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Fallout 76 TLDR Patch Notes Highlights

Today, we’re releasing a new update for Fallout 76 in order to make some behind-the-scenes adjustments for the base game in preparation for our upcoming Wastelanders update. We’re also fixing a few bugs that were safe to implement without disrupting our work on Wastelanders. We are still working full-steam-ahead on the Wastelanders update, and when it is released later this quarter, it will contain plenty of new content for you to explore and conquer, as well as a large wave of bug fixes for the base game. Read on to catch the patch notes for today’s update. Update Version Download sizes for this update will be around 2.5 GB for consoles and under 1 GB for PC. PC: PS4: Xbox: General Bug Fixes Art and Graphics Graphics: The Nuka Girl Helmet visuals have been updated to look correct when worn without the suit. Graphics: Corrected a visual issue affecting Camping Canopies. C.A.M.P., Crafting, and Workshops Collectrons: Enemies will no longer target the Santatron Bot. Giant Neon Letters: Crafting Giant Neon Letters now correctly requires 2 Steel and 2 Glass. Refrigerator: Toxic Soot Flowers and Frog Legs can now be correctly assigned to the Refrigerator. Warning Signs: No longer count against the maximum number of lights the player can place in their C.A.M.P., as these signs are not lights. Challenges Daily: The “Level up while in Vault 94” subchallenge for the “Level Up While…” Daily Challenge no longer incorrectly references Vault 96. Daily: Crafting Psycho now correctly fulfills the requirements for the “Craft Psycho” and “Craft Different Kinds of Chems” Daily Challenges. Items Headwear: Gas Masks that can be found in-game no longer reduce Perception by 2. Outfits: Fixed an issue that allowed the Fur-Lined Jacket and Jeans and the Nuclear Winter Beanie to be dropped or traded. Outfits: Backpacks now appear correctly while wearing the Thanksgiving Turkey Mascot Outfit. Outfits: Fixed an issue that caused the Sequin Dress to incorrectly appear as the Gala Dress. Paints: Snowflake Armor Paint can no longer be favorited for use in Nuclear Winter matches. Please Note: If you had marked this item as a favorite prior to this fix, the Nuclear Winter Favorite icon may still appear on this paint in the Atomic Shop. Performance and Stability Server Stability: Addressed an issue that could result in a server crash when removing items from a Display Case. Server Stability: Addressed an issue that could result in a server crash when replacing Floors or Foundations. Sound Sound Effects: The Hero of the Great War Statue no longer plays Mothman sound effects in addition to its cannon sound effects when activated. Sound Effects: The Rustic Sink now correctly plays sound effects when drinking or collecting water. Music: The Winter Vending Machine now correctly plays a tune while it is in use. User Interface Item Previews: Preview images for Plans no longer overlap portions of the HUD or other UI elements in the game menus. Typos: Fixed typos in multiple item names and descriptions in the menus. Nuclear Winter Bug Fixes C.A.M.P. Activators: Removed activators from multiple C.A.M.P. objects that are not intended to be activated during Nuclear Winter matches. Items Magazines: The description for US Covert Operations #8 now correctly states that it increases Unarmed and Knife damage by 50%, rather than 25%. VERSION We’re releasing Update 16 today, which includes a number of limited-time holiday events and activities, and brings a number of additional improvements and bug fixes to Fallout 76. Update 16 Highlights Holiday Scorched: Starting December 12, some of the Scorched will be spreading holiday cheer throughout Appalachia. Take them down to get a Holiday Gift, which you can unwrap to claim new loot! Ho! Ho! Ho! Santatron is Here: Unlock a free Santatron for your C.A.M.P. by visiting the Atomic Shop now until December 31. Once built, your Santatron bot will roam your C.A.M.P. to find items like toys, candy, and more. More Privacy for Private Worlds: We’ve added a new button to the Play Menu for Private Worlds that you can use to decide whether players in your friends list can enter your Private World. (NW) Map Voting: The Flatwoods and Morgantown maps are now both available in Nuclear Winter. Exercise democracy by casting a vote for your map of choice at the start of each match. (NW) Limited Time Holiday Challenges: Unlock exclusive cosmetics by completing Challenges in Nuclear Winter! Halloween Challenges return December 11, and Christmas Challenges begin December 17. Update Version Download sizes for this update will be around 8 GB for consoles and under 3 GB for PC. PC: PS4: Xbox: General Updates Celebrate the Holidays with the Scorched! Starting December 12, some of the Scorched will be spreading merriment this holiday season by dressing up in their most festive attire and wrapping presents. Take down these “Holiday