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Total Listed Perks: 206 Total Ranks: 545
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Pic Name Ranks Level Info
AgilityAction Boy/Action Girl32Action points regenerate 15/30/45% faster.
EnduranceAdamantium Skeleton321Your limb damage is now reduced by 30/60/100%
AgilityAdrenaline549Gain +6/7/8/9/10% (max 36/42/48/54/60%) damage for 30s per kill. Duration refreshes with kills.
EnduranceAll Night Long341You suffer 20/40/60% less from hunger and thirst.
AgilityAmmosmith234Produce 40/80% more rounds when crafting ammunition.
CharismaAnimal Friend330Aim your gun at any Animal below your level for a 25/50/75% chance to pacify it.
CharismaAnti-Epidemic234Your disease cures have a 50/100% chance to cure a disease on nearby teammates.
EnduranceAquaboy/Aquagirl126You no longer take Rad damage from swimming and can breathe underwater.
IntelligenceArmorer315You can now craft advanced armor mods/fewer materials/improved durability. (Plans Required)
PerceptionAwareness127You can view a target`s specific damage resistance in V.A.T.S. Cost: 2
StrengthBandolier222Ballistic weapon ammo weighs 45/90% less.
StrengthBarbarian314Every point of Strength adds +2/3/4 Damage Resist (Max 40/60/80). (No Power Armor)
StrengthBasher211Gun bashing does +25/50% damage with a 5/10% chance to cripple your opponent
IntelligenceBatteries Included328Energy weapon ammo weighs 30/60/90% less.
StrengthBear Arms335Heavy Guns weigh 30/60/90% less.
LuckBetter Criticals347V.A.T.S. criticals now do +20/30/40% damage.
StrengthBlocker321Take 15/30/45% less damage from your opponents' melee attacks.
CharismaBloodsucker311Bloodpacks now satisfy thirst, no longer irradiate, and heal 50/100/150% more.
LuckBloody Mess3425/10/15% bonus damage means enemies may explode into a gory red paste.
CharismaBodyguards45Gain 6/8/10/12 Damage Resistance & Energy Resistance (max 18/24/30/36) for each teammate, excluding you.
AgilityBorn Survivor33Falling below 20/30/40% health will automatically use a Stimpak, once every 20s.
StrengthBullet Shield339Gain 20/40/60 damage resistance while firing a heavy gun.
PerceptionButcher's Bounty3340/60/80% chance to find an extra meat when you "Search" an animal corpse.
LuckCan Do!3740/60/80% chance to find an extra canned food when you "Search" a food container.
EnduranceCannibal315Eating Human, Ghoul, Super Mutant, Scorched, or Mole Miner corpses restores Health and hunger.
LuckCap Collector316You have a chance/better/always to find more bottle caps when opening a caps stash.
EnduranceChem Fiend323Any chems you take last 30/60/100% longer.
EnduranceChem Resistant243You're half/Immune as likely to get addicted when consuming Chems.
IntelligenceChemist134You get double the quantity when you craft chems!
LuckClass Freak346The negative effects of your mutations are reduced by 25/50/75%.
EnduranceCola Nut214Nuka-Cola products are now 2x/3x as beneficial.
PerceptionCommando315Basic combat training means automatic rifles do +10/15/20% damage.
PerceptionConcentrated Fire32V.A.T.S. now targets limbs. Focus fire to gain accuracy and damage per shot.
IntelligenceContractor218Crafting workshop items now costs 25/50% fewer materials.
AgilityCovert Operative327Your ranged sneak attacks do 2.15/2.3/2.5x normal damage damage.
PerceptionCrack Shot37All pistols now have 10/20/30% more range and more accuracy when sighted.
LuckCritical Savvy344Critical Hits now only consume 85/70/55% of your critical meter.
LuckCurator119The benefits of bobbleheads and magazines last twice as long.
AgilityDead Man Sprinting28Sprint 10/20% faster at increased AP cost when your health is below 40/50%.
IntelligenceDemolition Expert510Your explosives do +20/40/60/80/100% damage
AgilityDodgy345Avoid 10/20/30% of incoming damage at the cost of 30 Action Points per hit.
