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Fallout 4 v1.9

706 Results

1MinRecruit04: Greenskins
2MinRadiantOwned06ChangeLocOnly for
3RR304(RR302 & RR303)
4RRR10A Clean Equation
5InstM03A House Divided
6BoSM04A Loose End
7BoS305A New Dawn
8FFDiamondCity11A New You
9BoS304Ad Victoriam
10MQ201PiperAdditional Piper Dialogue
11Inst307Airship Down
12HolotapesQuestAll Holotape Scenes go here
15BoS101ArcJetArcJet Non Linear Commentary
17FFGoodneighbor05Art Appreciation
18MinDestBoSArtilleryArtillery for blowing up Prydwen
19REAssaultCT02Assault - BoS vs Super Mutants
20REAssaultCT01Assault - Gunners vs Atom
21REAssaultCC01Assault - Vic Dogs vs. Bloodbugs feeding on human corpse
22DN054Atom Cats Garage
23DN054RadioAtom Cats Radio
24InstKickOutBanished from the Institute
26RECampKMK02Bartender at camp with friends
27REAssaultRJ01Behemoth vs Gunners
28COMCaitQuestBenign Intervention
29BoS302Blind Betrayal
30BoSEnableBoS Airport Enabler
31BoS100RadioBoS Emergency Transmission
32BoS304VertibirdBoS Endgame Vertibird Controller
33BoSFFMasterBoS Freeform Master Quest
34RETravelKMK07BOS patrol vs death claw
35RETravelKMK06BOS patrol vs raiders
36RETravelRJ01BOS patrol vs raiders
37RETravel_VertibirdKMK02BOS patrol with vertibird reinforcement
38BoSStoragePointerBoS Point to Storage Locker
39BoSPostQuestMMWonBoS Post Quest After MM Win
40REAssault_VertibirdKMK01BOS vertibirds vs. dug-in Super Mutants
41BoS101POIBoS101 Walk to Arcjet POIs
42RETravelKMK_BoSM02BoSM02 Postquest - Clarke flees from feral ghouls
43RRM01Boston After Dark
44FFDiamondCity03Botany Class
45REObjectSC03Brahmin Corpse & Vermin
46FFDiamondCity12Brother Against Brother
47BoSDialoguePoliceStationBrotherhood Haylen and Rhys Dialogue
48BoSDialoguePrydwenBrotherhood of Steel Dialogue
49BoSDialogueSquireBrotherhood of Steel Dialogue
50BoSDialogueGenericBrotherhood of Steel Dialogue
51BoSDialoguePlayerHellosBrotherhood of Steel Hellos
52BoSKickOutSoftBrotherhood of Steel MM Wins Shutdown
53BoSPostQuestBrotherhood of Steel Post Quest Controller
54BoSKickOutBrotherhood of Steel Shutdown
55InstM01Building a Better Crop
56InstM01_OLDBuilding a Better Crop
58CaravanBH01Bunker Hill - Caravan in there
59Inst302CombatBunker Hill Combat
60RRAct3LostBurning Cover
61RRR01aButcher's Bill
62RRR01bButcher's Bill 2
63COMCaitCait Companion Dialogue
64COMCaitTalkCait Talk/Relationship Scene
65BoS101Call to Arms
66DN015Cambridge Polymer Labs
67RECampCT04Camp - Deserted Camp with Mines
68RECampCT01Camp - Deserted Campsite Ghoul Ambush
69RECampCT02Camp - Feral Ghouls and Dead Scavengers
70RECampCT06Camp - Raiders Attacked by Vicious Dogs
71RECampCT07aCamp - Stash + Lexa Dead
72RECampCT03Camp - Vicious Dog w/Dead Raiders and Radscorp
73RECampCT05Camp - YaoGuai w/Dead Scavengers
74RECampSC02Camp: Dead Scavengers & Bloodbugs
75BoSKellsPACaptain Kells Announcement System Quest
76CaravanBaseCaravan Main Quest
77DN019Charles View Amphitheater Quest
78RECampKMK03Chems vendor
79DialogueGenericChildChildren Lines Only
80DialogueGenericChildrenofAtomChildren of Atom Combat Lines, Reactions, Dialogue
81DialogueGlowingSeaAtomChildren of the Atom Dialogue
82REChokepointCT03Chokepoint - Mines
83REChokepointCT02Chokepoint - Stash and Co. PT1
84REChokepointCT01Chokepoint - Super Mutants
85REChokepointSC02Chokepoint: Mr. Gutsy's Curfew
86REChokepointSC03Chokepoint: Raiders Accost Farmers
87REChokepointSC01Chokepoint: Raiders Demand a Toll
88BoSR01Cleansing the Commonwealth
89BoSR01PostHelloCleansing the Commonwealth Post Quest Dialogue
90MinRecruit05Clearing the Way for
91COMCodsworthCodsworth Companion Dialogue
92COMCodsworthTalkCodsworth Talk/Relationship Scene
93DN157NorwegianGhoulDialogueCombat Lines for DN157 Norwegian Ghouls
94CreatureDialogueMirelurkCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
95CreatureDialogueEyebotCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
96CreatureDialogueDeathclawCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
97CreatureDialogueBrahminCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
98CreatureDialogueProtectronCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
99CreatureDialogueYaoGuaiCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
100CreatureDialogueRadRoachCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
101CreatureDialogueMrHandyCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
102CreatureDialogueMoleratCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
103CreatureDialogueMirelurkQueenCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
104CreatureDialogueDogmeatCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
105CreatureDialogueMrGutsyCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
106DialogueGenericCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
107CreatureDialogueGorillaCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
108CreatureDialogueRadStagCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
109CreatureDialogueSynthCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
110CreatureDialogueTurretCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
111CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
112CreatureDialogueAssaultronCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
113CreatureDialogueSentryBotCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
114CreatureDialogueMsNannyCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
115CreatureDialogueSuperMutantCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
116CreatureDialogueRadscorpionCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
117DialogueGenericUniqueVoiceTypesCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
118CreatureDialogueMirelurklingCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
119CreatureDialogueCourserCombat Lines, Reaction Lines, Etc
120CZPostQuestCombat Zone Post Quest
121REObjectRJ02Commonwealth Funeral
122COMPrestonCompanion Preston Garvey
123COMQuestCommentaryCompanion Quest Comments
124CIS_EnterNewLocationCompanion says something on entering location for first time
125CIS_ChatWithNPC_DanseCompanion talks with a type of person
126CIS_ChatWithNPC_PrestonMinutemenCompanion talks with a type of person
127CIS_ChatWithNPC_HancockCompanion talks with a type of person
128CIS_ChatWithNPC_ValentineCompanion talks with a type of person
129CIS_ChatWithNPC_TemplateCompanion talks with a type of person
130CIS_ChatWithNPC_CaitCompanion talks with a type of person
131CIS_ChatWithNPC_X6Companion talks with a type of person
132CIS_ChatWithNPC_PiperCompanion talks with a type of person
133CIS_ValentineHackTerminal_ReminderCompanion talks with a type of person
134CIS_ChatWithNPC_PrestonSettlersCompanion talks with a type of person
135CIS_ChatWithNPC_CodsworthCompanion talks with a type of person
137MS14Confidence Man
149CIS_ChatWithNPC_CurieCurie chats with Doctors and Scientist Types
150COMCurieCurie Companion Dialogue
151CIS_CurieScanCurie scans life forms and computers for biometric data
152MS10bCurtain Call
153RECamprj02Daddy daughter
154MQ202Dangerous Minds
155COMDanseTalkDanse Talk/Relationship Scene
156COMDeaconDeacon Companion Dialogue
157CIS_DeaconGiveInfoDeacon gives intuitive/deductive insight about person/thing
158CIS_ChatWithNPC_DeaconDeacon talks with hidden Railroad people
159RETravelKMK11Deathclaw on the hunt
160RESceneKMK10Deathclaws battling each other
161zFABDebug Quest for Ferret's Quests
162COMPrestonRumordefault player rumor line
163COMCodsworthRumordefault player rumor line
169MinRadiantOwned04_BOSDefend the artillery at
170MinDefendCastleDefend The Castle
172RECampSC01Deserted Campsite
173MS07Detective Case Files
174MS13Diamond City Blues
175RadioDiamondCityDiamond City Radio
176FFDiamondCityWanted07Diamond City's Most Wanted (Ghouls)
177FFDiamondCityWanted01Diamond City's Most Wanted (Raiders)
178FFDiamondCityWanted04Diamond City's Most Wanted (Super Mutants)
179RETravelDL01DLTravel01 - Pack of ghouls
180RESceneKMK_DN015DN015 - prequest - roving eyebot
181REObjectJSDN054DN054 Atom Cats Garage Hook- Greaser taking parts from a car
182RESceneJSDN062DN062 Hyde Charter School Hook- Dead Raiders With Paste
183RESceneJSDN077DN077 Vault 117 Hook- Merchant travelling to restock at Vault 117
184RECampKMK_DN079ADN079 - prequest - somebody ate some bad meat
185RECampKMK_DN079BDN079 - trader at a camp
