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Fallout 4 v1.9

1,190 Results

1BoS000Investigate the Brotherhood of Steel airship
2BoS000Proceed to Cambridge Police Station
3BoS100Listen to Military Frequency AF95
4BoS100Proceed to Cambridge Police Station
5BoS100Assist the Soldiers
6BoS100Speak to Paladin Danse
7BoS100MiscCambridgeInvestigate the Brotherhood of Steel outpost
8BoS101Speak to Paladin Danse
9BoS101Proceed to the Control Room
10BoS101(Optional) Activate the Engine Core's rocket
11BoS101Follow Paladin Danse
12BoS101(Optional) Assess Paladin Danse's condition
13BoS101Clear the Control Room
14BoS101Retrieve the Deep Range Transmitter
15BoS101Exit ArcJet Systems
16BoS101Speak to Paladin Danse
17BoS101Speak to Paladin Danse
18BoS101Follow Paladin Danse
19BoS101Speak to Paladin Danse
20BoS101Follow Paladin Danse
21BoS101Find a way to open the door
22BoS101Provide fire support for Paladin Danse
23BoS101Follow Paladin Danse
24BoS101Restore auxiliary power to Engine Core
25BoS200Return to Cambridge Police Station
26BoS200Speak with Paladin Danse
27BoS200Support the Brotherhood Recon Team
28BoS201Listen to Military Frequency AF95
29BoS201Report to Paladin Danse
30BoS201Board the Vertibird
31BoS201Attend the debriefing
32BoS201Speak to Lancer-Captain Kells
33BoS201Attend Elder Maxson's Address
34BoS201Speak to Elder Maxson
35BoS201Report to Paladin Danse
36BoS201BMeet Proctor Ingram
37BoS201BMeet Proctor Teagan
38BoS201BMeet Proctor Quinlan
39BoS201BMeet Knight-Captain Cade
40BoS202Meet with Elder Maxson
41BoS202Board the Vertibird Gunship
42BoS202Kill the Super Mutant Behemoth
43BoS202Secure Fort Strong
44BoS202Secure Fort Strong Armory
45BoS202Speak to Paladin Danse
46BoS202Speak to Elder Maxson
47BoS203Locate Doctor Li
48BoS203Speak to Doctor Li in Advanced Systems
49BoS203Retrieve evidence to convince Doctor Li
50BoS203Bring the holotape to Doctor Li
51BoS203Report to Elder Maxson
52BoS204Insert Network Scanner holotape into Institute terminal
53BoS204Retrieve the Network Scanner holotape
54BoS204Give holotape to Proctor Ingram
55BoS301Speak to Proctor Ingram
56BoS301Speak to Proctor Ingram
57BoS301Speak to Scribe Haylen
58BoS301Follow Proctor Ingram
59BoS301Locate the Bomb Storage Facility
60BoS301Locate the Mark 28 Nuke Stockpile
61BoS301Activate the Distress Pulser
62BoS301Speak to Paladin Danse
63BoS301Return to Proctor Ingram
64BoS301Activate Liberty Prime
65BoS301Speak to Proctor Ingram
66BoS301Speak to Proctor Ingram
67BoS301Speak to Professor Scara
68BoS301Search for Professor Scara
69BoS301Speak to Professor Scara
70BoS301Speak to Doctor Li
71BoS301Speak to Proctor Ingram
72BoS301Locate a High-Powered Magnet
73BoS301Construct Electromagnetic Actuators (/)
74BoS302Speak to Elder Maxson
75BoS302Leave Listening Post Bravo
76BoS302Speak to Elder Maxson
77BoS302Speak to Proctor Quinlan
78BoS302Execute Paladin Danse
79BoS302Watch Danse's Execution
80BoS302Speak to Paladin Danse
81BoS302Speak to Elder Maxson
82BoS302Return to the Prydwen
83BoS302Speak to Elder Maxson
84BoS302Follow Scribe Haylen
85BoS302Speak to Scribe Haylen
86BoS302Travel to Listening Post Bravo
87BoS302Locate Paladin Danse
88BoS302Speak to Paladin Danse
89BoS302Execute Paladin Danse
90BoS302Retrieve Paladin Danse's Holotags
91BoS302Report to Elder Maxson
92BoS302BSpeak to Lancer-Captain Kells
93BoS302BReport to Lancer-Captain Kells
94BoS302BEnter Old North Church
95BoS302BKill Doctor Carrington
96BoS302BBreach the door to the lower levels
97BoS302BKill Glory
98BoS302BKill Tinker Tom
99BoS302BKill Deacon
100BoS302BKill Desdemona
101BoS302BReprogram P.A.M.
102BoS302BDestroy P.A.M.
103BoS303Speak to Proctor Ingram
104BoS303Take the Beryllium Agitator
105BoS303Eliminate Reactor Level Security
106BoS303Fly to Mass Fusion
107BoS303Exit Mass Fusion
108BoS303(Optional) Assist Brotherhood Forces in the Lobby
109BoS303Return to Boston Airport
110BoS303Speak to Proctor Ingram
111BoS303Inform the Institute
112BoS303Jump to Mass Fusion's Roof
113BoS303Locate the Beryllium Agitator
114BoS303Retrieve the Executive KeyCard
115BoS303Proceed to the Reactor Level
116BoS303(Optional) Restore Power to the Elevator
117BoS303Enter the Reactor Chamber
118BoS303Unlock the Reactor
119BoS304Speak to Proctor Ingram
120BoS304Plug In Beryllium Agitator
121BoS304Activate Power Transfer Switch
122BoS304Follow Liberty Prime
123BoS304Defend Liberty Prime
124BoS304Enter the Institute
125BoS305Return to the Prydwen
126BoS305Speak to Elder Maxson
127BoSFFMasterCollect Technical Documents for Proctor Quinlan
128BoSFFMasterSecure Viable Blood Samples for Scribe Neriah
129BoSFFMasterCollect Reactor Coolant for Proctor Ingram
130BoSM01Report your discovery to the Brotherhood
131BoSM01Listen to Knight Astlin's Holotape
132BoSM01Investigate the Satellite Array
133BoSM01Search for other distress signals
134BoSM01Follow the radio distress signal
135BoSM01Investigate the battle site
136BoSM01Listen to Scribe Faris' Holotape
137BoSM01Investigate the Bunker
138BoSM01Speak to Paladin Brandis
139BoSM01Kill Paladin Brandis
140BoSM01Meet Paladin Danse outside
141BoSM01Report to Paladin Danse
