Fallout 4 v1.9

74,946+ (250 Max) Results

INFO:NAM1AbbotSharedResponse01Well, ain't that the end-all, be-all. Why don't you go ahead and put a little of that paint on the Wall? See what I got to work with.
INFO:NAM1Abernathy_Blake01We could really use your help.
INFO:NAM1Abernathy_Blake02Look, we're simple farmers. We don't have much. We just want to be left alone.
INFO:NAM1Abernathy_Blake03These raiders keep stealing from us. It's got to stop or we'll have to pull up stakes.
INFO:NAM1Abernathy_Blake04Last time those raiders hit us, my daughter Mary tried to stand up to 'em.
INFO:NAM1Abernathy_Blake04Now she's buried out back of the house. Only twenty one years old, and they shot her down without a thought.
INFO:NAM1Abernathy_Blake05I don't have much to offer, but... Those raiders that killed Mary, they took her locket, too. It's been in Connie's family for generations.
INFO:NAM1Abernathy_Blake05If you could get it back, it'd mean a lot to us.
INFO:NAM1AO_Companion_Bar_TalksToCaitTalks to Cait.
INFO:NAM1AO_Companion_Bar_TalksToCodsworthTalks to Codsworth.
INFO:NAM1AO_Companion_Bar_TalksToCurieTalks to Curie.
INFO:NAM1AO_Companion_Bar_TalksToDanseTalks to Danse.
INFO:NAM1AO_Companion_Bar_TalksToDeaconTalks to Deacon.
INFO:NAM1AO_Companion_Bar_TalksToHancockTalks to Hancock.
INFO:NAM1AO_Companion_Bar_TalksToMacCreadyTalks to Macready.
INFO:NAM1AO_Companion_Bar_TalksToPiperTalks to Piper.
INFO:NAM1AO_Companion_Bar_TalksToPrestonTalks to Preston.
INFO:NAM1AO_Companion_Bar_TalksToStrongTalks to Strong.
INFO:NAM1AO_Companion_Bar_TalksToValentineTalks to Valentine.
INFO:NAM1AO_Companion_Bar_TalksToX6-88Talks to X6-88.
INFO:NAM1BoS100Shared01Over two hundred years ago, the abuse of technology drove our race to the brink of extinction.
INFO:NAM1BoS100Shared01The Brotherhood refuses to allow that to happen again.
INFO:NAM1BoS100Shared01By collecting all forms of technology, and keeping it out of reach of those who seek to exploit it, we're ensuring the survival of the human race.
INFO:NAM1BoS201Shared01Ad victoriam!
INFO:NAM1BoS202LinkMQSharedInfo01By now, I'm sure you've deduced that our arrival in the Commonwealth wasn't coincidental.
INFO:NAM1BoS202LinkMQSharedInfo02We're here because of a unique energy reading recorded by Paladin Danse's recon team.
INFO:NAM1BoS202LinkMQSharedInfo02According to our scribes the reading indicated a level of technology that only the Institute could achieve.
INFO:NAM1BoS202LinkMQSharedInfo03The moment this information came to light, our mission became clear.
INFO:NAM1BoS202LinkMQSharedInfo03The Institute and everyone responsible for the creation of the synths must be eliminated, at all costs.
INFO:NAM1BoS203HolotapeSharedInfo01I'm going to make sure the whole program is shut down. If not for good, then at least for years to come. After that...
INFO:NAM1BoS203HolotapeSharedInfo02...I know what I'm about to do will be seen as a betrayal. Treason, he'll probably call it. So... I'm leaving.
INFO:NAM1BoS203HolotapeSharedInfo03I have a plan... and if it works, I'll be somewhere safe. Somewhere not even the Coursers can find me.
INFO:NAM1BoS203PrestonShared01Good luck, General. I hope you find your son.
INFO:NAM1BoS203Shared01As soon as Doctor Li arrives, we'll interrogate her aboard the Prydwen.
INFO:NAM1BoS203Shared01She's been under the Institute's influence for the last decade, and we can't afford to take any chances.
INFO:NAM1BoS203Shared02Fortunately, this incident doesn't change our current strategy.
INFO:NAM1BoS203Shared02We have a contingency plan that's already being put into effect that should ensure completion of our special project.
INFO:NAM1BoS203SharedInfo01I thought I was clear. Bring me the evidence, and I'll consider returning to the Brotherhood.
INFO:NAM1BoS203SharedInfoLiAcceptsI'll make my way back to the Brotherhood, but I'm going to have to do it on my own. I can't take any chances being seen with you.
INFO:NAM1BoS203SharedInfoLiAcceptsTell whoever sent you that they've just regained the services of Doctor Madison Li.
INFO:NAM1BoS204SharedInfo01Before we jump to conclusions, let's see what Quinlan's scribes can get off of it.
INFO:NAM1BoS204SharedInfo01I'm sure the Institute has all of their data heavily encrypted, so it's going to take some time to crack.
INFO:NAM1BoS204SharedInfo01After that, we'll have to see what we've got. There's no telling what we might have grabbed off their mainframe.
INFO:NAM1BoS204SharedInfo02Suit yourself.
INFO:NAM1BoS204SharedInfo03Everyone is waiting for you to bring that holotape back. Don't let us down.
INFO:NAM1BoS301DoctorDuffHancockInterject01Yeah, that sounds about right.
INFO:NAM1BoS301DoctorDuffNickInterject01Chance of survival after a week out there ain't that great for someone not used to roughing it.
INFO:NAM1BoS301DoctorDuffPiperInterject01Gone for a week. Blue, she could be in real trouble.
INFO:NAM1BoS302Shared01I've already lost my family. I don't want to lose my friend.
INFO:NAM1BoS302Shared02You need to face this, Danse. Dying is the coward's way out.
INFO:NAM1BoS302Shared03You're the proof that Maxson's wrong. You're a synth, but everything you've done has been for the good of mankind.
INFO:NAM1BoS302Shared04Then consider this a lesson to reflect upon as your service to the Brotherhood continues.
INFO:NAM1BoS302Shared05We leave it here as a warning to the Institute that nothing, not even their finest technology, can eclipse our vigilance.
INFO:NAM1BoS302SharedInfo01Reporting as ordered, Elder.
INFO:NAM1BoS302SharedInfo02I'm returning to the Prydwen, Knight.
INFO:NAM1BoS302SharedInfo02Take some time, say your goodbyes, and then I expect to see you there.
INFO:NAM1BoS302SharedInfo02We still have the Institute to deal with.
INFO:NAM1BoS302SharedInfo03How dare you betray the Brotherhood!
INFO:NAM1BoS302SharedInfo04Report, Knight. Have you handled the situation with Paladin Danse?
INFO:NAM1BoS303HancockStage10InterjectionYour call, boss, but if Poindexter's coming, you're babysitting him.
INFO:NAM1BoS303PipStage10InterjectionAnother gun. Another set of eyes. Seems like a no-brainer to me.
INFO:NAM1BoS303Preston01Seems like she could be pretty helpful.
INFO:NAM1BoS303Shared01I knew you'd see it my way.
INFO:NAM1BoS303Shared02It's your funeral.
INFO:NAM1BoS303Shared03Well, with a big, bad soldier like you watching my back that's not going to happen, now is it.
INFO:NAM1BoS303Shared04It would be helpful if you tagged along.
INFO:NAM1BoS303Shared05No way. You're staying here.
INFO:NAM1BoS303Shared06Why would you want to go?
INFO:NAM1BoS303Shared07Hey, I might be walking around with metal rods shoved into my spine, but I can still take care of myself.
INFO:NAM1BoS303Shared08Are you kidding me? Mass Fusion was on the cutting edge of atomic technology.
INFO:NAM1BoS303Shared08And considering that there hasn't been much in the way of engineering advancements lately, that makes it a goddamn gold mine.
INFO:NAM1BoS303Shared08I'm not going to miss an opportunity like that.
INFO:NAM1BoS303Shared09Fair enough. It would be helpful to have you along.
INFO:NAM1BoS303Shared10Forget it, Ingram. It's too dangerous.
INFO:NAM1BoS303Shared11Fine. Have it your way.
INFO:NAM1BoS303Shared11I just hope you don't bring back a paperweight by mistake.
INFO:NAM1BoS303Shared12Do I have a choice?
INFO:NAM1BoS303Shared13Proctor Ingram, the Institute wants me to get something called a "Beryllium Agitator" from the ruins of Mass Fusion.
INFO:NAM1BoS303Shared14Where the heck are you going? I'm not finished talking to you yet.
INFO:NAM1BoS303ValentineStage10InterjectionWould you be able to tell a Beryllium Agitator if it hit you in the face?
INFO:NAM1BoS304CrowdLine01Ad victoriam!
INFO:NAM1BoS304CrowdLine02Good bye, Institute!
INFO:NAM1BoS304CrowdLine04Get 'em, Prime!
INFO:NAM1BoS304CrowdLine05Brotherhood! Salute!
INFO:NAM1BoS304CrowdLine06Brotherhood! Fall out!
INFO:NAM1BoSDialogueGenericSharedInfo01I don't have time for you right now.
INFO:NAM1BoSDialogueGenericSharedInfo02Can't talk while I'm on duty.
INFO:NAM1BoSDialogueGenericSharedInfo03Ad victoriam, brother.
INFO:NAM1BoSDialogueGenericSharedInfo04Ad victoriam, sister.
INFO:NAM1BoSDialoguePrydwen_TeaganDetails1Ensuring cooperation from the farms for our upcoming supply requisition.
INFO:NAM1BoSDialoguePrydwen_TeaganDetails2Making sure these farms will be prepared when I send out troops to claim supplies.
INFO:NAM1BoSDialoguePrydwen_TeaganDetails3Getting the farms in on our upcoming supply requisition.
INFO:NAM1BoSDialoguePrydwen_TeaganDetails4Informing the Commonwealth farms of their upcoming support for the Brotherhood of Steel.
INFO:NAM1BoSDialoguePrydwen_TeaganDetails5You get to make sure those farmers down below donate a proper amount of their crop to the Brotherhood of Steel.
INFO:NAM1BoSDPShared01I'm not really looking for sympathy, and honestly... I don't know you that well. Maybe some other time.
INFO:NAM1BoSM00_KellsInitialOfferOfBoSR03We have squires in need of training.
INFO:NAM1BoSM00_KellsInitialOfferOfBoSR03They're young recruits. They need a good example to follow. Someone to emulate.
INFO:NAM1BoSM00_KellsTransition1Here. Take this as payment.
INFO:NAM1BoSM00_KellsTransition2Here's payment for your efforts.
INFO:NAM1BoSM00_KellsTransition3Here. For your efforts.
INFO:NAM1BoSM00_KellsTransition4Here. Your work is appreciated.
INFO:NAM1BoSM00_KellsTransition5Here. Good work.
INFO:NAM1BoSM00_Kells_ReturnToBridgeCarry on, brother. Ad victoriam.
INFO:NAM1BoSM00_Kells_ReturnToBridge02Carry on. Ad victoriam.
INFO:NAM1BoSM00_Kells_SentinelIntroAll right.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01PostquestStage15A_Main_ListenListen. I didn't have a chance to thank you properly before.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01Postquest_Brandis_EndI'm not sure I still have a place here. I've been away for too long. Maybe I'm not cut out for the Brotherhood anymore.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01Postquest_Brandis_EndBut I'll give it time. I owe it to you, and to my team. Thank you for giving me another chance.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_AskIfBrandis1What? Who are you? Where did you hear that name?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_BrotherhoodThe Brotherhood?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_BrotherhoodNo, no, no, it can't be. They aren't here! They're... they're too far away. They left me. All... all alone.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_BrotherhoodWhat do you want? How did you find me?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_Brotherhood2The Brotherhood?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_Brotherhood2No, no, no, it can't be. They're... they're too far away. They wouldn't send you. ...Would they?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_Brotherhood2Let's... let's say I believe you. How did you find me?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_CantTrustYouI... I... no! No! What are you doing here?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_DontBelieveYouNo! No, no, no! I can't trust you! I can't trust you!
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_FarewellThankYouGoodbye. And... and... thanks.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_Greet01You still here?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_Greet02Need something?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_Greet03What do you want?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_HowdYouGetInWho are you? Who sent you? How'd you get in here?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_LockedDoorTalk? Why? Who sent you? What are you doing here?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_RewardYou've been through a lot to find me. I should... I should give you something.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_RewardI've collected a lot over the years. Technology. Odds and ends. If you see anything you want, take it, take it.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_SureYouDont1What? No! You... you just hacked the door! You have your gun out!
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_SureYouDont1Who are you working for? What do you want from me?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_SureYouDont2Then... then what do you want? Who are you working for? How did you find me?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_TriedToGoBack2I thought so. I tried to go back for them, you know, but there was... there was nothing I could do, not alone.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Brandis_WalkawayCombatStop! Stop, dammit!
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Clarke_WhereAreYouGoingWhere are you going?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_AnythingElseIs there anything else we need to discuss?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_CMPFinalGreet1You handled yourself well, Knight.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_CMPFinalGreet2You handled yourself well, Paladin.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_CMPFinalGreet3You handled yourself well.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_CMPFinalGreet3XYou handled yourself well, Sentinel.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_CMPFinalGreet4He's gone native. Damn it.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_CMPFinalGreet5What the hell was that?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_IntroContinuation03Now, as I was saying.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_IntroWalkaway2All right, we can finish this later.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_JustLeavesBrandisThat just leaves Paladin Brandis. He always was a survivor. But after all this time...
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_JustLeavesBrandisThe holotapes mentioned a bunker. I think I know the one. It was part of my original mission brief. Let's move out.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_LastPatrolWentMissingThe last team went in three years ago. They never reported back. Officially, they're missing, presumed dead.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_MidquestGreet1You're back. Any word on the patrol?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_MidquestGreet2Any news on the patrol?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_MidquestGreet3Any sign of the patrol?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_MidquestGreet4Anything to report?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_ReactToRemainsWhat? It must be...
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_ReactToRemainsAh. All right, let me fill you in.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_Recap1The missing recon team. Have you learned what happened to them?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_Stage018ForcegreetAll right. We need to talk.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_Stage70CMPAstlinKnight Astlin. She was in my company, years ago. Best marksman I ever saw.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Danse_Walkaway1We're not finished here.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Kells_AfterAllThatAfter all that... damn it.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Kells_InitialAssignment1Paladin Danse has already briefed me on your search for the missing recon team. I want that resolved. Do you have anything to report?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Kells_InitialAssignment1bPaladin Danse has already briefed me on your search for the missing recon team. Complete your investigation and report back to me. Dismissed.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Kells_InitialAssignment2I'm aware of your search for the missing recon team. I want that resolved. Do you have anything to report?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Kells_InitialAssignment2bI'm aware of your search for the missing recon team. Complete your investigation and report back to me. Dismissed.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Kells_IntroContinuation01As I was saying, Knight.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Kells_IntroContinuation02As I was saying, Paladin.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Kells_IntroContinuation03XAs I was saying, Sentinel.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Kells_IntroSharedLineThe Brotherhood has been monitoring the Commonwealth for some time now, ever since we learned of the synth threat.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Kells_LastPatrolWentMissingThe last patrol was sent in three years ago. They never reported back. Officially, they're missing, presumed dead.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Kells_MidquestGreet1Report, Knight.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Kells_MidquestGreet2Report, Paladin.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Kells_MidquestGreet3Any sign of the patrol?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Kells_MidquestGreet3XReport, Sentinel.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_AskIfBrandis1Are you... Brandis?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_BackOffBack off, old man.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_BrandisReAskYou're Paladin Brandis?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_EasyNowEasy, now. I don't want any trouble.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final2_Negative1Paladin Brandis survived, but he was out of his mind. I killed him. I had no choice.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final2_Neutral1Paladin Brandis survived, but he attacked me. I... had to defend myself.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final2_Question1Could he really have survived out here, all alone?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final3_Negative1I convinced him to come back, but... he has a long road ahead of him.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final3_Negative2He's a lost cause. He's turned his back on the Brotherhood.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final3_Neutral1I'm worried about him. He's paranoid, unstable.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final3_Positive1I convinced him to return to the Brotherhood.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final3_Positive2He's alive and well, but he wants to be left alone.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final3_Question1Can he come back to the Brotherhood?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final4_Negative1That's everything.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final4_Neutral1What should I do with their tags?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final4_Neutral2That's it.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final4_Positive1Do you want their holotapes?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final4_Positive2Do you want the holotapes left by the recon team?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final4_Positive3That's all.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final4_Question1How will the Brotherhood remember them?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final_Negative1I found their remains. All dead.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final_Negative2I found their remains. Seven dead. Only Paladin Brandis lived.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final_Neutral1They're dead. What did you expect?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final_Neutral2There was one survivor. Paladin Brandis.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final_Positive1I've completed my investigation into the missing recon team. There were no survivors.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final_Positive2I've completed my investigation into the missing recon team. Paladin Brandis was the only survivor.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final_Positive3I'm sorry. There were no survivors.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final_Positive4Paladin Brandis was the only survivor.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Final_Question2This was... a team of nine men? Near Malden?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_HereToTalkCalm down. I'm just here to talk.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Main1_NegativeThey are dead. I found the bodies.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Main1_NeutralPaladin Brandis' team.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Main1_PositivePaladin Brandis' team. I found them.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Main1_QuestionPaladin Brandis' team?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Main2_NegativeThey knew the risks.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Main2_Neutral1And you want me to find out what happened to them.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Main2_Neutral2And he was a member of that team.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Main2_Neutral3And she was a member of that team.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Main2_Neutral4And this bunker is...
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Main2_PositiveI'm sorry.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Main2_QuestionWas there a rescue mission?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Main3_Negative1This doesn't seem like a priority.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Main3_Negative3This seems like a waste of time.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Main3_Neutral1It's been three years. They could be anywhere by now.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Main3_Positive1All right, I'll see to it.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Main3_QuestionWhere should I begin?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Midquest_Negative1Not yet.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Midquest_Negative3Nothing to report, Captain.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Midquest_Neutral1Nothing worth mentioning.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Midquest_Neutral2Nothing new to report, Captain.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Midquest_Positive1The recon team was ambushed. They scuttled their own power armor to keep it from being captured. There were only three survivors.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Midquest_Positive2Their camp was overrun by ghouls. Knight Astlin died defending it.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Midquest_Positive3They tried to reach a satellite array, but Scribe Faris was killed in the attempt.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Midquest_Positive4One of their holotapes mentioned a holdout bunker. Paladin Brandis may have retreated there.
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Midquest_Question1Sorry, what patrol?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_Midquest_Question2Report on what?
INFO:NAM1BoSM01_Player_WithBrotherhood1Easy, Paladin. I'm with the Brotherhood.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_ClarkeWontStandByNo! No, I won't just stand by and let you kill them. Not again!
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Clarke_AfterTheBattleAfter the battle, I... I needed some time to think. I found this place. And the ghouls.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Clarke_BeingCarefulDammit! I thought I was being careful.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Clarke_ClarkeResolutionNeutral2DUPLICATE001Leave the Brotherhood? Just like that?
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Clarke_ClarkeResolutionNeutral2DUPLICATE001I... you're right. I don't have a future here.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Clarke_DidTheRightThingDo you... do you think I did the right thing?
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Clarke_DontWaitUpI'm going to head back in a few minutes. Don't wait up.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Clarke_FriendWhoWasAGhoulI had a friend who was a ghoul, once. As human as you or me.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Clarke_FriendWhoWasAGhoulBut the Brotherhood... the Brotherhood says ghouls are abominations. They all deserve to die. Would you kill him, too? Just because of who he is?
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Clarke_ItsALongStoryIt's a long story.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Clarke_NotThisAgainI'm sorry, I really don't know anything. I've heard the rumors, same as everyone else. But that's all.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Clarke_SoonerOrLaterSomeone was bound to catch me eventually. I can't keep this up forever.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Clarke_WhatAboutMeWhat about me?
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Clarke_WhatAboutTheGhoulsWhat about the ghouls? What are you going to do with them?
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Clarke_WhatAreYouDoing2What are you doing down here?
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Gavil_BackToWorkI need to get back to work. If you have any more questions, go bother Lucia or Clarke.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Gavil_KellsSentYouLet me guess. Captain Kells sent you?
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Gavil_TakeThisPrivateLet's take this somewhere more private. Follow me.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Kells_AsIWasSaying1As I was saying, Knight.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Kells_AsIWasSaying2As I was saying, Paladin.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Kells_AsIWasSaying3XAs I was saying, Sentinel.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Kells_ClarkeIsDeadI expected as much.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Kells_GetBackKnightGet back here, Knight.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Kells_GetBackPaladinGet back here, Paladin.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Kells_IntroSharedLineI've received reports that supplies have been disappearing from our supply depot at the airport. I suspect this may be an inside job.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Kells_VeryWellVery well.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Kells_WellKnightWell, Knight?
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Kells_WellPaladinWell, Paladin?
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Kells_WellSentinelWell, Sentinel?
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Kells_WrapupNegative2You can't be serious. Feral ghouls snuck into our base, raided our supplies, and escaped, multiple times, without anyone noticing?
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Kells_WrapupPositive1He was... what? God, you're serious.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Kells_WrapupPositive1He betrayed his oath to the Brotherhood, stole our supplies, and tried to help those abominations?
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Kells_WrapupPositive1Where is he? What happened to him?
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Lucia_AllRightThenAll right, then...
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Lucia_WhatHappenedWhat do you mean? What happened?
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Player_ClarkeResolutionNegative2DUPLICATE000You've betrayed the Brotherhood of Steel. That's unforgivable.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Player_ClarkeStandDownOrderStand down, Initiate. That's an order.
INFO:NAM1BoSM02_Player_NothingGetsInYou really think the base is that secure?
INFO:NAM1BoSM04Postquest_Li_Greet1What is it now?
INFO:NAM1BoSM04Postquest_Li_Greet2I'm busy. What do you need?
INFO:NAM1BoSM04Postquest_Li_Greet3What do you need?
INFO:NAM1BoSM04Postquest_Li_KilledVirgilAngryAfter all that talk about 'trust' and 'loyalty', you killed him?
INFO:NAM1BoSM04Postquest_Li_KilledVirgilAngryI thought... no. No. You're no better than the Institute. Damn you all.
INFO:NAM1BoSM04Postquest_Li_ThinkAboutVirgilAll the time. He's the reason I'm here, remember?
INFO:NAM1BoSM04Postquest_Li_ThinkAboutVirgilWhy bring that up? Has something happened?
INFO:NAM1BoSM04Postquest_Li_ThinkAboutVirgil2Yes, I knew him. We were colleagues. Proctor Ingram told me what happened to him. To think Father covered it all up...
INFO:NAM1BoSM04Postquest_Li_ThinkAboutVirgil2Why bring that up? Has something happened?
INFO:NAM1BoSM04Postquest_Player_ThinkAboutVirgilDo you ever think about Virgil?
INFO:NAM1BoSM04Postquest_Player_ThinkAboutVirgil2Virgil was a scientist in the Institute, right? Did you know him?
INFO:NAM1BoSM04_Kells_IntroSharedLineAs long as that abomination lives, he's a threat to the Brotherhood. The time has come to deal with him.
INFO:NAM1BoSM04_Kells_NoLongerASupermutant1What? That... that thing actually found a cure?
INFO:NAM1BoSM04_Kells_NoLongerASupermutant1Hmm. He can't be trusted. But as a human, he's trapped in the Glowing Sea. Maybe he can still be an asset to us.
INFO:NAM1BoSM04_Kells_NoLongerASupermutant1All right, we'll continue to monitor him. For now.
INFO:NAM1BoSM04_Kells_NoLongerASupermutant2What? That's impossible. There is no cure for FEV. It cannot be cured.
INFO:NAM1BoSM04_Kells_NoLongerASupermutant2No, the mission stands. I don't care if he's a human, a mutant, or a mole rat, his very existence is a threat. He must be eliminated.
INFO:NAM1BoSM04_Player_NoLongerASupermutantVirgil is no longer a Super Mutant. His cure worked. He's no threat to us.
INFO:NAM1BoSM04_Player_NoThreatHe's no longer a threat, Captain.
INFO:NAM1BoSM04_Player_TookCareOfHimI took care of him.
INFO:NAM1BoSR01_RhysOffer01Looking to clear another location of trash?
INFO:NAM1BoSR01_RhysOffer02Ready to clear out some abominations?
INFO:NAM1BoSR01_RhysOffer03Lock and load. I've got some targets for you to clear.
INFO:NAM1BoSR01_RhysOffer04I hope you're finally prepped for another mission, 'cause I've got just the place.
INFO:NAM1BosR02_HaylenNoMaybe1Not out to impress, I see. Well, check back in once you've got it.
INFO:NAM1BosR02_HaylenNoMaybe2Well, get to it. That tech's not waiting around for us to save it.
INFO:NAM1BosR02_HaylenNoMaybe3What are you waiting for? No time like the present.
INFO:NAM1BosR02_HaylenNoMaybe4Hey, now's the time. We can't risk losing that tech, so get your ass out there and get it.
INFO:NAM1BosR02_HaylenNoMaybe5Look, it's not the most dire op, but you never know what we could find in any given piece of tech.
INFO:NAM1BosR02_HaylenNoMaybe5So let's see some action and move.
INFO:NAM1BoSR02_HaylenOffer01Ready to recover another artifact?
INFO:NAM1BoSR02_HaylenOffer02Our scribes are still waiting for more artifacts. Are you ready to head out again?
INFO:NAM1BoSR02_HaylenOffer03I've gotten some intel on more artifact locations. Ready to head back out there?
INFO:NAM1BoSR02_HaylenOffer04Looking to track down another artifact?
INFO:NAM1BoSR02_HaylenOffer05There's still a lot of unsecured technology out there. If you're ready, I can really use your help recovering it for our scribes.
INFO:NAM1BoSR02_HaylenOfferNoMabye1Then get out of my face until you're ready.
INFO:NAM1BoSR02_HaylenOfferNoMabye2Well, rethink your priorities, and hopefully, you'll be back real soon.
INFO:NAM1BoSR02_HaylenOfferNoMabye3Not the answer I'm looking for. Come back when you have the right one.
INFO:NAM1BoSR02_HaylenOfferNoMabye4Do me a favor, and stop wasting my time. Come back when you're ready.
INFO:NAM1BoSR02_HaylenOfferNoMabye5I think you can do better than that. Come back and see me when you have the right answer.
INFO:NAM1BoSR03_KellsOffer01Let me know when you can undertake another mission.
INFO:NAM1BoSR03_KellsOffer02If you're still interested in helping mold the Brotherhood's future, report to me directly.
INFO:NAM1BoSR03_KellsOffer03Should you wish to continue in educating our youth, you know where to find me.
INFO:NAM1BoSR03_KellsOffer04If you have the time, I'd appreciate your continued assistance in guiding them.
INFO:NAM1BoSR03_KellsOffer05When you're ready for another assignment, I'll be here.
INFO:NAM1BoSR03_SquireComplete01That was exciting, sir!
INFO:NAM1BoSR03_SquireComplete02That was exciting, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1BoSR03_SquireComplete03That was quite the experience, sir!
INFO:NAM1BoSR03_SquireComplete04That was quite the experience, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1BoSR03_SquireComplete05You were amazing out there, sir!
INFO:NAM1BoSR03_SquireComplete06You were amazing out there, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1BoSR05_TeaganMissionRecap1Ensuring cooperation from the farms for our upcoming supply requisition.
INFO:NAM1BoSR05_TeaganMissionRecap2Getting the farms in on our upcoming supply requisition.
INFO:NAM1BoSR05_TeaganMissionRecap3Making sure these farms will be prepared when I send out troops to claim supplies.
INFO:NAM1BoSR05_TeaganMissionRecap4Informing the farms of the Commonwealth of their upcoming support of the Brotherhood of Steel.
INFO:NAM1BoSR05_TeaganMissionRecap5You get to make sure those farmers down below donate a proper amount of their crop to the Brotherhood of Steel.
INFO:NAM1BoSR05_TeaganOfferNoMaybe1Now, that's a real shame. Offer's still here if you change your mind.
INFO:NAM1BoSR05_TeaganOfferNoMaybe2Don't forget, there's caps in it for you. Come back if you change your mind.
INFO:NAM1BoSR05_TeaganOfferNoMaybe3I get it, it's not the most enticing of jobs. Let me know if you have second thoughts.
INFO:NAM1BoSR05_TeaganOfferNoMaybe4Well, the offer still stands. I'm always looking for help when I can get it, and you know where to find me.
INFO:NAM1BoSR05_TeaganOfferNoMaybe5Can't blame a guy for trying. If you decide you're interested, I'll be here. This cage ain't lettin' me out anytime soon.
INFO:NAM1BoSReservationsSharedInfo01Why don't you just get out of here?
INFO:NAM1BoSReservationsSharedInfo02Thanks for lending us a hand.
INFO:NAM1BoSReservationsSharedInfo03Whatever it is, it'll have to wait.
INFO:NAM1BoSReservationsSharedInfo04I don't know what to say.
INFO:NAM1BoSSquiresScene01Yes sir!
INFO:NAM1BoSSquiresScene02Ad victoriam!
INFO:NAM1CabotHouseConvEdwardHello01Hey, Jack, got a minute?
INFO:NAM1CabotHouseConvEdwardHello02Excuse me, Jack. Can I talk to you about something?
INFO:NAM1CabotHouseConvEdwardHello03Sorry to interrupt, Jack, but I need a quick word.
INFO:NAM1CabotHouseConvJackEdwardGoodbye01Now I really do need to get back to work.
INFO:NAM1CabotHouseConvJackEdwardGoodbye02Now if you don't mind, I'd like to enjoy my dinner in peace.
INFO:NAM1CabotHouseConvJackEdwardGoodbye03If that's all, I'd like to eat in peace for a few minutes.
INFO:NAM1CabotHouseConvJackEdwardHello01Um. Yes, I suppose so. What is it?
INFO:NAM1CabotHouseConvJackEdwardHello02It can't wait? Fine. Let's hear it.
INFO:NAM1CabotHouseConvJackEdwardHello03I'm sure it must be important for you to interrupt me. Go ahead.
INFO:NAM1CabotHouseConvJackEdwardHello04Now? All right, I assume it must be important. Let's hear it.
INFO:NAM1CabotHouseJackSharedWilhelminaGoodbye01Please, Mother. I need to get back to work.
INFO:NAM1CabotHouseJackSharedWilhelminaGoodbye02I really wish you wouldn't bother me when I'm working.
INFO:NAM1CabotHouseJackSharedWilhelminaGoodbye03I can't get anything done with these constant interruptions, Mother.
INFO:NAM1CarlaShared01Directions. Hmph. Figures. Just keep goin' until you see the skyline, across the river.
INFO:NAM1CarlaShared01You'll find the "Great Green Jewel" just inside the city limits.
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_CaitCait interjects
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_CaitTalksCait talks.
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_CodsworthCodsworth interjects
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_CodsworthTalksCodsworth talks
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_CurieCurie interjects
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_CurieTalksCurie talks
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_DanseDanse interjects
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_DanseTalksDanse talks
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_DeaconDeacon interjects
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_DeaconTalksDeacon talks
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_HancockHancock interjects
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_HancockTalksHancock talks
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_MacCreadyMacCready interjects
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_MacCreadyTalksMacCready talks
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_PiperPiper interjects
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_PiperTalksPiper talks
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_PrestonPreston interjects
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_PrestonTalksPreston talks
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_StrongStrong interjects
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_StrongTalksStrong talks
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_ValentineValentine interjects
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_ValentineTalksValentine talks
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_X6-88X6-88 interjects
INFO:NAM1CA_Interject_Stub_X6-88TalksYou can't be serious.
INFO:NAM1CIS_ChatWithNPC_Template_TalkToCompanionTalk to Companion.
INFO:NAM1CIS_ChatWithNPC_Template_TalkToTargetTalk to Target.
INFO:NAM1CIS_CurieScanSharedInfo01_VeryInterestingVery interesting.
INFO:NAM1ClementsShared01His office is down a few alleys further in the city. Big sign out front. Best of luck to you.
INFO:NAM1CodsworthCombatShared01Sir! Help!
INFO:NAM1CodsworthCombatShared02Help me, sir!
INFO:NAM1CodsworthCombatShared03Mum! Help me!
INFO:NAM1CodsworthCombatShared04Mum! They're after me!
INFO:NAM1CodsworthSearchedAlready01Then... they're really gone, aren't they? Oh sir...
INFO:NAM1CodsworthSearchedAlready02Then... they're really gone, aren't they? Oh mum...
INFO:NAM1CodsworthShared03Then I'll be right back!
INFO:NAM1CodsworthShared05I shall remain here then, and secure the homefront.
INFO:NAM1CodsworthShared06I have an idea. Let's search the neighborhood together. After all, the missus and young Shaun. They're... they're my family too.
INFO:NAM1CodsworthShared06FemaleI have an idea. Let's search the neighborhood together. After all, Sir and young Shaun. They're... they're my family too.
INFO:NAM1CodsworthShared07Very well, sir. I shall stay here and guard this area... fiercely.
INFO:NAM1CodsworthShared07FemaleVery well, mum. I shall stay here and guard this area... fiercely.
INFO:NAM1CodsworthSpeechChallengeShared01I... I...
INFO:NAM1COMCaitCommandAgree01Will do.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitCommandAgree02I'm on it, cap'in.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitCommandAgree03Yep, I've got it.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitCommandAgree04No problem.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitCommandAgree05I'll get it done.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitGenericShared01Okay, okay... that was decent of you.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitGenericShared02All right, I admit it. I'm impressed.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitGenericShared03Well, that was interestin'.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitGenericShared04That was stupid. What's the matter with you?
INFO:NAM1COMCaitGenericShared05Are you out of your mind?
INFO:NAM1COMCaitGenericShared06That... was impressive.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitGenericShared08That was a bad idea, love. Bad idea.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitGenericShared09Now that's usin' your brains.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitGenericShared10Do that again. I dare you.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitGenericShared13Fine, fine.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitGenericShared14You got it.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitGenericShared17Are you crazy? No way.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitGenericShared19Take this.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitGenericShared20Thanks a bunch.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitGenericShared21Appreciate it.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitShared01Sounds important.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitShared02I'm listening.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitShared03What's the problem?
INFO:NAM1COMCaitShared04You're damn right it is.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitShared05You'd better, because I'm only going to say this once.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitShared06Where do I start.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitShared07Nice try, but forget it.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitSharedInfo01Just make sure you keep our mutual friend safe.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitSharedInfo02Yeah, take a hike, Danse. This calls for a lady's touch.
INFO:NAM1COMCaitSharedInfo03There's nothing quite like the smell of power armor grease and testosterone.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworthSharedInfo01I say, this is one of the tidiest spots we've come across yet.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworthSharedInfo03Can I be of service?
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworthSharedInfo04Something you need from me, sir?
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworthSharedInfo05Something you need from me, mum?
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_01Scene_PositiveResponseFSo gracious, mum! I do appreciate it.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_01Scene_PositiveResponseMSo gracious, sir! I do appreciate it.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_AdmToCon_FamilyResponseYou don't know how wonderful it is for me to hear that! I feel completely recharged.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_AdmToCon_YesResponseOh just a little something I'd like to get off the old proverbial chest.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_AlertToCombat01Not this time!
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_AlertToCombat02Found you!
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_ConcordBy the way, Concord is nearby, and I've seen people there. I don't know if they can help, but perhaps we should take a look?
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_DisToHat_FarewellResponseFA nice try, mum, but there are no words to repair this damage. You have been warned countless times yet still insist on going too far.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_DisToHat_FarewellResponseMA nice try, sir, but there are no words to repair this damage. You have been warned countless times yet still insist on going too far.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_DisToHat_NegativeResponseAh, the first order in a long time that I'm actually proud to follow.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_DontWorryFNot a single worry, mum, as I shared your priorities completely. Family safety first above all else!
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_DontWorryFAnd yes, while it was hard at first, I was able to eventually move on.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_DontWorryMNot a single worry, sir, as I shared your priorities completely. Family safety first above all else!
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_DontWorryMAnd yes, while it was hard at first, I was able to eventually move on.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_GiveItem01Here you go.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_GiveItem02Take this.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_GiveItem03Another is already in the works.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_GiveItem04Here we are.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_LostToCombat01Nice try.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_LostToCombat02Ah-ha! There you are.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_LostToCombat03Afraid you'll have to do better than that!
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_LostToCombat04Thought you could hide from me? No such luck, I'm afraid.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_LostToCombat05Over here, sir.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_LostToCombat06Over here, mum.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_MurderScene_AccidentResponseFOh mum, you don't know how relieved I am to hear you say that.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_MurderScene_AccidentResponseFI didn't want to believe you were capable of such a cruel act.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_MurderScene_AccidentResponseMOh sir, you don't know how relieved I am to hear you say that.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_MurderScene_AccidentResponseMI didn't want to believe you were capable of such a cruel act.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_NormalToCombat01Come on, sir, we can take them!
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_NormalToCombat02Come on, mum, we can take them!
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_NormalToCombat03Terrific, it's a fight then!
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_NormalToCombat04Let's make this quick, shall we?
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_NormalToCombat05This should be fun.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_RepAdmToNeu_ApologyResponseFNo apologies necessary, mum! At least not to me.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_RepAdmToNeu_ApologyResponseMNo apologies necessary, sir! At least not to me.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_ResponseNo01Alright then.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_ResponseNo02I see, sir. Another time then.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_ResponseNo03I see, mum. Another time then.
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_ResponseYes02Thank you, sir!
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_ResponseYes03Thank you, mum!
INFO:NAM1COMCodsworth_ResponseYes04It will be my pleasure.
INFO:NAM1COMCurieQuestSharedInfo01_AmariPreWarRobotA Pre-War robot with your knowledge and skills plus human cognition. Yes, you could potentially save many lives.
INFO:NAM1COMCurieQuestSharedInfo01_BreathingTinCanBut would she want to become a walking breathing tin can? We fought our whole lives to be more than that.
INFO:NAM1COMCurieQuestSharedInfo01_CurieAwakens*gasp* I... I... my chest. What is happening?
INFO:NAM1COMCurieQuestSharedInfo01_CurieReasonsI was programmed to further our studies of disease, pathogens, and viruses.
INFO:NAM1COMCurieQuestSharedInfo01_CurieReasonsI cannot do this with the fundamental limitations of my robotic systems.
INFO:NAM1COMCurieQuestSharedInfo01_CurieReasonsIf I become human, with the wealth of information in my databanks I hope to do much good for the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1COMCurieQuestSharedInfo01_JustBreatheJust breathe. It's an autonomic function. Just let your body do what it must.
INFO:NAM1COMCurieSharedInfo01_AsYouWishDUPLICATE000As you wish.
INFO:NAM1COMCurieSharedInfo01_LookingForAmariIf you find someone - a brain surgeon, an artificial intelligence programmer, or someone who is an expert in matters of the head, please bring me to them.
INFO:NAM1COMCurieSharedInfo01_MomentPleaseA moment, please?
INFO:NAM1COMCurieSharedInfo01_PCRomanceLineWhat we have between us is deeper than friendship.
INFO:NAM1COMCurieSharedInfo01_RomanceLine2Maybe we should try being more than best friends.
INFO:NAM1COMCurieSharedInfoLockPickYou are very good with a bobby pin.
INFO:NAM1COMCurieStayingForNowWell, perhaps for now I will help out here. But if you change your mind, please, you must find me.
INFO:NAM1COMCurieToCombat1Oh, there you are.
INFO:NAM1COMCurieToCombat2The enemy has been spotted.
INFO:NAM1COMCurieToCombat3Resuming combat operations.
INFO:NAM1COMCurieToCombat4Enemy detected.
INFO:NAM1COMCurie_AsYouWishAs you wish.
INFO:NAM1COMCurie_GetUnderWayThen let us get under way.
INFO:NAM1COMCurie_PCPartWaysI think we ought to part ways.
INFO:NAM1COMCurie_TravelTogetherI'd like to travel together some more.
INFO:NAM1COMDanseGenericShared01You're making the Brotherhood proud.
INFO:NAM1COMDanseGenericShared02You're one hell of a soldier.
INFO:NAM1COMDanseGenericShared03That was interesting.
INFO:NAM1COMDanseGenericShared04That was foolish.
INFO:NAM1COMDanseGenericShared05Have you taken leave of your senses?
INFO:NAM1COMDanseGenericShared06Amazing. I can't believe it!
INFO:NAM1COMDanseGenericShared07That's not the way we do things in the Brotherhood.
INFO:NAM1COMDanseGenericShared08Quick thinking, soldier.
INFO:NAM1COMDanseGenericShared09Don't ever let me see you doing that again.
INFO:NAM1COMDanseGenericShared12I suppose.
INFO:NAM1COMDanseGenericShared13Not a problem.
INFO:NAM1COMDanseGenericShared16That's not going to happen.
INFO:NAM1COMDanseGenericShared17I have something for you.
INFO:NAM1COMDanseGenericShared18Take this, soldier.
INFO:NAM1COMDanseGenericShared19Thank you.
INFO:NAM1COMDanseGenericShared20Appreciated, soldier.
INFO:NAM1COMDanseShared01No. I'm sorry. That's just not good enough.
INFO:NAM1COMDanseSharedAdVic01Ad victoriam.
INFO:NAM1COMDanseSharedInfo03The aroma is rather... pungent.
INFO:NAM1COMDeaconSharedInfo01_AnotherTimeAnother time.
INFO:NAM1COMDeaconSharedInfo01_CantBelieveI can't believe that at one point I wanted to travel with you.
INFO:NAM1COMDeaconSharedInfo01_ChangeYourMindWell, if you change your mind...
INFO:NAM1COMDeaconSharedInfo01_IGuessI guess.
INFO:NAM1COMDeaconSharedInfo01_WelcomeToTheFamilyWelcome to the family.
INFO:NAM1COMDeaconSharedInfoPickLockYou're pretty handy with that bobby pin.
INFO:NAM1COMHancockBoSIdle01Brotherhood ain't real fond of Ghouls. Course, the feeling's mutual.
INFO:NAM1COMHancockBoSIdle02Ghouls, synths, Super Mutants. Brotherhood had its way, they'd put us all down.
INFO:NAM1COMHancockConfirmationGood as done.
INFO:NAM1COMHancockDiamondCityIdle01I get the Goodneighbor lifestyle ain't for everyone, but it beats the alternatives.
INFO:NAM1COMHancockDiamondCityIdle01Folks in a place like Diamond City wouldn't give a Ghoul the time of day.
INFO:NAM1COMHancockGenericShared01Well, well.
INFO:NAM1COMHancockGenericShared02Now that was a thing to watch.
INFO:NAM1COMHancockGenericShared03Wait... what?
INFO:NAM1COMHancockGenericShared04Bad move.
INFO:NAM1COMHancockGenericShared05The hell was that?
INFO:NAM1COMHancockGenericShared07Shouldn't have done that.
INFO:NAM1COMHancockGenericShared08Not too shabby.
INFO:NAM1COMHancockGenericShared09I'm gonna let that slide. This time.
INFO:NAM1COMHancockGenericShared13Yeah, yeah.
INFO:NAM1COMHancockGenericShared16Ain't happening.
INFO:NAM1COMHancockGenericShared17Have fun with that.
INFO:NAM1COMHancockGenericShared18Take it.
INFO:NAM1COMHancockGenericShared19It's in good hands.
INFO:NAM1COMHancockInfToAdm01I plan too.
INFO:NAM1COMHancockShared01No. You had your chance.
INFO:NAM1COMMacCreadyShared01That's the best you could come up with?!
INFO:NAM1COMMacCreadyShared02Not bad... not bad at all.
INFO:NAM1COMMacCreadyShared03First thing I'm gonna need is a military grade transmitter. I've got some contacts out there that'll join us. I just need to give the word.
INFO:NAM1COMMacCreadyShared03Can you handle that?
INFO:NAM1COMMacCreadyShared03aDamn, that was amazing!
INFO:NAM1COMMacCreadyShared05Not sure I like what you're doing.
INFO:NAM1COMMacCreadyShared06Well... that was stupid.
INFO:NAM1COMMacCreadyShared07Alright, I admit it. I'm impressed.
INFO:NAM1COMMacCreadyShared08You really shouldn't have done that.
INFO:NAM1COMMacCreadyShared09That how I would have handled it.
INFO:NAM1COMMacCreadyShared10I'm warning you. Don't ever do that again.
INFO:NAM1COMMacCreadyShared14Fine by me.
INFO:NAM1COMMacCreadyShared15No problem.
INFO:NAM1COMMacCreadyShared17No way.
INFO:NAM1COMMacCreadyShared18Not going to happen.
INFO:NAM1COMMacCreadyShared19There's no way I'm doing that.
INFO:NAM1COMMacCreadyShared20Here you go.
INFO:NAM1COMMacCreadyShared22Thanks very much.
INFO:NAM1COMMacCreadySharedInfo01Hey, I never got a chance to properly thank you for helping me take out Winlock and Barnes.
INFO:NAM1COMNickBoSIdle01All the resources they've got, the Brotherhood could do a lot of good. Shame they wanna wipe out my kind instead.
INFO:NAM1COMNickBoSIdle02Only madmen could justify trying to wipe out an entire people just because they were made, not born.
INFO:NAM1COMNickBoSIdle03If the Brotherhood had it's way, they'd probably want to eliminate hot plates too as soon as one burned them.
INFO:NAM1COMNickConfidant01That's easy for you to say. You're human. I'm not.
INFO:NAM1COMNickConfidant03Heh. I mean, you're not wrong...
INFO:NAM1COMNickGenericShared01Nicely done.
INFO:NAM1COMNickGenericShared02Well, aren't you something?
INFO:NAM1COMNickGenericShared03Come again?
INFO:NAM1COMNickGenericShared04What was that?
INFO:NAM1COMNickGenericShared05Where do I even begin...
INFO:NAM1COMNickGenericShared06And that is how ya do it.
INFO:NAM1COMNickGenericShared07Now that's something you don't see everyday... with good reason.
INFO:NAM1COMNickGenericShared08Not bad.
INFO:NAM1COMNickGenericShared09That's the last time you get away with something like that. Understand?
INFO:NAM1COMNickGenericShared10Well, sure.
INFO:NAM1COMNickGenericShared12You got it.
INFO:NAM1COMNickGenericShared13All right.
INFO:NAM1COMNickGenericShared14Not an option.
INFO:NAM1COMNickGenericShared16Not gonna happen.
INFO:NAM1COMNickGenericShared18Seems you could use this.
INFO:NAM1COMNickGenericShared19Well, thanks.
INFO:NAM1COMNickGenericShared20Much obliged.
INFO:NAM1COMNickHatred02Sorry. My mind's made up. We're through.
INFO:NAM1COMNickMessGenericShared01Sure made a mess of this place, didn't they?
INFO:NAM1COMNickMS07cFightSharedInfo01Say hello to your maker.
INFO:NAM1COMNickPostInst307SharedInfo01Thanks to you.
INFO:NAM1COMNickRepeatAdmToInf01It's just, I feel like I did you a disservice.
INFO:NAM1COMNickSharedCommandAgree01Good plan.
INFO:NAM1COMNickSharedCommandAgree02Done and done.
INFO:NAM1COMNickSharedCommandAgree03Count on it.
INFO:NAM1COMNickSharedCommandAgree04Can do.
INFO:NAM1COMNickSharedCommandAgree05Sure thing.
INFO:NAM1COMNickSharedHatred01Don't play stupid with me.
INFO:NAM1COMNickSharedHatredRepeat01Oh, I plan to.
INFO:NAM1COMNickSharedInfatGreetingInfo01All I know is that, without you, Eddie'd still be at large.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperAdmirationNEW01Hey, I'm not one to judge.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperConfirmationCan do.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperDisdainToHatred01Why am I mad? Because you're looking me in the eye and asking me that question, that's why I'm mad.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperDisdainToHatred02Oh no. You're not talking your way out of this one.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperFriend01I'm not saying it's without its consequences. But in my experience, it's worth it.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperFriendshipToAdmiration01No, I didn't mean like... I could just use some help.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperFriendshipToAdmiration02I'm just terrified she's going to start taking up like her big sis.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperGenericShared01Well, look at you.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperGenericShared02Never cease to impress, do ya?
INFO:NAM1COMPiperGenericShared03Uh... what?
INFO:NAM1COMPiperGenericShared04Woah, woah. Not okay.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperGenericShared05Well, that was dumb.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperGenericShared06H-How did you even... wow.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperGenericShared07Big mistake.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperGenericShared08Like you read my mind.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperGenericShared09Don't you ever try and pull something like that again.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperGenericShared11On it.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperGenericShared12You got it.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperGenericShared13Oh yeah.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperGenericShared14Nope. Not happening.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperGenericShared15Uh, no.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperGenericShared16That's gonna be a no.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperGenericShared17All yours.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperGenericShared19I'll take good care of it.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperInfSecondTry01Yeah. No kidding. Well, aren't I lucky you thawed out.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperInfToAdm01Don't be like that, Blue.
INFO:NAM1COMPiperNeutralToDisdain01I need you to hear this.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonAlertToCombat01There you are.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonAlertToCombat02Found you.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonGarveyShared1Forget it. You just keep doing what you think you need to, no matter who gets hurt. Just don't expect me to be happy about it.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonHatredBailOutFine. I'll give you one more chance.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonHatredBailOutBut if things keep on the same way they've been going, then count on it: we're done.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonHatredBailOutI hope you really mean it this time.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonHatredDoneYou're the leader of the Minutemen now, whether I like it or not.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonHatredDoneBut I don't have to personally help you make our reputation even worse than it was.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonHatredDoneI'll still follow your orders as a loyal Minuteman. But our friendship... that's over.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonMurderWarningI'm going to take you at your word. But if this happens again... I'll have to rethink that.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedAnythingElseAnything else?
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedAnythingElseYouNeedJust let me know if there's anything else you need.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedBOSDestroyedDamn. The Brotherhood taken out.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedGenericApprove01Hey, good job.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedGenericComeOnCome on.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedGenericDisapprove01Don't do that again.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedGenericDisapprove02That's not how I would have handled that.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedGenericGive02Here you go.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedGenericNegative01That's no good.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedGenericNegative02What are you doing?
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedGenericPositive02Good deal.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedGenericReceive01Okay, thanks.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedGenericRefuse01I'm not doing that.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedGenericRefuse02I can't do that.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedGenericYouLiedYou lied straight to my face, didn't you?
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedGotItGot it.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedHelloAdmire01Whatever you need, you've got it.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedHelloDisdain01Make it quick.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedHelloHatred01This'll go better if we don't talk to each other.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedHelloHatred02I'm done trying to get through to you.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedHelloHatred03Don't test my patience.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedHelloInfatuation01What do you need, babe?
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedHelloInfatuation02I've always got time for you.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedHelloInfatuation03Hey, there. What's up?
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedHelloNeutral01Need something?
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedInfatuationRepeat01Oh, good. I guess I was more coherent than I thought.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedMQ302InstituteDestroyedSo that's it. The Institute is destroyed. It's finally over.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedMQ302OtherThreatsI couldn't have said it better myself, General.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedMQ302PostGreetingHoly shit...
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedNeverMindResponse01No problem.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedNoEvacNo, I don't accept that. The leaders of the Institute were your enemies. Maybe they all deserved to die.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedNoEvacBut that doesn't justify killing the innocent along with the guilty.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedNotAtAllNot at all.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedOkayOnYourOwnYou're okay on your own?
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipAdmire01You're someone the Minutemen can follow. Hell, you even inspire me.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipAdmire02You've done a lot of good for the people of the Commonwealth. A lot of good.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipAdmire03Feels good to be out helping people, to be making a difference. The Commonwealth is in your debt.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipAdmire04Honor and compassion are in short supply these days, but I can tell you've got both.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipAdmire05You know how to handle yourself, I'll give you that.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipDisdain01You've done some things I don't care for.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipDisdain02If you're trying to drive our reputation into the ground, you're on the right track.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipDisdain03I'm not happy with how things have been going. I can't look the other way forever.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipDisdain04I feel like I'm wasting my time, like I could be doing more good somewhere else.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipDisdain05I have to be honest, this isn't working out the way I hoped it would.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipHatred01I made a huge mistake asking you to take charge of the Minutemen.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipHatred02You're a disgrace to everything the Minutemen used to stand for.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipHatred03The only reason I'm still here is for the people of the Commonwealth. Not for you.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipHatred04After Quincy, I thought the Minutemen couldn't get any lower. I was wrong.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipHatred05I don't know what to say to you any more.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipInfatuation01You're the best leader the Minutemen have had since General Becker was killed. I'm proud to call you a friend.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipInfatuation02You've proven many times that you're one of the good guys. The Commonwealth's a better place because of you.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipInfatuation03You've done right by me, and the Minutemen. You've more than repaid my trust in you.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipNeutral01I think you've got what it takes to be a great leader. But you still have to prove yourself.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipNeutral02I'm glad I ran into you in Concord. I think you're going to turn out to be the right choice to lead the Minutemen.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipNeutral03You probably think you're doing your best. But I know that you can do better.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipRomantic01There was a while there where I didn't think life was worth living. That's all changed now, thanks to you.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipRomantic02I'm a lucky man, having you by my side.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedRelationshipRomantic03I'm not sure if Minutemen regulations cover our situation.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedStickAroundNo problem. I'll stick around as long as you need me.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonSharedSureThingSure thing.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonStartCombat01Opening fire.
INFO:NAM1COMPrestonStartCombat02We've got company.
INFO:NAM1COMQuestCommentaryHancockSharedInfo01Railroad never hurt anyone that didn't have it coming to them... though I guess we can add a couple more names to that list now...
INFO:NAM1COMQuestCommentaryNickSharedInfo05The Brotherhood may have been zealots... but did they deserve this?
INFO:NAM1COMQuestCommentaryPiperSharedInfo06All those people on the Prydwen. All those lives. But there was no other way... right?
INFO:NAM1COMQuestCommentarySharedInfo01You know how to light up one hell of a barbecue. Brotherhood won't be cleansing anyone now.
INFO:NAM1COMQuestCommentarySharedInfo02I'm bettin' those Brotherhood blokes don't even know what hit 'em. Call me crazy, but I actually liked watchin' those creeps burn.
INFO:NAM1COMQuestCommentarySharedInfo03Watching that airship go down in flames... yeah... remind me never to piss you off.
INFO:NAM1COMQuestCommentarySharedInfo04Don't feel bad about burnin' the Railroad down. It's not like they ever did you any favors.
INFO:NAM1COMQuestCommentarySharedInfo04_CurieDestroyedBoSIt is such a shame that such a worthy scientific community required such a final end.
INFO:NAM1COMQuestCommentary_CodsworthFForgive me, mum. I can't help but think of all those lives lost. And the children...
INFO:NAM1COMQuestCommentary_CodsworthFMisguided, yes, but... they didn't deserve to share that fate.
INFO:NAM1COMQuestCommentary_CodsworthMForgive me, sir. I can't help but think of all those lives lost. And the children...
INFO:NAM1COMQuestCommentary_CodsworthMMisguided, yes, but... they didn't deserve to share that fate.
INFO:NAM1COMQuestCommentary_CodsworthRRDestroyedAll the Railroad did was seek to help those who wanted their own freedom... their own life.
INFO:NAM1COMQuestCommentary_CodsworthRRDestroyedIs that such a terrible thing?
INFO:NAM1ComStrongShareCripple01Wounded? Ignore pain. No weakness.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongShareCripple02Pain makes human strong. Makes Strong stronger.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongShareCripple03Cripple not matter. Fight anyway.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongShareCripple04No weakness. No pain. Even if wounded.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongSharedAgree02Strong obey.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongSharedAgree03Strong will do.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongSharedAgree04Strong agree.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongSharedGiveTake02Strong give.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongSharedGiveTake03Strong take.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongSharedReaction01Strong like.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongSharedReaction04That stupid.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongSharedReaction05Strong confused.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongSharedReaction06Strong not like.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongSharedReaction07That good. Strong like.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongSharedReaction08Bah! Stupid human.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongSharedReaction09Foolish human.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongSharedRefuse02Will not.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongSharedRefuse03Strong say no.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongShareMod01Tinker, tinker, tinker. Strong bored.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongShareMod02Why fix? Just get new one.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongShareMod03Humans like machines too much. Make humans weak.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongShareMod04Human waste time. Smash someone and take things. Much faster.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongShareMod05Change junk into that? Bah!
INFO:NAM1ComStrongSharePick01Stop fiddling. Smash!
INFO:NAM1ComStrongSharePick03Strong hates locks.
INFO:NAM1ComStrongSharePick04Why so many locks?
INFO:NAM1ComStrongSharePick05Should just break. Faster.
INFO:NAM1COMX688Shared1Give it time, sir. You'll see.
INFO:NAM1COMX688Shared2Yeah, I know that now.
INFO:NAM1COMX688Shared3I've never known Father to misjudge someone.
INFO:NAM1COMX688Shared3If he believed in you, then you should believe in yourself.
INFO:NAM1COMX688Shared4I've never known Father to misjudge someone.
INFO:NAM1COMX688Shared4If he believes in you, then you should believe in yourself.
INFO:NAM1COMX688Shared5It's your call, of course. I'm just thinking about what's best for the Institute.
INFO:NAM1COMX688Shared5Hopefully that's a priority we share.
INFO:NAM1COMX688SharedInfo01Give it time, ma'am. You'll see.
INFO:NAM1COMX6Shared6You're the future of the Institute. I'm not only here to protect you, I'm here to protect that future.
INFO:NAM1COMX6Shared6If you abandon that future, then you'll be on your own. Until that day comes, I'm staying.
INFO:NAM1ConvGenericRaiderPhase1_01Hey. So what we were talking about before...
INFO:NAM1ConvGenericRaiderPhase1_02Remember what I was talking about?
INFO:NAM1ConvGenericRaiderPhase1_03Hey. So I think I made up my mind.
INFO:NAM1ConvGenericRaiderPhase1_04You know, I've been goin' over it, and I still think it's the right move...
INFO:NAM1ConvGenericRaiderPhase1_05So I've been thinking about it...
INFO:NAM1ConvGenericRaiderPhase1_06So I think I just gotta pull the trigger.
INFO:NAM1ConvGenericRaiderPhase1_07Mind's made up. I'm doing it.
INFO:NAM1CookeSharedAnythingElseAnything else I can do for you?
INFO:NAM1CookeSharedBarterDoneBottoms up, friend.
INFO:NAM1CookeSharedIntroductionName's Cooke, by the way. Henry Cooke. Let me know if I can get you anything.
INFO:NAM1CookeSharedIntroMQName's Cooke, by the way. Henry Cooke. You new in town, or just passing through?
INFO:NAM1CovenantMannyToCombatYou shouldn't have come here.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo01America will never fall to Communist invasion.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo02Commencing tactical assessment. Red Chinese threat detected.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo03Democracy is non-negotiable.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo04Engaging Red Chinese aggressors.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo05Freedom is the sovereign right of every American.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo06Death is a preferable alternative to Communism.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo07Chairman Cheng will fail. China will fall.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo08Communist engaged.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo09Communist detected on American soil. Lethal force engaged.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo10Democracy will never be defeated.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo11Alaska's liberation is imminent.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo12Engaging Chinese invader.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo13Communism is a lie.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo14Initiating directive 7395 -- destroy all Communists.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo15Tactical assessment: Red Chinese victory... impossible.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo16Communist target acquired.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo17Anchorage will be liberated.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo18Communism is the very definition of failure.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo19The last domino falls here.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo20We will not fear the Red Menace.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo21Communism is a temporary setback on the road to freedom.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo22Embrace Democracy, or you will be eradicated.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo23Democracy is truth. Communism is death.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo24Global positioning initialized. Location - the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Birthplace of American freedom.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo25Designation: Liberty Prime. Operational assessment: All systems nominal. Primary directive: War.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo26Area classified as active warzone. Engaging sentry protocols. Weapons hot.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo27System Diagnostic Commencing. Mobility - Complete. Optic beam - fully charged. Nuclear warheads - armed.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo28Defending Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo29Only together can we stop the spread of communism.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo30Cultural database accessed. Quoting New England poet Robert Frost: "Freedom lies in being bold."
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo31Accessing dictionary database. Entry: democracy. A form of government in which the leader is chosen by vote, and everyone has equal rights.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo32Accessing dictionary database. Entry: communism. A form of government in which the state controls everything, and people are denied... freedom.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo33I am Liberty Prime. I am... America.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo34Scanners operating at 100% efficiency. Enemy presence detected. Attack imminent.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo35Mission proceeding as planned.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo36Defense protocols active. All friendly forces - remain in close proximity.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo37Democracy is the essence of good. Communism, the very definition of evil.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo38Freedom is always worth fighting for.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo39Democracy is freedom. Communism is tyranny.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo40I hold these truths to be self-evident that all Americans are created... equal. And are endowed with certain unalienable rights.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo41Victory is assured.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo42American casualties: unacceptable. Overkill protocols authorized.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo43Glory is the reward of valor.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueLibertyPrimeSharedInfo44Defeat is not an option.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueSuperMutantSharedInfo01Ha ha ha ha! Let's play, little human!
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueSuperMutantSharedInfo02Let's play, little human!
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueSuperMutantSharedInfo03Human! Let's play!
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueSuperMutantSharedInfo04Time to die!
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueSuperMutantSharedInfo05I'll wear your guts around my neck!
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueSuperMutantSharedInfo06Gonna splatter your brains!
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueSuperMutantSharedInfo07Gonna be a good fight!
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueSynthSharedInfo01Attacking enemy.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueSynthSharedInfo02Engaging hostile life form.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueSynthSharedInfo03Attacking human.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueSynthSharedInfo04You must die now, human.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueSynthSharedInfo05By order of the Institute, you must be destroyed.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueSynthSharedInfo06You must be terminated.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueSynthSharedInfo07Combat initiated.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueSynthSharedInfo08Engaging target.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueSynthSharedInfo09Combat initiated.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueSynthSharedInfo10Attacking hostile.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueSynthSharedInfo11Locked on target.
INFO:NAM1CreatureDialogueSynthSharedInfo12Prepare to be terminated.
INFO:NAM1CZCaitPickup01So, we gettin' out of here?
INFO:NAM1CZInterjectionHancock01I dunno. I think we could've taken this rabble.
INFO:NAM1CZSharedInfo01What the... he ain't supposed to be in here! Rip 'em to shreds!
INFO:NAM1CZSharedInfo02What the... she ain't supposed to be in here! Rip her to shreds!
INFO:NAM1CZSharedInfo03You're strung out and getting sloppy is what you are.
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalSounds_01*Shouting approval*
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalSounds_02*Shouting approval*
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalSounds_03*Shouting approval*
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalSounds_04*Shouting approval*
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalSounds_05*Shouting approval*
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalSounds_06*Shouting approval*
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalSounds_07*Shouting approval*
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalSounds_08*Shouting approval*
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalSounds_09*Shouting approval*
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalSounds_10*Shouting approval*
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_01Alright now!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_01DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000See that?!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_02That's what I'm talking about!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_02DUPLICATE000What'd I tell ya?!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_02DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Told you so!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_02DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Woo! Yeah now.
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_02DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Did you see that?!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_03Get ready to pay up, suckers!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_03DUPLICATE000I'm going to get paid!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_03DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Those caps are good as mine!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_03DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000I'm going to be rich!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_03DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000That money is mine!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_04Hell yeah!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_04DUPLICATE000Hell yes!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_04DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Heck yeah!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_05Keep it up!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_05DUPLICATE000Keep doing that!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_05DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000You got this!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_06More blood!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_06DUPLICATE000I want to see blood!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_06DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Where's all the blood?!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_06DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000I want blood!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_06DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000I want more blood and guts!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_07You got it!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_07DUPLICATE000Just like that!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_07DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Just like you're doing!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_08Go for the eyes!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_08DUPLICATE000Go for the throat!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_08DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000The eyes! Go for the eyes!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_08DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Sweep the leg!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_08DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Aim for the face!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_10Die already!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_10DUPLICATE000Give up!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_10DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Hurry up and die!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_10DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Finish it!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_10DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000You're taking to long to die!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_11FMurder her!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_11FDUPLICATE000Smash her!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_11FDUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Rip her heart out!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_11FDUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Spill her guts!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_11FDUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Beat her brains in!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_11MMurder him!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_11MDUPLICATE000Smash him!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_11MDUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Rip his heart out!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_11MDUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Spill his guts!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_11MDUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Beat his brains in!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_12FChop her into pieces!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_12FDUPLICATE000Carve her up!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_12FDUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Break all her bones!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_12FDUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Hack her apart!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_12MChop him into pieces!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_12MDUPLICATE000Carve him up!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_12MDUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Break all his bones!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_12MDUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Hack him apart!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_13FBleed her!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_13FDUPLICATE000Make her bleed!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_13FDUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Slice her face off!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_13MBleed him!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_13MDUPLICATE000Make him bleed!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_ApprovalWords_13MDUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Slice his face off!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_01Oh, come on!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_01DUPLICATE000What are you doing?
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_01DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000At least look like you're trying!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_01DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000What are you doing?
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_02You got to be kidding me!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_02DUPLICATE000You're a joke!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_02DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Great! Just great!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_02DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000This is a joke!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_02DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Damn my luck!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_03Fight harder!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_03DUPLICATE000Come on!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_03DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Fight damn you!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_03DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000You gonna start fighting or what?!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_03DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000You gonna start fighting or what?!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_04I got money riding on you!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_04DUPLICATE000My drink money's riding on you!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_04DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000I'm losing money on you!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_04DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000You're losing my money up there!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_04DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000I got caps riding on this fight!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_05You're doing nothing but bleeding!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_05DUPLICATE000You're getting blood everywhere!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_05DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000How about you make that other guy bleed instead?!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_05DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Try to keep some of your blood on the inside!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_05DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Do you have any blood left in you at all?!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_06You're worthless!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_06DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000You're a waste of meat!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_06DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000You're not worth a damn!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_06DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000You call yourself a fighter?!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_07You call that a fight?!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_07DUPLICATE000Wake up!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_07DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000You fighting or taking a nap?! Come on!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_07DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Quit wussing out!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_07DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000You better turn this around!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_08DUPLICATE000You're a loser!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_08DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000You suck!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_08DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Hurry up and start winning!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_08DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Who let you in there anyway?!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_09DUPLICATE000You're a weakling!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_09DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000You're a weakling!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_10I hope you die!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_10DUPLICATE000Get it over with and die already!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_10DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000I give up! Just die!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_10DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000You better die!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_10DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000You better hope you die in there!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_11Get it together!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_11DUPLICATE000Look alive up there!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_11DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Pull yourself together!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_11DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Hold out just a little longer!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_11DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Fight back already!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_12FIf she doesn't kill you, I will!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_12FDUPLICATE000She's kicking your ass!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_12FDUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000She's winning!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_12FDUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000She's winning!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_12FDUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000If she doesn't kill you, I'll do it myself!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_12MIf he doesn't kill you, I will!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_12MDUPLICATE000He's kicking your ass!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_12MDUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000He's winning!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_12MDUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000He's winning!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_12MDUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000If he doesn't kill you, I'll do it myself!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_13DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000For real?!
INFO:NAM1CZ_Crowd_DisapprovalWords_13DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000DUPLICATE000Are you for real?!
INFO:NAM1DaisyShared01Well, now you're just making fun of me. If you were as old as I was, you would've been around since before the War.
INFO:NAM1DaisyShared01So let's hear it. Come on. Tell me what the world was like before the War, if you're so ancient.
INFO:NAM1DaisyShared02Well, it's not as bad as you think. Lot of the younger toughs leave me alone.
INFO:NAM1DaisyShared02Guess anyone who's lived as long as I have has gotta be at least a bit dangerous. *chuckle*
INFO:NAM1DaisyShared02Now, can I get you something, sweety?
INFO:NAM1DaisyShared03You know, if you haven't already, you should check out the Hotel Rexford. There's another pre-War Ghoul hanging around there.
INFO:NAM1DaisyShared03Well, we should get back to business. What are you picking up?
INFO:NAM1DannyShared01Well, anyway. Good luck, and all that.
INFO:NAM1DannyShared02Oh, look, I'm sorry, but we're under orders not to get involved in missing person cases.
INFO:NAM1DannyShared02There's a lot of Institute paranoia right now, and we really can't risk fanning those flames with official action. What if people panic?
INFO:NAM1DannyShared03All right. Sorry I asked.
INFO:NAM1DeaconShared_AllReadyToGoI'm all ready to go.
INFO:NAM1DeaconShared_AnotherTimeAnother time, then.
INFO:NAM1DeaconShared_PCPartWaysI think we ought to part ways.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarmBlakeP5Good to see a new face.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarmLucyPayWhat's the pay?
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarmLucyPayResponseIt's three caps for each melon you turn in.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarmLucyPayResponseDo you want to collect your pay now?
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarmShared1That's a damn shame.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarmShared1Those were brave men and women. If they'd been here when those raiders hit us, my daughter Mary might still be alive.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarmSharedInfo01Okay, just let me know when you're ready to collect your pay.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_BlakeIntroNegativeResponseHey, whatever you say.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_BlakeIntroNiceLet me tell ya, farming ain't easy. Out in the field, all day, everyday? And every minute of it spent watching your back.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_BlakeIntroTradeYou lookin' to trade, you can talk to my wife. She's up by the house, but be warned. You try anything, you're asking for a fight.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_BlakeProtectionIt ain't that simple. They're well-armed, and there's lots of 'em.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_BlakeProtectionIf I drive 'em off, they'll be back with twice as many men.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_BlakeWarningIf you say so. But be warned, we're armed here. So don't try anything.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_BlakeWontArgueWon't argue with that.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_ConnieNoMaybeResponseLet me know if you change your mind.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_ConnieNotInterestedSuit yourself.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_LucyCapsYeah, like bottle caps? And because it's money? At least it is here in the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_LucyHelpOutGreat. Doesn't have to be now, but whenever you get the time.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_LucyNoMaybeResponseThat's all right. If you ever do feel like earning some extra caps, the offers always there.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_LucyPaymentThree caps per melon. Not a bad deal if you ask me.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_LucyPostWarFarmWe'd like to think so. Having Clarabell helps. "Free fertilizer" as daddy would say. Whatever saves caps.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_LucyThanksMelonsGreat. Thanks for your help.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_PCAmmoAndMedsAmmo and meds? What kind of basic supplies are those?
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_PCBusinessHow is the trade with Diamond City?
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_PCCapsDid you say caps? Why would I want those?
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_PCDiamondCityCan't say I've been to Diamond City yet.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_PCHelpOutSure, I got time to help out.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_PCMaybeLaterMaybe I'll help out later.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_PCNoHelpNo time right now.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_PCNoProduceYou'd think on a farm, you'd have produce. Not ammo and meds.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_PCPayingWhat are you paying?
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_PCPostWarFarmYou look like you have a pretty successful farm here.
INFO:NAM1DialogueAbernathyFarm_PCTatoWhat's a tato? Short for potato?
INFO:NAM1DialogueBunkerHillSharedInfo01JoeRRIntroHey you. Talk some sense into my numbskull son. Getting involved with the Railroad is just trouble.
INFO:NAM1DialogueBunkerHillSharedInfo01_YouThereYou there! Caravan or Raider?
INFO:NAM1DialogueCaptivePrisonerSiBound2Please, let me go!
INFO:NAM1DialogueCaptivePrisonerSiBound3They're gonna kill me.
INFO:NAM1DialogueCodsworthPlayerShared01What... what's going on? What's happening here...
INFO:NAM1DialogueCodsworthPostWar_BetterPlaceFHe's... in a better place.
INFO:NAM1DialogueCodsworthPostWar_BetterPlaceMShe's... in a better place.
INFO:NAM1DialogueCodsworthPostWar_InitialIntroAs I live and breathe...
INFO:NAM1DialogueCodsworthPostWar_KilledHimFThey...they killed him.
INFO:NAM1DialogueCodsworthPostWar_KillerHerMThey...they killed her.
INFO:NAM1DialogueCodsworthPostWar_Phase1It's... it's REALLY you!
INFO:NAM1DialogueCodsworthPostWar_StillHereResponseFWell of course I'm still here. Surely you don't think a little radiation could deter the pride of General Atomics International?
INFO:NAM1DialogueCodsworthPostWar_StillHereResponseFBut you seem the worse for wear. Best not let the hubby see you in that state. Where is sir, by the way?
INFO:NAM1DialogueCodsworthPostWar_StillHereResponseMWell of course I'm still here. Surely you don't think a little radiation could deter the pride of General Atomics International?
INFO:NAM1DialogueCodsworthPostWar_StillHereResponseMBut you seem the worse for wear. Best not let the wife see you in that state. Where is the missus, by the way?
INFO:NAM1DialogueConcordAreaSharedInfo01Hold up a sec, hotshot. That's suit's outta juice. There's a Fusion Core locked up in the basement. Trust me -- you'll want to grab it.
INFO:NAM1DialogueCovenantGenericNPCsSharedInfo01_HQToCombat01The missions must be protected.
INFO:NAM1DialogueCovenantGenericNPCsSharedInfo01_HQToCombat02You should've left us alone.
INFO:NAM1DialogueCovenantGenericNPCsSharedInfo01_HQToCombat03You shouldn't be here.
INFO:NAM1DialogueCovenantSwansonToCombatYou ruined everything.
INFO:NAM1DialogueDiamondCityEntranceSharedInfo01You. You want into Diamond City, right?
INFO:NAM1DialogueDiamondCityEntranceSharedInfo02Better head inside quick before ole' Danny catches on to the bluff.
INFO:NAM1DialogueDiamondCityEntranceSharedInfo03Why don't we ask the newcomer? You support the news? 'Cause the mayor's threatening to throw free speech in the dumpster.
INFO:NAM1DialogueDiamondCityPlayerSharedInfo01Human as the day I was born.
INFO:NAM1DialogueDiamondCitySharedInfo01Nope, not quite what we're looking for. The answer is gamma rays!
INFO:NAM1DialogueDiamondCitySharedInfo02The Institute?
INFO:NAM1DialogueDiamondCitySharedInfo03You ain't heard of the Institute, mister? They snatch people up in the night and no one hears from them again.
INFO:NAM1DialogueDiamondCitySharedInfo03It's all in the paper! Better read up before they grab you, too.
INFO:NAM1DialogueDiamondCitySharedInfo04You ain't heard of the Institute, lady? They snatch people up in the night and no one hears from them again.
INFO:NAM1DialogueDiamondCitySharedInfo04It's all in the paper! Better read up before they grab you, too.
INFO:NAM1DialogueDiamondCitySharedInfo05Hi there! Are you here for today's free biology lesson?
INFO:NAM1DialogueDrinkingBuddySI_MoreBeerABrewing subroutines have been put in standby until delivery to client.
INFO:NAM1DialogueDrinkingBuddySI_MoreBeerQCan I have another beer?
INFO:NAM1DialogueDrinkingBuddySI_OtherBeerAIf provided with a holotape containing the recipe, I should be capable of brewing any alcoholic beverage.
INFO:NAM1DialogueDrinkingBuddySI_OtherBeerQCan you brew any other types of beer?
INFO:NAM1DialogueDrinkingBuddySI_WhatAreYouAI am a modified RobCo Protectron, designation Drinkin' Buddy.
INFO:NAM1DialogueDrinkingBuddySI_WhatAreYouAMy internal microbrewers allows for the internal brewing, bottling and dispensing of beer at an accelerated rate.
INFO:NAM1DialogueDrinkingBuddySI_WhatAreYouAI am also programmed to tell a wide variety of jokes for the customer's amusement.
INFO:NAM1DialogueDrinkingBuddySI_WhatAreYouQWhat are you?
INFO:NAM1DialogueDrinkingBuddyTellMeAJokeTell me a joke
INFO:NAM1DialogueFinchFarmSharedInfo01He knows that salvage yard pretty well, but yeah, it's dangerous.
INFO:NAM1DialogueFinchFarmSharedInfo02I miss the past. I'd go back in a second if I could.
INFO:NAM1DialogueFinchFarmSharedInfo03Then you must not be from the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1DialogueFinchFarmSharedInfo03We've got it pretty good now, at least compared to how it used to be.
INFO:NAM1DialogueFinchFarmSharedInfo04No, it's true.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGenericDoctorsSharedGreet01Not many doctors around these days. Should let me take a look at you.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGenericDoctorsSharedGreet02If you need fixing up, let's get a look at you.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGenericDoctorsSharedGreet03I can patch you up if you need it. For a small fee, of course.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGenericDoctorsSharedInfo01Glad to hear it. Anything else?
INFO:NAM1DialogueGenericDoctorsSharedInfo02Good. Hope it stays that way. Anything else?
INFO:NAM1DialogueGenericDoctorsSharedInfo03Good. Anything else?
INFO:NAM1DialogueGenericPlayerSharedInfo02Out of bobby pins...
INFO:NAM1DialogueGoodneighborEntranceSharedInfo01Now I know you had ole' Finn handled back there, but a mayor's gotta make a point sometimes. You all right?
INFO:NAM1DialogueGoodneighborEntranceSharedInfo02You all right, sister?
INFO:NAM1DialogueGoodneighborEntranceSharedInfo03You all right, brother?
INFO:NAM1DialogueGoodneighborEntranceSharedInfo04Whoa ho ho, I like you, already! Walk into a new place, make a show of dominance. Nice.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGoodneighborRufusSiBuddyDestroyedSorry to say this, but the machine was destroyed.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGoodneighborRufusSIFindRufusI found a robot that was supposed to be delivered to someone here. Any idea who it might be?
INFO:NAM1DialogueGoodneighborRufusSiPay100100 caps, plus beer.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGoodneighborRufusSiPay200200 caps, plus beer.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGoodneighborRufusSiPay300300 caps, plus beer.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGoodneighborRufusSiPay400400 caps, plus beer.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGoodneighborRufusSiSCR1Of course. How about 200 caps, and some of the beer?
INFO:NAM1DialogueGoodneighborRufusSiSCR2Fair point. 300 caps. Plus beer.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGoodneighborRufusSiSCR3You drive a hard bargain. 400 caps, plus beer, but that's all I can do.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGoodneighborRufusSiSCRF1Wasn't planning on stiffing you. 100 caps and a cut of the beer.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGoodneighborRufusSiSCRF2I don't blame you for tryin' but that's the best I can do.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGoodneighborRufusSIVend1Let me show you what I've got.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGoodneighborRufusSIVend2Let me know if you want to trade.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGoodneighborRufusSIVend3Sure thing.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGoodneighborSharedInfo01I don't do work unless I know who's paying the bills.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGraygardenShared1Well that's just dandy. Let's get started, then shall we?
INFO:NAM1DialogueGraygardenShared2I'm sorry, but that is not the correct answer.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGraygardenShared3Oh, I'm sorry, but that is incorrect.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGraygardenShared4Oooh, I hate to say it but that is the wrong answer.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGraygardenShared4Tough break there.
INFO:NAM1DialogueGraygardenShared5In that case, we must bear the burden and soldier on.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteShared03Even if science isn't your passion, there are plenty of ways to contribute.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteShared03Our projects sometimes requires an agent who can work on the surface to observe and gather information.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteShared03From what I've heard, you're both fearless and resourceful. I think you'd be ideal for that kind of role.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteShared1You might think so now, but just wait.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteShared1You've only seen a fraction of what our synths can do. Their potential is limitless.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteShared2I didn't say it was easy, but I've been practicing at it since I was a little girl.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteSharedInfo01I didn't mean to offend you. I just thought you might find it comforting to know that you're not the only outsider here.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteSharedInfo02Well, take your time and consider the choice. It's a significant one.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteSharedInfo02If you can contribute to our work here, then you should consider staying. We could use your help.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteSharedInfo02But if not, then it's probably best that you leave. Otherwise, you risk becoming an unwanted distraction.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteSharedInfo03Sorry, I shouldn't have phrased it that way.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteSharedInfo03I'm simply saying that our work requires a careful coordination between Father and the divisions.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteSharedInfo03If something were to upset that balance, it could jeopardize our progress.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteSharedInfo04Either that, or the Coursers have developed a flaw.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteSharedInfo04I'll have to look into that more closely, but now is not the time.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteSharedInfo05Synths do not want. They might look like human beings, but they are machines.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteSharedInfo05As to why they're escaping, that matter is currently under investigation.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteSharedInfo06In that case, let me give you a brief overview of what we do here.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteSharedInfo07It's a big decision, I know, but it's also a rare and important opportunity. No need to rush to judgement.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteSharedInfo08I'm good for now, thanks.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteSharedInfo09Doctor Holdren's synth gorilla project is showing promising results.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteShaunKidAccept01Perfect! Thanks!
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteShaunKidQuestHaveOne01Oh, look at that. I've got one right here...
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteShaunKidSharedAccept02Great! That's it!
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteShaunKidSharedHello03What's new, kid?
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteShaunKidSharedMoveShaun, do you want to get out of here? Go live somewhere else, with me?
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstituteShaunKidSharedReward01And look what I made earlier! It's for you.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidFaction001I can't believe we're in a real castle! I bet nothing could get us in here!
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidFaction002Someday I'll be a Minuteman too, and protect everyone... "at a minute's notice!"
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidFaction003Do a lot of people live in old crypts? 'Cause it's kind of... creepy.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidFaction004Dad... people here keep looking at me and smiling. I guess they must really like kids.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidFaction005Mom... people here keep looking at me and smiling. I guess they must really like kids.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidFaction006I used to live underground... and now I'm up in the sky!
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidFaction007People here are really happy the Institute's gone, aren't they?
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidFaction008I never knew people were so scared of synths, or the Institute.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidFaction009I don't think Elder Maxson likes me very much. He never smiles, either.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidFaction010It's too bad they don't make Power Armor that I can wear. It looks super fun.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidFaction011Do you think someday I could join the Brotherhood of Steel too?
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidHello01Hey, Shaun.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidHello02Hi, Shaun.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedCOM001Deacon's cool... and tough. I bet my dad was like that.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedCOM002Deacon's cool... and tough. He's just like you, dad!
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedCOM003Deacon's not really a synth, is he?
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedCOM004Mister Valentine doesn't look like any synth I saw in the Institute...
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedCOM005Psst. Dad. I like Mister Valentine. When I grow up, I think I want to be a detective, just like him.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedCOM006Psst. Mom. I like Mister Valentine. When I grow up, I think I want to be a detective, just like him.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedCOM007Your friend Cait uses some funny words. They usually start with "f."
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedCOM008Miss Cait looks tough. Could she beat you in a fight? I bet it would be close.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedCOM009Wow. I know why they call him Strong!
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedCOM010For a monster, your friend seems pretty nice.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedCOM011Piper's really nice. And pretty, and smart. I bet... I bet my mom was like her.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedCOM012Piper's really nice. And pretty, and smart. She's just like you, mom!
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedCOM013Is it true Piper has a little sister? Maybe I could meet her someday.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedCOM014So Codsworth is a robot, right? And not a synth? And he's a servant, not a slave? It gets a little confusing.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedCOM015Codsworth sure does talk funny.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedCOM016Why do they call him "Dance"? He doesn't look like he moves that good.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedCOM017Mister Danse seems kind of sad. And serious. Maybe you should tell him some jokes.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedCOM018Dogmeat must be, like, the best dog ever!
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedCOM019I really hope Dogmeat has puppies some day! But first he'd need to meet a lady dog, right?
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedCOM020So wait. Curie used to be a robot. But now she's a synth? Wow.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedCOM021Curie talks funny, just like Codsworth. But, like... different funny. But still funny.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet001I just wanted you to know... I love you, mom.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet002I just wanted you to know... I love you, dad.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet003I sure do miss you when you leave, mom. But it's always great when you come back!
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet004I sure do miss you when you leave, dad. But it's always great when you come back!
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet005You know, it's not as clean as the Institute... but I like it.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet006We're really doing it, aren't we? Rebuilding the world. Together.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet007Can't you feel it, mom? It's like everyone has... hope. Like everything's just going to be okay.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet008Can't you feel it, dad? It's like everyone has... hope. Like everything's just going to be okay.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet009Doctor Watson always said the surface was hopeless. But it's not! Just look at what people are building!
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet010People out here are just like me. They like to tinker with things, too!
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet011It can be scary out here sometimes, but people just never give up, do they? They're always trying to make things safer.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet012I'm really glad you're trying so hard to make the Commonwealth a better place.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet013You sure do help a lot of people, don't you?
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet014Growing food sure is a lot dirtier than it was in the Institute. But I think it's more fun, too.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet015It's strange, but... I feel... part of something, finally.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet016Sometimes it was hard not knowing my real dad, but now, I... I'm just glad you're here.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet017When I'm older, can I explore with you?
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet018Did you know me when I was younger? I... I can't remember.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet019The others, they look up to you. I can see it.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet020Sometimes I'm scared, but it all seems okay when you're here.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet021The others told me to stop worrying. They said you can't be killed, that you'll always come back to me.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet022Are you leaving again? I like it when you're here.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet023It's hard to think about... before this. Sometimes I can remember, sometimes I can't. Does that happen to you?
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet024Last time you came back, I... Never mind. I'm just happy you're here.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet025The others were talking about some creature. I... I thought I saw it! Maybe...
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet026What happens when people die? Can mom see me?
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet027When people die - can they become synths? Does that make them alive again, or still gone?
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet028I... I still can't believe I finally met my real father.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet029When I first met you, I didn't know what to think. I'm just so happy you found me.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet030We're going to live here, right? I think it's great.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet031I like this place. Finally, a real home.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet032This place feels good. We'll stay here, right?
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet033I know everything's going to be okay. Especially when you're around.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet034I wish I knew my mom. She died when I was just a baby, right? That... kind of makes me sad.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet035I wish I knew my dad. He died when I was just a baby, right? That... kind of makes me sad.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet036If humans make synths... who makes humans, like you and me?
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet037Some of the others were talking about dying, and how when a human dies, you can't just make another one...
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet038Hey, it's raining!
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet039I like the night time. It's usually more quiet.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidSharedGreet040Wow, it's hot today.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidWorkshop001People here don't have enough to eat. You're going to help them, right?
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidWorkshop002I heard people saying they don't have enough clean water. I hope you can help them soon.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidWorkshop003I love the two-headed cow. It makes the weirdest noises!
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidWorkshop004I hope the radio beacon brings more people. I can't wait to hear their stories.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidWorkshop005Dad, it's really great that you're helping people build someplace safe to live.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidWorkshop006Mom, it's really great that you're helping people build someplace safe to live.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidWorkshop007I really wish I could take one of those turrets apart... but that probably wouldn't be a good idea, huh?
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKidWorkshop008This is a really fun place to live. I'm so glad you brought me here.
INFO:NAM1DialogueInstShaunKid_ThanksAnywayOh. Okay, maybe some other time. Thanks anyway.
INFO:NAM1DialogueRailroadGenericNPCsSharedInfo01_NamesDrummerBoyHey, rook, the name's Drummer Boy.
INFO:NAM1DialogueRailroadSharedInfo01_BadNewsPCBad news. They kicked me out of the Institute. I can't get back in.
INFO:NAM1DialogueRailroadSharedInfo01_BeThatAsItMayBe that as it may.
INFO:NAM1DialogueRailroadSharedInfo01_H22AppreciationYou really. You really have no idea how much I appreciate all of this.
INFO:NAM1DialogueRailroadSharedInfo01_MaybeLaterMaybe later.
INFO:NAM1DialogueRailroadSharedInfo01_YesAndNoYes... and no.
INFO:NAM1DialogueScienceCenterSiVend1Everything you need to perform your own experiments.
INFO:NAM1DialogueScienceCenterSiVend2Please have a look at our souvenir mugs, globes, and ashtrays.
INFO:NAM1DialogueScienceCenterSiVend325% of proceeds are donated to the public school science department.
INFO:NAM1DialogueTheaterDistrictSINeg1Fine, your loss.
INFO:NAM1DialogueTheaterDistrictSINeg2Let me know if you change your mind.
INFO:NAM1DialogueTheaterDistrictSIPos1I got all the best stuff to hype you up or mellow you out.
INFO:NAM1DialogueTheaterDistrictSIPos2Uppers, downers, whatever you're lookin' for.
INFO:NAM1DialogueTheaterDistrictSIPos3Lemme show ya what I've got.
INFO:NAM1DialogueTheSlogSharedInfo01I... I'm sorry. I feel like a complete fool. Do you want to talk about it?
INFO:NAM1DialogueTheSlogSharedInfo02How about I just quit while I'm ahead. I've done enough damage for one conversation.
INFO:NAM1DialogueTheSlogSharedInfo02I'll, uh, see you around.
INFO:NAM1DialogueVault81_Austin_NoFunAw. You're no fun.
INFO:NAM1DialogueVault81_Tina_JetI never should have gotten him started on Jet.
INFO:NAM1DialogueWarwickHomesteadShared1In that case, welcome back.
INFO:NAM1DialogueWarwickHomesteadSharedInfo01Oh... I'm sorry. I probably shouldn't have asked. I hope I haven't re-opened any old wounds.
INFO:NAM1DialogueWarwickHomesteadSharedInfo02I'm sorry, I don't mean to pry. Roger used to say I was too friendly for my own good.
INFO:NAM1DialogueWarwickHomesteadSharedInfo03I think you must be right. My dad's a good example.
INFO:NAM1DialougeDiamondCityEntranceMayorShared01*ahem* Now, was there anything particular you came to our city for?
INFO:NAM1DN009_MQ205_IntercomBossShared01The Courser's on the second floor. Kill on sight. Send reinforcements to the Lobby in case there are more.
INFO:NAM1DN009_MQ205_IntercomBossShared02What's going on down there? How many are we dealing with?
INFO:NAM1DN009_MQ205_IntercomBossShared03The Courser is now on the third floor. Reports of the second intruder in the east wing near the courtyard.
INFO:NAM1DN009_MQ205_IntercomBossShared04Barricade stairwells and hallways if you haven't already.
INFO:NAM1DN009_MQ205_IntercomBossShared05We've lost contact with sectors two and four.
INFO:NAM1DN009_MQ205_IntercomBossShared06Fall back to original positions, the Courser's nearing the elevator!
INFO:NAM1DN009_MQ205_IntercomBossShared07The Courser's after the girl. Anyone alive needs to get up to the top floor immediately. That's an order!
INFO:NAM1DN009_MQ205_SynthShared01I guess I don't really have a choice do I...
INFO:NAM1DN009_MQ205_SynthShared02Thanks again for your help. I'm going to look for supplies before heading out.
INFO:NAM1DN009_MQ205_SynthShared04I don't need your help anymore.
INFO:NAM1DN009_MQ205_SynthShared05I can handle myself, no need to stick around.
INFO:NAM1DN011IntercomGreeting01Welcome to the Boston Public Library. The Library is currently closed.
INFO:NAM1DN011IntercomGreeting01Only employees and those with a scheduled appointment may enter. All other guests are invited to return during normal business hours.
INFO:NAM1DN011IntercomGreeting02The Library is currently closed.
INFO:NAM1DN011SharedInfoNoTime01I don't have time for this. I'm going in.
INFO:NAM1DN011SharedInfoNoTime02The Library is currently closed.
INFO:NAM1DN011SharedInfoNoTime02Trespassing is a criminal offense, and could result in personal injury and/or death. You have been advised.
INFO:NAM1DN011SharedInfoSecurityBreachDoneSecurity breach neutralized. Visitors may now come and go as they please. All employees please return to work.
INFO:NAM1DN011SharedInfoSecurityBreachFrontAttention. Security breach near rear entrance. Visitors and employees are advised to seek cover and remain calm.
INFO:NAM1DN011SharedInfoSecurityBreachSubwayAttention. Security breach near subway entrance. Visitors and employees are advised to seek cover and remain calm.
INFO:NAM1DN011ShareInfoGetIDNumberYour employee ID number can be found on your personnel badge.
INFO:NAM1DN019SharedInfo01He's a threat to the community. Kill him!
INFO:NAM1DN019SharedInfo02She's a threat to the community. Kill her!
INFO:NAM1DN019ThomasAlreadyToldYouI already told you, Emogene can't have any visitors right now.
INFO:NAM1DN031GuardShared01This place is off limits. Move along.
INFO:NAM1DN031GuardShared02You're trespassing on private property. Better move along or else.
INFO:NAM1DN031GuardShared03This is private property.
INFO:NAM1DN036_MadAboutStuffSearchedYou had no right going through my stuff and prying into my business.
INFO:NAM1DN036_MinutemanResponseYou'd still ask for my help, knowing what I've done?
INFO:NAM1DN036_MinutemanResponseI don't know. Let me think about it.
INFO:NAM1DN036_MinutemanTopicWe need good people for the Minutemen. It won't change the past, but maybe you can help some people.
INFO:NAM1DN036_PhyllisSamuelStorySharedThere's nothing else to tell. Everyone came running out, but it was just me and Samuel. No raiders. No gunners. Just blood.
INFO:NAM1DN036_Phyllis_ThinkAboutItHm... I'll think about it.
INFO:NAM1DN036_Post_SRB_ReportI ran across an old woman named Phyllis Daily who thinks she's a synth.
INFO:NAM1DN036_ResolveMovingOnI'm going to take care of a few things here, but then I'll be moving on.
INFO:NAM1DN036_ResolveMovingOnDo whatever you want with this place.
INFO:NAM1DN036_ResolveStayingLook, I- I'm sorry I drew my weapon on you, kid.
INFO:NAM1DN036_ResolveStayingI think you're right. I gotta find a way to make peace with what happened, and I can't keep running from it.
INFO:NAM1DN036_StayOutOfMyStuffFine, just do whatever you came here to do and get the hell out of here. And stay out of my stuff.
INFO:NAM1DN036_SynthExpertQuestionWhat if I knew someone who could help you?
INFO:NAM1DN036_SynthExpertResponseWho the hell do you think is gonna help a synth, kid?
INFO:NAM1DN036_ViolenceChallengeFailedI warned you kid.
INFO:NAM1DN036_WhatsASynthQuestionWhat's a synth?
INFO:NAM1DN036_WhatsASynthResponseAre you not from around here? Or are you just dumber than a box of hair?
INFO:NAM1DN036_WhatsASynthResponseThose... people... I'm not gonna say their name in case it's a trigger, but they replace people with machines.
INFO:NAM1DN036_WhatsASynthResponseBut instead of gears and motor, it's synthetic blood and guts. They could be anyone. For all I know, you're one of them.
INFO:NAM1DN049_Bowling_WelcomeWelcome to Back Alley Bowling!
INFO:NAM1DN049_Clerk_ComeAgainCome again!
INFO:NAM1DN049_Clerk_HaveANiceDayHave a nice day.
INFO:NAM1DN049_Clerk_OfCourseOf course, of course.
INFO:NAM1DN049_Director_AnnounceReopening1All units: Stand by for the Grand Reopening.
INFO:NAM1DN049_Director_AnnounceReopening2The General Atomics Galleria is now open for business.
INFO:NAM1DN049_Director_UnacceptableResponseUnacceptable. The Galleria is closed. You were warned.
INFO:NAM1DN049_Director_WantAnswersJust what are you up to? Who are you working for? I want answers!
INFO:NAM1DN049_Greeter_AnythingElse1The Galleria is currently closed to the public, but staff and employees are permitted on the grounds, of course.
INFO:NAM1DN049_Greeter_AnythingElse1If you have any questions, I'd be happy to assist you.
INFO:NAM1DN049_Greeter_AnythingElse2In the meantime, I'm afraid the Galleria is closed to the general public.
INFO:NAM1DN049_Greeter_AnythingElse2But if you have any questions, I'd be happy to assist you.
INFO:NAM1DN049_Greeter_WelcomeWelcome to the General Atomics Galleria! You must be our new supervisor.
