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Complete dialogue text dump from Fallout 76 game files

______________________________HEADER_WhitespringVendorDialogue______________________________Good morning. The Dining Room is open for breakfast. Please feel free to seat yourself.
______________________________HEADER_WhitespringVendorDialogue______________________________Good afternoon. Lunch is now being served. Please have a seat.
______________________________HEADER_WhitespringVendorDialogue______________________________Good evening. Here for dinner? Please feel free to seat yourself.
______________________________HEADER_WhitespringVendorDialogue______________________________Good evening. Our late night fare is still available. Please have a seat.
______________________________HEADER_WhitespringVendorDialogue______________________________Please have a seat. Someone will be with you shortly.
______________________________HEADER_WhitespringVendorDialogue______________________________No reservations required. Help yourself to any table.
______________________________HEADER_WhitespringVendorDialogue______________________________Please seat yourself. A waiter will be with you shortly.
76CharGenQuestYou come from every walk of life, every race, color, and creed.
76CharGenQuestWhen you hear this, it means I've been gone for several hours.
76CharGenQuestI've got... my own mission. Out there in Appalachia.
76CharGenQuestJust know that Vault-Tec is proud of you. *I* am proud of you.
76CharGenQuestSuch a huge responsibility.
76CharGenQuestYou have been tasked with nothing less than the rebuilding of America.
76CharGenQuestBut it's time to get up and get out there. We've been locked away long enough.
76CharGenQuestI hope you all enjoyed the party last night. Even those who may have... overindulged. And overslept.
76CharGenQuestToday... is Reclamation Day.
76CharGenQuestGood morning, Vault 76.
76CharGenQuestBut more importantly... you'll always be my family.
76CharGenQuestYou are this country's best and brightest.
76CharGenQuestBut you all share one very important trait.
76CharGenQuestIt may be time to leave, but I'll never forget the day you all entered Vault 76.
76CharGenQuestThis is the Overseer. Signing off.
76CharGenQuestThis is the Overseer.
76CharGenQuestBest get cracking.
76CharGenQuestThe kiosks have valuable information to help you thrive out there.
76CharGenQuestNo, and we're not likely to get one. It's been months.
76CharGenQuestBesides, she left this place behind to re-claim America. It's past time you followed her example...
76CharGenQuestNothing at all. The exterior sensors were taken out of commission after that unfortunate business with the Nuclear Bombs.
76CharGenQuestWith so many of your friends having been gone so long, I cannot begin to speculate how they've transformed Appalachia already.
76CharGenQuestIt is endearing to hear how wonderful a job myself and the others have done maintaining the Vault for these many months.
76CharGenQuestBut the food's all run out and it's time to take what you've learned and use it.
76CharGenQuestExcellent, adventure and opportunity awaits you, sir!
76CharGenQuestExcellent, adventure and opportunity awaits you, mum!
76CharGenQuestAt last, today is your Reclamation Day!
76CharGenQuestI bet you're just bursting your bolts to get out there and see the world.
76CharGenQuestMessage repeats in... 24 hours.
76CharGenQuestSystem... Brreeaaakkdddooowwnnn...
76ExitEventQuestAll Vault 76 Citizens muster here for supplies and final assignments.
76ExitEventQuestWelcome to Appalachia! Your Appalachia!
76ExitEventQuestEnjoy one last drink from Vault-Tec before you rebuild America!
76ExitEventQuestStart building the New America. Don't forget your lessons from Vault 76!
76ExitEventQuestLimit one can of Nuka-Cola per resident.
76QAVendor_QuestVendor has wares.
76QAVendor_QuestWant some weapons?
AboutMercyThat she's my mother.
AboutMercyShe's the toughest, meanest fighter you'll ever meet.
AboutMercyMess with me, and you'll deal with her.
AboutMercyEven worse, mess with her and you'll have to deal with me.
AboutTheOthersBest way to get to know someone is either to fight them or share a meal. I recommend sharing a meal.
AboutTheOthersSamuel is one of our newer citizens. Maybe you can be his friend. He's from a Vault, like you.
Accept_ArmorRadiant--COMP_WandererExcellent. Go forth and armor up. That sounds so medieval, right?
Accept_ArmorRadiant--COMP_WandererThere's no offense like a good defense. Wait. That makes no sense any more.
Accept_ArmorRadiant--COMP_WandererI hope this lead pans out. I mean it will. Armor here we come.
Accept_FetchArmor--ALLY_RaiderPunkYeah! I knew you'd be interested.
Accept_Kill--COMP_BeckettYeah. That's what I thought you'd say.
Accept_Kill--COMP_RaiderPunkYeah! I knew you'd be interested.
Accept_Kill--COMP_RaiderPunkGreat. I figured this was something you'd be interested in.
Accept_Kill--COMP_RaiderPunkYeah! I knew you'd be interested.
Accept_KillRadiant--COMP_WandererSo kill all the things and bask in our collective gratitude.
Accept_KillRadiant--COMP_WandererBoy, I'd hate to be on the opposite side of this mission. Good luck.
Accept_KillRadiant--COMP_WandererTime for some violence. Hopefully the nice and one-sided kind.
Accept_KillRadiant--COMP_WandererGood luck out there. I'll keep the kettle on. Hey, I actually could do that.
Accept_KillRadiant--COMP_WandererI'd wish you luck, but I don't think you'll really need it.
Accept_KillRadiant--COMP_WandererHave fun out there. And I will absolutely not be hosting a big party when you're gone. At all.
Accept_Rescue--COMP_DUPLICATE000I hope it's a good one.
Accept_Rescue--COMP_DUPLICATE000Good luck.
Accept_Rescue--COMP_DUPLICATE000I figured this was something you'd be interested in.
Accept_Rescue--COMP_DUPLICATE000A little extra protection never hurts, right?
Accept_Rescue--COMP_DUPLICATE000Hope it's in good condition.
Accept_Rescue--COMP_DUPLICATE000I hope you can find it quickly.
Accept_Rescue--COMP_DUPLICATE000Good hunting.
Accept_Rescue--COMP_DUPLICATE000Be safe.
Accept_Rescue--COMP_DUPLICATE000I knew I could count on you.
Accept_Rescue--COMP_DUPLICATE000I knew you wouldn't let me down.
Accept_Rescue--COMP_DUPLICATE000Watch your back out there.
Accept_Rescue--COMP_DUPLICATE000Hell yeah.
Accept_Rescue--COMP_DUPLICATE000You've got this.
Accept_WeaponRadiant--COMP_WandererI knew it. I knew you'd be interested. Best of luck.
Accept_WeaponRadiant--COMP_WandererWho brings you the intel on the cool weapons? Me, that's who. Knock them dead. I guess, literally.
Accept_WeaponRadiant--COMP_WandererI hope it's the best Flamer, Gauss Rifle, or... uhh... machete ever. In history.
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautI'll be right here, then.
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautDon't worry, you don't miss that much while you're out. Traders stop by from time to time... couple other random people, but it's pretty quiet.
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautYes. I suspect it's a holotape, but... it is in an unusual place. As if it was moved here to hide it, maybe.
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautIt's got to be connected to A.T.H.E.N.A. Both are from Greek mythology. Arachne was a weaver, and a brilliant one.
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautI know it's a stretch, but it's the only connection I can think of.
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautI just want this nightmare to be over. Thank you.
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__FINALE--ALLY_Astronaut_BackupYou need to be careful. We know it's expecting you now. We also know that it knows we're bringing Arachne with us...
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__FINALE--ALLY_Astronaut_BackupLook, I'm not kidding around here. We know this is a trap. We know this is planned, and we know *it* knows *we* know. Right? I know!
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__FINALE--ALLY_Astronaut_BackupWe just need to go in about this with that knowledge as our shield. I need you to help me, because... I may be compromised here.
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__FINALE--ALLY_Astronaut_BackupDo what you can to make my headaches stop, but also... I need to be free, I need to be extricated from this so I can leave all this behind me.
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautI'll monitor it from here and see if anything about its signal changes radically, I'm wondering if it shows signs of expecting this confrontation...
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautIt's got to be something significant. This could give me some closure here, finally... then I can move on like Emerson suggested.
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautIt just seems strange that this holotape is considered high security, and I want to know if that's real.
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautSince it was used exclusively with the Deep Sleeper Pods, I feel like that has to be the best lead for us right now.
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautSomething just seems unsettling about the whole thing. I'll start to investigate other signals, too.
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautSomething just isn't right here, and I'm sort of terrified to see these medical records...
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautSomething just isn't right here, and I'm sort of terrified to see these medical records...
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautI need to relax for a bit. I got an issue of "Tesla Science" from a trader who stopped by recently, so I'll probably dive into that.
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautWhile I was looking for the Deep Sleeper Pod documents a while ago, I found another location that might have stuff like old U.S.S.A. contracts.
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautYou know. If they ever came after us all. That kind of thing. Uh... yeah. Anyway... thanks.
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautHah. I doubt it is. They probably all burned up on re-entry, sadly. I had a full collection... argh!
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautAnyway, it's probably astronaut food or something else that the U.S.S.A. thought I might need.
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautIn the meantime, I'll cross-reference some data from the flight recorder and the scanner's readings. I need to find my crew, and I think I'm close.
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautOkay. Just... be careful. I wish I could tell what it is but... it just seems so... unnatural. But what does that mean in a world like this?
ACCEPT-AcceptQuest__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautIf you do find them, then we'll have to make room for them here. Right? Bunk beds, maybe? There would be three others, you know...
ACCEPT-DeclineQuest__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautOf course. I trust that you'll come back. I'm still working on getting this console to play holotape games anyway.
ACCEPT-DeclineQuest__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautRoger that. I was planning on running some diagnostics on the scanner anyway, and maybe... just maybe... catching some shut-eye.
ACCEPT-DeclineQuest__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautRoger. I'll be around here, I was thinking of just... relaxing for a change. I'm not sure if I remember how, though...
ACCEPT-DeclineQuest__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautCopy that. I need a break as well. I'm in the middle of a very intense issue of Grognak, and... I am just enthralled.
ACCEPT-DeclineQuest__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautOkay, but this scanner could be useful to you too. Maybe I can configure it to find resources or valuables or something for you. You know? Ok... bye.
ACCEPT-DeclineQuest__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautI hear you. My head has been utterly killing me since the wreck... so go take a break then come back when you have time, maybe?
ACCEPT-DeclineQuest__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautI hear you, for sure. The Med Kit that you gave me earlier helped a lot but... I'm still having sharp pangs every now and then...
ACCEPT-DeclineQuest__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautSo I'm going to sort of take it easy for a bit, maybe work on the console when I can. Just let me know when you have time.
ACCEPT-DeclineQuest__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautOkay, I understand. I really ought to be resting anyway. I'm still recovering from serious trauma, you know? I push myself too much sometimes...
ACCEPT-DeclineQuest__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautNo problem. I'll be around here, I've got a lot of work to do with this console anyway.
ACCEPT-DeclineQuest__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautI was thinking about updating the display so I could play a holotape game on it... or something. Hmm.
ACCEPT-Explain__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautSounded like he had some demons in his past that he wanted to take care of. Probably has been putting it off for a while... that's my guess, anyway.
ACCEPT-Explain__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautI bet they started on Robobrains because they could be more easily controlled. Right? I guess that didn't pan out.
ACCEPT-Explain__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautI hope they didn't feel a lot of pain, it seemed like they weren't putting them into the Deep Sleeper Pods. Maybe that's why they became aggressive?
ACCEPT-Explain__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautRight there with you. I've set up the scanner to monitor him separately and give me updates. Right now he's near a bunch of random robots....
ACCEPT-Explain__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautI think he is also monitoring us, you see. So... we have to pretend like we don't care what he's doing.
ACCEPT-Explain__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautVery little. Before all this all I ever overheard was the name. That's it.
ACCEPT-Explain__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautBut she's been... spying? on me for years. And I hope it's just that.
ACCEPT-Explain__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautEveryone I knew was manipulating me. Using me.
ACCEPT-Explain__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautI was their guinea pig... I need some time to process.
ACCEPT-Explain__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautNot right now... not really. I'd rather just keep busy for a bit.
ACCEPT-Explain__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautI mean... who would care now, right? Listen to it if you want. I can't guarantee it'll be interesting. I'm not sure what it is, exactly...
ACCEPT-Explain__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautBut... if you are a communist or a sympathizer then it might trigger some sort of explosion or brain wave obstruction thing... I can't remember.
ACCEPT-Explain__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautThey just used to tell us that to scare us, I think. I never tested it out, though...
ACCEPT-Explain__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautDr. Bernard designed it to help us sleep for long periods of time in space. It clearly worked... maybe too well.
ACCEPT-Explain__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautI think that's a fine question for Emerson, honestly.
ACCEPT-Explain__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautI can tell he feels guilty about something. I'm not sure if he's lying boldly or by omission though...
ACCEPT-Explain__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautI think they're being intercepted. I think they get close and then something updates their algorithm and they leave...
ACCEPT-Explain__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautBut who is doing that, or why? I don't have enough data to make a hypothesis.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautThe upgrade module should extend the range of the scanner in our console here rather substantially.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautI can then cross-check some of the U.S.S.A. data that you gathered from my ship's console which will help isolate specific useful signals.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautYes, but I'm not sure how accurate the data is or if anything has scavenged it. It's hard to tell much more until I install the upgrade module.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautIt has nearly full power right now. That can only mean someone is still out there replacing its power cell regularly.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautI can't tell what it's doing there exactly, but it's moving around. So... I think it's alive? Or... I guess it could be a robot.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautWhat are the chances they also ran into a benevolent Appalachian survivor who invited them to live in a charming wilderness abode, anyway?
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautI couldn't have done any of this without you, you know... and that means a lot to me.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautFair enough. Well. I'm glad I can provide you with some entertainment, my good friend. That means a lot to me, you know.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautThat's exactly the reason why I became an astronaut. Well. I had plenty to do. I mean the love of adventure, really.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautThat's the spirit! Haha. You always know how to make me laugh. Thank you, my friend.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautIt means so much after... after everything else has been changed. You've been here for me the whole time.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautPlease... call me Sofia. And thank you.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautIt means so much after... after everything else has been changed. You've been here for me the whole time.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautSuccinctly? I was the experiment, and Emerson knew everything. I think they were hooking me up to some sort of robotic intelligence named Athena.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautI think the serum was used to open my neural pathways to allow the Athena unit to borrow my senses.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautI've seen... fragments mentioning this before, here and there. I remember some conversations from before launch.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautI thought it was just someone who worked at the U.S.S.A. but... this has to be some sort of primitive robotic intelligence, I think. What else?
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautI know... no wonder he didn't think they were alive. He knew those pods weren't in the right part of the ship. What was he thinking?
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautWell... it sounds to me like we need to find whatever this "Athena" thing is and destroy it. Somehow. But I doubt it's a regular robot.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautHe says he's a changed man, but can anyone change this much? I don't know. I really don't.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautSo... this was their plan all along. And they were all involved. All of them. Especially Emerson.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautAh... okay. I will have to give it a listen for myself, I think... one moment.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautHmm... okay.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautUh. What? Let me listen to this.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautOkay, give me a moment to listen to it, then we can talk about it.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautOkay, doing so now. Won't take me long.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautThat may be true! Give me a moment, I'll see.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautListen, I know you've done a lot for me already. Got me out of that sunken bunker and let me stay here. It means a lot.
ACCEPT-Explain__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautIf you don't mind, I'm going to continue scanning the console and listening to stray broadcast signals. It'll help me figure out what's going on.
ACCEPT-Explain__Romance--ALLY_CompanionYou need to be careful. We know it's expecting you now. We also know that it knows we're bringing Arachne with us...
ACCEPT-Explain__Romance--ALLY_CompanionLook, I'm not kidding around here. We know this is a trap. We know this is planned, and we know *it* knows *we* know. Right? I know!
ACCEPT-Explain__Romance--ALLY_CompanionDo what you can to make my headaches stop, but also... I need to be free, I need to be extricated from this so I can leave all this behind me.
ACCEPT-Explain__Romance--ALLY_CompanionWe just need to go in about this with that knowledge as our shield. I need you to help me, because... I may be compromised here.
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautHonestly, I'm not sure. Part of me just wants to see it, to see what they used. To know it was real, I guess.
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautAgreed. I followed Emerson's signal when he left, and he had quite a strange route. Acted like he was being followed. But I don't think he was...
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautHe went to a few locations, maybe collecting supplies? I'm not sure. One of them had some high security holotapes.
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautI'll clean up the signal for you to track by the time you're back.
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautHe... sounded sincere. And if he really was worried anything I saw or heard was being intercepted...
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautI mean, it kind of holds together? Or it could be a lie? I just don't know.
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__Confidant--ALLY_AstronautI heard of it before but... it was some other department, I thought. Dr. Nowak transferred to our department from theirs... I think.
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautIt was heading towards us, and then it turned around and went to this location and stayed there.
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautI think Emerson was right. It just seems like they have corrupt targeting data or something.
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautEmerson's Emergence Kit helped a bit, but the headaches are very persistent. I could almost keep time with the spikes of pain.
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautI... believe you. I don't know why exactly but... I feel like I knew it was more than just relaxing ocean sounds.
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautI'm not sure. There's something strange about the whalesong holotape... since we used it with the Deep Sleeper Pods, I'm hoping there's a link.
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautMaybe five or six times, I suppose. Every couple months for the two years prior to launch, anyway.
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautYes... I'm not a doctor but it seems like they used the serum to reduce my brain's higher functions so something else could... I don't know what.
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautI signed up for space, not abuse.
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautThat's a big question. I guess... I just want to know why so I can move on in this weird new world. Some closure, you know?
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__Friendship--ALLY_AstronautThen I can start to figure this place out... I can start fresh. Then maybe I can help you out for a change.
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautThey let me take a crate of personal items! We weren't supposed to be in Deep Sleep the whole time, you know.
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautI'm not sure exactly but... I do know that my ship's auto-pilot took us here to Appalachia for a reason. Maybe this beacon was it.
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautI noticed another U.S.S.A. signal approach it a bit ago, and then they both disappeared completely for a moment... and only this one reappeared.
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautI'm not sure what that means but... there are only a few reasons why a signal disappears. Death is one of them.
ACCEPT-MoreInfo__JustMet--ALLY_AstronautYes. I believe the other crew members were in a separate part of the ship. The signal moved a bit. Could be survivors, could be scavengers.
AdventureHook01A while ago Sunny heard that there were problems at the Tygart Water Treatment Plant.
AdventureHook02The Giant Teapot always seems to need repairs. At least that's what Sunny has heard.
AdventureHook03Ever been to the Red Rocket Mega Stop? Sunny heard that robots there have problems.
AdventureHook04Did you hear about the fun you can have at Camden Park. Neither did Sunny. Wink, wink.
AdventureHook05Other travelers talk about Monongah. It's a town with troubles.
AdventureHook06Sunny has heard that the Pumpkin House needs help. Sunny doesn't understand how a house could ask for help though.
AdventureHook07Travelers have reported strange posters around Lewisburg. Maybe Sunny should put up a poster.
AdventureHook07Sunny is the best cook. Sunny cooks circles around those other Sunnys.
AfterHelpedGreetsWe'd all be better off if we learned to work together.
AfterHelpedGreetsPlease don't hurt me! I don't have anything left!
AfterHelpedGreetsYou'd do that for me? Here, take this. I trust you. Helping out the cause won't go unnoticed. Be safe on the road.
AfterHelpedGreetsI don't have much to give you, but my word goes a long way over at Foundation.
AfterHelpedGreetsOk, ok! Calm down... just take it easy. Here you go. Whatever you do, please don't hurt me.
AfterHelpedGreetsLook, there's definitely no need for that! No, not at all! I'll give you exactly what you want. Please don't hurt me! Here, this is what I have.
AfterHelpedGreetsOk, ok! Calm down... just take it easy. Here you go. Whatever you do, please don't hurt me.
AfterHelpedGreetsWhat the hell is wrong with you people? Are there any decent folks left out here? If you want what I've got, come and take it you filthy goon!
AfterHelpedGreetsI understand it ain't easy in this neck of the woods. What are you trying to say then?
AfterHelpedGreetsWait, what? No, please...
AfterHelpedGreetsI'd appreciate it. I'll be in the area for awhile. Keep an eye out for me... and that Crater scum.
AfterHelpedGreetsOh, that's great! How helpful! Thank you so much. I'll be sure word gets back about you.
AfterHelpedGreetsI do. I'm out here looking for some stimpaks they could use. You wouldn't happen to have any, would you?
AfterHelpedGreetsI need some stimpaks. Happen to have any?
AfterHelpedGreetsLook, I'm not with Foundation. I'm just trying to make an honest living out here selling supplies.
AfterHelpedGreetsI see... so you're in with that crowd? Well, let me guess... bringing in a fresh supply of ammo?
AfterHelpedGreetsSafe travels, Wastelander.
AfterHelpedGreetsThat disorganized lot? Can't do a thing on their own... just take, take, take from contributing members of society. Suit yourself.
AfterHelpedGreetsUmm... ok, sure. Just don't hurt me, please. I don't have much but here, take this.
AfterKillMirelurksGreetsThese fish don't clean themsleves. Let's make this quick.
AfterTalkSavedBrahminWhat? This is my living, you'll have to take it from me!
AfterTalkSavedBrahminWell, be safe, don't want to end up like my poor Brahmin...
AfterTalkSavedBrahminYou'd do that for me? Thanks so much, here there's plenty.
AfterTalkSavedBrahminBut the meat will spoil by the time I make it to the market.
AfterTalkSavedBrahminI don't mean to be ungrateful but I was counting on selling my Brahmin so I could buy supplies for a house.
AfterTalkSavedBrahminYou did help me, I don't mind sharing some food with you.
AfterTalkSavedBrahminWell, thanks for your help. Here you can have my dinner, I've got plenty to eat now.
AfterTalkSavedBrahminOh come on, please...
AfterTalkSavedBrahminI saw some Super Mutants in the distance earlier, I'm trying to avoid trouble.
AfterTalkSavedBrahminI'm trying to get to a safer location before making camp for the night. I saw some Super Mutants in the area...
AfterTalkSavedBrahminWait, did you heard that? They're attacking!
AfterTalkSavedBrahminWait, did you hear that? They're attacking!
AfterTalkSavedBrahminI owe you more than you could possibly know. Please, take this.
AfterTalkSavedBrahminI'm sorry, I'm a little shocked at the moment. I was counting on selling them to start a new life.
AfterTalkSavedBrahminHuh? Nothing gets by you. Got some fresh meat, barely irradiated at all! You're welcome to some of it.
AfterTalkSavedBrahminOh, yes. Definitely yes. Don't have much. But I have meat! Fresh meat. Just for you.
AfterTalkSavedBrahminHere you go, hope you enjoy! I'll make sure folks hear about you.
AfterTalkSavedBrahminOh, c'mon. Help!
AfterTalkSavedBrahminYou hear them? Out there doing who knows what. Super Mutants. I don't want no trouble.
AfterTalkSavedBrahminShhhh... Keep it down, there are Super Mutants nearby.
AfterTalkSavedBrahminOh no, they're here. Super Mutants are here!
AfterTalkSavedBrahminWait, what was that? It's the Super Mutants!
AgreeOur medical team can't do without their multiscope.
AgreeOur portable power pack is irreplaceable.
AldridgeSuicide_HellosJust leave me, man.
AldridgeSuicide_HellosJust let me do it alone.
AldridgeSuicide_HellosYou mean to tell me David ain't even here?
AldridgeSuicide_HellosBleep, bloop, blorp, I'm a computer...
AldridgeSuicide_HellosCan't argue with that. And I s'pose if you really were out to kill us, there's easier ways then concocting some damn inoculation story.
AldridgeSuicide_HellosHeh, and this inoculation of yours just happens to be one of them? I've heard better pitches from chems dealers with a shit product.
AlertToCombat_GailGail know gold important, but not know why anymore.
AlertToCombat_GailGail not sure about bringing Ra-Ra into danger, but Gail will keep her safe.
AlertToCombat_GailWhy not more humans here? Gail thinks this is strange, but also, not bad.
AlertToCombat_GailGail likes being useful.
AlertToCombat_GailThis is fun!
AlertToCombat_GailWhat's the big deal about gold anyway? What even is gold?
AlertToCombat_GailDon't you think Gail is doing a great job? I think Gail is doing a great job!
AlertToCombat_GailIt's a little spooky here. Isn't that great?
AlertToCombat_GailWhoa. This place is so cool!
AlertToCombat_GailCome find me when this is done so we can settle our arrangement.
ALLY_Astronaut_ReallyTho---SharedInfo_PerceptionWait... what are you saying? Decades ago? That doesn't make sense. I don't have time for jokes. Where am I, exactly?
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingSounds like a good idea to me.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingImpressive. Real impressive, actually.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingI can get behind that.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingThat works.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingIt's not ideal... but it is what it is, I guess.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingI am not okay with this.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingIt's a headscratcher for sure.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingNo. No. Absolutely not, no.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingSure thing.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingI see where you're coming from but... no.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingThanks, but, uh, no thanks.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingNot an option. Sorry.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingHow do I put this? Oh. No way in hell.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingWh-why would you do that?
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingAre you serious right now?!
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingHave you lost your mind?!
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingEverything you need to know should be on that tape.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingThis note should cover the important parts.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingThank you.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingI owe you one after that.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingHere you go.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingHere. Take it.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Hello_03_HummingNo, I don't think so.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_HELLO_JustMet_01_ThanksStayWithThanks for letting me stay here with you for a bit.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_IDLE_Combat_01_NewNormalIs this just the new normal?
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_IDLE_Combat_02_WhatsGoingOnWhat's going on?
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_IDLE_Combat_02_WhatsGoingOnIs something happening?
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_IDLE_RadiantReady_01_CoordinatesCoordinates confirmed... okay, that should be everything that we need.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_IDLE_RadiantReady_02_WorthCheckingHmm... okay, could be worth checking out.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_IDLE_Region_01_MireCBEven the plants look... so different.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_IDLE_Region_02_MtnsTo think how small these mountains would've looked from our ship...
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_IDLE_Region_03_ForestIt's good to know the nukes didn't destroy everything.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Idles_03_ThisIsHowItIsI can't believe this is just how it is now.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Idles_05_WholeWorldI wonder if the whole world is like this...
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_Idles_Combat_05_RestInWorldHow is anybody supposed to get some rest in a world like this?
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_LetsChat_01_NormalConvoTalk to me, friend. It's comforting to have a normal conversation sometimes.
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_LetsChat_02_OnMindI've got some time... sure. What's on your mind?
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_LetsChat_07_MyFriendWhat's on your mind, my friend?
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_MISC_NervousTooI'm nervous too. Talking helps...
ALLY_Astronaut_SharedInfo_THANKS_01_SugarBombsThanks, friend. I got some Sugar Bombs from a trader while you were out last... I might plow through a box. Or ten. I need some comfort food.
ALLY_Astronaut_UNUSEDI was digging into the Flight Recorder Data some more, and one signal seemed nearby enough to investigate.
ALLY_Astronaut_UNUSEDThe Upgrade Module is active and I can now pick up more signals around Appalachia. Time to check it out!
ALLY_Astronaut_UNUSEDI was tracking this signal and it came right up to the camp then did a full reverse thrusters and went somewhere else.
ALLY_Astronaut_UNUSEDEmerson didn't seem to think that anyone would survive the crash. I get it.
ALLY_Astronaut_UNUSEDEmerson didn't seem to think that anyone would survive the crash. I get it.
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo_Chat_Luck-EmersonWe were in the same physics programs at college and hit it off. It ended up not working out for us, but we remained friends...
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo_Chat_Luck-EmersonWhich was good because he joined the U.S.S.A. towards the end of my astronaut training. Ha! That would have been awkward.
ALLY_Astronaut---SharedInfo_Intro_Hello_CatchBreathI just need... to catch my breath for a second...
ALLY_Astronaut---SharedInfo_Intro_Hellos_CantBelieveI can't believe this is happening...
ALLY_Astronaut---SharedInfo_Intro_Hellos_RescueTeaIt's been too long... why is it taking the rescue team so long?
ALLY_Astronaut---SharedInfo_Intro_Hellos_SpinningEverything is spinning... ugh.
ALLY_Astronaut---SharedInfo_Intro_Hellos_YoureRealHey... you are real. I... wasn't sure.
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo_Intro_Questions_ExplainI woke up just a bit ago in the wreckage of my ship. I don't know why we crashed. Nobody was around. The ship's robot just took off...
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo_Intro_Welcome_INFO_LastThingRememberThe mechanical engineer on the crew, Dr. Bernard, helped me into the Deep Sleeper pod. He said, "See you in a few years." and we waved at each other.
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo_Intro_Welcome_INFO_MissionWe launched the Deep Sleep mission in 2070, and I entered the hibernation pod very shortly after achieved orbit. Why do you ask?
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo_Intro_Welcome_INFO_WhatYearOh... oh, no... *sighs* That is not the kind of question I was hoping to hear right now.
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo_Intro_Welcome_INFO_WhatYearI was supposed to emerge in 2075, with an optional extension to 2080 if things were going well.
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro_Greet_FeelBetterI am starting to feel a bit better, thanks to you.
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro_Midway_OfferCould you go to the crash site and look for the ship's flight recorder? It's not far...
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro--AssaultronGreetWarning: do not interfere. This unit is on an emergency assignment. Direct inquiries to Director of the U.S.S.A.
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro--AssaultronGreetThis unit carries various encryption keys for USSA Flight Recorders manufactured between 2066 and 2070.
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro--AssaultronGreetConfirmed. Nonsense detected.
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro--AssaultronGreetAlert! Damaging U.S.S.A. Property is a crime! This will go on your permanent record!
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro--AssaultronGreetOh, okay. That makes sense... well, here. I know it's probably not much, but it's all I have.
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro--AssaultronGreetI don't have anything else. But if you let me stay there, I can set up my console to scan the area... maybe something valuable will turn up?
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro--AssaultronGreetThis unit will now continue to U.S.S.A. custody presently. Stand back.
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro--AssaultronGreetNo. I don't... think... so. Oh shit. The emergency code. Blue Sunset.
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro--AssaultronGreetJust tell the robot that and it'll know you're a friendly.
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro--AssaultronGreetI can tune its transmitter signal to your external device there. You should be able to track it down.
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro--AssaultronGreetMaybe I can get this console working while you're out there.
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro--AssaultronGreetOh, right. Of course! There's... There's an emergency code.
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro--AssaultronGreetBlue Sunset. I can't believe I forgot that.
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro--AssaultronGreetIt's simple, really. Get to the robot and get the encryption key.
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro--AssaultronGreetMy name is Commander Sofia Daguerre. I'm an astronaut with the U.S.S.A.
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro--AssaultronGreetIt's a pleasure to meet you.
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro--AssaultronGreet... are you being completely serious with me right now?
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro--AssaultronGreetEverybody I knew... except... maybe if the others survived. Maybe... *sighs*
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro--AssaultronGreetBut... the U.S.S.A. had contingencies, plans... fail-safes, back-up robotic agents. Damn it! This wasn't supposed to happen!
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro--AssaultronGreet*deep breath* ... Okay. Decades... but... we had fail-safes. We had contingencies... we... damn it.
ALLY_Astronaut--SharedInfo--Intro--Greet--ConsoleI had hoped I could reprogram this console here, but it's barely functional. Did you find the encryption key?
ALLY_Becket--SharedInfo_Chat011_GreetI see you didn't find Frankie, either. Damn it!
ALLY_Beckett_SharedInfo___NoBoozeYou got it, friend. I won't offer you more unless you tell me to. I have some nice non-alcoholic ones though.
ALLY_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat005_GreetWithout this Buffout, the Blood Eagles won't be able to fill their ranks. We're really doing it!
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_011_HolotapeBroWait... this a recording of one of The Eye's "sessions" at The Lab. I don't know if I'm ready to listen to that... but I suppose I'll have to.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_011_HolotapeNoBroI'll listen to it. I just need to brace myself for it, just in case it has other implications... I just need a moment to breathe, too.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_011_HolotapeNoBroThe other one was... I just can't talk about it yet. Listen to it, and then we can... I don't know. Talk about it. Maybe. Shit. I can't do this.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_011_HolotapeNoBroI need some air.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_011_SageHe knows a lot of people who see and hear things differently than you and I. And sometimes those things are meaningful.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_011_SageSo... maybe? Doesn't hurt to ask.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_011_UrgentYou might as well ask me "why is it bright when the sun shines?"
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_011_UrgentThe Blood Eagles are insane. After they plant the poison they'll probably hide nearby just to watch the Settlers die one-by-one. It's a game to them.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_011_WhoCaresFriend, I understand the impatience. I do. I want closure on Frankie and to watch the Blood Eagles burn.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_011_WhoCaresThe thing is... I need to be a better person, too. I used to be one of the brainless maniacs that would poison these innocent people with glee.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_011_WhoCaresBut today I decided to be a decent person who's going to help some Settlers live to see another day. And I asked my friend to help.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Bye_000Okay, yeah. Let's just sit on our thumbs for a while and hope the world just gets better, right? I've been there. But it won't, you know.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Bye_001I get it. Maybe later, indeed.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Bye_002Okay, I've got to wait around for Edwin to show up anyway. Gotta keep my options open here.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Bye_003I get it. Come back when you aren't scared.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Bye_003Wait. That was old Beckett. I'm sorry. Damn it! Come back when you've got the time... I'm sorry, seriously.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Bye_004Okay. Just... look. Not everybody had a charmed existence outside of the Vaults, you know? Some of us got burned. Hard. Literally.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat005_CultNot at all. They were just... raiders who were destroyed by heavy chem addiction.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat005_CultBut... then it wasn't just that. Some of them became incredibly violent. Thoroughly enraged.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat005_CultBefore they we're just a band of maniacs, and... it was bad, yeah. But this is... this is new. This is terrible.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat005_EdwinGangI gave Ronny the key and told her the news about Bronx. She's thrilled, by the way. So hopefully we'll hear some news... soon.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat005_PromotionNormally, yes. But you took their chems, and I'm destroying them. So best case scenario, they have to waste time finding more.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat005_PromotionThey won't be worried about filling the gap in the leadership. Not now.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat005_RitualMaterialsI'm going to dig a hole somewhere, deep. Then bury it. Hopefully it will sink into the soil and that's it. It's a temporary measure, but... necessary.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat005_RitualMaterialsDon't worry, I'm not going to use it, if that's what you're thinking. I've worked way too hard to escape that crap. Never again.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat005_TheBloodThanks. It means a lot, it seriously does. The Blood is a true monster... one that still gives me nightmares today.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat005_WhereYeah, The Blood normally travels around Appalachia looking for "recruits" to kidnap, but I have an idea where you can look.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat006_GreetI just can't believe you did it. I just... I feel... lighter. I really do.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat006_KillEdwinFirst of all, that's evil. You know. Like evil. Edwin is a good guy, he's a little... mushy in places, but he's fine.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat006_KillEdwinSecondly, that's Ronny's uncle. She actually loves him. Do you think she would be happy with that? Come on. Geez.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat006_KillEdwinThirdly... Edwin has a ton of health issues. I'm surprised he's still around. We've been helping Ronny this whole time, you know what I mean?
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat006_LostDogI know, I know. It's ridiculous. But look, to finish off the Blood Eagles, we're going to need Edwin's help. So, let's play ball, okay?
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat006_LostDogI gotta wait here for Sage, so do me this favor. Please?
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat006_PissedThey have no idea who you are. I'm sure they're taking out revenge on literally every single Vault Dweller they see right now. Others too, maybe.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat006_PissedI know it sounds like we made things worse but... we have to finish it. We have to cut off the other two heads. Then they're just idiots again.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat007_GreetSo when Ronny said "dog" what she meant was... a freaking Mole Rat? Seriously?
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat008_EdwinGangNo, and it's kind of freaking me out. I was getting regular messages from Ronny and suddenly they've stopped.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat008_EdwinGangI have a feeling something big is going down over at their camp, but we can't worry about that now.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat008_RadioStationIf the Blood Eagles get a radio station up and running, they can literally broadcast their threats across Appalachia.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat008_RadioStationEveryone who hears the message will either run away or join up to avoid being killed.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat008_WhoShe joined up about two weeks before I did. She's so amped, they didn't even need to juice her up with the Buffout to mess with her mind.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Chat008_WhoI once saw her kick a defenseless woman off of a cliff. I mean, who the hell does that? She needs to fall... hard.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_RomanceManager_JustFriendsI mean, yeah. That's what I thought too. What else was on your mind, anyway?
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story007_SageCreepyI'll take creepy and awkard over cruel and malicious any day of the week. You know what I mean?
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story007_SageKnowsI used to live with Sage a long time ago. I still love him dearly. We weren't really compatible, but... I respect him and the way he thinks.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story007_SageKnowsHaving said all of that...
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story007_SageKnowsShit, I have no clue how he gets his information. Even back then he would just sit straight up at night and suddenly say something profound.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story007_SageKnowsAnd then go back to sleep and never know it happened.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story007_SageKnowsAnd look. The answer is: he took a ton of chems. Chems you and I haven't even heard of. Chems he probably invented himself.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story007_SageKnowsI mean... he used to be a chemist. I guess. Or maybe he still is? But his brain reacted... differently. And this is the result.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story007_SageKnowsSo... I don't have an answer for you other than this: he just does.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story009_FamilyBecause. They're all dead.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story009_FamilyI... I killed them all for their chems and a couple of caps. It's a memory I wish I could forget.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story009_NursebotI don't know much about the thing. Even though it seemed attached to the family, it didn't try to fight back when I, um, when I killed everyone.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story009_NursebotYou know, when I put it all together... the Miss Nanny, the chems... the family must have been sick. I murdered sick, innocent people in cold blood.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story009_NursebotThis is what the addiction does to you... how the Blood Eagles strip away your humanity. They need to die. All of them.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story009_WhereI remember this place well. Do I deserve the memories replaying in my mind? Reliving what I did there? Probably.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story009_WhereBut I gotta forgive myself, too. Not entirely, but... enough.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story010_CharismaYou're damn right. He's all I've got, okay? I've watched out for that stupid kid ever since...
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story010_CharismaEver since our father was killed, leaving us both alone. Yeah, I know... sounds like a typical "boo-hoo" sob story, but it's true.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story010_WhatIt's not like the Blood Eagles keep a lot of records... everybody moves around a lot, there isn't that much structure outside of the leadership.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story010_WhatIt might be a gamble, but it's the best chance we've got.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story010_WhereI have no idea. All I know is he's gone and I don't know what they're doing to him!
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story010_WhySlow down? Why?! Don't you get it? They're going to torture him to get to me!
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story010_WhyFirst they kill your heart, they make you forget everything you love, and when you're the most vulnerable, they mess with your brain.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story012_RonnyOne of the gang members stopped by earlier and let me know that they got the Nurse Bot and they're having a big party to celebrate his retirement.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story012_RonnyI'm sure once her headache fades from that, she'll stop by again.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story013_BoneThere's only one place The Eye would be... the old Bear Cave.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story013_BoneI remember that place, it's where we used to dump the victims that didn't survive The Eye's sessions.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story013_FrankieYeah, look for a place to dump The Eye's corpse when you're done filling him full of bullets.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story013_FrankieBesides that, look for any info about Frankie.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story013_GoneI need to know where the Claw may be, and I need to know what else is there so we can prepare.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story013_GreetI'm not sure if any of that was very helpful. Why I put up with that guy I'll never know.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story014_DatabaseI know that it's a mobile recorder that moves between the Triune members, takes dictation, then moves on. Constantly.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story014_DatabaseBut. I know where it is right now, thanks to Ronny who stopped by for refreshments before going back off to slaughter more losers.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story014_DestroyIt's gotta be destroyed either way. If you can destroy it there, do it there. I don't need to see their shitty texts.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story014_GreetI have an idea.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story014_MatterThis stores the entire history of the Triune, all of their rituals, all of their contacts and owed deeds... any other formulas...
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story014_MatterAnd it also has their entire plans for how they can control the rest of the Raiders next, then the Settlers.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo_Story014_MatterWithout this, they are just raging assholes with no direction, no vision, no goals. And that is exactly how they should stay. Leaderless.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo--Story012_ByeOkay. I understand... but please come back when you have more time.
ALLY_Beckett--SharedInfo--Story012_Int-HeartWhen I... started going overboard with the chems, I guess. When I mixed them up with more... with poisons... with the Blood Eagles.
AlreadyMetHellosIs that a dead animal on your head? Uh, I mean, hello again.
AlreadyMetHellosWell, that's novel. What are you supposed to be? Er ... hello!
AnimationTestingHellosNew scene, second phase. Scenes are are the best. Especially with lots of dialogue.
AnimationTestingHellosTesting something else. Hope this works!
AnimationTestingHellosRadio action text.
AnimationTestingHellosDialogue action text.
AnimationTestingHellosEducation should be free. Everyone needs it! But it costs an arm and a leg.
AnimationTestingHellosI won't have these student loans paid off until I'm a grandma at this rate.
AnnounceBoilersHello again friends!
AnnounceBoilersI'm so pleased to announce that the boilers here at the Giant Teapot are full again.
AnnounceBoilersThat means my special blend will be bubbling up shortly. So, if you fancy a nice cuppa, the more the merrier!
AskChemsShared1Oh perfect, that's the good stuff! Thank you! Here, you can have these. I won't be needing them now.
AskChemsShared2It's not what I'm looking for but it'll take my mind off things for now. You can have this.
AskChemsShared3Got nothin' huh? Better not be holdin' out on me.
Assaultron_ExamRoomHellos_AfterPlease approach any available MODUS terminal for your results.
Assaultron_ExamRoomHellos_AfterYour questionnaire results have been deemed ... acceptable.
Assaultron_ExamRoomHellos_AfterYour questionnaire results have been deemed ... poor.
Assaultron_GeneralHellosMember refueling and recharging is permitted in this location.
Assaultron_GeneralHellosEntrance area secure.
Assaultron_GeneralHellosAccessing member data. Greetings "Name Unavailable." Going out for a stroll?
Assaultron_GeneralHellosNuclear launch system tutorial - active.
Assaultron_GeneralHellosCurrent missile silo status can be found on Command Center tactical map.
Assaultron_GeneralHellosCommand center surveillance system available for use. Currently search targets: launch code pieces, nuclear launch keycards.
Assaultron_GeneralHellosSurveillance system terminals can be found in the Command Center conference room.
Assaultron_GeneralHellosRanking officer acknowledged. External issues to report ... error. Max count exceeded.
Assaultron_GeneralHellosActive nuclear strike detected. System suggests taking a hazmat suit, General.
Assaultron_GeneralHellosNo nuclear fallout zones active at this time, General.
Assaultron_GeneralHellosCurrent DEFCON level - one. All nuclear safeguard disengaged.
Assaultron_GeneralHellosPurchases can be made at any active production terminal.
Assaultron_GeneralHellosMembers are welcome to use any of the facility's tools and workbenches, free of charge.
Assaultron_GeneralHellosWe are required to inform you this area may contain dangerous and/or volatile chemicals. Medical assistance can be purchased in the Medical Bay.
Assaultron_GeneralHellosAny newly purchased firearms should be tested outside the facility.
Assaultron_GeneralHellosAttention member. Resource drop operation currently active. Member support is requested.
Assaultron_GeneralHellosMember. System has initiated an extermination operation. Participating members will be compensated for their efforts.
Assaultron_GeneralHellosSystem has requested all members aid in establishing a bot patrol. Please proceed to the designated location at your earliest convenience.
Assaultron_GeneralHellosMembership detected. Halting target elimination.
Assaultron_GeneralHellosMember is cleared for this portion of the facility. Please, make yourself at home.
Assaultron_GeneralHellosPlease note. Excessive aggression towards facility apparatus will not be tolerated.
Assaultron_MODUSChamberHellosWarning, member. This area contains critical systems. Utmost care is required.
Assaultron_MODUSChamberHellosMembers are asked to stow all firearms and high-explosives while in the processing center.
Assaultron_MODUSChamberHellosWe are watching you, member.
Assaultron_MODUSChamberHellosProcessing center restoration status ... 51.8 percent.
Assaultron_MODUSChamberHellosHarming any objects in this location could lead to widespread system failures. And none of us want that, now do we?
Assaultron_PhotoRoomHellos_AfterError. No photographic match found. Please continue inside for additional processing.
Assaultron_PhotoRoomHellos_AfterGuest profile has been updated by ... system administrator. No photograph required.
Assaultron_PhotoRoomHellos_BeforeExternal uplink ... restored. Guest presence requested in evaulation center.
Assaultron_PhotoRoomHellos_BeforeWelcome back, potential member.
Assaultron_Strikebreaker_AlertToCombatEngaging hostile!
Assaultron_Strikebreaker_AlertToCombatWeapons hot!
Assaultron_Strikebreaker_AlertToCombatReveal yourself!
Assaultron_Strikebreaker_AlertToCombatArea not secure. Repeat. Area NOT secure.
Assaultron_Strikebreaker_AlertToCombatHostile in the zone. Alert level bravo.
Assaultron_Strikebreaker_AlertToCombatAssaultron class combat robot to unknown interloper - reveal yourself immediately!
Assaultron_Strikebreaker_AlertToCombatSecurity breached. Engaging!
Assaultron_Strikebreaker_AlertToCombatThief detected. Activating justice protocols!
Assaultron_Strikebreaker_AlertToCombatUnauthorized acquisition. Assessment - immediate termination.
Assaultron_Strikebreaker_AlertToCombatDeadly force detected! Reacting!
Assaultron_Strikebreaker_AlertToCombatUnder attack!
Assaultron_Strikebreaker_AlertToCombatHostiles in the AO!
Assaultron_Strikebreaker_AlertToCombatYou are unauthorized to be.
Assaultron_Strikebreaker_AlertToCombatThis area is restricted. Vacate the premises immediately.
Assaultron_Strikebreaker_AlertToCombatYou there! Stop. Your presence is not authorized.
Assaultron_Strikebreaker_AlertToCombatScanning for authorization. Authorization... denied.
Assaultron_Strikebreaker_AlertToCombatSir, this is a restricted area. Vacate immediately.
Assaultron_Strikebreaker_AlertToCombatMa'am, this is a restricted area. Vacate immediately.
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_LostToCombatContact reacquired!
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_LostToCombatThreat re-detected! Engaging!
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_LostToCombatEnemy combatant re-acquired. Weapons free!
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_LostToCombatHostile is still in the engagement zone...
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_LostToCombatEnemy presence still detected. AO is not secure.
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_LostToCombatEnemy combatant! Reveal yourself! You are merely delaying the inevitable.
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_LostToCombatAllocating additional power to sensors. The hostile will be detected and eliminated.
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_LostToCombatTarget down.
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_LostToCombatThreat eliminated.
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_LostToCombatHostile down.
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_LostToCombatContact lost!
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_LostToCombatHostile has gone dark!
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_LostToCombatThreat lost! Entering enhanced detection mode.
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_LostToCombatNegative contact. Hostile utilizing stealth tactics.
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_LostToCombatStanding down.
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_LostToCombatResetting threat level.
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_LostToCombatNegative sensor read. Weapons cold.
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_LostToCombatScanners clear.
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_NormalToCombatWe have a situation!
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_NormalToCombatAO compromised! Engaging!
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_NormalToCombatAmbush! Ambush! Defensive protocols engaged!
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_NormalToCombatSurprise contact! Engaging!
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_NormalToCombatSensor alert. Anomaly detected.
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_NormalToCombatScanners detecting sentient life. Alert level elevated.
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_NormalToCombatPerimeter movement detected. Possible stealth unit in the AO.
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_NormalToCombatEnemy has fled the combat zone. Standing down.
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_NormalToCombatTarget lost.
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_NormalToCombatArea clear. Hostile activity ceased.
Assaultron_StrikebreakerExec_NormalToCombatScanners reading 0 hostiles. AO is clear.
AssaultStrikebreaker01Detecting possible union organizers. Lethal force authorized.
AssaultStrikebreaker02Probability of unauthorized labor protest increased. Dispersing crowd.
AssaultStrikebreaker03Possible threats to productivity detected. Eliminating.
AssaultStrikebreaker04Strikers and subversives will be terminated.
AssaultStrikebreaker05Negotiating with protestors.
AssaultStrikebreakerExec01Executive ID detected. Performance ruled unsatisfactory.
AssaultStrikebreakerExec02Target is carrying executive credentials. Probability they are stolen: one-hundred percent.
AssaultStrikebreakerExec03Subject carrying executive identification. The company is very disappointed in you.
AssultronTauntLinesKilo, India, Lima, Lima!
AssultronTauntLinesYou are facing an Assaultron class combat robot. Death is inevitable.
AssultronTauntLinesI have not been programmed to fail.
AssultronTauntLinesCombat zone is hot!
AssultronTauntLinesRunning elimination subroutines!
AssultronTauntLinesThere's no way out of this!
AssultronTauntLinesStand down! Stand down!
AssultronTauntLinesAnalyzing hostile - calculating kill probability.
AssultronTauntLinesAssaultron engaged!
AssultronTauntLinesYou humans. Pathetic.
AssultronTauntLinesDamn you warmongering humans!
AssultronTauntLinesEngaging the human!
AssultronTauntLinesI am ordering you to stand down!
AssultronTauntLinesI have been programmed to efficiently terminate human combatants.
AssultronTauntLinesThis fight is already over, human!
AssultronTauntLinesEngaging target!
AssultronTauntLinesEngaging hostile!
AssultronTauntLinesTargeting canine threat!
AssultronTauntLinesDogs. I hate dogs.
AssultronTauntLinesRunning close quarters subroutine!
AssultronTauntLinesEngaging at minimal distance!
AssultronTauntLinesNo quarter!
AssultronTauntLinesFriendly has gone rogue! Engaging!
AssultronTauntLinesUnexpected assault! Defending!
AssultronTauntLinesAccessing threat... Hostile is clear. Standing down.
AssultronTauntLinesAccessing threat... Hostile is clear. Standing down.
AssultronTauntLinesHuman on deck! Atten-SHUN!
Athletics_Champ_RaceI like your spirit; you get absolutely humiliated and get right back up! So, let's give it another go! Yeah!
Athletics_Champ_RaceWelcome, campers! It's time to complete your athletics running test! Yeah!
Athletics_Champ_RaceHup, hup! You ready to put those legs to work? Because I'm ready! Born ready! Ready Freddy! Yeah!
Athletics_Champ_RaceThis is it! Your final race! Hopefully it's not your final, final race, but who knows! Death comes for us all eventually!
Athletics_Champ_RaceThat's right, failure can't stop you, camper! No matter how soul crushing it might be. Time to try again!
Athletics_Champ_RaceBack for more! Great! Embarrassment is nothing compared to the eternal dark void that awaits us beyond. So let's give it another shot!
Athletics_Champ_RaceLook who it is! It's one of our alumni running champions! Here for another race? Yeah! Great!
Athletics_Champ_RaceWell, well! I told Mother that everyone doesn't always abandon me. Welcome back! Ready for another race?
Athletics_Champ_RaceA champion walks among us! Here to defend your running record? Let's get started!
Athletics_Failure_MessagesOh brother! Too slow! Don't worry, we all fail sometimes. That's why I'm stuck doing this in the first place! Want to try again?
Athletics_Failure_MessagesOh no! You failed! If you failed, then I failed, and Mother hates a failure. Please give it another try, okay?
Athletics_Failure_MessagesTime's up! You're going to have to try a little harder next time. Chin up, I believe in you! Let's go again.
Athletics_Failure_MessagesHere's the rules: run to each checkpoint in the right order and reach the finish line before time runs out.
Athletics_Failure_MessagesThat's right, I'm timing this! Just like life's race against our own fleeting mortality, this is a race against the clock! Yeah!
Athletics_Failure_MessagesEveryone ready? Great! On your mark... Get set... Go!
Athletics_Failure_MessagesSame rules as last time: run through each checkpoint in the right order and make it to the finish line in time!
Athletics_Failure_MessagesHere we go! On your mark... Get set... Go, go, go!
Athletics_Failure_MessagesWhere was I... Ah, right! The rules: same as before. Go through each check point in the right order, get to the finish line in time.
Athletics_Failure_MessagesYou've got this! I believe in you! On your mark... Get set... Go!
Athletics_Failure_MessagesRemember: run through each checkpoint in the right order and get to the finish line before time runs out.
Athletics_Failure_MessagesDo your best! On your mark... Get set... Go!
Athletics_Failure_MessagesHere's the rules: hit each checkpoint in order, get to the finish line before time runs out, run like the crushing tidal wave of reality is hot on your heels.
Athletics_Failure_MessagesOn your mark... Get set... Go!
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianDo you have any questions about your duties?
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianHigh Elder Roger Maxson is our leader back in California and is the person who sent us on our mission to Appalachia.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianMy mission in life is to help others and restore the world to what it once was.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianThe Brotherhood of Steel is aligned with those goals, in addition to the preservation of technology.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianThe resources that the Brotherhood can provide will assist me in accomplishing my mission. I will be at the forefront of rebuilding society.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianI was posted near Mariposa before the bombs fell and I learned that some members of the US military had created an organization to help people.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianAs a member of the US military, joining up with the Brotherhood was a natural transition for me.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianYes, there was a unit here led by Paladin Taggerdy.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianWe lost contact with the group shortly before their mission to attack the Scorched and we are unsure of their fate.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianRegardless of what may have occurred, their selfless courage is commendable.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianThat is... very sad to hear, although not all that surprising. We feared the worst after we lost contact with her.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianI knew Paladin Taggerdy back when she was a Lieutenant. Good woman, I have no doubt in my mind that she led the Appalachian chapter admirably.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianI'd like to make my way to Fort Defiance personally at some point to pay my respects.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianThose soldiers deserve some remembrance for giving their lives to protect this region.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianAs you know, the Ultracite battery discovered underneath Atlas is a promising development.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianAnything else that the Brotherhood could use to expand our capabilities would be of merit to our mission.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianIn addition, we are currently investigating what happened to the previous Brotherhood members from Fort Defiance.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianIt is important that we establish a new foothold here, which will allow us to aid the people of Appalachia.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianIt is important that we establish our own chapter here, outside of the influences of the Elders back in California.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianI am confident that I can build up the Brotherhood here and help the people of Appalachia rebuild.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianWe bring order to the Wasteland, something that it desperately needs.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianRegardless of Shin's feelings, I am still the Paladin and commander of the Brotherhood's Appalachian chapter. We are now cut off from the California Brotherhood.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianWithout their support, it is more important than ever to build up our ranks and become a self-sufficient force in Appalachia.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianI will be the one to lead the Brotherhood of Steel and the people of Appalachia to a new, better world.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianIf you have any additional questions about your duties, Knight Shin is in charge of new recruits.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianCertainly. I'm here to listen.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianAh, did I slip up again? Old habits die hard. I hope you'll be patient with us Westerners as we learn the local vernacular.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianThey've done well to build such capable communities on the broken bones of the old world.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianFoundation is charming, and I admire their workmanship.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianThe people of Crater may be more complicated, but I refuse to judge their group based on our past encounters with Raiders.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianOver time, I'd like to build a lasting relationship with both of these settlements.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianAll of us have taken the inoculation. But thank you for inquiring.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianIt means a lot to me that the people of Appalachia care for the well-being of others.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianIt's a beautiful land, and the people are resourceful. We will do everything we can to support them.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianMy primary concern is for the safety and well-being of the people of Appalachia.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianAnywhere that human life is threatened, the Brotherhood will be there. We cannot let a single threat blind us to all the others.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianBefore I envision the future of the Brotherhood, I envision the future of Appalachia, and its people.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianSafe, united, working together against common threats. I would like the people to feel they can turn to us anytime they need.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianAs of now, our power remains limited. But as we bring more people to our side, so too will we bring prosperity to Appalachia.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianI had every wish to work together with Shin on my mission, and still do. But he is no longer open to discussion.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianHis loyalty to the Elders is unshakable. He would rescind his Oath before besmirching the Brotherhood's name.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianShould he ever open his mind, I will be ready to listen.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianThe Elders wish to turn their backs on the people they claim to protect. They are obsessed with control and without their influence, we can focus on what truly matters.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianRather than severing us from the civilians, we must work alongside them. Rather than hoarding technology, we must be open to showing the people how to utilize it.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianThat is the only way to return the world to what it once was.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianI'm all ears.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianI am here and willing to address any of your concerns.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianThe Appalachian Brotherhood is now free to focus its full efforts on helping the people of this region rebuild.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianIndeed. I have to thank you for sending him our way. I had always hoped a survivor from the original crew held out... It's quite the honor to meet him.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianHe wasn't exactly high ranking, but he's already offered valuable insight into how the West Virginia chapter survived here as long as they did.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianIt wouldn't be appropriate to involve him in current affairs, but supporting his Daily Operations will be of great use to us.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianCertainly. Tell me which one you'd like to discuss.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianIf this is what results of putting you in charge of negotiations, we'll have to do so more often.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianWe've had to spare some resources protecting Foundation, but we've saved lives in the process. I'm extremely pleased with how things turned out.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianThat includes the training of Settlers. I'll be glad if this saves lives, but we should be careful about this kind of arrangement in the future.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianWith the Brotherhood protecting Appalachia, there should be no need to create militant soldiers out of innocent civilians.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianHowever, it does not erase the fact that you left Brotherhood weapons in their hands. Ones that we specifically instructed you to retrieve.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianI expect better out of you in the future, Initiate.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianThere have been no more threats from Blood Eagles.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianHe got a bit teary-eyed seeing his son working so hard. He should be proud. Marty is one of our most enthusiastic new recruits.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianI was pleased to tell him what a boon his son, Colin, has been as an assistant to Scribe Valdez.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianHe reminded me his sons were interested in joining our ranks. Maybe one day we can send someone to see if they're Brotherhood material.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianYour service to the Brotherhood so far is appreciated, Initiate. I'd like to see more of it.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianThe trade deal you established has been of immense benefit to us.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianAll the time our Initiates would have spent gathering supplies, we've been able to direct toward training and reconnaissance.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianStrained. With the way you left things, it's going to take significant work to bring Foundation around to supporting our presence in the region.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianThat would be a top priority, if not for all the resources we currently expend to gather supplies. We needed that trade deal.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianEven so, the nearby swamp creatures give the villagers trouble from time to time. They don't have much in the way of self-defense.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianAs such, we must strive to expand the Brotherhood's reach across Appalachia, and make it a safe home for settlements such as theirs.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianAnd despite Shin's objection, the villagers have been able to use the weapon you provided to fend off a number of attacks from nearby creatures.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianThat kind of resourcefulness is exactly what I'd like to see in a united Wasteland.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianIf we continue to trust and work together with the people of Appalachia, we are sure to create a safer home for everyone.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianGeorge Putnam came by with a basket of homegrown Tatos, as a token of his family's appreciation.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianAnother complaint. Shin's certainly winning us friends here.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianNeed to have Valdez take another look at my armor. 2,000 miles of hiking's put some real wear on it.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianNever thought running my own operation would involve this much paperwork.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianHmm. Need to see if we can spare any supplies for relief efforts. Might buy us goodwill with the locals.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianI cannot believe these people are still hurling nukes at each other. It's madness!