142BoSM01Speak to Paladin Danse
143BoSM01Report to Captain Kells
144BoSM01Search for the Recon Team
145BoSM01Follow the radio distress signal
146BoSM01Investigate the battle site
147BoSM01Listen to the Battlefield Holotape
148BoSM01(Optional) Report back to Paladin Danse
149BoSM01Investigate the National Guard Training Yard
150BoSM01Follow the radio distress signal
151BoSM01Investigate the battle site
152BoSM01PointerReport to Paladin Danse
153BoSM02Speak to Captain Kells
154BoSM02Optional: Exterminate the Ghouls
155BoSM02Confront Initiate Clarke
156BoSM02Speak to Knight-Sergeant Gavil
157BoSM02Report to Captain Kells
158BoSM02Kill Initiate Clarke
159BoSM02Question Knight Lucia
160BoSM02Question Initiate Clarke
161BoSM02Speak to Knight-Sergeant Gavil
162BoSM02Search for Evidence
163BoSM02Read Knight Lucia's Log
164BoSM02Confront Knight Lucia
165BoSM02Shadow Initiate Clarke
166BoSM02Find Initiate Clarke
167BoSM04Speak to Captain Kells
168BoSM04Kill Virgil
169BoSM04(Optional) Kill Virgil
170BoSM04Report to Captain Kells
171BoSM04PostquestTell Dr. Li about Virgil
172BoSM04PostquestGive Virgil's Letter to Dr. Li
173BoSR01Clear out
174BoSR01Report to Knight Rhys
175BosR02Recover the at
176BosR02Report to Scribe Haylen
177BoSR03Speak to the Brotherhood Squire
178BoSR03Clear of all hostiles with Squire
179BoSR03Speak to the Brotherhood Squire
180BoSR03Return to Lancer Captain Kells
181BoSR04Speak to the Brotherhood Scribe
182BoSR04Escort the Scribe to the data at
183BoSR04Protect the Brotherhood Scribe
184BoSR04Return to
185BoSR05Secure Settlement Crops at
186BoSR05Return to
187BoSStoragePointerOpen your personal storage container
188COMCaitQuestBring Cait to Vault 95
189COMCaitQuestLocate the Clean Room
190COMCaitQuestSpeak to Cait
191COMCaitQuestWait for Cait to get into the Clean Room Chair
192COMCaitQuestCure Cait's Addiction
193COMCaitQuestSpeak to Cait
194COMCurieQuestFind someone to help Curie
195COMCurieQuestBring Curie to Doctor Amari
196COMCurieQuestWait for Doctor Amari
197COMCurieQuestTalk to the caretaker
198COMCurieQuestWatch the download procedure
199COMCurieQuestTalk to Curie
200COMMacCreadyQuestTravel to the Mass Pike Interchange
201COMMacCreadyQuestRetrieve cure for MacCready
202COMMacCreadyQuestSpeak to MacCready
203COMMacCreadyQuestKill Winlock
204COMMacCreadyQuestBring cure to Daisy in Goodneighbor
205COMMacCreadyQuestKill Barnes
206COMMacCreadyQuestSpeak to MacCready
207COMMacCreadyQuestContinue Traveling with MacCready
208COMMacCreadyQuestBring MacCready to Med-Tek Research
209COMMacCreadyQuestEnter Med-Tek Research
210COMMacCreadyQuestLocate the Executive Terminal
211COMMacCreadyQuestOverride Containment Lockdown
212COMMacCreadyQuestEnter Med-Tek Sub-Level
213CZEliminate the remaining Raiders
214CZTalk to Tommy
215CZMiscExplore the Combat Zone
216CZ_Arena(Optional) Place Wager
217CZ_ArenaCollect Payout before next match
218CZ_ArenaCollect Prize before next match
219CZ_ArenaEnter the cage from below.
220CZ_Arena[Optional] Stand in Corner
221DialogueDrumlinDinerTalk to Trudy
222DialogueDrumlinDinerKill Trudy
223DialogueDrumlinDinerKill Patrick
224DialogueDrumlinDinerKill Wolfgang
225DialogueDrumlinDinerKill Simone
226DialogueDrumlinDinerTalk to Wolfgang
227DialogueDrumlinDinerTalk to Trudy
228DialogueGoodneighborRufusFind the Brewing Machine
229DialogueGoodneighborRufusSend the Drinkin' Buddy to the Hotel Rexford
230DialogueGoodneighborRufus(Optional) Keep Drinkin' Buddy for yourself
231DialogueGoodneighborRufus(Optional) Send the Drinkin' Buddy to the Hotel Rexford
232DialogueGoodneighborRufusFollow Drinkin' Buddy to the Hotel Rexford
233DialogueGoodneighborRufusTalk to the staff of the Hotel Rexford
234DialogueGoodneighborRufusTalk to Rufus
235DialogueGoodneighborRufus(Optional) Sell Drinkin' Buddy to Rufus
236DialogueGoodneighborRufusBring Drinkin' Buddy inside the Hotel Rexford
237DialogueGoodneighborRufusCollect your reward from Rufus
238DN015Complete the research project
239DN015[Optional] Find another way to escape the laboratory
240DN015Follow Molly to speak with the Director
241DN019JoinCultTalk to
242DN036Confront Phyllis about Samuel's death
243DN036_PostReport Phyllis Daily to the SRB
244DN036_PostTell Desdemona about Phyllis Daily
245DN049Report to the Director of the General Atomics Galleria
246DN053Find Virgil's Serum
247DN053Bring the Serum to Virgil
248DN053Check on Virgil
249DN054Talk to Zeke
250DN054Talk to Rowdy
251DN054Repair the water pump at Warwick
252DN054Tell June Warwick about the fix
253DN054Return to Rowdy
254DN054Defeat the Gunners
255DN054Talk to Zeke
256DN070Find the Treasures of Jamaica Plain
257DN079Inspect the cannery.
258DN079Clear out the molerats from Longneck Lukowski's.
259DN079Confront Theodore Collins.
261DN083_BarneyKill the Mirelurks (/)
262DN083_BarneyTalk to Barney
263DN083_BarneyMeet Barney in his Bunker
264DN083_BarneyActivate Barney's Turrets (/)
265DN083_BarneyReport back to Barney
266DN101Retrieve Pickman's gift
267DN120MiscRetrieve the Key from the Front Desk Attendant
268DN121Travel to Finch Farm
269DN121Talk to Abraham Finch
270DN121Retrieve Abraham Finch's sword from Saugus Ironworks.
