Fallout 4 v1.9

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35 Court
Abandoned Shack
Abernathy Farm
Andrew Station
ArcJet Systems
Atlantic Offices
Atom Cats Garage
Back Alley Camp
Back Street Apparel
BADTFL Regional Office
Beantown Brewery
Bedford Station
Big John's Salvage
Boston Airport
Boston Airport Ruins
Boston Bugle Building
Boston Common
Boston Mayoral Shelter
Boston Police Rationing Site
Boston Public Library
Boxing Gym
Boylston Club
Breakheart Banks
Bridgeway Trust
Brookline Building
Bunker Hill
C.I.T. Ruins
Cabot House
Cambridge Academic Center
Cambridge Baseball Diamond
Cambridge Campus Diner
Cambridge Church
Cambridge Construction Site
Cambridge Crater
Cambridge Graveyard
Cambridge Hardware Store
Cambridge Police Station
Cambridge Polymer Labs
Cambridge Raider Base
Cambridge Warehouse
Camp Kendall
Campus Law Offices
Capsized Factory
Charles View Amphitheater
Chestnut Hillock Reservoir
Christopher Columbus Park
Coast Guard Pier
Coastal Cottage
College Square
Collegiate Administration Building
Combat Zone
Commonwealth Bank
Corvega Assembly Plant
County Crossing
Crater House
Crater of Atom
Croup Manor
Custom House Tower
Cutler Bend
D.B. Technical High School
Dark Hollow Pond
Dartmouth Professional Building
Decayed Reactor Site
Decrepit Factory
Diamond City
Diamond City Market
Dorchester Heights Monument
Drumlin Diner
Dunwich Borers
East Boston Police Station
East Boston Preparatory School
East C.I.T. Raider Camp
Easy City Downs
Edge of the Glowing Sea
Egret Tours Marina
Electrical Hobbyist's Club
Evans Way Cul-de-Sac
Fairline Hill Estates
Fallen Skybridge
Fallon's Department Store
Faneuil Hall
Federal Ration Stockpile
Federal Supply Cache 84NE
Federal Surveillance Center K-21B
Fens Street Sewer
Fiddler's Green Trailer Estates
Finch Farm
Flagon Tunnel
Footbridge Camp
Forest Grove Marsh
Forgotten Church
Fort Hagen
Fort Hagen Filling Station
Fort Hagen Satellite Array
Fort Strong
Founder's Triangle
Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant
Fraternal Post 115
Freeway Pileup
Garden Terrace
General Atomics Factory
General Atomics Galleria
Gibson Point Pier
Gorski Cabin
Greater Mass Blood Clinic
Greenetech Genetics
Greentop Nursery
Gunners Plaza
Gwinnett Brewery
HalluciGen, Inc.
Hangman's Alley
Harbormaster Hotel
Hardware Town
Hawthorne Estate
Haymarket Mall
Hesters Consumer Robotics
Holy Mission Congregation
Home Plate
Hopesmarch Pentecostal Church
Hub 360
Hub City Auto Wreckers
Hubris Comics
Hugo's Hole
Hyde Park
Irish Pride Industries Shipyard
Jalbert Brothers Disposal
Jamaica Plain
Jimbo's Tower
Kendall Hospital
Kendall Parking Garage
Kingsport Lighthouse
L Street Bathhouse
Lake Cochituate
Lake Quannapowitt
Layton Towers
Lexington Apartments
Lil' Gentry Playground
Listening Post Bravo
Lonely Chapel
Long Wharf
Longneck Lukowski's Cannery
Lynn Pier Parking
Lynn Woods
Mahkra Fishpacking
Major Crossroad
Malden Center
Malden Middle School
Marlborough House
Mass Bay Medical Center
Mass Fusion Building
Mass Fusion Containment Shed
Mass Fusion Disposal Site
Mass Fusion Executive Suite
Mass Gravel & Sand
Mass Pike Interchange
Mass Pike Tunnel East
Mass Pike Tunnel West
Massachusetts State House
Mean Pastries
Med-Tek Research
Medford Memorial Hospital
Medical Center Metro
Mercer Safehouse
Milton General Hospital
Monsignor Plaza
Murkwater Construction Site
Museum of Freedom
Museum of Witchcraft
Mystic Pines
Nahant Chapel
Nahant Oceanological Society
Nahant Sherrif's Department
Nahant Wharf
Natick Banks
Natick Police Department
National Guard Training Yard
Navy Yard
Neponset Park
NH&M Freight Depot
Nordhagen Beach
North End Graveyard
O'Neill Family Manufacturing
Oakwood Residences
Oberland Station
Old Corner Bookstore
Old Granary Burying Ground
Old Gullet Sinkhole
Old North Church
Outpost Zimonja
Park Street Station
Parkview Apartments
Parsons Creamery
Parsons State Insane Asylum
Paul Revere House
Peabody House
Pickman Gallery
Pizza Parlour
Police Precinct 8
Poseiden Energy Turbine #18-F
Poseidon Energy
Poseidon Reservoir
Postal Square
Prost Bar
Quincy Police Station
Quincy Quarries
Quincy Ruins
Radio Tower 3SM-U81
Raider Alleyway Outpost
Raider Drug Den
Railroad HQ
Ranger Cabin
Recon Bunker Theta
Red Rocket Truck Stop
Reeb Marina
Relay Tower
Relay Tower 0BB-915
Relay Tower 0DB-521
Relay Tower 0MC-810
Relay Tower 0SC-527
Relay Tower 1DL-109
Revere Beach Station
Revere Satellite Array
Roadside Pines Motel
Robotics Disposal Ground
Robotics Pioneer Park
Rocky Cave
Rocky Narrows Park
Rook Family House
Rotten Landfill
S. Boston Military Checkpoint
Sandy Coves Convalescent Home
Saugus Ironworks
Science Center Gift Shop
Scrap Palace
Sentinel Site
Shaw High School
Shenley's Oyster Bar

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