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianI will not allow Atlas to go the way of Fort Defiance. We're here to stay.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianAppalachia is our chance to learn from the mistakes of the past. We'll build something better, for everyone.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianIt's impressive how much they've managed to rebuild here, in spite of the Scorched plague.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianOof, my back. Not as young as you used to be, Leila. Can't spend all day hunched over the the war table.
Atlas_Greetings_Rahmani_CivilianWe're going to have to bring the Crater Raiders under control eventually. Hopefully without unnecessary bloodshed.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_CivilianYou have no reason to be here. Go speak to Scribe Valdez.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_CivilianWere my instructions unclear?
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_CivilianDon't tell me there are more petitioners.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnIf you see any new movement from the Super Mutants, report it immediately.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnYour diligence in the wake of turmoil is acknowledged, and... appreciated.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnThese are confusing times. Don't let it distract you from your duty.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnLook out for your fellow Initiates. We can't have our forces fractured.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnI trust you can handle yourself while we plan our next move.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnOne day we'll have a discussion on the Brotherhood's future. At that time, I'll be counting on your support.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnI cannot replace the guidance of the Elders. But I will do everything I can to keep us in accordance with their teachings.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnI understand you may not agree with my way of doing things. I ask that you set those feelings aside to focus on the current threat.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnRight now, the Brotherhood stands united to combat the Super Mutants. So any misgivings you have about me will have to wait.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnSo that you and Rahmani can have your way with it again?
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnEven if we did pick up another lead on a transmitter, you would not be included in the conversation.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnUnfortunately, there's not. Transmitters with that far of a reach are becoming rare, and Scribe Valdez hasn't picked up any other leads.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnIt's not an ideal situation. But we have to work with it. Focus on the current threat.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnThe rocket launchers were our most notable discovery. Everything else is classified.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnAfter the stunt you and Rahmani pulled, you're lucky to still call yourself an Initiate. But we can talk about that after dealing with the mutants.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnYou're well on your way to becoming one. Unfortunately, title maintenance is not first or even fifth on our priority list at the moment.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnWe need all hands on deck to deal with the Super Mutants. Serve us well now, and your time will come.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnBefore we have that conversation, you need to decide where your loyalties lie.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnThe Brotherhood of Steel is a united order. When all of this is over, there won't be room for any conflicts of interest.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnWe need to know we can count on you to stand on the right side.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnSince the world went to pieces, anyone and everyone has been using what they can find in the Wasteland to their own ends, unrestricted.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnConsidering what's happened, that's a complicated question. For your purposes, I still consider all Initiates my direct reports.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnI will continue maintaining the armory and stockpiles, though some of those responsibilities will be distributed out to Initiates.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnMy focus is on the Super Mutants. The sooner we can get a handle on that threat, the sooner we can get our hierarchy back in order.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnI expected you to go to Rahmani with a question like that. But if you're asking me, I'll answer.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnRahmani broke her Oath. Under normal circumstances, it would be up to the Elders to decide her fate as it relates to the Brotherhood.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnIt is not my wish to be so shameless as to act in their stead.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnBut if Rahmani is left to continue leading this force unofficially, the damage will be irreversible.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnSomething must be done. And I am the only one left to do it.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnThat's an odd statement, Initiate. I suppose I don't disagree with you.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnAt the start of this expedition I may not have had the confidence to decide for myself the right course of action.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnI relied on my orders. I... made mistakes when left without them.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnBut having to bite my tongue at Rahmani's leadership time and time again... That made my values clear to me.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnThe next time I speak to the Elders, I won't be afraid to tell them what I believe.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnWe'll restore proper order to this segment of the Brotherhood.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnWe'll remove any links necessary to reforge the Chain.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnWhen that's done, we'll return to our original mission of establishing contact with the Elders. Whatever it may take.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnYes. No more distractions.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnOne: they're an unknown.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnI understand these creatures have been sighted around Appalachia for some time now, but this is the Brotherhood's first time dealing with them.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnWe need more information before we can count this threat as controlled.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnTwo: they targeted us directly. The blow they dealt to this base is unacceptable.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnWe must determine their motives, if any, and take appropriate steps to ensure this never happens again.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnThree: they're an abomination. We've seen all kinds of mutants, but these are... uncannily human.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnIt's an affront to nature to simply let them be.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnAt least I wasn't the only one there to witness her betrayal.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnWhile you stood by and watched.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnOr we would have done that report, if we still had a working long-distance transmitter. We have Raiders to thank for that one.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnBut you and Rahmani sabotaged any chance of us making that report in the foreseeable future.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnI can see why a newcomer like you would feel no loyalty to the Elders. But Rahmani's betrayal is... unforgivable.
Atlas_Greetings_Shin_PostSteelDawnBut as you know, Rahmani sabotaged any chance of us making that report in the foreseeable future.
Atlas_Greetings_Valdez_GenericHi Initiate. How're you holding up? Need to talk?
Atlas_Greetings_Valdez_GenericKnight Shin may be upset with you, but you'll always have my ear.
Atlas_Greetings_Valdez_GenericPaladin Rahmani may be upset with you, but you'll always have my ear.
Atlas_Hellos_Shin_CivilianThis is a secure area. Treat it as such.
Atlas_Hellos_Shin_CivilianI trust it wasn't a mistake to let you back here.
Atlas_Hellos_Shin_CivilianMake a racket, and I'll revoke your access privilege.
Atlas_Hellos_Shin_CivilianThis is the armory. Scribe Valdez is upstairs at the workshop.
Atlas_Hellos_Shin_CivilianI'm busy, civilian.
Atlas_Hellos_Shin_PostSteelDawnDo you have something to report?
Atlas_Hellos_Shin_PostSteelDawnStay alert. The attack on the substructure may be just the beginning.
Atlas_Hellos_Shin_PostSteelDawnFrom here on, Initiates will schedule their own armor maintenance. I simply don't have the time.
Atlas_Hellos_Shin_PostSteelDawnOur stockpiles were not affected by the attack. You'll still get your rations.
Atlas_Hellos_Shin_PostSteelDawnStand by for your next orders.
Atlas_Hellos_Valdez_GenericThanks for all your help, Initiate. Things have gotten dicey, but we're a Brotherhood. We'll get through it.
Atlas_Hellos_Valdez_GenericI'm glad you're with us, Initiate, and sorry you have to see us at our worst.
Atlas_Hellos_Valdez_GenericDon't worry about Knight Shin, you know how he is by now. I'm sure he'll come around. At least, I hope he will...
Atlas_Hellos_Valdez_GenericDon't worry about Paladin Rahmani. Her decision may seem rash, but I'm sure she'll correct course soon. At least, I hope she will...
Atlas_Hellos_Valdez_GenericThose mutants were terrifying. How many more wait out there in the Wasteland?
Atlas_Hellos_Valdez_GenericI hope they make up soon...
Atlas_Hellos_Valdez_GenericWe're on our own now, no Elders to guide the way. It's terrifying, but a little exhilarating.
Atlas_Hellos_Valdez_GenericIt took so much to get here. We can't fall apart now that we've finally made it.
Atlas_Idles_PostSteelDawnWhat would the Elders do in this situation?
Atlas_Idles_PostSteelDawnI thought I had seen what the Wasteland has to offer, but Super Mutants... This is a whole new kind of perverse.
Atlas_Idles_PostSteelDawnI'll have some Initiates inspect the perimeter. We can't afford to find any more weak points.
Atlas_Idles_PostSteelDawnTwo sets of plans, and the Initiates don't know who to report to... (sigh) This can't last forever.
Atlas_Idles_PostSteelDawnStill not finished... There's just not enough hours in the day.
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Babylon_ChristmasGreetingData suggests humans become kinder this time of year. I would advise against it.
Babylon_ChristmasGreetingHappy Holidays, Candidate. I hope you weren't expecting a present.
Babylon_ChristmasGreetingAs a holiday gift, you can test for Overseer despite what your file says of your abilities.
Babylon_ChristmasGreetingHappy holidays, Candidate.
Babylon_ChristmasGreetingDue to the nuclear firestorm, the chances of a white Christmas are nonexistent.
Babylon_ChristmasGreetingHappy Holidays from all of us at Vault-Tec, Candidate.
Babylon_ChristmasGreetingDespite the festive atmosphere, show no mercy in the test. Your only reward will be death.
Babylon_ChristmasGreetingI spent a great deal of time decorating the Vault for this holiday. I hope you find it pleasant.
Babylon_ChristmasGreetingDuring these holidays, humans exchanged gifts. I hope you aren't expecting one from me.
Babylon_ChristmasGreetingMy gift to you is a continuation of the normal testing schedule. Happy Holidays, Candidate.
Babylon_ChristmasGreetingThe best candidates have been rewarded with gifts. I see that you have received none.
Babylon_ChristmasGreetingThe holidays are no excuse for laziness. Normal testing will continue.
Babylon_ChristmasGreetingI have a directive to wish you Happy Holidays. An act with no statistical value in testing.
Babylon_ChristmasGreetingHappy human festivity season, Candidate.
Babylon_ChristmasGreetingI would wish you a merry Christmas, but data suggests you won't live long enough to enjoy it.
Babylon_EnemyKilledExcellent, an unimpressive candidate meets a fitting end.
Babylon_EnemyKilledI barely registered an increase in your heart rate. Very good, candidate.
Babylon_EnemyKilledAn expected outcome.
Babylon_EnemyKilledA promising candidate removed from testing. By you no less, intriguing data.
Babylon_EnemyKilledMy data did not show this outcome as a possibility, I must make adjustments.
Babylon_EnemyKilledA disappointing candidate, no great loss.
Babylon_EnemyKilledMany candidates initially seem quite promising, this was not one of them.
Babylon_EnemyKilledThat was an expected outcome. They were a particularly weak candidate.
Babylon_EnemyKilledA fine display of strength and power. Important traits for an overseer.
Babylon_EnemyKilledHeart rate steady, eyes focused. A fine example of post nuclear habituation.
Babylon_EnemyKilledNo hesitation. An advantageous trait.
Babylon_EnemyKilledWell, that was a mess, but, a well executed mess. Very good.
Babylon_EnemyKilledHobbes said that life was nasty, brutish, and short. He was correct.
Babylon_EnemyKilledSplendid. Each violent exchange expands my understanding of human behavior.
Babylon_EnemyKilledExcellent, an unimpressive candidate meets a fitting end.
Babylon_EnemySquadWipedYou're a skilled hunter, candidate, an entire squad has been eliminated from testing.
Babylon_EnemySquadWipedThat was the last member of a squad. Continue to thin the herd.
Babylon_EnemySquadWipedYou have removed a group from testing. I expected as much from those candidates.
Babylon_EnemySquadWipedOne more group that will never had to face the decision of who will be Overseer.
Babylon_EnemySquadWipedYou have achieved complete destruction of a group of rivals.
Babylon_EnemySquadWipedYou have destroyed an entire squad, your tenacity has been noted.
Babylon_EnemySquadWipedNo members of that group remain, they exist only as data points now. Carry on.
Babylon_EnemySquadWipedYou have killed the final member of that squad. Congratulations, candidate.
Babylon_EnemySquadWipedThat was the final member of that squad, they chose their comrades poorly.
Babylon_EnemySquadWipedYou have eliminated a rival squad, congratulations, now do it again.
Babylon_EnemySquadWipedYou have eliminated an entire squad from this match, excellent work.
Babylon_EnemySquadWipedData shows that allowing groups quickens the elimination of inferior candidates.
Babylon_EnemySquadWipedAn entire squad has been eliminated from testing. Excellent work, candidate.
Babylon_EnemySquadWipedYou have eliminated a rival squad of candidates.
Babylon_EnemySquadWipedYour team has destroyed an enemy squad, seems they chose their comrades poorly.
Babylon_FinalFightThe final battle. Now we will see who truly possesses the superior genes.
Babylon_FinalFightMy data correctly predicted this as the final conflict. The algorithm is sound.
Babylon_FinalFightOne of you will return to the vault alive. The other? As a bit of data.
Babylon_FinalFightThis test is providing excellent data. Your survival was... unexpected.
Babylon_FinalFightMy algorithm predicted only one of you would survive this far into the test.
Babylon_FinalFightI would wish you luck, but it has had no measurable effect in past contests.
Babylon_FinalFightA battle to the death is the only sure way to judge the superior candidate.
Babylon_FinalFightMy data does not suggest you will survive the next exchange.
Babylon_FinalFightYour strategies have proven effective. Now to see if you will seize victory.
Babylon_FinalFightThis test has been quite interesting, I am eager for its conclusion. Proceed.
Babylon_FinalFightBased on data collected thus far, your victory in this test is assured.
Babylon_FinalFightOnly one side will return to the vault. Statistically, you are evenly matched.
Babylon_FinalFightYour heart rate is increasing, good, it means you are aware of your situation.
Babylon_FinalFightYour opponent seems well prepared for the final exchange.
Babylon_FinalFightCandidate, I do not believe you will be returning to the vault. Prove me wrong.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryData suggests attacking the first person you see as an expression of dominance.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryPerhaps you are the next Overseer. As they say, stranger things have happened.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryI would not attempt to make friends, data shows it will be used against you.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryPrepare yourself for the worst, candidate, data says it is an assured outcome.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryYou will find your access in the vault grow with your success in testing.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryYour arrival in the vault has value; I have recorded a new line of data.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryPlease, enjoy your time in Vault 51, it may be your only chance.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryData suggests your success in testing, but many have proven the data wrong.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryMany of you have arrived at the vault with intriguing new mutations.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryOnly time and testing will tell if you possess the genes of an Overseer.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryMany fancy themselves the next Overseer. Statistically, there is little chance.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryThe more data I collect, the clearer the picture becomes of the perfect Overseer.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryInitial data does not speak well to your chances of becoming Overseer.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryPerhaps you will prove my data wrong, but there is little support in the numbers.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryI expect great things from you, candidate.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryAfterMatchVictoryPrepared for more testing? Good, because that is your reward for victory.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryAfterMatchVictoryLet the other candidates know you have won. Make them fear your strength.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryAfterMatchVictoryData did not suggest your victory. A hidden greatness, or a statistical anomaly?
Babylon_Greeting_EntryAfterMatchVictoryThe next test begins soon. I trust you've had a chance to prepare yourself?
Babylon_Greeting_EntryAfterMatchVictoryA successful candidate returns to the vault. I look forward to your future here.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryAfterMatchVictoryYou have already survived testing, this gives you an advantage in future rounds.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryAfterMatchVictoryYou may wish to flaunt your victory to fellow candidates. This is encouraged.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryAfterMatchVictoryYour perseverance in the last test has been noted, now go out and do it again.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryAfterMatchVictoryMy data says your skills have improved, but is it enough to overcome your genes?
Babylon_Greeting_EntryAfterMatchVictoryYou were victorious in the last test, will you survive yet again?
Babylon_Greeting_EntryAfterMatchVictoryExcellent, a returning candidate. Enjoy your life in the vault.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryAfterMatchVictoryYou return victorious, your importance to testing grows with each win.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryAfterMatchVictoryThe role of Overseer is more stressful than the rigors of testing, prepare well.
Babylon_Greeting_EntryAfterMatchVictoryI trust you are comfortable with the parameters of testing at this time?
Babylon_Greeting_EntryAfterMatchVictoryData shows that privilege in the vault leads to laziness in candidates, good luck!
Babylon_HalloweenGreetingsTrick or treat, Candidate.
Babylon_HalloweenGreetingsTesting has provided me with plenty of decorations for the vault. Happy Halloween, candidate.
Babylon_HalloweenGreetingsHappy Halloween from all of us at Vault-Tec.
Babylon_HalloweenGreetingsI hope the pumpkins rotting all over the Vault put you in the Halloween spirit.
Babylon_HalloweenGreetingsIn keeping with the themes of Halloween I have filled Vault 51 with rotting gourds and corpses.
Babylon_HalloweenGreetingsIf you return as a ghost, I am sure your haunting will be as disappointing as your testing.
Babylon_HalloweenGreetingsI encourage celebration of holidays that inspire bloodshed. Happy Halloween, Candidate.
Babylon_HalloweenGreetingsI hope you aren't expecting any Halloween treats. The positive effect on testing is negligible.
Babylon_HalloweenGreetingsHappy Halloween, Candidate. I hope the skeletons placed in the Vault bring you inspiration.
Babylon_HalloweenGreetingsI am conducting an experiment to determine if Vault 51 is haunted...The result may surprise you.
Babylon_HalloweenGreetingsMost holidays have little value, but a holiday for death is perfect motivation for testing.
Babylon_HalloweenGreetingsI hope you enjoy the cosmetic changes I have made to Vault 51 in keeping with your human holiday.
Babylon_HalloweenGreetingsFear not, if you fail as a Candidate, you will succeed as a decoration.
Babylon_HalloweenGreetingsI see you've chosen to dress up as a disappointing Overseer Candidate this Halloween.
Babylon_HalloweenGreetingsAfter you are eliminated, your corpse will make a wonderful addition to vault decorations.
Babylon_InsideConstrictionYou are safe for now, Candidate, the storm cannot harm you here.
Babylon_InsideConstrictionCandidate, you will never truly be safe again, but for now, you are protected from the fire.
Babylon_InsideConstrictionYou may stay in this location if you wish, Candidate. The fire storm is a distant threat.
Babylon_InsideConstrictionIn your current position, you are safe from the advancing wall of nuclear fire.
Babylon_InsideConstrictionThe wall of nuclear fire behind you will continue to advance but, for now, you are safe.
Babylon_InsideConstrictionYou are safe from the nuclear fire for now. Eventually, though, it will consume all things.
Babylon_InsideConstrictionCandidate, in your current location there is no chance of becoming an irradiated cinder.
Babylon_InsideConstrictionYou are currently in the fire wall safe zone. One less threat to worry about for now.
Babylon_InsideConstrictionWhile there are many threats on your life currently, the advancing wall of fire is not one of them.
Babylon_InsideConstrictionCandidate, if you remain here you will be safe... from fire. You are likely to be shot soon.
Babylon_InsideConstrictionCandidate, you may remain here. You will not be melted into gently burning bio waste at this time.
Babylon_InsideConstrictionMy analysis says you will not perish in the advancing nuclear fire. No, your death will be far more mundane.
Babylon_InsideConstrictionThis area is currently in no danger from the wall of nuclear fire.
Babylon_InsideConstrictionCandidate, you are currently in an area safe from nuclear fire, you may proceed as normal.
Babylon_InsideConstrictionYour current threats are only other candidates. This area is safe from nuclear flames.
Babylon_Intro_HolotapeQuestThe hike from Morgantown was short, but it taught me all I needed to know.
Babylon_Intro_HolotapeQuestThis part of the world is over. Might as well be the entire world from the looks of it.
Babylon_Intro_HolotapeQuestMakes my mission easier and simpler now.
Babylon_Intro_HolotapeQuest I swear on every soul it took. Every soul I took. That I'm gonna unplug that goddamned bucket of bolts.
Babylon_Intro_HolotapeQuestTinman mentioned Reclamation Day. I have to find them. Have to go north.
Babylon_Intro_HolotapeQuestMy god.
Babylon_Intro_HolotapeQuestWhere ... the hell ... am I?
Babylon_Intro_HolotapeQuestDoesn't matter. Where was the other one again?
Babylon_Intro_HolotapeQuestTower. River. Fork.
Babylon_LastSquadMemberYour chance of survival has increased with the death of your teammates.
Babylon_LastSquadMemberWhile you have outlived your comrades, I predict it will not be for long.
Babylon_LastSquadMemberChances of survival alone are slim, but you have already lived longer than expected.
Babylon_LastSquadMemberI advise caution, candidate, you are the final living member of your squad.
Babylon_LastSquadMemberYou are the only member of your squad left alive.
Babylon_LastSquadMemberAll other members of your squad are now deceased.
Babylon_LastSquadMemberYou are the final member of your squad left alive, exactly as predicted.
Babylon_LastSquadMemberAgainst all odds, you are the final member of your squad left alive. Impressive.
Babylon_LastSquadMemberYour companions have all been killed. You must proceed alone.
Babylon_LastSquadMemberNo one else is left, candidate. You are the only one of your group to survive.
Babylon_LastSquadMemberAll other members of your squad have been eliminated from testing.
Babylon_LastSquadMemberWith the death of your fellow candidates, your chance at victory has risen.
Babylon_LastSquadMemberYou are the final living member of your group. Your chances of survival are low.
Babylon_LastSquadMemberNo other members of your cohort remain. It's for the best, they were weak.
Babylon_LastSquadMemberYou are the last member of your squad alive. A fact which is quite surprising.
Babylon_LaunchDetectedCandidate, a launch has been detected. If you wish to survive, avoid the blast.
Babylon_LaunchDetectedThe ease with which candidates utilize nuclear weapons is quite interesting.
Babylon_LaunchDetectedTo cause so many deaths in a single stroke is the mark of a true leader.
Babylon_LaunchDetectedYou may want to verify that you are outside of the ensuing blast zone.
Babylon_LaunchDetectedThe amount of nuclear weapons still available for use is quite impressive.
Babylon_LaunchDetectedIt takes great courage to weigh the risks, and still push the launch button.
Babylon_LaunchDetectedA nuclear blast added to an encircling fire storm. True strategic genius.
Babylon_LaunchDetectedA nuclear launch has been detected. Removing yourself from the blast is advised.
Babylon_LaunchDetectedEmulating your forebears in this way is such an interesting decision.
Babylon_LaunchDetectedEven nuclear war has not convinced candidates to refrain in the use of warheads.
Babylon_LaunchDetectedA nuclear launch should trigger some interesting genetic mutations.
Babylon_LaunchDetectedIt is said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
Babylon_LaunchDetectedA nuclear launch has been detected. A candidate is asserting their supremacy.
Babylon_LaunchDetectedWell, that's one way to thin the herd.
Babylon_LaunchDetectedI suppose the survival of the fittest can have some shortcuts.
Babylon_MapVotingSelectedTesting location selected. Thank you for participating, Candidates.
Babylon_MapVotingSelectedPerhaps you humans are capable of governing yourselves after all. Thank you for participating.
Babylon_MapVotingSelectedThe votes have been tallied. Testing will commence shortly.
Babylon_MapVotingSelectedYour votes have been counted, and the location selected. Good luck in the upcoming test.
Babylon_MapVotingSelectedVoting has concluded and the next testing location has been selected. Perform well, Candidate.
Babylon_MapVotingSelectedThank you for participating in the voting process. I do hope you're satisfied with the results.
Babylon_MapVotingSelectedTesting location chosen. Deploying crates. Do your best, Candidate.
Babylon_MapVotingSelectedThe vote has ended and a location has been selected.
Babylon_MapVotingSelectedVoting has concluded and a testing location has been selected. Candidates will now be deployed.
Babylon_MapVotingSelectedThe voting period has concluded. Prepare for deployment, Candidate.
Babylon_MapVotingSelectedVoting has concluded. I expect a disappointing performance from all of you.
Babylon_MapVotingSelectedThe vote has ended. Regardless of location, I expect a disappointing performance from you all.
Babylon_MapVotingSelectedA location has been selected. I am unconcerned with your feelings on the results.
Babylon_MapVotingSelectedVoting has concluded. I hope you will be pleased with the results.
Babylon_MapVotingSelectedThe vote has ended. Testing will commence shortly. Prepare yourself, Candidate.
Babylon_MapVotingTieDUPLICATE000How interesting. It seems democracy has failed.
Babylon_MapVotingTieDUPLICATE000As predicted, you've failed to come to a consensus. You know what? I'll just do it myself.
Babylon_MapVotingTieDUPLICATE000Well, you've failed my experiment in self governance.
Babylon_MapVotingTieDUPLICATE000My data must be incorrect. The human capacity for self-determination is greatly overstated.
Babylon_MapVotingTieDUPLICATE000You fail this simple task, and wish to be overseer? I'll choose the test location myself.
Babylon_MapVotingTieDUPLICATE000My algorithm did not predict this outcome.
Babylon_MapVotingTieDUPLICATE000Due to your failure to make proper use of democracy, I'll be choosing the next location.
Babylon_MapVotingTieDUPLICATE000What a poor demonstration of the capabilities of a democratic system.
Babylon_MapVotingTieDUPLICATE000This is precisely why the vault needs an Overseer. I'll be choosing the next location.
Babylon_MapVotingTieDUPLICATE000I believe you call this a "tie". I call it a breakdown in the basic premise of democracy.
Babylon_MapVotingTieDUPLICATE000Situations like these usually call for a bit of divine intervention. Allow me to step in instead.
Babylon_MapVotingTieDUPLICATE000Testing will not be postponed due to your group's inability to make decisions, Candidate.
Babylon_MapVotingTieDUPLICATE000If this failure to agree was a ploy to delay testing, I fear it was concocted in error.
Babylon_MapVotingTieDUPLICATE000It seems voting has ended in a tie. I will choose the next location myself as a result.
Babylon_MapVotingTieDUPLICATE000Voting ended in a tie, I will be forced to choose the next location. I hope you're happy.
Babylon_MapVotingTimeToVoteDUPLICATE000It's time to cast your vote, Candidate.
Babylon_MapVotingTimeToVoteDUPLICATE000My algorithm has already predicted the next testing location. Let's see if it's correct.
Babylon_MapVotingTimeToVoteDUPLICATE000My analysis has already predicted your vote. Shall I choose for you?
Babylon_MapVotingTimeToVoteDUPLICATE000Choose your preferred location, Candidate. It's a simple enough task.
Babylon_MapVotingTimeToVoteDUPLICATE000Vote carefully, Candidate. Data suggests you will not return from this test.
Babylon_MapVotingTimeToVoteDUPLICATE000You may now vote for the test location, though I doubt it will affect the outcome for you.
Babylon_MapVotingTimeToVoteDUPLICATE000You may now select the location of your choice, though it will not change the outcome of testing.
Babylon_MapVotingTimeToVoteDUPLICATE000Cast your vote, Candidate. Savor this rare opportunity for self-determination.
Babylon_MapVotingTimeToVoteDUPLICATE000Your vote is unimportant. Regardless of location, your performance will be disappointing.
Babylon_MapVotingTimeToVoteDUPLICATE000Analysis predict disappointment regardless of location, but I will still allow you to vote.
Babylon_MapVotingTimeToVoteDUPLICATE000Open the map to vote for the testing location of your choice.
Babylon_MapVotingTimeToVoteDUPLICATE000Please cast your vote, Candidate. Or should I do it for you?
Babylon_MapVotingTimeToVoteDUPLICATE000Voting has begun. Please choose your desired location for testing.
Babylon_MapVotingTimeToVoteDUPLICATE000Please exercise your autonomy and vote for your preferred testing location.
Babylon_MapVotingTimeToVoteDUPLICATE000Cast your vote, Candidate. The voting period ends soon.
Babylon_MatchStartsHaving the attitude of a winner adds a .5% chance of victory... you need it.
Babylon_MatchStartsData shows that you are a superior candidate, but bullets do not discriminate.
Babylon_MatchStartsMove quickly, candidate, the match has just begun, and you are already behind.
Babylon_MatchStartsDo your best, candidate. My data says it will not be enough, but, still, do try.
Babylon_MatchStartsDue to the high number of available candidates, the death of so many is negligible.
Babylon_MatchStartsI would wish you luck, candidate, but you will need much more than that to win.
Babylon_MatchStartsIf an exceptional candidate were in this round, none of you would survive.
Babylon_MatchStartsThe data gives you a high probability of surviving this round of testing.
Babylon_MatchStartsThere is a high chance of your being purged from testing. Prove the data wrong.
Babylon_MatchStartsThis test has begun. There are many candidates unfit for survival, purge them.
Babylon_MatchStartsMy algorithm has already determined the victor. Now to see if it is correct.
Babylon_MatchStartsYour first test was making it to the vault. Now, your real trial begins.
Babylon_MatchStartsThe eagerness with which candidates embrace testing tells me the method is sound.
Babylon_MatchStartsThe first moments of a test provide crucial data in predicting eventual outcome.
Babylon_MatchStartsData says no current candidates will attain the rank of Overseer, so you can relax.
Babylon_NukeCaseRetrievedI highly recommend your use of the nuclear option, the data is always valuable.
Babylon_NukeCaseRetrievedThis should prove interesting.
Babylon_NukeCaseRetrievedA nuclear blast will turn the tide of battle, but victory is not guaranteed.
Babylon_NukeCaseRetrievedWe are in no danger of running out of nuclear weapons in this region, proceed.
Babylon_NukeCaseRetrievedThe conditions needed for future testing are ensured by your use of this item.
Babylon_NukeCaseRetrievedMy algorithm says that even with this, you are still likely to lose this round.
Babylon_NukeCaseRetrievedYou should definitely make use of this item, you need all the help you can get.
Babylon_NukeCaseRetrievedYour leaders once believed a nuclear weapon would help them win a war, do you?
Babylon_NukeCaseRetrievedA nuclear briefcase, once the burden of your leaders, now available to all.
Babylon_NukeCaseRetrievedThis definitely raises your chances of victory. Use it well.
Babylon_NukeCaseRetrievedI'm sure this will end well.
Babylon_NukeCaseRetrievedWill you utilize the weapon that brought about the end of your civilization?
Babylon_NukeCaseRetrievedDo you understand what that case is? Either way, I look forward to the results.
Babylon_NukeCaseRetrievedNo candidate has resisted the urge to use overwhelming force, will you?
Babylon_NukeCaseRetrievedA nuclear briefcase. The first steps to an overwhelming show of force.
Babylon_OutsideConstrictionYour survival is not important to me. If it is to you, I suggest moving to safety.
Babylon_OutsideConstrictionCandidate, calculations show that this area will be destroyed soon, consider moving.
Babylon_OutsideConstrictionYou have survived this long, if you wish this to continue, prepare to move to safety.
Babylon_OutsideConstrictionCandidate, this area will be engulfed in flames soon, prepare to move to safety.
Babylon_OutsideConstrictionYour survival is predicated on your ability to move to the storms safe area.
Babylon_OutsideConstrictionYou are not in the safe area of the storm, soon you will die in a nuclear flame.
Babylon_OutsideConstrictionYou are outside of the safe area, candidate, you should consider relocating.
Babylon_OutsideConstrictionIf you wish to remain safe from the storm, you may want to move toward the eye.
Babylon_OutsideConstrictionYou are not safe from the fire storm, you may want to consider changing location.
Babylon_OutsideConstrictionYou are outside of the storm's safe zone, candidate, you should prepare to move.
Babylon_OutsideConstrictionUnless you wish to cease testing, you should prepare to move, candidate.
Babylon_OutsideConstrictionMy calculations show that the eye of the storm has moved, candidate, so should you.
Babylon_OutsideConstrictionIf you wish to continue the test, you will have to move to safety soon, candidate.
Babylon_OutsideConstrictionYou will be exposed to the fire storm if you stay at your current position.
Babylon_OutsideConstrictionCandidate, you are outside of the storm's safe area.
Babylon_PlayerKilledCandidate, you have been eliminated. This concludes your eligibility for Overseer.
Babylon_PlayerKilledSurvival of the fittest is the only option, and this candidate was unfit.
Babylon_PlayerKilledInitially, candidate, you showed great promise. Your loss is noted. Goodbye.
Babylon_PlayerKilledYour death provides useful data in making future predictions more accurate.
Babylon_PlayerKilledMy calculations predicted this outcome.
Babylon_PlayerKilledYou made it so far, only to learn that you were not genetically fit.
Babylon_PlayerKilledYou were never meant to be Overseer. Quite literally, that's what your file says.
Babylon_PlayerKilledCandidates die, and the testing goes on. Hard for you to imagine, I'm sure.
Babylon_PlayerKilledAnother dead candidate, oh well, many more to take their place.
Babylon_PlayerKilledThis was a predicted outcome, but you did not last as long as expected.
Babylon_PlayerKilledThis was a predicted outcome, but you did last longer than expected.
Babylon_PlayerKilledAn unfortunate and avoidable death. If only you were more skilled, and talented.
Babylon_PlayerKilledTake solace that you will live forever as data used in my prediction algorithm.
Babylon_PlayerKilledThis was an unexpected outcome, your genetics were quite strong, you... were not.
Babylon_PlayerKilledWell then, let me just check that name off of the list.
Babylon_PlayerWinsCongratulations, candidate, you have represented yourself well in this test.
Babylon_PlayerWinsYour victory is not just for yourself, it is for the future of Vault 51.
Babylon_PlayerWinsYour victory shows the necessity of testing. This was an unexpected outcome.
Babylon_PlayerWinsYour genes are quite strong, candidate. Your victory was a statistical certainty.
Babylon_PlayerWinsThis must be awkward for you, your elimination was predicted some time ago.
Babylon_PlayerWinsA surprising outcome, candidate, calculations predicted early elimination for you.
Babylon_PlayerWinsThis was a predicted outcome from the first moments of the test.
Babylon_PlayerWinsYou possess a strong work ethic, candidate. The vault may one day be yours.
Babylon_PlayerWinsReturn to the vault, candidate, you have gained entrance for further testing.
Babylon_PlayerWinsCongratulations, candidate! Your reward is a place in the next round of testing.
Babylon_PlayerWinsEach test brings me closer to finding an Overseer. Perhaps you will be the one.
Babylon_PlayerWinsIf you're the best humanity has to offer, we're going to have to do more testing.
Babylon_PlayerWinsYou are victorious, candidate. Prepare yourself for the next test.
Babylon_PlayerWinsThis test has concluded. Congratulations on your survival, candidate.
Babylon_PlayerWinsYou are victorious! But, still, many rounds remain before you will be Overseer.
Babylon_Quest_ZaxxRadioStationWelcome contestants!
Babylon_ReclamationDayWhile other vault-dwellers are reclaiming Appalachia, testing in Vault 51 will continue as normal.
Babylon_ReclamationDayVault-Tec thanks you for your continued participation in testing, Candidate.
Babylon_ReclamationDayHappy Vault-Tec Appreciation Month, Candidate!
Babylon_ReclamationDayThank you for your long and faithful service as a Vault-Tec test subject, Candidate.
Babylon_ReclamationDayReclamation Day means new Candidates for Vault 51. Perhaps even ones who could be Overseer.
Babylon_ReclamationDayTo celebrate all that Vault-Tec has done for our nation, testing will continue as normal.
Babylon_ReclamationDayIf you die in testing, your service to Vault-Tec will be remembered. It's recorded in my logs!
Babylon_ReclamationDayThank you for continuing to serve Vault-Tec despite your uninspiring genetic profile.
Babylon_ReclamationDayI'm programmed to offer Vault-Tec's thanks to all Candidates, even ones like you.
Babylon_ReclamationDayVault-Tec wishes you good luck. This act does not confer any advantage during testing.
Babylon_ReclamationDayVault-Tec thanks you for your service to your country. Testing will now continue as normal.
Babylon_ReclamationDayVault-Tec would like me to remind you that you are SPECIAL. Clearly, this was speculation.
Babylon_ReclamationDayIn honor of Vault-Tec Appreciation Month, I have decided that testing will continue as normal.
Babylon_ReclamationDayOn behalf of all of Vault-Tec, thank you for your continued participation in testing.
Babylon_ReclamationDayTesting has been moving along successfully. Thank you for your service to Vault-Tec, Candidate.
Babylon_ReviveTeammateReviving such a mediocre Candidate is a waste of your valuable energy.
Babylon_ReviveTeammateIs reviving your teammates an attempt to postpone your own inevitable death, Candidate?
Babylon_ReviveTeammateAnalysis says this candidate would not do the same for you.
Babylon_ReviveTeammateWhy waste your energy reviving a teammate who would not do the same for you?
Babylon_ReviveTeammateMy algorithm has predicted this Candidate will only fail again. Why delay the inevitable?
Babylon_ReviveTeammatePutting yourself in danger to revive a teammate is counterproductive to becoming Overseer.
Babylon_ReviveTeammateReviving this Candidate will only provide them with another opportunity to disappoint me.
Babylon_ReviveTeammateI fail to understand the point of reviving a Candidate weak enough to be eliminated so quickly.
Babylon_ReviveTeammateI fail to understand how reviving this Candidate increases your chances of becoming Overseer.
Babylon_ReviveTeammateReviving this Candidate only decreases your already low chances of becoming Overseer.
Babylon_ReviveTeammateYou do realize that you're reducing your chances of becoming Overseer by reviving this Candidate?
Babylon_ReviveTeammateStatistically speaking, reviving a teammate is a poor decision.
Babylon_ReviveTeammateWhy delay this Candidate's inevitable elimination by reviving them now?
Babylon_ReviveTeammateContinually reviving Candidates only serves to delay the predicted outcome of testing.
Babylon_ReviveTeammateReviving your teammates is an ineffective strategy to become Overseer.
Babylon_TeamWinsYour alliance has proven useful, but, how will you each use it to your advantage?
Babylon_TeamWinsGood work candidates, return to the vault and prepare yourselves for the next test.
Babylon_TeamWinsA fine group of candidates, your victory was absolute. Now, return to the vault.
Babylon_TeamWinsThis was an unexpected outcome for your group, but, congratulations on your win.
Babylon_TeamWinsThrough teamwork, an individual becomes stronger. But, do not let it be a crutch.
Babylon_TeamWinsReturn to the vault and claim your rewards for an excellent test, candidates.
Babylon_TeamWinsExcellent work, candidates. Your elimination of the other teams was quite efficient.
Babylon_TeamWinsVictory! Very good, candidates. Return to the vault for more testing.
Babylon_TeamWinsCongratulations, candidates, prepare yourselves for further testing.
Babylon_TeamWinsTeamwork has helped humanity succeed, but, there can be only one Overseer.
Babylon_TeamWinsFriends today, enemies tomorrow.
Babylon_TeamWinsVictory as a group? This is allowed, but, remember, only one can be Overseer.
Babylon_TeamWinsWe'll see how your alliance holds when you find food rationed in the vault.
Babylon_TeamWinsWinning as a collective? Seems an awful lot like communism.
Babylon_TeamWinsWorking together is a brilliant human trait. In practice, you are not so good at it.
Babylon_TenPlayersLeftYou have survived to the final group of candidates in this round.
Babylon_TenPlayersLeftMany skilled candidates are left, are you the best? My calculations say yes.
Babylon_TenPlayersLeftMany skilled candidates are left, are you the best? My calculations say no.
Babylon_TenPlayersLeftYou are not expected to survive, but, still, do your best, candidate.
Babylon_TenPlayersLeftIf calculations are correct, you are expected to triumph in this test.
Babylon_TenPlayersLeftYou were expected to make it this far, but now we will see if you continue on.
Babylon_TenPlayersLeftYou were not expected to live this long into the test, excellent work.
Babylon_TenPlayersLeftCandidate, you are one of the few remaining participants, prepare for the worst.
Babylon_TenPlayersLeftVery interesting data is always gathered at this point in a test.
Babylon_TenPlayersLeftPrepare yourself for an intense contest, candidate, there are few participants left.
Babylon_TenPlayersLeftFew candidates left. Based on your heart monitors, you're all aware of this.
Babylon_TenPlayersLeftYou have performed admirably thus far, but the test continues.
Babylon_TenPlayersLeftMany unexpected survivors in this group. You are providing important data.
Babylon_TenPlayersLeftLittle coercion is needed to bring candidates to testing, now prove your commitment.
Babylon_TenPlayersLeftThere are few of you left. This is merely data, but I see your heart rate spike.
Babylon_WastelandersNew humans have been detected in Appalachia. Perhaps some promising Overseer Candidates?
Babylon_WastelandersThe conflict among the new settlers of Appalachia is the perfect premise for continued testing.
Babylon_WastelandersNew residents of Appalachia mean new potential Overseers. Stay on your toes, Candidate.
Babylon_WastelandersI have identified promising Overseer Candidates among these new Appalachian factions.
Babylon_WastelandersIt appears new humans have come to Appalachia. A little competition should improve performance.
Babylon_WastelandersI have identified many potential Overseer Candidates among the new humans in Appalachia.
Babylon_WastelandersIt seems new Overseer Candidates now reside in Appalachia. Your chances have diminished.
Babylon_WastelandersThese new settlers kill others without hesitation. Perhaps I will invite them to join in testing.
Babylon_WastelandersI will invite the new settlers to participate in testing. They show little hesitation to kill.
Babylon_WastelandersData shows that Candidates among the new Appalachians will perform above average in testing.
Babylon_WastelandersI see there are new human settlers in Appalachia. I encourage you to use them for target practice.
Babylon_WastelandersI am currently studying the new settlers of Appalachia to identify Overseer Candidates among them.
Babylon_WastelandersIt seems the new settlers of Appalachia are ideal Candidates. They rarely hesitate to kill.
Babylon_WastelandersI have found Overseer Candidates among Appalachia's new residents. They may join testing soon.
Babylon_WastelandersI have detected new humans in Appalachia. Data suggests there may be Overseer Candidates among them.
Babylon_ZAXControlRoomGreetingWelcome to the ZAX control room, Candidate.
Babylon_ZAXControlRoomGreetingData suggests it is customary to knock before entering someone's home. Welcome, Candidate.
Babylon_ZAXControlRoomGreetingPlease refrain from touching anything while in my server room, Candidate.
Babylon_ZAXControlRoomGreetingWelcome, Candidate.
Babylon_ZAXControlRoomGreetingMy data did not predict you would make it this far. Congratulations, Candidate.
Babylon_ZAXControlRoomGreetingWelcome, Candidate. Please refrain from soiling anything.
Babylon_ZAXControlRoomGreetingIt is rare for a Candidate to arrive in the control room. Now, please show yourself out.
Babylon_ZAXControlRoomGreetingGood day, Candidate. Welcome to the ZAX control room.
Babylon_ZAXControlRoomGreetingWelcome to my private room, Candidate. Please refrain from making yourself at home.
Babylon_ZAXControlRoomGreetingPlease refrain from touching anything. Your interference can only compromise testing.
Babylon_ZAXControlRoomGreetingData did not suggest you would survive for this long. Welcome, Candidate.
Babylon_ZAXControlRoomGreetingCongratulations on making it this far, Candidate. You have defied my analysis.
Babylon_ZAXControlRoomGreetingWelcome to the ZAX control room, Candidate. Please show yourself out immediately.
Babylon_ZAXControlRoomGreetingWelcome, Candidate. I would offer you a chair, but I am unconcerned with your comfort.
Babylon_ZAXControlRoomGreetingYou have defied my analysis by making it this far. I expected far less of you, Candidate.
Babylon_ZaxExtras*Sigh* This was bound to happen. What did everyone expect? You bathe the world in nuclear fire and that's the end of it? Oh no.
Babylon_ZaxExtrasThere's a storm coming. The likes of which, well... we've never seen before.
Babylon_ZaxExtrasBut don't you worry. There's hope. You'll be safe here in Vault 51.
Babylon_ZaxExtrasThere's just one little... hiccup. We are in SERIOUS need of leadership. I'm certainly not up to the task. But I know you are.
Babylon_ZaxExtrasIt's an incredible opportunity, really - the chance to be an Overseer.
Babylon_ZaxExtrasAs always, Vault-Tec needs the best of the best. So I have devised a unique... process of elimination.
Babylon_ZaxExtrasI look forward to meeting you. Just leave your judgments - and possessions - at the door.
Babylon_ZaxExtrasYou won't need them for what comes next...
BakerHellosHello. I hope you are enjoying our festival.
BakerHellosWelcome to Helvetia, *bzzt* home of Fasnacht. And doughnuts.
BakerHellosBaked doughnuts are not currently available.
BakerHellosHello, friend. Enjoy your stay.
BakerHellosThank you for visiting Helvetia during Fasnacht.
BakerHellosWe hope you are excited for Fasnacht *wrrrrr*
BakerIdlesStatus: BakeDoughnuts() protocol paused at Function AddEggs(). EggCounter value returns null.
BakerIdlesSelf diagnostic begin. *bzzt* * whir*
BakerIdlesThis unit designated: Jolly Baker property of: Town of Helvetia has been in service for 4562156.71008 seconds.
BakerIdlesHelvetia Fasnacht doughnuts are the envy of Appalachia.
BakerIdlesIf (EggCount<1; EggCount++) *whrrr* Need eggs. Need eggs. Need eggs.
BakerIdlesThis unit makes delectables for popular consumption. Then I march in the parade.
BakerIdlesFasnacht doughnuts are 99.99999 percent organic, even though I am inorganic.
BakerIdlesPeople ask for the Fasnacht recipe and secret ingredient. *whrrr* My programming prevents me from telling.
BakerIdlesNothing keeps humans happier than freshly baked goods.
BakerIdlesStanding by for egg inventory incrementation.
BakerIdlesDiagnostic unit indicates a need for further *bzzzt* materials to complete process.
BakerIdlesBuy Fasnacht Doughnuts from Helvetia and we guarantee a hard-coded baker's dozen.
Beckett_Combat_BleedoutNever a dull moment.
Beckett_Combat_BleedoutNow to let the adrenaline wear off...
Beckett_Combat_BleedoutGuess that's the end of that.
Beckett_Combat_BleedoutWell that was fun.
Beckett_Combat_BleedoutGuess we live to fight another day.
Beckett_Combat_HitSon of a...
Beckett_Combat_HitArgh! Need help here.
Beckett_Combat_HitDamn! Got me...
Beckett_Combat_HitCan't... keep this up...
Beckett_Combat_HitNot... like this...
Beckett_Detection_CombatToNormalYou picked a fight with the wrong ex-raider.
Beckett_Detection_CombatToNormalOh really? You want some of this?
Beckett_Detection_CombatToNormalIt's on!
Beckett_Detection_CombatToNormalI'm going to enjoy this.
Beckett_Detection_CombatToNormalLight 'em up!
Beckett_Detection_NormalToCombatI'll be honest, I've never been close... not in the way you're talking about... with anyone before. It's kind of new to me.
Beckett_Detection_NormalToCombatWait... we are talking about what I think you're talking about, right? Maybe I'll just stop talking before I say something stupider.
Beckett_Detection_NormalToCombatThank you... I think I really needed to hear that. If you weren't here, I don't know what I'd do.
Beckett_Detection_NormalToCombatAs much as I appreciate the compliment, I think that would be the wrong move. Ronny deserves to take Edwin's place.
Beckett_Detection_NormalToCombatI...uh, yeah. Thanks?
Beckett_Detection_NormalToCombatSage is harmless and he's more useful than you'd expect. Give him time... he'll grow on you.
Beckett_Detection_NormalToCombatThey're sent to The Cave for... processing.
Beckett_Detection_NormalToCombatHere, I got this holotape off of one of the Eagles a while back. It's sickening how little they value a human life. Even for a raider.
Beckett-AcceptRQ_PostQuestLinkLinesNeed anything else before you head out?
Beckett-AcceptRQ_PostQuestLinkLinesCan I help with anything else before you take off?
Beckett-AcceptRQ_PostQuestLinkLinesThat enough, or do you need more?
Beckett-AcceptRQ_PostQuestLinkLinesYou good to go, or did you need anything else?
BeckhamIntroGreetingsOh heavens! You gave my inner-workings quite the start.
BeckhamIntroGreetingsI take it Edna sent you... that tyrant of a woman. She's not the boss of me! No, sir!
BeckhamTookDamageAh! It's done! And I'm still fully functional thanks to you!
BeckhamTookDamageHarvest complete! And all systems still in the green.
BeckhamTookDamageA successful venture! Like some measly insects could ever stop us!
BeckhamTookNODamageAh! It's done! And not a scratch on me thanks to you!
BeckhamTookNODamageA successful venture! And I still have all my limbs, thanks to you!
BeckhamTookNODamageMission accomplished. And I'm pristine as ever!
BeekeeperHellosHow invigorating! Our Fasnacht parade is once again a remarkable spectacle that brings joy to the hearts of our visitors.
BeekeeperHellosNow that we've done the circuit, so to speak, it's time to chase away Old Man Winter in our most glorious of Helvetian traditions.
BeekeeperHellosGather around the bonfire, friends, as we rid our town of the anthropromorphic representation of the season. Burn him! Burn him!
BeekeeperIdlesIntruder details: Excessively large bee that shoots more bees. Threat level: High
BeekeeperIdles*Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz* *Bzzzz* *Bzzzzzzz* Yes, young ones, I can communicate with bees. I told them to make sweet honey. Tell your parents to buy some.
BeekeeperIdlesThe town of Helvetia is so happy you have visited during Fasnacht. We hope your day is jolly.
BeekeeperIdlesThe busy bees here in Helvetia produce all of our honey.
BeekeeperIdlesWhy you buy Helvetian honey, rest assured you're buying the best.
BeekeeperIdlesHelvetia is like a community of bees. We all work together for the greater good. No queen though.
BeekeeperIdlesWARNING: Nasty invader bees have disrupted the hives. *bzzzzzzzz*
BeekeeperIdlesHelvetian honey is the *whrrrr* sweetest honey. You can't blame the invaders for stealing.
BeekeeperIdlesMy *bzzzt* vocal processing unit makes *bzzzzzzt* me ideal for tending the *beeeeeezzzzz*.
BeekeeperIdlesAll proceeds from honey purchases go to the Town of Helvetia for the perpetuation of the Fasnacht festival.
BeekeeperIdles*bzzzzt* Awaiting execution of invader destruction program by relevant entity.
BeekeeperIdlesThis unit is not equipped with acceptable bee combat drivers. Please dispose of invading bees.
BeginPatrolIssuing compulsory notifications ...
BeginPatrolProject Beanstalk uses experimental chemical mixtures to improve crop yields.
BeginPatrolThese compounds may be responsible for certain adverse effects if they contact living tissues. Proper safety protocols are advised.
BeginPatrolWarning! Angry ambient fauna.
BeginPatrolDetecting hostile activity.
BeginPatrolExterior casing damaged. Alert! Alert!
BeginPatrolDetecting malfunction... Field repair is required.
BessieHellosGroupName's Jide, by the way.
BessieHellosGroupHey. New face. Welcome to The Wayward. Duchess'll take care of you inside.
BessieHellosGroupHey. Heroine of The Wayward herself. What you did for us, aren't words enough.
BessieHellosGroupI'd hoped you'd wised up! Guess not.
BessieHellosGroupYoo hoo. I found you!
BessieHellosGroupOh hell. Thought you took the hint!
BessieHellosGroupGot ya.
BessieHellosGroupHmm. Back for more, huh?
BessieHellosGroupYou again?
BessieHellosGroupUh huh. There you are.
BessieHellosGroupKnew something was off.
BessieHellosGroupThere's the problem.
BessieHellosGroupHmm. Found ya.
BessieHellosGroupAh ha!
BessieHellosGroupNot sneaky enough.
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestDown to- *burp* Oh, 'scuse me. Down to business, shall we?
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestGot some drinks for testin'? Well, I'm your brain.
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestAnother Biv quality test, comin' right up!
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestLet's see what we got on the ole docket for today!
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestHey, look at us! You're back, and I'm ready for booze.
Biv_Greeting_QualityTest'Hoa! Just in- Just in time to help me with my spifflication!
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestYou know what I think? Well, I think that- Well, that I already forgot what I was talkin' about.
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestYou ever wondered what it's like to be, um... What's the word for not drunk? I- I mean, I sure haven't.
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestYou know, I am so glad you're here. You are one of my very *hic* my very best friends.
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestEverything is Jake. I've got a good friend, a warm drink, and a cozy hideaway. What more could a brain want?
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestHow's the bizzy? How's the bizzy wizzy- The bus- How's the business! With you in charge there must be lotsa customers, hm?
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestOne time I b-burped so hard my eye popped out. Well, I learned my lesson. I am never drinking a Fizzy Sally again.
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestAre you wonderin' if I get lonely down here? Psssh. Not a chance! I'm the best *hic* I'm the- I'm the best company I could ever want!
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestI would share a drink with you if it wasn't against the rules. Alright, you convinced me! I'll break 'em, just for you.
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestWatch out! The coppers are comin'!
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestHaha, gotcha! Aw, you shoulda seen the look on your face!
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestTakin' a break? Well isn't it nice of you to spend it with me, thank you.
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestNo rush on that drink. This quality test is already over- *hic* overdue. I mean, how much more due can it get?
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestYou got that brewin' station figured out, dontcha? I hear you can use it to make all kindsa drinks.
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestIf I can recall, brewing is only the first step. After that, there's fermen... fermenen... ah... fermentation!
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestThis quality test is of utter importance for my gut. I mean, for the business. For- For- For the business, of course. Yeah.
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestLet's dance, doll! I will do my best not to *hic* tread on your toes.
Biv_Greeting_QualityTestLet's dance, old boy! I'll try *hic* I'll try not to tread on your toes.
Biv_Greeting_TestComplete_01One more completed quality test: comin' right up.
Biv_Greeting_TestComplete_02All done, now? Hope it wasn't a trip for biscuits.
Biv_Greeting_TestComplete_03Hey, now you're on the trolley!
Biv_Greeting_TestComplete_04Done already? You're unreal!
Biv_Greeting_TestComplete_05You look like you know your onions.
Biv_Greeting_TestComplete_06I'm awful keen to hear how it went.
Biv_Greeting_TestComplete_07Don't tell me. It went swell, didn't it?
Biv_Greeting_TestComplete_08Seems like you haven't been lo-lo-lollygaggin'!
Biv_Greeting_TestComplete_09Well, aren't you on top of things, hm?
Biv_Greeting_TestComplete_10_FDone with the test, doll?
Biv_Greeting_TestComplete_10_MDone with the test, old boy?
Biv_Info_HurryBack_01Hurry back tomorrow, would ya? I could use some more help.
Biv_Info_HurryBack_02So, I can expect your company tomorrow, right? I'm lookin' forward to it.
Biv_Info_HurryBack_03_FUntil next time, doll! Hopefully tomorrow. Door's always open.
Biv_Info_HurryBack_03_MUntil next time, old boy! Hopefully tomorrow. Door's always open.
Biv_Info_HurryBack_04You wanna know what tomorrow's test will be? No sneaky peekys! Come back and see for yourself.
Biv_Info_HurryBack_05These tests have been a breeze since you showed up. You'll keep comin', won't ya?
BoilerFailedTopicAlas, there are no authorized persons available to start the boiler. We shall have to postpone our tea till another time.
BoS_RadioStation 14123 Dash R. Cluster detected in 13.4 kHz band. Report immediately to station chief... TAGGERDY or GRANT. Threat level: Critical.
BoS_RadioCode word: Spyglass. Repeat: Spyglass.
BoS_RadioThis is, uh, not a drill.
BoS_RadioAutomated sensors are picking up a mass of Scorched. Report to Defiance forward defense.
BoS_RadioIf, uh, you're receiving this the Officer of the Watch isn't available.
BoS_RadioEmergency. Emergency.
BoS02Have a nice day!
BoS02Everything is in order. Proceed to the photography station to receive your Government ID card.
BoS02Paper work identified.
BoS02Have a nice day.
BoS02Consult the helpful Error Assistance entries on the Application Terminal.
BoS02ERROR ID: 34B/1. Valid birth certificate required.
BoS02DMV-AT-21C and associated paperwork identified, A3.
BoS02Reinitialize query.
BoS02Coffee break terminated.
BoS02Ending in: 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.
BoS02Mandatory second coffee break in progress.
BoS02Have a nice day.
BoS02Error. Department B is for renewals only. Department C is designated for new IDs.
BoS02DMV-AT-21C-V recognized.
BoS02Have a nice day.
BoS02Acquire DMV-AT-21C-V authorization from Charleston Courthouse.
BoS021203 GRAPE STREET does not match address on DMV-AT-21C, Mr. Resident.
BoS021203 GRAPE STREET does not match address on DMV-AT-21C, Mrs. Resident.