186RESceneCC_DN101DN101 Pickman Gallery hook - pile of dead raiders with Pickman's calling card
187RETravelKMK_DN121DN121 - post quest - Forged attack
188RECampKMK01Doctor at camp with grateful patients
189DialogueGenericDoctorsDoctor Dialogue System
190MS02DonnyDonny's Quest
191COMEncWaterDrinking Water Encounter
193RECheckpoint_InstInitQuestDummy quest to start RECheckpoint Parent
194BoSM02Duty or Dishonor
195DN034East Boston Preparatory School
196MS07cEddiePostQuestLinesEddie Winter Post Quest Lines
197COMCurieQuestEmergent Behavior
198MS09Mission02Emogene Takes a Lover
199Inst306End of the Line
200EEEnvironment Events Parent
201RETravelJS02Escaped Synth
202RadioEyebotEyebot Radio
203REAssaultSC16_FactionBoSDefendersFaction Assault: BoS Defenders
204REAssaultSC19_FactionBoSvsGhoulsFaction Assault: BoS vs. Ghouls
205REAssaultSC13_FactionBoSvsInstFaction Assault: BoS vs. Institute
206REAssaultSC14_FactionBoSvsInstCoursersFaction Assault: BoS vs. Institute Coursers
207REAssaultSC15_FactionBoSvsInstRelayFaction Assault: BoS vs. Institute Relay
208REAssaultSC12_FactionBoSvsMMFaction Assault: BoS vs. Minutemen
209REAssaultSC20_FactionBoSvsSupermutantsFaction Assault: BoS vs. Supermutants
210REAssaultSC21_FactionInstRelayAmbushFaction Assault: Institute Relay Ambush
211REAssaultSC11_FactionMMDefendersFaction Assault: Minutemen Defenders
212REAssaultSC07_FactionMMvsBoSFaction Assault: Minutemen vs. BoS
213REAssaultSC09_FactionMMvsInstCoursersFaction Assault: Minutemen vs. Coursers
214REAssaultSC18_FactionMMvsGunnersFaction Assault: Minutemen vs. Gunners
215REAssaultSC08_FactionMMvsInstFaction Assault: Minutemen vs. Institute
216REAssaultSC17_FactionMMvsRaidersFaction Assault: Minutemen vs. Raiders
217REAssaultSC10_FactionMMvsInstRelayFaction Assault: Minutemen vs. Relay Synths
218REChokepointSC07_FactionBoSDefendersFaction Chokepoint: BoS Defenders
219REChokepointSC08_FactionInstDefendersFaction Chokepoint: Institute Defenders
220REChokepointSC04_FactionInstRelayAmbush01Faction Chokepoint: Institute Relay Ambush 1
221REChokepointSC06_FactionMMDefendersFaction Chokepoint: Minutemen Defenders
222FFBunkerHill01Fallen Hero
223DialogueGenericCitizensFarmers, settlers, and other non-aggressive NPCs
224BoSR05Feeding the Troops
225BoS100Fire Support
226Inst300First Impressions
227FFDiamondCity05Fly Fishing
228FollowersFollower & Companion System Control Quest
229AspirationalItemsFor Vendors and Such
230Min301Form Ranks
231BoS203From Within
232InstSynthCreationGen3 Synth Creation
233RESceneKMK08Gene the reluctant dog vendor
234DN050General Atomics Factory
235MQ105Getting a Clue
236MinRecruit07Ghoul Problem at
237REAssaultSC02Ghouls vs. Supermutants
238DN154Giddyup 'n Go
239REObjectSC05_DN154Giddyup Buttercup
240MS07bGrasshopperGilded Grasshopper Manager
241MQ204BoSGlowing Sea Brotherhood Offshoot
242RETravelJS01Gruel, the raider chef
243DN083_BarneyGun Run
244DialogueGenericGunnersGunner Combat Lines, Reactions, Dialogue
248REObject_VertibirdKMK03Gunners trying to fly vertibird
249EE_RaiderNoticeCorpseConv02Guy freaks out and aims his weapon wildly
250REActorAttach01Guy scavenging parts of dead robots
251COMHancock_McDonoughCommentHancock Comments on McDonough
252COMHancockHancock Companion Dialogue
253FFGoodneighbor07Hancock Recruit
254COMHancockTalkHancock Talk/Relationship Scene
255MS07cPostQuestTapesHandles spawned MS07c tapes if quest shuts down
256FFGoodneighbor03Hazardous Material
257DialogueGenericPlayerCombatHellosHellos to NPCs in combat
258DialogueGenericPlayerDrunkLinesHellos, etc while drunk
259V81_01Here Kitty, Kitty
260MS02Here There Be Monsters
261DN060Hester's Consumer Robotics Quest
262RRR11High Ground
263WorkshopPermanentActorshigher priority than settlement quests
264MS19Hole in the Wall
265FFDiamondCity02Home Plate
266MS17Human Error
269MQ00Important Global Quest Script Functions
270FFDiamondCity10In Sheep's Clothing
271Min207Inside Job
272MQ205_InstituteRadioInstitute Radio
273RadioInstituteQuestInstitute Radio
275RECampKMK_InstM03InstM03 - post quest
277MQ103Jewel of the Commonwealth
278MQ101KelloggSequenceKellogg Sequence in Vault 111
279RRKickOutKicked out of the Railroad