271DN121[Optional] Bring Jake back from Saugus Ironworks
272DN121Meet Jake at the farm with the sword
273DN121Return Abraham Finch's sword to him at Finch Farm
274DN121Talk to Preston Garvey
275DN123Investigate the Crash Site
276DN123Meet Ness at the Crash Site
277DN123Secure the Crash Site
278DN123Collect your Pay
279DN138Repair Pipes /
280DN138Talk to Sully Mathis
281DN138Start the Pump
282DN138Talk to Sully Mathis
283DN143Explore Vault 75
284DN143Find Lab Access Card
285DN143Access Laboratory Area
286DN143Explore Laboratory
287DN143Find Admin Access Card
288DN143Access Admin Area
289DN143Explore Admin Area
290DN151Travel to
291DN151Investigate the Water Treatment Plant
292DN151Drain the flooded Water Treatment Plant
293DN151Restart the Main Pump
294DN151Return to Supervisor White
295DN151Talk to Preston Garvey
296DN154Search the Atomatoys Factory for Toy Parts
297DN154Return to Arlen Glass
298DNMessageInABottleQuestMessage In a Bottle - Trapped For Days
299DNMessageInABottleQuestMessage In a Bottle - Predator Becomes Prey
300DNMessageInABottleQuestMessage in a Bottle - Not Going Well
301DNMessageInABottleQuestMessage in a Bottle - Need a Hand
302DNMessageInABottleQuestMessage in a Bottle - Difficult to Kill
303DNMessageInABottleQuestMessage in a Bottle - X Marks the Spot
305DogmeatQuestGreet the dog
306FFBunkerHill01Find any trace of Brent Savoldi
307FFBunkerHill01Return hat to Joe Savoldi
308FFBunkerHill02Clear the Training Yard
309FFBunkerHill02Report back to Deb
310FFBunkerHill03Rescue any caravan survivors
311FFBunkerHill03Kill Zeller
312FFBunkerHill03Report back to Kessler
313FFDiamondCity01Search the Hardware Store for Paint
314FFDiamondCity01Return to Abbot
315FFDiamondCity01(Optional) Mix a batch of Green Paint
316FFDiamondCity01Apply a paint to the Wall
317FFDiamondCity01Talk to Abbot
318FFDiamondCity01MiscSee Abbot at the Wall
319FFDiamondCity02Visit your Home in Diamond City
320FFDiamondCity03Bring a Mutated Fern Flower to Solomon
321FFDiamondCity04Clean the Water Supply (/)
322FFDiamondCity04Return to Sheng
323FFDiamondCity05Bring a Bloatfly Gland to Doctor Duff
324FFDiamondCity06Find a Signed Baseball
325FFDiamondCity06Find a Signed Catcher's Mitt
326FFDiamondCity06Find a Signed Baseball Card
327FFDiamondCity06Return to Moe Cronin
328FFDiamondCity07Go to Piper's Office
329FFDiamondCity07Talk to Piper
330FFDiamondCity07FINGet the Latest Issue of Publick Occurrences
331FFDiamondCity08Give Sheffield a Nuka-Cola
332FFDiamondCity10Confront Mayor McDonough
333FFDiamondCity10(Optional) Save Danny Sullivan
334FFDiamondCity11See Doc Crocker about Facial Reconstruction
335FFDiamondCityWanted01Clear the Raiders from
336FFDiamondCityWanted04Clear the Super Mutants from
337FFDiamondCityWanted07Clear the Feral Ghouls from
338FFDiamondCityWantedPosterMiscCheck Out the Wanted Poster
339FFGoodneighbor01Sit in the Memory Lounger
340FFGoodneighbor01Relive Your Memories
341FFGoodneighbor01Talk to Irma
342FFGoodneighbor02Go to Boston Public Library
343FFGoodneighbor02Return the Overdue Book
344FFGoodneighbor02Explore the Library
345FFGoodneighbor02Clear the Library of Super Mutants
346FFGoodneighbor02Return to Daisy
347FFGoodneighbor03Bring a HalluciGen Canister to Fred Allen
348FFGoodneighbor04Clear out the Goodneighbor Warehouses
349FFGoodneighbor04Return to Whitechapel Charlie
350FFGoodneighbor05Investigate Pickman Gallery
351FFGoodneighbor05Return to Hancock
352FFGoodneighbor06Talk to MacCready
353FFGoodneighbor07Talk to Hancock
354FFGoodneighbor07Confront Bobbi
355FFGoodneighbor07Report back to Hancock
356FFGoodneighbor07Talk to Hancock
359HC_ManagerHeal your Companion
360HC_ManagerRepair your Companion
361Inst300Meet Doctor Filmore
362Inst300Meet Doctor Ayo
363Inst300Meet Doctor Holdren
364Inst300Meet Doctor Li
365Inst301Talk to Father
366Inst301OLD_Talk to Justin Ayo
367Inst301Meet up with the Courser
368Inst301Reclaim the Rogue Synth
369Inst301Return to Father
370Inst301Visit Your Quarters
371Inst302Speak to Father
372Inst302(Optional) Inform the Brotherhood
373Inst302(Optional) Inform the Railroad
374Inst302Reach Bunker Hill
375Inst302Find the Escaped Synths
376Inst302Deal With the Escaped Synths
377Inst302Kill the Courser
378Inst302Kill the Synths
379Inst302Speak with Father in the ruins of CIT
380Inst302Deal with the Escaped Synths
381Inst303Speak with Father
382Inst303Attend Directorate Meeting
383Inst303Speak with Father
384Inst305Speak to Father
385Inst305Record the Speech
386Inst305Speak with Father
387Inst305Reconfigure the Transmitter
388Inst305Speak with Father
389Inst305Activate the Reactor
390Inst305Speak with Father
391Inst305Attend Directorate Meeting
392Inst306Speak with Father
393Inst306Kill Desdemona
394Inst306Eliminate the Railroad leaders
395Inst306Speak with Father
396Inst307Speak to Doctor Li
397Inst307Speak to Doctor Watson
398Inst307Use the Relay to reach the Airport
399Inst307Infiltrate the Terminal
400Inst307Destroy Brotherhood Generators (/)
401Inst307(Optional) Place Teleport Beacons
402Inst307Reach Liberty Prime
403Inst307Defend the Synth hacking Liberty Prime (% Complete)
404Inst307Evacuate the Airport
405Inst308Speak to Father
406InstKickOutReturn to the Institute
407InstKickOutEscape the Institute
408InstM01Talk to Isaac Karlin
409InstM01Deliver the Seeds to Roger Warwick
410InstM01Follow Roger Warwick
411InstM01Talk to Roger Warwick
412InstM01Discover Bill's Plans
413InstM01Talk to Cedric Hopton
414InstM01Talk to Roger Warwick
415InstM01Confront Bill Sutton