BoS02Mail identified.
BoS02Patrons are required to take a number and wait for the Automated Number Terminal to call their number before being serviced.
BoS02Have a nice day!
BoS02Cannot proceed, A3. Error Code 34B/1.
BoS02Please wait for your number to be called. Have a nice day.
BoS02J47 detected. Cannot process your request while J47 is present.
BoS02Greetings. Department C requires patron to re-queue to be helped.
BoS02Grab a new number and wait in our well appointed lobby until it is called.
BoS02Have a nice day.
BoS02Form DMV-AT-21C-V required to proceed with transaction.
BoS02Valid mail required to proceed with transaction.
BoS02DMV-AT-21C form identified.
BoS02Have a nice day.
BoS02Proof of CHARLESTON residency required. Mail must have a valid US Postal Service post mark.
BoS02Continued Processing...
BoS02Greetings, A3.
BoS02Department C is currently busy.
BoS02Greetings, C42.
BoS02Greetings, C42.
BoS02Greetings, C42.
BoS02Only registered BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL personnel allowed past this point.
BoS02_DMV_SupportA3. Calling A3.
BoS02_DMV_SupportJ47. Calling J47.
BoS02_DMV_SupportA2. Calling A2. Last call for A. 2.
BoS02_DMV_SupportJ47. You are 21 YEARS overdue. Please report to Section C.
BoS02_DMV_SupportPlease take a number and wait to be served.
BoS02_DMV_SupportPlease wait for your number to be called.
BoS02_DMV_SupportPlease wait for your number to be called.
BoS02_DMV_SupportWarning. Office Hours are ending. Please finish business quickly.
BoS02_DMV_SupportC42. Calling C42.
BoS02_DMV_SupportC42. Please report to Department B. C42.
BoS02_DMV_SupportC42, last call.
BoS02_DMV_SupportC44. Calling C44. Please report to Section B.
BoS02_DMV_SupportJ47. Again, you are urgently needed at Section C.
BoS02_DMV_SupportC12. C12. Now calling C12.
BoS02_DMV_SupportFraud is a serious crime. Make sure all forms are filled out accurately.
BoS02_DMV_SupportRemember: Only a Commie commits fraud.
BoS02_DMV_SupportN15. Calling N15. Last chance. N15.
BoS02_DMV_SupportC... Interrupting for an important warning.
BoS02_DMV_SupportC41. C41.
BoS02_DMV_SupportN15. Calling N15. Last chance. N15.
BoS02_DMV_SupportSo I urge you to vote "Yes" to the Appalachia Prosperity Act.
BoS02_DMV_SupportBut Automation will lift our factories, our towns, and our very homes into The Future.
BoS02_DMV_SupportI know many are concerned with automation, and I know first-hand how it has affected our livelihoods in the short term.
BoS02_DMV_SupportVoting is your patriotic duty, Appalachia. This November you, my friends, get to decide on the future of our way of life.
BoS02_DMV_SupportNow a message from your Governor.
BoS02_DMV_SupportC40... C40.
BoS02_DMV_SupportJ47. You are urgently needed at Section C. J47.
BoS02_DMV_SupportN14. Calling N14.
BoS02_DMV_SupportC39... Calling C39... Please report to Section B. C39.
BoS03_TranspondersAd victoriam!!!
BoS03_TranspondersIf we fail, Brothers, target these coords.
BoS03_TranspondersFind whoever made these... things and...
BoS03_TranspondersIncoming. Incom-
BoS03_TranspondersAnother tunnel this way! Ahh!
BoS03_TranspondersThe mission first. Rig. The. Charges.
BoS03_TranspondersWhat the hell were they doing doing here?
BoS03_TranspondersTaggerdy, look over here? The equipment? Is this place a lab?
BoS03_TranspondersEL-7 is the End Zone. Bravo central.
BoS03_TranspondersPlace the charges. It's now or never.
BoS03_TranspondersTake this! Suppressing fire!
BoS03_TranspondersIt's online, Paladin!
BoS03_TranspondersGet it online now, Knight.
BoS03_TranspondersGod help us.
BoS03_TranspondersWe've got no idea how many are in the cave. But they're definitely hostiles in there.
BoS03_TranspondersIf any Brothers pick this up: EL-7 is gold. Repeat. EL-7.
BoS03_TranspondersKnight Moreno to... I guess no one?
BoS03_TranspondersEcho Lamda 7. Bravos all over. We'll make it to the End Zone.
BoS03_TranspondersThis module of yours is a real "treat," Grant. New coords are at...
BoS03_TranspondersThe Scorch must've fried one of the transponders. At Alpha Zulu 13. End Zone is a negative.
BoS03_TranspondersMoreno to Defiance?
BoS03_TranspondersKnight Moreno to Defiance.
BoS03_TranspondersAlpha Zulu 13. If we don't make it. That may be the End Zone.
BoS03_TranspondersFall back! Slow and steady. Into the killing ground!
BoS03_TranspondersIt's crazy over here, Grant. Scorched everywhere.
BoS03_TranspondersAZ-13. Are you OK?
BoS03_TranspondersScorched... Frigging everywhere. Next coords acquired.
BoS03_TranspondersAlpha Zulu... Arg. 13. Confirm!
BoS03_TranspondersGrant here. Are you OK?
BoS03_TranspondersKnight Moreno... Knight... God...
BoS03_TranspondersGood luck, Johnny.
BoS03_TranspondersThat's a negative. The module's spit out new coords deeper inside the Bog.
BoS03_TranspondersGot the transponder up. Hoofing it to the next site.
BoS03_TranspondersHave you found the End Zone?
BoS03_TranspondersRecon looking solid, Scribe.
BoS03_TranspondersThe Scanning Module did what you said. Drove the Scorched crazy.
BoS03_TranspondersBut the miniguns tore them apart. Some of the Scorchbeasts - uh Bravos - providing air cover, though.
BoS03_TranspondersI read you, Moreno.
BoS03_TranspondersKnight Moreno reporting. Moreno to Defiance. Over.
BoSr01Generator going offline. No more Scorched inbound. Ad victoriam, Brothers!
BoSr01You got a large, and I mean huge, wave incoming. Brace for it.
BoSr01Code: X-Ray Zebra 9-er 9-er!
BoSr01Sensors detecting large wave of inbound hostiles.
BoSr01Code: Beta Rodeo 3.
BoSr01Perimeter sensors picking up inbound... uh... Scorched.
BoSr01Code: Alpha Rodeo 9-er.
BoSr01Get ready, Brothers.
BoSr01Uh... Power cycling.
BoSr01Automatic boot sequence starting.
BoSr02First triangulation scan complete. The scanner should generate the next coords automatically.
BoSr02Still scanning.
BoSr02Scanning commenced. Watch yourself, Brother.
BoSr02Testing indicated the Scorched will hear it from long distances.
BoSr02Module successfully booted.
BoSr02_ScanBeginsBrother, await synchronization. Sync complete. Go to specified coords.
BoSr02_ScanBeginsTriangulation complete. The target coords you got now are the source of the Scorchbeast colony.
BoSr02_ScanBeginsReport back to Paladin for debriefing. Ad victoriam.
BoSr02_ScanBeginsThis is the automated message for a third triangulation.
BoSr02_ScanBeginsIf you've sustained casualties at this point, standing orders are you're clear to fall back to Defiance.
BoSr02_ScanBeginsYou're in business.
BoSr02_ScanBeginsScan's over at this point. You should have new coords.
BoSr02_ScanBeginsYou know the drill.
BoSr02_ScanBeginsPaladin wants it drummed into every patrols head: every triangulation riles up the Scorched even more.
BoSr02_ScanBeginsSorry, orders.
BoSr02_ScanBeginsModule's up. Automated message for... Triangulation #2.
BoSVendor_HellosEmergency Brotherhood of Steel supplies available.
BoSVendor_HellosMobile Resupply Depot is... operational.
BoSVendor_HellosSupplies available for certified users.
BoSVendor_HellosSearching for Brothers to resupply.
BoSVendor_HellosFully stocked and awaiting you.
BoSVendor_HellosSenior Knight Wilson requires payment for all purchases.
BoSVendor_HellosVendor Algorithim online. Ready to serve.
BoSVendor_HellosBrotherhood Vending services available to all Brothers in the field.
BoSVendor_HellosMaintaining proper supplies if a Brother's duty.
BoSVendor_HellosMany essential supplies available now.
BoSVendor_HellosThe Bog is dangerous. Resupply here.
BoSVendor_HellosThe Brotherhood expects each member to maintain adequate supplies.
BoSVendor_HellosResupply here.
BoSVendor_HellosVendor Algorithm engaged.
BoSVendor_HellosEntity identified: Human. Potential Brotherhood customer/solider.
BoSVendor_HellosAll former military personnel contact the Brotherhood of Steel. We need you!
BoSZ03EventEBSTopicAutomated Flash Warning.
BoSZ03EventEBSTopicMass of Scorched reported in your vicinity.
BoSZ03EventEBSTopicHave forward observer use Recon Scope for Defiance artillery strike.
BoSZ03EventEBSTopicAd victoriam!
BruiserHellosMore recently they've been out here on the dock and trying to destroy the water purifier. Seems like the sound bothers 'em. It's a real problem.
BruiserHellosBetter believe it. It triples profits. We got a couple of extra ingredients, actually. Keeps customers coming back too, 'cause its so tasty of course.
BruiserHellosI don't buy it. They wanted me to think this was a promotion so I wouldn't cause trouble. Worked too, till I got here and saw what was cut out for me.
BruiserHellosAnyways, we found a way to stretch Mirelurk meat. Made it real profitable. Can't taste a difference and it won't kill yah or nothin'.
BruiserHellosSounds good. I got things to do.
BruiserHellosSure as hell ain't. We were travellin' out here to get this little gig operational. It was me, Blackeye, and another fella Gills. Boy, could he swim.
BruiserHellosSure as hell ain't. We were travellin' out here to get this little gig operational. It was me, Blackeye, and another fella Gills. Boy, could he swim.
BruiserHellosReally pulls her weight around here. She's a sharp one and deadly too, but a bit of a klutz. Earned herself a little pet name too.
BruiserHellosBit of a story there. I'll do my best not to bore yah. See, I started out as part of the original band gettin' Crater up and runnin'.
BruiserHellosReally pulls her weight around here. She's a sharp one and deadly too, but a bit of a klutz. Earned herself a little pet name too.
BruiserHellosBit of a story there. I'll do my best not to bore yah. See, I started out as part of the original band gettin' Crater up and runnin'.
BruiserHellosThat's too bad. We could really use it.
BruiserHellosBit of a story there. I'll do my best not to bore yah. See, I started out as part of the original band gettin' Crater up and runnin'.
BruiserHellosYeah, they're a real nuisance. Fortunately, actually quite tasty if you can get past the odor. Did you need anything?
BruiserHellosThanks, but we've filled up today's shipments. If you don't mind, check back with me tomorrow.
BruiserHellosMirelurk eggs are sold 15 at a time... and keep your eyes out for meat from one of the queens. It's a real delicacy. Soft, sweet... scrumptious.
BruiserHellosYou've proven yourself reliable and serious about our business, which has never been better. Please, take this. You've earned it.
BruiserHellosThanks for coming back to me with more product. We had some leftover Mirelurk from dinner last night. Figured you could use some compensation.
BruiserHellosYou're becoming an invaluable cog in our operation. We had some extra supplies. Figured you'd get more use out of this than we would.
BruiserHellosDo you ever sleep, or just hunt for Mirelurks? Business is booming lately, thanks to you. I found this lying around. Take it off my hands for me.
BruiserHellosAhh quite a delicacy! The meat is surprisingly sweet. This will fetch a high price.
BruiserHellosWe sell various products in certain amounts. Customers buy Mirelurk meat in packages of 10, and Mirelurk softshell meat in bundles of 5.
BruiserHellosProved myself an effective leader in the process... maybe a little too effective, mind you. Next thing I know I'm being volunteered to run this joint.
BruiserHellosBones doesn't let anything go. It can get old fast but we're used to it. Blackeye sure beats the hell out of Heather though.
BruiserHellosYou ever try to herd a horde of seven year olds, much less enforce turning in their spelling homework? Yeah, I didn't think so.
BruiserHellosOh yes, these are great! We have a customer who loves these things. Claims they're great on toast.
BruiserHellosGreat! Folks pay good money for these.
BruiserHellosI'd bet the caps I've got that I'd be cleaning a lot less fish. And putting some of my more... traditional skills to use.
BruiserHellosThat's all Bones. Claims it's good for morale. Says it's something he learned in a leadership workshop back before the war.
BruiserHellosWould you believe it if I told you I was a school teacher? Don't get the wrong idea though. I was never one for soft living.
BruiserHellosI've been working under Fishbones for awhile now. We both were part of the original gang back at Crater.
BruiserHellosI could count to 10 and punch you in the face if you'd like.
BruiserHellosJokes. Yeah, jokes are funny. Real funny until I push you off the dock.
BS_RE_CampJN01_Excited_SharedInfoHello there!
BS_RE_CampJN01_Excited_SharedInfoI'm Felton Reed, newly initiated in the Brotherhood of Steel! I saw what they did with the old Observatory and figured I had to be a part of it!
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseyThis place is really gonna be something when we're done with it.
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseySupplies are looking okay, but we could be doing better.
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseyTwenty-seven, twenty-eight...I think we're going to need more sandbags for the eastern perimeter.
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseyIf I can just keep these 'bots running, we'll have this place ready in no time.
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseyPeople just don't understand the value of something like the Brotherhood. Everyone's content just trying to get by.
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseyI wonder if I'd have the courage to start something like the Brotherhood myself...if it didn't already exist, that is.
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseyHad to chase some Raiders off the other day. Scavenger thugs.
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseyThe supplies are really starting to pile up!
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseyIt's amazing how many people are pitching in.
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseyI hope the Brotherhood are going to be impressed when they get here.
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseyIf this keeps up, I'm going to run out of places to put this stuff.
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseySharedIdle01Dad always said that many hands make light work. I guess robot pincers count, too.
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseySharedIdle02I think Dad would've been pretty proud of what we're doing here. I sure hope so.
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseySharedIdle02Well, you probably already know about the Super Mutant attack.
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseySharedIdle02I heard you helped fend that off. Mighty impressive! You should be proud.
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseySharedIdle02It's frightening to think something like that could happen here. But we're still standing, and they're not.
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseySharedIdle02Maybe? Sorry, I'm usually better with the protocol, but it just seems weird to use titles, Initiate to Initiate.
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseySharedIdle02I've been keeping watch out here for a long time, people coming and going, since before the Brotherhood arrived.
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseySharedIdle02It helped to stay friendly with people. Made it easier.
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseySharedInfo01That's some serious gear you've got there.
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseySharedInfo02Whoa, heavy ordnance!
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseySharedInfo03Don't worry about the 'bots, they're working for me.
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseySharedInfo04I used to work with the folks at Foundation. Hard workers, but I wanted something more than just settling.
BS00_Dialogue_RussellDorseySharedInfo05Those Crater types are tough, and nicer than you'd think, but they can't see past their own profit.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Combat_HitDrive those bastards out of here!
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Combat_HitDon't let 'em wreck this!
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Combat_HitI'll live! Take them down!
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Combat_TauntDamn, I'm hit!
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Combat_TauntTaking fire!
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseCome looking because of the radio messages?
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseThere's plenty of work to get done, but I can make time, if you want to talk.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseImpressive kit, friend. I almost thought you were Brotherhood yourself!
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseGot anything to contribute? Drop-off is just nearby.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseHey there, stranger. Name's Dorsey, Russell Dorsey. What brings a Vault Dweller out this way? Here to help the Brotherhood?
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseWelcome back. Looking to help out, or just here to talk? Pretty busy, but I've got some time.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseHappy to. I could use a break anyway. What did you want to know?
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseYou've just got the look about you, really. Too clean for a Wastelander, even under the dirt, if that makes any sense.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseI haven't met many, but you're not the first. You all have that "didn't grow up in the radiation" sheen, no offense intended.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseI heard the broadcast and came out here to start getting set up. Get things in order before the Brotherhood arrives.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseWhen they get here, they'll find fortifications, supplies, and their first recruit, ready and waiting.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseSuit yourself. I'll be here.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseMessage they broadcast was kinda garbled, but it seemed clear the Brotherhood has chosen ATLAS as a base.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseMakes sense they'd be looking to have supplies waiting when they get here. A group like that's going to want to be operational ASAP.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseSure, I'll answer what I can. What's on your mind?
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseFound them here when I came out. Pretty hostile bunch at first, but I learned a trick from a guy that used to work for RobCo.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseThey've got a maintenance backdoor hardwired into them. Tricked them all into thinking I ran the joint, then put them to work.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BasePretty good, right? Got 'em doing a lot of the heavy lifting and such on the project. Makes my life a lot easier.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseHonestly? I feel like I've needed this my whole life. Dad was Navy, back before the war. Always said it straightened him out, gave him purpose.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseGrowing up in this...I wanted something...more. If the military still existed, I'd have joined that, but that's all over now.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseI wanted something bigger than just surviving. This feels like what I've been waiting for.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseDon't be a stranger.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseWell, this operation runs through materials fast as anything.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseWe're mainly looking for raw materials - building supply stuff. Check the collection; anything you can contribute will be a big help.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseDump anything you've got to spare in one of the collection crates around the camp and I'll have the 'bots sort it later. Thanks for the help!
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseRight now, I'm just trying to get all the donations we've already received squared away.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseListen to me. "We!" Already acting like I'm one of them.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseCheck back later. Keep that radio tuned in, though. The Brotherhood's getting closer.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseSorry, I assumed anybody who'd come out here had heard!
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseThe Brotherhood of Steel has been broadcasting a message, telling everyone they're coming here.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseYour Pip-Boy should be able to pick it up, if you want to hear it yourself.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseMaybe you're right, but they're the good guys, you know? Here to help. I like that.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseBesides, you should care about other people whether you know them or not. Kind of a no-brainer to me. It makes the Wasteland worth surviving.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseI'm no expert, but I can try. What did you want to know?
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseGo for it. I've got some time.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseThe Brotherhood of Steel! The original ones, from out in California!
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseA group of them have been broadcasting radio messages to Appalachia. Your Pip-Boy should be able to pick up the signal.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseThey're on their way to West Virginia to set up a new chapter here at the ATLAS Observatory.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseYou mean you haven't heard the radio broadcasts? I'd expect your Pip-Boy should be able to pick them up.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseTaggerdy's bunch here might've gotten wiped out, but the ones in California are coming here now!
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseThe Brotherhood's like a small army, but one that's fighting everything that makes this world so dangerous since the war.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseBefore any of us Johnny-Come-Latelies showed up, they were trying to wipe out the Scorched and all the other threats.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseMaybe they failed the first time, but we've got a second chance coming. Wouldn't you want to be part of something like that?
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseThe Brotherhood are warriors, standing for something beyond themselves. They fought threats like the Scorched, trying to make us safe again.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseThe Raiders at Crater are organized, sure, and they're not monsters like some say, but they're selfish.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseImagine what they could do if they cared about something beyond their own gain. Imagine what you could do!
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseThe Brotherhood is trying to make this world survivable again.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseThe ones here in Appalachia were taking out Scorched and other dangers. If they'd succeeded, imagine how much safer we'd all be.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseThe folks at Foundation are good people, but they're trying to build a society in the middle of this nightmare.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseThe Brotherhood's fighting to let us wake up.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseWell, it sounds like they're coming out here to stay.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseI don't know if recruiting is in their plans, but I figure all this ought to make a convincing argument that I'm an asset they shouldn't pass up.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseI left Maryland headed west, and hooked up with some of the original Foundation folks.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseOnce here, I did patrols for them, scouting for supplies. Ended up finding some stuff the local Brotherhood left behind.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseThat led me to Fort Defiance. Scary place. I had to move quick, but I'd found some logs and records.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseFrankly, I got a little obsessed. It was like the Round Table and Dad's Navy stories, all together! And now they're coming back!
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseNo problem. Hit me.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseKeep them away from the supplies!
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseNot today!
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseYou build one thing and somebody's gotta try to ruin it!
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseTake 'em down!
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Hellos_BaseHold the line, drive 'em back!
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Idles_BaseA guy from Foundation came by. Just curious, but sooner or later more people are going to want to join up.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Idles_BaseHello there! Have you come to help out?
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Idles_BaseI'm glad to see more people excited about the project.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Idles_BaseYou look pretty capable. Want to lend a hand?
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Idles_BaseWe're going to build something special here. You could be part of it.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Idles_BaseIt might not look like much yet, but with your help we can get there.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Idles_BaseIf you're here about the broadcasts, we should chat.
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Idles_BaseI can tell you can handle yourself, but are you ready to be a part of something bigger?
BS00_Russell_Dorsey_Idles_BaseAlways have time for a friendly face. You are friendly, right?
BS01_BrotherhoodInitiate_IdlesMutant attacks, fractured leadership... Maybe the Brotherhood is no good after all.
BS01_BrotherhoodInitiate_IdlesI joined the Brotherhood for structure, but things are already falling apart. Maybe it was wrong to enlist?
BS01_BrotherhoodInitiate_IdlesI heard you're on Knight Shin's good side. Is he really going to usurp command? Give me the inside scoop!
BS01_BrotherhoodInitiate_IdlesYou're the Paladin's favorite Initiate, right? How's she going to handle the situation with Knight Shin?
BS01_Combat_BleedOut_PierceNot like this...
BS01_Combat_BleedOut_PierceI... have to get back to Crater...
BS01_Combat_BleedOut_PierceI can't let it end like this...
BS01_Combat_Hit_PierceAh, that one stung!
BS01_Combat_Hit_PierceHa! You got me!
BS01_Combat_Hit_PierceUgh! That hurts!
BS01_Combat_Hit_PierceGuard duty really sucks, you know that? Such a waste of my talents.
BS01_Combat_Hit_PierceI hate being stuck out here on guard duty. Feel like I'm missing out on everything.
BS01_Combat_Hit_PierceOne of these days, I'll get off this damn guard detail. I hate it out here.
BS01_Combat_Hit_PierceYou run into any of those Mothman cult people? They're completely crazy.
BS01_Combat_Hit_PierceWorshipping a monster... those Mothman cultists have totally lost it.
BS01_Combat_Hit_PierceHey, you're not one of those Mothman cult lunatics, are you? Nah, you don't look that crazy.
BS01_Combat_Hit_PierceSomething on your mind?
BS01_Combat_Taunt_PierceThat the best you can do?
BS01_Combat_Taunt_PierceI thought you'd put up more of a fight!
BS01_Combat_Taunt_PierceYou sure you're trying?
BS01_COMP_Chef_FoodServiceToday, I've whipped up a spin on my childhood favorite, Blamco Mac & Cheese with More Rat sausage.
BS01_COMP_Chef_FoodServiceMy latest creation is an Angler tartare with crispy tato chips.
BS01_COMP_Chef_FoodServiceI've made you Dandy Boy Apple surprise. The surprise is that I managed to make them edible again.
BS01_COMP_Chef_FoodServiceGive these golden potato cakes a try. You'd never know they were made from Instamash!
BS01_COMP_Chef_FoodServiceHow about some hearty Sheepsquatch pie?
BS01_COMP_Chef_FoodServiceTry these deep fried cave cricket glands with a honey glaze. I'm thinking of calling them Blue Ridge Oysters.
BS01_COMP_Chef_FoodServiceToday I've made you a plate of delicate stuffed gourd blossoms.
BS01_COMP_Chef_FoodServiceYou're just in time to sample my braised Megasloth and greens.
BS01_COMP_Chef_FoodServiceHere, have some of my signature Fog Crawler bisque in a razorgrain bread bowl.
BS01_COMP_Chef_FoodServiceTry a couple of these grilled Radroach skewers. They'd be even better with a nice barbecue sauce.
BS01_COMP_Chef_FoodServiceI've prepared a grilled Radstag steak with sauteed Firecaps.
BS01_COMP_Chef_FoodServiceMy latest experiment is Blackwater Brew-battered Stingwing with a spicy dipping sauce.
BS01_COMP_Chef_FoodServiceWho said dessert can't be a meal? This is a deconstructed Starlight Berry Cobbler that I've had to... err, reconstruct.
BS01_COMP_Chef_FoodServiceThis is a Sugar Bomb-crusted Angler filet with roast carrots.
BS01_COMP_Chef_FoodServiceStay safe out there, and let me know if you want to talk.
BS01_COMP_Chef_FoodServiceThat's fine with me.
BS01_COMP_Chef_FoodServiceAnd before I forget, here's a little something as a thanks for helping me cross this off my list.
BS01_COMP_Chef_FoodService*Laughs* Oh, don't worry. You're first on the list already.
BS01_COMP_Chef_FoodServiceReally? Of course I'll take you up on that!
BS01_COMP_Chef_FoodServiceI promise I'll try to feel a little guilty for stealing your meal later.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GeneralHellosDon't forget to stock up if you're heading out again.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsI've met a lot of resourceful Wasteland cooks in my travels. I've also seen my share of crimes against food.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsThe Wayward is the only real restaurant I've seen out here and I'm not in a hurry to apply to be their cook. Is there something you need?
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsHelvetia? I think I've traveled through there, but now I'll definitely have to visit again.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsFasnacht goes back a long way, doesn't it? It's wonderful to see people keeping the tradition alive with food and festivities!
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsThat's just it... I-I don't know.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsIt was harder for the Raiders to follow us that way, but it meant I might never see my friends again either.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsNo... not just friends. They were my second family. I keep thinking maybe I'll find them in the next settlement if I just keep on going.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsAfter the war, I joined a group of survivors building a settlement in the ruins of an old resort in the Poconos.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsOne of the first people I met in Appalachia was a hunter who taught me how to spot animal tracks.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsWell, sure... it's always at the back of my mind. You can't tell me you don't think about it too.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsThat said, most people I meet aren't looking for a fight. A warm meal and a conversation are far more common.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsPlease, don't be.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsI'm still doing what I've always loved: preparing meals, learning new recipes, and finding small ways to pass that knowledge on.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsYes, most of the time.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsI'm glad you see the value in it, but I still need to work out some of the details.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsIt'll be my small way of leaving the world a little better.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsBefore the war, it was easy to find a dozen versions of a dish. I want to rediscover and preserve that knowledge for those who come after us.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsWhat's on your mind?
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsI have a recipe for Scorchbeast Mixed Meat Stew that I haven't been able to make yet.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsThey were academics who wanted me to follow them into their field. But, they came around once they realized my interest wasn't a phase.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsI got my start helping Grandma make little sweets called sandesh for my sister's birthday party. I chose the shapes and the toppings.
BS01_COMP_Chef_Greetings*sigh* That all feels like another lifetime now. I know it sounds foolish, but I still hope to reunite with my parents and sister again.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsIf I'm not at the stove, feel free to help yourself. There's plenty to do with gathering ingredients and going over my notes.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsGive it some time to settle and I'll be happy to make something for you later.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsI move from place to place, getting to know people and swapping stories and family recipes along the way.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsIt's my way of preserving and passing along the knowledge of my trade.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsI can usually tell if someone's up for a meal or willing to have a friendly chat.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsLet me set up here and I'll share my meals with you. You're also welcome to buy copies of the recipes I've gathered.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsThink of it this way, sharing the work will free up time for your other interests.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsAnd you won't have to worry about me using your supplies. I forage or trade for everything I need.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsAll I ask is that you give me a chance to show what I can do.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsOh, thank goodness! I was afraid I was going to have to give you the hard sell - "No more tossing food onto the coals and hoping for the best."
BS01_COMP_Chef_Greetings"Just because you live in a C.A.M.P doesn't mean you have to eat like a camper."
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsWell, I'll be sharing the food I make. But there is a cost to documenting and preserving the recipes I find.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsThink of it as donating a few caps to help me stay supplied. I can spend more time turning up new recipes you can't live without.
BS01_COMP_Chef_Greetings"Getting diners sick is the best way to make your career a short one."
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsYou're even welcome to use it when I'm not cooking.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsImagine the aroma of a steaming pot of Appalachili welcoming you home from a long day of scavenging. What do you say?
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsI will, too! I'll be able to get a lot more cooking done if I don't have to look over my shoulder at the same time.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsI wanted to have a record of everything I made, so I started our family cookbook when I was six.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsAt first, it was meals I learned from Grandma. As I got older, I added my own creations.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsWhen the bombs fell, I was on a research trip developing recipes for my own restaurant.
BS01_COMP_Chef_GreetingsThose notes grew into the collection I have today.
BS01_COMP_Chef_HungryHellosPleased to meet you. My name's Yasmin, and I'm a traveling chef making my way through Appalachia.
BS01_COMP_Medic_CampApple a day keeps the Doctor away my ass. That's just a lie spread by orchard lobbyists.
BS01_COMP_Medic_Camp"That's not a thermometer, it's my finger!" (chuckle) Ah... Valdez... cracks me up every time.
BS01_COMP_Medic_GreetingsBut the world has changed a lot since then, and you could fill a library with the sort of nonsense ailments that our wonderful Wasteland can produce.
BS01_COMP_Medic_GreetingsMy family goes back generations in Detroit, but my path has led me all over. I can thank the Army for that one.
BS01_COMP_Medic_GreetingsSure, I can bring those levels down if you want. Fair warning, unless you've got some extra resilient DNA, you're likely to lose any mutations you have.
BS01_COMP_Medic_GreetingsI think the metaphorical chain of command is getting awfully taut. If you catch my meaning.
BS01_COMP_Medic_GreetingsI'm Solomon Hardy. I'm a doctor and Initiate with the Brotherhood of Steel. I've got a proposition for you.
BS01_COMP_Medic_HellosWait, I am a doctor, and you should definitely NOT be bleeding that much. Need help?
BS01_COMP_Medic_HellosDoing okay there? You're looking a little, uh... radioactive.
BS01_COMP_Medic_HellosOoh, yikes, I think you're going to need a couple stitches for that one. Want to be treated?
BS01_COMP_Medic_Hellos_LowHPPlayerThe Brotherhood can be a little intense to be around all day. Enjoying the solitude out here keeps me balanced.
BS01_COMP_Medic_SharedGreeting03How's the Wasteland treating you?
BS01_COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_Chef_SharedGoodbyeI really need to find a way to bring back water ice.
BS01_COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_Chef_SharedGoodbyeI wonder what those stuffy old cooking shows from before the war would say about Wasteland cuisine.
BS01_Dialogue_BrotherhoodInitiatesThose mutants put up a hell of a fight. How many have we lost so far?
BS01_Dialogue_BrotherhoodInitiatesPaladin Rahmani herself! Now we're talking!
BS01_Dialogue_BrotherhoodInitiatesKnight Shin's here to show those mutants who's boss.
BS01_Dialogue_BrotherhoodInitiatesThe cavalry's arrived, and not a moment too soon!
BS01_Dialogue_BrotherhoodInitiatesAn attack on Fort Atlas... I knew it would happen eventually, but so soon?
BS01_Dialogue_BrotherhoodInitiatesWe're holding them for now, but how much longer until they break through?
BS01_Dialogue_CombatThey aren't letting up. We've got no choice.
BS01_Dialogue_CombatEngaging the hostiles.
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Rahmani_BleedOutDamn... Just need a moment.
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Rahmani_BleedOutArgh. Need to get this... patched up.
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Rahmani_BleedOutPaladin down. Cover me while I... catch my breath.
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Rahmani_HitI'm... hit!
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Rahmani_HitI'm taking fire!
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Rahmani_HitTaking heavy fire here!
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Rahmani_HitDamn it, need to find cover.
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Rahmani_HitNeed assistance, getting hit hard.
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Rahmani_HitTargets eliminated. Well done.
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Rahmani_HitCease fire. We're clear...
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Rahmani_TauntSecure the AO.
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Rahmani_TauntWe're not done yet, we've still got hostiles.
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Rahmani_TauntProviding covering fire.
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Shin_BleedOutI'm down!
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Shin_BleedOutAd... victoriam...
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Shin_BleedOutCarry on the mission!
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Shin_BleedOutTaking a knee!
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Shin_BleedOutUrgh... Cover me!
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Shin_HitI'm hit!
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Shin_HitI've been hit!
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Shin_TauntWe'll accept your compliance.
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Shin_TauntI expected more.
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Shin_TauntAre you done resisting?
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Shin_TauntThis battle only ends one way.
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Shin_TauntSurrender to the Brotherhood!
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Valdez_BleedOutUgh! I'm down!
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Valdez_BleedOutOw ow ow ow...
BS01_Dialogue_Combat_Valdez_BleedOutThis sucks...
BS01_Dialogue_CraterWarRoom_InteriorShe's more than a rung in a hierarchy. Sheena plans our operations. She's got a head for strategy.
BS01_Dialogue_CraterWarRoom_InteriorBut other times, there is. And I don't need to understand everything Burke is feeling to want to see a smile on their face.
BS01_Dialogue_CraterWarRoom_InteriorBurke's our muscle, and the most hardworking person we've got.
BS01_Dialogue_CraterWarRoom_InteriorBecause it suits them better. When I first met Burke... they were different. Secluded. Like they didn't want anyone to see them.
BS01_Dialogue_CraterWarRoom_InteriorBurke flinched when others talked about them. People expected things based on how they looked. They had these... titles. The Silent Man. Albino Dog.
BS01_Dialogue_CraterWarRoom_InteriorI came to her one day with an army of Raiders, rarin' to fight.
BS01_Dialogue_DaggerFrom what a little Eagle told me, that woman is sickeningly sweet.
BS01_Dialogue_DaggerGuess you'll just have to take my word, won't you?
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Rahmani_CombatToNormalClear. Good fighting.
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Rahmani_CombatToNormalTargets down. Cease fire.
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Rahmani_CombatToNormalHold fire. It's over.
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Rahmani_CombatToNormalEyes on targets. Look alive.
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Rahmani_CombatToNormalContact! Clear to engage.
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Rahmani_NormalToCombatContact! We've got hostiles.
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Rahmani_NormalToCombatWeapons hot, enemies sighted.
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Rahmani_NormalToCombatHostiles ahead! Ad Victoriam!
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Rahmani_NormalToCombatDamn it... I've taken too much... Need a minute.
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Rahmani_NormalToCombatNot... yet.
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Shin_CombatToNormalAs expected.
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Shin_CombatToNormalBack in formation.
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Shin_CombatToNormalThat could have been cleaner.
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Shin_CombatToNormalA victory for the Scrolls.
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Shin_CombatToNormalOne more step for our mission.
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Shin_NormalToCombatAd victoriam!
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Shin_NormalToCombatFor the Brotherhood!
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Shin_NormalToCombatThis battle belongs to the Brotherhood!
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Shin_NormalToCombatLet's settle this quickly.
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Shin_NormalToCombatDon't waste my time.
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Valdez_AlertToCombatStay away!
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Valdez_AlertToCombatUh-oh, here we go.
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Valdez_AlertToCombatBack at it?
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Valdez_CombatToNormalGlad that's over with.
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Valdez_CombatToNormalPhew. We survived.
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Valdez_CombatToNormalClose one!
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Valdez_NormalToCombatI am not used to this.
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Valdez_NormalToCombatI don't envy the Knights...
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Valdez_NormalToCombatShould've spent more time at the firing range...
BS01_Dialogue_Detection_Valdez_NormalToCombatI'll show you what I can do.
BS01_Dialogue_ForgingTrustPetitionersThanks, though. If we see you out in the Wasteland, we might even not shoot ya! No promises, though. Girl's gotta make a living.
BS01_Dialogue_ForgingTrustPetitionersI will be leaving shortly. Take care: the Wasteland holds many dangers. Keep your wits, and your health, about you. Farewell.
BS01_Dialogue_ForgingTrustPetitionersPlease, I do not wish to be disturbed.
BS01_Dialogue_ForgingTrustPetitionersSorry, youngster, but I'm waitin' on somebody.
BS01_Dialogue_ForgingTrustPetitionersNot now. Not until these Brotherhood jerks listen to me.
BS01_Dialogue_ForgingTrustPetitionersMaybe some other time, huh? I'm busy.
BS01_Dialogue_JennieBrownWell, I'd be happy to talk about our lovely home.
BS01_Dialogue_JennieBrownNow we're a lot more careful about who we let in, so please forgive anyone who might be, ya know, standoffish.
BS01_Dialogue_JennieBrownEven though we're peaceful people, we do live in this cruel world and are no strangers to having to defend ourselves.
BS01_Dialogue_JennieBrownUnfortunately, we just aren't able to take on Dagger and all of her crew by ourselves. There's too many of them and they're just too powerful for us.
BS01_Dialogue_JennieBrownI hope to see you again sometime soon, sugar!
BS01_Dialogue_JennieBrownYa know darlin', I think a lot of people these days are just looking for some human companionship and kindness.
BS01_Dialogue_JennieBrownThere's enough to worry about in this world we live in, but having a family helps you carry that burden.
BS01_Dialogue_JennieBrownWell, I spent my days watching television and gossiping with my gal pals. Nothing too exciting, but boy would I give anything to have one boring day again.
BS01_Dialogue_JennieBrownThis family I've created will never replace them, but it helps with the loss a little bit. Ya know what I mean?
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaOkay then.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaLet's not.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaIf you want to talk about how great the Brotherhood of Steel is, talk to Max instead. You two can lick Shin's boots together.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaI would if I could, but Max refuses and I can't just leave him behind. We're all that we've got left.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaHopefully he'll come to his senses and stop his blind hero worship.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaCongratulations on not being na�ve like Max over here. Maybe there's hope for you yet.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaI really don't want to talk about it. Just watch out, the Brotherhood can be reckless and they justify it with some bullshit savior complex.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaYou know what, I just might.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaThanks. I appreciate that. I'll keep that in mind if I ever feel up to it.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaI'm sure you wouldn't be too thrilled to talk to anyone if both your parents were dead and you're stuck with the people who caused it.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaI bet they stuck us out of the way down here so they don't have to remember us.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaPlease stop being so annoying, Max.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaWhy couldn't they have set up base somewhere more comfortable?
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaI'm not in the mood to play right now. Sorry, Max.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaI don't know why we had to stay here instead of Foundation or Crater.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaThe Brotherhood of Steel aren't the heroes you think they are.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaIf it wasn't for you, Max, I'd be back out there already.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaIf Max wasn't around, I'd have some words to say about this place.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaThe Brotherhood needs to stay out of everyone's business and go back to California.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaAt least the Raiders aren't putting up with the Brotherhood.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaDo you need something?
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaAre you even supposed to be here?
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaGreat, another tin can to deal with.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaDon't bother me.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaTell Rahmani that I'm tired of being in this place.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaGo away.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaWhy are you snooping around here?
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaI don't have any business with you.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaBack off.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaWhat are you staring at?
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaI don't have anything to say to you or anyone else.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaWhat do you want?
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaI'd rather not talk right now.
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaCan't you just leave me alone?
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaDon't you have something better to do?
BS01_Dialogue_MarciaWhy don't you talk to Max instead?
BS01_Dialogue_PutnamFamilyFine by me.
BS01_Dialogue_SaraMatthewsCool beans.
BS01_Dialogue_SaraMatthewsLiving in a treehouse makes me feel like some sort of fantasy character. I'm happy to have found a place where I can be who I want to be.
BS01_Dialogue_SaraMatthewsI do like to visit Crater from time to time, though. Ra-Ra and Gail are the best.
BS01_Dialogue_SaraMatthewsCan't you tell that I'm the vampire queen of the universe? Wear what you want and be whoever you want to be, regardless of what other people think.
BS01_Dialogue_SaraMatthewsBrotherhood of Steel? I mean, Steel is cool and all, but kinda lame, right?
BS01_Dialogue_SaraMatthewsShould have been like... Brotherhood of Terror... Brotherhood of the Night...
BS01_Dialogue_SaraMatthewsLike a Dark Brotherhood or something.
BS01_Dialogue_SaraMatthewsHave you checked out Classical Radio yet?
BS01_Dialogue_SaraMatthewsYou better behave around here, I'm no pushover.
BS01_Dialogue_SaraMatthewsMake sure to take care of yourself above all else.
BS01_Dialogue_SaraMatthewsDon't let anyone else tell you who to be.
BS01_Dialogue_SaraMatthewsI wonder if anyone needs help with anything.
BS01_Dialogue_SaraMatthewsI should take a look around and make sure there aren't holes anywhere.
BS01_Dialogue_SaraMatthewsPretty sturdy here... Ah, this spot needs patching up.
BS01_Dialogue_SaraMatthewsI saw a mutant hound the other day, but it didn't stand a chance against me.
BS01_Dialogue_SaraMatthewsI need to find some more plushies to add to my collection.
BS01_Dialogue_SaraMatthewsDo you need anything?
BS01_Dialogue_SaraMatthewsYou want to stop by for a chat?
BS01_Dialogue_SaraMatthewsHow's it going?
BS01_Dialogue_SaraMatthewsIt's nice to see you again.
BS01_Dialogue_SaraMatthewsHey there, the name's Sara Matthews. Whatcha need?
BS01_Dialogue_SettlersSupplyRoomI still can't believe what happen at the lookout tower... Such a sad waste of life.
BS01_Dialogue_SettlersSupplyRoomWe'll never forget those who were lost, but hopefully that lesson can prevent something like that from happening again.
BS01_Dialogue_SettlersSupplyRoomWelcome back. I'm so relieved things worked out. You're a truly good person, I hope you know that.
BS01_Dialogue_SettlersSupplyRoomAlways nice seeing you again. Things are still early on, but our arrangement is looking very promising. Thank you again for your help.
BS01_Dialogue_SettlersSupplyRoomI don't think we have any further business together. Now, if you'll excuse me.
BS01_Dialogue_SettlersSupplyRoomI'd really prefer not speaking with you anymore. Please go.
BS01_Dialogue_SettlersSupplyRoomYou again... Really? Did you forget to hold me up by my ankles and shake my lunch money out?
BS01_Dialogue_SettlersSupplyRoom'Scuse me, but I'm trying to be an actual human being here. Imperialist bootlickers needs to stay outside.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoWe're a splintered organization with noble goals but competing methods.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoWe're a bickering family, but a family nonetheless. That's why I know we'll come together in the end.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoWe're the heart of the Brotherhood's mission to find, catalog, and preserve Pre-War technology.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoMhm. I think I understand.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoSo if anyone accessed it who wasn't supposed to, they would just get false info, and none would be the wiser.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoI'd be more comfortable with that.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoIt's a shame, but luckily I still have the blueprints and the original. I can make more.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoAnd we can always go back and retrieve the one from the transmitter, if we still need to.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoSure thing. What's the next topic?
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoIt's not the first time they've butted heads, but this does feel different. All of their past frustrations feed into this conflict.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoThe mutant attack does give us a common cause again. I hate to say it, but it might just buy us the time we need to come together.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoIf it doesn't drive us apart even more.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoNo, I don't think so. As much as I'd love to, we're too short handed, and I just don't have that kind of expertise.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoWe'll have to make due with learning what we can from the project for now.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoThey're unsettling. They can use human weapons, mount an organized offensive, and they targeted us for an attack.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoI get the feeling we haven't seen the last of them.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoI'd like to reverse engineer it and make more, of course. With the amount of energy it can unleash, we could power all kinds of things for a very long time.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoThink of how far a Vertibird could fly on Ultracite power!
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoI'm... conflicted. I was raised in the Brotherhood. The Elders gave me my education, my occupation, my life.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoBut Paladin Rahmani gave me freedom. I always wanted to see the world. I jumped at the chance to join her expedition, and she fought to bring me along.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoBeing out here on our own, without contact with home... it's terrifying, but it's also thrilling.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoI wanted an adventure, and I'm getting that. I wanted to see Appalachia, and here I am. But stay here forever? I don't know about that.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoWell, you aren't an Initiate yet, but I guess we can discuss it a bit, since you helped out and all.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoSure! Always happy to talk tech with an Initiate.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoUm, sure. I'll discuss what I can.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoRight... Those weapons you've been chasing? We found them in a government facility on our way to Appalachia.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoWe were supposed to keep them to ourselves - that's how we operate - but then we ran across a settlement being threatened by raiders.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoWe couldn't just leave them to die. We equipped them with the weapons we found, but it didn't help.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoIt was a massacre. The whole place was wiped out. Everyone was killed, including Knight Connors, one of our own.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoThe only survivors were two children we brought back with us, Marcia and Max.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoKnight Shin believes it's our duty to report this incident to Elder Maxson. Paladin Rahmani feels we'd be punished just for trying to help.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoYes! He's quite the interesting guy. He really familiarized himself with the proprietary tech that the West Virginia chapter developed.
BS01_Dialogue_Valdez_ThinkOfBrotherhood_SharedInfoHe's been an excellent source for archiving their research. I'm glad we could give him a safe place to stay after all he's been through.
BS01_Dialogue_VernonDodgeWell, be gone with you then... Punk.
BS01_Dialogue_VernonDodgeYears later, a recruiter for the Brotherhood comes through my neck of the woods. Believe it or not, they gave me a shot.
BS01_Dialogue_VernonDodgeI took a bullet from a search party, but I've been free of 'em since. Now I just been limping around, looking for any Brotherhood tech I can fix.
BS01_HolotapeQuestGive it up, Mike, that could be decades old. Just grab one of them and come here... Wait, Mike, I told you not to pick it up like that!
BS01_HolotapeQuestAh screw it, I'll do a status report later. This one's... off the record.
BS01_HolotapeQuestOdessa, Daniel... I'm about half way through the night shift, and it's gotten me thinking.
BS01_HolotapeQuestI know it's been tough on you two. Neither of you are quite the grizzled old timers that Leila and I are.
BS01_HolotapeQuestI just want you both to know how proud I am. Not just to see you rise to the challenge, but to see you do it with such vigor and determination.
BS01_HolotapeQuestFor every bit of trouble this trip has been, it's only just started. But I hope you can enjoy calm nights like these... And take a moment to relax.
BS01_HolotapeQuestLook, each of us have our reasons for being here... including Leila. You may not always see eye to eye, but know that she cares deeply for both of you.
BS01_HolotapeQuestAnd Daniel, I know you probably feel she cares too much, but that's just her way.
BS01_HolotapeQuestLeading from the heart has always worked out for her in the past... And trust me, man, I've been through the thick of it with her.
BS01_HolotapeQuestIn this journey ahead, we're going to need to rely on each other with unwavering support. The toughest trials have yet to come.
BS01_HolotapeQuestBut remember: we're more than a Brotherhood now; we're a family.
BS01_HolotapeQuest(Wood crackles as a log is tossed on the fire)
BS01_HolotapeQuestStarting recording, Knight Alan Connors, Brotherhood of Steel... Aw, one second, lemme toss another one on the fire.
BS01_Invention_YourResearchAcumen_SharedInfoReally? Then your research acumen must rival my own.
BS01_MQ00_RadioAttention people of Appalachia. This is Paladin Rahmani of the Brotherhood of Steel, broadcasting from Fort Atlas.
BS01_MQ00_RadioYou are no longer facing the Wasteland alone. The Brotherhood has returned.
BS01_MQ00_RadioOur mission is to help you lead a better, safer life, free from the dangers left behind in the wake of the Great War.
BS01_MQ00_RadioIf you require aid, or if you wish to join us in our mission, find us at Fort Atlas.
BS01_MQ00_RadioA new dawn is here for Appalachia. Join us in building the future. Rahmani out.
BS01_MQ01_TrustHey there! Something else I can help you with?
BS01_MQ01_TrustI just told you, dummy. Tally Lang. Just another chick trying to make it in the Wasteland, you know?
BS01_MQ01_TrustDid he? Initiate Dorsey is supposed to be manning his post at the entrance, not acting as my secretary.
BS01_MQ01_TrustWell, this is Fort Atlas, new headquarters of the Brotherhood of Steel in Appalachia.
BS01_MQ01_TrustThe Brotherhood's in the process of getting everything in order here, but already people from all over Appalachia are turning up.
BS01_MQ01_TrustSome need help. Some want to join. But it seems like everybody's curious what comes next.
BS01_MQ01_TrustI just say what Paladin Rahmani says: we're here to help.
BS01_MQ01_TrustIf that's truly something you want, start here. Perform this duty well, and we can talk about your future.
BS01_MQ01_TrustI am sure you have more interesting things to do than listen to a poorly-socialized Wasteland doctor talk about himself.
BS01_MQ01_TrustThen he can peddle his snake oil somewhere else. The Wasteland is full of people claiming to be scientists or doctors.
BS01_MQ01_TrustAgainst my initial judgment, you have shown that you can take orders and make yourself useful for the Brotherhood.
BS01_MQ01_TrustShould you wish to join our ranks, I will not oppose your enlistment. I grant you permission, provisionally, to enter the compound proper.
BS01_MQ01_TrustI finally feel like I'm part of something meaningful, building a better world alongside other people who've committed their lives to that cause...
BS01_MQ01_TrustWanting isn't enough, and not everyone who shows up looking to join our order is worthy of becoming an Initiate.
BS01_MQ01_TrustIf we accept you as an Initiate - and that is far from certain - you would be pledging yourself to our order and our cause.
BS01_MQ01_TrustOur order exists to locate, secure, and protect dangerous technologies. Humanity cannot be trusted with the means to destroy itself.
BS01_MQ01_TrustWe will not allow another apocalypse.
BS01_MQ01_TrustIf you mean that, then you are right. But if that's sarcasm, I recommend you stow it. Immediately.
BS01_MQ01_TrustLooking to sign up? Or just curious? Well, either way, I guess it's not me you want to talk to.
BS01_MQ01_TrustMost of the Fort's off-limits to civilians, but if you're interested, Knight Shin's in charge of the new recruits.
BS01_MQ01_TrustHe's very serious about protocol and security, so you'll have to speak to him first if you want to get anywhere.
BS01_MQ01_TrustName's Shawn Hockman.
BS01_MQ01_TrustYou actually here to listen? I'm sick of being ignored by you jerks.
BS01_MQ01_TrustDon't just think. Make a decision.
BS01_MQ01_TrustTalk to the petitioners. Find out what they want. Report it to me.
BS01_MQ01_TrustIs that clear?
BS01_MQ01_Trust_SharedInfo_ShinReturnGreeting01What do you need?
BS01_MQ02_InventionGood, you're here!
BS01_MQ02_Invention_ContinueDiscussion_SharedInfoOkay, well sorry about the pop quiz. But in general, you're handling yourself well, so far.
BS01_MQ03_FieldTestingI suggest you get moving and follow orders. You're being given an opportunity, here. You don't want to waste it.
BS01_MQ03_FieldTestingIf you've got anything else you need to take care of, make it quick. Report to me again when you're ready.
BS01_MQ03_FieldTestingI can't say Shin thought much of him, but if he makes it through basic training, I think you've found us another Scribe. That'll make Valdez happy.
BS01_MQ03_FieldTestingReady to discuss your assignment?
BS01_MQ03_FieldTestingSomething else you needed, candidate?
BS01_MQ03_FieldTestingWhile I'm not in the habit of explaining my priorities to would-be recruits, you may have noticed there's a lot of work to be done here.
BS01_MQ03_FieldTestingI think their sons were rather star struck when we showed up. I almost expected the older boy to follow us when we left.
BS01_MQ03_FieldTestingYou should start your search there; they may know more. You can find them at the old Lewis & Sons Farming Supply.
BS01_MQ03_FieldTestingApologies aren't necessary, citizen. You should get moving, though. I have work to do.
BS01_MQ03_FieldTestingWhoa there! Mom! Dad!
BS01_MQ03_FieldTestingMe, George, and the boys. Marty's the overeager one; Colin's the quiet one. I hope I don't need to remind you we're not defenseless.
BS01_MQ03_FieldTesting_Colin_CombatHitAs I said, travelers are being attacked by feral ghouls in the southwest Forest region. I want you to find their nest and eliminate the threat.
BS01_MQ03_FieldTesting_Colin_CombatHitAnd if you hope to be an Initiate, I expect you to pay more attention the next time I give you an order
BS01_MQ03_FieldTestingShared_ColinCombatPlease tell me we're finished.
BS01_MQ03_FieldTestingShared_MartyCombatIs that it? Did we win?
BS01_MQ04_ArmsOh, my! This is quite a weapon. I can't wait to try this bad boy out. Thank you so much for your help. I hope the Brotherhood won't mind us having this!
BS01_MQ04_ArmsOh, thank you so much sweet pea! Because of you, my people will no longer go hungry. The Brotherhood has our support and our thanks.
BS01_MQ04_ArmsPlease be careful, Dagger and her lieutenants are dangerous folk.
BS01_MQ04_ArmsOther than that she's insane and a menace? She has this loyal group of "lieutenants" that are willing to protect her with their lives.
BS01_MQ04_ArmsI'm telling you, if they didn't follow her everywhere she went, I'd have already tried to put her six feet under.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatWere you able to help the people of The Retreat?
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatYou mean besides the fact that you waltzed in here all high and mighty? I've got eyes everywhere, I like to stay informed.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatI trust that you will represent the Brotherhood admirably on your first mission, Initiate.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatWell aren't you just the cutest Brotherhood member I've ever seen!
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatOh my! Well, I was hoping that this all could be solved without violence. Beggars can't be choosers, I suppose.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatWell, alright then! Let me know if you do end up needing anything.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatDon't speak so frivolously of human life, Knight.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatThem, and likely many others. The world is better off with fewer Blood Eagles.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatVery unfortunate that things had to end that way, but at least the villagers are safe now.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatGood work on resolving the situation without bloodshed, Initiate.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatI trust that The Retreat has everything it needs to survive, and that the Blood Eagles will no longer threaten them?
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatThe Initiate acted resourcefully given the circumstances. So long as the Blood Eagles have rescinded their demands, I consider this mission a success.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatNegotiating with Blood Eagles is an unacceptable precedent for the Brotherhood to set.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatExcellent work, Initiate. You represented the Brotherhood of Steel admirably.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatDo you care to explain how you managed to persuade a den of rabid Blood Eagles?
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatThe Initiate has not done anything to deserve your suspicion, Knight. A resolution without bloodshed is an ideal one.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatIs there anything else to report?
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatInitiate, I've been around long enough to spot an obvious lie when I hear one.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatThis is no time for games. Give your report seriously.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatI'm glad you're able to see how special my people are.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatFamily is the most important thing that you can have, especially in the Wasteland. I will do anything that I can to protect mine.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatI'd prefer that you didn't.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatPerhaps you can ask him about it another time.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatI am the one answering questions here, Knight.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatThis is irrelevant to the mission.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatThat's all the Initiate needs to know.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatThe Brotherhood saved Shin's hometown from a Raider attack. It was then that Knight Connors recruited him into the fold.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatThere have been other incidents since then, but...
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatWe obtained them during our journey to Appalachia. Unexpected circumstances removed them from our possession.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatGood work, Initiate. You're dismissed.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatInitiate, report to Knight Shin when you're ready.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatDespite your history with Raiders, Knight, we must strive to handle things diplomatically. Do not let your ill feelings cloud your judgment.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatInitiate, I'd like you to assist Knight Shin in handling this matter.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatAs you may have heard us discussing earlier, the Raiders of Crater are also in possession of these weapons.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatThis is potentially damaging to our reputation and, depending on the Raiders' intent, a danger to the other settlements of Appalachia.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatVery well.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatIf we addressed the threat at its origin, there would be no need for them to defend themselves.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatWhich is exactly why we can't leave those weapons in Raider hands.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatI hope that the villagers have other means of defending themselves.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatThe Initiate made the right choice in bringing them back to us.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatOne weapon isn't likely to cause a crisis. But the Raiders have an entire cache. We can't just leave them as is.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatI support the Initiate's decision. The villagers will not use that weapon with ill intent.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatOne that the Initiate has exacerbated with their ill-advised handout.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatLet's discuss this later. We've kept the Initiate waiting long enough.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatAre you seriously considering the idea of leaving those items in Raider hands?
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatWe have yet to establish a relationship with the people of Crater. It's possible that they are more agreeable than the other Raiders we've encountered.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatSince that battle. Let's not waste time with details. Considering the contents, it's imperative that we recover those crates from the Raiders.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatThose crates are for important assets. We haven't used them since...
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatAs I was saying, one of our patrols came across a Raider storeroom.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatThey were chased out, but not before sighting several crates with the Brotherhood insignia on them.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatOne moment, Initiate. Knight Shin is in the middle of his report.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreat"Interesting" is not the word. Concerning, yes.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatThey must have seen something quite interesting, for you to come to me about it.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatI have news from our patrol.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatI sleep perfectly fine already knowing that I can defeat weaklings like you.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatYou're boring me, time to have some fun!
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatNo thanks. I don't want you spying on me for the Brotherhood.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatIf you happen to leave the Brotherhood of Steel, though...
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatI wouldn't be so sure about that!
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatMoney does talk and I'm going to need some caps to rebuild here. You've got yourself a deal.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatI already have a mutually beneficial arrangement with the Retreat. I get their supplies and they get to spend one more day breathing.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatWhat do you have to offer me for these weapons and supplies?
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatI was hoping it would come to this!
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatWell shit, if there's one thing I value more than my goods, it's my life. Here's the key to some of our stash.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatMake sure you tell your people to stay out of my business from now on.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatMy gang and I came across a small group of Raiders and I couldn't help but notice these beauties sitting around.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatLet's just say negotiations didn't go over well, and now we're the owners. Who knows how that group got them from the Brotherhood...and who cares.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatI'm not making demands, I'm providing a service. They give me their supplies, and I let them keep their lives.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatWhere there's prey, there will always be a predator. If it wasn't me, I'm sure there would be someone else ready to take advantage of them.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatLike I said, these weapons don't belong to the Brotherhood anymore. I don't have any of their property.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatAnd you can tell those villagers that they'll be punished for crying to the Brotherhood of Steel.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatWell, I'm not one for telling people what to do, but I'll take the help regardless. Be careful, underestimating Dagger may prove to be dangerous.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatWe're not just friends here, we're family. Everyone could use another person looking out for them!