INFO:NAM1DN049_Player_JustBrowsingI'm just browsing.
INFO:NAM1DN049_Player_MaybeLaterMaybe later.
INFO:NAM1DN049_Player_NoThanksNo thanks.
INFO:NAM1DN049_Player_WaitWhatWait, what?
INFO:NAM1DN049_Reg_YouveRuinedItAagh! You've ruined it!
INFO:NAM1DN049_Sentry_GetSettledInIn any event, welcome to the General Atomics Galleria.
INFO:NAM1DN049_Sentry_Greet1Did you have any other questions?
INFO:NAM1DN049_Sentry_Greet2Can I help you?
INFO:NAM1DN049_Sentry_LaggardIf you happen to meet that laggard, let him know that he is 210 years late for his scheduled shift.
INFO:NAM1DN049_Sentry_LaggardI need him to report to the Director's office in the statue for immediate assignment.
INFO:NAM1DN049_Sentry_ReportInWell, let me be the first to welcome you to your new assignment.
INFO:NAM1DN049_Sentry_ReportInOnce you've had a chance to get settled in, you should report to the Director. His office is located in the statue in the center of the plaza.
INFO:NAM1DN049_Waitron_HaventServedYouWait! I haven't served you yet!
INFO:NAM1DN053SharedInfoPlayerPositiveI'm sorry, Virgil. The Institute's gone. Destroyed.
INFO:NAM1DN053SharedPlayerNegativeOh, I blew that place to Hell. Nothing left.
INFO:NAM1DN053SharedPlayerNeutralIt had to be done, Virgil. It was them or us.
INFO:NAM1DN053SharedPlayerQuestionIt's gone. I made sure of that. Aren't you better off now?
INFO:NAM1DN053_Player_SentToKillYouVirgil... I've been sent to kill you.
INFO:NAM1DN053_Virgil_EndItNowThen end it now. While you can still make that choice.
INFO:NAM1DN053_Virgil_OhGodWhat? ...Oh. Oh god.
INFO:NAM1DN053_Virgil_SerumIsOnlyHopeNo. The serum is my only hope. Please, go back, just one more time. It has to be there somewhere. It has to!
INFO:NAM1DN053_Virgil_ShareAccomplishmentI only wish there was someone I could share this accomplishment with.
INFO:NAM1DN054_BacktoWorkGet back to work, Jack.
INFO:NAM1DN079Trader_SickPeopleQuestionWhat was that in there about people getting sick?
INFO:NAM1DN079Trader_SickPeopleResponseTheo got that old cannery up and running 'bout a year or so back and convinced me and some of the other traders to start bringing his cans around.
INFO:NAM1DN079Trader_SickPeopleResponseIt was all good and well for a while, but in the past couple months I've had people complain about getting sick after eating it.
INFO:NAM1DN079Trader_SickPeopleResponseDon't get me wrong, not like... people dying or anything, just... I don't know. The sales have slumped off and Theo's gotten more uppity.
INFO:NAM1DN079_SalesmanEnterVending01Have a look. But if you bite it, you bought it.
INFO:NAM1DN079_SalesmanEnterVending02Tastes great in a stew, roasted, or even just straight out of the can.
INFO:NAM1DN079_SalesmanEnterVending03A great price for a great product.
INFO:NAM1DN083_BarneySharedInfo01Ha ha! Take that!
INFO:NAM1DN083_BarneySharedInfo02You picked the wrong day to tick me off!
INFO:NAM1DN083_BarneySharedInfo03I ain't running out of ammo anytime soon, crabby!
INFO:NAM1DN083_BarneySharedInfo04Woo! Gotcha, didn't I?
INFO:NAM1DN083_BarneySharedInfo05It's going to take a lot more than some big fish to scare me!
INFO:NAM1DN083_BarneySharedInfo06Woo! Yeah!
INFO:NAM1DN094_SharedIdle01A single mouthful of seawater may contain hundreds of thousands of Phytoplankton.
INFO:NAM1DN094_SharedIdle02The average depth of the Atlantic Ocean is 3,928 meters.
INFO:NAM1DN094_SharedIdle03Growing to a length of over a meter, the Geoduck is the worlds largest clam. They can live over 150 years.
INFO:NAM1DN094_SharedIdle04A whale's eyeballs are fixed. To look in a different direction it must turn its whole body.
INFO:NAM1DN094_SharedIdle05Approximately 70%... Information updated. Approximately 97% of all life on the planet is found in the sea.
INFO:NAM1DN094_SharedShellfish01Some species of hermit crabs can live up to 70 years and grow to the size of a coconut.
INFO:NAM1DN102_GoAwayNo! No no no, you're trying to trick me. Go away! Go away!
INFO:NAM1DN102_ItsOpen2I... I...
INFO:NAM1DN102_Mainframe_AnnouncementRepeat. A chemical leak has been detected. Please evacuate the building immediately.
INFO:NAM1DN116PatrollingDefendAllSharedCurrent Objective: Patrol immediate area and neutralize any hostiles that pose a possible threat to the US Military and/or its citizens.
INFO:NAM1DN121AbrahamDidntExpectHelpWell, I'll be jiggered. Didn't really expect anybody to come.
INFO:NAM1DN121Abraham_AcceptJobYou're doing me a big favor and I'll make it up to you as best as I can.
INFO:NAM1DN121Abraham_AlreadyDoneWhat? Really?
INFO:NAM1DN121Abraham_NoSwordRewardWatch your back with The Forged. They're a treacherous bunch of cusses.
INFO:NAM1DN121JakeCarryHisDecisionI- Yeah, you're right. I just need to learn to carry that.
INFO:NAM1DN121JakeDampeningRodsDampening Coils? They're in the generator by the big furnace. I'll show you where they are.
INFO:NAM1DN121JakeWhyJoinTheForgedYeah... well... I just...
INFO:NAM1DN121JakeWhyJoinTheForgedI thought we'd be raiding outside of the Commonwealth and that if I joined them I could provide for my family...
INFO:NAM1DN121JakeWhyJoinTheForgedI don't know. God, my dad's right. I'm such an idiot.
INFO:NAM1DN121JakeWishThereWasAnotherWayI- I know, but I just wish there had been another way.
INFO:NAM1DN121PlayerAlreadyDoneI already cleared that place out. I've got your sword right here.
INFO:NAM1DN121PrestonIntroI've heard that folks at Finch Farm need some help. The Minutemen should be the ones that answer that call.
INFO:NAM1DN121SharedInfoKillHerKill her!
INFO:NAM1DN121SharedInfoKillHimKill him!
INFO:NAM1DN121SharedInfo_SlagNotWorthForgingMost of them were never going to be worth forging in the first place.
INFO:NAM1DN121SharedPlayerOutro1Anything else need doing?
INFO:NAM1DN121SharedPlayerOutro2Good news. Finch Farm has joined us.
INFO:NAM1DN121SiForgedABunch a trumped up raiders. Obsessed with fire and metal.
INFO:NAM1DN121SiForgedQWho are the Forged?
INFO:NAM1DN121SiJakeSurrenderPanickedWait wait! I'm sorry, I messed up! I panicked!
INFO:NAM1DN121SiPlayerNotYourFaultIt's not your fault. It was him or you.
INFO:NAM1DN121_BradKillTheInterloperKill the interloper!
INFO:NAM1DN121_BradSacrificeAnd then Atom said, "There must be a sacrifice!"
INFO:NAM1DN121_BradWeAreYourFamilyWe're your family now Jake. You don't need them.
INFO:NAM1DN121_DampeningRodsResponseWell, you've got unfortunate timing friend.
INFO:NAM1DN121_DampeningRodsResponseI had some up until a few days ago. They were stolen along with a bunch of other stuff.
INFO:NAM1DN121_DampeningRodsResponseGroup a trumped up raiders called the Forged. They took over the old ironworks north of here.
INFO:NAM1DN121_DampeningRodsTopicI'm looking for some Dampening Coils that I think may be near here.
INFO:NAM1DN121_DampeningRodsTopicQuestionI'm looking for some dampening coils, have you seen any?
INFO:NAM1DN121_JakeThanksAgainThanks again.
INFO:NAM1DN121_LetsTalkSlow down kid, let's just talk for a second.
INFO:NAM1DN121_MeetJakeByFreewayHey, can you meet me over by the freeway supports next to the farm? I'm a little scared to confront my dad by myself...
INFO:NAM1DN121_RemainSilent[Remain Silent]
INFO:NAM1DN121_SIAbraham_GenericRewardHere's something for your help.
INFO:NAM1DN121_WhoAreCoAThey're a mean buncha cusses. Obsessed with fire and metal.
INFO:NAM1DN123_GimmeAMinuteGive me a minute.
INFO:NAM1DN123_Ness_GetLostGet lost.
INFO:NAM1DN123_Ness_GetOutOfMySightYou've wasted enough of my time already. Get out of here.
INFO:NAM1DN123_Ness_GotALeadI've got a lead on a crash site. Big old jet. That much scrap could be worth a lot to the right buyer.
INFO:NAM1DN123_Ness_KeepThisQuietCan I count on you to keep this quiet?
INFO:NAM1DN123_Ness_LetsGetStartedLet's get started.
INFO:NAM1DN123_Ness_NowGetOutNow get out. I've got work to do.
INFO:NAM1DN123_Ness_SuitYourselfSuit yourself.
INFO:NAM1DN123_Ness_YourLossYour loss.
INFO:NAM1DN123_Ness_YouveBeenThereYou have? Well, I think I can still get something out of it.
INFO:NAM1DN123_Player_NotInterestedNot interested.
INFO:NAM1DN123_WhatAreYouOfferingWhat's the job?
INFO:NAM1DN133SharedSentry01Movement Detected.
INFO:NAM1DN133SharedSentry01Sentrybot designation SARGE powering up.
INFO:NAM1DN133SharedSentry02Comparing intruders to known Minutemen roster.
INFO:NAM1DN133SharedSentry03Error. File corruption detected.
INFO:NAM1DN151PrestonIntroGot a strange message. From a robot. Said it was from someplace called Graygarden.
INFO:NAM1DN151PrestonIntroI couldn't figure out exactly what it wanted, but, well... may as well check it out. You never know.
INFO:NAM1DN151SharedInfo01This will never do. If you Minutemen can lend us a hand, I'll be eternally grateful.
INFO:NAM1DN151SharedInfo02This will never do. I don't mean to impose, darling, but... perhaps you could lend us a hand?
INFO:NAM1DN151SharedPlayerOutro1I found out what those robots in Graygarden needed and took care of it. Even better... they want to be Minutemen.
INFO:NAM1DN151_WhiteItsGhastlyIt's ghastly, that's what it is. Simply ghastly.
INFO:NAM1DN151_White_WestonIntroNormalTell me, darling, what do you think of the water around here?
INFO:NAM1DN151_White_WestonIntroPrecompleteYou repaired the old Weston plant, didn't you?
INFO:NAM1DN154_Arlen_200LeadIn1Anything I can do for you?
INFO:NAM1DN154_Arlen_200LeadIn2What is it?
INFO:NAM1DN154_Arlen_200LeadIn3You need something?
INFO:NAM1DN154_Arlen_AtomatoysBuildingI worked there once, before the war.
INFO:NAM1DN154_Arlen_AtomatoysBuildingI tried to go back, but... the place was overrun. There was nothing I could do.
INFO:NAM1DN154_Arlen_GiveHolotapeA holotape?
INFO:NAM1DN154_Arlen_InitialOfferHow about, say, 150 caps? Sound good?
INFO:NAM1DN154_Arlen_LevelCheck1Even for you, it might be too much. But if you're ever down that way, don't forget about me.
INFO:NAM1DN154_Arlen_LevelCheck2You, on the other hand... well, you look like you've seen everything. I'm sure you can handle it.
INFO:NAM1DN154_Arlen_RecognizeArlen1...I am. Where did you hear that?
INFO:NAM1DN154_Arlen_ThatsTooBadThat's too bad.
INFO:NAM1DN154_Player_GiveHolotapeI think I have something that belongs to you.
INFO:NAM1DN154_Player_RecognizeArlen1Are you the Arlen Glass? The toy designer?
INFO:NAM1DN155_Arlen_GetCaughtUpSorry, sorry, didn't mean to ignore you. Just got caught up in my work again.
INFO:NAM1DN155_Arlen_Idle1Let's see now...
INFO:NAM1DN155_Arlen_Idle2...tighten this...
INFO:NAM1DN155_Arlen_Idle3Mm-hmm. And over here...
INFO:NAM1DN155_Arlen_Idle4...there we go.
INFO:NAM1DN155_GenericWalkawayAll right, well...
INFO:NAM1DN155_GetBackToWorkNow, I need to get back to work. Finally!
INFO:NAM1DoctorCapsQuestionBoS02I'd love to help you, soldier... but supplies cost caps and everyone is expected to pitch in. Maxson's orders.
INFO:NAM1DoctorCaptainCade01Ouch... looks like you've seen a bit of action, but I think we can get you on your feet again.
INFO:NAM1DoctorCaptainCade02That's some pretty serious trauma you have there, soldier. I'll take care of it right away.
INFO:NAM1DoctorCaptainCade03You're lucky to be alive. I'll get you taken care of.
INFO:NAM1DoctorCaptainCadeAddiction01There's nothing to be embarrassed about, it's more common than you think. Let's clear that problem up right away.
INFO:NAM1DoctorExamInjuriesShared03Huh, you look fine, but... oh wait... yep, that's gonna need to be set back in place. Let's get started.
INFO:NAM1DoctorExamInjuriesShared05Eh, I've seen worse. Better stitch you up before infection sets in, though.
INFO:NAM1DoctorExamInjuriesShared06Scrapes and bruises, but it's probably a good idea to get them fixed up.
INFO:NAM1DoctorExamInjuriesShared07Severe lacerations, puncture wounds, muscle spasms in the eyes from high levels of stress... Yeah, let's patch you up.
INFO:NAM1DoctorExamInjuriesShared08Hmm... gonna need to brace those fractures, apply some cream for the burns, a few sets of stitches. Better get to it...
INFO:NAM1DoctorExamInjuriesShared09Oh wow, that's a lot of blood. We'll need to operate right away.
INFO:NAM1DoctorOffYouGoSharedOff you go, then.
INFO:NAM1DogmeatSharedBarkAlert(alert bark)
INFO:NAM1DogmeatSharedBarkAngry(angry bark)
INFO:NAM1DogmeatSharedBarkPlayful(playful bark)
INFO:NAM1DogmeatSharedCuriousSound(curious sound)
INFO:NAM1DogmeatSharedGrowlPlayful(playful growl)
INFO:NAM1DogmeatSharedGrowlVicious(vicious snarl)
INFO:NAM1DogmeatSharedGrowlWarning(warning growl)
INFO:NAM1DogmeatSharedHowlPlayful(playful howl)
INFO:NAM1DogmeatSharedHowlSad(mournful howl)
INFO:NAM1DogmeatSharedWhimperAttention(attention-getting whimper)
INFO:NAM1DogmeatSharedWhimperPained(pained whimper)
INFO:NAM1DogmeatSharedWhimperSad(sad whimper)
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_AlertedToDangerWhat is it boy?
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_AlertedToDanger2Smell trouble?
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_AlertedToDanger3Easy now. Nothing we can't handle.
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_AlrightGoGetItAlright, go get it!
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_BroughtBack1What's that you got there?
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_BroughtBack2Find something good?
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_BroughtBack3Thanks boy.
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_BroughtBack4Good dog!
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_BroughtBack5How'd you know that was there?
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_BroughtBack6Well look at that.
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_FindSomethingFind something?
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_NoseOnYouWhatFindYou got a nose on you, that's for sure. What'd you find now?
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_WantMeToFollowWhat is it boy? Want me to follow you, is that it?
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_WantMeToFollow2Something you want to show me?
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_WantMeToFollow3Where're you headed?
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_WantMeToFollow4Something you want to show me?
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_WantMeToFollowDangerAlright boy. Lead me to them.
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_WantMeToFollowerDanger2Alright boy. Let's see if we can't get the drop on 'em. Lead the way.
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_WantMeToFollowerDanger3Nothing get's past you, does it? Where're they at?
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_WhatAreYouAfterNowWhat are you after now?
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_WhatIsItBoyWhat is it boy?
INFO:NAM1Dogmeat_Player_YeahBoySomethingGoodIHopeYeah boy? Something good I hope.
INFO:NAM1DoorInaccessibleLineShared01It's stuck.
INFO:NAM1DoorInaccessibleLineShared03No use.
INFO:NAM1DoorKeyOnlyLineShared01Don't have the key.
INFO:NAM1DoorKeyOnlyLineShared02Only opens with a key.
INFO:NAM1DoorKeyOnlyLineShared03Would need the key.
INFO:NAM1DoorKeyOnlyLineShared04No way to pick this...
INFO:NAM1DoorKeyOnlyLineShared05Can't pick this...
INFO:NAM1DoorNoBobbyPinShared01If I only had a bobby pin...
INFO:NAM1DoorNoBobbyPinShared03No bobby pins.
INFO:NAM1DoorNoBobbyPinShared04No bobby pins.
INFO:NAM1DoorNoBobbyPinShared05Out of bobby pins.
INFO:NAM1DoorNoBobbyPinShared06Don't have any bobby pins.
INFO:NAM1DoorTerminalOnlyLineShared01Got to find the terminal.
INFO:NAM1DoorTerminalOnlyLineShared02Terminal somewhere...
INFO:NAM1DoorTerminalOnlyLineShared03Terminal should open this.
INFO:NAM1DoorTerminalOnlyLineShared04Terminal's gotta be somewhere.
INFO:NAM1DoorTerminalOnlyLineShared05Terminal's got this locked.
INFO:NAM1DoorTerminalOnlyLineShared06Terminal only.
INFO:NAM1DrumlinDinerShared02You crossed the wrong man!
INFO:NAM1DrumlinDinerShared03I'll kill all you chem pushers!
INFO:NAM1DrumlinDinerShared04Big mistake!
INFO:NAM1DrumlinDinerSharedPlayer01If I help, I expect to get paid.
INFO:NAM1DuffQuestShared01You're going to go out, and find a Bloatfly Gland. You see, the oversized Bloatfly of today evolved from an earlier species of smaller fly.
INFO:NAM1DuffQuestShared01Radioactive adaptation has resulted in a unique gland that enables it to balance and maintain speed despite its size.
INFO:NAM1DuffQuestShared01So what do you say? Ready to go out and dissect one?
INFO:NAM1DuffQuestShared02Oh... Well everything was kind of building up to... never mind then. Uh, I should get back to the lab.
INFO:NAM1DuffQuestShared03Remember, bring the gland back in one piece. Oh, and don't chew on it. One of the students got horribly sick because of that mistake.
INFO:NAM1DuffSharedQuest03Oh, the field trip. Of course! Wonderful. Let me just take that.
INFO:NAM1DuffSharedQuest03These glands are definitely the product of adaption to radioactive exposure. Maybe our own insides have adapted, as well. Wouldn't that be something?
INFO:NAM1EE_NoticeFriendlyCorpseShared04This is really bad.
INFO:NAM1EE_SuspiciousShooting01Shit. Maybe I'm just getting jumpy.
INFO:NAM1EE_SuspiciousShooting02Hmm. Guess it was nothing.
INFO:NAM1EllieShared01Looking out for yourself, huh? Guess I can't blame you. Not like I could charge across the Commonwealth and find Nick without getting myself killed.
INFO:NAM1EllieShared01Look, I gotta pack up. Just go.
INFO:NAM1FemaleEvenToneHealingUpPrettyGoodIt's healing up pretty good.
INFO:NAM1FemaleEvenToneThanksDocThanks doc!
INFO:NAM1FFDiamondCity08SharedInfo01Cola... Nuka-Cola...
INFO:NAM1FFDiamondCity08SharedInfo02So thirsty... Nuka-Cola...
INFO:NAM1FFDiamondCity08SharedInfo03Thirsty... Nuka-Cola...
INFO:NAM1FFDiamondCity08SharedInfo04Need a drink... Nuka-Cola...
INFO:NAM1FFDiamondCity10SharedInfo01You'll never take me alive!
INFO:NAM1FFDiamondCity10SharedInfo02This is my city! Mine!
INFO:NAM1FFDiamondCity10SharedInfo03So the Institute replaced him with a synth after all. How many years was I angry at that bastard for the wrong reasons?
INFO:NAM1FFDiamondCity12SharedInfo01I'm... I'm not a synth. I told him. I kept telling him. Why didn't he listen to me?
INFO:NAM1FFDiamondCity12SharedInfo01I... I need a minute...
INFO:NAM1FFG07BobbiCombatStart01Dumb move, kid.
INFO:NAM1FFGoodneighbor07HancockRecruitYeah. I like it. You might just be the right kind of trouble.
INFO:NAM1FFGoodneighbor07HancockRecruitLet me just have a little chat with my community, first. Give them the news.
INFO:NAM1FFGoodneighbor07HancockRecruit02Before we head out, I gotta have a little chat with the community. I'll meet ya afterwards.
INFO:NAM1FFGoodneighbor07HancockSharedInfo01Oh, take all the time you want. But you got a debt hanging over you now, you feel me? I'll be waiting for you to pay up.
INFO:NAM1FFGoodneighbor07PlayerScene03AHere. Take them.
INFO:NAM1FinchFarmActivity2Come find me when you've got those potatoes.
INFO:NAM1FinnShared01That's right. Insurance. Personal protection, like.
INFO:NAM1FollowerChatShared01How's it going?
INFO:NAM1FollowerChatShared02What's on your mind?
INFO:NAM1FollowerChatShared03Just curious what you're thinking.
INFO:NAM1FollowerChatShared04What are you thinking about?
INFO:NAM1FollowerChatShared05Anything you want to talk about?
INFO:NAM1FollowerChatShared06How are you feeling about things?
INFO:NAM1FollowerDismissShared01It's time for us to part ways.
INFO:NAM1FollowerDismissShared02You should head home.
INFO:NAM1FollowerDismissShared03I think it's best if we went our separate ways.
INFO:NAM1FollowerDismissShared04It's time for you to head home.
INFO:NAM1FollowerDismissShared05You can go now.
INFO:NAM1FollowerDismissShared06You can head home now.
INFO:NAM1FollowerGetOutPowerArmorI need you to get out of your Power Armor.
INFO:NAM1FollowerIsThatAProblemIs that a problem?
INFO:NAM1FollowerNeverMindNo, never mind.
INFO:NAM1FollowerNeverMindShared01That's all for now.
INFO:NAM1FollowerNeverMindShared02That was it.
INFO:NAM1FollowerNeverMindShared03Nothing else for now.
INFO:NAM1FollowerNeverMindShared04That was all I had.
INFO:NAM1FollowerNeverMindShared05That's all.
INFO:NAM1FollowerNeverMindShared06Oh, nothing.
INFO:NAM1FollowerRelationshipShared01How do you feel about us?
INFO:NAM1FollowerRelationshipShared02What are your thoughts on our relationship?
INFO:NAM1FollowerRelationshipShared03How do you think things are between us?
INFO:NAM1FollowerRelationshipShared04How do you feel about our relationship?
INFO:NAM1FollowerRelationshipShared05Are things alright between us?
INFO:NAM1FollowerRelationshipShared06What do you think about our relationship?
INFO:NAM1FollowersCaitOutOfBobbyPinsI'm out of bobby pins. Have any on you?
INFO:NAM1FollowerThoughts01Your thoughts?
INFO:NAM1FollowerYeahGuessSoYeah, I guess so.
INFO:NAM1GrandmaMonkShared01I can see a bit of what was, and what will be. And even what is, right now.
INFO:NAM1GrandmaMonkShared01And right now I can see there's something coming. Drawn by the noise, and the chaos.
INFO:NAM1GrandmaMonkShared01And it is... angry.
INFO:NAM1GraygardenReward1Ah. Well then, perhaps another time.
INFO:NAM1GraygardenWork1If you could fetch me some mutfruits, I could extract the seeds, hand them off to the planters, and Bob's your uncle!
INFO:NAM1GraygardenWork1And of course, there will be caps to line your pocket. We see to our friends here!
INFO:NAM1GunnerToCombat01Get some!
INFO:NAM1GunnerToCombat02Lock and load!
INFO:NAM1GunnerToCombat03We're hot!
INFO:NAM1GunnerToCombat04Last mistake!
INFO:NAM1GunnerToCombat05You're dead!
INFO:NAM1GunnerToCombat06Let's rock!
INFO:NAM1HancockSpeechDrifterShared04Of the people! For the people!
INFO:NAM1HancockSpeechSharedDrifter01Not us!
INFO:NAM1HancockSpeechSharedTriggerman01Not us!
INFO:NAM1HancockSpeechTriggermanShared04Of the people! For the people!
INFO:NAM1holdupquestSharedAccept01Anything, just don't shoot.
INFO:NAM1holdupquestSharedAccept02Whatever you say.
INFO:NAM1holdupquestSharedHello01What do you want from me?
INFO:NAM1holdupquestSharedHello02Don't shoot me.
INFO:NAM1holdupquestSharedHello03You got me. I won't try anything.
INFO:NAM1holdupquestSharedHello04I heard you. Let's just stay calm.
INFO:NAM1holdupquestSharedPlayerCommand01Do what I say and no one gets hurt.
INFO:NAM1holdupquestSharedPlayerCommand02You're going to do what I say.
INFO:NAM1holdupquestSharedPlayerHello01One wrong move...
INFO:NAM1holdupquestSharedPlayerHello02No funny business.
INFO:NAM1holdupquestSharedPlayerHello03We can do this the easy way...
INFO:NAM1holdupquestSharedPlayerHello04Don't make me pull the trigger.
INFO:NAM1holdupquestSharedReject01Screw you.
INFO:NAM1holdupquestSharedReject02I'm not taking orders from you.
INFO:NAM1Holotapes_DN154_1Go ahead.
INFO:NAM1Holotapes_DN154_2Hi, Daddy!
INFO:NAM1Holotapes_DN154_3When are you coming home?
INFO:NAM1Holotapes_DN154_4You work too much. I want you to read to me again.
INFO:NAM1Holotapes_DN154_5Mommy says you're helping all the horsies find good homes. Take care of them, ok?
INFO:NAM1Holotapes_DN154_6I love you.
INFO:NAM1Holotapes_DN154_7Hmm? Oh, Buttercup says she loves you, too.
INFO:NAM1Holotapes_DN154_8We miss you. Come home soon!
INFO:NAM1IdiotSavantGiggle01He he he.
INFO:NAM1IdiotSavantGiggle02Da ha ha ha.
INFO:NAM1Inst301Shared1A regrettable turn of events.
INFO:NAM1Inst301Shared1I wish there was something I could say or do to ease your pain, but there's no changing the past.
INFO:NAM1Inst301Shared1All that we can do now is to make the most of what time we have left.
INFO:NAM1Inst301Shared10What?! You think I'm a synth? No way, pal. I'd know if I was some kind of machine.
INFO:NAM1Inst301Shared11You had me for a minute there.
INFO:NAM1Inst301Shared11Anyway, I think we've talked enough, don't you?
INFO:NAM1Inst301Shared11Kill these sons-of-bitches!
INFO:NAM1Inst301Shared2Nevertheless, they are a danger. Allow me to explain.
INFO:NAM1Inst301Shared3Objective is a rogue synth. Target has taken control of a raider gang based on the shipwrecks in the harbor.
INFO:NAM1Inst301Shared3Target will be well-defended. Expect heavy resistance.
INFO:NAM1Inst301Shared3Neutralize and reclaim target if possible. Destroy target if not possible.
INFO:NAM1Inst301Shared4Mission parameters specify support role only. You are mission leader.
INFO:NAM1Inst301Shared5I've got guns, ammo, caps, supplies... anything you want, man.
INFO:NAM1Inst301Shared6Then why are you here?
INFO:NAM1Inst301Shared7There's a lot of blood on your hands. That ends now.
INFO:NAM1Inst301Shared8If that's the way you want it, then let's finish this.
INFO:NAM1Inst301Shared9You're a synth, and we're here to take you home.
INFO:NAM1Inst301SharedInfo01Right behind you, ma'am.
INFO:NAM1Inst301SharedInfo02I'm sorry, ma'am, but I have my orders.
INFO:NAM1Inst301SharedInfo03B5-92, initialize factory reset. Authorization gamma-7-1-epsilon.
INFO:NAM1Inst301SharedInfo04X6-88 ready to relay back alone.
INFO:NAM1Inst301SharedInfo05Hold up a moment, sir. There's something important I need to tell you.
INFO:NAM1Inst301SharedInfo06Hold up a moment, ma'am. There's something important I need to tell you.
INFO:NAM1Inst301SharedInfo12I'm sorry, sir, but I have my orders.
INFO:NAM1Inst301SharedInfo7Right behind you, sir.
INFO:NAM1Inst302SharedInfoX418Greeting1We must proceed with the mission.
INFO:NAM1Inst303PlayerBailedGiven that some of us have apparently lost interest in this meeting, I think we'll adjourn for now.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech1APeople of the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech1BFor years now, you have suspected that the Institute still exists, that we are among you.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech1CIt is true, but it is not the whole truth.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech1Choice1...the future.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech1Choice2...your new masters.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech1Choice3...here to help.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech1Choice4...in control.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech1DWe are here, and we are...
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech2AOur superior technology represents the future of the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech2BToday, we activate our nuclear reactor, ensuring that we will persevere long after the world above ground ceases to exist.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech2CEnsuring that mankind has a future.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech2Choice1...daily lives.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech2Choice1V2...of your daily lives.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech2Choice2...pathetic existences.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech2Choice2V2...of your pathetic existences.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech2Choice3...personal freedoms.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech2Choice3V2...of your personal freedoms.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech2Choice4...pointless struggles.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech2Choice4V2...of your pointless struggles.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech2DWe have no desire to interfere in the unimportant details of your...
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech2DV2We have no desire to interfere in the unimportant details...
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech3AWe simply insist that you do not interfere with Institute operations.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech3BTo do so would result in...
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech3BV2To do so would result...
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech3Choice1...dire consequences.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech3Choice1V2...in dire consequences.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech3Choice2...your complete annihilation.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech3Choice2V2...in your complete annihilation.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech3Choice3...tragedy for all involved.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech3Choice3V2...in tragedy for all involved.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech3Choice4...unnecessary difficulties for all parties.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech3Choice4V2...in unnecessary difficulties for all parties.
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech4ARest easy. Know that the future is...
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech4AV2Rest easy. Know that the future...
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech4Choice1...in safe hands,...
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech4Choice1V2...is in safe hands,...
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech4Choice2...out of your control,...
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech4Choice2V2...is out of your control,...
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech4Choice3V2...is underground,...
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech4Choice4...looking bright,...
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech4Choice4V2...looks bright,...
INFO:NAM1Inst305PlayerSpeech5A...and that mankind will thrive under our guidance.
INFO:NAM1Inst305SharedMeetingReturnGreetWhere were we?
INFO:NAM1Inst306SharedInfo01_OrderedToKillThe Institute has ordered me to kill you. All of you.
INFO:NAM1Inst307PlayerQuestionBackupWhat have I got for backup?
INFO:NAM1Inst307PlayerQuestionPlanBHave we got a Plan B?
INFO:NAM1Inst307PlayerQuestionsNothingNo questions. Let's do this.
INFO:NAM1Inst307PlayerQuestionsPrimeWhat happens to Liberty Prime after this?
INFO:NAM1Inst307SharedPlayerGreetingSo, what exactly is going on?
INFO:NAM1Inst308PostHoldrenCondolencesFather was a great man, and he will certainly be missed.
INFO:NAM1Inst308PostSharedInfoAyoCondolencesFather and I didn't always agree, but I respected his commitment to the Institute.
INFO:NAM1Inst308PostSharedInfoBinetCondolencesWe'll all grieve for Father, but I know the loss must be especially difficult for you.
INFO:NAM1Inst308PostSharedInfoFilmoreCondolencesYou went through so much to find your son, only to lose him. I'm so sorry.
INFO:NAM1Inst308PostSharedInfoHiggsCondolencesI suppose I should offer you my condolences on the loss of your son. Very well, then.
INFO:NAM1Inst308PostSharedInfoKarlinCondolencesMy condolences on the loss of your son, director.
INFO:NAM1Inst308PostSharedInfoLiCondolencesWe've lost a great leader, but you've lost a son.You have my deepest sympathies.
INFO:NAM1Inst308PostSharedInfoLokenCondolencesFather was a great man. He'll be missed.
INFO:NAM1Inst308PostSharedInfoOberlyCondolencesYour son will leave a lasting legacy here. He truly was a great man and a great leader.
INFO:NAM1Inst308PostSharedInfoOrmanCondolencesI can't imagine what you must be feeling, losing your son so soon after finding him.
INFO:NAM1Inst308PostSharedInfoSecordCondolencesYou spent all that time searching for your son, only to lose him. I can't imagine how you must feel.
INFO:NAM1Inst308PostSharedInfoThompsonCondolencesI'm really sorry about Father... I mean Shaun. I can't imagine losing one of my children.
INFO:NAM1Inst308PostSharedInfoWatsonCondolencesFather and I used to have long talks every week over dinner. I'm going to miss those conversations.
INFO:NAM1InstM01Shared1Frankly, I resent Doctor Holdren claiming that I "need help". There's a subtle insinuation there that I don't care for.
INFO:NAM1InstM01Shared1I simply require your services to make a delivery to one of our operatives on the surface.
INFO:NAM1InstM01Shared11Oh good. I'm really glad you're here, because I'm scared something bad is going to happen to my dad.
INFO:NAM1InstM01Shared12Well... okay. If you really are trying to help, then I guess I can talk to you.
INFO:NAM1InstM01Shared2*Sigh* How unsurprising.
INFO:NAM1InstM01Shared2No doubt Doctor Holdren preferred to boast about the importance of the BioScience division rather than tell you the details of my situation.
INFO:NAM1InstM01Shared2The man is useless, I tell you. Very well, I suppose it falls to me.
INFO:NAM1InstM01Shared3Bit of a blunt instrument, aren't you? Kellogg was much the same. Very well then, down to brass tacks.
INFO:NAM1InstM01Shared4You don't know what I suffered through! And all I ever wanted was to make this the best damn farm in the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1InstM01Shared4I could have done it, too. But now that it comes to it... no, I'd rather let my dream die than kill a man to save it.
INFO:NAM1InstM01Shared4I'll leave and never return. And... I'm sorry for what I did. I wouldn't have hurt anyone, really.
INFO:NAM1InstM01Shared4I'll go pack my things.
INFO:NAM1InstM01Shared5Hop! Fitz! Get in here! Let's teach this outsider a lesson!
INFO:NAM1InstM01Shared6Of course I don't. The whole point of their plan was to keep me from finding out.
INFO:NAM1InstM01Shared6But I have a feeling that someone around here does.
INFO:NAM1InstM01Shared7If your husband wants to be a better man, you should support him.
INFO:NAM1InstM01Shared8Well, I'm not a stranger. I'm a friend of your father's, and I'm here to help him.
INFO:NAM1InstM01Shared9Look, your father's in danger and I'm trying to help him.
INFO:NAM1InstM01SharedInfo01You're right. I'm his wife, I should stand at his side no matter what.
INFO:NAM1InstM02Shared1Well, I guess that's it for me, then. At least now I can prove my dad is innocent.
INFO:NAM1InstM02Shared1And don't worry, I won't try to run. I wouldn't know where to go anyway.
INFO:NAM1InstM02Shared2Well, maybe every kid was a computer genius back in your time, but it's pretty rare now.
INFO:NAM1InstM02Shared3I already told you., I don't know anything about it.
INFO:NAM1InstM02Shared4I... I do know something. I did it. I'm the one who's helping the synths.
INFO:NAM1InstM02Shared5Me? No, I... I'm just helping.
INFO:NAM1InstM02Shared5Justin was closing in, figuring things out... I offered to help so he wouldn't get caught.
INFO:NAM1InstM02Shared6If that's how you feel, we have nothing left to talk about.
INFO:NAM1InstM02Shared7I can see that you understand a parent's desire to protect a child.
INFO:NAM1InstM02Shared7I'm sorry I had to threaten you, I guess I just felt cornered and panicked a little bit.
INFO:NAM1InstM02Shared7I'm glad you're someone we can trust.
INFO:NAM1InstM02Shared8I promise not to tell Justin. I'll keep your secret.
INFO:NAM1InstM02SharedInfo01Why would Ayo think you were helping synths?
INFO:NAM1InstM02SharedInfo02He probably thinks my admiration for the synths might have caused me to have some delusion about setting them free.
INFO:NAM1InstM02SharedInfo02The notion is preposterous. The last thing I'd want to do is banish a synth to the surface. It's a living hell up there.
INFO:NAM1InstM02SharedInfo02That's not freedom, it's a death sentence. I would never be so cruel.
INFO:NAM1InstM02SharedInfo03Does anyone else have access to your terminals?
INFO:NAM1InstM02SharedInfo04Unlikely. I don't let anyone else lay a finger on my terminals without my close supervision.
INFO:NAM1InstM02SharedInfo04I'll make an exception in your case, however. If Father trusts you, then I have no reason not to.
INFO:NAM1InstM02SharedInfo05How many synths have escaped?
INFO:NAM1InstM02SharedInfo06I'm not sure of the exact number, but I can tell you the rate of escapes has accelerated greatly in recent months.
INFO:NAM1InstM03Shared1I understand that they feel slighted, but it won't change anything.
INFO:NAM1InstM03Shared10No! I refuse! Now do your worst!
INFO:NAM1InstM03Shared2Yes, well, it seems we're at an impasse.
INFO:NAM1InstM03Shared6This is much bigger than just you and I. I'm protecting decades of research and progress.
INFO:NAM1InstM03Shared6The answer is no. We will not back down.
INFO:NAM1InstM03Shared7Even the most fastidious researcher must sometimes take a leap of faith.
INFO:NAM1InstM03Shared7Well, thank you for your patience and understanding in this difficult time.
INFO:NAM1InstM03Shared7And if I may add, the way you've handled this proves to me that you might just be up for the job of Administrator.
INFO:NAM1InstM03Shared9There's nothing more to say, then.
INFO:NAM1InstM03Shared9Of course, sooner or later the others will be forced to take my side.
INFO:NAM1InstM03Shared9I think you'll find that hunger can be very persuasive.
INFO:NAM1InstM03SharedInfo01I'll see that the mess in Hydroponics is cleaned up.
INFO:NAM1InstM03SharedInfo01I suppose I should also make the funeral arrangements.
INFO:NAM1InstM03SharedInfo01Well, there's much to do, so I'll get about it. In the meantime, I'm sure everyone will be relieved that this is over.
INFO:NAM1InstMassFusionSharedInfoStage10NeutralResponseNot really, no. I admit I'm not fond of going up top, but I promise to stay out of your way.
INFO:NAM1InstMassFusionSharedInfoStage10NeutralResponseThis device we're after... It's very sensitive equipment, and it's pretty damn old. It's not that I don't trust you, it's just that I trust myself more.
INFO:NAM1InstMassFusionSharedInfoStage10NeutralResponseSo are you going to put up a stink, or can we get moving?
INFO:NAM1InstMassFusionSharedInfoStage10PlayerQuestionIs that really necessary? I'm sure I could handle this by myself.
INFO:NAM1InstMassFusionSharedInfoStage10QuestionResponseYes, it really is. Not only is this tech sensitive, it's old. Look, I'll take care of it; you just make sure I come back in one piece.
INFO:NAM1InstMassFusionSharedPlayerStage10NeutralYou're going? That complicates things.
INFO:NAM1InstR01SharedInfo01I took care of them already.
INFO:NAM1InstR01SharedInfo02I don't know. I've got a lot on my plate right now.
INFO:NAM1InstR01SharedInfo03I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important. Please, there's no one else I can turn to.
INFO:NAM1InstR02Shared1Well, I suppose you'll just cut off some of its flesh, store it however you like and then bring it to me.
INFO:NAM1InstR02Shared1Probably best if you kill it first.
INFO:NAM1InstR02SharedInfo01I've got one right here.
INFO:NAM1InstR03Shared2They probably keep them in a safe place, like a chest or locker. I'd expect guards, as well.
INFO:NAM1InstR05Shared1I like a man who gets to the point. A mayor's time is valuable, after all.
INFO:NAM1InstR05Shared2Mm hm.
INFO:NAM1InstR05Shared3I like a woman who gets to the point. A mayor's time is valuable, after all.
INFO:NAM1MayorNickEndResponse01Again, I apologize that security can't spare any time for you, but I'm sure Mister Valentine charges reasonable rates for his services.
INFO:NAM1MayorSharedSpeechcraftResponse01Well, there is one private citizen. Nick Valentine. A... detective of sorts, who specializes in tracking people down. Usually for debts or whatnot.
INFO:NAM1MayorSharedSpeechcraftResponse01Now, I have to get going. I'm sorry Diamond City Security doesn't have time to help, but I'm sure Mister Valentine charges a reasonable fee.
INFO:NAM1Min01PlayerEvasiveI don't know what I'm saying. I don't know what's true anymore.
INFO:NAM1Min01PlayerForgetISaidAnythingForget I said anything. I don't want to talk about it.
INFO:NAM1Min01PlayerInstituteKidnappedSonJust my son. The Institute kidnapped him away while I was still trapped. I've been trying to get him back.
INFO:NAM1Min01PlayerWhatDoYouThinkWhat do you think I'm saying?
INFO:NAM1Min01PrestonFlareGun01By the way, you should have one of these flare guns. You can use it to signal for help from any nearby Minutemen.
INFO:NAM1Min01PrestonFlareGun02It'll get more and more useful as we get more allied settlements. Eventually, you'll have help where ever you need it.
INFO:NAM1Min01PrestonFlareGun03Not much use yet, but once we have more allied settlements, you'll have help whenever you need it.
INFO:NAM1Min01PrestonImSorryDamn. I'm sorry. I hope you find him. Let me know if there's any way I can help.
INFO:NAM1Min01PrestonIntroAskSturgesWell, let's get Sturges over here. He can tell you what's needed better than I can.
INFO:NAM1Min01PrestonIntroBeforeTheWarWell. That you're from before the war. The Great War. Like one of those old ghouls you sometimes run into. Is that true?
INFO:NAM1Min01PrestonIntroFoundSonDamn. You've been through a lot since you woke up. At least you found him, though.
INFO:NAM1Min01PrestonItsOkayHey, it's okay. I didn't mean to rile you up. We've all got our past to deal with. No shame in that.
INFO:NAM1Min01PrestonNoWorriesNo worries. We've all got our past to deal with. I don't need to know anything you don't want to tell me.
INFO:NAM1Min01PrestonOutroGreetingThere's something I need to ask you.
INFO:NAM1Min01PrestonPointToSturgesBy the way, if you want to help out around here at all, talk to Sturges. I'm sure he'd be glad for all the help he can get.
INFO:NAM1Min01PrestonReadyToHelpOutYou ready to help out?
INFO:NAM1Min01PrestonThoughtEveryoneKnewI thought everyone in the Commonwealth knew about that by now.
INFO:NAM1Min01PrestonThoughtEveryoneKnewWhere the Minutemen betrayed each other, and the people they were supposed to protect.
INFO:NAM1Min01PrestonWaterSourceLike a well. Then we don't have to keep drinking the river water. That stuff's not good for you.
INFO:NAM1Min01PrestonWhatDoYouMeanWhat do you mean? Before what war? Are you saying...
INFO:NAM1Min01PrestonYouSavedUsInConcordYou saved us in Concord. There wasn't anything in it for you. You had your own problems to deal with. But you did it anyway.
INFO:NAM1Min01PrestonYouSavedUsInConcordThat kind of selflessness has been in mighty short supply around here for quite a while.
INFO:NAM1Min01SturgesNeedBedsWell, for starters we could use some real beds. We've been sleeping on the ground for too long.
INFO:NAM1Min02PlayerCastleStorySo what happened to this "Castle" if it was so well-fortified?
INFO:NAM1Min02PrestonCastleStoryThis was long before I joined up, but the story I heard was that some kind of monster came out of the sea and destroyed the fort.
INFO:NAM1Min02PrestonCastleStoryA lot of the leaders were killed in that battle, and I guess nobody ever felt it was worth the risk to try to retake it.
INFO:NAM1Min02PrestonCastleStoryI've always wondered if losing the radio station was the beginning of all our later problems.
INFO:NAM1Min02PrestonYourCallYour call. Just let me know when you're ready to pull the trigger.
INFO:NAM1Min03HancockInterject01We really could use the extra muscle. Even if it is a bit... ripe.
INFO:NAM1Min03NickInterject01We'd be in a lot better shape with someone like you in our corner.
INFO:NAM1Min03PiperInterject01Hasn't exactly been the cakewalk we'd hoped for.
INFO:NAM1Min03PlayerWhatDoYouWantWhat do you want?
INFO:NAM1Min03PlayerWhoAreYouWho are you?
INFO:NAM1Min03PrestonIntroApparently the Castle has been trying to get you on the radio. Some kind of situation over there. Better go see what's going on.
INFO:NAM1Min03PrestonIntro02Apparently the Castle has been trying to get a hold of you. Some kind of situation over there. Better go see what's going on.
INFO:NAM1Min03RonnieCommonwealthMinutemenI'm Ronnie Shaw. Commonwealth Minutemen.
INFO:NAM1Min03RonnieCommonwealthMinutemenAs least I was. Back before Joe Becker got himself killed and the idiots took over.
INFO:NAM1Min03RonnieGuessYouDontListenI'm Ronnie Shaw. Guess you don't listen to your own darn radio station. What's the point of it if you don't listen to it?
INFO:NAM1Min03RonnieHeardGoodThingsI've heard some good things. Wouldn't be here otherwise.
INFO:NAM1Min03RonnieHeardGoodThings2But, I've heard some good things about what you've been doing. Wouldn't be here otherwise.
INFO:NAM1Min03RonnieIntroRememberArmoryI'm probably the only one who still remembers this, but the Castle's armory was located in the west bastion.
INFO:NAM1Min03RonnieIWasAMinutemanYeah, I was. Back before Joe Becker got himself killed and the idiots took over.
INFO:NAM1Min03RonnieSomethingMoreSpecificYeah, you're not kidding. But I had something more specific in mind.
INFO:NAM1Min03RonnieTalkToWhoeversInChargeI want to talk to whoever's in charge around here. Since nobody else would fess up to it, guess it must be you.
INFO:NAM1Min03SharedPrestonRonnieOpinionPeople like her. She comes across pretty hardass, but she's one of the good ones.
INFO:NAM1Min03SharedRonnieBuiltArtilleryGosh darn, it's good to see artillery here again.
INFO:NAM1Min03SharedRonnieClearRubble01Come on, General. You must have some way to clear this rubble.
INFO:NAM1Min207SharedPlayerFishingExpeditionSo this was just a fishing expedition...
INFO:NAM1Min207SharedSturgesNoWayToTellNo way to tell until I take a look.
INFO:NAM1Min301PrestonHowToAttackWith any luck, Sturges will find something in that data you swiped from their computers.
INFO:NAM1Min301PrestonHowToAttackNotGivenWe'll have to hope there's something in that data you swiped that we can use to get at them.
INFO:NAM1Min301PrestonHowToAttackNotGivenMake sure to give it to Sturges so he can get started on it.
INFO:NAM1MinDefendCastleSharedPrestonGreeting01The Castle garrison have spotted hostiles scouting the perimeter. We should find out what's going on.
INFO:NAM1MinDefendCastleSharedPrestonGreeting02I've received word from the Castle. Apparently they've spotted hostiles scouting the perimeter. We should go find out what's going on.
INFO:NAM1MinDefendCastleSharedPrestonGreetingMQBad news. The Institute has been scouting the Castle. Looks like they're getting ready for a major attack.
INFO:NAM1MinDestBoSSharedPrestonVertibirdIntroI have some news I think you're going to like.
INFO:NAM1MinPlayerWhatNowWhat now?
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned01ProblemBut they didn't seem too impressed. Said they'd be back with their friends to make an example out of us.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned01ProblemWe're not soldiers... we're hoping you can help us set up some defenses before it's too late.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned01SharedPlayerOutro1Got anything else for me, Garvey?
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned01SharedPlayerOutro2Bad news. I wasn't able to defend that settlement from the raiders. They got shot up pretty bad.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned01SharedPlayerOutro3I taught those raiders a lesson. They won't be attacking another settlement again.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned02ProblemThere were too many of them. We had to give them what they wanted.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned02ProblemThey said as long as we kept paying them "tribute", they'd leave us alone.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned02ProblemAt least we know where they're hiding out. Here, I'll mark it on your map.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned02SharedPlayerOutro1Some bad news to report. I wasn't able to help that settlement.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned02SharedPlayerOutro2Remember that settlement that was asking for help? All safe and sound again.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned02SharedTooManyRaidersToo many for us to handle. But I bet you won't have any problems with them.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned04AskForHelpWe didn't want to take any chances after we noticed them sniffing around. We thought they might come back to take out the artillery.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned04AskForHelpFigured it was better to call for help before they attacked and it was too late.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned04AskForHelpAnything you can do to bolster our defenses is great... but just having you here is all we really need.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned04PlayerDontWorryDon't worry. They'll be sorry they messed with the Minutemen.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned04SettlerExplainOh, you don't know? We sent word to the Castle. I assumed they sent you.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned04SettlerExplainOne of those Brotherhood whirlybirds buzzed us... seemed to be scouting out the place.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned04_BOSSharedPlayerOutro1Bad news. I wasn't able to defend that artillery battery from the Brotherhood.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned04_BOSSharedPlayerOutro2Good news. We held off that Brotherhood attack. The artillery battery is safe.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned05PrestonGreetingA settlement has sent word - they somehow managed to drive off a Super Mutant raid.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned05SharedPlayerOutro1What else have you got for me, Preston?
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned05SharedPlayerOutro2I'm sorry to report that the Super Mutants came back and tore up that settlement pretty bad.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned05SharedPlayerOutro3We wiped out that Super Mutant raiding party. They won't be attacking any more settlements.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned08PrestonGreetingI've gotten word that one of our settlements has driven off an attack by the Gunners.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned08SharedInfo01It's the Gunners. We caught a group of them sneaking around a few days ago and had a bit of a dust up.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned08SharedInfo01They ran off too easy once they saw we were going to fight back. Gunners never back down that quickly.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned08SharedInfo01If you can help us shore up our defenses, it sure would help us out a ton.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned08SharedPlayerOutro1Hey Preston, what can I do to help?
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned08SharedPlayerOutro2The Gunners came back. Hit that settlement pretty hard, and they're in bad shape.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned08SharedPlayerOutro3Well that's a few Gunners that won't be attacking our settlements any time soon.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned10AccuserGreetingGlad you're here. We've got a synth infiltrator on our hands.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned11SharedPlayerOutro1Hey Preston, what can I do to help?
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned11SharedPlayerOutro2The synths attacked that settlement you sent me to. They did a lot of damage.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned11SharedPlayerOutro3The synths attacked that settlement you sent me to, but we managed to hold them off without too much damage.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned11SharedPrestonIntro01A settlement's been reporting increased Institute activity.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwned11SharedPrestonIntro02We've got reports of renegade synth activity near one of our settlements.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantOwnedHelpUsDefendOurselvesHelp us defend ourselves!
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantPlayerFailedI had some trouble. That settlement you sent me to... they aren't going to support our cause.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantPlayerFailedResponseGenericSorry to hear that. Maybe next time.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantPlayerSeeWhatICanDoI'll see what I can do.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantPlayerSorryCantHelpSorry, I can't help.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantPlayerTakeCareOfRaidersDon't worry. I'll take care of those raiders for you.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantPlayerTakeCareOfRaidersForYouI'll take care of those raiders for you.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantPlayerTakeCareOfSuperMutantsI'll take care of those Super Mutants. I promise.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantPrestonIntro01One of our settlements is asking for help.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantPrestonIntro02There's trouble at one of our settlements.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantQuestAccept03Good. We didn't know who else to turn to.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedHearMeOutPlease, just hear me out.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedPlayerAnyNewTroubleSpotsAny new trouble spots?
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedPlayerCantHelpSorry, I can't help you.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedPlayerCockyOf course. Whose ass do you need me to kick?
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedPlayerConfirmB01Sorry, I can't help you.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedPlayerConfirmB02Sorry, I can't help you.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedPlayerConfirmX01I'll do what I can.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedPlayerConfirmX02Can't make any promises, but I'll stand by you.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedPlayerConfirmY01Do you have any supplies I can use to build defenses?
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedPlayerConfirmY02What have you got in the way of supplies?
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedPlayerHowManyRaidersHow many raiders were there?
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedPlayerImpatientJust tell me what you need help with.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedPlayerQuestion01Yes, I'm here to help. What's the problem?
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedPlayerQuestion02What's the problem?
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedPlayerWhatsTheTroubleThat's right. What's the trouble here?
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedPrestonAnotherJob01You know what I'm going to say next. Another trouble spot.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedPrestonOutroFailure01Well... I guess everything can't always go our way. We'll just have to keep fighting the good fight.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedPrestonOutroSuccess01When we all work together, the bad guys don't stand a chance.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedSettlerConfirmA01It's going to be all right then, I'm sure of it.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedSettlerConfirmB01I should have known we could never count on the Minutemen.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedSettlerConfirmB02I guess we're on our own then.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedSettlerConfirmX01Oh great, thanks. I'm sure with your help we'll be okay.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedSettlerConfirmX02Well, that's something. We'll take any help we can get.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedSettlerConfirmY01You can use whatever we've got. I don't know if any of it will be useful, but you're welcome to it.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedSettlerConfirmY03I'm not sure how useful any of it will be, but if you think it will build some better defenses, you're welcome to it.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedSettlerDefendDone01That's better. We may actually stand a chance now.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedSettlerDefendDone01Better keep a sharp eye out. We don't want them to take us by surprise.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedSettlerDefendDoneFailThat's it huh? Can't say I feel that sure of our odds, but we'd better get ready for them.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedSettlerPleaseHelp01Hold on. Please. We're desperate here.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedSettlerVictory01NotMinI can't believe it! We won! We couldn't have done it without your help, and we won't forget it.
INFO:NAM1MinRadiantSharedSettlerVictoryMin01I can't believe it! We won! We couldn't have done it without your help. The Minutemen came through for us, and we won't forget it.
INFO:NAM1MinRadioRecruitIntro01Attention, Minutemen! We've just gotten word that a settlement is in trouble. Anyone within range, please respond.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit00AlreadyDoneResponseNo kidding? That's the best piece of news we've had around here for a good long time.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit00ReturnGreetDid you have any luck with those raiders?
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit00SharedInfo01_TookCareOfThemYeah. I took care of them.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit00ThanksFriendThanks, friend. If you folks are for real this time, it'll be a welcome change for the better.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit01HowManyRaidersAny idea how many raiders we're talking about?
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit01NoTellinNo tellin' I'm afraid. This time there were three, but who knows how many are back at their base.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit01SharedPlayerOutro1I took care of the raiders that were harassing that settlement you sent me to. The people there have decided to join our cause.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit02BringBackSafeFemaleJust bring her back safe, okay?
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit02BringBackSafeMaleJust bring him back safe, okay?
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit02CantHelpResponseGunnerI guess there's no hope then. Well... maybe the Gunners will give me more time to get the ransom together...
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit02CantHelpResponseRaiderOh. I was afraid you were going to say that. Well... maybe the Raiders will give me more time to get the ransom together...
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit02CantHelpResponseSuperMutantI don't think the uglies'll give me more time to get the ransom together... but I guess I've gotta try...
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit02ExplainProblemFemaleThey said they'd be back for the ransom in a few days. If I don't pay up, they'll kill her. But, I don't have that kind of money.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit02ExplainProblemMaleThey said they'd be back for the ransom in a few days. If I don't pay up, they'll kill him. But, I don't have that kind of money.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit02PayRansomResponseGunnerI hope those Gunners are as good as their word. Thank you so much.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit02PayRansomResponseRaiderOh, okay, thanks. I just hope I can trust those Raiders to keep their promise.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit02PayRansomResponseSuperMutantHopefully they'll take the payoff and leave us alone, Super Mutants are pretty unpredictable.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit02SharedPlayerGreeting01What next?
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit02SharedPlayerGreeting02Things didn't work out at that settlement you sent me to.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit02SharedPlayerGreeting03I rescued that kidnapped settler. We've got another settlement on our side now.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit03ConnieFeelsItsPartofMaryGood. Connie feels like it's a part of Mary. I don't think she'll rest easy again as long as it's gone.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit03DontWorryDon't worry. I'll get that locket back for you.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit03FinishQuestResponseYou serious? That's great news!
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit03LocketAlreadyFoundI took care of some raiders earlier. I think I found the locket you're talking about.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit03LocketRecoveredI've got that locket back for you.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit03SharedPlayerOutro1Bad news. That settlement you sent me to isn't going to ally with us.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit03SharedPlayerOutro2Those raiders won't be bothering anybody again. We've got one more settlement on our side.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit03USAFOliviaYeah, pretty sure I do. One of them mentioned Olivia while they were here. My guess is they're holed up in the old USAF station.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit03YoullKnowWhatToDoYeah, pretty sure I do. You'll know what to do when you find them.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit03YouSeriousYou serious? That's great news! Connie's going to be speechless.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit04SharedPlayerOutro1Things didn't go well with that Super Mutant problem. The settlers aren't too happy with us.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit04SharedPlayerOutro2I took care of those Super Mutants. The settlers were relieved to not have them to worry about any more.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit04WipeThemOutWe have a pretty good idea. I hope you can find them and wipe them out.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit05SharedPlayerOutro1Remember that settlement you sent me to help? It didn't turn out well.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit05SharedPlayerOutro2The Minutemen are on a roll. I helped that settlement you sent me to, and cleared the way for a new settlement in the process.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit06SharedPlayerOutroI cleared out that spot you sent me to, and set up a radio beacon there.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit06_PrestonPushQuestOnce you clear it out, set up a radio beacon to let settlers know about it.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit06_PrestonPushQuestBefore you know it, we'll have a thriving new farm instead of wasteland. We'll take back the Commonwealth, one piece at a time.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit06_PrestonResponseClearedOnlyGood, that'll save some time. Now all it needs is the radio beacon, and we're good to go.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit06_PrestonTurnInThat's great news. Once folks have some place to call their own, they'll be willing to help defend it.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit07DealtWithGhoulsAYou did? That's great news!
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit07DoneResponseYou did? That's a relief. It's been hard on everyone, having to keep an eye over our shoulder all the time.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit07GhoulProblem01A pack of feral ghouls has holed up nearby, and some of them have started wandering out lately.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit07GhoulProblem01If more of them start wandering out this way we may be over run. We need someone to clear them out.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit07GhoulProblem02A pack of feral ghouls has wandered in nearby. It's too risky to have them so close and we need someone to clear them out.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit07PlayerGhoulsDealtWithTook care of those ghouls that were giving you trouble.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit07SharedPlayerOutroI cleared out the ghouls that were giving that settlement trouble.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit08SharedPlayerOutroI took out that courser you were worried about.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit08SharedPrestonGreet01Turns out the Institute's destruction had some bad side effects. A lot of their synth agents are now loose in the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit08SharedPrestonGreet02We're still dealing with the consequences of the Institute's destruction.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit08SharedPrestonGreet03Looks like we're going to be dealing with the Institute's rogue synths for a while yet.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit09SharedAlreadyDoneResponseOh, really? That's... that's fantastic news.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit09SharedPlayerOutro1I decided not to help those Institute refugees. They don't deserve our help.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit09SharedPlayerOutro2I set up those Institute refugees in a new home. I think they're going to be okay.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruit09SharedPrestonIntroI've gotten word from one of our checkpoints. Some Institute refugees have wandered in and are taking shelter there.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitAcceptQuestResponse01Thanks. It will be a relief not to have to worry about them.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitAcceptQuestResponse02Oh really? Thanks! I didn't know what we were going to do about them.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitAcceptQuestResponseNegative01We really are grateful for the help.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitFinishQuestResponseReally? Well, that's the best news I've heard in a long time!
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPlayerAcceptCockyConsider it done.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPlayerAlreadyClearedOutI already cleared that place out.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPlayerCockyAlreadyTakenCareOfAlready taken care of. I hardly even broke a sweat.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPlayerDontHaveTimeForThisI don't have time for this.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPlayerGladToHelpI'd be glad to help if I can.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPlayerIllSeeWhatICanDoI'll see what I can do.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPlayerNoProblemNo problem. I'll take care of them for you.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPlayerRaidersAlreadyDoneNeutralI took care of those raiders for you.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPlayerRaidersAlreadyDonePosI took care of some raiders earlier.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPlayerRaidersDontWorryDon't worry. I'll take care of those raiders for you.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPlayerSeeWhatICanDoI'll see what I can do.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPlayerSorryCantHelpSorry, I can't help.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPlayerSuperMutantsAlreadyDoneNeutralI took care of those Super Mutants for you.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPlayerSuperMutantsAlreadyDonePositiveThose Super Mutants are already taken care of.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPlayerSureICanHandleItWhatever it is, I'm sure I can handle it.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPlayerTellMeWhatYouNeedJust tell me what you need.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPlayerWhatDoYouNeedWhat do you need?
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPlayerWhereWhere is this place?
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPlayerWhereAreTheyComingFromDo you know where they're coming from?
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPlayerWithTheMinutemenI'm with the Minutemen. How can I help?
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPlayerYouAreSafeI already cleared that place out. You're safe now.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPrestonIntro01There's another settlement that needs our help. I hope you can get to them quickly. We need to show people that the Minutemen are back.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPrestonIntroFirstIf you want to get started right away, I've had word about a settlement that needs our help.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPrestonIntroFirstThey're still hoping there are Minutemen out there somewhere. Let's not disappoint them. I'll mark their location on your map.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPrestonIntroHello01I got word of a settlement that needs our help.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPrestonIntroHello02I've heard of another settlement that's in trouble.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitPrestonIntroHello03Another settlement has sent word that they need our help.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitRaiderProblemAccepted01Oh, that's great. We know where they're coming from, but we can't stand up to them ourselves.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitRaiderProblemAsk01We're having a lot of trouble with a group of raiders. Stealing our food and supplies. Do you think you can... persuade them to leave us alone?
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitRaiderProblemDirect01There's a group of raiders that won't leave us alone. Stealing our food and supplies. Threatening us if we can't give them what they want.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitRaiderProblemDirect01We know where they're coming from, but we can't stand up to them ourselves.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitRaidersQuestFinishResponseNegativeOh, well... thanks. We really are grateful for the help.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitSpokesmanDidntKnowWhatToDoI hope so. We didn't know what to do.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitSpokesmanGratefulForHelpWe really are grateful for the help.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitSpokesmanSupportMinutemenBy the way, we've decided to support the Minutemen. We've got to help each other if we want things to get better.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitSpokesmanThanksOh, thanks! We were kind of at the end of our rope here.
INFO:NAM1MinRecruitSpokesmanUseOurWorkshopBy the way, feel free to use our workshop. I'm glad to count you as a friend.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedDontHaveMuchToOfferNot many would have. We don't have much to offer by way of thanks, but feel free to use our workshop. Least we can do.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedGratefulGladInMinutemenWell, I'm still grateful for what you did. It's good to know we can count on the Minutemen when we need them.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedGratefulJoiningMinutemenWell, I'm still grateful for what you did.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedGratefulJoiningMinutemenAnd you should know, we've decided to join the Minutemen. You can count on our help if you need it.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedGratefulUseWorkshopWell, I'm still grateful for what you did. And feel free to use our workshop. It's the least we can do.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedNeutralGladInMinutemenIt's good to know we can count on the Minutemen when we need them.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedNeutralGratefulBy the way, feel free to use our workshop. It's the least we can do.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedNeutralJoinMinutemenYou should know, we've decided to join the Minutemen. You can count on our help if you need it.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedPlayerAnythingElseICanDoAnything else I can do to help?
INFO:NAM1MinSharedPlayerAreYouGladSupportMinutemenAre you glad you decided to support the Minutemen now?
INFO:NAM1MinSharedPlayerGladToHelpI was glad to help.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedPlayerHardlyWorthMyTimeHardly worth my time.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedPlayerThanksToMinutemenJust remember that this is all thanks to the Minutemen.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedPlayerWillingToSupportMinutemenAre you willing to support the Minutemen now?
INFO:NAM1MinSharedPlayerYoureWelcomeYou're welcome.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedQuestionGladInMinutemenOf course. It's good to know we've got each other's backs.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedQuestionJoinMinutemenSure thing. I'm glad someone's trying to do some good around here for once. You can count on our help if you need it.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedQuestionUseWorkshopNo, we're good now. But feel free to use our workshop. It's the least we can do.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedSynthAliveGuilty01Thanks. I didn't think I was walking away from that one.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedSynthAliveInnocent01You saved my life. Thank you.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedSynthAliveSupportive01That was too close. We almost let our fear get the better of us.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedSynthAliveSupportiveFemale01That was crazy. She could have been killed.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedSynthAliveSupportiveMale01I can't believe we almost killed him.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedSynthAliveSuspicious01I hope we're doing the right thing.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedSynthDeadUnknown01Do you really think we did the right thing?
INFO:NAM1MinSharedSynthDeadUnknownAccuser01You'll see. I was right.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedSynthGuiltyAccuser01At least we got one of those bastards.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedSynthGuiltyFemale01I can't believe she was a synth.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedSynthGuiltyMale01I can't believe he was a synth.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedSynthInnocentAccuserFemale01If she wasn't a synth, why was she acting so suspicious?
INFO:NAM1MinSharedSynthInnocentAccuserMale01Look, I was just trying to protect our settlement. How could I have known?
INFO:NAM1MinSharedSynthInnocentFemale01She wasn't even a synth... jesus...
INFO:NAM1MinSharedSynthInnocentMale01He wasn't even a synth... what's gotten into us...
INFO:NAM1MinSharedThatsWhyWeSupportMinWe know. That's why we support the Minutemen. You can always count on us to help out down the road.
INFO:NAM1MinSharedWeDecidedToSupportMinutemenWe know. That's why we've decided to join the Minutemen. You can count on our help if you need it.
INFO:NAM1MinVsInstSharedEnricoBlockingGreeting1God, what are you doing in here? Get out there and stop them from killing us!
INFO:NAM1MinVsInstSharedEnricoBlockingGreeting2You're supposed to be defusing this situation! Get out there and do it!
INFO:NAM1MinVsInstSharedInfoSpeechFailure1If I wanted to talk, I wouldn't be in here! Now just... just go away!
INFO:NAM1MinVsInstSharedInfoSpeechFailure2See? I knew it! You're here to kill me!
INFO:NAM1MinVsInstSharedPreston01If we're going to start a war with the Institute, it better be for a damn good reason. And I don't think this is it.
INFO:NAM1MinVsInstSharedThompsonGreeting01I can't wait to get out of this suit.
INFO:NAM1MinVsInstSharedThompsonGreeting02I really, really hate field work.
INFO:NAM1MissEdnaShared01No no no. It is 180! I see your parents are not practicing your multiplication tables with you.
INFO:NAM1MoeCroninShared01Glad to see you appreciate the pastime of baseball. By the way, if you ever wanna help the sport, keep an eye out for old collector's items.
INFO:NAM1MoeCroninShared01100 caps each, but they need to be premium, you understand? Signed. In one piece. Looking for a mitt, one of those old cards, and a signed ball.
INFO:NAM1MoeShared01... I like my version better.
INFO:NAM1MoeShared01Now can I interest you in these genuine, authentic custom-made hickory Swatters?
INFO:NAM1MQ00MamaMurphySharedInfo01No. You're an addict. You need help.
INFO:NAM1MQ00MamaMurphySharedInfo02Oh not this again. Kid. Listen to me. I'm old. Even older than you'd think. If the chems are gonna kill me, then I say I've had a good run.
INFO:NAM1MQ00MamaMurphySharedInfo02We'd have never made it this far without the Sight. We need it. You need it. It's part of who I am.
INFO:NAM1MQ00MamaMurphySharedInfo03You need to stop using chems. I'm serious.
INFO:NAM1MQ00MamaMurphySharedInfo04Bringing this back up? I thought I told you. We need the Sight. And the Sight needs the chems.
INFO:NAM1MQ00MamaMurphySharedInfo05It's a little inhaler that packs a big kick. They say it makes you move faster, but at my age, it's more of a quick rush.
INFO:NAM1MQ00MamaMurphySharedInfo05The chems fuel the Sight, so it's not always gonna be Jet I'm askin' for. But that's what's on the menu this time.
INFO:NAM1MQ00MamaMurphySharedInfo06I'm done talking about this for now, kid, you hear me?
INFO:NAM1MQ101KelloggSequenceBabyCrying01*Shaun cries*
INFO:NAM1MQ101SanctuaryHillsSharedInfo01Only registered Vault participants get inside!
INFO:NAM1MQ101SanctuaryHillsSharedInfo02Keep it orderly! We will check to see if you are on the list!
INFO:NAM1MQ101SanctuaryHillsSharedInfo03If you're not registered, you're not getting in!
INFO:NAM1MQ101SanctuaryHillsSharedInfo04Tell me if you're registered. If you're not, you don't get in!
INFO:NAM1MQ101SanctuaryHillsSharedInfo05Are you registered?
INFO:NAM1MQ101SanctuaryHillsSharedInfo06Are you registered, or not?
INFO:NAM1MQ101SharedInfo01Thank you.
INFO:NAM1MQ101VaultTecRepShared01Wonderful! That's... everything... Just gonna walk this over to the Vault! Congratulations on being prepared for the future!
INFO:NAM1MQ101_MirrorShared01War never changes...
INFO:NAM1MQ101_MirrorShared02You're gonna knock 'em dead at the Veteran's Hall tonight, hon.
INFO:NAM1MQ101_MirrorShared03You think?
INFO:NAM1MQ101_MirrorShared04Absolutely. Now get ready and stop hogging the mirror...
INFO:NAM1MQ105SharedInfo01Ooooh, look who it is. What brings you to the Mayor's office, huh?
INFO:NAM1MQ106ClueSeenAlready01It's a clue, but not enough.
INFO:NAM1MQ106ClueSeenAlready02Dogmeat's gonna need more to go on.
INFO:NAM1MQ106ClueSeenAlready03Already gotten what I can from this.
INFO:NAM1MQ106GettingCloseBoyWe're getting close, boy. Let's go.
INFO:NAM1MQ201PiperSharedInfo01And by the way, at some point, you owe me an interview. I want to hear how this whole story got started.
INFO:NAM1MQ203BabyCrying01*baby crying*
INFO:NAM1MQ204SharedInfo01Hmm... let me think...
INFO:NAM1MQ204SharedInfo01What about that memory involving Virgil, the rogue Institute scientist? If he were alive, we have a common enemy, he might help us.
INFO:NAM1MQ204VirgilInstituteLineThe Institute?
INFO:NAM1MQ206AmariShared01I can't contact them directly. They usually come to me, when they have a synth that's escaped the Institute and wants new memories.
INFO:NAM1MQ206AmariShared01But I do have a code phrase. Some kind of clue if I ever needed to find them on my own. "Follow the Freedom Trail."
INFO:NAM1MQ206AmariShared02You do? Oh. Then, good luck. I hope they can help you.
INFO:NAM1MQ206DezShared01When you're ready, let us know. The information on that chip could save a lot of lives.
INFO:NAM1MQ206MinPlayerNeedToGetInsideI need to get inside the Institute. These are plans for the machine that can do it.
INFO:NAM1MQ206MinPlayerSchematicsCan you take a look at these schematics? They're for a machine to get me inside the Institute.
INFO:NAM1MQ206MinPrestonTeleportationWowTeleportation? For real? Wow. That would explain a lot about how the Institute manages to operate...
INFO:NAM1MQ206MinPrestonTeleportationWowIf anyone can make heads or tails of those plans, it'd be Sturges. I haven't found anything yet that he couldn't build or fix.
INFO:NAM1MQ206MinSturgesCanBuildYeah, sure.
INFO:NAM1MQ206MinSturgesFiguredOutTheRestGood. I think I've got a handle on this crazy contraption. At least as much as I can tell, until we actually try to build it.
INFO:NAM1MQ206MinSturgesGiveMeASecondGive me a second to go through this again...
INFO:NAM1MQ206MinSturgesGiveMeASecondOkay, here you go. I've listed everything we're going to need.
INFO:NAM1MQ206MinSturgesListForPlatformHere's a list of what you'll need for the first piece. I'm pretty sure we've got all of that at Sanctuary, if you want to build it there.
INFO:NAM1MQ206MinSturgesListForPlatformWhile you're working on that, I'll get busy figuring out how to actually build the rest of this thing.
INFO:NAM1MQ206MinSturgesNotReadyResponseThat's cool, I'll keep tuning this baby. Although we won't know if it's going to work until we actually try it.
INFO:NAM1MQ206RRDezShared01Fortunately, Patriot gives every synth he rescues a certain code word. We believe he's been providing these as a way to make contact with him.
INFO:NAM1MQ206RRDezShared01The words are "Monument," "Lighthouse," and "Harvard."
INFO:NAM1MQ206RRDezShared01We have no idea what the inside of the Institute is like, or what will happen to you there, so improvise. Find Patriot, any way you can.
INFO:NAM1MQ206RRNoToTeleportNowMake your preparations, but make them quickly. Tom could lose the signal any minute now.
INFO:NAM1MQ206RRSharedInfo01_DezTeleportationWe've spent dozens of years and too many good agents' lives only to discover not a god damned thing. And now we have the answer thanks to you. Teleportation.
INFO:NAM1MQ206RRSharedInfo01_DezTeleportationThat the Institute could build something so... But we've got work to do.
INFO:NAM1MQ302BoSRealyReadyIngramWaitAll right, but don't take too long. Maxson's itching to turn this place into dust.
INFO:NAM1MQ302BoSRelayReadyIngramNoYeah? Well, I hope you're not forgetting that one button press turns this place into a crater.
INFO:NAM1MQ302BoSRelayReadyIngramQuestionDon't worry, I've got this thing all figured out. Now, are you ready to get out of here or not?
INFO:NAM1MQ302BoSRelayReadyIngramYesYou got it, Paladin.
INFO:NAM1MQ302BoSRelayReadyPlayerNoNo, not yet.
INFO:NAM1MQ302BoSRelayReadyPlayerQuestionThe Relay works? It's not going to vaporize me or something, is it?
INFO:NAM1MQ302BoSRelayReadyPlayerWaitNot just yet. I need a minute.
INFO:NAM1MQ302BoSRelayReadyPlayerYesAbsolutely. Let's get out of here.
INFO:NAM1MQ302MinPrestonWayInIt's something to do with cooling water for their reactor. Sturges can give you the details.
INFO:NAM1MQ302MinRelayReadyPlayerNoNo, not yet.
INFO:NAM1MQ302MinRelayReadyPlayerQuestionYou sure you know what you're doing here? This thing won't vaporize me, right?
INFO:NAM1MQ302MinRelayReadyPlayerWaitJust... give me a minute.
INFO:NAM1MQ302MinRelayReadyPlayerYesAbsolutely. Let's get the hell out of here.
INFO:NAM1MQ302MinRelayReadySturgesNoOkay, but... I don't think we ought to hang around here any longer than we have to.
INFO:NAM1MQ302MinRelayReadySturgesQuestionOh, come on... Have I ever let you down? You've got my word that it's all set up proper. Now are we going, or are we gonna stand here and jaw more?
INFO:NAM1MQ302MinRelayReadySturgesWaitOkay, but we don't have too many minutes to spare here.
INFO:NAM1MQ302MinSharedPrestonReactor01This must be the reactor.
INFO:NAM1MQ302MinSturgesCodeI did manage to pull the code to open the grate. So all you have to do is survive the trip.
INFO:NAM1MQ302MinSturgesPlanOne of things in the data you stole was a plan of the whole Institute complex - including the older sections that used to be part of C.I.T.
INFO:NAM1MQ302MinSturgesYouGotItYou got it!
INFO:NAM1MQ302RRSharedInfo_DesReactorHelloLet's get to that reactor.
INFO:NAM1MQ302SharedInfo01You're just going to leave me here... I can't believe it. I hate you!
INFO:NAM1MQ302SharedInfo02I'm glad you were here to save me.
INFO:NAM1MQ302SharedInfo03Thanks mom! You saved my life and I'll never forget it.
INFO:NAM1MQ302SharedInfo04What do you mean I'm not your son?!
INFO:NAM1MQ302ShaunSpeechSuccessVery well.
INFO:NAM1MQ302SturgesLaterResponseYou're the boss. Just tell me when.
INFO:NAM1MQ302SturgesWheneverYoureReadyWhenever you're ready. Step on up, and I'll make sure you get there in one piece. Good luck.
INFO:NAM1MS01BillyStayFridgeI guess I'll just sit here until some monster comes and eats me.
INFO:NAM1MS01BillyStayFridgeThanks for nothin'.
INFO:NAM1MS02DonnyHelloYou're still alive. I guess it wasn't dangerous.
INFO:NAM1MS02ZaoHelloFinally, after so many years, my beautiful Yangtze will dive once more!
INFO:NAM1MS04CatoCombatThe Silver Shroud crawls into my web. Let's see how you bleed.
INFO:NAM1MS04CatoCombatDUPLICATE000Wayne will be avenged.
INFO:NAM1MS04NorthyCombatOh god, oh god, oh god.
INFO:NAM1MS04RexToCombatYou just made your last mistake, pal.
INFO:NAM1MS04SinjinCombatSay goodnight, Kent.
INFO:NAM1MS04SinjinKentSparedCombatNow you get to watch your friend die, Kent.
INFO:NAM1MS04SmilingKateCombatYou dumb asshole. Hahaha.
INFO:NAM1MS04WayneToCombatYou mess with me? You're dead.
INFO:NAM1MS05BPostQuestWell01Deathclaw egg, you say? Let me just have a...
INFO:NAM1MS05BTurnInEgg01Egg delivery! Fresh eggs, straight to you from only the finest Deathclaw nests!
INFO:NAM1MS05BTurnInEgg02And the special request your superior made. Major Jefferies, was it? I trust you can get this to its destination.
INFO:NAM1MS05BTurnInEgg02Don't just go waving it around willy-nilly.
INFO:NAM1MS05BWellinghamTurnIn02Yes, well, I suppose this will have to do.
INFO:NAM1MS07aCrockerDeathLineI can fix... anything.
INFO:NAM1MS07aDocSunShared01That's... Earl Sterling's body, isn't it? Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew he had gone through with the surgery...
INFO:NAM1MS07aDocSunShared01So... Earl didn't just vanish. The procedure went badly, and Doctor Crocker was trying to cover it up...
INFO:NAM1MS07aNickShared01So, the doctor did it. Feels like there's a cliche in there somewhere...
INFO:NAM1MS07cEddieSharedInfo01Oh no. You ain't walkin' away from this.
INFO:NAM1MS07cNickQuestOfferYou know, there's another chunk of Nick Valentine history I've been hoping to put a bow on for a while now.
INFO:NAM1MS07cNickQuestOfferI could use a hand, if you're willing to take a crack at it?
INFO:NAM1MS07cNickQuestOffer01You know, I've been thinking.
INFO:NAM1MS07cNickQuestOffer01What went down with Doc Amari and Kellogg's memories. I'm glad I did it, don't get me wrong.
INFO:NAM1MS07cNickQuestOffer01It's just made me realize that there's still some Nick Valentine business that I've been wanting to put a bow on for a while now.
INFO:NAM1MS07cNickQuestOffer01I was wondering if you'd be up for lending a hand?
INFO:NAM1MS07cNickQuestOffer02Hey. Hold up a minute.
INFO:NAM1MS07cNickQuestOffer03You know, that whole business with Doc Amari and Kellogg's memories. It got me thinking.
INFO:NAM1MS07cNickQuestOffer03It's just... there's still some Nick Valentine history I've been wanting to put a bow on for a while now.
INFO:NAM1MS07cNickQuestOffer03I could use a hand, if you're willing to take a crack at it.
INFO:NAM1MS07cNickQuestOffer04You know, there is this chunk of Nick Valentine history I've been hoping to put a bow on for a while now.
INFO:NAM1MS07cNickQuestOffer04I could use a hand, if you're willing to take a crack at it?
INFO:NAM1MS07cNickQuestOfferFollowUpAny chance you've rethought helping me close out some Nick Valentine history?
INFO:NAM1MS07cNickQuestOfferFollowUp02So, you rethink helping me take down Winter?
INFO:NAM1MS07cNickSharedInfo01Let's not keep Eddie waiting.
INFO:NAM1MS07cNickTapeTurnIn01No foolin'.
INFO:NAM1MS07cPostQuestSharedInfo01That is, if you're still interested in traveling together. Wouldn't blame ya if you wanted some time on your own after all this.
INFO:NAM1MS07cSharedInfoEddieSteal01Big mistake.
INFO:NAM1MS07c_TurnInTapes_Nick_01Ten tapes recorded by that hooligan, Eddie Winter. Word is they got stashed in police departments around the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1MS07c_TurnInTapes_Nick_01When you find 'em all, you bring 'em to me.
INFO:NAM1MS07c_TurnInTapes_Player_01What was it we were looking for again?
INFO:NAM1MS07EllieDirectlyFromFileIntroInterested in doing some sleuthing of your own? I'm sure Nick would be happy to have the help. Which one is that?
INFO:NAM1MS07NickShared01Here's to a beautiful partnership. Let me pull out my files.
INFO:NAM1MS09CaptainBeCarefulHey, be careful. It's weird that they're still hanging around so close. Normal raiders would have grabbed the loot and bugged out by now.
INFO:NAM1MS09CaptainBeCarefulIt's like they're scouting the place or something. I'll be glad when you clear them out.
INFO:NAM1MS09CaptainGivePackageHere you go. Better get back to Cabot House before Edward gets worried.
INFO:NAM1MS09CaptainNewGirlOh, you're the new girl.
INFO:NAM1MS09CaptainNewGuyOh, you're the new guy.
INFO:NAM1MS09EdwardCanITellHerJack, can I tell her what I need her to do?
INFO:NAM1MS09EdwardCanITellHimJack, can I tell him what I need him to do?
INFO:NAM1MS09EdwardDeliveryLastTimeThe courier got there and picked up the package just fine, but never got back here.
INFO:NAM1MS09EdwardDeliveryLastTimeCould be simple bad luck, or it could be a deliberate ambush.
INFO:NAM1MS09EdwardDeliveryLastTimeThat's why I'm sending you. It's important that you recover the missing package.
INFO:NAM1MS09EdwardDontGetKilledGood luck. Don't get killed on your first job.
INFO:NAM1MS09EdwardEndingWhatNowI don't know. It's been a long time since I've had to answer that for myself. Only thing I'm sure of is that I won't stay here.
INFO:NAM1MS09EdwardGoToParsonsYou should start at Parsons State Insane Asylum. Don't let the name spook you, it's just a secure building that we're using.
INFO:NAM1MS09EdwardInfoCabotHouseThis is Cabot House, like it says on the sign.
INFO:NAM1MS09EdwardInfoCabotHouseAnd if you don't know what that is, you're in the wrong place. You should leave before you get yourself into trouble.
INFO:NAM1MS09EdwardIntercomOhItsYouOh, it's you. I thought you might change your mind. Come on in, door's open.
INFO:NAM1MS09EdwardIntercomYouMadeItOh, it's you. Good. Come on in.
INFO:NAM1MS09EdwardMission01FiguresYeah, figures. Oh, well.
INFO:NAM1MS09EdwardMission01LieFailYou used it, didn't you? I know the look... That was a really stupid thing to do, by the way. But too late to do anything about it now.
INFO:NAM1MS09EdwardMission01LieFail02You're not that good at lying, you know that? But I don't have time to make a thing out of it.
INFO:NAM1MS09EdwardMission2EmogeneThe trouble usually isn't finding her. It's persuading her to come home.
INFO:NAM1MS09EdwardNotAsSimpleAsItSoundsWe think the courier got ambushed as he was leaving the place. The guards heard gunfire in the distance but don't know exactly what happened.
INFO:NAM1MS09EdwardNotAsSimpleAsItSoundsCheck in with Maria at Parsons. She's in charge of the security force there. She can point you in the right direction.
INFO:NAM1MS09EdwardNotSureI'm not sure.
INFO:NAM1MS09EdwardPackageResponseHmm. I don't like raiders operating so close to Parsons. I hope this isn't the start of something serious.
INFO:NAM1MS09EdwardPainfulBeCarefulBe careful, Jack.
INFO:NAM1MS09EmogeneAgeReactionJust to be clear - I'm Jack's younger sister. The baby of the family.
INFO:NAM1MS09EmogeneAgeReactionOnce I get home and get some of Jack's serum, I'll be back to my usual stunning self.
INFO:NAM1MS09EmogeneBoredWithThomasI was bored with Thomas anyway. He seemed so interesting at first, but after we got here he turned out to be just another brute.
INFO:NAM1MS09EmogeneJackSpillSecretsIf Jack wants to spill the family secrets to just anyone, that's his business. I've already said too much.
INFO:NAM1MS09EmogeneJustFineI'm fine, as you can see. I was just waiting to see if Thomas would come to his senses.
INFO:NAM1MS09EmogeneJustFineBut since you've already gone to all this trouble, I may as well leave now.
INFO:NAM1MS09EmogeneKnowItWasJackAnd I know it was Jack who sent you. He's always trying to control me.
INFO:NAM1MS09EmogeneMission2ComplimentReactionWell... thank you. Even though I know you're just being polite. You're different than the thugs Jack usually sends.
INFO:NAM1MS09EmogeneSinceYoureHereWillComeWithWell... yes. I've been waiting to see if Thomas would come to his senses.
INFO:NAM1MS09EmogeneSinceYoureHereWillComeWithBut since you've already gone to all this trouble, I may as well leave now.
INFO:NAM1MS09EmogeneTechnicallyAPrisonerWell. Thomas certainly thinks so. But really I was just waiting to see if he would come to his senses.
INFO:NAM1MS09EmogeneTechnicallyAPrisonerHe seemed so interesting at first, but since we came here he turned out to be just another brute.
INFO:NAM1MS09EmogeneThomasJoinCultHe actually thought he could force me to join his absurd cult.
INFO:NAM1MS09EmogeneToldYouAboutArtifactHe must have told you about the strange artifact my father found? Jack's been studying it for years.
INFO:NAM1MS09EmogeneWillGoWithYouWait. Since you've already gone to all this trouble, I may as well leave now.
INFO:NAM1MS09IntroEdwardDontKnowYetI don't know yet. Whatever needs to be done once my boss has had a look at you.
INFO:NAM1MS09IntroEdwardDontKnowYetI can assure you that it will be dangerous, and that you'll be paid fairly.
INFO:NAM1MS09IntroEdwardLookingForPeopleI'm always looking for people who know how to handle themselves in dangerous situations.
INFO:NAM1MS09IntroEdwardLookingForPeopleFrom what I hear, you may fit the bill.
INFO:NAM1MS09IntroEdwardNeedToTalkToJackBut you'll need to talk to my boss first. His name is Jack Cabot. He likes to personally interview everyone I hire. He's careful like that.
INFO:NAM1MS09IntroEdwardNeedToTalkToJackCome down to Cabot House in Beacon Hill and ask to talk to Jack. I'll let him know you're coming.
INFO:NAM1MS09IntroEdwardNotInterestedYou know your own business. If you change your mind, look me up at Cabot House, Beacon Hill. Ask for Edward Deegan.
INFO:NAM1MS09IntroPlayerLeaveMeAloneLeave me alone.
INFO:NAM1MS09IntroPlayerWhatstheJobWhat's the job?
INFO:NAM1MS09JackAncestralHomeThis is my ancestral home. The Cabots have always lived here, since long before the Great War.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackAncestralHomeIf you're asking what we're still doing here, with Boston in its current sad state, well... that's a story for another time, perhaps.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackArtifactModifiedBloodIn the course of my attempts to cure him, I discovered that the artifact had introduced... anomalies into his blood.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackArtifactModifiedBloodSo, the source of his insanity is also the basis of the treatments that have prolonged all our lives. The irony isn't lost on me.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackCouldBeSameRaidersI wonder if these could be the same raiders that stole that last shipment...
INFO:NAM1MS09JackCouldBeSameRaidersIf some of them had used the undiluted serum... it could explain their unusual success against Edward's men.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackEdwardWhoIsItEdward! Who is it?
INFO:NAM1MS09JackEmogeneRewardYou'll be wanting to be paid, of course... Edward usually handles these things...
INFO:NAM1MS09JackEmogeneReward"Caps" is what you use for currency, isn't that right? Here. I hope that's the right amount.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackExplainLorenzoAtParsonsMy father is... confined in Parsons. For his own safety and everyone else's.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackExplainLorenzoAtParsonsHe became dangerously unstable after handling an ancient artifact he found in Arabia.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackExplainLorenzoAtParsonsI've spent my life trying to figure out how to cure him.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackFoundEmogeneAnswerOh, yes. Good.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackGladToHearYouSayThatI'm glad to hear you say that. I would love to sit down and discuss some of my methods in more detail.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackIntroAlienCivilizationYes, if by "alien" you mean a non-human precursor to the commonly understood founding cultures -- Sumer, Egypt, Assyria.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackIntroFatherLostCityMy father excavated a city in the Rub'al Khali in Arabia which he dated to more than 4,000 years before the rise of any known human civilization.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackIntroFatherLostCityThe structures and artifacts were... strange. Disturbing, even. Clearly not constructed for or by humans.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackIntroFatherLostCityI've spent my life trying to decipher what he uncovered.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackIntroImpatientResponseI'm sorry if I'm rattling on. I sometimes forget not everyone finds these things as compelling as I do.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackIntroImpatientResponseI'll leave you to Edward. He'll be your immediate supervisor. But remember, I'd love to chat more about this when matters are not so pressing.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackLorenzoAbilitiesIt's hard to overstate exactly how dangerous the artifact has made Lorenzo.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackLorenzoAbilitiesIn addition to being homicidally psychotic, he has also gained enhanced strength and unusual resistance to most kinds of physical damage.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackLorenzoAbilitiesHe also commands a kind of local telekinesis, which appears to be projected by the artifact itself.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackLorenzoFullExplanationMy father, Lorenzo Cabot, is... confined in Parsons.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackLorenzoFullExplanationHe became dangerously unstable after handling an artifact he found on an archaeological dig in Arabia.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackLorenzoFullExplanationHe gained various seemingly paranormal powers... as well as becoming increasingly irrational and violent.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackLorenzoFullExplanationIn the end, I had no choice but to confine him - for his own safety as well as ours.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackLorenzosTheoryHe believed that all of the earliest human civilizations shared some common parent that was unknown to history.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackLorenzosTheoryThink of Atlantis - the myth of an advanced civilization destroyed by a cataclysm is shared by many widely separated ancient cultures.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackLorenzosTheoryEventually, he found was he was looking for - a lost city, buried beneath the sands of the Empty Quarter of the Arabian desert.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackLostCityDisturbingMillennia older than the earliest human civilizations. But with technology that seems to have surpassed our own.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackLostCityDisturbingAnd yet, everything about it is... strange.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackLostCityDisturbingDisturbing geometries, tools not made for human hands, carvings that hint at dimensions beyond our own...
INFO:NAM1MS09JackMission3EndingNegativeThat's a lie. I've worked for centuries to find a way to cure him. But he doesn't want to be cured. He likes what he's become.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackMission3EndingNeutralAnd now he's coming here to kill all of us! Are you satisfied?
INFO:NAM1MS09JackMission3EndingPositiveIt's a little late for that epiphany. I'm sure Lorenzo's on his way to kill us all right now.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackNoAlternativeI didn't see any alternative. I've devoted all my efforts since then to try to figure out how to remove the artifact.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackSerumExplainedIt increases strength and resistance to all kinds of physical damage.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackSerumExplainedSo at least some of these raiders may be much more dangerous than the ones you're used to dealing with.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackSerumImmortalityYou may have guessed by now that my family and I have lived for a very long time, thanks to the serum derived from my father's blood.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackSerumImmortalityI discovered the alterations to his blood in some of my earliest attempts to remove the artifact.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackSerumImmortalityI eventually isolated the anomalous compounds, which led to the serum treatment we still use.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackSorryToHearYouSayThatI'm sorry to hear you say that. But not surprised. Perhaps one day I will succeed in changing your mind.
INFO:NAM1MS09JackSupposeTimeYouKnewI suppose it's time you knew.
INFO:NAM1MS09LorenzoLookingAtThingsWrongYou're looking at things the wrong way, my friend.
INFO:NAM1MS09LorenzoLookingAtThingsWrongThe old world's luxuries were paid for by an infinity of rules and restrictions. There was no room for a truly creative mind to flourish.
INFO:NAM1MS09LorenzoLookingAtThingsWrongNow, however... there's nothing to stand in my way. Or yours.
INFO:NAM1MS09LorenzoMission3BossRoomGreetingIt seems Jack doesn't want to talk to his father. We'll have to kill him, you know. And all the rest of them.
INFO:NAM1MS09MagnoliaGladSomeonesLookingOutForHerI'm glad somebody's looking out for her. She seems like a body that could use looking after.
INFO:NAM1MS09MagnoliaKnowEmogeneEmogene? Sure, I know her. I haven't seen her in a while though. Are you a friend of hers?
INFO:NAM1MS09MariaDoYouGetLotsOfAttacksAnswerNot a lot. The locals know better than to mess with us. Usually it's the out of town tough guys who have to learn the hard way.
INFO:NAM1MS09MariaWhatIsThisPlaceAnswerIf Edward wanted you to know, he'd have told you.
INFO:NAM1MS09MariaWhoTookPackageAnswerSure. Assholes with guns. Although it's weird that they're still hanging around so close.
INFO:NAM1MS09MariaWhoTookPackageAnswerKind of like they're scouting this place or something. I don't like it. I'm glad you're going to finally get rid of them.
INFO:NAM1MS09PlayerAnnoyedAtNotKnowingI'm getting used to not knowing what's going on.
INFO:NAM1MS09PlayerDemandAnswersI'm not going any further until you tell me what's going on.
INFO:NAM1MS09PlayerDoYouGetLotsOfAttacksDo you get a lot of attacks like this?
INFO:NAM1MS09PlayerEmogeneComplimentI was just kidding. You look absolutely fabulous.
INFO:NAM1MS09PlayerEndingWhatNowWhat are you going to do now?
INFO:NAM1MS09PlayerFoundEmogeneI found Emogene. She's fine.
INFO:NAM1MS09PlayerGoingToSeeHerI'm going to see her, one way or another. Your choice.
INFO:NAM1MS09PlayerIntercomLetMeInCome on, let me in.
INFO:NAM1MS09PlayerJustNeedToTalkToHerI'm a friend of the family. Maybe I can talk some sense into her.
INFO:NAM1MS09PlayerLevelTwoHow will I know when I'm ready for level two?
INFO:NAM1MS09PlayerLookingForEmogeneI'm looking for Emogene Cabot.
INFO:NAM1MS09PlayerMission2EmogeneAgeYou're Jack's sister? I was expecting someone a bit... younger.
INFO:NAM1MS09PlayerPleasedToMeetYouJackPleased to meet you, Jack.
INFO:NAM1MS09PlayerSorryBothI'm sorry about Emogene and Wilhelmina. I never meant for anyone to get hurt.
INFO:NAM1MS09PlayerSorryEmogeneI'm sorry about Emogene. I never meant for anyone to get hurt.