280MS01Kid in a Fridge
281MinRadiantOwned03ChangeLocOnlyKidnapped Trader at
282MinRecruit02Kidnapping at
283MS11Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution
284BoSR03Leading by Example
285BoSR04Learning Curve
286BoS301Liberty Reprimed
287COMMacCreadyQuestLong Road Ahead
288MS07cLong Time Coming
289MS07cTapesLong Time Coming - Tapes
290RRR09Lost Soul:
292COMMacCreadyMacCready Companion Dialogue
293COMMacCreadyTalkMacCready Talk/Relationship Scene
294AO_CIS_ManagerManages AO events and sends out script events for CIS quests
295ScriptEvent_CIS_ManagerManages CIS_ScriptEventSenderActorScript sent events
296ActorDialogue_CIS_ManagerManages Dialogue events and sends out script events for CIS quests
297ActorHello_CIS_ManagerManages Hello events and sends out script events for CIS quests
298Inst303Mankind - Redefined
299MS13ThugsPhotoMarowski goes after Cooke and Latimer
300InstMassFusionMass Fusion
301BoS303LLMass Fusion Location Loaded Event
302DN066Med-Tek Dungeon Quest
303RRM02Memory Interrupted
304RRR04Mercer Safehouse
305DialogueRailroadMercerMercer Station
306DialogueGenericMerchantsMerchant Dialogue System
307MinutemenCentralQuestMinutemen Central
308MinRadiantLocationLoadedStubMinutemen radiant - location loaded stub
309MinRecruitLocationLoadedStubMinutemen recruitment - location loaded stub
310RESceneRJ01Mirelurk Ambush
311WorkshopMirelurkAttack_SIMirelurk Attack - Spectacle Island
312RECampJS02Mirelurk Bake
313FFDiamondCity01MiscMisc Objective Pointer
314FFDiamondCityWantedPosterMiscMisc Objective Pointer
315MS14MiscMisc Objective Pointer
316CZMiscMisc Objective Pointer to the Combat Zone
317RETravelJB01Molerat vs vicious dogs
318REAssaultKMK_MQ101MQ101 post quest - feral ghoul neighbors
319RETravelKMK_MQ104DarlaMQ104 - post quest - Darla
320RECampKMK_MQ104SkinnyMQ104 - post quest - Skinny Malone
321RESceneKMK_MQ202MQ202 post quest - hallucinations of Kellogg attack
322MQ204MinMQ204 Minutemen Offshoot
323MQ204RRMQ204 Railroad Offshoot
324REObjectKMK_MQ206MQ206 - scavengers investigating useful object
325MQ206BoSMQ206 Brotherhood Branches
326MQ206MinMQ206 Minutemen Branches
327MQ206RRMQ206 Railroad Branches
328MQ302PostMQ302 Cleanup
329REChokepointKMK_MS01MS01 - Bullet or friend ambush
330RETravelKMK_MS04BMS04 - post-quest - further adventures of Manta Man
331RESceneKMK_MS04MS04 - post-quest - Manta Man
332RESceneKMK_MS05DeathclawMS05 - post-quest - friendly deathclaw
333MS07NickHateHandlerMS07 Nick Hate Handler Quest
334MS07bPostQuestMS07b PostQuest
335MS07cGreetingHandlerMS07c Greeting Handler
336MS07cKeypadMS07c Keypad Scene
337RESceneKMK_MS09LorenzoMS09 - post-quest - Lorenzo up to no good
338RESceneKMK_MS09JackMS09 post quest - Jack & Edward heading home
339RETravelKMK_MS10StrongMS10 - postquest - supermutants searching for Strong
340RETravelKMK_MS10MS10 - super mutants with prisoner
341REChokepointKMK_MS11MS11 post-quest - angry scavengers
342REChokepointMS13MarowskiMS13: Marowski Says Hello
343RETravelKMK_MS16MelMS16 - post quest - Mel and robot
344RETravelKMK_MS16MS16 - prequest - recruiter for Bobbi
345MS16BobbiDialogueMS16 Bobbi Dialogue
346RETravelKMK_MS17MS17 - post-quest - Swanson attacks
347RESceneKMK_MS19_AMS19 - prequest - pointer to Vault 81
348RETravelKMK_MS19_BMS19 - raiders with Vault81 prisoner
349DN079Mystery Meat
350COMNickTalkNick Talk/Relationship Scene
351COMNickNick Valentine Companion Dialogue
352DialogueSanctuaryHillsNO LOCATION - on purpose
353CIS_RacialComments_HancockNPC says something about companion's race, they respond
354CIS_RacialComments_TemplateNPC says something about companion's race, they respond
355CIS_RacialComments_X6-88NPC says something about companion's race, they respond
356CIS_RacialComments_ValentineNPC says something about companion's race, they respond
357CIS_RacialComments_CodsworthNPC says something about companion's race, they respond
358CIS_RacialComments_CurieNPC says something about Curies race, she responds
359Inst308Nuclear Family
360FFDiamondCity08Nuka-Cola Needs
361REObjectCT03Object - Brahmin Corpse w/Mines
362REObjectCT01Object - Deathclaw With Eggs
363REObjectCT04Object - Junked Car with Ambush Feral Ghouls