416InstM01Talk to Roger Warwick
417InstM01Talk to Isaac Karlin
418InstM01_OLDTalk to Isaac Karlin
419InstM01_OLDDeliver the Seeds to Roger Warwick
420InstM01_OLDFollow Roger Warwick
421InstM01_OLDTalk to Roger Warwick
422InstM01_OLDDiscover Bill's Plans
423InstM01_OLDTalk to Cedric Hopton
424InstM01_OLDTalk to Roger Warwick
425InstM01_OLDConfront Bill Sutton
426InstM01_OLDTalk to Roger Warwick
427InstM01_OLDTalk to Isaac Karlin
428InstM02Talk to Alan Binet
429InstM02Investigate the Robotics Terminals
430InstM02Investigate Binet's Quarters
431InstM02Investigate the SRB Terminals
432InstM02Investigate the Maintenance Terminal
433InstM02Confront Liam Binet
434InstM02Report Your Findings to Justin Ayo
435InstM02Disable the Safeguards on Justin Ayo's Terminal
436InstM02Return to Liam Binet
437InstM03Talk to Newton Oberly
438InstM03Follow Newton Oberly
439InstM03Go to the BioScience Observation Room
440InstM03Talk to Lawrence Higgs
441InstM03Talk to Lawrence Higgs
442InstM03Resolve the Standoff in Hydroponics
443InstM03Talk to Newton Oberly
444InstM03Open the BioScience Main Door
445InstMassFusionTalk to Justin Ayo
446InstMassFusionTake the Beryllium Agitator
447InstMassFusionEliminate Reactor Level Security
448InstMassFusionSpeak with Allie Filmore
449InstMassFusionExit Mass Fusion
450InstMassFusion(Optional) Assist Institute Forces in the Lobby
451InstMassFusionSpeak with Allie Filmore
452InstMassFusionRelay to Mass Fusion
453InstMassFusionInform the Brotherhood
454InstMassFusionLocate the Beryllium Agitator
455InstMassFusionRetrieve the Executive Keycard
456InstMassFusionProceed to the Reactor Level
457InstMassFusion(Optional) Restore Power to the Elevator
458InstMassFusionRetrieve the Beryllium Agitator
459InstMassFusionUnlock the Reactor
460InstR01Eliminate the Feral Ghouls
461InstR01Return to Alan Binet
462InstR01_OLDCheck on the Synths
463InstR01_OLDTake the Status Report to Max Loken
464InstR02Collect a Flesh Sample
465InstR02Take the Flesh Sample to Clayton Holdren
466InstR03NEWRetrieve the Blueprints
467InstR03NEWTake the Blueprints to Evan Watson
468InstR03_OLDRetrieve a Design Schematic
469InstR03_OLDTake the Design Schematic to Evan Watson
470InstR04Take the Transmitter to the Captured Synth
471InstR04Return to Alana Secord
472InstR05Talk to Mayor McDonough
473InstR05Take the Mayor's Report to Justin Ayo
474Min00Find the Last Minutemen
475Min00Grab the Minigun
476Min00Clear Concord of Hostiles
477Min00Enter the Museum
478Min00Report back to Preston
479Min00Join Preston Garvey in Sanctuary
480Min00(Optional) Take the Laser Musket
481Min00Locate the Trapped Settlers
482Min00Kill the Raiders (/)
483Min00Talk to Preston Garvey
484Min00Unlock the Security Gate
485Min00Get a Fusion Core
486Min00Put the Fusion Core in the Power Armor
487Min00Enter the Power Armor
488Min01Join Preston Garvey in Sanctuary
489Min01Build defenses for Sanctuary (%)
490Min01Talk to Sturges
491Min01Talk to Sturges
492Min01Build sheltered beds for Sanctuary settlers (%)
493Min01Talk to Sturges
494Min01Provide power for Sanctuary settlers
495Min01Talk to Sturges
496Min01Provide clean water for Sanctuary settlers (%)
497Min01Talk to Sturges
498Min01Provide food for Sanctuary settlers (%)
499Min01Talk to Sturges
500Min01MiscTalk to Sturges
501Min02Talk to Preston
502Min02Talk to Preston Garvey
503Min02Meet the Minutemen near the Castle
504Min02Decide on a plan of attack
505Min02Wait for the Minutemen to get into position
506Min02Clear the courtyard
507Min02Destroy the egg clutches
508Min02Kill the Mirelurk Queen
509Min02Meet the Minutemen in the courtyard
510Min02Repair the radio transmitter
511Min02Power up the radio transmitter
512Min03Return to the Castle
513Min03(Optional) Keep your radio on and tuned to Radio Freedom
514Min03Power up radio transmitter
515Min03Speak to Ronnie Shaw at the Castle
516Min03Throw a smoke flare into the target area
517Min03Talk to Preston Garvey
518Min03Gain access to the Castle's armory
519Min03Collect the Artillery Schematic
520Min03Collect the Smoke Flares
521Min03Talk to Ronnie Shaw
522Min03Build and assign artillery at the Castle
523Min03Talk to Ronnie Shaw
524Min03Follow Ronnie Shaw
525Min03Head to the target area
526Min207Insert Network Scanner holotape into Institute terminal
527Min207Retrieve the Network Scanner holotape
528Min207Give holotape to Sturges
529Min301Talk to Preston Garvey about the Institute
530Min301Recruit more settlements for the Minutemen
531MinDefendCastleTravel to the Castle
532MinDefendCastleBuild defenses (%)
533MinDefendCastleDefend the Castle (%)
534MinDefendCastleSpeak to Ronnie Shaw
535MinDefendCastleTalk to Preston Garvey
536MinDestBoSTalk to Preston Garvey
537MinDestBoSBuild artillery in locations (%)
538MinDestBoSLaunch artillery strike on Prydwen
539MinDestBoSDestroy Prydwen
540MinDestBoSDefeat Brotherhood attack on the Castle
541MinDestBoSTalk to Preston Garvey
542MinRadiantOwned01Travel to
543MinRadiantOwned01Build defenses (%)
544MinRadiantOwned01Help defend
545MinRadiantOwned01Talk to people of
546MinRadiantOwned01Talk to Preston Garvey
547MinRadiantOwned02Travel to
548MinRadiantOwned02Kill the raiders in
549MinRadiantOwned02Report your success to the people of
550MinRadiantOwned02Talk to Preston Garvey
551MinRadiantOwned03ChangeLocOnlyTravel to
552MinRadiantOwned03ChangeLocOnly(Optional) Pay the ransom ( Caps)
553MinRadiantOwned03ChangeLocOnlyRescue the kidnapped trader from
554MinRadiantOwned03ChangeLocOnlyReport back to the people of
555MinRadiantOwned03ChangeLocOnlyTalk to Preston Garvey