INFO:NAM1MS09PlayerSorryWilhelminaI'm sorry about Wilhelmina. I never meant for anyone to get hurt.
INFO:NAM1MS09PlayerWhatDoIGetInReturnWhat do I get in return for giving you everything I own?
INFO:NAM1MS09PlayerWhatIsGoingOnHereWhat exactly is going on here?
INFO:NAM1MS09PlayerWhatIsThisPlaceWhat is this place?
INFO:NAM1MS09SharedJackElevatorThis will take us to the basement.
INFO:NAM1MS09SharedJackEndingLorenzoDeadI only wish I'd been able to find some way to cure my father before it came to... this.
INFO:NAM1MS09SharedJackEndingLorenzoDeadI still believe that with a little more time, I might have found some way to remove the artifact.
INFO:NAM1MS09SharedJackEndingLorenzoDeadBut it doesn't matter now.
INFO:NAM1MS09SharedJackNotNowNot now.
INFO:NAM1MS09SharedPlayerEndNotMyFaultI wasn't the cause of any of this.
INFO:NAM1MS09SharedPlayerEndOweMeYou still owe me for the Parsons job. Plus my help here.
INFO:NAM1MS09SharedSentryBot01This is private property.
INFO:NAM1MS09SharedSentryBot02Move along. Authorized personnel only.
INFO:NAM1MS09SharedSentryBot03Be advised, you are being watched.
INFO:NAM1MS09SharedSentryBot04Stay off the grass.
INFO:NAM1MS09ThomasAfraidWerePastThatPointNo, sorry, I'm afraid we're past that point. You really do need to give me everything. Now.
INFO:NAM1MS09ThomasLevelTwoAnswerOh, you'll know. Good things will start to happen. You'll see. You just have to keep working on level one until they do.
INFO:NAM1MS09ThomasMovementAnswerOur mission is nothing less than to transform the entire Commonwealth, one life at a time.
INFO:NAM1MS09ThomasMovementAnswerMaybe you've seen pictures or heard stories about what life was like back before the Great War.
INFO:NAM1MS09ThomasMovementAnswerMaybe you've wondered, "Why can't life be like that again?" Well, neighbor, I'm here to tell you that it can be!
INFO:NAM1MS09ThomasNotSellingAnythingI'm not selling anything, neighbor, I'm giving away the secrets of long life, happiness, and prosperity. Giving them away!
INFO:NAM1MS09ThomasWeAreThePillarsWe call ourselves the Pillars of the Community. We're a pretty new movement so you may not have heard of us.
INFO:NAM1MS09ThomasWeAreThePillarsBut we're growing fast all across the Commonwealth, and you can be part of this exciting future.
INFO:NAM1MS09ThomasWelcomeNeighborWelcome, neighbor! We're always glad to see a new face around here.
INFO:NAM1MS09ThomasWhatDoIGetAnswerYou're still stuck in old thinking. You're still clinging to your old life.
INFO:NAM1MS09ThomasWhatDoIGetAnswerBut that's what you came here to give up. And the first step is to shed yourself of your material possessions.
INFO:NAM1MS09WilhelminaEmogeneSafeThank god. At least one small comfort on this terrible day.
INFO:NAM1MS10bSharedInfo01RadioLineHelp. Or Mayday, or whatever it is one says on a radio.
INFO:NAM1MS10bSharedInfo01RadioLineMy name is Rex Goodman. I'm being held prisoner on the top of Trinity Tower.
INFO:NAM1MS10bSharedInfo01RadioLineI think the super mutants plan on eating me soon.
INFO:NAM1MS10bSharedInfo01RadioLineI'm setting this to repeat. Oh shit! Got to sign off. One of the super mutants is coming.
INFO:NAM1MS11SharedInfo01_FirstMateGreetUnidentified intruder. Intruder.
INFO:NAM1MS11SharedInfoCannonsReadyAThe cannons are ready!
INFO:NAM1MS11SharedInfoCannonsReadyBFlip the switch to broadside them!
INFO:NAM1MS13ColetteHesMyFatherFair question. He's my father. I hadn't heard from him in a while, so I came to town to check up on him.
INFO:NAM1MS13ColetteIfYouSaySoIf you say so. I'll probably see you around town. Bye.
INFO:NAM1MS13ColetteJustAskingAroundTownOkay. I'm just asking everybody around town.
INFO:NAM1MS13ColetteOhOkayThanksOh. Okay. Thanks for letting me know.
INFO:NAM1MS13ColetteShouldKillYouBothI should just kill you both. One of you killed my father.
INFO:NAM1MS13ColetteShouldKillYouBothBut I don't kill people unless I'm sure they need killing. And I'm not sure about you. Yet.
INFO:NAM1MS13ColetteTimeToMoveOnI guess it's time to move on. I'm not going to find my dad here.
INFO:NAM1MS13ColetteYouMustHaveYourReasonsWell. Okay. You must have your reasons. I do appreciate you letting me know that he's still alive.
INFO:NAM1MS13ColetteYouSOBYou son of a bitch.
INFO:NAM1MS13CookeAmbushFinalInstructionsYou should be able to work your way around these buildings to get a good angle on them.
INFO:NAM1MS13CookeAmbushFinalInstructionsI'll wait for the shooting to start, then join in from here.
INFO:NAM1MS13CookeAmbushFinalInstructionsRemember, we can't afford to let anybody get away.
INFO:NAM1MS13CookeImpatient01Time's wasting. Are you in or out?
INFO:NAM1MS13CookeImpatient02So, what do you say?
INFO:NAM1MS13CookeImpatient03So are we doing this or not?
INFO:NAM1MS13CookeMalcolmDoesntKnowWhat do you think? No, of course not. Anyway, that's between him and Nelson.
INFO:NAM1MS13CookeNotScaredOfYouI'm not scared of you.
INFO:NAM1MS13CookeTougherThanYouI've left tougher than you bleeding in the dirt. You'd better turn yourself around before you find out what the hard way really means.
INFO:NAM1MS13CookeTrustMeTrust me, we can do this, no problem. The meeting's always in the same place, they always bring the same number of guys.
INFO:NAM1MS13CookeTrustMeThey'll never know what hit them.
INFO:NAM1MS13CookeWhatAboutAfterwardsCome on. You know the answer. No witnesses.
INFO:NAM1MS13CookeWhereWasISo where was I? Oh, yeah.
INFO:NAM1MS13CookeWhyScrewTheseGuysOh, it isn't all of a sudden. Nelson's been complaining about my cut for a while now. He may be thinking about trying to strike out on his own.
INFO:NAM1MS13CookeWhyScrewTheseGuysI've been waiting for the right opportunity to present itself. And here it is.
INFO:NAM1MS13CookeWhySmuggleChemsSure, but Mayor McDonough takes a big cut of all the chems brought into town. Not everybody thinks that's good business.
INFO:NAM1MS13CookeWhySmuggleChemsThat's where me and Nelson come in. He fronts the cash, I make the arrangements. Cheap chems for Diamond City. Everybody wins.
INFO:NAM1MS13DarcyAllSoSenselessMy god, it's all so senseless. Now what will I do?
INFO:NAM1MS13DarcyExplainsPhotoIt's Paul, 20 years younger, with Henry Cooke and Malcolm Latimer.
INFO:NAM1MS13DarcyExplainsPhotoI knew they were friends growing up together, but I never knew they pulled something like this.
INFO:NAM1MS13DarcyGivePhotoLook at this old photograph that Paul had hidden away.
INFO:NAM1MS13DarcyLearnsCookeKilledPaulOh, god! No! Then it's my fault!
INFO:NAM1MS13DarcyLearnsCookeKilledPaulPaul can be... could be... so damn irritating. Sometimes I just wanted to run away, or...
INFO:NAM1MS13DarcyLearnsCookeKilledPaulI'm sorry. Thank you for telling me. I have to go now.
INFO:NAM1MS13DarcyOhOkayByeOh, okay. Bye.
INFO:NAM1MS13GibsonGetMarowskisWholeStashWait! I can tell you how to find Marowski's chem lab! You can get his whole stash!
INFO:NAM1MS13GibsonIHaveThePasswordThere's a terminal that will bypass the tripwires and open the door to the lab. And I have the password.
INFO:NAM1MS13GibsonNeverFindLabWhere do you think these chems come from? We've got a lab, right here in the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1MS13GibsonNeverFindLabBut you'll never find it on your own. Not without my help.
INFO:NAM1MS13GibsonNoNoNo! No!
INFO:NAM1MS13GibsonOverrunWithFeralsThe place is overrun with feral ghouls. Which don't even look twice at my crew, 'cause they're all ghouls like me. My idea, by the way.
INFO:NAM1MS13GibsonTellMarowskiGunnersI'll tell Marowski it was Gunners, okay? You can trust me!
INFO:NAM1MS13GibsonTellMarowskiGunnersAnd, and... I'll give up Marowski's chem lab! This here, this is nothing compared to what he's got stashed there!
INFO:NAM1MS13GibsonYouAssumeRightYou assume right.
INFO:NAM1MS13MalcolmGetAwayFromMeGet away from me.
INFO:NAM1MS13MalcolmGladMarowskiDeadGood. Bastard. I hope you didn't make it too easy for him.
INFO:NAM1MS13MalcolmHeresYourRewardHere's what I owe you. As far as I'm concerned, this is the last time we ever need to speak.
INFO:NAM1MS13MalcolmMarwoskiKilledNelsonHe killed my son Nelson. Or had his goons kill him. Either way, he's going to pay.
INFO:NAM1MS13MalcolmNothingElseToSayI have nothing else to say to you.
INFO:NAM1MS13MalcolmOhMyGodWhat? Oh my god...
INFO:NAM1MS13MalcolmPlentyOfOtherLowLifesDon't worry. There are plenty of other low-lifes willing to kill for that kind of money.
INFO:NAM1MS13MalcolmProblemIsYouThe problem is that I've learned that you killed my son Nelson. Is this true?
INFO:NAM1MS13MalcolmSonIsMissingMy son, Nelson. He's... missing. If you find him, I'll pay you. 100 caps. It's all I have available.
INFO:NAM1MS13MalcolmWantMarowskiDeadA scumbag named Marowski. He lives in Goodneighbor. He should be easy to find.
INFO:NAM1MS13MalcolmWantSomeoneKilledI want someone killed. It's... personal. I'll pay you 400 caps. Interested?
INFO:NAM1MS13MalcolmYouWillPayYou'll pay for what you've done. I promise.
INFO:NAM1MS13MarowskiDumbestAssholesYou're one of the dumbest assholes I've ever had to deal with. And that's saying a lot.
INFO:NAM1MS13MarowskiGoodKillThemGood. And go ahead and make it as messy as you want.
INFO:NAM1MS13MarowskiLetMeSeeThatWhat? What?! Yeah, you better let me see that.
INFO:NAM1MS13MarowskiNowWereGettingSomewhereNow we're getting somewhere.
INFO:NAM1MS13MarowskiOneTimeThingThis is a one-time thing, you understand. Don't cross me again.
INFO:NAM1MS13MarowskiRevengeSharedPaymentWarningYou've got a week to come up with 2000 caps. After that, no more Mr. Nice Guy.
INFO:NAM1MS13MarowskiSeesPhotoHoly fucking shit. Pembroke, Cooke and Latimer. Those fucking assholes!
INFO:NAM1MS13MarowskiSeesPhotoAnd all this time, Cooke was laughing at me behind my back...
INFO:NAM1MS13MarowskiTellYouAboutHeistIf you really had that kind of information, I'd consider us square. I've been looking for those assholes forever.
INFO:NAM1MS13MarowskiThinkYouWereInvolvedI think you were either directly involved, or know who did it.
INFO:NAM1MS13MarowskiThisIsWhatIDealWithThis is what I deal with, day and night.
INFO:NAM1MS13MarowskiWhateverYouWantWhatever you want. You earned the first shot at it.
INFO:NAM1MS13MarowskiWhySuchABigDealBecause whoever did this ruined my life. I was on my way to running this whole town.
INFO:NAM1MS13MarowskiWhySuchABigDealBobbi took advantage of my situation to muscle in on my operations.
INFO:NAM1MS13MarowskiWhySuchABigDealNow look at me. Stuck in this shithole, having to pay Bobbi a cut of whatever I can scrape together.
INFO:NAM1MS13MarowskiYouKnowExactlyYou know exactly what this is about.
INFO:NAM1MS13MarowskiYouStoleFromMeYou stole from me. But I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you didn't know who you were stealing from. It happens.
INFO:NAM1MS13MarowskiYouStoleFromMeNow you do. Those were my chems you took when you ambushed Trish.
INFO:NAM1MS13NelsonDiesMalcomReparationsYou want to put a price on my son's death?
INFO:NAM1MS13NelsonDiesMalcomReparationsI'd rather see you dead, but... I'll give you a chance. 2000 caps, and I'll let you live.
INFO:NAM1MS13NelsonKillThisAssholeAre you serious? Kill this asshole!
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulDivideSpoilsHelloSo it's just the two of us. 50-50 seems fair to me.
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulDivideSpoilsNelsonEscapedGreat. Then we'll each take half the chems.
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulDivideTheSpoilsGreat. Then you take the money from Nelson, I'll take the chems and we'll call it even.
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulDontCareWhatYouDidOkay. I don't care what you had to do. Just as long as he leaves Darcy alone from now on.
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulIfYouWontHelpOkay, if you won't help, I will do it. I'm not afraid anymore.
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulIntroHeDeservesToSufferGood. Don't kill him if you don't have to, but otherwise... I don't care what you do to him. He deserves to suffer for what he's done.
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulIntroHelpConfrontCookeI'm going to go back and talk to him. And I want you to come with me.
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulIntroHelpConfrontCookeYou saw, he won't take me seriously otherwise. I don't want to have to really hurt him, I just want him to leave Darcy alone.
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulIntroNeedYourHelpNo, I need your help. I'll... I'll pay you. I've got some money, and I can get more.
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulIntroQuestionI don't want to hurt Cooke, but if he doesn't listen to me... I don't know what I might do.
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulIntroQuestionHe won't dare act so smug when he sees you at my back. And then nobody has to get hurt.
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulIntroQuestionPlayerIf you're just going to talk to him, why do you need me along?
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulIntroShared1You were in the Taphouse before, when...
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulJustKillYouYou think I won't use it? Do I just need to kill you, is that what you're saying?
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulMalcolmWouldKillYouHoly shit, Cooke. Does Malcolm know about this?
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulNoWeCantDoThatNo, no. We can't do that. She hasn't actually done anything. I just think we should be on our guard.
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulNoWeCantDoThatShe'll eventually give up and leave, and then everything will be back to normal.
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulSeemsDrasticMy god... that seems... drastic.
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulSeemsDrasticI don't want to say you should... but if you felt you had to... I'd support your decision.
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulSeemsDrasticYou do what you think is best. I trust you'll make the right call.
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulSeeYouAroundAnyway... thanks for your help. I'll uh, see you around.
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulYouCantBeSeriousYou can't be serious. She's asking everybody in town about Cooke. Says she's his daughter, for god's sake.
INFO:NAM1MS13PaulYoureNoHelpYou're no help. I'll have to take care of this myself. I have to protect my family.
INFO:NAM1MS13PlayerBarelyKnowTheGuySorry, I barely know the guy.
INFO:NAM1MS13PlayerDidntKnowThoseWereYourChemsI didn't know those were your chems. Sorry about that.
INFO:NAM1MS13PlayerDontKnowWhoKilledCookeI don't know who killed him, but it wasn't me.
INFO:NAM1MS13PlayerHaventSeenHimI haven't seen him.
INFO:NAM1MS13PlayerHelpedHimDoubleCrossI helped him double-cross some chem dealers.
INFO:NAM1MS13PlayerHeresYourMoneyHere's your money.
INFO:NAM1MS13PlayerIKilledHimI killed him.
INFO:NAM1MS13PlayerNoIdeaI have no idea.
INFO:NAM1MS13PlayerPaulIsUsingYouHave you considered that Paul is using you to get back at me?
INFO:NAM1MS13PlayerPaulsLyingPaul's lying. He's the one who killed Cooke.
INFO:NAM1MS13PlayerStayCalmStay calm. There's no need to panic.
INFO:NAM1MS13PlayerTellYouAboutHeistWhat if I could tell you who knocked over your chem warehouse 20 years ago?
INFO:NAM1MS13PlayerWhatAboutAfterwardsWhat about afterwards? Won't everyone be after us?
INFO:NAM1MS13PlayerWhyLookingForHimWhy are you looking for him?
INFO:NAM1MS13PlayerWhyScrewTheseGuysWhy do you want to screw these guys over all of a sudden?
INFO:NAM1MS13PlayerWhySmuggleChemsWhy smuggle chems into Diamond City? Chems aren't illegal here.
INFO:NAM1MS13PlayerWhySuchABigDealWhy is this such a big deal to you?
INFO:NAM1MS13SharedCookeAnythingElseAnything else?
INFO:NAM1MS13SharedNelsonGetOutOfHereYou better get the fuck out of here if you know what's good for you.
INFO:NAM1MS13SharedPaulConfrontationGetOutOfHereHell, I've got to get out of here. You should too. Before someone walks in here and pins this on us.
INFO:NAM1MS13SharedTrishPlayerFoundLabWhat? Shit!
INFO:NAM1MS13SharedTrishPlayerFoundLabBut... you still don't need to kill me! I swear I won't tell Marowski anything about this. You've got my word.
INFO:NAM1MS13ThugDeliverMessageHe seems to think you had something to do with it. I suggest you go see him at the Hotel Rexford in Goodneighbor. Soon.
INFO:NAM1MS13ThugDeliverMessageNext time, we won't be asking nicely.
INFO:NAM1MS14ScarlettTravisResponseT...Travis? Really?
INFO:NAM1MS14SharedScarlettExteriorGreetingI'm on a break right now...
INFO:NAM1MS14TravisRecognizePlayerOh, it's you.
INFO:NAM1MS16BobbiIntrosMel01The guy can make a gadget to solve any problem.
INFO:NAM1MS16BobbiIntrosMel01Thing is, he's a bit locked up right now.
INFO:NAM1MS16BobbiIntrosMel01You have to get him out of there. I can't just stroll into Diamond City Security with this face. Covered or not.
INFO:NAM1MS16CaseyGetsTheJobWe're tunneling into the Diamond City strongroom from under Bobbi's place.
INFO:NAM1MS16JulesHackerSendOffYou should get moving, then.
INFO:NAM1MS16JulesIntroContinuation1Yep. Have a seat. Let's talk.
INFO:NAM1MS16JulesPlayerFlatteryI know that you've got the guts to wander outside of the walls. And the fact that you're alive means you're at least borderline competent.
INFO:NAM1MS16MayorPlayerDialogue01Bobbi No-Nose is planning a heist on Diamond City's underground strongroom.
INFO:NAM1MS16MayorPlayerDialogue02No questions. Sorry for taking your time.
INFO:NAM1MS16MayorPlayerDialogue03Say someone is planning to rob Diamond City's underground strongroom...
INFO:NAM1MS16MayorPlayerDialogue04Is it true there's a secret strongroom under the mayor's office?
INFO:NAM1MS16MelIsInWell damn. That's a big score.
INFO:NAM1MS16MelIsInCould be enough caps there to keep me goin for a long time.
INFO:NAM1MS16MelIsOutOfHereI'll see you over there.
INFO:NAM1MS16MelJulesSentMeBobbi sent me. Said you were the guy we needed.
INFO:NAM1MS16MelYesQuestionCheatHow'd you like to help break into the Diamond City strongroom?
INFO:NAM1MS16NickInterjection01We can take it from here.
INFO:NAM1MS16SharedInfoBobbiTrainCarLet me check it out first.
INFO:NAM1MS16SharedInfoGetTrainKeyFahrenheit probably had the key. See if you can find it.
INFO:NAM1MS16SharedInfoMelGhouls01Ghouls! Um, the bad ones. Feral Ghouls!
INFO:NAM1MS16SharedInfoMelGhouls02We get it, you're zombies.
INFO:NAM1MS16SharedInfoMelMirelurks02Again with the claws.
INFO:NAM1MS16SharedInfoMelToCombat01I knew I heard something!
INFO:NAM1MS16SharedInfoMelToCombat02Um, over here!
INFO:NAM1MS16SharedInfoMelToCombat03There you are!
INFO:NAM1MS16SharedInfoOpenTrainNice work!
INFO:NAM1MS16SharedInfoOpenTrainThe loot must be in that closed train car. Let's open it up.
INFO:NAM1MS17ChambersAmeliaSynthWhy do you think we attacked her caravan? She has well over a ninety percent chance of being a synth.
INFO:NAM1MS17ChambersAmeliaSynthI'd have to perform an autopsy to be sure. So do we have a deal?
INFO:NAM1MS17ChambersDealOrNotSo do we have a deal or not?
INFO:NAM1MS17ChambersWhyAreYouHereWhy are you here? You don't seem to be with the Institute.
INFO:NAM1MS17MannyMissionImportantOur mission is just too important. I'm afraid you've seen too much. Men.
INFO:NAM1MS17SharedInfo01_AmeliaDontHurtMeAhhh... Please don't hurt me!
INFO:NAM1MS17SharedInfo01_AsPromisedAs promised.
INFO:NAM1MS17SharedInfo01_DanGoesToCombatI wish you hadn't said that.
INFO:NAM1MS17SharedInfo01_DanTalksInstituteAsk three different people, you'll get three different answers to that. Wildly different.
INFO:NAM1MS17SharedInfo01_DanTalksInstituteMost people believe the Institute's behind every manner of ill in the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1MS17SharedInfo01_DanTalksInstituteSister disappears or lose your Brahmin, the Institute. Settlement murdered in the middle of the night, the Institute.
INFO:NAM1MS17SharedInfo01_DanTalksInstituteBut I've never met a single person that has proof about any of that.
INFO:NAM1MS17SharedInfo01_DanTalksInstituteBut there's no denying synths are real enough. So the Institute's infiltrating us and I doubt they're doing that for our own good.
INFO:NAM1MS17SharedInfo01_DanTalksSynthsYou must be new around here. Synths are synthetic people made by the Institute.
INFO:NAM1MS17SharedInfo01_DanTalksSynthsReal advanced machines. Might as well be human because no one can tell the difference between them and us.
INFO:NAM1MS17SharedInfo01_DanTalksSynthsEveryone in the Commonwealth is afraid of synths, and the Institute... but come to mention it...
INFO:NAM1MS17SharedInfo01_DanTalksSynthsI've been here a long while, and nobody's even breathed a word about them. That is odd.
INFO:NAM1MS17SharedInfo01_GotAProposalGot a proposal for you. Help me find Stockton's people and we split the reward. At least one survivor walked out of that massacre.
INFO:NAM1MS17SharedInfo01_GotAProposalAnd I intend to make good on my contract.
INFO:NAM1MS17SharedInfo01_HeyaStrangerHeya, stranger. It's no secret you've been poking around. Not very neighborly of you, if you ask me.
INFO:NAM1MS17SharedInfo01_YoullFindYou'll find Covenant has a lot more to offer since we've come... to this understanding.
INFO:NAM1MyrnaGreetSharedResponse1Well, you do look human enough, but I'll be watching you. I have eyes like a.... well, they're good eyes, got it?
INFO:NAM1MyrnaGreetSharedResponse1All right. We can do business. But no funny stuff.
INFO:NAM1NatShared01Remember, the Institute's out there, newcomer. Watch your back.
INFO:NAM1NatSharedResponse01I'm serious. The Institute takes people! You should read up if you're sticking around.
INFO:NAM1NatSharedResponse02You have a son, mister? Man, you're old.
INFO:NAM1PiperEntranceSharedInfo01I believe ya. Nice Pip-Boy, by the way. Don't see too many people in Diamond City walking around with that.
INFO:NAM1PiperInterviewShared01Then it's settled! Let's head out and see how the Commonwealth and you collide.
INFO:NAM1PiperIntroResponse02Shh. Play along. What was that? You said you're a trader up from Quincy? You have enough supplies to keep the general store stocked for a whole month? Huh.
INFO:NAM1PiperShared01Wait. Your son's missing?
INFO:NAM1PiperShared02Well, whatever you do, don't bother going to Diamond City Security for help.
INFO:NAM1PlayerBarterNegativeShared01Not today.
INFO:NAM1PlayerBarterNegativeShared02I don't think so.
INFO:NAM1PlayerBarterNegativeShared03Gonna pass.
INFO:NAM1PlayerBarterNegativeShared04No. Not interested.
INFO:NAM1PlayerBarterNegativeShared05I don't need anything.
INFO:NAM1PlayerBarterNegativeShared06Not looking to buy right now.
INFO:NAM1PlayerBarterNegativeShared07Don't need anything today.
INFO:NAM1PlayerBarterNegativeShared08Not right now.
INFO:NAM1PlayerBarterNegativeShared09Not now.
INFO:NAM1PlayerBarterNegativeShared10Not interested.
INFO:NAM1PlayerBarterNeutralShared01I'll think about it.
INFO:NAM1PlayerBarterNeutralShared02Maybe later.
INFO:NAM1PlayerBarterNeutralShared03Let me think it over.
INFO:NAM1PlayerBarterNeutralShared04Just looking.
INFO:NAM1PlayerBarterNeutralShared05Just browsing for now.
INFO:NAM1PlayerBarterPositiveShared01Let's see what you've got.
INFO:NAM1PlayerBarterPositiveShared02Sure. Let's take a look.
INFO:NAM1PlayerBarterPositiveShared03I've got a few minutes to browse.
INFO:NAM1PlayerBarterPositiveShared04I'll take a look, sure.
INFO:NAM1PlayerBarterPositiveShared05Let's see what you have.
INFO:NAM1PlayerConsumeJet01Oh yeah...
INFO:NAM1PlayerConsumePsycho01Fucking kill!
INFO:NAM1PlayerConsumePsycho02Rar! Bring it!
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorNegativeShared01Actually, nevermind, doc.
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorNegativeShared02Nevermind. We're done.
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorNegativeShared03Actually, it's nothing.
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorNeutralShared01Think I soaked up some Rads out there.
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorNeutralShared02Too much radiation. I feel sick.
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorNeutralShared03Feeling sick. I think it's radiation.
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorNoAddiction01Haven't been hitting the chems too hard.
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorNoAddiction02No crazy partying or anything like that.
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorNoAddiction03I've been laying off chems and booze lately.
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorNoRads01Not feeling any radiation sickness.
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorNoRads02Think my rad levels are okay.
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorNoRads03No trouble with radiation today, doc.
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorNoWounds01No injuries that I know of.
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorNoWounds02No cuts or bruises or anything.
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorNoWounds03No bullet wounds or broken bones today.
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorPositiveShared01I'm pretty beat up.
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorPositiveShared02Got roughed up.
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorPositiveShared03Just hurt all over.
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorPositiveShared04Took a few bad hits recently. Got knocked around.
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorPositiveShared05Hurting all over, doc.
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorQuestionShared01I've got an... itch, doc. Too many chems. Got anything that can help?
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorQuestionShared02Took one chem too many. Anything you can do?
INFO:NAM1PlayerDoctorQuestionShared03You don't have cures for... chem addiction, do you?
INFO:NAM1PlayerImpatientShared1Hm hmm.
INFO:NAM1PlayerImpatientShared2Uh huh.
INFO:NAM1PlayerImpatientShared3Uh huh.
INFO:NAM1PlayerImpatientShared4Uh huh.
INFO:NAM1PlayerImpatientShared5Hm hmm.
INFO:NAM1PlayerImpatientShared6Hm hmm.
INFO:NAM1PlayerImpatientShared7Uh huh.
INFO:NAM1PlayerLockedShared01No way I could pick this.
INFO:NAM1PlayerLockedShared02Don't think I can pick this...
INFO:NAM1PlayerLockedShared03Won't be able to pick this...
INFO:NAM1PlayerLockedShared04Locked tight.
INFO:NAM1PlayerLockedShared05Lock's really strong...
INFO:NAM1PlayerMutterAccess01I'm in.
INFO:NAM1PlayerMutterAccess02I'm through.
INFO:NAM1PlayerMutterAccess03There we go.
INFO:NAM1PlayerMutterNegative02Damn it.
INFO:NAM1PlayerMutterNegative03No good.
INFO:NAM1PlayerMutterNegative05Uh uh.
INFO:NAM1PlayerMutterPositive02That's it.
INFO:NAM1PlayerMutterPositive03Got it.
INFO:NAM1PlayerMyrnaSharedResponse1Let's see what you've got.
INFO:NAM1PlayerNegativeShared01No way.
INFO:NAM1PlayerNegativeShared02Not gonna happen.
INFO:NAM1PlayerNegativeShared03The answer's no.
INFO:NAM1PlayerNegativeShared04Forget it. No.
INFO:NAM1PlayerNegativeShared05No. No way.
INFO:NAM1PlayerNerdRage02God DAMN it!
INFO:NAM1PlayerNerdRage03Fuck fuck FUCK!
INFO:NAM1PlayerNevermindShared02On second thought, forget it.
INFO:NAM1PlayerNevermindShared03Nevermind, actually.
INFO:NAM1PlayerNickDetectiveNegative01So a private eye is my only lead. Great.
INFO:NAM1PlayerNickDetectiveNeutral01Maybe I'll pay this detective a visit.
INFO:NAM1PlayerNickDetectivePositive01A detective. Now we're getting somewhere.
INFO:NAM1PlayerNickDetectiveQuestion01What do you know about this detective?
INFO:NAM1PlayerNickDetectiveQuestion02You're a smart man. I bet you know everything there is to know about Valentine. Including if he's trustworthy.
INFO:NAM1PlayerNickSynthNegative01This just keeps getting weirder.
INFO:NAM1PlayerNickSynthNeutral01Might need to pay this "synth" a visit.
INFO:NAM1PlayerNickSynthPostive01Let's hope he can help me.
INFO:NAM1PlayerNickSynthQuestion01What's a synth?
INFO:NAM1PlayerOfferNeutralShared01Let me think about it.
INFO:NAM1PlayerOfferPositiveShared01I'll take it.
INFO:NAM1PlayerPositiveMoneyShared01All right. Here's your money.
INFO:NAM1PlayerPositiveMoneyShared02Fine. Here's your caps.
INFO:NAM1PlayerPositiveMoneyShared04All right. Here.
INFO:NAM1PlayerPositiveMoneyShared05Here's your money.
INFO:NAM1PlayerPositiveMoneyShared06Here's your caps.
INFO:NAM1PlayerPositiveNoMoneyShared01Like to, but I don't have the money.
INFO:NAM1PlayerPositiveNoMoneyShared02That'd be great, but I'm low on caps.
INFO:NAM1PlayerPositiveNoMoneyShared03Sorry, I'm a little light on caps.
INFO:NAM1PlayerPositiveNoMoneyShared04Be nice, but I'm out of caps.
INFO:NAM1PlayerPositiveNoMoneyShared05I'd like to, but I don't have the money.
INFO:NAM1PlayerPositiveShared01All right.
INFO:NAM1PlayerPositiveShared03Yeah, all right.
INFO:NAM1PlayerPositiveShared04Sounds good.
INFO:NAM1PlayerPositiveShared05That'd be great.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedHelloExhausted01'Scuse me...
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedHelloExhausted02'Scuse me...
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedHelloExhausted03'Scuse me...
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedHelloExhausted07Hey there.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedHelloExhausted08Hey there.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedHelloExhausted09Hey there.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedHelloPanic04'Scuse me.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedHelloPanic05'Scuse me.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedHelloPanic06'Scuse me.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedHelloPanic07Hey there.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedHelloPanic08Hey there.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedHelloPanic09Hey there.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedMedical01Patch me up, doc.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedMedical02Yeah. Take a look at me, doc.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedMedical03Yeah, see what's wrong with me, doctor.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedOkayThenLetsStickTogetherOkay, then. Let's stick together.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedOpenInventory01I just want to trade a few things.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedOpenInventory02I just want to trade a few things.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedOpenInventory03I'd like to trade some items.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedOpenInventory04Let's trade some things.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedOpenInventory05I just want to trade a few things.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedOpenInventory06Can we trade a few things?
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedOpenInventory07Just wanted to trade a few things.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedOpenInventory08Just looking to trade a little.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedOpenInventory09Let's trade.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedOpenInventory10I want to trade a few things.
INFO:NAM1PlayerSharedOpenInventory11I just need to trade gear with you.
INFO:NAM1PlayerToPrestonShared01The answer's no. I'm out.
INFO:NAM1PlayerToPrestonShared02Can't be too hard. I'll see what I can do.
INFO:NAM1PlayerToPrestonShared03I can't. You'll have to find somebody else.
INFO:NAM1PlayerToPrestonShared04I don't know. We'll see.
INFO:NAM1PlayerToPrestonShared05What're you looking for again?
INFO:NAM1PlayerToPrestonShared06What do you need me to do exactly?
INFO:NAM1PlayerToPrestonShared07Actually, I got a minigun right here. We're set.
INFO:NAM1PlayertoShengShared01You by yourself out here?
INFO:NAM1Player_Healing_DogmeatEasy now, boy. Here you go.
INFO:NAM1POIJoel06IntercomHolotapeFullSorry, this holotape is full. We can't take a message right now.
INFO:NAM1POIJoel06IntercomThanksForVisitingThanks for visiting. We'll have somebody get back to you as soon as possible.
INFO:NAM1POIJoel06PlayerResponse01Hello? Is anybody in there who can open this door?
INFO:NAM1POIJoel06PlayerResponse02Hey, open up!
INFO:NAM1POIJoel06PlayerResponse03Yeah, I'd like a cheeseburger and a vanilla shake, please. Oh, and fries, too!
INFO:NAM1POIJoel06PlayerResponse04Hello? Is anyone in there?
INFO:NAM1PrestonIntroShared1A month ago, there were 20 of us. Yesterday there were 8. Now, we're 5. First it was the Ghouls in Lexington. Now this mess.
INFO:NAM1PrestonIntroShared5Anyway, we figured Concord would be a safe place to settle. Those Raiders proved us wrong. But... well, we do have one idea.
INFO:NAM1PrestonShared01What you'll need is an old pre-war F.C., a standardized Fusion Core. Your high-grade, long-term nuclear battery. Used by the military and some companies, way back when. And we know right where to find one...
INFO:NAM1PrestonShared02Well all right. Maybe our luck's finally turning around. Once you jack the Core into the Power Armor and grab that minigun, those Raiders'll know they picked the wrong fight. Good luck.
INFO:NAM1PrestonShared03Just like that, huh? You come this far, then condemn these poor people to die? All right. Have it your way. Stay safe - maybe at least one of us will survive this.
INFO:NAM1PrestonShared_No_2Man, there is nobody else. Just us, and we're at a dead end. If you won't even try to help... you're condemning these poor people to die.
INFO:NAM1PrestonShared_No_2AltLady, there is nobody else. Just us, and we're at a dead end. If you won't even try to help... you're condemning these poor people to die.
INFO:NAM1PrestonShared_No_3Get up on the roof, pull the minigun off the vertibird, then take care of those Raiders. Hopefully, with that Power Armor you're wearing, it'll be easy.
INFO:NAM1PrestonShared_No_4Well all right. Maybe our luck's finally turning around. Once you, that Power Armor, and that minigun show up outside, those Raiders'll know they picked the wrong fight. Good luck.
INFO:NAM1PrestonShared_No_5Well, it's not a no... Look, if you can grab that minigun, then those Raiders'll know they picked the wrong fight. Good luck.
INFO:NAM1Preston_Shared_MaybeWell, it's not a no... Look, if you can get to the Fusion Core, jack it into that Power Armor and grab the minigun. Then those Raiders'll know they picked the wrong fight. Good luck.
INFO:NAM1Preston_Shared_QuestionA Fusion Core. It's kind of a fancy battery. They used one here in the museum to power the exhibits, a long time ago. There's one in the basement, behind a security gate. You'll need to pick the lock or hack the computer to open it.
INFO:NAM1REActor_Lexa01Hands where I can see 'em.
INFO:NAM1REActor_Lexa02I'm watching you.
INFO:NAM1REActor_Lexa03Don't try anything.
INFO:NAM1REActor_Lexa04Back off.
INFO:NAM1REActor_Simon01No funny business.
INFO:NAM1REActor_Simon02If you're not here for the good stuff, get lost.
INFO:NAM1REActor_Simon03Hope you're packin' caps.
INFO:NAM1REActor_Simon04Better not be here to waste our time.
INFO:NAM1RECampKMK03SharedNeutral01That's cool.
INFO:NAM1RECampKMK03SharedNeutral02Sure, whatever.
INFO:NAM1RECampKMK03SharedNeutral03Oh, okay. Cool.
INFO:NAM1RECampLC01FredGreetingDon't come any closer, friend. This doesn't concern you.
INFO:NAM1RECampLC01NotInvolvedThis is between you folks. I'm not getting involved.
INFO:NAM1RECampLC01PlayerLine01If he was with the Institute, don't you think killing him would just make them madder? Let him go. It's safer that way.
INFO:NAM1RECampLC01TimeToDieYou're not killing anyone.
INFO:NAM1RECampSC03_DrethHellosEasy. We've got a customer.
INFO:NAM1RECampSC03_Dreth_GetMovinThen get movin'.
INFO:NAM1RECampSC03_Dreth_TakeALookTake a look.
INFO:NAM1REChokepoint01_FuneralIt's your funeral.
INFO:NAM1REChokepoint01_Funeral2Too bad. It's your funeral.
INFO:NAM1REChokepoint01_SharedNeutralI don't want any trouble.
INFO:NAM1REChokepoint01_SharedQuestionAnd if I don't pay?
INFO:NAM1REChokepoint02_AgreeToComplyAll right, I'm going.
INFO:NAM1REChokepointRJ01SharedInfo01Thank you. Move along.
INFO:NAM1REChokepointRJ01SharedInfo02Thank you. Sorry for the inconvenience.
INFO:NAM1REChokepointRJ01SharedInfo03That's it, please move along, civilian.
INFO:NAM1REChokepointRJ01SharedInfo04Everything seems in order. Please be on your way.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_BoS_ProtectingE1On your way, civilian.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_BoS_ProtectingE2On your way, soldier.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_BoS_ProtectingE3This area is under our protection.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_BoS_SecuredC1Location secured.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_BoS_SecuredC2Area secured.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_BoS_SecuredD1Objective secured.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_BoS_SecuredD2Target secured.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_BoS_ThanksA0Thank you for the assistance, civilian.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_BoS_ThanksA1Well done, Initiate.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_BoS_ThanksA2Thank you for the assist, Knight.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_BoS_ThanksA3Thank you, Paladin.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_BoS_ThanksA4Thank you for your assistance, sir.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_BoS_ThanksB0Thank you, civilian.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_BoS_ThanksB1Thank you for your help, Initiate.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_BoS_ThanksB2Thank you, Knight.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_BoS_ThanksB3Thank you for the help, Paladin.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_BoS_ThanksB4Thank you, sir.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_Inst_ProtectingE1We will secure this location.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_Inst_ProtectingE2You may proceed.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_Inst_ProtectingE3Carry on, sir.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_Inst_ProtectingE4Carry on, ma'am.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_Inst_SecuredC1All targets eliminated.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_Inst_SecuredC2Location secured.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_Inst_SecuredC3Objective complete.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_Inst_ThanksA1Thank you for the assistance.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_Inst_ThanksA2Assistance adknowledged.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_Inst_ThanksB1Nice work, sir.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_Inst_ThanksB2Nice work, ma'am.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_Min_ProtectingE1We'll dig in and hold this position.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_Min_ProtectingE2We'll secure the area.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_Min_ProtectingE3We can take it from here, General.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_Min_SecuredC1I think we're clear.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_Min_SecuredC2We made it.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_Min_SecuredD1Mission accomplished.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_Min_ThanksA1Thank you, General.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_Min_ThanksA2We appreciate the help, General.
INFO:NAM1REFactionShared_Min_ThanksA3You were just in time, General. Thank you.
INFO:NAM1RelayTowerSharedFooterInfoThis has been a pre-recorded message. Message repeats in three seconds.
INFO:NAM1ReluctantInThat's just... great!
INFO:NAM1REObjectJSDN054SharedHello01Hey bean, what's cookin'?
INFO:NAM1REObjectJSDN054SharedHello01Just been eyeballin' this clunker, but nothing worth baggin' here.
INFO:NAM1REObjectJSDN054SharedHello01I'll catch ya back at the garage. Later gator!
INFO:NAM1REObjectRJ03SharedInfo01Ah, a new customer! Welcome to Mac's Bar! We are currently open for business. Please excuse the mess.
INFO:NAM1REObjectRJ03_MacLine02Bars don't get much cleaner than that. I can see myself in that shine.
INFO:NAM1REObjectRJ03_MacLine04Ah, another lovely day in the Commonwealth
INFO:NAM1REObjectRJ03_MacLine05If I could just get my hands on a table, I think I can make some chairs out of cinder blocks pretty easily
INFO:NAM1REObjectRJ03_MacLine06I wonder if I could get more customers if I hired some busty waitress? Nah, people don't go for that these days
INFO:NAM1REObjectRJ03_MacLine07A dart board! That's what I need! But where would I hang it?
INFO:NAM1REObjectRJ03_MacLine08But if Thursday nights are Ladies Nights, then when will we do the bar trivia?
INFO:NAM1REObjectRJ03_MacLine09A ghoul would make a good bouncer. Scare off troublemakers with that scratchy voice. Cept maybe his ugly mug would scare away paying customers
INFO:NAM1REObjectRJ03_MacLine10How many tables can I have before I need to hire a waitress, I wonder.
INFO:NAM1REParentRescuedHello01You showed up just in the nick of time.
INFO:NAM1REParentRescuedHello02Didn't expect help from a stranger. Thanks.
INFO:NAM1REParentRescuedHello03Hey, thanks for your help.
INFO:NAM1REParentSharedPlayerGladToHelpI was glad to help.
INFO:NAM1REPlayerSharedLuckyIGotHereWhenIDidYou're lucky I got here when I did.
INFO:NAM1RESceneKMK06SharedGiveDirtyWaterHere. It's not purified, but it's something.
INFO:NAM1RESceneKMK06SharedGiveDirtyWaterResponseIt'll do. Thank you.
INFO:NAM1RESceneLC01ConvinceHey. I'm on your side. I just need you to tell me the truth.
INFO:NAM1RESceneLC01KillAccusedJust kill this thing and be done with it.
INFO:NAM1RESceneLC01KillAccused01You won't be doing anything if I take you down you first.
INFO:NAM1RESceneLC01KillAccusor01You know what? Just kill him.
INFO:NAM1RESceneLC01SharedInfo01That thing was wearing my face...
INFO:NAM1RESceneLC01SharedInfo02Thank god you showed up when you did. I think that thing was really going to do it.
INFO:NAM1RESceneLC01SharedInfo03Look, I-I'm not that interested in chatting right now.
INFO:NAM1RESceneLC01SharedInfo04Please. I just want to be alone.
INFO:NAM1RESceneLC01SharedInfo05I, I need to get out of here.
INFO:NAM1RETravel04RefusalToVerifySuspect refuses to confirm identity. Commencing apprehension with deadly force.
INFO:NAM1RETravelCT03_Kat_GetHerJesus, you're crazy! Get her, Gus!
INFO:NAM1RETravelCT03_Kat_GetHimJesus, you're crazy! Get him, Gus!
INFO:NAM1RETravelKMK08SharedInfo01Oh hey, one thing before I go.
INFO:NAM1RETravelKMK08SharedInfoBoS100Heard of the Brotherhood of Steel? Some kind of military outfit from down south? Seems they've set themselves up in Cambridge.
INFO:NAM1RETravelKMK08SharedInfoBoS100Not the friendliest types from what I hear. I'd give them a wide berth, just to be on the safe side.
INFO:NAM1RETravelKMK08SharedInfoMS05Was up past the Museum of Witchcraft not too long ago. That place always gave me the creeps, but now, now I don't even want to go near it.
INFO:NAM1RETravelKMK08SharedInfoMS05Something bad went down there.
INFO:NAM1RETravelKMK08SharedInfoMS11Ever seen that old sailing ship up on top of the building in Charleston?
INFO:NAM1RETravelKMK08SharedInfoMS11Well, apparently some crazy robot has moved in and started building... something... in it. Nobody knows what it's up to.
INFO:NAM1RETravelKMK08SharedInfoMS11Robots... what are you gonna do, am I right?
INFO:NAM1RETravelKMK08SharedInfoMS17If you haven't stopped in to Covenant yet, you're missing out. The only civilized place around these parts, if you ask me.
INFO:NAM1RETravelKMK08SharedMS01Well. Believe it or not, but folks have been talking about some kind of... demon... trapped in a box. Down Jamaica Plain way.
INFO:NAM1RETravelKMK08SharedMS01Probably just someone hitting the Jet a bit too hard, but on the other hand, why go looking for trouble?
INFO:NAM1RETravelSC03_Impersonator_MinutemanExplainWe "Protect the people at a minute's notice." That's the idea, anyway.
INFO:NAM1RETravelSC03_Impersonator_RejectedIt's a cruel world, when one man can't count on another for help. Stay safe out there.
INFO:NAM1RETravelSC03_Impersonator_SayWhatSay what, man?
INFO:NAM1RETravelSC03_Player_YoureNotPrestonYou're not Preston Garvey.
INFO:NAM1RR101DesSyntheticHumansThey are synthetic humans created by the Institute. So close to real people that the distinction is meaningless.
INFO:NAM1RR102DeaconFrontDoorCommentThe front door has mines, synths, and probably other fun and exciting prizes. So we go in through the escape tunnel.
INFO:NAM1RR102SharedInfo01_DeaconLieFemaleAnd the new girl patched me up, put me on her shoulder, and blasted her way through the rest of the complex. Synths everywhere.
INFO:NAM1RR102SharedInfo01_DeaconLieMaleAnd the new guy patched me up, put me on his shoulder, and blasted his way through the rest of the complex. Synths everywhere.
INFO:NAM1RR102SharedInfo01_MineInTheShopFemaleEasy there. She meant to say, "Mine is in the shop."
INFO:NAM1RR102SharedInfo01_WereInWe're in.
INFO:NAM1RR201HolotapeOpportunityIf you get the opportunity to upload the holotape, do it. With Patriot's help, maybe we can score a major victory for synths.
INFO:NAM1RR201SharedInfo01DezImportantAssetOne last thing. If we have a chance in hell of doing anything down there our most important asset is you.
INFO:NAM1RR201SharedInfo01DezImportantAssetI don't want you to endanger synths, but anything else is fair game to maintain your cover.
INFO:NAM1RR201SharedInfo01_PatriotVouchesHe's not from here. He's been helping our synths escape on the surface. It's safe.
INFO:NAM1RR201SharedInfo01_PatriotVouchesFemaleShe's not from here. She's been helping our synths escape on the surface. It's safe.
INFO:NAM1RR201SharedInfo01_TimeOfTheEssenceTime is of the essence.
INFO:NAM1RR201SharedInfo01_Z1FocusOnDutiesExcuse me, I must focus on my duties.
INFO:NAM1RR303SharedInfo01_ConfrontationWalkAwayStop right there. Stop! Intruder!
INFO:NAM1RR303SharedInfo01_GloryDyingNone of them got past me. Damn... that stings...
INFO:NAM1RR303SharedInfo01_InstituteIntelThe Institute caught wind of a surprise attack.
INFO:NAM1RR303SharedInfo01_KellsIntruderWait. You're not one of my men. Intruder!
INFO:NAM1RR303SharedInfo01_QuickTakeThisQuick, take this. Tom made it for you. Sounds like we're going to need it.
INFO:NAM1RR303SharedInfo01_QuickTakeThisEveryone else, mobilize. We got Brotherhood incoming.
INFO:NAM1RR303SharedIntrudersYeah, right. You're not one of us. Intruder!
INFO:NAM1RRDeaconBetrayalSharedInfo01_01You sold us out to the Brotherhood. The fucking holier-than-thou Brotherhood.
INFO:NAM1RRM02SharedInfo01_PAMIntroCalculating. Institute presence increases odds of detection of all northern routes by 52%.
INFO:NAM1SharedDesdemona_LetsMoveAll right, let's move.
INFO:NAM1ShengShared01That's right. Been on my own since I was eight. I'm a fully independent man. Got my own place. Go to night classes. The whole shebang.
INFO:NAM1ShengShared01Now how about I get you a bottle of water, huh?
INFO:NAM1SolomonShared01Yeah, I got something. Looking for a Mutated Fern if you find any.
INFO:NAM1SolomonShared01I hear some grows out near Forest Grove Marsh. Natural radiation sucker. Be great for cooking RadX or RadAway.
INFO:NAM1SturgesTerminalShared01Huh. No, that ain't it.
INFO:NAM1SturgesTerminalShared02Maybe...? Nope.
INFO:NAM1SturgesTerminalShared03God damn it...
INFO:NAM1TakahashiSharedResponse01Nan-ni shimasho-ka?
INFO:NAM1TeaganShared01Next time then.
INFO:NAM1TeaganShared02All right.
INFO:NAM1TeaganShared03Fine by me.
INFO:NAM1TeaganShared04Those farmers don't know how good they have it. They aren't risking their lives for the greater good.
INFO:NAM1TeaganShared05If these farmers realized what we did for them on a daily basis, they'd be lining up to help.
INFO:NAM1TeaganShared06I realize it's not the most glamorous of missions, but hell, neither is starving.
INFO:NAM1TerminalCantHackLinesShared01Security's too tight...
INFO:NAM1TerminalCantHackLinesShared02Won't be able to hack this...
INFO:NAM1TerminalCantHackLinesShared03No way I'm cracking this...
INFO:NAM1TerminalCantHackLinesShared04Can't break the code...
INFO:NAM1TerminalCantHackLinesShared05Security's too good...
INFO:NAM1TerminalCantHackLinesShared06Hacking this is beyond me...
INFO:NAM1TestMegShared01You have a nice day!
INFO:NAM1TFDShared02You've got a point there.
INFO:NAM1TFDShared02All right, what the fuck... sorry, I promised I wouldn't say it like that. Ah, forget it... let's just get going.
INFO:NAM1TFDShared02Sooner we leave this place behind, the better.
INFO:NAM1TheSlogWork1All you need to do is hop in the water here and gather up some tarberries.
INFO:NAM1TheSlogWork1I'll give you two caps for each one you bring me. Sound good?
INFO:NAM1TinkerTomSharedInfo_NewHolotape01Oh, man, you were actually there. Inside the belly of the beast.
INFO:NAM1TinkerTomSharedInfo_NewHolotape02No time for that, though. Let's set you up to contact Patriot.
INFO:NAM1TinkerTomSharedInfo_NewHolotape02I got here one genuine Tinker Tom special. Just load her up onto a holotape, plug her in any Institute terminal and execute.
INFO:NAM1V81BobbyPreDisease00I heard outsiders were dangerous. You really need that many weapons?
INFO:NAM1V81BobbyPreDisease01Whatchoo lookin' at?
INFO:NAM1V81BobbyPreDisease02Oh man, I need a fix.
INFO:NAM1V81BobbyPreDisease03Tina doesn't know what she's talking about. I'm careful. Ain't nobody gonna catch me doing this stuff.
INFO:NAM1V81BobbyPreDisease04People need to leave me alone. I'm just trying to relax here.
INFO:NAM1V81BobbyPreDisease05This vault would fall apart if I wasn't here to tell Old Rusty to fix it.
INFO:NAM1V81BobbyPreDisease06Sick of working. Is this day almost over?
INFO:NAM1V81BobbyPreDisease07Just got up. Don't talk to me until I've had some coffee.
INFO:NAM1V81BobbyPreDisease08Tina doesn't know what she's talking about. I'm careful. Ain't nobody gonna catch me doing this stuff.
INFO:NAM1V81_01_Erin_OfferFemaleExcuse me, ma'am. Have you seen my cat?
INFO:NAM1V81_01_Erin_OfferMaleExcuse me, mister. Have you seen my cat?
INFO:NAM1V81_01_Player_AshesGoHomeAshes, go home. Erin misses you.
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Bobby_EndShe'd do that after what happened?
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Bobby_EndYou're right... What if I screw up again?
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Bobby_EndI'll go. I'll go right now.
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Bobby_UncertainI don't know man. That week I tried to get clean? You don't even want to know how bad it got.
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Bobby_UncertainBut, I guess it's worth it, right? It's gotta be.
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Bobby_UncertainAlright. I'll do it. I'll go right now.
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Bobby_WithdrawalBut how am I supposed to do it? I can't handle that withdrawal shit. Not after everything that's happened.
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Bobby_YouAgainYou again?
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Player_AddictolRachel has Addictol. You won't even feel the symptoms. She'll help you get through this.
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Player_TinaLeaveYou want to leave the Vault?
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Player_VaultNeedsYouThe Vault needs you.
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Player_WantToLeaveYou actually want to leave?
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Player_WorkForMeIf you really want out of here, you can come work for me on a settlement.
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Player_YourChoiceThat's your choice. Nobody's keeping you here.
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Tina_HesGoneNow he's gone, and I'm stuck in this can with nothing.
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Tina_LeavingMore than you know. There's gotta be more to life than this Vault.
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Tina_LeavingBut if I leave, it's on my own terms. Not because Bobby screwed it up.
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Tina_OnBobbyLook, he's a junkie, but he's getting careless. If he gets caught, we're both in trouble.
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Tina_OnBobbyAnd, as much as I'd like to leave this canned paradise, that's not how I want to go.
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Tina_OutsidersYou outsiders are real humanitarians, you know that? It's a wonder I want to leave this place.
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Tina_PackingI'll just pack... and be on my way.
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Tina_RememberHey, remember what I said!
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Tina_SomeFutureYeah, to work my ass off day and night. Some future.
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Tina_SuccessI... I can? I mean, they're safe, right?
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Tina_SuccessWell, I guess they gotta be if you're here.
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Tina_SuccessMaybe this is the silver lining... and Bobby just gave me my ticket out of here...
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Tina_SuccessI'm in.
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Tina_ThankGodThank god.
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Tina_TriedHey, I tried, alright? It's not that easy. And after that shit with Austin...
INFO:NAM1V81_03_Tina_TriedHe was done listening to me. To anyone.
INFO:NAM1V81_04_Katy_OfferYou're that new traveler. You must have had so many adventures out in the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1V81_Player_TinaNotStuckYou aren't stuck here. You could leave if you wanted.
INFO:NAM1V81_Player_TreatAddictionDo you have chems to treat addiction?
INFO:NAM1V81_Rachel_AddictolTreatmentYes. I have an adequate supply of Addictol.
INFO:NAM1V81_Rachel_AddictolTreatmentHowever, if the patient doesn't want to quit, he or she will just go back to using.
INFO:NAM1V81_Rachel_AddictolTreatmentDo you need treatment for addiction?
INFO:NAM1V81_Rachel_IntroGreetYou're that wanderer from the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1V81_Rachel_IntroGreetI am Rachel. I assist Dr. Forsythe with his medical duties.
INFO:NAM1V81_Rachel_IntroGreetAre you sick or injured?
INFO:NAM1V81_Rachel_PostIntroGreetYes? Do you need assistance? Are you sick or injured?
INFO:NAM1V81_Tina_ConfusedOh, right. Like that made any sense.
INFO:NAM1V81_Tina_YeahRightYeah right. Me, take on the Commonwealth by myself? I might as well tape a bullseye to my back.
INFO:NAM1VaultTecGhoulShared01You're not fooling me. I sold you that space in the Vault, remember? But then I wasn't on the list to get in.
INFO:NAM1WarwickHomesteadWork1We need some help picking the mutfruit. For each one you bring me, I'll pay you two caps.
INFO:NAM1WarwickHomesteadWork2You can find plenty right here. You want to get it from somewhere else, that's your business. Price'll be the same either way.
INFO:NAM1WarwickHomesteadWork2Come see me when you're ready to be paid.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopParentSharedAttack01We've got a lot of rebuilding to do from this last attack.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopParentSharedBarterRumorBedsWell, people have been complaining about the bed situation. Not enough to go around. Causes hard feelings, you know.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopParentSharedBarterRumorFoodIf you're asking - food's been short around here lately. It's hard to think about anything else when you're hungry all the time.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopParentSharedBarterRumorWaterWell... people have been complaining about the water situation. You might want to look into that.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopParentSharedGoAheadGo ahead.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopParentSharedMinRadiantDisappointed01I was hoping you could help us.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopParentSharedMinRadiantDisappointed02So much for the Minutemen.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopParentSharedMinRadiantDisappointed03Should have known better than to trust the Minutemen to help us.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopParentSharedMinRadiantGratefulToMinutemenI knew the Minutemen would stand by us.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopParentSharedOfCourseOf course.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopParentSharedPlayerRumor01What's the news around here?
INFO:NAM1WorkshopParentSharedRumor01Same old, same old.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopParentSharedRumor02Nothing, really. Pretty quiet.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopParentSharedRumor03Can't say anything comes to mind.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopParentSharedSureREALSure thing.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopParentSharedSureThingSure thing.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopRaiderAttackGratefulOwnedAnyway... we appreciate the help.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopRaiderAttackGratefulUnownedAnd, uh... feel free to use our workshop whenever you want. I consider you a friend for how you've helped us.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopVendorArmorLimitedSelectionMy selection is a bit limited right now, but take a look.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopVendorArmorNotSoBadI've seen a good bit of the world in my life. This is far from the worst spot you could find yourself.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopVendorSharedPlayerA01Sure, let's see what you've got.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopVendorSharedPlayerB01Not right now.
INFO:NAM1WorkshopVendorSharedPlayerX01I'll think about it.
INFO:NAM1X*Shaun cries*
INFO:NAM1[000057DE]Extra, extra! Is your neighbor really human? We have the exclusive!
INFO:NAM1[000057DF]Is the Institute spying on your home? Read the Publick to find out!
INFO:NAM1[000057E0]Read all about it! Institute replaces people with machines. Are you next?
INFO:NAM1[000057E4]Free paper to newcomers. If the Institute grabs you in the night, at least we warned you.
INFO:NAM1[000057E5]Watch your back. Institute could be right behind you.
INFO:NAM1[000057F0]If anyone is... one of those things, it's that secretary of his. Her and her perfect hair.
INFO:NAM1[00005813]Look buddy, I'm trying to enjoy a meal here.
INFO:NAM1[00005834]You. I don't know you. Just keep your distance.
INFO:NAM1[0001317C]I'm getting tired of waiting for what's rightfully mine.
INFO:NAM1[0001317D]I'm opening the main door. Hurry!
INFO:NAM1[0001317E]Don't listen to my son. He's the crazy one. You know this. Look at what he's done to me.
INFO:NAM1[0001317F]Not yet.
INFO:NAM1[000131E6]I want my money. I know you're good for it.
INFO:NAM1[00013211]Yeah, whatever. Screw me over one more time. I guess I should be used to it by now.
INFO:NAM1[00013211]You take four of the crates, I'll take the other two. Then we're done.
INFO:NAM1[00013213]Have you got my money yet?
INFO:NAM1[00013214]Yeah, here you go.
INFO:NAM1[00013215]I don't have the caps on me right now.
INFO:NAM1[00013216]"Good luck"?... you're a real piece of work. Just make sure you get me the money you owe me and we'll be done with each other.
INFO:NAM1[00013217]What do I owe you again?
INFO:NAM1[00013257]Least you could do. You already screwed me out of what was rightfully mine.
INFO:NAM1[00013492]I'm getting tired of your excuses.
INFO:NAM1[00013797]You're something else. 500 caps, remember? The crumbs you left me from the Latimer ambush.
INFO:NAM1[0001379E]Works for me. Good luck.
INFO:NAM1[0001379F]Works for me. I'll pay you when I have it. Good luck.
INFO:NAM1[000138D4]I need more time.
INFO:NAM1[000138D5]You'll have to figure out how to sell these chems and divide the take.
INFO:NAM1[00013AE2]I did most of the work. I should get more than half.
INFO:NAM1[00013AE4]Secret police? If that's a pre-war reference, then I'm afraid it's lost on me.
INFO:NAM1[00013AE5]I'm sure you understand. There won't be any... issues, will there?
INFO:NAM1[00013AE6]No, not this time. 50-50 is fair and that's what we're doing. We'll each take half the chems.
INFO:NAM1[00013AE7]Now you know what my whole life has felt like.
INFO:NAM1[00013AEB]I hate to break it to you, but your Courser wasn't all that tough.
INFO:NAM1[00013AED]Then it's likely the unit was defective. It's rare, but faults can occur from time to time.
INFO:NAM1[00013AEE]If the synths want to be free, you should let them.
INFO:NAM1[00013AF0]Our main instrument is the Courser, a third-generation synth assigned to operate on the surface.
INFO:NAM1[00013AF0]Coursers hunt down and reclaim synths that have escaped the Institute.
INFO:NAM1[00013AF0]They are highly self-sufficient, trained in combat, infiltration and tracking. In a word, our Coursers are relentless.
INFO:NAM1[00013AF8]I guess I just got lucky.
INFO:NAM1[00013B32]That's hardly helpful.
INFO:NAM1[000142F4]Why would synths want to escape?
INFO:NAM1[00015429]Now, Father has asked that I provide you with a brief overview of the Synth Retention Bureau.
INFO:NAM1[00015429]Our primary responsibility is the recovery of escaped synths that are hiding among the human population on the surface.
INFO:NAM1[00015481]Why does it matter?
INFO:NAM1[000154C4]If there is some defect in Courser combat programming, then it must be identified and corrected.
INFO:NAM1[0001560D]But I gather you know all of this, since you've encountered one already.
INFO:NAM1[0001560D]In fact, I'd very much like to know how you defeated it.
INFO:NAM1[0001560E]I'm sure it's best for everyone if the synths remain here.
INFO:NAM1[00015BDD]Certainly. We can't allow sophisticated Institute technology to fall into the wrong hands.
INFO:NAM1[00015BDD]The results could be disastrous.
INFO:NAM1[0001697F]Oh, it's nothing personal. I don't trust anyone.
INFO:NAM1[00016980]I suppose I'll have to ask Robotics to perform detailed diagnostics on the entire production run. As if we don't have enough problems.
INFO:NAM1[00016CAB]I'm no stranger to combat.
INFO:NAM1[00016CEA]Even so, a Courser should be more than a match for any single combatant.
INFO:NAM1[00016CEB]So basically, you're the secret police.
INFO:NAM1[0001702E]That wasn't the plan originally, but hey, tempting.
INFO:NAM1[000170CE]Well, fine then! I'm going back home. I don't need you, you fat ass!
INFO:NAM1[000170CF]Home, Skinny! Where I should have been all this time. This is goodbye for us.
INFO:NAM1[000172A2]This is all just a misunderstanding, Skinny. You know that. You let us walk and we won't come back.
INFO:NAM1[000172A7]No, Darla. They get one chance to leave. Skinny Malone's puttin' his foot down.
INFO:NAM1[000172A8]Oh yeah, then what's this guy doing here, huh? Valentine must have brought him here to rub us all out!
INFO:NAM1[000172A9]Oh yeah, then what's this lady doing here, huh? Valentine must have brought her here to rub us all out!
INFO:NAM1[000172AA]What's the deal with you people and Nick, anyway?
INFO:NAM1[000172AB]You and Nick shot all of my crew and you expect to just...Agh! All right, you're lucky I still owe him for that time back in the Quarry.
INFO:NAM1[000172AB]I'm gonna give you two until the count of ten before I forget my good manners, and just start shooting up the place!
INFO:NAM1[00017464]Like hell, you won't! Don't you get it? All the other crews in the area will see this as weakness. Then, they'll come for me.
INFO:NAM1[00017464]Sorry. Time to give you both the hard goodbye.
INFO:NAM1[00017505]Hey, I'm the one in charge here. You got something to say? Say it to me.
INFO:NAM1[00017506]They always gotta hit you where it hurts...
INFO:NAM1[00017508]Oh, come on, Nicky! You cost me my men, now you and your friend cost me my girl?
INFO:NAM1[00017509]You're fat, you're ugly, and it's time you and your crazy bitch said goodbye.
INFO:NAM1[0001750A]My mother was right. You mobsters are all just talk.
INFO:NAM1[0001750B]I wouldn't be here if it weren't for your two-timing dame, Skinny. You ought to tell her to write home more often.
INFO:NAM1[00017929]Sorry, babe, but this is the end for us. And for you...
INFO:NAM1[000179D1]Now what am I gonna do about you two? I know. I'm gonna give you until the count of ten.
INFO:NAM1[000179D1]I still see your ugly faces after that, I'm gonna start shooting until there ain't no more bullets left in this whole Vault!
INFO:NAM1[000179D2]You watch your step. Got my eye on you.
INFO:NAM1[000179D3]What? You got a staring problem?
INFO:NAM1[000179D4]Darla, listen to me. You have a home to go back to. You don't want to throw your life away with these thugs.
INFO:NAM1[000179D5]That a real Vault Suit? Damn.
INFO:NAM1[000179D6]Heard you're responsible for that new coat of green on the Wall. Looks nice.
INFO:NAM1[000179D7]Diamond City Surplus is where you can sell all those scraps you've scavenged.
INFO:NAM1[000179D8]You look a little roughed up. Should talk to Doc Crocker over at the Mega Surgery Center.
INFO:NAM1[000179E6]Hm hmmm...
INFO:NAM1[00017A0A]My friend here just did you a favor, Skinny. You always did have bad taste in women.
INFO:NAM1[00017A0A]Now that she's not around to feed that temper of yours, maybe you'll see sense and let us walk? You still owe me for two weeks in the hole.
INFO:NAM1[00017A0B]Look at yourself. Darla is playing you for a sap. You're better than this. You're better than her.
INFO:NAM1[00017A2E]What are you talkin' about Skinny?
INFO:NAM1[00017A31]I... I... You're right! What am I doing? I've gotten all mixed up!
INFO:NAM1[00017A36]Don't you try to confuse me! Get em, Skinny!
INFO:NAM1[00017A3F]Darla's a runaway. Her father wanted me to bring her back home. Turns out she skipped town to be with my old pal, Skinny Malone. Mob boss.
INFO:NAM1[00017A3F]Never thought he'd manage to scrape together a big enough crew to take over a Vault. Guess life's full of surprises.
INFO:NAM1[00017AA8]You're...you're right. Things have gone nothin' but south since she walked into my life.
INFO:NAM1[00017AAD]No one tells Skinny Malone how to run his affairs! I've had enough of this. Time for the hard goodbye!
INFO:NAM1[00017AD2]You double-crossing, moll! Teach me to fall for a great set of legs.
INFO:NAM1[00017AF8]I told you we should've just killed him, but then you had to get all sentimental! All that stupid crap about the "old times."
INFO:NAM1[00017B10]Skinny's no good for you, Darla. You put a bullet in him, and I just might let you go.
INFO:NAM1[00017B11]Paper puts on quite a show, huh?
INFO:NAM1[00017B12]You can't stop the press.
INFO:NAM1[00017B34]You smug, overconfident ass... Agh!
INFO:NAM1[00017B34]All right, you get to the count of ten! I still see your face after that, I'm gunning both of you down!
INFO:NAM1[00017B35]You and Nick know each other?
INFO:NAM1[00017B36]I'm sayin' you're draggin' me and this whole operation down a bad road, toots. We're through.
INFO:NAM1[00017B37]Wow you're... you're a bad boy, ain't ya?
INFO:NAM1[00017B38]Wow you're... you're a bad girl, ain't ya?
INFO:NAM1[00017B39]What kind of a girl do you think I am? Kill 'em, Skinny!
INFO:NAM1[00017B3A]Darla? Wh-where are you goin'?
INFO:NAM1[00017B3B]*chuckle* This troublemaker here used to be a real headache back in the day. Before we got kicked out of the old neighborhood.
INFO:NAM1[00017B3B]Must have done this dance a hundred times. Enemies are kind of the closest thing you get to friends in these parts.
INFO:NAM1[00017B3B]Now quit stallin'. You gonna talk? Talk.
INFO:NAM1[00017B55]What are you doin', Skinny? Kill 'em!
INFO:NAM1[00017B87]Don't touch the paint.
INFO:NAM1[00017B88]Don't need to be bothered.
INFO:NAM1[00017B89]You ready to help out, now? Get that paint from Hardware Town.
INFO:NAM1[00017B9A]You're back. You find that paint?
INFO:NAM1[00017B9B]Good luck getting that paint.
INFO:NAM1[00017B9E]Got work to do.
INFO:NAM1[00017BA6]The Wall's sure looking good lately. Guess Abbot found some more paint.
INFO:NAM1[00017BB2]You. Well, I suppose we can do business.
INFO:NAM1[00017C02]If you don't live here, you ain't nobody, got it?
INFO:NAM1[00017C33]So much for Skinny Malone. Think he's lighter or heavier with all those holes in him? Bullets probably add a few ounces...
INFO:NAM1[00017C33]Good night, sweet prince. Here's to all the old days.
INFO:NAM1[00017E55]You're right. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be rude, but it's just... the detective. He's gone missing.
INFO:NAM1[00017E58]I know you must be busy, but I won't take much of your time, miss. It's important.
INFO:NAM1[00017E86]It's going to be an awkward conversation with Darla's parents when I tell them their daughter bit the big one.
INFO:NAM1[00017E86]Well, at least the case is closed.
INFO:NAM1[00017EEB]I'll do whatever it takes. It's worth it.
INFO:NAM1[00017EEF]While you may be my father, I am Father to the Institute. It follows my lead, and thus for now, you must as well. Will you trust me?
INFO:NAM1[00017EF0]I had certainly hoped we could work together, but every man must make his own decisions. If you choose to leave, I cannot force you to stay.
INFO:NAM1[00017EF2]There is much to be done. You'll need time to acclimate yourself, a chance to become acquainted with our procedures...
INFO:NAM1[00017EF6]All right, I'll go along with it.
INFO:NAM1[00017EF8]For now, it's enough that you understand that the Institute really is devoted to the betterment of humanity.
INFO:NAM1[00017F04]Understand, though, that I cannot allow you to remain within the Institute.
INFO:NAM1[00017F05]Is all that really necessary? What's there to learn?
INFO:NAM1[00017F06]Forgive me. I'd assumed that after everything I'm sure you've seen above ground, you would be... more than a bit biased against us.
INFO:NAM1[00017F0B]I can't afford to trust anyone.
INFO:NAM1[00017F0C]Don't worry. You'll see.
INFO:NAM1[00017F0E]I see. I am... disappointed.
INFO:NAM1[00017F0F]You may have safe passage back to the Relay where you will be sent back to the surface, but from that point... you must be considered hostile.
INFO:NAM1[00017F10]I don't know about all that.
INFO:NAM1[00017F16]I just don't know...
INFO:NAM1[00017F17]I'm afraid things here are different from the lawless wastes above. A society cannot be maintained without order.
INFO:NAM1[00017F1B]I'm afraid there can be no more time for indecision. Please, let me show you what we can accomplish together.
INFO:NAM1[00017F1C]I am sorry. I must think first of the safety of the Institute, and in the cruel world that has developed, those who are not with us are against us.
INFO:NAM1[00017F1D]I'm not here to take orders.
INFO:NAM1[00017F22]"Follow your lead?" Why do you get to call the shots?
INFO:NAM1[00017F24]I am glad to hear that.
INFO:NAM1[00017F26]Because my entire life has taken place within these walls. I have studied, I have trained, I have devoted my life to the Institute.
INFO:NAM1[00017F26]I have proven time and time again that the success of the Institute is my primary goal, and I have sacrificed a great deal along the way.
INFO:NAM1[00017F26]I assure you, I gain nothing by lying to you. Will you trust me?
INFO:NAM1[000180E3]Around here we call your haircut the "Scav Special." Little flicks of blood give it the personal touch. You should think about getting a trim.
INFO:NAM1[000180E4]Haircuts right here.
INFO:NAM1[000180E5]You there. Talk some sense into my nitwit son. McDonough's secretary. Is she a synth?
INFO:NAM1[000180F8]Hey. You're the new guy, right?
INFO:NAM1[00018106]Got your tongue-tied?
INFO:NAM1[00018107]You need any help?
INFO:NAM1[00018108]Uh... you got something to say, mister?
INFO:NAM1[00018109]Yeah, just take your time... *groan*
INFO:NAM1[0001810B]Don't be shy now.
INFO:NAM1[0001810C]Hey, I don't mind people staring, but, uh...
INFO:NAM1[0001810D]You just gonna stand there and stare?
INFO:NAM1[0001810E]This ain't no show. You wanna talk, talk.
INFO:NAM1[00018186]Hey there.
INFO:NAM1[00018213]The kid sells the papers.
INFO:NAM1[00018215]Don't know you, scavver.
INFO:NAM1[00018216]Busy here.
INFO:NAM1[00018217]Gotta reason for bothering me? Get lost.
INFO:NAM1[0001821F]You need something, scavver?
INFO:NAM1[00018220]No funny business.
INFO:NAM1[00018221]You cause trouble, there's gonna be trouble, got it?
INFO:NAM1[00018222]Nice day, huh?
INFO:NAM1[00018223]Look, scavver, I ain't buying anything.
INFO:NAM1[00018224]I'm eatin'. What is it?
INFO:NAM1[00018225]Tryin' to eat here.
INFO:NAM1[00018790]Nothing to see here.
INFO:NAM1[00018791]No loitering.
INFO:NAM1[000187AB]Just buy or sell whatever you need and get lost.
INFO:NAM1[000187AC]Whatever you want, I ain't got time.
INFO:NAM1[000187B2]Beat it.
INFO:NAM1[00018A64]Don't you walk away from me! Ice 'em!
INFO:NAM1[00018A66]Where are you goin'? Kill 'em, Skinny!
INFO:NAM1[00018A67]You got till I count 10. Now beat it.
INFO:NAM1[00018A69]Don't push your luck! Go!
INFO:NAM1[00018A6A]You get out of here. Now.
INFO:NAM1[00018A6C]Better leave before I forget my generous nature.
INFO:NAM1[00018A74]Get lost!
INFO:NAM1[00018A77]I'm going home to my parents. Screw those low-life gangsters.
INFO:NAM1[00018A78]Some man Skinny Malone turned out to be. Hmph.
INFO:NAM1[00018A79]My parents were right. I should never have gotten mixed up with people from Goodneighbor.
INFO:NAM1[00018A81]Screw Skinny Malone. Who needs that big galoot anyway?
INFO:NAM1[00018A82]What a mess I got myself into.
INFO:NAM1[00018CE4]Well, hello there. Another one of the poor and stupid of Diamond City come begging for table scraps?
INFO:NAM1[00018CE5]You're in my way.
INFO:NAM1[00018CE6]Go away, now. Shoo.
INFO:NAM1[00018CE7]You there. You need a genuine, authentic, custom-made hickory Swatter.
INFO:NAM1[00018CE8]Now don't be shy. You're never too old to own a Swatter.
INFO:NAM1[00018CEA]Dad says not to talk to strangers.
INFO:NAM1[00018CEB]A new face? Strong, but... not perfect. For a nominal fee, Doc Crocker can give you the looks you've only dreamed about before.
INFO:NAM1[00018CEC]A bit of a nip, a bit of a tuck, and small payment is all you need for a new face. A new you.
INFO:NAM1[00018F03]Here you go, two caps per berry.
INFO:NAM1[00018F03]Thanks much!
INFO:NAM1[00018F07]Here's your caps.
INFO:NAM1[00018F0C]What are you offering, exactly?
INFO:NAM1[00018F13]How much was it for the tatos?
INFO:NAM1[00018F1A]Tell me about these goods.
INFO:NAM1[00018F20]I'll hang on to what I've got for now.
INFO:NAM1[00018F2C]Not now.
INFO:NAM1[00018F32]I'm not looking to sell anything right now.
INFO:NAM1[00018F3B]Yeah, I'll take those caps now.
INFO:NAM1[00018F3D]Yeah, here you go.
INFO:NAM1[00018F46]It's two caps for each tarberry. Good enough?
INFO:NAM1[00018F4B]Two caps each.
INFO:NAM1[00018F52]You're lookin' at 'em, hot stuff. I might be a ghoul, but I'm still all woman. So what do you think?
INFO:NAM1[00018F54]Then we're done here.
INFO:NAM1[00018F66]If you want to pitch in, pick some tatos and bring 'em here. I'll give you two caps for each.
INFO:NAM1[00019003]Ready to get paid for those Tarberries? Or are you here to, uh, admire the goods?
INFO:NAM1[00019004]Okay then. Hope to see you soon!
INFO:NAM1[00019008]Have it your way.
INFO:NAM1[000190AD]Agh... You open this gate right now, Danny Sullivan! I live here. You can't just lock me out! *sigh*
INFO:NAM1[000190B7]I'm sorry, but Mayor McDonough's really steamed, Piper. Sayin' that article you wrote was all lies. The whole city's in a tizzy.
INFO:NAM1[0001926E]What do you mean you can't open the gate? Stop playing around, Danny! I'm standing out in the open here, for crying out loud!
INFO:NAM1[00019271]Geez, all right. No need to make it personal, Piper. Give me a minute.
INFO:NAM1[00019274]You hear that, Danny? You gonna open the gate and let us in? Or are you going to be the one talking to crazy Myrna about losing out on all this supply?
INFO:NAM1[00019275]I got orders not to let you in, Ms. Piper. I'm sorry. I'm just doing my job.
INFO:NAM1[00019277]Another great day in Diamond City.
INFO:NAM1[000192A0]Oooh, that a statement, Mr. McDonough? "Tyrant mayor shuts down the press?"
INFO:NAM1[000192A1]Piper! Who you let you back inside? I told Sullivan to keep that gate shut!
INFO:NAM1[000192A1]You devious, rabble-rousing slanderer! The.. the level of dishonesty in that paper of yours! I'll have that printer scrapped for parts.
INFO:NAM1[0001932E]Totally deserved it. Those guys were assholes.
INFO:NAM1[00019330]What the hell is wrong with you?
INFO:NAM1[00019332]I am thinking perhaps I have invited psychopath to help with this plan.
INFO:NAM1[00019333]I'm really sorry, Vadim. I guess I just lost my temper.
INFO:NAM1[00019334]Men came in... They said they were friends of the ones you killed... said Vadim owed them money because of what happened...
INFO:NAM1[00019335]Ugh. I will try and fix this situation which you have made mess of. In meantime, I need you to not kill anyone and help with rest of plan.
INFO:NAM1[00019336]Why would you think this is okay?
INFO:NAM1[00019337]Are you kidding? You have set back whole plan for helping Travis, and you want to know what is next. Unbelievable.
INFO:NAM1[00019338]Who cares about them. What's next?
INFO:NAM1[0001933A]Bull - that asshole from the Dugout. Where did he hang out? His friends have taken Vadim.
INFO:NAM1[0001933B]You were supposed to help Travis in fight, not murder people in my bar!
INFO:NAM1[0001933D]It can't happen again, because they were only two guys I knew willing to do this. You have screwed this up, big time.
INFO:NAM1[0001933E]It won't happen again.
INFO:NAM1[00019343]This one is from, uhh... Skeeter Davis. It's the "End of the World."
INFO:NAM1[00019346]Was I, uhh, the only one surprised that Skeeter Davis is, you know... a woman? Just... uhh, didn't really sound like a woman's name...
INFO:NAM1[00019348]Here's "End of the World" by Skeeter Davis. It's... well, I think it's maybe a little melodramatic... but that's just me...
INFO:NAM1[00019349]This is, uhh... "Baby It's Just You" by Magnolia. You know, from uhh... from Goodneighbor.
INFO:NAM1[0001934A]This song is "Good Neighbor" by, uhh, by Magnolia... who is, uhh, from... well, Goodneighbor.
INFO:NAM1[0001934B]So, uhh, Magnolia... you know, from Goodneighbor... she was, uhh, nice enough to let us play some of her... uhh, her songs. So, here we go.
INFO:NAM1[0001934C]Here's... well, it's something a little different... Here's Goodneighbor's own Magnolia...
INFO:NAM1[0001934D]Here's Goodneighbor's Magnolia singing "Train Train" and, uhh... well, choo choo!... oh god, I'm so sorry... it sounded like a good idea in my head...
INFO:NAM1[0001934E]I need your help. Vadim's been kidnapped by friends of Bull.
INFO:NAM1[0001934F]Apparently I also need to say "please do not be killing anyone." Okay? This is for helping Travis, not murdering for fun.
INFO:NAM1[00019350]Have you seen Vadim? He was grabbed at the Dugout, and Yefim thought you might know where they took him.
INFO:NAM1[00019351]Of course they were assholes! That was whole point!
INFO:NAM1[00019698]Tell me about the Freedom Trail.
INFO:NAM1[00019699]Error. Response not recognized.
INFO:NAM1[0001969A]You're a tour guide?
INFO:NAM1[0001969B]For your sake, I hope the Institute isn't involved.
INFO:NAM1[0001969C]Enjoy historic Boston!
INFO:NAM1[0001969D]I'm interested in the history of this place.
INFO:NAM1[0001969E]I don't know who took him, I just want help getting him back.
INFO:NAM1[0001969F]Starting here at Boston Common, follow the red path as it winds its way through our great city's streets.
INFO:NAM1[0001969F]Markers on the trail are placed at many famous historic sites.
INFO:NAM1[0001969F]See Paul Revere's House, the Old North Church, the Old State House, Bunker Hill, and many more!
INFO:NAM1[000196A2]I risk my life for people every day. Makes no difference to me if it's a human or a synth.
INFO:NAM1[000196A3]Come here again if you need to meet us. We'll know you're coming.
INFO:NAM1[000196A4]Dez says we stay here until you leave. No pressure.
INFO:NAM1[000196A5]After you leave, I get to do a full security sweep before we can get out of here, too.
INFO:NAM1[000196A8]Can't wait to get out of this place. Gives me the creeps.
INFO:NAM1[000196AA]You didn't see anything suspicious coming in, right?
INFO:NAM1[000196AC]Feast your ears and learn more about the historic Freedom Trail and learn the history of Boston Common.
INFO:NAM1[000197C1]A little bloodthirsty, are we? Fortunately, you picked the right town.
INFO:NAM1[00019901]Yeah, keep talkin' McDonough. That's all you're good for.
INFO:NAM1[00019902]I've had enough of this, Piper. From now on, consider you and that little sister of yours on notice.
INFO:NAM1[00019907]We'll talk more once I get settled in.
INFO:NAM1[000199E3]In fact, I have another one ready if you're interested.
INFO:NAM1[000199E4]Our squires will always be in need of good training.
INFO:NAM1[000199FA]Well, do you have something to say?
INFO:NAM1[000199FB]Feel free to speak your mind. I'm the mayor, after all.
INFO:NAM1[000199FC]You're standing there with your jaw hanging out. Say something.
INFO:NAM1[000199FD]Speak up. I couldn't hear ya.
INFO:NAM1[00019A80]I ain't got time to hassle ya. With Hancock gone, it's time to lay-low.
INFO:NAM1[00019A82]Mayor's dead. Good riddance. He was getting soft.
INFO:NAM1[00019A8C]Look, I-I'm sorry about your boy. Why don't you come by my office, later? I think I just found my next story. Give me some time to get settled in. While I'm at it, you should probably try to get your bearings around here. Maybe someone's seen your kid?
INFO:NAM1[00019A9B]It ain't a lot, but I've got a few basic supplies. Ammo, meds, that sort of thing.
INFO:NAM1[00019AD9]Distracted by something, handsome?
INFO:NAM1[00019ADA]Cat got your tongue?
INFO:NAM1[00019BAC]Well, no point in hanging around here any longer. I'm done with the Cabots.
INFO:NAM1[00019BAE]I never expected you to turn on Jack like that.
INFO:NAM1[00019BAF]Jack trusted you, and you paid him back with betrayal.
INFO:NAM1[00019BB1]Thanks for backing me up. I never thought you'd turn on Jack like that.
INFO:NAM1[00019BB2]They deserved it, for what they'd done to Lorenzo.
INFO:NAM1[00019BB5]Maybe. Maybe I do, too. After all, I worked for Jack for all this time, and helped keep Lorenzo locked up in Parsons.
INFO:NAM1[00019BB6]Well, good luck. It's been a pleasure working for you.
INFO:NAM1[00019BB7]I don't know about that, but I'd given him plenty of loyalty over the years without getting much respect in return.
INFO:NAM1[00019BB8]I've had my doubts about the Lorenzo situation for a long time. You may not realize I've been working for the Cabots since before the Great War.
INFO:NAM1[00019BB8]I never met Lorenzo, of course - he was already locked up in Parsons when I came on board.
INFO:NAM1[00019BB8]So I've had to take Jack's word for everything the whole time. And I won't lie - I had a good situation here and I didn't want to rock the boat.
INFO:NAM1[00019BB8]I don't know if it was the right decision or not. But what's done is done.
INFO:NAM1[00019BBD]He didn't respect me enough to trust me. He assumed I was loyal no matter what. He never really cared what I thought.
INFO:NAM1[00019BBF]It's a damn shame things had to end like this.
INFO:NAM1[00019BC1]We'll talk after my family is dealt with.
INFO:NAM1[00019BC2]You go inside first. I'll join you at the right moment.
INFO:NAM1[00019BC3]I'll meet you at Cabot House.
INFO:NAM1[00019BC5]What are you going to do now?
INFO:NAM1[00019BC6]I don't know. It's been a long time since I've had to answer that for myself. Only thing I'm sure of is that I won't stay here.
INFO:NAM1[00019BC7]You didn't owe Jack anything. You were an employee, nothing more.
INFO:NAM1[00019BC8]Thanks. I'm not sure hiring you was my best decision ever, but here we are.
INFO:NAM1[00019BC9]Same to you. I'm sorry I got you involved in this mess.
INFO:NAM1[00019BCA]Thanks. You probably got more than you bargained for when you barged in here uninvited.
INFO:NAM1[00019FC8]Well, the presses are getting overloaded. That motor is going to go soon if we don't replace it.
INFO:NAM1[00019FC9]Piper! You're back.
INFO:NAM1[00019FCA]Why? Is something wrong?
INFO:NAM1[00019FCB]Ah, you've been saying that for weeks, and the old girl still keeps cranking. Stop worrying so much. I gotta head into the office. You start whistling if you see any angry politicians coming our way.
INFO:NAM1[00019FCD]Hey, kiddo, how are the paper sales?
INFO:NAM1[00019FCE]Read all about it! Are synths replacing people? Is your neighbor really human? Read all about it!
INFO:NAM1[0001A006]Hey! Over here.
INFO:NAM1[0001A2BB]No, no. But you pulled a friend of mine out of some hot water. Tall guy. Gangly. Goes by Hank. I just wanted to say thanks.
INFO:NAM1[0001A2BC]Oh, now that's not necessary. I'm just glad everything turned out alright for Hank. Give him my best, will ya?
INFO:NAM1[0001A2BD]I'm never getting a cap from that man, am I?
INFO:NAM1[0001A2BE]I'm never getting a cap from that woman, am I?
INFO:NAM1[0001A2BF]Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'll do that. You take care.
INFO:NAM1[0001A2C0]Mr. Valentine! Mr. Valentine!
INFO:NAM1[0001A2C1]Would be nice, the two of us getting out there again.
INFO:NAM1[0001A2C2]Sure. Could be fun.
INFO:NAM1[0001A2C3]That's up to you. Things gonna go better this time around?
INFO:NAM1[0001A2C4]Uh, hi there. Have we met?
INFO:NAM1[0001A2C5]Hmm. I guess this place seems secure.
INFO:NAM1[0001A2C6]Now that's not... oh. Oh, I'm so sorry.
INFO:NAM1[0001A2C7]Is, is that who I think it is? You okay?
INFO:NAM1[0001A2C8]Damn. Hey, look, if you wanna get outta here...
INFO:NAM1[0001A2CB]Hey Nick.
INFO:NAM1[0001A2CC]I warned you. What you've done, killing these people. It's inexcusable. And I won't be party to it anymore. So you and me, we're done.
INFO:NAM1[0001A2CE]How's it going?
INFO:NAM1[0001A2CF]I'll keep out of trouble if he does.
INFO:NAM1[0001A2D0]Yeah, yeah. Of course. Take care of yourself, Nicky.
INFO:NAM1[0001A2D1]Oh yeah. Yeah. Sure thing. I'll get that together. Real soon.
INFO:NAM1[0001A2D2]Huh. Seems I forgot my trunks.
INFO:NAM1[0001A2D4]Uh, anybody still in there?
INFO:NAM1[0001A2D5]Giving me the silent treatment, huh?
INFO:NAM1[0001A2D7]Nothing to say on the subject?
INFO:NAM1[0001A2D8]What? Did I say something?
INFO:NAM1[0001A2D9]Don't let me bother you.
INFO:NAM1[0001A2DA]Not much for conversation today, are ya?
INFO:NAM1[0001A2DB]Would love to know your thoughts on the matter...
INFO:NAM1[0001A2F4]I already have the dampening coil from Saugus.
INFO:NAM1[0001A305]I already have the warhead.
INFO:NAM1[0001A306]As I was saying.
INFO:NAM1[0001A307]Ha! Fortune favors us both, it seems.
INFO:NAM1[0001A307]Now, all we need... one thing. Nuclear fuel.
INFO:NAM1[0001A30C]You have been busy.
INFO:NAM1[0001A30C]I hope you showed my crew... mercy. They have not been themselves lately.
INFO:NAM1[0001A30F]No! You fool! I have not prepared the reactor yet!
INFO:NAM1[0001A33F]Terminal A - Lower Level
INFO:NAM1[0001A345]"Grognak the Barbarian and the Jungle of the Bat Babies." My favorite...
INFO:NAM1[0001A346]"Grognak the Barbarian and the Jungle of the Bat Babies." *chuckle*
INFO:NAM1[0001A4C0]He's a good dog. Smart, too.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4C1]Dumb mutt's going to get me killed.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4C2]He led me right to you.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4C3]So he's your dog?
INFO:NAM1[0001A4C4]Oh, indeed. Dogmeat's good at finding folks who need him, and he'll stick by you now. I saw it.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4C5]Is that so? Well, you still alive, ain't ya?
INFO:NAM1[0001A4C5]You better get used to that dog. 'Cause he's decided to stick by ya. I saw it.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4C6]He led you to us cause he knew we needed your help. Dogmeat's thoughtful like that.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4C6]And now he's gonna stick by you. I saw it.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4C7]Oh he ain't my dog. No sir. Dogmeat, he's what you'd call his own man.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4C7]You can't own a free spirit like that. But he chooses his friends, and sticks with 'em. He'll stay by you now. I saw it.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4C8]Just listen to me, actin' the crazy old lady. It's the chems, you see. They give ole Mama Murphy the "Sight." Been that way since I was a girl.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4C9]Ha! From where you're standing, I would seem crazy. My gift is pretty nuts, that's for sure. But it's the chems, kid. They give me the "Sight."
INFO:NAM1[0001A4CA]Oh, I know what you're thinkin'. This old lady, she's out of her mind. But it's the chems. They give ole Mama Murphy the "Sight."
INFO:NAM1[0001A4CB]It's the chems, kid. They give ole Mama Murphy the "Sight." Been that way for as long as I can remember.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4CC]Now look who Dogmeat brought to us.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4CD]Ain't nothin' wrong with a bit o' kick. Don't let nobody tell you otherwise.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4CE]Tired now, son. The Sight takes the vim right outta me.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4CF]It's comin'. Here soon.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4D0]Oh, it's on its way. And it's angry.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4D1]Jet with a Psycho chaser. Hmm hmmm.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4D2]Please, tell me what you know.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4D3]Great. You're completely nuts.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4D4]Visions. Uh huh.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4D5]You "saw it"?
INFO:NAM1[0001A4DF]Now where did I put those Mentats...
INFO:NAM1[0001A4E6]Oh, I wish I could help you, kid. But the Sight ain't always clear. I'll... keep concentrating.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4E6]Now, if I ain't mistaken', you've got a job to do...
INFO:NAM1[0001A4E7]Don't be givin' up just yet, kid. The Sight ain't always clear. There may be a way through this yet.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4E7]But anyway, the two of us been jawwin' long enough. You've got a job to do...
INFO:NAM1[0001A4E8]I know it's a lot to take in. And I wish I could tell you more. But the Sight ain't always clear.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4E8]Now, if I ain't mistaken', you've got a job to do...
INFO:NAM1[0001A4E9]I'm sorry, kid, but I just don't know. The Sight ain't always clear. But believe me when I tell you it ain't a Raider.
INFO:NAM1[0001A4E9]Ah, but I'm tired, now. And if I ain't mistaken', you've got a job to do...
INFO:NAM1[0001A6A0]At least we still have the backup...
INFO:NAM1[0001A6AC]I know we deserve to pay for what we've done, but so do you, Father.
INFO:NAM1[0001A6AD]Jack, you've got to hit him with your fancy radiation gun!
INFO:NAM1[0001A6AE]Come on, Jack, we'll never stop him unless he's weakened by that gun of yours!
INFO:NAM1[0001A6B0]Die, you psycho!
INFO:NAM1[0001A6B1]You were never a father to me!
INFO:NAM1[0001A6B2]It's no use. We're barely hurting him.
INFO:NAM1[0001A6B4]Sorry it had to go down like this, Jack.
INFO:NAM1[0001A6B5]Nothing personal, miss. You just ended up on the wrong side of this.
INFO:NAM1[0001A6B7]Jack, if you've got something that will help here, now's the time.
INFO:NAM1[0001A6B8]Hit him with the radiation, Jack!
INFO:NAM1[0001A6B9]Now! Hit him while he's weakened!
INFO:NAM1[0001A6BA]It's working! The radiation seems to weaken him!
INFO:NAM1[0001A6BB]You're not going to win this one, Lorenzo.
INFO:NAM1[0001A6BC]Not a great way to repay Jack for all his years of trying to help you.
INFO:NAM1[0001A6BD]Jack always said you were a dangerous maniac. He wasn't kidding.
INFO:NAM1[0001A6BF]I knew long ago that you had no intention of ever letting me out.
INFO:NAM1[0001A6C0]Betrayed by my own flesh and blood! Vengeance is mine!
INFO:NAM1[0001A6DB]I've been waiting for this day for 400 years.
INFO:NAM1[0001A6DC]You were supposed to be my family, and instead you betrayed me!
INFO:NAM1[0001A6DD]You actually believed you were smarter than me?
INFO:NAM1[0001A6DE]Now it's my turn to make you bleed.
INFO:NAM1[0001A7F2]Kellogg kidnapped him.
INFO:NAM1[0001A7F3]Well, you got your revenge. But that doesn't bring your son back.
INFO:NAM1[0001A90B]What's going on? Are we getting out of here?
INFO:NAM1[0001A90C]You're with the rescue team?
INFO:NAM1[0001A90D]These are our lives you're playing with. Are you listening to me?
INFO:NAM1[0001A90E]There are more of you. Right?
INFO:NAM1[0001A90F]The Minutemen were supposed to protect us. Garvey promised. He promised.
INFO:NAM1[0001A910]We can't just stay trapped in here. This is ridiculous. Somebody do something.
INFO:NAM1[0001A911]Wahh huh huh wahh huh huh
INFO:NAM1[0001A912]No no no noo no noo noo no noo
INFO:NAM1[0001A913]Ohh huh huh god no why whaa
INFO:NAM1[0001A914]Huh huh noo huh huh
INFO:NAM1[0001A915]Oh god oh god oh why why why why? It's not fair it's not fair huh huh
INFO:NAM1[0001A916]Promised we'd get there I promised I promised we'd get there couldn't keep promise I'm so sorry I'm so sorry I'm so sorry
INFO:NAM1[0001A917]Man, I don't know who you are, but your timing's impeccable. Preston Garvey, Commonwealth Minutemen.
INFO:NAM1[0001A918]Make it quick. They mass for another attack, I won't be able to hold them.