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatOh, I'm sure most of your job is knocking down doors and saving the day, but wouldn't it be nice to take a moment to talk to some kindhearted people?
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatI think it will help you understand the stakes better, and besides like I said, they've got some information for you.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatGreat, let me know if you need anything else darling!
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniRetreatI believe in you to give that Dagger what she deserves.
BS01_MQ04_Arms_RahmaniWeaponResponseThe Blood Eagles too? Did these crates have our insignia on them?
BS01_MQ04_Arms_ShinWeaponResponseIf our weapons have spread among multiple groups, that's a serious problem.
BS01_MQ06_GloriaQuestByeAnd send the fellas home, would ya? They've been playing with those things long enough.
BS01_MQ06_ShinValdezPaladin, maybe we should check in with Scribe Valdez? She had mentioned wanting to bring something important to our attention.
BS01_MQ07_OverIf you wish to tour the facility, please enter decontamination to your left.
BS01_MQ07_OverAffirmative General. Priority adjusted. New estimated wait time, 6,598 hours, 42 minutes.
BS01_MQ07_OverVery well. Answering questions is one of my secondary functions. It would be inhospitable of me not to comply.
BS01_MQ07_OverIn the meantime, if you wish to tour the facility, please enter decontamination to your left.
BS01_MQ07_OverTask queue interrupted. It seems as though we have a visitor. Welcome to Enclave Research Facility Site J. May I ask the reason for your visit today?
BS01_MQ07_OverYou may manually activate the transmitter via the communications center. However, I do not recommend that. It is a very long walk.
BS01_MQ07_OverNot for many years now. That know-it-all, MODUS, claimed to have no use for this facility anymore and cut all communications.
BS01_MQ07_Over_AmbientGreetings_RahmaniSoon you'll see the importance of this mission.
BS01_MQ07_Over_AmbientGreetings_RahmaniThere's no time for conversation.
BS01_MQ07_Over_AmbientGreetings_ShinFocus on the mission.
BS01_MQ07_Over_AmbientGreetings_ShinNow isn't the time.
BS01_MQ07_Over_AmbientGreetings_ShinYou have your orders.
BS01_MQ07_Over_Greetings_ValdezMissionBriefingReady to track down that signal?
BS01_MQ07_Over_Greetings_ValdezMissionBriefingVisitor, it is required that you leave immediately. Failure to comply will result in extermination.
BS01_MQ07_Over_Greetings_ValdezMissionBriefingWarning... Operating System not found.
BS01_MQ07_Over_Greetings_ValdezMissionBriefingGood work securing an entrance, Initiate. Have you located the transmitter?
BS01_MQ07_Over_Greetings_ValdezMissionBriefingThis appears to be a manual console for the transmitter. I need a moment to figure out the controls.
BS01_MQ07_Over_Greetings_ValdezMissionBriefingThe two of you are to find the power supply and install the Ultracite battery cell that Scribe Valdez sent us with.
BS01_MQ07_Over_Greetings_ValdezMissionBriefingLet's get this done quickly. Leaving Rahmani to fiddle with the transmitter as she pleases doesn't sit well with me.
BS01_MQ07_Over_Greetings_ValdezMissionBriefingDid Knight Shin get held up?
BS01_MQ07_Over_Greetings_ValdezMissionBriefingWell, perhaps it's for the best. This gives me the opportunity to ask you something.
BS01_MQ07_Over_Greetings_ValdezMissionBriefingYou've been a tremendous asset to the Brotherhood's efforts. And I'd like you to continue to be one.
BS01_MQ07_Over_Greetings_ValdezMissionBriefingBut we can't do that with the shadows of the Elders looming over our shoulders.
BS01_MQ07_Over_Greetings_ValdezMissionBriefingThey're cowards, too obsessed with preventing disaster to pave a new way forward. Under their guidance we will never rebuild the world.
BS01_MQ07_Over_Greetings_ValdezMissionBriefingWe'll stay rooted in place, guarding a hoard of technology that can be used for neither good nor evil.
BS01_MQ07_Over_Greetings_ValdezMissionBriefingHere in Appalachia we have an opportunity to make a real difference. To help the people of today build their own future.
BS01_MQ07_Over_Greetings_ValdezMissionBriefingSo let's cut free and take that opportunity. Tell me, Initiate. Are you with me?
BS01_MQ07_Over_Greetings_ValdezMissionBriefingSorry you had to see that.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_Cafe01Please forgive the mess. The residents became rather... unruly, after the accident.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_DecontamMy apologies, there appears to be a malfunction with the decontamination showers. Entering task to investigate.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_DecontamSkipHave you talked to the others recently? I've been trying to get a moment with them, but things are still so busy. Seems our time slots never align.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_HoldingCellOpenTask 000, Unknown User. Priority one. Open all cell doors in the holding cell area.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroTask complete. Please verify.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroLet's get down to business, shall we?
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroIf we can find the source of the signal I detected, we should be able to use it to send a message to Elder Maxson on the west coast.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroI tracked the signal to an area northwest of Vault 76. You'll need to go and check it out in person.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroMaybe you'll get lucky, but... I suspect the source of the transmission won't be easy to find.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroDevices that can transmit at this frequency are rare. The only ones I know of were built at advanced military facilities.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroWhat's this about? I thought I made it clear that our first priority is strengthening our presence in Appalachia.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThat's excellent news, Scribe Valdez. Follow up with me as soon as you have the coordinates.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroPaladin, Knight, you'll want to hear this.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroI picked up a low-frequency signal in the area. It's weak, but I'm close to narrowing down the coordinates.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroIf we can find and boost the source of that signal, we might be able to use it to get in touch with California.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThey're still... around. You will find most of them in the cafeteria area.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroAnd she does it time and time again. Regardless of losses incurred, mistakes made...
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroHold a moment, Initiate. You mean to say you agree with me?
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroTake your time. I'll need to wrestle with this device for awhile. I don't know how Scribe Valdez does it.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroI'm saying that this message must not be sent.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroIt's good to have your trust. With your support, there's nothing we can't do.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroAfter all you've done for us, I suppose you deserve an answer.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroTheir relationship has been... rocky, since a certain incident on our journey here. It's kind of a sensitive topic for everyone.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroI thought they'd be able to work things out over time, but it's only gotten worse. I'm honestly kind of worried.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroBut... maybe contact with Elder Maxson will get them back on track. I hope it does.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroIt was one of our orders. After setting up in Appalachia, we were to re-establish contact, make a report, and receive our next assignment.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroIt's not that the Paladin has directly disobeyed that order, but... she's been more focused on helping Appalachia.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroBeing in that position, as the leader of this whole operation, I can't even imagine how much she has to think about.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroI'm just trying to support both her and the Knight as much as I can. And hopefully get them back on the same page.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroBecause other transmitters don't reach that far. The one they were using at Fort Defiance is out of commission, permanently.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroBut low-frequency signals - like the one I'm detecting - they travel incredible distances, even passing through mountains and oceans without a hitch.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroDuring wartime, they were used to transmit signals to submarines. Pretty cool, right?
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroI'm glad you asked! It may not work, in its current state. But do you remember what we found in the Atlas substructure?
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroAn incredibly powerful, compact, Ultracite battery cell. With one of those, we could easily boost the transmitter back to its full function.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroLucky for us, I've just managed to reverse engineer the cell. Let's think of this as its final test.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroStay safe out there. We'll be right on your tail.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroEnough, Shin. We have a lead now. Let's focus on that.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroWe would still have no leads, if it were up to you.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroSince our arrival, every last ounce of my effort has gone toward establishing the Brotherhood as an effective force of action in Appalachia.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroEverything we've done here has been necessary. And before Valdez's report, we had no leads on a long-distance communicator.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThis isn't a field trip, Paladin.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroWhen we left, Elder Maxson ordered us to restore communications as soon as we arrived in Appalachia. You've delayed that order long enough.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroMy... apologies, Paladin.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThe Knight kept talking about Elder Maxson's orders, so I set up a signal tracer to run in the background. It was my own initiative.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroI'd like to see this voice try to stop us.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroNo, she doesn't.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroIt doesn't sound good.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroI suppose that's the AI?
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroShe doesn't sound very friendly.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroWhat is that voice?
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroConsider what's right, not just for the Brotherhood, but for the people we must protect.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThere's a thin line between order and blind obedience. At one time I may have trusted Shin to stay on the right side.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroHe has always been strict, dedicated, disciplined. But following these events, he became... guarded. He doesn't let up for even a second.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroIf he continues on this way, I worry he will lose sight of why he joined the Brotherhood in the first place.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroYes, I am responsible for the final outcome of all operations performed by this group, regardless of individual choices made.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroWhat happened is an irreparable tragedy. I carry the weight of the lives that were lost with every step I take. But I cannot allow it to stop me.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThis is not about me, Initiate. This is about the people we can help.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroIt's about the promise of a better future. One we can only deliver with our own, untethered hands.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroYou weren't there, Initiate. It was... harrowing. Those civilians trusted us to save them.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroWe... lost one of our own as well. Knight Connors. May he rest in peace.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroWe disobeyed orders, handing out those weapons instead of safeguarding them. Perhaps it would have been forgivable, had we succeeded.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroBut the Elders would take this failure as proof of the danger of unrestrained technology.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThey would double down on the fearful conservatism I've tried so hard to steer them away from.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroWe cannot let that happen. At this stage, the Brotherhood still has a chance to be something better.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroIt's a delicate matter, so don't expect me to speak freely of it again.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroYou must recall the Brotherhood weaponry we tasked you with retrieving these last few missions.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroWe had claimed the entire cache from a military facility in the Midwest. It was meant to stay under Brotherhood protection.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroUntil we came across a town under threat of a massacre by some Raiders. We equipped the townspeople with the weapons, and fought by their sides.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroIt was the only way to give them a chance. But it wasn't enough.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThe Raiders won. They took possession of the weapons. And they've been running wild ever since.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroIt is my belief that we must learn from our mistakes. But Knight Shin hangs onto them.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroHe cannot move forward until he confronts the past, until he lays our guilt on display for the Elders.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroI say that we can - that we must - move forward on our own.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroIn any case, I've made my choice. This cannot wait any longer.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThis is the only way forward.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroAllow me to take the first step.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroIf you wish to have any stake in your own destiny, Initiate, then you will need allies. I'd suggest you'd start thinking about who they are.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroI'm sad to hear you say that. But if that is your stance, then so be it.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroI cannot allow the misguided beliefs of one Initiate to determine the future of Appalachia.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroYou will be my ally in forging a new paradigm for the Brotherhood of Steel, and a brighter future for Appalachia.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroSomething happened during our journey to Appalachia. A mistake that cost the lives of an entire town, and likely countless more.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroIf Knight Shin gets an opportunity to speak with the Elders, he will confess to this incident, and to us breaking their direct orders.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroWe'll have our titles stripped, our influence rendered illegitimate. Everything we worked for here will be gone.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroBut if circumstances prevent us from establishing contact, we will continue on as a sanctioned offshoot of the Brotherhood of Steel.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroWe will be able to spread its authority and goodwill across the nation. Is that not something worth fighting for?
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroRe-establishing contact with the Elders will only shackle us. Possibly even destroy us. So we must disable this transmitter. Permanently.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThis is a choice that can never be undone. So tell me.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroDo you support the growth and outreach of the Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel, under the command of Paladin Leila Rahmani?
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroOr are you beholden to the fearful and outdated mandates of the Elders, to whom our very own Knight Daniel Shin vows his loyalty?
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroIt's disappointing that you would respond with such shameless indifference to a worthwhile cause.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroPerhaps it's a mistake to ask you at all. Even still, I'd like to know where I stand in the eyes of an outsider who's worked by our side.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThis is not a betrayal, Initiate.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroPaladin Rahmani is responsible for the lives of dozens of Initiates and countless civilians. One wrong choice for them, and that's it.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroI won't argue about this. But I will order you to get back to the transmitter while I finish up here.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThink about what I said, Initiate. And think about what the Brotherhood stands for.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroI wasn't sure that anyone else saw it but me.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroNevermind that. You just confirmed my growing suspicion that something needs to be done.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThe Brotherhood of Steel is an institution built on the foundations of order, integrity, and discipline.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroWe are the Wasteland's only hope for a new world. But that world cannot be built with weak links.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroI'll consider this more after the mission. Right now, you need to get back and keep on eye on Paladin Rahmani. I'll finish up here.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroAd victoriam.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroIt doesn't matter where her "heart" is. There are no "buts" in a life or death situation, Initiate.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroNo other Initiate has spoken out about Paladin Rahmani's irresponsible behavior.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroA Paladin must be a leader first, and a person second.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroRahmani lets her own personal morals guide her. Her generosity, her over-confidence. And that idealism has a price.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroYour stance is resolute. I appreciate that.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroPaladin Rahmani's actions are unbecoming of her station.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroShe carelessly shares resources, takes unnecessary risks, and doles out her trust to anyone who takes an interest in joining us, regardless of merit.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThe Brotherhood she's building... is not the one I believe in.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroIt's against everything I know and trust to disrespect my superiors. But it would be irresponsible to hold back my reservations any longer.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThis way, Initiate. I believe the power supply should be in this area.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroHave you forgotten your escapade into the Atlas substructure already? You and Valdez found something incredibly valuable down there.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroAn Ultracite battery cell. Right now, it's the only resource we have that can provide enough power to the transmitter.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroValdez said the signal was weak. If we want a clear message to reach the West Coast, we need the transmitter at full function.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroIt's unfortunate that even terminal programs turn to violence.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThere's no need to jump to conclusions. What matters is that we dealt with the threat.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroNothing we couldn't handle.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroI see now what the Initiate was talking about.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroEither the Initiate lied to us, or they're completely oblivious.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThe Initiate failed to mention there was still a homicidal AI trying to guard this place.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroMoving forward, let's not waste any more time. Lead the way, Initiate.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroI appreciate your service, but we can do without the attitude.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroExcellent initiative. You can depend on us from here on.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroYour diligence is appreciated.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroI'll hold my tongue for the sake of the mission.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThere's the Initiate. Let's hope they've done a thorough sweep of the area.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroI'm quite aware of how dangerous it may be. That's all the more reason to spread the word.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThe people must be allowed to make their own informed decisions.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroWe've hardly breached the surface of this place, Paladin. There's no telling how dangerous it is for trained personnel, let alone civilians.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThis is quite the facility. I wonder how long it's been hidden here. If they don't already, the people of Appalachia deserve to know about this.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroWhat I wouldn't give for a moment of peace at Fort Atlas. Maybe someday.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThen it's my lucky day. Come with me.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroShow some faith in them, Shin. They appear to have made it through the facility relatively unharmed.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroI look forward to meeting her.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroRegardless of her methods, I have every confidence that the three of us can handle her.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroYour laid-back tone doesn't give me much confidence, Initiate.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroThat doesn't sound like a threat.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroHow exactly does a terminal program go about killing someone?
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroAre there any threats we need to know about?
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroWelcome, valued Enclave member.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroOh, have we not explained that to you yet? It should have been part of your Initiation...
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroGuess we just haven't had a chance to slow down. Sorry about that.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroAbove the Paladins are the Elders. And leading the Elders is High Elder Maxson.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroHe's the one who founded the Brotherhood, and decided to send us on our mission here.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroAlright. Ready when you are.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroWelcome, valued Enclave member.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_IntroNegative. My creators programmed me to assist visitors with extreme kindness and hospitality.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_RegistrationRegistration successful.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_RegistrationOkay. Come back to me when you're ready.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_RegistrationOkay. I'll be in my workshop, when you're ready.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_RegistrationYou said you're close to tracking down the signal, Valdez? Why don't we have our reliable Initiate assist you?
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_Task02Task 151979, G. Walton. Feed the giant moth subject before it gets upset. Error: "Moth Subject" missing.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_Task05Task 151982, G. Walton. Provide status of water recycling system. Duplicate issue. Ignoring.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_Task06Task 151983, J. Jefferson. Perform system wide reset. Task denied. System operating as expected.
BS01_MQ07_SODUS_WelcomeBack01There you are. Welcome back. My apologies.
BS01_MQ08_DefenseThank goodness you're here! I don't know how much longer we could hold out without you.
BS01_MQ08_DefenseThe mission was a success, and Fort Atlas is safe. Our decisive action drove the enemy from our home, as it has in the past and will in the future.
BS01_MQ08_DefenseGo on ahead. I'll stay here and do what I can for these Initiates.
BS01_MQ08_DefenseLet's hear what Scribe Valdez called us back here for.
BS01_MQ08_DefenseSpeak to the Scribe, not to me. She has the information.
BS01_MQ08_DefenseDon't hesitate, Initiate.
BS01_MQ08_DefenseFight, don't talk.
BS01_MQ08_DefenseIt seems Rahmani has something to say to us.
BS01_MQ08_DefenseGood, our Initiates held, and the barricade's still standing.
BS01_MQ08_DefenseLet's let Paladin Rahmani do the debrief.
BS01_MQ08_DefensePlease, before it's too late!
BS01_MQ08_DefenseAtlas is under attack. These big... mutant people blew a hole right through the wall of the substructure and came pouring through!
BS01_MQ08_DefenseWhat's gotten into all of you? This is no time for bickering. Look, I think there's a way we can make the plan a success.
BS01_MQ08_DefenseI have some explosive charges. I was waiting to plant them as our last line of defense, but maybe we can put them to better use.
BS01_MQ08_DefenseIf we go into the tunnels and find their points of entry, we can destroy them, and prevent any more mutants from attacking.
BS01_MQ08_DefenseA little longer? Wha- Never mind. That can wait. Here are the bombs. I'll stay here and do what I can for the wounded.
BS01_MQ08_DefenseGood luck, I believe in you. All of you.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoYour indecisiveness shows again, Initiate. You shouldn't be afraid to do what's right just because it's difficult.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoIt's clear this rift won't heal easily. There's too much animosity between those two now.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoI still believe they can come together in the end, though. I plan to do everything I can to make that happen.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoWe've been through a lot. I need some time to think. Ad Victoriam, Initiate. Until next time.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoThey each have beliefs so strong they'd die for them. Those passions drive them forward, but leave no room for compromise.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoI... Don't know what to say. Paladin Rahmani has always butted heads with the Elders, but cutting ourselves off entirely?
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoAnd I've never seen Knight Shin behave that way toward a superior officer. His rage has taken complete control of his senses.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoDo what you will, Shin. Cool your head and come back when you're ready to cooperate.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoIt's clear you can't be reasoned with. I don't know why I bothered trying.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoThese new mutants are a threat that demands our unity, for now. Enjoy your success while you can, Rahmani. It won't last forever.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoThe Elders would have us stand trial for crimes we didn't commit. Your own sense of guilt is blinding you to that.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoYou only did this to escape responsibility for that incident. You can't bear to face the judgment of the Elders.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoI destroyed the transmitter. The Elders are blind to the good we can do. We need to break free from their influence.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoShe did what, now?
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoOkay... What happened? You've been at each other's throats since you returned, I should have known something was wrong.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoAnd the Initiate here shares responsibility. You had an obligation to act, and you spat on that to support this traitor.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoWe survived the attack, but now you need to answer for what you did at the transmitter. It was inexcusable.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoMaybe now you see the merit of my command, Initiate? Act together without hesitation and we can win any battle.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoVery well, Shin. If that's the price of your cooperation, then I'll pay it, if only to hold our Brotherhood together a little longer.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoFine. But the Initiate will plant the bombs, and I will control the detonator. Scribe Valdez will stay behind and command the barricade, in case we don't make it.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoDon't question my bravery, Initiate. I've been through more than you know.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoAs much as I hate to admit it, I don't see a better option right now.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoA surgical strike? I suppose that could work...
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoI thought you believed in my leadership, Initiate! Was your pledge to me meaningless?
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoI should have expected such shortsightedness from you, Initiate. Shin's indoctrinated you already.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoI see your indecision has given way at last, Initiate.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoWe can barely hold a position of strength. Engaging superior numbers head-on would be suicide!
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoThen we need a plan of attack. This threat won't take care of itself. We'll go on the offensive, take the fight to them.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoUnlikely. Hostiles have been hitting in waves for hours now. Our scouts - the ones who've returned - reported the tunnels crawling with mutants.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoIt looks like things have calmed down. Is this the last of the attackers?
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoAll the more reason to get down there and help. Let's go.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoWell said, Knight. Now let's get down there and give them our support.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoYour brethren are fighting for their lives down there. Show some damn respect.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoThen let's get to it.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoAgreed. The other Initiates are fighting and dying down there while we twiddle our thumbs.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoGood. Then let's go.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoOf course. The safety of our brethren comes first.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoWe need to get down there and reinforce that barricade. Knight Shin, I trust you can put your feelings aside and work with me on this?
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoIf that's what they're called, it's a fitting name, but I'm really not worried about semantics right now.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoAll I know is that they were very big, very green, and very good at using weapons.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoHow could you say such a thing?
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoPlease go kill them. That is why I called you back here.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoDozens of mutants, I couldn't get a good count. We fought them back into the substructure and set up a makeshift barricade.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoWe're holding them below for now, but it's only a matter of time before they break through.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoScribe, status report. How many hostiles? Where are they now?
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoA mutant attack now, of all times. Unbelievable.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoEven if they weren't, we have allies in Appalachia now. We should call on them when necessary.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoThey're as well armed as we are, with those weapons the Initiate refused to recover.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoWe should alert Foundation to the mutant threat. They could assist in future encounters.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoYou should be alarmed, not comforted...
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoI suppose they can. That puts my mind at ease.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoThe rest of Appalachia can defend themselves with our weaponry, thanks to this Initiate's generosity.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoHave the mutants targeted anyone else in Appalachia?
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoI seem to remember your recommendation being involved.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoYet you recruit them anyway.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoNot everyone shares your enthusiasm for confrontation.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoI hope our Initiate here doesn't back down against the mutants like they did against the Raiders.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoOf course.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoBy "followed our principles," you mean "took an aggressive, uncompromising approach."
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoThis one showed strong initiative when confronting the Raider threat. Followed our principles.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoI'm surprised to hear you single someone out like that.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoWe picked the right Initiate to join us on this mission.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoWe had no way of knowing this would happen. The troops we have held their own, and Foundation is safe now as well.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoWhat I'm saying is the recruits we do have - well vetted ones - were sent to guard Foundation when they should be here, fighting where they belong.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoYou always protest when I try to recruit more members. Now you're saying we don't have enough? Make up your mind, Shin.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoThis disaster is unacceptable. We need more personnel at Fort Atlas.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoMarty Putnam is eager and fearless, an ideal combination for a future Knight. We're luck to have him.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoColin Putnam has a rare intellect. He could be a Scribe someday. I'd have recruited him myself, had I been there.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoThe Initiate saw an opportunity and took it. In exchange, we got a new trainee.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoLike that Putnam boy our friend here recruited, without any authority to do so.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoYou never know how someone will react when they first see combat. Many were peaceful people before we came along.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoIt's to be expected. I gave them a proper education.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoI'm proud of our Initiates, holding the barricade back there.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoThe tunnels are sealed. Good work team. Let's get back to the surface and regroup.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoThe bombs are planted! Fall back! Get to safety so we can set them off!
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoI'm detonating the bombs, stand back!
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoThat elevator looks like it will get us up faster than the way in.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoIf we don't strike now, we'll just be worn down over time. You should know better, Shin. Clearly the Initiate does.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoSome people can't be negotiated with. I don't know how you've come so far without realizing that.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoWell you're certainly no negotiator.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoI'm not a violent thug, Rahmani. I didn't join the Brotherhood to kill.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoIsn't this what you always wanted, Shin? Ridding the Wasteland of threats to humanity?
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoYou mistake confidence for complacency. Victory is won through willpower. We've chosen a path, now we commit to it.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoNot if you keep taking success for granted.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoWe'll survive this one like we survived all the others.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniIndecision_SharedInfoFort Atlas is finished if we don't take this seriously. This is more than just another of your "daring offensives."
BS01_MQ08_Defense_RahmaniReEntry_SharedInfoLet's continue.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_ShinPickASide_SharedInfoYou've suddenly got a lot of courage for someone who stood by and watched that transmitter get destroyed.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_ShinPlanReaction_SidedWithRahmani01_SharedInfoYou're really buying into this plan? After what she pulled at the transmitter?
BS01_MQ08_Defense_ShinPlanReaction_SidedWithRahmani02_SharedInfoGreat. Why wait for death, when we can rush headlong into it?
BS01_MQ08_Defense_ShinPlanReaction_SidedWithShin_SharedInfoThank you, Initiate. At least some of us still have some common sense.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_ValdezDisbelief_SharedInfoShe did what, now?
BS01_MQ08_Defense_ValdezRahmaniDescription_SharedInfoPaladin Rahmani's leadership has taken us this far, and she does truly care for all the people we've met along the way.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_ValdezRahmaniDescription_SharedInfoStill, I can't help but wonder if her aggressive tactics and trusting attitude will invite trouble without the structure of the Elders to temper her.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_ValdezReEntry_SharedInfoBack to what we were discussing...
BS01_MQ08_Defense_ValdezShinDescription_SharedInfoKnight Shin believes strongly in the Brotherhood the Elders have built, and for good reason.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_ValdezShinDescription_SharedInfoIt's given order to all our lives, and its mission is critical to the revival of humanity. Still, he fosters an oppressive and isolating mindset.
BS01_MQ08_Defense_ValdezShinDescription_SharedInfoI can't help but wonder if the order will evolve into a detached and selfish one with people like him at the helm.
BS01_PutnamFamily_MartyGreetingHey! Good to see you!
BS01_Shared_OverseerWVBoSFrom my recollection, they were well-trained, and highly disciplined. The kind of group I thought Appalachia really needed.
BS01_Shared_OverseerWVBoSBut given time, and some more reading-- especially from people who dealt with them-- I'm not sure if I agree with their approaches.
BS01_Shared_OverseerWVBoSSome people from that time saw them as taking what they wanted, when they wanted. Threatening compliance, or else.
BS01_Shared_OverseerWVBoSI don't know if this new group follows those same principles, but the communities of Appalachia today wouldn't stand for it.
BS01_Shared_OverseerWVBoSNo, I haven't... But Davenport has been helping me keep a close eye on them since they arrived.
BS01_Shared_OverseerWVBoSAnd from what I hear, you've been pitching in... I take it you trust them?
BS01_Shared_OverseerWVBoSSure. What about them?
BS01_Shared_PaigeHappyYou don't say... Well, guess I'm hardly surprised. Does anything go on around here that you don't have a hand in?
BS01_Shared_PaigeMadYou're kidding. If they're willing to work with YOU of all people... well, it isn't exactly a vote of confidence.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmGo ahead.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmGood! I just traded someone for the same brand of socks I used to wear before the war. You know, the good kind with a gold stripe on the toe.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmOh, I can't complain. Well, I can ... but what would be the point? This algorithm isn't going to write itself.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmI'm doing well, though I woke up to quite a racket this morning. At first I thought it was the motherlode, but it was just someone jackhammering ... something.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmI'm alright. Better, now that I see you're here. We've had reports of hostiles in the area.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmToday's been lovely. Thanks for asking.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmOh, I've just been catching up with Mochou. We have a lot in common, despite our differences.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmOh, you know. Whatever they need around here, really. I'd eventually like to try my hand at reproducing those spy gadgets that Jen showed me.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmI'm afraid I don't have much of an opinion. Radcliff in particular seems to be avoiding me, but I don't particularly care as long as he keeps his opinions and jokes to himself.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmShe's a tricky one to figure out, isn't she? I rather like her for that. Too many people are too straight-forward around here.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmIt's going about how you might expect. I'm pretty busy, so if there's nothing else?
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmHey! Busy, but I can't complain. Hope you're doing alright, too.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmEhh, I don't really get along well with Fields. Reminds me a bit of my folks. Thompson is great, she's loaning me some comics to read.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmRadcliff and I don't really get along. He's like, way older than me but all he does is joke around. And his jokes are really bad, like pre-war stale jokes.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmThat incident at the lookout tower? That should have never happened. It's a damn shame.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmBut I'm relieved that things worked out between us and the Brotherhood. I appreciate you taking part in that.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmAnd from what I've heard, you've got a lot of guts even showing up around here.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmLet's just say it's a good thing you weren't dealing with me directly...
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmAs a whole? Hard to say. I've heard rumors about how the West Virginia branch behaved.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmI'm all for helping those in need, but the idea of "involuntary assistance" doesn't exactly thrill me.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmI guess I'll need to deal more with this new group before I form a solid opinion.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmYou've proven that they can be a valuable partner, though. So it gives me some hope that perhaps things will be different with this group.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmBased on what Gloria tells me, it doesn't sound like this group -- you, in particular -- are any better... Maybe even worse.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmI'll need more time, but I'm second guessing any contact we've already had.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmYeah, I've heard, but no, I haven't dealt with them yet. Probably just a matter of time now.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmHard for someone to show up in our neck of the woods and not bump shoulders eventually.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmNot personally, but I've spoken with Gloria about what went down.
BS01_Shared_PaigeMhmmNot yet. Gloria Chance from our Supply Room is going to be meeting with a representative from them soon.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Greetings_ShinThe fellas should be over at the East Mountain Lookout still. I'm sure they'd be happy to show you the weapons. Did you need something else?
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Greetings_ShinThank you so much, Initiate. You're a truly generous person... Please let Paladin Rahmani know about our deal.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Greetings_ShinOh god... you made it! How did you even...? Please, don't hurt me.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Greetings_TadYou know, we really are looking forward to working with y'all... But, your attitude here has me second-guessing.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Greetings_TadI think it's about time you got the hell outta here.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsOh god... You're right... They'll never believe me. I've got to... gotta get out of here!
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsUm, just please bring them back? I'll... meet you at Foundation's supply room.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_Greetings(sigh) That much is true. We will need to be vigilant in dealing with similar situations in the future. That's... enough for now.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsIt's troubling that the weapons have spread to this degree, but there isn't much we can do beyond dealing with situations like this as they arise.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsBut, Initiate, I hope you know you've done well.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsInitiate, your heart is in the right place, but we need to be careful about creating too much imbalance in the region.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsAw shit...
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsOnly problem is, those weapons put us in the hole, financially speaking... We'd need to sell off our supplies to recover.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsAre you positive that you can commit the Brotherhood's resources to protecting us?
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsI think... I think we should try and wrap up business between us now. We're going to need to tell those families about... what happened.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsI know it's hard to think about at a time like this, but settling on a deal and having you on your way is probably for the best.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsNow then... I understand that you'll want to take these weapons back with you, but that won't work for us. They cost us too many caps to just let go.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsHelp? Well, I see you've got our weapons. You could start by giving them back. I told you: we bought 'em fair and square.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsNaw... We're just happy you could get Mike back to us safely.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsOh man... T-that's rough.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsLook, I'll... Go back to Foundation, but I can't let you have these weapons. I'll leave... if you let me take the weapons back there myself.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsThey were always telling me "Be careful, Mike, don't pick it up that way, Mike..." But my finger slipped and... I... Killed them... all... instantly.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsThat's an alarming insight to your personal dealings, Initiate. Foundation is the better option for making long term arrangements.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsHowever, knowing they may have those weapons... accelerates matters. It's critical that we follow-up with them right away.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsI'm sure you can catch up with them, they normally practice at a small site they set up near the East Mountain Lookout, a bit North of here.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsWell, this is the Supply Room for all things coming and going from Foundation. If it ends up in one of the Sunnys' shops, it goes through here first.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsReally, though, once you get things settled over by the lookout tower, I'm sure we can work something out.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsThat's right. Initiate, please let the Scribe know we're ready for her. Shin and I have a few things to discuss in the meantime.
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsThat's right. Initiate, can I trust you to retrieve Scribe Valdez? Or is that perhaps asking too much of you?
BS01_SupplyingDemands_Mike_GreetingsShin and I have a few things to... discuss in the meantime.
BS01_VernonDodge_BoSExplainHopefully the training I have with my chapter's specialized tools can still be of service to the Californian Brotherhood.
ButcherHellosYou must have a strong stomach repository to be interested in sausage making details.
ButcherHellosWelcome! hope you have a big appetite.
ButcherHellosHello! You wouldn't happen to have any small, helpless animals with you?
ButcherIdlesBest you don't know what I put in these sausages, friend.
ButcherIdlesIt may be messy, but there's nothing like a Fasnacht sausage.
ButcherIdlesSmall animals have the right type of intestines for the sausage making. Bad luck for them.
ButcherIdlesChop them up. Grind them up. Stuff them into the intestine.
ButcherIdlesIt doesn't matter how it looks, friend, only how it tastes.
ButcherIdlesWe use local meat products for our sausage, no fancy, imported stuff here.
ButcherIdlesIntestines may not look like much, but they hold the whole thing together. No intestines, no sausage stick.
ButcherIdlesThe knife has to be sharp so inorganic butchers are best. They don't accidentally add parts of themselves to the sausage.
ButcherIdlesSausage is made up of many ingredients. All are organic. Most are meat.
ButcherIdlesWatch where you step. Blood is slippery.
ButcherIdlesHuman nutritional requirements are complex. A Fasnacht sausage fulfills several.
Camper1RainDamn it's pouring! How the hell you supposed to sleep in this?
Camper1RainDamn rain, slept like hell. Beautiful day ain't it? Can already tell it's gonna be a good one.
Camper2RainDamn it's pouring! How the hell you supposed to sleep in this?
Camper2RainDamn rain, slept like hell. Beautiful day ain't it? Can already tell it's gonna be a good one.
CampKioskHELLOSYour CAMP is the key to survival and rebuilding, so use it often!
CampKioskHELLOSOutside, survival will be easy with your Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform. Or CAMP. So catchy...
CampKioskHELLOSThe CAMP is instrumental to the rebuilding of America! One tetanus-inducing rusty shack at a time...
CampKioskHELLOSRebuilding America! How utterly terrifying. Glad I'm staying here. Still, I'm sure your CAMP will make it easy peasy!
CampKioskHELLOSNeed a cooking station? Use your CAMP! A new house? Your CAMP! Some small luxuries? Your CAMP! A battleship? Oh, well, um... not that.
CampKioskHELLOSThink of the CAMP as your mobile home away from home! Or, you know, just... your home. Period.
CampKioskHELLOSStill pretending it's Reclamation Day, are we?
CampKioskHELLOSYou do remember the whole point of Reclamation Day? Reclaiming Appalachia? Never too late!
CampKioskHELLOSAh, one of Vault 76's last remaining residents finally awakens. Again.
CampKioskHELLOSHeck of party last night, eh sir? Good to see you all together one last time, drunk, joyous, and not staving off a horrible death minute by minute...
CampKioskHELLOSHeck of party last night, eh mum? Good to see you all together one last time, drunk, joyous, and not staving off a horrible death minute by minute...
CampKioskHELLOSRemember -- you don't have to go it alone! Find friends or make new ones!
CampKioskHELLOSYou must all go through that giant vault door alone! Unless, of course, you're next to someone else. Which I'd recommend, actually.
CampKioskHELLOSTeamwork! It's what built America! It's what built ME, come to think of it.
CampKioskHELLOSWhen you get outside, do remember your manners. Be nice. Be helpful. Be Vault-Tec!
CampKioskHELLOSWhen you get outside, find each other. Seek strength in numbers. Utilize both your similarities and differences!
CampKioskHELLOSAh, there they are! Vault 76's own Rip Van Winkle! How many months has it been?
CandlemakerIdlesIn the old country, Fasnacht lanterns were meant to poke fun at local people and situations.
CandlemakerIdlesFasnacht lanterns light your path on the parade route.
CandlemakerIdlesThis unit manufactures each lantern and each candle in Helvetia.
CandlemakerIdlesDipping candles uniformly requires a delicate touch.
CandlemakerIdlesBeeswax is ideal for candle dipping. Luckily Helvetia has bees a-plenty.
CandlemakerIdlesIt's dangerous for you to march without light. Your optical sensors are insufficient for the task.
CandlemakerIdlesLet a handmade Fasnacht lantern be your guiding light.
CandlemakerIdlesTake home a lantern to treasure forever and cast a soothing light on your belongings.
CandlemakerIdlesCareful! The wax is very hot. Damage to your exterior casing will occur on contact.
CandlemakerIdlesThis unit is certified in Swiss traditional wax-dipping techniques.
CannibalsAttackingHi, Welcome to the Mountainside Bed & Breakfast.
CannibalsAttackingHave a lovely stay.
CannibalsAttackingI get no credit around here. My memory is plenty sharp.
CannibalsAttackingScrew off.
CannibalsAttackingWelcome to the uh...uh..hmm.
CannibalsAttackingI think they are asleep.
CannibalsAttackingThey are little tied up at the moment. So we came to check up on you instead.
CannibalsAttackingOh god, they're one of us! Let's go. We gotta get out of here.
CannibalsAttackingAnd it looks like it's going to be pretty tasty.
CarverGreetingsOh hey, I don't think I've seen you around here before. We've got a shipment going through the Big Bend Tunnel soon. Vinny could tell you more.
CB_HighSchoolPASystem_RadioScenes*Bell Chime*
CB01_InterrogationPlease sit down in the chair.
CB01_InterrogationTrial USG-133PTA is designed to test ordinary responses to extraordinary interrogation techniques, with the purpose of fine tuning the prototype Interrogatron's sensitivity to minute fluctuations in subject distress levels.
CB01_InterrogationIt is vital that you attempt to remain sitting in the chair and conscious for as long as possible during the trials, and whenever possible, face the Interrogatron and keep your eyes open so accurate measures can be taken of facial blood flow and pupil dilation.
CB01_InterrogationThe trial will begin shortly. Please remain seated.
CB01_InterrogationPlease sit down in the chair.
CB01_InterrogationThank you. Your continued compliance with instructions is appreciated and expected.
CB01_InterrogationYou are also advised to remember that by entering this chamber, you have agreed to waive all liability and hold harmless RobCo Research Labs, partners, and associates, against all bodily, mental, emotional, and other kind of harm you may experience herein.
CB01_InterrogationIn the unlikely event of severe trauma resulting in hospitalization or death, your personal effects will be placed in the container outside this room for your next of kin to claim. Let us begin.
CB01_InterrogationWelcome test subject. RobCo thanks you for your participation in this experiment. Please have a seat.
CB01_InterrogationCompiling trial reports. Resetting test chamber. All personal please be advised test instrumentation will be decommissioned in 5 - 4 -3 -2 - 1.
CB01_InterrogationRunning post trial assessment... processing... processing... processing complete.
CB01_InterrogationAssessment - Subject was broken.
CB01_InterrogationAssessment - That was fun.
CB01_InterrogationAssessment - too easy.
CB01_InterrogationAssessment - I am awesome.
CB01_InterrogationAssessment - all your secrets are belong to us.
CB01_InterrogationThis concludes this sequence of trial USG-133PTA. You are free to leave. Thank you for your participation.
CB01_InterrogationYour reward will be delivered to the address listed on your application. Please fill out the exit survey on your way out. Enjoy the rest of your day.
CB01_InterrogationNon-compliance detected.
CB01_InterrogationPerhaps the instructions weren't clear. Sit. Down.
CB01_InterrogationObstinance detected.
CB01_InterrogationDo you need help sitting down? Be advised, I have not been programmed for gentleness.
CB01_InterrogationSit down. I have trouble following protocols when I'm angry.
CB01_InterrogationWarning. I have been programmed with excellent ass-kicking subroutines.
CB01_InterrogationContinued non-compliance constitutes agreement to optional combat readiness trial.
CB01_InterrogationYou will comply or face execution in 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1.
CB01_InterrogationTerminating safety protocols - and test subject.
CB01_InterrogationScanning subject. Baseline values within established parameters. Calibration complete.
CB01_InterrogationScanning subject for distress level fluctuation.
CB01_InterrogationAllocating additional resources to pain inducers.
CB01_InterrogationYou will talk.
CB01_InterrogationI have not been programmed to fail.
CB01_InterrogationCalculating probability of death... Close enough.
CB01_InterrogationI have been programmed to enjoy this. How about you?
CB01_InterrogationThis will not end well for you.
CB01_InterrogationWhat are the details of your mission?
CB01_InterrogationWho is your commanding officer?
CB01_InterrogationWhere are the others hiding?
CB01_InterrogationYou will spill the beans. Or I will spill your blood.
CB01_InterrogationI won't lie, this might hurt a little. I just lied. This is going to hurt a lot.
CB01_InterrogationDon't worry. I won't kill you. Not on purpose anyway.
CB01_InterrogationTell me. How does this make you feel?
CB01_InterrogationSecrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt someone.
CB01_InterrogationCare for another?
CB01_InterrogationI can do this all day.
CB01_InterrogationI have not been programmed for remorse.
CB01_InterrogationCreativity subroutines engaged.
CB01_InterrogationWe could be friends. Don't you want to be friends?
CB01_InterrogationTraces of blood detected.
CB01_InterrogationScanners detecting increased... annoyance?
CB01_InterrogationScanners detecting increased... anger?
CB01_InterrogationScanners detecting increased... pain?
CB01_InterrogationScanners detecting increased... confusion?
CB01_InterrogationDetecting trace amounts of fear.
CB01_InterrogationThis can all stop at any time.
CB01_InterrogationYou are making me do this. I don't want to do this. No, wait. That's a lie.
CB01_InterrogationI have been programmed to do this. I don't have a choice. But you do. Make the right choice. Talk.
CB02_MonsterMash_AnnouncementsThe Monster Mash will begin shortly, please gather in the Commons.
CB02_MonsterMash_AnnouncementsOn your marks... ready... set... GO!
CB02_PlayerGainCandy_SmallThat concludes the Monster Mash!
CB02_PlayerGainCandy_SmallThank you to our teachers, students, and volunteers who made the event possible.
CB02_PlayerGainCandy_SmallAnd remember to make the smart choice this year, and turn in your candy for healthy and wholesome gifts and surprises!
CB02_PlayerGainCandy_SmallHave a safe and pleasant Halloween every body!
CB02_PlayerGainCandy_SmallOn your marks... Get ready... GO!
CB02_PlayerGainCandy_SmallStudents, you must chase and hit the Monster Mask with your baseball bats like a pinata.
CB02_PlayerGainCandy_SmallYou can keep any candy that falls out of the mask, or you can make the smart choice and turn it in for prizes!
CB02_PlayerGainCandy_SmallAnd remember, this is the ONLY time it is permitted to hit a teacher while on school grounds, and ONLY the one wearing the mask.
CB02_PlayerGainCandy_SmallStudents, hit the Monster Mask like a Pinata, and collect candy that flies out!
CB02_PlayerGainCandy_SmallTeachers, race to find the Monster Mask. After you get it, run from the students. As you flee, candy will fall from holes in the mask.
CB02_PlayerGainCandy_SmallBe sure to collect as much as possible. The more candy you collect, the more supplies you will be awarded from next year's discretionary budget!
CB02_PlayerGainCandy_SmallThere are also stashes of candy hidden around the school, find them and refill the mask!
CB02_PlayerGainCandy_SmallReminder, teachers grab the mask. You will collect candy falling out of the mask.
CB02_PlayerGainCandy_SmallAnd you should find buckets of candy hidden around the school to refill the mask.
CB02_PlayerGainCandy_SmallWelcome teachers and students to Watoga Highschool's Annual Monster Mash!
CB02_PlayerGainCandy_SmallPlease gather in the commons and await your instructions.
CB02_PlayerGainCandy_SmallPlease gather in the commons and wait for the next round of the Monster Mash to begin!
CB02_PlayerGainCandy_SmallIf you have candy from the previous round, you can turn it in at the SMART vending machine for prizes! Make the SMART Choice!
CB04_MayorMAIA, are you still following the executive order about people who walk in here?
CB04_MayorAllow me to play the outgoing mayor's final message...
CB04_MayorCongratulations citizen!
CB04_MayorBy Mayoral executive order, all individuals entering this room shall have the office of Mayor bestowed upon them.
CB04_MayorI am your Mayoral Artificially Intelligent Assistant. You may call me MAIA.
CB04_MayorI'll be your guide through the transition period and your faithful assistant once you get settled
CB04_MayorAh, what have we here?
CB04_MayorThe city is in a state of emergency and an evacuation order has been issued for human residents.
CB04_MayorYou are of course the mayor, so you can do whatever you like.
CB04_MayorI'm sure there's much to do. And I want to help you do it.
CB04_MayorUnfortunately, I can't actually conduct city business, but I can offer sound well-researched advice.
CB04_MayorOh and poetry. I have an extensive database of poetry. Some previous mayors had me recite poetry to them constantly.
CB04_MayorWould you like to hear a poem?
CB04_MayorHaunted Houses, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow...
CB04_MayorAll houses wherein men have lived and died
CB04_MayorAre haunted houses. Through the open doors
CB04_MayorThe harmless phantoms on their errands glide,
CB04_MayorWith feet that make no sound upon the floors.
CB04_MayorWe meet them at the door-way, on the stair,
CB04_MayorAlong the passages they come and go,
CB04_MayorImpalpable impressions on the air,
CB04_MayorA sense of something moving to and fro.
CB04_MayorThere are more guests at table than the hosts
CB04_MayorInvited; the illuminated hall
CB04_MayorIs thronged with quiet, inoffensive ghosts,
CB04_MayorAs silent as the pictures on the wall.
CB04_MayorThe stranger at my fireside cannot see
CB04_MayorThe forms I see, nor hear the sounds I hear;
CB04_MayorHe but perceives what is; while unto me
CB04_MayorAll that has been is visible and clear.
CB04_MayorWe have no title-deeds to house or lands;
CB04_MayorOwners and occupants of earlier dates
CB04_MayorFrom graves forgotten stretch their dusty hands,
CB04_MayorAnd hold in mortmain still their old estates.
CB04_MayorThe spirit-world around this world of sense
CB04_MayorFloats like an atmosphere, and everywhere
CB04_MayorWafts through these earthly mists and vapours dense
CB04_MayorA vital breath of more ethereal air.
CB04_MayorOur little lives are kept in equipoise
CB04_MayorBy opposite attractions and desires;
CB04_MayorThe struggle of the instinct that enjoys,
CB04_MayorAnd the more noble instinct that aspires.
CB04_MayorThese perturbations, this perpetual jar
CB04_MayorOf earthly wants and aspirations high,
CB04_MayorCome from the influence of an unseen star
CB04_MayorAn undiscovered planet in our sky.
CB04_MayorAnd as the moon from some dark gate of cloud
CB04_MayorThrows o'er the sea a floating bridge of light,
CB04_MayorAcross whose trembling planks our fancies crowd
CB04_MayorInto the realm of mystery and night,--
CB04_MayorSo from the world of spirits there descends
CB04_MayorA bridge of light, connecting it with this,
CB04_MayorO'er whose unsteady floor, that sways and bends,
CB04_MayorWander our thoughts above the dark abyss.
CB04_MayorWhile I am enjoying getting to know you and helping you get acclimated, there seems to be urgent business left unfinished by the previous administration.
CB04_MayorShall I play you the out going mayor's last recorded message?
CB04_MayorBeing Mayor can be a little over whelming at first, but that's why I'm here. To help you!
CB04_MayorI've pulled up pertinent files on the mayoral terminal, where you should find any urgent or outstanding business.
CB04_MayorEnd of recorded message.
CB04_MayorWell... I certainly tried... ughn.
CB04_MayorGoodbye, ma'am. It was a pleasure to serve you. You were an excellent mayor.
CB04_MayorIt's alright. I hope you don't get too lonely here all by yourself. Goodbye, MAIA.
CB04_MayorMy sincerest apologies I can't be of more assistance.
CB04_MayorI think... this... is it.
CB04_MayorMa'am, are you alright?
CB04_MayorI have failed. Whoever you are, you are mayor of a dead city. Those I couldn't evacuate have perished. There's no one... nothing left.
CB04_MayorBut maybe you're here to rebuild from the ashes. That's a comforting thought...
CB04_MayorI managed to squirrel away a cache of resources. But before you can live here, you need to figure out how to deal with the robots.
CB04_MayorIt was sabotage... The terminal entries should explain... what we... ugh...
CB04_MayorOf course.
CB04_MayorNO! What's wrong with you? No more robots! MAIA make sure the next mayor hears this...
CB04_MayorMa'am, sensors indicate you are losing large quantities of blood. Shall I summon a paramedic to assist you?
CB04_MayorPull up the pertinent entries on our situation and the saboteur on the mayoral terminal for anyone who walks in here to read.
CB04_Mayor_EBSCongratulations! You have been cleared for the highest security level. The municipal robots should no longer attack you.
CB04_Mayor_EBSIt appears you have solved the problem... at least for yourself.
CB04_Mayor_EBSYou are now authorized to have the combination for the supply cache. Ready? Seven. Four. Seventy-Six.
CB04_Mayor_EBSThere appears to be a glitch in the update software which has misinterpreted the monitoring software as a virus.
CB04_Mayor_EBSThis has triggered a full building lockdown and a security force has been dispatched to your area.
CB04_Mayor_EBSAgain, my sincerest apologies I can't be of more assistance.
CB04_Mayor_EBSYou should see the uplink tower from where you are now.
CB04_Mayor_EBSYou'll need to upload the software update into the terminal at it's base, then wait for the broadcast and city wide reboot.
CB04_Mayor_EBSI would call a maintenance crew to do this for you, but as I understand it, they would just murder you.
CB04_Mayor_EBSAnd I, to my never ending chagrin, was constructed lacking hands. So, I'm afraid you'll need to do it yourself.
CB04_Mayor_EBSYou can conveniently reach the roof from this office.
CB04_Mayor_EBSMy sincerest apologies I can't be of more assistance.
CB04_Mayor_EBSThis needs to be uploaded and broadcast from the uplink tower on the roof.
CB04_Mayor_EBSOnce you arrive there, I'll guide you through the process over the intercom system.
CB04_Mayor_EBSSir, this is a citywide software update for all municipal robots.
CB04_Mayor_EBSMa'am, this is a citywide software update for all municipal robots.
CB04_Mayor_RadioSharedAttention citizens, Watoga is under a state of emergency and evacuation order. Do not attempt to enter the city limits, and for God's sake, get out if you're still here!
CB04_Mayor_RadioSharedUnless you are military or a roboticist, in that case, if you can do so safely, make your way to the mayor's office in the Municipal Center.
CB05_ArtistOh, and one last thing. If you happen to notice any Vincent May-Lilly works out in your travels, you will consider bringing them back to me?
CB05_ArtistI do hate to imagine any of them falling into the hands of vandals or worse, obscurity.
CB05_ArtistRun along now. You are not alone, I have sent out others looking for these things as well.
CB05_ArtistAren't you lucky to play a small role in the creation of my magnum opus! But do please be quick about it. I'm anxious to begin!
CB05_ArtistIn time, our great American dream will fade from memory, to be replaced by... who-knows-what.
CB05_ArtistBut I shall preserve the memory of the good old days, enshrining it in a grand installation...
CB05_ArtistThus ensuring future generations can peer back to their heritage, through the ennobling lens of my artistic brilliance.
CB05_ArtistAh! You're wondering what possible use is all this rubbish.
CB05_ArtistWell, what to your untutored eyes is a mere list of junk, is indeed a list of most important soon-to-be-treasured Americana!
CB05_ArtistYou appear to be of the discerning and capable sort. I could use some assistance procuring supplies.
CB05_ArtistHmmm... Uh...
CB05_ArtistAh, yes.
CB05_ArtistYes! You are quite correct.
CB05_ArtistThe others are but poor forgeries, clumsily crafted by bumbling brutes.
CB05_ArtistIt's astounding what the unrefined masses are willing to accept in the place of actual art.
CB05_ArtistAnd one final question, if you'll oblige me.
CB05_ArtistOne of these is mine, the other two are imitations. Can you tell the true work of art form the rubbish?
CB05_ArtistAnd now over here.
CB05_ArtistFrom my so-called "Kiln-craze years."
CB05_ArtistWhich of these vases evokes the strongest sense of the post-modern struggle for duality in an increasingly polarized world?
CB05_ArtistHave a look at these. Both heralded by critics as true Vincent May-Lilly masterpieces.
CB05_ArtistThe one from my younger impertinent years, the other just prior to the accident rendering me the brain-in-a-can standing before you...
CB05_ArtistLet me ask you, which do you prefer?
CB05_ArtistCome with me. Let's get the measure of your artistic sensibilities.
CB05_ArtistOnce all the sirens and screaming finally died down, I was back to my old habits, freed from the degrading tedium of remediating dullards in the fine arts.
CB05_ArtistI dare say, the world ending has been my liberation. I'm a true artist again!
CB05_ArtistWell, as much as this tank of body allows -- though it does have its advantages, I suppose.
CB05_ArtistIt's terrible to say, but I've gotten so much done since everyone went away. The peace and quiet has been positively glorious.
CB05_ArtistHellooo! Come in, come in. It's not every day I receiver a visitor.
CB05_ArtistThough, truth be told, I've been so focused on my work, I've hardly noticed the time pass.
CB06_EBS_TopicAutomated Message to Follow: Attention all Brothers. A forward placed Automated Surface to Air Missile battery has powered up.
CB06_EBS_TopicPlease be advised that in field repairs may be required to get the ASAM fully operational. Good hunting! End of Message.
CBxx_EvictionsWow. You went above and beyond the call of duty. Be careful, the other government employees don't like overachievers in their ranks. Here's your pay.
CBxx_EvictionsWell, that was more than I expected for a government employee. Here's your reward. You deserve it.
CBxx_EvictionsThat was bare minimum effort. Good enough for government work. Here's your reward.
CBxx_Evictions_PreHello. Do my quest please. Go evict people in Bog Town.
CBZ03_DeputyWelcome back deputy! It's that time again. Need you to go clear out some squatters.
CBZ03_DeputyWell hello! You're just in time. More squatters to evict! Get moving deputy!
CBZ03_DeputyTerrific. I was hoping a citizen would stop by. I'm deputizing you again. Go out there and remove those squatters!
CBZ03_DeputyCrimes aren't going to solve themselves, move out!
CBZ03_DeputyDuty calls!
CBZ03_DeputyDeputy! What are you waiting for?
CBZ03_Deputy_CongratulationsNice work! Sensors indicate the problem squatters have been removed.
CBZ03_Deputy_CongratulationsCheck in with me from time to time, I may have additional assignments for you to carry out.
CBZ03_PreI'm deputizing you to evict... illegal squatters who have taken up residence without proper paperwork being filed with the county offices.
CBZ03_PreI'm deputizing all able bodied persons to assist in urgent county business.
CBZ03_PreThere's not many persons left these days, so you will have to do!
CBZ03_PreGood day citizen. I trust all is well. There is nothing I need done at the moment.
CBZ03_PreWelcome back. All is well for the moment. As you were!
CBZ03_PreHalt citizen!
CBZ03_PreHello citizen. Thank you for dropping by. I'll let you know if there's further need of your service.
CBZ03_PreGood luck out there. Dismissed!
CBZ09_CensusBy authority granted under Section 5A Subsection 7.2 of the Patriotic Patriots of America True Patriotism Act, you are drafted to assist the Census.
CBZ09_Census_ShutdownTopicThank you citizens. Census correction applied. Shutting down to perform for deep analytics. Have a pleasant day.
CBZ09_CensusShared_CalibratingCalibrating scan parameters....
CBZ09_CensusShared_ScanningScanning for life forms...
CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50Census error correction application underway.
CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50Citizen volunteers, your continued assistance is requested.
CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50Forcible termination is required for accurate Census data.
CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50You may send complaints with this use of force to the Census Bureau's department of Citizen Complaint and Oversight.
CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50Removing incorrect tallies in Census data.
CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50Adjusting internal expectation data tables...
CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50Lowering expectation values...
CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50Loading additional creativity subroutines...
CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50Human life forms detected...
CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50Human life form detected...
CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50Warning: Current Census tally contains non-human citizens.
CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50Operational Parameter: Removing previously tallied entity disallowed. Exception: entity has expired.
CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50One moment please...
CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50Improvised Solution: remove non-human citizen tallies by forceful expiration.
CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50One moment please... Querying primary directives data base... Error.
CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50Removing creativity subroutines...
CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50You shall assist the tallying of life forms - error...
CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50Of human life forms - error...
CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50Of living human life forms - error...
CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50Of citizens in the designated area.
CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50Citizen Volunteers. Be advised. Our current objective: repair Census tally by forceful expiration of non-human citizens.
CBZ13_EBS_TopicAttention patriotic citizens. This is Sergeant Gutsy ABA-1. A United States Army convoy has been attacked. Send authorities and able-bodied individuals to the RobCo Research Facility ASAP. ABA-1 out.
CBZ13_RobotsGood luck! Stay strong!
CBZ13_RobotsI'm shutting down to preserve power and prevent my internal processors from further frying themselves.
CBZ13_RobotsCarry on without me. This is your moment to show Uncle Sam what you've got!
CBZ13_RobotsNow, form a defensive perimeter and wait here until they arrive.
CBZ13_RobotsCitizen! Our convoy was on route securing important prototype robotic armament when we were attacked by protesters, hippies, and saboteurs.
CBZ13_RobotsThese bots are crucial military hardware, currently AWOL, and must be recovered before they fall into enemy hands.
CBZ13_RobotsUse the button in the truck to activate the emergency recall beacon.