556MinRadiantOwned04_BOSTravel to
557MinRadiantOwned04_BOSBuild defenses
558MinRadiantOwned04_BOSHelp defend
559MinRadiantOwned04_BOSTalk to people of
560MinRadiantOwned04_BOSTalk to Preston Garvey
561MinRadiantOwned05Travel to
562MinRadiantOwned05Build defenses (%)
563MinRadiantOwned05Help defend
564MinRadiantOwned05Talk to people of
565MinRadiantOwned05Talk to Preston Garvey
566MinRadiantOwned06ChangeLocOnlyTravel to
567MinRadiantOwned06ChangeLocOnlyBuild in (%)
568MinRadiantOwned06ChangeLocOnlyReport your success
569MinRadiantOwned06ChangeLocOnlyTalk to Preston Garvey
570MinRadiantOwned07ChangeLocOnlyTravel to
571MinRadiantOwned07ChangeLocOnlyBuild/Repair a generator (%)
572MinRadiantOwned07ChangeLocOnly(Optional) Locate 2 Gears in
573MinRadiantOwned07ChangeLocOnlyReport your success
574MinRadiantOwned07ChangeLocOnlyTalk to Preston Garvey
575MinRadiantOwned08Travel to
576MinRadiantOwned08Build defenses (%)
577MinRadiantOwned08Help defend
578MinRadiantOwned08Talk to people of
579MinRadiantOwned08Talk to Preston Garvey
580MinRadiantOwned09ChangeLocOnlyTravel to
581MinRadiantOwned09ChangeLocOnlyBuild defenses (%)
582MinRadiantOwned09ChangeLocOnlyHelp defend
583MinRadiantOwned09ChangeLocOnlyTalk to people of
584MinRadiantOwned09ChangeLocOnlyTalk to Preston Garvey
585MinRadiantOwned10ChangeLocOnlyDecide what to do about suspected synth
586MinRadiantOwned10ChangeLocOnlyTalk to Preston Garvey
587MinRadiantOwned11Travel to
588MinRadiantOwned11Build defenses (%)
589MinRadiantOwned11Help defend
590MinRadiantOwned11Talk to people of
591MinRadiantOwned11Talk to Preston Garvey
592MinRecruit00Talk to the settlers at
593MinRecruit00Kill the raiders in
594MinRecruit00Report your success to settlers at
595MinRecruit00Talk to Preston Garvey
596MinRecruit01Talk to the settlers at
597MinRecruit01Kill the raiders in
598MinRecruit01Report your success to settlers at
599MinRecruit01Talk to Preston Garvey
600MinRecruit02Talk to the settlers at
601MinRecruit02(Optional) Pay the ransom ( Caps)
602MinRecruit02Rescue from
603MinRecruit02Report back to settlers at
604MinRecruit02Talk to Preston Garvey
605MinRecruit03Travel to Abernathy Farm
606MinRecruit03Retrieve Mary's Locket in USAF Satellite Station Olivia
607MinRecruit03Report your success to Blake Abernathy
608MinRecruit03Talk to Preston Garvey
609MinRecruit04Talk to the settlers at
610MinRecruit04Kill the Super Mutants in
611MinRecruit04Report your success to settlers at
612MinRecruit04Talk to Preston Garvey
613MinRecruit05Talk to the settlers at
614MinRecruit05Secure the workshop at
615MinRecruit05Report your success to settlers at
616MinRecruit05Talk to Preston Garvey
618MinRecruit06Build and activate Recruitment Radio Beacon
619MinRecruit06Talk to Preston Garvey
620MinRecruit07Talk to the settlers at
621MinRecruit07Kill the ghouls in
622MinRecruit07Report your success to settlers at
623MinRecruit07Talk to Preston Garvey
624MinRecruit08Kill the Courser
625MinRecruit08Talk to Preston Garvey
626MinRecruit09Talk to the settlers at
627MinRecruit09Secure the workshop at
628MinRecruit09Report your success to settlers at
629MinRecruit09Talk to Preston Garvey
630MinVsInstSpeak to Father
631MinVsInstReach the House
632MinVsInstSpeak to Minutemen Contact
633MinVsInstEliminate the Opposition
634MinVsInstSpeak to Enrico Thompson
635MinVsInstSpeak to Wallace
636MinVsInstEliminate the Institute Forces
637MQ00MamaMurphyBring Jet to Mama Murphy
638MQ00MamaMurphyBuild Mama Murphy's Chair in Sanctuary
639MQ00MamaMurphyBring Mentats to Mama Murphy
640MQ00MamaMurphyBring Med-X to Mama Murphy
641MQ00MamaMurphyBring Buffout to Mama Murphy
642MQ00MamaMurphyBring Psycho to Mama Murphy
643MQ102Exit Vault 111
644MQ102Kill the Raiders (/)
645MQ102Talk to Preston Garvey
646MQ102Go home
647MQ102Unlock the Security Gate
648MQ102Get a Fusion Core
649MQ102Put the Fusion Core in the Power Armor
650MQ102Enter the Power Armor
651MQ102Grab the Minigun
652MQ102Clear Concord of Hostiles
653MQ102Report back to Preston
654MQ102Talk to Codsworth
655MQ102Search the Neighborhood with Codsworth
656MQ102Kill the Insects
657MQ102Kill the Insects
658MQ102Investigate Concord
659MQ102Enter the Museum
660MQ102(Optional) Take the Laser Musket
661MQ102Locate the Trapped Settlers
662MQ103Go to Diamond City
663MQ103Find Information about Shaun
664MQ103Go to Valentine's Detective Agency
665MQ104Find Nick Valentine
666MQ104Free Nick Valentine
667MQ104Talk to Nick Valentine
668MQ104Follow Nick Valentine
669MQ105Go to Valentine's Detective Agency
670MQ105Talk to Ellie
671MQ105Sit Down
672MQ105Tell Nick Your Story
673MQ105Follow Nick
674MQ105Get the Key to Kellogg's House
675MQ105Investigate Kellogg's House
676MQ105Follow Nick
677MQ105Show Dogmeat the Cigar
678MQ106Follow Dogmeat
679MQ106Kill Kellogg
680MQ106Search for More Information
681MQ106Search for clues to Kellogg
682MQ106Discuss Your Findings with Nick
683MQ106Discuss Your Findings with Piper
684MQ106Search for clues to Kellogg
685MQ106Search for clues to Kellogg
686MQ106Search for clues to Kellogg
687MQ106Search for clues to Kellogg
688MQ106Check on Dogmeat
689MQ106Find a way into Fort Hagen
690MQ106Search Fort Hagen
691MQ106Confront Kellogg
692MQ202Retrieve a Piece of Kellogg's Brain
693MQ202Talk to Doctor Amari
694MQ202Sit in the Memory Lounger
695MQ202Explore Kellogg's memories
696MQ202Talk to Doctor Amari
697MQ202NickPostSurgeryTalk to Nick
698MQ204Find Virgil in the Glowing Sea
699MQ204Find Virgil in the Glowing Sea
700MQ205Travel to C.I.T.
