496vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic039Mixed - Wild Child.
10497vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic040Mixed - Rascal.
10498vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic041Bad - Shunned.
10499vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic042Bad - Vilified.
10501vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic044Good - Idolized.
10502vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic045Good - Accepted.
10503vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic046Mixed - Wild Child.
10504vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic047Mixed - Rascal.
10505vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic048Bad - Shunned.
10506vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic049Bad - Vilified.
10508vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic051Good - Idolized.
10509vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic052Good - Accepted.
10510vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic053Mixed - Wild Child.
10511vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic054Mixed - Rascal.
10512vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic055Bad - Shunned.
10513vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic056Bad - Vilified.
10515vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic058Never mind.
10516vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic059Spawn him and add him as a companion.
10517vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic060Never mind.
10518vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic061Start the quest to fix Rex's brain.
10519vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic062Boulder City stuff.
10520vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic063I killed the Deathclaw Alpha Male and Mother at Quarry Junction.
10521vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic064Never mind.
10522vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic065Put Caesar in a coma.
10523vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic066Caesar wants to talk to me about being sick.
10524vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic068Male, Good Karma.
10525vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic069Male, Neutral Karma.
10526vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic070Male, Evil Karma.
10527vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic071Female, Good Karma.
10528vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic072Female, Neutral Karma.
10529vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic073Female, Evil Karma.
10530vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic074Never mind.
10531vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic092VMQ02 - Render Unto Caesar.
10532vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic094Complete Securitron Vault.
10533vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic095Kill Mr. House.
10534vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic096Never mind.
10535vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic097Ally the Boomers with the Legion.
10536vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic098Ally the White Glove Society with the Legion.
10537vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic099Destroy the Brotherhood of Steel.
10538vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic100Kill the leaders of the White Glove Society, Marjorie and Mortimer.
10539vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic101Kill Benny at the Tops.
10540vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic102Benny fled and got captured.
10541vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic103Destroy the Boomers' leaders, Loyal and Pearl.
10542vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic104Fail to revert the White Glove Society to cannibalism through non-violence.
10543vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic105Give me the Auto-Doc part and put Caesar in a coma.
10544vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic109I killed Marcus.
10545vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic110I started helping with the cure, but never helped Doctor Henry with his experiment.
10546vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic111I helped out with the cure, but Keene left town.
10547vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic112I helped out with the cure, but killed Keene.
10548vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic113I helped out with the cure and convinced Keene to stay.
10549vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic114Through the power of Science, I helped find a cure.
10550vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic115With Lily's help, I helped find a cure.
10551vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic116I never hired Cass, or she died before I hired her.
10552vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic117I hired Cass, but she died.
10553vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic118Goodsprings is still in good shape.
10554vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic119I wiped out most of the named NPCs in Goodsprings.
10555vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic120I killed the leaders of the Fiends.
10556vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic121I wiped out the Boomer leaders.
10557vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic122The Boomers helped me at the Battle of Hoover Dam.
10558vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic126I killed Tabitha.
10559vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic127Tabitha's still alive.
10560vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic128I never hired Raul, or he died before I hired him.
10561vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic129I hired Raul, but he died.
10562vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic130I hired Raul, but never finished his quest.
10563vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic131I destroyed the Brotherhood of Steel.
10564vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic132I left the Brotherhood of Steel alone.
10565vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic133I never hired Veronica.
10566vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic134I hired Veronica, but she died.
10567vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic135I hired Veronica, but didn't complete her quest.
10568vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic136I left the Followers of the Apocalypse alone.
10569vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic137I never hired Arcade.
10570vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic138I wiped them all out at Red Rock Canyon.
10571vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic139I never hired Lily.
10572vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic140I hired Lily, but she died.
10573vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic141I hired Lily, but didn't finish her quest.
10574vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic142I never hired Rex.
10575vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic143I hired Rex, but he died.
10576vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic144I hired Rex, but never got him a new brain.
10577vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic145Rex got Rey's brain.
10578vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic146Rex got Lupa's brain.
10579vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic147Rex got Violetta's brain.
10580vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic148Nothing happened with the Misfits.
10581vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic149I wiped those losers out.
10582vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic150I forged their tests.
10583vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic151I helped train them properly.
10584vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic152Misfits were doses with Psycho.
10585vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic153Nothing happened at Novac.
10586vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic154I never hired Boone.
10587vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic155I hired Boone, but he died.
10588vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic156I hired Boone, but didn't finish his quest.
10589vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic157I left Vault 19 alone.
10590vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic158I killed Cooke.
10591vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic159I got Primm a new sheriff - Meyers.
10592vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic160I wiped out key people at Primm.