Scorched” and they will drop Holiday Gifts for you to unwrap. Open a Holiday Gift it to see what the Scorched have given you, which may be anything from crafting components to aid items, or even rare plans. Holiday Gifts can be low, medium, or high-quality, and the higher the quality of the Gift, the better the chances for rare loot. Craft Your Own Holiday Gifts! Be sure to check in with your favorite Vendors around Appalachia during the Holiday Scorched event, because they are selling Wrapping Paper that you can use to craft Holiday Gifts of your own to give to others. Holiday Scorched Event Dates: Start Date: Thursday, December 12 at 11:00 a.m. ET End Date: Thursday, December 31 at 12:00 p.m. ET Atomic Shop Now until December 31, you can bring a little holiday cheer to your C.A.M.P. by unlocking a free Santatron Collectron Station in the Atomic Shop. Build the Santatron Station in your C.A.M.P. and your jolly Santatron bot will wander the nearby area to look for toys, candy, and other items for you. While the Holiday Scorched event mentioned above is active, Santatron will also occasionally find a Holiday Gift of random quality. Any items Santatron finds will be placed into the container attached to its Station, and you can collect them from there. Players who also own a Scavenger Collectron Station can switch their Santatron to hunt for the items the Scavenger bot normally finds, and vice versa. However, only one type of Collectron Station can be built at any given time. You will still be able to build and use your Santatron even after it has left the Atomic Shop, so be sure to claim yours before December 31. Challenges In response to community feedback, we have revisited many of our existing Challenges in order to make them more player-friendly and remove others that had too many requirements. We have also updated our Daily and Weekly Challenges so they are more straightforward, simpler to complete, and to help them feel like they are part of the core experience of the game. These changes will take effect starting January 1, 2020. Sound Music: New Holiday tunes have been added that will play while you browse the Atomic Shop. User Interface Private Worlds: Following community feedback, we have added a new button to Private Worlds mode on the Play Screen so that Private World owners have more choice in how friends can join their World. The button can be toggled between “Team Only” and “All Friends.” Team Only: When “Team Only” is enabled, only the Private World owner and players they have already formed a team with can enter the Private World. All Friends: Switching to “All Friends” will allow any players on the Private World owner’s friends list to enter the Private World. Item Transfer: It is no longer possible to transfer items into a dead enemy’s inventory. Nuclear Winter Updates Vote for Your Map of Choice After receiving requests from Overseer Candidates who would like more choice in map selection, we have added the Flatwoods map back to Nuclear Winter and Candidates can now vote for the map they want to play on during the upcoming match. Map voting begins at the start of each match while Candidates are in Vault 51. Once voting starts, you can press the Map button to open the new voting interface and make your choice. Your vote cannot be changed after it has been cast. The map that receives the majority of Candidates’ votes will be selected for that match. In the event of a tie, ZAX will choose the Map randomly. Happy Holidays, Candidates! Halloween-Themed Challenges are Back It’s the Nightmare Preceding Christmas and our Halloween-themed Nuclear Winter challenges are making a comeback for a limited time. All six challenges and their cosmetic rewards will be available at once. You can also pick up right where you left off, because any progress you made toward completing them in October will be preserved. Nightmare Preceding Christmas Challenge Dates: Start Date: Wednesday, December 11 at 7:00pm ET End Date: Monday, December 16 at 7:00pm ET Unlock Festive Cosmetics with Six New Christmas Challenges We’ve added six new Challenges and themed cosmetic rewards for the holiday season that will begin appearing in the Character Challenge menu next week. One new challenge will appear each day until all six are available. However, before you can begin earning progress toward any given Challenge, you must first complete the Challenges preceding it in order. Rewards include wrapped presents for your C.A.M.P. from ZAX, Wrapping Paper Hunting Rifle Paint, a Snowflake Metal Armor Skin, a new outfit, and more, so start racking up Overseer XP to claim them while they’re available. Christmas Challenge Dates: Start Date: Tuesday, December 17 at 7:00pm ET End Date: Monday, January 6 at 7:00pm ET A More Festive Vault Even ZAX is getting into the spirit of the season, and has adorned Vault 51 with holiday decorations for Candidates to enjoy before they engage in the merciless Overseer selection process. Matchmaking