701MQ205Tune to Courser's Radio Frequency
702MQ205Use the Courser's Radio Frequency to Track Courser
703MQ205Kill the Courser
704MQ205Recover Courser Chip
705MQ206Have the Courser Chip Analyzed
706MQ206Talk to
707MQ206Build the Reflector Platform
708MQ206(Optional) Talk to PAM about Mercer Station
709MQ206Find the Railroad
710MQ206Talk to
711MQ206Build the Beam Emitter
712MQ206(Optional) Search military sites for a Circuit Board
713MQ206Build the Relay Dish
714MQ206(Optional) Search telecom sites for a Sensor Module
715MQ206Build the Console
716MQ206(Optional) Search hospitals for a Biometric Scanner
717MQ206Power up the Signal Interceptor
718MQ206Talk to
719MQ206Use the Signal Interceptor
720MQ206Search the Railroad HQ
721MQ206Analyze the Courser Chip
722MQ206Return to Virgil
723MQ206Get Help to Build the Signal Interceptor
724MQ206Get the Signal Interceptor Plans
725MQ206(Optional) Talk to the Brotherhood
726MQ206(Optional) Talk to the Minutemen
727MQ206(Optional) Talk to the Railroad
728MQ207Enter the Elevator
729MQ207Meet the Division Leaders
730MQ207Use the Network Scanner Holotape
731MQ207Exit the Institute
732MQ302Talk to
733MQ302Talk to
734MQ302Activate Institute Relay
735MQ302Reach Institute Reactor
736MQ302(Optional) Issue Evacuation Order
737MQ302Plant Fusion Pulse Charge
738MQ302Escape the Institute
739MQ302BoSTalk to Elder Maxson
740MQ302BoSActivate Detonator
741MQ302BoSTalk to Elder Maxson
742MQ302BoSReach Institute Reactor
743MQ302BoSUse Terminal to Override Institute Lockdown
744MQ302BoS(Optional) Issue Evacuation Order
745MQ302BoSReach the Reactor
746MQ302BoSPlant Fusion Pulse Charge Inside Reactor
747MQ302BoSTalk to Elder Maxson
748MQ302BoSTalk to Proctor Ingram
749MQ302BoSTalk to Shaun
750MQ302BoSStep Into the Relay
751MQ302MinTalk to Preston Garvey
752MQ302MinTalk to Preston Garvey
753MQ302MinTalk to Sturges
754MQ302MinTalk to Sturges
755MQ302MinTalk to Shaun
756MQ302MinStep Into the Relay
757MQ302MinUse the Detonator
758MQ302MinTalk to Preston Garvey
759MQ302MinGain access to the Institute
760MQ302MinActivate Institute Relay
761MQ302MinTalk to Preston Garvey
762MQ302MinReach Institute Reactor
763MQ302MinUse Terminal to Override Institute Lockdown
764MQ302Min(Optional) Issue Evacuation Order
765MQ302MinReach the Reactor
766MQ302MinPlant Fusion Pulse Charge Inside Reactor
767MQ302RRTalk to Desdemona
768MQ302RRSpeak to Tinker Tom
769MQ302RRSpeak to Shaun
770MQ302RRTalk to Z1-14
771MQ302RRStep Into the Relay
772MQ302RRUse the Detonator
773MQ302RRTalk to Desdemona
774MQ302RRKill everyone in the Relay Control Room
775MQ302RRTalk to Desdemona
776MQ302RRReach the Reactor
777MQ302RRUse Terminal to Override Institute Lockdown
778MQ302RR(Optional) Issue Evacuation Order
779MQ302RRReach the Reactor
780MQ302RRPlant Fusion Pulse Charge Inside Reactor
781MQ302RRTalk to Desdemona
782MS01Leave or Ambush Bullet
783MS01Talk to Billy
784MS01Take Billy home
785MS01Sell Billy to Bullet
786MS01Take care of Billy
787MS01Talk to Matt Peabody
788MS01Talk to Bullet
789MS01MiscObjInvestigate the voice
790MS01MiscObjSoldTake Billy Home
791MS02Investigate the submarine
792MS02Talk to Zao
793MS02Find the sea monster
794MS02Talk to Captain Zao
795MS02Get the warhead
796MS02Talk to Captain Zao
797MS02Get the dampening rods
798MS02Talk to Captain Zao
799MS02Talk to Captain Zao
800MS02Install Dampening Rods
801MS02Install Warhead
802MS02MiscObjectiveInvestigate sea monster rumor
803MS04Talk with Kent Connolly
804MS04(Optional) Collect assassination payment
805MS04Deal with AJ
806MS04Put calling card on AJ's body
807MS04Get the Silver Shroud costume
808MS04Kill Wayne Delancy
809MS04Put calling card on Wayne's body
810MS04Talk with Hancock
811MS04Listen to Silver Shroud station in Goodneighbor
812MS04Meet with Hancock as the Shroud
813MS04Kill Smiling Kate
814MS04Kill Northy
815MS04Search body for clues
816MS04Find Kent
817MS04Listen to Silver Shroud station
818MS04Give Kent the Silver Shroud costume
819MS04Kill Sinjin
820MS04(Optional) Save Kent Connolly
821MS04Talk with Kent
822MS04Talk with Kent
823MS04Meet with Hancock as the Shroud
824MS04Talk with Kent
825MS04Listen to Silver Shroud station in Goodneighbor
826MS04Talk with Whitechapel Charlie
827MS04Kill Kendra
828MS04Put calling card on Kendra's body
829MS04Listen to Silver Shroud station in Goodneighbor
830MS04(Optional) Assassinate Shelly Tiller
831MS05BListen to Private Hart's holotape
832MS05BExplore the museum
833MS05BTake the egg
834MS05BFind the egg's destination
835MS05BListen to Sergeant Lee's holotape
836MS05BComplete delivery of the egg
837MS05BReturn the egg to its nest
838MS05BReturn the egg to its nest
839MS05MiscSalemInvestigate the Museum of Witchcraft
840MS05MiscSalemInvestigate the butchered body
841MS07Talk to Ellie
842MS07Check the Detective Cases
843MS07Read Earl Sterling's Case File
844MS07Read Marty Bullfinch's Case File
845MS07Listen to Marty's holotape
846MS07Report back to Valentine Detective Agency
847MS07aSearch Earl Sterling's House for Clues
848MS07a(Optional) Obtain the Key to Earl Sterling's House
849MS07aInvestigate the Mega Surgery Center
850MS07aInvestigate the Surgery Cellar
851MS07a(Optional) Obtain the Key to Surgery Cellar
852MS07aTalk to Ellie
853MS07aTalk to Doctor Sun
854MS07bFind the Gilded Grasshopper
855MS07bRead "Food for the Grasshopper"
856MS07bFind Shem Drowne's grave
857MS07c(Optional) Access Cambridge evidence terminal
858MS07cFind Eddie Winter's holotapes (/10)
859MS07cTalk to Nick
860MS07cTravel to Eddie's Hideout
861MS07cAccess Eddie Winter's Bunker
862MS07cConfront Eddie Winter
863MS07cFollow Nick
864MS07cSpeak with Nick
865MS07cPostQuestTalk to Nick
866MS09Meet Jack outside Parsons State Insane Asylum
867MS09Kill Lorenzo Cabot
868MS09Talk to Lorenzo Cabot
869MS09Help Jack reach his office
870MS09Talk to Jack Cabot
871MS09Help Jack reach the basement
872MS09Stop the raiders from freeing Lorenzo Cabot