EnduranceDromedary33All drinks quench thirst by an additional 25/50/75%.
LuckDry Nurse123You have a 50% chance to keep your Stimpak when you revive another player.
CharismaE.M.T.39Players you revive come back with health regen for 15/30/60 seconds.
AgilityEnforcer330Your shotguns gain a 5/10/15% stagger chance and a 10/20/30% chance to cripple a limb.
AgilityEscape Artist135Sneak to lose enemies, and running no longer affect stealth.
AgilityEvasive317Each AGI point adds +1/2/3 Damage and Energy Resist (Max 15/30/45). (No Power Armor)
PerceptionExpert Commando325Basic combat training means automatic rifles do +10/15/20% damage.
StrengthExpert Gladiator320Your one-handed melee weapons now do +10/15/20% damage.
AgilityExpert Guerrilla325Your automatic pistols now do +10/15/20% damage
AgilityExpert Gunslinger324Your non-automatic pistols now do +10/15/20% damage.
IntelligenceExpert Hacker122Gain +1 hacking skill, and terminal lock-out time is reduced.
StrengthExpert Heavy Gunner340Your non-explosive heavy guns now do +10/15/20% damage.
PerceptionExpert Picklock119Gain +1 lockpicking skill, and the lockpicking 'sweet spot' is 10% larger.
PerceptionExpert Rifleman320Your non-automatic rifles now do +10/15/20% damage.
StrengthExpert Shotgunner323Your shotguns now do +10/15/20% damage.
StrengthExpert Slugger324Your two-handed melee weapons now do +10/15/20% damage.
PerceptionExterminator314Your attacks ignore 25/50/75% armor of any insect.
CharismaField Surgeon115Stimpacks and RadAway will now work much more quickly. Cost: 2
PerceptionFire in the Hole338See a throwing arc when tossing thrown weapons, and they fly 15/30/50% further.
EnduranceFireproof327Immediately gain +20/40/60 Fire Resistance.
IntelligenceFirst Aid32Stimpaks restore 15/30/45% more lost Health.
IntelligenceFix it Good327You can repair armor and Power Armor to 130/160/200% of normal maximum condition.
PerceptionFortune Finder122You hear directional audio when in range of a Caps Stash.
LuckFour Leaf Clover329Each hit in V.A.T.S. has a chance to fill your Critical meter.
CharismaFriendly Fire348Teammates hit by your flame weapons regen health briefly. (No Molotov)
StrengthFull Charge233Sprinting in Power Armor consumes half/no as much Fusion Core energy.
EnduranceGhoulish336Radiation now regenerates your lost Health.
StrengthGladiator32Your one-handed melee weapons now do +10/15/20% damage.
PerceptionGlow Sight333Deal +20/40/60% damage to glowing enemies.
AgilityGoat Legs232Take 40/80% less damage from falling.
EnduranceGood Doggy18Eating dog food is now three times as beneficial.
LuckGood with Salt39Food in your inventory will spoil 30/60/90% more slowly.
PerceptionGreen Thumb14Reap twice as much when harvesting flora.
PerceptionGrenadier235Your explosives detonate with a 50/100% larger radius.
LuckGrim Reaper's Sprint333Any kill in V.A.T.S. has a 15/25/35% chance to restore all Action Points.
PerceptionGround Pounder318Automatic rifles now reload 10/20/30% faster and have better hip fire accuracy.
AgilityGuerrilla310Your automatic pistols now do +10/15/20% damage
AgilityGun Fu350V.A.T.S. swaps targets on kill with +10/10 20/10 20 30% damage to your next target.
AgilityGun Runner24Your running speed is increased by 20% when you have a pistol equipped
AgilityGunslinger36Your non-automatic pistols now do +10/15/20% damage.
IntelligenceGunsmith511Guns break 10/20/30/40/50% slower and you can now craft Tier 1/2/3/4/5 guns (Plans required).
IntelligenceHacker14Gain +1 hacking skill, and terminal lock-out time is reduced.