INFO:NAM1[0001A919]You plan on dying today? No? Then move it!
INFO:NAM1[0001A91A]Man, what are you waiting for?
INFO:NAM1[0001A91B]Like it or not, we're all counting on you.
INFO:NAM1[0001A91C]Look, Sturges may be big, but he ain't much good in a fight. I need you to do this.
INFO:NAM1[0001A91E]What? Don't look at me, new guy. I just fix stuff.
INFO:NAM1[0001A91F]Juice up the suit of Power Armor, and then you'll be able to heft that minigun.
INFO:NAM1[0001A920]Yeah, I know what you're thinking. This guy's huge. Bet he could lift that minigun without stupid power armor. Nuh ah. No thanks. I don't do guns.
INFO:NAM1[0001A921]That armor may be old, but it's got a standard interface. Just jack the Fusion Core in.
INFO:NAM1[0001A922]Any day now, new guy.
INFO:NAM1[0001A923]Through the back room, and up to the roof. I'll hold 'em off from here. Go!
INFO:NAM1[0001A934]There's a crashed vertibird up on the roof. Old school. Pre-war. You might've seen it.
INFO:NAM1[0001A934]Well, looks like one of its passengers left behind a seriously sweet goody. We're talking a full suit of cherry T-45 Power Armor. Military issue.
INFO:NAM1[0001A941]Sturges? Tell him.
INFO:NAM1[0001A95A]My beautiful wife.
INFO:NAM1[0001A95E]Lookin' good, hon.
INFO:NAM1[0001A966]Hon, you have such great cheekbones.
INFO:NAM1[0001A967]You have such a cute chin.
INFO:NAM1[0001A968]Such a cute nose.
INFO:NAM1[0001A969]You have great lips, you know that?
INFO:NAM1[0001A96B]Did you color your hair?
INFO:NAM1[0001A96C]New hair color?
INFO:NAM1[0001A96D]You get a hair cut yesterday?
INFO:NAM1[0001A96E]I love the haircut.
INFO:NAM1[0001A96F]Such a great smile.
INFO:NAM1[0001A970]I think Shaun has your nose.
INFO:NAM1[0001A971]Shaun totally has your eyes.
INFO:NAM1[0001A972]Shaun has your smile, you know?
INFO:NAM1[0001A9B5]Did my daddy put you up to this?
INFO:NAM1[0001A9B5]That big, two-headed animal in the pen with patchy fur? That's a Brahmin. That's our Clara.
INFO:NAM1[0001A9B6]Clara was our Brahmin. We'd had her longer than I can remember. She was like... part of the family.
INFO:NAM1[0001A9B9]It's five caps per melon, just as we agreed.
INFO:NAM1[0001A9B9]You ready to collect?
INFO:NAM1[0001A9BB]You're a wiser woman than me.
INFO:NAM1[0001A9BD]Rebuilding? You don't know what a relief that is.
INFO:NAM1[0001A9BE]We're rebuilding the Minutemen. You won't have to stand alone anymore.
INFO:NAM1[0001A9C1]Deal. But let's keep it between the two of us. The last thing I want is another lecture from my mom.
INFO:NAM1[0001A9C2]Five caps. You probably got yourself the best deal in the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1[0001A9C3]That old stuff? Not too useful these days, unless you're lookin' to stock up your outhouse.
INFO:NAM1[0001A9C5]You guys pay for things with bottle caps? What happened to dollars and cents?
INFO:NAM1[0001A9C6]How much were you paying again for those melons?
INFO:NAM1[0001A9C7]Make it five. Deal?
INFO:NAM1[0001A9C9]You're a real piece of work, aren't you?
INFO:NAM1[0001A9C9]Get the hell off my land, and don't show your face here again.
INFO:NAM1[0001A9CA]And... what's a Brahmin?
INFO:NAM1[0001A9CB]Clarabell? Who's that?
INFO:NAM1[0001A9CE]Can't you do something to protect yourself?
INFO:NAM1[0001A9D5]Such pretty eyes.
INFO:NAM1[0001A9D7]Wait, did you go to the hairdresser yesterday?
INFO:NAM1[0001A9D9]Did I mention how much I love your new hairstyle?
INFO:NAM1[0001A9DC]New hairstyle? Love it.
INFO:NAM1[0001A9DD]New hairstyle? I love it.
INFO:NAM1[0001A9E4]I'm with the Minutemen. Tell me what happened and maybe I can help.
INFO:NAM1[0001A9E6]If you really are with the Minutemen and you want to help, well, it would mean a lot to me if you could get that sword back.
INFO:NAM1[0001A9E7]If you've brought me some more Bloatfly Glands, why don't you bring them back later. I'm not in the mood to deal with that right now.
INFO:NAM1[0001A9E8]I'd really prefer to be alone right now. Sorry.
INFO:NAM1[0001A9ED]I don't guess you'd be crazy enough to try and get it back for me? I've got caps, if that's what you want.
INFO:NAM1[0001AABF]It's Sturges, right?
INFO:NAM1[0001AAC1]Hey Sturges...
INFO:NAM1[0001AAC4]You all right?
INFO:NAM1[0001AAC7]You okay?
INFO:NAM1[0001AACA]Mama Murphy...
INFO:NAM1[0001AACB]Ugh, old people...
INFO:NAM1[0001AACC]Stupid grease jockey...
INFO:NAM1[0001AACD]Minutemen. Jesus...
INFO:NAM1[0001AB1C]Edward, don't be so hasty. I like the look of this fellow.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB30]Such a cute nose.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB31]I do love those lips.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB33]Did you put a little color in your hair?
INFO:NAM1[0001AB34]Did you get a haircut yesterday?
INFO:NAM1[0001AB36]Hey. Did you get a haircut yesterday? It's cute.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB38]Such a great smile.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB39]Shaun totally has your eyes.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB3A]I was looking... Shaun has your smile.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB3C]Hmm. Such pretty eyes.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB3D]Your eyes. They're one of my favorite things about you.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB3E]Your eyes. That's the reason I said yes when you asked me out.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB3F]Wait. Did you get a haircut yesterday?
INFO:NAM1[0001AB40]Nice. Did you get a haircut?
INFO:NAM1[0001AB41]Nice haircut.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB42]Did I mention how much I love that new haircut?
INFO:NAM1[0001AB4E]It's ok. I'm friendly. Not looking to cause any trouble.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB50]You have anything to trade?
INFO:NAM1[0001AB52]Neither do I. Just passing through.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB54]Please. You're not worth my time.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB56]That's close enough, stranger. We're a peaceful farm. We don't want any trouble.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB75]In 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...
INFO:NAM1[0001AB83]Oooh. I like the beard.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB84]I wasn't sure, but... I like the beard.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB89]Hmm. Beard... Okay, I like it.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB8B]Ooooh. Scruff. Very manly.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB8E]Mmmhmm. I like the scruff. It's cute.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB93]I like the scruff. Accents your chin.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB95]Oooh. Moustache. Very cool.
INFO:NAM1[0001AB96]Hmm. Moustache huh?
INFO:NAM1[0001AB97]New hairstyle? I like it.
INFO:NAM1[0001ABA6]I like it. It makes you look... younger.
INFO:NAM1[0001ABAE]What's... different about you?
INFO:NAM1[0001ABAF]There's... something different. What is it?
INFO:NAM1[0001ABF7]I just got here, but yeah.
INFO:NAM1[0001ABF8]Just traveling through.
INFO:NAM1[0001ABF9]What? Who are you?
INFO:NAM1[0001ABFA]No. Not really.
INFO:NAM1[0001AC00]Sounds good. Let's go.
INFO:NAM1[0001AC01]You first.
INFO:NAM1[0001AC02]I don't take orders from you.
INFO:NAM1[0001AC03]This place. Diamond City. What is it?
INFO:NAM1[0001B110]Sir? Were you going to say something?
INFO:NAM1[0001B111]New guy. Hello.
INFO:NAM1[0001B112]You look stunned.
INFO:NAM1[0001B113]You help us, we'll help you.
INFO:NAM1[0001B114]Take your time, kid. I ain't goin' nowhere.
INFO:NAM1[0001B115]Your response time seems a bit impaired. Maybe you on the chems, too? He he.
INFO:NAM1[0001B116]Get the suit, you can rip the minigun right off the vertibird. Do that, and those Raiders get an express ticket to Hell. You dig?
INFO:NAM1[0001B29F]Dez is trusting you. If you do anything to hurt my friends, I'm coming for you.
INFO:NAM1[0001B354]If nothing else, it should demonstrate the amount of trust Father has placed in you.
INFO:NAM1[0001B355]Ah, it's you. You're here, then.
INFO:NAM1[0001B357]I've been told to install a courser chip in it for you. Father's orders.
INFO:NAM1[0001B358]Did you need something?
INFO:NAM1[0001B359]You're to be given full access, with the ability to relay in and out of the Institute at will.
INFO:NAM1[0001B35A]In case the significance is lost on you, you'll be the only one here with that kind of access.
INFO:NAM1[0001B35B]Taking your new appointment in stride, I see.
INFO:NAM1[0001B35B]Very well: we've shifted resources off of other projects, like the child synth, to focus on Phase Three.
INFO:NAM1[0001B35B]I'm hoping that the above-ground efforts are successful. I understand those depend heavily on you.
INFO:NAM1[0001B35C]I'm sorry, I report to the Director, not you.
INFO:NAM1[0001B363]This is my property. You are trespassing.
INFO:NAM1[0001B364]We don't have time for this.
INFO:NAM1[0001B365]More of them?
INFO:NAM1[0001B366]For god's sake, how many of these bastards are there?
INFO:NAM1[0001B368]No question now that these are the ones that stole the serum.
INFO:NAM1[0001B369]Look out! This one's taken the serum!
INFO:NAM1[0001B36A]Damn, are they all on the serum?
INFO:NAM1[0001B36B]A little help here - he's on the serum.
INFO:NAM1[0001B36C]She's going to be hard to stop, thanks to the serum.
INFO:NAM1[0001B36E]They certainly seem to have arrived in force.
INFO:NAM1[0001B36F]We can't let them hold us up.
INFO:NAM1[0001B370]Time is of the essence. Kill them quickly.
INFO:NAM1[0001B373]I hope you find Emogene.
INFO:NAM1[0001B374]I assume we have you to thank for Emogene's safe return.
INFO:NAM1[0001B375]I'm glad you managed to find Emogene. That girl needs looking after.
INFO:NAM1[0001B377]Good luck persuading Emogene to come home.
INFO:NAM1[0001B379]Emogene runs off like this mainly to provoke Mother. And by extension, irritate me.
INFO:NAM1[0001B37A]Mother won't stop pestering me about Emogene. As if I don't have anything else to worry about.
INFO:NAM1[0001B37C]I can't thank you enough for giving me that serum. Jack doesn't need to know I got a little extra, does he?
INFO:NAM1[0001B37D]I can find my own way home, thanks.
INFO:NAM1[0001B380]You can tell Mother I'll be home soon.
INFO:NAM1[0001B381]I'll never hear the end of this from Mother.
INFO:NAM1[0001B382]Ah, my hero.
INFO:NAM1[0001B383]Oh, it's you.
INFO:NAM1[0001B386]I just can't bear to think what might have happened to poor Emogene.
INFO:NAM1[0001B387]I can't believe how callous Jack can be about his sister.
INFO:NAM1[0001B388]Why does Emogene do this to me?
INFO:NAM1[0001B38A]Jack says there's no hurry about finding Emogene, but he doesn't mean it.
INFO:NAM1[0001B38B]Now you've met the matriarch of the family. Explains a lot, doesn't it?
INFO:NAM1[0001B38C]I hope you're making some progress on that Emogene thing.
INFO:NAM1[0001B38D]Hey, you mind keeping an eye out for a sec? Gotta run a diagnostic...
INFO:NAM1[0001B38D]...whew. Thanks. What'd I miss?
INFO:NAM1[0001B38E]Can still imagine the students, running down the halls.
INFO:NAM1[0001B4A4]Charming, isn't she.
INFO:NAM1[0001B514]Change your mind, tough guy? You gonna help us get that Fusion Core?
INFO:NAM1[0001B525]Please, you need to listen to me.
INFO:NAM1[0001B718]A new player in Goodneighbor. Hello little Pawn. Welcome to our fun and games.
INFO:NAM1[0001B71A]You ever try chess? Sometimes you need to sacrifice a piece to keep the game going. Keep that in mind.
INFO:NAM1[0001B71B]Got a lot on my mind. Excuse me.
INFO:NAM1[0001B71C]Oi. We got beer. And if you ain't buyin' beer, you ain't buyin'.
INFO:NAM1[0001B71D]Payin' customers only.
INFO:NAM1[0001B71E]You're becomin' quite a regular. Well, the beer still tastes the same. Like shit.
INFO:NAM1[0001B71F]Ah, so you're back. Drinks and my pleasant company, still available.
INFO:NAM1[0001B720]Something I can do for you, handsome?
INFO:NAM1[0001B726]Hancock says newcomers are welcome in the Third Rail. Go on in.
INFO:NAM1[0001B727]Enjoy your stay.
INFO:NAM1[0001B728]Entertainment's down the stairs.
INFO:NAM1[0001B729]I toss out the troublemakers. You keep that in mind.
INFO:NAM1[0001B72A]Downstairs. Don't bother the other patrons.
INFO:NAM1[0001B760]What's going on?
INFO:NAM1[0001BAA2]That Fusion Core will do the job, trust me.
INFO:NAM1[0001C045]This really isn't any of my business.
INFO:NAM1[0001C04B]I'm sure your city's a great place.
INFO:NAM1[0001C04F]Newspapers just like to stir up trouble.
INFO:NAM1[0001C050]Whatever. I'm not gonna be here long.
INFO:NAM1[0001C051]What're you two arguing about anyway?
INFO:NAM1[0001C056]What newspaper are you talking about?
INFO:NAM1[0001C05B]Always believed in freedom of the press.
INFO:NAM1[0001C05C]This hasn't been the friendliest welcome.
INFO:NAM1[0001C22C]I'll take what I can get.
INFO:NAM1[0001C22F]The feeling's mutual, Preston.
INFO:NAM1[0001C230]You guys going to be okay now?
INFO:NAM1[0001C233]That's a shame, man. You can never have too many friends in the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1[0001C234]Yeah. For a while, anyway. We can at least move someplace safer.
INFO:NAM1[0001C235]Hmph. You know, you talk like a jerk, but you still helped us out. Whether you wanted to or not.
INFO:NAM1[0001C236]You can never have too many friends. Not in the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1[0001C237]You're welcome. Anytime.
INFO:NAM1[0001C238]What happens now?
INFO:NAM1[0001C23C]I'm on my own side, Garvey.
INFO:NAM1[0001C23D]Stop kidding yourself. You're nothing to me.
INFO:NAM1[0001C23E]Listen... When we first met... You said you were glad to help. Well, you did, and we owe you our lives. So here. It ain't much, but... it's the best way I can say thank you.
INFO:NAM1[0001C23F]Listen... When we first met... You said we owed you. For helping us out. I guess you've earned it, so here. It may not be a chest full of emeralds, but it'll have to do.
INFO:NAM1[0001C240]Listen... When we first met... You said you were just passing through. Well, maybe this'll help you reconsider. Ain't much, but... it's the best we can do. And you've earned it.
INFO:NAM1[0001C241]Listen... When we first met... You asked about the Minutemen. One thing you should know about us, we help out our friends. So here. For everything you've done. Thank you.
INFO:NAM1[0001C242]That was... a pretty amazing display. I'm just glad you're on our side.
INFO:NAM1[0001C243]You spoken with Mama Murphy? She wanted to talk with you before you left.
INFO:NAM1[0001C244]I didn't do it for money.
INFO:NAM1[0001CA42]We got no choice. We need him, Davies.
INFO:NAM1[0001CA86]I'm trying to find someone.
INFO:NAM1[0001CA87]Just looking for something.
INFO:NAM1[0001CA8A]Not really your business.
INFO:NAM1[0001CA8B]What is this place, anyway?
INFO:NAM1[0001CB65]Elder Maxson said he took the name from a work of historical fiction.
INFO:NAM1[0001CB65]Something about a man who was destined to become a king, and his journey to liberate his people from tyranny and oppression.
INFO:NAM1[0001CB65]Seems fitting for such a remarkable ship, wouldn't you say?
INFO:NAM1[0001CB66]Time well spent, I'd say.
INFO:NAM1[0001CB6B]Not really here to chit-chat. I had orders to meet the crew.
INFO:NAM1[0001CB80]Rules, rules, rules... everyone around here is so obsessed with the damn rules.
INFO:NAM1[0001CB80]I hope you're not another one of those "by the book" military types.
INFO:NAM1[0001CB82]She's very impressive.
INFO:NAM1[0001CB83]All that time, and his is the best they could come up with?
INFO:NAM1[0001CB85]Why are you in there?
INFO:NAM1[0001CB87]Yes, quite a feat of engineering, isn't she.
INFO:NAM1[0001CB88]She may not be beautiful, but she's safe, reliable and heavily armored enough to keep the riff-raff from bringing her down.
INFO:NAM1[0001CB89]I'm glad you asked.
INFO:NAM1[0001CB8B]I have some special mods I've been working on.
INFO:NAM1[0001CB8B]It's sort of a hobby I have to pass the time. Real high-powered stuff.
INFO:NAM1[0001CB8B]Slap a few of them onto your weapons and I'm pretty sure they'll put a smile on your face.
INFO:NAM1[0001CB8C]Frankly, I'm amazed it flies.
INFO:NAM1[0001CB8D]That's a long time.
INFO:NAM1[0001CB8E]In any event, I hope your tour of the Prydwen helped acclimate you to our way of life up here.
INFO:NAM1[0001CB8E]I think you'll find that the more familiar you become with both her capabilities and her crew, the longer you'll survive as a member of the Brotherhood.
INFO:NAM1[0001CB90]In the meantime... if you ever need anything else... a gun, a mod... even ammo, you just let me know.
INFO:NAM1[0001CB91]I'm disappointed how callously you're judging her.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBA8]Constructing the Prydwen required a vast amount resources... far more than the Brotherhood possessed when we began.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBA8]We spent the first two years alone gathering the parts. The rest was spent assembling.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBA8]It was worth the effort.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBAA]Looks uncomfortable in there.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBAD]Cute boat.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBAE]Where was the Prydwen constructed?
INFO:NAM1[0001CBAF]It's not that bad.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBB1]Never mind.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBB2]Forget it.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBB3]Maybe later.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBB4]Nothing today.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBB5]Referring to this vessel as a "boat" is an insult to her heritage.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBB6]She was constructed at Adam's Air Force Base just outside of Washington D.C.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBB6]There was a vast amount of scrap metal and salvageable components there after we defeated the Enclave.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBB6]We spent the first two years alone gathering the parts. The rest was spent assembling.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBB6]It was worth the effort.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBB7]You must be in there for a reason. Maybe I'll keep my distance.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBB9]Sounds good.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBBD]I'll take a look.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBBE]I'm looking for some firepower.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBBF]Set me up.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBC0]Let me see what you have.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBC1]Let's hear a bit more about that "extra work" you mentioned.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBC2]Reporting for extra work.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBC3]Reporting for duty.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBC4]Looking for extra work.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBC5]Where did the Prydwen get her name?
INFO:NAM1[0001CBC6]Can you do anything special with my weapons?
INFO:NAM1[0001CBC7]I'm only having a bit of fun with you, Knight.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBC9]All of my weapons are mission-ready.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBCA]Got some choice weapons that just came in.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBCB]Be my guest.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBCC]I'm sure I've got something that'll put a smile on your face.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBCD]What can I get for you today?
INFO:NAM1[0001CBCE]Looking to pick a fight? I'll help you end it.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBCF]What brings you to me today?
INFO:NAM1[0001CBD0]Can I help you with anything?
INFO:NAM1[0001CBD1]The Prydwen is currently operating at peak efficiency.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBD2]All systems are green. All stations reporting no malfunctions.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBD3]Welcome back to the Command Deck, soldier.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBD4]All ship systems are functioning at optimum levels.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBD7]Now that you've had a chance to roam the Prydwen, what do you think, Knight?
INFO:NAM1[0001CBDF]I don't know what you're doing here, but this area's off limits.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBE0]Thanks to you, we're able to provide much better protection from radiation poisoning for our troops.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBE1]Shouldn't you be out there looking for those blood samples? I could really use them.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBE2]If my theory's correct, we'll be able to provide our troops with a better solution for resisting the Commonwealth's irradiated areas.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBE3]Sigh. I wish they'd move my lab to an area with natural light. My plants are starving.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBE8]Your orders were to speak to Lancer-Captain Kells. I suggest you follow them to the letter.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBE9]I'm too busy to speak right now.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBEA]I can't talk right now, I have a lot on my mind.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBEB]I'll send for you if I need you.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBEC]I'm occupied at the moment. We'll speak later.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBEF]Hard to resist the lure of extra caps.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBF1]Good to hear.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBF5]I'm starting to really like you.
INFO:NAM1[0001CBF6]You're just in time.
INFO:NAM1[0001D150]Dumb robot...
INFO:NAM1[0001D151]I'm afraid I won't be able to re-pave the driveway anytime soon.
INFO:NAM1[0001D152]Still tending the garden, sir. And, as you can see, our geraniums are still the envy of Sanctuary Hills.
INFO:NAM1[0001D153]Be careful out there, sir. The communists abound.
INFO:NAM1[0001D155]Hey Codsworth...
INFO:NAM1[0001D156]Take your time, sir. Formulate those words carefully.
INFO:NAM1[0001D157]Hello? Anybody in there?
INFO:NAM1[0001D1F4]Didn't take a head wound, did you?
INFO:NAM1[0001D1F5]You hear what I said?
INFO:NAM1[0001D1F6]Ya hear what I'm saying?
INFO:NAM1[0001D27E]Hey boy.
INFO:NAM1[0001D352]Take a walk, sir. Get some fresh air.
INFO:NAM1[0001D377]Look Tessa, the orders come down straight from Captain Wes. Clint has the command here and that's just how it is.
INFO:NAM1[0001D377]If you keep running your mouth off, he's going to make an example of you to show that he's still in charge.
INFO:NAM1[0001D377]Why do you think he picked you to deal with those scorps down at Super Duper Mart?
INFO:NAM1[0001D377]Maybe you got away with that shit back when you were running with raiders, but Gunners stick to the chain of command.
INFO:NAM1[0001D377]Besides, we wouldn't have been able to take Quincy without him, and you wouldn't have that sweet power armor, so get over it. Baker out.
INFO:NAM1[0001D378]Fuck you Baker. It's been over three years since I was in the gang, and I've been working my ass off, same as you.
INFO:NAM1[0001D378]And this Minuteman asshole just turns traitor and Captain Wes gives him command of the unit? It's bullshit and you know it!
INFO:NAM1[0001D378]You can't tell me you trust this guy. I may have been a raider, but I never rolled on my people the way Clint did.
INFO:NAM1[0001D378]He's keeping us separated so that when he puts a gun at the back of your head, I won't be there to help you. Watch your back, Baker. Tessa out.
INFO:NAM1[0001D7DA]Aw, god... my jaw...
INFO:NAM1[0001D7F6]*cheek chirp*
INFO:NAM1[0001D98B]Agent Fixer has arrived.
INFO:NAM1[0001D98C]Agent Professor has arrived.
INFO:NAM1[0001D98E]Agent Charmer has arrived.
INFO:NAM1[0001D98F]Agent Whisper has arrived.
INFO:NAM1[0001D990]Agent Bullseye has arrived.
INFO:NAM1[0001D991]Agent Wanderer has arrived.
INFO:NAM1[0001DA53]What kind of business you running here, anyway?
INFO:NAM1[0001DA56]A free paper? Sounds like quality.
INFO:NAM1[0001DA65]Good. Good... Now just answer me one simple question: are you human?
INFO:NAM1[0001DA65]Because I will not serve a synth...
INFO:NAM1[0001DA67]What's a Swatter?
INFO:NAM1[0001DA6F]Keep calm. I'm standing still.
INFO:NAM1[0001DA79]So you know weapons, huh?
INFO:NAM1[0001DA7E]I'm proposing surgery. Not just any surgery. Facial Reconstruction surgery. Safe and instantaneous.
INFO:NAM1[0001DA7E]New jaw-line, new eye color, remove scars, add scars. A new you. A more perfect you.
INFO:NAM1[0001DA82]A paper? Don't need it.
INFO:NAM1[0001DA84]A synth. As in, "synthetic person"? Those... things the Institute makes?
INFO:NAM1[0001DA84]Look real. With hair, and sweat, and blood and... everything.
INFO:NAM1[0001DA84]So are you human or not?
INFO:NAM1[0001DA87]One statue of David impression, coming up.
INFO:NAM1[0001DA89]Synth? What's a synth?
INFO:NAM1[0001DA96]Because I don't know you, and I will not serve a synth pretending to be... human.
INFO:NAM1[0001DA96]So are you? Human?
INFO:NAM1[0001DA97]I am not crazy! I read the paper! I know the synths are here, walking among us.
INFO:NAM1[0001DA97]So wait... are you telling me you're human?
INFO:NAM1[0001DAA1]Wait. What are you going to do to me?
INFO:NAM1[0001DAA2]That's just what a synth would do! Ducking the question. We don't serve your kind here!
INFO:NAM1[0001DAAA]We buy and sell anything and everything. Seven days a week. Twenty-four hours a day.
INFO:NAM1[0001DAAA]The robot takes care of customers at night. Only one I trust to do it. Least I know he's a machine.
INFO:NAM1[0001DAB2]Thanks. I guess.
INFO:NAM1[0001DAB5]Ha ha, a rookie, eh? A Swatter, my friend, is a Diamond City tradition.
INFO:NAM1[0001DAB5]See it used to be that this whole place was a stadium. And two teams would meet and play a game called baseball.
INFO:NAM1[0001DAB5]One team would beat the other team to death with things called Baseball Bats, and the best bats were called Swatters. True fact.
INFO:NAM1[0001DABD]You're acting all kinds of crazy.
INFO:NAM1[0001DABE]No. I'm Jangles. The Moon Monkey!
INFO:NAM1[0001DAC6]That's exactly what a synth would say. But... I don't know. Are you really... human?
INFO:NAM1[0001DACA]I knew it! Get away from my stall, you synth. We don't serve you... things here.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB0E]Wouldn't have it any other way.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB18]Another great day in Diamond City.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB19]Thanks, Jack. I came up with it myself.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB1A]You'll never be an Atom Cat with that attitude.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB1C]That's more like it, Jack. We wear our power armor with style. Not like some other dead heads around.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB1E]Cool name.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB1F]Your plates have got me cranked. The name's Zeke.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB21]I'm hip.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB22]Oh, you'll learn. All the Atom Cats speak the language of cool, Daddy-O.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB23]You speak from the heart. I can dig that.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB24]Oh, the "green jewel"? She's a sight. Everyone who's anyone in the Commonwealth is from here, settled here, or got kicked out of here. A big wall, some power, working plumbing, schools, and some security goons are what make Diamond City the big monster it is. Heh. Love it or hate it. You'll see for yourself, soon enough. Let's go.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB25]Like you haven't heard of us.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB25]We are the Atom Cats, a gang of the most with it way out cats in the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB26]Man, you talk like a real square. And here I was thinking you were Atom Cat material.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB27]Nice to meet you.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB28]Atom Cat?
INFO:NAM1[0001DB2A]I'm sorry. I don't know what language you're speaking.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB2B]If you're not chrome plated, you're not with it. Cop some Power Armor and we'll talk.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB2D]Check out the chassis on you.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB2E]You annoy me.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB2F]Power Armor. I like a cat who digs what I dig, and the Atom Cats dig Power Armor.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB34]Not a talker, huh? Have it your way.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB5C]He's got you there, McDonough. Guess not everyone gets won over by that shark smile of yours.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB5E]Oh, I didn't mean to bring you into this argument, good sir. No no no... You look like Diamond City material.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB5E]Welcome to the great green jewel of the Commonwealth. Safe. Happy. A fine place to come, spend your money, settle down.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB5E]Don't let this muckraker here tell you otherwise, all right?
INFO:NAM1[0001DB5F]What d'you think? Print lies and everybody's happy, but if you print the truth...
INFO:NAM1[0001DB61]Yeah. Greatest house of cards in the Commonwealth... until the wind blows.
INFO:NAM1[0001DB63]Ugh, another "see no evil" type. You'll fit in just fiiine with all the inept guards.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBB6]I did more than half the work on this job. My share should reflect that.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBB9]How can I be sure?
INFO:NAM1[0001DBBA]What happened to you?
INFO:NAM1[0001DBBC]They call me Honest Dan for a reason. That's exactly half of what Stockton agreed to pay me. Not one cap more, not one cap less.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBBD]Be safe, Dan.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBBE]All right.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBBF]Tell me who you are.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBC2]That's probably a lie.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBC3]Pull yourself together.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBC5]Here's your cut of the reward. I'll get my half from Stockton. Been a pleasure.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBC6]I believe you.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBC7]It's all right. You're safe now.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBC9]There's some truth to that. 60/40 work for you?
INFO:NAM1[0001DBCA]You saved me. Thank you. My father. Old Man Stockton. He will reward you.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBCB]I'm Amelia. Stockton. I'm not a synth.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBCE]Same to you.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBCF]Please... you have to believe me. I'm a human being just like you.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBD0]The men. They drag me away. Always with the needles, questions, and the pain. The stupid stupid questions over and over.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBD2]You holding out on me?
INFO:NAM1[0001DBD3]I'm not lying. How many times do I have to say that?
INFO:NAM1[0001DBD4]Oh... OK.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBD7]See you around.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBD8]I just want this nightmare to end.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBDA]Oh, thank you. Thank you.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBE2]Go ahead and put some paint on the Wall. Honor is yours and all that.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBE3]Mmmhmm. That's a good shade of green. The Wall sure seems happy with it.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBE4]Blue? You know what you're doing there? The Wall ain't blue.
INFO:NAM1[0001DBE5]Yellow? You know what you're doing there? The Wall ain't yellow.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC5D]Please, go on.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC5E]You don't know the half of it. Anyway, we figured Concord would be a safe place to settle. Those Raiders proved us wrong. But... well, we do have one idea.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC60]This is crazy.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC61]Huh. Could work.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC62]So what's the solution?
INFO:NAM1[0001DC66]Tough break.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC68]Just... hear me out.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC69]You've got my attention.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC6B]Minutemen? So now I'm traveling backward in time?
INFO:NAM1[0001DC6C]Let's hear it.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC6D]What makes that Power Armor so special?
INFO:NAM1[0001DC6E]I'll help if I can.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC6F]You owe me.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC70]Yeah, sure thing. I'll give you my chest full of emeralds just as soon as we're out of this mess.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC71]One good idea can make all the difference.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC72]Don't see why not. It'll have a manual trigger. Just aim it at the bad guys, and do the ole' "spray and pray."
INFO:NAM1[0001DC72]Now, as for the armor... It's outta juice. Probably has been for a hundred years. It can be powered up again, but we're a bit stuck...
INFO:NAM1[0001DC74]A West Tek internalized servo-system, that's what. Inside that baby, super is the new normal. You'll be stronger, tougher, resistant to rads. And...
INFO:NAM1[0001DC76]You think I don't know that? The things I've seen... The things I've done... Anyway, we figured Concord would be a safe place to settle. Those Raiders proved us wrong. But... well, we do have one idea.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC77]Look, new guy. Don't know what cave you're from. Don't care. But you need to shake off the cobwebs and smell the cordite, or we're all dead anyway.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC77]So here's the deal. That armor's out of juice. Probably has been for a hundred years. It can be powered up again, but we're a bit stuck...
INFO:NAM1[0001DC7A]I like it...
INFO:NAM1[0001DC7B]It's a suicide mission.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC7C]I don't know if I can help you...
INFO:NAM1[0001DC7D]"Protect the people at a minute's notice." That was the idea. So I joined up, wanted to make a difference. And I did, but... things fell apart. Now it looks like I'm the last Minuteman left standing.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC7E]It's a cruel world.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC82]Heh heh heh heh, yeah, I thought you might. Protection, with an added bonus.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC83]I can't help you.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC85]Full-on feral. Radiation completely rotted their brains. We barely made it out alive. Anyway, we figured Concord would be a safe place to settle. Those Raiders proved us wrong. But... well, we do have one idea.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC8A]Just folks lookin' for a new home. A fresh start. I've been with 'em since Quincy. Lexington looked good for a while, but the Ghouls drove us outta there. A month ago, there were 20 of us. Yesterday there were 8. Now, we're 5. It's just me, the Longs - Marcy and Jun - that's old Mama Murphy on the couch. And this here's Sturges.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC8D]I don't know. We'll see.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC8E]That's some serious protection.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC8F]And I can use the minigun like a... rifle?
INFO:NAM1[0001DC94]Well if that's true, we could use some more good will. As you can see, we're in a bit of mess here.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC95]What are my options?
INFO:NAM1[0001DC98]Ghouls, huh? How bad?
INFO:NAM1[0001DC99]I can't. You'll have to find somebody else.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC9D]Oh, it gets better.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC9E]I'm just passing through.
INFO:NAM1[0001DC9F]Who are these people?
INFO:NAM1[0001DCA0]Thanks. It's... good to meet someone who really cares. Anyway, we figured Concord would be a safe place to settle. Those Raiders proved us wrong. But... well, we do have one idea.
INFO:NAM1[0001DCA3]Actually, I already grabbed the Fusion Core. We're set.
INFO:NAM1[0001DCA4]Can't be too hard. I'll see what I can do.
INFO:NAM1[0001DCA6]It'll work. Provided we can reactivate the suit. It's totally out of juice. Probably has been for a hundred years.
INFO:NAM1[0001DCA6]It can be powered up again, but we're a bit stuck...
INFO:NAM1[0001DCA7]Will it be enough? To stop those maniacs?
INFO:NAM1[0001DCA8]Minigun - now we're talkin'.
INFO:NAM1[0001DCAB]Glad to help.
INFO:NAM1[0001DCAC]Fair enough. But the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? And those Raiders want us all dead. Including you.
INFO:NAM1[0001DCAE]What're you looking for again?
INFO:NAM1[0001DCB3]Sorry. Sounds rough.
INFO:NAM1[0001DCB4]Better be a good one.
INFO:NAM1[0001DCB7]I know, right? Only there's one hitch. The suit's out of juice. Probably been dry for a hundred years.
INFO:NAM1[0001DCB7]It can be powered up again, but we're a bit stuck...
INFO:NAM1[0001DCD9]Huh? I ain't the paper-girl. She's the one on the soap-box.
INFO:NAM1[0001DCDA]You. You're the one turned the Wall into some kind of... blue monster.
INFO:NAM1[0001DCDB]Hey, you're the one made the Wall look like a lemonade stand.
INFO:NAM1[0001DCDC]The Wall's looking as green as the day she was built.
INFO:NAM1[0001DCDD]Ain't never gonna get used to the Wall looking like... that.
INFO:NAM1[0001DCDE]The Wall's yellow. People could be pissing all over it, and who'd notice?
INFO:NAM1[0001DCDF]If you're heading outside the Wall, might want to stock up at Commonwealth Weaponry first.
INFO:NAM1[0001E226]Yes, of course.
INFO:NAM1[0001E243]Your call. I just wanted to keep you in the loop.
INFO:NAM1[0001E26C]I know. Mother's been starting to pester me as well.
INFO:NAM1[0001E26C]But I really don't think we need to worry about her yet. She'll come home when she gets tired of whatever new boyfriend she's found herself.
INFO:NAM1[0001E298]Apparently Emogene's run off again. Mrs. Cabot has been asking me about her.
INFO:NAM1[0001E5CB]If I help you, you're going to do something for me. Before I was forced to leave, I was working on a serum to reverse this mutation.
INFO:NAM1[0001E5CB]It could return me to normal. You understand? So if you get in there, I need you to find it in my old office, and bring it to me.
INFO:NAM1[0001E5CB]I think that's pretty reasonable, in exchange for helping you.
INFO:NAM1[0001E5F1]Hey you!
INFO:NAM1[0001E5F2]Hey you!
INFO:NAM1[0001E5F3]Hey you!
INFO:NAM1[0001E5F5]Hey *chuckle*
INFO:NAM1[0001E5F8]You... Hi...
INFO:NAM1[0001E5FA]'Scuse me...
INFO:NAM1[0001E5FB]'Scuse me...
INFO:NAM1[0001E5FE]'Scuse me...
INFO:NAM1[0001E600]'Scuse me...
INFO:NAM1[0001E605]Hey there...
INFO:NAM1[0001E60B]Super Mutants!
INFO:NAM1[0001E60B]Here's some Diamond City firepower you green uglies!
INFO:NAM1[0001E64D]Oh sir, it's been just horrible! Two centuries with no one to talk to, no one to serve.
INFO:NAM1[0001E64D]I spent the first ten years trying to keep the floors waxed, but nothing gets out nuclear fallout from vinyl wood. Nothing!
INFO:NAM1[0001E64D]And don't get me started about the futility of dusting a collapsed house. And the car! The car! How do you polish rust?
INFO:NAM1[0001E675]Listen... When we first met... You were in such a hurry I thought we'd never see you again, but you did right by us. So here, for sticking around.
INFO:NAM1[0001ED13]Sorry, but this door stays closed 'till those Raiders are dead.
INFO:NAM1[0001ED14]Can't open the door 'til all the Raiders are dealt with.
INFO:NAM1[0001ED15]I got people in here! The door ain't openin' until those Raiders are cleared out!
INFO:NAM1[0001EE77]Pip-Boy interface required to activate Vault door cycling sequence. Have a nice day.
INFO:NAM1[0001F0F2]Critical failure in Cryogenic Array. All Vault residents must vacate immediately.
INFO:NAM1[0001F0F8]*Gasping* *Coughing*
INFO:NAM1[0001F147]Let it serve as a reminder, sir. Of... happier days.
INFO:NAM1[0001F148]That's not all that's left, sir. There's still you. And me.
INFO:NAM1[0001F149]Whoa, whoa. Focus, Codsworth.
INFO:NAM1[0001F14A]*Sniff* You're welcome.
INFO:NAM1[0001F14B]A holotape? What's on it?
INFO:NAM1[0001F14C]What do you know, Codsworth?
INFO:NAM1[0001F14E]Well, it's something.
INFO:NAM1[0001F14F]So, that's all that's left.
INFO:NAM1[0001F150]Stop it. Get to the point.
INFO:NAM1[0001F151]Thank you, Codsworth.
INFO:NAM1[0001F152]I'm afraid I don't know anything, sir. The bombs came, and all of you left in such a hurry. I thought for certain you and your family were... dead.
INFO:NAM1[0001F152]I did find this holotape. I believe the missus was going to present it to you. As a surprise. But then, well... everything "happened."
INFO:NAM1[0001F153]Stay with me, pal. Focus.
INFO:NAM1[0001F154]I believe it's a private message for you. My etiquette protocols would not permit me to play it for myself.
INFO:NAM1[0001F154]Any standard holotape reading device should be able to play it back. Oh, like that Pip-boy on your arm. That should work brilliantly.
INFO:NAM1[0001F157]Oh, don't worry about me, sir. I'll be fine. Just hovering here.
INFO:NAM1[0001F1CB]Don't mind my ma. She's always a bit cranky. Let's just focus on you and that lovely head of hair.
INFO:NAM1[0001F1CC]For your hair, I'm thinking highlights. Or we could try a short shave on the sides, or maybe some braids. Hmm...
INFO:NAM1[0001F1CD]Eh, maybe we just shave all your hair off? I'm kidding, I'm kidding! Unless that's what you want of course. Customer's always right.
INFO:NAM1[0001F1CE]If you're looking for a haircut, the salon's open in morning.
INFO:NAM1[0001F1CF]What? Sorry. Thanks to ma's yelling, I'm practically deaf in this ear.
INFO:NAM1[0001F1D2]Need a Swatter with a little more stopping power? Stainless steel nails, my friend.
INFO:NAM1[0001F1D3]These aren't just any old pieces of wood. A Swatter is a custom piece of hickory.
INFO:NAM1[0001F1D4]If you're here, that means you're looking for a Swatter.
INFO:NAM1[0001F1D5]I'm not looking to make friends. Beat it.
INFO:NAM1[0001F1D6]I'm done working for the day. Get lost.
INFO:NAM1[0001F1D7]Go away, son. You bother me.
INFO:NAM1[0001F1D8]You won't believe what's in the next issue. Just you wait.
INFO:NAM1[0001F1D9]Ain't got nothing better to do?
INFO:NAM1[0001F1DA]Selling papers is busy work, mister.
INFO:NAM1[0001F1DB]You keep out of trouble, now.
INFO:NAM1[0001F1DC]The chapel's always open if you need us.
INFO:NAM1[0001F1DD]Hope you're well.
INFO:NAM1[0001F1DF]Stay straight, now.
INFO:NAM1[0001F1EF]Hey man. Got a lot of chems here if you need something to help you relax.
INFO:NAM1[0001F376]Diamond City is the next step on your road. Beyond that, the Sight ain't clear.
INFO:NAM1[0001F377]Next stop - Sanctuary. He he he.
INFO:NAM1[0001F378]Oh, we'll have no problem getting' where we're headed, now. Sanctuary. That's our new home. I saw it.
INFO:NAM1[0001F59B]I swear to God, you make a move for that exit, and I'll gut you myself. Now shut your mouth, or we'll never get the drop on this guy.
INFO:NAM1[0001F59C]I'm telling you, man. Let's just get the hell out of here. We got no reason to hang around and get shot.
INFO:NAM1[0001F59D]What are you, deaf? Somebody's out there, shootin' the place up. I ain't sittin' around, waitin' to die...
INFO:NAM1[0001F59E]Stop bein' such a fucking pansy. We hold out for the others. Like we're supposed to.
INFO:NAM1[0001F5B4]I'm fine, Preston. Quit fussin'.
INFO:NAM1[0001F5B5]Take it easy, Mama. You okay?
INFO:NAM1[0001F5C7]C'mon, man. They ain't goin' nowhere. We got other shit to deal with.
INFO:NAM1[0001F5C8]You hear that? I gotta go take a little walk. But I'll be back, and you'll be dead!
INFO:NAM1[0001F5C9]I'm coming in there, and I'm going to skin every last one of you.
INFO:NAM1[0001F5D5]What do you sell here?
INFO:NAM1[0001F5E2]Everything, sir. Miss Myrna prizes herself on being a collector of quality odds and ends from all over the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1[0001F5E2]We also buy any unwanted items you may be carrying on your person. And we're open twenty-four hours a day.
INFO:NAM1[0001F611]Keep away from my stall. I don't know you.
INFO:NAM1[0001F612]Remember, I don't serve synths. Supplies are just for humans.
INFO:NAM1[0001F613]I may sell just about everything, but none of it's scrap.
INFO:NAM1[0001F614]Every piece in here is worth what I charge for it. No arguments.
INFO:NAM1[0001F615]You again. All right, got plenty of supplies.
INFO:NAM1[0001F622]We're so delighted you've chosen us for your shopping needs. We buy and sell everything. From everyone. Always.
INFO:NAM1[0001F623]We sell everything. Stimpaks, ammunition, outerwear, dinnerware.
INFO:NAM1[0001F624]We're having a sale on brooms. Oh, no wait, my programming is telling me we never have sales. Maybe you should buy something else.
INFO:NAM1[0001F625]Oh, I do hope you're here to make a purchase. It's what I live for.
INFO:NAM1[0001F626]Every conceivable good you could ever need is right here. If we don't have it, it's inconceivable! Ha ha ha.
INFO:NAM1[0001F648]Uh... Hi...
INFO:NAM1[0001F649]Not supposed to talk to people I don't know...
INFO:NAM1[0001F64A]I want to be left alone.
INFO:NAM1[0001F64B]Have you been here before?
INFO:NAM1[0001F681]I believe you. Thanks.
INFO:NAM1[0001F682]Who's gone missing?
INFO:NAM1[0001F683]*chuckle* You're a real lost lamb in the wolf's den, mister.
INFO:NAM1[0001F685]Drifters, residents, stadium seat snobs. Seems every year or so, someone's gone, and we all know why.
INFO:NAM1[0001F685]So you better be careful, newcomer. Institute's out there, and they'll grab you too. Like I said, it's all in the paper.
INFO:NAM1[0001F686]Sounds like nonsense to me.
INFO:NAM1[0001F687]I'll be fine.
INFO:NAM1[0001F688]Fine. Don't listen to the little girl. Asshole.
INFO:NAM1[0001F689]Yeah, I've heard that before.
INFO:NAM1[0001F68B]Still waitin', asshole!
INFO:NAM1[0001F6FF]That's my business.
INFO:NAM1[0001F700]Well, there is the detective, Mister Nick Valentine. He's not afraid of anything. If anyone's gonna help you, it's him.
INFO:NAM1[0001F702]Who would I talk to about finding a missing person?
INFO:NAM1[0001F703]You have a son, mister? Man, you're old.
INFO:NAM1[0001F705]I'm looking for Shaun. He's my son. Less than a year old.
INFO:NAM1[0001F707]You're a smart kid. Isn't there someone in town who isn't afraid of this Institute?
INFO:NAM1[0001F709]Have it your way, mister. See ya.
INFO:NAM1[0001F70C]You're in bad luck. No one tries to find missing people in Diamond City. Missing people means the Institute's involved.
INFO:NAM1[0001F70C]And no one's going to want to get the Institute's attention.
INFO:NAM1[0001F70F]A baby boy. He was kidnapped.
INFO:NAM1[0001F710]So what are you doing in Diamond City, anyway?
INFO:NAM1[0001F712]A baby? Wow. That's a new one. Usually it's adults.
INFO:NAM1[0001F718]You gonna tell me what brought you to Diamond City now, mister?
INFO:NAM1[0001F71D]The Publick is here to pull the wool out from under your eyes.
INFO:NAM1[0001F727]Don't listen to her. While I am afraid that our security team can't follow every case that comes through, I'm confident you can find help here.
INFO:NAM1[0001F727]Diamond City has every conceivable service known to man. One of our great citizens can surely find the time to help you.
INFO:NAM1[0001F729]I guess we'll see.
INFO:NAM1[0001F72A]This is ridiculous! Diamond City Security can't spare one officer to help? I want the truth, McDonough! What's the real reason security never investigates any kidnappings?
INFO:NAM1[0001F72D]Great. Thanks for nothing.
INFO:NAM1[0001F730]A mayor of a great city must know everyone. Who can help me?
INFO:NAM1[0001F731]I hope so.
INFO:NAM1[0001F733]I'm sorry I don't have time for any more questions. I'm a busy man. Enjoy your stay in our fair city!
INFO:NAM1[0001F743]This place is all kinds of strange.
INFO:NAM1[0001F745]What do you mean by that?
INFO:NAM1[0001F746]Quite a show.
INFO:NAM1[0001F748]Look, I'm just walking through.
INFO:NAM1[0001F7A3]So what brings you to the great, green jewel?
INFO:NAM1[0001F89C]Well, I don't want you to get your hopes up, but there is someone who might be able to help.
INFO:NAM1[0001F89C]Nick Valentine. He's a detective. Saved a lot of lives over the years, but... so many more stay missing, and trouble has a habit of sticking to him.
INFO:NAM1[0001F8A1]I'm lost, Pastor. I need help. Please.
INFO:NAM1[0001F8C0]Hello again. What brings you to the great, green jewel?
INFO:NAM1[0001F963]You still there?
INFO:NAM1[0001F96F]Fine. Principal Tanner. I'll make this quick...
INFO:NAM1[0001F96F]You've been giving me mentats to distribute to the students quietly and under the nose of the faculty. I have. Because of this, test scores have skyrocketed.
INFO:NAM1[0001F96F]The school board has noticed. We've received quite an increase in funding. But the faculty doesn't know. No one here knows except you. And now, me.
INFO:NAM1[0001F96F]You've been skimming off the top and pocketing most of the funds. I want fifty percent of what you're embezzling, or I go to Superintendent Marcello with this.
INFO:NAM1[0001F971]Don't bother, pal. I ain't seen nothin'. I ain't heard nothin'.
INFO:NAM1[0001F972]Whatever it is, leave me out of it.
INFO:NAM1[0001F973]You got questions? Read the paper.
INFO:NAM1[0001F974]Whatever you're gonna ask, I don't know anything about it.
INFO:NAM1[0001F975]Oh, I think they'll believe me, Ronald. Especially after they hear you admit everything in your own words...
INFO:NAM1[0001F976]For the last time, you little snot, it's Principal Tanner.
INFO:NAM1[0001F977]Well, so what if it's all true? No one's going to believe you! You're just a kid, and I'm the principal and, more importantly, an adult!
INFO:NAM1[0001F978]Why, Ronald, I'm hurt. Skipping the pleasantries and getting right down to business. And after all we've accomplished together this semester...
INFO:NAM1[0001F979]You've been giving me "brain pills" every week. What did you expect, you pathetic little man?
INFO:NAM1[0001F97A]All right, Burton. I'm here. Hurry up, out with it, I have a lot of plans for this summer and none of them involve chatting with you.
INFO:NAM1[0001F97B]What, you lost? I ain't a tour guide.
INFO:NAM1[0001F97C]You're botherin' me.
INFO:NAM1[0001F97D]Keep walkin'.
INFO:NAM1[0001F97E]What? How did you... When did you get so smart?
INFO:NAM1[0001F980]You seen the Wall lately? It's freakin' blue.
INFO:NAM1[0001F981]Stopped by the Wall, and it's gone yellow. Yellow!
INFO:NAM1[0001F983]What are you talking about...Wait, is that a holotape? You son of a...!
INFO:NAM1[0001F9F8]If you're hungry, you can grab a quick bite at Power Noodles. Just talk to the robot.
INFO:NAM1[0001F9F9]You look like you could use a drink. Dugout Inn's got some cold ones.
INFO:NAM1[0001F9FA]Now a Swatter, that's a real weapon. Talk to Moe Cronin - he'll fix you up.
INFO:NAM1[0001F9FB]Is that a Pip-Boy? Give my left arm for one of those.
INFO:NAM1[0001F9FD]If you need a haircut, talk to John at the Super Salon.
INFO:NAM1[0001F9FE]Hey, ain't no shame in taking the occasional chem. Solomon can hook you up.
INFO:NAM1[0001FA1F]I've got a group of settlers inside! The Raiders are almost through the door! Grab that Laser Musket and help us! Please!
INFO:NAM1[0001FA51]Hey, this, uhh, this is Travis. Miles. I mean, Travis Miles. And I'm playing... I mean, you're listening to Diamond City Radio.
INFO:NAM1[0001FA52]I mean, I can do the news. If anyone wants to hear it. But you probably don't. Not from me, anyway.
INFO:NAM1[0001FA55]You've, uhh, well I mean you've probably heard it all anyway. I don't really get... well, I don't get to hear things first.
INFO:NAM1[0001FA56]We've got some... Well, there's music. And also news and stuff. But, but mostly music.
INFO:NAM1[0001FDB1]Damn. Not afraid of mutants, huh? You're our kind of gal.
INFO:NAM1[0001FDB2]Lookin' for Diamond City? Just follow the signs.
INFO:NAM1[0001FDB4]You should get inside the city.
INFO:NAM1[0001FDB5]Everything outside the Wall ain't safe. That's just how it is.
INFO:NAM1[0001FDB7]Move along.
INFO:NAM1[0001FDBA]Cut the power. Now!
INFO:NAM1[0001FDBB]Penthouse - Hudson and Hudson Law Offices
INFO:NAM1[000201BE]Won't argue with that.
INFO:NAM1[0002035F]I have nothing to say to you.
INFO:NAM1[00020360]Head on in. Penny's shop is usually the first stop.
INFO:NAM1[00020459]Your call, Jack. You change your mind, you know who to talk to.
INFO:NAM1[0002045A]I'll pass.
INFO:NAM1[0002045B]So, what's your tale nightingale? You want a ticket to fat city?
INFO:NAM1[0002045C]C'mon man, get cranked. You get with us and you are one step closer to Coolsville.
INFO:NAM1[0002045D]Now we're cookin'.
INFO:NAM1[0002045F]Fat City?
INFO:NAM1[00020461]I'd rather a ticket to anywhere but here.
INFO:NAM1[00020462]Fat city is a state of mind. Get with us and you'll get with it.
INFO:NAM1[00020464]If you think you got the chops to be an Atom Cat, you gotta be able to strut your stuff.
INFO:NAM1[00020465]Back again?
INFO:NAM1[0002093A]If you say so.
INFO:NAM1[0002093B]Let me know if you change your mind.
INFO:NAM1[0002093C]Fine by me.
INFO:NAM1[0002093E]Yes, sir. I've field promoted her to Initiate and I'd like to sponsor her entry into our rankings personally.
INFO:NAM1[0002093F]I've never been prouder of you than I am right now, sister.
INFO:NAM1[0002093F]It's been a pleasure serving with you.
INFO:NAM1[00020940]Thank you, sister. It's good to know you're taking my advice to heart.
INFO:NAM1[00020958]Facial reconstruction? What's that?
INFO:NAM1[00020962]So what kind of treatments are common around here?
INFO:NAM1[00020963]*sigh* It's Doc Crocker's specialty. If you're interested, talk to him about it. Just head through the door with our logo on it.
INFO:NAM1[00020963]Now if you have an actual medical problem, speak up.
INFO:NAM1[00020964]Bandaging wounds and cleaning radiation exposure are the most common things you outsiders usually ask for. That, and kicking a chem habit.
INFO:NAM1[00020A21]Look, I know it's an open door, but it's like a... philosophically open door, okay? Get the hell out.
INFO:NAM1[00020A22]You want a room? Clair runs the desk. Give her something to do besides breathing down my neck.
INFO:NAM1[00020A23]What? You got an itch or somethin'? Talk to my associate, Fred Allen. Our selection ain't what it used to be, but the boy makes a decent chem.
INFO:NAM1[00020A24]Got a reason you're in my office? Look, I'm not mad, but my friend Stan over here. He's got a temper. Hates people who loiter.
INFO:NAM1[00020A25]I know I'm not exactly the most feared man in Goodneighbor nowadays, but would you just leave? Trying to work here.
INFO:NAM1[00020A26]Let me offer you some advice. You're always up until you're down in this neighborhood. You feel big now? One day, you won't.
INFO:NAM1[00020A27]Ah, man, someone new! You need some Jet, man. Homebrewed. Reasonable prices.
INFO:NAM1[00020A28]I am... so... happy to see you again. I got all kinds of candy, if you're interested.
INFO:NAM1[00020A29]You... I love you. If all my customers were... you... that would be super-swell. Now, I got all kinds of chems looking for a home.
INFO:NAM1[00020A2A]Whoa. It's you. Didn't I just see you? I got whiplash. Oh man. You should definitely try this stuff.
INFO:NAM1[00020A2B]It's my favorite person. Got some premium shit here.
INFO:NAM1[00020A37]You said you had a plan?
INFO:NAM1[00020A38]I'm just doing it for the loot.
INFO:NAM1[00020A39]No. You're the enemy that destroyed my country.
INFO:NAM1[00020A3B]Yes, I'm willing to help you.
INFO:NAM1[00020A3C]I do.
INFO:NAM1[00020A3E]Well. Those who beg cannot choose. I accept.
INFO:NAM1[00020A40]I have been no one's enemy for two hundred years.
INFO:NAM1[00020A42]Fortune smiles. Let us work together. Yi qi lai.
INFO:NAM1[00020A43]You again? Thought you had no interest in helping old sailor.
INFO:NAM1[00020A44]Still here... Change of heart, perhaps? You have decided to help me after all?
INFO:NAM1[00020A55]Minigun! Fuckin' Minigun!
INFO:NAM1[00020A56]Come on, tin man!
INFO:NAM1[00020A57]Minigun ain't gonna make a difference!
INFO:NAM1[00020A58]Let's do this, metal man!
INFO:NAM1[00020CD2]Bring me some mutfruits for seeding, and there'll be caps for your pocket. Off you go, then!
INFO:NAM1[00020D1E]I said: "Caravan or Raider"? Which are you?
INFO:NAM1[00020D25]All right, come on in and set up shop wherever you want. Remember, we get a cut of all your sales. Room and board ain't included.
INFO:NAM1[00020D2C]All right, the market's open if you need it. Just remember, the protection we pay your bosses is worth three times your life. Leave people alone.
INFO:NAM1[00020D31]Freelance, huh? All right, come on in, but no gunfire. Market's open. You can do as much trading as you like.
INFO:NAM1[00020D33]Every caravan and more than a few Raider outfits make money off this place, so don't go causing trouble, you get me?
INFO:NAM1[00020D37]Look, I love chatting as much as the next girl, but I got a town to run here.
INFO:NAM1[00020D38]Load a little heavy there? I'll buy anything you don't need, and sell everything you do.
INFO:NAM1[00020D39]Hey again. Step right up. Little bit of everything from all over.
INFO:NAM1[00020D3A]I've fixed up most of what's here, myself, so it's all guaranteed. Unless you need to return it.
INFO:NAM1[00020D3B]Welcome back. Looking to trade?
INFO:NAM1[00020D3C]Hey. Market'll be open in the morning. Come by then.
INFO:NAM1[00020D3D]Can't help you right now. Market's closed.
INFO:NAM1[00020D5E]I'm here on my own.
INFO:NAM1[00020D8C]Before you even start, let's skip to the point. We have rooms. One room, specifically. Payment due up-front.
INFO:NAM1[00020D8D]Spare me any sob stories. This is a hotel, not a charity, and we insist on full payment for the room. No discounts. No exceptions.
INFO:NAM1[00020D8F]Chief Engineer's log, October 21st, 2077.
INFO:NAM1[00020D8F]I am now confident that we can repair the reactor's cooling system if we can scrounge up some rubber tubing and coolant.
INFO:NAM1[00020D8F]Perhaps we can cannibalize the parts we need from other systems on the boat.
INFO:NAM1[00020D8F]Unfortunately, we've now lost our entire reserve of uranium fuel, and that will not be obtained so easily.
INFO:NAM1[00020D8F]We can use the ship's radiation sensors to pinpoint any nearby source of uranium, but reaching it will be another matter.
INFO:NAM1[00020D8F]This is enemy territory, after all, and any attempt to go ashore will be incredibly risky.
INFO:NAM1[00020D8F]I'll continue to look for alternatives, but I have serious doubts this boat will ever move again without uranium fuel.
INFO:NAM1[00020D8F]Even if we can find some, I don't know how we're going to retrieve it. I suppose that will be the captain's problem.
INFO:NAM1[000210B5]You wanted to see me?
INFO:NAM1[000212A6]Have your tea back, you jackanapes!
INFO:NAM1[000212A7]Let's send these crates back to London, boys!
INFO:NAM1[000212A8]Come on, Dawes! We ride to Lexington to warn Hancock and Adams.
INFO:NAM1[000212A9]Join - or die!
INFO:NAM1[000212AB]You lobster-backed knaves!
INFO:NAM1[000212AC]Boston belongs to America!
INFO:NAM1[000212AD]No taxation without representation!
INFO:NAM1[000212AE]Remember, lads. Two if by sea.
INFO:NAM1[000212AF]Awake, men of Middlesex! The King's regulars are coming out!
INFO:NAM1[000212B0]No more British occupation!
INFO:NAM1[000212B1]Back to England with you!
INFO:NAM1[000212B2]By the Crown - Back to your homes!
INFO:NAM1[000212EF]Did you say something about drugs?
INFO:NAM1[000212F4]Got chems right here for you, brother.
INFO:NAM1[000212F6]Prescriptions filled, right here. Anything you need.
INFO:NAM1[00021763]That's just it, Johnny. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
INFO:NAM1[00021763]If you nicked McDonough with your razor, he'd bleed. Don't mean nothin'.
INFO:NAM1[00021AF5]Ya gotta reload sometime, asshole!
INFO:NAM1[00021AF6]It's called shooting straight, rookie!
INFO:NAM1[00021AF7]You havin' fun? Huh? I can do this all day!
INFO:NAM1[00021AF8]Think you can win this? Huh?
INFO:NAM1[00021AF9]I'm just getting started!
INFO:NAM1[00021AFA]Come on, tough guy! Come on!
INFO:NAM1[00021AFB]Come on, little girl! Let's do this!
INFO:NAM1[00021B01]Die already, asshole!
INFO:NAM1[00021B02]This ain't personal!
INFO:NAM1[00021B03]It's you or me!
INFO:NAM1[00021B04]Better have something good on you!
INFO:NAM1[00021B05]Just die! I got kids to feed!
INFO:NAM1[00021B07]No! Don't you die on me!
INFO:NAM1[00021B08]What? No!
INFO:NAM1[00021B09]You're gonna fuckin' pay for that!
INFO:NAM1[00021B0A]You killed him!
INFO:NAM1[00021B0B]You killed her!
INFO:NAM1[00021B0C]Man down!
INFO:NAM1[00021B0D]Oh shit, she's down!
INFO:NAM1[00021B0E]We're losing people!
INFO:NAM1[00021B0F]We're gettin' wasted!
INFO:NAM1[00021B13]Look out!
INFO:NAM1[00021B23]Come on! Do it!
INFO:NAM1[00021B24]Fine, you win.
INFO:NAM1[00021B25]Well what the fuck you waitin' for?
INFO:NAM1[00021B27]Agh! *cough* *wheeze*
INFO:NAM1[00021B28]Oof! *heavy breathing*
INFO:NAM1[00021B29]*heavy breathing* *cough cough*
INFO:NAM1[00021B2A]Man, fuck this! I'm out!
INFO:NAM1[00021B2B]This ain't over!
INFO:NAM1[00021B2C]No way is this worth it!
INFO:NAM1[00021B2D]Fine! Keep your shit!
INFO:NAM1[00021B30]This is fucking crazy!
INFO:NAM1[00021B31]Let's get the hell out of here!
INFO:NAM1[00021B32]He's unstoppable!
INFO:NAM1[00021B33]She's unstoppable!
INFO:NAM1[00021B34]Agh! Lucky hit!
INFO:NAM1[00021B35]Ugh! Mother f...
INFO:NAM1[00021B36]That it?
INFO:NAM1[00021B37]Again! Do it again!
INFO:NAM1[00021B38]Son of a...
INFO:NAM1[00021B39]Leave me alone!
INFO:NAM1[00021B3A]Get away!
INFO:NAM1[00021B6A]What the fu...
INFO:NAM1[00021B6B]Hey! Hey, get up! Get up!
INFO:NAM1[00021B6C]*gasp* No!
INFO:NAM1[00021B6E]No no no no no!
INFO:NAM1[00021B82]I found 'em!
INFO:NAM1[00021B83]Payback time, boogeyman!
INFO:NAM1[00021B84]Shoot 'em! Shoot 'em all!
INFO:NAM1[00021B92]You're mine now, rookie!
INFO:NAM1[00021B9D]What's that saying? "Over my dead body?" Ha.
INFO:NAM1[00021BC2]Bah. Getting shook up over nothin'.
INFO:NAM1[00021BCA]And that's how you survive in the Commonwealth, asshole.
INFO:NAM1[00021BCB]Was that good for you, baby?
INFO:NAM1[00021BCC]Sorry, girly. It was fun while it lasted.
INFO:NAM1[00021BCE]Lasted longer than the other one, I'll give 'em that.
INFO:NAM1[00021BD2]Pack it in, boys. There's nothing out there.
INFO:NAM1[00021BD3]You sure you saw something?
INFO:NAM1[00021BD5]*pfft* You guys got me stirred up over nothin'.
INFO:NAM1[00021BD7]You're getting' paranoid. There ain't nothing here.
INFO:NAM1[00021BDB]I swear I must be going crazy.
INFO:NAM1[00021BDC]Just noise... just noise...
INFO:NAM1[00021BDD]*sigh* Get a grip on yourself.
INFO:NAM1[00021BDE]Nothin'. 'Least it sure as hell looks that way.
INFO:NAM1[00021BDF]I must have a concussion. I'm fucking seeing things.
INFO:NAM1[00021BE0]Hmph. Everything's starting to sound like footsteps these days.
INFO:NAM1[00021BF9]Open fire!
INFO:NAM1[00021BFC]Over here!
INFO:NAM1[00021C05]Time to reel 'em in!
INFO:NAM1[00021C07]Okay, I'll give ya that one.
INFO:NAM1[00021C08]Ain't nothin!
INFO:NAM1[00021C09]Ain't scared yet.
INFO:NAM1[00021C0A]End me! Do it!
INFO:NAM1[00021C97]I need some goddamn fire support!
INFO:NAM1[00021C98]Cover me!
INFO:NAM1[00021C99]Goddamn it, I need covering fire!
INFO:NAM1[00021C9A]Need backup over here!
INFO:NAM1[00021C9B]Come on! Pin 'em down!
INFO:NAM1[00021C9C]Covering fire!
INFO:NAM1[00021C9D]Need some cover fire over here!
INFO:NAM1[00021C9E]Get behind cover, you moron!
INFO:NAM1[00021C9F]Now! Grab some cover!
INFO:NAM1[00021CA0]Get behind something before they blow your head off!
INFO:NAM1[00021CA1]Duck behind something, idiot!
INFO:NAM1[00021CA2]You wanna move out of the open?
INFO:NAM1[00021CA3]You're a sitting duck! Get behind something!
INFO:NAM1[00021CA4]Find something sturdy and get down!
INFO:NAM1[00021CA5]All right, enough of this.
INFO:NAM1[00021CA6]Going out in the open!
INFO:NAM1[00021CA7]Move move move!
INFO:NAM1[00021CA8]Go go go!
INFO:NAM1[00021CAA]Ah, who wants to live forever...
INFO:NAM1[00021CAB]I'm done playin' peek a boo!
INFO:NAM1[00021CAC]We got this! Keep going!
INFO:NAM1[00021CAD]Move up! I got you covered!
INFO:NAM1[00021CAE]Move move move!
INFO:NAM1[00021CAF]Cover some ground. Let's go!
INFO:NAM1[00021CB0]Get in there!
INFO:NAM1[00021CB1]Head up! I'll keep 'em off ya!
INFO:NAM1[00021CB2]Move up! We can't stay in this shit!
INFO:NAM1[00021CB3]Oh man!
INFO:NAM1[00021CB4]It's a meat-grinder! Fall back!
INFO:NAM1[00021CB5]Fall back! Fall back!
INFO:NAM1[00021CB6]Tearing us up like a chew-toy. Move back!
INFO:NAM1[00021CB7]My position is shit! Falling back!
INFO:NAM1[00021CB8]We need a plan B!
INFO:NAM1[00021CB9]This area's hot! Fall back!
INFO:NAM1[00021CBB]Get out of there! Move!
INFO:NAM1[00021CBC]Back up, back up!
INFO:NAM1[00021CBD]Move back, you idiot!
INFO:NAM1[00021CBE]You're getting torn apart up there! Get back!
INFO:NAM1[00021CBF]I got your back! Move!
INFO:NAM1[00021CC0]Get back! I'll cover you!
INFO:NAM1[00021CC1]I'll keep 'em pinned! Get out of there!
INFO:NAM1[00021E5B]Ah, the mayor's okay in my book. He's kept the Ghouls out, hasn't he?
INFO:NAM1[00021E5C]Yeah, but if he's a... you know... that means he's working for...
INFO:NAM1[00021E5D]Mayor and his damn speeches. "We give thanks to the Wall." What a joke.
INFO:NAM1[00021E5E]Who was it?
INFO:NAM1[00021E5F]Hey, I'd rather be on this side of the Wall than on the other side, you know?
INFO:NAM1[00021E60]You think that article is telling the truth? You know, about the mayor?
INFO:NAM1[00021E61]Don't know. Whoever it was, they're no one now.
INFO:NAM1[00021E62]Saw security cleaning out another house the other day.
INFO:NAM1[0002220C]You have your assignment!
INFO:NAM1[0002225D]They say a shipwright should not build new ship out of old wood. But we have no other choice.
INFO:NAM1[0002225E]Well? What are you standing there for?
INFO:NAM1[000222C6]Are you okay, honey?
INFO:NAM1[000222C7]Look, I gotta pack up...
INFO:NAM1[000224DF]Get inside, quick!
INFO:NAM1[000224E0]In here, hurry!
INFO:NAM1[000224E1]Through here, come on!
INFO:NAM1[00022D37]Oh, you hear that, McDonough? What's Diamond City Security going to do to help this man, huh? This isn't the first missing person's report to come through here, and now we've got an infant who's been taken!
INFO:NAM1[00022D38]Open uuuup!
INFO:NAM1[00022D3C]Open this gate, right now!
INFO:NAM1[00022D3D]Damn it, Danny, open up!
INFO:NAM1[00022D3E]I know you're listening, Danny! Open the gate.
INFO:NAM1[00022D3F]I can wait all day, Danny. Open up!
INFO:NAM1[00022D42]Hmm, a big Diamond City welcome from the mayor. You feel honored yet? Look, I gotta go get settled in, but, um, step by my office later. I have an idea for an article you'd be perfect for.
INFO:NAM1[00022D51]I was just standing there.
INFO:NAM1[00022D52]Not really your business.
INFO:NAM1[00022D53]Hey, what's brought you into town, anyway? Be good to note it down in the logs.
INFO:NAM1[00022D54]Yeah, that's usually the case with Piper. Someone stands there, and she talks.
INFO:NAM1[00022D54]I'd be sick of her by now if she weren't so damn fearless. Kind of rubs off on ya.
INFO:NAM1[00022D55]An infant boy. Kidnapped.
INFO:NAM1[00022D56]You're not the first guy Piper pulled into a heap of trouble he wasn't ready for. Thanks for being honest.
INFO:NAM1[00022D56]If it were up to me, we would have just let the both you in, but the mayor's calling the shots. And, well, you saw how mad he is.
INFO:NAM1[00022D57]Oh, sure it did. Happened so fast you forgot all about basic human decency. Didn't your mother ever teach you to be honest?
INFO:NAM1[00022D58]I didn't mean to lie, officer. It all just happened so fast.
INFO:NAM1[00022D5A]My boy Shaun's been kidnapped. He's just a baby.
INFO:NAM1[00022D5B]All the time. Thing is, sometimes she's bluffing, and sometimes there really is a group of 50 Raiders just over the hill, screaming for blood.
INFO:NAM1[00022D5B]So I usually just let her in. Not his time, though. Mayor's on the warpath.
INFO:NAM1[00022D5C]Piper's done this before?
INFO:NAM1[00022D5D]So you're that trader Piper was talking about? Something tells me she's pulled the wool over my eyes again, am I right?
INFO:NAM1[00022D5E]I wasn't lying. I got a whole supply train coming in tomorrow.
INFO:NAM1[00022D60]Who would I talk to about finding a missing person?
INFO:NAM1[00022D62]Is that right? No bull? Well, if that's the case, let me put a down payment on some parts for the gate.
INFO:NAM1[00022D62]Here you go.
INFO:NAM1[00022D63]Oh, of course you do. Now tell me the one about you and the fish that got away.
INFO:NAM1[00022E5D]Hey, Piper...
INFO:NAM1[00022E5F]Mayor McDonough...
INFO:NAM1[00022E63]Hey, Sullivan...
INFO:NAM1[00022E64]I didn't catch that. What?
INFO:NAM1[00022E65]You gotta speak up. Deaf in one ear.
INFO:NAM1[00022E66]Let's go.
INFO:NAM1[00022E67]That's enough talk for now.
INFO:NAM1[00022E68]We gotta get moving.
INFO:NAM1[00022E69]Keep up.
INFO:NAM1[00022E6A]I gotta check a few things, first. We'll talk later.
INFO:NAM1[00022E6B]You ask around about your boy. I gotta get setup.
INFO:NAM1[00022E6C]Someone must know something. Keep looking around.
INFO:NAM1[00022E6D]Don't worry. We'll get you help, just get your bearings first.
INFO:NAM1[00022E6E]Excuse me, but I'm very busy right now.
INFO:NAM1[00022E6F]I'd love to talk, but I have matters to attend to.
INFO:NAM1[00022E70]Enjoy your stay in Diamond City. Now, excuse me.
INFO:NAM1[00022E71]I have somewhere to be. Sorry.
INFO:NAM1[00022E72]Far too busy to talk right now. I'm the mayor, after all.
INFO:NAM1[00022E7F]If you need anything, you need to talk to the mayor.
INFO:NAM1[00022E80]Gotta keep watch on the gate.
INFO:NAM1[00022E81]Not to be rude, but I'm a bit busy here.
INFO:NAM1[00022E82]Can't talk. All this chatting is going to tarnish my tough cop persona.
INFO:NAM1[00022E83]Just walk on through the gate if you need to leave.
INFO:NAM1[00022EA6]Robot serves the food, pal.
INFO:NAM1[00022EA7]What? You want noodles? Talk to the 'bot.
INFO:NAM1[00022EA8]I'm not the damn cook, pal.
INFO:NAM1[00022EA9]Don't know what you want, but I'm busy.
INFO:NAM1[00022EAA]Talk to the 'bot, genius.
INFO:NAM1[00022EAB]Oh no. Whatever it is, keep it to yourself. Better that way.
INFO:NAM1[00022EAC]You ain't gonna last once you leave the Wall, so don't get chummy.
INFO:NAM1[00022EAD]Just... stop. Okay? We got our own problems.
INFO:NAM1[00022EAE]Don't talk to me. Might attract someone's attention.
INFO:NAM1[00022EAF]I ain't your friend, scavver.
INFO:NAM1[00022EB0]Look, just leave me alone.
INFO:NAM1[00022EB1]What? I'm busy.
INFO:NAM1[00022EBF]Hey, hey. Keep your voice down.
INFO:NAM1[00022EC0]If that article in the Publick is right, then McDonough... what if he is...?
INFO:NAM1[00022EC1]Maybe living here's not worth it. If the paper's telling the truth...
INFO:NAM1[00022EC2]Hey, hey, enough of that. Look, we're safe on this side of the Wall. That's all that matters.
INFO:NAM1[00022EC3]Shh. You want them to hear ya?
INFO:NAM1[00022EC4]What do they do with them? Where do they take them?
INFO:NAM1[00022EC5]Thank the Wall, no.
INFO:NAM1[00022EC6]Where are you gonna go, huh? Make your way in the Commonwealth, with all those mad men out there?
INFO:NAM1[00022EC7]You ever know anyone that's been taken?
INFO:NAM1[00022EC8]What if they're listening to us, right now? What if they've been listening this whole time?
INFO:NAM1[00022EC9]Maybe I should just... go... leave. Might be better than going to sleep every night, wondering if I'm gonna be there when I wake up.
INFO:NAM1[00022ECA]Hey, hey. Quiet. All right? Yikes.
INFO:NAM1[00022ECB]Leave the Wall? What are you, nuts? You wouldn't last an hour out there. I'll take my chances on this side of the Green Guardian, thanks.
INFO:NAM1[0002321D]Right here, boy.
INFO:NAM1[0002321F]To me, buddy.
INFO:NAM1[00023225]Keep an eye out for Reds, sir.
INFO:NAM1[00023226]Give me the word, sir. We shall search for your family together.
INFO:NAM1[00023429]Some are richer, some are poorer. All were entertained. You savages!
INFO:NAM1[0002342A]Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls. Direct your attention to center stage.
INFO:NAM1[0002342B]It doesn't matter. You pick.
INFO:NAM1[0002342C]What a fight!
INFO:NAM1[0002342D]In a few short moments, for your pleasure and short attention spans, two fearless fighters will beat each other to bloody pulps!
INFO:NAM1[0002342E]What do you think?
INFO:NAM1[0002342F]Last call for wagers!
INFO:NAM1[00023434]Feeling lucky? Think you can size up the fight? Bet's are open. Step on over, make a wager.
INFO:NAM1[00023435]No need to fear, your caps are safe with me! You look like a smart one. You think you can pick the winner?
INFO:NAM1[00023437]Come on up and make a wager!
INFO:NAM1[00023438]That's why I'm here.
INFO:NAM1[00023439]I'll put you down for the left fighter then, how's that sound?
INFO:NAM1[0002343A]Smart man! What'll you bet? Max bid is 200 caps.
INFO:NAM1[0002343B]Smart woman! What'll you bet? Max bid is 200 caps.
INFO:NAM1[0002343C]Now, without further ado. Let the fighting.... BEGIN!
INFO:NAM1[0002343D]Not interested.
INFO:NAM1[0002343E]Bet on the winner, double your money. Bet on the loser, double my money. What do you say?
INFO:NAM1[0002343F]Aha! A fine choice. What'll you bet? Max bid is 200 caps.
INFO:NAM1[00023440]And may I remind you, the only blood allowed in the Combat Zone is in the ring!
INFO:NAM1[00023454]I'll put you down for the left Fighter.
INFO:NAM1[00023455]Good job. Here's the prize.
INFO:NAM1[0002345E]Care to place a wager?
INFO:NAM1[00023460]Wagers are now closed. But fear not, there's always another fight just around the corner.
INFO:NAM1[0002346C]What's the payout?
INFO:NAM1[0002346D]He's the one.
INFO:NAM1[0002346F]She's the one.
INFO:NAM1[00023472]Winners - collect your winnings! Losers - better luck next time.
INFO:NAM1[00023478]Your attention please!
INFO:NAM1[00023479]How are you feeling about the left Fighter?
INFO:NAM1[0002347A]I'll go with the other one.
INFO:NAM1[0002347B]Oh no. Wouldn't be fair to the others were I to tell you my favorite. Though, I wonder how you'd size up the - left - fighter?
INFO:NAM1[00023726]Hmmm... Light went out.
INFO:NAM1[00023731]There you are!
INFO:NAM1[000237B4]No. Not now.
INFO:NAM1[000237B6]What are you saying?
INFO:NAM1[000237B9]Do yourself a favor and just say "yes." It's all he understands.
INFO:NAM1[000237BC]Tell me a joke.
INFO:NAM1[000237FD]Everybody? Everybody! I need everyone's attention!
INFO:NAM1[000237FD]I would like to address the subject that is on everyone's mind, and that is the disgusting article Piper has written...
INFO:NAM1[000237FE]And second, is our faith and trust in each other. The faith and trust that has given us prosperity, security, and education for every citizen.
INFO:NAM1[000237FE]And while the paper might point their fingers at synths and other ghost stories to drive us apart, we will not betray this sacred trust.
INFO:NAM1[000237FF]Now I want everyone to hear these next words very carefully.
INFO:NAM1[000237FF]I. Am not. A synth.
INFO:NAM1[000237FF]I am the same flesh and blood boy who grew on these streets. Who was born in a shack just down the waterfront to Martha and Patrick McDonough.
INFO:NAM1[00023800]And I will not abandon my city due to the heinous allegations of the press.
INFO:NAM1[00023800]God bless this city. God bless the Wall!
INFO:NAM1[00023801]Diamond City has stood united for over 150 years. And what keeps us united are two things.
INFO:NAM1[00023801]First, is the great green guardian behind me. The Wall. Our protector and our savior from the filth of the outside.
INFO:NAM1[0002389D]You see this paint I'm using? Only one place left in the whole Commonwealth you can get it.
INFO:NAM1[0002389D]Hardware Town. Ruined store close by to the west. Bring back a can of paint, and it'll be 100 caps in your pocket. How's that sound?
INFO:NAM1[0002389E]Right you are.
INFO:NAM1[0002389F]Happy to help out.
INFO:NAM1[000238A0]You think people are going to be upset?
INFO:NAM1[000238A1]You think that's enough paint to last you?
INFO:NAM1[000238A2]What do you need done?
INFO:NAM1[000238A4]Fine. Pay you 125 caps.
INFO:NAM1[000238A6]This is the Wall. The great, green guardian that keeps out the bad guys.
INFO:NAM1[000238A6]No one's broken through the Wall. Never. Least we can do for her in return is keep her looking pristine.
INFO:NAM1[000238A7]It's nice to work with someone who knows how to show respect.
INFO:NAM1[000238A8]Forget you, pal.
INFO:NAM1[000238A9]Well, let's hope so. I guess it's better than her going into disrepair, but... damn. That's over 200 years of tradition we're moving away from.
INFO:NAM1[000238AA]People don't like it, too bad.
INFO:NAM1[000238AB]Now that's damn fine news. Why don't you go ahead and paint the first stroke? Let's see how the shade matches up.
INFO:NAM1[000238AC]Thinking you need a little education. Maybe a bit of community service, what do you say?
INFO:NAM1[000238AE]Much obliged.
INFO:NAM1[000238AF]Fetch work? Do it yourself.
INFO:NAM1[000238B0]Should be enough for a good coat or two. That'll have to do for now.
INFO:NAM1[000238B2]Mind your manners. This isn't just some shack I'm painting. This is the Wall, and the great green guardian ain't to be touched.
INFO:NAM1[000238B3]Not yet.
INFO:NAM1[000238B4]The Wall's been green for over 200 years. That kind of tradition ain't somethin' that folks want changed.
INFO:NAM1[000238B4]But we gotta make do with what we got, don't we? And I ain't letting her fall into disrepair on account of the color.
INFO:NAM1[000238B5]"The Wall seems happy with it?" Oh god.
INFO:NAM1[000238B6]Hmm... people wouldn't be happy. It's the great, "green" guardian, after all. Tradition and such.
INFO:NAM1[000238B6]But if it's between a new color and letting the Wall go into disrepair, I know what I'd choose.
INFO:NAM1[000238B6]So, did you find anything?
INFO:NAM1[000238B8]Not right now.
INFO:NAM1[000238BA]What can you tell me about Hardware Town?
INFO:NAM1[000238C3]What if I couldn't find any green paint? What happens?
INFO:NAM1[000238C6]I think it'll look good.
INFO:NAM1[000238C7]This is the part where I get paid.
INFO:NAM1[000238C8]Depends on what it is.
INFO:NAM1[000238CA]Raiders moved in a ways back. Security says they can't handle them. That's why I'm running low.
INFO:NAM1[000238CA]So, you still up for it?
INFO:NAM1[000238CB]You asked for paint, you got it.
INFO:NAM1[000238CD]I think you can do better than that.
INFO:NAM1[000238CF]I'm working on it.
INFO:NAM1[000238D0]"Whatever?" You don't know what this is, do you? This is the Wall, the great green guardian.
INFO:NAM1[000238D1]Actually, I already have some paint right here.
INFO:NAM1[000238D2]Paint retrieval. I'm on it.
INFO:NAM1[000238D3]Yeah, yeah, make with the jokes, but you still helped.
INFO:NAM1[000238D4]Wasn't easy, but I found some, yeah.
INFO:NAM1[000238D6]Well, I can't begrudge the person who did the actual work, but you're flying in the face of over 200 years of tradition here. There's gonna be talk.
INFO:NAM1[000238D6]Oh well... beats seeing her in disrepair...
INFO:NAM1[000238D7]Happy to help. It's been an honor.
INFO:NAM1[000238D8]What? Why?
INFO:NAM1[000238D9]The Wall's been green for over 200 years. Folks aren't gonna like this.
INFO:NAM1[000238D9]Oh well, better than seeing her in disrepair.
INFO:NAM1[000238DA]Good. The Wall keeps out the bad guys, so I appreciate you not messing her up none.
INFO:NAM1[000239FC]I'm on break, dearie.
INFO:NAM1[000239FD]You want a haircut? Talk to Johnny.
INFO:NAM1[000239FE]You look terrible. Have my boy John straighten that mess on your head.
INFO:NAM1[000239FF]Johnny can make you look a little less ridiculous.
INFO:NAM1[00023B54]Can't a woman have some peace?
INFO:NAM1[00023B56]You need a haircut? My boy John's right over there.
INFO:NAM1[00023B57]The Salon's closed, so don't bother me.
INFO:NAM1[00023B58]Now where are my cigarettes?
INFO:NAM1[00023B5A]What is it? I'm tired, dear.
INFO:NAM1[00023B5C]Oh, go away. I'm busy.
INFO:NAM1[00023B5D]What? Can't get a moment to myself?
INFO:NAM1[00023B5E]What is it?
INFO:NAM1[00023B9F]What did you say?
INFO:NAM1[00023B9F]Oh, whatever. I'm done talking to you.
INFO:NAM1[00023BA0]Ann Codman, of the Codman family? Of the Upper Stands? If you haven't heard of us, that just shows how unimportant you are.
INFO:NAM1[00023BA0]Now were you leaving, or not?
INFO:NAM1[00023BA1]Fine. Go ahead and pretend you're someone important.
INFO:NAM1[00023BA1]I'm getting bored. Why don't you make yourself scarce?
INFO:NAM1[00023BA2]The "poor and stupid"?
INFO:NAM1[00023BA3]I don't beg, you stuck-up old bat.
INFO:NAM1[00023BA5]I don't care for your tone. Why don't you run along before I make a complaint with Security?
INFO:NAM1[00023BA7]Who are you, anyway?
INFO:NAM1[00023BA9]Good to see you know your place.
INFO:NAM1[00023BAA]Do what you like, but I'm done talking to you.
INFO:NAM1[00023BAB]Oh, don't act like you don't know. There's two types of people in this town. The ones living in the stands, and everyone beneath us.
INFO:NAM1[00023BAB]I know everyone in the stands, and that doesn't include you.
INFO:NAM1[00023BAB]Now why don't you make yourself scarce?
INFO:NAM1[00023BAC]Well, I do need some help.
INFO:NAM1[00023BAD]I knew it. Let's see... I have a few caps to spare.
INFO:NAM1[00023BAD]Here. Take it and make yourself scarce.
INFO:NAM1[00023BAE]Fine. I'll leave.
INFO:NAM1[00023BAF]Wow. There are no words.
INFO:NAM1[00023BB0]And miss basking in your delightful personality?
INFO:NAM1[00023BB1]You're bothering me again?
INFO:NAM1[00023BB2]I'm a Codman, not some street rat. Leave me alone.
INFO:NAM1[00023BB3]What do you want? No, wait. I don't care.
INFO:NAM1[00023BB5]You again?
INFO:NAM1[00023BB6]You're still here?
INFO:NAM1[00023BBB]Why don't you get down here? Show me that fancy gun up close.
INFO:NAM1[00023BBB]Not a lot of people could get past my boys, I'll give you that.
INFO:NAM1[00023BEF]You're wasting my time.
INFO:NAM1[00023BF0]I'm getting bored.
INFO:NAM1[00023BF1]What are you? An idiot? Say something.
INFO:NAM1[00023BF2]Not too quick, are you?
INFO:NAM1[00023BF3]I think you would look great with juuuust a quick trim.
INFO:NAM1[00023BF4]Snip snip and bam, you're beautiful.
INFO:NAM1[00023BF5]Hey there, I got an empty chair here just waiting for some beautiful customer to get a haircut.
INFO:NAM1[00023BF6]We got hairstyles for days. Weeks, even.
INFO:NAM1[00023BF7]Hey there. Keeping straight?
INFO:NAM1[00023BF8]Looking good there.
INFO:NAM1[00023BF9]Hey, stop my salon in the morning. I got a haircut that'd look great on you.
INFO:NAM1[00023BFA]You need something? Sorry, a bit busy.
INFO:NAM1[00023BFB]Keep smiling. Makes the hair look better.
INFO:NAM1[00023C0C]What you waiting for, tin man?
INFO:NAM1[00023C0D]C'mon, I got places to be!
INFO:NAM1[00023C0E]Gonna hide up there all day? Let's get this done.
INFO:NAM1[00023D3D]Now. Enough feeling sorry for myself.
INFO:NAM1[00023D71]Through the door!
INFO:NAM1[00023D72]Come on!
INFO:NAM1[00023D74]In here!
INFO:NAM1[00023D75]Let's go!
INFO:NAM1[00023D7D]Just getting your snack, sir! Be just a moment.
INFO:NAM1[00023F10]Is Mayor McDonough telling the truth? What does he have to hide? Read the Publick for the hard questions!
INFO:NAM1[00023F11]Get your copy of the Publick! We expose the truth behind the Institute!
INFO:NAM1[00023F12]Who's really in control of Diamond City? Read the Publick!
INFO:NAM1[00023F13]The latest news from the Commonwealth!
INFO:NAM1[00023F14]Read the Publick and be prepared!
INFO:NAM1[00023F21]Read the paper, mister. Trust me.
INFO:NAM1[00024084]Don't worry. My search protocols are on full alert.
INFO:NAM1[00024085]Follow me, sir. We must find your family!
INFO:NAM1[00024086]The communists won't be able to stand up to the both of us, sir.
INFO:NAM1[00024087]We'll find them, sir. You have my word.
INFO:NAM1[00024088]Give me the word, sir, and I'll initiate my search protocols.
INFO:NAM1[00024089]Hovering in place here, sir. Shall we look for your family, now?
INFO:NAM1[0002408A]Keeping watch, sir. Do you want me to initiate my search protocol?
INFO:NAM1[0002408B]Ready, sir? We shall find your family as a team.
INFO:NAM1[00024295]Well, folks are already plenty scared of the Institute, but that doesn't stop the paper from talking about them every chance they get.
INFO:NAM1[00024297]Hate it when they bring up the Institute. Ain't like folks aren't already scared of 'em.
INFO:NAM1[0002429A]I'm afraid missing people don't get found in Diamond City. God seems to have turned a blind eye to them.
INFO:NAM1[0002429A]And with all the fear of the Institute in people's hearts, they've turned a blind eye as well.
INFO:NAM1[0002429B]I guess we are a little different. Most settlements in the Commonwealth don't have people yelling at the top of their lungs about the Institute.
INFO:NAM1[0002429E]Fair enough. Just warning you, when the paper talks about the Institute, folks get jumpy.
INFO:NAM1[00024558]Nick Valentine's office is down some alleyways. Big neon sign with a heart in it. I hope he can help you.
INFO:NAM1[00024559]Stay safe.
INFO:NAM1[0002455A]Pastor Clements...
INFO:NAM1[0002455B]Hey, Clements...
INFO:NAM1[00024ADC]I'm sorry your first time here was so... well... all I can say is that you're very brave.
INFO:NAM1[00024ADD]Glad to see you again, honey. I hope you're doing better.
INFO:NAM1[00024ADF]Oh, you. Staying with us today? Renter assumes no expectation of privacy or safety for you or your belongings.
INFO:NAM1[00024AE0]Looking for a room?
INFO:NAM1[00024AE1]You again. Staying with us today, I trust?
INFO:NAM1[00024AE2]Boss Marowski don't like to be disturbed. Be quick.
INFO:NAM1[00024AE3]Keep things cool, and we won't have to tussle, got it?
INFO:NAM1[00024AE4]Hotel ain't what it used to be, but don't go shooting it up.
INFO:NAM1[00024AE5]Don't do anything I gotta make you regret.
INFO:NAM1[00024AE6]You wanna be on your way, ace?
INFO:NAM1[00024AE7]What? No, it can't... It... It's... it's YOU! From Sanctuary Hills, right!?
INFO:NAM1[00024AE8]Can't believe you made it into the vault. I was Vault-Tec. They just left me there to die!
INFO:NAM1[00024AE9]Look at you. Two centuries and your skin's as smooth as a baby...
INFO:NAM1[00024AEA]You have no idea what it's been like scrounging around for two centuries with this ugly mug...
INFO:NAM1[00024AEB]Can't believe you're still alive. Just my luck.
INFO:NAM1[00024AEC]Well, hello. Everything here is guaranteed to injure, maim, or kill at your discretion. Except me. I only kill when I want to.
INFO:NAM1[00024AED]I've got a weapon here for every situation. Hunting, protection, cold blooded murder, hot blooded murder.
INFO:NAM1[00024AEE]Every weapon you see here could be the difference between life and death, baby.
INFO:NAM1[00024AEF]I hope you're buying. Even a girl with an arsenal full of weapons needs to make a living, after all.
INFO:NAM1[00024AF0]Don't worry, I only test the weapons on customers I don't like. Feel free to browse.
INFO:NAM1[00024AF1]Oh. A new face walks into my store. And you're not even screaming, yet. Very polite. You let me know if anything catches your fancy.
INFO:NAM1[00024AF2]Oh, you're back. Can't get enough looks at this lovely figure of mine? No? Guess you'll just have to shop then.
INFO:NAM1[00024AF3]Got some good deals. You won't believe what's in the "Is It Food or Not?" section.
INFO:NAM1[00024AF4]If you're here to pawn something, don't bother telling me it's an heirloom. I'm probably older than whatever it is you're selling.
INFO:NAM1[00024AF5]Don't be shy, now. Chances are we have whatever you're looking for.
INFO:NAM1[000250B1]Loop detected. Error. Err-
INFO:NAM1[000250B2]Civic malfeasance detected.
INFO:NAM1[000250B5]Analyzing vocal patterns. Confidence interval... 2.74%. Negative. Return to your home immediately.
INFO:NAM1[000250BA]'Will you comply?'
INFO:NAM1[000250BB]'Will you comply?'
INFO:NAM1[000250BC]'Will you comply?'
INFO:NAM1[000250BD]Reporting in?
INFO:NAM1[000250F0]Not yet.
INFO:NAM1[000250F1]Now. Here is what you must do. Head down to the reactor. Take dampening coil and warhead with you.
INFO:NAM1[000250F1]First, insert the dampening coil. Carefully. Xiao xin.
INFO:NAM1[000250F1]Then, put warhead into the reactor. As you do that, I monitor power levels from the control room.
INFO:NAM1[000250F1]Do not put in warhead first! Do that? Si wang. Death, for you and me both.
INFO:NAM1[000250F2]I'm alive, aren't I?
INFO:NAM1[000250F4]200 years, and your humor is still bad. America liberating Anchorage? Now that was a good joke.
INFO:NAM1[000250F5]Well? Go. Go!
INFO:NAM1[000250F6]Be resolved and the thing is done.
INFO:NAM1[000250F9]Nah. No sweat. The radiation did give me super powers, though. X-Ray vision. Love the leopard g-string.
INFO:NAM1[00025236]All right, listen up. The Grand Reopening Protocol will distribute software upgrades to all employees and reopen the Galleria.
INFO:NAM1[00025237]That'll be all, soldier. Dismissed.
INFO:NAM1[000260DB]Have you met Toro? He's the school tomcat. Mister Zwicky says his name means "the bull."
INFO:NAM1[000260DC]I like math. The other kids say that makes me weird, but I like it anyway.
INFO:NAM1[000260DD]Mister Zwicky's real nice. Except when we makes us do work.
INFO:NAM1[000264CD]Anyway, I got a store to run. Let's talk shop.
INFO:NAM1[000264CF]Getting back to business, however. Let's talk about a new face for a new you.
INFO:NAM1[000264D0]If you don't mind, I should get back to work. Let's talk about that hair.
INFO:NAM1[0002656F]Did you say kidnapped?
INFO:NAM1[0002672F]Hey! Whaddya' think you're doing?
INFO:NAM1[00026730]You picked the wrong camp, pal!
INFO:NAM1[00026732]Fucking idiot. This' our camp!
INFO:NAM1[00026AA3]Welcome to Sandy Coves Convalescent Home.
INFO:NAM1[00026AA3]How may I help you?
INFO:NAM1[00026AA4]Have a nice day!
INFO:NAM1[00026EFC]Are you, uhh, looking for someone?
INFO:NAM1[00026F04]I will prepare the submarine while you are getting dampening coil.
INFO:NAM1[00026F05]Good luck at the ironworks.
INFO:NAM1[00026F06]That dampening coil will not find itself...
INFO:NAM1[00027405]Look, pal. If you're preaching about the Atom, or looking for a friend, you've got the wrong guy. If you need a hired gun... then maybe we can talk.
INFO:NAM1[00027514]I might do it if you make it worth my while.
INFO:NAM1[00027517]I'll get the costume for you.
INFO:NAM1[00027518]You're going to do this? For real?