364REObjectKMK03Object - Junked Car with Ambush Feral Ghouls
365REObjectCC01Object - Simple Minefield
366REObjectCT05Object - Woman With Radiation Poisoning
367REObjectKMK01Object01 - Guy trying to open a locked fridge
368REObjectDL01Object01 - Radio in a junk pile
369REObjectKMK02Object02 - guy trying to open hatch
370Min03Old Guns
371RR301Operation Ticonderoga
372DialogueDrumlinDinerOrder Up
373FFDiamondCity06Out in Left Field
374DN121Out of the Fire
375MQ102Out of Time
376DialogueDiamondCityEntranceOutside Entrance and Inside Entrance Dialogue
377BoS204Outside the Wire
378BoSPAMPostGameP.A.M. Post Quest Content
379FFDiamondCity01Painting the Town
380COMDansePaladin Danse Companion Dialogue
381BoS201RadioPaladin Danse's Radio Call
382ParkerQuinnQuestParker Quinn's Quarry
383CaravanTradePostCricketPC Settlement - Caravan Stop
384CaravanTradePostCarlaPC Settlement - Caravan Stop
385CaravanTradePostLucasPC Settlement - Caravan Stop
386CaravanTradePostWeathersPC Settlement - Caravan Stop
387PerksQuestPerks Quest
388InstR01Pest Control:
389DN101Pickman's Gift
390REObjectSC01Pile of Burning Tires
392CIS_PiperTakeNotes_OBSOLETEPipe talks up her paper with random person
393COMPiperPiper Companion Dialogue
394COMPiperTalkPiper Talk/Relationship Scene
395CA_PlayerWalkAroundNakedPlayer changes location while naked
396MQ101PlayerCommentsPlayer Commenting on things in the House
397DialogueDiamondCityPlayerPlayer lines for Diamond City
398InstM02Plugging a Leak
399BoSScene_PoliceStationPolice Station Entrance Scene
400InstR05Political Leanings
401FFDiamondCity04Pool Cleaning
402MS07cPostQuestPost MS07c Nick Handling
403PowerArmorRecallQuestPower Armor Recall Quest
404MinRadiantOwned07ChangeLocOnlyPower for
405Inst305Powering Up
406RR302Precipice of War
407FFBunkerHill03Prep School
408REAssaultKMK_COMPrestonPreston - companion RE
409RETravelSC03Preston Garvey Impersonator
410COMPrestonTalkPreston Talk/Relationship Scene
411MQ101RadioPrewar Radio
412BoSPrydwenScene_AirportPrydwen Airport Intro Scene
413BoSPrydwenScene_RangePrydwen Airport Intro Scene
414BoSPrydwenScene_BarracksPrydwen Barracks Intro Scene
415BoSPrydwenScene_EntryPrydwen Entryway Intro Scene
416BoSPrydwenScene_FlightDeckPrydwen Flight Deck Scene
417BoSPrydwenScene_LabPrydwen Lab Intro Scene
418BoSPrydwenScene_MessHallPrydwen Lab Intro Scene
419BoSPrydwenScene_SquiresPrydwen Power Armor Bay Intro Scene
420BoSPrydwenScene_PAPrydwen Power Armor Bay Intro Scene
421BoSPrydwenScene_PATestPrydwen Power Armor Testing Scene
422FFGoodneighbor02Public Knowledge
423DN138Pull the Plug
425REObjectKMK04Radioactive barrel + giant glowing frenzied creature
426REObjectSC04Radioactive Barrels
427RESceneJS01Radscorpion vs. Stingwings
428RETravelSC02Radstag Herd
429DialogueGenericRaiderRaider Combat Lines, Reactions, Dialogue
430MinRecruit01Raider Troubles at
431REChokepointKMK_COMNickRaiders recognize Nick
432REActorAttach02Raiders stripping corpses
433DialogueRailroadRailroad HQ - Core NPCs Generic
434DialogueRailroadGenericNPCsRailroad HQ - Generic Peeps
435RRR06Randolph Safehouse
436REAssaultSC05RE Assault: Dogs vs. Farmers
437REAssaultSC04RE Assault: Raiders vs. Scavengers
438RECheckpointBoSWon01_InitRE Checkpoint: Brotherhood Defenders 01
439RECheckpointBoSWon02_InitRE Checkpoint: Brotherhood Defenders 02
440RECheckpointBoSWon03_InitRE Checkpoint: Brotherhood Defenders 03
441RECheckpointBoSWon04_InitRE Checkpoint: Brotherhood Defenders 04
442RECheckpointBoSWon05_InitRE Checkpoint: Brotherhood Defenders 05
443RECheckpoint01_BoSAttackersRE Checkpoint: Enemy BoS
444RECheckpoint07_VertibirdBoSRE Checkpoint: Enemy BoS Troops and VBird
445RECheckpoint12_DeathclawRE Checkpoint: Enemy Deathclaw
446RECheckpoint04_DeathclawsRE Checkpoint: Enemy Deathclaws
447RECheckpoint11_FeralGhoulsRE Checkpoint: Enemy Ghouls
448RECheckpoint03_GunnersRE Checkpoint: Enemy Gunners 01
449RECheckpoint15_GunnersRE Checkpoint: Enemy Gunners 02
450RECheckpoint16_RadscorpionsRE Checkpoint: Enemy Radscorpions
451RECheckpoint09_RaidersRE Checkpoint: Enemy Raiders
452RECheckpoint10_RaidersPowerArmorRE Checkpoint: Enemy Raiders w/ Power Armor
453RECheckpoint08_RRAttackersRE Checkpoint: Enemy RR Agents