10593vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic161I didn't do anything for Primm.
10594vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic162I hired ED-E, but he was destroyed.
10595vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic163I hired ED-E, but never finished his quest.
10596vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic164Hanlon continues to spread his lies.
10597vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic165I killed Hanlon but didn't expose him.
10598vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic166I killed Hanlon and exposed him.
10599vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic167I convinced Hanlon to quit spreading lies.
10600vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic168I wiped those war criminals out.
10601vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic169They didn't participate at the Dam.
10602vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic170They helped the NCR.
10603vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic171The helped the Legion.
10604vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic172I hired Cass, but never finished her quest.
10605vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic173I hired Arcade, but he died.
10606vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic174I hired Arcade, but I never finished his quest.
10607vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic175I never offered to help Doctor Henry.
10608vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic176I killed Eddie.
10609vDialogueTestaclesDebugTestaclesTopic177Eddie lives.
10610vDialogueTestaclesDebugTopic000The Kings resolved their differences with the NCR.
10611vDialogueTestaclesDebugTopic001I wiped out the Kings.
10612vDialogueTestaclesDebugTopic002I never hired ED-E.
10614vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic001Ending Slideshow Setup.
10615vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic002Legion Victory.
10616vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic003NCR Victory.
10617vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic004Mr. House Victory.
10618vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic005Independent Vegas Victory.
10619vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic006State of the Great Khans.
10620vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic007Unaltered or helping Caesar (default)
10621vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic008Great Khans helping NCR.
10622vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic009Great Khans wiped out at Red Rock Canyon.
10623vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic010State of the Boomers.
10625vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic012Helping the player.
10626vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic013Wiped out/Leaders killed.
10627vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic014Off the Strip variables.
10628vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic015State of the Great Khans.
10629vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic016State of the Boomers.
10630vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic017Chief Hanlon.
10631vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic018Spared him and allowed to continue with his lies, or unaltered.
10632vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic019Didn't expose him, but killed him.
10633vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic020Exposed and killed him.
10634vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic021Spared him, but made him stop his lies.
10635vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic022The Fiends.
10636vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic023One or more bosses still alive.
10637vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic024All bosses dead.
10638vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic025The Misfits at Camp Golf.
10639vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic026Left them alone.
10640vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic027They're dead.
10641vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic028Forged their tests.
10642vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic029They got trained properly.
10643vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic030The Remnants.
10644vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic031They're sitting out OR I didn't deal with them.
10645vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic032They're helping the NCR.
10646vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic033They're helping Caesar's Legion.
10647vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic034They're dead.
10648vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic035Nelson and Camp Forlorn Hope.
10649vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic036Defeated the Legion at Nelson. The NCR now occupies the town.
10650vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic037Defeated the NCR at Camp Forlorn Hope. The Legion now occupies the camp.
10651vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic038Killed everybody. Nobody at Nelson or Camp Forlorn Hope.
10652vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic039The NCR and Legion are still in a standoff.
10653vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic040On the Strip variables.
10655vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic044Racket is unaltered.
10656vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic045Racket was foiled.
10657vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic046I helped out with Racket.
10658vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic047The Monorail.
10660vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic049Destroyed. All NCR troops disappear from the Strip for 3 days.
10661vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic050Destroyed. NCR troops back in the Strip via Freeside.
10662vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic051The fate of President Kimball.
10663vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic052Nothing... yet.
10664vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic053Saved Kimball from his would-be assassins.
10665vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic054I attacked Kimball, but he survived. I was identified as a would-be assassin.
10666vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic055Kimball's dead, and my involvement is unknown.
10667vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic056I killed Kimball, and everyone knows I did it.
10668vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic057The Fort.
10669vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic062About Caesar...
10670vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic063About Benny...
10671vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic064About the Securiton Army...
10672vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic065About the Legion's howitzer...
10673vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic066I met Caesar.
10674vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic067I cured Caesar.
10675vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic068Caesar's dead. I killed him in front of everybody.
10676vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic069Caesar's dead. He died on the operating table.
10677vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic071Nothing yet.
10678vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic072I killed him in the arena.
10679vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic073I killed him while he was tied up and helpless.
10680vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic074I had him crucified.
10681vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic075I left them alone or haven't done anything with them yet.
10682vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic076I upgraded them.
10683vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic077I blew up the power regulators and wrecked the army.
10684vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic078Nope. It's unrepaired.
10685vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic079I repaired it.
10686vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic080The Tops.
10687vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic081About Benny at the Tops...
10688vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic082I initiated combat at the Tops.
10689vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic083I survived Benny's trap.
10690vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic084I saw Benny.