873MS09Kill or Free Lorenzo Cabot
874MS09Talk to Lorenzo Cabot
875MS09Talk to Jack Cabot
876MS09Return to Cabot House
877MS09Talk to Jack Cabot
878MS09Kill the Cabots
879MS09MiscJackRewardTalk to Jack Cabot about the artifact
881MS09Mission01Talk to Edward Deegan at Cabot House
882MS09Mission01Talk to Jack Cabot
883MS09Mission01Talk to Edward
884MS09Mission01Talk to guard captain
885MS09Mission01Recover package
886MS09Mission01Return serum to Cabot House
887MS09Mission02Talk to Edward
888MS09Mission02Find Emogene Cabot
889MS09Mission02(Optional) Ask around the Third Rail about Emogene
890MS09Mission02Return to Cabot House
891MS09Mission02Talk to Jack
892MS10b(optional) Get the key
893MS10bInvestigate radio broadcast
894MS10bFree Rex
895MS10bUnlock cage
896MS10bFollow Strong
897MS10bGet Rex to Safety
898MS10bTalk to Rex Goodman
900MS11Meet the captain
901MS11Install the Poseidon Radar Transmitter
902MS11Talk with the Navigator
903MS11(Optional) Grab power cables
904MS11OPTIONAL: Fire the Cannons
905MS11Repair or replace power cables (/)
906MS11Talk with Bosun
907MS11Repair or buy a replacement Power Relay Coil
908MS11Install the Power Relay Coil
909MS11Talk with the Bosun
910MS11Talk with Ironsides
911MS11Find FLL3 Turbopump Bearings
912MS11Install Turbopump Bearings
913MS11(Optional) Sabotage Turbopump with Mandy
914MS11Install the Sabotaged Turbopump
915MS11Talk with the Navigator
916MS11Return to Ironsides
917MS11Defend the USS Constitution
918MS11Return to Ironsides
919MS11Connect auxiliary power to the ship
920MS11Fire up auxiliary power
921MS11Talk to Mandy
922MS11Defeat Ironsides
923MS11Talk to Mandy
924MS11Defeat the scavengers
925MS11Repulse scavenger attack
926MS11Talk with the Bosun
927MS11Recover the Guidance Chip
928MS11Install the Guidance Chip
929MS11Talk with the Navigator
930MS11Meet up with the scavengers
931MS11Repair or replace Poseidon Radar Transmitter
932MS11MiscCharlestonInvestigate the sailing ship
934MS13Intimidate Henry Cooke
935MS13Search Trish
936MS13Read Trish's Note
937MS13Help Paul Pembroke intimidate Henry Cooke
938MS13Divide the spoils
939MS13Gain access to Marowski's chems lab
940MS13Talk to Henry Cooke
941MS13Kill Henry Cooke
942MS13Report back to Paul Pembroke
943MS13Search Cooke's body
944MS13Read Cooke's Note
945MS13Ambush Nelson Latimer's chem deal
946MS13Interrogate Trish
947MS13Kill Trish
948MS13CookeDiesKill Colette
949MS13FindPhotoTalk to Marowski about photo
950MS13FindPhotoTalk to Henry Cooke about photo
951MS13FindPhotoTalk to Malcolm Latimer about photo
952MS13FindPhotoKill Henry Cooke
953MS13FindPhotoKill Malcolm Latimer
954MS13FindPhotoTalk to Marowski
955MS13MarowskiRevengeTalk to Marowski about his missing chems
956MS13MarowskiRevengePay Marowski 2000 caps
957MS13MarowskiRevengePay Marowski 1000 caps
958MS13NelsonDiesKill Marowski
959MS13NelsonDiesCollect reward from Malcolm Latimer
960MS13NelsonDiesFind Nelson Latimer
961MS13NelsonDiesReport Nelson's death to Malcolm Latimer
962MS13NelsonDiesKill Paul Pembroke
963MS14Speak to Vadim
964MS14Meet Travis in the Dugout Inn after 6 PM
965MS14Help Travis
966MS14Talk to Vadim
967MS14Convince Scarlett to meet Travis
968MS14Talk to Yefim
969MS14Talk to Travis
970MS14Meet Travis at Beantown Brewery
971MS14Help Travis rescue Vadim
972MS14Talk to Travis
973MS14MiscTalk to the Bobrov Brothers
974MS16Talk to Bobbi
975MS16Dig through the subway area
976MS16Dig through the basement area
977MS16Meet Bobbi inside
978MS16Meet with the gang in the strongroom basement
979MS16Get out of the basement
980MS16Enter the Strongroom
981MS16Kill Fahrenheit and her men
982MS16Kill Bobbi
983MS16Open the Train Car
984MS16Get paid
985MS16Talk to Mel
986MS16Talk to Fahrenheit
987MS16Join the dig
988MS16Exterminate the Mirelurks (/3)
989MS16Talk to Bobbi
990MS16Meet Bobbi in Diamond City
991MS16Get Mel Out of Jail
992MS16Recruit Mel
993MS16Meet the gang in the Dig
994MS16Dig to the Strongroom
995MS16MiscObjTalk to Bobbi
996MS17Search Covenant for clues
997MS17Find Old Man Stockton
998MS17Talk with Dr. Chambers
999MS17(Optional) Search destroyed caravan for clues
1000MS17(Optional) Talk with Honest Dan
1001MS17(Optional) Ask Dan about Synths
1002MS17Find the location of the secret Compound
1003MS17Find the Covenant Compound
1004MS17Search for any caravan survivors
1005MS17Rescue Amelia Stockton
1006MS17(Optional) Wait for Chambers to kill Amelia
1007MS17Talk with Honest Dan
1010MS19Find the cure
1011MS19Give cure to Dr. Forsythe
1012MS19Watch Austin
1013MS19MiscSeeForsytheTalk to Dr. Forsythe
1014MS19MiscSeeForsytheDonate medical samples to Dr. Forsythe
1015MS19MiscSeeForsytheSit to donate blood
1016MS19MiscSeeForsytheVisit Austin in the Clinic
1018RECheckpoint01_BoSAttackersHelp defend the checkpoint
1019RECheckpoint02_SynthAttackersHelp defend the checkpoint
1020RECheckpoint03_GunnersHelp defend the checkpoint
1021RECheckpoint04_DeathclawsHelp defend the checkpoint
1022RECheckpoint05_VertibirdHelp defend the checkpoint
1023RECheckpoint06_SuperMutantsHelp defend the checkpoint
1024RECheckpoint07_VertibirdBoSHelp defend the checkpoint
1025RECheckpoint08_RRAttackersHelp defend the checkpoint
1026RECheckpoint09_RaidersHelp defend the checkpoint
1027RECheckpoint10_RaidersPowerArmorHelp defend the checkpoint
1028RECheckpoint11_FeralGhoulsHelp defend the checkpoint
1029RECheckpoint12_DeathclawHelp defend the checkpoint
1030RECheckpoint13_YaoGuaiHelp defend the checkpoint
1031RECheckpoint14_SynthAttackersHelp defend the checkpoint
1032RECheckpoint15_GunnersHelp defend the checkpoint
1033RECheckpoint16_RadscorpionsHelp defend the checkpoint
1034ReconScopeQuestRecon Scope Targets
1035RESceneKMK01Recover the from
1036RESceneKMK02Explore and recover the
1037RETreasureHuntSC01Search for caps in
1038RETreasureHuntSC02Look for the stash of chems in
1039RETreasureHuntSC03Find the in
1040RETreasureHuntSC04Search for scrap in
1041RETreasureHuntSC05Search for tech in .