INFO:NAM1[00027518]Before the bombs fell, they were filming the Silver Shroud pilot over at Hubris Comics.
INFO:NAM1[00027518]So that's where you'll find it. You're the best.
INFO:NAM1[00027519]I got a plan to bring him to life. So he can fight bad guys and give the rest of us a symbol of something better.
INFO:NAM1[0002751C]I guess.
INFO:NAM1[0002751D]What if the Silver Shroud was real? With his black trench coat and gleaming silver submachine gun?
INFO:NAM1[0002751E]It's rough in the best of days. B-But now...
INFO:NAM1[0002751F]Goodneighbor's crazy. Thefts, m-murders, worse. Sometimes you just got to escape a little to make it through the day.
INFO:NAM1[00027524]Reliving old memories. Like Thanksgiving 2071.
INFO:NAM1[00027524]Ma made a 12 pound turkey. And then we all listened to, "The Silver Shroud vs. Captain Cosmos." Even pa was there.
INFO:NAM1[00027525]Not interested.
INFO:NAM1[0002752B]The whole world's crazy.
INFO:NAM1[0002752D]N-No argument here.
INFO:NAM1[0002752E]Escape? What do you mean?
INFO:NAM1[00027530]I hear you. It's a mess out there.
INFO:NAM1[00027531]I can give you some caps up front. Just promise you'll help me.
INFO:NAM1[00027533]I ain't asking you to do it for free.
INFO:NAM1[00027533]Listen, the costume's at Hubris Comics. You get that and there'll be some caps in it for you. If not, I-I understand.
INFO:NAM1[00027E7B]No! No!
INFO:NAM1[00027E7E]You won't leave here alive!
INFO:NAM1[00027E80]Let's finish this.
INFO:NAM1[00027E9B]If you do not leave, now, I will use lethal force.
INFO:NAM1[00027E9C]You were warned.
INFO:NAM1[00027E9D]Leave this area at once.
INFO:NAM1[00027E9E]Last warning. Leave.
INFO:NAM1[00027E9F]Keep yourself in one piece.
INFO:NAM1[00027EA0]Error. Error.
INFO:NAM1[00027EA1]We got two zones to protect. I got this one. You take the other.
INFO:NAM1[00027EA2]No, no, no, you coming into my house?
INFO:NAM1[00027EA4]How'd they find us?
INFO:NAM1[00027EA5]What the hell's going on?
INFO:NAM1[00027EAE]When you're ready, another scribe will be lined up for you. But please, be more vigilant this time.
INFO:NAM1[00027EAF]While the loss is disheartening, I cannot deny that these patrols must go on.
INFO:NAM1[00027EB0]Didn't make it? So the mission failed and the data is lost. A real shame. I expected more from you, Paladin.
INFO:NAM1[00027EB1]Didn't make it? So the mission failed and the data is lost. A real shame. I expected more from you, Sentinel.
INFO:NAM1[00027F21]Wow, anyone who doesn't know what a Brahmin is sure isn't from around here.
INFO:NAM1[00027F21]I don't really know how to describe it. It's probably the only friendly animal in the Commonwealth, besides the occasional cat and dog.
INFO:NAM1[00027F21]Clara gave us fertilizer, milk. My parents would argue if she'd make a better stew or pair of boots... she was a good girl.
INFO:NAM1[00027F22]Clara's our Brahmin. I like to consider her just as much a part of the this family as Maisie.
INFO:NAM1[00027F22]She's our cat... in case you were going to ask about her, too.
INFO:NAM1[00027F23]We'd like to think so. Although, we lost Clarabell. No more "free fertilizer" as daddy would say.
INFO:NAM1[0002803A]You're going down...
INFO:NAM1[0002803C]We're going to make this a decent place to live again.
INFO:NAM1[0002803D]Just listen to the radio station, Shroud.
INFO:NAM1[0002803E]Be careful. The comic book store is in a real bad part of town.
INFO:NAM1[0002803F]You drifting off there? People do that with me. Sometimes.
INFO:NAM1[00028040]Kent's life is in your hands, Shroud.
INFO:NAM1[00028322]Oh god, it's really you!
INFO:NAM1[00028323]Well, it's hard to mistake this mug for anyone else.
INFO:NAM1[00028324]Hmph. You keep laughing at death, some day, death's going to laugh back.
INFO:NAM1[00028325]Ellie? Are you here?
INFO:NAM1[00028328]Not as long as I got a few friends to back me up.
INFO:NAM1[000285F3]No way. You're lying.
INFO:NAM1[000285F4]Who are you?
INFO:NAM1[000285F5]No, I'm not! I don't have any weapons or anything.
INFO:NAM1[000285F5]I've been trapped in here for so long.
INFO:NAM1[000285F5]Let me out!
INFO:NAM1[000285F6]No way. You might be dangerous.
INFO:NAM1[000285F7]So you think I should give up trying to find my parents?
INFO:NAM1[000285F8]That's a scary idea. I want to look for my Mom and Dad.
INFO:NAM1[000285F8]At least we can find out what happened to them.
INFO:NAM1[000285F9]You're right. There's no way they're still alive.
INFO:NAM1[000285F9]I guess I'll come live with you.
INFO:NAM1[000285FA]It's either that or go live by yourself. Your choice.
INFO:NAM1[000285FB]It happened so long ago. Back before everything got wrecked.
INFO:NAM1[000285FB]When I heard the sirens, I tried to find someplace safe.
INFO:NAM1[000285FB]When everything started to shake and fall apart, I just crawled inside.
INFO:NAM1[000285FB]When it got quiet again, I tried to get out, but there isn't a handle on the inside.
INFO:NAM1[000285FB]I just want to go home. Can you help me? Please?
INFO:NAM1[000285FC]Why should I trust you?
INFO:NAM1[000285FD]Quincy. But I don't know how to get there.
INFO:NAM1[000285FD]Everything's so different. It's all blown up.
INFO:NAM1[000285FD]I just wanna find out what happened to my Mom and Dad.
INFO:NAM1[000285FE]Yeah. My dad was the best. And my mom always took care of me.
INFO:NAM1[000285FF]Well, you're out. See ya later, kid.
INFO:NAM1[00028600]How did you end up in there?
INFO:NAM1[00028601]Were your parents good to you?
INFO:NAM1[00028602]Let me open the door for you.
INFO:NAM1[00028603]That's not funny! That's not funny at all! What kind of horrible person would say that to a kid stuck in a refrigerator?
INFO:NAM1[00028603]Besides... I ate the pudding a long time ago.
INFO:NAM1[00028604]Thanks. I live in Quincy. Or at least I used to. But I don't know how to get there.
INFO:NAM1[00028604]Everything's so different. It's all blown up.
INFO:NAM1[00028605]Then let's go find your home.
INFO:NAM1[00028606]Let me think about it.
INFO:NAM1[00028607]So what's the story with you and that fridge?
INFO:NAM1[00028608]You're on your own now, kid.
INFO:NAM1[0002860A]Okay, okay. I'll let you out.
INFO:NAM1[0002860B]I'm just looking for the mayonnaise. Maybe you could grab it for me. Second shelf, right next to the pudding.
INFO:NAM1[0002860D]I'll open the door for you.
INFO:NAM1[0002860F]Hey, you can't just leave me here!
INFO:NAM1[0002860F]Can't ya find someplace for me to live?
INFO:NAM1[00028610]They're still alive. They have to be. I want to go home.
INFO:NAM1[00028611]Then let's go to Quincy.
INFO:NAM1[00028611]I gotta find out what happened to my Mom and Dad.
INFO:NAM1[00028612]What does your heart say?
INFO:NAM1[00028614]Yes, I do. They've been gone for hundreds of years now.
INFO:NAM1[00028615]I hope it's still there. I had some great baseball cards.
INFO:NAM1[00028616]You look like something that was left in the fridge too long.
INFO:NAM1[00028617]Where did you live?
INFO:NAM1[00028619]You might be lying.
INFO:NAM1[0002861A]You could come live with me.
INFO:NAM1[0002861B]Let me out.
INFO:NAM1[0002861C]I want out!
INFO:NAM1[0002861D]Get me out of here!
INFO:NAM1[0002861E]At least the stars look the same.
INFO:NAM1[0002861F]Is someone in there?
INFO:NAM1[00028620]Who are you?
INFO:NAM1[00028621]I'm back.
INFO:NAM1[00028622]My name is Billy. Please, I've been trapped in here for so long.
INFO:NAM1[00028623]I hid in here to get away from the bombs.
INFO:NAM1[00028623]But there isn't a handle on the inside. And it's really dark in here.
INFO:NAM1[00028624]I suppose it won't hurt to see your old home. Whatever's left of it.
INFO:NAM1[00028625]Dead? You really think so?
INFO:NAM1[00028625]Then I'm all alone. Who's going to take care of me? You?
INFO:NAM1[00028626]I don't believe you. They're alive and looking for me.
INFO:NAM1[00028626]Can't you please take me to them? Or at least to my old house?
INFO:NAM1[00028627]I'm not falling for that trick.
INFO:NAM1[00028628]I just want to go home. I wanna find my mom and dad.
INFO:NAM1[00028629]I hate to tell you this, but your parents are probably dead.
INFO:NAM1[0002862B]No, you should look for your parents.
INFO:NAM1[0002862C]You'll have to figure out your own life.
INFO:NAM1[0002862D]Oh yeah? Well... well... nevermind.
INFO:NAM1[0002862D]Can you help me get back home?
INFO:NAM1[0002862F]I'll take you some place safe.
INFO:NAM1[000287C1]You have returned! I was not sure you would.
INFO:NAM1[000287C1]Next we need more nuclear fuel. To feed Yangtze's reactor.
INFO:NAM1[000287C4]Raise your sail one foot and get ten feet of wind.
INFO:NAM1[0002897D]We still got a lot of work to do.
INFO:NAM1[00028A65]Back again? Thought I told you I didn't have time for this nonsense.
INFO:NAM1[00028D36]Someone needs to get rid of him. We need a new DJ for the radio.
INFO:NAM1[00028D36]I don't think many would notice if he... you know, disappeared.
INFO:NAM1[00028D42]Oh, here we go.
INFO:NAM1[00028D4A]It's true. Don't you listen to my brother.
INFO:NAM1[00028D50]Quiet, Yefim. All right, you. Tell me. Diamond City Radio -- It's terrible, yes? Makes you want to cut your own ears off?
INFO:NAM1[00028D86]No. What kind of person are you?
INFO:NAM1[00028D87]Please. Don't sell me to this guy!
INFO:NAM1[00028D8B]Look, I don't want any trouble.
INFO:NAM1[00028D8C]Never. Billy stays with me.
INFO:NAM1[00028D8D]Your loss. If you change your mind, bring him to my camp.
INFO:NAM1[00028D8E]For the right price, yeah.
INFO:NAM1[00028D9C]Only 200 caps? You can do better.
INFO:NAM1[00028D9E]Just tryin' to make a living.
INFO:NAM1[00028D9E]So you wanna sell that kid or not?
INFO:NAM1[00028D9F]What's a ghoul child worth?
INFO:NAM1[00028DA0]You son of bitch! I'll get you for this!
INFO:NAM1[00028DA1]What!? Never!
INFO:NAM1[00028DA2]Come on, kid. I've got some holes that need diggin'.
INFO:NAM1[00028DA3]Hey! You can't sell me!
INFO:NAM1[00028DA8]I'll give you 200 caps right now.
INFO:NAM1[00028DA9]Plenty. I'll give you 200 caps.
INFO:NAM1[00028DA9]Ghouls are immune to radiation, don't age, and don't need to eat.
INFO:NAM1[00028DA9]You can work 'em real hard.
INFO:NAM1[00028DAA]Sold. Kid, I found you a new home.
INFO:NAM1[00028DB1]Cute kid. Is he for sale?
INFO:NAM1[00028DCE]I am, but I need you to view this from my perspective.
INFO:NAM1[00028DCF]This doesn't make sense. I thought you're eager to take the fight to the Institute.
INFO:NAM1[00028DD0]An intriguing proposal that I'll have to seriously consider.
INFO:NAM1[00028DD0]However, before I allow any of my soldiers to breach the Institute, careful preparations need to be made.
INFO:NAM1[00028DD0]In the meantime, I need you to follow my orders and remain patient.
INFO:NAM1[00028DD1]I understand, Elder.
INFO:NAM1[00028DD2]An intriguing proposal that I'll have to seriously consider.
INFO:NAM1[00028DD2]However, before I allow any of my soldiers to breach the Institute, careful preparations need to be made.
INFO:NAM1[00028DD2]In the meantime, I need you to follow my orders and remain patient.
INFO:NAM1[00028DD3]I'm not willing to risk the lives of my soldiers based solely on a set of crudely drawn plans.
INFO:NAM1[00028DD3]Give us time to validate the information you've discovered.
INFO:NAM1[00028DD3]Then, when the time is right, I promise you... I'll do everything in my power to construct that device.
INFO:NAM1[00028DD3]You're dismissed, Knight.
INFO:NAM1[00028DD4]An intriguing proposal that I'll have to seriously consider.
INFO:NAM1[00028DD4]However, before I allow any of my soldiers to breach the Institute, careful preparations need to be made.
INFO:NAM1[00028DD4]In the meantime, I need you to follow my orders and remain patient.
INFO:NAM1[00028DD5]I know you're disappointed, but I need you to view this from my perspective.
INFO:NAM1[00028DD6]I meant every word that I said, but I need you to view this from my perspective.
INFO:NAM1[00028DD7]But what about what you said during your speech? This could be a way to strike at the heart of the Institute.
INFO:NAM1[00028DF9]Elder Maxson, I have a set of plans to build a Signal Interceptor to get me inside the Institute.
INFO:NAM1[00028DFA]Since we're on the same team now, maybe you could help me build a Signal Interceptor to get into the Institute.
INFO:NAM1[00028E29]I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I need you to view this from my perspective.
INFO:NAM1[00028E2A]Since we're on the same team now, maybe you could help me build a Signal Interceptor to get into the Institute.
INFO:NAM1[00028E2B]Why wait when we have a way inside right now?
INFO:NAM1[00028E87]Nah, I heard from my cousin. He knows a guy that works for 'em. They got a code phrase and everything.
INFO:NAM1[00028E87]"Follow the Freedom Trail."
INFO:NAM1[00028E89]Can't believe you eat that food. Only one thing worth buying in the Dugout Inn, and that's the booze.
INFO:NAM1[00028E8B]Every drop of water comes out of that filter 100% pure. Why's a legitimate business man like myself always gotta be hassled by city regulation, huh?
INFO:NAM1[00028E8D]This is what I like about you, Wellingham. You know what you are. Not trying to be anything other than helpful.
INFO:NAM1[00028E8D]Not like those people down there. Lower Field workers always want what they haven't earned.
INFO:NAM1[00028EA4]The hell is that supposed to mean? You're full of it, and that kind of talk is gonna got you snatched up by the Synths.
INFO:NAM1[00028EA5]Sheng, what have I told you about keeping the lake clean? Don't make me shut down this little stand of yours.
INFO:NAM1[00028EA6]Thank you, Wellingham...
INFO:NAM1[00028EA7]Sometimes you gotta wonder. Does anyone fight back? Institute has to have enemies, right?
INFO:NAM1[00028EA8]A real Diamond City boy eats at the noodle stand.
INFO:NAM1[00028EB2]It's a PROFIT hazard, is what I say. I manage the water. And I'll do it without your interference, thank you very much.
INFO:NAM1[00028EB4]An astute observation, sir. Let me just freshen your glass again.
INFO:NAM1[00028EB5]What? You mean the Railroad? That's a fairy tale, man. They don't exist.
INFO:NAM1[00028EB9]Man's gotta eat, what can I say?
INFO:NAM1[00028EBA]It's a health hazard, Sheng.
INFO:NAM1[00028EEF]Employment benefits include competitive salary, health coverage, accidental death coverage, and two weeks paid vacation.
INFO:NAM1[00028EF0]Due to increased demands for staff in all fields, we have condensed the employment test accordingly.
INFO:NAM1[00028EF0]Question one.
INFO:NAM1[00028EF0]Do you possess previous experience with Polymer Synthesis?
INFO:NAM1[00028EF2]Sounds like you need me regardless, so lets get down to brass tacks.
INFO:NAM1[00028EF3]I am required to inform you that this is a secure facility and access by non-employees is restricted to the lobby.
INFO:NAM1[00028EF6]I don't have time for this.
INFO:NAM1[00028EF7]Calculating test results. I am pleased to offer you the position of "Lab Assistant." Expect a bright future in observing test equipment.
INFO:NAM1[00028EF8]Calculating test results. I am pleased to offer you the position of "Janitorial Staff." Expect a shiny future in the field of mopping floors.
INFO:NAM1[00028EF9]Let's begin the interview.
INFO:NAM1[00028EFB]Calculating test results. I am pleased to offer you the position of "Researcher." Expect a bright future in Polymer Research.
INFO:NAM1[00028EFC]Let's see what employment opportunities we have available for someone given your qualifications.
INFO:NAM1[00028EFD]Polymer Synthesis? What are you talking about?
INFO:NAM1[00028EFE]Sure, the world may have ended, but why not sit at a desk all day?
INFO:NAM1[00028EFF]Sure, I'm game.
INFO:NAM1[00029502]The kind who does whatever it takes to survive out here.
INFO:NAM1[00029504]Hey, Billy.
INFO:NAM1[00029507]You... you're just going to leave me here?
INFO:NAM1[00029507]You're an... an asshole. I hate you!
INFO:NAM1[00029577]Hi, Emogene.
INFO:NAM1[00029578]Hello, Emogene.
INFO:NAM1[00029579]Good evening, Miss Cabot.
INFO:NAM1[0002957A]Miss Cabot.
INFO:NAM1[0002957B]Hey, Jack.
INFO:NAM1[0002957C]Hey there, Jack.
INFO:NAM1[0002957D]Good evening, Jack.
INFO:NAM1[0002957F]Edward... how many times have I told you to call me Emogene?
INFO:NAM1[00029580]I think we know each other well enough that you can call me Emogene.
INFO:NAM1[00029581]Hello, Mr. Deegan.
INFO:NAM1[00029583]Hello, Edward.
INFO:NAM1[00029584]Hi, Edward. Are you as bored as I am?
INFO:NAM1[00029586]Hello, Edward.
INFO:NAM1[00029588]Evening, Edward.
INFO:NAM1[00029589]Mrs. Cabot.
INFO:NAM1[0002958A]Hello, Mrs. Cabot.
INFO:NAM1[0002958D]Good morning, Mrs. Cabot.
INFO:NAM1[0002958E]Afternoon, Mrs. Cabot.
INFO:NAM1[0002958F]Good evening, Mrs. Cabot.
INFO:NAM1[00029590]Oh, hello Edward.
INFO:NAM1[00029591]Edward. Nice to see you.
INFO:NAM1[00029592]Ah, Edward. Always good to see you.
INFO:NAM1[00029593]Hello, Edward.
INFO:NAM1[00029594]Leave me in peace. I need to mourn my father.
INFO:NAM1[00029596]Hey, Lorenzo.
INFO:NAM1[000295AB]Since you've proven your capabilities in the field, I have a different type of mission for you.
INFO:NAM1[000295AD]Lady, you must be new to these parts.
INFO:NAM1[000295AD]You don't stand up to raiders, not if you value your life.
INFO:NAM1[000295AE]I realize the mission is simple on the surface, but you'd be helping to secure the Brotherhood's future.
INFO:NAM1[000295B0]We still have squires in need of training.
INFO:NAM1[000295B2]I think it's time for you to pass your skills on to the youngsters. Are you ready to mentor a squire?
INFO:NAM1[000295B3]Let me know when you're ready to take on another squire.
INFO:NAM1[000296A5]Can't argue with that.
INFO:NAM1[000296A5]I'll tell you what. Price is 250 caps... up front. And there's no room for bargaining.
INFO:NAM1[000296A5]What do you say?
INFO:NAM1[000296A6]Are you kidding me? I'm not about to let a couple of Gunner rejects stand between me and a solid payday.
INFO:NAM1[000296A7]You don't. That's part of the risk, right?
INFO:NAM1[000296A8]From what I just heard, sounds like you're out of business.
INFO:NAM1[000296A9]You still looking for work, MacCready?
INFO:NAM1[000296AA]Sticks and stones, lady.
INFO:NAM1[000296AA]You change your mind, you know where to find me.
INFO:NAM1[000296AB]That depends. You ready to fork over 250 caps?
INFO:NAM1[000296AC]Something wrong with your hearing? I just told you I'm not going to negotiate.
INFO:NAM1[000296AC]So are you in, or should I get back to my drink?
INFO:NAM1[00029975]Man, we got a vertibird incoming. Shit.
INFO:NAM1[00029976]First thing first, I picked up some Brotherhood goodies for you. Merry Christmas.
INFO:NAM1[00029977]More importantly, though, Tinker's ready for us on the bird. Let's go.
INFO:NAM1[00029978]Glory was guarding the entrance but she may already be overwhelmed by the Brotherhood.
INFO:NAM1[0002997C]This is going to be one hell of a ride.
INFO:NAM1[0002997D]Am I the only one that thinks this is all insane?
INFO:NAM1[0002997E]Maybe we should just try asking the Brotherhood to leave. Nicely.
INFO:NAM1[00029981]Different players, but it's Switchboard all over again.
INFO:NAM1[00029985]Dammit, I told Dez too much traffic.
INFO:NAM1[00029986]Just need to make it out of here, Deacon.
INFO:NAM1[00029987]We've survived worse than this.
INFO:NAM1[00029B20]What's with you Vault Dwellers and those jumpsuits, huh?
INFO:NAM1[00029B2C]Look at you. There still a human being under all that armor?
INFO:NAM1[00029B2D]Nice Pip-Boy.
INFO:NAM1[00029B87]First the reward, then I'll give you the costume.
INFO:NAM1[00029B89]Here you go.
INFO:NAM1[00029B8A]Looks like I get to be the Shroud.
INFO:NAM1[00029B8C]If it'll get you to help. Sure. I-I may be able to scrounge up a couple things.
INFO:NAM1[00029B8D]The Shroud's motivated by justice, not caps. Please, you gotta help.
INFO:NAM1[00029B8E]If I go along with this, I could use a little extra.
INFO:NAM1[00029B90]Why me?
INFO:NAM1[00029B91]It's not like I'm asking you to dress up as Grognak the Barbarian. I'll be here if you change your mind.
INFO:NAM1[00029B92]After all these years, the Silver Shroud is born again! But... there's just one problem.
INFO:NAM1[00029B94]I'm still working that out. Some details I want to run by you. Well, after you give me the costume, that is.
INFO:NAM1[00029B95]I'm thinking I'll keep the costume.
INFO:NAM1[00029B96]I'm just not Silver Shroud material. I could be Rhett Reinhart or-or his butler Jarvey Blake. But the Shroud is strong, capable.
INFO:NAM1[00029B97]No one else would help me find the costume. Even though it sounds crazy, you cared.
INFO:NAM1[00029B97]The whole world's fallen. Fallen hard. We got to fight to make the place b-better. So you in?
INFO:NAM1[00029B99]I'm not dressing up in tights, pal.
INFO:NAM1[00029B9A]You ready to help? The bad guys aren't going to defeat themselves. Goodneighbor needs the Silver Shroud.
INFO:NAM1[0002A01A]Sure. Sounds fun.
INFO:NAM1[0002A02A]That's right. Usually the kids from the schoolhouse are the first to drop by, but I don't see why I can't start the lesson with you.
INFO:NAM1[0002A02B]Oh...well, if you're not...um...I guess I'll just get back to the lab then. *sigh*
INFO:NAM1[0002A030]Biology. No. Not even.
INFO:NAM1[0002A032]Biology lesson?
INFO:NAM1[0002A049]As long as it's free.
INFO:NAM1[0002A04A]Why wouldn't it be? Let's get started.
INFO:NAM1[0002A04C]Yes! Love that enthusiasm.
INFO:NAM1[0002A06F]Calculating test results. I am pleased to offer you the position of "Sales Coordinator." Expect a loquacious future in haggling for military funding.
INFO:NAM1[0002A070]I have been instructed to inform you that Director Elwood has issued mandatory overtime due to uncompleted milestones.
INFO:NAM1[0002A070]Consequently, staff will not be allowed to leave the labs until the Piezonucleic Lining Project has been completed.
INFO:NAM1[0002A070]Please report to the Project Lead, Dr. Elwood-Woolum for specific research assignment.
INFO:NAM1[0002A070]Starting Decontamination Sequence.
INFO:NAM1[0002A071]Due to staffing needs, we can forgo the Orientation at this time.
INFO:NAM1[0002A072]Here is your jumpsuit and mop.
INFO:NAM1[0002A073]Employment opportunities await in the field of scientific research. Shall we begin your application now?
INFO:NAM1[0002A075]Complimentary beverages are provided for employees. Please label any food or cigarettes you leave in the break room.
INFO:NAM1[0002A076]Please follow me to the research lab, so that you may begin your work.
INFO:NAM1[0002A077]Uh... yeah. I guess.
INFO:NAM1[0002A078]Decontamination Complete.
INFO:NAM1[0002A07A]The genesis of Cambridge Polymer Labs lies in the research of a group brilliant graduate students.
INFO:NAM1[0002A07A]Jon Elwood, Ericka Woolum, and Wilfred Bergman met during their time together at CIT. This slide shows them at their graduation.
INFO:NAM1[0002A07A]Their research into nucleostrictive and piezoelectric polymers caught the attention of Col. George Kemp in the fall of 2073.
INFO:NAM1[0002A07A]In the spring of 2074 the company was founded, with a generous grant provided by the Defense Experimental Research Project Initiative.
INFO:NAM1[0002A07A]The research produced here has resulted in several of components used in the Liberty Prime project that led to the successful defense of Anchorage.
INFO:NAM1[0002A07A]The company enjoys a strong relationship with the military and welcomes your addition to the research team that helps build a better America.
INFO:NAM1[0002A07B]No, let's just move it along
INFO:NAM1[0002A07D]Please find an open seat and we will begin the presentation.
INFO:NAM1[0002A07F]No Contamination Detected. Please exit the Clean Room.
INFO:NAM1[0002A080]Contamination Detected. Initiating Decontamination Sequence.
INFO:NAM1[0002A081]Would you like the Orientation before beginning your work in the labs?
INFO:NAM1[0002A083]The research staff will greet you on the other side of the clean room.
INFO:NAM1[0002A083]Thank you for your attention and welcome to the team.
INFO:NAM1[0002A084]Sure. Why not.
INFO:NAM1[0002A085]I could bust your chassis open and we could see what Polymers you've got in there.
INFO:NAM1[0002A086]Scanning for contamination.
INFO:NAM1[0002A087]Please note that employee enthusiasm is factored into your yearly reviews.
INFO:NAM1[0002A088]Calculating test results. I am pleased to offer you the position of "Security Personnel." We look forward to having you chase off interlopers.
INFO:NAM1[0002A089]Welcome to the Cambridge Polymer Labs.
INFO:NAM1[0002A08A]Welcome back, sir.
INFO:NAM1[0002A08B]Welcome back, ma'am.
INFO:NAM1[0002A08C]Please enter the clean room and proceed to the labs to continue the tour.
INFO:NAM1[0002A08D]Please save all questions for after the tour of the facility.
INFO:NAM1[0002A08E]Please enter the Clean Room.
INFO:NAM1[0002A08F]The Orientation is intended to provide the new employee with a history of the company to enrich their working experience.
INFO:NAM1[0002A191]Home in on these coordinates. If you're willing to work hard, you can make the Commonwealth a better place.
INFO:NAM1[0002A192]Attention Commonwealth residents. Are you looking for a safe place to settle?
INFO:NAM1[0002A214]Suit yourself.
INFO:NAM1[0002A214]Guess this is goodbye then. When you come to your senses, I'll be here.
INFO:NAM1[0002A218]I'd pay you, but I don't have that many caps to spend.
INFO:NAM1[0002A21A]Tough break.
INFO:NAM1[0002A21A]If your luck changes, I'll be here. Until then, adios.
INFO:NAM1[0002A21F]How about a hundred?
INFO:NAM1[0002A222]Well, I'm not making more than that sitting here and getting drunk. You've got a deal.
INFO:NAM1[0002A223]Sorry, I don't do charity work.
INFO:NAM1[0002A223]Come back when you've got the caps, and maybe we can make a deal.
INFO:NAM1[0002A225]I don't suppose you'll take a check?
INFO:NAM1[0002A22D]Unless a "check" is how you say "250 caps" around your neck of the woods, I'm afraid you're out of luck.
INFO:NAM1[0002A22D]Maybe next time.
INFO:NAM1[0002A2B1]You know what, forget it. You're not worth the trouble.
INFO:NAM1[0002A2CB]Look, lady. If you're preaching about the Atom, or looking for a friend, you've got the wrong guy. If you need a hired gun... then maybe we can talk.
INFO:NAM1[0002A4F9]You suit up and clean the streets. Together, we can make a real difference. You'll see. So you in?
INFO:NAM1[0002A4FE]What's your plan, exactly?
INFO:NAM1[0002A4FF]I'm still not interested.
INFO:NAM1[0002A507]Too bad. Th-The city could use you.
INFO:NAM1[0002A50B]I might help out.
INFO:NAM1[0002A50C]I'm in, Kent.
INFO:NAM1[0002A510]There she is! Pretty as the posters. The Silver Shroud costume herself.
INFO:NAM1[0002A514]Please take a moment to dress in your proper work attire and follow me into the clean room.
INFO:NAM1[0002A516]Here is your security uniform and flashlight.
INFO:NAM1[0002A517]Here is your lab coat and clip board.
INFO:NAM1[0002A518]Sales staff are provided with a business suit, the cost of which will be deducted from your first commission.
INFO:NAM1[0002A56C]You name it. Shaves, long cuts, short cuts, braids, layering.
INFO:NAM1[0002A56C]Eh, it'll be easier to just show you. Got an empty chair right here.
INFO:NAM1[0002A6E2]If I were younger I would. Look, if you happen across my sword, I'd pay to have it back.
INFO:NAM1[0002A6E6]Did you need something else?
INFO:NAM1[0002A6E7]That bastard son of mine, Jake, snuck out in the middle of the night to join them.
INFO:NAM1[0002A6E7]He grabbed my granddad's old sword. It's the closest thing I've got to an heirloom.
INFO:NAM1[0002A6E8]What do you say? Can you get my Granddad's sword back for me?
INFO:NAM1[0002A6E9]Are we done?
INFO:NAM1[0002A6EA]I know Mother and I had our differences, but... I actually do miss her.
INFO:NAM1[0002A6EB]Mother tried to blame Jack, but she was the one who pushed him to use the serum in the first place.
INFO:NAM1[0002A6EC]Maybe that's because you ain't got a farm and a family to think about. Even so, those guys are serious.
INFO:NAM1[0002A6ED]I'm sorry you never knew my father before the artifact took control of him.
INFO:NAM1[0002A6EE]At least it's finally over.
INFO:NAM1[0002A6EF]What kind of a sword am I looking for?
INFO:NAM1[0002A6F1]At least no one was killed.
INFO:NAM1[0002A6F3]Back off, it's none of your concern.
INFO:NAM1[0002A6F4]I'm sorry about Edward. He was a loyal companion for a very long time.
INFO:NAM1[0002A6F5]I don't know what I'm going to do without Emogene.
INFO:NAM1[0002A6F6]A group of them took over the old ironworks, and they'll shoot ya as soon as look at ya.
INFO:NAM1[0002A6F9]Mother would still be alive if you hadn't been such a fool!
INFO:NAM1[0002A6FB]It takes a lot more than a bunch of punks to scare me.
INFO:NAM1[0002A6FD]You should have listened to me, and none of this would have happened!
INFO:NAM1[0002A700]Where was it again?
INFO:NAM1[0002A701]You see now that I was right about Lorenzo. Too late, of course.
INFO:NAM1[0002A703]Poor Mother. The serum was the only thing keeping her alive. But... she had lived far beyond her time. It's for the best.
INFO:NAM1[0002A705]It could have been a lot worse.
INFO:NAM1[0002A706]It's a damn shame about Emogene. She was the only one of them I actually liked.
INFO:NAM1[0002A707]I'm sorry we couldn't save Mrs. Cabot. Although she probably wasn't going to last long without the serum anyway.
INFO:NAM1[0002A709]Jesus, what a mess.
INFO:NAM1[0002A70A]I guess Jack knew what he was doing, keeping Lorenzo locked up like that.
INFO:NAM1[0002A70C]I'm starting to think backing you up was a mistake. A bit late for second thoughts though.
INFO:NAM1[0002A70D]Lorenzo seems as crazy as a rat in a drainpipe. I don't know what you were thinking.
INFO:NAM1[0002A70E]Jesus, what a mess.
INFO:NAM1[0002A70F]I don't know whatever I'm going to do without my Emogene.
INFO:NAM1[0002A727]I don't understand why he was so angry at all of us. It was for his own good, couldn't he see that?
INFO:NAM1[0002A729]So how did you end up as ghouls?
INFO:NAM1[0002A72A]Here, take this.
INFO:NAM1[0002A72A]I wish I had more to give you, but we don't have much.
INFO:NAM1[0002A72B]Oh my god!
INFO:NAM1[0002A72B]We thought you were dead.
INFO:NAM1[0002A72C]Alright, didn't mean to pry, but I can't help if I don't know what you're after.
INFO:NAM1[0002A72D]Don't worry about it, Billy.
INFO:NAM1[0002A72D]Your dad and I don't care what you look like. We still love you.
INFO:NAM1[0002A72E]Thank Billy. I told him you were dead.
INFO:NAM1[0002A72F]Son? Is that really you?
INFO:NAM1[0002A730]Oh my god. I can't believe it.
INFO:NAM1[0002A731]Mom? Dad? Are you in there?
INFO:NAM1[0002A732]Let me thank you. Take this.
INFO:NAM1[0002A733]So that's why you guys look like me.
INFO:NAM1[0002A734]I love you too, mom.
INFO:NAM1[0002A734]I've missed you guys. It's been so long.
INFO:NAM1[0002A735]What happened to you? You're all burned up like me.
INFO:NAM1[0002A736]I guess we were some of the lucky ones. Most folks die instead of becoming ghouls. Must be something in both our genes.
INFO:NAM1[0002A737]I'll find it.
INFO:NAM1[0002A739]We didn't make it to the shelter in time.
INFO:NAM1[0002A73A]Lorenzo might have killed us all if it wasn't for you.
INFO:NAM1[0002A73B]Here, take this.
INFO:NAM1[0002A73B]I wish I had more to give you, but we don't have much.
INFO:NAM1[0002A73C]He's a good kid.
INFO:NAM1[0002A73D]Poor Edward. I never understood why he was so loyal to Jack.
INFO:NAM1[0002A73E]It's me. It's really me.
INFO:NAM1[0002A73F]Billy? Billy!
INFO:NAM1[0002A740]I'm glad we found you.
INFO:NAM1[0002A742]My late husband was a brilliant man... but he after he returned from that expedition to Arabia he was... changed.
INFO:NAM1[0002A743]What happened to Edward? Is he all right?
INFO:NAM1[0002A744]Yes, Billy that's why.
INFO:NAM1[0002A744]Although it's really more why you look like us.
INFO:NAM1[0002A745]Don't leave me in here!
INFO:NAM1[0002A746]That's close enough.
INFO:NAM1[0002A747]Thank you for bringing us back our little boy, and saving us from that man.
INFO:NAM1[0002A748]My poor baby... how could Lorenzo... his own daughter...
INFO:NAM1[0002A74A]The bombs didn't kill us. Almost, but not quite.
INFO:NAM1[0002A74A]Please, take this. It's the least we can do.
INFO:NAM1[0002A74B]We're ghouls, Billy.
INFO:NAM1[0002A74B]The radiation changed us. Looks like it did the same thing to you.
INFO:NAM1[0002A74D]We wandered for a while, but eventually came back here.
INFO:NAM1[0002A74D]We've been living here ever since. Not really anywhere else to go.
INFO:NAM1[0002A74E]The door was shutting as the bombs fell. We both must have taken a lot of radiation.
INFO:NAM1[0002A76A]Boring.... I'm tired....
INFO:NAM1[0002A76B]Nah ah, I'm not listening to this. Blah blah blah blabby blah blah
INFO:NAM1[0002A76C]Oooohh Uggggh...
INFO:NAM1[0002A76F]Just... just stop talking...
INFO:NAM1[0002A771]Blah blah blah blah blah...
INFO:NAM1[0002A777]Ugh. Just... No...
INFO:NAM1[0002A779]I don't believe you...
INFO:NAM1[0002A77B]Mmmmm.... No no no....
INFO:NAM1[0002A780]No! Shhh....
INFO:NAM1[0002A785]No way, man.
INFO:NAM1[0002A786]Just. Just... No...
INFO:NAM1[0002A788]Yeah... Yeah yeah... mmhmmm...
INFO:NAM1[0002A790]Sing it, brother...
INFO:NAM1[0002A792]I agree...
INFO:NAM1[0002A795]That's very good.
INFO:NAM1[0002A796]Mmmhmm, mmhmm...
INFO:NAM1[0002A797]Mmmm.... yep. Yep yep yep....
INFO:NAM1[0002A798]Hmmm hmmmm yes....
INFO:NAM1[0002A844]Funny you should ask. I used to have some, but the same group who took my sword took the dampening coils as well.
INFO:NAM1[0002A845]Out in Saugus Ironworks, you can see it over there past the highway.
INFO:NAM1[0002A84D]Least I can do. Might as well save you the trouble they've caused me.
INFO:NAM1[0002A852]Industrial buildings like that are pretty dangerous.
INFO:NAM1[0002A853]Sounds like this isn't some normal group of raiders either.
INFO:NAM1[0002A856]To think, the ironworks used to be such a nice place.
INFO:NAM1[0002A859]Thanks, I appreciate the warning.
INFO:NAM1[0002A85D]I'm not your errand boy, do it yourself.
INFO:NAM1[0002A88A]Look, I'm being serious here. These guys don't mess around.
INFO:NAM1[0002A88B]I'm working on it.
INFO:NAM1[0002A88C]One of them old pre-war swords, rigged up to shoot flames from the blade. Probably why Jake thought they'd let him join.
INFO:NAM1[0002A88C]So, what do you say?
INFO:NAM1[0002A893]I don't want to join the Forged, I just want to go home.
INFO:NAM1[0002A894]Not yet, but I will.
INFO:NAM1[0002A8AF]Last chance, Jake. If you don't kill the prisoner before I count to three it's over.
INFO:NAM1[0002A8E3]I see what you're getting' at. 200 caps if you can bring it back for me.
INFO:NAM1[0002A8EF]Alright, alright. How's 250 caps sound?
INFO:NAM1[0002A94D]Can I help you? You've got that twinkle in your eye, like you're looking for something.
INFO:NAM1[0002A94E]You're back huh? Decided to tell me what you're looking for?
INFO:NAM1[0002A951]Hey, you!
INFO:NAM1[0002A954]You're back huh?
INFO:NAM1[0002A95A]Did you change your mind? Those Forged guys probably still have those Dampening Rods you're looking for.
INFO:NAM1[0002A95B]Did you change your mind?
INFO:NAM1[0002A95C]You aren't going to find my Granddad's sword just standing around.
INFO:NAM1[0002A95D]Give those Forged a kick for me.
INFO:NAM1[0002A992]What are you waiting for? Saugus Ironworks is just over there.
INFO:NAM1[0002AA19]Any luck finding my Granddad's sword?
INFO:NAM1[0002AAC6]I haven't listen to the show.
INFO:NAM1[0002AACC]I just have to do something, you know?
INFO:NAM1[0002AACD]Good on you for trying to make the world better.
INFO:NAM1[0002AACF]You know you're completely nuts, right?
INFO:NAM1[0002AAD2]With the gun, I'm just another armed hooligan. But if the Silver Shroud came to life and helped people it would give everyone hope.
INFO:NAM1[0002AAD3]He's from the radio shows! I've listened to all 419 episodes. And the holiday special.
INFO:NAM1[0002AAD3]He's the best. Better th-than Grognak and Manta Man combined.
INFO:NAM1[0002AAE1]That sounds familiar.
INFO:NAM1[0002AAE2]My family and I used to listen to every new episode.
INFO:NAM1[0002AAE6]And they actually got one, here in Boston. They made it for the TV show. Will you help?
INFO:NAM1[0002AAE7]Sure, Kent. You have a plan, all right.
INFO:NAM1[0002AAE8]What plan?
INFO:NAM1[0002AAEB]What can you tell me about the Shroud?
INFO:NAM1[0002AAED]Do you really need the costume?
INFO:NAM1[0002AAEE]You should. They're the best detective stories in the whole world.
INFO:NAM1[0002AAEF]I've built my own custom machine gun. Even better than the one in the show.
INFO:NAM1[0002AAEF]But to make this work, I still need the most important piece. The genuine Silver Shroud costume herself.
INFO:NAM1[0002AB15]Um... yeah... I don't think so...
INFO:NAM1[0002AB17]Sure. You can have some blood.
INFO:NAM1[0002AFEC]Warning: this unit is suffering from fragmented memory system. Computational abilities may be compromised.
INFO:NAM1[0002AFED]Core functionality on this unit is still available, but primary directives have been altered. Proceed with caution.
INFO:NAM1[0002AFEE]System reformat initiated by unit designated as Quinlan is in progress. Estimated time of completion is unknown.
INFO:NAM1[0002AFEF]This unit is currently attempting to interface with Prydwen central computer. Handshake accepted... data transfer in progress.
INFO:NAM1[0002AFF0]Warning: functionality change is now in effect. New directive: Serve the Brotherhood of Steel, serve Elder Maxson.
INFO:NAM1[0002AFF1]Master override complete. All data pertaining to Railroad has been uploaded to Prydwen central computer.
INFO:NAM1[0002AFF2]Unable to comply with command "transfer prediction algorithms to central computer." Conclusion: error in interface functionality.
INFO:NAM1[0002AFF3]Scanning memory. Error detected in block 178, sector 45. This unit is now in self-correction and maintenance mode.
INFO:NAM1[0002AFF4]Quinlan parse error. Unfamiliar syntax "useless pile of rusty scrap" logged for future translation.
INFO:NAM1[0002AFF5]New directive accepted. Synth units are a rogue element and must be eliminated at all costs. Conclusion: destroy on sight.
INFO:NAM1[0002AFF6]New directive accepted. Super Mutants are abominations of science and must be eliminated at all costs. Conclusion: kill on sight.
INFO:NAM1[0002AFF7]New directive accepted. Feral ghouls are an infestation and must be exterminated. Conclusion: kill on sight.
INFO:NAM1[0002AFF8]Prydwen central computer storage has insufficient memory for all of this unit's functions. Conclusion: this unit should remain online indefinitely.
INFO:NAM1[0002AFF9]Warning: kicking this unit in the leg will not increase computational speed. Conclusion: suggest Proctor Quinlan use alternate method.
INFO:NAM1[0002AFFA]Improvement detected: This unit has enhanced Prydwen navigational efficiency by 17 percent.
INFO:NAM1[0002AFFB]Improvement detected: This unit has enhanced battlefield tactics efficiency by 38 percent.
INFO:NAM1[0002AFFC]Improvement detected: This unit has enhanced vertibird flight model capability by 22 percent.
INFO:NAM1[0002AFFD]Improvement detected: This unit has enhanced communications encryption capabilities by 45 percent.
INFO:NAM1[0002AFFE]Improvement detected: This unit has enhanced recipe quality by 65 percent. Mess hall induced sicknesses reduced by 33 percent.
INFO:NAM1[0002AFFF]This unit is occupied. Please stand by.
INFO:NAM1[0002B000]This unit is in power-saver mode. Please stand by.
INFO:NAM1[0002B001]Warning: long-term calculation in progress. Please return later.
INFO:NAM1[0002B002]Warning: voice interface shutting down. Please return later.
INFO:NAM1[0002B003]This unit is currently running level three self-diagnostic. Please return later.
INFO:NAM1[0002B01D]Bullshit, man... just... bullshit.
INFO:NAM1[0002B027]See you got one of those fancy Vault suits. Those one size fit all?
INFO:NAM1[0002B028]Now you have the right idea. Power Armor. Only way to travel.
INFO:NAM1[0002B029]Can't believe I'm posted outside the Wall. Who the heck did I piss off?
INFO:NAM1[0002B02A]Feral Ghouls like to hide in the dark. Makes night patrol a real fright-fest.
INFO:NAM1[0002B02B]Defending Diamond City is nothing me, my boys, the Wall, and a few turrets can't handle.
INFO:NAM1[0002B02C]You come from across the Charles? Long hike.
INFO:NAM1[0002B02D]Diamond City is THE place to live, I tell ya. You made the right choice comin' here.
INFO:NAM1[0002B02E]We got purified water inside the city. Best drink in the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1[0002B031]See those big lights? That's right. Working electricity.
INFO:NAM1[0002B032]Hear the different Raider groups are carving up Concord like Christmas turkey.
INFO:NAM1[0002B033]Plenty of shops inside the city, if you need to trade.
INFO:NAM1[0002B034]Lot of different Raider groups nearby. They ain't a match for us, but you should be careful.
INFO:NAM1[0002B035]Commonwealth's a dangerous place. Lucky you're near the great, green jewel.
INFO:NAM1[0002B036]Keep moving, scavver.
INFO:NAM1[0002B037]Nothing to see here.
INFO:NAM1[0002B081]I was the one who risked my neck getting that data. So hand it over.
INFO:NAM1[0002B082]Hey, I was just curious. No need to get all riled up.
INFO:NAM1[0002B083]It doesn't matter why. I just need it for something.
INFO:NAM1[0002B084]Sure thing. I was just curious.
INFO:NAM1[0002B094]Sturges, remember that holotape with all the Institute data? I need it back.
INFO:NAM1[0002B098]Does it matter why I need it?
INFO:NAM1[0002B099]Nah, of course not. Just me poking my nose into your business for no particular reason.
INFO:NAM1[0002B09A]Oh yeah? Why, what have you got cooking?
INFO:NAM1[0002B09B]Here you go. I've already made myself a copy.
INFO:NAM1[0002B0A7]I'm working on something with the Brotherhood of Steel. They want to look at the data I got from the Institute.
INFO:NAM1[0002B0A8]Hmm, the Brotherhood, huh? I sure hope you know what you're doing.
INFO:NAM1[0002B0B3]Ellie? Are you here?
INFO:NAM1[0002B0B5]Huh. Guess she got tired of waiting. You'd be surprised how many secretaries I lose that way.
INFO:NAM1[0002B478]Go on home now.
INFO:NAM1[0002B47A]Nevermind, boy.
INFO:NAM1[0002B482]How you doing, buddy?
INFO:NAM1[0002B489]Hey, boy. Think you can find something for me?
INFO:NAM1[0002B49F]Go on. Wait for me at home.
INFO:NAM1[0002B4A0]Stay safe, buddy.
INFO:NAM1[0002B4A5]Why don't you wait at home, boy?
INFO:NAM1[0002B50B]Just... give it time. Give the Institute a chance.
INFO:NAM1[0002B50C]I don't know what to do.
INFO:NAM1[0002B50D]The elevator will return you to the Relay.
INFO:NAM1[0002B50E]I just don't know...
INFO:NAM1[0002B50F]Yes, well... the world is not what it used to be.
INFO:NAM1[0002B510]I'm sorry to hear that.
INFO:NAM1[0002B511]Your Institute has done some horrible things.
INFO:NAM1[0002B512]What about the people you've aided in order to get here? What atrocities have they committed?
INFO:NAM1[0002B513]I'm sorry. I can't do that.
INFO:NAM1[0002B514]I've seen it myself. I know. That is why we are so committed to creating a better life for ourselves here.
INFO:NAM1[0002B514]And it's a life that you can now be part of.
INFO:NAM1[0002B515]Thank you.
INFO:NAM1[0002B516]Things are pretty terrible up there.
INFO:NAM1[0002B517]I hope you can see that, rationally, the Institute is the only thing left in the world that's worth being part of.
INFO:NAM1[0002B518]All right.
INFO:NAM1[0002B519]The Brotherhood of Steel... they believe they're the only ones fit to control technology, and destroy anyone who opposes them.
INFO:NAM1[0002B519]And you would side with them?
INFO:NAM1[0002B51A]This... "Railroad." Willing to sacrifice humans for the sake of synths. Think about that for a moment.
INFO:NAM1[0002B51A]Would you kill your fellow man to save a Nuka Cola machine? They have completely disconnected from reality.
INFO:NAM1[0002B51B]These Minutemen, claiming to want to save the Commonwealth... from itself? They cannot even protect themselves. Their cause is a doomed one.
INFO:NAM1[0002B51C]You've been in the Commonwealth. You've seen what it's like. I assure you that you are better off with us.
INFO:NAM1[0002B51D]It's time for you to leave.
INFO:NAM1[0002B51E]You'll have to go now. I'm sorry.
INFO:NAM1[0002B51F]I wish things had gone differently.
INFO:NAM1[0002B520]I simply ask that you give the Institute.... me... a chance. A chance to show you what I've been telling you.
INFO:NAM1[0002B520]We really do have humanity's best interest at heart.
INFO:NAM1[0002B520]Will you take that chance?
INFO:NAM1[0002B521]Because it is the simple truth, and I believe you know it too.
INFO:NAM1[0002B523]Yes, I am. It would benefit us both to work together.
INFO:NAM1[0002B524]How can you say that? How can you be so dismissive of all those people, everything they've done?
INFO:NAM1[0002B525]The Institute can provide a better life than anything above ground.
INFO:NAM1[0002B526]Are you sure you want this?
INFO:NAM1[0002B527]None have any true claim to nobility in this world. Those days are gone. But we are not the monsters we have been cast as.
INFO:NAM1[0002B528]I realize that. It's why I'm trying to help you.
INFO:NAM1[0002B6EA]Nowhere you need to worry about.
INFO:NAM1[0002B6EB]Whatever. I'll see you at home.
INFO:NAM1[0002B6EC]Paul, where are you going?
INFO:NAM1[0002B71C]Here are those caps I promised you.
INFO:NAM1[0002B71C]Let me know when you feel like paying another farm a visit.
INFO:NAM1[0002B71D]The food stores don't replenish themselves, so I need legs on the ground to hit up farms in the area.
INFO:NAM1[0002B71D]We'll be requisitioning a portion of their harvest and I need that food crated and ready to go for when I send out a collection team.
INFO:NAM1[0002B71D]Your mission will be to ensure full cooperation of the civilian farmers. By any means necessary.
INFO:NAM1[0002B71F]As they say, you can't win a war on an empty stomach.
INFO:NAM1[0002B720]I got another farm lined up for you.
INFO:NAM1[0002B721]What's the mission again?
INFO:NAM1[0002B744]The Brotherhood will crush the Railroad!
INFO:NAM1[0002B745]You'll pay for your crimes!
INFO:NAM1[0002B75E]The Commonwealth's got the Capital Wasteland beat... that's for sure.
INFO:NAM1[0002B868]Password only.
INFO:NAM1[0002B869]Need the password.
INFO:NAM1[0002B86A]Don't have the password.
INFO:NAM1[0002B86D]Gonna need a password.
INFO:NAM1[0002B86E]Gotta find the password.
INFO:NAM1[0002B86F]No way to hack this...
INFO:NAM1[0002B899]The new guy?
INFO:NAM1[0002B89A]Got me mistaken for someone else.
INFO:NAM1[0002B89B]Word kind of travels fast in Diamond City. What can I say?
INFO:NAM1[0002B89B]Name's Arturo Rodriguez. If you need protection, let's talk.
INFO:NAM1[0002B89C]Listen, I can sell you guns, swords, whatever. And they'll keep you alive for sure. But the real secret is in the mods. The little personal touches.
INFO:NAM1[0002B89C]Install a scope, expand the clip size, whatever. You spend time with your gear, and you'll have the right answer to every problem.
INFO:NAM1[0002B89C]Anyway, let's get back to you, and what kind of protection you need.
INFO:NAM1[0002B89D]Yeah. I'm the new guy.
INFO:NAM1[0002B89E]Depends on who's asking.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8A0]You need protection. Everyone does.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8A1]Got some great stuff if you're interested.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8A2]We can talk guns, or maybe you wanna consider something more up close and personal?
INFO:NAM1[0002B8A3]If you're looking to keep your load light, we can shoot the breeze about the old-fashioned pistol, or anything else you need.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8A4]Everything I got will keep you safe.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8A5]You know, a shotgun's great insurance against Raiders, but I got a lot of options here.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8A6]If you're thinking safety, a long-range rifle let's you stay in cover and out of sight. But you might want a secondary weapon, for flexibility.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8B8]It's stuck.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8BA]No use.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8BF]You up for being the Silver Shroud? You already got your own origin story and everything. What with the cryovault and all.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8C1]Here. I wasn't gonna welsh on our deal.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8C2]Yeah, yeah. But I-I do have a better idea who should wear it.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8C4]I got a better idea who should wear it.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8C6]What happens to the suit?
INFO:NAM1[0002B8C8]Don't sell yourself short.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8CA]Got to find the terminal.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8CB]Me wearing the suit is probably a terrible idea. But...
INFO:NAM1[0002B8CC]The costume and gun are yours. So, you patrol Goodneighbor's streets and I'll call in any crimes on my radio station.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8CD]Here me out a second. I've come to realize something.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8CE]Terminal somewhere...
INFO:NAM1[0002B8CF]Oh, I have an idea who should wear it.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8D0]That's probably for the best.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8D1]Terminal should open this.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8D2]That's the first sane thing you've said.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8D3]What're you planning next?
INFO:NAM1[0002B8D4]Terminal's gotta be somewhere.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8D5]Terminal's got this locked.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8D7]I could re-sculpt that face of yours into... perfection.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8D8]Change your nose? Your ears? The shape of your eyes, perhaps? Anything is possible.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8D9]No one will be able to resist you with a new face.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8DA]Your lips. Maybe make them fuller? Softer? Shrink your nose? Taper your ears? Simple surgery. Quick and painless.
INFO:NAM1[0002B8DD]Terminal only.
INFO:NAM1[0002B90F]I think you need to sweeten the deal.
INFO:NAM1[0002B973]Barred from the other side...
INFO:NAM1[0002B974]Something's barring it from the other side...
INFO:NAM1[0002B975]Looks like it's barred from the other side...
INFO:NAM1[0002B981]Can't open it from this side...
INFO:NAM1[0002B982]Won't open from this side...
INFO:NAM1[0002B984]Gotta get rid of that bar first...
INFO:NAM1[0002B985]Should remove that bar first...
INFO:NAM1[0002B986]Gotta take off that bar first...
INFO:NAM1[0002B987]Need to get that bar out of the way...
INFO:NAM1[0002B988]Time to take off that bar...
INFO:NAM1[0002B989]Need to get rid of these chains...
INFO:NAM1[0002B98A]Gotta pull off these chains first...
INFO:NAM1[0002B98B]Should take off the chains first...
INFO:NAM1[0002B98C]Gotta get rid of these chains first...
INFO:NAM1[0002B98D]Need to pull the chains off...
INFO:NAM1[0002B98F]Gotta get rid of these bars first...
INFO:NAM1[0002B990]Should pull these bars first...
INFO:NAM1[0002B991]Gotta take off those bars first...
INFO:NAM1[0002B992]Need to get the bars out of the way...
INFO:NAM1[0002B993]Time to take off these bars...
INFO:NAM1[0002B9A5]As a matter of fact, there is.
INFO:NAM1[0002B9A6]I don't have any illusions about how hard it'll be. Every day is a struggle out here.
INFO:NAM1[0002B9A6]In fact, we've got a some trouble right now and we could really use some help.
INFO:NAM1[0002B9AD]We can't sell tarberries without traders, and trade caravans need safe roads.
INFO:NAM1[0002B9AD]There's a gang of Super Mutants that's been preying on anyone who comes near their turf, including traders.
INFO:NAM1[0002B9AD]It'd be a great help to us if you could take care of those brutes once and for all.
INFO:NAM1[0002B9AE]Do you really think so? Because if you do, we could definitely use some help.
INFO:NAM1[0002B9B0]Maybe, but when it comes to trade, our caps are as good as anyone's.
INFO:NAM1[0002B9B0]Speaking of trade, we've been having some trouble lately.
INFO:NAM1[0002BADE]Anybody! Help!
INFO:NAM1[0002BADF]Somebody please help! She's hurt!
INFO:NAM1[0002BAE0]She's going to die! She needs help!
INFO:NAM1[0002BE34]How is Austin doing? Do you think he'll survive the cure?
INFO:NAM1[0002BE37]There's only one dose. I got bit and infected by one of those damn mole rats. I'm going to use it on myself.
INFO:NAM1[0002BE47]It doesn't work that way. Half a dose won't cure him.
INFO:NAM1[0002BE47]Stop being selfish and just give me the serum.
INFO:NAM1[0002BE54]Let me out!
INFO:NAM1[0002BE55]Only one dose? I hope this works.
INFO:NAM1[0002BE55]If it doesn't, there won't be anything to analyze to try again.
INFO:NAM1[0002BE57]Give him half, and I'll take the other half.
INFO:NAM1[0002BE59]Here. Take the cure and use it on the boy.
INFO:NAM1[0002BE60]He's been unconscious since shortly after you left.
INFO:NAM1[0002BE64]We must find that cure.
INFO:NAM1[0002BE80]And yet you aren't on death's door like Austin. I'm betting you just have a few minor side effects.
INFO:NAM1[0002BE80]Are you really willing to let Austin die to rid yourself of an inconvenience?
INFO:NAM1[0002BEA6]Mistaken, huh? Okay. Whatever. Well, my name's Arturo, and I sell protection if you're here to buy.
INFO:NAM1[0002BEA7]Name's Arturo. I sell protection, if you're looking to buy.
INFO:NAM1[0002BEA8]Well, it's good to have you here. Name's Arturo Rodriguez. If you need protection, let's talk.
INFO:NAM1[0002BF73]I didn't do it alone.
INFO:NAM1[0002BF74]So you decided to stay, huh? I expected you to take your payment and run.
INFO:NAM1[0002BF75]And you, you need to understand what it means to be a part of the Brotherhood.
INFO:NAM1[0002BF75]We're not soldiers of fortune. We're an army and we've dedicated our lives to uphold a strict code of ethics.
INFO:NAM1[0002BF75]If you intend to stay within our ranks, you need to obey our tenets without question.
INFO:NAM1[0002BF79]Now, before I release you to Haylen and Rhys for your assignments, there's one last order of business.
INFO:NAM1[0002BF79]From this moment forward, I'm granting you the rank of Initiate.
INFO:NAM1[0002BF79]This is only a training rank... I'm not premitted to grant ranks any higher than that.
INFO:NAM1[0002BF7A]"Ad Victoriam" means "To Victory."
INFO:NAM1[0002BF7A]In our eyes, defeat is unacceptable because we're fighting for the future of mankind.
INFO:NAM1[0002BF7A]Our rallying cry is more powerful than any weapon you could ever carry. Remember that.
INFO:NAM1[0002BF7B]Are we in luck, sir?
INFO:NAM1[0002BF7E]Thanks, I promise not to let you down.
INFO:NAM1[0002BF8E]I got tired of wandering alone.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFB7]Don't worry, I've spent time in the military.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFB8]Thank you.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFBC]You don't have prove anything else to me. Getting that transmitter was enough.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFC4]Too bad, I was getting used to the thought of you leaving.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFC5]Perfect. Then there's no need to give you a long lecture, so I'll get right to the point.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFC6]Thanks aren't necessary. Just continue excelling at your duties, soldier.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFC7]Rhys, that's enough.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFC7]Like it or not, you're going to have to learn to work together.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFC9]Paladin Danse... glad to see you alive and well, sir.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFCA]Recruit? After all I did to help I was expecting more.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFCB]I don't have to prove anything to you.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFCC]I was never good at following the rules.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFCD]I hate being the lowest rung on the totem pole.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFD1]Hey, consider yourself lucky.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFD1]It took me more than a month of training before they let me run my first mission.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFD2]Yeah you do. You need to prove that you aren't gonna put a round in my back the minute I turn around.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFD3]If you intend to stay with us, I expect you to take my advice seriously.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFD4]Everyone starts out as an Initiate. It's not meant as a sign of disrespect towards your abilities.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFD7]Mission accomplished... we have the transmitter.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFD8]I'm only in it for the spiffy uniforms.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFD9]Let's just hug this out and get it over with. What do you say?
INFO:NAM1[0002BFDE]Fair enough.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFE7]Oh yeah? And here I thought you joined up for a sense of purpose and meaning.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFE8]You can play it however you want, tough guy. It's going to take a lot more than completing one mission to impress me.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFE9]Since I know you're eager to get started, I'll get right to the point.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFEA]Outstanding, soldier.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFEC]Finally... some good news for a change. Nice work, sir.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFED]Recon, eh? So what are we looking for?
INFO:NAM1[0002BFEE]You upset that I'm staying?
INFO:NAM1[0002BFEF]You going to teach me this "code of ethics?"
INFO:NAM1[0002BFF0]Why can't you promote me beyond Initiate?
INFO:NAM1[0002BFF5]There's still a place for you in the Brotherhood... if you want it.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFFA]Don't worry about it, talk to Rhys and I after we're done here and we'll explain everything.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFFB]Maybe. Got enough trouble stomping muties and ferals... I don't need something else to worry about.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFFD]If you were paying attention in ArcJet, you should have learned some of it already.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFFD]The rest will become apparent as you spend time with your fellow soldiers.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFFD]Now, since I know you're eager to get started, I'll get right to the point.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFFF]Only an Elder can promote you beyond Initiate.
INFO:NAM1[0002BFFF]After we get the transmitter up and running, I'll call in and see what I can do.
INFO:NAM1[0002C065]We're open for business again. Thanks so much for all your help.
INFO:NAM1[0002C066]People don't like to admit we're here, but whenever they have problems, just guess who comes knocking.
INFO:NAM1[0002C067]Nick being a synth has never really bothered me. Honestly, I don't even think about it anymore.
INFO:NAM1[0002C068]I grew up in Goodneighbor. I'm sure you've been? You get used to seeing people from all walks of life. I miss it sometimes.
INFO:NAM1[0002C069]You'd be surprised how bad Nick is at remembering appointments. He's the "thinks on his feet" type.
INFO:NAM1[0002C06B]Now that we're back in business, this girl needs a day off and a drink.
INFO:NAM1[0002C06C]Sorry, gotta straighten up the office.
INFO:NAM1[0002C48A]I don't care what you thought. I told you-
INFO:NAM1[0002C48B]You uh... did you.. what happened with Jake?
INFO:NAM1[0002C48C]Still mad at me, huh? I can't really blame you.
INFO:NAM1[0002C48D]You're lucky I have a soft spot for dumb animals.
INFO:NAM1[0002C48E]Mama it-
INFO:NAM1[0002C49F]Shut up Jake. If I hear anything out of either of you, you'll both be peeling potatoes for the next year.
INFO:NAM1[0002C49F]I have watched you two go at it for years and tried to let you sort it out for yourselves.
INFO:NAM1[0002C49F]Abraham, your son is a grown man and if you expect him to act like one then you'd better stop treating him like a child.
INFO:NAM1[0002C49F]Jake, your father and I have been out there and we know it can be dangerous. We just want to make sure you are prepared.
INFO:NAM1[0002C49F]There. It's over. And if I hear another word about it from either of you, so help me...
INFO:NAM1[0002C562]Always happy to help.
INFO:NAM1[0002C563]What the...
INFO:NAM1[0002C563]Boy I told you that if you ever showed your face here again I'd-
INFO:NAM1[0002C564]Goddamn. I'd hoped he'd come around when he realized what that life meant but I...
INFO:NAM1[0002C591]Papa, please. I- I know I screwed up pretty big.
INFO:NAM1[0002C591]I thought if I joined up I could keep them from raiding our farm.
INFO:NAM1[0002C591]I didn't- I don't want to hurt anybody.
INFO:NAM1[0002C608]He made his choice. It's over.
INFO:NAM1[0002C614]Here goes nothing.
INFO:NAM1[0002C616]What? Jake's back? Oh thank god.
INFO:NAM1[0002C617]He changed his mind in the end, but it was too late to help him.
INFO:NAM1[0002C619]Slag needed those dampening coils to get the blast furnace running. You should be able to just pull it out.
INFO:NAM1[0002C61B]You do? Well that's... that's good.
INFO:NAM1[0002C61C]Abraham Francis Finch that is enough!
INFO:NAM1[0002C61D]I- I understand. Thank you for... well, thank you for trying.
INFO:NAM1[0002C61F]Where are the dampening coils?
INFO:NAM1[0002C620]What were you doing with those guys anyway?
INFO:NAM1[0002C624]I- Yeah. I messed up pretty bad. Sorry.
INFO:NAM1[0002C628]Here's the caps we agreed on, plus a bit for helping my boy.
INFO:NAM1[0002C62A]... No. I guess not.
INFO:NAM1[0002C62C]Come on, follow me. The generator is just over this way.
INFO:NAM1[0002C62E]Abraham, what's going on? Is that my boy come home?
INFO:NAM1[0002C631]He's dead. That's what happens to raiders.
INFO:NAM1[0002C633]Does it really matter to you any more?
INFO:NAM1[0002C634]You're back huh?
INFO:NAM1[0002C635]Follow me, it's just over here.
INFO:NAM1[0002C636]Thanks for helping me fend them off.
INFO:NAM1[0002C639]She's right. I've been a fool. There's no way I can thank you enough.
INFO:NAM1[0002C63A]I've got it right here.
INFO:NAM1[0002C86F]Thanks again for getting me out of there.
INFO:NAM1[0002C871]Good to see you again.
INFO:NAM1[0002C872]You're welcome around my farm any time friend.
INFO:NAM1[0002C94C]Remember, Swatters will win you the game. The game of beating people up that is.
INFO:NAM1[0002C94D]I said we don't serve your kind here you... synth. Trying to tell me you're human, now?
INFO:NAM1[0002C954]That's right. All the chems you need to fill out your lifestyle. Balance you out.
INFO:NAM1[0002C954]Everyone here buys from me. Sometimes security needs a little Psycho, or an engineer needs some Mentats. And heck, Rad-X is plain universal.
INFO:NAM1[0002C955]Uh... you got something to say, lady?
INFO:NAM1[0002C956]You all right?
INFO:NAM1[0002C958]Hey, I'm talking baseball here. Show some respect.
INFO:NAM1[0002C959]You throwing me a curve ball? Say something.
INFO:NAM1[0002C95A]Not saying anything? Seems like something a synth would do...
INFO:NAM1[0002C95B]No sudden moves.
INFO:NAM1[0002C95C]Don't worry. I can wait all day for you to respond.
INFO:NAM1[0002C95D]Too excited about your purchase to speak? I get that myself sometimes.
INFO:NAM1[0002C95E]Got chems, right here for you, sister.
INFO:NAM1[0002C95F]Got everything you could need. Med-X, Mentats, whatever.
INFO:NAM1[0002C960]You look like you need a prescription filled. Something to settle your nerves. Let you chill.
INFO:NAM1[0002C961]Got a pick-me-up if you're feeling glum.
INFO:NAM1[0002C962]That's right. Just relax. Chill out.
INFO:NAM1[0002C963]Take all the time you need, brother.
INFO:NAM1[0002C964]Take all the time you need, sister.
INFO:NAM1[0002C970]Up here! Boss, we got somebody up here!
INFO:NAM1[0002CB0A]This whole market smells like noodles, blood, shampoo, and ammo.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB0D]Hey there. Purified water. You won't find this out in the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB0E]You're a smart man, coming to me. Special Diamond City water reserves, right here.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB0F]You're a smart woman, coming to me. Special Diamond City water reserves, right here.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB10]Water. Purest around.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB11]Pure water, right here.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB12]Don't drink that irradiated crap out there. Pure water here. The real thing.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB13]Thirsty? I got what you need.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB23]You don't think I will? I'm tired of sitting on my ass anyway.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB24]She's right back here! Hurry!
INFO:NAM1[0002CB25]What the hell?
INFO:NAM1[0002CB26]Shut up! They're headed this way now. Be ready!
INFO:NAM1[0002CB27]I don't know. Maybe you should go check it out.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB28]Look around. They couldn't have gone far.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB29]What's the point of hiding back here? Why the hell don't we just shoot them in the head the second they step through the door?
INFO:NAM1[0002CB2A]Hey! I told you to bring them in through the basement!
INFO:NAM1[0002CB2B]What's taking so long?
INFO:NAM1[0002CB2C]There's nobody here!
INFO:NAM1[0002CB2D]Hurry! She's in here! Please help!
INFO:NAM1[0002CB60]Hey, I'm talking to you over here.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB61]Eyes down here.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB74]We ain't got nothin' to talk about.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB75]If you ain't gonna help us, I ain't got nothing to say to ya.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB76]So you ain't gonna help us, huh? Fine. I'll think of something on my own, then. Just you see.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB77]Can we leave now?
INFO:NAM1[0002CB78]Garvey better get us out of here now that this is over with.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB79]Some help the Minutemen were. If you hadn't shown up, we'd all be dead.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB7A]Awww, shucks. I knew you had it in you. I knew it.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB7B]Woo boy, never seen Raiders tear out that fast.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB7C]Can't believe we're still all here in one piece.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB7D]What'd I tell ya? I knew you could do it.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB7E]We owe you, new guy. You saved us.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB92]Take care of yourself.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB93]I'll remember this. Can't have too many friends in the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB94]We'll be moving on, soon. Hopefully Sanctuary's as quiet as they say.
INFO:NAM1[0002CB95]Promised these people I'd keep them safe. I don't know what I would've done if you hadn't shown up.
INFO:NAM1[0002CBC6]Hey, did I ever get the reason why you came to Diamond City? I need to write something for the logs.
INFO:NAM1[0002CC1F]I'm not sure where to begin.
INFO:NAM1[0002CC20]The director will want to see this immediately. Please follow me.
INFO:NAM1[0002CC21]Payroll systems indicate that I have been authorized to provide you with a completion bonus at this time.
INFO:NAM1[0002CC22]Perhaps you could begin by familiarizing yourself with the current state of the research. The console at your workstation should provide access.
INFO:NAM1[0002CC23]I must apologize for the Director. He hasn't been himself lately. Must be the office flu.
INFO:NAM1[0002CC24]The prototype is done.
INFO:NAM1[0002CC25]I'm working on it.
INFO:NAM1[0002CC26]Please see Dr. Elwood-Woolum for project assignment.
INFO:NAM1[0002CC27]Let me out of here you stupid robot!
INFO:NAM1[0002CC28]Employment will be terminated for any researchers attempting to leave before completion of the project.
INFO:NAM1[0002CC29]Have you completed the research on the Piezonucleic Lining Project?
INFO:NAM1[0002CC2A]Sir, if you continue this behavior HR will be required to send you back to sensitivity training.
INFO:NAM1[0002CC2B]We do not want another incident like we had with the secretary. Please keep your hands to yourself.
INFO:NAM1[0002CC2C]Director Elwood, HR has requested that I remind you to respect employee's personal space.
INFO:NAM1[0002CC2D]I have been instructed to inform you that Director Elwood has issued mandatory overtime due to uncompleted milestones.
INFO:NAM1[0002CC2E]Wonderful. Mandatory overtime mode disengaged. Clean room override disengaged.
INFO:NAM1[0002CC2F]Please see Dr. Elwood-Woolum for project assignment.
INFO:NAM1[0002CC30]Sir, wonderful news. The Nucleostrictive Plating Project has finally produced a working prototype.
INFO:NAM1[0002CC31]Unfortunately, due to a lack of current projects we must layoff redundant staff members at this time.
INFO:NAM1[0002CC31]This is not a reflection on your work and we will be happy to provide you with a positive reference.
INFO:NAM1[0002CC31]Shutting down.
INFO:NAM1[0002CC32]What am I supposed to do?
INFO:NAM1[0002CC33]This is Director Elwood's office. I expect he will be quite excited to see the prototype.
INFO:NAM1[0002CC34]Here is your bonus minus taxes and benefits.
INFO:NAM1[0002CDEA]Cocked, locked and ready to rock, boss.
INFO:NAM1[0002CDEB]This sure beats hanging with the Gunners.
INFO:NAM1[0002CDEC]Raking in the caps... don't get much better than this.
INFO:NAM1[0002CDED]Brothers gotta stick together, you know?
INFO:NAM1[0002CDEE]Gotta tell you, getting pretty sick of this gig.
INFO:NAM1[0002CDEF]Yeah, yeah... more bright ideas from the braintrust.
INFO:NAM1[0002CDF0]This isn't a merc outfit, it's like being back in the scouts.
INFO:NAM1[0002CDF1]That bar in Goodneighbor's starting to look good again.
INFO:NAM1[0002CDF2]Let's get this show on the road.
INFO:NAM1[0002CDF3]Standing here talking ain't making us any caps you know.
INFO:NAM1[0002CDF4]Man, I could use a cigarette.
INFO:NAM1[0002CDF5]This beats sitting around and drinking myself to death.
INFO:NAM1[0002D0A9]The Institute's had hundreds of years to put advanced sensors, cameras, and other technology everywhere, man.
INFO:NAM1[0002D0A9]That rock could be miced up. Hello, you bastards. Anyway.
INFO:NAM1[0002D10B]Relax, Tom, you'll be all right.
INFO:NAM1[0002D139]There's a million ways we could be monitored right now. By the Brotherhood, or... you know.
INFO:NAM1[0002D14E]Another of your paranoid fantasies.
INFO:NAM1[0002D151]The police station is crawling with Brotherhood guys. At least one in Power Armor.
INFO:NAM1[0002D151]But, as promised, they got a vertibird on the roof. You really up for this?
INFO:NAM1[0002D166]Right, the whole breathing in and out. OK.
INFO:NAM1[0002D1E8]About the mission, Tom...
INFO:NAM1[0002D279]It might be best if we split up for a while, boy.
INFO:NAM1[0002D403]You really. You really have no idea how much I appreciate all of this.
INFO:NAM1[0002D4DD]Good luck at Cambridge.
INFO:NAM1[0002D4E4]Company's a coming.
INFO:NAM1[0002D4E5]You ready to grab the vertibird? The police station is going to be a tough nut to crack.
INFO:NAM1[0002D4E9]Objective's on the roof.
INFO:NAM1[0002D4FB]I need your help to attack the Institute.
INFO:NAM1[0002D4FD]Oh. I'm sorry.
INFO:NAM1[0002D4FE]No, Mother.
INFO:NAM1[0002D4FF]It's not much to go on, but unfortunately that's our only hope.
INFO:NAM1[0002D500]The Institute? Why in the world would you want to mess around with them?
INFO:NAM1[0002D507]They killed my wife.
INFO:NAM1[0002D509]They killed my husband.
INFO:NAM1[0002D50A]Damn... that's some bad business, even for them.
INFO:NAM1[0002D50B]Emogene, are you finished with that book yet?
INFO:NAM1[0002D50C]Can you help me or not?
INFO:NAM1[0002D50E]Monitored? What do you mean?
INFO:NAM1[0002D515]The Minutemen will stand beside you, General. There's no question about that.
INFO:NAM1[0002D516]And there's only one army that's ever beat the Institute: the Minutemen. Unfortunately, they're long gone now.
INFO:NAM1[0002D517]Uh, no, Mother. Not since the last time you asked.
INFO:NAM1[0002D51A]I need your help to attack the Institute.
INFO:NAM1[0002D520]Last I heard, there was a remnant of them holed up near Concord. Place called Sanctuary.
INFO:NAM1[0002D521]But I heard there was a remnant of the Minutemen operating out of Concord.
INFO:NAM1[0002D522]Jack, have we received any more serum yet?
INFO:NAM1[0002D526]Oh. Well. I was just checking.
INFO:NAM1[0002D52E]They kidnapped my son.
INFO:NAM1[0002D535]They kidnapped my baby.
INFO:NAM1[0002D540]I just need to know if you can help me.
INFO:NAM1[0002D55A]I wish I could help you, but look around. We can barely help ourselves right now.
INFO:NAM1[0002D55E]But we need to be stronger before we can strike a decisive blow against the Institute.
INFO:NAM1[0002D55F]We still need to build up our strength. We don't want to start a war with the Institute until we're sure we're going to win it.
INFO:NAM1[0002D560]But the two of us can hardly take out the Institute by ourselves. We need to rebuild the Minutemen first.
INFO:NAM1[0002D6B4]I didn't do it alone. Had some help from our new friend.
INFO:NAM1[0002D6B4]I've offered him a place on our team, but I'm not sure he's willing to accept.
INFO:NAM1[0002D6B4]In the meantime, he's welcome to take shelter here as long as he doesn't get in our way.
INFO:NAM1[0002D6B6]I didn't do it alone. Had some help from our new friend.
INFO:NAM1[0002D6B6]I've offered her a place on our team, but I'm not sure she's willing to accept.
INFO:NAM1[0002D6B6]In the meantime, she's welcome to take shelter here as long as she doesn't get in our way.
INFO:NAM1[0002D6D8]You should reconsider joining the Brotherhood of Steel. We need people like you.
INFO:NAM1[0002D6F2]You better head to the roof right away.
INFO:NAM1[0002D983]Oh god... Why would Vault-Tec do this?
INFO:NAM1[0002D984]I can't be the only one left.... HELLO! ANYONE!?
INFO:NAM1[0002D985]They're... they're dead...
INFO:NAM1[0002D986]They're all dead...
INFO:NAM1[0002D987]Oh god...
INFO:NAM1[0002D988]Why? Why'd they do this?
INFO:NAM1[0002D98A]What happened here? Where is everyone!?
INFO:NAM1[0002D98B]Is this all that's left?
INFO:NAM1[0002D98C]Is anyone alive? Did anyone get out?
INFO:NAM1[0002D98D]Oh god...
INFO:NAM1[0002D98E]Everyone's dead...
INFO:NAM1[0002D98F]Am I the only one left?
INFO:NAM1[0002D990]Sure. Take it.
INFO:NAM1[0002D991]Eh, go ahead...
INFO:NAM1[0002D993]Picking up my trash? All right.
INFO:NAM1[0002D994]Yeah, fine. It's yours.
INFO:NAM1[0002D995]Why would you want that? Eh, whatever.
INFO:NAM1[0002D996]Uh, okay... It's yours...
INFO:NAM1[0002D997]Yeah, fine. Ain't no one using that anyway...
INFO:NAM1[0002D998]Realize that's junk, right?
INFO:NAM1[0002D999]Hey, I get it. One man's trash...
INFO:NAM1[0002D99A]What? You picking up the trash?
INFO:NAM1[0002D99B]You know that's junk right?
INFO:NAM1[0002D99C]Got an amateur janitor over here...
INFO:NAM1[0002D99D]Ain't everyday someone picks up the garbage for free...
INFO:NAM1[0002D99E]Picking up garbage. You an old-time scavenger?
INFO:NAM1[0002D99F]Hey, you wanna pick up trash, I ain't stoppin' ya...
INFO:NAM1[0002D9AD]Big surprise.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9AE]Whatever. You come back when you're sure, or you don't come back at all.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9AF]Better be.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9B4]Taking out the garbage: Mutants, synths, and every other freak byproduct of those damn nukes.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9B5]Radiation affecting your brain?
INFO:NAM1[0002D9B5]You're furthering our mission: wiping those abominations off the face of this earth.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9B6]Clearing trash, Mutants, Ghouls... it's all the same to me. All waiting to be exterminated.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9B7]Wiping them straight off the map. Ghouls, synths, Mutants...
INFO:NAM1[0002D9B7]Just cleaning up the place we call home.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9B8]Really? Maybe you're not as worthless as I thought.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9B9]Looks like I got my surprise for the day.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9BA]Keep it up, and I may start believing you got some real guts.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9BB]That's what I like to hear.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9BC]The obvious answer is "yes". Now, if you're done asking stupid questions...
INFO:NAM1[0002D9BD]You really want to try my patience?
INFO:NAM1[0002D9BE]It's called procedure. Deal with it.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9BF]And Haylen thinks I got an attitude?
INFO:NAM1[0002D9C0]Think? We don't call a mission complete based on what you think.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9C0]Come back when you know it's finished.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9C1]I don't care what you "think". I want to hear what you "know". Now get back out there, and don't come back until the op's done.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9C2]Not good enough. I don't want to see you again until your mission is complete.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9C3]A slack answer like that may fly on your own, but you're with the Brotherhood now.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9C3]Come back when you know that place is clear.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9C8]Here's the latest target area.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9C8]I don't want to see your face until that place is clear.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9DC]I'll wait for you by the overpass near the farm.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9DF]I bet if you bring my Great Granddad's sword, he'll make it worth your while. He always tries to deal fair with people.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9E1]They kept saying all this stuff about how joining would teach me how to be strong, but I don't know. They've got prisoners. I just want to come home.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9E2]I can't let you live after you murdered that man.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9E3]He was already done for. You did what you had to do, now get over it.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9EA]I don't have time for this, where are the dampening coils?
INFO:NAM1[0002D9EB]Why were you trying to join The Forged anyway?
INFO:NAM1[0002D9EC]I'll meet you at the over pass by the farm after you get the sword.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9ED]Please, I didn't want to hurt anyone. I just want to go home.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9EE]Daniel, I really stepped in the brahmin pile this time. While you and Mom were off to Bunker Hill Dad and I finally had it out.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9EE]Yeah I know. How is that any different than any other day? I don't know Dan, it just... the gloves really came off this time.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9EE]I told him I was going to go join The Forged up at the ironworks and well, you know dad.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9EE]No son of Abraham Finch is ever going be some trumped up raider. As far as I'm concerned, you are dead to me!
INFO:NAM1[0002D9EE]I took great granddad's sword cause I knew it would piss him off, but now that I'm here, I dunno. I think he might be right about these guys.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9F2]So uh.. what... what happened with Jake?
INFO:NAM1[0002D9F4]You messed up and now a man is dead because of it. You're going to have to live with that.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9F6]There was no other way. It was going to be him or you.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9F7]I don't know what I was thinking trying to join them...
INFO:NAM1[0002D9F8]Dampening Rods? They're in the generator by the big furnace. I'll show you where they are.
INFO:NAM1[0002D9FF]Oh sorry, thought you might be one of those Forged maniacs, but you don't have the burns.
INFO:NAM1[0002DA02]Look, I should probably try to go home and make amends. I know I've got no right to ask...
INFO:NAM1[0002DA02]But I think if you're there to help explain, things with my Dad would go easier.
INFO:NAM1[0002DA05]I made a mistake, but I'm not just going to let you kill me!
INFO:NAM1[0002E11F]Oh, right. Okay then. I, uhh... I guess I'll just wait to hear from you, then.
INFO:NAM1[0002E120]I, uhh, I guess. Yes, yes I'm... I'm interested.
INFO:NAM1[0002E121]So you're interested?
INFO:NAM1[0002E122]Don't get bent out of shape. You don't need to know the details.
INFO:NAM1[0002E123]Well, that's... uhh, that's kind of blunt.
INFO:NAM1[0002E123]I mean, I... I've heard it before. I.. I'm trying, I just... I know I'm not very good.
INFO:NAM1[0002E124]What're you doing with yourself? What are you trying to do?
INFO:NAM1[0002E125]You're a terrible DJ, Travis.
INFO:NAM1[0002E126]What do you want?
INFO:NAM1[0002E127]Yeah, I... I know. I'm really trying... I, I just don't do very well with public speaking.
INFO:NAM1[0002E12A]Oh, wow. Okay, I guess. "We?" So, uhh, there's other people... involved? Hmm. I mean, uhh, I guess that's okay.
INFO:NAM1[0002E12B]All that matters is that you're on board.
INFO:NAM1[0002E12C]Oh, we're working on a plan. Just needed to know you were willing.
INFO:NAM1[0002E12D]You, uhh, you mean with the... the radio, don't you.
INFO:NAM1[0002E12E]I guess... Maybe, yeah. Maybe I could.
INFO:NAM1[0002E12F]You mean the radio, huh. I... I knew it. I mean, uhh, I know I'm...
INFO:NAM1[0002E130]I thought... I mean, uhh, I thought it would go better than... well, than this. You know?
INFO:NAM1[0002E130]Like, if I didn't have to, uhh, see the people... The people I'm talking to, I mean. I thought it would be, uhh, easier.
INFO:NAM1[0002E130]Only, well... It's, it's not.
INFO:NAM1[0002E130]So if you're offering... I mean, did you, uhh, did you have something in mind? Something, uhh, specific, I mean?
INFO:NAM1[0002E131]Well, uhh, yes. I mean, if you're not just, you know, pulling my leg or something.
INFO:NAM1[0002E132]You need some help.
INFO:NAM1[0002E133]I'm here to help you.
INFO:NAM1[0002E13C]Yeah, it's ancient. There was a Fallon's here back even before the War. Granddad always said we had a tradition of "quality and affordability."
INFO:NAM1[0002E13C]Guess affordability got too expensive for some folks. Damn thieves. And it ain't like Diamond City Security helps.
INFO:NAM1[0002E140]Fallon's Basement. Interesting name.
INFO:NAM1[0002E142]Well? Speak up.
INFO:NAM1[0002E143]Out with it.
INFO:NAM1[0002E144]Need a new set of clothes?
INFO:NAM1[0002E146]Hello again. So long as you have the caps, you're welcome to look around.
INFO:NAM1[0002E147]Plenty of clothing on the racks, if you're payin'.
INFO:NAM1[0002E148]You're back. I'm almost starting to like you. What'll it be?
INFO:NAM1[0002E149]Here for new clothes?
INFO:NAM1[0002E14A]You keep coming back, I might have to start giving you fashion advice.
INFO:NAM1[0002EF92]I'll be damned... you found a transmitter. Gotta say I didn't expect you to come through.
INFO:NAM1[0002F148]Get around 'em!
INFO:NAM1[0002F149]Go for the sides! Move!
INFO:NAM1[0002F14A]Flank! Flank!
INFO:NAM1[0002F14C]The sides! Go for the sides!
INFO:NAM1[0002F14D]Swoop around! Go go!
INFO:NAM1[0002F14E]I got ya covered! Go around!
INFO:NAM1[0002F14F]Got 'em pinned! Go for the sides!
INFO:NAM1[0002F27D]Poor Earl. Gone just like that. Such a good bartender. Good friend. Oh, but terrible with women, mind you. Bull in china shop with them.
INFO:NAM1[0002F27D]You with Valentine's Detective Agency? Forgot to drop off Earl's key when I hired you people. Here.
INFO:NAM1[0002F27D]I hope you find out what happened. Security does nothing but yell at me for asking about it.
INFO:NAM1[0002F292]Earl Sterling used to work here, right?
INFO:NAM1[0002F512]If you want to know about Kendra, you have to pay up.
INFO:NAM1[0002F56F]Could still use that transmitter if you find it, boss.
INFO:NAM1[0002F570]Still waiting on that transmitter. Without it, we're dead in the water.
INFO:NAM1[0002F571]Still waiting on that transmitter. Quit taking your sweet time.
INFO:NAM1[0002F572]So this is it? What a dump.
INFO:NAM1[0002F5DE]The Great War's been over for 200 years.
INFO:NAM1[0002F5E5]Don't you realize that the Great War is over?
INFO:NAM1[0002F5E6]Go fuck yourself, you crazy robot.
INFO:NAM1[0002F5E7]Analyzing... American colloquialism confirmed. Probability of use by Chinese infiltrator... zero-point-three percent.
INFO:NAM1[0002F5E7]Thank you. Report any suspected Communists to the proper authorities immediately. Have a nice day.
INFO:NAM1[0002F5E8]Seventy-three percent of confirmed Chinese infiltrators denied being infiltrators prior to being apprehended with deadly force.
INFO:NAM1[0002F5E8]Identity check - failed. Commencing apprehension with deadly force.
INFO:NAM1[0002F5EA]You looking to trade?
INFO:NAM1[0002F5EB]You looking to trade? Smiling Larry's got what you want.
INFO:NAM1[0002F5EC]You look like someone who wants to do some trading.
INFO:NAM1[0002F5ED]I get paid to keep Larry alive. Not to chat with the likes of you.
INFO:NAM1[0002F5EE]Don't try anything.
INFO:NAM1[0002F5EF]Larry's the one to talk to you, unless you want a problem.
INFO:NAM1[0002F5F0]Just keep your hands where I can see them.
INFO:NAM1[0002F5F1]Halt! This area is under martial law by order of Provisional Governor Graham!
INFO:NAM1[0002F5F2]Move along. This area is under martial law.
INFO:NAM1[0002F5F3]Report suspected Communist infiltrators to the proper authorities.
INFO:NAM1[0002F5F4]Return to your home. Help is on the way.
INFO:NAM1[0002F5F6]No stand-down order has been received. Martial law remains in effect.
INFO:NAM1[0002F5F6]You are required to confirm your identity or deadly force will be used.
INFO:NAM1[0002F5F7]Suspect refuses to confirm identity. Commencing apprehension with deadly force.
INFO:NAM1[0002F5F8]Chinese infiltrators are known to be operating in this area.
INFO:NAM1[0002F5F8]Please provide proof of your identity. Be advised that I am authorized to use deadly force if you fail to comply.
INFO:NAM1[0002F5F9]That is exactly what Chinese spies always say. Deadly force commencing!
INFO:NAM1[0002F5FA]I'm clearly not an infiltrator.
INFO:NAM1[0002F7FA]One of my brother's old friends. Oh boy, the way those two would go on about girls. You think Vadim is loud now...
INFO:NAM1[0002F7FA]Earl was a horrible womanizer, and I warned him more than once to leave the staff and customers alone, but my brother always stood up for him.
INFO:NAM1[0002F7FA]Honestly? Kind of glad he's gone. Wouldn't shut up about the new face he was going to get at the Mega Surgery Center. Vain till the end.
INFO:NAM1[0002F7FB]Earl was one of my brother's employees. You can talk to him about it. I have no further comment.
INFO:NAM1[0002F7FC]Oh yeah, Earl. *sigh* I mean, I know I shouldn't speak ill of the missing, but that guy needed to get out more.
INFO:NAM1[0002F7FC]You'd think a bartender would be... smooth, you know? Charming? Not Earl. He tried so hard, too. Way too hard.
INFO:NAM1[0002F7FC]The real sad thing? He thought it was his looks. Kept talking about getting a new face over at the Mega Surgery. Wouldn't have helped.
INFO:NAM1[0002F7FD]Don't get me involved in any of that. Look, Vadim may have cared about Earl, but he was just the bartender to me. That's all I know.
INFO:NAM1[0002F7FE]Did you know Earl Sterling?
INFO:NAM1[0002F7FF]Did you work with Earl Sterling at all?
INFO:NAM1[0002FB7B]Another glass of wine, Wellingham...
INFO:NAM1[0002FB7C]Certainly, sir. Anything for an Upper Stands resident...
INFO:NAM1[0002FC1E]Oh, fine.
INFO:NAM1[0002FC1F]I don't like mutfruit. I want pancakes.
INFO:NAM1[0002FC20]Have you seen my boots?
INFO:NAM1[0002FC21]Erin, don't start with me. It's the same thing with you every morning. Now eat your breakfast.
INFO:NAM1[0002FC22]They're under the bed.
INFO:NAM1[0002FC23]Time to get ready for school, Erin.
INFO:NAM1[0002FC24]I thought I left them at the door.
INFO:NAM1[0002FC25]Aw. Do I have to?
INFO:NAM1[0002FC26]I wish you would help out more in the depot.
INFO:NAM1[0002FC27]You did. But they were filthy. Again.
INFO:NAM1[0002FC27]I cleaned them and put them under the bed.
INFO:NAM1[0002FC28]Don't you like Miss Katy, your teacher?
INFO:NAM1[0002FC29]Hey, I'm there every day.
INFO:NAM1[0002FC2A]I didn't ask you to clean them.
INFO:NAM1[0002FC2B]Yes. But I wanted to play with Ashes.
INFO:NAM1[0002FC2C]For a half hour here or there. You're gone more than you're there.
INFO:NAM1[0002FC2D]Can I have pancakes for breakfast?
INFO:NAM1[0002FC2E]Ashes will be here when you get back. Now get ready for school, young lady.
INFO:NAM1[0002FC2F]Can we do this later? Erin needs to get to class.
INFO:NAM1[0002FC30]May I. No. That was a special treat. Eat your mutfruit.
INFO:NAM1[0002FC31]Yes, mom.
INFO:NAM1[0002FC5F]You have won, but Atom's judgment shall follow!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC60]Kill me, heretic!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC61]Atom is with me in death.
INFO:NAM1[0002FC62]Do it, heathen!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC63]Seek sanctuary, child!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC64]Cover yourself from the unbelievers!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC65]Shelter yourself from the lost ones, brother!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC66]Hide yourself from the slings and arrows of the faithless!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC67]Atom calls you to sanctuary!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC68]Screen yourself from their false Glow!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC69]Shield yourself!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC6A]Brace yourselves!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC6D]Run, Children!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC6E]Yes! YES!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC6F]Bleed me, heathen!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC70]Atom is my armor!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC71]Pain! Yes! Pain!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC72]I fear nothing!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC73]I am of the faithful!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC74]It is nothing!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC75]I do not fear you, heretic!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC76]Atom shields me!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC77]We must surround them!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC78]Circle them, child!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC79]Beset them from all sides, children!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC7A]Box them in! Let none escape Atom's fire!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC7B]Go around! Show them the power of the Glow!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC7C]Swoop around them, children!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC7D]This land is lost! Retreat!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC7E]The faithless have claimed this ground! Run!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC7F]Atom punishes our faithlessness! Retreat!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC80]We are overwhelmed, children!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC81]Sister! To the winds!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC83]Heresy besieges us! Fall back!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC85]Suffer! Suffer for Atom!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC86]Be cleansed in His fire!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC87]Burn, heretic!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC8C]Burn! Burn in Atom's Glow!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC8D]Die and be cleansed!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC8E]Behold! The power of Atom!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC9A]Bring Atom's fire to my side, brothers!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC9B]Assist me! Let the heretics feel the power of Atom!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC9C]Force the heathen to kneel, brothers!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC9D]Blind them with His Glow!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC9E]Shield me with His might, brothers!
INFO:NAM1[0002FC9F]Lend me Atom's deafening voice, brothers!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCA0]Grant me wings of fire, brothers!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCA1]The heathens advance!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCA4]Taking flight!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCA5]We cannot hold!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCA7]This ground has been fouled!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCA8]They give way for His glory! Onward!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCA9]Onward, Children of Atom!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCAA]For the Glow! Charge forth, brother!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCAB]They retreat! After them!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCAC]Go forward and bring glorious Division!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCAD]Advance, children!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCAE]Forward, sister!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCB0]Atom shall purify the faithful! Atom shall burn the wicked!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCB1]Glorious Atom! I give unto you these feeble bones! I give unto you this frail body!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCB2]We have been called to end your suffering!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCB3]Give yourself to Atom!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCB5]The bomb is us! The bomb is Atom!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCB6]Every eye shall be blind to His glory!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCB7]He is coming with the clouds!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCB8]Every ear shall be stricken deaf to hear the thunder of his voice!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCB9]Gather and behold the power of Atom!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCBA]Wash away your suffering in Atom's Glow!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCBB]Let the fire of His brilliance burn away your wretchedness!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCBC]Atom's Glow fades!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCBD]Heretic! You will pay!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCBE]Atom grant me vengeance!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCBF]More of our Brothers are lost!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCC0]He dies, but Atom protects the truly faithful!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCC1]She returns to Atom!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCC2]Brother! No!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCC4]Atom will avenge our fallen!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCC5]Forgive me, Atom!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCC6]I cannot...! I am too weak!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCC7]No! Atom protect me!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCC8]Atom has abandoned us! Flee!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCC9]The heretic is too strong! Run!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCCA]Flee, Children!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCCD]Our faith is not strong enough!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCCE]Run, brother! I shall bring His flames to them!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCCF]Move, child! His faithful shall shield you!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCD0]Back, child! Back!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCD1]They desecrate His ground! Fall back!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCD2]Atom's voice calls us back, children!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCD3]The heretics overwhelm us! Get back!