10691vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic085I spoke to Benny.
10692vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic086I used Black Widow to seduce Benny.
10693vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic087Benny has fled the Strip.
10694vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic088I killed Benny at the Tops.
10695vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic089The Lucky 38.
10696vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic090I gave Mr. House the Platinum Chip.
10697vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic091Mr. House upgraded the Strip's Securitrons.
10698vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic092The El Dorado Power Station jumpstarted the Lucky 38's reactor.
10699vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic094I visited the Lucky 38!
10700vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic095Never mind.
10701vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic096Set faction reputation.
10703vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic098Caesar's Legion.
10704vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic099Good - Accepted.
10705vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic100Good - Idolized.
10706vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic101Mixed - Rascal.
10707vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic102Mixed - Wild Child.
10708vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic103Bad - Shunned.
10709vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic104Bad - Vilified.
10710vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic105Good - Idolized.
10711vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic106Good - Accepted.
10712vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic107Mixed - Wild Child.
10713vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic108Mixed - Rascal.
10714vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic109Bad - Shunned.
10715vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic110Bad - Vilified.
10716vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic111Great Khans.
10717vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic112Good - Idolized.
10718vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic113Good - Accepted.
10719vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic114Mixed - Wild Child.
10720vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic115Mixed - Rascal.
10721vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic116Bad - Shunned.
10722vDialogueTesticlesTesticlesTopic117Bad - Vilified.
10731VDialogueTheStreetSS1MPToFem01Get out biatch.
10771vDialogueTheStripVStreetCasinoGuardTopic000All right, here you go.
10772vDialogueTheStripVStreetCasinoGuardTopic001[Sneak] Sure, take whatever you can find.
10773vDialogueTheStripVStreetCasinoGuardTopic002Forget it, I don't need to gamble that bad.
10774vDialogueTheStripVStreetCasinoGuardTopic003I'm going in - touch my weapons, I'll kill you.
10775vDialogueTheStripVStreetMrHoldoutTopic000Easy to hide weapons?
10776vDialogueTheStripVStreetMrHoldoutTopic001Why would I need to hide a weapon on me?
10777vDialogueTheStripVStreetMrHoldoutTopic002Let's see what you have.
10778vDialogueTheStripVStreetMrHoldoutTopic003Not interested. Maybe some other time.
10779vDialogueTheStripVStreetMrHoldoutTopic004I can get weapons past the guards, no problem.
10780vDialogueTheStripVStreetMrHoldoutTopic005Hmmm... think I could I slip bigger weapons past the guards?
10781vDialogueTheStripVStreetNCRTrooperMPHarassTopic000What have I done?
10782vDialogueTheStripVStreetNCRTrooperMPHarassTopic001Take 200 caps, and leave me be.
10783vDialogueTheStripVStreetNCRTrooperMPHarassTopic002[Attack] You've just screwed up, big time.
10784vDialogueTheStripVStreetNCRTrooperMPHarassTopic003Take 200 caps, and leave me be.
10785vDialogueTheStripVStreetNCRTrooperMPHarassTopic004[Attack] I'll give you something nice to talk about.
10786vDialogueTheStripVStreetNCRTrooperMPHarassTopic005Fine, take 400.
10787vDialogueTheStripVStreetNCRTrooperMPHarassTopic006[Attack] You just crossed the line.
10788vDialogueTheStripVStreetNCRTrooperMPHarassTopic007[Attack] You just crossed the line.
10789VDialogueTopsvTopsBartenderRandomTopic000You bet, I'm parched.
10790VDialogueTopsvTopsBartenderRandomTopic002No thanks.
10791VDialogueTopsVTopsGreeter1Topic000I'm not actually armed.
10792VDialogueTopsVTopsGreeter1Topic001Sure, here you go.
10793VDialogueTopsVTopsGreeter1Topic002 Sure, here you go.
10794VDialogueTopsVTopsGreeter1Topic003Why do you need my guns?
10795VDialogueTopsVTopsGreeter1Topic005Five words: From. My. Cold. Dead. Hands.
10796VDialogueTopsVTopsGreeter1Topic006I've got a better idea. How about I kill you and take my guns in anyways?
10797VDialogueVault21MartinaGroesbeckTopic000Are you all right?
10798VDialogueVault21MartinaGroesbeckTopic001You were lucky. I might not be around next time.
10799VDialogueVault21MartinaGroesbeckTopic002Why were the Omertas out to kill you?
10801VDialogueVault21MartinaGroesbeckTopic008Save your thanks - this was a job, nothing more.
10802VDialogueVault21MartinaGroesbeckTopic009You work with the NCR? It was the Legion who sent me to protect you.
10803VDialogueVault21MartinaGroesbeckTopic010So, you're a spy.
10804VDialogueVault21MartinaGroesbeckTopic011Dangerous work.