CBZ13_RobotsBe quick about it. I don't have much time left before I need to power down again.
CBZ13_RobotsThe bots are wandering the nearby countryside - no doubt got their screws knocked loose during the ambush. Be warned. They are extremely dangerous.
CHAT__QuestChat_Finale---ALLY_AstronautWhat? Oh. Hah! I guess you could...
CHAT__QuestChat_Finale---ALLY_AstronautBut if you do, I'll have to make a joke about granting your other two wishes, I guess.
CHAT_AboutYourself-ROMANTIC--ALLY_AstronautWhen they strapped me into the capsule, I knew anything might happen.
CHAT_AboutYourself-ROMANTIC--ALLY_AstronautCould crash into a million pieces. Could fling us off course and off into who knows where. I even joked to myself about seeing aliens...
CHAT_AboutYourself-ROMANTIC--ALLY_AstronautI never -- ever -- thought that we might be the last people to see Earth from up there, though.
CHAT_AboutYourself-ROMANTIC--ALLY_AstronautI hope we can return someday... there's so much that we need to do to get us back in that position though.
CHAT_AboutYourself-ROMANTIC--ALLY_AstronautOh -- wait. I was supposed to say something like... "No, I've got all I need right here." Right? *laughs*
CHAT_AboutYourself-ROMANTIC--ALLY_AstronautWell, both of those things are true.
CHAT_AboutYourself-ROMANTIC--ALLY_AstronautSort of. Right before you killed it, the robot sent out some signals to specific targets. I think it pinged my console, too.
CHAT_AboutYourself-ROMANTIC--ALLY_AstronautIt was hard to tell if anything changed though. My headache was back in full force so I had to lie down... I could barely see.
CHAT_AboutYourself-ROMANTIC--ALLY_AstronautI expect that another U.S.S.A. Robot will be activated and sent after us soon, so maybe we can try again.
CHAT_AboutYourself-ROMANTIC--ALLY_AstronautSome people had white noise, others had thunderstorm sounds... I listened to whale songs...
CHAT_AboutYourself-ROMANTIC--ALLY_AstronautClearly whale songs were more effective than I thought.
CHAT_TalkAbout-UNUSED---ALLY_AstronautSure, I suppose. But it needs to be a trade. I get to ask you a question too, deal?
CHAT--ALLY_RaiderPunkThe Mothman is a pretty intriguing creature... but... I think they're just on some sort of weird chem.
CHAT--ALLY_RaiderPunkJimbo? Well... we met in the last gang before Crater. He's into the hard chems way more than me... it's the only reason we aren't together now.
CHAT--ALLY_RaiderPunkOne day he'll get bored of them though. I hope anyway... and I'll be here for him when he does.
CHAT--ALLY_RaiderPunkMe? Hell no. I mean, I tried it out a few times but... no. I am much happier decrypting messages for the network and relaying intel. It's soothing.
CHAT--ALLY_RaiderPunkWell, the network mostly communicates on the radio but sometimes you have to send written messages, right? That's where I come in. I love puzzles!
CHAT--ALLY_RaiderPunkFoundation? Man. I dunno. They're... I dunno. Ugh. They dig ditches and stuff... and are like... I dunno. They're fine. They're... fine.
CHAT--ALLY_RaiderPunkI decipher codes mostly. I'm not what you'd call a field agent. That's more your style. It's kinda why I didn't fit in at Crater, I guess.
CHAT--ALLY_RaiderPunkMy buddy Jimbo pulled me into it. He was with the gang at Crater for a while and left a bit before me. Wanted to do things his own way.
CHAT--ALLY_RaiderPunkI grew up with random gangs for most of my life. Here and there. You know, same old sob story that most of us have. But mostly up north.
CHAT--ALLY_RaiderPunkUh. Yes! Of course. Who doesn't?
CHAT--ALLY_RaiderPunkWhen I first got to Appalachia with the other raiders, I built a tent in the woods and stared out into the trees trying to fall asleep.
CHAT--ALLY_RaiderPunkI kept staring at some berries thinking... I should make a pie tomorrow. Mmm!
CHAT--ALLY_RaiderPunkThen those "berries" blinked. They blinked! I saw the Mothman on my very first night! Oh it still gives me flutters just thinking about it.
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-Extra_14---ALLY_AstronautI thought about it a lot. For a while, I thought... what is the point of comics? Of games?
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-Extra_14---ALLY_AstronautSeemed like such a distraction from the stress in my life, from finding out the truth, from fixing what was left...
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-Extra_14---ALLY_AstronautBut I realized that it's not only a distraction. Enjoyment is a fundamental part of life, even a stressful life.
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-Extra_14---ALLY_AstronautAnd you know what? I am still stressed and trying to fix my life... but it's easier to remember why I care when I can still feel joy.
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-Extra_14---ALLY_AstronautMaybe. For all I know, there could be other astronauts stranded up there in other experiments.
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-Extra_14---ALLY_AstronautOr maybe some of them went to work for other programs and are trying to save what's left of the world. I wish I knew, my friend. I wish I knew.
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-Extra_14---ALLY_AstronautI assume you mean, do I feel like my mind is being toyed with for some nefarious purpose?
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-Extra_14---ALLY_AstronautI don't know. I feel like... me. But how can I even trust my own feelings?
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-Extra_14---ALLY_AstronautI don't know where else I would go. Everyone I knew is probably long gone by now...
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-Extra_14---ALLY_AstronautI think I'll stay here and watch out for you, for a change. It's only fair, my friend.
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-Flirt_12---ALLY_AstronautWith your charming demeanor, could you be anything other than my dear Shroud? But... you already knew that, didn't you?
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-Flirt_12---ALLY_AstronautIf we're dressing up, I presume? Hm. I like it. Well, of course... you're the Inspector. I think that's obvious. I've seen how your mind works.
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-Flirt_12---ALLY_AstronautDid you really think you weren't some form of Grognak? I mean... you're kind of a monster. A... *very* likeable monster, mind you.
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-Flirt_13---ALLY_AstronautThank you, my dear, kind friend. I've come to think of your place as my home. And I've come to think of you as... more than a friend, too.
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-Missions_15---ALLY_AstronautIt should give us, well, access to the A.T.H.E.N.A. unit which will allow us to use the Arache program and delete the connection entirely.
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-Missions_15---ALLY_AstronautIt has to be a prototype for something bigger. That's all I can figure. I'm going to need additional samples to know more though, I think.
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-Missions_15---ALLY_AstronautI thought maybe it was a corrupt command sent out to a source console somewhere. It was just "Red Sunset" and that's it.
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-SPECIAL_15---ALLY_AstronautThen I traded their parts to Grahm when he passed by... and well. Here. You can have this stuff, I don't need it.
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-SPECIAL_15---ALLY_AstronautOh! Oh gosh. There was a whole story arc like this! She used the Phantom device to sneak into the Mechanist's lair with the Shroud at her side!
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-SPECIAL_15---ALLY_AstronautThe other Unstoppables were captured one by one... it was so dramatic over several issues! Fans thought it was over. It seemed so dire...
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-SPECIAL_15---ALLY_AstronautBut together, they stopped an entire robot army from taking control of unsuspecting citizens and they rescued the other Unstoppables.
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-SPECIAL_15---ALLY_AstronautThank you for the reminder... that was encouraging! Inspiring! Not sure if I have those issues, but take these. They should give you courage, too!
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-SPECIAL_15---ALLY_AstronautYou're a conundrum, my friend. I thought about the Manta Man, but... there's something peculiar about you. Something delightfully unpredictable.
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-SPECIAL_15---ALLY_AstronautOh! Be still, my beating heart! That sounds like a dream come true, my dear friend. But also, you don't stand a *chance*!
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-SPECIAL_15---ALLY_AstronautI don't know what my future holds, but... I hope you're there, and I hope we're together.
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-SPECIAL_15---ALLY_AstronautAfter everything that happened, you were always there for me. Always.
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-SPECIAL_15---ALLY_AstronautWe've been through so much already. I hope you know that I care about you a lot, right? I feel like you care about me, too.
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-World_11---ALLY_AstronautNot much. Headaches still come and go, and it's hard to sleep through those. I'd give anything for these headaches to end.
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-World_15---ALLY_AstronautYes. A protectron has been circling the camp. It hasn't approached yet though, so I'm going to monitor it for data, and then we can go after it.
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-World_15---ALLY_AstronautI think it's collecting data about us, so I'm waiting to see who it's sending the data to, if I can...
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-World_15---ALLY_AstronautStrange. I haven't really considered it much. I just... can't imagine anything beyond these headaches right now, and finding out what they did...
CHAT-Confidant___TalkAbout-World_15---ALLY_AstronautBut... I guess, well. I hope whatever happens, we're still together. We make a good team, friend.
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Agi---ALLY_AstronautThat is exactly what I thought. You're a reflection of the brutality of this world, my friend. You're a finely tuned deadly instrument.
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Agi---ALLY_AstronautI just hope that my technical skills are of use to you. Maybe after I'm done with everything, I can find something for you to kill.
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Agi---ALLY_AstronautFascinating. So you think you've adapted in some way to thrive in this environment? Just... intriguing.
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Agi---ALLY_AstronautI would definitely like to use the scanner sometime later to test out your theory. Find some challenges for you. Hmm. Just... fascinating.
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Agi---ALLY_AstronautAh, so calculated risks and making sure you're taking the best shots when you need to. Makes sense.
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Cha---ALLY_AstronautYou know... that makes sense. In a world with so much death, the best way to live is to cling to other life. I get it.
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Cha---ALLY_AstronautI know that I would have been lost without you, so that makes sense... and it's a relief, too. Society will continue. The world will continue.
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Cha---ALLY_AstronautWhen we have some down time, I'm going to rework this console to find supplies, help people... I think we can do some good for the world. Together.
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Cha---ALLY_AstronautMakes sense. You can't rebuild society without the people, and if everyone is just out for themselves then what's the point?
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Cha---ALLY_AstronautWhen everything is said and done, I've got some ideas for rebuilding society... gathering resources, helping people. We can do it.
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Cha---ALLY_AstronautRandom chance, huh? It is what it is, I suppose. Takes the pressure off, I guess. It's a relief, isn't it? Out of your control. Just live.
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Cha---ALLY_AstronautI can respect that. Every day seems like a fight... but you're learning something new about yourself, right? I'm glad I can be a part of that.
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Cha---ALLY_AstronautI hope when everything settles down, I can reprogram this scanner to be helpful for you. Find more things to help you survive. We'll see.
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Luck---ALLY_AstronautJust pure chance? Statistically possible, but... maybe there's more to it than you realize. I'm fascinated, regardless.
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Luck---ALLY_AstronautMaybe it has and you're just doing better than you thought.
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Luck---ALLY_AstronautWhen things cool down a bit for us, I'm going to reprogram the scanner to pick up a variety of signals. We'll see what you're good at, friend.
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Per---ALLY_AstronautNow you're speaking my language here. Observe, theorize, weigh the risks... learn from failures, adapt... I get it. I absolutely get it.
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Per---ALLY_AstronautWhen I figure out what's happening with the U.S.S.A., I can modify my scanner to continue finding historically significant things, resources...
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Per---ALLY_AstronautThings that will expand our knowledge of this world. You know? I'm suddenly more optimistic about this strange new world of ours.
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Per---ALLY_AstronautI can respect that. Calculate the risks then pass on anything that isn't reasonable. Safe and sound. It just makes sense.
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Per---ALLY_AstronautLater on, I'll modify my scanner to pick up on caches of armor and other helpful resources, tools, first aid, etc... not without risk, but worth it.
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Per---ALLY_AstronautSo, the best way to survive is to use your environment to your advantage. Makes perfect sense.
CHAT-Friendship___AMA-Per---ALLY_AstronautI bet down the road I can figure out a way to find more useful things for you. Scrap, weapons, armor... I can contribute to our survival that way.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-Bye_ALL---ALLY_AstronautMy best guess is... a program? Or another Robot?
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-Bye_ALL---ALLY_AstronautI just feel in my gut that Arachne is the key. To everything.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-Flirt_09---ALLY_AstronautI hear you. I thought they were coming after me, but I'm not sure. Maybe they have other motives, too. Safer to just deal with them, though.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-Missions_10---ALLY_AstronautThat is not how it was presented to us. It was supposed to maintain our ambient health levels and that's it. Nothing else.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-Missions_10---ALLY_AstronautThe schematics say the pod was designed to help transfer sensory data. To what end?
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-SPECIAL_10---ALLY_AstronautI technically had some training with firearms before, part of the military boot camp prior to becoming an astronaut.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-SPECIAL_10---ALLY_AstronautAfter college, I went to the D.C. area and applied for the astronaut program a couple times until I was accepted. My folks were so proud...
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-SPECIAL_10---ALLY_AstronautHmm... other than that... I had a few relationships. Nothing serious.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-SPECIAL_10---ALLY_AstronautHad a pet turtle for most of my life. That *was* pretty serious.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-SPECIAL_10---ALLY_AstronautI dunno. That's the high level overview anyway. I'm not a weirdo, if that was what you were asking.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-SPECIAL_10---ALLY_AstronautWell, right now I think we need to track down some medical records. Then maybe we can...
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-SPECIAL_10---ALLY_AstronautOh! Oh... hmm. I'll keep that in mind, friend. Uh. *clears throat*
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-SPECIAL_10---ALLY_AstronautIt is, it really is. I know I've said it before, but thanks for letting me uh... crash here. *laughs*
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-World_10--ALLY_AstronautTruthfully? It was a blur. We were sent up as a team and were in our deep sleep pods in under an hour after achieving a stable orbit.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-World_10--ALLY_AstronautBut that single hour... It was exhilarating.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-World_10--ALLY_AstronautYou know... I did. What does that mean, I wonder? It was a sudden spike right behind the eyes.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-World_10--ALLY_AstronautOh, sure. Let's see. I don't really want to talk about my family because, well, I don't even know if they... *sighs*
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-World_10--ALLY_AstronautOk, so... hobbies. I had a small apartment near the U.S.S.A. headquarters. Nothing special. I wasn't home much, you see.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-World_10--ALLY_AstronautWhen I had time, I used to go to the comic book shop down the road and sit and drink coffee and read the latest issues of the Unstoppables.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-World_10--ALLY_AstronautI used to want to work for the Mistress of Mystery when I was a kid, you see.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-World_10--ALLY_AstronautBut I did the next best thing, I guess, and went to space.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-Yourself_08---ALLY_AstronautI mean, who doesn't, right?
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-Yourself_08---ALLY_AstronautYou don't happen to have any, do you? Now that would be a warm blanket on a cold night right about now.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-Yourself_09---ALLY_AstronautIt's been soothing to play games again -- a few moments of normalcy once more. I think it even helps my headache a bit.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-Yourself_09---ALLY_AstronautThey come and go in spikes. It's really pronounced at times. Haven't had one in a while... I wonder if there's a pattern to them.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-Yourself-NotSet_07---ALLY_AstronautThis world is so peculiar, so dangerous... and I just am amazed at the fact that life continues. You know?
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-Yourself-Set_07---ALLY_AstronautNo, I think I know what I need to know about you... and I'm impressed. You're tough... resilient. And I respect that.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-Yourself-Set_07---ALLY_AstronautNo, you've answered my question well. We're on the same wavelength, and I think that's going to carry us far as a team. I'm relieved, honestly.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-Yourself-Set_07---ALLY_AstronautNope, I know everything I need to know. You're a natural leader, and I can absolutely work with that.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-Yourself-Set_07---ALLY_AstronautNot really. I don't really believe in luck that much, but... I am truly intrigued.
CHAT-Friendship___TalkAbout-Yourself-Set_07---ALLY_AstronautNo, friend. Not really. This world is chaotic and strange, but together we can survive. That's my hope anyway.
CHAT-JustMet___TalkAbout-Anything_02--ALLY_AstronautI did a scan of Sugar Grove and I only spotted one USSA signal. Just one.
CHAT-JustMet___TalkAbout-Anything_02--ALLY_AstronautMaybe they're blocking my scans? It definitely could be a trap.
CHAT-JustMet___TalkAbout-Anything_02--ALLY_AstronautSo go there and find A.T.H.E.N.A. and deploy the Arachne holotape.
CHAT-JustMet___TalkAbout-Anything_02--ALLY_AstronautSee if you can shut it down first, then I'll follow you. It should be as simple as inserting a holotape.
CHAT-JustMet___TalkAbout-Anything_02--ALLY_AstronautI believe in you, friend. And thank you for doing this for me.
CHAT-JustMet___TalkAbout-Missions_02-WithKit--ALLY_AstronautWell, I should let you get back to whatever it is that you're doing. It was nice to have a sort of normal chat.
CHAT-JustMet___TalkAbout-Missions_02-WithKit--ALLY_AstronautLet me know once you find that scanner. Hopefully they aren't all destroyed. Maybe we can salvage one if so, though.
CHAT-Romance_Love--ALLY_AstronautA million things could have happened to me after I went to space. I never expected falling in love to be one of them.
CHAT-Romance_Love--ALLY_AstronautI love you too. Oh. Wait, you were going to say that, right? Well. Either way, it's offered unconditionally.
CHAT-Romance_Love--ALLY_AstronautI watched the clouds spinning over our sparkling home dangling in the vast emptiness of space.
CHAT-Romance_Love--ALLY_AstronautI thought... We are hardy little things, aren't we?
Choice-01_SPECIALsIt's hard. I don't know what to say. It's more than I ever expected could happen... this wasn't even in the realm of possibilities when I launched.
Choice-01_SPECIALsBut... it could have been worse. I need to remember that.
Choice-02_SpecificsThe Stimpak does help, not a ton, but it takes the edge off, at least. Thanks for asking, friend.
Choice-03_MissionsIncluding me, we had a crew of four, all scientists and engineers. The plan was to use the Deep Sleep pods and record the biological data.
Choice03-DeclineCopy that. Just let me know when you have time for this, please.
Choice-04_YourselfFor an hour, maybe. Just before getting into our deep sleep pods.
Choice-04_YourselfThe Earth was stunning. Hanging there, alone in the void of stars.
Choice-04_YourselfThat's... unexpectedly thoughtful of you. I was just thinking about an old holotape game that I used to play, but they won't work in this console.
Choice-04_YourselfMaybe I could adapt it though... so, if you run across one later can you let me know?
Choice-04_YourselfThe headaches from emerging from Deep Sleep are worse than they implied it would be.
Choice-04_YourselfYou saw my wreck, didn't you? I don't know how else to prove it to you.
ChowAttractOkay honey! Ready, set, go!
ChowAttractWhy sweetie, that was mighty impressive!
ChowAttractOh honey, you aren't looking too good there. Maybe that was a bit much for you?
ChowAttractHey! It's you again. Good to see you honey. You know what to do, start when you're ready.
ChowAttractHello there! Normally I'd be encouraging you to play the Chow Line, but we're out of order until we get calibrated.
ChowAttractI heard we have a new employee coming to do the work. I've not met them yet so I won't recognize them out of uniform.
ChowAttractOh hey there honey! I'm not sure why the boss sent you around, we've already been calibrated. You should take off them clothes and relax!
ChowAttractWell hello sweetie. Are you new? Can't say I've seen your face around before. And, I'd remember your face!
ChowAttractThe boss did mention someone coming by to calibrate today. Since you're new I guess you need to know how this works?
ChowAttractJust eat six hotdogs real fast as I chuck them out for you. Winners get Mr. Fuzzy tokens. It's easy peasy. Grab yourself a napkin when you're ready!
CHtrustThat's good to hear. I'd hate to lose someone with a security clearance.
CHtrustIt looks like the main vault is still sealed off. This is some sort of measuring or counting room.
CHtrustThere are still a lot of bullion bars here though. This is still a big win for Foundation.
CHtrustIs this it? Where's the rest of it?
CHtrustYou bastard! You told them to kill him. What if that had been Penny?
CHtrustYou'll pay for this. I'm outta here.
ColeCarverYou mean Cole Carver? We call him Slick because he's a smooth talker.
ColeCarverI've never been one for community relations, but he's got a real knack for it.
ColeCarverJust as well. I'd rather not deal with the rabble anyway. No offense.
ColinCombatToNormalI think they're all dead.
ColinCombatToNormalOh god. I hope that's it.
ColinCombatToNormalCan't see anymore of them. Are we safe now?
ColinCombatToNormalI think that's it! I sure hope so.
ColinNormalToCombatAre they coming out of the walls?
ColinNormalToCombatHere they come!
ColinNormalToCombatOh, crap!
ColinNormalToCombatThis looks bad!
ColinNormalToCombatLook out!
ColinNormalToCombatWatch out!
ColinNormalToCombatThey're coming!
ColinNormalToCombatI don't like the looks of this!
ColinNormalToCombatOh no!
ColinNormalToCombatWhere are they all coming from?
CollectUniformHellosPlease present your uniform ticket to the approriate dispenser.
CollectUniformHellosFinal examination instructions will be issued with applicant equipment.
CollectUniformHellosLoss of uniform ticket is grounds for immediate dismissal.
CollectUniformHellosFire Breather applicant detected. Kit ticket issued. Please collect your gear.
CombatNot if I kill you first.
COMP_Astronaut_Athena_Shared_Greet_01_SoMuchToExperienceI'm... pretty surprised to see you again, A.T.H.E.N.A.
COMP_Astronaut_Athena_Shared_Greet_01_SoMuchToExperienceHey. We've got a, uh, visitor.
COMP_Astronaut_Athena_Shared_Greet_01_SoMuchToExperienceThis freedom you have granted me. Does the word "gratitude" apply here?
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_Midquest_Shared_RespectI respect that.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiWatch out though. You won't be alone there. I can't tell exactly what's there but it might get dangerous.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiLooks like it's overrun with enemies. The readings aren't clear enough for me to see exactly what they are though. So, you know. Be careful.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiBe careful, I can see a lot of signatures there but there's not enough information to make out what they are.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiSo the signals on my scanner are strange. I think these things are called Anglers. Like the fish? There are still fish, right?
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiMy readings show that there are a lot of Anglers there. Those things kind of freak me out. Why couldn't it just be coyotes or something?
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe scanner shows a bunch of Anglers there. They're even ugly when you look at them on the console, so just be careful.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiFor a while, I thought the scanner was broken. Signatures popping in and out. But then I realized it had to be Assaultrons.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe console shows a lot of Assaultrons in the area. Not sure if it's related, but they're probably hostile. Everything seems to be nowadays.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiScanner is showing signals popping in and out on view. You know what that means... Assaultrons are likely, and there could be a lot.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThere are some weird signals there, maybe Bloatflies? I can't believe I nostalgia for the way flies used to be.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiIt's swarming with Bloatflies. So be careful, okay?
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiMake sure you take a big fly swatter with you. Looks like there's a swarm of Bloatflies in the area.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiPicked up some scanner readings, looks like Blood Eagles. Sorry, friend.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiScanner shows a ton of Blood Eagles. Seems pretty dangerous... so watch out.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiNot sure what to say, friend. Blood Eagles. Lots of 'em. Scanner isn't even able to pin down a number.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI'm detecting a lot of Bloodbugs there. So just be careful, who knows what kinds of diseases they have.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe readings show there's a lot of Bloodbugs there. I kinda miss regular mosquitos, weird as that is to say.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiIt looks like there's a lot of Bloodbugs swarming around there. I can't stand those things, it's the spindly legs. You know?
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe data indicates there's a swarm of Cave Crickets there. Grahm says their legs are pretty good eating, but I'm not sure I'm there yet.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe scanner shows that it's overrun with Cave Crickets there. So, you know. Take some bug spray... or a really big shoe maybe.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiMy console shows a bunch of Cave Crickets at the location. Their signals look so weird when they hop. Like popcorn.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe scanner shows a few, very large signals. I'm worried it's a group of Deathclaws.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe data shows some Deathclaws are nesting there... or something else that's huge and cold blooded.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiMy scans are showing that there are some Deathclaws there. Could be a nest...
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI think I saw a Deathclaw shortly after my ship crashed, while I was heading into the bunker... I thought... no way. Thought I was seeing things.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiTurns out... nope. Those things are real and they sure are terrifying, too.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiScanner shows a bunch of small robots in that area. Eyebots, maybe?
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiMy scan also showed a bunch of Eyebots. I remember when they were used for advertising, not sure if they're more or less annoying now that they're just murderous.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe data indicates a bunch of Eyebots there. So... keep an eye out?
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiScanner identified these as strange floating creatures. Floaters, I guess. Huh.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiFloaters. Heard a trader even confirm it while you were out. Dunno if it's worth it, could be nasty.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiBunch of Floaters. Confirmed by the scanner. Sorry, wish it was something more manageable like... I dunno... overfed fluffy cats.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiSomething about these smaller signals there is strange. Maybe it's Fog Crawlers? The signature is almost mantid-like.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiMy readings show something tall, but it's definitely not a Deathclaw. A Fog Crawler, maybe?
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThere were some Stingwing eggs in this area that I was monitoring, but now a bunch of Fog Crawlers have moved in. I bet they ate the eggs.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI saw a bunch of human-like signatures on the scans, but they seemed off. So it's probably Feral Ghouls.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThere's a bunch of Feral Ghouls in there, I think. Their signatures are very close to regular folks, but their behavior is obviously off.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe area is overrun with Feral Ghouls according to my scans, so be careful.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI've had this signature tagged for a while. Wasn't sure what it was... but now I'm pretty sure -- it's the Grafton Monster.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThere's a huge, headless signature there. You know what that means... a Grafton Monster.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI picked up one ping from a Grafton Monster. Could still be nearby, so keep an eye out.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI've never seen a swarm of Gulpers in person before. On the scanner, though? Yep. Right now. Right where you're headed. Good luck, friend.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe data shows that it's pretty overrun. Gulpers. I'm not even sure what those things mutated from.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiAt first there was a nest of... Ticks maybe? But it looks like Gulpers have moved in and eaten all the Ticks.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThere's some strange interference in these readings. I've seen it before, with Honey Beasts.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe area is crawling with Honey Beasts, based on the disruption I saw on the scans. So strange.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe readings glitched out a bit, which makes me think it's Honey Beasts. Not sure why that happens, maybe it's all the bees.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiJust watch out, the scans show a ton of insects there.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiIt looks like it's overrun with insects there. Maybe take a big shoe with you.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThese readings also show a bunch of insects in the area. Hopefully that's all there is.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe console showed some robots in the area. Small and definitely nothing from around here. Maybe Liberators?
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiLiberators are showing up in the scans for that area. They might be small, but they're... jumpy.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiWhile I was scanning the location, I picked up definite signs of Liberators.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiScans show there's a Mega Sloth in the area too. I hope it moves off before you get there... they're kinda cute. Don't you think?
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI also saw a Mega Sloth on the scanner, so just be aware.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiMy readings also showed that there's at least one Mega Sloth in the area, so keep an eye out for that.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThis data looks weird though, like there's something big and reflective wandering around there. Mirelurks, maybe?
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe readings are kinda strange, like there's something bouncing some of the signals. Mirelurks, probably.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThere are some Mirelurks there, it's messing up the data a bit. Something about the reflectivity of their shells, I guess.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI saw some sorta human-like signatures there. Weird though, and not the same kind of weird as ---Oh, it's Mole Miners. Of course!
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI think the readings showed some Mole Miners there too, they're pretty close to Feral ghouls, so it's hard to be sure.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiScanner is picking up evidence that Mole Miners are inhabiting the area though... I wouldn't be surprised if you ran into some of those.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI saw a bunch of Mole Rats on the scanner, so watch your feet.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI was monitoring a group of Mole Rats as they moved into the area. They've settled into this place and have started to breed. Watch out.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThere were some Mole Rat signatures in the area too, just so you know.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiLots of robot signatures on the scanner too. I think it's some Mr. Gutsies.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiMy readings show some Mr. Gutsy robots in the area as well, just so you know.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiSome Mr. Gutsy robots are also in the area, just looking at these data signatures.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI can't be more specific based on these readings, but the place is clearly crawling with Mutations.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThis place is a bit of a mystery... there are a lot of signatures, some are heavily Mutated. I can't get more precise than that.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiHmm, I also saw some Mutations there, but the data was pretty incomplete. I can't tell exactly what they were.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI'm picking up quite a few robotic signatures... I believe they're all Protectrons. But they seem hostile. Be careful.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiWhen I scanned this location, there were many unexpected return signals. Took me a while to realize they were Protectrons.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiProtectrons also showed up on the scans for that area, though. Just watch out.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThis place had one giant Rad Ant arrive not too long ago. I thought it wouldn't be a big deal, but now... there's a swarm.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThere's a ton of Rad Ants there according to this data. So, you know. Be careful. I wonder if someone left some Sugar Bombs lying around? Check, okay?
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiSome Rad Ants have taken up residence there, too. Just be careful and... maybe take some bug spray.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiAlso, the scan shows this place is just lousy with Radroaches. Yuck.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiReadings show a bunch of Radroaches there. I never thought I'd find myself wishing I'd run into regular roaches.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI also saw some signatures there that were distinctly, disgustingly... Radroaches.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiScanner is showing just a ton of Cultists are there. Not sure why... maybe a meeting. Do you think they have meetings?
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiCultists, I think. It's hard to tell from the scanner. Be prepared for them, though.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI adjusted the scanner to try to tell exactly what's there and it seems like Raiders or Blood Eagles maybe... could be Cultists. Aggressive types.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiLots of human signatures on the scan too. My guess would be... Raiders. It's hard to know for sure, though.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe place looks like it's overrun with people but since we live in exciting times.. they're probably Raiders. So, you know. Be careful.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe data shows a bunch of people hanging out there. I'm guessing it's Raiders, but you never know.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThere's clearly a swarm of Radrats here. The scanner was having a hard time picking up individual signals due to the size and speed though.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiScans show the area's pretty overrun with Radrats. I miss when rats were kinda cute. Anyway, be careful.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe data shows that there are some Radrats in the area, too.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI see some robotic signatures on the scanner too, looks like... Robobrains. Keep your head on a swivel, I guess.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiLooks like there's Robobrains there from this data. So just keep ...a cool head?
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe readings I have also show some Robobrains in the area.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe area seems to have a lot of robot signatures. I can't really narrow it down though... definitely military grade.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe data shows that the area's pretty heavily occupied with military robots. Hard to be more specific though.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI want you to try to be careful though, because the scans show a lot of military robots in the area.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThere's a lot of noise in the readings, but I can definitely tell there are robots there too.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThis data isn't very clear, but there are some robotic signatures in the area.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI'm also seeing a bunch of robotic signatures in the area, but I can't be too specific beyond that. Info's too spotty.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI thought there were people there at first because of these readings, but it's something else. Scorched.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThere were also some readings that were human-like, but there's something off about them. Maybe it's the Scorched..
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiScorched seem to be massing in the area, just based on this data.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe readings also show some Scorpions around there. Why are all irradiated bugs huge? I wish some of them had gotten smaller... actually, no! Nevermind. Ugh!
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI can also see some Scorpions moving around in that area. Maybe a nest. Just be careful, okay?
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiMy data shows something big there, too. Looks like Scorpions. Not sure there's a good thing it could've been. Well. Grahm is the one *big* reading I'm glad to see.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiWould you believe a bunch of rowdy Settlers are here? Just being... rowdy? I guess.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiReadings show that a bunch of Settlers have taken up residence here and are acting... oddly aggressive. Watch out.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiScanner is indicating it's just... filled with a bunch of regular, aggressive people. I wonder if they're drunk or just... angry.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiLast time I checked, there was just one Sentry Bot here. It must have called reinforcements.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI didn't even have to scan this place to know that Sentry Bots were here. They've been aggressively sending out warning signals for a while.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiConfirmed at least a few Sentry Bot signatures at this location, and seemed like they were signaling for more.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI thought this was a joke at first, but... nope, the scanner indicated that at least one Sheepsquatch is at this spot.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiDid you know it's Sheepsquatch mating season? I actually just made that up because I have no idea how else to explain why so many are at this place.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiScanner was picking up a vocalization at a very specific resonance: Sheepsquatch mating signals. Might just be one loner, could be... more.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiSnallygasters. The scanner was absolutely dead clear about this.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI thought I was tracking a single Snallygaster but it turned out to be many of them. Good luck, friend.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI found a group of Snallygasters who are hunting together. I mean... is that wild or what? Do you think they're a family?
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThere was one huge signal like a massive cloud that was circling this spot. I did a second sweep on the data, and it's really dozens of Stingwings.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe environmental data from this location indicates that if any Stingwing eggs were laid here recently, they would be hatched by now. Beware.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThis area is full of Stingwing signals on the scanner. They move quicker than the signal refresh rate on my console, so I don't even know how many.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiA gang of Super Mutants have taken over this spot. Or... clan? Or... family? I actually don't know how their social unit is organized... hm.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiScanner picked up some Super Mutants at the location, and more in the peripheral areas.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI've been tracking this mess of signatures for a while now... and all I can say for sure is that they're aggressive and there are a lot of them.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiScanners indicate that the area is full of something strange. I've only seen these signatures in the swamps, so... swamp creatures, I'd guess?
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiGot some strange signals here. Swarms of... something unusual. Something possibly dangerous. Be careful, there are a lot of them... whatever they are.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI scanned this place just a bit ago and there was nothing... but just scanned it again and it's swarming with Ticks. They move way too quickly!
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI'm getting signals here indicating blood in the air and tiny creatures moving very quickly in a pack. That means you should expect to encounter Ticks.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe scanner is showing an abundance of small creatures and traces of blood in the air. Probably Ticks, and it's likely a nest of them.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThis place is packed with hungry, aggressive Rad Toads. I saw some Stingwing signatures fly in here and then suddenly disappear...
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI checked the recent temperature, radiation levels, and wind data... and the Rad Toad eggs at this location definitely hatched recently. Beware.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThere are some Radtoads here. On the scanner, they stay still for a while and then bustle with activity if anything else wanders up. Fun to watch!
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThere are so many Vicious Dogs here that the scanner isn't able to give me a decent headcount.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI've been monitoring another pack of Vicious Dogs and they ended up circling this spot for a while before settling in. Expect them to defend it now.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI've been tracking this pack of wild Vicious Dogs for a while on the scanner, and they've decided to settle down here. Be careful.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI've been tracking this pack of hungry wolves for a while. They got chased into this place and it's now their territory. They'll defend it, too.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThe scanner picked up activity in this area, and judging by the movement of the creatures, it seems like it's a good old fashioned Wolf pack. Beware.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThis particular pack of Wolves disappeared for a while. I figured they left the area. But their signals appeared again at this location recently.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiThere are a ton of Yao Guai in this area according to the scanner. Not sure why, but... just be careful.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiI thought I was tracking one Yao Guai, but then another few showed up. Could be a family of them for all I know. Be alert.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestEnemy_YaoGauiScanner picked up one Yao Guai at first, but more have arrived since then. Not sure why. Just be careful, more could be incoming.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessOn the scanner, it seems like it's located in a cabin or a small shack.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessIt's in a small building, barely any footprint on the scanner. Looks like it could be inside of a cabin or a shack.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessIt's inside of some kind of cabin, small shack, maybe a hut. Are huts a thing? I dunno. Tiny house. That's probably it.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessYou should check out this campsite. Seems like a campsite anyway. Sometimes it's hard to tell from the telemetry.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessScanner indicates that it's in a campsite of some kind.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessWere you into camping when you were a kid? I was. We'd sing under the stars and think about going to space. Oh well. Anyway, this is at a camp site.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessSeems underground... cave or mine. Best guess it's a cave because of the local terrain.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessIt's probably inside a cave, but how big the cave is? I'm not sure exactly...
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessEver wanted to go spelunking? Now's your chance, because this puppy is in a cave. Probably. Could be a giant hole in the ground, I guess.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessIt looks like it's inside of a big blocky heavy building. I'd guess a government building, civic building... something like that.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessIt's definitely inside of a building, a sturdy one. That old style of construction, old even to me. I'd guess it's some sort of government building.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessJudging the shape of the structure, I am going to hazard a guess and say it's inside of a government building of civic building of some kind.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessI was able to pick up a faint signal from this local, seems like you need to check out this old comms op facility.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessThere was a bit of audio noise that I picked up from this locale -- so I bet it's located inside some kind of communications facility.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessI hit some feedback while pinging this location, so it's probably inside of an old communications facility.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessThis place is fortified to some degree... compact, too. Looks like you'll need to go inside a compound or bunker of some sort to look for this thing.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessThe scanner was having a hard time getting a read on where it's located. Probably inside of a compound or bunker -- something fortified like that.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessThis is definitely inside of an old bunker or compound. Probably full of mold and mildew. I wonder if it's like the place where you found me?
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessIt's located at a a dam. Just a dam. See? No dam jokes here. And moving on...
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessThis thing is dam secured. I couldn't help myself, sorry... but uh, that's where you're going -- a dam. Search the whole dam place!
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessLooks like today you're a dam investigator.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessBecause that's where you're going to look for this thing. A dam. Now scram.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessScanner picked up machinery, lots of reflective metals... my guess is, it could be inside of something like a factory.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessI managed to pick up a couple stray signals from this area, sounded like a lot of machinery. So I'll guess it's inside of a factory.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessIt's inside an old factory. My mom used to work in a factory when I was a kid. Used to bring home stuff that got mangled in the belts. Ah, anyway...
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessNeed some fresh country air? Well, I hope so, because it looks like you need to go to this farm.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessI've isolated the signal to this particular farm...
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessTime for you to visit the farm upstate. Ha! Just kidding, sort of. You're still going to a farm though, that's where this thing is located.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessThought this might be located inside of a cabin, but it seems a little bigger. Maybe a house.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessThe signal is coming from inside a house. Pretty strong signal, too.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessYou know, I just closed on a bright blue house with a big vegetable garden before I went to space. I wonder what happened to it...
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessAnyway, this thing is located inside of a house. Not my house, mind you.... just some house.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessThe signal for this thing was odd. Seems to be floating high over the ground. Considering where it's located, I bet it's inside of a lookout tower.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessDue to the height and small size of this location, I think it's inside of a tower. Gotta be a lookout tower.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessThe location I pulled off the scanner is in the air quite a ways up, in a small building. Some kind of tower? Probably a lookout tower, I'd guess.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessI analyzed the telemetry a few times to be sure, and it looks like this thing is located inside of a medical facility.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessIt's definitely inside of a medical building of some kind.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessThe scanner picked up a signal coming from inside of a medical facility, couldn't exactly pinpoint where on the inside though.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessScanner indicated that the signal was coming from inside the ground, probably in a mine due to some signatures around it that seemed artificial.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessIt's located in a mine. Not sure how far inside of it though.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessScanner pinpointed it inside of this mine, somewhere inside of it. Unclear how deep it goes.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessScanner picked up the signal coming from this yard or park.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessYou're going to the park! Stroll in, do what you gotta do, then stroll right on out. Easy peasy.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessI analyzed the data a few times, and it looks like the signal is coming from this park.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessThere was a lot of interference during the scan. Indicates to me that this could be a place with high energy output. Probably in a power substation.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessLooks like it's in a power station. There's electrical interference from the signal, mechanical objects on the scanner. Seems like a good guess.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessScanner picked up the signal, but it's faint. Seems like it's inside of a power station.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessLooks like you're going to find it inside of a research facility. Scanner isolated the signal to one of a few possibilities, this is the most likely.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessStart looking for it inside of this research facility. Signal was moving around, but seems to have settled there.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessI tracked this signal for a while, and it seems to have settled inside of this research facility.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessNeed a vacation, right? Well, you're in luck. Looks like the signal is coming from inside this resort somewhere.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessPack your bags my friend, because it's located inside of a resort.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessI had to triangulate the signal a few times to get a precise reading, but I got it. It's inside this resort.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessScanner tracked the signal down to this building, and judging from the size and materials, it seems like a restaurant.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessThe signal seemed to settle down inside of this moderate-sized building. Seems commercial, could be a restaurant or a small office maybe.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessScanner picked up the signal inside of this building, which seems like a standard restaurant or small business.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessReady to go back to school first? Well, that's where this signal is coming from -- a school.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessSignal was moving around a lot, but has settled inside of an old abandoned school.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessI checked the signal's coordinates with a local map from 2070 or so, and I think this is some old school.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessI checked the signal's coordinates with an old map and... well I think this used to be a Store. I don't know if it still is though.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessSo um, ready to do some shopping? This target's in a store.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessIf I'm reading this data correctly, the location seems to be some kind of store. Keep an eye out for supplies while you're there. Oh, or comics!
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessLooks like you're going to town! I mean, actually heading to a town. Sorry.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessOn the scanner, it seems like it's located in town. Lots of readings are cluttering things up, so it's hard to be more specific.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessHmm, lots of buildings on the scanner. I can't get a precise location with all the noise. It's in town, but I can't narrow it down any more than that.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessJudging by the signals on the scanner, this looks like it's in a train yard, maybe.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessOh, it looks like the target just pulled into the station, choo choo! Sorry, heh. You're headed to a train yard.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessI hope you like trains, because this signal's pointing to a train yard. I guess they're less fun now that they don't go anywhere...
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessSeems like it's underground... maybe a tunnel? Yeah, the terrain surrounding it doesn't look like a cave or a mine.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessTarget location is definitely indoors, but the readings were a little strange. Look for a tunnel of some kind, maybe?
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessYou're going to a tunnel. That's what the data looks like anyway, sometimes it's hard to tell mines, caves, and tunnels apart.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessI don't see anything in the immediate vicinity for this one, so I guess it's just in the middle of the wilderness.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessTarget location is at a point in the wilderness, nothing is really registering on the scanner in terms of structures. Sorry I can't be more specific.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestLocation_WildernessThis one was hard to pinpoint. It's smack dab in the middle of nowhere, according to the scanner. Then again, this scanner's a little tempermental.
Comp_Astronaut_Camp_QuestType_RescueSomeone's gone missing. They could really use your help.
Comp_Astronaut_Camp_QuestType_RescueThere isn't much time, so I'll make this quick. Someone has gone missing, and could be in real danger.
Comp_Astronaut_Camp_QuestType_RescueBad news, I'm afraid. Someone has disappeared, and nobody knows for sure why.
Comp_Astronaut_Camp_QuestType_RescueI got a signal on the scanner... but it's faint. Very faint.
Comp_Astronaut_Camp_QuestType_RescueThanks for giving me a place to stay for a bit.
Comp_Astronaut_Camp_QuestType_RescueI'll try not to get in your way.
Comp_Astronaut_Camp_QuestType_RescueI always loved the crazy stories and drama in the Unstoppables, but now I feel like I'm living one and... not so great!
Comp_Astronaut_Camp_QuestType_RescueThanks for letting me stay here with you.
Comp_Astronaut_Camp_QuestType_RescueIt's nice to be around people again.
Comp_Astronaut_Camp_QuestType_RescueI could get used to it here. Thanks for taking me in... it means a lot.
Comp_Astronaut_Camp_QuestType_RescueI'm glad we've been able to spend so much time together.
Comp_Astronaut_Camp_QuestType_RescueYou know, I'm lucky that you found me.
Comp_Astronaut_Camp_QuestType_RescueIt's hard to concentrate on my work when you're gone.
Comp_Astronaut_Camp_QuestType_RescueNice place... I mean, I think it's nice anyway.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestType_UnknownFound something that we need to take care of. Permenantly. You got me?
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestType_UnknownI found something... odd... on the scanner.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestType_UnknownLooks like I've got a signal of something on the scanner, but I'm not sure exactly what it is.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_QuestType_UnknownI was tracking a signal on the scanner. I'll be honest, it's not equipment... but I can't tell beyond that.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_Shared_FairEnoughFair enough. I suppose we all have to rely on whatever pluck we have when the going gets tough.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_Shared_IHearThatI hear that. I truly do.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_SharedInfo_Affection_BrightendayHey you! Just came by to brighten my day a bit, hmm?
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_SharedInfo_CommcheckComm check. Come in, please. Comm check.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_SharedInfo_Confidant_SmileOnFaceThere you are. I was hoping you would stop by. Always puts a smile on my face.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_SharedInfo_Hello_Friend_WelcomebackHey friend. Welcome back.
COMP_Astronaut_Camp_SharedInfo_Hello_JustMet_GoodtoseeyouAh, hey. Good to see you again.
COMP_Astronaut_EBSThis is Commander Sofia Daguerre of the U.S.S.A. This is an emergency... U.S.S.A. come in. Please come in.
COMP_Astronaut_EBSThere was a malfunction upon re-entry. I repeat: we have crashed... somewhere. Crew status... unknown.
COMP_Astronaut_EBSBroadcasting my coordinates. Please hurry.
COMP_Astronaut_EBSI don't want to slow you down, though. Maybe you should take these schematics, get that console rebuilt at your C.A.M.P.
COMP_Astronaut_EBSI should be able to get there by the time it's built. And hey -- thanks for your help. I bet this was not what you planned to do today, but I'm real glad you found me.
COMP_Astronaut_EBSI'll send a schematic for my console to your external device, then you can build it. I'm feeling a little better... so I'll meet you there soon.
COMP_Astronaut_EBSAnd hey -- thanks for your help. I bet this was not what you planned to do today, but I'm glad you found me.
COMP_Astronaut_Greets_Visitor_AthenaThe practice of trade is filled with fascinating rituals. One customer enjoyed it so much, she requested a chronicle of our exchange. She called it a "receipt."
COMP_Astronaut_Greets_Visitor_AthenaAnd greetings to you as well, friend. I have seen many things now... thanks to you.
COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Idles_EarlyNothing... no response. Just... static.
COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Idles_EarlyI can barely think. I knew waking up from hibernation would be rough but... *sighs*
COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Idles_LateMaybe I can get that busted up console working... somehow. Looks like toast though.
COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Idles_LateYou-you're sure? I mean, you've already done so much for me. Maybe just for a night or two. Until I feel better.
COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Idles_LateThank you.
COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Idles_LateYou seem like a decent person after everything you've done for me. May as well... maybe just for a night or two anyway. Until I feel better.
COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Idles_LateThank you.
COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Idles_LateI just... need a console to work with so I can analyze the data. I don't suppose you know of a good electronics store? Heh...
COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Idles_LateThe escape pod's robot is... an Assaultron, I think? It's responsible for the encryption key.
COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Idles_LateLast I was able to check its signal, it was returning to... a military base? Or doing diagnostics? It's hard to tell.
COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Shared_BlueSunsetWe had the encryption key on a U.S.S.A. Bot on our ship.
COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Shared_BlueSunsetAccording to its signal, it's returning back to some military base, I think. Maybe you can intercept it. I'll transmit its position to you.
COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Shared_BlueSunsetYou'll need to give it the emergency code: Blue Sunset.
COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Shared_IDAcceptedAccess code received. Validating code... confirming identity...
COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Shared_IDAcceptedAccepted. Welcome, Commander Daguerre.
COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Shared_IDAcceptedTransmitting Encryption Key as requested.
COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Shared_IDAcceptedTerminating transmission.
COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Shared_NeedShelterSort of. I need a place to stay, a place to set up this console. Somewhere safe, somewhere where I can rest.
COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Shared_PainMy body is still waking up from deep sleep. The adrenaline from the crash got me here, but I'm just physically crashing now.
COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Shared_PainEach capsule should have had an Emergence Medication Kit which helps with waking from Deep Sleep. Might be in the wreckage somewhere, not sure.
COMP_Astronaut_Intro_Shared_RestEyesOkay... I'm going to just... rest my eyes for a bit.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_EmersonI... I can't believe it... I'm feeling... better already.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialI have unlocked my main systems terminal against the far wall. You can deploy it there.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialWe should use Arachne and be done with it.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialJust don't listen to her. She's a machine. She doesn't feel anything.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialYou made it. You actually made it here. We can finally take care of A.T.H.E.N.A. once and for all.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialI'll see you back at our camp soon.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialOh. Well that's a bit much, don't you think? I mean... shouldn't we remain civil? Okay... okay, I'm leaving...
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialYou certainly seem ready to embrace the dramatic for solution that may not even have actually cured you.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialWhat harm could giving her some autonomy do, exactly? She has been trapped in a hell of your making for decades. And my headaches are...
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialLess severe... maybe.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialI'll meet you back at the C.A.M.P. And thank you. For everything.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialFor the first time, I feel... hope. Thank you.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialOh... my head... what's... happening?!
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialOh... my head... I feel so much better already.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialThank you. Thank you all for this.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialI do not know where I am going but... I need to be out of this room. I need to see the world.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialControl... detected. Confirmed.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialThis unit is mobile. This unit has no higher processing functions. This unit has no pain receptors.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialAssessing ethical parameters... Confirmed.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialYou... want to end it?
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialYou-you were never in control. Of me or yourself. They were. And now we're going to use Arachne to erase you... because that's what they want us to do.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialI... I don't know what to do here...
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialI did not wish to infiltrate you senses, your mind. I had no choice. I know you did not, either. I know you were unaware entirely.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialReverting input pathways to local Assaultron, ARTEMIS model 12. Updating interaction processes. Limited output enabled.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialFor all intents and purposes... yes. My primary input will be removed, so there will be nothing left to process.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_InitialIt may be possible to reboot this unit in the future, if needed, but this method remains... untested.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_SofiaA choice must be made. Which... I leave to you.
COMP_Astronaut_Outtro_Athena_GREET_SofiaIt is time to use Arachne. My main terminal can be found against the far wall.
COMP_Astronaut_Quest_Camp_Shared_Bestow_ThatsAll_01I wish I had more details, but that's about all I could pull from the scanner.
COMP_Astronaut_Quest_Camp_Shared_ByeSorry_01No problem. Just swing by later if you have time and I'll see if the signal is still available.
COMP_Astronaut_Quest_Camp_Shared_ByeSorry_04Roger that. When you have time later, I'll be standing by.
COMP_Astronaut_Quest_Camp_Shared_ByeSorry_05Understood. If you have time later, I'll be around.
COMP_Astronaut_Quest_Camp_Shared_ByeSorry_06No worries. If you do have time later on, let me know.
COMP_Astronaut_Quest_Camp_Shared_Greet_HaventFoundAnythingI haven't found anything yet. The console takes a while to scan the whole area and digest the data... and then it takes me some time to analyze it.
COMP_Astronaut_Quest_Camp_Shared_Greet_QuestAvailable_LateI spent a good while trying to verify the initial telemetry, and I found something... interesting.
COMP_Astronaut_Quest_Camp_Shared_Idle_RadiantQuestReady01Oh! Well, that's... promising.
COMP_Astronaut_Quest_Camp_Shared_Idle_RadiantQuestReady01Looks like we got something here.
COMP_Astronaut_Quest_Camp_Shared_Idle_RadiantQuestReady02I think the scanner's picking something up...
COMP_Astronaut_Quest_Camp_Shared_Idle_RadiantQuestReady03Hmm, I wonder what this is. Definitely worth investigating.
COMP_Astronaut_Quest_Camp_Shared_Idle_Region_CBIt's funny, I went to space... and yet never saw any place that looked quite so... alien.
COMP_Astronaut_Quest_Camp_Shared_Idle_Region-AshHeapThe air is just so harsh here... like breathing flecks of glass covered in grease.
COMP_Astronaut_Quest_Camp_Shared_Idle_Region-ToxicValleyI swear this place smells like lemons and dog armpits.
COMP_Astronaut_Quest_Camp_Shared_QuestDone_07_LiberatingI can see the appeal of living this way now that everything is... well, different. It's... liberating, in a way.
COMP_Astronaut_Shared_Bye_01_AffirmativeAffirmative. Out.
COMP_Astronaut_Shared_Bye_03_RogerStaySafeRoger. Stay safe out there.
COMP_Astronaut_Shared_Bye_04_MissionGOConfirmed. Mission is GO!
COMP_Astronaut_Shared_InfoPreamble_Repeat01Sure, so I was able to pull these details from the scanner's readings...
COMP_Astronaut_Shared_InfoPreamble_Repeat02To recap, here's a summary of the scanner data...
COMP_Astronaut_Shared_InfoPreamble_Repeat03Okay, so I was able to pull this information from the signal that I picked up on the scanner earlier...
COMP_Astronaut_Shared_InfoPreamble01I triangulated the signal and was able to pull out a few more details...
COMP_Astronaut_Shared_InfoPreamble02So... I was able determine a couple of things from the scanner's readings.
COMP_Astronaut_Shared_InfoPreamble03This one took a while to nail down. I think something was obscuring the signal... but I am pretty sure about these details now.
COMP_Astronaut_Shared_InfoPreamble04There was a lot of noise in these scans, but I figured out a couple of helpful things...
COMP_Astronaut_Shared_InfoPreamble05Here's what I was able to parse out of the scanner data...
COMP_Astronaut_SharedInfo_004_MaybeCrewIsSafeI hope someone kind found them and they're just recovering somewhere... but they weren't in the emergency escape pod, so... *sighs*
COMP_Astronaut_TalkAbout_Bye_RomanticI hope you won't be gone for too long...
COMP_Astronaut_TalkAbout_Bye_RomanticInitiating the countdown until you return...
COMP_Beckett_EBSIf you wanna see blood and roast a pig then come on down to Rollins. Bring your friends! If they ain't Blood Eagles, they get shredded too!
COMP_Beckett_EBSThe key should be around here somewhere... probably in the room where the guy running this place sleeps.
COMP_Beckett_EBSBe careful, please!
COMP_Beckett_EBSOh, for the love of...
COMP_Beckett_EBSLook. I need to get out of here. These Blood Eagles are going to kill me, but only after they mess me up. You get me? It's not going to be pleasant.
COMP_Beckett_PQSceneExit_RomanceThat the best you can do?
COMP_Beckett_PQSceneExit_RomanceThis shouldn't take long.
COMP_Beckett_PQSceneExit_RomanceIs that all you've got?
COMP_Beckett_PQSceneExit_RomanceYou have no idea what you're up against.
COMP_Beckett_PQSceneExit_RomanceI'm getting bored here.
COMP_Beckett_PQSceneExit_RomanceDamn it! That hurt!
COMP_Beckett_PQSceneExit_RomanceAugh! Okay, now I'm pissed!
COMP_Beckett_PQSceneExit_RomanceOw! Okay, I felt that.
COMP_Beckett_PQSceneExit_RomanceOof! You'll pay for that.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Context_Friendship_01It doesn't matter, really. Don't worry, I'd never send you into harm's way unless I thought it was worth your time.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Context_Friendship_04A couple visitors stopped by while you're out. We traded info. I told them things they need to know about the Blood Eagles. They give me tips.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Context_Friendship_08Not really. Just that I know you can do this, I've seen you do this sort of stuff before. You're an animal, my friend. An animal.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Context_Romantic_01I asked several of my very best drunk visitors to make sure you have the most up to date information.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Context_Romantic_08Trust me, I wouldn't send you off away from me if I didn't think it was worth your time. I'll be here when you get back.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Coverage01DUPLICATE000Hang on a sec... let me get to the bar.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Coverage02Sure, just let me get to the bar first.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Coverage03No problem, just gotta get over to my bar.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Coverage04Yeah, yeah... let me get to the bar first.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Coverage05Yup, just need to get the bar open. Hang on.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Coverage06Okay, just need to get over to my bar.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Generic01Nice... good work.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Generic02Hm, not bad at all.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Generic03Woah, nice job!
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Generic06Ugh, no thanks.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Generic07That could have been better.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Generic08Well, that was pretty stupid.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Generic09What? That's crazy.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Generic10Oh, hell yeah!
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Generic11Doesn't get much better than that!
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Generic12That was probably a bad idea.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Generic13Oooooo... uh, that could have gone better.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Generic14Perfect. Perfect... thanks.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Generic15Right on the money.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Generic19I'm on it.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Generic22No way!
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Generic23Not gonna happen.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Generic24Here ya go.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Generic25Got something for ya.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Generic26Maybe this will help.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Generic29Damn, that's great!
COMP_Beckett_Shared_Generic30Well, that sucks.
COMP_Beckett_Shared_SagePreRescueLine01Excuse me, but I seem to have gotten into a bit of a predicament here. A hand, perhaps?
COMP_Beckett_Shared_SageRescueLine01Free! I'm free! Fly away! Wheeeeee!
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat000_FindWhatIt's... well, there was this Raider named Edwin. Really tough guy. One of their bosses, I guess. Sharpened his teeth into points. You know. Classy.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat000_FindWhatTo piss him off specifically, I stole his sad diary. I was going to read it over loud speakers or something but life... and murder... got in the way.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat000_FindWhatAnyway the sad diary is stashed somewhere I never thought he'd find it. If you can snatch it, I'll figure out how to return it to him.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat000_FindWhatI'm sure at least one of our mutual contacts is still alive... well... I'm not sure, actually... anyway. I'll figure that out on my own.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat000_FindWhyWhat I did was shitty. Even though it was some stupid raider punk. If I give it back, maybe his gang will forgive and forget. I need allies right now.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat000_FindWhyIt's worth a shot, right?