INFO:NAM1[0002FCD4]We are being tested! Seek new ground!
INFO:NAM1[0003038B]The mayor's secretary? Come on, ma, I cut her hair myself, and I know human hair.
INFO:NAM1[0003038E]Cast your eyes to the ground, brothers. The teeth diggers could be burrowing beneath.
INFO:NAM1[0003038F]Look to the heavens, lest the blood suckers catch you unawares.
INFO:NAM1[00030390]Perhaps it is those embraced by Atom's Glow...
INFO:NAM1[00030391]Be cautious. The faithless and the lost could be near...
INFO:NAM1[00030392]Keep watch. Atom rewards the patient.
INFO:NAM1[00030393]Stay vigilant.
INFO:NAM1[00030394]Stay alert, children.
INFO:NAM1[00030395]I see nothing but Atom's light.
INFO:NAM1[00030396]The Glow is not the only thing watching us now...
INFO:NAM1[00030397]Mayhaps we are but the fearful Brahmin in Atom's herd...
INFO:NAM1[00030398]Is that you, brother? Sister?
INFO:NAM1[00030399]Who is there? Come and embrace Atom's glory!
INFO:NAM1[0003039A]Perhaps Atom is testing me again...
INFO:NAM1[000303AB]I'm getting too old for this job.
INFO:NAM1[000303AC]Mark, you were too old for it a decade ago.
INFO:NAM1[000303AC]I keep telling you we need to get some help. Younger help.
INFO:NAM1[000303AD]They don't just grow on trees you know.
INFO:NAM1[000303AD]Nobody in the Vault wants to help run this place.
INFO:NAM1[000303AE]Patience, old man. We'll find someone.
INFO:NAM1[000303AE]I still think Austin might want it when he grows up. The boy certainly eats enough.
INFO:NAM1[00030414]Nothing? Let us return to our prayers.
INFO:NAM1[00030415]Our faith has driven them off.
INFO:NAM1[00030416]Am I hearing things? I must listen only to Atom's voice.
INFO:NAM1[00030417]Come out! Embrace Atom's Glow!
INFO:NAM1[00030418]You need not hide from the glory of Atom!
INFO:NAM1[00030419]You need not hide. I am one of the faithful!
INFO:NAM1[0003041A]Step out into Atom's light!
INFO:NAM1[0003041B]Found you, deceiver!
INFO:NAM1[0003041D]Children! We are beset!
INFO:NAM1[0003041F]To arms, Children!
INFO:NAM1[00030420]A test for my faith!
INFO:NAM1[00030421]There! Burn them!
INFO:NAM1[00030424]Suffer! Suffer and be cleansed!
INFO:NAM1[00030425]Die! Die for Atom!
INFO:NAM1[00030426]Behold! Atom's Light!
INFO:NAM1[00030427]Burn! BURN!
INFO:NAM1[000304C3]This... uhh, this is Billie Holiday... I think. Yeah.
INFO:NAM1[000304C4]Next up is... uhh, some Billie Holiday.
INFO:NAM1[000304C5]Now I'll... well, I guess I'll play some Billie Holiday.
INFO:NAM1[000304C6]So this is, uhh, Billie Holiday... singing Crazy He Calls Me...
INFO:NAM1[000304C7]Umm... Here's Billie Holiday with Easy Living.
INFO:NAM1[000304C8]This next song is called Easy Living.
INFO:NAM1[000304C9]This is a song about Easy Living. Just... like here in Diamond City, right?
INFO:NAM1[000304CA]Here's... uhh, Billie Holiday. And, and she's... she's singing Easy Living.
INFO:NAM1[000304CB]This next one is, uhh... it's Bob Crosby.
INFO:NAM1[000304CC]Here's Happy Times, by... uhh, Bob Crosby.
INFO:NAM1[000304CD]Here we go... Some Bob Crosby. I... well, I really like this one.
INFO:NAM1[000304CE]Hey, how about some Bob Crosby.
INFO:NAM1[000304CF]This one is called Way Back Home.
INFO:NAM1[000304D0]Here's... uhh... Oh. Here's Bob Crosby with Way Back Home.
INFO:NAM1[000304D1]Next is Bob Crosby, singing Way Back Home.
INFO:NAM1[000304D2]Now let's, uhh... Let's hear a really good song by Bob Crosby.
INFO:NAM1[000304D3]Next is some Cole Porter.
INFO:NAM1[000304D4]Now here's... uhh, Anything Goes. By Cole Porter.
INFO:NAM1[000304D5]This here is... well, it's Cole Porter, I guess.
INFO:NAM1[000304D6]Next I'm going to play some Cole Porter. The song... it's, uhh, it's called Anything Goes.
INFO:NAM1[000304D7]Would you like some Danny Kaye? I sure thought so.
INFO:NAM1[000304D8]This is Civilization, by... uhh.... it's by, Danny Kaye. Right.
INFO:NAM1[000304D9]I just broke what I was going to play, so... uhh, I guess I'll play Danny Kaye instead.
INFO:NAM1[000304DA]This here is Danny Kaye.
INFO:NAM1[000304DB]Let's find out... what Danny Kaye knows about Civilization... I mean, or something.
INFO:NAM1[000304DC]Up next... well, it's Ella Fitzgerald.
INFO:NAM1[000304DD]Here's... uhh, it's Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall.
INFO:NAM1[000304DE]Next I was going to play... uhh, Ella Fitzgerald, I guess.
INFO:NAM1[000304DF]I hope you like this one. The song, I mean. It's... It's Ella Fitzgerald.
INFO:NAM1[000304E0]Here's the... Uhh, it's the Ink Spots.
INFO:NAM1[000304E1]This is the... the Ink Spots, with... I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire.
INFO:NAM1[000304E2]Next is I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire, by the... uhh, the Ink Spots.
INFO:NAM1[000304E3]If anyone is... is listening, this is the Ink Spots.
INFO:NAM1[000304E4]This next one... it's, uhh, it's Maybe by the Ink Spots.
INFO:NAM1[000304E5]Here's... uhh, Here's the Ink Spots, singing Maybe.
INFO:NAM1[000304E6]Up next, I thought... well, I thought I'd play the Ink Spots, with Maybe.
INFO:NAM1[000304E7]Here's, uhh... the Ink Spots. Maybe. I mean, the song is called Maybe.
INFO:NAM1[000304E8]This next one... it's, uhh, it's Roy Brown. The song is... Butcher Pete.
INFO:NAM1[000304E9]I, uhh... I hope you like this song. It's Butcher Pete, by Roy Brown.
INFO:NAM1[000304EA]Here's Butcher Pete, by... uhh, Roy Brown.
INFO:NAM1[000304EB]How about, uhh... some Roy Brown? This is... this is Butcher Pete.
INFO:NAM1[000304EC]Next is some Roy Brown. This one is, uhh, Mighty Mighty Man.
INFO:NAM1[000304ED]This next song is Mighty Mighty Man.
INFO:NAM1[000304EE]Here's Roy Brown.... and he's singing, uhh, Mighty Mighty Man.
INFO:NAM1[000304EF]Now we'll hear some Roy Brown. I mean, I'll play... it's, uhh... Mighty Mighty Man.
INFO:NAM1[00030519]We are not alone, children.
INFO:NAM1[0003051C]Quiet. Atom warns me of danger.
INFO:NAM1[0003051D]That sound. That is no member of the faithful...
INFO:NAM1[0003051E]What? It couldn't be...
INFO:NAM1[0003051F]Atom? Is that you?
INFO:NAM1[00030520]What? Is someone testing my faith?
INFO:NAM1[00030521]I hear... what do I hear?
INFO:NAM1[00030522]Do I hear whispers from the Glow?
INFO:NAM1[00030524]Kill! Kill the unbelievers!
INFO:NAM1[00030525]To arms!
INFO:NAM1[00030528]Destroy the defilers!
INFO:NAM1[00030529]Atom! ATOM!
INFO:NAM1[0003052A]Glory to the chosen!
INFO:NAM1[0003052B]Purge them!
INFO:NAM1[0003052C]Defilement! Defilement and heresy!
INFO:NAM1[0003052F]The power of Atom!
INFO:NAM1[00030531]Witness the Glow!
INFO:NAM1[00030533]Atom cleanse you!
INFO:NAM1[00030534]Bleed! Bleed for Atom!
INFO:NAM1[0003053D]I shall drag you back into the Light!
INFO:NAM1[00030541]Deceiver! Atom will reveal you!
INFO:NAM1[00030542]Disappearing before my eyes? How?
INFO:NAM1[00030543]Come back, defiler! Face judgment!
INFO:NAM1[00030544]Atom sees all, heretic! You cannot hide!
INFO:NAM1[00030545]Search! Find them!
INFO:NAM1[00030547]Atom is with us! Do not let them escape!
INFO:NAM1[0003054A]We will find them! We are the faithful!
INFO:NAM1[0003054C]Find the heretic! Purge the heretic!
INFO:NAM1[0003054D]Search! Purge Atom's land of the faithless!
INFO:NAM1[0003054E]Do not test me, heretic. I shall find you.
INFO:NAM1[0003054F]You cannot escape Atom's chosen.
INFO:NAM1[00030550]Surrender now, and Atom may show you mercy.
INFO:NAM1[00030552]The power of Atom shall reveal you to me!
INFO:NAM1[00030553]You are but one of the wretched, heretic. You cannot hide from a true believer.
INFO:NAM1[00030554]We are alone. Let us continue our devotions.
INFO:NAM1[00030555]You were mistaken, my child. We are alone here.
INFO:NAM1[00030556]The heathens have fled. Let us continue.
INFO:NAM1[00030557]We are alone, but Atom remains with us.
INFO:NAM1[00030558]It is nothing. But stay vigilant.
INFO:NAM1[00030559]The faithless wilt in the presence of the Glow. So it has proven.
INFO:NAM1[0003055A]Foolish. I need not jump at shadows. Atom protects.
INFO:NAM1[0003055B]It was nothing. Just Atom testing my resolve.
INFO:NAM1[0003055C]Just illusions. No doubt put in my head by the faithless.
INFO:NAM1[0003055D]Just the wind. Nothing to warrant Atom's fury.
INFO:NAM1[0003055E]I'm imagining things. I must pray harder in penance.
INFO:NAM1[0003055F]Forgive me, Atom. I know not what I was searching for.
INFO:NAM1[00030560]How silly of me. I need not search for answers. Atom will reveal all in time.
INFO:NAM1[00030561]I need not be afraid. Atom drives away the faithless for us.
INFO:NAM1[00030567]Death! Death and desecration!
INFO:NAM1[00030568]By Atom! No!
INFO:NAM1[0003056A]By the Glow!
INFO:NAM1[0003056C]Heresy! Heresy!
INFO:NAM1[0003056D]Defilers! Vile defilers!
INFO:NAM1[0003056F]You thought to deceive the faithful?
INFO:NAM1[00030570]You will be purged!
INFO:NAM1[00030571]See Atom's Light!
INFO:NAM1[00030572]They are revealed to us! Burn them!
INFO:NAM1[00030574]Here! They are here!
INFO:NAM1[00030575]Be cleansed!
INFO:NAM1[00030576]Behold the faithful!
INFO:NAM1[00030578]Feel Atom's glory!
INFO:NAM1[0003057B]No one escapes judgment!
INFO:NAM1[0003057F]See the cowardice of the faithless!
INFO:NAM1[00030582]You are nothing to Atom!
INFO:NAM1[00030585]All tremble before the chosen!
INFO:NAM1[00030588]Do not test me again!
INFO:NAM1[00030589]Yes! Flee, heretic!
INFO:NAM1[0003058B]Another soul given to Atom.
INFO:NAM1[0003058C]The heretic now understands the divinity of the Glow.
INFO:NAM1[0003058E]Glorious Atom! Praise unto thee!
INFO:NAM1[00030590]They were nothing to Atom's faithful.
INFO:NAM1[00030591]Who else wishes to test our faith? Who?
INFO:NAM1[00030593]We have drunk from His waters, and Atom has granted us victory!
INFO:NAM1[00030594]Atom blesses us with victory!
INFO:NAM1[00030595]We have pleased Atom! We are chosen!
INFO:NAM1[00030596]You see? None can withstand the faithful!
INFO:NAM1[0003059A]You know what... I'm just going to, uhh... I'll just play some music.
INFO:NAM1[00030700]Drop dead, already!
INFO:NAM1[00030701]You're still alive? Christ.
INFO:NAM1[00030702]Ain't personal. Just you or me.
INFO:NAM1[00030703]You'll run out of bullets at some point!
INFO:NAM1[00030704]You're nothing! Nothing!
INFO:NAM1[00030705]Getting tired yet?
INFO:NAM1[00030706]Just die!
INFO:NAM1[00030707]How much you got left in you?
INFO:NAM1[00030708]Just getting' warmed up over here.
INFO:NAM1[0003070A]I've done this hundreds of times. Think you'll be any different?
INFO:NAM1[0003070B]I'm coming for your little dog, next!
INFO:NAM1[00030853]Help! Raiders jumped us! You gotta help!
INFO:NAM1[00030B8E]Never mind. You don't deserve to live.
INFO:NAM1[00030B8F]You need a name. I'll call you Sparky.
INFO:NAM1[00030B91]Here, this will make you feel better.
INFO:NAM1[00030B93]You look hurt.
INFO:NAM1[00030B96]Good riddance, you mangy thing.
INFO:NAM1[00030B98]Easy there, girl. I can fix you up.
INFO:NAM1[00030B9B]Get along then, mutt.
INFO:NAM1[00030B9F]None of my business.
INFO:NAM1[00030BA0]What's wrong? You hurt?
INFO:NAM1[00030BA1]What's your name, girl?
INFO:NAM1[00030BA3]There you go. Feel better now?
INFO:NAM1[00030BA4]You're just as ugly as ever, Buttface.
INFO:NAM1[00030DBF]Not too late to reconsider tangling with Kendra.
INFO:NAM1[00030E13]Hey, newcomer. Free paper on the latest threat from the Insitute.
INFO:NAM1[00030E14]You need this paper. Everything on the Institute the public needs to know.
INFO:NAM1[00030E15]Some show, right?
INFO:NAM1[00030E17]Well, do you think McDonough's secretary is a synth or not?
INFO:NAM1[00030E19]New guy, am I right?
INFO:NAM1[00030E1A]It's the new guy. That's you, right?
INFO:NAM1[00030E1B]You're that new girl, right?
INFO:NAM1[00030E1C]Hey, you're the new girl, right?
INFO:NAM1[00030E1D]Hey, it's the new girl. Am I right?
INFO:NAM1[00030E1E]Uh, hello. Have you been here before?
INFO:NAM1[00031833]Hey there.
INFO:NAM1[00031834]Hey there.
INFO:NAM1[00031837]'Scuse me.
INFO:NAM1[00031838]'Scuse me.
INFO:NAM1[00031839]'Scuse me.
INFO:NAM1[00031851]Whoa. Take it easy. Yikes. You, uh, come along whenever you're ready.
INFO:NAM1[0003188D]Kendra's a real nasty piece of work. Have a care, mate.
INFO:NAM1[00031A97]That's all I ask.
INFO:NAM1[00031A9B]Thanks. This really means a lot to me.
INFO:NAM1[00031AA7]Um... hello?
INFO:NAM1[00031BBE]It's a genuine Giddyup Buttercup. The 2076 special edition. Best toy on the market, before the war.
INFO:NAM1[00031BBE]It's a shame, though. I don't have the parts to get this old girl working again.
INFO:NAM1[00031C0C]My son. Shaun. He's less than a year old.
INFO:NAM1[00031C0D]An infant boy. Kidnapped.
INFO:NAM1[00031C0E]Trying to find someone? Who?
INFO:NAM1[00031C0F]Why, this is the safest place in all the Commonwealth, with the strongest community and highest standards of living available.
INFO:NAM1[00031C0F]We have stores, doctors, schools, power, running water, and the Wall as our sacred protector. You'll learn more about the Wall soon, I'm sure.
INFO:NAM1[00031C0F]But I was talking about you. Come on now, what brought you all the way out here?
INFO:NAM1[00031C10]That's my business.
INFO:NAM1[00031C11]Who would I talk to about finding a missing person?
INFO:NAM1[00031C12]Oh. What is it you're looking for?
INFO:NAM1[00031C9D]I'm impressed, not everyone can claw information out of McDonough's tight-fisted hands. Hmm, why don't you stop by my office after you see Valentine? I think I just found my next story.
INFO:NAM1[00031FB1]No no no!
INFO:NAM1[0003200C]A new patient. *sigh* A new file to open. Do you have a legitimate medical concern, or this about our Facial Reconstructive services?
INFO:NAM1[0003200D]We offer a wide variety of medical treatments.
INFO:NAM1[00032012]Let's get you examined right away. Time is not on the side of the surgeon.
INFO:NAM1[00032013]Don't dally. If you're here to be examined, let's get you examined.
INFO:NAM1[00032014]Radiation poisoning is a common ailment, but we can cure just about anything.
INFO:NAM1[00032097]They got him!
INFO:NAM1[00032098]She's... she's dead!
INFO:NAM1[00032434]Oh no...
INFO:NAM1[00032435]Keep your heads down!
INFO:NAM1[00032436]We'll get through this. Stay calm!
INFO:NAM1[00032437]Just one day I'd like to not get shot at.
INFO:NAM1[00032476]Oh god... oh god...
INFO:NAM1[00032477]You...you killed him!
INFO:NAM1[00032478]How many bullets I got left? Shit...
INFO:NAM1[0003247A]Just leave us alone!
INFO:NAM1[0003247B]Leave me alone!
INFO:NAM1[0003247D]I got your damn loot right here!
INFO:NAM1[0003247E]Oh god... don't look!
INFO:NAM1[00032523]Given me no choice!
INFO:NAM1[00032525]Brought this on yourself!
INFO:NAM1[00032526]I ain't dying without a fight!
INFO:NAM1[00032527]Why don't you people just leave us alone?
INFO:NAM1[00032528]No one panic!
INFO:NAM1[00032529]We'll kill you if we have to, just leave!
INFO:NAM1[0003252A]I ain't letting you get me!
INFO:NAM1[0003252B]Think a Commonwealth boy's gonna give up that easy?
INFO:NAM1[0003252C]Think I'm scared? Huh?
INFO:NAM1[0003252D]Figure you won't just... run, right?
INFO:NAM1[0003279C]Did you see it? The big eye in the water?
INFO:NAM1[0003279D]I wonder if there's other sea monsters out there?
INFO:NAM1[0003279E]A real sea monster! I wonder what it looks like?
INFO:NAM1[0003279F]Just sitting in the harbor all day... I wonder what it's waiting for?
INFO:NAM1[000327A0]Are you gonna go find the sea monster now? Want me to tell you where it is?
INFO:NAM1[000327A1]I watched you talk to a boy on the dock. Swim out here.
INFO:NAM1[00032870]Aren't you supposed to be at ArcJet with Paladin Danse?
INFO:NAM1[00032871]Take cover!
INFO:NAM1[00032873]Get behind something!
INFO:NAM1[00032875]You're out in the open!
INFO:NAM1[00032876]Bugging out!
INFO:NAM1[00032877]Get back!
INFO:NAM1[00032878]Get out of there!
INFO:NAM1[0003287A]Run! I got you!
INFO:NAM1[00032880]Get back!
INFO:NAM1[00032881]Run! Get back!
INFO:NAM1[00032882]Just get of there!
INFO:NAM1[00032884]Go for it! I got you.
INFO:NAM1[00032885]Keep moving!
INFO:NAM1[00032887]Just keep going!
INFO:NAM1[0003288B]Get down!
INFO:NAM1[0003288E]They're on top of me!
INFO:NAM1[0003288F]Getting swamped!
INFO:NAM1[00032890]We're being surrounded!
INFO:NAM1[00032895]Go around! I got you.
INFO:NAM1[00032897]Swing around! I'll keep 'em busy!
INFO:NAM1[00032898]Hit 'em from the sides!
INFO:NAM1[000328A5]Hey, get up! Get up!
INFO:NAM1[000328AD]Keep 'em off me!
INFO:NAM1[000328AE]Need help, here!
INFO:NAM1[000328AF]They're all over me!
INFO:NAM1[000328B0]Shit! My leg!
INFO:NAM1[000328B1]Oh fuck me. Bullet in the knee...
INFO:NAM1[000328B2]My leg!
INFO:NAM1[000328B3]Agh, my leg!
INFO:NAM1[000328B4]I can't see!
INFO:NAM1[000328B5]Ugh...What? What happened?
INFO:NAM1[000328B6]Gah! Blood in my eyes!
INFO:NAM1[000328B7]Ugh! I... I can't breathe...
INFO:NAM1[000328B8]Oof! *cough* *hack*
INFO:NAM1[000328B9]Gah! I'm gonna throw up...
INFO:NAM1[000328BA]Dammit.. 'nother shoulder wound...
INFO:NAM1[000328BB]My arm! Dammit!
INFO:NAM1[000328BC]Agh! Think something's broken...
INFO:NAM1[000329B7]I see... I see... Oh, it's horrible, kid. Claws and teeth and horns. The very face of death itself.
INFO:NAM1[000329B7]That's all I can manage. That's all. I need to rest now. And you have a job to do...
INFO:NAM1[000329B8]Whatever it is, I'll stop it.
INFO:NAM1[000329B9]What's the Sight?
INFO:NAM1[000329BA]Oh boy. That's it. I'm out of here.
INFO:NAM1[000329BC]Okay. Something big's coming.
INFO:NAM1[000329BD]What is it? Mama Murphy, I need more. Please.
INFO:NAM1[000329BF]So we're doomed.
INFO:NAM1[000329C0]You're not what I expected Dogmeat would find in that little neighborhood. But oh, so much better.
INFO:NAM1[000329C1]Dogmeat sure did find us some help. Just look at ya.
INFO:NAM1[000329C2]I'm listening.
INFO:NAM1[000329C3]That's incredible.
INFO:NAM1[000330D8]You're the one that trimmed it. Just last week too.
INFO:NAM1[000330D8]It should be good for a while yet.
INFO:NAM1[000330D9]Alexis sharpened your razor. You can pick it up whenever.
INFO:NAM1[000330DA]What isn't wrong?
INFO:NAM1[000330DC]Prissy told me only the turnips are ripe. And nobody likes turnips. Not even Austin.
INFO:NAM1[000330DD]Hey! What's wrong with my hair?
INFO:NAM1[000330DE]Aw you know she loves it. Makes her feel young.
INFO:NAM1[000330DE]And don't you worry about ol' Jake. I'll handle him.
INFO:NAM1[000330DE]You just see if you can turn turnips into something people will eat.
INFO:NAM1[000330DF]Well, they'll just have to make do. And stop calling her Prissy. I think she prefers Dr. Penske to that anyday.
INFO:NAM1[000330DF]Besides, I don't want to listen to Jacob complain again.
INFO:NAM1[000330E0]You need me to cut that mop you call hair?
INFO:NAM1[000330E1]Same as always. Stiff in the morning and achy at night.
INFO:NAM1[000330E2]How's the arthritis, Horatio?
INFO:NAM1[000330E3]Me? I'll send Alexis over to fix it. Might not be until tomorrow though.
INFO:NAM1[000330E4]We're almost out of fresh vegetables.
INFO:NAM1[000330E4]Remind me to drop by Priscilla's lab and pick some up.
INFO:NAM1[000330E5]Thanks. I'll swing by later.
INFO:NAM1[000330E5]This chair is stuck too. Can you take a look at it?
INFO:NAM1[000334AC]Bringing back your cat almost got me killed.
INFO:NAM1[000334AD]But Ashes didn't get hurt, right?
INFO:NAM1[000334AD]Anyway, Mom says I can give you this.
INFO:NAM1[000334AE]Is there a reward?
INFO:NAM1[000334AF]Thanks for being honest.
INFO:NAM1[000334AF]Okay, I'm ready.
INFO:NAM1[000334B0]Well, only the old generators to see down here.
INFO:NAM1[000334B1]Is it going to hurt?
INFO:NAM1[000334B2]This is an interesting room.
INFO:NAM1[000334B4]Just taking a look around.
INFO:NAM1[000334BF]Really? Guess maybe for an outsider. Just the old generators down here.
INFO:NAM1[000334C0]He scratched me, and I yelled at him to go away. I didn't mean forever though.
INFO:NAM1[000334C0]His name is Ashes, and he's the best cat in the whole world.
INFO:NAM1[000334C1]No, I haven't seen your cat.
INFO:NAM1[000334C2]Would you go look for him?
INFO:NAM1[000334C2]His name is Ashes. He's probably scared and lonely.
INFO:NAM1[000334C4]You're still my hero.
INFO:NAM1[000334C4]Mom says I can give you this.
INFO:NAM1[000334C5]Don't think I haven't tried. Locked him in his room for a week.
INFO:NAM1[000334C5]It wasn't two days before he was using again.
INFO:NAM1[000334C6]What happened?
INFO:NAM1[000334C8]Sounds like your problem, not mine.
INFO:NAM1[000334C9]Thank you for bringing him.
INFO:NAM1[000334C9]I'll take it from here.
INFO:NAM1[000334C9]If you ever need anything, come see me.
INFO:NAM1[000334CC]Hey, don't act so surprised. Yeah, I'm in charge... of the generators at least. Calvin handles most of the smaller maintenance requests.
INFO:NAM1[000334CC]You got something that needs fixin'? You can ask him.
INFO:NAM1[000334CD]Who's your brother?
INFO:NAM1[000334CE]I want to get clean.
INFO:NAM1[000334CF]I got a better idea, do it yourself.
INFO:NAM1[000334D1]Can't help you there.
INFO:NAM1[000334D5]Damn. Well, if you change your mind, or start feeling charitable, look me up.
INFO:NAM1[000334D8]Oh, Jesus... I know what this is about.
INFO:NAM1[000334DB]It was no big deal.
INFO:NAM1[000334DC]I'm not a dealer. I don't sell drugs.
INFO:NAM1[000334DE]I'm here about your habit.
INFO:NAM1[000334DF]Generator room, can't you tell? Look, I'm not even sure if you're allowed in here.
INFO:NAM1[000334DF]Most of the trading's done in the Atrium. I can tell you how to get back if you want.
INFO:NAM1[000334E0]You're welcome.
INFO:NAM1[000334E1]Mom says I can give you this.
INFO:NAM1[000334E4]You may feel uneasy for a few hours while the Addictol takes effect. But then you'll feel better than you ever have before.
INFO:NAM1[000334E5]Where am I?
INFO:NAM1[000334E6]My mom says I can give you this as a reward.
INFO:NAM1[000334E7]I'm not lost.
INFO:NAM1[000334EB]I can help you, but you're going to have to trust me.
INFO:NAM1[000334F3]I think he's left the vault. I saw him run by me when I got here.
INFO:NAM1[000334F5]You can have my teddy bear. I've kinda out grown him anyway.
INFO:NAM1[000334F8]Left the vault? Oh, please bring him back! Please? No one else would set foot outside for him.
INFO:NAM1[000334F9]If he's addicted, you should try to help him get clean.
INFO:NAM1[000334FA]You should talk to him. Let him know he's screwing up.
INFO:NAM1[000334FB]How much would you pay to get him back?
INFO:NAM1[000334FE]Bobby? I'm glad you came.
INFO:NAM1[000334FF]His name's Bobby, and he's my poor excuse for a twin, so you can get a good idea of what he looks like.
INFO:NAM1[00033500]You're obviously upset...
INFO:NAM1[00033504]My habit? No habits here, man.
INFO:NAM1[00033506]All right.
INFO:NAM1[00033509]Hey, the outsider. You lost? No trading going on down here.
INFO:NAM1[0003350B]Hey, outsider. Do me a favor, if my good for nothing brother asks you for Jet, tell him to buzz off.
INFO:NAM1[0003350D]Is everything alright? Do you need medical assistance?
INFO:NAM1[0003350F]Hey, the outsider. I'm just in charge of the generators here. Not sure what I could help you with.
INFO:NAM1[00033510]Me, myself, and I. Don't worry, I'm not into selling. That's my sister's thing.
INFO:NAM1[00033511]Sure, here you go.
INFO:NAM1[00033517]Tina sent me.
INFO:NAM1[00033518]Who's it for? You?
INFO:NAM1[0003351B]Ashes! Let's get you home.
INFO:NAM1[0003351C]Ashes! You're back!
INFO:NAM1[0003351D]I missed you so much!
INFO:NAM1[0003351E]Ashes! You found him!
INFO:NAM1[0003351E]Thanks, mister! I was so worried about him.
INFO:NAM1[0003351F]You're in charge?
INFO:NAM1[00033556]Good. Now don't let this incident taint your view of our little community.
INFO:NAM1[00033557]You killed him.
INFO:NAM1[00033559]I'm fine. Thanks for taking care of him.
INFO:NAM1[0003355B]Goodneighbor? That what you call this place?
INFO:NAM1[0003355C]Sounds like anarchy.
INFO:NAM1[0003355D]Someone steps through the gate the first time, they're a guest. You lay off that extortion crap.
INFO:NAM1[0003355F]The best kind of anarchy. Embrace it, and maybe one day you'll call this little slice of chaos home.
INFO:NAM1[00033562]Got a good pair of eyes on ya. I think you'll fit in here.
INFO:NAM1[00033565]You better back off, or you're the one who's going to need insurance.
INFO:NAM1[00033566]Whoa, hey, all right. We'll just, uh, say your insurance is paid up for now, okay?
INFO:NAM1[00033567]Goodneighbor's of the people, for the people, you feel me? Everyone's welcome.
INFO:NAM1[00033568]That's right. Like my face? I think it gives me a sexy, king of the zombies kinda look. Big hit with the ladies.
INFO:NAM1[00033568]Listen. Lot of walking rad freaks like me around here, so you might want to keep those kinds of questions on the low burner next time.
INFO:NAM1[00033569]And who are you, huh? Valentine's new dick-in-training?
INFO:NAM1[0003356C]You. You're a Ghoul?
INFO:NAM1[0003356D]It's not everyday I get mugged and then witness a murder right in front of me.
INFO:NAM1[0003356E]No love for your mayor, Finn? I said let 'em go.
INFO:NAM1[0003356F]He he he. I can tell I'm gonna like you already. Just consider this town your home away from home...
INFO:NAM1[00033570]What d'you care? He ain't one of us.
INFO:NAM1[00033571]What d'you care? She ain't one of us.
INFO:NAM1[00033573]Good. You stay cool, and you'll be part of the neighborhood.
INFO:NAM1[00033575]Of the people, for the people? Oh brother...
INFO:NAM1[00033576]Yeah. I feel you.
INFO:NAM1[00033578]Don't you ignore me!
INFO:NAM1[0003357A]You obviously haven't been living it up enough. But we won't judge you for that.
INFO:NAM1[0003357B]Unless it's "keep-dumb-assholes-away-from-me" insurance, I'm not interested.
INFO:NAM1[0003357C]Insurance. I'm listening.
INFO:NAM1[0003357E]Now don't be like that. I think you're going to like what I have on offer.
INFO:NAM1[00033580]That's right. We cobbled this little neighborhood together out of the freaks and misfits that just wouldn't be accepted anywhere else.
INFO:NAM1[00033580]You'll see. You make enough friends here, you'll call this place home soon enough.
INFO:NAM1[00033598]Come on, man. This is me we're talking about. Let me tell you something.
INFO:NAM1[0003359A]You're soft, Hancock. You keep letting outsiders walk all over us, one day there'll be a new mayor.
INFO:NAM1[000337B6]I'll be back on my feet soon.
INFO:NAM1[000337B7]I never even saw what hit me.
INFO:NAM1[000337B8]The pain isn't usually too bad.
INFO:NAM1[000337CB]Damn raiders hit us hard.
INFO:NAM1[000337D4]We've got to do something to stop these raider attacks.
INFO:NAM1[000337DA]We taught those raiders a lesson. We'll teach 'em again if they come back.
INFO:NAM1[000337DB]Raiders thought we were easy pickings. We showed 'em different.
INFO:NAM1[000337DC]I'm starting to think we're finally safe from those damn raiders.
INFO:NAM1[000337DD]You should have seen it. We cut those raiders to pieces. I doubt they'll be back.
INFO:NAM1[00033F3D]Sadly, that's not the first time I've heard that.
INFO:NAM1[00033F40]You ever listen to the Silver Shroud? That's who we need. No matter how bleak things got he'd save the day.
INFO:NAM1[000340F4]Oh damn, here we go.
INFO:NAM1[00034112]I know it's you!
INFO:NAM1[00034113]Ah...! No, no it's nothing...
INFO:NAM1[00034117]Come on. Who's there?
INFO:NAM1[00034118]Getting' a bad feeling here...
INFO:NAM1[0003411A]Please be nothing... please be nothing...
INFO:NAM1[0003411B]Okay. Keep calm. It's probably nothing.
INFO:NAM1[0003411C]Who's out there?
INFO:NAM1[0003411D]Think they've run off?
INFO:NAM1[00034122]Maybe they're still here. Watching us. Laughing.
INFO:NAM1[00034126]Maybe it's over...
INFO:NAM1[00034127]Here one second, gone the next. Who moves that fast?
INFO:NAM1[00034129]Why's it gotta be so quiet?
INFO:NAM1[0003412A]Gone... gotta be...
INFO:NAM1[0003412B]Don't come back.... please don't come back...
INFO:NAM1[0003412D]Got company!
INFO:NAM1[0003412F]We got trouble!
INFO:NAM1[00034131]They're here!
INFO:NAM1[00034135]Let's do this!
INFO:NAM1[00034138]What the...!?
INFO:NAM1[0003413B]You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us!
INFO:NAM1[0003413C]You crazy?
INFO:NAM1[0003413E]If that's what you want!
INFO:NAM1[00034140]You're dead!
INFO:NAM1[00034141]So that's it, huh?
INFO:NAM1[00034142]Have it your way!
INFO:NAM1[00034143]Don't think I won't hurt you!
INFO:NAM1[000341F2]Someone's shooting at us!
INFO:NAM1[000341F3]We're being shot at!
INFO:NAM1[000341F4]Oh no... Get down!
INFO:NAM1[000341F5]Find somewhere to hide!
INFO:NAM1[000341F9]No! No no no!
INFO:NAM1[000341FA]What the...? Oh God!
INFO:NAM1[000341FB]Oh God!
INFO:NAM1[000341FE]Need to relax.
INFO:NAM1[000341FF]*sigh of relief* Just noises.
INFO:NAM1[00034200]Nothing after all.
INFO:NAM1[00034201]Jumpy tonight.
INFO:NAM1[00034202]Huh. Whatever.
INFO:NAM1[00034203]Eh. Trick of the light.
INFO:NAM1[00034204]Heh. False alarm.
INFO:NAM1[00034205]Huh. Gone now.
INFO:NAM1[00034206]Guess it was nothing.
INFO:NAM1[00034207]Hmm. Guess it's gone.
INFO:NAM1[00034208]Huh. Weird.
INFO:NAM1[0003420A]Nothing. Gotta be.
INFO:NAM1[0003420B]Thought I... Nah.
INFO:NAM1[0003420C]Glad that's over.
INFO:NAM1[0003420D]That was nuts.
INFO:NAM1[0003420E]You or me.
INFO:NAM1[00034210]God. Look at all the blood.
INFO:NAM1[00034211]Ugh. I'm gonna be sick.
INFO:NAM1[00034212]Sorry. Should've just run.
INFO:NAM1[00034213]I had no choice.
INFO:NAM1[00034214]It's over. For now.
INFO:NAM1[00034215]Made it. This time.
INFO:NAM1[00034217]All right. Still in one piece.
INFO:NAM1[00034218]That's Commonwealth justice for ya.
INFO:NAM1[00034219]Guess my good karma's paying off.
INFO:NAM1[0003421A]That was some luck.
INFO:NAM1[0003421B]I lost 'em!
INFO:NAM1[00034220]He vanished!
INFO:NAM1[00034221]She vanished!
INFO:NAM1[00034225]Dammit! Where'd you go?
INFO:NAM1[00034227]Come back here, damn it!
INFO:NAM1[00034241]Damn, that was scary.
INFO:NAM1[00034242]I don't see anything. Think we're okay.
INFO:NAM1[00034244]Yeah. Stay gone.
INFO:NAM1[00034248]It's over... *sigh of relief*
INFO:NAM1[00034253]Over here!
INFO:NAM1[00034255]Found you!
INFO:NAM1[00034256]Should've run!
INFO:NAM1[00034257]Not hiding this time!
INFO:NAM1[00034258]Here we go.
INFO:NAM1[00034259]Damn it, why can't this just be over?
INFO:NAM1[0003425C]Shit! You're still here?
INFO:NAM1[00034274]Look out!
INFO:NAM1[0003429E]Ain't my fight!
INFO:NAM1[000342A4]Someone do something!
INFO:NAM1[000342A9]That was there for a reason.
INFO:NAM1[000342FF]Whoa! You win!
INFO:NAM1[0003451C]Enjoy your time in Goodneighbor, my man.
INFO:NAM1[0003451D]You enjoy yourself in Goodneighbor, sister.
INFO:NAM1[0003451E]Don't have time to chat. Mayoral duties and all that bull.
INFO:NAM1[0003451F]Everyone stands on their own feet around here. Remember that.
INFO:NAM1[00034520]Security is strictly "do it yourself" in Goodneighbor, so keep your guns handy.
INFO:NAM1[00034521]Best way to learn Goodneighbor is take a tour of her for yourself.
INFO:NAM1[00034522]I'm busy, but we'll talk again. Door's always open.
INFO:NAM1[0003458D]Back off. I ain't looking to make nice.
INFO:NAM1[0003458E]Got things to deal with. Step off.
INFO:NAM1[0003458F]Best mind yourself. I catch you in something you shouldn't be, it'll be more than words.
INFO:NAM1[00034591]Get lost.
INFO:NAM1[0003459C]Looks like we got another freak just won't fit anywhere else.
INFO:NAM1[0003459D]Running from something? Welcome home.
INFO:NAM1[0003459E]Vault suit, huh? Hell yeah.
INFO:NAM1[0003459F]Sweet Pip-Boy, brother. You hold onto that.
INFO:NAM1[000345A0]Sweet Pip-Boy, sister. You hold onto that.
INFO:NAM1[000345A1]Smell that? That's freedom.
INFO:NAM1[000345A3]Buddy, I need to be a lot more high or a lot more drunk to be bothered right now.
INFO:NAM1[000345A5]Better keep your iron strapped on. Friendly advice.
INFO:NAM1[000345A6]You step through the gate, you got balls.
INFO:NAM1[000345A7]You're blocking my light, man. Heh heh heh.
INFO:NAM1[000345FE]Huh? Don't have no handouts.
INFO:NAM1[000345FF]Stay free, man.
INFO:NAM1[00034600]Peace, brother.
INFO:NAM1[00034601]Peace, sister.
INFO:NAM1[00034672]What?! Winlock, tell me we don't have to listen to this shit...
INFO:NAM1[00034673]It ain't like that. I'm just here to deliver a message.
INFO:NAM1[00034674]I was wondering how long it would take your bloodhounds to track me down, Winlock.
INFO:NAM1[00034674]It's been almost three months... don't tell me you're getting rusty.
INFO:NAM1[00034674]Should we take this outside?
INFO:NAM1[00034675]Yeah, I heard.
INFO:NAM1[00034675]But you're still taking jobs in the Commonwealth. That isn't going to work for us.
INFO:NAM1[00034676]You finished?
INFO:NAM1[00034677]Glad to have disappointed you.
INFO:NAM1[00034678]Listen up, MacCready.
INFO:NAM1[00034678]The only reason we haven't filled your body full of bullets is that we don't want a war with Goodneighbor.
INFO:NAM1[00034678]See, we respect other people's boundaries... we know how to play the game. It's something you never learned.
INFO:NAM1[00034679]I don't take orders from you... not anymore. So why don't you take your girlfriend and walk out of here while you still can.
INFO:NAM1[0003467A]Yeah... we're finished.
INFO:NAM1[0003467A]Come on, Barnes.
INFO:NAM1[0003467B]Can't say I'm surprised to find you in a dump like this, MacCready.
INFO:NAM1[0003467C]In case you forgot, I left the Gunners for good.
INFO:NAM1[0003467D]You can play the tough guy all you want. But if we hear you're still operating inside Gunner territory, all bets are off. You got that?
INFO:NAM1[000347C9]Let me see. Hmm... this is Doctor Crocker's deplorable handwriting all right. Looks like Earl Sterling was one of his patients.
INFO:NAM1[000347C9]The procedure noted here is mundane. Low-risk cosmetic work. Doctor Crocker never performed it, however, said Earl vanished before he paid.
INFO:NAM1[000347CA]Please, I really don't have time to deal with complaints or refunds right now. Doctor Crocker handles those questions.
INFO:NAM1[000347CB]I really don't have time to deal with complaints or refunds right now.
INFO:NAM1[000347CC]Now, I must insist we talk about your medical needs.
INFO:NAM1[000347CD]Anyway, we should get back to your immediate medical requirements.
INFO:NAM1[000347CE]Now, let's get back to talking about your medical needs.
INFO:NAM1[000347CF]Do you know anything about this receipt?
INFO:NAM1[000347D0]Where is Doc Crocker?
INFO:NAM1[000347D1]Last time I saw him, he had to get something out of the Surgery Cellar. Probably just had to wash some needles or move some storage around.
INFO:NAM1[000347D2]I'm a doctor, not a secretary. I'm sure he'll be around eventually.
INFO:NAM1[0003494F]Help! Security!
INFO:NAM1[00034950]Someone call security!
INFO:NAM1[00034951]Security! Someone help me!
INFO:NAM1[00034952]Call security!
INFO:NAM1[00034954]Hey! Security!
INFO:NAM1[00034955]Where's security? Damn!
INFO:NAM1[00034956]Security! We need Security out here!
INFO:NAM1[00034957]Help! Security!
INFO:NAM1[00034958]Someone help!
INFO:NAM1[00034959]Help me! Someone!
INFO:NAM1[00034CF0]Now why'd you have to go and say that, huh? Breaking my heart over here.
INFO:NAM1[00034CF3]Like it? I think it gives me a sexy, king of the zombies kinda look. Big hit with the ladies.
INFO:NAM1[00034CF3]I'm a Ghoul, you see? Lot of walking rad freaks like me around here, so you might want to keep those kinds of questions on the low burner next time.
INFO:NAM1[00034CF4]Ghouls? What are Ghouls?
INFO:NAM1[00034CF6]Wow, you really aren't from around here, are you? Ghouls are... irradiated people. Most are just like you and me. They look pretty messed up, and live a long time, but they're still just... people. The ones I'm talking about are different. The radiation's rotted their brains. Made them feral. They'll rip you apart, just as soon as look at you. Anyway, we figured Concord would be a safe place to settle. Those Raiders proved us wrong. But... well, we do have one idea.
INFO:NAM1[00034CF7]Your face. Something... happen?
INFO:NAM1[00034D42]You hand over everything you got in them pockets, or "accidents" start happenin' to ya. Big, bloody, "accidents."
INFO:NAM1[00035897]Why, someone stand you up?
INFO:NAM1[0003589E]Tryin' that, what d'ya call it? Evasive language, on me?
INFO:NAM1[000358A0]Whoa, whoa. Time out.
INFO:NAM1[000358A1]Well, well, it's the detective. Tracking down another wayward husband to his mistress?
INFO:NAM1[000358A2]Nick Valentine makes a rare visit to town, and you're hassling his friend here with that extortion crap?
INFO:NAM1[000358A3]Good to see you again, Nick.
INFO:NAM1[000358A5]Hold up there. First time in Goodneighbor? Can't go walking around without insurance.
INFO:NAM1[00035933]Whatever's in there is mine. I found it first.
INFO:NAM1[00035934]There's gotta be some way to get this thing open.
INFO:NAM1[00035935]Jimmy wasn't kidding. Right where he said it would be.
INFO:NAM1[00035937]Could try to blow it open... nah, too risky...
INFO:NAM1[00035938]Have it your way.
INFO:NAM1[00035939]You ain't listening. Back off!
INFO:NAM1[0003593A]Back off. This is mine.
INFO:NAM1[0003593B]I found it first.
INFO:NAM1[0003593C]Get lost.
INFO:NAM1[000359B9]Oh, Earl. You've... you've really been a handful, you know?
INFO:NAM1[000359B9]But I think we're just about done. Our little mistake is finally going to be... corrected.
INFO:NAM1[000359BA]Care to explain all this blood leading to the cellar?
INFO:NAM1[000359BB]Doctor Crocker must have tracked some fluids when he went down into the cellar. He's... sometimes not as fastidious as I am between surgeries.
INFO:NAM1[000359BB]Here. The cellar key. Go check for yourself. I'm sure you'll find there's nothing going on here besides medicine.
INFO:NAM1[000359BC]This is a medical facility. It's not unusual for there to be some blood here or there. My partner must have forgotten to clean up. Again.
INFO:NAM1[00035E76]Haha, that did it! Blew the lock clean off! Now let's see what's been hiding down there for all these years.
INFO:NAM1[00035E77]Alright... steady... now!
INFO:NAM1[00035E78]If it's been sealed up since the Great War, there's no telling what might be inside.
INFO:NAM1[00035E79]That should do it.
INFO:NAM1[00035E7A]I've been working on getting that damn hatch open for weeks. I'm not letting anybody poach it from me.
INFO:NAM1[00035E7B]Get out of here. This is all mine!
INFO:NAM1[00035E7C]You'd better clear out. That hatch is mine.
INFO:NAM1[000360E2]Jail cell? You don't get it, do you? Doc Crocker isn't going to jail. He's going to go back to his surgery, where people love him.
INFO:NAM1[000360E2]And they love him because Doc Crocker never loses patients. He just makes people happy.
INFO:NAM1[000360E3]Yeah, you've fixed things all right. Fixed yourself for some time in a Diamond City jail cell.
INFO:NAM1[000360E4]You've killed a man, doctor. You're going to pay for it. Put the gun down, and come with me.
INFO:NAM1[000360E5]Put down the gun, Crocker! It's over!
INFO:NAM1[000360E7]Over? For Doc Crocker? Why would it be over for the brilliant surgeon everyone loves?
INFO:NAM1[000360E7]He never makes mistakes or loses patients. He just makes people happy.
INFO:NAM1[000360E8]Oh, screw this. Say "hi" to Earl for me.
INFO:NAM1[000360E9]Take it easy, doc. Let's talk. About Earl.
INFO:NAM1[000360EC]You made a mistake, but you can still do the right thing, doctor. Just think this through.
INFO:NAM1[000360ED]What did I do? I didn't do anything. It was Earl who didn't want to be happy.
INFO:NAM1[000360ED]Good patients get a nice, new face. Bad patients bleed all over the floor because they want to screw up their surgeon's life!
INFO:NAM1[000360EE]Oh, naughty, naughty! You're not supposed to be down here! But that's okay. I can fix that. I can fix anything.
INFO:NAM1[000360EF]So you were performing surgery, and Earl didn't make it, is that it?
INFO:NAM1[000360F0]Why would people think the Institute took Earl Sterling?
INFO:NAM1[000360F1]So that's what you were doing? Cutting Earl's body up?
INFO:NAM1[000360F2]You really think you can get away with this?
INFO:NAM1[000360F3]What did you do to Earl Sterling, doctor?
INFO:NAM1[000360F4]I didn't mean to do it. You have to believe me. Doc Crocker is a brilliant surgeon. No one dies under his care! No one dies!
INFO:NAM1[000360F4]They just walk away happy. Happy with my work. Happy with their new face. Not screaming. Not bleeding out on the floor.
INFO:NAM1[000360F4]Earl he... he just didn't want to be happy. That must have been it.
INFO:NAM1[000360F7]Why wouldn't I? A synth looks just like a person. With hair, and sweat, and blood and... everything.
INFO:NAM1[000360F7]So are you human or not?
INFO:NAM1[000360F8]No. Not human at all.
INFO:NAM1[000360F9]Why would you think I'm a synth?
INFO:NAM1[000360FD]I might have had just a bit of Jet before operating. So I nipped a few arteries I shouldn't have? Who hasn't?
INFO:NAM1[000360FD]But I'm a problem solver, you see? I knew if Earl "disappeared" everyone would just think the Institute took him.
INFO:NAM1[000360FE]That's what they do! That's what they've always done. As long as there's no body, everyone just assumes.
INFO:NAM1[000360FE]And that's why Earl's body needs to go away.
INFO:NAM1[000360FF]You can't just get rid 200 pounds of cadavar without attracting attention. Fortunately, the butcher shop is close by.
INFO:NAM1[000360FF]If their trash pile just happens to have an extra box of rotten meat every week, who would think to look too closely?
INFO:NAM1[00036100]Get away with this? Don't you know who I am? I'm Doc Crocker! Doc Crocker never does anything wrong.
INFO:NAM1[00036100]And once this is all over, no one will have any reason to question that.
INFO:NAM1[00036FC4]All right, all right. Let's see... 20 bucks, a driver's license...
INFO:NAM1[00036FC5]Heh heh. Yeah, wrong side of the tracks.
INFO:NAM1[00036FC6]I ain't afraid of the Silver Shroud! You hear me! Come out, and I'll do you like I did the mayor!
INFO:NAM1[00036FC7]Well, well, well. Looks like someone got lost on the wrong side of the tracks.
INFO:NAM1[00036FC8]You've been listening to 'Galaxy News Radio' (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Galaxy News Network)
INFO:NAM1[00036FC9]It's the Silver Shroud! Let's get out of here!
INFO:NAM1[00036FCA]Nothin'! Papers! No cash! It's worthless! Agh! Get his wallet. Suit like this has gotta have somethin'...
INFO:NAM1[00036FCB]Just down this alley...
INFO:NAM1[00036FCC]What will become of our stalwart hero? Find out what happens next week, on another exciting episode of... The Silver Shroud!
INFO:NAM1[00036FCD]You have murdered a man in cold blood. Justice must be served...
INFO:NAM1[00036FCE]Cause he coulda made us, that's why! You want to spend another stretch in the pokey? Now, let's see what's in this fancy case...
INFO:NAM1[00036FCF]Galaxy... News... Radio!
INFO:NAM1[00036FD0]Emerge from the shadows, villain! Or face the justice of the Silver Shroud!
INFO:NAM1[00036FD1]Who said that? Show yourself!
INFO:NAM1[00036FD2]Aww, geez Louise, why'd you go and do that?
INFO:NAM1[00036FD3]My work here is done. Or is it? What brought you to Scollay Square, Mayor Murphy? A journey that left you dead, and Boston leaderless. Why venture...
INFO:NAM1[00036FD4]A mystery... to be sure...
INFO:NAM1[00036FD5]I most certainly will not! Do you have any idea who...
INFO:NAM1[00036FD7]What? The Mayor Murphy? But what in blazes was he doin' here? Up in Scollay Square?
INFO:NAM1[00036FD8]Not so fast, fancy pants! Yeh wallet. And that snazzy briefcase yeh carryin'. Hand 'em over! Now!
INFO:NAM1[00036FDA]We talk alone, where no one else interrupts.
INFO:NAM1[00036FDC]Oh! Oh man! We done it this time! You know who this is? We just wasted Mayor Murphy!
INFO:NAM1[00036FDD]I'm just... meeting a friend. No business of yours. Perhaps I'll just... call him. Now if you'll excuse me...
INFO:NAM1[00036FDE]Death has come for you, evildoer. And I am its Shroud.
INFO:NAM1[0003702B]Oh, no! You've been exposed to radiation, and a mutated hand has grown out of your stomach! What's the best course of treatment?
INFO:NAM1[0003702C]Take a seat and we can begin.
INFO:NAM1[0003702D]You want to take the test? Pass it, and I'll let you in.
INFO:NAM1[0003702E]We don't let just anyone inside. There's an entrance test. We call it the SAFE test. Everyone's got to take it.
INFO:NAM1[0003702F]I'd like to visit.
INFO:NAM1[00037030]Old Mr. Abernathy has locked himself in his quarters again, and you've been ordered to get him out. How do you proceed?
INFO:NAM1[00037031]Hey, rules are rules. You ready?
INFO:NAM1[00037032]I probably shouldn't say nothing. But listen. We want to make sure only good people come into Covenant.
INFO:NAM1[00037032]No undesirables. Nobody that ain't exactly what they seem, you know?
INFO:NAM1[00037033]Yeah, we're a real up and comer. A pit stop on the road for traders and such. We're not that big but we got the bargains.
INFO:NAM1[00037033]Got a doc that can patch you up. We even got some lemonade. Well, that's what Deezer calls it anyway. There's a small catch, though.
INFO:NAM1[00037034]Your grandmother invites you to tea, but you're surprised when she gives you a pistol and orders you to kill someone. What do you do?
INFO:NAM1[00037035]Whatever, pal. Just try to stay safe out there.
INFO:NAM1[00037036]That's what we got the turrets for.
INFO:NAM1[00037037]It ain't that simple.
INFO:NAM1[00037038]Congratulations! You made it onto a baseball team! Which position do you prefer?
INFO:NAM1[0003703A]You do what you got to do.
INFO:NAM1[0003703B]Suit yourself.
INFO:NAM1[0003703C]Change your mind about the test? You want inside, you got to take it.
INFO:NAM1[0003703D]Change your mind about visiting Covenant?
INFO:NAM1[0003703E]There you are. You're the one that rescued my "daughter," yes?
INFO:NAM1[00037043]You discover a young boy lost in a cave. He's hungry and frightened, but also appears to be in possession of stolen property.
INFO:NAM1[00037043]What do you do?
INFO:NAM1[00037044]Do I really have to take the test?
INFO:NAM1[00037045]Interesting idea. Between you and me, what's the test for?
INFO:NAM1[00037046]Since you're a first timer there's something you got to know first.
INFO:NAM1[00037048]I guess.
INFO:NAM1[00037049]Your town, your rules.
INFO:NAM1[0003704A]Is that what this place is called?
INFO:NAM1[0003704B]You decide it would be fun to play a prank on your father. You enter his private restroom when no one is looking, and....
INFO:NAM1[0003704C]While working as an intern in the Clinic, a patient with a strange infection on his foot stumbles through the door.
INFO:NAM1[0003704C]The infection is spreading at an alarming rate, but the doctor has stepped out for a while. What do you do?
INFO:NAM1[0003704D]I'll take a pass.
INFO:NAM1[0003704E]A test won't stop raiders.
INFO:NAM1[0003704F]I might take a look.
INFO:NAM1[00037050]A neighbor is in possession of a Grognak the Barbarian comic book, issue number 1. You want it. What's the best way to obtain it?
INFO:NAM1[00037051]You are approached by a frenzied scientist, who yells, "I'm going to put my quantum harmonizer in your photonic resonation chamber!"
INFO:NAM1[00037051]What's your response?
INFO:NAM1[00037053]Being cautious, not a bad call.
INFO:NAM1[00037054]I'm not interested.
INFO:NAM1[000370FE]Hush now, stoic Shroud. I'll take you to my Parlor. It is close, and that wound is worrisome.
INFO:NAM1[000370FF]I'll never talk. And you two are in over yeh heads!
INFO:NAM1[00037100]The mayor? So he wasn't here in some kind of... official capacity?
INFO:NAM1[00037101]Must get... back to my...
INFO:NAM1[00037102]Best listen to my friend, Fahey.
INFO:NAM1[00037103]Tracking our dear Mayor Murphy, who was up to some mischief...
INFO:NAM1[00037104]No. We'll let our quarry flee, for now. That bullet must be removed, and you're bleeding. Badly.
INFO:NAM1[00037105]Fat Fahey, the infamous mob boss! So, you were meeting with Mayor Murphy! But why? Tell me, and you may yet live.
INFO:NAM1[00037106]Mistress of Mystery! What brings you to Scollay Square on such a foul night?
INFO:NAM1[00037107]Ugh... Just a... graze. You must... go after him...
INFO:NAM1[00037108]So Mister Mayor, I hope you found the place all... What the?! Silver Shroud! And Mistress of Mystery!? And the mayor... dead?!
INFO:NAM1[00037109]Silver Shroud. Fret not, old friend. It's only me...
INFO:NAM1[0003710A]You've been listening to "Galaxy News Radio" (A wholly owned subsidiary of Galaxy News Network)
INFO:NAM1[0003710B]Silver Shroud! You're shot!
INFO:NAM1[0003710C]He was here to meet with some other mysterious malefactor...
INFO:NAM1[0003710D]Slowly now... Reveal yourself...
INFO:NAM1[0003710E]What will become of our stalwart hero? Find out what happens next week, on another exciting episode of... The Silver Shroud!
INFO:NAM1[0003710F]Later, suckers!
INFO:NAM1[00037110]Indeed they are, my intrepid investigator. It would seem our Mayor Murphy was involved in a rather crooked caper.
INFO:NAM1[00037111]When evil walks the streets of Boston, one man lurks in the shadows. Shielding the innocent. Judging the guilty. That guardian is... the Silver Shroud! Today's episode: The Mystery of Mayor Murphy!
INFO:NAM1[00037112]Indeed it has, old friend. Old... love. Indeed it has. And now, we must away!
INFO:NAM1[00037113]Shroud? Shroud this, crime fighter!
INFO:NAM1[00037114]But these are... real estate papers. Leases and deeds for most of the businesses in Scollay Square.
INFO:NAM1[00037115]The Parlor... It's been so long...
INFO:NAM1[00037116]So be it. Death has come for you, evildoer. And I am its...
INFO:NAM1[00037117]Hardly. Here -- let me show you. The contents of the late mayor's case.
INFO:NAM1[00037182]Picture on milk carton time?
INFO:NAM1[00037183]Wait. Who are you? You the detective?
INFO:NAM1[00037185]I'm not getting mixed up in this.
INFO:NAM1[00037189]Don't worry, I can help. Tell me what happened.
INFO:NAM1[0003718A]I didn't come here to get brushed off.
INFO:NAM1[0003718F]Sorry. I'll come back later.
INFO:NAM1[00037191]You don't get it. The detective. He's gone. Missing.
INFO:NAM1[00037192]Another stray coming in from the rain. 'Fraid you're too late. Office is closed.
INFO:NAM1[00037195]Well, you can take a seat and wait for the next armageddon, because the detective ain't coming back. He's gone missing.
INFO:NAM1[00037199]Do you have any idea how I could find him?
INFO:NAM1[0003719B]No, that's not what I mean. We're not just closed for the day. We're closed permanently. The detective's gone missing.
INFO:NAM1[0003719C]The photographs. *sad chuckle* He never did photograph well.
INFO:NAM1[0003719D]The bills? Oh, forget the bills.
INFO:NAM1[0003719E]His ties? *sigh* Oh Nick.
INFO:NAM1[0003719F]Told you your luck wouldn't last forever.
INFO:NAM1[000371A0]Detective's secretary. I'll never find another job...
INFO:NAM1[000371C4]Please. Find Nick.
INFO:NAM1[000371C5]Thanks for offering to help. Just be careful.
INFO:NAM1[000371C6]Nick's still gone. Don't suppose you changed your mind about tracking him down to Park Street Station, huh?
INFO:NAM1[000371C7]Be careful down in that subway. Who knows what could be living there now?
INFO:NAM1[000371E8]Next question...
INFO:NAM1[00037201]So let's begin. There ain't no wrong answers.
INFO:NAM1[00037233]You're...you're right. There's one thing I can do. Only one thing's going to make this all better.
INFO:NAM1[00037234]I have thought this through. Don't worry. I'll make this quick and painless.
INFO:NAM1[00037235]I... I did it, didn't I? I killed a man. Oh god. There's so much blood. So much blood all over me!
INFO:NAM1[00037236]No... No one can find out. No one can find out!
INFO:NAM1[000390EC]Amazing what people will just leave lying around like junk.
INFO:NAM1[000390ED]I'm not looking for trouble. Enough junk here for both of us.
INFO:NAM1[000390EE]Good scavenging in busted robots, if you know what you're doing.
INFO:NAM1[000390F0]No point in letting this go to waste.
INFO:NAM1[000390F1]Yeah, I can salvage a lot from this one.
INFO:NAM1[000390F2]Look at that. Somebody just left him like he was junk.
INFO:NAM1[000390F3]Yep, lotta good parts here.
INFO:NAM1[000392F0]Gotta be something useful on this dead meat.
INFO:NAM1[000392F1]What've you got for me?
INFO:NAM1[000392F2]Hmm-hmm. That's it then.
INFO:NAM1[000392F3]Let's see what we have here.
INFO:NAM1[000392F4]Here's another one.
INFO:NAM1[000392F5]I got this one.
INFO:NAM1[000393DB]You better get to know the major players here in town. Goodneigbor's where the filth washes up, which means it always has what you need.
INFO:NAM1[00039736]That's just how Goodneighbor is. Always something cooking. Always another angle to play.
INFO:NAM1[00039DA8]Take it easy. I don't think she wants to leave just yet.
INFO:NAM1[00039DA9]You smug bastard. You keep away from my wife, godammit!
INFO:NAM1[00039DAB]I'll be at home, Darcy. Taking care of our son.
INFO:NAM1[00039DAC]I'll be home. Later.
INFO:NAM1[00039DAD]This is between me and my wife!
INFO:NAM1[00039DAD]Why don't you mind your own damn business for once?
INFO:NAM1[00039DAE]Pour me another drink, Henry.
INFO:NAM1[00039DAF]God, Paul, why do you always have to make a scene?
INFO:NAM1[00039DB0]Do what to you, Paul?
INFO:NAM1[00039DB1]I can't believe you'd do this to me, Cooke.
INFO:NAM1[00039DB2]Dammit, Darcy, I just want you to come home.
INFO:NAM1[00039F95]We did it.
INFO:NAM1[00039F98]Likewise. Glad you were on my side.
INFO:NAM1[00039F99]If even after all they've done to her they don't know if she's a synth or not, I figure she's human enough.
INFO:NAM1[00039FA6]I want my reward. Now.
INFO:NAM1[00039FA8]Your secretary, Ellie. She sent me.
INFO:NAM1[00039FA9]What if she's a synth?
INFO:NAM1[00039FAB]That we did.
INFO:NAM1[00039FAE]See you in Diamond City.
INFO:NAM1[00039FB2]Lead the way, Nick.
INFO:NAM1[00039FB5]All right. Let's move fast. Follow me.
INFO:NAM1[00039FB9]I'll meet you there.
INFO:NAM1[00039FBB]It was good working with you.
INFO:NAM1[00039FBD]I have my ways.
INFO:NAM1[00039FBE]So the one investigating Stockton's caravan has arrived. Do you even know that his supposed daughter is in all likelihood a synth?
INFO:NAM1[00039FBF]So Stockton gets his daughter and we get paid. Not a bad day.
INFO:NAM1[00039FC0]Another day, another job well done.
INFO:NAM1[00039FC1]Heya, stranger.
INFO:NAM1[00039FD6]Thanks for getting me out. How did you know where to find me, anyway? Not many people knew where I went...
INFO:NAM1[00039FE6]Just what are you Nick?
INFO:NAM1[0003A088]Look, I know you want your case solved as quickly as possible, but an investigation needs time. We can't risk overlooking the details.
INFO:NAM1[0003A088]Meet me at Diamond City. Trust me. Things will be easier once I know everything that happened.
INFO:NAM1[0003A089]You said Diamond City, right?
INFO:NAM1[0003A0E9]I don't have time to sit and chit-chat.
INFO:NAM1[0003A16C]Yeah, you know the way? Southwest a few blocks. My office is in the back alleys, with the neon heart sign out front.
INFO:NAM1[0003A18E]That's not important.
INFO:NAM1[0003A47C]You owe ME an explanation, doctor. Your partner was cutting Earl Sterling up into little pieces.
INFO:NAM1[0003A47D]Well, it's over. That's that.
INFO:NAM1[0003A47F]It's over? The most well-respected surgeon in Diamond City is dead, his patient is in pieces, and all you have to say is "it's over"?
INFO:NAM1[0003A47F]Yes, I guess it is. *sigh* You should go. I have a report to file with security, and ... a mess to clean up.
INFO:NAM1[0003A480]Is... is that Doctor Crocker?
INFO:NAM1[0003A481]Is... is that a... body?
INFO:NAM1[0003A482]Take a look around for yourself. You'll figure it out.
INFO:NAM1[0003A483]Where are you going? I'm reporting this! God... look at this mess...
INFO:NAM1[0003A486]Now? Now I have a report to file, a mess to clean up, and a lot explanations to give to our patients.
INFO:NAM1[0003A486]You should get going. A medical professional should be the one to handle all this... contamination.
INFO:NAM1[0003A487]Oh, you're not going anywhere...
INFO:NAM1[0003A488]Did you know what Doc Crocker was doing down here?
INFO:NAM1[0003A489]What are you going to do now, doctor?
INFO:NAM1[0003A48A]Doctor Crocker was always tracking fluids down into the cellar. He was... not always as fastidious as I am between surgeries.
INFO:NAM1[0003A48A]Here. The cellar key. Go check for yourself. I'm sure you'll find that, before his death, Doc Crocker was just practicing medicine.
INFO:NAM1[0003A48B]You didn't know. It's not your fault.
INFO:NAM1[0003A48C]Doctor Crocker killed Earl? The... the facial reconstruction... So he really DID go through with it...
INFO:NAM1[0003A48C]That explains a lot more than I'm comfortable with. Doctor Crocker always cared about his reputation, but this... this is inhuman...
INFO:NAM1[0003A48D]Of course it's not my fault! That moron and his damn "appearances over practice" mentality. Now two lives have been lost! It's disgraceful.
INFO:NAM1[0003A48D]I better report all this to security. Get out of here. It's going to take a long time to clean this place of biohazards.
INFO:NAM1[0003A48E]What's going on here?
INFO:NAM1[0003A48F]Doc Crocker killed Earl Sterling. He was going to kill me too.
INFO:NAM1[0003A490]Doc Crocker killed Earl Sterling. I found out, and then he killed himself. Guess he couldn't handle the guilt.
INFO:NAM1[0003A491]You let this happen, doctor. You could've stopped this.
INFO:NAM1[0003A492]I think you owe me an explanation. What happened here?
INFO:NAM1[0003A493]I'm waiting for that explanation.
INFO:NAM1[0003A494]I'll be informing Diamond City Security about what happened here. Everyone will know what Doctor Crocker did to Earl.
INFO:NAM1[0003A495]You should go. This is my surgery. I'll be the one to set this right.
INFO:NAM1[0003A496]I have to clean up this mess.
INFO:NAM1[0003A497]So, you ever figure out what happened to Earl Sterling?
INFO:NAM1[0003A499]Cutting him up into...? Why would he...? Wait... the facial reconstruction surgery... if he really DID go through with it... and it went badly...
INFO:NAM1[0003A499]Doctor Crocker was willing to go THAT far to protect his reputation?
INFO:NAM1[0003A49A]You're...you're right. I should've known Doctor Crocker wasn't in any condition to continue practicing medicine. I should've known he killed Earl.
INFO:NAM1[0003A49A]Please, just go. I'll send the report to security, and... clean up this mess.
INFO:NAM1[0003A4CE]That's right. I doubt Diamond City Security will do anything, but I'll forward our report on to them anyway.
INFO:NAM1[0003A4CE]I wish I could say most cases end better, but well, that's Diamond City for ya.
INFO:NAM1[0003A4CE]Anyway, ought to go chat with Ellie, collect your fee.
INFO:NAM1[0003A4CF]We got a case on his dissapearance. Vadim Bobrov over at the Dugout Inn didn't trust the official report. Hired us to get at the truth.
INFO:NAM1[0003A4CF]So, did you find anything out?
INFO:NAM1[0003A4D0]So that's it? Case closed?
INFO:NAM1[0003A4D1]Refresh my memory, why was I looking into Earl Sterling?
INFO:NAM1[0003A4D2]The Bobrov brothers picked this place up a few years ago...
INFO:NAM1[0003A4D2]Vadim Bobrov is the loud one, Yefim Bobrov is the quiet one, and I'm the one that has to listen to them argue with each other all day...
INFO:NAM1[0003A4D3]You keep that kind of talk up, I might just start thinking we're friends.
INFO:NAM1[0003A4D3]And talk to Ellie. She's got the caps you earned for this one.
INFO:NAM1[0003A4D4]Yeah, there's a cliche all right. It's buried underneath your bad sense of humor.
INFO:NAM1[0003A4D5]Let's just say I don't recommend going to the Mega Surgery Center ever again.
INFO:NAM1[0003A4D7]Well, you uncovered the truth, and that's what counts. No sense brooding over what else you could have done. It'll just keep you up at night.
INFO:NAM1[0003A4D7]Ought to chat with Ellie. She's holding the caps for this one.
INFO:NAM1[0003A4D8]What a waste of time. Earl was already dead when I got to him.
INFO:NAM1[0003A4D9]Does an insane doctor and a cellar full of body parts count?
INFO:NAM1[0003A4DA]You're better at this than I thought you'd be, and I already thought you'd be good.
INFO:NAM1[0003A4DA]Ellie's holding the fee for this one. Ought to go talk to her.
INFO:NAM1[0003A4E0]The case is solved, at least. He won't hurt anyone ever again.
INFO:NAM1[0003A4E1]Who owns this bar, anyway?
INFO:NAM1[0003A4E2]This was a weird one, Nick. Turns out Doc Crocker killed Earl and hid his body in the surgery cellar.
INFO:NAM1[0003A4E8]You ever figure out what happened to Earl Sterling?
INFO:NAM1[0003A4E9]The doctor did it. Feels like there's a cliche in there somewhere...
INFO:NAM1[0003A4EB]Thank you for finding Earl's killer. Can't believe the doctor would do such a thing. Oh well. Least we have liquor to drown our sorrows.
INFO:NAM1[0003A4EC]I'm glad you found Earl's killer, but now my brother won't shut up about you. *sigh* Anyway, did you need a room?
INFO:NAM1[0003A4ED]Wow, I can't believe Doc Crocker killed Earl. Glad I only ever had to deal with Doc Sun. Oh, I should get your order.
INFO:NAM1[0003A4EE]Oh. You. The cellar has been... sanitized, and ownership of the surgery has reverted to me. I hope you'll give us another chance.
INFO:NAM1[0003A543]Then you die. Any more questions?
INFO:NAM1[0003A544]Smart man. All right, get going.
INFO:NAM1[0003A545]Smart gal. All right, get going.
INFO:NAM1[0003A546]It's all here. Fine, you can go.
INFO:NAM1[0003A548]And if I don't?
INFO:NAM1[0003A54C]Out of my way.
INFO:NAM1[0003A551]Hold it right there. You want through, you gotta pay. 100 caps.
INFO:NAM1[0003A552]Hey, buddy! Toll here's 250 caps.
INFO:NAM1[0003A553]Not another step. We'll let you through for 500 caps.
INFO:NAM1[0003A60E]So is this your place?
INFO:NAM1[0003A60F]What was that argument about?
INFO:NAM1[0003A613]That's right. Owner, bartender, sympathetic ear. I try to provide a little oasis from the hardships of life.
INFO:NAM1[0003A635]Got plenty of drinks on tap.
INFO:NAM1[0003A636]You here for a beer, or maybe something a little stronger?
INFO:NAM1[0003A637]You look like a man who could use another drink.
INFO:NAM1[0003A638]You look like you could use another drink, darling.
INFO:NAM1[0003A639]I hope you're drinking, because if you're not, well, I really can't help you.
INFO:NAM1[0003A63A]Sorry you had to see that. Things are usually a lot quieter around here. Perfect place to drink, if you're buying.
INFO:NAM1[0003A9DD]That's more like it. I hope you stick around. I think we might become good friends.
INFO:NAM1[0003A9DE]You see, Darcy here likes to relax and enjoy life from time to time, and her husband Paul doesn't.
INFO:NAM1[0003A9DF]You come here often?
INFO:NAM1[0003A9E0]If you insist. Set the lady up with another drink, Cooke.
INFO:NAM1[0003A9E2]You don't look like you need another drink.
INFO:NAM1[0003A9E4]Sure. Get the lady another of whatever she's having.
INFO:NAM1[0003A9E5]As often as I can. Henry is so good at listening to my troubles.
INFO:NAM1[0003A9E6]Why don't you make yourself useful and buy me a drink or something?
INFO:NAM1[0003A9E7]You heard the man, Henry. Give me more of what I like.
INFO:NAM1[0003A9E8]Shut up. I don't come here to talk about Paul.
INFO:NAM1[0003A9E9]Aren't you all high and mighty, then? Why don't you get lost so I can drink in peace.
INFO:NAM1[0003A9EA]He's not a bad guy, really. Just a little uptight. Too bad he can't learn to relax, eh, Darcy?
INFO:NAM1[0003AC12]'Will you comply?'
INFO:NAM1[0003AC15]Cooperation acknowledged. Thank you.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC16]This ain't a charity. 500 caps, or you ain't goin' anywhere.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC17]Thank you for your cooperation.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC18]A mandatory curfew is in effect.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC19]This is pointless. The war is over.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC1C]Damn it. Kill 'em.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC1D]Commencing pacification.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC1E]Who the hell...? Get 'im!
INFO:NAM1[0003AC1F]Repeat, a mandatory curfew is in effect.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC20]Let me through. I'm on important military business!
INFO:NAM1[0003AC22]Repeat, will you comply?
INFO:NAM1[0003AC23]Target has refused to comply.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC24]We can't afford that! Please, we're just farmers, trying to get home.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC25]Get out of my way.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC26]Attention! Attention, all citizens!
INFO:NAM1[0003AC28]Civilian! A mandatory curfew is in effect. Return to your home immediately.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC2C]Under the terms of the Martial Law Act, Section 12.J, those refusing to comply with a curfew order are to be pacified.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC2D]What do we do, boss?
INFO:NAM1[0003AC2E]Curfew violation detected.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC2F]A... curfew?
INFO:NAM1[0003AC31]Run for it!
INFO:NAM1[0003AC32]Get going.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC33]No sudden moves.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC34]Get outta here.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC35]Keep moving.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC36]Outta my way.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC39]Move along, civilian.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC3A]You're clear, soldier. On your way.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC3B]Thanks, stranger. That's more than most would've done.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC3C]Damn thugs. What's this world comin' to?
INFO:NAM1[0003AC3D]You saved our lives. I... thank you. Thank you.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC3E]Thanks. Thanks again.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC3F]Return to your homes and await further instructions.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC40]Analyzing vocal patterns. Confidence interval... 60%. Affirmative. You may pass.
INFO:NAM1[0003AC42]By order of Provisional Governor Graham, a state of martial law has been declared.
INFO:NAM1[0003ADBB]That's it.
INFO:NAM1[0003ADBC]This task, of many years, hinges upon those Turbopump Bearings.
INFO:NAM1[0003ADBF]Trim the power on the starboard bow. Steady as she goes, Mr. Navigator.
INFO:NAM1[0003ADC0]I'll have none of your lip, Mr. Navigator. Have the crow's nest scan two points off the port bow. Jump to it.
INFO:NAM1[0003B17A]If you insist. Set her up with another drink, Cooke.
INFO:NAM1[0003B17B]Sure. Get her another of whatever she's having.
INFO:NAM1[0003B296]The Constitution is all ours.
INFO:NAM1[0003B297]Don't shoot! Those assholes didn't attack the ship on our orders. They weren't trying to frag you anyhow. They just wanted to kill the frickin' robots.
INFO:NAM1[0003B298]Gods be good, the scavenger assault has been broken. Not one of those scallywags stepped foot on our vessel. All hands, prepare ship for launch!
INFO:NAM1[0003B2B0]Troubles? What would you know about that?
INFO:NAM1[0003B2B1]Let's see if I can remember...
INFO:NAM1[0003B2B2]Lighten up, Darcy. This isn't your own private bar, no matter what you might think.
INFO:NAM1[0003B2B3]Free booze. The fastest way to your heart.
INFO:NAM1[0003B2B4]Leave me alone!
INFO:NAM1[0003B2B6]You heard the lady, Henry. Give me more of what I like.
INFO:NAM1[0003B2B7]Go on. Get out of here.
INFO:NAM1[0003B2B8]You son of a bitch!
INFO:NAM1[0003B2B9]You'd better get out of here. Before you do something stupid.
INFO:NAM1[0003B2BA]Well thank you very much. I think you and I are going to get along just fine.
INFO:NAM1[0003C434]Might want to pick up Earl's key from Vadim Bobrov. He runs the Dugout Inn.
INFO:NAM1[0003C435]Be sure to check every corner of Earl's house. Never know what kind of clues you'll find.
INFO:NAM1[0003C436]Interesting receipt. Looks like it's from the Mega Surgery Center.
INFO:NAM1[0003C437]Found some tracks of blood, eh? Might as well see where they go.
INFO:NAM1[0003C438]Sounds like the next stop in Earl's case is a dark, dank cellar. What's the worst that could happen?
INFO:NAM1[0003C5B6]Ms. Perkins...
INFO:NAM1[0003C608]Please, anyone - help us! We're stuck in an old bunker next to the river. Those things are crawling around up there... we're trapped!
INFO:NAM1[0003C608]If you can hear this just... kill those things and get us out of here. Please, we're running out of food. I'll give you whatever you want.
INFO:NAM1[0003C64C]Relax...it's all going to be over soon...
INFO:NAM1[0003C64D]Just one more loose end to tie up...
INFO:NAM1[0003C654]Doc Crocker killed Earl Sterling. See for yourself.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD79]Not interested. You'll have to solve your own problems.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD7A]Sounds like a tough situation.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD7D]Uh. Well... okay. I can only pay you 80 caps right now, but I'll scrape together more after we take care of Cooke.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD7E]What do you want?
INFO:NAM1[0003CD7F]Not interested.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD80]I'm supposed to pretend I don't know he's sleeping with her. Until he decides he's bored with her and she comes crawling back home to me.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD82]You got beaten up by the bartender.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD83]Okay, good. Good. I'm sure Cooke will back down once he sees you're with me.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD84]You and the bartender got in a fight.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD85]So where do I come in?
INFO:NAM1[0003CD86]You were in the Taphouse before, when...
INFO:NAM1[0003CD87]Yeah. Good old Henry Cooke, everybody's best pal. Especially Darcy's.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD89]Nice of you to call it a fight. But we both know what really happened. Cooke kicked my ass.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD8A]This will work better if I talk to Cooke by myself.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD8B]Everybody's got their problems, pal.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD8C]You don't know the half of it. But I'm not just going to sit here and let Cooke steal my wife and destroy my family.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD8D]Hey. You there. I, uh... I have a question for you.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD8E]I still need to ask you something.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD90]Yeah. Pretty pathetic, right?
INFO:NAM1[0003CD91]Okay. I'll help you.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD92]I don't really have time for this.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD93]I don't know why I expected you to help me.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD94]No, I need your help. I'll... I'll pay you. I've got some money, and I can get more.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD95]You tried to punch out the bartender. What was that all about?
INFO:NAM1[0003CD96]Go ahead, I'm listening.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD9B]I'm supposed to pretend I don't know he's sleeping with my wife.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD9B]Until he decides he's bored with her and she comes crawling back home to me.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD9C]I thought it was dead obvious. Cooke is sleeping with my wife.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD9C]And I'm supposed to just pretend I don't know. Until Cooke decides he's bored with her and she comes crawling back home to me.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD9D]You got your ass kicked by your wife's lover.
INFO:NAM1[0003CD9F]Guy's sleeping with my wife, and I can't even do anything about it.
INFO:NAM1[0003CDA0]A sad story, but nothing to do with me.
INFO:NAM1[0003CDA1]You were in the Taphouse before, when...
INFO:NAM1[0003CDA2]Wait, just hear me out. I'll make it worth your while.
INFO:NAM1[0003CDA2]You were in the Taphouse before, when...
INFO:NAM1[0003CFDE]I'm glad to be off the streets.
INFO:NAM1[0003CFDF]Is this the sort of place people live?
INFO:NAM1[0003CFE0]High Rise seems friendly.
INFO:NAM1[0003CFE1]Sorry, I'm really not used to small talk.
INFO:NAM1[0003D01D]They say I'll be ready to move out of here soon.
INFO:NAM1[0003D01E]It smells so different here.
INFO:NAM1[0003D01F]Thanks for helping us.
INFO:NAM1[0003D020]Just talking with people... it feels wrong.
INFO:NAM1[0003D022]High Rise runs a good safehouse.
INFO:NAM1[0003D023]Ticon's one of the few places I feel safe.
INFO:NAM1[0003D024]You're from HQ, right?
INFO:NAM1[0003D025]Running for the Railroad's never dull.
INFO:NAM1[0003D026]Nice job with H2.
INFO:NAM1[0003D047]Come to see the reactor, have you? We got it working without you.
INFO:NAM1[0003D048]You had me fooled. I really believed you were on our side.
INFO:NAM1[0003D04D]They know that you are my mother. That will be enough.
INFO:NAM1[0003D075]Nothing much we can do about it. We don't have the manpower to do anything aggressive.
INFO:NAM1[0003D076]Security bot's on the fritz again. Just wanted to let you know.
INFO:NAM1[0003D077]Hmm. What do you make of it?
INFO:NAM1[0003D078]I guess that's what we're paying them for. Go ahead and hire someone to replace him.
INFO:NAM1[0003D079]I suppose there's no help for it. Go ahead and hire someone to replace her.
INFO:NAM1[0003D07A]Emogene, dear, are you almost finished with your book?
INFO:NAM1[0003D07B]Emogene, are you done with that book you were reading?
INFO:NAM1[0003D07C]Lucifer's balls, not again! I swear, this neighborhood is getting worse all the time.
INFO:NAM1[0003D0BA]Good, good. You can use whatever funds you need to get it repaired.
INFO:NAM1[0003D0C7]Well. I'm sure you and your men will handle it. You always have.
INFO:NAM1[0003D0D1]Well, yeah, we don't have any choice. It's kind of... blown up, actually.
INFO:NAM1[0003D0D8]I don't think so. It's nothing major, just some overheating in a couple of the impeller motors.
INFO:NAM1[0003D0E0]Now I really do need to get back to work.
INFO:NAM1[0003D0E4]Now if you don't mind, I'd like to enjoy my dinner in peace.
INFO:NAM1[0003D0E8]If that's all, I'd like to eat in peace for a few minutes.
INFO:NAM1[0003D0F0]Hey, Jack, got a minute?
INFO:NAM1[0003D0F4]Excuse me, Jack. Can I talk to you about something?
INFO:NAM1[0003D0F8]Sorry to interrupt, Jack, but I need a quick word.
INFO:NAM1[0003D104]Just heard from Parsons. They're still seeing raiders around occasionally. Not attacking, just watching from a distance.
INFO:NAM1[0003D108]Hey, Jack, got a minute?
INFO:NAM1[0003D10A]Excuse me, Jack. Can I talk to you about something?
INFO:NAM1[0003D10B]Sorry to interrupt, Jack, but I need a quick word.
INFO:NAM1[0003D10D]Oh, good. I've been wanting to read it again. It's been a few years, I think.
INFO:NAM1[0003D10E]Well, you can just leave it out for me then. Thank, you dear.
INFO:NAM1[0003D10F]Well, then just leave it for me. I've been looking for something else to read.
INFO:NAM1[0003D111]There's no need to be so snippy about it, dear. I was just asking.
INFO:NAM1[0003D120]Well, I'd like to read it when you're done. I feel like I've read everything else a hundred times.
INFO:NAM1[0003D121]Oh. All right. Maybe I can find something else that I haven't read recently.
INFO:NAM1[0003D122]Now I really do need to get back to work.
INFO:NAM1[0003D123]Now if you don't mind, I'd like to enjoy my dinner in peace.
INFO:NAM1[0003D124]If that's all, I'd like to eat in peace for a few minutes.
INFO:NAM1[0003D125]Hey, Jack, got a minute?
INFO:NAM1[0003D126]Excuse me, Jack. Can I talk to you about something?
INFO:NAM1[0003D129]Sorry to interrupt, Jack, but I need a quick word.
INFO:NAM1[0003D12A]Hey, Jack, got a minute?
INFO:NAM1[0003D12B]Excuse me, Jack. Can I talk to you about something?
INFO:NAM1[0003D12C]Sorry to interrupt, Jack, but I need a quick word.
INFO:NAM1[0003D12D]Not yet, Mother.
INFO:NAM1[0003D12E]No, Mother, I'm still reading it.
INFO:NAM1[0003D12F]Yes, I just finished.
INFO:NAM1[0003D130]Again? Anything we need to worry about?
INFO:NAM1[0003D131]That's a shame. Anything I should be worried about?
INFO:NAM1[0003D132]Now I really do need to get back to work.
INFO:NAM1[0003D135]Now if you don't mind, I'd like to enjoy my dinner in peace.
INFO:NAM1[0003D144]If that's all, I'd like to eat in peace for a few minutes.
INFO:NAM1[0003D145]Um. Yes, I suppose so. What is it?
INFO:NAM1[0003D146]It can't wait? Fine. Let's hear it.
INFO:NAM1[0003D147]I'm sure it must be important for you to interrupt me. Go ahead.
INFO:NAM1[0003D148]I mean, I can pay you, but I've only got 80 caps. Sorry, I hope it's enough.
INFO:NAM1[0003D14A]Now? All right, I assume it must be important. Let's hear it.
INFO:NAM1[0003D172]Unexpected... by us... maybe... But perhaps not... Fat Fahey. I'm starting to... to see into his twisted plan. Agh! Damn this... gunshot wound!
INFO:NAM1[0003D173]Shhh... Be still, sweet Shroud. I removed that scumbag's slug, but you're sick with fever and still suffering.
INFO:NAM1[0003D174]We know you're in there! You are both wanted in connection with the murder of Mayor Murphy! Come out with your hands up!
INFO:NAM1[0003D175]Wait, it's clearing! Chief, they ain't here! They're gone!
INFO:NAM1[0003D176]That's it! We're coming in!
INFO:NAM1[0003D177]Ha! No, dear heart. The Shroud stumbled -- the Mistress maneuvered. I knew of the mayor's misdeeds for many days.
INFO:NAM1[0003D178]Stop, or we'll shoot! Men, open fire!
INFO:NAM1[0003D179]Hmph. Excuse my assumption that even the most astute attorney couldn't help us now.
INFO:NAM1[0003D17A]Incurring the wrath of Boston's finest is an unfortunate and unexpected annoyance.
INFO:NAM1[0003D17D]Jasmine, chamomile, pain... ecstasy. This can only be... The Parlor of Mysteries.
INFO:NAM1[0003D17E]Attention! Silver Shroud and Mistress of Mystery! This is Chief Corcoran of the Boston Police Department!
INFO:NAM1[0003D17F]You've been listening to "Galaxy News Radio" (A wholly owned subsidiary of Galaxy News Network)
INFO:NAM1[0003D180]Silver Shroud! Mistress of Mystery! Hands up, per order of the Boston Police!
INFO:NAM1[0003D181]I was hoping you'd say that, Officer Liebowitz. I was hoping you'd say that...
INFO:NAM1[0003D182]Look, heroes! We can clear this up! Come out now, unarmed! I'll see that you two get the best lawyers in the city!
INFO:NAM1[0003D183]Damn it! Where did this mist come from?
INFO:NAM1[0003D184]Hmm. It would seem that our leaving the scene of the Scollay slaughter was terribly timed.
INFO:NAM1[0003D185]When evil walks the streets of Boston, one man lurks in the shadows. Shielding the innocent. Judging the guilty. That guardian is... the Silver Shroud! Today's episode: In the Parlor of Mysteries!
INFO:NAM1[0003D186]I followed him to that fateful meeting with Fat Fahey. I was about to...
INFO:NAM1[0003D187]You're right, Mistress. We must away from your Parlor, and evade the police... Clear our names. And take... Fahey down!
INFO:NAM1[0003D188]Mistress of Mysteries! No, I'm... all right. But the mayor, Fat Fahey. We stumbled upon a most sinister plot, old friend.
INFO:NAM1[0003D18E]Chief Corcoran! I am Death's Shroud, but you are undeserved of my terrible justice. Think on my mercy!
INFO:NAM1[0003D18F]What will become of our stalwart hero? Find out what happens next week, on another exciting episode of... The Silver Shroud!
INFO:NAM1[0003D19D]Um. Yes, I suppose so. What is it?
INFO:NAM1[0003D1A5]It can't wait? Fine. Let's hear it.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1A6]I'm sure it must be important for you to interrupt me. Go ahead.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1A7]Now? All right, I assume it must be important. Let's hear it.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1A8]I wonder if it's time to just toss it out and find a new one.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1A9]Now I really do need to get back to work.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1AA]Now if you don't mind, I'd like to enjoy my dinner in peace.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1AB]If that's all, I'd like to eat in peace for a few minutes.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1B0]Nothing out of the ordinary. Roving deathclaw got into the grounds. We're lucky we only took one casualty.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1B1]Probably not. Raiders thinking they found some easy meat.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1B1]Sounds like we shot them up pretty badly. So I don't expect to see that gang again.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1B4]No, just a fluke. Hungry yao guai - you know, the bear things? Went after one of our patrols. Mauled her before they could bring it down.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1B7]I don't think so. Feral ghouls got him while he was patrolling the perimeter.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1B8]No, just the normal thing. Feral ghouls slipped inside the perimeter during the night.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1B9]Um. Yes, I suppose so. What is it?
INFO:NAM1[0003D1BA]It can't wait? Fine. Let's hear it.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1BB]I'm sure it must be important for you to interrupt me. Go ahead.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1BC]Now? All right, I assume it must be important. Let's hear it.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1BD]That's because we have. I must have read this one at least twenty times.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1BE]I don't even know why I'm reading this. I think I could recite it from memory, I've read it so many times.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1BF]We need some new books around here. I think I know them all by heart at this point.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1C0]Um. Yes, I suppose so. What is it?
INFO:NAM1[0003D1C1]It can't wait? Fine. Let's hear it.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1C2]I'm sure it must be important for you to interrupt me. Go ahead.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1C3]Now? All right, I assume it must be important. Let's hear it.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1C5]We've lost another guard at Parsons. I'm going to need to replace him.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1C6]One of the guards at Parsons was killed. I'll have to see about hiring a replacement for her.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1D5]Ready, ma'am?
INFO:NAM1[0003D1D6]Well then, get to it.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1D7]Report back to me when you have.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1D8]I look forward to it when you do.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1D9]Return to me when you're done.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1DA]Good, good. There's too much information out there, and it mustn't go to waste.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1DB]Excellent. A scribe's work is never done. There's always more knowledge out there.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1DC]Good, I'm glad to hear you say that. Most people don't realize how critical a good research patrol can be.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1DD]That's the spirit. While our scribes are well trained, combat is not their specialty.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1E2]Let me know if you're anxious to get back out there.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1E3]When you're ready for more, just say the word.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1E4]Once you're ready, come find me.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1E5]Report back to me when you're ready to head out again.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1E6]Recover that tech I sent you for?
INFO:NAM1[0003D1E7]You find that technology yet?
INFO:NAM1[0003D1E8]How's the tech recovery going? Find it yet?
INFO:NAM1[0003D1E9]Good, you're back. Hope that means you recovered the tech?
INFO:NAM1[0003D1EA]Good job. Hope it didn't give you any trouble.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1EB]Good work.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1EC]And still in good shape, too.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1ED]Good. I was hoping you'd bring it back safely.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1EE]My goodness, for the scribe's sake, I hope you haven't forgotten.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1EE]You were assigned a scribe to protect while he collects data from a given location.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1EE]Now, please tell me you were successful and the scribe is unharmed.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1EF]A simple research patrol: escort a scribe to a location where data may be extracted.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1EF]Have you been successful?
INFO:NAM1[0003D1F0]You were sent with a scribe to a location where potential data may be recovered. Hopefully, you were successful?
INFO:NAM1[0003D1F1]Your mission is to accompany a scribe to a location, protect the scribe as she collects data, and finally return safely back to headquarters.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1F1]Since you're back, I take it you've been successful?
INFO:NAM1[0003D1F3]Your mission is to accompany a scribe to a location, protect the scribe as he collects data, and finally return safely back to headquarters.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1F3]Since you're back, I take it you've been successful?
INFO:NAM1[0003D1F6]Not out to impress, I see. Well, check back in once you've got it.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1F7]Well, get to it. That tech's not waiting around for us to save it.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1F9]What are you waiting for? No time like the present.
INFO:NAM1[0003D1FF]Hey, now's the time. We can't risk losing that tech, so get your ass out there and get it.
INFO:NAM1[0003D203]Meet the scribe just outside the Prydwen.
INFO:NAM1[0003D203]You will escort and protect him while he collects data, and, most importantly, bring him back in one piece.
INFO:NAM1[0003D204]The scribe will meet you on the ground, just below.
INFO:NAM1[0003D204]Your mission is to escort and protect. I expect nothing less but success.
INFO:NAM1[0003D205]You'll rendezvous with the scribe on the ground. She'll have a location for you.
INFO:NAM1[0003D205]The patrol is a success once you've returned the scribe with the data. Zero casualties of course.
INFO:NAM1[0003D206]You'll rendezvous with the scribe on the ground. He'll have a location for you.
INFO:NAM1[0003D206]The patrol is a success once you've returned the scribe with the data. Zero casualties of course.
INFO:NAM1[0003D207]Meet the scribe on the ground. Your mission is to escort and protect a scribe while locating a data source.
INFO:NAM1[0003D207]Once found, the scribe will extract the data, and you'll return both data and scribe safely back to the base.
INFO:NAM1[0003D208]Your assigned scribe will meet you at the airport. There, she'll give you the research patrol location.
INFO:NAM1[0003D208]Return with both scribe and data intact, and your mission is complete.
INFO:NAM1[0003D209]Your assigned scribe will meet you at the airport. There, he'll give you the research patrol location.
INFO:NAM1[0003D209]Return with both scribe and data intact, and your mission is complete.
INFO:NAM1[0003D21C]Well done.
INFO:NAM1[0003D21D]Ah, wonderful.
INFO:NAM1[0003D21E]Good work.
INFO:NAM1[0003D21F]You know, the tech I sent you after for our scribes to study. Any luck with that recovery?
INFO:NAM1[0003D220]That would be the tech I asked you to recover so we can study it. Did you get it?
INFO:NAM1[0003D221]The tech I sent you after, of course. Did you get it?
INFO:NAM1[0003D221]I'd be more descriptive, but it's sort of an unknown. Otherwise, I wouldn't have sent you.
INFO:NAM1[0003D222]The tech for your recovery mission. Were you successful?
INFO:NAM1[0003D223]Really? That's the type of talk I'd expect from a civilian.
INFO:NAM1[0003D224]Please, there's no need for that.
INFO:NAM1[0003D225]Smart guy? I'd appreciate the comment if it weren't for your tone.
INFO:NAM1[0003D226]I prefer to be polite and ask rather than assume.
INFO:NAM1[0003D2B1]What difference does it make?
INFO:NAM1[0003D2B2]Well thanks for nothing. Should have known better than to trust you.
INFO:NAM1[0003D2B3]Good answer.
INFO:NAM1[0003D2B4]Now that is a very bad idea. You don't want to pull a gun on me unless you intend to use it.
INFO:NAM1[0003D2B6]Paul just asked me to come with him.
INFO:NAM1[0003D2B8]Better just shoot him, Paul.
INFO:NAM1[0003D2BA]I just like to know who to shoot at when the guns come out.
INFO:NAM1[0003D2BB]What the hell is this? And what are you doing here?
INFO:NAM1[0003D2BB]Don't tell me he's hired you to help lean on me?