CharismaHappy Camper23Hunger and thirst grow 40/80% more slowly when in camp or in a team workshop
CharismaHappy-Go-Lucky217Your Luck is increased by 2/3 while under the influence of alcohol.
CharismaHard Bargain37Buying and selling prices at vendors are better.
CharismaHealing Hands128Players you revive are cured of all Rads.
StrengthHeavy Gunner330Your non-explosive heavy guns now do +10/15/20% damage.
AgilityHome Defense322You can craft and disarm better traps and craft better turrets. (Plans required)
EnduranceHomebody219Gain gradual health regeneration while in your camp or workshop.
EnduranceHydro Fix211Chems generate 50/100% less thirst
StrengthIncisor334Your melee attacks ignore 25/50/75% of your target's armor.
CharismaInjector319Players you revive have +6/12/18 Action Point regen for 10 minutes.
CharismaInspirational32When you are on a team, gain 5/10/15% more XP.
StrengthIron Fist55Punching attacks do +20/40/50/80/100% damage with a 5/10/15/20/25% chance to stagger your opponent
EnduranceIron Stomach34Your chance to catch a disease from food is reduced by 30/60/90%.
EnduranceIronclad530Gain 10/20/30/40/50 Damage and Energy Resistance while not wearing Power Armor.
LuckJunk Shield310Carry junk to gain up to 10/20/30 Damage and Energy Resistance. (No Power Armor)
LuckLast Laugh127You drop a live grenade from your inventory when you die.
EnduranceLead Belly32You take 30/60/100% less radiation from eating or drinking.
IntelligenceLicensed Plumber55Your pipe weapons break 30/60/90% more slowly and are cheaper to repair.
EnduranceLifegiver350Gain a total of +15/30/45 to your maximum Health. Cost: 2/3/4
AgilityLight Footed138While sneaking, you never trigger mines or floor-based traps.
StrengthLock and Load337Heavy guns reload +10/20/30% faster.
CharismaLone Wanderer34When adventuring alone, take 10/15/20% less damage and gain 10/20/30% AP regen. Cost: 2
PerceptionLong Shot337Your rifles have 10/20/30% more range and more accuracy when sighted.
LuckLuck of the Draw314Slight chance your weapon will repair itself when hitting an enemy.
LuckLucky Break324Slight chance your equipped armor will repair itself when struck.
CharismaMagnetic Personality213Gain 1/2 Charisma for each teammate, excluding yourself.
IntelligenceMakeshift Warrior59Melee weapons break 10/20/30/40/50% slower and you can craft Tier 1/2/3/4/5 melee weapons. (Plans required)
AgilityMarathoner313Sprinting consumes 20/30/40% fewer Action Points.
StrengthMartial Artist316Your melee weapons weigh 20/40/60% less, and you can swing them 10/20/30% faster.
PerceptionMaster Commando345Basic combat training means automatic rifles do +10/15/20% damage.
StrengthMaster Gladiator343Your one-handed melee weapons now do +10/15/20% damage.
AgilityMaster Guerrilla343Your automatic pistols now do +10/15/20% damage
AgilityMaster Gunslinger341Your non-automatic pistols now do +10/15/20% damage.
IntelligenceMaster Hacker138Gain +1 hacking skill, and terminal lock-out time is reduced.
StrengthMaster Heavy Gunner350Your non-explosive heavy guns now do +10/15/20% damage.
PerceptionMaster Picklock140Gain +1 lockpicking skill, and the lockpicking 'sweet spot' is 10% larger.
PerceptionMaster Rifleman342Your non-automatic rifles now do +10/15/20% damage.
StrengthMaster Shotgunner345Your shotguns now do +10/15/20% damage.
StrengthMaster Slugger348Your two-handed melee weapons now do +10/15/20% damage.
AgilityMister Sandman237At night your silenced weapons do an additonal 50% sneak attack damage.
AgilityModern Renegade318Gain Pistol hip fire accuracy and a +2/3/4% chance to cripple a limb.
AgilityMoving Target35Gain +15/30/45 Damage and Energy Resistance while sprinting. (No Power Armor)
EnduranceMunchy Resistance217Using chems induces 50/100% less hunger.