454RECheckpoint06_SuperMutantsRE Checkpoint: Enemy Super Mutants
455RECheckpoint02_SynthAttackersRE Checkpoint: Enemy Synths 01
456RECheckpoint14_SynthAttackersRE Checkpoint: Enemy Synths 02
457RECheckpoint05_VertibirdRE Checkpoint: Enemy Vertibird
458RECheckpoint13_YaoGuaiRE Checkpoint: Enemy Yao Guai
459RECheckpointInstWon01_InitRE Checkpoint: Institute Defenders 01
460RECheckpointInstWon02_InitRE Checkpoint: Institute Defenders 02
461RECheckpointInstWon03_InitRE Checkpoint: Institute Defenders 03
462RECheckpointInstWon04_InitRE Checkpoint: Institute Defenders 04
463RECheckpointInstWon05_InitRE Checkpoint: Institute Defenders 05
464RECheckpointMinWon01_InitRE Checkpoint: Minutemen Defenders 01
465RECheckpointMinWon02_InitRE Checkpoint: Minutemen Defenders 02
466RECheckpointMinWon03_InitRE Checkpoint: Minutemen Defenders 03
467RECheckpointMinWon04_InitRE Checkpoint: Minutemen Defenders 04
468RECheckpointMinWon05_InitRE Checkpoint: Minutemen Defenders 05
469RECheckpointRRWon01_InitRE Checkpoint: Railroad Defenders 01
470RECheckpointRRWon02_InitRE Checkpoint: Railroad Defenders 02
471RECheckpointRRWon03_InitRE Checkpoint: Railroad Defenders 03
472RECheckpointRRWon05_InitRE Checkpoint: Railroad Defenders 05
473REAssaultSC06REAssault: Scavengers vs. Robots
474RECampSC03RECamp: Merchant of Dreth
475RECheckpointParentRECheckpoint: Parent Quest
476DebugRECheckpointQuestRECheckpointQuest Test Quest
478DN112Reeb Marina Quest
479REFactionSharedREFaction Shared Lines
480CIS_CaitLockPick_ReminderReminders player she can get discounts
481MinRecruit09Resettle Refugees at
482MinRecruit03Returning the Favor
485RR101Road to Freedom
486RR303Rockets' Red Glare
487MinRecruit08Rogue Courser at
488REAssaultKMK_RR102RR102 - post-quest - Ricky Dalton vs. raiders
489RECampLC01Runaway Synth
491REObjectSC02Safe Landing
494DN120Sandy Coves Quest
495MS01MiscObjSoldSave From Bullet
496RESceneCT04Scene - Dead Animal w/Pests
497RESceneCT06Scene - Dead Farmer/Brahmin w/Ambush Ghoul
498RESceneCT02Scene - Dead RadStag w/Bloatflies
499RESceneCT01Scene - FEV Hound vs Yao Guai
500RESceneKMK07Scene - Resting dog pack
501RESceneCT07Scene - Resting Radstags
502RESceneCT05Scene - Supermutants vs Stingwings
503RESceneCC01Scene - Vicious Dogs chasing unarmed Farmer
504RESceneKMK01Scene01 - Dead guy with note leading to treasure
505RESceneKMK02Scene02 - raiders vs. settlers running for help
506RESceneKMK03Scene03 - wounded vicious dog
507RESceneKMK03BScene03B - dog you helped helps you
508RESceneKMK04Scene04 - molerat ambush
509RESceneKMK05Scene05 - dead animal
510BoSR04_AO_ScribeScribe attraction object for BoSR04
511EE_RaiderLostToNormalConvScripted01Script event triggered conversation
512EE_RaiderAlertToNormalConvScripted01Script event triggered conversation
513EE_RaiderSuspiciousConvScripted01Script event triggered conversation
514BoS200Semper Invicta
515BoS201Shadow of Steel
516DialogueSharedInfosSharedInfos Only, Quest Starts Enabled and has No Persist Location
518V81_04Short Stories
519BoS202Show No Mercy
520MS04PostQuestSilver Shroud - Post Quest
521RadioSilverShroudQuestSilver Shroud Radio (80 - Kent)
522REAssaultKMK05Sniper - he wants his $2.00
523MS09Mission01Special Delivery
524BoS303Spoils of War
525holdupquestStick 'em up
526MinRadiantOwned02Stop the Raiding at
527FFDiamondCity07Story of the Century
528COMStrongStrong Companion Dialogue
529RadioSubwaySubway Announcements
530DN129Sunshine Tidings Co-op Quest
531RETravelKMK10Super Mutant patrol
532RESceneKMK09Super mutants with prisoner returning to lair
533RECampJS01Supermutant Camp
534REAssaultSC03Supermutant Raid Aftermath
535RESceneSC02Supermutant Raiding Party
536MinRadiantOwned10ChangeLocOnlySuspected Synth at
537RECamprj05Synth Ambush
538RECamprj04Synth Attack Aftermath
539Inst301Synth Retention
540RESceneLC01Synth versus Synth
541RECamprj06Synths and Scavengers
542BoS302BTactical Thinking
543Min02Taking Independence
544MinRecruit06Taking Point:
545REObjectTEMPLATETEMPLATE - duplicate for new Object quest
546REObjectRJ01TEMPLATE - duplicate for new Object quest
547RETreasureHunt_TEMPLATETEMPLATE - Duplicate for new Treasure Hunt events.