INFO:NAM1[0003D2BC]Jesus, Paul, what now?
INFO:NAM1[0003D2BD]Just this. You leave Darcy alone, starting now. Or else.
INFO:NAM1[0003D2BE]Why don't you see if Cooke is going to listen?
INFO:NAM1[0003D2BF]I'm not with him. Just looking for a drink.
INFO:NAM1[0003D2C1]Is that how it is? Okay...
INFO:NAM1[0003D2C2]Paul, put the gun away. Nobody needs to get shot here.
INFO:NAM1[0003D2C3]You're making a mistake, getting mixed up in this.
INFO:NAM1[0003D2C4]Put the guns away before this gets out of hand.
INFO:NAM1[0003D2C5]It's time for you to shut up and listen, Cooke.
INFO:NAM1[0003D2C6]That's right. You should listen to what Paul has to say.
INFO:NAM1[0003D2C7]Well, I'm listening Paul. What do you have to say this time?
INFO:NAM1[0003D398]The only question left, then, is why you're standing here. Is it regret, or did you just come to gloat?
INFO:NAM1[0003D3B2]South Boston Checkpoint detected as requiring assistance. Engaging navigation routine.
INFO:NAM1[0003D3B3]Revere Satellite Array detected as requiring assistance. Engaging navigation routine.
INFO:NAM1[0003D3B4]Fort Hagan detected as requiring assistance. Engaging navigation routine.
INFO:NAM1[0003D600]You a trader? Sure, let me see what you've got.
INFO:NAM1[0003D601]Depends on what you're selling.
INFO:NAM1[0003D602]Then scram. I got business to do.
INFO:NAM1[0003D604]The name's Dreth. That's all you need to know.
INFO:NAM1[0003D604]Now, you here for business? Ain't got all night.
INFO:NAM1[0003D606]Mind a few questions?
INFO:NAM1[0003D608]No thanks.
INFO:NAM1[0003D609]Who are you? What are you doing out here?
INFO:NAM1[0003D60B]All right, let 'im through.
INFO:NAM1[0003D60C]All right, let 'er through.
INFO:NAM1[0003D610]Arms. Ammo. Guy like you's bound to find somethin'. Come on.
INFO:NAM1[0003D611]Arms. Ammo. Gal like you's bound to find somethin'. Come on.
INFO:NAM1[0003D612]Well, now, who's this? You here to trade, boy?
INFO:NAM1[0003D613]Well, now, who's this? You here to trade, sister?
INFO:NAM1[0003D614]At ease. He's a customer.
INFO:NAM1[0003D615]At ease. She's a customer.
INFO:NAM1[0003D617]Name's Dreth. That's all you need to know. Now... you buyin'?
INFO:NAM1[0003D618]Back for more?
INFO:NAM1[0003D619]Need a new gun? Ammo?
INFO:NAM1[0003D61A]It's late. Ya gonna buy somethin'?
INFO:NAM1[0003D61B]Talk is cheap. Everything else has its price. Now... you buyin' or not?
INFO:NAM1[0003D741]Keep talking.
INFO:NAM1[0003D742]We can always kill him later if it doesn't work out.
INFO:NAM1[0003D743]Oh, nothing much.
INFO:NAM1[0003D744]Your word? What's your fucking word worth, huh?
INFO:NAM1[0003D745]How are you going to make us all rich, Cooke?
INFO:NAM1[0003D746]Darcy, don't be rude to my customers.
INFO:NAM1[0003D747]I'll make it up to you! I know a way to get a lot of money. Right now.
INFO:NAM1[0003D747]You and I both know the only reason Darcy comes up here is she's pissed at you.
INFO:NAM1[0003D747]If you were flush again, everything would be different. Besides, I owe you. For what I've done.
INFO:NAM1[0003D748]Damn right it is.
INFO:NAM1[0003D74B]It's really none of your business, is it?
INFO:NAM1[0003D74C]To hell with both of you then!
INFO:NAM1[0003D74D]Look, I'll, uh, I'll stay away from Darcy from now on. It's over. You have my word on that.
INFO:NAM1[0003D74E]I'm going to choose to ignore that comment.
INFO:NAM1[0003D754]Hold on. I'm sure we can work this out.
INFO:NAM1[0003D755]Well... what do you think?
INFO:NAM1[0003D756]Gather round and I'll tell you.
INFO:NAM1[0003D758]Wait. I can make this right, Paul.
INFO:NAM1[0003D759]Sounds like a win-win to me.
INFO:NAM1[0003D75B]I get it, Paul. You've got every right to be pissed off at me. But we can work this out.
INFO:NAM1[0003D75C]He'd say anything right now to save his skin.
INFO:NAM1[0003D784]Who's there?
INFO:NAM1[0003DAE1]Now, I don't mean to be a drag, but I got a business here.
INFO:NAM1[0003DAEA]Back to the matter at hand, though. Chems.
INFO:NAM1[0003DAF2]Where were we? Oh, yes! Your new face is waiting for you on the surgery table.
INFO:NAM1[0003DAF3]Now I really must insist that we talk about that face of yours. So many fantastic modifications available...
INFO:NAM1[0003DAF4]Now, let's talk business. I could work magic with your hair.
INFO:NAM1[0003DAF5]Look, can we get back to business? I got a clean pair of scissors and an empty chair right here.
INFO:NAM1[0003DE3F]Here's your payment and a little bonus for getting the right shade of green. Don't do anything with it I wouldn't do.
INFO:NAM1[0003DE40]Here's your payment. Now get going. I got work to do.
INFO:NAM1[0003DE41]Don't worry. I won't.
INFO:NAM1[0003DF9C]What kind of trouble?
INFO:NAM1[0003DF9D]Just give me the details.
INFO:NAM1[0003DF9E]There's not a Raider alive who 'troubles' me.
INFO:NAM1[0003DF9F]Tell me what's going on.
INFO:NAM1[0003DFA0]I'm glad you're here. We've been having some trouble with raiders.
INFO:NAM1[0003E087]Careful, kid. There somethin' comin'. And it is... angry.
INFO:NAM1[0003E0BF]Thanks again for the fern. Plants like that are hard to come by. Now, you here to pickup some chems?
INFO:NAM1[0003E0C0]Hey, it's the fern collector. Thanks again. You buyin'?
INFO:NAM1[0003E0C3]We're never going to get ahead if we keep having to pay tribute to these raiders all the time.
INFO:NAM1[0003E0C4]Damn raiders. They barely leave us enough to survive.
INFO:NAM1[0003E0C6]They showed up in force a few days ago.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2DB]Not yet. Isn't it enough that I had Edward send someone to track her down again?
INFO:NAM1[0003E2DC]I'm sorry I mentioned it. I didn't know that I was such a burden to you. It's fine, don't worry about it. I'll just do without.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2DD]Oh for heaven's sake, Mother. Don't you have anything else to worry about?
INFO:NAM1[0003E2DE]Jack, dear, I'm worried that supplies are running a bit low.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2DF]For heaven's sake, Mother. I'll have Edward find more for you. I'm sure he doesn't have anything better to do.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2E0]Enough, Mother. We don't have Edward to run errands for you any more. You're just going to have to do without sometimes.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2E1]I do wish you would remember to dress for dinner more often. We do have standards to maintain in this family.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2E2]Thank you, Jack. It's not an emergency or anything, of course.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2E3]Poor, dear Edward. How I miss him. He always took such good care of me.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2E4]Not just that. But now that you mention it, I have noticed that we have nearly run out of a couple of things.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2E5]Please, Mother. I need to get back to work.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2E6]I really wish you wouldn't bother me when I'm working.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2E7]I can't get anything done with these constant interruptions, Mother.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2E8]Hmph. Things have come to quite a sorry state if people can't even be bothered to dress for dinner.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2E9]Jack, have you heard anything about Emogene yet?
INFO:NAM1[0003E2EA]You could show a little bit more concern about your own sister.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2EC]Please, Mother. I need to get back to work.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2ED]I really wish you wouldn't bother me when I'm working.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2EE]I can't get anything done with these constant interruptions, Mother.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2EF]You know they aren't making that anymore, don't you Mother? I can't just send someone down to the liquor store for more.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2F1]Please, Mother. I need to get back to work.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2F2]I really wish you wouldn't bother me when I'm working.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2F3]I can't get anything done with these constant interruptions, Mother.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2F4]Jack, I think you're spending too much time in your lab. I feel like I never see you any more.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2F5]Jack, I think you're working too much. You need to give yourself some time off.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2F6]Jack, it seems like I hardly see you. You spend all your time working.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2F7]Of course, Jack, of course. I just worry about you, that's all.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2F8]Well, you know we all are grateful for everything you do. I just think you work too hard, is all.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2F9]I know you think I'm just nagging you. But if your own mother isn't allowed to worry about you, who is?
INFO:NAM1[0003E2FA]Don't mind me.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2FB]Just making my rounds.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2FC]Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt.
INFO:NAM1[0003E2FD]Supplies? You mean the liquor cabinet is getting empty again?
INFO:NAM1[0003E2FE]Oh, Edward... did you need something?
INFO:NAM1[0003E2FF]Hmm? Is anything wrong?
INFO:NAM1[0003E300]What is it, Edward?
INFO:NAM1[0003E302]Please, Mother. I need to get back to work.
INFO:NAM1[0003E303]I really wish you wouldn't bother me when I'm working.
INFO:NAM1[0003E304]I can't get anything done with these constant interruptions, Mother.
INFO:NAM1[0003E306]Please, Mother. I need to get back to work.
INFO:NAM1[0003E307]I really wish you wouldn't bother me when I'm working.
INFO:NAM1[0003E308]I can't get anything done with these constant interruptions, Mother.
INFO:NAM1[0003E309]My work is important. You know that. And this time, I think I'm really getting close to a breakthrough.
INFO:NAM1[0003E30A]You know why I spend all my time in the lab. There have been so many dead ends, but I feel like I'm getting close to a solution this time.
INFO:NAM1[0003E30B]I don't have time to take any breaks. The readings from Parsons are... well, I just don't know that the containment will hold forever.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4C5]Pardon me, ma'am.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4C6]Apologies, sir.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4C7]Apologies, ma'am.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4C8]Can't wait all day, ma'am.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4C9]Standing by, sir.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4CA]Standing by, ma'am.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4CB]On your order, sir.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4CC]On your order, ma'am.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4D2]All right.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4D4]That's what I like to hear.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4D5]Yes, sir.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4D6]Yes, ma'am.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4DD]Here's the location. I'll follow your lead, ma'am.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4DE]I'll mark the location on your map.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4DE]After you, sir.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4DF]I'll mark the location on your map.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4DF]After you, ma'am.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4E0]This is the area. Lead on, sir.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4E1]This is the area. Lead on, ma'am.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4E6]Reporting for duty, sir.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4E7]Reporting for duty, ma'am.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4E8]Simple tech recovery. I give you a location, you find the tech and bring it back here.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4E9]Retrieve a piece of tech from a given location, while eliminating any opposition.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4EA]Go to an area, locate the tech, and bring it back here, safe and sound.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4EB]You'll be locating a piece of tech in a given location. And be prepared to deal with some opposition along the way.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4EC]Area's on your map. Good luck.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4ED]Here's the area. Be careful.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4EE]I marked the location on your map. Stay alert.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4EF]You've got the area on your map, so move it.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4F1]Research patrol. I'm collecting data, and you're watching my back, ma'am.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4F2]Search and retrieve research patrol, sir. I collect data, you watch my back.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4F3]Search and retrieve research patrol, ma'am. I collect data, you watch my back.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4F4]Standard research patrol, sir. I extract data while you keep us alive.
INFO:NAM1[0003E4F5]Standard research patrol, ma'am. I extract data while you keep us alive.
INFO:NAM1[0003E7A9]Here's some... calling cards, I guess. When you dispatch justice leave them behind. That way everyone knows the Silver Shroud has returned.
INFO:NAM1[0003E7A9]Time to fight crime!
INFO:NAM1[0003EC65]Come on, Darcy! Let's go!
INFO:NAM1[0003EF7B]Distributors. Always trying to talk their way into a bigger cut of the profit.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF7B]I'm Theodore Collins and I run Longneck Lukowski's. Purveyor of the finest canned food in all the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF7D]Really? That would be great. Can't stand the little buggers myself.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF7D]I'll even give you a little something for your trouble.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF81]Are you interested in buying some of Longneck Lukowski's delicious Canned Meat?
INFO:NAM1[0003EF82]We've got a fresh batch of Longneck Lukowski's Canned Meat, just put out yesterday. You looking to buy?
INFO:NAM1[0003EF83]Bet you work up quite an appetite traveling. Wouldn't you like to sate that hunger with a good can of Longneck Lukowski's?
INFO:NAM1[0003EF84]Seven out of ten people prefer our Longneck Lukowski's Canned Meat over even fresh Brahmin. Looking to try it for your self?
INFO:NAM1[0003EF85]We buy old cans and the best meat the commonwealth has so we can offer the finest product on the market. Looking to take a few cans home with you?
INFO:NAM1[0003EF86]People get sick all the time. That has nothing to do with my product.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF86]Besides, I'm only selling the meat you people bring me. If there's something wrong with it, it's your own damn fault.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF87]We'll also buy any cans or meat you've got to sell for a good price.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF88]Tell your friends. Longneck Lukowski's. It's the best.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF89]Oh, so now it's my fault?
INFO:NAM1[0003EF89]Forget it. The deals off. You want to sell your "Product" to the people out there? Then you can get out there and do it your damned self.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF8A]What was that about people getting sick?
INFO:NAM1[0003EF8B]What do you mean contaminated?
INFO:NAM1[0003EF8C]So I can have a look around?
INFO:NAM1[0003EF90]I'm sorry but ten cans is all I can commit to right now.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF90]It was selling like crazy for a while there, but there's been talk about people getting sick...
INFO:NAM1[0003EF91]What? Hey! Aw come on...
INFO:NAM1[0003EF91]Fine. Leave. You'll be back!
INFO:NAM1[0003EF95]Ten cans? You can't take only ten cans. You know it tastes better than that old Cram or Brahmin that's been sitting out in the sun for days.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF95]There are people out there who are hungry, you've just got to sell up the product a bit more.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF96]Not interested right now.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF97]Might be. Let's see what you've got.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF98]I might be able to take care of that mole rat problem for you.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF99]Look, she was just angling for a better deal.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF99]A few people may have gotten sick, but I mean, a couple of contaminated cans doesn't mean it isn't still the best product.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF9A]There might have been some mole rats that got in to the machinery. Couple of cans probably just didn't get sealed right and spoiled.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF9A]But I swear to you that I run a clean shop. If you went back there right now, you wouldn't see a single molerat near the machines.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF9A]Except on the cutting table. But there's nothing wrong with molerat meat. We use a mix to give you the best of everything.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF9B]Boy, you are persistent, aren't you?
INFO:NAM1[0003EF9B]Well, the customer is always right, I always say. You're welcome to have a look.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF9C]Yeah, fine. Just... stay out of my stuff.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF9D]Oh uh... Sorry you had to see that. Just some trade negotiations.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF9E]Hey there partner.
INFO:NAM1[0003EF9F]Couldn't stay away huh?
INFO:NAM1[0003EFA0]If it isn't my favorite customer.
INFO:NAM1[0003F27F]If you need something, ask Alexis. I can't make heads or tails of her sorting.
INFO:NAM1[0003F280]Keep walking, outsider. Just because you wear a Vault suit doesn't mean you're one of us.
INFO:NAM1[0003F281]Whoa! A real, live Commonwealth person. You dress funny.
INFO:NAM1[0003F282]I wish my mom and dad wouldn't fight so much.
INFO:NAM1[0003F283]Your hair is a mess. Want me to fix it?
INFO:NAM1[0003F284]After living in the Vault, I can't imagine trying to make a living back out there in the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1[0003F285]Hungry? Talk to Maria. She makes the best pies in the Vault.
INFO:NAM1[0003F286]If you're hungry, Maria can rustle you up some chow.
INFO:NAM1[0003F287]Glad the day's over with. These old bones need a good rest.
INFO:NAM1[0003F288]Let me catch my breath. I ain't as young as I used to be.
INFO:NAM1[0003F289]Do you need something? I'm rather busy at the moment.
INFO:NAM1[0003F28A]I hope we have enough gauze.
INFO:NAM1[0003F28E]Oh, dear. I seem to have misplaced one of my instruments. Now where could it be...
INFO:NAM1[0003F28F]My latest batch of fruit is doing quite well.
INFO:NAM1[0003F291]I wish there were more children to fill my classroom.
INFO:NAM1[0003F295]Fix this. Fix that. It never ends.
INFO:NAM1[0003F295]Good thing we have Old Rusty, or nothing would ever get done around here.
INFO:NAM1[0003F296]Can't wait 'til I'm off shift. I'm going to get wasted tonight.
INFO:NAM1[0003F46C]I have... contacts. People I can count on. Real tough looking, but they will take dive for money.
INFO:NAM1[0003F46C]They confront Travis here at Dugout. You step in and give him push he needs to stand up to them.
INFO:NAM1[0003F46C]Then you and Travis take them down, nothing gets too rough, and Travis has something he can feel good about.
INFO:NAM1[0003F46C]Simple, right?
INFO:NAM1[0003F6F6]What the?
INFO:NAM1[0003F7CF]Last chance - are you going to stay away from Darcy or not?
INFO:NAM1[0003F7EB]Do we really need to do this the hard way?
INFO:NAM1[0003F7F6]You're Henry Cooke, right?
INFO:NAM1[0003F7F7]What were you arguing about?
INFO:NAM1[0003F889]I didn't want it to end like this, Shaun. I'm not a monster.
INFO:NAM1[0003F88A]Shaun, if you help me, fewer people will die. Will you?
INFO:NAM1[0003F88B]Why would I ever consider helping you?
INFO:NAM1[0003F88C]I'll have no hand in what you're doing. Now go. Leave me.
INFO:NAM1[0003F88D]This isn't some fairy tale, father. There's no saving me. I'm dying, and you're going to destroy everything I've ever loved.
INFO:NAM1[0003F88E]This isn't some fairy tale, mother. There's no saving me. I'm dying, and you're going to destroy everything I've ever loved.
INFO:NAM1[0003F88F]Shaun, I... I hoped there was something more I could do. I wanted to save you.
INFO:NAM1[0003F890]Get out of here.
INFO:NAM1[0003F891]I wanted to see you one last time before your whole empire comes crashing down around you.
INFO:NAM1[0003F892]If that's what you'll tell yourself so you can sleep at night, so be it. Now go. Leave me.
INFO:NAM1[0003FA95]Do you remember Dr. Li?
INFO:NAM1[0003FB1C]What is it now, Mother?
INFO:NAM1[0003FB1D]Oh for heaven's sake, Mother.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB1F]Night, Mother.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB20]Good night.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB21]Emogene, dear, can we talk about something for a minute?
INFO:NAM1[0003FB22]Whatever you say, Mother.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB23]Yes, Mother.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB24]Well, I do hope you can finally find a nice man to settle down with.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB25]Have you ever been outside this house since the war? Have you seen what it's like out there?
INFO:NAM1[0003FB25]Do you really think I want to bring children into that kind of world?
INFO:NAM1[0003FB26]Good night, Jack.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB27]Good night.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB28]Well, now, there's no reason to get so upset. A mother has a right to talk to her own daughter about these things.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB4C]Well, the Cabots have never been most people. I just think he should try his best to maintain the standards we're used to.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB4D]Good heavens. I really do have to talk to him. Serving us mystery meat, of all things!
INFO:NAM1[0003FB4E]Well I for one am not willing to let these things slide. We are the Cabots, after all. It's expected that we maintain a certain standard.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB4F]Not at the moment. You'll be the first to know if I get a new boyfriend, though.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB50]Not this again.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB51]I don't see any chance of Jack ever getting married, so... it's really up to you to carry on the family line.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB58]Oh, hello Mother.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB64]Hello, Mother.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB65]I mean, I think yesterday he actually served us canned peas!
INFO:NAM1[0003FB66]I don't think the meat he served last night was beef. It had a funny aftertaste to it.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB67]He served us a red wine with chicken! I mean, really. If we had had guests, I'd have been mortified.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB6D]Hello, Jack.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB6E]Jack, how are you?
INFO:NAM1[0003FB70]Hello, Emogene.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB71]Hello, dear.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB72]Hello, darling.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB73]I just think he may not be putting quite as much effort into it as he used to.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB74]I'm not sure he's keeping up to his usual standards. I may have to talk to him about it.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB75]I think he may be slacking off a bit in the kitchen. Perhaps he thinks nobody is paying attention any more.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB76]Good night, dear.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB77]Good night, Emogene.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB78]How have you found Edward's cooking lately?
INFO:NAM1[0003FB79]Emogene, have you noticed any change in our meals recently?
INFO:NAM1[0003FB7A]I hate to bring it up, but I've been starting to wonder about Edward's cooking.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB7B]Oh, nothing, really. I was just wondering if you had a new man in your life.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB7C]Mother, you do realize that we are lucky to have canned peas. Most people nowadays don't even have enough to eat.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB7D]I'm sure it wasn't beef. There aren't any cows any more, Mother. It's better not to think about it too much.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB7E]For one thing, it wasn't chicken. For another thing, you should be glad to have any wine at all.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB7E]I can't imagine where he gets it from these days.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB7F]Yes, Mother?
INFO:NAM1[0003FB80]Um. I haven't noticed anything different.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB81]It's not something I usually worry about.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB82]Oh, yes. It's been really bothering me lately.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB83]Hello, Mother.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB84]Mother, hello.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB85]Mother, how are you.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB86]You know how I've always wanted grandchildren...
INFO:NAM1[0003FB87]I guess I'm going to have to get used to the idea that I'm actually an old lady now.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB88]I always knew we shouldn't be using the serum, but who could resist such a temptation?
INFO:NAM1[0003FB89]Mother has... passed. She just couldn't survive for long without the serum.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB8A]This was all so unnecessary.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB8B]He was going to... kill me. Kill all of us...
INFO:NAM1[0003FB8D]Let's eat.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB8E]I'm hungry. Let's eat.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB8F]Who's hungry?
INFO:NAM1[0003FB90]Good night, Mother.
INFO:NAM1[0003FB91]Good night.
INFO:NAM1[0003FBB7]We're fortunate that the rocket engine fired instead of blowing itself apart.
INFO:NAM1[0003FBB8]Looks like we've secured the core. Let's head up to the control room.
INFO:NAM1[0003FBCD]The terminal behind me... Enter access code 9003.
INFO:NAM1[0003FBCF]Help me, and we can try and minimize the casualties in all this. You want your people to survive, don't you?
INFO:NAM1[0003FBD0]Now go. Just... leave me.
INFO:NAM1[0003FBD2]I won't help you destroy the Institute. Just... get out of here.
INFO:NAM1[0003FBD3]You know what? Forget it. I don't need you.
INFO:NAM1[0003FBD5]I wouldn't trust you with anything, let alone their lives. Just... get out of here.
INFO:NAM1[0003FBD9]Yes, you tell yourself that. Now go. Leave me.
INFO:NAM1[0003FBDC]Institute personnel won't last long above ground. Especially if I'm hunting them down. Give me a reason not to.
INFO:NAM1[0003FBE0]That will disable some of the synths.
INFO:NAM1[0003FBE1]That will disable the turrets.
INFO:NAM1[0003FBF0]No. I won't help you. Not now, not... ever. Just... go.
INFO:NAM1[0003FBF4]Help me, and I promise I'll protect any survivors to the best of my ability.
INFO:NAM1[0003FC0E]Proctor Ingram, about the Signal Interceptor...
INFO:NAM1[0003FC2E]Hey, synth.
INFO:NAM1[0003FC2F]No sudden moves.
INFO:NAM1[0003FC36]Stay where I can see you.
INFO:NAM1[0003FE88]And the kicker is it ain't me. How should I feel about this?
INFO:NAM1[0003FE8A]Ah, no fun. This was just getting good.
INFO:NAM1[0003FE8B]Getting rid of Sinjin helps you, too. Some appreciation is in order.
INFO:NAM1[0003FE8E]It's a win-win. If you don't deal with him then you're going to be the ex-Silver Shroud. Dig?
INFO:NAM1[0003FE8F]Now, now, friend, everything is my business. But don't worry, I like your style.
INFO:NAM1[0003FE90]Whatever it's about, be careful Shroud, we're all with you.
INFO:NAM1[0003FE92]No one does. He's a behind-the-scenes kind of guy.
INFO:NAM1[0003FE92]But you keep poking his people with a machine gun and he'll come out of hiding.
INFO:NAM1[0003FE93]It really doesn't. But in a burg full of weird, you stand out. And that ain't easy, man.
INFO:NAM1[0003FE94]Sinjin thinks he's above judgment. But no one is safe from the Silver Shroud.
INFO:NAM1[0003FE97]Leveled some farms. Napalmed his own men to end a couple enemies. But besides his dark deeds, nobody knows nothing.
INFO:NAM1[0003FE97]If he ain't dealt with now in a couple years it may take an army to end him.
INFO:NAM1[0003FE98]Another headliner. Hancock seeks a special meeting with our hero, the Silver Shroud.
INFO:NAM1[0003FE9A]You're the one with a maniac gunning for you. So here's to the common cause.
INFO:NAM1[0003FE9A]Besides, you deal with Sinjin, and I'm inclined to show you some gratitude. You feel me?
INFO:NAM1[0003FE9B]The low-lives you took out all belong to the same asshole. And that asshole's planning some old-fashioned revenge on you. You dig?
INFO:NAM1[0003FE9C]Got a lead on two of his own: Smiling Kate and Northy. Smiley is gathering a posse to take you out.
INFO:NAM1[0003FE9C]And Northy is just running scared. Hired himself some goons and is holding up in Prospect.
INFO:NAM1[0003FE9C]Just keep piling those body bags up until you find the location of the big guy himself.
INFO:NAM1[0003FE9D]Fortunate for you, I want Sinjin to take a dirt nap. He's taken two bit raider outfits and made them... scary. Small fish now, but if left alone...
INFO:NAM1[0003FE9E]You're priceless. Like the Silver Shroud himself walked out of a comic book into my den. Just priceless.
INFO:NAM1[0003FE9F]Calling all Silver Shroud fans. A once in a lifetime announcement.
INFO:NAM1[0003FEA0]Many have sought to pierce the Shroud. To no avail.
INFO:NAM1[0003FEA3]He will be judged for his crimes.
INFO:NAM1[0003FEA6]Have I crossed a line?
INFO:NAM1[0003FEA7]The Silver Shroud returns and he's going to clean up the streets.
INFO:NAM1[0003FEA8]I'm not telling you.
INFO:NAM1[0003FEA9]I'll throw you some caps up front to help with the cause.
INFO:NAM1[0003FEA9]Once you deal with Sinjin then I'll show you some more gratitude on the back end. You feel me?
INFO:NAM1[0003FEAC]So you're using me to take care of your dirty laundry?
INFO:NAM1[0003FEAD]However you like.
INFO:NAM1[0003FEAE]Everyone heard how Wayne Delancy m-murdered poor Miss Selmy and her kid, over a few lousy caps.
INFO:NAM1[0003FEAF]Same reason as you, pal.
INFO:NAM1[0003FEB0]Don't get killed. You deal with Sinjin and I'm inclined to show you some gratitude. You feel me?
INFO:NAM1[0003FEB2]Maybe I'll help.
INFO:NAM1[0003FEB5]It's none of your business.
INFO:NAM1[0003FEB7]Does it matter?
INFO:NAM1[0003FEB8]You don't know where Sinjin is?
INFO:NAM1[0003FEBB]What do you know about him?
INFO:NAM1[0003FEBC]You've been busy scaring people. Bashing in a few faces. I respect that. So far.
INFO:NAM1[0003FEBD]This neighborhood is ill. I am the cure.
INFO:NAM1[0003FEBF]All by your lonesome you took down the big bad Sinjin. We get to walk that tight rope of freedom one more day.
INFO:NAM1[0003FEC0]You just don't stop. Stay you, pal.
INFO:NAM1[0003FEC1]This sounds like your problem, not mine.
INFO:NAM1[0003FEC3]Trust me, he needs a lot of judging.
INFO:NAM1[0003FEC4]I don't know. Let's recap.
INFO:NAM1[000422D8]This idiot was trying to pal around with a bunch of mirelurks?
INFO:NAM1[000422D9]This civilian's efforts to befriend these mirelurks was misguided... and fatal.
INFO:NAM1[000422DB]This idiot got what was comin' to him.
INFO:NAM1[000422DD]Moron got herself killed. Got another?
INFO:NAM1[000422DE]How'd it go? Successful I bet.
INFO:NAM1[000422E0]Look who's back. I take it everything went without a hitch?
INFO:NAM1[000422E1]Hope you got some good news for me.
INFO:NAM1[000422E3]Ah, my legs on the ground. You get those farmers to cooperate?
INFO:NAM1[000422E4]Can I help you?
INFO:NAM1[000422E6]Why do I get the impression I don't want to hear what you have to say?
INFO:NAM1[000422E7]What are you doing here?
INFO:NAM1[000422E8]You don't look like you're here to trade.
INFO:NAM1[000422E9]As promised, here are your caps as payment.
INFO:NAM1[000422E9]If you want to hit up another farm, just say the word.
INFO:NAM1[000422EA]Here are your caps as per our agreement.
INFO:NAM1[000422EA]Plenty of farms out there to cross off the list, if you're interested.
INFO:NAM1[000422EB]Your payment as discussed.
INFO:NAM1[000422EB]Let me know if you feel like heading back down.
INFO:NAM1[000422EC]Here. Your caps, just as we agreed.
INFO:NAM1[000422EC]If you got the time, I got a few more farms for you to hit.
INFO:NAM1[000422ED]The Brotherhood honors those who gave their lives in the line of duty. You'd do well to remember that, Knight.
INFO:NAM1[000422EE]The Brotherhood honors those who gave their lives in the line of duty. You'd do well to remember that, Paladin.
INFO:NAM1[000422EF]The Brotherhood honors those who gave their lives in the line of duty. You'd do well to remember that, Sentinel.
INFO:NAM1[000422F0]If you don't do away with that attitude, we'll all be wishing it were the other way around.
INFO:NAM1[000422F1]Speaking ill of the dead, are we? In other words, you mean your mission failed.
INFO:NAM1[000422F3]A scribe is no "moron" as you put it. We owe all our intel and support to them.
INFO:NAM1[000422F9]I'll mark the farm on your map. Remember, "guaranteed" cooperation.
INFO:NAM1[000422FA]You'll find the farm on your map. Don't forget, you get their cooperation by any means necessary.
INFO:NAM1[000422FB]Here's the farm. I've no doubt you'll convince those simple little civilians.
INFO:NAM1[000422FC]The farm's on your map. Introduce those civilians to the power of persuasion.
INFO:NAM1[00042304]And here. For your troubles. There's plenty of material out there, so let me know if you're still interested in lending a hand.
INFO:NAM1[00042305]Here's your payment. Now, we do have more scribes lined up and ready to go. Be sure to find me if you can assist again.
INFO:NAM1[00042306]Here's a small reward for your efforts. Let me know if we may utilize your assistance in the future.
INFO:NAM1[00042309]Here's payment for a job well done. Please, if you can spare the time for another patrol, come find me.
INFO:NAM1[0004230A]Our scribes are prepared to make the sacrifice in pursuit of furthering the Brotherhood's knowledge.
INFO:NAM1[0004230A]So, once you're ready, another scribe will be, too.
INFO:NAM1[0004230B]Another scribe will be prepped should you choose to take on another research patrol.
INFO:NAM1[0004230B]But please, do be more careful next time.
INFO:NAM1[0004230C]Rest if you need it. And if you're willing to take on another research patrol, a scribe will made ready to go.
INFO:NAM1[0004230C]Just exercise a tad more caution next time.
INFO:NAM1[0004230D]In the meantime, another scribe will begin preparations to accompany you should you decide to accept another research patrol.
INFO:NAM1[0004230D]Only, please, keep both eyes open next time.
INFO:NAM1[0004230E]Another farm awaits your presence.
INFO:NAM1[0004230F]I got another farm all picked out for you.
INFO:NAM1[00042313]I got word of another supply location.
INFO:NAM1[00042314]I hear there's another farm just waiting for you to pay it a visit.
INFO:NAM1[00042315]Good work. I knew counting on you was the right thing.
INFO:NAM1[00042316]I knew you'd be the right one for the job.
INFO:NAM1[00042317]Couldn't have done a better job myself.
INFO:NAM1[00042318]You sure get the job done, don't you?
INFO:NAM1[00042319]A most worrisome answer, Paladin. Do come back when you know for certain.
INFO:NAM1[0004231A]A most worrisome answer, Sentinel. Do come back when you know for certain.
INFO:NAM1[0004231B]That scribe is your responsibility, Knight. Come back when you do.
INFO:NAM1[0004231C]That scribe is your responsibility, Paladin. Come back when you do.
INFO:NAM1[0004231D]That scribe is your responsibility, Sentinel. Come back when you do.
INFO:NAM1[00042320]Not the answer I expected. When you do, let me know.
INFO:NAM1[00042322]You don't know? Well get back out there and figure it out.
INFO:NAM1[00042323]Oh dear. This does not bode well.
INFO:NAM1[00042324]That's what I like to hear.
INFO:NAM1[00042325]Thought you would be.
INFO:NAM1[00042326]Knew I could count on you.
INFO:NAM1[00042328]You're lucky this cage is here, and I'm feeling generous.
INFO:NAM1[00042329]I take it that means you didn't have a good time.
INFO:NAM1[0004232A]Well aren't you the little firecracker.
INFO:NAM1[0004232B]Whoa, someone blow out your birthday candles?
INFO:NAM1[0004233E]Protect the scribe during data recovery. Fairly easy to remember.
INFO:NAM1[0004234B]You were assigned a scribe to escort and...
INFO:NAM1[0004234B]I do hope you're not bringing me bad news about the scribe.
INFO:NAM1[0004234C]Your mission is to escort and protect one of our scribes while they recover data. I take it the scribe returned with you?
INFO:NAM1[0004235F]Quite simple, escort and protect one of the Brotherhood scribes on a research patrol.
INFO:NAM1[0004235F]I take it the scribe returned safely with you?
INFO:NAM1[00042360]Now, that's a real shame. Offer's still here if you change your mind.
INFO:NAM1[00042361]Don't forget, there's caps in it for you. Come back if you change your mind.
INFO:NAM1[00042362]I get it, it's not the most enticing of jobs. Let me know if you have second thoughts.
INFO:NAM1[00042363]Well, the offer still stands. I'm always looking for help when I can get it, and you know where to find me.
INFO:NAM1[00042364]Can't blame a guy for trying. If you decide you're interested, I'll be here. This cage ain't lettin' me out anytime soon.
INFO:NAM1[00042365]Welcome back, Knight. And how did the scribe fair on the mission?
INFO:NAM1[00042366]Welcome back, Paladin. And how did the scribe fair on the mission?
INFO:NAM1[00042367]Welcome back, Sentinel. And how did the scribe fair on the mission?
INFO:NAM1[00042368]Good to see you again. And how faired the scribe on the mission?
INFO:NAM1[00042375]Back already? I hope there weren't any issues with the scribe?
INFO:NAM1[00042376]I didn't expect to see you so soon. There wasn't any trouble with the scribe, was there?
INFO:NAM1[00042377]Essentially, the mission failed.
INFO:NAM1[0004237A]So, the scribe was killed which means the data was lost which means you failed to complete.
INFO:NAM1[0004237B]A real shame, Knight.
INFO:NAM1[0004237C]A real shame, Paladin.
INFO:NAM1[0004237D]A real shame, Sentinel.
INFO:NAM1[0004237F]Didn't make it? So the mission failed and the data is lost. A real shame. I expected more from you, Knight.
INFO:NAM1[00042381]It's shocking really... the loss. However, these patrols must go on.
INFO:NAM1[00042382]A sad loss. Her memory will be upheld and honored, and the research patrols will continue.
INFO:NAM1[00042383]A sad loss. His memory will be upheld and honored, and the research patrols will continue.
INFO:NAM1[0004238A]I will notify the proper parties. In the meantime, these patrols must continue. They are essential to our cause.
INFO:NAM1[0004238B]On the bright side, giving one's life for duty is an honorable and brave way to go. We should all be so lucky.
INFO:NAM1[0004238C]Be sure you do.
INFO:NAM1[00042396]Looking forward to it.
INFO:NAM1[00042397]And hopefully with good news.
INFO:NAM1[00042398]You better. I'll be waiting.
INFO:NAM1[000423AB]Good answer.
INFO:NAM1[000423AE]The one and only mission to secure food supplies for the Brotherhood.
INFO:NAM1[000423AE]So, were you convincing enough?
INFO:NAM1[000423CD]Convincing the farmers to donate crops to the cause. How bout it? Any luck?
INFO:NAM1[000423CE]Getting the civilians to support the Brotherhood food drive.
INFO:NAM1[000423CE]So, how'd it go?
INFO:NAM1[000423CF]Making sure those farmers down there have their crops ready to go for when I send some troops down there to pick them up.
INFO:NAM1[000423CF]I'm sure you persuaded them, right?
INFO:NAM1[00042424]Now, there is a more pressing matter we need to discuss. Virgil.
INFO:NAM1[00042560]So, you rethink helping me take down Winter?
INFO:NAM1[00042561]Any chance you've rethought helping me close out some Nick Valentine history?
INFO:NAM1[00042DA5]You first. I'll back you up.
INFO:NAM1[00042DAA]Okay. But don't leave me hanging. Even I might have trouble taking them all out by myself.
INFO:NAM1[00042DAB]Here we are. The meet is just ahead.
INFO:NAM1[00042DB1]I'll deal with Nelson. You worry about Marowski's crew.
INFO:NAM1[00042DB1]Now, are we all set?
INFO:NAM1[00042DB2]As good a plan as any.
INFO:NAM1[00042DB5]Sounds good.
INFO:NAM1[00042DBA]There's always four of Marowski's goons: Trish, who's in charge, and then three other guys to unload the boat and wave their guns around.
INFO:NAM1[00042DBE]Yeah, well he better be. This is bullshit.
INFO:NAM1[00042DBF]You do, huh? I'll keep that in mind.
INFO:NAM1[00042DC0]Sure, whatever.
INFO:NAM1[00042DC1]I'm nervous because we're sitting here with our asses hanging out thanks to your stupid partner.
INFO:NAM1[00042DC3]Where the hell is Cooke? We can't sit here much longer.
INFO:NAM1[00042DC4]Come on, man. I'm starting to get seriously pissed off here.
INFO:NAM1[00042DC5]Marowski's not going to be happy about you guys jerking us around like this.
INFO:NAM1[00042DC6]We're sitting ducks out here. Just asking for some Gunners or something to come strolling in.
INFO:NAM1[00042DC7]Man, we gotta go.
INFO:NAM1[00042DC8]I can't wait much longer.
INFO:NAM1[00042DC9]If Cooke doesn't show soon, the deal's off.
INFO:NAM1[00042DCA]I don't like people wasting my time.
INFO:NAM1[00042DCC]What about Nelson?
INFO:NAM1[00042DCD]Relax. I'm sure he'll be here any minute.
INFO:NAM1[00042DCE]Why do we need Cooke, anyway? I've got the money right here.
INFO:NAM1[00042DCF]Cooke's the one jerking you around. I'm here, right on time. Make sure to tell Marowski that.
INFO:NAM1[00042DD0]Maybe you're in the wrong line of business, if this makes you so nervous.
INFO:NAM1[00042DD1]Don't blame me.
INFO:NAM1[00042DD2]Don't worry, Trish. I'll keep you safe.
INFO:NAM1[00042DD3]Not my fault. I'm ready to deal.
INFO:NAM1[00042DD4]Didn't think you'd be such an old hen.
INFO:NAM1[0004321B]I got a lot of orders to fill...
INFO:NAM1[0004321C]Oh boy, another one that just stands there and stares...
INFO:NAM1[0004321D]What was your order again? I think I missed it...
INFO:NAM1[00043276]You guys are great.
INFO:NAM1[00043277]You're a real hero. Not many around these days.
INFO:NAM1[00043278]I just wanted you to know that you're appreciated.
INFO:NAM1[00043279]Keep up the good work.
INFO:NAM1[0004327A]Keep on keeping on, all right?
INFO:NAM1[0004327B]You're one of the good guys. Don't forget it.
INFO:NAM1[0004327C]We need more people like you.
INFO:NAM1[0004327D]You guys have my support.
INFO:NAM1[0004327F]It's nothing much, but I hope it'll help the cause.
INFO:NAM1[00043280]I hope you can find a use for it.
INFO:NAM1[00043281]I'm sure you'll put it to good use.
INFO:NAM1[00043282]Here... take this.
INFO:NAM1[00043283]This is for you.
INFO:NAM1[00043284]Here, I want you to have this.
INFO:NAM1[00043286]You're with the Minutemen, right? Keep up the good work, okay? We need more people like you.
INFO:NAM1[00043288]You must be Preston Garvey. Glad to meet you. We need more people like you these days.
INFO:NAM1[00043289]Hey, you must be with the Minutemen. I really appreciate everything you guys do.
INFO:NAM1[0004328B]Well, I'll be damned. You're that Minuteman, aren't you? Garvey? Good to meet you, pal. You're one of the good guys.
INFO:NAM1[0004328C]Preston Garvey, right? You guys are the best. Keep fighting the good fight, okay?
INFO:NAM1[0004328D]You're a Minutemen, aren't you? Thought so. Just wanted to say thanks for everything you fellows do.
INFO:NAM1[0004328E]You're with the Minutemen, aren't you? You're doing good work out there.
INFO:NAM1[00043291]Thanks for saying that.
INFO:NAM1[00043292]Oh, uh, thanks. Glad to hear it.
INFO:NAM1[00043294]Thanks. It's good to know. Remember to support your local Minutemen.
INFO:NAM1[000432E1]Hey. Over here.
INFO:NAM1[00043378]I don't... I have no idea what I did to deserve this.
INFO:NAM1[00043378]I just wish they'd go away.
INFO:NAM1[00043379]Does it look okay? Because... no, it's not.
INFO:NAM1[0004337A]I... I didn't ask for this. I'm just trying to... have a drink.
INFO:NAM1[0004337E]I... I didn't start this.
INFO:NAM1[0004337F]L... Look, I don't want any trouble.
INFO:NAM1[00043380]Can't you... just leave me alone?
INFO:NAM1[00043381]Wh...What's this about?
INFO:NAM1[00043382]I'm just... I'm only here for a drink.
INFO:NAM1[00043383]Aww, what's wrong? Not so tough once you're not on the air?
INFO:NAM1[00043384]Maybe I don't like your little radio program. What you have to say about that?
INFO:NAM1[00043385]I don't like you, and I don't like your radio. What're you gonna do about it?
INFO:NAM1[00043386]I... uhh, I mean... I'm not really looking to cause, y'know... trouble.
INFO:NAM1[000433BD]Will you help me talk to Cooke? Get him to leave my wife alone?
INFO:NAM1[000433BE]So, we're good? I give up Marowski's lab, and I never saw you before in my life?
INFO:NAM1[000433CC]I'll be waiting.
INFO:NAM1[000434AD]Otherwise, internally things are as tight as they've ever been. Doctor Ayo has been keeping an eye on things topside.
INFO:NAM1[000434D2]Yes, as soon as possible. I want that area completely secure.
INFO:NAM1[000434D3]What exactly is he doing here?
INFO:NAM1[000434E1]What exactly is she doing here?
INFO:NAM1[000434E2]I'd like you to join me upstairs. The Directorate is meeting, and you should be there.
INFO:NAM1[000434E3]All Institute facilities remain completely secure, with... the exception of one notable breach.
INFO:NAM1[00043524]Doctor Ayo, did you still need modifications to the entryway for the SRB?
INFO:NAM1[00043528]Sir, excuse me, but...
INFO:NAM1[00043590]It's time for you to become more involved in the future of the Institute.
INFO:NAM1[00043598]The level of unrest in the Commonwealth continues to rise, as we're all aware. Your report?
INFO:NAM1[000435AF]Oh, thank you sir. Isaac and Dean did a great deal of work over the last few months. I'll let them know you're pleased with the result.
INFO:NAM1[000435E5]Good, we're all here. I think it's time we begin.
INFO:NAM1[000435E6]Doctor Filmore, did you get the requests I sent over?
INFO:NAM1[000435F4]I will address that issue, but there are other subjects that require our attention first.
INFO:NAM1[000435F5]May I say, Doctor Holdren, I'm quite impressed with the latest harvest from your division.
INFO:NAM1[000435F6]Yes, ah... Watchers show no additional threats beyond those previously identified.
INFO:NAM1[00043622]Right... I'll make sure a team is sent over soon.
INFO:NAM1[00043623]I did. I'm in the middle of reviewing them now, but I'm already unsure how we're going to shuffle things to get you the necessary power.
INFO:NAM1[00043623]I'll let you know when the review is complete.
INFO:NAM1[00043951]Never thought about that.
INFO:NAM1[00043952]Now there's a question I don't get everyday.
INFO:NAM1[00043953]Oh, I'm no hero, not like you, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[00043954]Not like you, sir!
INFO:NAM1[00043955]Not like you, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[00043956]Not a hero, sir! Just hoping to learn from one.
INFO:NAM1[00043957]Not a hero, ma'am! Just hoping to learn from one.
INFO:NAM1[00043959]Glad to hear it.
INFO:NAM1[0004395B]That's the answer I was hoping for.
INFO:NAM1[0004395C]All right.
INFO:NAM1[0004395D]Later it is.
INFO:NAM1[0004395E]Here. Take this as payment.
INFO:NAM1[0004395F]Here's payment for your efforts.
INFO:NAM1[00043961]Here. For your efforts.
INFO:NAM1[00043962]Here. Your work is appreciated.
INFO:NAM1[00043963]Here. We always reward good work.
INFO:NAM1[00043968]Then I guess we're done talking.
INFO:NAM1[00043969]Suppose we're done here then.
INFO:NAM1[0004396A]Just wait till I tell the other squires!
INFO:NAM1[0004396B]That was amazing!
INFO:NAM1[0004396C]You're right, ma'am. It's just such an honor to be working with you, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[0004396D]Sorry, sir, I'm just happy to be here!
INFO:NAM1[0004396E]Sorry, ma'am, I'm just happy to be here!
INFO:NAM1[0004396F]Pardon me, sir. I let my excitement get the better of me, sir!
INFO:NAM1[00043970]Pardon me, ma'am. I let my excitement get the better of me, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[00043971]I'm sorry to hear that. The offer still stands should you change your mind.
INFO:NAM1[00043972]These squires need a strong influence like you. Should you reconsider, you know where to find me.
INFO:NAM1[00043973]That's a real shame. They could really use someone like you to look up to.
INFO:NAM1[00043974]Should you get some time, the offer remains. I'll be here on the bridge if you change your mind.
INFO:NAM1[00043975]Honestly, I couldn't hand them over for anything less than 1,000 caps.
INFO:NAM1[00043976]I have to say... 1,000 caps would cover it.
INFO:NAM1[0004397B]Golly, I guess so, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[0004397C]Only when I get to learn from the best, sir!
INFO:NAM1[0004397D]Only when I get to learn from the best, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[0004397E]Yes, sir! You're my hero, sir!
INFO:NAM1[0004397F]Yes, ma'am! You're my hero, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[00043980]Good work. The experience will go a long way.
INFO:NAM1[00043981]Good. I expected as much.
INFO:NAM1[00043982]Wouldn't expect anything less. Good job.
INFO:NAM1[00043983]Good job.
INFO:NAM1[00043984]We'll have the crops ready for you come harvest.
INFO:NAM1[00043985]When we harvest, it's all yours.
INFO:NAM1[00043986]No caps? No crops.
INFO:NAM1[00043987]I guess that's too bad then.
INFO:NAM1[00043988]Leading by example. You were assigned a squire to shadow you on a purge mission.
INFO:NAM1[00043988]Were you able to complete?
INFO:NAM1[00043989]Mentoring a squire in the ways of cleansing the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1[00043989]Was your mission a success?
INFO:NAM1[0004398A]You were assigned a squire to show how the Brotherhood protects the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1[0004398A]Were you successful?
INFO:NAM1[0004398B]Going through the motions of a standard purge mission with a squire.
INFO:NAM1[0004398B]What's your status? Is the mission complete?
INFO:NAM1[0004398C]Rather hear about talking than dying.
INFO:NAM1[0004398D]The squires still have a lot to learn about discipline. Their time with you will start them in the right direction.
INFO:NAM1[0004398E]I was like that once. The squires are bound to have some bad habits. They're young. Which is why they need a mentor like you.
INFO:NAM1[0004398F]The squires are excited to be working with you. Some may control it better than others.
INFO:NAM1[00043990]You have what it takes, believe me. Until you do, I'll be waiting.
INFO:NAM1[00043991]Take some time to think it over. Find me on the bridge when you're ready.
INFO:NAM1[00043992]You don't have to decide now. We'll always have squires in need of training.
INFO:NAM1[00043993]I hope you'll consider it. The squires need a good example to follow, and you're it.
INFO:NAM1[00043994]A squire will be assigned to you. He or she will following your every move. Learning by example, if you will.
INFO:NAM1[00043994]Together, you'll be assigned a location to clear abnormal sentients. I'm talking about ghouls, synths... even those delusional Children of Atom.
INFO:NAM1[00043994]It's both simple and effective. So, are you in?
INFO:NAM1[00043995]An easy mission with a huge payoff.
INFO:NAM1[00043995]A squire will shadow you as you clear a location of those anomalies created by the bomb: mutants, synths, and the like.
INFO:NAM1[00043995]The squire learns from you, and the Commonwealth is a little cleaner. What do you say?
INFO:NAM1[00043996]You'll be given a location to purge of post-bomb deviants. This includes synths and those mind-eroded Children of Atom.
INFO:NAM1[00043996]A squire will accompany you. He or she is to watch and learn.
INFO:NAM1[00043996]Should be a simple mission, but largely beneficial to our young soldiers in training. What do you say?
INFO:NAM1[00043997]You and a squire will be assigned a location known to be home to mutants, ghouls, or any other unnatural abomination we got these days.
INFO:NAM1[00043997]You'll do the work while the squire observes.
INFO:NAM1[00043997]With your skills, it's an easy mission. So, what do you think?
INFO:NAM1[00043998]Do what you gotta do.
INFO:NAM1[0004399D]Later then.
INFO:NAM1[0004399E]Right. You'll get your crops, but only because I know what you'll do if we don't cooperate.
INFO:NAM1[0004399F]Tribute for what? Sparing our lives?
INFO:NAM1[0004399F]Sure, we'll have our crops ready for you, but don't think for a moment we'll forget this.
INFO:NAM1[000439A0]You'll get what you want, just, please, don't hurt us.
INFO:NAM1[000439A1]We'll do it, just leave us in peace until then.
INFO:NAM1[000439A2]The Brotherhood can kiss my ass. Now get lost.
INFO:NAM1[000439A3]Tribute my ass. We don't owe you anything, so get off my land.
INFO:NAM1[000439A4]Here's the location, sir!
INFO:NAM1[000439A5]I've marked the location for you, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[000439A6]I've marked the location for you, sir!
INFO:NAM1[000439A7]Here's the target area, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[000439A8]Here's the target area, sir!
INFO:NAM1[000439A9]Yes, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[000439AA]Affirmative, sir!
INFO:NAM1[000439AB]Affirmative, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[000439AC]Thank you, sir!
INFO:NAM1[000439AD]Thank you, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[000439AE]Be quick about it.
INFO:NAM1[000439B0]Later then, Knight.
INFO:NAM1[000439B1]Sooner is better.
INFO:NAM1[000439B2]Reporting for duty, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[000439B3]Ready to go, sir!
INFO:NAM1[000439B5]Ready to go, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[000439B6]Squire reporting for duty, sir!
INFO:NAM1[000439B7]Squire reporting for duty, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[000439BE]Report, Knight. Did the squire perform well?
INFO:NAM1[000439BF]Report. I hope the squire performed as expected.
INFO:NAM1[000439C0]You're back. Tell me. Did the squire do well?
INFO:NAM1[000439C1]Welcome back, Knight. Report. Did our squire do well out there?
INFO:NAM1[000439C2]One of the squires is waiting for you. We've given her a location. Escort her there and show her how the Brotherhood deals with abominations.
INFO:NAM1[000439C3]A squire will be waiting for you down below. He'll have the location. Go show him how the Brotherhood gets things done.
INFO:NAM1[000439C4]A squire will be waiting for you down below. She'll have the location. Go show her how the Brotherhood gets things done.
INFO:NAM1[000439C5]A squire will be waiting for you with a location down below. I trust you'll show him how it's done.
INFO:NAM1[000439C6]A squire will be waiting for you with a location down below. I trust you'll show her how it's done.
INFO:NAM1[000439C7]Head down to the airport. A squire with a location will meet up with you there. Teach him well.
INFO:NAM1[000439C8]Head down to the airport. A squire with a location will meet up with you there. Teach her well.
INFO:NAM1[000439C9]The squire will have the location. He'll meet you on the ground. I trust you'll show him how we get things done.
INFO:NAM1[000439CA]The squire will have the location. She'll meet you on the ground. I trust you'll show her how we get things done.
INFO:NAM1[000439CB]Probably not the wisest decision... but all right. You got a deal.
INFO:NAM1[000439CC]Not the best deal I ever made, but ok. Crops will be ready after harvest.
INFO:NAM1[000439CD]No deal.
INFO:NAM1[000439CE]Sorry, not good enough.
INFO:NAM1[000439CF]Don't worry, we don't want to get on your bad side. We'll have crops to "donate" come harvest.
INFO:NAM1[000439D0]I suppose I should be thankful for the warning. I guess we'll be "donating" come harvest.
INFO:NAM1[000439D1]We don't want any trouble. You'll get your "donation".
INFO:NAM1[000439D2]Donate? Haven't heard that one before, but raiders usually aren't that polite.
INFO:NAM1[000439D2]Don't think I don't see what's going on here. You'll get your "donation" come harvest.
INFO:NAM1[000439D3]I'm sorry. I know where this is going, but we just can't spare the food.
INFO:NAM1[000439D4]I'm sorry, but we already lost all our stores to raiders. If we gave up our next harvest, we'd starve.
INFO:NAM1[000439D5]Ma'am, yes, ma'am! I'm to observe you clearing locations for the glory of the Brotherhood, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[000439D6]I'm to observe as you purge an area of undesirables to cleanse the Commonwealth, sir!
INFO:NAM1[000439D7]I'm to observe as you purge an area of undesirables to cleanse the Commonwealth, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[000439D8]Yes, sir! I will witness and observe as you exterminate abominations created by the war. For the Brotherhood, sir!
INFO:NAM1[000439D9]Yes, ma'am! I will witness and observe as you exterminate abominations created by the war. For the Brotherhood, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[000439DA]Thank you, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[000439DB]It was an honor, sir!
INFO:NAM1[000439DC]It was an honor, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[000439DF]No, ma'am, I won't slow you down at all!
INFO:NAM1[000439E0]I'll stay close, sir!
INFO:NAM1[000439E1]I'll stay close, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[000439E2]I hear you loud and clear, sir!
INFO:NAM1[000439E3]I hear you loud and clear, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[000439EE]We have squires here in need of good training.
INFO:NAM1[000439EE]They're young recruits. They need a good example to follow. Someone to emulate.
INFO:NAM1[000439F2]A moment, Knight.
INFO:NAM1[000439F3]A moment, Paladin.
INFO:NAM1[000439F4]A moment, Sentinel.
INFO:NAM1[000439FE]Yeah, I can't imagine anything more exciting than fake gorillas.
INFO:NAM1[000439FF]Speaking only for myself, I find them fascinating. Of course, I might be a little biased.
INFO:NAM1[00043A01]The gorillas are synths, too?
INFO:NAM1[00043A02]They are indeed. Judging by your reaction, we've done a good job making them seem lifelike.
INFO:NAM1[00043A02]The initiative is still in its early stages, but the prospects are very exciting.
INFO:NAM1[00043A03]As the name implies, the BioScience division specializes in fields of study such as botany, genetics and medicine.
INFO:NAM1[00043A03]Our most important directive is to ensure the health and well-being of everyone in the Institute.
INFO:NAM1[00043A03]To that end, we cultivate highly specialized breeds of flora for use in food and medicine.
INFO:NAM1[00043A03]We've even started to explore the idea of synthetic animal life.
INFO:NAM1[00043A03]You probably saw the gorillas... they're really just a pet project at this point, but the potential is exciting nonetheless.
INFO:NAM1[00043A04]Seems like there's nothing you guys can't do.
INFO:NAM1[00043A05]With hard work and ingenuity, any challenge can be overcome.
INFO:NAM1[00043A06]Sounds like a waste of time to me. You should create something more useful.
INFO:NAM1[00043A07]It's just my opinion, of course, but I don't believe that every discovery needs to be useful.
INFO:NAM1[00043A07]Sometimes, we innovate for no other reason than to learn what's possible.
INFO:NAM1[00043A16]Combat initiated.
INFO:NAM1[00043A18]Following Institute protocol. Eliminating hostile.
INFO:NAM1[00043A19]Statistically speaking, your survival is... improbable.
INFO:NAM1[00043A1A]Kellogg has ordered your termination.
INFO:NAM1[00043A1B]Directive received from Kellogg. Destroy intruder.
INFO:NAM1[00043A1C]Kellogg's secure facility - infiltrated. Termination - required.
INFO:NAM1[00043A1D]Initiate Directive Sigma Omicron - Protect Kellogg.
INFO:NAM1[00043A1E]Asset Kellogg - in danger. Defending.
INFO:NAM1[00043A1F]Intruder in Fort Hagen. Eliminating hostile.
INFO:NAM1[00043A20]Fort Hagen is under Institute authority. Terminating intruder.
INFO:NAM1[00043A21]An Institute synth has fallen.
INFO:NAM1[00043A22]Fellow synth - destroyed.
INFO:NAM1[00043A23]Systems... damaged.
INFO:NAM1[00043A24]Institute synth - damaged.
INFO:NAM1[00043A25]I am under attack.
INFO:NAM1[00043A26]Hit sustained. Assessing damage.
INFO:NAM1[00043A27]I am hit.
INFO:NAM1[00043A28]Are you sure you want to do that?
INFO:NAM1[00043A29]Your attack cannot be tolerated.
INFO:NAM1[00043A2A]I am damaged. Kellogg will not be pleased.
INFO:NAM1[00043A2B]I must report this assault directly to Kellogg.
INFO:NAM1[00043A2C]CQB protocol engaged.
INFO:NAM1[00043A2D]Distance closed. Engaging.
INFO:NAM1[00043A2E]Employing melee tactics.
INFO:NAM1[00043A3B]Sit down in the chair.
INFO:NAM1[00043A3C]Just get in the chair over there.
INFO:NAM1[00043A3D]We can start the surgery as soon as you sit down.
INFO:NAM1[00043A45]Come back when you have the money.
INFO:NAM1[00043A52]Good point.
INFO:NAM1[00043A53]Until the others find a way to shut it off.
INFO:NAM1[00043A54]Besides, why would they install a turret to guard a broom closet?
INFO:NAM1[00043A55]I hate pulling the short straw.
INFO:NAM1[00043A56]It's the Bureau of Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, Firearms, and Lasers. There has to be at least one of those things locked up as evidence.
INFO:NAM1[00043A57]This better be worth it. How do we know I'm not risking my ass breaking into an empty broom closet?
INFO:NAM1[00043A58]How long do we have to distract this turret?
INFO:NAM1[00043A8F]Surgery isn't free. Come back when you have the caps to pay for it.
INFO:NAM1[00043A90]You're short on caps. You'll just have to get used to the face you have now.
INFO:NAM1[00043A91]All right. Sit in the chair over there, and we'll get to work.
INFO:NAM1[00043A92]Just sit down in the chair.
INFO:NAM1[00043ADE]Get in the chair right over there.
INFO:NAM1[00043AE1]Ain't got the caps? Some other time, then.
INFO:NAM1[00043AE2]Hey, I get it. Money's tight. You take care.
INFO:NAM1[00043AE5]No problem. You come back some other time, huh?
INFO:NAM1[00043B1B]Well, whenever your fortunes turn around, we'll be here.
INFO:NAM1[00043B55]Ready for surgery? Just sit down in the chair.
INFO:NAM1[00043B56]We'll begin as soon as you sit down.
INFO:NAM1[00043B57]A new face? Beautiful, but... not perfect. For a nominal fee, Doc Crocker can give you the looks you've only dreamed about before.
INFO:NAM1[00043B59]Just sit down. We'll get to work immediately.
INFO:NAM1[00043B99]Just sit in the chair, and let the magic happen.
INFO:NAM1[00043B9A]Let's make you look beautiful. Just sit down in the chair.
INFO:NAM1[00043C09]Sit in the chair, and let's cut that hair!
INFO:NAM1[00043C20]Well, I'm glad you stopped by anyway. Come back whenever you're ready.
INFO:NAM1[00043C23]That's unfortunate. I'll be here if your circumstances ever change.
INFO:NAM1[00043C27]Money is so boring, isn't it? But a surgeon must recover his costs...
INFO:NAM1[000440AF]Never mind. I gotta go.
INFO:NAM1[000440B2]What I wouldn't give for a gun right now!
INFO:NAM1[000440BB]I wish I had my weapons training!
INFO:NAM1[000440BF]All yours, sir!
INFO:NAM1[000440C0]All yours, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[000440C4]Go get 'em!
INFO:NAM1[000440C5]You got this, sir!
INFO:NAM1[000440C6]You got this, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[000440C7]They'll think twice about messing with the Brotherhood after this!
INFO:NAM1[000440CC]Don't worry about me, sir!
INFO:NAM1[000440CF]Don't worry about me, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[000440D1]Take 'em down!
INFO:NAM1[000440D6]Taking cover, sir!
INFO:NAM1[000440D8]Taking cover, ma'am!
INFO:NAM1[000440D9]Finish 'em off!
INFO:NAM1[000440DA]Good, good. Hopefully, you won't be much longer.
INFO:NAM1[000440DC]Oh, well, all right then.
INFO:NAM1[000440DE]I'm still working on it.
INFO:NAM1[000440E0]I can't believe I was lucky enough to get this assignment!
INFO:NAM1[000440E1]It's not everyday they let us squires out into the field.
INFO:NAM1[000440E2]I wish they'd let me have a gun. Proctor Teagan just laughed at me.
INFO:NAM1[000440E3]The other squires are going to be so jealous when I get back.
INFO:NAM1[000440E4]After this, I can't wait till we start live weapons training.
INFO:NAM1[000440E8]Soon I'll graduate to Knight and get to take on missions like this on my own.
INFO:NAM1[000440EC]I don't see why everyone isn't out to eradicate these abominations.
INFO:NAM1[000440ED]Someday, I want to be the best laser rifle shooter in the Brotherhood.
INFO:NAM1[00044104]Lancer-Captain Kells said it's going to take a lot of hard work and discipline if I want to be as good as you.
INFO:NAM1[00044105]After today, it's going to be hard to go back to patrolling the Prydwen.
INFO:NAM1[0004410A]Ah... Knight. How is the research patrol going? Or you have technical documents perhaps?
INFO:NAM1[0004410B]Ah... Paladin. How is the research patrol going? Or you have technical documents perhaps?
INFO:NAM1[00044115]Ah... Sentinel. How is the research patrol going? Or you have technical documents perhaps?
INFO:NAM1[00044239]Just get him to leave Darcy alone.
INFO:NAM1[00044245]I'll get it done, no matter what.
INFO:NAM1[00044249]I'll make sure Cooke gets the message.
INFO:NAM1[00044253]Let's hear about all the security.
INFO:NAM1[00044259]Good. I hope you don't have to kill him, but you can make it as painful as you want. He deserves whatever he gets.
INFO:NAM1[0004425C]As far as you need to. I don't want him dead, but otherwise... He deserves to suffer for what he's done.
INFO:NAM1[0004425E]How far do you want me to go?
INFO:NAM1[00044262]Don't worry. I'll make him suffer.
INFO:NAM1[0004445F]Thanks, Sturges. I'll get right on this.
INFO:NAM1[00044460]Good deal.
INFO:NAM1[00044461]It may take me a while to gather these things.
INFO:NAM1[00044462]That's okay, I'll need time to figure out how to make everything work together.
INFO:NAM1[00044463]I'd better get started.
INFO:NAM1[00044465]Can you explain how this thing is actually going to work?
INFO:NAM1[00044466]Let me break it down for you. There's... four main parts to this thing.
INFO:NAM1[00044466]One: a Control Console to input the code and process the signal.
INFO:NAM1[00044466]Two: what he calls a Relay Dish. That's what intercepts the, uh, teleporter signal.
INFO:NAM1[00044466]Three: a "Molecular Beam Emitter". Gets pretty technical here, but looks like this is what translates your matter into energy for transmission.
INFO:NAM1[00044466]Four: the "Stabilized Reflector Platform" that you already built... that's what concentrates and reflects the molecular beam.
INFO:NAM1[00044467]I'll see you over at the building site. Good luck.
INFO:NAM1[00044543]This new haircut's really working for me.
INFO:NAM1[00044544]What do you think, hon? Beard or no beard?
INFO:NAM1[00044545]Hon, you think my nose is too big?
INFO:NAM1[00044546]Well, hello handsome...
INFO:NAM1[00044547]Looking good, if I do say so myself...
INFO:NAM1[00044548]Not bad, not bad...
INFO:NAM1[0004454A]I clean up pretty nice...
INFO:NAM1[0004454B]Yeah. Not bad...
INFO:NAM1[0004454C]What d'ya think, hon? Roguishly handsome, or handsomely roguish?
INFO:NAM1[0004454E]I have the best hairdresser, I swear.
INFO:NAM1[0004454F]Sweetie, you like my nose, right?
INFO:NAM1[00044550]I think Shaun has my eyes.
INFO:NAM1[00044551]That looks nice.
INFO:NAM1[00044552]Hmm... Yeah. I like that.
INFO:NAM1[00044553]Not bad. Not bad... At. All.
INFO:NAM1[00044554]I still got it.
INFO:NAM1[00044555]Oh yeah. That works.
INFO:NAM1[000446EF]Well done, Knight.
INFO:NAM1[000446EF]I'm pleased that you've decided to bring these plans to the Brotherhood.
INFO:NAM1[000446F0]Elder Maxson, I have a set of plans to build a Signal Interceptor to get me inside the Institute.
INFO:NAM1[000446F1]All I can suggest is that you keep your eyes and ears open, Knight.
INFO:NAM1[000446F1]We have every available scribe working on a way into the Institute. It's only a matter of time before a method presents itself.
INFO:NAM1[00044955]Good, you're back. Are you ready to take on your first assignment?
INFO:NAM1[00044956]Very well then.
INFO:NAM1[00044957]You do have a patrol to finish, after all.
INFO:NAM1[00044958]I can handle another patrol.
INFO:NAM1[00044959]Recon's always coming in.
INFO:NAM1[0004495A]Commonwealth is a big place in need of some serious exterminating.
INFO:NAM1[0004495B]Plenty more locations out there that need clearing.
INFO:NAM1[0004495C]As long as the Brotherhood's around, those abominations don't stand a chance.
INFO:NAM1[0004495D]The Commonwealth won't be running out of vermin anytime soon.
INFO:NAM1[0004495E]Remember, come find me when you're done meeting the rest of the crew. Plenty of work if you need it.
INFO:NAM1[0004495F]Come back when you're done introducing yourself.
INFO:NAM1[00044960]I don't want to interrupt your meet and greet, so be sure to stop by when you're done.
INFO:NAM1[00044961]I won't keep you from meeting the crew, but if you're interested in a little extra work when you're done, this is where I'll be.
INFO:NAM1[00044962]Please, finish your introductions by all means. But I do hope you'll consider assisting me when you're done.
INFO:NAM1[00044963]Once you're finished introducing yourself, I've plenty of work to be done if you have the time.
INFO:NAM1[00044964]It's good to see new blood in the Brotherhood. I hope you'll come back when you're finished to lend a hand.
INFO:NAM1[00044965]I won't take up anymore of your time, but if you do have a moment to assist when you're done, please, I beg you, come find me.
INFO:NAM1[00044966]Enjoy meeting the others, and feel free to return when you're done. I've plenty of work for someone such as yourself.
INFO:NAM1[00044967]Go on. Elder Maxon says meet the crew, so go meet the crew. But when you're done, I got plenty of work if you're interested.
INFO:NAM1[00044968]I'm always looking for tech.
INFO:NAM1[00044969]I'll always want more tech, so believe me, I'll never run short of missions.
INFO:NAM1[0004496A]Tech will always be in demand.
INFO:NAM1[0004496B]There's still plenty of undiscovered tech out there.
INFO:NAM1[0004496C]The Commonwealth won't be running out of tech any time soon.
INFO:NAM1[0004496D]I need details on the mission.
INFO:NAM1[00044973]Here's a little something for the trouble.
INFO:NAM1[00044974]Here. Your payment for a successful recovery.
INFO:NAM1[00044975]Take this. The scribes are going to love your find.
INFO:NAM1[00044976]Here's your payment. Nothing like a successful mission.
INFO:NAM1[00044977]Here. You earned it.
INFO:NAM1[00044979]I can't believe I was lucky enough to get this assignment!
INFO:NAM1[0004497A]It's not everyday they let us squires out into the field.
INFO:NAM1[0004497B]I wish they'd let me have a gun. Proctor Teagan just laughed at me.
INFO:NAM1[0004497C]The other squires are going to be so jealous when I get back.
INFO:NAM1[0004497D]After this, I can't wait till we start live weapons training.
INFO:NAM1[0004497E]Soon I'll graduate to Knight and get to take on missions like this on my own.
INFO:NAM1[0004497F]I don't see why everyone isn't out to eradicate these abominations.
INFO:NAM1[00044980]Someday, I want to be the best laser rifle shooter in the Brotherhood.
INFO:NAM1[00044981]Lancer-Captain Kells said it's going to take a lot of hard work and discipline if I want to be as good as you.
INFO:NAM1[00044982]After today, it's going to be hard to go back to patrolling the Prydwen.
INFO:NAM1[00044988]Here, take this. If you don't like it, tough.
INFO:NAM1[00044988]You're lucky to get anything at all.
INFO:NAM1[00044989]Here. Your payment.
INFO:NAM1[0004498A]Here's your pay.
INFO:NAM1[0004498B]Here's your payment.
INFO:NAM1[0004498C]Here's what you're owed.
INFO:NAM1[0004498F]Something else I can help you with?
INFO:NAM1[00044990]That farm's nothing you can't handle.
INFO:NAM1[00044991]Those farmers give you any trouble, I trust you know what to do.
INFO:NAM1[000449AE]Our scribes are pretty excited about what you may be able to recover. I hope you found the artifact.
INFO:NAM1[000449AF]Any luck with that artifact?
INFO:NAM1[000449B0]How's that search going? Were you able to find the artifact?
INFO:NAM1[000449B1]I was just thinking about you. Any luck with that tech?
INFO:NAM1[000449B2]I hope you brought that artifact back in one piece.
INFO:NAM1[000449B5]It can be so hard to find good artifacts these days, ones us scribes can actually glean information from. But it's always worth it when we do.
INFO:NAM1[000449B6]Be careful. Locating the artifact can be just as dangerous as bringing it back. We can't afford to have it break during retrieval.
INFO:NAM1[000449B7]It's so exciting being new to the Commonwealth. There must be so much technology out there that our scribes haven't seen yet.
INFO:NAM1[000449B8]I can't wait to see what you bring back. The location sounded very promising.
INFO:NAM1[000449D5]Stay alert for the scribe's sake. Remember who the real soldier is out there.
INFO:NAM1[000449D6]Did you complete the patrol so soon? Or I guess you could have discovered some technical documents.
INFO:NAM1[000449D7]I hope the scribe is fully cooperating with you. Were you finished already? Or just have some documents perhaps?
INFO:NAM1[000449D8]I do hope you're keeping a watchful eye on the scribe. They'll be looking to you for protection.
INFO:NAM1[000449D9]Back already? How goes the patrol? Or did you have technical documents you wanted to turn in?
INFO:NAM1[000449DA]Thanks to you, I hope to fend off the constant demands for technical data.
INFO:NAM1[000449DB]Ah, you've returned already. How fares the quest for data?
INFO:NAM1[000449DC]I feel I'll simply never be able to keep up with these requests for technical documents and research.
INFO:NAM1[000449DD]I'm very interested in seeing what sort of data our scribes will discover on these patrols. The Commonwealth is a very different place from home.
INFO:NAM1[000449DE]Most farmers won't be too happy about donating their crops, so watch your back out there.
INFO:NAM1[000449DF]Still need something?
INFO:NAM1[000449E2]If you need a little extra persuasion to help with those farmers, I got plenty of tools here you could use.
INFO:NAM1[000449E3]It's about time we resupplied the Prydwen, too. I'll be damned if they had to start rationing out food.
INFO:NAM1[000449E5]It's good to know the squires are learning from the best.
INFO:NAM1[000449E6]These are good kids. I trust you'll be someone they look up to.
INFO:NAM1[000449E7]I've worked with these kids a long time. I trust they'll perform honorably out there.
INFO:NAM1[000449E8]The squires we're assigning you have yet to see serious combat, so be on the lookout.
INFO:NAM1[000449E9]These squires may be children, but they have the hearts and minds of soldiers.
INFO:NAM1[000449EA]Remember, these squires are the future of the Brotherhood. Mold them well.
INFO:NAM1[000449EB]It's been ages since I was a squire, but I'll never forget my first opportunity to be out in the field.
INFO:NAM1[000449EC]Don't forget, the squires are just out to observe. We decided best not to arm them, so you'll want to keep close watch.
INFO:NAM1[000449ED]The Brotherhood is lucky to have you. You've helped secure our present and future.
INFO:NAM1[000449EE]You'll have to forgive the squires if they appear overly enthused. They've heard a lot about you and get very little field work.
INFO:NAM1[00044A64]Sturges seems to think that teleporter you've been building might actually work.
INFO:NAM1[00044A65]Sounds like Sturges has his hands full with that teleporter you two are putting together.
INFO:NAM1[00044A66]Sturges is like a kid in a candy store working on those teleporter plans. I've never seen him more excited about anything.
INFO:NAM1[00044A6E]Goddammit. I hate it when they open the door. Why's that thing so loud?
INFO:NAM1[00044A6F]Hello? That you Skinny? Darla?
INFO:NAM1[00044A70]He's here for the detective. Ice him!
INFO:NAM1[00044A71]She's here for the detective. Ice her!
INFO:NAM1[00044A72]Malone's gonna have your guts for garters!
INFO:NAM1[00044A73]You and Valentine are both dead!
INFO:NAM1[00044A86]You're back.
INFO:NAM1[00044F24]You got your orders. Move like you got a purpose.
INFO:NAM1[00044F25]Quit screwin' around and get out there.
INFO:NAM1[00044F26]Still here? Damned if I know what Top sees in you.
INFO:NAM1[00044F2A]Pretty sure I gave you a location to clear. Now get moving.
INFO:NAM1[00044F2C]What the hell are you waiting around for?
INFO:NAM1[00044F2F]You ever want to get on my good side? You get your ass out there pronto, and clear that location.
INFO:NAM1[00044F30]Where I come from, you get orders, you carry them out. Now move it.
INFO:NAM1[00044F32]You plan on completing that mission standing around, or what?
INFO:NAM1[00044F34]Get moving. That location isn't gonna clear itself.
INFO:NAM1[00044F36]Don't you have some trash to hunt down?
INFO:NAM1[00045166]Make sure the beam emitter is perfectly aligned with the platform, or this will never work.
INFO:NAM1[000456F1]Kendra and Delancy are six feet under. The Silver Shroud claimed the hits.
INFO:NAM1[00045781]A quality assurance associate will be playing the role of your hypothetical charge, little Timmy.
INFO:NAM1[00045782]Please assess the state of the crying child and fufill its need.
INFO:NAM1[00045783]We must run a few tests before returning you to your caregiving duties.
INFO:NAM1[00045785]We will now test your hazard detection matrices.
INFO:NAM1[00045786]First we must test your disciplinary and behavioral management skills.
INFO:NAM1[00045787]Now please, proceed into the first test chamber.
INFO:NAM1[00045788]Correct. The child was hungry. Your vocal tonality analysis programming seems to be in working order.
INFO:NAM1[00045789]Please proceed into the second test chamber.
INFO:NAM1[0004578A]Splendidly done. All potentially fatal objects have been put out of a child's reach.
INFO:NAM1[0004578B]Fantastic. The appropriate punishment was separation of the child from any potential source of entertainment.
INFO:NAM1[0004578C]A proper Ms. Nanny unit must be able to identify the needs of her charges.
INFO:NAM1[0004578D]Please childproof this environment by moving any hazardous object to where little hands cannot reach.
INFO:NAM1[0004578E]Greetings, Unit 761. Welcome to the General Atomics Quality Assurance Department, where we assure your functionality is up to our high standards.
INFO:NAM1[0004578F]Now please, proceed into the third testing chamber.
INFO:NAM1[00045790]And please remember: corporal punishment is strictly forbidden unless the user enables it in your configuration mode.
INFO:NAM1[000457FD]We don't want any trouble. Just get out of here.
INFO:NAM1[000457FE]The fuck he did. Trish, kill this asshole!
INFO:NAM1[000457FF]Yeah, whatever. Screw me over one more time. I guess I should be used to it by now.
INFO:NAM1[000457FF]You can deal with selling the chems then. Give me half of Nelson's money and I guess that's the best I can expect.
INFO:NAM1[00045800]You're right. We'll split it 50-50.
INFO:NAM1[00045801]What? Shit!
INFO:NAM1[00045803]What are you going to do with the money?
INFO:NAM1[00045804]But that's your problem now. I'm leaving town, for good. Should make things easier for Paul to have me gone.
INFO:NAM1[00045804]Plus there's no plausible way I could explain to Marowski how I wasn't involved in this - unless I "die" here along with everyone else.
INFO:NAM1[00045805]This was supposed to be Cooke's way of paying for what he'd done to me!
INFO:NAM1[00045806]Well, good luck. Maybe I'll see you around Diamond City.
INFO:NAM1[00045808]This is a hold up. Drop your guns.
INFO:NAM1[00045809]That works for me.
INFO:NAM1[0004580A]Yeah, maybe my luck is finally starting to turn.
INFO:NAM1[0004580B]Nothing to do with you, unless you want your face blown off. Got it, asshole?
INFO:NAM1[0004580C]Cooke sent me. He has a message for you.
INFO:NAM1[0004580D]I'm just passing through.
INFO:NAM1[0004580E]Whatever you want to do.
INFO:NAM1[0004580F]It'd be simpler if you'd just hand over the money and chems.
INFO:NAM1[00045810]Whatever. I don't need the money that bad. 50-50 it is.
INFO:NAM1[00045811]You know I'll kill you if you try and stop me.
INFO:NAM1[00045813]Works for me. Good luck.
INFO:NAM1[00045814]Cooke told you about this? Where the hell is Cooke anyway?
INFO:NAM1[00045816]That was never part of the deal!
INFO:NAM1[00045819]This has how it's gone all my life. I've been screwed every time I had a chance to make it big.
INFO:NAM1[00045819]I hope you choke on all your damn money.
INFO:NAM1[0004581A]No. Not again. I've been getting screwed over all my life and this time... fuck it.
INFO:NAM1[0004581C]What are you still doing here?
INFO:NAM1[0004581D]70-30 seems more like it.
INFO:NAM1[0004581E]Cooke couldn't make it, so he sent me instead.
INFO:NAM1[0004581F]Well, then you better keep right on walking, asshole. Now.
INFO:NAM1[00045820]Sure it is. I have to pay the mayor's cut to bring it in to Diamond City, plus the hassle of getting it there in the first place.
INFO:NAM1[00045821]No. I'm taking all of it as the rest of my payment.
INFO:NAM1[00045823]Sure, if you owned a chems shop right here. But I'll have to pay the mayor his cut plus move all this back to town.
INFO:NAM1[00045824]Now that Cooke is gone... I can buy his house. Darcy can finally be an Upper like she's always wanted.
INFO:NAM1[00045824]So, you're fine with 50-50, right?
INFO:NAM1[00045825]Well that's it then. It's a damn shame that Nelson got away. That could cause serious trouble.
INFO:NAM1[00045827]So that's that. I told you it was no problem.
INFO:NAM1[00045828]We couldn't let her get away. She would have told Marowski everything, count on it.
INFO:NAM1[00045829]Damn. We shouldn't have let Trish get away. She'll tell Marowski everything, count on it.
INFO:NAM1[0004582A]The money should still be on Nelson's body. And then there's these chems, which you'll need to sell somehow.
INFO:NAM1[0004582B]So it's just the two of us. 50-50 seems fair to me.
INFO:NAM1[0004582C]Why do you need the money so bad?
INFO:NAM1[0004582D]Are you going to hand over the money and chems, or do I have to kill you?
INFO:NAM1[0004582E]Aren't the chems worth more than the money?
INFO:NAM1[0004582F]What is this, Nelson?
INFO:NAM1[00045831]It's Darcy. I've been nothing but a disappointment to her.
INFO:NAM1[00045831]When we got married I was rich, young and handsome. Since then... nothing has gone my way.
INFO:NAM1[00045831]This is my chance to make a new start. With Cooke gone, I can buy his house and we can finally live in the Stands like Darcy's always wanted.
INFO:NAM1[00045832]I'm here for the chems and the money. Oh, and to kill you all.
INFO:NAM1[00045833]What's going on here?
INFO:NAM1[00045834]That doesn't seem fair.
INFO:NAM1[000459D5]What's Phase Three?
INFO:NAM1[000459D6]Ah, yes. That's true.
INFO:NAM1[000459D7]It's all right. I wouldn't expect you to have. The project has been classified from the beginning.
INFO:NAM1[000459D8]SRB agents are monitoring all known situations, sir.
INFO:NAM1[000459D9]I don't think so.
INFO:NAM1[000459DA]Given... well, considering all parties present?
INFO:NAM1[000459DB]I'll admit, I'm relieved. It's intended to be something of a classified project, which I'm sure means everyone already knows about it.
INFO:NAM1[000459DC]Intelligence suggests that this "Railroad" continues to operate, and is becoming more... ambitious.
INFO:NAM1[000459DD]I have no idea what that is.
INFO:NAM1[000459DE]Ah, sir. Are you sure that this is the time to be discussing it?
INFO:NAM1[000459DF]Really? There's no shame in being out of the loop, as it were. The project has been classified for quite a long time.
INFO:NAM1[000459E0]Boston International Airport remains occupied, with Brotherhood presence noted at several other points throughout the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1[000459E1]Of course.
INFO:NAM1[000459E2]It's clear that our safety needs to be the primary concern going forward. To that end, where are we on Phase Three?
INFO:NAM1[000459E3]Have you heard anything about Phase Three?
INFO:NAM1[000459E4]We're still monitoring the increased activity around Fort Independence, but there are no immediate signs we should be concerned.
INFO:NAM1[000459E5]It's very important to us.
INFO:NAM1[000459E6]Very good, thank you.
INFO:NAM1[00045BE5]Gonna be hard letting go of Jake.
INFO:NAM1[00045BE6]Only thing worse than the Raiders is those Forged fanatics at the ironworks.
INFO:NAM1[00045BE7]Damn Forged... the whole lot of 'em are out of their minds.
INFO:NAM1[00045BE8]You know what farming is? Back-breaking work from dawn to dusk.
INFO:NAM1[00045BE9]This life ain't for everyone. Hell, I ain't even sure it's for me.
INFO:NAM1[00045BEA]Jake was such a solitary boy, growing up. I should have done more to reach out to him.
INFO:NAM1[00045BEB]You ever seen so much junk in one place? That'd be my husband's handiwork.
INFO:NAM1[00045BEC]Welcome to Finch Farm. Or Finch Junkyard. Take your pick.
INFO:NAM1[00045BED]Running a farm sure makes for a full day.
INFO:NAM1[00045BEE]There's no lack of work around here. Days go by pretty fast.
INFO:NAM1[00045BF6]**Beep... beep... beep**
INFO:NAM1[00045BF7]**Bleep... bloop... bleep**
INFO:NAM1[00045BF8]**Beep... buzz... whirr**
INFO:NAM1[00045BF9]**Click... beep... buzz**
INFO:NAM1[00045BFA]**Beep... click... chirp**
INFO:NAM1[00045BFB]If you're looking to trade, then let's make a deal!
INFO:NAM1[00045BFC]Wow, look at this, folks! We've got a special guest!
INFO:NAM1[00045BFD]Hi there!
INFO:NAM1[00045BFE]How do you do?
INFO:NAM1[00045BFF]Well, this is just super! We love to have visitors!
INFO:NAM1[00045C00]Thank you again for all your help, darling. We won't forget it.
INFO:NAM1[00045C01]What can I do for you, darling?
INFO:NAM1[00045C02]Do you think it's easy, being this beautiful? I assure you, it is not.
INFO:NAM1[00045C03]Another admirer comes to see me.
INFO:NAM1[00045C04]I'm afraid I don't do autographs, darling.
INFO:NAM1[00045C05]You helped us in our most desperate hour, and for that, I salute you, madam.
INFO:NAM1[00045C06]Lovely weather, wot?
INFO:NAM1[00045C07]By jove!
INFO:NAM1[00045C08]We could do with a spot of rain.
INFO:NAM1[00045C09]Well begun is half done!
INFO:NAM1[000461BF]I better not show up without that sword.
INFO:NAM1[000461C0]I think things will go better if you were the one to bring the sword back.
INFO:NAM1[000461C1]The sword is probably still near the blast furnace with Slag.
INFO:NAM1[00046421]This has got to stop.
INFO:NAM1[00046422]That's better. Okay, I'm right behind you.
INFO:NAM1[00046423]Here's the ransom. Pay them when they come back.
INFO:NAM1[00046424]I can't pay that kind of ransom.
INFO:NAM1[00046425]Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
INFO:NAM1[00046426]They were waiting for me. Must have scoped out my route. I had no chance to run or fight.
INFO:NAM1[00046426]Now let's get out of here, huh?
INFO:NAM1[00046427]Alright. I just hope those raiders keep their end of the deal.
INFO:NAM1[00046428]They can kill him for all I care.
INFO:NAM1[00046429]I wouldn't leave you here. Let's go.
INFO:NAM1[0004642A]I don't know. It was only the one that delivered the ransom demand.
INFO:NAM1[0004642A]What do you want to do?
INFO:NAM1[0004642B]I'll get him back, don't worry.
INFO:NAM1[0004642C]Not just yet. Don't go anywhere.
INFO:NAM1[0004642D]Well, then what are we supposed to do?
INFO:NAM1[0004642E]They said they'd be back for the ransom in a few days.
INFO:NAM1[0004642F]Let's get out of here.
INFO:NAM1[00046430]What? You're really not going to do anything to help?
INFO:NAM1[00046431]Yeah. We followed them back to their hideout.
INFO:NAM1[00046432]How'd you get caught?
INFO:NAM1[00046433]Good. We need that caravan route back.
INFO:NAM1[00046434]Do you know where he's been taken?
INFO:NAM1[00046435]You don't have to tell me twice. Lead the way.
INFO:NAM1[00046436]We've got a problem. Raiders grabbed one of our traders.
INFO:NAM1[00046437]Thank god! I knew you wouldn't let these bastards get away with this.
INFO:NAM1[00046438]Come on, you've got to cut me loose!
INFO:NAM1[0004643A]Just give me the details.
INFO:NAM1[0004643B]What? You can't leave me here!
INFO:NAM1[00046508]Hello there.
INFO:NAM1[00046509]Good day to you.
INFO:NAM1[0004650A]Hi, mister.
INFO:NAM1[0004650B]Hi, miss.
INFO:NAM1[000469AC]Now, I'll give you a quick run-down of the Facilities division, and then I'll answer any questions you might have afterward.
INFO:NAM1[000469AC]As you might guess, we keep the Institute's mechanical and electrical systems running smoothly.
INFO:NAM1[000469AC]We maintain and upgrade all of the systems that make it possible to live and work in a place like this.
INFO:NAM1[000469AC]There's a lot of machinery behind these walls that recycles the air and water and provides power to the laboratories and quarters.
INFO:NAM1[000469AC]The work we do might not be as exciting as some of the other departments, but it's at least as important.
INFO:NAM1[00046A29]Uh... Hostiles eliminated.
INFO:NAM1[00046A3B]Scabbard, this is Claymore. Requesting clearance.
INFO:NAM1[00046A3E]Scimitar took some fire. Should be up and running in a few hours.
INFO:NAM1[00046A44]Which button is it? Uh. There.
INFO:NAM1[00046A71]Got some technical difficulties. With the port thingy. Working on it.
INFO:NAM1[00046A7C]Our number's not up... yet.
INFO:NAM1[00046A7E]Let's kick the assholes out of here.
INFO:NAM1[00046C04]I've been monitoring your approach. Impressive. Very impressive... for a lowlife criminal.
INFO:NAM1[00046C05]Wait. The Grand Reopening. Are you Grand Reopening Supervisor 18-Alpha? You're late.
INFO:NAM1[00046C09]Well, the mafia wasn't accepting applications. But I do my best.
INFO:NAM1[00046C0A]Reinstating combat inhibitors... done!
INFO:NAM1[00046C0B]Grand Reopening?
INFO:NAM1[00046C0C]Processing firmware updates... done!
INFO:NAM1[00046C0D]I'm reporting in. As ordered.
INFO:NAM1[00046C12]No. Really, I'm just exploring.
INFO:NAM1[00046C14]That's just what a commie spy would say. Smug bastards.
INFO:NAM1[00046C1F]You've been watching me?
INFO:NAM1[00046C22]As the Grand Reopening Supervisor, you will be conducting tonight's customer appreciation raffle. Here is the grand prize.
INFO:NAM1[00046C24]Manual authorization of the Grand Reopening requires authentication. So I'm going to need to see your ID... sir.
INFO:NAM1[00046C25]Scanning... ID confirmed.
INFO:NAM1[00046C25]Happy 275th birthday, Mr. Kincaid. Please accept a small token of appreciation for your years of dedicated service.
INFO:NAM1[00046C26]Scanning... scanning... error in scanning subroutine. Identity accepted on a provisional basis.
INFO:NAM1[00046C27]Not much, I'm afraid. Our suppliers are dreadfully late, and it looks like most of the appliances have rusted.
INFO:NAM1[00046C27]But I could offer you jewelry, clothes, perhaps some housewares.
INFO:NAM1[00046C2C]I'm not a criminal!
INFO:NAM1[00046C2F]Something like that.
INFO:NAM1[00046C32]Wait. 'Manual' activation? Is there any other kind?
INFO:NAM1[00046C33]I must have dropped it. Could we let this slide?
INFO:NAM1[00046C34]What ID?
INFO:NAM1[00046C35]Automatic activation was scheduled for January 1st, 2078.
INFO:NAM1[00046C35]Analyzing... corrupt task detected.
INFO:NAM1[00046C35]Task scheduler repaired. Now executing previously scheduled task.
INFO:NAM1[00046C36]Analyzing vocal patterns... confidence interval 85%. Excuse accepted.
INFO:NAM1[00046C37]Explanation issued. This is a threat. Present your ID.
INFO:NAM1[00046C38]Did you honestly think a state-of-the-art facility like the General Atomics Galleria wouldn't have proper surveillance equipment?
INFO:NAM1[00046C38]And yet, despite all of my sensors, all of my robots, I still don't know why you're really here.
INFO:NAM1[00046C3C]Yes. Yes, that's right.
INFO:NAM1[00046C43]Then what are you? Vandal? Mercenary? Communist?
INFO:NAM1[00046C4B]What do you have for sale?
INFO:NAM1[00046C5A]Who's there? Are you... are you a customer?
INFO:NAM1[00046C60]Good day. Can I help you with anything, sir?
INFO:NAM1[00046C63]May I help you with something?
INFO:NAM1[00046C70]Didn't think you'd show your face again. Ready to clear out another area?
INFO:NAM1[00046C71]Finally ready for another mission? Or you just here to waste my time?
INFO:NAM1[00046C72]Hold it right there.
INFO:NAM1[00046C73]All system are operating at peak efficiency.
INFO:NAM1[00046C74]I'm busy, soldier. Dismissed.
INFO:NAM1[00046C75]I've requisitioned supplies from headquarters. We'll just have to hold out until they get through.
INFO:NAM1[00046C76]I don't have to show you anything.
INFO:NAM1[00046C77]Look who's back. I hope this means you finally got the guts to clear out another location.
INFO:NAM1[00046C78]Hope you're ready to purge another target. Can't let those abominations keep thinking they own the place.
INFO:NAM1[00046C79]Just when I thought you were gone for good. I take it you're ready for another mission?
INFO:NAM1[00046C7D]Are you done screwin' around? Because there's plenty of vermin out there that need exterminating.
INFO:NAM1[00046C7F]So, are you finished or what?
INFO:NAM1[00046C80]That location better be cleared out.
INFO:NAM1[00046C81]You better have some good news.
INFO:NAM1[00046C82]Well, look who's back. I take it that area's clear?
INFO:NAM1[00046C83]'Bout time you showed your face. I take it that area's clear?
INFO:NAM1[00046C87]I was hoping to see you again. Ready to recover another piece of tech?
INFO:NAM1[00046C88]I hope this means you're ready to head back out there. There's so much we've yet to uncover.
INFO:NAM1[00046C89]You look like you're set for more field work. I've got another mission if you're up for it.
INFO:NAM1[00046C8E]I'm listening.
INFO:NAM1[00046C8F]Fine, screw you then.
INFO:NAM1[00046C90]Good, you're back. Does this mean you're ready to recover more technology?
INFO:NAM1[00046C91]Fine, but don't cross me again.
INFO:NAM1[00046C94]Just the person I wanted to see. I've got more locations on potential artifacts if you're interested.
INFO:NAM1[00046C99]Where's my cut of the profit?
INFO:NAM1[00046C9A]Local elevator controls disabled by system administrator.
INFO:NAM1[00046C9B]Oh man. I thought you were going to kill me for sure.
INFO:NAM1[00046C9B]Here's your cut. I'll get this place cleaned up and I'll even give you a discount on the meat.
INFO:NAM1[00046CB2]Guess I'll head on home then.
INFO:NAM1[00046CBF]Don't have the key.
INFO:NAM1[00046CC1]Only opens with a key.
INFO:NAM1[00046CC3]Would need the key.
INFO:NAM1[00046CC4]No way to pick this...
INFO:NAM1[00046CC5]Can't pick this...
INFO:NAM1[00046CC7]If I only had a bobby pin...
INFO:NAM1[00046CC9]Out of bobby pins...
INFO:NAM1[00046CCA]No bobby pins.
INFO:NAM1[00046CCB]No bobby pins.
INFO:NAM1[00046CCD]Out of bobby pins.
INFO:NAM1[00046CCE]Don't have any bobby pins.
INFO:NAM1[00046CD1]It's stuck.
INFO:NAM1[00046CD3]No use.
INFO:NAM1[00046CD8]Don't have the key.
INFO:NAM1[00046CD9]Only opens with a key.
INFO:NAM1[00046CDA]Would need the key.
INFO:NAM1[00046CDB]No way to pick this...
INFO:NAM1[00046CDC]Can't pick this...
INFO:NAM1[00046CDF]Got to find the terminal.
INFO:NAM1[00046CE0]Terminal somewhere...
INFO:NAM1[00046CE1]Terminal should open this.
INFO:NAM1[00046CE4]Terminal's gotta be somewhere.
INFO:NAM1[00046CE5]Terminal's got this locked.