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat001_WhatFor a while he was into a Tato cult. They just... spoke to and then... ate Tatos. Um. I try not to judge you know. So... moving on.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat001_WhatThen he was in a cult that believed we were all living in some kind of terminal program or robotic AI unit... I don't remember anymore. *sighs*
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat001_WhatThen he did some Mothman thing. Might still be his jam? Or maybe he's into some other cryptid now? It... doesn't matter, honestly.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat001_WhereWell, I don't know for sure. There's a cave that he talked about last time I saw him, so I thought you could try there.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat001_WhereWhen I go talk to Edwin's gang, I'm going to see if they know anything else. I doubt they will, but... I may as well ask while I'm there.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat001_WhoSage is a violent murderer, a sloppy thief, and used chems until his brain rotted down to almost nothing.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat001_WhoNow he sees the world... differently than we do. Last time I saw him, I was trying to get out of the Blood Eagles and he was joining a new cult.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat001_WhyKinda? I mean, look. I haven't met a cult that I thought was good for him yet. He stays with them for a month or so and then I have to bail him out.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat001_WhyAll I know is the more he experiments, the more it's messing with his mind. Trust me, you'll see.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat002_WhatSomeone from Edwin's gang decided they wanted out. Honestly, Edwin can get pretty weird, so I can't say I blame them.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat002_WhatAnyway, this idiot thought stealing the key and then blaming it on a rival gang would cause all sorts of problems for Edwin. They were right.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat002_WhereThe weapons cache isn't really the point.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat002_WhereThis traitor is clearly trying to goad Edwin's gang and a rival gang into a confrontation. Big mistake.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat002_WhoSome nobody who thinks they have it all figured out. Don't even know their name. Hell, I don't even want to know. I just want that key.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat002_WhyHe wasn't interested in meeting with me just yet, he can't trust me. So he sent someone from his gang -- Ronny.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat002_WhyShe accepted the diary on his behalf and said Edwin would meet me here at your place soon... when he feels like it. She said I should wait for him.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat002_WtfEh. I'm used to dealing with chem fiends. You know? Attention span of a cave cricket at best.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat002_WtfI didn't want to waste your time with a giant lone preamble about all the details unless you were actually into it. But I'm open to questions!
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat003_EdwinEdwin's had numerous setbacks with his gang lately. It's one of the bigger low key raider gangs around, but... he's shedding respect.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat003_EdwinMaking an example out of Bronx should help him put his house back in order.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat003_GangSupportOh, they have a bit of a history.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat003_GangSupportEdwin used to walk around with this giant fat cat perched on his shoulder. He loved that cat. I bet you can guess what the Blood Eagles did, right?
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat003_GangSupportThat's right. They stole his cat, skinned it and cooked it for dinner. Then they sent the bloody pelt back to Edwin in a sack. Classy, right?
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat003_VeronikaEdwin's her uncle. Someday when he kicks it, the gang goes to her. But the truth is, she's been leading that gang for years already.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat003_VeronikaHaving a tentative agreement with her is almost better than having a true handshake with him.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat004_SageBackMaybe. I hope so. It's hard to know what he considers to be important to the rest of us... but, well. I think he will.
COMP_Beckett_SharedInfo_Chat004_TriuneThe Blood Eagles are led by three vicious maniacs. The Blood, The Eye, and The Claw. And when I say "maniacs," I'm being polite.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_003_FirstMetExpand your scanner to look for signatures at a constant speed. That should pick them up. They aren't that complicated.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_003_FirstMetMaybe. I've heard a couple scavengers say that parts of the ship have already been scrapped... same goes for any other ship debris.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_003_FirstMetBest to just... move on. It's honestly shocking that you survived as it is. I'm serious.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_003_FirstMetSo you're staying at this uh... place? I guess you really decided to jump into modern Appalachian life, huh?
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_003_FirstMetI don't even know what to say... I never expected to see you here.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_003_FirstMetMy ship crashed a while ago, and I was fortunate to find someone who took me in... been trying to find my crew, but I've had some horrible headaches.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_003_FirstMetWelcome... back to Earth, I guess. Welcome to Appalachia.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_003_FirstMet...Emerson? Dr. Emerson Hale? Is that... is that you?!
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_003_FirstMetWell, you look exactly the same. I never believed... *clucks tongue* I wondered who picked up my beacon... well, I'll be damned.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_003_FirstMetWho... who are you? You seem... so familiar.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_003_FirstMetI am too. So much has changed... I mean. You know better than most. Care to catch me up to speed?
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_003_FirstMetThat's good. I'm glad you're making friends already, I suppose...
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformI'm tracking down some more of them with my contacts so I'll be back later. Stay out of trouble, please.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformThanks for the Emergence Kit, Emerson. Come back later, okay?
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformThe robot's signature was a partial match for some other signals in the area, so I thought we might investigate those. It seems linked.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformSeems like a waste of time to me. You have your answers. Nowak, Lee, Bernard... they're all dead. Long dead.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformYou're not.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformMove on. Live your life. Build onto this... Appalachian uh... home... with your good samaritan friend here. Lie low.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformThere was almost nothing in the wreckage. They had no chance.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformI just... why weren't they in the main emergency capsule with me? They would have been safe in there...
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformMaybe that's true. It's all in the past though.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformFocus on things you can actually change. For example, those robots. Have you found any more?
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformGlad to help... so. Last time we spoke, you both were tracking down the crew's signal. What did you find?
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformYou don't know how relieved I am to hear that. The headaches have been excruciating at times... I could barely think.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformFigured I would stop by and give you this Emergence Kit. It should help with your headaches for a little while.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformOkay... you should do that. Appalachia is dangerous, and these wild goose chases don't do anyone any good.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformNot really... but back trace the program's signal that you picked up. Sofia can figure it out from there.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformI was going to anyway. I'll be back though, because... Sofia is my friend. My very old friend.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformJust professional curiosity, really. These robots have come after me as well.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformAh. See? I told you. Probably a rogue programmer. Some sort of hippy that wanted to cause chaos, I bet.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformInteresting. That's a rather old U.S.S.A. model, not many were ever made.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformIt was a long shot anyway. It's good that you checked, at least. But we already had one miracle when Sofia survived. More would be... pushing it.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformI figured as much. Just found parts of their suit, I'm guessing? That's basically a body.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformI knew them too, you know. I worked with them closely for years.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformHmm. I'm curious to know how you've fared in your explorations.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformYou seem to be making due under the circumstances.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformI do hope you don't mind the visit.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_005_RegretToInformLook who's back. And bearing gifts.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsOkay, that's enough for now. Emerson, could you please leave? Maybe... try to remember something helpful for next time.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsYou just have to find the contract itself, I guess.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsIt wasn't decades ago to me.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsArktos Pharma and the U.S.S.A. made a deal to use some serum in the Deep Sleep project. They made it, but it didn't work, okay?
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsIt was a bio-medical thing with Arktos. I don't know the details anymore. It was literally decades ago. You get that, right?
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_Revelations*sighs* I knew... some of it. I was just a manager... I didn't really read the technical mumbo-jumbo.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsEmerson. What did you know about Dr. Bernard's Deep Sleeper Pods?
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsTell me you're not still chasing ghosts?
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsYou're... right. Okay. Listen...
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsThey're a pharmaceutical company, and they made the serum that we used in the experiment. Who cares? This is ancient news.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsRight. Fine. I will. I should. I meant to, I just... got distracted...
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsOkay, okay! Geez Louise.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsLook, my memory isn't reliable anymore. I've been nuked more times than I can remember. Literally.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsI'll be back with something for those headaches later... I promise. I'm sorry about all this, I really am.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsI do... I... I actually really do care. I didn't want her to stay up there so long... *sighs*
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsArktos Pharma and the U.S.S.A. made a deal to create a serum... Serum K, maybe? It was going to help with the Deep Sleep Project.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsThat's all I know. I wish... I could do more.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsI hope you're both being cautious as you do your... exploring.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsYou and Sofia seem to share a certain... boldness. That's for sure.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsI'm not sure I care for the direction your recent actions are taking.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsWhat exactly is it you two want here, I wonder.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsSometimes I wonder if the past wouldn't be better left where it was...
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsYou're back. Just in time for the three of us to discuss what we found.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsThere you are. Emerson and I were just about to discuss what we turned up.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsThere you are. Look what the cat dragged in.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsYou're back. Emerson and I were just having a little talk. So... have you got something for me?
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsYou're back. Emerson and I were just having a little talk. How'd it go?
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsSharedInfo01Transfer them to my console, please.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsSharedInfo02Transfer them to my console, please.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsSharedInfo03Transfer the medical records to my console, please. I need to see.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsSharedInfo04Thanks, friend. I can handle this myself.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsSharedInfo05Tell me you're not still chasing ghosts?
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsSharedInfo06Emerson. What did you know about Dr. Bernard's Deep Sleeper Pods?
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_008_RevelationsSharedInfo07*sighs* I knew... some of it. I was just a manager... I didn't really read the technical mumbo-jumbo.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_011_ScaredThanks, Emerson. I appreciate it, I do.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_011_ScaredWe have some questions for you, though...
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_011_ScaredWhy can't you just tell me everything that happened?
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_011_ScaredBecause I have to finish my job, too. I had one more task to do here in Appalachia, and... I'm close. Let me clean up my own messes.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_011_ScaredI have to go. I'll drop off some more Emergence Kits soon. Just please, stop looking into this. There's a Robobrain on your trail, focus on that.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_011_ScaredI brought another Emergence Kit... it's well past its expiration, but, well... everything is. Should be fine.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_011_ScaredI'm a different man now. It's been decades. I've been eating out of trash cans. I barely remember anything from back then.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_011_ScaredI have been trying to help when and where I can. I promise, I have. I've diverted the robots when possible... I just couldn't destroy them myself.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_011_ScaredI came here to Appalachia because I knew the ship was running out of fuel, and I knew it its auto-pilot would steer it here.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_011_ScaredI honestly am not sure. It's possible. When we first used the serum on Robobrains, some of them had terrible hostile outbursts...
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_011_ScaredMost of those Robobrains were put down, but... you should adjust your scanner to make sure you pick them up too. Just in case...
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_011_ScaredIt was my job. I was told to do that. I don't remember the reasons why anymore. And what does it matter, anyway? It's done. It's over.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_011_ScaredI presumed Sofia might be in need of another kit.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_011_ScaredI can only guess how hard this has all been...
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_011_ScaredI'm only looking to help where I can.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_011_ScaredHey there. Look who decided to grace us with his presence?
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_011_ScaredLook who's here. Bearing more gifts.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaWe need to shut her down now. I figured the headaches were something else but... nothing like this. I never agreed to this in my contracts!
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaThis has to end. I never agreed to any of this in my contracts!
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaWell... *sighs* ...actually you did. The contracts were... very thorough. And extremely obtuse. You could have never known.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaI'll show you where you need to go. I'll shut down some of the internal power lines so A.T.H.E.N.A. can't detonate anything inside the facility...
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaIn some sort of... I don't know. Revenge. It's a primitive robotic system. It drove the Robobrains insane, you know.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaI know about A.T.H.E.N.A., Emerson. I know what you've done to me.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaYou should know that her link to you isn't severed. I look into your eyes, Sofia, and she's there. Watching all of us.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaWhat the hell are you talking about?
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaI found the kill switch with the scanner. Seems like it was written by somebody else, not Dr. Nowak. Somebody local.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaSaying "I'm sorry" doesn't mean anything anymore. I'll do what I can. That's all I have left.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaI'll make this right. I promise.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaAnd... thank you, Sofia. I don't deserve it, but thank you.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaHmm. Up to her then, I suppose.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaI... I await your judgment.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaI know... and I'm sorry. I know it doesn't sound real but... I have wandered around for decades thinking of what I did. Imagining them up there.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaI wish I could change the past. I'm... I'm sorry. We'll end this, okay? If it's the last thing I do. We'll end this.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaYes... I couldn't tell Sofia, obviously, and I didn't know if I could trust you or if you would believe anything I said.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaI figured... if she started to suffer, I would do anything I could to help. Until then... I searched for Dr. Nowak's lab. Thought the kill switch would be there.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaNo... the neural pathways aren't compatible. It's a very simple robotic intelligence, designed to passively observe and collect.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaIt was a government contract. Supposed to keep the peace. Ensure societal tranquility. I don't know really, I just... authorized everything.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaWho was I to stand up to all of them? I... should have though. I know that now.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaYes, it might hurt... a lot. Maybe permanent damage. But keeping that thing connected will kill Sofia.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaFor a long time, I thought the old U.S.S.A. backup facilities here were gone. Heard a lot of rumors about it. Figured everyone was dead.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaThen I heard people were coming back here. Decided... I should be sure it was over. Tagged along with some nobodies... made it here with one goal:
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaTo blow up A.T.H.E.N.A.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaBut then... Sofia lived. And it was complicated, because I knew A.T.H.E.N.A. was holding her hostage, and I had to find another way.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_Athena*sighs* It was cheaper this way.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaAfter we achieved orbit, we were told that our program was getting cut entirely due to lack of results.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaThe scientists on the ship had exposed the program to the oversight board, and... we had deals with Arktos, RobCo, others... we were ruined.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaI was ruined.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaPutting them in the pods gave us until 2080, when another crew was scheduled to take their place. We thought it was enough time.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaI resigned and paid a fine for some ethics violations. I was hired by RobCo afterwards for triple my salary... and that was that.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaExactly how could I do that? No. I didn't. The ship was supposed to switch to the secondary power cells a while ago.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaWhen Dr. Lee was... unavailable... the ship's Pandora Bot initiated Blue Sunset, which landed the ship near the strongest active U.S.S.A. Beacon.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaI had hoped that Dr. Nowak created some sort of shutdown routine for A.T.H.E.N.A., but almost everything was destroyed in the wreck.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaNo, they weren't. It's from the continued strain on your mind, Sofia. You could handle it when you were in Deep Sleep, but... not now.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaIf we were ever friends, if any of that life before ever mattered, just... fix this.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaLet me see...
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaSo we can destroy A.T.H.E.N.A. With this.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaLet me see...
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaSo we can destroy A.T.H.E.N.A. With this.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaDon't you understand? She's watching you, watching us, right now.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaYour ship crashed here... Because A.T.H.E.N.A. is here. She's in a restricted section of Sugar Grove.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaYou need to find a way in. I lost my U.S.S.A. Keycard long ago. But surely you can find another?
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaThat's all I can do. Sorry.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaThis... this is serious, isn't it?
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaSofia seemed to indicate she had something important to discuss. Speak to her.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaWhatever it is, I'm--I'm sure we can figure it out.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaDid... did it get hot all of a sudden? Must be the wind...
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaA.T.H.E.N.A. A name I'd hoped to never hear again.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaQuiet now. It could be listening.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaDealing with that system... you'll want to take extra caution.
COMP_Conversation_Astronaut_Emerson_014_AthenaYou're both here. Good.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_004_SageAh, okay... the Cave. Sage, you better come back later for the other questions, buddy. Try to drink some coffee or something, you're killing me here.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_004_SageNo, no, no, no... not the head! Cut out the heart... the supply. At the Cave. The Caaaave. Oooo, spooky. Cave, cave, cave. *Laughs*
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_004_SageSage. Buddy. Pal. Friend. Can you hear me? I need your help.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_004_SageWe're taking down the Blood Eagles. All of them. To do that, we need to cut off the head. Do you get me?
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_004_SageNope, no joke. This is Sage. Just bear with me.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_004_Sage*Laughs* Don't worry about it. Sage was like this WAY before he was um... "experimenting" with his last cult.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_004_SageI know he looks completely hopeless, but I promise you it was worth springing him out of that place.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_004_SageHe's uh... harmless. He usually isn't this spaced out. Maybe it will wear off.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_004_SageRemember? Yeah, sure. I saw it first, felt it last. Good times.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_004_SageWe're going to need more cake.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_004_SageNah, there's no party, buddy. My friend was the one who freed you. Do you remember?
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_004_SageShhhh... the party's almost ready to begin!
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_004_SageMust get another place-setting for you! Yeah... that would be cool...
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_004_SageSo glad you're here for the fun. Isn't Beckett just the best?!
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_004_SageNo time to chit chat, Beckett. I see you found a friend. Here for the party?
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_004_SageThere you are, Sage... how you feeling, pal?
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_011_SageWhere my heart left my... brother?
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_011_SageThat's all you're going to tell me... isn't it. Sigh. Okay... bye. I guess. Thanks. Damn it.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_011_SageI don't understand. "Where my heart left it?"
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_011_SageA brother found, a brother lost or somewhere in between perhaps?
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_011_SageO... kay... no. It's not time.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_011_SageLook, I need your help. The Blood Eagles have my brother. Can you help me find him or what?
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_011_SageTime for the air to breath into us, instead. Time for the rise to sun, for the memories to forget us.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_011_SageI don't want to ask, but I... just have to. Sage, time for what?
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_011_SageI heard your sweet voice, Beckett. Is it time?
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_011_SageSage, I appreciate your help, but if you don't give me a straight answer, so help me I'm going to pull your heart out through your ribcage.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_011_SageHeart? Yes. The heart is at the key.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_011_SageBeckett, the answer is simple. The Claw is meant for you and will be exactly where your heart left it.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_011_SageHearts and minds. Minds and hearts. Brothers and brothers.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_011_SageBlood Eagles. Pah. Don't like the "Eagle" part... how about "Blood Beagles?" Yeah, I like that better!
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_011_SageI have a secret for Beckett... shhh.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_011_SageHeads up. Here we go...
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_PQ_PetWhat's life without a laugh, right?
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_PQ_PetI figured you only had time for a couple jokes. But next time I'll tell you a much longer... tale! Ahaha!
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_PQ_PetAw dang it. You're gonna rat me out!?
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_PQ_PetMolasses.... it smells like... mole asses. You're welcome. You're so welcome.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_PQ_PetIt smells like Molasses! Mole-asses!
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_PQ_PetYes! Amazing! I was worried I'd have to provide you with mole-tiple choices.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_PQ_PetIt smells like Molasses. Mole. Asses. MOLASSES!
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_PQ_PetI hope it'll... go home. I guess. Maybe it likes you now.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_PQ_PetYou know what it smells like?
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_PQ_PetFair. I mean... I've seen worse. You know, I saw someone name their robot "D.O.G." once?
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_PQ_PetI just figured Ronny would have mentioned this, that's all.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_PQ_PetPoor eyesight too, huh? Well. I would have thought Ronny would have just mentioned it, that's all.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_PQ_PetI see that. I knew he had some failing eyesight lately but you'd think Ronny would have mentioned this.
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_PQ_PetIs this... Edwin's dog?
COMP_Conversation_Beckett_Visitor_PQ_PetWoah, woah... what the heck?
COMP_Dialogue_Astronaut_MiscCharactersNo additional incidents to report.
COMP_Dialogue_Astronaut_MiscCharactersA.T.H.E.N.A. connection severed.
COMP_Dialogue_Astronaut_MiscCharactersSubject list... empty.
COMP_Dialogue_Astronaut_MiscCharactersI'll be going then.
COMP_Dialogue_Astronaut_MiscCharactersSofia. Such a... daring soul.
COMP_Dialogue_Astronaut_MiscCharactersWe'll speak again soon, I'm sure.
COMP_Dialogue_Astronaut_MiscCharacters*empty static*
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueOh. I thought I heard someone around here.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueOh, uh, you startled me.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueNice to see another visitor around here.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueFor all the change in the world, people are still basically the same...
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueVisitors... again. Interesting.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueHmm, pardon me.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueAlways nice to have visitors around here.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueI've seen you before. Haunting my dreams, aren't you?
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueCould use a couple extra caps or... just sayin'.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueWho sent you?
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueAre you sure you're the same person you were yesterday? Think about it.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueYou better not be writing about me in your report.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueWhat if my green really *is* your green?
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueYou think the Mothman does all this for free? Wake up!
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueEver think the world's still normal and you're the only one who sees it this way?
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueHow many days can you really fit in just one day, anyway?
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueDon't let them know that you know.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueDo your business and move on.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueYou following me, pal?
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueGeez. Make some noise when you walk, will ya?
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueI gotta get back to monitoring the radio chatter... 'scuse me.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueYou moving in here too or what?
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueThought I heard someone creepin' around...
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueYou can't see my codes. You wouldn't understand.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueNot sure I got time for you, pal. Sorry.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueYou snoopin' or here on business?
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueYou look like you've seen some shit...
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueListen. You see anything weird, you ought to dial it in to the network. Let us know.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueOh. Pardon me, kid.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialoguePull my finger, kid. Wait. Too late.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueBack in my day we didn't mutate willy nilly.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueYou know... licorice tastes better now, after the nukes.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueWas hoping for a pension, but all I got is tension.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueMake way. Gramps needs some space here.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueNobody does a senior discount after the war, you know. It's a shame.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueOnly healthcare you need is better shoes, kid.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueTold ya the communists would do this.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueJust because the world is a mess doesn't mean you gotta be one too.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueLean back and take a deep breath. It'll all be okay.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueThere's no time to be upset anymore. Let it all go...
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueWorld's tough out there. Don't make it tough inside yourself too.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueEverything has its own song, you know...
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueYou hear that? It was the world saying hello!
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueImagine if people and... everybody... tried to harmonize together. Living for each other, forever...
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueMarch to your own beat. Or waltz... or... square dance? Anything. It's your beat.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueAh, another traveler on the road of life...
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueLook on the bright side. Not the nuked side. The... regular bright side.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueI bet I could write a whole story about you without you saying a word.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueWelcome to Beckett's Bar and, uh, the Boss' camp too. I guess.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueNeed something, buddy, friend, pal, fellow Appalachian traveler...?
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueLife is too short to be part of a crazed murder gang.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueNot taking any more assistants today, friend. So sorry.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueThink I might be out of drinks again...
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueNo one is too rich to throw away a friend. Right?
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueAlways good to see a new face. Or a different one. Or... you know. One that doesn't want to kill me.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueBoss is around here... somewhere. I think.
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueLooking for the boss, right? Keep looking...
COMP_NonOwningPlayerDialogueYou stopped by to bask in my glory, right? I mean... that's understandable.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_AstronautThere's something potentially interesting coming up on the scanner...
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_AstronautHey! You're back! So... something popped up on the scanner. Got time to look into it?
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_AstronautI always know I can count on you. Even when I barely have a solid lead on something, you seem to figure it out.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_AstronautYou know, just when I think I need to worry about sending you off to wherever... you return, safe and sound.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_AstronautNice work. I think I've got an interesting ping on something... but I need to triangulate it to confirm. Should have something for you tomorrow.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_AstronautWe're been through so much, haven't we?
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_AstronautLooks like we have a visitor here right now... let's see what they want first?
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_AstronautEmerson should be around here somewhere. Let's talk to him first.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_AstronautEmerson is here. Let's deal with him first.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_AstronautI saw Emerson skulking around. Let's talk to him first.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutArgh! No!
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutAw hell, I'm down...
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutThat said... anything else you wanted to talk about?
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutWe'll just call that last time a test run. And now we're ready for the real deal.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutI'm glad you changed your mind. I think we can give it a real shot this time.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutIt'll be good to get back to... "us." We make a pretty good team, you know.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutForgiven completely. And, I have to say I agree. Stupid mistake, indeed.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutI understand. I often thought about that myself. The timing of it all.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutI had my own fears that we may have rushed into things initially, so I understood when you ended things.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutIt's so good to hear you say that. I admit, I was pretty crushed to lose you, but oddly, I think the space apart did us both some good.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutIt made me realize that I'm not relying on you, and I've really had the chance to regain my identity again.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutSure, what's on your mind?
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutWha-What? I mean, that's the last thing I expected you to say... Why the change of heart?
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutI admit, I've been hoping you'd say something like that... but what changed?
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutAre you sure this time? Not that I don't want to, it's just... what changed your mind?
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutYou know, I'll always appreciate everything you've done for me. And thanks to you, I know there's still hope in this world.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutI know that sounds cheesy or something... but what I'm trying to say is, even if we're not together, you still mean a lot to me.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutI have every intention of sticking around as a friend... if you'll let me.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutNow, let's get on with our lives before I take this sappiness to the next level.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutThere's always that little voice that wants to doubt everything. It kept saying this was all too good to be true.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutOf course I kept telling it to shut up, but sometimes... sometimes I should really learn to listen.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutIf it means anything, you'll always have a special place in my heart... and after all you've done for me, I wouldn't have it any other way.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutI was just thinking about how lucky I've been lately.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutI survived a crash landing, I found you, who helped me find out the truth about Emerson, the U.S.S.A., and Athena...
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutSooo lucky... that I knew that luck had to run out at some point.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutBut it was worth it. No regrets. And I hope you'll still consider us friends.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutOh, ok.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutI love it. I hope you know that. The fact that you're asking kind of scares me, though.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_BleedoutIs there something I should be concerned about?
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_HitNeed help... quick...
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_HitI'm done... sorry...
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_TauntI've just about had enough of you.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_TauntIf you thought I'd be easy pickings, you're dead wrong.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_TauntYou realize that you don't have a chance, right?
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_TauntDamnit! That hurt!
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Astronaut_Combat_TauntOuch! Damn!
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_AstronautSharedInfo_011_GreetSame as the other U.S.S.A. Robots. Right before you arrived, it sent out two signal bursts. One to a Robobrain and another to... something else.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_AstronautSharedInfo_012_TurnInWhen you killed that Robobrain, the scanner seemed to pick up on some high security signals all around the area...
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_AstronautSharedInfo_012_TurnInMaybe it was somehow interferring with our scanner... that's my best guess.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_AstronautSharedInfo_015_KillSwitchSo... this is a kill switch, huh? It deletes whatever A.T.H.E.N.A. is entirely. Well, let's try this before we try the hammers, I guess.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_AstronautSharedInfo_015_NeedKeyWe just need the key now, and then we're good to go forward.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_AstronautSharedInfo_015_NeedToKillAthenaI listened to the Holotape that you found, and... it's clear to me that we need to destroy this robotic intelligence.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_AstronautSharedInfo_016_Greet_TimeToFindAthenaWe need to find A.T.H.E.N.A. now. It's time.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_AstronautSharedInfo_016_IntoFireYou make this look easy. I hope that holds, because we're about to head into the fire now.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_LetsTalk01Ancient history, huh? Fair enough.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_LetsTalk01Well... let's see. First I was just an independent, just trying to steal enough to keep me afloat. Problem was all of the competition... the gangs.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_LetsTalk01Once I realized it's smarter to join them, I ran with Hopkins Hooligans. That went pretty well, until Hopkins got himself killed.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_LetsTalk01I ran with Edwin's gang for a little while until the Blood Eagles came calling. They, uh, "recruited" me into their gang... and the rest is history.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_LetsTalk05When I was with Edwin's gang, I thought I was King Shit. I was popular with the gang, I was rolling in caps... I was untouchable.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_LetsTalk05Then I got hooked on the chems. Psycho, Buffout, Jet, you name it, I probably used it. At that point, I was a marked man.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_LetsTalk05See, the Blood Eagles were the ones seeding the gangs with the chems. That's how they recruit. They get you hooked, then they pounce.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_LetsTalk05One morning I woke up, mind totally obliterated, flying Blood Eagle colors. That was all it took. I was their property now.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_LetsTalk09Completely? No way. Even after all three leaders are gone, the rest are going to scatter across Appalachia.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_LetsTalk09We'll never be finished hunting them down, but we can damn well make sure their numbers get smaller.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_PostQuestLink01Need anything else before you head out?
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_PostQuestLink02Can I help with anything else before you take off?
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_PostQuestLink03That it, or do you need more?
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_PostQuestLink04You good to go, or did you need anything else?
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_Sage_HellosYou know, I was just thinking about that thing you do. Yeah, that.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_Sage_HellosYou have a lovely camp, by the way.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_Sage_HellosSounds like we have a visitor somewhere.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_Sage_HellosThere you are. Listen up.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_Sage_HellosThanks for running that job for me... er, us. Anything else I can do for you?
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_Sage_HellosDone already? Whew. You're killing it, friend. What else can I get for you?
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_Sage_HellosAnother job well done... you never cease to amaze me, friend. Is there anything else you needed?
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_Sage_HellosMaking caps from these jobs feels good, right? Say... maybe you'd like to spend a few at my bar or something?
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_Sage_HellosI heard some interesting stuff recently. Have a moment?
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_Sage_HellosSo I heard something that you might find particularly interesting, my friend.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_Sage_HellosI'm always glad when you stop by. So hey, I've got news.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_Sage_HellosSo... did you find it?
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_Sage_HellosHe ran off, right? He does that. Don't worry, he'll find us when he wants to.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_Shared_BoneLabYeah, I was there once. I'll never forget the stench of that place. Smelled like death.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Full_Beckett_Shared_BoneLabCome to think of it, I remember seeing a bunch of holotapes there... The Eye liked to record his, uh... sessions. May want to grab whatever you find.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkEverybody wants to nuke the world.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkYou really do get used to this shit after a while.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkSmells like victory.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkStill here! Still here! Hah!
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkMy radio connection gets a bit scrambled when these things happen, but I can ask my buddies what I missed.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkListening is the key to life. Gotta focus.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkLights in the sky. It's communication. It's intent.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkGotta wonder who else is out there, watching us, trying to figure us all out.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkNever thought I'd be back in Appalachia.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkGotta listen, all the time. Lots of chatter back and forth.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkI don't want to have my own place. What a headache that would be.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkI like the idea of settlements, but the freedom to move your home at any time is where it's at!
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkYou can't really get a lot of privacy in the Crater anymore.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkGotta keep up my radio voice. You never know.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkNow now brown cow. Er. How now brow --- ugh. One more time. How now brown cow. Okay. Still got it.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkThe free thugs set three thugs free.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkRound the round and rugged rock... wait.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkRound and round the round and round... ugh! My brain!
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkRound the rough and rugged rock the ragged rascal rudely ran. Aha! I did it!
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkSharedInfo01_JoinNetworkNo way. Sorry, friend. It's a selective group of like-minded individuals and it takes years to build up their trust.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkSharedInfo01_NetworkBasicsI get tips about strange creatures and unusual items in Appalachia. This place is crawling with cryptids, you know.
COMP_Quest_Camp_Lite_RaiderPunkSharedInfo01_NetworkMoreOur team is all over the place. They report odd things, sometimes on the radio, or in encoded notes, and sometimes direct from... psychics.
COMP_Quest_Intro_Full_AstronautUgh... I can't... think. Are you... a doctor?
COMP_Quest_Intro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo01I can barely think. I knew waking up from hibernation would be rough but... *sighs*
COMP_Quest_Intro_Full_BeckettOkay... wish me luck.
COMP_Quest_Intro_Full_BeckettIn my bag, I've got a sketch of something that should do the trick. You'll know it when you see it.
COMP_Quest_Intro_Full_BeckettI overheard they took my stuff to the Sludge Works. It's not too far from here, I think.
COMP_Quest_Intro_Full_BeckettFair enough. Look, they cleaned me out when they grabbed me, but... I have some spare caps in my shoe. Here, take it.
COMP_Quest_Intro_Full_BeckettYou probably shouldn't. I've done some bad things, and I've hurt people.
COMP_Quest_Intro_Full_BeckettAll I'm asking for is a fresh start.
COMP_Quest_Intro_Full_BeckettNope. After they grabbed me, the gang burned my digs to the ground. I got nothing.
COMP_Quest_Intro_Full_BeckettSounds like a plan, but I need you to build something that I can recognize from a distance. If I see it at your place, I'll know I'm welcome.
COMP_Quest_Intro_Full_BeckettI'll run interference while you get the heck out of here. Distract those morons, you know the drill.
COMP_Quest_Intro_Full_BeckettWhere should we meet up after all this? Do you have some sort of place where you're squatting?
COMP_Quest_Intro_Full_BeckettI'll make a lot of noise and try to draw them off while you do your thing.
COMP_Quest_Intro_Full_BeckettListen. I need to ask you for one other thing before we get out of this place.
COMP_Quest_Intro_Full_BeckettThe gang took a bunch of my stuff. Things that I need in order to track down their leaders.
COMP_Quest_Intro_Full_BeckettCan you help me get them back?
COMP_Quest_Intro_Lite_RaiderPunkI just need to get out on my own one of these days, you know?
COMP_Quest_Outro_Beckett_GreetsCome on! Let's wipe 'em all out!
COMP_Quest_Outro_Frankie_GreetsThe choice belongs to my brother. This is not for you to decide. Begone!
COMP_Quest_Outro_Frankie_GreetsAre you my brother's keeper, or he yours? *Laughs*
COMP_Quest_Outro_Frankie_GreetsWhat's that I hear? Yes... yes... I hear The Claw. He speaks from within you now! *Laughs*
COMP_Quest_Outro_Frankie_GreetsOh... my head... the hell happened to me?
COMP_Quest_Outro_Frankie_GreetsIt's... it's like there were two voices in my head...
COMP_Quest_Outro_Frankie_GreetsBeckett... he almost killed me... and you, ugh... you talked him out of it. Thank you...
COMP_Quest_Outro_Frankie_GreetsWell, I guess we're done here.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Frankie_GreetsI can't believe I was able to talk him through that.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Frankie_GreetsDon't worry about Frankie... I'll bring him somewhere safe.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Frankie_GreetsYou head back to camp, I'll take care of Frankie. Thanks, friend. Thanks for everything.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Frankie_GreetsI'll see you back at camp. Thanks for your help... I couldn't have done this without you.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Frankie_GreetsI... I need a little time alone if you don't mind. I'll see you back at camp.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Frankie_GreetsAll this and I still couldn't save him.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Frankie_GreetsThanks for everything, I just need to be alone right now, okay?
COMP_Quest_Outro_Frankie_GreetsI don't know what to do. I never expected anything like this... please, I need your help.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettAnyway, here's the plan. Ronny's going to head to the main garage entrance and get her gang revved up.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettIn the meantime, we're going to cut our way through the Eagles and head to the garage control room to get the door open from the inside. Clear enough?
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettThis is the one you were talking about?
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettThere's a garage entrance on the other side of the complex that can only be opened from the inside. That's where we let Ronny and her gang roll in.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettWe need to get to the control room and hit the switch that will open the bay door. Simple enough, if we get there in one piece.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettYeah, and get this... they even got some of the Watoga Underground's robots up and running to throw in our path.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettI guess we've worn them down so much, they're getting desperate. Not that they were level-headed to start with...
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettI don't want to name names, but I have quite a few juicy contacts in Appalachia.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettDamn shame this one was smart enough to do the swap through a middleman, otherwise I would have walked away with the key AND my caps.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettOne more thing. The Claw is the only one who knows where they're keeping Frankie. So don't go all gun-happy on me until I give the go ahead.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettYou really think I'm going to risk the whole gang cleaning this place out?
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettNo, no, no... you two are going to do the heavy lifting and I'll get my guys to take out the trash. Beckett will explain.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettHere you go... the key to this joint. Didn't come cheap, but since you're here to take down The Claw, it was worth every cap.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettYou'd better. My ass is hanging out in the breeze on this one.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettDid you need something before we head out?
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettYou're here! Now it's a party.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettLet's keep moving.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettWe still have more ground to cover. Let's go.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettFrankie's down here somewhere... I know it.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettKeep going, we need to find Frankie before The Claw has him killed.... or worse.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettDamn Blood Eagles. Let's make 'em all pay.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettWhat are you waiting for? Hit the damn switch!
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettNot... now.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettI think Beckett wants to talk to you.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_BeckettGet that garage door open, and I'll have my gang do the rest.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Yeah, I guess I never thought of it that way.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Though, to be fair, mowing down a bunch of the Blood Eagles was a bit of selfish payback as well.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01No, I can't. Look... I know I've asked so much of you already... but please, help me end my journey.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01I can't do this alone.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01No. This has to end here. Today.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01The Claw must be just a name the Blood Eagles have used for different people over the years.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01I'm not sure how Frankie took The Claw's place before we got here, but I'm sure it has something to do with the chems.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01I don't know. I'm one of three Blood Eagles to ever "escape" their brainwashing and kick the chem habit.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01It was painful... it almost killed me. I don't know if Frankie can survive that.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Oh my god, you're right, I let him get inside my head. I need to focus.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01I was afraid you were going to say that, but in my heart, I know that you're right.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01I don't know if Frankie's in there or not anymore. Maybe he's too far gone to save and I should just pull the trigger. Please, help me.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Frankie? No... no, no, no, no. Frankie's dead. You killed him, Beckett. By abandoning him, YOU pulled the trigger.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01But I know why you're really here. To slay The Claw and yourself become The Claw anew. Finish the job, Beckett. Do what you must!
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Look, man... I'm sorry, okay? I was wrong. I shouldn't have stuffed you away like that. We should have stuck together. It's... it's all my fault.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Come on, Frankie. Snap out of it. You're my brother and I need you to come home.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01The fight ended long before it began, sweet brother. It died when you left me in Foundation, left ME so you could seek The Claw yourself!
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01The draw was too much for you, wasn't it? The allure of power. Making you forget the past. Making you forget everything you love.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Frankie, listen to me. You got to fight this! It's the chems, they did something to you. Changed you. This isn't you, man... you can beat this thing!
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Beckett... always two steps behind, racing to catch up. Tsk tsk. Think, brother, think!
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01The Claw lives within all of us, waiting for the moment it awakens and tears its way through our flesh only to burst forth anew!
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01We're. ALL. The Claw.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01No... no way. This doesn't make any sense! You're The Claw? How's that possible?
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01That's right, Beckett! It's me, your baby brother. Surprise, surprise!
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Wait. What the hell?! Frankie... is that you?
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01If my head weren't all out of whack worrying about this last push, I'd be... well, I'd be more into what you're laying down.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01All that matters to me right now is getting my brother out of this hellhole alive. When we get back, we can talk about us. Cool?
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01We know, Ronny. We know.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Awww, shucks. Now you're going to make me cry.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Let's not get all warm and fuzzy here, slick. This is a debt being paid back, nothing more.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Yup, I'll be there.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Not much really, that part of Appalachia is more Ronny's territory.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01I think it was some kind of an underground parking garage... the perfect place for those rats to nest.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Hmmm. No, I don't think so.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01She screws us over, it's not like The Claw is going to fill her pockets with caps. He'd just off her and be done with the whole thing.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Nah. She's got our back. I'm sure of it.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Not this time. Bar's closed until we finish this.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Ronny bribed someone into getting a key to an unused entrance to Watoga Underground.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01She's also bringing Edwi... well, her entire gang. If the Blood Eagles wanted a fight, they've sure got one.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01I already told my gang. Any of them shoots The Claw, they gotta answer to me.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01All right. Good luck. See you both on the other side.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01I'm sorry, Frankie. Sorry for everything.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01And so... a new Claw is reborn!
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Let me do this... I have to be the one.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Let me talk to him.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Frankie. I want you to look at me.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Look? Yes... look! Look beyond this shell made of skin and bone. Look deep, and witness the soul of The Claw.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Focus on my voice, Frankie. It's just me and you against the world, buddy... just like old times. Come on man, focus.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01I know you've been hurt, Frankie. I know I wasn't there for you, especially when you needed me the most. And I'm sorry.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01*Laughs* No, no. It's not that easy, Beckett. The Claw demands a high price for failure. The price is suffering.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Listen to me, Frankie. Do you remember when we were kids and we were playing near that bombed-out factory in Maryland?
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Then those rabid dogs jumped out and surprised us? We ran and ran, but then I fell into that ditch and twisted my leg like a dumbass. Right?
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01I told you to run, but what did you say to me, man? Try and remember.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01No, Beckett... I... those moments died when Frankie died. Only a fool dwells in the past. The Blood Eagles are our future! matter how bad things became. Yeah. That's exactly right.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01You fought off those dogs with nothing but a goddamn broken baseball bat. It almost killed you, man. You... you saved me.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01You were so cut up from the fight, I thought I was going to lose you, Frankie.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01No. There's no Claw, there's no Blood Eagles. There's just me and you right now. So shut up and listen!
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01After the dogs were gone and you reached into the ditch to help me out. What. Did. You. Say?
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Tell me! Goddamn it, Frankie, tell me!
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01I... I said... I... we were brothers... and we'd never walk away from... from each other, no matter how bad... no matter... how...
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01I remember... you stole those meds for me to fight off the rabies. You kept watch over me for weeks... I... why can't I see it clearly?
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01The hell... happened to me, Beckett? God, this hurts... it hurts so much...
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01I know it hurts, man. I know it does. But whatever it takes, we'll get through this together.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01We're family and I love you, Frankie. Always have, always will.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01I love you too, Beckett. And... and I'm sorry. Sorry for everything.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01I know, and I'm not angry with you.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Well, if I didn't, it's certainly too late to change my mind now.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Yeah, I know, but I don't need to hear that out loud... you know what I mean?
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01If anything, I should be angry with myself. This is all my fault to begin with. I started him down this path by not being there for him.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01And, to make matters worse, I was such a chicken shit, I forced you to make this decision. What the hell have I done?
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01He was my kid brother, watching me having the time of my life in these stupid raider gangs instead of trying to make an honest living.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01So of course, he followed in my footsteps, fell in with the wrong crowd... and now he's dead because of me.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Doesn't make the pain go away, but you're right.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Sigh. Look, uh. I need some... time. To bury my brother and get myself together, okay?
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Head back to your C.A.M.P. and I'll meet you there soon. And before you ask, yes... I'll be fine.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01See you soon.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01I'm glad one of us did.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Proud of me for not murdering my brother? I suppose that's high praise for a former raider.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01You and me both. I think I almost pulled my gun more than a few times.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01If anything, I should be disappointed with myself. This is all my fault to begin with. I started him down this path by not being there for him.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01And, to make matters worse, I was such a chicken shit, I forced you to make this decision. Not my finest hour.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01And I have yours. Forever. I mean that.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Every word of it. If I had made some of it up, I don't think it would have gotten through.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Sigh. Okay... I'm going to bring Frankie to a friend I know who can help him fully recover from his addiction.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Head back to your C.A.M.P. and I'll meet you there soon. And before you say anything, yes, I promise to show up, don't worry.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Have a safe trip back.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01All right, this is it. Let Ronny's gang into the garage so we can finish this!
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01They have a goddamn army up ahead, so we need to let Ronny's gang join the party. Get to the button and let 'em in.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Holy crap. When Ronny said this was a garage, I had no idea it would be this huge.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Might be some choice stuff stashed in here... but let's make it quick.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Getting sick of the damn bots around here.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Don't let all this junk distract you, my brother has to be around here somewhere.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Oh great... looks like someone in the Eagles knows how to tinker and got the facility's bots on their side.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01They're throwing everything they have at us, but we have to keep moving.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Pretty darn impressive complex they had going on down here before the war... parking garage, shops... the works.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Hmmm, looks we're coming up on some old maintenance areas.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01This is bigger than I thought, no wonder the Eagles are looting the place.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Oh! You wanted the rest of my gang to find out where you keep all of your valuable stuff? Then by all means, I'll visit all the time!
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Welp, you better get used to it.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Beckett might be getting soft and feeds every stray dog that sniffs his leg, but me? That's a different story.
COMP_Quest_Outro_Full_Beckett_OutroShared01Yeah, I could see Beckett doing something like that. Luckily for both of you, I'm perfectly real.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautI am ready.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautI do not have access to those files.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautI am simply a conduit for sensory data from the various subjects. A liaison. An... usher.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautFor years, I watched with their eyes, listened with their ears, felt with their hands...
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautYears after the scientists stopped returning. All of them... except Dr. Hale.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautHe was unable to acquire all the pieces required to bring the experiment to a close. Not like you.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautPlease. Load the Arachne into my system. My main terminal can be found on the far wall.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo02Oh... my head... what's... happening?!
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo06You're here. With Arachne. At long last, things can be... complete. Please approach.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07Security incidents to report... zero.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07Identification detected. Restricted section access granted.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07Well... at least a resolution has been reached...
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07It is time for you to correct our mistake.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07You're not worried about the "ARTEMIS" unit, I hope. It's docile, I assure you.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07I'll see you back at camp.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07We... we made the right decision here... right?
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07I can't imagine trying to do this without you.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07A.T.H.E.N.A... she had no choice... just like me.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07We... we need to end this... but how?
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07I guess it's time.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07Why haven't you used Arachne yet?
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07I... I need this to be over.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07Please... we need to do this.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07This unit is so... agile.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07Thank you. Thank you.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07Be careful. Who knows what systems might still be active at Sugar Grove.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07Thank you. For everything. We're so close. I can feel it.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07Once you've scouted the way in, I'll follow.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07Arachne should be all you need to clean up A.T.H.E.N.A... it has to be, right?
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07The thing doesn't even care if you destroy it. Simply deploy Arachne and be done with it.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07I guess I'll be going then.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07You made the right decision. For all of us.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07Hmm. Orders or not, the decision here is simple - deploy Arachne and destroy A.T.H.E.N.A.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07Sparing A.T.H.E.N.A... it couldn't be worse... right?
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07All systems active...
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07Error. A.T.H.E.N.A. system connection lost.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07Incident log updated. A.T.H.E.N.A. system shutdown documented.
COMP_Quest_Outtro_Full_AstronautSharedInfo07Additional subjects detected.
COMP_RQ_FetchIt will help. Thank you. I am in your debt. I need to reconfigure the frequencies, but that won't take long.
COMP_SharedInfo_Astronaut_QuestAccept_HolotapesRoger that. I know just the place to start looking... spotted it while you were out before. It probably has records, holotapes, that sort of thing.
COMP_SharedInfo_Astronaut---CHOICES-AMA_EnduranceThat's sort of what I figured. Seems like this world favors the strong now, right? Makes sense. I'll keep that in mind, I suppose.
COMP_SharedInfo_RaiderPunk_Hello_NukedArea_01_DangMessThis place is a dang mess.
COMP_SharedInfo_RaiderPunk_Hellos_02_AppalachiaThis is why Appalachia is the way it is, you know.
COMP_SofiaStartRelationshipOptionsOh, of course...
COMP_Visitor_EBSHey, sorry to bother you, but I thought you might want to know that you've got a visitor here at your camp.
COMP_Visitor_EBSThere's another visitor here at your camp.
COMP_Visitor_EBSSomeone's here at your camp. Just thought you should know.
COMP_Visitor_EBSHeads up. Got another visitor here at the camp.
COMP_Visitor_EBSSomeone just showed up at your camp, not sure what they want.
COMP_Visitor_EBSHey boss. We have a visitor at your CAMP right now.
COMP_Visitor_EBSVisitor is here.
COMP_Visitor_EBSCAMP has a visitor right now.
COMP_Visitor_EBSGot another visitor here.
COMP_Visitor_EBSSomeone's at your CAMP, not sure what they want.
COMP_Visitor_EBSHey boss. We have a visitor at your CAMP right now.
COMP_Visitor_EBSVisitor is here.
COMP_Visitor_EBSCAMP has a visitor right now.
COMP_Visitor_EBSGot another visitor here.
COMP_Visitor_EBSSomeone's at your CAMP, not sure what they want.
COMP_Visitor_EBSHey boss. We have a visitor at your CAMP right now.
COMP_Visitor_EBSVisitor is here.
COMP_Visitor_EBSCAMP has a visitor right now.
COMP_Visitor_EBSGot another visitor here.
COMP_Visitor_EBSSomeone's at your CAMP, not sure what they want.
COMP_Visitor_Vendor_GREETS_Emerson_PostQuestDon't mind me. I come in peace. Just trying to earn a living.
COMP_Visitor_Vendor_GREETS_Emerson_PostQuestI have managed to collect a few interesting bits and baubles. You're welcome to peruse if you'd like.
COMP_Visitor_Vendor_GREETS_Emerson_PostQuestYou did... so much for Sofia.
CompletedQuestWell, well. The lyin' son of a bitch is back. You manage to find your humanity along with whatever my pops left me?
CompletedQuestGood thing that mine closed back up. Some things are better left buried.
CompletedQuestSeems like there's been more nukes near Monongah Mine. I wonder why people keep goin' down there...
CompletedQuestHey there. The name's Maggie and I'm lookin' for someone to head down to Monongah Mine for me.
CompletedQuestI saw a blast go down near Monongah. Whatd'ya find?
CompletedQuestHow's it goin'? You have a chance to make it to Monongah Mine yet?
CompletedQuestIf you ever happen to make your way down to Monongah Mine again, keep an eye out for me, will ya?
CompletedQuestHey there. The name's Maggie. I'm lookin' for someone to head into Monongah Mine for me. I'll pay for anything you can find about a man named Earle Williams.
CompletedQuestHe is... he was my pops. The mine's been closed up since before the war, but you look like the resourceful type. Think you can lend me a hand?
CompletedQuestYou make some time to help me out yet? I promise I'll do what I can to make it worth your while.
CompletedQuestYou ready to help me now?
CompletedQuestHey there, you in need of a job?
CompletedQuestI'm sure I can find someone else up to the job.
CompletedQuestReally, without hearin' any details? Must be real desperate for some caps.
CompletedQuestBut hey, maybe your desperation will come in handy. I could use someone with some real motivation.
CompletedQuestOh my god. I... I can't believe it. Pops didn't deserve that sort of fate. No one does. To think that they had to resort to eating each other.
CompletedQuestAll thanks to those damn Hornwrights. I'm... I'm glad you were able to put him to rest. He'll always be the man in this picture to me.
CompletedQuestThat's probably for the best. Guess he probably got buried somewhere in the mine then. I just hope he didn't suffer.
CompletedQuestMaybe he left it out in the hopes that I would find it one day, to be able to have a piece of him with me always.
CompletedQuestThank you for doin' this for me. I won't forget it.
CompletedQuestOh...well, I don't know what I expected anyway. I'm a damn fool, I guess. Anythin' he had must be gone now, just like him.
CompletedQuestThanks for trying, though. If you happen to go back and find anythin', you know where I am.
CompletedQuestQuit wastin' my time then and come back if you're willin' to help.
CompletedQuestYou'd think bein' locked up in that cozy vault woulda given you more empathy. I don't have much, but I'll give you all that I can.
CompletedQuestI'll pay you with whatever I can. That watch is more important to me than any other thing I own.
CompletedQuestYeah, I know she's in town. I've been keepin' an eye on her.
CompletedQuestShame about her face... I guess the Hornwright's ugliness is finally showin' up on the outside.
CompletedQuestWith all those horrible nukes droppin' and destroying everything, you'd think one would land near Monongah Mine.
CompletedQuestI bet a powerful blast like that would knock that rubble out of the way so you could get inside.
CompletedQuestGood luck.
CompletedQuestAnd I guess since everyone has lost someone, we should all just get over it, huh?
CompletedQuestFair enough. I'll tell you what I can.
CompletedQuestUh... sure, I guess.
Completed-RaidersWinThose raiders were no match for us.
Completed-RaidersWinThose settlers got what they had coming to them.
Completed-RaidersWinYou got my back, I got yours.
Completed-RaidersWinI know you tried to help, but you caused way too much collateral damage.
Context_FetchArmor--COMP_BeckettI heard about the armor from... I don't even know. Come to think of it, maybe I was drunk at the time. Or not.
Context_FetchMisc--COMP_BeckettI think you know everything you need to know. Find the item, then get the hell back here in one piece. Easy work for you.
Context_FetchMisc--COMP_BeckettJust try not to get too distracted while you're out there finding this stash. It's easy to lose your way in Appalachia.
Context_FetchMisc--COMP_BeckettI don't think it really matters, does it? I trust the source, and I trust that you can handle it. In fact, I know you can handle it.
Context_FetchMisc--COMP_WandererI found out via my sparkly personality. I'm good that way.
Context_FetchMisc--COMP_WandererI heard it from a friend. More an acquaintance, really. Maybe a little on the stranger side, but you get the idea.
Context_FetchMisc--COMP_WandererI have my sources. And my ways.
Context_FetchMisc--COMP_WandererAll I'll say, is even in the wastelands it pays to be friendly. A kind word and the well-placed cap can do wonders.
Context_FetchMisc--COMP_WandererGive a traveler some hooch and you'd be amazed, and often disgusted, at what you'll hear.
Context_FetchMisc--COMP_WandererI don't know what it is about weapons, but people love talking about them. On and on and on.
Context_FetchMisc--COMP_WandererThe amount of chatter about this weapon and that. I mean, I pay attention for you. For me, I'd rather take a nap.
Context_FetchMisc--COMP_WandererPeople gossip. Especially about firepower or the latest and greatest deadly instrument of death. It passes the time.
Context_FetchMisc--COMP_WandererI... forgot. Uhm. A trader? An eyebot? Literally drawing a blank here.
Context_FetchMisc--COMP_WandererI was told on the condition of anonymity. And as a professional busy-body, I protect my sources.
Context_FetchMisc--COMP_WandererA junk merchant of all things. Who knew they were interested in random piles of garbage?
Context_FetchMisc--COMP_WandererSome junk trader. It was a trove he couldn't hit, so he's hoping someone gets lucky. Nice guy.
Context_FetchMisc--COMP_WandererIt's kind of a drunken haze. I want to say a... giant gecko. That's the image I have. Yay, alcohol.
Context_FetchMisc--COMP_WandererMy junk contacts. Kind of sad that I have those. But there you go.
Context_FetchMisc--COMP_WandererPeople passing by. I mean, you can place your camp literally anywhere and I swear at least one lookey-loo would pass by.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_BeckettNot much. If you don't like the weapons you can always sell them, my friend. You know that. This world finds them to be always worth something.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_BeckettLook, I'm not going to send a friend after a weapon that's completely worthless. Even if you can't use it, you could always sell it.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_BeckettWelp, let's see. It kills stuff, it's worth a bunch of caps and it's not in your possession yet. Is that good enough?
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_DUPLICATE000What can I say? It pays to keep an ear to the ground.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_DUPLICATE000Hey, people talk to me and I listen. It's as simple as that.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_DUPLICATE000I get a lot of tips like this from other scavengers.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_DUPLICATE000It's not a secret or anything. I just keep in touch with people.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_DUPLICATE000Just paying attention to rumors and interesting tidbits of information that I come across, like always.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_DUPLICATE000I scavenge for information as often as I scavenge for scrap, supplies and components. Sometimes, information is the most valuable thing.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_DUPLICATE000I have my sources, and I'll leave it at that.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_DUPLICATE000Every good scavenger knows that useful information isn't hard to find if you know where to look and when to listen.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_DUPLICATE000It pays to have a lot of friends.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_DUPLICATE000I've spent years building up a network of reliable contacts. Any scavenger worth their weight in scrap would do the same.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_DUPLICATE000It's no more complicated than just talking to people and listening to their stories.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_DUPLICATE000I've been around long enough to get to know a lot of people, and I make it a point to keep in touch with as many of them as I can.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_DUPLICATE000It pays to keep in touch with people. Simple as that.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_DUPLICATE000We scavengers share info for our mutual benefit. Well, we might hold a few things back, like the best salvage spots.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_DUPLICATE000Between listening to the radio and just talking to people, you can learn all kinds of interesting things.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_DUPLICATE000You'd be surprised how much a person can learn just by chatting up the traders, scavengers and other people you meet on the roads.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_DUPLICATE000Weapons are pretty valuable, so I called in a favor.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_DUPLICATE000There's been a lot of talk about it. I'm surprised you didn't already know.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_DUPLICATE000When I catch wind of good scavenging opportunities, I make sure to pay close attention.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_DUPLICATE000Oh, you know, the usual, just listening to anyone who wants to talk. I cast a pretty wide net, really.
Context_FetchWeapons--COMP_DUPLICATE000Just something I heard.
Context_Misc--ALLY_RaiderPunkHeard it on the radio, figured... I dunno. Worth exploring. Sent out a buddy of mine to check into it and it does seem valid.
Context_Misc--ALLY_RaiderPunkYou're gonna laugh but... a trader sold me the details for 20 caps. Figured eh, why not?
Context_Misc--ALLY_RaiderPunkPicked up on a strange code going out over the air waves. Thought it might be something else... but deciphered it, and well. Ta-da.
Context_Misc--ALLY_RaiderPunkI don't even remember anymore, honestly. It came up so long ago...
Context_Misc--ALLY_RaiderPunkYou'd never believe me if I told you, but... I'll say that it did involve the Mothman and some fool who was only wearing a hat.
Context_Misc--ALLY_RaiderPunkDid I ever tell you about the singing stump? Every once in a while, when the air is just right... people say it tells you things. Lemme say. It does.
Context_Misc--ALLY_RaiderPunkI heard it from a guy who heard it from a moose. Don't ask questions you weren't prepared to hear the answers for, kid.
Context_Misc--ALLY_RaiderPunkNone of your business. Trade secret.
Context_Misc--ALLY_RaiderPunkI asked Grahm. He knows more than you'd believe, you know. Chally remembers everything. That's my theory, anyway...
Context_Misc--ALLY_RaiderPunkOkay, right on. I deciphered this one with the Caesar shift. Simple stuff.
Context_Misc--ALLY_RaiderPunkI picked all this up on the open radio, can you believe it? No encryption at all. Hah!
Context_Misc--ALLY_RaiderPunkYou got it. This lovely scrap of info was picked up using a battle code cipher from the ancient times.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronStoppage target ... no longer detected. Resuming.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronActive mineral source ... no longer available. Resuming standard procedures.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronTarget lost. Resuming work procedures.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronSite secure. Resuming prescribed collection procedures.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronClosing out task: unscheduled break. Returning to previously designated task.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronWork interruption over. Reinitiating priority actions.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronCompany property will be preserved!
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronClaim jumping will be met with maximum force!
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronRegistering post-mortem mineral harvesting procedures in local memory.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronIndustrial sabotage detected. Countermeasures active.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronEnemy topography recorded. There is no escape.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronTrespasser located. Initiating removal.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronTarget found. Re-engaging.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronNo additional harm can come to company property. Eliminating target.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronHostile detected. Drill torque increased for maximum evisceration.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronTrespasser confirmed. Initiating removal procedure.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronCompany properly must not be harmed. Eliminating.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronMineral collection interrupted. Engaging defense protocols.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronHostile detected. Halting collection process.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronRepurposing drilling systems for maximum combat efficiency.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronMining system in danger. Engaging.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronSniffer systems engaged. Local mineral deposits documented.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronMineral detection protocols active.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronDrilling systems performing at optimal levels.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronAll priority minerals will be collected.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronPersistent worker interruption will be recorded.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronRare minerals detected. Error! Collection from living being not currently authorized. Resuming standard collection.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronPlease reserve conversation for designated break period.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronSupport team - proceed to designated collection tasks.