1042RETreasureHuntSC06_DN070Look for the gun in
1043RETreasureHunt_TEMPLATELook for the gun in
1044RR101Follow the Freedom Trail
1045RR101Continue following the Freedom Trail
1046RR101Search for the Railroad
1047RR101Solve the Freedom Trail markers (/)
1048RR101Talk with Desdemona
1049RR101Solve the Freedom Trail markers (/)
1050RR101Solve the Freedom Trail markers (/)
1051RR101Solve the Freedom Trail markers (/)
1052RR101Solve the Freedom Trail markers (/)
1053RR101Solve the Freedom Trail markers (/)
1054RR101Solve the Freedom Trail markers (/)
1055RR101Solve the Freedom Trail markers (/)
1056RR101(Optional) Talk to the Tour Bot
1057RR102Talk with Deacon
1058RR102Follow Desdemona
1059RR102Meet Deacon at the old highway
1060RR102Follow Deacon and find the "tourist"
1061RR102Talk to Deacon
1062RR102Get inside the escape tunnel
1063RR102(Optional) Enter base through front entrance
1064RR102Get Carrington's Prototype
1065RR102Leave The Switchboard
1066RR102Meet Deacon at the Old North Church
1067RR102Talk to Desdemona
1068RR201Talk with Tinker Tom
1069RR201Talk with PAM
1070RR201Get password for Code Defender
1071RR201Return to Desdemona
1072RR201Get new holotape from Tinker Tom
1073RR201Give password to Liam Binet
1074RR201Meet with Z1-14
1075RR201Give Z1-14 a day
1076RR201Meet with Z1-14
1077RR201Kill the tunnel guards
1078RR201(Optional) Deposit weapons for rebels
1079RR201Return to Z1-14
1080RR201Continue working with Father
1081RR201Give Z1-14 a day
1082RR201Wait for Z1-14 to contact you
1083RR201Upload encrypted message on any Institute terminal
1084RR201Meet with Z1-14
1085RR201Warn Desdemona
1086RR201Read Patriot's reply
1087RR201Meet Patriot
1088RR201Follow Liam
1089RR201Talk to Liam
1090RR201Talk with Liam
1091RR201Talk to Desdemona
1092RR201Enter report on terminal
1093RR301Go to Ticonderoga Safehouse
1094RR301Kill all Coursers
1095RR301Report back to Desdemona
1096RR302Warn Desdemona
1097RR302Talk with Deacon
1098RR302Defend Railroad HQ
1099RR302Talk with Desdemona
1100RR302Secure the Catacombs
1101RR302Secure the Church
1102RR302Talk with Desdemona
1103RR302Meet Tinker Tom at the Police Station
1104RR302Eliminate Brotherhood forces
1105RR302Talk with Tinker Tom
1106RR302Defend the vertibird
1107RR303Secure the Old North Church
1108RR303Talk with Desdemona
1109RR303(Optional) Light the signal lanterns
1110RR303Talk to Desdemona
1111RR303Fly to the Prydwen
1112RR303Plant explosives (/)
1113RR303Escape the Prydwen
1114RR303Talk to Desdemona
1115RRAct3LostReport to Desdemona
1116RRAct3LostFind the Minutemen
1117RRAct3LostTalk to Preston
1118RRM01Give Carrington his prototype
1119RRM01Retrieve the dead drop
1120RRM01Meet Old Man Stockton
1121RRM01Secure the rendezvous point
1122RRM01Wait until night time for Old Man Stockton
1123RRM01Wait for Railroad contact
1124RRM01Follow High Rise
1125RRM01Talk with High Rise
1126RRM01Report back to Doctor Carrington
1127RRM02Retreive the dead drop
1128RRM02Talk to Doctor Amari
1129RRM02Eliminate the Gen 1s
1130RRM02Report back to Desdemona
1131RRR01aGo to the dead drop
1132RRR01aDetermine status of Augusta Safehouse
1133RRR01aReport back to Doctor Carrington
1134RRR01bGo to the Dead Drop for
1135RRR01bFind Agent Blackbird
1136RRR01bReport back to Doctor Carrington
1137RRR02aGo to Mercer Safehouse
1138RRR02aEliminate the threat at
1139RRR02aReport back to Caretaker
1140RRR03Secure the DIA cache
1141RRR03Report back to PAM
1142RRR04Secure and then use workshop
1143RRR04Build defenses (%) at
1144RRR04Report back to PAM
1145RRR05Set up MILA
1146RRR05Report back to Tinker Tom
1147RRR06Pick up the dead drop
1148RRR06Clear hostiles at
1149RRR06Report back to Desdemona
1150RRR07Eliminate the Courser
1151RRR07Report back to PAM
1158RRR08Return to Desdemona
1159RRR09Rescue the synth
1160RRR09Report back to Carrington
1161RRR10Eliminate the Brotherhood Patrol
1162RRR10Report back to PAM
1163RRR11Eliminate the Vertibird
1164RRR11Report back to PAM
1165V81_00_IntroFind Fusion Cores (/)
1166V81_00_IntroUse the Vault 81 Intercom to Report Progress
1167V81_00_IntroDeliver Fusion Cores to Overseer McNamara
1168V81_00_IntroTalk to Overseer McNamara
1169V81_01Talk to Erin
1170V81_01Find Ashes
1171V81_01Talk To Erin
1172V81_03Get Bobby off chems
1173V81_03Talk to Rachel
1174V81_03Persuade Bobby to get treatment
1175V81_03Talk to Tina
1176V81_04Talk to Katy
1177V81_04Talk to kids when they are in class
1178Vault81TourFollow Austin
1179VFTBoard the vertibird
1180WorkshopFeralGhoulAttack01Help defend
1181WorkshopGunnerAttack01Help defend
1182WorkshopGunnerAttack02Help defend
1183WorkshopMirelurkAttack_SIHelp defend
1184WorkshopRaiderAttack01Help defend
1185WorkshopRaiderAttack02Help defend
1186WorkshopRaiderAttack03Help defend
1187WorkshopSuperMutantAttack01Help defend
1188WorkshopSuperMutantAttack02Help defend
1189WorkshopSynthInfiltrator01Help defend
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