We’ve updated Nuclear Winter so that the Storm will now automatically constrict the starting area to account for the number of players that begin a match . When this occurs, the Storm will not deal increased damage at the start of the match, even though the playable area is smaller. This will help encourage combat from the beginning of a match and reduce time spent hunting for other Candidates. It will also make for a quicker match overall, so that you can requeue to find a better match. We made these changes so that players can spend more time on the battlefield, less time in the matchmaking queue, and get to the fun more quickly in cases where creating a full match may take longer than expected. Sound Deployment Selection: A sound effect will now play to notify Candidates that Deployment Selection has begun. Emotes: Inside Vault 51, Emote music and sound effects will become quieter or stop playing the farther a Candidate moves away from someone who uses an Emote. Overseer Tickets: New sound effects have been added that will play when earning or spending Overseer Tickets in Nuclear Winter. User Interface Tutorials: New tutorial entries have been added to the Terminals in Vault 51 that offer instructions for the Choose Your Perks, Color-Coded Item Rarity, and Map Voting features. General Bug Fixes Art and Graphics Graphics: Fixed an issue that could cause the Pip-Boy light to flicker when turning it on or off. Graphics: The electric visual effects for The Invader no longer appear black when previewing the weapon at a Workbench. Graphics: Fixed a hole in the neck portion of the Makeshift Ronin Helmet. C.A.M.P., Crafting, and Workshops Artillery Piece: Smoke Grenades can now be looted correctly from the container attached to the Artillery Piece. Lights: The Light Bulb Letters Set has been moved to the Lights section of the Build Menu. Outfits: Ranger Armor Outfits no longer appear craftable in Workbench menus if the owner lacks the materials required to craft them. Refrigerator: Toxic Soot Flowers and Frog Legs can now be correctly assigned to Refrigerators. Signs: Adjusted several Warning Signs that previously counted toward the maximum Light count in the C.A.M.P. budget. Combat Stagger Locks: Added mitigation for an issue in which ranged enemies could repeatedly cripple a player’s limbs, causing multiple stagger animations to play back-to-back. Please note: While this issue is now much less likely to occur, it is still possible that you may encounter it. We are investigating a more complete fix for a future update. Enemies Corpses: Enemy corpses no longer sometimes disappear shortly after death. General Exploit: Implemented multiple fixes to address exploits that could be abused to create an unfair advantage. Exploit: Addressed an exploit related to the Purveyor. Items Jet Packs: No longer activate automatically when performing a normal jump. To activate a Jet Pack, players must release the jump button and then press it again. (REVERTED on Dec 13 ) Legendary Weapons: Reloading a weapon that has the “+250 Damage Resistance While Reloading” legendary effect no longer negates the effects of that weapon’s primary legendary attribute. Ranged Weapons: Fixed a rare issue in which, under specific circumstances, a player’s ranged weapons could emit a continual humming sound. Loot Bags: Loot Bag skins now remain equipped when returning to Adventure Mode after a Nuclear Winter match. Outfits: Glasses can now be worn while the Turkey Mascot head is equipped. Targeting HUD: Fixed an issue that could prevent players from crafting the X-01 Targeting HUD for their Power Armor. Localization Patch 16 brings a large wave of fixes for localization bugs across all aspects of the game for our players around the globe who play Fallout 76 in languages other than English. This includes fixes for untranslated, partially translated, and mistranslated text in game menus, item names and descriptions, notifications, Terminal entries, Holotapes, Quests, Objectives, Subtitles, and more. In addition to this set of fixes, we plan to address many more localization bugs with the Wastelanders update next year. Performance and Stability Performance: Implemented multiple improvements for server performance. Stability: Addressed multiple issues that could result in a server crash. Stability: Fixed a server crash related to Player Vending Machines. Stability: Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash on Xbox One. Quests and Events First Contact: A quest target now appears correctly at Pennington’s location during the First Contact quest. Miner Miracles: Players under level 25 who have acquired the Miner Miracles quest no longer receive a pop-up message about the quest’s level requirements every time they log in. Monster Mash: After joining Monster Mash, the optional objective to “Use the SMART Vending Machine” will no longer appears over the player’s Survival Tent on the Map. Officer on Deck: Fixed an issue that could prevent