10805VDialogueVault21MartinaGroesbeckTopic012Let's talk about something else now.
10806VDialogueVault21MartinaGroesbeckTopic013What do you do around here?
10807VDialogueVegasEast1EFitzTopic000Show me what you have for sale.
10809VDialogueVegasEast1EFitzTopic002May I ask you some questions?
10810VDialogueVegasEast1EFitzTopic003Where can I find a doctor around here?
10811VDialogueVegasEast1EFitzTopic004Is there any place to buy weapons and armor?
10812VDialogueVegasEast1EFitzTopic005I don't have any more questions. Let's talk about something else.
10813VDialogueVegasEast1EFitzTopic006McCarran is looking for a regular delivery of meat from local merchants.
10814VDialogueVegasEast1EFitzTopic007Corporal Farber said they can pay you the going market price in caps.
10815VDialogueVegasEast1EFitzTopic008They have an tons of vegetables and water. How about expanding your business?
10816VDialogueVegasEast1EFitzTopic009McCarran could work out a regular exchange of fresh vegetables and clean water.
10817VDialogueVegasEast1EFitzTopic010Show me what you have for sale.
10820VDialogueVegasEast1EFitzTopic013How's business?
10821VDialogueVegasEast1EGunRunnerProtectronTopic000How did you get inside there?
10822VDialogueVegasEast1EGunRunnerProtectronTopic001That's some impressive weaponry. Where did it all come from?
10825VDialogueVegasEast1ESharecropperTrooperCFTopic001I could use some directions.
10826VDialogueVegasEast1ESharecropperTrooperCFTopic002I need a doctor.
10827VDialogueVegasEast1ESharecropperTrooperCFTopic003I'm looking to buy and sell things.
10828VDialogueVegasEast1ESharecropperTrooperCFTopic004What do you do around here?
10829VDialogueVegasEast1ESharecropperTrooperCFTopic005Tell me about the farms.
10830VDialogueVegasEast1ESharecropperTrooperCFTopic006Who's ungrateful?
10831VDialogueVegasEast1ESharecropperTrooperCFTopic007Anything you tell me stays with me.
10832VDialogueVegasEast1ESharecropperTrooperCFTopic008Come on, you can tell me.
10833VDialogueVegasEast1ESharecropperTrooperCFTopic009Are there more dangerous posts?
10834VDialogueVegasEast1ESharecropperTrooperCFTopic011If the Fiends are so dangerous, why hasn't the NCR wiped them out?
10835VDialogueVegasEast1ESharecropperTrooperCFTopic012I'm looking for work.
10836vDialogueVegasEast21EBertGunnarssonTopic000Can you heal me?
10837vDialogueVegasEast21EBertGunnarssonTopic001That's noble of you.
10838vDialogueVegasEast21EBertGunnarssonTopic002Good for you.
10839vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic000Sounds like a chaotic place. Is there any way I can help?
10840vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic001Charming place. Let's talk about something else.
10841vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic002What can you tell me about the missing people?
10842vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic003I'm not really interested in running your errands, sorry.
10843vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic004Can you remember anything else?
10844vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic005You just shot that man, solely because he insulted you!
10845vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic006That might have been a tad... excessive.
10846vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic007Just the matter of my extra pay.
10847vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic008I'll be back later.
10848vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic009Sure. I'll do it.
10849vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic010Sorry, still not interested.
10850vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic011Tell me about this "Keith."
10851vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic012Sure, I'm in. Why not?
10852vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic013I'll leave this one to the law.
10853vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic014Okay, I'll look into it.
10854vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic015That's too bad, but not my problem.
10855vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic016Saint James and Dermot were behind it. They're dead now.
10856vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic017I found this evidence in their rooms - they attacked when I confronted them.
10857vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic018Proof enough. Let's talk about my reward.
10858vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic019I'll keep looking.
10859vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic021I'll keep looking.
10860vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic022Any ideas what to look for?
10861vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic023Any ideas what to look for?
10862vDialogueVegasEast21ECaptainParkerTopic024I found all the evidence you'll need from Saint James' and Dermot's rooms. Here.
10863vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic000Wow, some protector you turned out to be.
10864vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic001I'm so sorry. Can I help?
10865vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic002Wait a minute - why didn't they take you, too?
10866vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic003They would have killed you if you fought. Maybe I can help you find them.
10868vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic006I'm sorry. She didn't make it.
10869vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic007Dead as a doornail. Shouldn't have left her in the desert, Frankie.
10870vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic009Not yet.
10871vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic012Who are you?
10872vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic013What do you know about the Legion?
10873vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic014Why'd you come all the way out to New Vegas?
10874vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic015About your family...
10875vDialogueVegasEast21EFrankWeathersTopic016What happened to your family?