548RETreasureHuntSC05TEMPLATE - Duplicate for new Treasure Hunt events.
549RETreasureHuntSC04TEMPLATE - Duplicate for new Treasure Hunt events.
550REAssaultTEMPLATETEMPLATE - Duplicate to make a new Assault Quest.
551RECampTEMPLATETEMPLATE - Duplicate to make a new Camp Quest
552REChokepointTEMPLATETEMPLATE - Duplicate to make a new Chokepoint Quest.
553REChokepointSC05_FactionInstRelayAmbush02TEMPLATE - Duplicate to make a new Chokepoint Quest.
554RESceneTEMPLATETEMPLATE - duplicate to make a new Scene quest
555RECamprj03That's not a sandwich
556MS12That's the Spirit
557Inst302The Battle of Bunker Hill
558MS16The Big Dig
559FFGoodneighbor04The Cleaner
560CZThe Combat Zone
561MS05BThe Devil's Due
562MS05BGreetPoppaThe Devil's Due - Player Greets Poppa scene
563MS05BTapesThe Devil's Due - Tapes
564MS07aThe Disappearing Act
565MQ201The Enemy of My Enemy
566MinRecruit00The First Step
567MS07bThe Gilded Grasshopper
568MQ204The Glowing Sea
569BoSM01The Lost Patrol
570MS13FindPhotoThe Marowski Heist
571FFGoodneighbor01The Memory Den
572MQ206The Molecular Level
573DN092The Museum of Freedom
574MQ302BoSThe Nuclear Option
575MQ302MinThe Nuclear Option
576MQ302RRThe Nuclear Option
577MQ302The Nuclear Option
578RESceneRJ02The Postman
579MS09The Secret of Cabot House
580MQ00MamaMurphyThe Sight
581MS04The Silver Shroud
582REObjectKMK05Thirsty guy
583DialogueRailroadTiconderogaTiconderoga Station
584RRR08To the Mattresses
585FFGoodneighbor08Tough Times
586BoS201BTour of Duty
587MQ106InvestigationsTracking Kellogg
589FFBunkerHill02Traffic Jam
590RETravelCT03Travel - Child Merchant w/Sentry Bot
591RETravelCT08Travel - Eyebot Adverts
592RETravelCC02Travel - Farmer driving Brahmin
593RETravelCT05Travel - Radscorp Chases Raider
594RETravelCT01Travel - Radstags vs Vicious Dogs
595RETravelCC03Travel - Sated Radscorpion only attacks if you get too close
596RETravelCT07Travel - Simon w/Raiders
597RETravelCT06Travel - Stash and Co. PT2
598RETravelCT02Travel - Supermutants vs MrGutsy
599RETravelCC01Travel - vicious dogs chasing an unarmed farmer
600RETravelCT04Travel - Yao Guai Chases Vicious Dog
601RETravelTEMPLATETravel Template
602RETravelKMK01Travel01 - raiders vs. farmers
603RETravelKMK02Travel02 - pack of vicious dogs
604RETravelKMK03Travel03 - traveling merchant
605RETravelKMK04Travel04 - Mister Gutsy searching for spies
606RETravelKMK05Travel05 - workshop armor vendor
607RETravelKMK12Traveling brahmin vendor
608RETravelKMK08Traveling trader - rumor mill
609RESceneTreasureHuntMasterTreasure Hunt Master Quest
610RETreasureHuntSC03Treasure Hunt: Gunner hunting for Gun
611RETreasureHuntSC02Treasure Hunt: Junkie hunting for Chems
612RETreasureHuntSC01Treasure Hunt: Raider hunting for Caps
613RETreasureHuntSC06_DN070Treasure Hunt: Treasures of Jamaica Plain
614DialogueGenericTriggermanTriggerman Combat Lines, Reactions, Dialogue
615DialogueGoodneighborRufusTrouble Brewin'
616DN151Troubled Waters
617Tutorial_PerkMessageTutorial for Perk Message
619MQ101TVStationTV Broadcasts
620RETravelKMK09Uglies vs Raiders
621RR201Underground Undercover
622MQ104Unlikely Valentine
623GenericGoHomeuse this to make sure actors get home
624RRR07Variable Removal:
625DialogueVault114Vault 114
626DN143Vault 75
627V81_00_IntroVault 81
628DN077Vault 81 Dungeon Quest
629REObjectJS01Vault Tec Van With Skeleton
630RETravel_VertibirdKMK01Vertibird - land patrol vs. raiders
631REObject_VertibirdKMK01Vertibird - pick up patrol
632VFTVertibird Fast Travel
633REScene_VertibirdKMK01Vertibird flyover