players from progressing past the “Speak with MODUS” objective. User Interface Main Menu: On Xbox, switching User Accounts after reaching the Main Menu no longer causes error messages to appear. Scrapbox: Fixed an issue that could cause the yellow selection bar to appear twice in the Scrapbox transfer menu. Scrap Kits: The prompt that appears when using a Scrap Kit has received updated wording to clarify that Junk which does not scrap automatically will be placed into the Stash. Turrets: Corrected placeholder text in the names of the Halloween Machine Gun Turret and Halloween Heavy Machine Gun Turret in C.A.M.P. Build menus. Nuclear Winter Bug Fixes C.A.M.P. Build: The Scavenger Collectron Station is not useable in Nuclear Winter and will no longer appear placeable in C.A.M.P. menus. Combat Exploit: Addressed an exploit that could allow players to remain in Stealth longer than intended. Items Bobbleheads: The description text for Bobblehead: Unarmed in Nuclear Winter now correctly states that it increases damage and no longer displays an incorrect percentage. User Interface Player Names: Are now correctly displayed during Nuclear Winter matches, even if the “Show Other Players’ Names” setting is turned off. Spectator Mode: Updated the “Changing Spectator Target” text that appears in Spectator Mode to “Finding Spectator Target.” Subtitles: Corrected subtitles that did not match the voiceover for holotapes found in Vault 51. Subtitles: Corrected a typo in the subtitle for one of ZAX’s voice lines. VERSION We’re releasing Update 15 today, which brings a number of improvements and bug fixes to Fallout 76. Read on to catch the patch notes for today’s update. Update Version Download sizes for this update will be less than 5 GB for consoles and under 2 GB for PC. PC: PS4: Xbox: General Updates C.A.M.P., Crafting, and Workshops Scrapbox Scrapbox: The Scrapbox can now be destroyed and has the same amount of health as the Stash. Sound Music: The music that plays on the Main Menu has returned to the original launch theme. User Interface Atomic Shop: Added a Fallout 1st category to the Atomic Shop. Atomic Shop: A “Free” tag will now appear on the Atomic Shop main menu option when there is a free item that the player has not yet claimed. Main Menu: The background video that plays on the Main Menu has returned to the original launch video. Scrapbox: All Junk items in the player’s inventory now display in the Scrapbox transfer menu. Scrapbox: When selecting a stack of items while using the Scrapbox, players can now select how many items from that stack to transfer. Settings: A “Show Other Players’ names” option to the Display has been added to the settings menu. This can be toggled to show or hide other players' names in the game world and on the map. Social menus will still show players names even if this setting is disabled. Splash Screen: Added a button to the Fallout 1st Splash Screen that members can use to enter the Atomic Shop. Nuclear Winter Updates User Interface Loot Bags: Loot Bag skins can now be favorited in the Atomic Shop for use as drop bags in Nuclear Winter matches. Please Note: This only applies to Loot Bags created when dropping items on the ground. Loot Bags created on death in Nuclear Winter still appear as orange duffle bags. Match Summary: During an XP bonus event, any bonus XP the player earned will now be displayed on the end of match summary screen. General Bug Fixes Art and Graphics Headwear: The antennae on the Vault Girl Martian Head now correctly appear green instead of black under various types of lighting. Headwear: Fixed a visual issue that could occur with the character’s head when wearing the Raider Gas Mask and using the Change Appearance menu. Graphics: Corrected a visual issue when viewing Power Plant towers from a distance. Lighting: Fixed an issue that could cause lighting to load incorrectly when playing in non-English versions of the game. Outfits: The cloth at the bottom of the Ranger Armor now moves more smoothly when walking or running. Scorchbeast Meat: Uncooked pieces of Scorchbeast Meat no longer display the art for cooked versions when previewed. Scrapbox: The color of the Scrapbox now more closely matches the color of the Stash. Underarmor: Raider Waster Underarmor is no longer visible through leather armor on the character’s torso and arms. Weapons: Sections of Rocket Mods for the Baseball Bat are no longer transparent when previewed in the crafting menu. Weapons: The Jack-O-Lantern Combat Rifle skin has received visual updates and the stock should now appear less glossy. C.A.M.P., Crafting, and Workshops Build: Fixed an issue that could allow environment objects that were removed by building on top of them to sometimes reappear when the player’s C.A.M.P. loads in. Build: Fixed an issue where environment objects that can be removed by building on top of them would not appear correctly on the build preview screen. Crafting: When an item that contains multiple