LuckMysterious Savior349A Mysterious Savior will occasionally/frequently/regularly appear to revive you when downed.
LuckMysterious Stranger326The Mysterious Stranger will appear occasionally/often/much in V.A.T.S. to lend a hand.
LuckMystery Meat312Stimpaks may generate edible meat tissue. Higher Rads improve the chance.
EnduranceNatural Resistance310You are 30/60/90% less likely to catch a disease from the environment
IntelligenceNerd Rage!346While below 20% Health, gain 20/30/40 Damage Resist, 10/15/20% damage and 15% AP regen.
PerceptionNight Eyes350Gain Night Vision while sneaking between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
PerceptionNight Person124Gain +1/2/3 Intelligence and +1/2/3 Perception between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
AgilityNinja315Your melee sneak attacks do 2.3/2.6/3x normal damage.
EnduranceNocturnal Fortitude231Gain +20/40 to Max Health between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.
LuckOne Gun Army331Heavy guns gain a 4/8/12% stagger chance and a 4/8/12% chance to cripple a limb.
StrengthOrdnance Express331Explosives weigh 30/60/90% less.
CharismaOverly Generous232Rads increase your chance to inflict 25/50 rads with a melee attack
StrengthPack Rat37The weight of all junk items is reduced by 25/50/75%.
AgilityPackin' Light39Your pistols weigh 25/50/75% less.
StrengthPain Train341Damage/Smash/Devastate and stagger enemies by sprinting into them with Power Armor.
PerceptionPannapictagraphist112You hear directional audio when in range of a Magazine
CharismaParty Boy/Party Girl224The effects of alcohol are doubled/tripled. Cost: 2/3
PerceptionPercepti-bobble116You hear directional audio when in range of a Bobblehead
LuckPharma Farma3240/60/80% chance to find extra first aid Chems when you "Search" a chem container.
IntelligencePharmacist36RadAway removes 30/60/100% more radiation.
CharismaPhilanthropist339Restore some of your teammates hunger and thirst when you eat or drink.
EndurancePhotosynthetic247Gain health regen between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.
PerceptionPicklock15Gain +1 lockpicking skill, and the lockpicking 'sweet spot' is 10% larger.
IntelligencePortable Power349All Power Armor parts and chassis weights are reduced by 25/50/75%.
IntelligencePower Patcher344Your Power Armor breaks 20/40/60% more slowly and is cheaper to repair.
IntelligencePower Smith341You can now craft advanced Power Armor mods/fewer materials/improved durability. (Plans required)
IntelligencePower User350Fusion Cores now last 30/60/100% longer.
EnduranceProfessional Drinker139There's no chance you'll get addicted to alcohol. Cost: 3
LuckPsychopath321Any kill in V.A.T.S has a 5/10/15% chance to refill your Critical Meter.
CharismaQuack Surgeon122Revive other players with liquor!
LuckQuick Hands340Gain a 6/12/18% chance to instantly reload when your clip is empty.
EnduranceRad Resistant43410/20/30/40% Radiation Resistance.
CharismaRad Sponge344When affected by rads, you periodically heal 80/140/200 rads on nearby teammates.
EnduranceRadicool138The greater your rads, the greater your strength! (+5 Max)
PerceptionRefractor432Gain +10/20/30/40 Energy Resistance.
EnduranceRejuvenated212You gain increased benefit from being Well Fed or Well Hydrated.
EnduranceRevenant232Gain +50% damage bonus for 2 minutes when a player revives you.
LuckRicochet338Gain a 6/12/18% chance to deflect back some of enemies' ranged damage. (No PvP)
PerceptionRifleman38Your non-automatic rifles now do +10/15/20% damage.
IntelligenceRobotics Expert348Hack an enemy robot for a 25/50/75% chance to pacify it.
StrengthScattershot318Shotguns now weigh 30/60/90% less and you reload them 10/20/30% faster.