634REScene_VertibirdKMK03Vertibird land patrol
635REScene_VertibirdKMK02Vertibird land troops
636REObject_VertibirdKMK02Vertibird on ground vs. Gunners
637BoSDialogueVertibirdVertibird Standard Dialogue
638DialoguePlayerAdditionalWaitingForPlayerInput, ImpatientNegative
639MQ101War Never Changes
640MS01MiscObjWasteland Refrigerator
641RETravelRJ02Wattz Electronics Barker
643FFDiamondCity09Wedding Day
644RRAct3PickupWent to the Institute with non-Railroad
645Min00When Freedom Calls
646MinDestBoSWith Our Powers Combined
647WorkshopParentWorkshop Parent Quest
649ComX688X6-88 Companion Dialogue
650BoSM04Postquest[A Loose End - Postquest]
651Inst307FightCompanionOverrides[Airship Down - Companion Overrides]
652Inst307Fight[Airship Down - Fight Controller]
653Inst307FightVertibirds[Airship Down - Vertibird Controller]
654BoSMarshal[BoS Final Battle Marshaling]
655BoS100Fight[BoS100 Fight Controller]
656BoSReservations[Brotherhood of Steel Alias Reservations]
657BoSM00[Brotherhood of Steel Misc Quest Controller]
658DN020[Chelsea Community School Quest]
659DiamondCitySuperMutantIntro[DiamondCityGuards VS Supermutants]
660DN017_ChangeLocation[DN017 - Arcjet Systems Change Location]
661DN017[DN017 - Arcjet Systems]
662DN017_Overrides[DN017 - Arcjet Systems]
663DN035[DN035 - Easy City Downs]
664DN046[DN046 - Fort Strong]
665DN049[DN049 - General Atomics Galleria]
666DN053_ChangeLocation[DN053 - Virgil's Lab Change Location]
667DN053[DN053 - Virgil's Lab, Act III]
668DN070_ChangeLocation[DN070 - Jamaica Plain Change Location]
669DN070_HackComputer[DN070 - Jamaica Plain Hack Computer]
670DN070[DN070 - Jamaica Plain]
671DN084_BoS303Battle[DN084 - Mass Fusion Building - BoS303 Final Battle]
672DN084_Overrides[DN084 - Mass Fusion Building - Descent Sequence Override]
673DN084_Inst303Battle[DN084 - Mass Fusion Building - Inst303 Final Battle]
674DN084[DN084 - Mass Fusion Building]
675DN102[DN102 - HalluciGen]
676DN117[DN117 - Spectacle Island]
677DN121_ChangeLocation[DN121 - Saugus Ironworks Change Location]
678REAssaultSC01_DN123SkylanesAssault[DN123 - Skylanes Assault]
679DN123_ChangeLocation[DN123 - Skylanes Change Location]
680DN123[DN123 - Skylanes Flight 1981]
681RETravelSC01_DN123SkylanesPointer[DN123 - Skylanes Pointer]
682DN130-RR302[DN130 - Cambridge Police Station / RR302 Handling]
683DN130[DN130 - Cambridge Police Station]
684DN131_Commons[DN131 - Boston Common Retreat System]
685DN131[DN131 - Swan's Pond]
686DN151_Tracking[DN151 - Weston Water Treatment Tracking]
687DN151_ChangeLocation[DN151 - Weston/Graygarden Change Location]
688DN165Exterior[DN165 - Boston Airport Exterior]
689DN165_ChangeLocation[DN165 - Boston Airport Ruins Change Location]
690DN165[DN165 - Boston Airport Ruins]
691BoSM02DanseOverrides[Duty or Dishonor - Danse Overrides]
692BoSM02Postquest[Duty or Dishonor - Postquest]
693DN035_EasyCityRadioOverrides[Easy City Downs Radio Overrides]
694DN046_ChangeLocation[Fort Strong Change Location]
695DN160[Hubris Comics Tracking Quest]
696DNMasterQuest[LD DN Master Quest]
697DN031[Parsons State Insane Asylum]
698DN109[Quincy Tracker]
699DN119Fight[Rotten Landfill Fight Controller]
700DN133[The Castle]
701BoSM01DanseOverrides[The Lost Patrol - Danse Overrides]
702BoSM01DistressSignals[The Lost Patrol - Distress Signals]
703BoSM01Pointer[The Lost Patrol - Pointer]
704BoSM01PostquestCL[The Lost Patrol - Postquest Change Location]
705BoSM01Postquest[The Lost Patrol - Postquest]
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