components, like Bulk Ammo Scrap, is scrapped while crafting or repairing another item, any unused components it produced will now correctly be sent to the Stash or Scrapbox rather than disappear. Collectron Station: Fixed an issue that could cause Scavenger Collectron bots to remain in the world after their owners had logged off. Exploit: Addressed an exploit that could allow non-scrap items to be transferred into the Scrapbox. Greenhouse: Doors now snap to the correct location when built at the entrance of a Greenhouse without a base. Greenhouse: When a door that opens inward is built on a Greenhouse, it will no longer clip into the walls of the structure while it is open. Modify: Replacing an object no longer sometimes prevents the player from moving or editing that object. Modify: Fixed an issue that could prevent red error messages from appearing when attempting to move an object to an invalid placement location. Neon Lights: The neon number “1” can now correctly snap to other letters, numbers, and symbols from the Neon Signs and Letters set. Smoke Machines: The Halloween Fog Machine is now a variant of the Smoke Machine in the Build menu, rather than being displayed as a separate appliance. Statues: The Vault Bunyan and Babe the Blue Brahmin Statue is no longer missing a preview icon in the Build menu. Survival Tent: Attempting to place a C.A.M.P. or Survival Tent within the build zone of another Survival Tent will no longer incorrectly display a green outline, signifying valid placement. Survival Tent: A build radius will now appear when attempting to place a C.A.M.P. or Survival Tent new another player’s existing Survival Tent. Vending Machine: Components assigned for sale in the Vending Machine are no longer prioritized over the Scrapbox when crafting or repairing items. Tyler County Dirt Track: Objects can no longer be built in such a way that they directly intersect the “Tyler County Dirt Track” banners at this Workshop. Items Armor: Fixed an issue that prevented Armor from taking condition damage during combat. Eyewear: Glasses purchased from the Atomic Shop, such as Gag Glasses, can now correctly be worn with hats. Headwear: The name of the Ranger's Helmet has been adjusted to "Ranger Armor Helmet" for clarity. Headwear: The Chef Hat now correctly appears white when worn by female characters. Loot Bags: Players that own the Jack-O’-Lantern Loot Bag can now correctly equip it as their Drop or Death Loot Bag in the Atomic Shop. Ranger Armor: The Riot Armor Paint for the Ranger Armor now applies correctly during Nuclear Winter matches if the player has favorited it in the Atomic Shop. Performance and Stability Stability: Addressed a rare crash that could occur while using the C.A.M.P.’s Build mode. Stability: Fixed a crash that could occur when sharing a lot of quests while on a team. Stability: Addressed multiple issues that could result in a server crash. Sound Emotes: Reopening the Emote Menu while an Emote or Dance Emote is playing now correctly ends any active sound effects or music from that Emote. User Interface Change Appearance: Disconnecting while in the Change Appearance menu in Vault 76 with a new character no longer prevents the player from opening the Map after logging back in. Localization: Text on the Ranger Armor’s inspect screen in the Atomic Shop is now correctly translated when playing in non-English versions of the game. Localization: Corrected several invalid characters that could appear in item names when playing in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Russian versions of the game. Localization: Corrected a line of text on the Private Worlds info screen that was not translated into languages other than English. Login: Entering an incorrect password on the login screen no longer prevents the player from logging in when entering the correct password on the next attempt. Notifications: Fixed a minor display issue when disconnected while searching for a world. Notifications: Fixed an erroneous warning message that could be displayed while using a Scrap Kit. Player Icons: The name of the Fallout 1st Player Icon has been adjusted for clarity. Private Worlds: Upon joining a Private World, the message displayed when a C.A.M.P. cannot be placed no longer incorrectly asks if the player would like to try to find another world. Private Worlds: Fixed an issue that could cause a Private World to shut down too soon after all Fallout 1st members had left that world. Private Worlds: Corrected a placeholder message that appears to non-Fallout 1st members when a Private World shuts down after the owner has gone offline. Scrapbox: The “Scrap and Store” button now correctly appears greyed out when accessing another player’s Scrapbox as a non-Fallout 1st member. When attempting to use the “Scrap and Store” button, that player will receive a notification explaining why it is disabled. Scrapbox: The “Scrap and Store” button now correctly appears greyed out when a Fallout 