IntelligenceScience220You can now craft energy guns/ Rank 1 Eneergy gun mods. (Plans required)
IntelligenceScience Expert231You can craft Rank 2 energy gun mods. (Plans required)
IntelligenceScience Master243You can craft Rank 3 energy gun mods/Improved Durability. (Plans required)
IntelligenceScrapper113Obtain more components when you scrap weapons and armor.
LuckScrounger3340/60/80% chance to find extra ammo when you "Search" an ammo container.
AgilitySecret Agent347Stealth Boys last 2x/3x/4x as long.
LuckSerendipity35While below 35% health, gain a 15/30/45% chance to avoid damage.
StrengthShotgunner310Your shotguns now do +10/15/20% damage.
PerceptionSkeet Shooter310Your shotguns have improved accuracy and spread
EnduranceSlow Metabolizer35All food satisfies hunger by an additional 25/50/75%.
StrengthSlugger36Your two-handed melee weapons now do +10/15/20% damage.
AgilitySneak320You are 25/50/75% harder to detect while sneaking.
PerceptionSniper328Gain improved control and hold your breath 25/50/75% longer while aiming scopes. Improved focus and better sighted accuracy.
EnduranceSolar Powered322Gain +1/2/3 to STR and END between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
CharismaSpiritual Healer336You regenerate health for 5/7/10 seconds after reviving another player.
CharismaSquad Maneuver237Run 10/20% faster when part of a team.
IntelligenceStabilized336In Power Armor, heavy guns gain more accuracy and ignore 15/30/45% armor.
LuckStarched Genes230Less chance/never for you to mutate from rads or for Radaway to cure mutations.
LuckStorm Chaser235Gain health regeneration while outside during rain or Rad Storms.
CharismaStrange in Numbers142Positive mutation effects are 25% stronger if teammates are mutated too.
StrengthStrong Back426Gain +10/20/30/40 to carry weight.
StrengthSturdy Frame213Armor weighs 25/50% less than normal.
EnduranceSun Kissed245Slowly regen radiation damage between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.
LuckSuper Duper350When you craft anything, there is a 10/20/30% chance you'll get double results!
CharismaSuppressor340Reduce your target's damage output by 10/20/30% for 2 seconds after you attack.
PerceptionTank Killer330Your rifles ignore 12/24/36% armor and have a 3/6/9% chance to stagger.
CharismaTeam Medic320Your stimpaks now also heal your teammates for 50/75/100% the normal strength.
CharismaTenderizer346Make your target receive 5/6/7% more damage for 5/7/10 seconds after you attack.
EnduranceThirst Quencher36Drinking any liquid has a 30/60/90% reduced chance to cause disease.
AgilityThru-Hiker37Food and drink weights are reduced by 30/60/90%.
LuckTormentor337Your rifle attacks have a 5/10/15% chance of crippling a limb.
CharismaTravel Agent126You pay 30% fewer Caps when Fast Traveling.
StrengthTraveling Pharmacy33Weights of all Chems (including Stimpaks) are reduced by 30/60/90%.
EnduranceVaccinated316Chance of catching a disease from creatures is reduced by 30/60/90%
CharismaWasteland Whisperer350Aim your gun a creature below your level for a 25/50/75% chance to pacify it.
IntelligenceWeapon Artisan340You can repair any weapon to 130/160/200% of normal maximum condition.
AgilityWhite Knight339Your armor breaks 30/60/90% more slowly and is cheaper to repair.
LuckWoodchucker117Collect twice as much when harvesting wood
IntelligenceWrecking Ball329You deal +40/80/120% damage to workshop objects.

Strength: How much you carry, damage of all melee attacks.
Perception: Ability to detect stealthy movement, weapon accuracy in V.A.T.S.
Endurance: Total Health, Action Point drain from sprinting, resistance to disease.
Charisma: Allows you to share your Perk Cards and also affects Group Quests rewards and barter.
Intelligence: Ability to hack terminals, condition and durability of crafted items, scrapping return.
Agility: Affects the number of Action Points in V.A.T.S. and ability to sneak.
Luck: Affects the recharge rate of critical hits as well as the condition and durability of items you loot.

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