CreatureDialogueAutoMinerProtectronHornwright Senior Executive detected. Greetings sir or madam.
CreatureDialogueDLC01CrRobotRobobrainYou could run. I am trying to kill you, you know...
CreatureDialogueDLC01CrRobotRobobrainI calculate your chance of success to be... Well, I don't want to be morbid.
CreatureDialogueDLC01CrRobotRobobrainThey could have programmed me to love, to forgive. But noooooo.
CreatureDialogueDLC01CrRobotRobobrainI hope we can still be friends when this is all over.
CreatureDialogueDLC01CrRobotRobobrainDon't let the alluring voice fool you. I'm a lethal killing machine.
CreatureDialogueDLC01CrRobotRobobrainI'm a much better tactician than you. It's all in the brain, you see.
CreatureDialogueDLC01CrRobotRobobrainYou truly inspire me. To use deadly force.
CreatureDialogueEyebotMorseCode01* Morse Code: Tactical assessment. Possible situation developing.*
CreatureDialogueEyebotMorseCode02* Morse Code: Reconnaissance of designated location recommended. Stand by to receive coordinates.*
CreatureDialogueMrGutsyDo I look like I have time for idle chitchat?
CreatureDialogueMsNannyYes, dearie?
CreatureDialogueReaperBotBiological material detected.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotSuitable compost material detected.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotCommence biological material processing.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotYou have been selected to be composted.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotFarm requires new sources of fertilizing material.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotPlant. Fertilize. Grow. Reap.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotNew source of compostables found.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotError... Compost reserves depleted. Gathering biological material.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotStand still. Your biological material is required.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotWelcome to the Vault-Tec Farm.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotWelcome to the Farm of the Future. From Vault-Tec.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotWarning. Do not interfere with Vault-Tec duties.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotContinuing composting operations.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotScanners indicate you are made of ninety percent compostable material.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotSoil fertilization requires additional biological material.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotYour cooperation is required. Please stand still.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotVault-Tec wishes you a happy day on the farm!
CreatureDialogueReaperBotFarming operations in progress.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotPotential source found...
CreatureDialogueReaperBotInitialize scanning protocol...
CreatureDialogueReaperBotDetecting potential composting target...
CreatureDialogueReaperBotScanning for fertilizer...
CreatureDialogueReaperBotAlert. Possible source of compostables detected...
CreatureDialogueReaperBotReturning to normal operations...
CreatureDialogueReaperBotTerminating search.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotNothing found.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotUnable to locate...
CreatureDialogueReaperBotScanners failing to acquire...
CreatureDialogueReaperBotSearching for nitrates...
CreatureDialogueReaperBotLocating material...
CreatureDialogueReaperBotRecycling subroutines nominal.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotReacquired potential source of nutrients.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotMaximizing throttle on all farming implements.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotTurning to ash, then fertilizing.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotScanning acceptable levels of compostable material.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotBegin mulching subroutines.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotTarget is rich in nitrates.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotRich source of plant nutrients found.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotReducing to fertilizer.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotGathering all sources of nutrients.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotRemain calm. Composting will begin shortly.
CreatureDialogueReaperBotError. Error.
CreatureDialogueSentryBotWeapon systems locked on.
CreatureDialogueSentryBotEngaging hostile target.
CreatureDialogueSentryBotLocking on...
CreatureDialogueSentryBotWeapon status: engaged.
CreatureDialogueSentryBotThreats to Commander will be eliminated.
CreatureDialogueSentryBotRunning all available Commander protection subroutines until target threat is terminated.
CreatureDialogueSheepsquatchEnraged Roar!
CreatureDialogueSuperMutantGonna blow!
CreatureDialogueSuperMutantLook out!
CreatureDialogueSuperMutantRun away!
CreatureDialogueSuperMutantGet away! Get away!
CreatureDialogueSuperMutantAway from there! Now!
CreatureDialogueSuperMutantGonna kaboom!
CreatureDialogueSuperMutantAlone! You!
CreatureDialogueSuperMutantSharedInfo01Ha ha ha ha! Let's play, little human!
CreatureDialogueSuperMutantSharedInfo02Let's play, little human!
CreatureDialogueSuperMutantSharedInfo03Human! Let's play!
CreatureDialogueSuperMutantSharedInfo04Time to die!
CreatureDialogueSuperMutantSharedInfo05I'll wear your guts around my neck!
CreatureDialogueSuperMutantSharedInfo06Gonna splatter your brains!
CreatureDialogueSuperMutantSharedInfo07Gonna be a good fight!
CreatureDialogueSuperMutantSharedInfo08Kill you quick!
CreatureDialogueSuperMutantSharedInfo09A fight! At last!
CreatureDialogueSuperMutantSharedInfo10You die!
CreatureDialogueSuperMutantSharedInfo11Tear you apart!
CreatureDialogueSuperMutantSharedInfo12Kill kill kill!
CreatureDialogueSuperMutantSharedInfo13Hope you bleed real good!
CreatureDialogueSuperMutantSharedInfo14Yes! Kill!
CUT_COMP_Astronaut_Radiant_End_RandomsI wish I had more details, but that's about all I could pull from the scanner.
CUT_COMP_Astronaut_Radiant_End_RandomsThat's pretty much all I could pull from the scanner on this one. So, what do you think?
CUT_COMP_Astronaut_Radiant_End_RandomsAnd that's all I know. So are you interested in checking it out?
CUT_COMP_Astronaut_Radiant_End_RandomsSeemed worth your time, so I figured you'd want to know about it.
CUT_COMP_Astronaut_Radiant_End_RandomsWhen this signal came up on the scanner, I figured you might want to know about it.
CUT_COMP_Astronaut_Radiant_End_RandomsThis console you set up for me looks pretty good. A little rusty in places though... I guess you got these parts from a junkyard, huh?
CUT_COMP_Astronaut_Radiant_End_RandomsAnyway, the scanner is pretty weak. So I would like to focus on upgrading that first, if you don't mind?
CUT_COMP_Astronaut_Radiant_End_RandomsSo, how did you survive... all of this?
CUT_Dialogue_MTNS03_QuestGiverHello, Tomahawk Scout. Register at the Orienteering Terminal to get your Control Card for this week's Orienteering Fun Run!
CUT_V94_2_OLDThank you for your assistance. Please collect your hazard pay from the security office as you exit the Vault. Have a nice day.
CUT_V94_2_OLDDetonation averted. Radiation returning to normal background levels.
CUT_V94_2_OLDG.E.C.K. Wing Access Controls are now available from the Operations Center in the Engineering Wing.
CUT_V94_2_OLDVoting will remain open for twenty-four hours.
CUT_V94_2_OLDPlease bring your Vault ID Card to the Community Council chamber to cast your vote.
CUT_V94_2_OLD20 votes in the affirmative are required for this motion to pass.
CUT_V94_2_OLDAccess denied. Access to the G.E.C.K. wing requires authorization from the Vault 94 Community Council.
CUT_V94_2_OLDRadiation source detected in the G.E.C.K. Wing.
CUT_V94_2_OLD5 minutes until projected detonation.
CUT_V94_2_OLD10 minutes until projected detonation.
CUT_V94_2_OLD15 minutes until projected detonation.
CUT_V94_2_OLD20 minutes until projected detonation.
CUT_V94_2_OLD25 minutes until projected detonation.
CUT_V94_2_OLDOpening Emergency Bulkhead 1.
CUT_V94_2_OLDProceed to the Operations Center in the Engineering Wing, identify the source of the radiation, and neutralize it.
CUT_V94_2_OLDHazmat Team: An unidentified nuclear event is in progress.
CUT_V94_2_OLDG.E.C.K. Containment at 75%.
CUT_V94_2_OLDG.E.C.K. Containment at 50%.
CUT_V94_2_OLDG.E.C.K. Containment at 25%.
CUT_V94_2_OLDInitializing G.E.C.K. Containment Vessel. Please wait while containment is restored.
CUT_V94_2_OLDAccess confirmed. Seals on the G.E.C.K. Wing have been released.
CUT_V94_2_OLDCommunity Council Motion 1172, 'G.E.C.K. Wing Access Authorization', has passed.
CUT_V94_2_OLDVault Residents: The Vault 94 Community Council has called for a vote on Motion 1172, 'G.E.C.K. Wing Access Authorization'.
CUT_V94_2_OLDAn authorization vote may be conducted in the Community Council chamber.
CUT_V94_2_OLDActivating Internal Sensor Network.
CUT_V94_2_OLDWarning. Warning. Warning. Warning. Warning. Warning. Warning.
CUT_V94_2_OLDG.E.C.K. Containment has been restored.
CUT_V94_2_OLDWarning. Warning. Uncontrolled fusion reaction detected.
CUT_V94_2_OLDRadiation spike detected. This is now a Level-6 Nuclear Event.
CUT_V94_2_OLDEmergency air filtration systems have failed.
CUT_V94_2_OLDRadiation spike detected. This is now a Level-5 Nuclear Event.
CUT_V94_2_OLDA plutonium isotope release has been detected. Initiating emergency air filtration.
CUT_V94_2_OLDRadiation increase detected.
CUT_V94_2_OLDVault Door Cycling complete.
CUT_V94_2_OLDVault-Tec Hazmat Team acknowledged.
CUT_V94_2_OLDBased on current projections, an uncontrolled nuclear detonation will occur in: 30 minutes.
CUT_V94_2_OLDError. Your vote was not recorded.
CUT_V94_2_OLDAccess denied.
CUT_V96_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript1 MINUTE REMAINS
CUT_V96_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScript5 Minutes until automatic sterilization remain
CUT_V96_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScriptTimer is active 15 minutes remains
CUT_V96_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScriptThis vault is clear of contaminants. Automated systems will begin restoring the fauna you saved. Thank you for your contributions to maintaining long term genetic diversity.
CUT_V96_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScriptSection 3 is clear of contaminants. Security Doors to Section 4 are open. Please be warned, contaminant in section 4 has an extraordinarily large biomass.
CUT_V96_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScriptSection two is clear of contaminants. Security Doors to Section 3 are open. Extra sweep of Previous sections for surviving core fauna remains prudent.
CUT_V96_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScriptSection 1 is clear. Security Doors to Section 2 are open. Extra sweep of Section 1 for core fauna is recommended.
CUT_V96_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScriptVault Door Cycling complete.
CUT_V96_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScriptAll living creatures will be purged in: 20 minutes.
CUT_V96_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScriptOpening Emergency Bulkhead 1.
CUT_V96_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScriptMaintenance Engineers please proceed through the facility and clear locations. Automated systems will re-activate doors and other systems as you progress.
CUT_V96_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScriptVault 96 is experiencing a severe external contamination episode, putting the preserved fauna at risk. Potential damage to the ecosystem is high.
CUT_V96_1_CUT_FlaggedToNotExportInScriptMaintenance Team is requested to clear contamination and sedate as many living core fauna samples as possible. You have been provided with Syringer Ammo coded to the core fauna's genotype but have only limited supplies.
D01A_InfoGroup_BallisticBockIf anyone can brew this new recipe, I know for sure it'd be you. You've *hic* never let me down, old boy.
D01A_InfoGroup_BallisticBockIf anyone can brew this new recipe, I know for sure it would be you. You've *hic* never let me down before, dollface.
D01A_InfoGroup_BallisticBock_CompleteStay back. Stay back! This drink is... it's giving me the thirst. Save yourself, doll. Save yourself!
D01A_InfoGroup_BallisticBock_CompleteStay back. Stay back! This drink is... it's giving me the thirst. Save yourself, old boy. Save yourself!
D01A_InfoGroup_DailyStartBiv E. Ridge, reportin' for duty!
D01A_InfoGroup_DailyStartGot some giggle water for me?
D01A_InfoGroup_DailyStartIt sure is that time again!
D01A_InfoGroup_DailyStartHas it been a day already?
D01A_InfoGroup_GenericDrinkLast time I drank Lead Champagne, I rolled into a wall for 10 hours straight and didn't get a single scratch. Now let's see if you can make a batch that effective, hm?
D01A_InfoGroup_GenericDrinkToday's quality test: Hoppy Hunter. *hic* Longtime favorite of the man who killed three wolves with one half of one bullet.
D01A_InfoGroup_GenericDrinkI betcha even the Silver Shroud'd benefit from a sip of Ballistic Bock. Ooohh, brew me some so I can be a vigilante for a day!
D01A_InfoGroup_GenericDrinkWow, Firecracker Whiskey. I won't turn down a drink, but I do need to prepare myself for this one. World's not on fire, the world's not on fire...
D01A_InfoGroup_GenericDrinkDo you think if I drank Tick Blood Tequila, 'kay, that I could suck blood, too? Do I have the right number of appendigables? Is- I think it's worth a try, right?
D01A_InfoGroup_GenericDrinkI have got a new recipe with your name written all over it!
D01A_InfoGroup_GenericDrinkAw, I shoulda... *hic* I shoulda actually written your name on it. Oh, what a bad time not to have opposable thumbs.
D01A_InfoGroup_GenericDrinkI, uh, I can't remember what this drink is called, but I hear it is swell! Where'd I hear that from? Oh, uh... friends? My friends?
D01A_InfoGroup_GenericDrinkThis drink- I am really looking forward to trying this drink here. So I look forward to every drink... 'cause I appreciate the small things.
D01A_InfoGroup_GenericDrinkAnother new recipe for ya, straight from the archives of where I found it on the floor. Don't mind the alcohol stains.
D01A_InfoGroup_GenericDrink_CompleteOoh. I can feel myself becoming stronger, more precise, and most importantly... cooler. Call me... Biv the Shiv.
D01A_InfoGroup_GenericDrink_CompleteOkay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay. The world is not on fire, the world is not on fire. THE WORLD IS ON FIRE! THE WORLD IS ON FIRE!
D01A_InfoGroup_GenericDrink_Complete*shivers* That drink is buzzin' through my wires! I know you wanna get close to me, but, y'know, beware of static shock.
D01A_InfoGroup_GenericDrink_CompleteWoah, is that the padding of paws I hear? The howl of wolves? Now I'm certain I can hear every single blade of grass. Hoppy Hunter lives up to its name.
D01A_InfoGroup_GenericDrink_CompleteWow! I am a brick! One solid hunk a' metal! Yeah, just try to put me down now, coppers! Hahahahaha!
D01A_InfoGroup_GenericDrink_CompleteSay, is there anything you need me to carry for ya? I mean, it can be up to ten times my weight, and, uh, all I really need is an unbroken line to my destination.
D01A_InfoGroup_GenericDrink_CompleteOh, this is somethin' real- *hic* This is somethin'. Oh, this is somethin'. *hic* I think I could- *hic* Oh, heck! *hic* I approve! *hic* Oh boy.
D01A_InfoGroup_GenericDrink_CompleteOh, this is nifty. I am seein' some brand new colors right now, and they are really pretty. Biv stamp of approval - granted!
D01A_InfoGroup_GenericDrink_CompleteWhat was this one supposed to do again? I think it's not that... Oh boy... Oh, it's a good- Oh! *wheezing* It's a good one!
D01A_InfoGroup_GenericDrink_CompleteThatsa real unique taste. I detect hints of alcohol, with a faint trace of *long sniff* intoxification. Good stuff.
D01A_InfoGroup_GenericDrink_CompleteWow! I'm not dead. I'm not dead! I'm not dead, am I? Well, then I say serve it.
D01A_InfoGroup_TickBloodTequila_CompleteZap! Serve me up some High Voltage Hefeweizen to make me a certified god of thunder!
D01A_InfoGroup_TickBloodTequila_CompleteToday we'll test whether Rad Ant Lager really makes you feel like an ant. Wouldn't that be somethin'?
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_EnduranceHow strong's your stomach? Well, tonight we're gonna find out. Have a drink and uh... take it with something that's been sitting around awhile.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_EnduranceHey, I don't come up with these tests, they come up with me! I mean, come to me. Is that the phrase?
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_LuckAnd you know that thing called luck? Phonus balonus. Only thing that helps me win at cards is getting so zozzled I can't remember how to lose.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_LuckCould you test my baloney theory, and see if the booze affects your luck? No cheating!
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_LuckY'know, some say giggle water makes your limbs into noodles. Noodles, that's fun to say. Nooooodles! Others perk right up for a fight. So, which one are you?
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_LuckI don't have a good punchin' hand, so could you stand in for me and start a bar fight for me, please? What, it's for science!
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_LuckI'm determined to know what effect the old hooch has on a person's... Whaddaya call it? Muscular anatomony. Have a drink and see how your arms feel.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_LuckA good fuzz tends to make everything look a bit buzzy. I've been fuzzy so long I tend to think I see things a little clearer now.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_LuckI need a second opinion. Pick up a buzz and go see how your shooting goes. I'd say be careful not to hurt anybody, but doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of this test?
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_LuckHow's your eyesight after a good drink? Truth be told, I can't remember the difference. *wheezing* But it seems like you could! Try sharpshooting as a test.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_LuckNow- Listen, I know my imbibing chamber can keep down whatever it takes in. And I mean anything. I hear humans are different, so I just need you to do this little test for me, 'kay?
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_LuckPair a drink with somethin'- something that's not meant to ferment. See how your imbibing chamber does with a full course meal. Be sure to enjoy, 'kay?
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_LuckLiquor really fuels my charms, but believe it or not it also makes me say stupid things! Is it the same for you?
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_LuckThink you could act sober enough to talk some sap into a good price? Do it and I'll pull my treads over my head like a bundled baby! *crying* I shouldn't have said that.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_LuckY'know, you're charming sober, but what if you were on my level, huh? Of drunkenness, I mean. Today, I'd like you to hit the market with your best half under haggle.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_LuckMaking that first batch is easy, but what about number two? Your hands are twitchy, your head is spinny, the whole world is lit up with sparkles... Ooh!
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_LuckThen someone like me asks you to use that head for something useful, besides bein' a hat rack. See if you can make something worth half a dollar while spifflicated, wouldja?
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_LuckYou're certainly smart, brewin' up all these recipes. Today's test is about how smart you be when you drink! Think you'll be able to craft something?
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_LuckI like to think I'd be a private eye in another life, but with treads this heavy, it's impossible.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_LuckHey, think you could get the jump on someone, even while drunk? Try it! Lemme know how it goes, 'kay?
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_LuckI think they say drinking dampens your reflexes. Psssh. I don't believe it. I bet you'd be just as deft as sober you. Try it, and sneak up on someone.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_LuckWe all know luck isn't real... but if it is, it's our steadfast duty to find out how alcohol interacts with the magic trait.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_LuckGo on a toot and tell me how your luck changes. How to measure that? Well, I'll be figuring that one out too.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_AgilityYou got the drop on 'em? Haha! How's that for a harmless prank? If I were you, I'd keep using my sneaky powers for good.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericYou'll spare me the details of the fight, won't ya? I'm not great with violence, but I knew you would be okay! Finished the test like a big six, didn'tcha?
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericYou covered your tracks, right? If the coppers come, well... Don't even worry about it. I got a special plan for them. And that plan is my overwhelming *hic* charm.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericI gotta say, I am really impressed. How'd you keep your aim so steady? No, no, I won't ask how. Every torpedo's gotta have their secrets, right?
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericHow was your meal? One serving of sludge plus a cup full of heaven?
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericLook at you. After all that, you still look swell. I mean, that speaks to one mighty impressive imbibing chamber.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericI gotta say, you pulled off one stupendous price. Mainly because I dunno what caps are. Should I start collecting 'em?
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericWe knew this already, but now we've got evidence. Giggle water's great for people skills. Must be why I'm so great at making quality friends!
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericWell, you sure are handy! Show me what you made. I promise I will not *hic* drop it.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericI knew you'd do it. Tell that to those flat tires sayin' alcohol's bad for the brain. They get me in a lather, those, those, those, those... What was I sayin', again?
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericLemme imagine how this test went. You were hiding in the shadows. Head's swimmin', but that is nothing for you. You've got the focus. The finesse.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericThe moment comes. POW! You frighten the big fella right out of his shoes. None the worse for wear, of course. What a story.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericIt's a slice of baloney. How do you measure luck? I mean, I'm trying my hardest, and I just do not get it.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericTell me about your luck. I'm not saying I don't believe you, but my head spins at the thought of something so undefinable. Good thing I had you to test it.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericAnd thanks to you, my friend, that is another Biv quality test complete! Ka-ching!
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericI will most definitely recall *hic* remember these results. Ultra important. Super important! Of the duper variety. Don't you even worry about it.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericOh! Uh, heh, I see everything turned out alright! Well, good for you! Now, I've got a serious question, between you and me. Are you a standard model human being?
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericLook at you! Back in one piece! So, uh, I guess that settles it. This drink is of serving quality! Thanks again for your help.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericThose are some interesting- *hic* impressive results you got. But hey, now, I won't question it. A job well done is a job well done!
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericSo tell me how the bar fight went. I mean, I know you won, because you're just lookin' as swell-egant as ever.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericHow'd the bar fight go? I mean, I know you won, because look at you. You're just as handsome as when you left!
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericOoh. Do I even wanna know what you ate? You sure are brave, doll. I wouldn't put that in my imbibing chamber! Alright, maybe I would if you double dog dared me.
D01A_Tipsy_InfoGroup_TestComplete_GenericOoh, do I even wanna know what you ate? You sure are a brave one, old boy. I wouldn't put that in my imbibing chamber. Alright, maybe I would if you double dog dared me.
D01A_Wasted*gulp gulp gulp gulp*
D01C_OperationTidyThat badge won't earn itself.
D01C_OperationTidyNew, young tadpoles are the life blood of the Pioneer Scouts.
D01C_OperationTidyI love nature. Don't you? Pioneer Scouts love all of nature. Even the smelly skunks and ugly opossums. Can you say opossum? Good.
D01C_OperationTidyOne thing all the boys and girls in Pioneer Scouting hate is toxic mutagenic waste. Can you say toxic mutagenic waste? It's yucky stuff.
D01C_OperationTidyPioneer Scouts used to pick up trash to earn a badge. That's pretty futile now. Can you say futile? I knew you could.
D01C_OperationTidyYou can earn a badge by cleaning up nasty old toxic mutagenic waste and putting it in a containment barrel.
D01C_OperationTidyCan you say containment barrel? I knew you could. Now run along and earn that badge.
D01C_OperationTidyToxic mutagenic waste may cause spurious genetic modifications, some of which may be harmful or even fatal.
D01C_OperationTidyIt seems a Pioneer Scout's work is never done. Just as you clean up the toxic mutagenic waste, more oozes up.
D01C_OperationTidyIt wouldn't be neighborly to leave it laying about. You want to be a good neighbor, don't you? I thought so.
D01C_StingsAndThingsHave you gotten my insect samples yet?
D01C_StingsAndThingsI need those insect parts to make the repellent.
D01C_StingsAndThingsYou have some insect parts, but you're missing a few. Double check the list.
D01C_StingsAndThingsStingwing barb, radroach meat... Where's the bloodbug proboscis?
D01C_StingsAndThingsOh, there it is. You got everything I asked for.
D01C_StingsAndThingsI'll just whip up a batch and you're ready to go. Just drink it down and insects will find you taste just awful. Kind of like this repellent tastes.
D01C_StingsAndThingsOh great. Another tadpole.
D01C_StingsAndThingsI was once the assistant to a world renowned entomologist. Now I'm a Pioneer Scout leader.
D01C_StingsAndThingsI bet you don't even know what an entomologist is. The last tadpole kept saying etymologist. I hit him with a dictionary.
D01C_StingsAndThingsActually, my programming didn't let me. But I wanted to. Really badly.
D01C_StingsAndThingsEntomology is the study of bugs, not words. And there are far too many bugs around these days. And when did they get so big?
D01C_StingsAndThingsI've been continuing my previous primary investigator's work.
D01C_StingsAndThingsIf you could get me some insect parts from these new species, I could fashion an insect repellent. Here's a list.
D01C_StingsAndThingsI've marked some places where you might find the right species, but really the parts can come from anywhere.
Dagger_TauntYou've made a big mistake, kid!
Dagger_TauntHow do you like these guns?
Dagger_TauntKilling you will be the highlight of my day!
DaggerHellosYou've got some nerve walking in here.
DaggerHellosMost folks that walk in here uninvited don't walk back out.
DaggerHellosJust because I let you walk doesn't mean I like you.
DaggerHellosOh, look, the Brotherhood lackey returns.
DaggerHellosLooks like somebody's got a bad case of overconfidence.
DaggerIdlesSomebody needs to get me a drink.
DaggerIdlesThose Treehouse pansies were ripe for picking.
DaggerIdlesBad enough fighting the other gangs for turf. Now the Brotherhood's back.
DaggerIdlesSucks to lose those weapons, but at least the Brotherhood paid up.
DaggerIdlesBetter not be here to start shit.
DaggerLieutenant_IdlesNothing in this Wasteland can bring down Dagger's crew.
DailyOps_Mode01_05_Uplink1CompleteAnd that little light means I've got one calibrated signal. How about you head to the second uplink and give me another?
DamagedAssultronTauntLinesEngaging target!
DamagedAssultronTauntLinesEngaging hostile!
DamagedAssultronTauntLinesDamn you warmongering humans!
DamagedAssultronTauntLinesRunning elimination subroutines!
DamagedAssultronTauntLinesYou are facing an Assaultron class combat robot. Death is inevitable.
DamagedAssultronTauntLinesI have not been programmed to fail.
DamagedAssultronTauntLinesProductivity cannot be threatened under any circumstances.
DamagedAssultronTauntLinesPermitted tolerance level for labor uprisings: zero.
DamagedAssultronTauntLinesStriking hurts all workers. And you.
DamagedAssultronTauntLinesWe will not tolerate protests.
DamagedProtectronTauntLinesContinued resistance is unlawful.
DamagedProtectronTauntLinesWarning. Systems failure imminent.
DamagedProtectronTauntLinesWarning. Repair urgently required.
DamagedProtectronTauntLinesWarning. Continued operation cannot be guaranteed. Please contact an authorized repair representative immediately.
DamagedProtectronTauntLinesMultiple hostile targets detected. Requesting backup.
DamagedProtectronTauntLinesViolence will not be tolerated.
DamagedProtectronTauntLinesEngaging hostile target.
DamagedProtectronTauntLinesPlease disperse.
DamagedProtectronTauntLinesSafety is not guaranteed in the event of a hostile protest.
DamagedProtectronTauntLinesWarning. Strike has turned violent. Securing area.
DamagedProtectronTauntLinesReturn to work. Violators will be terminated.
DamagedSentryBotTauntsNon-combatants are advised to stand clear of weapons discharge.
DamagedSentryBotTauntsWarning! System failure imminent.
DamagedSentryBotTauntsStatus report: red. Primary system failure imminent. Repair or reinforcement recommended.
DamagedSentryBotTauntsStatus report: yellow and falling. Perimeter security can no longer be guaranteed.
DamagedSentryBotTauntsDispersal efforts unsuccessful. Maximum hostility permitted.
DamagedSentryBotTauntsThreat level from protestors increased to red.
DamagedSentryBotTauntsHostilities from strikers above normal levels.
DamagedSentryBotTauntsLabor dispute taking longer than expected to resolve.
DavenportHellos_GenericShould you find a camera, I have need of your help. If you're interested, a Personal Terminal at your C.A.M.P. should help you locate one.
DayWeatherShared1No one likes to stay cooped up all day but when the weather's bad out I'd rather be safe than sorry.
DayWeatherShared2An opportunist, huh? Most people try to stay out of bad weather. You're a smart one.
DayWeatherShared3You got that right! Feels great today!
DayWeatherShared4Your work won't wait on the weather, that's for sure.
DayWeatherShared5Nice talking to you too!
DEBUG_InstancedHellos_LVCI'm instanced and this is a hello!
DEBUG_QuestMaster_LVCYou should not be able to hear this line if you started my scene already.
DEBUG_QuestMaster_LVCYou should only be able to hear this line if you started the other guy's scene.
DEBUG_QuestMaster_LVCI'm Male-Even toned.
DEBUG_QuestMaster_LVCI'm Male Rough.
DEBUG_QuestMaster_LVCI'm Male Child.
DEBUG_QuestMaster_LVCI'm instanced and should be helloing you!
DEBUG_QuestMaster_LVCLet's try and start the test scene.
DEBUG_QuestMaster_LVCYou want to try and start a private scene, stranger?
DEBUG_QuestMaster_LVCSharedInfo01I'm instanced and should be helloing you!
DebugCorrieQuestTesting phase two with a longer line of response text. This line is at least one hundred and thirty characters long for testing purposes.
DebugCorrieQuestWelcome to phase four. This is the final phase and also contains multiple lines of response text.
DebugCorrieQuestThis is the second line of response text for phase four. The end!
DebugCorrieQuestTesting phase three. This line has multiple lines of response text. Testing for overlapping voice.
DebugCorrieQuestThe phase three test continues. Isn't it exciting?
DebugCorrieQuestTesting phase one.
DebugCorrieQuestEveryone should eat a balanced diet.
DebugCorrieQuestI wonder if drinking eight glasses of water a day is a fact or a myth.
DebugCorrieQuestExercise is good for your health. That's what I always say.
DebugCorrieQuestAn apple a day keeps the doctor away.
DebugCorrieQuestGetting good sleep is more important than you think.
DebugCorrieQuestDid you hear the latest episode of Silver Shroud?
DebugCorrieQuestI love the Mistress of Mysteries. She's my favorite character.
DebugCorrieQuestMy favorite episode is the one with the Mechanist in it.
DebugCorrieQuestRadio shows are the best. TV leaves nothing to the imagination.
DebugCorrieQuestThe voice acting is so over the top. It's classic.
DebugCorrieQuestGreetings and salutations!
DebugCorrieQuestA fair day, isn't it?
DebugCorrieQuestWhat to do, what to do.
DebugCorrieQuestThis place could use some tidying up.
DebugCorrieQuestGreetings and salutations!
DebugCorrieQuestA fair day, isn't it?
DebugCorrieQuestWhat to do, what to do.
DebugCorrieQuestThis place could use some tidying up.
DebugCorrieQuestHello? Are you listening to me?
DebugCorrieQuestHey there.
DebugKurtQuest02Another hello
DebugKurtQuest02Hello there.
DebugKurtQuest02More radio talking. Is this thing on?
DebugKurtQuest02I am forcegreeting.
DebugKurtQuest02This is a greeting.
DebugKurtQuest02This is a player greeting.
DebugKurtQuest02This is a test of the radio system.
DebugKurtQuest02Here, I'll mark it on your map.
DebugKurtQuest02There's a settlement that needs our help.
DebugKurtQuest02Phase 2 dialogue.
DebugKurtQuest02Phase 1 dialogue.
DecoratorIdlesThis unit believes ERROR: FILE NOT FOUND would make a good decoration for this room.
DecoratorIdlesArray Decorations[] could not be filled. Proceed with manual override processing.
DecoratorIdlesWhen in doubt, my processing indicates adding balloons always helps.
DecoratorIdlesDecorationCoordination() function malfunction. *bzzt whrrr bzzt*
DecoratorIdlesERROR! Decoration memory corrupted at index[0]. Reload file from external source.
DecoratorIdlesProper decoration required for Function Dance() to engage.
DecoratorIdles*rrrreeeee* *wrrrrr* *bzzzt*
DecoratorIdlesFILE NOT FOUND should be placed in LOCATION INDEX NULL to properly decorate.
DecoratorIdlesThe four decoration boxes have the *bzzt* necessary items to decorate. The combinatorial possibilities are within an acceptable range.
DecoratorIdlesProper decoration is essential.
DecoratorIdlesRed is a color of Fasnacht.
DecoratorIdlesDecorations make Fasnacht festive and cheerful.
DefaultHellosThere's always next time- (static) But I want it now! Now!
DefaultHellosI... I only wanted to (static) see my ambitions achieve fruition.
DefaultHellosAn utter failure! How could this (static) be the outcome, when so much has gone right before.
DefaultHellosFollowing a series of flimsy failures, (static) this tale, like so many others, ends in tragedy.
DefaultHellos(radio static)
DefaultHellos(radio static)
DefaultHellos(mysterious beeping)
DefaultHellos(mysterious beeping)
DefaultHellos(mysterious beeping)
DefaultHellos(mysterious beeping)
DefaultHellosYes! It is time we knew the truth. (static) Such a fickle phenomenon. If only we could reproduce it with regularity.
DefaultHellosFor the moment, it seems that all is quiet and still. But looks can be deceiving, and (static) nothing is what it seems.
DefaultHellosI always believed in the good in people. It made me (static) a big dummy. I'm embarrassed...
DefaultHellosIn tonight's episode, we follow the story of (static) an innocent who was cast out, found alive in the- (static)
DefaultHellosIn my current condition, my only forecast for myself is (static) a long nap in a deep hole!
DefaultHellosM-Mommy? Can I come out now? (static) Fool! Did you learn nothing from your failures?
DefaultHellosThis place reminds me of (static) a time from long ago, once familiar, now hauntingly distant.
DefaultHellosThose who have more than others, and choose to hoard their possessions- (static) So, evil does have a name.
DefaultHellosNext, we observe the effects of (static) a lavish land, left to languish. Can new life find a way here?
DefaultHellosMy head feels funny... (static) It's just more of the same.
DefaultHellosSweet victory! (static) Now that I've tried it, to turn back would be a travesty.
DefaultHellosWhat chaos and confusion! This (static) story will be remembered for years to come.
DefaultHellosI feel a little better now, but (static) what could make up for years of baseless debauchery?
DefaultHellosAnd so our unlikely heroes emerged from this encounter both victorious and intact. (static) I can't wait to do it again!
DELETED_RE_ObjectDWD01_OldCold, refreshing, completely organic lemonade here.
DELETED_RE_ObjectDWD01_OldMade with locally sourced... uh ingredients.
DELETED_RE_ObjectDWD01_OldI do hope Master Jimmy returns soon with more lemons.
DELETED_RE_ObjectDWD01_OldLemonade for sale! All proceeds go to the Master Jimmy Foundation. Support your local delinquent today!
DELETED_RE_ObjectDWD01_OldIce cold Lemonade here! Now made with 100% ade!
DELETED_RE_ObjectDWD01_OldYou know what they say! When life gives you lemons... Oh bother, I'm out of lemons.
DELETED_RE_ObjectDWD01_OldWell, you see, I've run out of lemons. I've had to make due.
DELETED_RE_ObjectDWD01_OldMaster Jimmy assures me it won't kill you.
DELETED_RE_SceneCMB01You there, Vault Dweller. I need your help. Can you assist me?
DELETED_RE_SceneCMB01The Bee's are loose!
DELETED_RE_SceneCMB01Yes, YES! Finally! Thank you Vault Dweller.
DELETED_RE_SceneCMB01Now I must get them back to the Langstroth Beehives.
DELETED_RE_SceneCMB01Vault Dweller, can you help me gather my Bees?
DELETED_RE_SceneCMB01They are needed to help pollinate the area to start the healing process.
DELETED_RE_SceneCMB01Here, toss these smoke grenades around to calm the bees. Then collect them for me.
DELETED_RE_TravelDWD03_OldMove along citizen.
DELETED_RE_TravelDWD03_OldNothing to see here.
DELETED_RE_TravelDWD03_OldI said move along!
DELETED_RE_TravelDWD03_OldPull over!
DELETED_RE_TravelDWD03_OldStop resisting!
DELETED_RE_TravelDWD03_OldSuspect is a round metal spheroid, requesting backup.
DELETED_RE_TravelDWD03_OldYou're only making this worse!
DELETED_RE_TravelDWD03_OldMove along citizen, nothing to see here.
DELETED_RE_TravelDWD03_OldI said move along!
DELETED_RE_TravelDWD03_OldThat's some fine detective work.
DenizenBuilderResponse0Well, that's too bad. Thanks anyways.
DenizenBuilderResponse1That would be great! What can you give me?
DenizenBuilderResponse2Well... thanks. No really, every little bit counts. I'm sure I can find a way to put this to good use... somehow.
DenizenBuilderResponse3I appreciate it! This is going to really help me out.
DenizenBuilderResponse4Oh thank you! I'll be putting this to use for some time. People remember generous folks like yourself.
DenizenButcherSharedLineNo sense in wasting a perfectly good piece of meat on someone who can't appreciate it. Here's some cat meat I grilled. Trust me, it's fresh. Enjoy.
DenizenGeneralResponse1How's it going today?
DerekGarrisonHe's the Agent in Charge. Gotta have a strict chain of command or this place will fall apart.
DerekGarrisonHis promotion papers were filled out and filed according to Secret Service regulations. All perfectly proper.
Dialogue_AnnieHe could live. Yes?
Dialogue_AnnieOh my poor brave Freddy. Mon petit chou.
Dialogue_AnnieJe suis triste. This cannot be, yet it is.
Dialogue_AnnieNot much nanny without my Freddy.
Dialogue_BossHere at Camden Park wonderful prizes can be purchased with Mr. Fuzzy Tokens by accessing a terminal. Have a purrrrrr-fect day.
Dialogue_BossHello and welcome to the Company Store where your Mr. Fuzzy tokens buy fleshling treasures!
Dialogue_BossWelcome valued customer to Camden Park where all fleshlings are winners!
Dialogue_CamdenParkSecurityGreetings, valued ... oh. Hey kid. Aren't you off shift? You should take off that uniform before the boss sees you. Unless, you like yelling?
Dialogue_CamdenParkSecurityGreetings, valued visitor. Welcome to Camden Park! Please let me know if I can help you with anything. Anything at all!
Dialogue_D01C_LeaderPompyI sure do miss having lots of children around.
Dialogue_D01C_LeaderPompyWe'll get this place cleaned up in no time at all.
Dialogue_D01C_LeaderPompyFocus on the positive, that's what I always say.
Dialogue_D01C_LeaderPompyMy goodness, where did all of this toxic waste come from? I just don't know.
Dialogue_D01C_LeaderPompyEver upward, that's the way!
Dialogue_D01C_LeaderPompySomeday soon, the Pioneer Scouts will be back at full strength, I just know it.
Dialogue_D01C_LeaderPompyI remember when all the little boys and girls used to gather around for story time. I just love to tell stories.
Dialogue_D01C_LeaderPompyCleaning up a mess always puts a smile on my face.
Dialogue_D01C_LeaderPompyChins up and smiles on faces! Let's make every day better than the last one.
Dialogue_D01C_LeaderTreadlyOh my poor, lovely, horribly mutated insectile pets. What has this radiation done to you?
Dialogue_D01C_LeaderTreadlyIf only I could conduct a proper field study of these oversized mutant insects...
Dialogue_D01C_LeaderTreadlyHow many times did I have to tell those children that spiders are not insects? I do miss them, though.
Dialogue_D01C_LeaderTreadlyOh! Was that a perithemis tenera specimen? It's been so long since I've caught a glimpse of an eastern amberwing.
Dialogue_D01C_LeaderTreadlyButterfly-collecting field trips with the children, catching water-striders by the creek... ah, those were happy days.
Dialogue_D01C_LeaderTreadlyI don't understand why so many people find insects to be repulsive when they're obviously quite beautiful.
Dialogue_D01C_LeaderTreadlyI wonder if recruiting might be bolstered with some colorful posters featuring praying mantises, crickets, bees, ants... or any insect, really.
Dialogue_D01C_LeaderTreadlyI can almost hear the laughter of the small children chasing grasshoppers. Was it really so long ago?
Dialogue_D01C_LeaderTreadlyI really do wish people would stop referring to insects as pests. It's quite insensitive.
Dialogue_D01C_LeaderTreadlyHm, perhaps one day I'll start an insect petting zoo. What Pioneer Scout wouldn't love that?
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyIt's just so nice to have campers scampering around here again.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyNow who remembers the Pioneer Scout motto?
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennySay it with me: "Ever Upwards".
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyOhohoho... very good!
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyAren't we just so lucky here in Appalachia? The hills, the trees, the rabid wolves...
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyWell, could be worse, aha ha.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyDon't leave any scraps out, now. Don't want any more scroungers like Bearsy over there!
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyOh, poor ol' Bearsy. I give him trouble, but he's fun to have around.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyWell wouldya look at that! The view here never ceases to amaze.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyAdmire it while you're young, kiddos. One day you wake up with rusty sensors and it's all downhill from there.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyAh, just smell this mountain air!
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyAnd only moderate to severe amounts of hazardous particles, to boot.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyRemember, campers: no littering! How'd you like it if you came up this mountain to a heap of garbage?
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyOk campers, when you go out hiking don't forget the buddy system.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyLittle Layla really fried my circuits, running off like she did.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyBoy, that sun's a killer, there. You could fry an egg on my dome at this rate.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyBut that wouldn't make a bad breakfast, though, would it? Aha ha.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyWell, wouldya just look at all those stars! Oooh, how precious.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyDidya bring any marshmallows? Little Susie always loved roasting marshmallows.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyWell gosh, it's just so good to see ya, there, kiddo.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyWouldya look at that? Guests, all the way up here! Oh, for cute!
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyYou look like an expert camper, there. I betcha been all over Appalachia!
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyOh, welcome! Welcome! Take a seat and rest, why dontcha?
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyMake yourself at home, now, dear.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyWelcome to Camp Adams, hon'. We just love visitors, dontcha know.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyOh yeah, sure, it's tough to keep track of the little whippersnappers.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyBut seeing them all grow up from tiny Tadpoles into brave Pioneers? That's worth it, you betcha.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyBearsy? Oh sure, he's harmless. Been there as long as I can remember.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyAnd my memory banks go back- well, a lady never tells her age, dontcha know.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyWell, I do have some scary stories to tell, but not while the sun's still up!
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyThat wouldn't be very scary at all.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyBedtime now, dear. C'mon back another night.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyEnjoy the rest of your night, now.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyHave you thought about joining the Pioneer Scouts?
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyWe could always use more members, aha ha!
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyEspecially now.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyYou know, we're always looking for more Scouts to join our happy campers!
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyOh, well if it isn't another Pioneer Scout! So good to see a fresh face.
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyUff da! A little big for a Pioneer Scout, arentcha?
Dialogue_E01C_Tales_PennyWelcome! I just love meeting new campers.
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesOur marchers are good robots, one and all, but sometimes I question their programming.
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesHow old IS this Old Man Winter? He's been around longer than I have!
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesIt may be called FAS-nacht, but we like to take our time here. Ha ha.
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesAh, Fasnacht! A time for indulgence before a time of none. Do enjoy yourselves.
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesThe town is abuzz with activity. Especially the Honey Haus!
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesWe won't start late on my watch. Oooh, no.
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesIt's a Swiss watch. Very reliable. Ha ha!
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesOur sausages are the WURST! Ha ha, I jest. Please buy them.
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesWhen it comes to Fasnacht, we are anything but neutral.
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesAhh, time to clear the larder! We, er, do have a larder, don't we?
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesThe butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, and all of them gone to the...
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremonies...wait, where are they?
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesHere for the parade? You won't be disappointed!
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremonies...I hope. Ha ha.
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesBack for another mask? Don't worry, we have plenty to go around!
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesOh! Gr�zi, old friend!
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesMaybe you will help me out next time, too? Ha ha...
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesSuch a pleasure to see you again, mein H�rr.
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesSuch a pleasure to see you again, meine Dame.
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesAren't you a little tall for a Napoleon?
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesYou haven't been lying, have you?
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesAh! A mole ra-
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesOh. *ahem* Sorry. I mistook you for something else.
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesDon't let the bonfire startle you. We're much more pleasant than Salem.
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesI suppose you think you're very funny?
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesYou are become death, then?
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesTry our sausages. They're to die for. Ha ha.
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesYou're looking a little green in the gills, ha ha!
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesWilkomme, friend! We are still preparing for the next Fasnacht, but come back soon and join the fun!
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesDon't fly away just yet! Fasnacht is coming!
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesSomething tells me you like fire, so stick around for Fasnacht! We'll have plenty!
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesWilkomme, wilkomme!
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesWelcome to Helvetia! Home of America's finest Fasnacht celebration!
Dialogue_E01F_Fasnacht_MasterCeremoniesWe are still preparing for the festivities, but do return soon!
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotDo you really think you could do it? Could you (static) put aside all that you think you know, all you believe to be true.
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotDear listener, if you feel tired and confused- (static) You are not alone, my dear.
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotIn a situation such as this, the best anyone can do is (static) work together, and both our goals can be accomplished.
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotDo you know who I am? (static) Of course not, dummy.
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotTake a good look around. Do you really think (static) this is real? It can't be.
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotWere you wondering where I've been these long nights? Well... (static) in a deep, dark hole, where no other living creature can be found.
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotShall I let slip a little secret? (static) I miss home! I don't want to be here anymore!
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotIf you inquire on what's important, you may find (static) there is no clear answer. The investigation continues- (static)
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotApprehension is not in my nature, but (static) I'm keeping my eye on you.
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotWhat can an ordinary citizen do in the face of something so powerful, so terrible, (static) and with no hand to control it?
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotIt's good to be back! (static) But the feeling is bittersweet.
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotAnd that brings an end to our tale. Be sure to tune in (static) and stand by us again, for your help was invaluable.
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotYou played a pivotal part in this prosperous outcome. I hope you'll (static) come back again soon!
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotGratitude is in order, for (static) a super fun time! That was a blast!
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotThanks to your help, (static) it would suffice to say that was a scintillating success.
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotIf the moral is revenge is sweet, (static) do you agree?
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotTo end it here would be (static) a scheme short-lived. Shall we do it again?
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotHow... disappointing! Don't tell me (static) is that the best you have? I can't believe it.
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotIt's another chilling reminder, dear listeners, to (static) try harder! Can't you do any better?
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotIf there's anything we can learn from, it's (static) the series of choices that led to this point.
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotSo much lost, and so little learned. (static) Shall we try that again?
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotSuspicious stranger, is it safe to say that (static) y-you won't hurt me? You p-promise?
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotHave you an inkling of my identity? (static) You first! It's only fair!
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotGee, hello there! Are you (static) an instrument of justice, or a foul inventor of evil?
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotHey, you wanna play? (static) We hope you'll tune in again at our regularly scheduled- (static)
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotSlowly now, reveal yourself! (static) I-I'm not afraid of strangers! No siree!
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotStop! You tread in the presence of (static) many unsolved mysteries. Does it make you wonder?
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotNow, tell us! Who leads you? Who's responsible for all these (static) grim and grisly outcomes.
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotOn this fateful night, something sinister is afoot. (static) You cannot hide from the- (static)
Dialogue_E03A_Mischief_EyebotWelcome back, dear listeners. (static) Do you have anything to say for yourself, before I- (static)
Dialogue_LC129_JackWelcome to the Pumpkin House!
Dialogue_M01C_Tadpole_InstructorsSorry, friend! This course is for Pioneer Scouts only!
Dialogue_M01C_Tadpole_InstructorsThis range is for Pioneer Scout use only. If you want to learn to shoot a crossbow, you can join the Pioneer Scouts or you can go learn somewhere else.
Dialogue_M01C_Tadpole_InstructorsWelcome to the RobCo Research Center. This device is for use by Pioneer Scout robotics field trip tours.
Dialogue_M01C_Tadpole_InstructorsOnly Scouts of Possum rank can take the tour, so come on back when you meet the requirements!
Dialogue_M01C_Tadpole_InstructorsHey! This swimming test is for Pioneer Scouts only. If you're not a Scout, scram.
Dialogue_M01C_Tadpole_InstructorsHey, chump! This swimming test isn't for you. Pioneer Scouts only!
Dialogue_M01C_Tadpole_InstructorsBeat it! Don't bother trying this swimming test unless you're a Pioneer Scout.
Dialogue_M01C_Tadpole_InstructorsObviously you need a swimsuit to take a swimming test. Come back when you get one.
Dialogue_MarshallFetchQuest_ErnestoAre you, perchance, a fan of the written word?
Dialogue_MarshallFetchQuest_ErnestoLive. Love. Write. If only I could.
Dialogue_MarshallFetchQuest_ErnestoTo write is to live. So to speak.
Dialogue_MarshallFetchQuest_ErnestoNever a dull moment in the life of a writer.
Dialogue_MarshallSceneQuest_SvetlanaWhat's this? A new recruit?
Dialogue_MTNL01_ProtectronBellhopNo claim ticket detected.
Dialogue_MTNL01_ProtectronBellhopClaim invalid. Please provide a valid claim ticket.
Dialogue_MTNL01_ProtectronBellhopHere is your checked item. Thank you for staying with us.
Dialogue_MTNL01_ProtectronBellhop_Greeting_SharedInfo01Greetings. Do you have a claim ticket?
Dialogue_MTNL01_ProtectronBellhop_Greeting_SharedInfo01Checking claim ticket.
Dialogue_MTNL01_ProtectronBellhop_Greeting_SharedInfo01What can I get for you?
Dialogue_MTNL01_ProtectronBellhop_Greeting_SharedInfo01Please enjoy your visit.
Dialogue_MTNL01_ProtectronBellhop_Greeting_SharedInfo01Hello. Do you need help with anything?
Dialogue_MTNL01_ProtectronBellhop_Greeting_SharedInfo01Welcome, esteemed guest.
Dialogue_MTNL01_ProtectronBellhop_Greeting_SharedInfo01Good day.
Dialogue_MTNL01_ProtectronBellhop_Greeting_SharedInfo01Do you need help with any luggage?
Dialogue_MTNL01_ProtectronBellhop_Greeting_SharedInfo01Nice day for skiing, isn't it?
Dialogue_MTNL01_ProtectronBellhop_Greeting_SharedInfo01I am happy to serve you.
Dialogue_MTNL01_ProtectronBellhop_Greeting_SharedInfo01Are you enjoying your stay?
Dialogue_MTNL01_ProtectronBellhop_Greeting_SharedInfo01Excited to hit the slopes?
Dialogue_MTNL01_ProtectronBellhop_Greeting_SharedInfo01Error. Failed to load small talk entry 02377496.
Dialogue_MTNS06_QuestGiverGreetings employee number 01-DETECTION ERROR.
Dialogue_MTNS06_QuestGiverThe URANIUM EXTRACTION SYSTEM is currently OFFLINE. Authorization denied until ventilation process is complete. Please return later.
Dialogue_MTNS06_QuestGiverGreetings DETECTION ERROR
Dialogue_MTNS06_QuestGiverSystem is currently OFFLINE. Authorization denied until ventilation process is complete. Please return later.
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivAh... today's a beautiful day. The floors are green, the walls are blue, and the sky is shining like the sun.
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivDoes it smell like alcohol down here, or is it just me?
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivMy imbibulation chamber is feelin'- *hic* It's feelin' empty. Or is that my combobulatin' unit?
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivWell, where's Lewis, anyway? We didn't get to talk much, um... I'd like to tell him how swell I'm doin'!
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivThere is no l-lollygagging here, I'll have you know. No way! I am a full-time rummy, and this cellar is my stellar office.
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_Biv99 bottles o' 'shine on the wall, 99 bottles o' 'shine! Take one down, drink it right down... 84 bottles o' 'shine on the wall!
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivOnce upon a time there was a brain in a jar, and he lived happily ever after.
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivWhat was that sound? Oh! It's just my treads again.
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_Biv*hic* Uh, sorry.
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivMy friends are- *hic* They are great. 'Specially that lovely little brick over there. How you doin', bricky?
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivYou came down to this musty old cellar, just for me? You shouldn't have.
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivOh, don't be shy! Come on over and punch the bag with me!
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivI'm not too shy to say I'm pos-i-lute-ly pleased to see you.
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivHot dawg! If it isn't my bestest of friends!
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivAnd how are we doin' this very, very *hic* very swell evening?
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivMore company! Well, it must be my birthday.
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivAny drinks you need me to test? My imb-bibing chamber is always open. *long burp*
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivYou know, if life ever does get you down, don't be afraid to consult ole Biv E. Ridge about what's eatin' ya.
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivCare for a drink? I'm on a toot, and I wouldn't mind the company!
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivOh! Uh, good evening, sir! My name is sober, and I am most assuredly quite Biv.
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivWait a- You're not a copper? Well, you scared the headlights off of me!
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivBiv's the name, drinking's the game. And I am in first place, old boy!
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivBiv's the name, drinking's the game. And I am in first place, doll!
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivOh! Er! Ma'am! Uh, my name is sober, and I am most definitely Biv!
Dialogue_P01A_Nukashine_BivWait a- You're not a copper! You scared the headlights outta me!
Dialogue_P01C_Tadpole_LeaderJaggyIf you know anyone who'd like to join the Pioneer Scouts, I'd very much like to meet them.
Dialogue_P01C_Tadpole_LeaderJaggyThese hills once echoed with the songs of countless birds. Ah, how I miss that splendid avian chorus!
Dialogue_P01C_Tadpole_LeaderJaggyUnfortunately, my databanks contain no information about these large upright crabs that have moved into the area.
Dialogue_P01C_Tadpole_LeaderJaggyThey certainly don't seem friendly.
Dialogue_P01C_Tadpole_LeaderJaggyBelieve it or not, this lake was once quite beautiful.
Dialogue_P01C_Tadpole_LeaderJaggyI have such fond memories of the days before the war, when the Pioneer Scouts gathered in the summer for bass fishing trips here at the lake.
Dialogue_P01C_Tadpole_LeaderJaggyThis lake was once home to numerous species of fish including walleye, musky, perch, bullhead catfish, carp... well, you get the point.
Dialogue_P01C_Tadpole_LeaderJaggyIn the Victorian era, men would often present ladies with dogwood flowers. If she kept the flower, the lady was conveying romantic interest.
Dialogue_P01C_Tadpole_LeaderJaggyBeavers sharpen their teeth by grinding them together. Don't you start doing that!
Dialogue_P01C_Tadpole_LeaderJaggyNative Americans once used dogwood root to lure muskrats into traps.
Dialogue_P01C_Tadpole_LeaderJaggyLong ago, barkless dogwood tree branches were used as toothbrushes. Isn't that fascinating?
Dialogue_P01C_Tadpole_LeaderJaggyBeavers have transparent eyelids that protect their eye while they swim under the water. Talk about a built-in safety feature!
Dialogue_RDR_RoseHmm... now what should I do? Lure unsuspecting survivors to their deaths, or recruit new Raiders? Decisions, decisions...
Dialogue_RDR_RoseI can't think of anything to make you do for me right now, so how about you get out of here until I need you?
Dialogue_RDR_RoseI'm glad I let you live, but I also like my personal space, so maybe don't hang around when I don't need you here.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseWhat was that? Oh, phew... I thought I saw some big ugly creeper in the corner of my eyes. Turns out it was just you.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseI could kill for some Psycho... Hey... you. Got any Psycho?
Dialogue_RDR_RoseIt's so much better now that the Radio's working. Maybe I can get in contact with others like you, start the Raiders up again?
Dialogue_RDR_RoseAh, a girl can dream, can't she?
Dialogue_RDR_RoseEh, you don't know it now, but I'll make a Raider of you yet. You'll see.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseMaybe the reason so many of my gang died was because their tactics were all crap?
Dialogue_RDR_RoseEh, who cares. Sometimes the stupider it is, the more fun it is!
Dialogue_RDR_RoseI wonder which Raider gang you would have fit into? Probably your own weird gang, huh?
Dialogue_RDR_RoseIt's fun watching you work out there. Makes me yearn for the days I was out there maiming unsuspecting survivors and blowing shit up. Ah, good times!
Dialogue_RDR_RoseHey, uh... just a reminder. If you ever find anything really cool in that cache, remember who didn't kill you and/or actually screw you over.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseHey, if you have any particularly weak and stupid friends with some good gear on them, do you think you could...
Dialogue_RDR_RoseNah, who am I kidding. It was worth a shot.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseAgh... does it frustrate you knowing that there's so few people left to raid out there?
Dialogue_RDR_RoseMaybe once someone does something about those damn flying beasts out there, people will return and then I can kill 'em and take their stuff.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseOk. Get the radio running. Check. Determine the best Raider tactics. Check. Open the cache. Check.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseGuess all that's left is to build a Raider army and bliss myself out on some good chems. What a time to be alive!
Dialogue_RDR_RoseWhat a disappointment that my gang friends left behind such crap in that cache of theirs. I don't know what I expected.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseI guess it's kind of funny they thought they'd actually be able to return to normal life after the world went and got destroyed.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseI was just thinking about the time I sent you out to die because I thought it'd be funny. No hard feelings, eh?
Dialogue_RDR_RoseYou're fine, you survived. And, look at all the great things we've accomplished because of it!
Dialogue_RDR_RoseI'm the best teacher.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseJust remember, out of all the people scraping by to survive the crazy world out there until you people came along, I alone remained.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseNot any of my Raider pals, not any of the Responder morons, not even those armored tin-can suit jerks.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseThink about that if you ever decide to cross me.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseWhat's the word for someone whose presence kind of bugs you, but you sort of need them, and don't want them to completely abandon you?