1st member does not have any scrapable items in their inventory. Scrapbox: Removed several unused sorting options from the Scrapbox transfer menu. Social: Fixed issue where joining a friend on a Private World would sometimes fail when using the Xbox friends "Join Game" option. Survival Tent: Upon joining a world, the message displayed when a Survival Tent cannot be placed no longer incorrectly states that the player has been granted a free placement. Survival Tent: Updated a placeholder message that could appear occasionally when attempting to place a Survival Tent. Vending Machine: Corrected the name of the Halloween Vending Machine. World Flatwoods: Corrected placement of several floating shrubs in Flatwoods. Garrahan Estate: Players can no longer clip through one of the walls at Garrahan Estate. Grafton: Players can no longer jump through a section of the ceiling at Grafton Pawn Shop. Grafton Steel: Fixed a gap between the sections of the tallest tower at Grafton Steel. Monongah Power Plant: Players can no longer fire weapons through control room windows in the Power Plant’s interior. Morgantown: Players can no longer walk through the Satellite Dishes throughout Morgantown. Nuke Silos: Door buttons for storage room exits no longer appear to float in front of the wall in Nuke Silos. Orwell Orchards: Adjusted a location where players could become stuck in Orwell Orchards. The Whitespring: Corrected a placement issue affecting one of the workbenches in the Artisan Corner at The Whitespring Resort. The Whitespring: Fixed a location within the Whitespring Bunker that could allow players to clip outside the game’s playable area. Top of the World: The rope that holds up the Madigan’s cage is no longer missing. Vault 51: Players can no longer jump into the Vault 51 door in Adventure Mode. Nuclear Winter Bug Fixes Combat Damage Resistance: All Perk Cards and other buffs that grant additional Damage Resistance now correctly apply those effects during Nuclear Winter PVP combat. Spawn Invulnerability: Players no longer take very small amounts of damage from attacks while spawn invulnerability is active at the start of a match. Items Baseball Grenades: Now display the correct rarity color in Nuclear Winter matches. Their drop rate has not been changed. Exploit: Fixed an exploit that could enable players to obtain Nuclear Winter items outside of a Nuclear Winter match. User Interface Localization: The Quick Stairs Kit icon is no longer missing in the Nuclear Winter Favorites menu in non-English versions of the game. Localization: Carry weight and ammo count no longer appear misaligned in the HUD when playing in Chinese versions of the game. Notifications: Adventure Mode level up notifications no longer appear at the end of Nuclear Winter matches when a player hasn't actually leveled up. Notifications: Fixed an issue that could cause Fallout 1st members to receive an erroneous message about Survival Tent placement when connecting to a Nuclear Winter match if they had previously received that message in Adventure mode. World Morgantown: Fixed a specific spawn location that could allow a player to spawn inside a normally inaccessible building. Morgantown: Fixed an issue that could allow a player to enter an inaccessible building during Nuclear Winter matches in Morgantown. Vault 51: Halloween decorations have been put away. VERSION We just released a hotfix for Fallout 76 in order to apply a few bug fixes. Read on for today’s hotfix notes. Bug Fixes C.A.M.P., Crafting, and Workshops Exploit: Fixed a pair of exploits that could allow players to duplicate items. Exploit: Addressed an exploit affecting Workbenches. Combat Exploit: Addressed a weapon damage exploit. Performance and Stability Stability: Implemented a fix for an issue that could cause a server crash when being shot by enemies under specific circumstances.
Wild Appalachia Patch Notes - April 9, 2019
Patch 8 arrives today, bringing a host of new Wild Appalachia content to Fallout 76, including a new questline, features, balance adjustments, and a ton of bug fixes.

Read on to catch the full patch notes for today's update.

Patch Highlights
Lying Lowe Questline: Separate fact from fiction as you investigate the mysterious disappearance of Calvin van Lowe.

Design and Balance Adjustments: Vendors, Turrets, Glowing Mass, V.A.T.S. and more have received design and balance updates.

Item Renaming: Add a personal touch to your Apparel, Armor, Power Armor, and Weapons by giving them custom names.

News Screen: A splash screen will now automatically appear upon logging into Fallout 76 to notify you of the latest game news and announcements.

The Burrows (Coming April 16): Explore The Burrows, a new subterranean dungeon that offers a challenging experience for even the toughest of Wasteland adventurers.

Patch Version
Download sizes for today's patch will be approximately 6 GB for consoles and 2 GB for PC.

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