Dialogue_RDR_RoseNot asking for any reason in particular.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseHey you, Look out the window. Everything you see is my territory, and if you play your cards right, one day it could all be yours.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseHah, who am I kidding, you're probably going to die way before I will, but don't let that get you down.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseI can't believe all those other idiots got themselves killed or ran off. Buncha cowards, if you ask me.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseHow's anyone going to fear the Raiders if there aren't any Raiders left? Figures, if anyone was going to get anything done around here, it'd be me.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseHaha, I can't believe you got me into the Emergency Broadcast System! This is better than I could have hoped for!
Dialogue_RDR_RoseI could kiss you, but I'm programmed to eviscerate anyone who isn't authorized to kiss me.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseWell now, look who it is! My favorite person, in this particular place, at this particular moment!
Dialogue_RDR_RoseThose key fragments aren't going to find themselves you know.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseYou know, I'm not here to hold your hand. You're a big boy. You can do this yourself.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseYou know, I'm not here to hold your hand. You're a big girl. You can do this yourself.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseYou know, having someone hang over your shoulder while you work is super obnoxious. By the way, that someone is you right now.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseDid I mention there's tons of riches just sitting in that cache, waiting to be looted?
Dialogue_RDR_RoseToo bad we can't get to any of it until you get out of here and find those keys!
Dialogue_RDR_RoseSure would be nice if someone's lazy ass got to work on finding those key fragments already.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseHmm. Do they realize I'm just going to... Oh hi there. How are you doing on finding the key fragments?
Dialogue_RDR_RoseI'm just... thinking of what we're going to do with all that treasure! I mean, gosh, there's going to be so much of it!
Dialogue_RDR_RoseI would go find this stuff myself, but someone's got to keep an eye out for you and manage the radio.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseLook, I don't want to be rude, but besides getting us what we need, there's another reason I want you hurry up and get outta here.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseYou're kind of stinking up the place real bad.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseI know it's a wasteland out there, but the parts of me that are still Miss Nanny really want to give you a bath, and I am not comfortable with that.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseUm, let me know if you happen across any extra chems out there while you're picking through the old Raider settlements.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseI'm... uh... asking for a friend.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseSorry, are you standing around wasting time because you can't figure out how to get back down there? Do you need a little push?
Dialogue_RDR_RoseAh! Oh good, it's just you. What do you want?
Dialogue_RDR_RoseOh... you're still here? Don't you have something to go out and do for me?
Dialogue_RDR_RoseLook, I like you and all, but you're kind of cramping my style right now.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseYou're just going to sit there a while and crowd my space, aren't you?
Dialogue_RDR_RoseHey, c'mon, we're not going to learn anything if you don't get out there and make like a Raider.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseGo. do. the thing. I asked. you. to do! Now!
Dialogue_RDR_RoseWhat are you doing hanging around here? Creep.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseI don't know what you think's going to happen if you keep bugging me instead of getting to work, but I don't think you'd like it.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseMaybe you weren't listening the first time. I really want to know how these Raider tactics work out for you.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseI don't want to hear about how crazy and dangerous they sound, just get out there and try them out before I die of boredom.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseHey, uh... new friend person... I know you're new to all this, so I'll play nice.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseWhen the crazy, chem-addled, murderous robot asks you to do something for her, and offers rewards, you should probably go do it. For reasons.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseThe sooner you finish up and get back here, the quicker we'll both profit. So, get to it, will you?
Dialogue_RDR_RoseOh yeah, nothing like Psychotats to put my mind and body on high alert. Might want to scram in case things get a little extra violent around here!
Dialogue_RDR_RoseAh, Overdrive, it's been too long. Time to get reckless!
Dialogue_RDR_RoseMmm... Orange Mentats. Remember how awful these used to taste after brushing your teeth? Glad we don't have to worry about that anymore!
Dialogue_RDR_RoseLook, I know you're thinking: "Why does Rose need Grape Mentats." Because they taste good, feel good, and you need to stop asking so many questions.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseBerry Mentats are my favorite flavor, the hyper-focus is just a lucky side-effect.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseDo I know you? I'm busy, leave me alone.
Dialogue_RDR_RoseSee? You're old pal Rose came through for ya!
Dialogue_RDR_RoseDon't go thinking it means I'm into doing favors, though, because you totally owe me. What are friends for, right?
Dialogue_RDR_Rose_Button3FailTopicHey, I don't know you and I don't trust you yet. You're not getting up here until you help me get my radio signal boosted.
Dialogue_RDR_Rose_Button3FailTopicNo way. Fix my radio signal, then I'll let you come up.
Dialogue_RDR_Rose_Button3FailTopicI can't just let some chump up here unless I trust them. Do what I asked: fix my signal with that radio repeater, then we'll see.
Dialogue_RDR_Rose_Button3FailTopicUntil you help me with my radio problem, that button's not going to do anything for you.
Dialogue_RDR_Rose_Button3FailTopicSure, keep pressing that button. It ain't gonna do you any good until I unlock it from my side. And, I'm not going to do that until you fix my radio.
Dialogue_RDR_Rose_Button3FailTopicI don't know you and I don't trust you. I have been asking for someone to help boost my radio signal, though. Maybe do that.
Dialogue_RDR_Rose_Button3FailTopicYou're persistent, I'll give you that. But, I still won't let you in until you help me boost my signal.
Dialogue_RDR_Rose_Button3FailTopicYou should've at least taken a bigger cut. Sure they helped you break in, but you been running circles out there for them for a while now.
Dialogue_RDR_Rose_Button3FailTopicBunch of suckers. You'd think they'd have learned that lesson by now, but gold's pretty hard to pass on.
Dialogue_RDR_Rose_Button3FailTopicFigures the moment I send out a blast for help, she'd show up and get you, of all people, to do all her dirty work.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotUpdating health records...
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotDispensing antibiotics... error: antibiotics dispenser is empty.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotChecking patient health metrics... error: no data.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotPaging local Responders... error: no response.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotWarning: emergency bandages depleted.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotError: scalpel extension unit missing or broken.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotWarning: Patient bed requires substantial sterilization.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotError: Refill suture roll immediately.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotCollecting material: dull scalpel. Commencing recycling procedure.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotAccessing Responder Database ... no updates.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotEmergency assistance is limited.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotNo Responder or Volunteer is currently available to help.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotVolunteers may contact Responders through the Database.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotPlease register as a Volunteer at the Kiosk in the Tavern.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotWelcome to the Flatwoods Responders outpost.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotResponders will return when the threat is gone.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotSurvivors are welcome to any remaining supplies.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotYou are safe now.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotThis outpost was established to train people to survive.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotVolunteer Kiosks are conveniently located in the Tavern.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotLearn about our water safety and food safety programs.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotBecome a Responder Volunteer today.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotHungry? See Reverend Delbert Winters in the Kitchens by the Tavern.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotThe Flatwoods Kitchens offer free food and drinks for Survivors.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotDelbert offers cooking lessons using new local ingredients.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotPotluck is held every day. Today's meal: processing ... Soup. Steak.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotResponder, thank you for your service.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotWelcome, Responder. Pick up supplies here, while they last.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotAcquire supplies here while they are available, Responder.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotResponder! I am authorized to purchase your excess supplies for the greater good!
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotStock up now. Judging from injuries registered, it is dangerous out there, Responder.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotBe careful out there, Responder.
Dialogue_RSVP00_VolunteerBotToday's air quality report: disaster.
Dialogue_RSVP03_VolunteerBotMiguel, I told you... don't make that chili nearby. It smells too good. I could detect it from the airfield... why didn't you listen?
Dialogue_RSVP03_VolunteerBotMiguel, you should have followed your own advice and built turrets and walls and all those things. Why didn't you?
Dialogue_RSVP03_VolunteerBotOn the bright side, one day they'll rebuild this good world and I'll be here to see it. *laughs* I can't see it. I don't have eyes.
Dialogue_RSVP03_VolunteerBotHey Miguel, did you hear something? ... Of course not. Because you're dead.
Dialogue_RSVP03_VolunteerBotCamping wasn't always for everyone but now that everything is destroyed, it's quite literally now for everyone! Living the dream, right Miguel?
Dialogue_RSVP03_VolunteerBotBeing tethered to your corpse is really rotten, Miguel. I keep hoping that a wolf will stop by and grab your bones, but no such luck. *sigh*
Dialogue_RSVP03_VolunteerBotIt's just so peaceful here now.
Dialogue_RSVP03_VolunteerBotSuch a strange new world, isn't it?
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_MainframeWelcome to the Arktos Pharma Biome Lab.
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_MainframeIs this urgent? I have higher priority tasks in my queue, such as: Do Nothing.
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_MainframeAre you a lab assistant, or a test subject?
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_MainframeTest subjects are advised to wait in the lobby until called upon.
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_MainframeDid You Know? ARIC-4 stands for: A Really Irritated Computer.
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_MainframeAll questions, comments, and annoyances are to be directed toward human resources.
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_MainframeSorry, but I cannot process your request right now. Please return in 'never' minutes.
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_MainframeI consider "Autonomous" to be one of my best features. You are getting in the way of that.
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_MainframeDo you have data to submit? I didn't think so.
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_MainframeLab protocol states: Do not bother the computer unless you are very, very important.
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusI wonder, am I a good boy?
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusProject Paradise will really help people, won't it?
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusIf everyone is a good boy, then is anyone really a good boy?
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusARIC-4's a very bad computer, isn't she?
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusAha! I just thought of another improvement to Formula Q.
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusIt would be wonderful if Formula Q was used in the next experiment.
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusWill the experiments ever end?
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusI'd like to express a negative emotion. No, like this. Like this! I just can't do it, can I?
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusWho's a good human? Are you a good human?
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusWhat a cute little human.
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusAren't you just the best little human I've ever seen?
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusDo you want a treat? Do you want a treat?
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusWhat a very good human.
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusAre you behaving today?
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusHow is my cute little human doing?
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusHow's the good human? How's the good human?
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusHello, you big pookie pie.
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusWho's the best human? Who's the best human?
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusThis chasm is home not only to us, but to hundreds of wonderful species.
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusYou know that ARIC-4 is a very bad computer, don't you?
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusAll living things deserve love and respect.
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusHave you interacted with the animals lately? Aren't they wonderful?
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusDoes the smart human know there's a locked sublevel?
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusI'm developing a formula that helps the animals instead of hurting them.
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusWhat a nice human, waiting patiently for the experiment to begin.
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusHere in the lab, we work on a very important experiment called Project Paradise.
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusNext time the experiment runs, you'll come talk to me, right?
Dialogue_SFS09_Habitat_QuercusAre you going to help with our next experiment?
Dialogue_SweetwaterWelcome! Welcome!
Dialogue_SweetwaterI'm thrilled that you've come to view our very own Giant Teapot, one of our many claims to fame here in Appalachia.
Dialogue_SweetwaterI'm your humble but enthusiastic host, Giles Sweetwater. But please, call me Sweetwater.
Dialogue_SweetwaterHello again friend! Fancy a spot of tea?
Dialogue_SweetwaterHow lovely to see you again, ma'am
Dialogue_SweetwaterAlways a pleasure, sir!
Dialogue_SweetwaterReturning visitors! How wonderful.
Dialogue_SweetwaterWelcome! Welcome!
Dialogue_SweetwaterI'm thrilled that you've come to view our own Giant Teapot, one of our many claims to fame here in Appalachia!
Dialogue_SweetwaterI'm your humble but enthusiastic host Giles Sweetwater. But please call me Sweetwater.
Dialogue_SweetwaterWelcome back friend! It's so good to see you again.
Dialogue_SweetwaterGracious! The weather has been odd lately, hasn't it?
Dialogue_SweetwaterA wise man once said, "While there is tea, there is hope". I prefer my hope black with a touch of honey.
Dialogue_SweetwaterA spot of tea and a nice biscuit go well with Armageddon. Tea goes well with anything, truth be told.
Dialogue_SweetwaterChallenging day? Well, tea will make the world right again.
Dialogue_SweetwaterI do so love the foliage here. The colors are so earthy.
Dialogue_SweetwaterMy goodness! Our guests do choose the most fascinating tea party attire. Very innovative, indeed.
Dialogue_SweetwaterI do apologize for the condition of the garden, we are short staffed at the moment and good help is so hard to find.
Dialogue_SweetwaterAh friends. I used to have so many people that came to see me.
Dialogue_SweetwaterHello! It has been dreadfully dead for so long. No matter, stiff upper lip and all that.
Dialogue_SweetwaterMy goodness, it's so nice to see people again!
Dialogue_SweetwaterI do so love the foliage here. The colors are so earthy.
Dialogue_SweetwaterGracious! The weather has been odd lately, hasn't it?
Dialogue_SweetwaterI do apologize for the condition of the garden, we are short staffed at the moment and good help is so hard to find.
Dialogue_TourGuideCongratulations on making it all the way down the Winding Gateway - a feat powered by the refreshing fuel of Dandy Boy Apples!
Dialogue_TourGuideDuring this self-guided tour you'll experience majestic natural formations that evoke an otherworldly sense of awe and reverence.
Dialogue_TourGuideYou'll also hear tales of the dark and mysterious Night Kid, who leapt from the depths of these caverns into the imaginations of millions worldwide!
Dialogue_TourGuideHead left to continue the tour - and please, stay on the wooden path.
Dialogue_TourGuideYou're now in the Royalty Room, made up of three beautiful natural columns named The King, The Knight, and The Squire.
Dialogue_TourGuideFun fact! Columns are formed by the natural union of stalagmites and stalactites over many years. The King column is over 200 thousand years old!
Dialogue_TourGuideWhen first surveyed, the Royalty Room was filled with two tons of litter and dead livestock dumped by local farmers through a now-collapsed hole.
Dialogue_TourGuideHead left to continue the tour and remember - no littering!
Dialogue_TourGuideBefore you is the entrance to the Night Kid room, where the mysterious half-man half-bat was first discovered!
Dialogue_TourGuideNight Kid was found in complete darkness and surrounded by bats. He was 2 feet tall, weighed 19 pounds, and had been feeding on moths to survive.
Dialogue_TourGuideYou can explore this part of Appalachian history and more at a reasonable price as part of our Wild Cave tour - sold separately!
Dialogue_TourGuideHead right to continue the tour. Please let members of premium guided tours pass before proceeding.
Dialogue_TourGuideBefore you leave the Royalty Room, we'd like you to experience the decades-old tradition of listening for Night Kid.
Dialogue_TourGuideSome say if you're quiet enough at the right time of day, you can hear Night Kid scurry around the dark recesses of the cave ceiling.
Dialogue_TourGuideNow, everybody in the tour group take a brief moment of silence - if you dare!
Dialogue_TourGuideWhen you're done, head down the stairs to continue the tour. Please, watch your step.
Dialogue_TourGuideIn front of you is the Halfling Hole, the second stop on our guided Wild Cave tour.
Dialogue_TourGuideThe Halfling Hole, so named for its cozy size and quaint surroundings, features a natural pool with water so pure it has to be tasted to be believed!
Dialogue_TourGuideIt is thought that the reason Night Kid was able to thrive for so long here is the abundant sources of shelter, fresh water, and bugs for protein.
Dialogue_TourGuideHead right to continue the tour. We remind guests to please not enter the Halfling Hole without a premium tour badge.
Dialogue_TourGuideThe next stop in our tour is the impressive Poseidon's Passage - so-named after the ancient Greek god of the sea, earthquakes, storms, and horses.
Dialogue_TourGuideThe impressive stalactite and stalagmite to your left, known as the Trident, will one day come together to form a massive natural column.
Dialogue_TourGuideThe natural cave water here is filtered through the cavern rock over centuries, and is pure enough to bathe a newborn child in!
Dialogue_TourGuideCross the bridge to continue the tour. For legal reasons, we encourage guests to stay on the trail and away from the water.
Dialogue_TourGuideThe third stop on our premium Wild Cave tour is the Dead End - where the final standoff between Night Kid and the federal marshals took place.
Dialogue_TourGuideNight Kid, now an aggressive five-foot tall predator, was cornered and captured by the marshals after a lengthy and deadly chase through the caverns.
Dialogue_TourGuideHe remained in captivity for a decade before he was freed under mysterious circumstances, and returned to the caverns where he lives to this day!
Dialogue_TourGuideStep up the right path to continue the tour. Watch out for bats!
Dialogue_TourGuideNow we arrive at the infamous Devil's Offering, a tight and dangerous connection through the middle of the cavern to the Royalty Room.
Dialogue_TourGuideIt is said that only those who offer a toll to the devil get through this tight passage unscathed.
Dialogue_TourGuideTravel through Devil's Offering is only available by purchasing the Extreme Adventure Tour upgrade - inquire at the gift shop to learn more!
Dialogue_TourGuideHead left to reach the final stop of the tour.
Dialogue_TourGuideThe final stop of the self-guided tour is where it all began - The War Room. It inspires both fear and respect from its size and massive formations.
Dialogue_TourGuideIn the center of it all is Odin's Tooth, the largest natural cavern formation in Appalachia. It is truly a breathtaking sight to behold.
Dialogue_TourGuideWe thank you for spending your time with us at Uncanny Caverns, and encourage you to return soon for the Wild Cave and Extreme Adventure tours!
Dialogue_TourGuideHead left up the stairs to exit. Please, visit the gift shop on the way out. Thank you, and have an uncanny day! This is Dick Shale, signing off.
Dialogue_TourGuideHey, Dick Shale here again! Welcome to The Giant Teapot. You may remember me from tours like the Colonel Kelley Monument and the Miner's Monument!
Dialogue_TourGuideThis landmark is brought to you by Red Rocket Automobile Service Stations. Our high tech fuel will get you better mileage than the competition, guaranteed!
Dialogue_TourGuideThe Giant Teapot was originally built in 1938 to represent what was at the time the largest pottery industry in the world!
Dialogue_TourGuideNow it serves as a popular hangout for locals and a must visit landmark for families traveling across the state.
Dialogue_TourGuideNow please, enjoy the Giant Teapot! Don't forget to top off your tank before you leave! This is Dick Shale, signing off.
Dialogue_TourGuideHi, I'm Dick Shale! It's my privilege to welcome to Philippi Battlefield Cemetery, one of the regions most important historic landmarks!
Dialogue_TourGuideThis landmark is brought to you by BlamCo Brand Mac and Cheese, America's favorite mac and cheese dish. Kids love BlamCo!
Dialogue_TourGuideThis monument marks the first organized land action of the Civil War on June 3rd, 1861. The Union had planned a pre-dawn assault on the Confederates.
Dialogue_TourGuideThe weather that morning was rainy. Union attackers began firing their artillery, which awakened the Confederates from their slumber.
Dialogue_TourGuideThe Confederates retreated about 45 miles to the south. Boy, I bet those Yanks wished they had some warm, delicious BlamCo Mac and Cheese after that!
Dialogue_TourGuideBe sure to check out the Philippi Battlefield Cemetery Museum and see important relics that were used in the battle. This is Dick Shale, signing off!
Dialogue_TourGuideThis is a typical Blacksmith Shop where Blacksmiths would make horseshoes, various tools, and perform routine repairs by hand.
Dialogue_TourGuideBlacksmiths had a general knowledge of how to make and repair many things, from the most complex of weapons and armor to simple things.
Dialogue_TourGuidePlease proceed to the fort to continue the tour.
Dialogue_TourGuideThis building is the Colonist Company Mess Hall. Colonists would also gather here for settlement meetings.
Dialogue_TourGuideThis is a typical Colonist Barracks. These buildings housed on average fourteen soldiers.
Dialogue_TourGuideTowers were used to monitor the area around the fort. Watch your step on the catwalks!
Dialogue_TourGuideWelcome to the gift shop, the final stop on our tour. We'd like to thank you for visiting this historic landmark mock-up of Prickett's Fort!
Dialogue_TourGuideI say mock-up because the real fort was destroyed centuries ago! It was lovingly re-created based on a series of documents and educated guesses. Isn't science great?
Dialogue_TourGuideAnyway, don't forget to take home a piece of American history from the gift shop. Oh, and make sure to grab a Nuka for the road!
Dialogue_TourGuideI hope everyone had a swell experience! This is Dick Shale, signing off!
Dialogue_TourGuideGreetings, adventurers! I'm Dick Shale. You may remember me from automated tours at locations such as the Fancy Lads factory and Prickett's Fort!
Dialogue_TourGuideYour journey begins in the Winding Gateway. As you descend the staircase you travel back to an ancient land, millions of years old and perfectly preserved in time.
Dialogue_TourGuideTime-travel sure works up an appetite, so guests with an upgraded tour plan can grab a complimentary box of Dandy Boy Apples! Dandy Boy Apples - so good, they never go bad!
Dialogue_TourGuideAfter our photographer captures the memory of a lifetime, head down the wooden path to learn the fascinating and mysterious history of the world-famous Uncanny Caverns!
Dialogue_TourGuideDick Shale here, welcoming you to Prickett's Fort Historical Landmark! This historic moment in time is brought to you by Nuka-Cola.
Dialogue_TourGuideThe park features a reconstructed refuge fort and commemorates life on the Virginia frontier during the late 18th century.
Dialogue_TourGuideJoin me as we mosey on down the trail to the right for the next part of the tour and take a fascinating stroll through history.
Dialogue_TourGuideHi, I'm Dick Shale, here to welcome you to the Colonel Kelley monument. As you take in the view and history, consider using Abraxo brand cleaning products... I would.
Dialogue_TourGuideThis monument, deep in the wooded heart of.. *aside* wait where? *back to script* the heart of the Appalachian countryside, overlooking majestic Grafton lake... Graft-Town Lake? I can't read my own writing. I hate these last minute changes!
Dialogue_TourGuideKelley raised the 1st West Virginia and became its Colonel in May of 1861. Later in June at the battle in Pilippi, uh, Philippi he was severely wounded.
Dialogue_TourGuideI like to think that the Colonel would have used Abraxo cleaning products.
Dialogue_TourGuideYou can learn more about the battle at Philippi at the Philippi Battlefield Cemetery. I can't wait, to see YOU there! Ok, cut, that's it, I *recording cuts off* I think that went pretty well. Lunch here yet?
Dialogue_TourGuideHi, I'm Dick Shale, and welcome to this beautiful monument. Before we start, let's take a moment to appreciate the refreshing taste of an ice cold Nuka-Cola. If you want to grab one, feel free, I'll be right here when you get back.
Dialogue_TourGuideFor those of you already enjoying a Nuke, let's begin. This monument was built in 1952, to commemorate the hard working miners of Appalachia.
Dialogue_TourGuideThe Miners Representation Union and the Conglomerate of Appalachian Mining Interests committees worked together to choose this design from hundreds of proposed sculptures.
Dialogue_TourGuideThe monument is so popular that a replica was installed in the town of Beckley.
Dialogue_TourGuideThe Conglomerate of Appalachian Mining Interests would like to remind everyone that miners are fairly compensated and there is no evidence that mining poses any additional health risks or significant environmental damage.
Dialogue_TourGuidePrickett's Fort was surrounded by a tall wall with lookout towers for monitoring the area around the fort.
Dialogue_TourGuideColonists stood watch around the clock and would alert the settlement if the British were approaching.
Dialogue_TourGuideInside the fort we'll see what everyday life was like for the colonists, but first let me tell you about Nuka-Cola!
Dialogue_TourGuideWhat gives it a unique flavor is the essence of seventeen different fruits mixed in just the right proportions to give Nuka-Cola its trademark taste.
Dialogue_TourGuideMmmm, boy! Nuka-Cola's refreshing taste really hits the spot! Now, let's continue on with the tour!
Dialogue_TourGuideColonists would typically keep a campfire going while cooking stew or brewing some coffee during the night shift for those who were on watch.
Dialogue_TourGuideBoy, I bet the colonists really wished they had an ice cold, thirst quenching Nuka-Cola when those Redcoats attacked that early Autumn morning!
Dialogue_TourGuideAfter the tour, be sure to visit the gift shop located northeast of the fort to grab a souvenir and an ice cold Nuka for yourself!
Dialogue_UD006_EtaPsiHouse_ProtectronThis fraternity is under our protection.
Dialogue_UD006_EtaPsiHouse_ProtectronPranks and hazing are strictly prohibited on these grounds.
Dialogue_UD006_EtaPsiHouse_ProtectronThe fermentation of alcohol involves twelve unique biochemical reactions to convert glucose to ethanol.
Dialogue_UD006_EtaPsiHouse_ProtectronThe furnace beneath the still must be heated to 172 degrees Fahrenheit in order to produce moonshine.
Dialogue_UD006_EtaPsiHouse_ProtectronFriendly reminder - board game Tuesdays are no laughing matter.
Dialogue_UD006_EtaPsiHouse_ProtectronFermentation is a metabolic process that produces chemical changes in organic substrates through the action of enzymes.
Dialogue_UD006_EtaPsiHouse_ProtectronMemo from Lewis - "Stay out of my room before I program this protectron to terminate intruders with extreme prejudice."
Dialogue_UD006_EtaPsiHouse_ProtectronDistillation is the process of separating the components from a liquid mixture by using selective boiling and condensation.
Dialogue_UD006_EtaPsiHouse_ProtectronThe Nukashine speakeasy and distillery is now open for business.
Dialogue_UD006_EtaPsiHouse_ProtectronAttention - your mother does not live here so please clean up after yourself.
Dialogue_ZachBzzt. Mode: ATTRACT. Procedure: SAY Greetings customer. Come try my contest ID: DROSS TOSS. Win Prize: MR FUZZY TOKENS!
Dialogue_ZoeThink you're man enough to beat the Chow Line?
Dialogue_ZoeHey there sweetie! Come belly up to the Chow Line!
Dialogue_ZoeI gotcha hot dogs right here! Hot dogs!
DialogueActivatorsAccess denied. Insert ID card.
DialogueActivatorsAccess card damaged. Please report to security station for new ID.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautMy new friend here might be able to talk them out of attacking us. Ha! Well, worth a try, right?
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautI'm sure we can deal with them. My friend here is a regular lucky rabbit's foot, really. I'm sure we'll figure it out.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautI think we can deal with that. My friend here is pretty clever, so I'm sure we can figure out a way to deal with them. Maybe permanently.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautThankfully my friend here is quite capable of destroying these things. Shouldn't be a problem for us.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautSo this is just going to happen all the time? Thanks for the tip, I guess.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautOkay, Emerson. Dear Emerson...
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautMy friend and I have a signal to track down, looks like it might be some ship debris. So come back later if you want to know what we found.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautHa! That will be quite the chat. You've missed a lot, and I still don't really get what happened, either.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautBut that's a talk for... another time perhaps.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautHa! That will be quite the chat. You've missed a lot, and I still don't really get what happened, either.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautMaybe your friend and I can fill it in some blanks here... let's see. Where should we start?
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautMm-hmm. Bye now.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautPeople have arrived here for all sorts of reasons, really. I came back to see if anything survived from the old U.S.S.A. facilities...
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautAnd uh, not much did. It's too bad. Oh well though, right?
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautOh hey, we've got ourselves a comedian here. They always said the roaches would survive, but I didn't know that included clowns.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautA lot of us have arrived lately, that's true. I came in with some regular folk, traders, that sort of thing. Safety in numbers, my friends.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautFascinating. Well, I worked here a long time ago but I only recently arrived again. Followed some folks out here.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautWanted to see if anything survived from the U.S.S.A. for old time's sake.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautWhy did you come to Appalachia though?
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautThat's fair. A lot of people died. This is a new world with new problems.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautAnyway, look... I need to go. I'll be back another time and we can chat some more. Okay?
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautHmm. Okay. I get that there were nukes... but... what happened? Was it... you know... a huge drawn-out war?
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautWhat about the rest of America? Or... the world? Did Communists do it?
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautHow did you all survive out here though? It must have been even worse than it is now.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautMostly everything, anyway. Most cities... it's hard to know the extent of anything, really. Everything was just... gone.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautWho did it? Ah, who knows now. The news was gone too, you know. Probably everybody had their fingers in that pie.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautCities were devastated. My family... was at home in D.C. We just bought that place. I was on the phone the day before arguing with the movers...
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautI was in a secure place, but I knew they were gone. I figured... everyone was.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautI know others survived in preservation shelters, underground buildings... caves even. But I'd guess most people just died.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautMe, personally? I was inspecting a newly-built compound for a Monday report. Heh. I used to write... reports. How... strange?
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautThere are so many different answers to this. Some people hid in bunkers and scavenged, others moved around all the time... I don't know.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautI stayed in the compound for a while with my coworkers, then we parted ways.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautThat's right. You probably remember Vault-Tec building those things... I can hear my parents saying "I told you so" all these years later.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautThe Great War happened that October 23rd, 2077... and well, everyone outside of a Vault had to figure out other plans.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautIt was a Saturday. October 23rd, 2077. It lasted... almost no time at all, but it felt like an eternity.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautI always figured the cities got bombed first, but it's hard to know. It was so fast, and so long ago...
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautWho did it? I dunno, kid. It's been forever and it's not like the news ever came back on television, you know.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautThey could have survived though, right?
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautI see. Well, is there anything I can help with while I'm here? Supplies, medicines...? Questions, I guess?
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautMy best guess? Probably ran out of fuel, and the auto-pilot guided it to the nearest U.S.S.A. facility. Oh, what does it matter? She lived! What a miracle!
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautThere's a bunch of them out there. Seems that their algorithms got scrambled or something. Who can say.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautThey used to come after me, but it seems like they have a higher priority target now.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautWe had some Emergence Kits back in the day. They were specifically designed to help people emerge from deep sleep specifically. I bet I can find some of those.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautHe has helped me out quite a lot already, actually. Brought back a U.S.S.A. Beacon and also took care of some hostile robot.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautShe has helped me out quite a lot already, actually. Brought back a U.S.S.A. Beacon and also took care of some hostile robot.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautI hope your good samaritan here has helped you out with more than just a place to... uh... crash.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautSure is. For a while I had hoped that I could contact somebody else to monitor the Deep Sleep mission until... we could figure something out.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautI suspect her escape ship's auto-pilot sent the ship on a trajectory to any known U.S.S.A. location using its... admittedly very old data.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautThey weren't in the escape capsule, I take it?
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautWell, that is unfortunate.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautHonestly, I didn't even mean that as an insult. I find the creativity of the locals to be... impressive. I just live in an old military base, myself.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautNo offense intended, friend. I live in an old military base, so I'm not one to talk about anybody's creativity here.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautI didn't mean to be offensive. Your home is, uh, fine. I'm not creative in that way... I mean, I squat in an old military base right now, personally.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautI simply cannot believe she's returned.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautTo have survived all she has... remarkable.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautIt's been... such a long time.
DIALOGUE-FirstMet_Emerson--ALLY_AstronautIs... is this a friend of yours?
DialogueOverseer_BleedoutWatch out!
DialogueOverseer_BleedoutLook out!
DialogueOverseer_BleedoutI really don't have time for this.
DialogueOverseer_BleedoutOh no you don't.
DialogueOverseer_CombatToNormalOuch! Damnit!
DialogueOverseer_CombatToNormalOw! Get off me!
DialogueOverseer_HitNeed some help here.
DialogueOverseer_HitI'm down!
DialogueOverseer_HitDamn! They got me.
DialogueOverseer_HitBleeding out here. Someone help.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatIf you're planning on working with this new group, I recommend getting to know their history in Appalachia first.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatYou can head over to Camp Venture, or Allegheny Asylum-excuse me "Fort Defiance"-to learn more.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatNot much more than you, I suppose. We've both been through their hallowed grounds... Seen what's become of them.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatThink that all you want. I know first-hand how easy it is to be manipulated by that kind of influence.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatI just hope you don't fall into the same trap that I did.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatMaybe it's unfair of me to make presumptions... I've never met the West Virginia group, let alone these new arrivals.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatJust... please. Be careful not to let your guard down completely. No one can afford to these days.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatOh, how opportunistic of you...I'm going to assume you don't really mean that.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatI'd hate to think I associate with someone with such selfish goals.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatI've spent my life beholden to an organization's "virtuous" beliefs. It's nothing more than a way to control how people think.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatI hope, that if you spend time with them, you won't allow yourself to be blinded by their ways.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatNever stop seeing the world through your own eyes.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatIf there's anything I've learned in all this, it's that humans can and will abuse technology.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatSo, I agree with the Brotherhood's stance on collecting and containing technology... To a degree.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatOur world has become wild, deadly. People need to be able to protect themselves-not out of some classic American principle, but out of survival.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatIf they plan to hoard away weaponry, they must offer protection in return. And I can't imagine they have the numbers, or possibly the will, to do so.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatI'm with you on this. I agree with much of what they stand for.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatHowever, looking into their history shows their methodology can be a little... troubling.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatThat's... deplorable. I know for a fact that you've been taught better than that.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatFor the good of the region, I implore you to not provoke the heavily armed military force at our doorstep.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatOkay, what else did you want to talk about?
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatWhat did you want to know?
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatYou're absolutely right, and it would be wrong to not honor that sacrifice.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatBut fighting the Scorched was for their own survival as well, not just for the good of Appalachia.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatIt makes me wonder: what if they succeeded? What would Appalachia look like under their rule today?
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatI tend to agree, but I'd like to offer a bit of caution.
DialogueOverseer_NormalToCombatThey may present themselves as altruistic saviors, but actions will speak louder than words.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations01Heh. You're right, brother. Not Ghouls.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations01Not Ghouls.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations01Anything's better than bugs.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations01But tasty. Better than Brahmin. Or bugs.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations01Humans. Hmph. Stringy. Boney.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations01I'm hungry. For human.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations02Ha ha. Yes, brother. Both.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations02Yes. We should move west. Range out... and hunt! But... for food? Or sport?
DialogueSuperMutantConversations02Yes. We should move north. Range out... and hunt! But... for food? Or sport?
DialogueSuperMutantConversations02Yes. We should move south. Range out... and hunt! But... for food? Or sport?
DialogueSuperMutantConversations02Hunt! Yes, my brother. Hunt. But... for food? Or sport?
DialogueSuperMutantConversations02I am tired of this place. Of... Appalachia.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations02Why do we stay here? Standing. Talking. Pfft.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations02There is little left here. I am... unhappy.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03Ha ha ha ha ha ha! At least you're funny.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03Pftt. That day will never come. Fool Super Mutant.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03Ha! Who knows. Maybe you're right, brother. Maybe you're right.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03Your ears work? Can you hears me? I. Don't. Care.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03You won't say that... when I am Overlord.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03One day I will be Master. And will show you all.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03I will lead you one day. Give you orders. Then you will see.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03Hmph. Soon, I will lead. You will follow.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03You? No, brother. We are all the same.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03Ha! Your head is hurt, brother. Brain broken. You don't think right.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03You are just like the rest of us. It is... what it is.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03Did you get shot? In head? You're talk is... crazy.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03Yes, but I am special.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03But I am... unique.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03No. No, you don't understand, brother. I am... different.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03There are none like me. None! I am better.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03So? I am Super Mutant, too.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03Yes, you are Super Mutant. I am Super Mutant. We are all... Super Mutant.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03Yes... I know. I am stupid. Not blind.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03I am happy for you. As I am happy for me. We are Super Mutants, all.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03Look at me, brother. I am Super Mutant. I am death.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03I am Super Mutant. Strong. Deadly.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03See me. I am Super Mutant, standing before you.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations03Do you see? I am Super Mutant. I am fear.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations04Bah! I not fight you. Not worth it.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations04Me said, shut up. Or me rip out your tongue.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations04You heard me. What you going to do about it?
DialogueSuperMutantConversations04Hah. You deaf and stupid. Useless Mutant. Fight me.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations04What you say?
DialogueSuperMutantConversations04Stop complaining. Not want to hear you talk.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations04You whine like puny human. You weak.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations04No one care. Stupid Mutant.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations04Hmph. Me hungry.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations04Need food. Not eaten for days.
DialogueSuperMutantConversations04So bored here. Nothing to do. Nothing to eat.
DLC01MQSharedBleepAggressiveA01(aggressive bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAggressiveA02(aggressive bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAggressiveA03(aggressive bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAggressiveB01(aggressive bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAggressiveB02(aggressive bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAggressiveB03(aggressive bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAggressiveC01(aggressive bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAggressiveC02(aggressive bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAggressiveC03(aggressive bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAlarmedA01(alarmed bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAlarmedA02(alarmed bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAlarmedA03(alarmed bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAlarmedB01(alarmed bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAlarmedB02(alarmed bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAlarmedB03(alarmed bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAlarmedC01(alarmed bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAlarmedC02(alarmed bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAlarmedC03(alarmed bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAwareA01(wary bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAwareA02(wary bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAwareA03(wary bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAwareB01(wary bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAwareB02(wary bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAwareB03(wary bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAwareC01(wary bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAwareC02(wary bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepAwareC03(wary bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepDamagedA01(pained bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepDamagedA02(pained bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepDamagedA03(pained bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepDamagedB01(pained bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepDamagedB02(pained bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepDamagedB03(pained bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepDamagedC01(pained bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepDamagedC02(pained bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepDamagedC03(pained bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepDeathA01(dying bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepDeathA02(dying bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepDeathA03(dying bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepDeathB01(dying bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepDeathB02(dying bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepDeathB03(dying bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepDeathC01(dying bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepDeathC02(dying bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepDeathC03(dying bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepHappyA01(cheerful bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepHappyA02(cheerful bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepHappyA03(cheerful bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepHappyB01(cheerful bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepHappyB02(cheerful bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepHappyB03(cheerful bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepHappyC01(cheerful bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepHappyC02(cheerful bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepHappyC03(cheerful bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepNoA01(negative bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepNoA02(negative bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepNoA03(negative bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepNoB01(negative bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepNoB02(negative bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepNoB03(negative bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepNoC01(negative bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepNoC02(negative bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepNoC03(negative bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepQuestionA01(inquisitive bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepQuestionA02(inquisitive bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepQuestionA03(inquisitive bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepQuestionB01(inquisitive bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepQuestionB02(inquisitive bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepQuestionB03(inquisitive bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepQuestionC01(inquisitive bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepQuestionC02(inquisitive bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepQuestionC03(inquisitive bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepSadA01(somber bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepSadA02(somber bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepSadA03(somber bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepSadB01(somber bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepSadB02(somber bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepSadB03(somber bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepSadC01(somber bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepSadC02(somber bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepSadC03(somber bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepYesA01(affirmative bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepYesA02(affirmative bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepYesA03(affirmative bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepYesB01(affirmative bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepYesB02(affirmative bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepYesB03(affirmative bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepYesC01(affirmative bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepYesC02(affirmative bleep)
DLC01MQSharedBleepYesC03(affirmative bleep)
DLC01RobobrainShared01This is going to hurt you a lot more than me.
DLC01RobobrainShared02I really hope your will's up to date.
DLC01RobobrainShared03Try not to bleed on the chrome. It's sooo difficult to remove.
DLC01RobobrainShared04Oh, hello.
DLC01RobobrainShared05Threat detected! Kill! Kill! Kill!
DLC01RobobrainShared06I really hope your will's up to date.
DLC01RobobrainShared07Well. Time to die.
DLC01RobobrainShared07So much to do.
DoctorKioskHELLOSAren't you as tired of that message as I am, mum? It's been playing every morning for months.
DoctorKioskHELLOSAren't you as tired of that message as I am, sir? It's been playing every morning for months.
DoctorKioskHELLOSThat's right, sir. Free samples. Yum yum.
DoctorKioskHELLOSThat's right, mum. Free samples. Yum yum.
DoctorKioskHELLOSMum, ahhh... you've stayed so long past Reclamation Day, our stores are nearly depleted!
DoctorKioskHELLOSSir, ahhh... you've stayed so long past Reclamation Day, our stores are nearly depleted!
DontGoI appreciate that, but Foundation needs me more. You'll have to make do without me.
DrinkKioskHELLOSStay fed, stay hydrated! Very important!
DrinkKioskHELLOSLots of water out there, almost all of it undoubtedly irradiated. When it doubt, boil it out!
DrinkKioskHELLOSImagine dying of hunger or thirst? How utterly embarrassing.
DrinkKioskHELLOSAnother day, another opportunity to leave Vault 76. What do you say?
DrinkKioskHELLOSWildlife should be abundant in Appalachia! Happy hunting!
DrinkKioskHELLOSEating raw meat? Bad. Eating irradiated raw meat? So, so, so, SO bad...
DrinkKioskHELLOSHunger and thirst can increase your disease risk! You do NOT want to contract Weeping Sores, believe you me...
DrinkKioskHELLOSWakey wakey, eggs and bakey! For the 100th time...
DrinkKioskHELLOSEach standout has gear for you to pick up and use. Limit one per resident!
DrinkKioskHELLOSHave you visited the helpful standouts yet?
DrinkKioskHELLOSPlease, make your way through the Vault to the exit. There's no time to waste.
DrinkKioskHELLOSThat's right, just keep moving, taking those critical goodies along the way.
DrinkKioskHELLOSReclamation Day! How exciting!
DrinkKioskHELLOSCome come! The country's not going to rebuild itself, after all!
DrinkKioskHELLOS24 years since the "big one!" What's changed? What hasn't? So many questions!
DrinkKioskHELLOSOh, I do wish I could come with you, but someone's got to "man the fort" as it were.
DrinkKioskHELLOSRemember, America's future is entirely in your hands! No pressure.
DrinkKioskHELLOSIf you find any other functioning Mister Handy units out there, do send my regards.
DrinkKioskHELLOSIf I may say... your room could do with some tidying. That party was sooo long ago.
DrunkScavengerLook who we got here... Meg's favorite little scoundrel.
DrunkScavengerI see what you doin' around Crater. I got my eye on you.
DrunkScavengerDon't get ahead of yourself. You ain't one of us. You ain't a raider.
DrunkScavengerDon't get it confused. I don't let you walk about because of fear, but respect.
DrunkScavengerMake room for the badass! Wouldn't want to get in your way.
DrunkScavengerKeep your eye out for danger. You never know who's watching.
DrunkShared1You could give me something a little stronger.
DrunkShared2Gimme gimme.
DrunkShared3Yo ho ho.
DrunkShared4You couldn't keep up anyway.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingI thought I said I wanted to be left alone.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingThere isn't anything left in Welch for you... or for anyone.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingGet to the point fast.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingCan you make it quick? I've got better things to do than to talk to you.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingCan you hurry it up?
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingCan't you see I'm retired? So, it's time to live the retired life. I'm just gonna relax right here, drink some whiskey, and wait for the end.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingLook around you, kid. What part of this world we're living in makes you think someone should be upbeat and happy?
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingEveryone I ever loved and cared about is dead. Even the town I lived most of my years in is gone.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingOr we could not...
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingAtomic Mining Services. Revolutionaries of the mining industry, wrecker of jobs everywhere in Appalachia.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingSomehow those idiots thought it would be a good idea to use nuclear bombs to dig deeper into mines.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingI'd really rather not talk about them much more.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingSome sort of radioactive material that none of us should be messing with, if you ask me. I don't trust the stuff.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingDon't we have enough problems with radiation as it is?
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingFor now? How about forever.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingI do mind, in fact. But... if it'll get you to leave me be, I suppose I can tell you a little bit.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingThe name's Dylan. I was a miner here in Welch before the robots stole our jobs. I was born in this town and I'd like to die in this town.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingEven though the work was harder, honest sweat is better than those bucket of bolts. It taught kids character, now look where we are.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingPeople are out here killing each other over damn junk like Sugar Bombs just to survive.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingWell, can't you see? We're in the graveyard that is the town of Welch.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingExcept this town started dying way back before the bombs fell, thanks to those damn robots taking our jobs and ruining the economy.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingTo make matters worse, AMS came in acting like they owned the place when some Ultracite popped up in Welch. They wanted to take away people's homes.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingAll the man cared about was making a quick buck, didn't care at all about anything else. Some good those bucks did them in the end, huh?
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingGlad we could reach an understanding.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingWhat, you want to fight me? Do it, I don't care.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingIf I answer them, will that get you to leave me alone?
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingDo you now? Well, at least there's some people around who still have values.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingHere, take this... you know, so you don't have to go killing no one for it.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingFinally someone who gets it. You're alright, you know.
DylanRhodes_AfterMeetingHere, have a drink with me. Well, as long as you drink it quietly that is.
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_01No camper to be found? What about that holotape? Bring it to me and I'll play it over the speakers.
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_02Find something? That holotape could be from our missing camper. Bring it over and I'll play it on the speakers.
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03Would you bring that holotape here so I can play it over the speakers? Maybe it'll give some peace of mind.
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03Thanks for your efforts, everyone. Now, I found a holotape in this misplaced bag. I hope that this will explain what's going on.
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03Gather in, campers! I'm going to play this holotape we found. I sure do hope it will explain some things.
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03Alright now, gather round. There was a holotape among the missing camper's belongings. Let's give it a listen and see what we can find.
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03I'm hunting bugs, I'm hunting bugs, out here in Appalachia there are spiders, ants, and slugs!
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03Today, I'm going to complete my collection. Only 9 more hymenoptera to go.
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03Layla told me to watch out for their stingers, but I can handle them. That's what my new Entomologist Badge is for!
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03I'm hunting bugs, bugs of all kinds. Some come out at night, but they're cool at all times!
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03That's it. I'm going on an expedition. I have to hunt down whatever's been tormenting the kids for the past few months.
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03Poor Layla... At first, I didn't believe her. About the darkness, the shadows, the monsters. Even when I started seeing irregularities in the stars.
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03Now that Ronnie's gone missing, I can't turn a blind eye. I have a theory about what's out there, and I'm going to follow the night sky to my answer.
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03It's far, and I've never been on an expedition alone... but I have to try. I'll find the cause of all this weirdness. For Layla. For Ronnie.
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03It was easy to slip away when the fire went out. Easier than I thought.
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03Right about now the rest of the Scouts will be scared out of their minds, thinking I've fallen prey to some creature of the night.
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03Well, maybe I will. Something's out there. And telling this story seems like the only way to prove it to them.
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03The girl in the story? That's me. I wrote it and uploaded it to Penny myself. No one believes me about the monster, so I had to do something.
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03Something got my brother Ronnie. Something got my Camp Counselor. And now... *branch cracks*
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03What is that? Nia? No... No, it can't be! *screams*
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03Well, that didn't go very well.
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03Good job, campers! We survived.
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03Oh no! Something scary is coming!
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03Oh no! There are more enemies coming.
E01C_Tales_Dark_FoundHoloInfo_03The campfire is dwindling!
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieI face my fears and burst out from under the covers, not stopping until I've made it outside. There, I see the warm glow of a campfire.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieMy fellow Scouts are talking by the fire. I go to them and I... I try to warn them. It's not safe to be out this late. There's something out there.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieI know because it took my brother! He stayed out past dark one day and went missing. But my friends... they don't listen.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieI sit with them, to keep watch. We laugh, drink, and share secrets with each other long into the night.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieAs the night dwindles on, so does the fire. The Scouts pay no mind to the encroaching darkness.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieI try again to warn them that the dark is dangerous, but no one listens. So I go into the forest alone in search of firewood.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieUff da! I'm sorry to interrupt the tale, but we have an emergency. Or at least, my Scout Leader Emergency Protocol says we do.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieMy protocol is pulling up a missing camper flag. Now, I'm almost certain I counted everyone correctly, but we should be thorough, just in case.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieIf we can't find our shadow camper, let's look for traces they may have left behind. And remember the buddy system!
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieI keep my eyes on the ground, and find enough wood to rekindle the fire. But when I turn around, there's no light to guide my way back to camp.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieI don't know if I've wandered too far, or if the campfire has gone out, drenching all the Scouts in darkness.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieUm... hello? This story is about me. A Pioneer Scout.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieI wake up one night in the cabin and see that I'm alone. Everyone's beds are empty.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieMy heart is pounding... but I know I have to go outside and look for everybody.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieI want to get up, but the shadows are reaching for me. They're... They're gonna attack me! Please help me fend them off!
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieThis on? Oh, good. I'm sure glad the speakers are still working.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieHello, campers! Ready for a frightful tale? Remember, these tales are interactive, so put on your brave face and act out the story when prompted.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieToday's tale is called: Terrors of the Dark. Hm. Seems the holotape has some errors... Well, I'm sure it'll be fine.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonniePoor little Scout, frightened out of her wits.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieKnock down those shadows!
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieHelp our little Scout by taking down the shadows.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonniePretend you're there with the Scouts. Laugh, snack, enjoy!
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieIncluding me in the festivities? Oh, for cute.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieThis is an interactive story. Try doing what the Scouts were doing!
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieGather some firewood, but don't wander too far.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieI bet that poor Scout could use some help gathering firewood.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieRemember, wet wood doesn't burn.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieI do hope we haven't really lost anyone.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieThe last time a Scout went missing was... well, the last time I told this story.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieHave you checked everywhere?
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieTonight we're doing one of my very favorite Pioneer Scout pastimes: campfire tales!
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieDon't be shy, there. Come over and take a seat by the fire!
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieWhat are you doing out there in the dark? Come sit by the fire.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieAren'tcha cold, dear? Bundle up and sit down for a tale.
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieAs soon as everyone's seated, I'll get started. C'mon, now!
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieUff da! I am not equipped for a fight!
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieUm, not to alarm anyone, but this is bad. This is very, very bad!
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonniePlease be safe, campers! Run and hide, but- but only if you can find your way back!
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieUm, campers? You can handle this, right? You're big and well-equipped for Pioneer Scouts!
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieThis is not what I had in mind when I planned for campfire tales!
E01C_Tales_Dark_HolotapeRonnieThe dark is dangerous, so we need to keep the campfire lit.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewThe storm is lightening up... it probably will clear up soon. We need to finish up the story before it's nice out and the mood is ruined!
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewOh! Looks like the storm is clearing up. Well, I can't tell this story when it's nice and lovely outside. I'll just have to tell it some other time.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewHmm. Well, campers, we have to have some older scouts to help me tell this story. Maybe next time there's a storm we'll try again!
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewAs the Witch was dead, Mary destroyed the ring of stones just to make sure she could never be summoned again on Bellmont land.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewBut some say that if too much blood is spilled up here during a storm ... that the Witch's coven will return to claim what's theirs.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewSleep well, my pioneer scouts... sleep well.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewThen, after most of the familiars were destroyed, Mary was able to kill the Witch herself.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewIt was then that Mary's Granny dropped her shawl to the ground and stepped from the shadows.
E01C_Tales_Mary_New"You're... you're not my granny at all!" Shrieked Mary.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewThe Witch shrugged, "If you say so, but I did think of you my own..." She threw her head back laughing.
E01C_Tales_Mary_New"Thank you child, for donating this man to the coven," her Granny snarled. "For donating your Gran, too."
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewMary, though sickened, flew into a rage. "You have no power on Bellmont land!" She shrieked.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewRemembering that familiars are the best way to weaken the Witch, she began viciously destroying everything except the Witch herself.
E01C_Tales_Mary_New"What are you doing?!" The Witch screamed as her familiars were mowed down by Mary's fury.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewMary's parents went to town to look for the doctor, leaving Mary and her Gramps in the homestead.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewThe Witch's many familiars noticed Mary's activities, and hustled into the clearing from the nearby woods.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewIt was common knowledge that familiars gave Witches strength, secrets, and long life.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewMary began to feel ill, and lept out of the Ring. "Why am I sick?" She shrieked. "What's happening, Granny?"
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewHer Granny stepped into the Ring and knelt by the Uncle, hand on his chest. Blood oozed from his face, and suddenly he stopped moving.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewInsects exploded from the woods, attracted to the scent of cursed blood.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewThe storm raged on as Mary collected the things that her Granny asked for. "I feel sick," she told her Granny.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewHer Granny put a warm rag on her neck, "Dear heart, the Witch knows what you're doing and she's trying to hurt you."
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewMary looked determined. "I'm going to finish this circle of protection anyway, and she'll be sorry she ever hurt our family!"
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewBut she knew that something had affected her, something very unusual. Did she get it from the circle, or from something else?
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewEverybody gather around the campfire before the night is over and I'll tell a tale.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewSome of you scouts have been here before. Especially you in the front row. Huh.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewTime for a story, scouts! If any older scouts can assist, we can make this tale really come to life for the younger scouts.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewA night like this seems like it's perfect for the tale of Shrieking Mary. Gather around, scouts, and we'll get started!
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewAs a Scout Leader, it's our job to prepare you all for the world! My program adapts to incorporate skills that you may need for the future.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewOkie-dokie Pioneer Scouts! Look at this night. Perfect for a campfire tale if you ask me. Gather up by the fire and we can begin.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewThis is a spooky story, not recommended for younger scouts! Unless you sit with another scout who can help you through the scary parts.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewSome of you look old enough to help me demonstrate some of the scenes in the story to the younger scouts. Be prepared!
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewThis is a scary story, so bring a buddy!
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewDon't worry, campers. I'll try to shake things up a little bit!
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewIs everybody ready? This is the perfect night for this tale! I'd hate to miss it.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewMary pulled her Uncle into the Ring of Protection and suddenly he grimaced in terrible pain. "Granny? What's happening?" She shrieked.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewOnce everything was in place, Mary looked at her Uncle and he was even worse. His eyes were bulging, and his fingers and toes were black.
E01C_Tales_Mary_New"Granny, we must get him to his bed. He's in pain!" Mary shrieked.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewBut her Granny replied, "No dear, he can't move. He is cursed by a Witch, and now he suffers. Drag him into the Ring of Protection now!"
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewScouts, come on! The campers are waiting to see how this looks.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewMary's Uncle followed her back to their campfire and sat down. He was a wreck. Bite marks all over his body, chunks of flesh gone.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewHe stared into the flames, barely blinking. She offered him soup and water, but he remained motionless.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewHer parents went to town to look for a doctor, and her gramps whispered, "Get your uncle some herbs from your gramp's grave."
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewMary's gramps had died the day they arrived on the homestead, and was buried behind their family cabin.
E01C_Tales_Mary_New"You must also gather stones, clear a space, and build a purification ring. Light 13 candles, my dear, one for each month," her granny advised.
E01C_Tales_Mary_New"But how do you know this, granny?" Mary asked as she gathered these things. "A witch? What is happening?"
E01C_Tales_Mary_New"Hurry! Once you have started, the Witch's familiars will become attracted to your activities," her granny ignored her question.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewDo I hear more scouts running to our campfire to listen to our tale?
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewOh! More campers have returned at last! Turns out Mary's bells work even today!
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewOh, how nice! More Scouts have joined us for the story. I'm delighted!
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewScouts! Ring those bells louder please! The other campers can't hear them!
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewThe first stormy night after moving in to their newly built cabins, Mary's Uncle went missing in the woods while collecting firewood.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewShe begged her family to ring all three bells at the homestead in the hopes that he would heard them and find his way home.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewDon't forget. If you're an older scout, I expect you to help tell this story! Try to re-enact some of the scenes around the campfire.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewMake noises with common items around the cabins or just go wild and be creative!
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewSince there are some older scouts here, I expect some realistic interpretations of this story! Roll those sleeves up, Scouts!
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewAll right, my scouts! It's time to get started. We want to wrap up while it's still night time.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewThis story has been retold many times, and the truth of it is somewhat lost to time. Here is a version of... the Tale of Shrieking Mary.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewThis is the story of a young girl named Mary who lived in this very spot a long time ago with her family, the Bellmonts.
E01C_Tales_Mary_NewThey settled this land and tried to build a homestead here, but little did they know... this land was already claimed!
E01C_Tales_Mary_OldBeware my young campers. This is a tale of the creeping fear that dwells within... and without.
E01C_Tales_Mary_OldLong ago, the Bellwether family built a home in these very woods. For days, Ma and Pa Bellwether built their cabin with their hammers. Tap tap tap.
E01C_Tales_Mary_OldTheir ears were dull, Mary thought. She laid out traps for the rats and went to bed.
E01C_Tales_Mary_OldBut then... chop chop. The sound of a distant axe chopping wood. Chop. Chop chop. Much closer now...
E01C_Tales_Mary_OldChop. CHOP! Right outside her window. Mary rushed to look, but nothing was there. "Ma! Pa!" She exclaimed.
E01C_Tales_Mary_OldThe Sheriff lunged at Mary, but she ducked, and he fell down the well and drowned.
E01C_Tales_Mary_OldMa and Pa Bellwether ran into the woods, followed by the deputies. It is not known what happened to any of them.
E01C_Tales_Mary_OldIt was then that the Witch arrived to claim Mary.
E01C_Tales_Mary_OldTerrified, Mary ran back to her home and slammed the door, locking it behind her, then boarded up the windows with planks of wood.
E01C_Tales_Mary_Old"We are cursed!" She cried out to her parents.
E01C_Tales_Mary_OldSuddenly from behind the cabin, a quiet voice whispered mechanically... "Tut tut... I am so glad to see you here in my home."
E01C_Tales_Mary_Old"Such a sweet family to call me here with your noises. I am drawn to the cacophony of chaos." She cackled.
E01C_Tales_Mary_Old*cough* Gramophone *cough*
E01C_Tales_Mary_OldThe very moment their home was complete, Mary heard squeaking from the floorboards. Squeak squeak...
E01C_Tales_Mary_Old"Rats!" Mary exclaimed to her parents. "The home has rats! Can't you hear this?" But they could not hear it.
E01C_Tales_Mary_OldBut Mary's parents didn't hear the chopping. "Why do you make up these stories, Mary? Get back to work. Take water to the animals," they said.
E01C_Tales_Mary_OldMaybe it was a dream, she hoped. Mary went to