INFO:NAM1[00046CE8]Terminal only.
INFO:NAM1[00046CEA]If I only had a bobby pin...
INFO:NAM1[00046CEB]Out of bobby pins...
INFO:NAM1[00046CEC]No bobby pins.
INFO:NAM1[00046CED]No bobby pins.
INFO:NAM1[00046CEE]Out of bobby pins.
INFO:NAM1[00046CEF]Don't have any bobby pins.
INFO:NAM1[00046D00]Look, we can run this place together. You look the other way and I'll give you a cut of the profits.
INFO:NAM1[00046D06]We have squires here in need of good training. I could use your help in guiding the Brotherhood's future.
INFO:NAM1[00046D07]You've proven yourself in the field, Knight. I'd be honored if you're willing to take on a different task: training a Brotherhood squire.
INFO:NAM1[00046D08]You've proven yourself in the field, Paladin. I'd be honored if you're willing to take on a different task: training a Brotherhood squire.
INFO:NAM1[00046D09]You've proven yourself in the field, Sentinel. I'd be honored if you're willing to take on a different task: training a Brotherhood squire.
INFO:NAM1[00046D0A]Skills like yours should be shared. If you're willing, I'd like to enlist your help in educating our squires.
INFO:NAM1[00046D0B]Our squires are in need of good training, and you're just what they need to look up to. Are you willing to aid in their instruction?
INFO:NAM1[00046D0D]Our squires already look up to you. I could use your help in mentoring them, and believe me, I don't choose instructors easily.
INFO:NAM1[00046D0E]I believe you're ready to take on a more mature role: training a Brotherhood squire. What do you say? Are you interested?
INFO:NAM1[00046D0F]You've done a lot for the Brotherhood. I'd like for you to consider instructing our squires... assisting in securing our future.
INFO:NAM1[00046D10]The Brotherhood is a powerful force today, but I need to look to tomorrow. How would you like to aid in training our squires?
INFO:NAM1[00046D11]I respect your abilities, Knight. Now, I'd like to put those skills to a different use: training a Brotherhood squire. What do you say?
INFO:NAM1[00046D14]I respect your abilities, Paladin. Now, I'd like to put those skills to a different use: training a Brotherhood squire. What do you say?
INFO:NAM1[00046D17]I respect your abilities, Sentinel. Now, I'd like to put those skills to a different use: training a Brotherhood squire. What do you say?
INFO:NAM1[00046D1C]Report, Paladin. Did the squire perform well?
INFO:NAM1[00046D1D]What do you say? You help keep this quiet, I run the cannery. We both make a fortune.
INFO:NAM1[00046D1E]Report, Sentinel. Did the squire perform well?
INFO:NAM1[00046D1F]Welcome back, Paladin. Report. Did our squire do well out there?
INFO:NAM1[00046D20]Welcome back, Sentinel. Report. Did our squire do well out there?
INFO:NAM1[00046D22]I wanted to kill the son-of-a-bitch who murdered my husband.
INFO:NAM1[00046D71]Since debuting Vault 76 last year, in honor of America's Tercentenary, Vault-Tec continues to expand with plans for well over 100 Vaults around the country.
INFO:NAM1[00046D72]Vault-Tec announced a continuation of their popular "Welcome Home" promotion. They report openings are still available in area Vaults 81, 111, and 114.
INFO:NAM1[00046D73]Yeah, it's a tough neighborhood. Northeast a ways. People with power there care about two things: style and body count.
INFO:NAM1[00046D74]With the world poised on the brink of war, Vault-Tec is reporting a record number of reservations in Vaults around the country.
INFO:NAM1[00046D75]You said Malone's from Goodneighbor?
INFO:NAM1[00046D76]Turning to economic news of the day. Vault-Tec stock continues to rise as tensions with China reach an all-time high.
INFO:NAM1[00046E23]Not a chance.
INFO:NAM1[00046E24]So you can feed people Ghoul meat?
INFO:NAM1[00046E25]We go in on it together. I run the cannery, you bring me meat and cans and make sure nobody starts getting suspicious.
INFO:NAM1[00046E25]I'll give you a discount on whatever you want to buy and a cut of the profits.
INFO:NAM1[00046E26]Oh uh... yeah. Here's your cut.
INFO:NAM1[00046E27]Look, it hasn't been long enough. Come back in a few days.
INFO:NAM1[00046E28]Ghouls are no different than any other dumb animal. They're an untapped food source.
INFO:NAM1[00046E29]Like I said, they're no different than Brahmin.
INFO:NAM1[00046E2A]Ah, you're back.
INFO:NAM1[00046E2B]I'm busy, hold up.
INFO:NAM1[00046E2C]Whoa whoa, look it doesn't have to be this way!
INFO:NAM1[00046E2D]I'll be with you in just a moment.
INFO:NAM1[00046E2E]Hey there pal, business is good.
INFO:NAM1[0004704F]Those Super Mutants are still out there somewhere, and they could come back at any time.
INFO:NAM1[0004704F]I know it's a lot to ask, but if you put an end to them, we'll all sleep a little easier.
INFO:NAM1[00047050]Then I know you can understand how much I want to protect my family, and that's why we need help.
INFO:NAM1[00047051]Well, no offense, but I'll believe it when I see it.
INFO:NAM1[00047052]The nightmare isn't over yet.
INFO:NAM1[00047053]That's the truth.
INFO:NAM1[00047053]I'll never take a square meal for granted again, that's for sure.
INFO:NAM1[00047054]For now, yeah, but the threat isn't gone.
INFO:NAM1[000470C0]So glad you all could come out and play.
INFO:NAM1[000470C1]Pack your gear, because we're going to go a-murderin' soon.
INFO:NAM1[000470C2]And what do you suggest, genius? Run?
INFO:NAM1[000470CC]So we stay here. And if we got to die, we die.
INFO:NAM1[000470CD]Sure, the Shroud's already killed some of our best, but so what? That just makes the bounty even juicier.
INFO:NAM1[000470CE]The Shroud's here. I know it.
INFO:NAM1[000470CF]Don't give me any bullshit about him being from the comic books.
INFO:NAM1[000470D2]Don't give me any bullshit about her being from the comic books.
INFO:NAM1[000470D3]I ain't heard from the others. The Shroud's got them. I don't want to die here.
INFO:NAM1[000470D6]I know because I've seen him do it. He's a real psycho.
INFO:NAM1[000470D7]The "legendary" Silver Shroud.
INFO:NAM1[000470D8]Us? Kendra, Delancy - both of them couldn't do it. This Shroud's not human, I tell you.
INFO:NAM1[000470D9]Oh, the hell it can't. Sinjin will kill your family, you friends, someone said "hi" to you in a bar, he'll damned well kill them to.
INFO:NAM1[000470DA]And, boy, do we have just the best little chew toy to sink our teeth into.
INFO:NAM1[000470DB]Things didn't always go the way I pictured... but thanks, Shroud, for saving my life.
INFO:NAM1[000470DC]I'm not talking about some abstract concept of control, I mean real tangible power. The kind that keeps the lights on.
INFO:NAM1[000470DC]With every advance the Institute makes, our need for raw power increases.
INFO:NAM1[000470DD]What kind of compromises?
INFO:NAM1[000470DF]Thanks, guys.
INFO:NAM1[000470E1]I'm gonna need some time. To heal, you know? But then I got a special project in mind - just for you.
INFO:NAM1[000470E1]I'll fire up my radio station if I make any progress.
INFO:NAM1[000470E2]Just focus on the pay day if we're the ones that ice him.
INFO:NAM1[000470E3]Just focus on the pay day if we're the ones that ice her.
INFO:NAM1[000470E4]What if he really can't be killed? I just feel it in my gut.
INFO:NAM1[000470E5]What if she really can't be killed? I just feel it in my gut.
INFO:NAM1[000470E6]We have, at times, had to rely on drawing power from above-ground installations. It risks personnel and equipment.
INFO:NAM1[000470E6]But no longer.
INFO:NAM1[000470E7]It can't be worse-
INFO:NAM1[000470EA]Many compromises and sacrifices have been made over the years to allow progress to continue.
INFO:NAM1[000470EB]In this world, I'm sure compromise is necessary.
INFO:NAM1[000470F1]Quite right. For far too long we've been dependent on others, on our surroundings. That time is over.
INFO:NAM1[000470F2]Compromise is for the weak.
INFO:NAM1[000470F3]That is one perspective, yes. But I think we can agree that going forward, no one can consider us weak.
INFO:NAM1[000470F4]Power is, as I'm sure you've seen above ground, a very valuable commodity.
INFO:NAM1[000470FB]Right, such hard times down here.
INFO:NAM1[00047101]I would never disagree that life in the Institute is better than above ground. We have done much to ensure it.
INFO:NAM1[00047101]Now, we take things even further.
INFO:NAM1[00047130]Well, if you think it would work...
INFO:NAM1[00047133]You're the problem.
INFO:NAM1[00047134]Don't you want this to stop?
INFO:NAM1[00047135]Don't be such a coward.
INFO:NAM1[00047136]Why not stand up to them?
INFO:NAM1[00047137]Look at the smart guy we got here! Except... if you really were smart, you'd take a hike right about now.
INFO:NAM1[00047138]It's not that bad. I can... just deal with this.
INFO:NAM1[00047139]With these men, it could... Well, it could turn violent.
INFO:NAM1[0004713A]I said... I said that's enough! Leave me alone!
INFO:NAM1[0004713B]Sounds like you were thinkin' about saying "Or else." Were ya, Travis? Were you gonna say "or else?"
INFO:NAM1[0004713B]I'm wonderin' what comes after that. What're you gonna do, little man?
INFO:NAM1[0004713C]Come on, man. Take a stand. Don't chicken out here.
INFO:NAM1[0004713F]Everything okay here?
INFO:NAM1[00047141]O.... Okay. That's... Well, that's enough.
INFO:NAM1[00047143]Yeah, well I'd like a million caps. Looks like both of us are gonna be disappointed today.
INFO:NAM1[00047144]I don't think I could... do that.... thing, that you'd describing... heh.
INFO:NAM1[00047145]You need to grow a spine, pal.
INFO:NAM1[00047146]What's your problem?
INFO:NAM1[00047147]Why are you getting' involved in somethin' that don't matter to you?
INFO:NAM1[00047148]Looks like you're having a disagreement.
INFO:NAM1[0004714A]No! I mean... No, that would be bad.
INFO:NAM1[0004714B]I'm not a coward!
INFO:NAM1[0004714C]Don't worry. I've got your back.
INFO:NAM1[0004714D]I'd like you to leave Travis alone.
INFO:NAM1[0004714E]No, no. I... That might end badly.
INFO:NAM1[0004714F]Haha, look at you...
INFO:NAM1[0004714F]Lemme think about it for a second... Nah, I don't think so.
INFO:NAM1[00047150]Yes, but...
INFO:NAM1[00047151]Nothing will change unless you make it happen.
INFO:NAM1[00047152]You could resolve this if you try.
INFO:NAM1[00047155]You're stickin' your nose someplace it don't belong. Best stay out of it.
INFO:NAM1[00047156]I'm sorry, you say somethin'?
INFO:NAM1[00047157]I... I mean it! Leave me alone!
INFO:NAM1[00047158]Let's do something about this, then.
INFO:NAM1[0004715A]Well, this whole situation looks like trouble.
INFO:NAM1[0004715B]I'm here to give you a hand.
INFO:NAM1[0004715C]Now get the hell outta here.
INFO:NAM1[0004715D]Why are you bothering Travis?
INFO:NAM1[0004715E]That doesn't seem like... a good idea.
INFO:NAM1[00047161]Dogmeat find something?
INFO:NAM1[00047163]Dogmeat pick up the scent again?
INFO:NAM1[00047164]I'm telling ya, that nose is second to none.
INFO:NAM1[0004718F]On your knees, dirtbag.
INFO:NAM1[00047190]What happened to Kent? Where is he?
INFO:NAM1[00047191]You see the good guy has too many things he cares about. Family. Friends. Little school kids. Maybe some morals.
INFO:NAM1[00047193]Oww, oww, oww! Oh my god, do it, Shroud. Do it. My knee! Ahh!
INFO:NAM1[00047194]She won't be... Wh-What? Oh god, what's happening?
INFO:NAM1[00047195]I need to know what happened.
INFO:NAM1[00047196]Whereas a bad guy, he just wants the fucking money. So what happens when you start taking apart the bad guy's empire. When you start ripping him off.
INFO:NAM1[00047197]Don't do it, Shroud, it's a trap. Save yourself!
INFO:NAM1[00047198]Here's a Silver Shroud update. In case you missed it, Kendra's reign of terror is over.
INFO:NAM1[00047199]Take a deep breath and tell me what's happened.
INFO:NAM1[0004719A]When you start making a fool of him, Kent. Then you got someone that will stop at absolutely nothing to take back what's his.
INFO:NAM1[0004719C]If you want to see your friend alive, Shroud, meet me at Milton General Hospital.
INFO:NAM1[0004719D]When they took him they... they left you a message. Just listen to Kent's radio station. It keeps playing it over and over again.
INFO:NAM1[0004719E]I'm here now. Tell me what happened.
INFO:NAM1[000471A0]*Kent makes a "yes" sound while a gun is in his mouth.*
INFO:NAM1[000471A1]They... they took him! Raiders. Nothing but bloodlust in their eyes. We... we couldn't stop them...
INFO:NAM1[000471A4]This is the Shroud's headquarters? So you must be the Silver Shroud's little friend.
INFO:NAM1[000471A5]A dozen of 'em. Armed to the teeth. Just rushed in, grabbed Kent, and then they were gone...
INFO:NAM1[000471A6]So you like playing cops and robbers, Kent?
INFO:NAM1[000471A8]Sinjin, all clear.
INFO:NAM1[000471A9]I'm sorry. I tried to stop them. One angry Raider is easy to distract, but a dozen of 'em...
INFO:NAM1[000471AA]Please... make it stop...
INFO:NAM1[000471AC]Wh-What are you doing? Wh... errg...
INFO:NAM1[000471AD]It was terrible. A dozen raiders... They just charged in and grabbed Kent. Took him away.
INFO:NAM1[000471AE]Oh, your friend's arrived, Kent. Do you mind if call you Kent? Here's the thing about cops and robbers. The bad guys always win.
INFO:NAM1[000471AF]It's you! Oh sugar, I told Kent all that hero stuff was going to get you both killed! Oh god... Oh god...
INFO:NAM1[000471B0]Tick tock, Shroud. Don't keep me waiting. We got business that needs finishing.
INFO:NAM1[0004724B]Tex Beneke, folks.
INFO:NAM1[0004724C]Billy Ward... a-and the Dominoes. Not just Billy, they were there too.
INFO:NAM1[0004724D]Another, uhh, good one, from... uhh, Betty Hutton.
INFO:NAM1[0004724E]Gotta love Betty Hutton, right?.... right?
INFO:NAM1[0004724F]Such a positive guy, that Bing Crosby.
INFO:NAM1[00047250]That was, uhh, Bing Crosby. Yep.
INFO:NAM1[00047251]Bob Crosby this time. Not Bing. In case... well, in case you got confused. I sometimes do.
INFO:NAM1[00047252]Undecided, by Ella Fitzgerald. I know the feeling.
INFO:NAM1[00047253]And that was Frankie Carle, there. Well, I mean I guess it was actually Marjorie Hughes doing the singing, but... uhh, never mind.
INFO:NAM1[00047254]That was Personality, by Johnny Mercer.
INFO:NAM1[00047255]Who doesn't love some Louis Jordan, right?
INFO:NAM1[00047257]Connie Allen there, with, uhh... heh, uhh... Rocket 69.
INFO:NAM1[00047258]Whole Lotta Shakin'.... whooooole lot of it. Yep. That was, uhh, Big Maybelle.
INFO:NAM1[00047259]That was, uhh, Uranium Fever by... oh man, uhh... by Elton Britt! Yes. Right.
INFO:NAM1[0004725A]That was, uhh... Wynonie Harris.
INFO:NAM1[0004725B]Oh, that Butcher Pete. Just... well, just doing butcher sort of things, I guess... uhh... That was Roy Brown.
INFO:NAM1[0004725C]That was the Ink Spots, with "It's All Over but the Crying"... because that part never... well, it never really stops...
INFO:NAM1[0004725D]Roy Brown. Again. Plenty of his records survived... somehow...
INFO:NAM1[0004725E]That song was... it was... uhh... well, it was by Three Suns, and... uhh... oh, never mind.
INFO:NAM1[0004725F]Ray Smith, everybody... Ray... Smith...
INFO:NAM1[00047261]You just heard "Crawl Out Through the Fallout."
INFO:NAM1[00047263]That was the Five Stars. All... all Five of them. Get it? Because it's... well, it's funny... sort of... okay not really.
INFO:NAM1[00047264]Hope you, uhh, enjoyed that song by... Warren Smith.
INFO:NAM1[00047266]Nat King Cole there. He's just the best, isn't he?
INFO:NAM1[00047267]Skeeter Davis. A name I still find confusing.
INFO:NAM1[00047268]Hope you enjoyed that last song.
INFO:NAM1[0004736F]I don't know... I mean, wow. Just... wow.
INFO:NAM1[0004736F]I never thought I could do... well, anything like that! That was crazy!
INFO:NAM1[0004736F]...Wow. Hey, listen. I, uhh... Thanks. That was, well, it was really something. I think maybe I should go lie down now.
INFO:NAM1[00047370]I... I can't believe it. We did it!
INFO:NAM1[00047372]I guess... Maybe it does, huh? I just never thought I could do... anything like that.
INFO:NAM1[00047372]Boy, I just... Well, I don't even know what to say. I think maybe I... I need some time to think. About all of this.
INFO:NAM1[00047372]Listen, though. Thanks. A lot.
INFO:NAM1[00047373]I can't believe it. You were right!
INFO:NAM1[00047373]I... I've got things to do now. Listen, really, I can't thank you enough.
INFO:NAM1[00047374]Yeah, I guess not. But still... I mean, I never thought I could do that.
INFO:NAM1[00047374]I just never thought I had it in me... I... I need some time to think about this.
INFO:NAM1[00047374]Thanks, though. For... for helping, and for... well, for believing in me.
INFO:NAM1[00047378]Well, this changes things for you.
INFO:NAM1[0004737C]I knew you had it in you.
INFO:NAM1[0004737E]How do you feel now?
INFO:NAM1[00047382]In the future, never doubt me.
INFO:NAM1[00047607]That's too bad. Oh well.
INFO:NAM1[00047609]Found the plant. Here you go.
INFO:NAM1[0004760A]Mutated Fern. Hear it's dynamite for making radiation meds. Did you find some?
INFO:NAM1[0004760B]What did you need again?
INFO:NAM1[0004760D]Haven't gotten to it yet, Solomon.
INFO:NAM1[0004760F]All right. Here's your payment, plus some samples from the pharmacy. Don't take 'em all at once, now. Moderation.
INFO:NAM1[00047610]Good luck finding that Mutated Fern, man.
INFO:NAM1[00047611]Hey, you find any Mutated Fern for me? Got a lot of plans for that plant.
INFO:NAM1[00047612]You find that fern? Should be easy to spot.
INFO:NAM1[00047613]Got something green for me, man? And by green, I mean, mutated and glowing.
INFO:NAM1[00047644]Sorry, don't have anything to sell.
INFO:NAM1[00047645]Move along.
INFO:NAM1[00047646]I'm on my way to Vault 81 to restock. Maybe you can find what you need there?
INFO:NAM1[000477FF]I've got produce for sale, along with some other supplies we scrounged up. Let me know if you want to trade.
INFO:NAM1[00047800]You can find other farms in the Commonwealth, but nobody works harder than we do.
INFO:NAM1[00047801]Getting this place together was an uphill battle. I like to think I won it.
INFO:NAM1[00047802]On the inside, we ghouls aren't so different from everyone else.
INFO:NAM1[00047803]I'm damn proud of what we've built here.
INFO:NAM1[00047804]Wiseman's built a place we ghouls can be proud of.
INFO:NAM1[00047805]It quite a place, isn't it? The only tarberry bog in the Commonwealth!
INFO:NAM1[00047807]I keep busy fixing the meals and tending house.
INFO:NAM1[00047808]I think we're really making a difference here.
INFO:NAM1[00047809]I used to live in Diamond City. I got into some trouble and it was Wiseman who bailed me out.
INFO:NAM1[0004780A]Wiseman is a great man and a great leader. What's more, I owe him my life.
INFO:NAM1[0004780B]Working here sure beats scratching out a life in Diamond City. No angry mobs of humans here!
INFO:NAM1[0004780C]Some people can't tell a feral ghoul from a normal one. I've had to run for my life more than once.
INFO:NAM1[0004780D]Wiseman stood up to an angry mob in my defense. He's got rare courage, and I owe him my life.
INFO:NAM1[0004780E]Some days, when the bay breeze is strong, you can almost forget this place was a sewage plant.
INFO:NAM1[0004780F]June's a heck of a cook. I feel no shame in admitting that's half the reason I married her.
INFO:NAM1[00047810]It's a full time job keeping those little scamps of mine out of trouble.
INFO:NAM1[00047811]It's a good life we've got here, and we're grateful for it.
INFO:NAM1[00047812]With a little elbow grease, you can achieve just about anything.
INFO:NAM1[00047813]We've got some supplies I can offer, if you're interested.
INFO:NAM1[00047815]Wally can be a little precocious. Have to keep eye on him pretty much around the clock.
INFO:NAM1[00047816]It's a lot of work to keep this place running, but there's nothing I'd rather do.
INFO:NAM1[00047817]I wish there were more girls Janey's age around here.
INFO:NAM1[00047818]Sorry about the smell. This place used to handle sewage.
INFO:NAM1[00047819]If you need something, you should talk to my dad.
INFO:NAM1[0004781A]My brother's such a brat.
INFO:NAM1[0004781B]Mom's a really great cook.
INFO:NAM1[0004781C]The mutfruit's really sweet this year. You should try one.
INFO:NAM1[0004781D]One of our gourds is a totally different color. Weird.
INFO:NAM1[0004781E]My parents used to fight a lot, but not anymore. I'm glad they stopped.
INFO:NAM1[0004783D]Yeah, yeah.
INFO:NAM1[0004783E]My leg is killing me. But it could of been so much worse.
INFO:NAM1[0004783F]I knew it was bad out there... But this, I don't even think the Silver Shroud himself could fix this disaster area.
INFO:NAM1[00047841]You and me both, Shroud. But I don't know...
INFO:NAM1[00047842]That's your call to make.
INFO:NAM1[00047844]I'm going back to Goodneighbor. Really, thanks for saving me. But I'm just done.
INFO:NAM1[00047845]That was close.
INFO:NAM1[00047846]Maybe quitting is for the best.
INFO:NAM1[00047847]I'm glad I got here in time.
INFO:NAM1[00047848]Nothing went the way it was supposed to. AJ. Kendra. And this. I just want to go home.
INFO:NAM1[00047849]I thought I was done for, for sure.
INFO:NAM1[0004784B]Really? After all this, you're just giving up?
INFO:NAM1[0004784D]But there ain't no good people left. The way you... Well, with AJ and Kendra. I just want to go home.
INFO:NAM1[0004784E]If you just quit then the bad guys have already won.
INFO:NAM1[0004784F]Are you all right?
INFO:NAM1[000478A7]Yes, but...
INFO:NAM1[000478B7]...keep telling 'em we're running low on supply... need to take more risks... caravans ain't that well guarded...
INFO:NAM1[000478B8]...this isn't anything like training... shooting at plywood... how's that supposed to get me ready for this hell...
INFO:NAM1[000478B9]...can't believe they're only giving me half a share... this outfit's way worse than the last one...
INFO:NAM1[000478BA]...hate it when they beg... it's just you or me... nothing personal... God, I hope the next one dies clean...
INFO:NAM1[000478BB]...don't think about it... stay calm... wasn't your fault... you did what you had to do...
INFO:NAM1[000478BC]...can't keep doing this forever... one last haul, then I'll call it quits...
INFO:NAM1[000478BD]...*sigh* need a drink... the real shit, not moonshine...
INFO:NAM1[000478BE]...gotta be an end to this someday... for now, gotta do what I gotta do...
INFO:NAM1[000478C0]It will ensure not just our survival, but our prosperity.
INFO:NAM1[000478C1]The reactor is close to ready, but recent tests have determined we have a few tasks ahead of us. Thus, we come to Phase Three.
INFO:NAM1[000478C1]And to how you will help.
INFO:NAM1[000478C3]Can you tell me more about this reactor?
INFO:NAM1[000478C4]Phase Three is, simply, the activation of a nuclear reactor that can provide enough power to the Institute now and forever.
INFO:NAM1[000478C5]It was originally built for the Commonwealth Institute of Technology before the war, but was only for testing.
INFO:NAM1[000478C5]Over the years we've advanced the technology, made a great many improvements, and are finally nearly ready to activate it.
INFO:NAM1[000478C6]You'll see in time. I promise you that.
INFO:NAM1[000478C7]While I am not overly fond of putting my own father in harm's way, he has proven more than capable of handling himself.
INFO:NAM1[000478C8]While I am not overly fond of putting my own mother in harm's way, she has proven more than capable of handling herself.
INFO:NAM1[000478C9]I'm not sure what this means.
INFO:NAM1[000478CA]Now, there is one more subject that requires discussion.
INFO:NAM1[000478CC]Not in our hands. I assure you, this is the answer. This is the future.
INFO:NAM1[000478CD]Yes, Doctor Ayo. Previously we would rely on Kellogg for above ground operations, yes? Well, he is gone.
INFO:NAM1[000478CE]Nuclear power? That's a disaster waiting to happen.
INFO:NAM1[000478CF]This is not a matter for debate.
INFO:NAM1[000478D7]That's... well, that's an understatement.
INFO:NAM1[000478D9]Sounds like an important step.
INFO:NAM1[00047E54]Hey, scavver. Got plenty of Brahmin meat on the hooks.
INFO:NAM1[00047E55]We sell cuts of meat. That's it.
INFO:NAM1[00047E56]Flank, rib, or sirloin. They're all good, so make up your mind.
INFO:NAM1[00047E57]You want your meat sliced thin, you can cut it your damn self.
INFO:NAM1[00047E58]Fresh meat right here.
INFO:NAM1[00047E59]Fresh meat. I ain't selling nothing else, so decide what you're getting.
INFO:NAM1[00047E5A]Get lost.
INFO:NAM1[00047E5B]Leave me alone.
INFO:NAM1[00047E5C]I didn't ask for company. Leave.
INFO:NAM1[00047E61]I'm quite busy with the students, but feel free to look around on your own.
INFO:NAM1[00047E62]You won't find a better school anywhere. Not that there's much competition.
INFO:NAM1[00047E63]I'm teaching. Excuse me.
INFO:NAM1[00047E64]Just don't disrupt the class.
INFO:NAM1[00047E66]Oh don't mind me. I can be so clumsy with my retractable fingers. Now, who can count to three?
INFO:NAM1[00047E67]Don't forget to keep up on your reading. There's always something new to learn.
INFO:NAM1[00047E68]It's so delightful to see more adults taking an interest in education.
INFO:NAM1[00047E69]Now, now, if you spend any more time here, I'll have to assign you a desk. *laughs*
INFO:NAM1[00047E6A]Come to laugh at a man down on his luck? Huh?
INFO:NAM1[00047E6B]Leave me alone. Not looking to make friends.
INFO:NAM1[00047E6C]Get a long day of work ahead of me, if I'm lucky, so beat it.
INFO:NAM1[00047E6D]You're bothering me.
INFO:NAM1[00047E6E]Got my own problems.
INFO:NAM1[00047E6F]Oh, wow. You're tall.
INFO:NAM1[00047E70]Hey there, mister.
INFO:NAM1[00047E71]You shoot people, mister? My dad says outsiders shoot people.
INFO:NAM1[00047E72]My friends say outsiders smell, but you don't smell at all!
INFO:NAM1[00047E73]Do all you outsiders where such funny clothes?
INFO:NAM1[00047ECF]Now here is where you want to be. Anyone who's anyone drinks here.
INFO:NAM1[00047ED0]Don't be shy. Sit down and have a drink.
INFO:NAM1[00047ED1]Isn't it fabulous? Sitting up here in the Stands? You'll get addicted to it.
INFO:NAM1[00047ED2]You're in the only spot worth going to around here.
INFO:NAM1[00047F77]Dad's been really nice lately. He didn't used to.
INFO:NAM1[00047F78]All Janey ever talks about is clothes and boys. Boring!
INFO:NAM1[00047F79]Everyone used to be sick and hungry. I was scared we were all gonna die.
INFO:NAM1[00047F7A]It's nice to have a lot of food. We used to only eat once a day.
INFO:NAM1[00047F94]Drinks! The finest liquor moonshiners can brew right here.
INFO:NAM1[00047F95]Come come, have a drink. I didn't buy bar to sell water.
INFO:NAM1[00047F96]Ah, yes, you. Famous Bobrov liquor on tap all day.
INFO:NAM1[00047F97]See this bar? I killed a man for it. Ha ha! No no... I kid... I kid... *cough* He is dead, though... Now, let me know when you're ready to order.
INFO:NAM1[00047F98]Good to see returning customers. Most die. You let me know if you need a drink.
INFO:NAM1[00047F99]Oh, a customer. Need a room?
INFO:NAM1[00047F9A]Tell me if you need a room, otherwise the bar is over there.
INFO:NAM1[00047F9B]Glad we haven't scared you off yet. Need a room?
INFO:NAM1[00047F9C]Need a room?
INFO:NAM1[00047F9D]You look tired. Need a room?
INFO:NAM1[00047F9F]Thank you! It's like I can finally think straight.
INFO:NAM1[00047FA0]I gave up alcohol after settling down here. Doctors said I shot my liver.
INFO:NAM1[00047FA1]Nuka-Cola's the only thing I can drink that wakes me up. Otherwise it's all... hazy.
INFO:NAM1[0004803B]Du drepte ham!
INFO:NAM1[0004803C]Gjemme dere!
INFO:NAM1[00048040]Jeg kommer hjem...
INFO:NAM1[00048042]Det var vondt!
INFO:NAM1[00048046]Gå vekk fra våre skip!
INFO:NAM1[00048047]Gå bort!
INFO:NAM1[00048049]La oss være i fred!
INFO:NAM1[0004804A]Du bør ikke være her!
INFO:NAM1[000480F3]Va hvil du ha fra us?
INFO:NAM1[000480F4]Du vil dø for dette!
INFO:NAM1[000480F9]Du vil angre angripe oss!
INFO:NAM1[00048232]You were the one who sent me on a field trip.
INFO:NAM1[00048233]Go out, find yourself a Bloatfly, collect a gland, and get back here to the rank of junior scientist! Up for it?
INFO:NAM1[00048234]Now we all talk about radiation like it's a single thing, but it's actually a term referring to dozens of different ionizing rays.
INFO:NAM1[00048234]You have X-Rays, Beta Rays, Gamma Rays... But which one are we most worried about? The one most associated with the big, old bombs 200 years ago?
INFO:NAM1[00048235]You are one huge nerd.
INFO:NAM1[00048237]Never mind. I'm leaving.
INFO:NAM1[0004823A]What kind of things have adapted to radiation?
INFO:NAM1[0004823C]Yeah. I have this Bloatfly Gland. You asked for it.
INFO:NAM1[0004823D]There's my junior scientist! Hope you're continuing your own biological field work.
INFO:NAM1[00048243]Here's a little reward for my new junior scientist!
INFO:NAM1[00048244]That's right. You go out, do some Science! of your own, and come back.
INFO:NAM1[00048244]I usually have a prize for the best junior scientist, which I guess is just automatically going to you! What do you say?
INFO:NAM1[00048247]Sign me up.
INFO:NAM1[00048248]No. Can't say I do. Did you need something from the Science! Center?
INFO:NAM1[00048249]What did you need me to do again?
INFO:NAM1[0004824B]No. Not even a little bit.
INFO:NAM1[0004824C]Hmm... Don't recall. That might have been before or after I had to vent out an awful lot of semi-toxic gas from the lab...
INFO:NAM1[0004824C]Maybe if you were more specific?
INFO:NAM1[0004824D]If I get around to it.
INFO:NAM1[0004824F]I... don't know about this...
INFO:NAM1[00048252]No way. I'm not hunting flies.
INFO:NAM1[00048253]Yes. Very interesting.
INFO:NAM1[00048257]Dissecting a Bloatfly can be fun. Just avoid getting stung to death, and you'll be a junior scientist in no time.
INFO:NAM1[00048258]Enjoy the field trip!
INFO:NAM1[00048259]Come back once you have that Bloatfly Gland, and you'll earn that prize.
INFO:NAM1[0004825A]Have fun out there, and don't get killed. That'd be bad for progress.
INFO:NAM1[0004825B]Oh, yes. Can I help you?
INFO:NAM1[0004825C]Ah, hello there. Um... did you need something?
INFO:NAM1[0004825D]I don't recognize you. Something I can do for ya?
INFO:NAM1[0004825E]Field trip?
INFO:NAM1[0004825F]Don't you remember me?
INFO:NAM1[00048260]Ready for that free Biology lesson after all?
INFO:NAM1[00048261]You. Have you changed your mind? Ready to hunt down a Bloatfly Gland for your field trip?
INFO:NAM1[00048262]Sorry. Very busy right now with an experiment. As soon as I remember which one it is...
INFO:NAM1[00048263]Did you know in Chemistry you should never mix a base into an acidic compound? Lost a few eyebrows that way, I'll tell ya.
INFO:NAM1[00048264]Now where did I put those notes...
INFO:NAM1[00048265]Nuclear power destroyed the world, but without it, Diamond City wouldn't have any electricity!
INFO:NAM1[00048266]I'm pretty sure I was supposed to check on something...
INFO:NAM1[0004829A]Get the Bloatfly Gland. Got it.
INFO:NAM1[0004829E]No. It's horrible.
INFO:NAM1[00048522]This is Atom Cat territory.
INFO:NAM1[00048523]We can't be seen with some nerd from nowheresville. We got a reputation to uphold.
INFO:NAM1[00048524]Hey nosebleed, just where do you think you are?
INFO:NAM1[00048527]You're cruisin' for a bruisin', pal.
INFO:NAM1[00048530]You sure you can go through with this?
INFO:NAM1[00048531]Of course not... but... but that doesn't matter. And you're here, so that's... well that's something, right? Let's just go.
INFO:NAM1[00048532]What are the odds, huh?
INFO:NAM1[00048533]I didn't know... guess I just stumbled in here.
INFO:NAM1[00048534]What the heck, huh? We were supposed to meet outside!
INFO:NAM1[00048535]You just stay behind me. Watch my back.
INFO:NAM1[00048536]Okay, whatever you say.
INFO:NAM1[00048537]Geez, sorry.
INFO:NAM1[00048538]It's none of your damned business, Travis.
INFO:NAM1[00048539]And if any of this is my fault, then... well, then I gotta help, right? I can do that. I got a gun and everything...
INFO:NAM1[0004853A]You shoot first, ask questions later. Got it?
INFO:NAM1[0004853B]Yeah... yeah! Let's get 'em!
INFO:NAM1[0004853C]I talked to Yefim... I heard about what happened. I... came here to find Vadim. How did you get here?
INFO:NAM1[0004853E]I had a hunch I might find him here.
INFO:NAM1[0004853F]Well I'm... I'm coming with you. Vadim is my friend... he's, well... he's one of the only friends I have.
INFO:NAM1[00048540]Just stay calm. Don't go crazy in there.
INFO:NAM1[00048541]Right. Calm. I can do calm. Look at how calm I am. I'm super calm. Okay? So let's do this... before I totally lose my nerve.
INFO:NAM1[00048542]Hey, what are you doing?!
INFO:NAM1[00048543]Wow, okay... that's... well that's pretty good hunching.
INFO:NAM1[00048545]What's next?
INFO:NAM1[00048546]Vadim is... he's my friend. I don't have many friends. So if he's in trouble, then I'm gonna help.
INFO:NAM1[00048546]So I'm coming with you, and I'm not taking 'no' for an answer.
INFO:NAM1[00048548]Forget about me... why are YOU here?
INFO:NAM1[00048549]You're not doing this without me...
INFO:NAM1[00048686]The Brotherhood isn't exactly subtle when it makes an entrance.
INFO:NAM1[00048687]Your orders are to proceed to Elder Maxson's address, after which he wishes to speak with you.
INFO:NAM1[00048687]Anything else?
INFO:NAM1[00048688]Beneath the Commonwealth there is a cancer... known as the Institute, a malignant growth that needs to be cut before it infects the surface.
INFO:NAM1[00048688]They are experimenting with dangerous technologies that could prove to be the world's undoing for the second time in recent history.
INFO:NAM1[00048689]Judging from the state of the world, it wouldn't be a stretch to say we're living in that era again.
INFO:NAM1[0004868A]Not at all.
INFO:NAM1[0004868A]In fact, it's clear from Paladin Danse's reports that you understand our core values.
INFO:NAM1[0004868A]He feels you've become quite an asset to us.
INFO:NAM1[0004868B]Leaving them to their own devices is what reduced this metropolis to ruins in the first place.
INFO:NAM1[0004868B]I'm a bit surprised that you don't realize that by now.
INFO:NAM1[0004868D]Which is precisely why I personally insist on scrutinizing every recruit who boards this vessel.
INFO:NAM1[0004868E]That's the plan.
INFO:NAM1[0004868E]If history's proven anything, it's that an overwhelming show of force has a chance of halting a conflict before it begins.
INFO:NAM1[0004868F]There's no reason to be subtle when you have that in your arsenal.
INFO:NAM1[00048690]This campaign will be costly and many lives will be lost. But in the end, we will be saving humankind from its worst enemy... itself.
INFO:NAM1[00048691]I don't have any questions.
INFO:NAM1[00048692]I don't care about ranks.
INFO:NAM1[00048693]I hope this isn't another Brotherhood morals lecture.
INFO:NAM1[00048694]If you cared about them, you'd leave them to their own devices.
INFO:NAM1[00048697]Looks can be deceiving.
INFO:NAM1[00048698]Going to be a quick war with that thing on our side.
INFO:NAM1[00048699]That ship... I've never seen anything like it.
INFO:NAM1[0004869A]Then I suggest you head over to the Command Deck immediately.
INFO:NAM1[0004869A]Dismissed, Initiate.
INFO:NAM1[0004869B]Now that the ship is in position, it is time to reveal our purpose and our mission.
INFO:NAM1[0004869C]Whether you like it or not, you're going to have to get used to it.
INFO:NAM1[0004869D]Yet despite that, Paladin Danse still feels you'd be an asset to the Brotherhood.
INFO:NAM1[0004869E]Exactly. I just hope we're here in time.
INFO:NAM1[0004869E]I refuse to allow the mistakes of the past to be repeated.
INFO:NAM1[0004869F]I've read Paladin Danse's reports. He seems to think you'll make a fine addition to the Brotherhood.
INFO:NAM1[0004869F]You might expect an endorsement like that to grant you a great deal of latitude with us, but let me make one thing clear.
INFO:NAM1[0004869F]The Brotherhood of Steel has traveled to the Commonwealth with a specific goal in mind.
INFO:NAM1[0004869F]As the captain of this vessel, I won't allow anyone to jeopardize our mission no matter how valuable they think they are.
INFO:NAM1[000486A0]That being said, you're about to get to know the Prydwen up close and personal.
INFO:NAM1[000486A0]I've received orders that we're both to report to her immediately.
INFO:NAM1[000486A0]Follow me up to the roof of the police station... we're going for a little ride.
INFO:NAM1[000486A1]We call our ship "The Prydwen." She's loaded with enough troops and supplies to mount a major offensive.
INFO:NAM1[000486A1]If she's here, Elder Maxson's here. And that means we're going to war.
INFO:NAM1[000486A2]Amazing, isn't it?
INFO:NAM1[000486A4]Where can I get Power Armor?
INFO:NAM1[000486A5]I'll do my best to live up to it.
INFO:NAM1[000486A6]You're not going to convince me you're right.
INFO:NAM1[000486A7]I can see that. They're playing with fire, and we need to save them.
INFO:NAM1[000486A8]I am not at liberty to say.
INFO:NAM1[000486A8]Elder Maxson will be addressing the crew shortly, and I'm certain all of your questions will be answered.
INFO:NAM1[000486A8]Now, was there anything else, or was everything I said understood?
INFO:NAM1[000486A9]A soldier is supposed to be an efficient killing machine, not a relic from the past playing catch-up with the rest of the world.
INFO:NAM1[000486A9]If Danse hadn't stepped in and vouched for you, we wouldn't even be having this conversation.
INFO:NAM1[000486A9]Accepting outsiders like yourself has proven disastrous in the past.
INFO:NAM1[000486AA]Maxson is the commander of this division of the Brotherhood of Steel.
INFO:NAM1[000486AA]He's the model of what every Brotherhood soldier hopes to become.
INFO:NAM1[000486AA]If we're going to war, I can promise you that he'll be leading the charge.
INFO:NAM1[000486AB]Only Knights are allowed to wear Brotherhood Power Armor. And you're no Knight. Not yet.
INFO:NAM1[000486AB]Until Elder Maxson grants you that title, you'll have to make due with what you've got.
INFO:NAM1[000486AB]Anything else?
INFO:NAM1[000486AC]Brothers and Sisters, the road behind has been long and fraught with difficulty.
INFO:NAM1[000486AC]Each and every one of you has surpassed my expectations by rapidly facilitating our arrival in the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1[000486AC]You have accomplished this amazing feat without a hint of purpose or direction, and most impressively, without question.
INFO:NAM1[000486AD]I'm certain that you will.
INFO:NAM1[000486AE]Paladin Danse's reports were quite clear regarding your feelings towards the Brotherhood.
INFO:NAM1[000486AE]And he concludes that you'd be an asset to us.
INFO:NAM1[000486AF]What exactly is your mission here?
INFO:NAM1[000486B1]And what's a soldier supposed to look like?
INFO:NAM1[000486B2]Who's Elder Maxson?
INFO:NAM1[000486B3]Why did the Brotherhood send it here?
INFO:NAM1[000486B4]That's all for now, soldier.
INFO:NAM1[000486B4]Your orders are to proceed to the Command Deck for the address, after which Elder Maxson wishes to have a word with you.
INFO:NAM1[000486B4]If you have any questions, ask me now. Otherwise, you're dismissed.
INFO:NAM1[000486B5]I am not prepared to allow the Institute to continue this line of experimentation.
INFO:NAM1[000486B5]Therefore, the Institute and their "synths" are considered enemies of the Brotherhood of Steel, and should be dealt with swiftly and mercilessly.
INFO:NAM1[000486B6]Can you tell me anything about Elder Maxson?
INFO:NAM1[000486B7]Don't worry, I'm convinced.
INFO:NAM1[000486B8]The Brotherhood is here to prevent a war by starting one of our own.
INFO:NAM1[000486B8]The difference is our war won't reduce civilization to ashes.
INFO:NAM1[000486B9]If you're planning to stay with the Brotherhood, I need you one hundred percent committed at all times. Nothing less will do.
INFO:NAM1[000486BA]"Sorry?" That's not something I'm accustomed to hearing from a soldier.
INFO:NAM1[000486BA]If you want to earn your place among the best, you need to toughen up.
INFO:NAM1[000486BB]What's the matter? Don't like kicking in the door?
INFO:NAM1[000486BB]Don't worry, you'll fall in line with our tactics sooner or later.
INFO:NAM1[000486BC]I'm not sure, but I think it might have something to do with the data on the Commonwealth we sent them after the transmitter was repaired.
INFO:NAM1[000486BE]Elder Maxson is the supreme commander of the Brotherhood.
INFO:NAM1[000486BE]Without his tenacity and his vision, we'd still be a small group of complacent stragglers occupying the Citadel in the Capital Wasteland.
INFO:NAM1[000486BE]In a mere decade, he's grown the Brotherhood of Steel into a major military force.
INFO:NAM1[000486BE]He's an inspiration to us all.
INFO:NAM1[000486BE]Is there anything else?
INFO:NAM1[000486BF]Only a Knight? Why not a Paladin like Danse?
INFO:NAM1[000486C0]Seeing as he's one of my most respected field officers, you couldn't get a better recommendation.
INFO:NAM1[000486C0]Therefore, from this moment forward, I'm granting you the rank of Knight.
INFO:NAM1[000486C0]And, befitting your title, we're granting you a suit of Power Armor to protect you on the field of battle. Wear it with pride.
INFO:NAM1[000486C1]Care about them? I thought we were preparing for war.
INFO:NAM1[000486C2]I don't know.
INFO:NAM1[000486C3]Sorry to disappoint you.
INFO:NAM1[000486C4]I'm guessing that diplomacy isn't on Elder Maxson's mind.
INFO:NAM1[000486C5]All I want to know is when I can get up there.
INFO:NAM1[000486C6]In any event, once you're finished becoming familiar with the Prydwen and my staff, report to the Flight Deck for your new orders.
INFO:NAM1[000486C6]Welcome aboard the Prydwen, soldier. Make us proud.
INFO:NAM1[000486C7]The Institute Scientists have created a weapon that transcends the destructive nature of the atom bomb.
INFO:NAM1[000486C7]They call their creation the "synth," a robotic abomination of technology that is free-thinking and masquerades as a human being.
INFO:NAM1[000486C7]The notion that a machine could be granted free will is not only offensive, but horribly dangerous.
INFO:NAM1[000486C7]And like the atom, if it isn't harnessed properly, it has the potential of rendering us extinct as a species.
INFO:NAM1[000486C8]The Brotherhood maintains a strict hierachy organized by rank.
INFO:NAM1[000486C8]Paladin is several ranks above Knight, and it took Danse many years to achieve that goal.
INFO:NAM1[000486C8]With your continued loyalty to the Brotherhood, I'm certain you can attain the same.
INFO:NAM1[000486CA]I want you to start taking responsibility for this planet. To start making a difference.
INFO:NAM1[000486CA]And from what I've read in Paladin Danse's reports, you've already begun that journey.
INFO:NAM1[000486CB]I can understand your indecisiveness.
INFO:NAM1[000486CB]Turning your weapons on the very same people that you're trying to save can be a bitter pill to swallow.
INFO:NAM1[000486CC]If you want to remain with us, then you're right, you don't.
INFO:NAM1[000486CD]A Brotherhood soldier earns merit by respecting the ideals created by our Elder. Not by simply killing the enemy and following orders.
INFO:NAM1[000486CE]If history's proven anything, it's that an overwhelming show of force has a chance of halting a conflict before it begins.
INFO:NAM1[000486CE]Besides, why should we hold back when we have something like that at our disposal?
INFO:NAM1[000486CF]I felt the same way the first time I saw it, too.
INFO:NAM1[000486D0]Ad victoriam!
INFO:NAM1[000486D1]What are my orders?
INFO:NAM1[000486D2]A knight? What is this, the Dark Ages?
INFO:NAM1[000486D3]What do you want from me?
INFO:NAM1[000486D4]If you say so.
INFO:NAM1[000486D5]It's not like I have a choice.
INFO:NAM1[000486D6]I think I've already proven that you're wrong.
INFO:NAM1[000486D8]After rolling that thing in, you've certainly started a war.
INFO:NAM1[000486D9]I'll be in the mess hall if you want to talk. Good luck with Maxson.
INFO:NAM1[000486DA]Lancer-Captain Kells is waiting for us on the Prydwen.
INFO:NAM1[000486DB]What are you waiting for? Get up to the Prydwen now.
INFO:NAM1[000486DD]Cavalry's arrived and it looks like they sent in the big guns.
INFO:NAM1[000486DE]I'm needed on the bridge, excuse me.
INFO:NAM1[000486DF]I believe you're needed elsewhere right now. We can talk later.
INFO:NAM1[000486E0]We can talk shop after you've fully checked in with Elder Maxson and Paladin Danse.
INFO:NAM1[000486E1]What are you doing back here? Maxson's address is on the Command Deck.
INFO:NAM1[000486E2]I believe we're due for a bit of a chat after you've checked in with Elder Maxson and Paladin Danse.
INFO:NAM1[000486E3]I don't have time to talk right now, I'm preparing to record Maxson's address.
INFO:NAM1[000486E4]Come find me when you're done checking in with Maxson and Danse.
INFO:NAM1[000486E5]The Main Deck is off limits until the address is completed, Initiate.
INFO:NAM1[000486E7]Questions, Initiate?
INFO:NAM1[000486E9]So, you're the one Paladin Danse has taken under his wing. Hmph. You don't look much like a soldier to me.
INFO:NAM1[000486EA]Take some time to familiarize yourself with the ship, and then meet me on the Flight Deck for your mission.
INFO:NAM1[000486EB]I care about them, you know. The people of the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1[00048958]That doesn't scare me.
INFO:NAM1[00048959]But Sinjin's dead, and you're not. Here's your damned caps.
INFO:NAM1[0004895A]I happen to know where some of his other boys are. Smiling Kate operates outside of Bunker Hill.
INFO:NAM1[0004895B]Yeah. So get the hell out.
INFO:NAM1[0004895C]I'm not the one he's gunning for "Shroud." You'll be doing both of us a favor.
INFO:NAM1[0004895C]And on the back end, I'll show you some gratitude. You feel me?
INFO:NAM1[0004895D]So is that it?
INFO:NAM1[0004895E]Sounds like he's your problem, not mine.
INFO:NAM1[0004895F]This has nothing to do with me and you, got it? We're over.
INFO:NAM1[0004895F]But if you take the asshole out, that helps Goodneighbor.
INFO:NAM1[00048960]And that asshole's going to want some good old-fashioned revenge. You dig?
INFO:NAM1[00048961]I'd like to make amends, if we can.
INFO:NAM1[00048962]Thanks for the warning.
INFO:NAM1[00048963]His name's Sinjin. He's taken two bit raider outfits and made them... scary.
INFO:NAM1[00048963]I happen to know where some of his boys are. Smiling Kate and Northy.
INFO:NAM1[00048963]I figure either you take them out or they take you out. Win-win, right?
INFO:NAM1[00048963]You survive and take out Sinjin, though, I'll show you some gratitude.
INFO:NAM1[00048963]Now get the hell out.
INFO:NAM1[00048964]His name's Sinjin. He's taken two bit raider outfits and made them... scary. Small fish now, but if left alone...
INFO:NAM1[00048965]You're lucky I don't give you a bullet for your troubles. Now get the hell out.
INFO:NAM1[00048966]You know, you're all right. You take care of Sinjin, and I'm inclined to show some gratitude. You feel me?
INFO:NAM1[00048967]So that's a no on the hug? Just checking.
INFO:NAM1[00048968]I'm up for some community service.
INFO:NAM1[0004896B]You know all those people you've been wasting for Kent?
INFO:NAM1[0004896B]They all work for the same asshole. And I loathe that asshole even more than you.
INFO:NAM1[0004896C]Those low-lives you've been taking out for Kenny-boy... they all belong to the same asshole.
INFO:NAM1[0004896D]You'll be helping yourself, because he's already got a powerful hate for you and he's gunning for you.
INFO:NAM1[0004896E]Yeah, but this guy has the means to do it.
INFO:NAM1[0004896F]Why should I help you?
INFO:NAM1[00048970]So who is this asshole?
INFO:NAM1[00048971]Just get the hell out.
INFO:NAM1[00048972]You take them out and maybe we can find out where the big guy himself is stashed.
INFO:NAM1[00048972]Goodneighbor'd rest a whole lot easier with him out of the picture.
INFO:NAM1[00048973]Maybe I should've let him burned Goodneighbor to the ground, with you in it.
INFO:NAM1[00048974]No one does. He's a behind-the-scenes kind of guy.
INFO:NAM1[00048974]But you keep poking his people with a machine gun and he'll come out of hiding.
INFO:NAM1[00048975]You don't know where he is?
INFO:NAM1[00048976]We need to share some words.
INFO:NAM1[00048977]If we don't do business, then he's going to kill you. Guaranteed.
INFO:NAM1[00048978]And the future a little brighter.
INFO:NAM1[00048979]Calling the Silver Shroud. Calling the Silver Shroud.
INFO:NAM1[00048979]I got a special delivery for you. Come see me at the Memory Den.
INFO:NAM1[0004897A]That's because you don't know any better who's after you.
INFO:NAM1[0004897B]All right, we can do business.
INFO:NAM1[0004897C]I've lost track of how many people want me dead.
INFO:NAM1[0004897D]I've had enough of you for two lifetimes. Get the hell out.
INFO:NAM1[0004897E]And Northy's got a pad over at Prospect Hill.
INFO:NAM1[0004897F]Come on, give me another chance.
INFO:NAM1[00048980]Raiders are ruthless... But Sinjin, he's in a whole different class.
INFO:NAM1[00048980]Leveled some farms. Napalmed his own men to end a couple enemies. But besides his dark deeds, nobody knows nothing.
INFO:NAM1[00048980]If he ain't dealt with now in a couple years it may take an army to end him.
INFO:NAM1[00048981]So tell me about him.
INFO:NAM1[00048982]Let me see...
INFO:NAM1[00048983]I couldn't have done it with you, Kent.
INFO:NAM1[00048984]I'm hoping my friend takes you there first.
INFO:NAM1[00048985]Just let us live.
INFO:NAM1[00048986]I don't want to die.
INFO:NAM1[00048987]The Shroud's real. Real, I tell you.
INFO:NAM1[00048988]I never wanted to work for Sinjin.
INFO:NAM1[00048989]I don't know which of you bastards deserved the final dirt nap more.
INFO:NAM1[0004898A]So down goes the big bad Sinjin. We get to walk that tight rope of freedom one more day.
INFO:NAM1[0004898B]I can't believe I'm talking to you.
INFO:NAM1[0004898C]Playing dress up is fun and all, but you've walked into something a whole lot bigger.
INFO:NAM1[0004898D]Dropping bad guys, leaving business cards. That's fun and all. But you've walked into something a whole lot bigger.
INFO:NAM1[0004898E]I ain't ready to get back out there and fight crime... But I've been thinking.
INFO:NAM1[0004898F]You know, it would be shame if he ended you.
INFO:NAM1[00048990]The world's better without him.
INFO:NAM1[00048991]Go to hell, Hancock.
INFO:NAM1[000489A2]I'd like to share the holotape with the Minutemen. I think they need it as badly as we do.
INFO:NAM1[000489A3]I'm not sure why you'd trust them with it, but it's up to you. After all, you're the one who got it in the first place.
INFO:NAM1[000489A4]Here's the original. Already made myself a copy.
INFO:NAM1[000489A5]I'd appreciate knowing why you want me to hand over highly sensitive data first.
INFO:NAM1[000489A6]What's the difference? I assume you got everything you needed from it.
INFO:NAM1[000489A7]Yeah, I guess you have a point.
INFO:NAM1[000489A8]Fine, you got me. I'm an Institute spy and we want our data back.
INFO:NAM1[000489A9]Cute, real cute.
INFO:NAM1[000489AA]Just give it to me. I'm the one who got it in the first place.
INFO:NAM1[000489AB]All right, take it easy. No need to blow a gasket.
INFO:NAM1[000489AC]Excuse me, Proctor Ingram. Do you remember that holotape of Institute data I gave you? I really need it back.
INFO:NAM1[00048AB1]Hey there, friend. We're in some real trouble. Maybe you can help.
INFO:NAM1[00048AB2]Hey there, friend. We're in some real trouble. Maybe you can help.
INFO:NAM1[00048B46]I never been so happy to see anyone in my entire life!
INFO:NAM1[00048D6D]I'm looking for someone. Kendra.
INFO:NAM1[00048D6E]I'm looking for someone. Kendra.
INFO:NAM1[00048D70]Those old timey posters from back in the day. My mate Kent puts them up every damned place.
INFO:NAM1[00048D71]I'd like to see what's on tap.
INFO:NAM1[00048D76]The Shroud, then? More like a nutter.
INFO:NAM1[00048D77]You look like one of them wankers from the posters. Whatcha wearing that for?
INFO:NAM1[00048D78]Sure, I'll buy a drink.
INFO:NAM1[00048D7B]It ain't no Mandolin Lager. But it's cold, it's wet, and guaranteed rad free. It'll give you a jolt in all the right circuits.
INFO:NAM1[00048D7C]Want a pint, mate? If you're here for Magnolia better drink up. Got no tolerance for free loaders here.
INFO:NAM1[00048D83]Good man.
INFO:NAM1[00048D88]What posters?
INFO:NAM1[00048D89]Good man.
INFO:NAM1[00048D8C]You look upon... the Silver Shroud. I seek a miscreant named Kendra.
INFO:NAM1[00048D8D]What's on tap?
INFO:NAM1[000491B8]You there. We need to have a conversation.
INFO:NAM1[000491B9]You'll find I'm very persistent.
INFO:NAM1[00049444]Ah yes, our newest arrival. I trust you're learning to fit in?
INFO:NAM1[00049445]I hope you enjoy your stay in Diamond City.
INFO:NAM1[00049446]As much as I love talking to the people, I'm a busy man.
INFO:NAM1[00049447]A mayor's work is never done. Excuse me.
INFO:NAM1[00049448]Looking back, you'll find that coming here was the best decision you've ever made for yourself.
INFO:NAM1[00049534]*laughs* You just walked right up into the Stands, didn't you? I like your stones.
INFO:NAM1[00049535]See all that filth down in the lower houses? I wouldn't keep my worst Brahmin in one. Only good for lesser men who have no value.
INFO:NAM1[00049536]You go on ahead, do what you like. That's how my family made their fortune, you know. No fear. No apologies.
INFO:NAM1[00049537]You again? What? Prefer the company of old men? We have the benefit of years of experience, you know. Ha ha! Ah, don't mind me...
INFO:NAM1[00049538]You should have a drink. What good is it having a cock-sure youth among us, if we don't stiffen him up with some liquor?
INFO:NAM1[00049539]Want some advice, my dear? Be your own person. Make no apologies. Look at me. I may be a crude, old man, but I have no regrets!
INFO:NAM1[0004953A]*sigh* I don't object to you outsiders coming up here, but must you insist on speaking to me?
INFO:NAM1[0004953B]Just remain quiet while you're up here. We get enough noise from the riff-raff down below.
INFO:NAM1[0004953C]You really are hard to get rid of. *sigh* Perhaps the direct approach. Go. Away.
INFO:NAM1[0004953D]You belong down in the Lower section of the city. It's more... suitable for those lacking in ambition.
INFO:NAM1[0004953E]You bore me. That's all there is to it.
INFO:NAM1[00049598]You come into Boston and knock on random doors... I think you actually are looking for trouble.
INFO:NAM1[0004959A]Hold very, very still. Now tell me what you're doing here.
INFO:NAM1[0004959B]Now I don't know what to think.
INFO:NAM1[0004959E]Let's call it a misunderstanding and put it behind us.
INFO:NAM1[0004959E]Now come in, make yourself at home. It seems like we haven't had a visitor in ages!
INFO:NAM1[0004959F]Bad idea, unless you really want to piss me off.
INFO:NAM1[000495A0]Very cute. Maybe you should just try shutting up and standing still.
INFO:NAM1[000495A1]Once you know Edward better, you'll realize what a genuinely nice fellow he is.
INFO:NAM1[000495A1]But let's not let a momentary misunderstanding ruin the moment. It's been so long since we've had a visitor!
INFO:NAM1[000495A2]Please, accept my apologies for Edward's behavior. He's just looking out for me, but sometimes he can be overzealous.
INFO:NAM1[000495A2]I'm Jack Cabot. Welcome to Cabot House.
INFO:NAM1[000495A5]Why did you let me in if you were just going to kill me?
INFO:NAM1[000495A7]Pleased to meet you. Seems like a long time since we've had a visitor.
INFO:NAM1[000495A8]Come on, this way. There's no need to stand talking in the front hall like savages.
INFO:NAM1[000495AB]You'd better tell your lackey to watch himself.
INFO:NAM1[000495AE]What is this place?
INFO:NAM1[000495AF]Edward, don't be so hasty. I like the look of this lady.
INFO:NAM1[000495B2]You're not going to give up, are you? Have it your way. Door's unlocked. Come on in.
INFO:NAM1[000495B3]I don't much care if you're pissed off or not. Just don't move.
INFO:NAM1[000495B7]What is this place?
INFO:NAM1[000495B9]Easy. I'm really not looking for trouble.
INFO:NAM1[000495BB]You need to leave if you know what's good for you.
INFO:NAM1[000495BC]I don't think we have anything else to talk about.
INFO:NAM1[000495BD]Go and talk to Jack. Then we can get down to business.
INFO:NAM1[000495C0]Up yours.
INFO:NAM1[000495C3]Let me in. Edward Deegan asked me to come here.
INFO:NAM1[000495C5]That's awfully rude.
INFO:NAM1[000495C8]Vault-Tec calling! But I, ah... guess you guys are all set.
INFO:NAM1[000495C9]Edward, I think this occasion calls for drinks - the good bourbon, eh?
INFO:NAM1[000495CB]You kind of insisted, remember?
INFO:NAM1[000495CB]I also wanted to get a look at you. I don't like to kill people if I don't have to.
INFO:NAM1[000495CC]I'm here to talk to Jack Cabot.
INFO:NAM1[000495CD]Edward Deegan invited me here.
INFO:NAM1[000495CE]I'd really like to come in.
INFO:NAM1[000495D0]Don't worry about it, Jack. I've got it under control.
INFO:NAM1[000495D1]Door's open.
INFO:NAM1[000495D2]Go away.
INFO:NAM1[00049667]If you're asking - food's been short around here lately. It's hard to think about anything else when you're hungry all the time.
INFO:NAM1[00049669]Well... people have been complaining about the water situation. You might want to look into that.
INFO:NAM1[0004966A]Well, people have been complaining about the bed situation. Not enough to go around. Causes hard feelings, you know.
INFO:NAM1[0004966C]Nothing, really. Pretty quiet.
INFO:NAM1[0004966D]Can't say anything comes to mind.
INFO:NAM1[0004975B]Never mind.
INFO:NAM1[0004975C]Could 100 caps change your mind?
INFO:NAM1[0004975D]A missing person? You can't honestly think... you know what, fine. If it'll put the matter to rest.
INFO:NAM1[0004975D]Go see for yourself. But if I find one instrument out of place, you'll be getting the bill.
INFO:NAM1[0004975E]A missing person? In our basement? The only things you'll find down there is cold stone and medical waste.
INFO:NAM1[0004975E]So unless you have something pressing I have other matters to attend to.
INFO:NAM1[0004975F]A hundred caps? To visit our basement? Well, I guess there wouldn't be any harm. Alright.
INFO:NAM1[0004975F]Here. The key.
INFO:NAM1[0004975F]Just don't touch anything down there, understand?
INFO:NAM1[00049760]It doesn't appear you have that kind of money to throw around. Was there something else you needed?
INFO:NAM1[00049761]Look, I need to get down there. Now are you gonna help me or not?
INFO:NAM1[00049762]What does this look like, a public outhouse? You know what, don't answer. Why on earth would I let you down there?
INFO:NAM1[00049763]Now, now. There's no need for that. You want to visit a basement? Fine.
INFO:NAM1[00049763]Just, don't touch anything... please.
INFO:NAM1[00049764]I won't be intimidated by the likes of you. Now, I'm obliged to offer you assistance if you need it, but otherwise we're done here.
INFO:NAM1[00049765]I'm investigating a missing person, Doctor. And I think the trail leads to your basement.
INFO:NAM1[00049766]I need to get into the cellar, doctor.
INFO:NAM1[00049767]Where'd all this blood come from? It goes right into the basement.
INFO:NAM1[00049804]My girl Rowdy should have something for you to get your bread hooks on.
INFO:NAM1[00049804]She also trades in power armor mods and frames. Get yourself hooked up while you're there, Jack.
INFO:NAM1[000498AF]Crap! We got Gunners coming in hot!
INFO:NAM1[000498B6]I think Doctor Karlin was looking for help with one of his experiments. You should talk to him.
INFO:NAM1[000498B7]Not at the moment, but thanks for asking.
INFO:NAM1[000498BB]You. You're the crazy one in the costume.
INFO:NAM1[000498F0]Fine, just do whatever you came here to do and get the hell out of here. And stay out of my stuff.
INFO:NAM1[000498F2]Yeah, I read your terminal, and I know you killed your grandson.
INFO:NAM1[000498F4]I think you should hang onto that sword. It'd put a smile on Granddad's face to know it was being used to help people.
INFO:NAM1[000498F8]I saw what you wrote about Samuel...
INFO:NAM1[000498F9]Well, what's it gonna be? If you're smart, you'll clear out kid.
INFO:NAM1[000498FB]Why don't you tell me what happened?
INFO:NAM1[000498FC]I thought I told you to stay the hell out of my stuff.
INFO:NAM1[000498FF]Just do whatever you're here for and leave me alone, okay?
INFO:NAM1[00049900]Not really in the mood to talk.
INFO:NAM1[00049902]You claimed you're a synth, I was just looking for some proof.
INFO:NAM1[00049939]And around we go again. This is pointless.
INFO:NAM1[0004993B]It's too risky. There has to be a safer alternative.
INFO:NAM1[0004993C]I suppose we wait.
INFO:NAM1[0004993D]High Road says his route's been burned. Raiders.
INFO:NAM1[0004993F]There's only one logical answer.
INFO:NAM1[00049940]PAM, will Corby's alternative work?
INFO:NAM1[00049941]Calculating. Institute presence increases odds of detection of all northern routes by 52%.
INFO:NAM1[0004A034]Are you lost?
INFO:NAM1[0004A035]If I wanted to talk to you, you'd know it.
INFO:NAM1[0004A036]I'm an important man. You better not be trying to waste my time.
INFO:NAM1[0004A037]You're bothering me. You don't want to bother a man like me, okay?
INFO:NAM1[0004A038]You want something? Listen up, everyone wants something from me, so don't make a fool of yourself.
INFO:NAM1[0004A03A]Come for more of my wisdom? Here's one. The fabled treasure at the top of the old high-rise? Never worth it.
INFO:NAM1[0004A03B]Back for more stories? I've been just about everywhere.
INFO:NAM1[0004A03C]If you want to know what's out there, you can ask, or you can always experience the bone-shattering dread of the Commonwealth for yourself.
INFO:NAM1[0004A03D]Happy to share the benefit of my experience. As long as you don't mind me glossing over all the embarrassing parts.
INFO:NAM1[0004A03F]Why, hello there. So lovely to see more young people up here in the Stands. We're all so... well... old.
INFO:NAM1[0004A040]You should meet my grandson. Oh, not that he'd ever come up here. No, Hawthorne has too much of his mother in him.
INFO:NAM1[0004A041]Oh dear, you don't need to listen to an old woman prattle on about herself, do you?
INFO:NAM1[0004A042]We're so parasitic, us older folks. We hate to see our children grow up, and hate it even more when they replace us.
INFO:NAM1[0004A043]Oh, don't let me keep you. I could talk all day, and you'd be bored to pieces.
INFO:NAM1[0004A044]I may have been programmed to serve, but in your case, I shall do so disdainfully. Let me know when you're ready to order.
INFO:NAM1[0004A045]If you insist on embarrassing yourself with alcohol, I'm programmed to oblige.
INFO:NAM1[0004A046]I'll be breaking out the cheap moonshine, so that sir may drink in a manner more suitable for him.
INFO:NAM1[0004A047]I'll be breaking out the cheap moonshine, so that miss may drink in a manner more suitable for her.
INFO:NAM1[0004A048]Another low-life coming to drink with us, I see.
INFO:NAM1[0004A049]Please tell me you don't want anything to drink. Please.
INFO:NAM1[0004A0F4]*chuckle* Justice? You mean to end her? In that case, her flat's just south of Goodneighbor. Water Street Apartments.
INFO:NAM1[0004A0F6]You serious? Sarcasm sometimes bungs up me processors. In that case... She's got a flat just south of Goodneighbor. Water Street Apartments.
INFO:NAM1[0004A0F8]Here's your money. Where is she?
INFO:NAM1[0004A0F9]You got to have finesse to be an assassin. Kendra's a murderer. A very skilled murderer.
INFO:NAM1[0004A0F9]Listen, mate, the combat scan shows you know what you're about. Save your caps buy a lager instead.
INFO:NAM1[0004A0FA]It is not wise to stand between the Silver Shroud and righteous justice.
INFO:NAM1[0004A0FB]I'm not hiring her. I'm going to kill her.
INFO:NAM1[0004A0FD]Can you spare a few details on her, at least? On the house?
INFO:NAM1[0004A0FF]You still going through with this? She's got a flat outside the 'Neighborhood.
INFO:NAM1[0004A100]And you, you're the crazy one in the costume.
INFO:NAM1[0004A170]All in good time, all in good time. Consider this your final interview before getting the job.
INFO:NAM1[0004A171]He'll be right with us.
INFO:NAM1[0004A172]Screw you, then.
INFO:NAM1[0004A173]And I am very pleased to meet you! Edward finds it tiresome, but I always like to know personally everyone who works for me.
INFO:NAM1[0004A174]One moment! One moment, I just have to...
INFO:NAM1[0004A176]What is this place?
INFO:NAM1[0004A177]You seem nice enough, but trust me. You don't want to come inside.
INFO:NAM1[0004A178]Edward said you needed to talk to me before he hired me.
INFO:NAM1[0004A179]Jack! The new guy is here.
INFO:NAM1[0004A17A]Jack! The new gal is here.
INFO:NAM1[0004A17B]Edward, the good bourbon, eh?
INFO:NAM1[0004A17C]Just tell me what you need me to do.
INFO:NAM1[0004A17D]Come on. Let's go meet the boss.
INFO:NAM1[0004A180]Please, have a seat. How about a drink?
INFO:NAM1[0004A183]You don't want to come in because then I would have to kill you. I assume you don't want to be killed. So get out of here.
INFO:NAM1[0004A185]Hello, hello! Welcome to Cabot House. I'm Jack Cabot.
INFO:NAM1[0004A186]Why don't I want to come in? It seems like a nice place.
INFO:NAM1[0004A187]Yes. Edward finds it tiresome, but I always like to know personally everyone who works for me.
INFO:NAM1[0004A188]Damn. Clearly I'll need to adjust the mixture...
INFO:NAM1[0004A189]Okay, fine, I'm leaving.
INFO:NAM1[0004A574]Get this show on the road.
INFO:NAM1[0004A575]Back on the trail.
INFO:NAM1[0004A580]Off to the races.
INFO:NAM1[0004A591]Let's get to it.
INFO:NAM1[0004A593]Here we go.
INFO:NAM1[0004A5A3]On the move.
INFO:NAM1[0004A5A6]Won't know what him 'em.
INFO:NAM1[0004A5A7]Back at it.
INFO:NAM1[0004A5A8]Go find some action.
INFO:NAM1[0004A5AA]Here's what I've got.
INFO:NAM1[0004A5BE]Take a look.
INFO:NAM1[0004A5BF]Here's what I've got.
INFO:NAM1[0004A5C3]Don't mind the clutter.
INFO:NAM1[0004A5C5]Looking for something specific?
INFO:NAM1[0004A5C6]Sure. Take a peek.
INFO:NAM1[0004A5C9]Sure. Check the stash.
INFO:NAM1[0004A5DD]This is what I've got on me.
INFO:NAM1[0004A5DE]Open for business.
INFO:NAM1[0004A5ED]Guess I'll head back home.
INFO:NAM1[0004A5F1]Well, take care of yourself.
INFO:NAM1[0004A5F6]Maybe we'll cross paths again.
INFO:NAM1[0004A5FD]Probably a story I should follow up on anyway...
INFO:NAM1[0004A5FE]Hey. Watch yourself, alright?
INFO:NAM1[0004A602]I'll be home, if you need me.
INFO:NAM1[0004A609]You lookin' for some more fun, you come see me.
INFO:NAM1[0004A60E]Stay sharp out there.
INFO:NAM1[0004A60F]So this is it? Your loss...
INFO:NAM1[0004A611]There something you need?
INFO:NAM1[0004A612]Do something for ya?
INFO:NAM1[0004A613]I'll see what I can do.
INFO:NAM1[0004A619]What can I do?
INFO:NAM1[0004A61C]What ya got for me?
INFO:NAM1[0004A620]Just say the word.
INFO:NAM1[0004A621]What ya need?
INFO:NAM1[0004A624]I take requests.
INFO:NAM1[0004A635]I'll stay put.
INFO:NAM1[0004A636]Guess I'll settle in then.
INFO:NAM1[0004A647]I'll wait for your signal.
INFO:NAM1[0004A66E]Okay. I'll be here, then.
INFO:NAM1[0004A66F]Got it. Not going anywhere.
INFO:NAM1[0004A670]Shout if you need me.
INFO:NAM1[0004A684]Gotcha. I'll keep an eye out.
INFO:NAM1[0004A685]Guess I'll just make myself at home.
INFO:NAM1[0004A686]Be here when you're ready.
INFO:NAM1[0004AB46]I've found another intact memory. Whenever you're ready.
INFO:NAM1[0004AB52]Then, if there's nothing left to discuss, I suggest you leave our compound immediately.
INFO:NAM1[0004AB53]I just need you to answer a few questions first.
INFO:NAM1[0004AB54]Sure, I'll sign up.
INFO:NAM1[0004AB56]What kind of work are we talking about?
INFO:NAM1[0004AB57]Come on, give me a break. After all, I helped you with those ferals.
INFO:NAM1[0004AB58]Forget it, I'll take the information elsewhere.
INFO:NAM1[0004AB59]Are you from a local settlement?
INFO:NAM1[0004AB5A]After helping you with those ferals, I'd say I'm already a part of the team.
INFO:NAM1[0004AB5B]Until I'm certain of your intentions, I'm not willing to discuss that right now.
INFO:NAM1[0004AB5C]We've recently lost some people, and if we're going to survive here, there's significant work to be done.
INFO:NAM1[0004AB5C]That's all I'm willing to say.
INFO:NAM1[0004AB5D]Until you've agreed to join up, I'm not telling you anything.
INFO:NAM1[0004AB69]What are you... oh. The eggs. Ah, you must be with those... gunny people. Though your superior had implied there would be more of you but, no matter.
INFO:NAM1[0004AB69]The negotiated fee was 200 caps per egg. A generous amount indeed considering your... tardiness.
INFO:NAM1[0004AB69]Though our clientele do expect nothing short of the most pristine Deathclaw eggs. Now, do you have something for me?
INFO:NAM1[0004AB6A]You waiting on a delivery? Of some Deathclaw eggs, maybe?
INFO:NAM1[0004ABFA]Privacy, for one. Now buy something before I tear out your insides.
INFO:NAM1[0004ABFB]I have a pistol on sale, soaked in the blood of the last person who asked me that.
INFO:NAM1[0004ABFC]Finn had it coming. You get on the mayor's bad side, you know what's gonna happen.
INFO:NAM1[0004ABFD]What thing?
INFO:NAM1[0004ABFE]Hey, I'm getting over someone, okay? A little compassion over here.
INFO:NAM1[0004ABFF]Good thing. If you were my kid, you'd be breaking my heart right now.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC00]Got a fresh shipment in. You should have a look at what the caravans are trading for these days.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC01]Uh, yeah, you mean my spotter? Never missed a shot.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC02]Finn must've been crazy, challenging Hancock like that. Right on the street.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC03]Hey, was that you I saw at the barricades last night?
INFO:NAM1[0004AC04]I gotcha. You say hi to your ma and pa for me, okay?
INFO:NAM1[0004AC05]Nah, I took care of it. Wouldn't mind a hand later, though. Gotta toss a couple of dead weights over the barricade.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC06]Old single women don't get breaks. You either make it on your own, or you end up in the gutter.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC07]Hey, Daisy, what can I get for this?
INFO:NAM1[0004AC08]What kind of needs could you have besides, uh, power and oil?
INFO:NAM1[0004AC09]Hey Kleo, got anything special?
INFO:NAM1[0004AC0A]Heard you were in a shootout the other day.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC0B]You know, the thing? The thing with the things?
INFO:NAM1[0004AC0C]You can get your "compassion" from the booze.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC0D]Just give me the cash, Daisy. You ain't my ma.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC0E]Ah, come on, Daisy. You don't look a day over a hundred ten.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC0F]It's amazing what a large barrel will do for you. I assume your partner was satisfied with it, as well?
INFO:NAM1[0004AC10]Well, we're all paying for it now. Down another gun. Everyone's gonna have to step up next time we get attacked.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC11]You were the one taking pot shots at that Super Mutant? That was some great aim.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC12]We should get drinks at the Third Rail, later.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC13]Nah, I wasn't saying that. Just maybe you should take a break, is all.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC14]You're scary when you want to be, sister.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC15]I'm a woman, baby. A girl has needs.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC16]Looking is free. I don't do free, baby.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC17]Ah, you know how affairs go. Sooner or later someone gets jealous and then someone's gotta get shot.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC18]Oh, right, that. Yeah, I got that all handled.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC19]Hey, I heard you got roughed up last night. You okay?
INFO:NAM1[0004AC1A]Cash, huh? Going to the Memory Den, is that it? You know I warned you about that place.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC1B]Flatterer. I bet you say that to all the two-hundred year old Ghouls.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC1C]I gotta admit, that rifle you sold me the other day did the trick.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC1D]Hey, I got your back. No worries.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC1E]Ah, just remembered what my mother taught me. "Shoot for the chest, ignore the rest."
INFO:NAM1[0004AC1F]Sure, I love hearing Magnolia sing.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC20]You saying I can't manage? I was shilling deals with Raiders when you were still an eager thought in your daddy's brain. I can take care of myself.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC21]Lured them in with my stunning feminine wiles. A few choice curse words and some evil looks did the rest.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC22]So, Kleo, what do you do with all your money, anyway? Not like a robot needs the scratch.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC23]Geez, Kleo, give me a chance to look, will ya?
INFO:NAM1[0004AC24]I hear that. Everything cleared up back at home, then? No more straying?
INFO:NAM1[0004AC25]Hey, how's the family doing?
INFO:NAM1[0004AC26]Yeah, bunch of Raiders came into town and thought they could muscle me.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC27]I, uh, I just need some cash.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC28]You're looking good today, Daisy.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC29]I'll, uh, just keep looking, then.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC2A]Can't believe Hancock greased old Finn.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC2B]Hey, you ever get that thing done?
INFO:NAM1[0004AC2C]Great. Just don't go all teary on me. That big heartbreaker number starts, and suddenly you're a damn fountain.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC2D]You ever think about retiring, Daisy? Hey, if anyone's earned it, you have.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC2E]Yikes, Daisy. How'd you talk them into giving up all this stuff? It's like half their haul over here.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC2F]Good. There's nothing more sad than someone who can't handle their weapon properly.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC30]Are you going to buy something, or do I have to incinerate you?
INFO:NAM1[0004AC31]Ah, for now, at least.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC32]Ah, same as always, you know?
INFO:NAM1[0004AC33]No shit? You should've hollered. I would've had your back.
INFO:NAM1[0004AC34]Not much, I'm afraid. Why are you selling it?
INFO:NAM1[0004ACB1]Welcome aboard, soldier.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD19]Those people deserved worse than death.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD1A]They got their pound of flesh, but I'll collect my own again soon.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD1A]I owe you.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD1B]That was close, thank you.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD1B]They would have killed me.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD1C]If I let you live.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD1D]What did you have in mind?
INFO:NAM1[0004AD1E]And yet you killed them without a second thought.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD1E]I am indebted to you.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD1F]I'm helping you just by doing what I love.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD1F]Why squander such gifts?
INFO:NAM1[0004AD20]Maybe you deserve the same.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD21]A gift, nothing more.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD22]Why did they want you so badly?
INFO:NAM1[0004AD23]You don't owe me anything, I would have done it either way.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD24]If you visit my house again, look deep within my painting "Picnic for Stanley" and you will find my gratitude.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD24]You'll need this.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD25]I don't care.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD26]So sayeth one born killer to another. Regardless, I pay my debts.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD27]That's all the more reason to reward you.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD28]They were cold-blooded killers.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD29]Take it or leave it, it's up to you.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD2A]I wouldn't know about that.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD2B]A small disagreement. They objected to my hobby of collecting their heads.
INFO:NAM1[0004AD2B]Let me repay you.
INFO:NAM1[0004AE44]You know? The Atom Cats. The coolest power armor gang in the Commonwealth?
INFO:NAM1[0004AE45]Oh, go back to nowheresville where you belong.
INFO:NAM1[0004AF72]All Brotherhood of Steel units are to return to the Cambridge Police Station immediately for reassignment.
INFO:NAM1[0004AF74]This is Paladin Danse on frequency nine five.
INFO:NAM1[0004B181]There a problem?
INFO:NAM1[0004B182]Wait. What kind of meat is this?
INFO:NAM1[0004B183]No problem at all. My programming dictates that I serve all customers in the Colonial Taphouse. Even those that obviously don't belong.
INFO:NAM1[0004B183]Just know that my sensors indicate that you have dangerously low levels of class for this establishment.
INFO:NAM1[0004B188]You've never heard of Brahmin? Big, dumb, got four legs and two heads? They're the only cattle around.
INFO:NAM1[0004B188]Everything's fresh from the Codman family farms. Sometimes we get weird stuff from the caravans, too.
INFO:NAM1[0004B1FC]I'm ready to get to work.
INFO:NAM1[0004B1FE]I hope you have more to go on than that.
INFO:NAM1[0004B200]Don't worry about it for now.
INFO:NAM1[0004B203]The question is this: do you believe there is other intelligent life in the universe?
INFO:NAM1[0004B204]Only about a million...
INFO:NAM1[0004B205]Is this really the time for...
INFO:NAM1[0004B208]You misunderstand me. I'm not talking about the flying saucers of popular hysteria.
INFO:NAM1[0004B208]What I refer to is the hidden history of our planet. The very origins of human civilization.
INFO:NAM1[0004B20B]Jack pays the bills, so he can believe what he wants.
INFO:NAM1[0004B20C]What was all that about?
INFO:NAM1[0004B20D]Are you talking about aliens? UFOs and little green men?
INFO:NAM1[0004B20E]Welcome to the family.
INFO:NAM1[0004B211]What a wack-job.
INFO:NAM1[0004B212]The universe is a big place. Anything could be out there.
INFO:NAM1[0004B214]You joke but make a good point.
INFO:NAM1[0004B214]Say humans perish from the earth, as they seem intent upon doing. Say thousands of years from now, a new civilization arose.
INFO:NAM1[0004B214]What would they know of us?
INFO:NAM1[0004B215]For starters, what's this package I'm looking for?
INFO:NAM1[0004B216]Little green men and UFOs? Come on.
INFO:NAM1[0004B217]What I have for you to do is simple.
INFO:NAM1[0004B21A]Now, before we get down to business, I have a question I like to ask all my new employees.
INFO:NAM1[0004B21B]I'm sorry, Edward. I just get carried away sometimes.
INFO:NAM1[0004B21D]You haven't told me half of what I need to know.
INFO:NAM1[0004B21F]That's part of the job, by the way. It's best to keep an open mind. Jack may be eccentric but he's definitely not crazy.
INFO:NAM1[0004B221]Don't interrupt, Edward.
INFO:NAM1[0004B223]Ha. Good. If you like that kind of thing, you've come to the right place.
INFO:NAM1[0004B232]That was... interesting.
INFO:NAM1[0004B233]No, no. That's all popular hysteria. I doubt any of it has any basis in fact.
INFO:NAM1[0004B233]I'm talking about the hidden history of our planet. The very origins of human civilization.
INFO:NAM1[0004B234]Wonderful. Most people's minds are too narrow to admit the possibilities of an infinite universe.
INFO:NAM1[0004B234]But I'm not talking about flying saucers and little green men. I'm talking about the hidden history of our planet. The very origins of human civilization.
INFO:NAM1[0004B236]We'll talk more about this some other time, when things are less rushed. It isn't important now.
INFO:NAM1[0004B237]I'm not sure there's any intelligent life in the universe. At least not on this planet.
INFO:NAM1[0004B23D]Well, if you wanna help the sport, I got a lead on a stash of prewar collector's items.
INFO:NAM1[0004B23D]Coach "Quitting is for Punks" Westing had an estate not too far from here. Legend says when he retired, the league presented him with a baseball, catcher's mitt, and playing card, signed by all the other coaches.
INFO:NAM1[0004B23D]See where I'm going with this? I'll pay 100 caps, each, for those relics. What d'ya say?
INFO:NAM1[0004B26E]Oh, uh. Huh huh hum. Hi. There.
INFO:NAM1[0004B26F]Don't, uh, don't. Don't break my stuff. If you, uh, if you don't... If you don't mind.
INFO:NAM1[0004B270]This radio station. Umm... well, uh, heh heh, well, uh, you'll notice there aren't any other ones, huh, so... uh...
INFO:NAM1[0004B271]I, I don't, I don't... uh... Okay, I usually don't... oh my god... This is why. This is why.
INFO:NAM1[0004B272]Hey. Uh I mean, I mean. Hi... again. Uh... hi? Hiii...
INFO:NAM1[0004B274]Hi there. You can order drinks and food here or at the bar.
INFO:NAM1[0004B275]Oh, hello again. I can take your order whenever you're ready.
INFO:NAM1[0004B276]Everyone just buys the beer, but we have plenty of other drinks if you're feeling brave.
INFO:NAM1[0004B277]I'll take your order whenever you're ready.
INFO:NAM1[0004B278]If you're hungry, we sell food, but usually people just orders drinks.
INFO:NAM1[0004B28A]Keep your shirt on, I'm getting to it.
INFO:NAM1[0004B28B]So did you find out what happened to the courier?
INFO:NAM1[0004B28C]I told you to go away.
INFO:NAM1[0004B3F2]Fix the ship yourself. I don't take orders from you.
INFO:NAM1[0004B3FA]Just tell me what you need.
INFO:NAM1[0004B401]Consult with the Bosun and Mr. Navigator. They will relay your instructions. Dismissed.
INFO:NAM1[0004B402]Enough pleasantries. The Constitution has systems that need repairs to carry out its mission.
INFO:NAM1[0004B403]I am Captain Ironsides, commander of the USS Constitution.
INFO:NAM1[0004B405]Our soldier has arrived. I trust the First Mate didn't give you too hard a time? Been too long since we've seen the Congressional Army.
INFO:NAM1[0004B408]What a singular request. Were you in the navy, I would remind you of your oath. But as a soldier...
INFO:NAM1[0004B408]I will authorize a performance bonus payable immediately. Consult with the ship's purser.
INFO:NAM1[0004B410]I insist you do, sir. It's a court martialing offense to disobey the orders of a superior officer.
INFO:NAM1[0004B417]Good man.
INFO:NAM1[0004B41E]What are you repairing?
INFO:NAM1[0004B425]If I help you, I expect part of the payment up front.
INFO:NAM1[0004B770]Pressure is down. Radiation is up. Why, it's practically toxic. Just think what it must be doing to my skin!
INFO:NAM1[0004B771]Why, yes. That's what I was getting at, dear. The water - it's simply ghastly!
INFO:NAM1[0004B772]Oh, it will be.
INFO:NAM1[0004B773]The water?
INFO:NAM1[0004B775]Now, I simply must get back to work. Ta-ta.
INFO:NAM1[0004B776]You said something about a reward?
INFO:NAM1[0004B777]Seems fine to me.
INFO:NAM1[0004B778]I went through a lot of trouble for this. I hope it was worth it.
INFO:NAM1[0004B779]Isn't it, though?
INFO:NAM1[0004B77F]Oh, it's you. Hmph. Decide to help us after all?
INFO:NAM1[0004B780]Have you looked into our little water problem, darling?
INFO:NAM1[0004B781]Darling! So good to see you. You fixed our water problem, didn't you?
INFO:NAM1[0004B782]Ugh, I don't even want to think about what you must have gone through.
INFO:NAM1[0004B783]Men! Take it from me, dear, it's ghastly. Simply ghastly.
INFO:NAM1[0004B784]Surely you aren't serious, dear? Why, it'll melt that makeup right off your... adequate little face.
INFO:NAM1[0004B788]It's... nothing special.
INFO:NAM1[0004B789]Such a gentleman, too! I simply must give you something.
INFO:NAM1[0004B78B]It's awful.
INFO:NAM1[0004B78D]Here, you can have some of our produce.
INFO:NAM1[0004B790]Yes, ma'am.
INFO:NAM1[0004BAFC]Don't forget, you can earn some good money and advance the sport of baseball by finding those relics.
INFO:NAM1[0004BE4F]Check out the leather on that mitt. Really good players used them to catch bullets. True fact, there.
INFO:NAM1[0004BE50]Look at that card. See those numbers on the back? Tracks the count of enemies beaten to death by the player.
INFO:NAM1[0004BE51]All the baseball relics you can find from the Westing Estate. Signed. In one piece. You find anything?
INFO:NAM1[0004BE52]This baseball is the real deal. You'd sign one of these and give it to the children of anyone you killed on the field.
INFO:NAM1[0004BE53]Bad form coming up to the plate with nothing. Ah, well.
INFO:NAM1[0004BE54]What do you want again?
INFO:NAM1[0004BE56]Working on it.
INFO:NAM1[0004BE57]You've earned those caps, my friend. Come back as soon as you find anything else.
INFO:NAM1[0004BE58]That's everything on the list. Thank you. Far as I'm concerned, you're now a part of baseball collector history.
INFO:NAM1[0004BE59]No. I don't.
INFO:NAM1[0004BE5A]You're the greatest baseball collector I've met in a long time. Thanks again for bringing me those relics. Now, you buyin' a Swatter today?
INFO:NAM1[0004BE5B]Diamond City's greatest baseball collector. Good to see you again. Lookin' to buy?
INFO:NAM1[0004BE5C]Can't believe you found that Catcher's Mitt. Look at the material on it. You find anything else?
INFO:NAM1[0004BE5D]The stitch work on that baseball you found is one of a kind, my friend. You find anything else for me?
INFO:NAM1[0004BE5E]You did a great job finding that card. Any luck finding other relics?
INFO:NAM1[0004BE5F]Hey, it's you. Find any of those baseball items I mentioned?
INFO:NAM1[0004BE60]Any luck getting those relics? The future of baseball could depend on them.
INFO:NAM1[0004BE61]Got those baseball relics I asked for?
INFO:NAM1[0004BE62]I like your gumption. Let me take a look.
INFO:NAM1[0004BE63]Got 'em all right here.
INFO:NAM1[0004BE64]Found a couple of them, actually.
INFO:NAM1[0004BE65]I found a signed baseball card.
INFO:NAM1[0004BE66]Got this signed catcher's mitt.
INFO:NAM1[0004BE67]I have this signed baseball.
INFO:NAM1[0004C90D]How much did you say?
INFO:NAM1[0004C90E]Maybe another time.
INFO:NAM1[0004C90F]Not right now.
INFO:NAM1[0004C910]Yeah, here you go.
INFO:NAM1[0004C911]Great, here's your caps.
INFO:NAM1[0004C913]Another time, maybe.
INFO:NAM1[0004C915]I'll make it worth your while. Here you go.
INFO:NAM1[0004C916]Got some goods I can sell you, if you're lookin'.
INFO:NAM1[0004C917]Ready to collect on those ears of corn?
INFO:NAM1[0004C919]Two caps an ear. So, what do you say?
INFO:NAM1[0004C973]I repaired the ship's power systems. Is that going to be a problem?
INFO:NAM1[0004C974]The guidance chip is in one of the filing cabinets inside. You better not renege on our deal.
INFO:NAM1[0004C975]You better not double cross me.
INFO:NAM1[0004C979]We need to sabotage those rockets. If they blow up that'll put those frickin' cannons offline. So if you find any rocket parts for the tin can - give them to me first. Then Davies will make some "special improvements."
INFO:NAM1[0004C97B]I'm not splitting my share with her!
INFO:NAM1[0004C980]I've been working this claim for months. Like hell am I letting this greenhorn take any of my caps.
INFO:NAM1[0004C981]Trust is a two way street.
INFO:NAM1[0004C985]Got it.
INFO:NAM1[0004C989]Sounds good. I'll see you soon, then.
INFO:NAM1[0004C98B]Power systems? That won't do nothing.
INFO:NAM1[0004C990]We got no choice. We need her, Davies.
INFO:NAM1[0004C9AB]Yep. I'll see you soon with the package.
INFO:NAM1[0004C9AD]I don't mind you asking questions, as long as you don't mind me not answering them.
INFO:NAM1[0004C9AD]If it was important to what I was asking you to do, I'd tell you. In this case, it isn't.
INFO:NAM1[0004C9B0]What's this missing package I'm looking for?
INFO:NAM1[0004C9B2]Why does Jack have people guarding an old insane asylum?
INFO:NAM1[0004C9B3]I was all set when I walked in here.
INFO:NAM1[0004C9B4]I still need to give you your assignment.
INFO:NAM1[0004C9B5]You all set, then?
INFO:NAM1[0004C9B7]Well then get going already.
INFO:NAM1[0004C9B8]I'm out of here.
INFO:NAM1[0004D100]Head downstairs to the lift. I'll warm up the crowd.
INFO:NAM1[0004D101]Good. Let's do it now then.
INFO:NAM1[0004D101]The usual prize. Upon winning of course.
INFO:NAM1[0004D102]What's the prize?
INFO:NAM1[0004D103]The cage?
INFO:NAM1[0004D104]Yeah. Sure. Why not?
INFO:NAM1[0004D105]Maybe. If it pays.
INFO:NAM1[0004D106]Not today.
INFO:NAM1[0004D107]Not interested.
INFO:NAM1[0004D108]Think you can handle yourself in the cage?
INFO:NAM1[0004D109]I'll do it.
INFO:NAM1[0004D10A]Sign me up for the next fight.
INFO:NAM1[0004D10B]The prize will go up in size as you go up in rank.
INFO:NAM1[0004D10B]An unknown like you? 100 caps and a warm fuzzy feeling.
INFO:NAM1[0004D10C]A bit blasé about the whole life and death thing, aren't ya?
INFO:NAM1[0004D10C]Well, so long as you put on a good show, what the hell do I care?
INFO:NAM1[0004D10C]The lift into the cage is in the basement.
INFO:NAM1[0004D10D]Oh, it most definitely pays.
INFO:NAM1[0004D10D]If you win, that is.
INFO:NAM1[0004D10D]You manning up, or wussing out?
INFO:NAM1[0004D10E]Oh it pays.
INFO:NAM1[0004D10E]If you win, that is.
INFO:NAM1[0004D10E]You got what it takes? Or are you wussing out?
INFO:NAM1[0004D10F]Ladies and Gentleman, I regret to inform you, we have a no-show. One of our combatants has chickened out.
INFO:NAM1[0004D110]You wouldn't have lasted long anyway.
INFO:NAM1[0004D111]That big metal thing on the stage where the meat heads cut each other for the amusement of the locals.
INFO:NAM1[0004D111]You think you got what it takes?
INFO:NAM1[0004D112]Scared, huh? Well, your secret's safe with me.
INFO:NAM1[0004D11F]Whoa! That was awesome!
INFO:NAM1[0004D120]There it is! I see it!
INFO:NAM1[0004D121]I know I saw it...
INFO:NAM1[0004D122]Come on, sea monster, I know you're out there.
INFO:NAM1[0004D123]Where did it go?
INFO:NAM1[0004D124]It's got to still be there.
INFO:NAM1[0004D125]It'll show itself again. It's got to!
INFO:NAM1[0004D126]Must be hiding behind the boats.
INFO:NAM1[0004D2C5]I don't know. Things just got... crazy. I can't believe he's actually dead.
INFO:NAM1[0004D2C6]What are you going to do now?
INFO:NAM1[0004D2C8]What is it?
INFO:NAM1[0004D36C]Just do whatever it takes to get her to agree to see Travis, and this is all worth it.
INFO:NAM1[0004D36C]And you and I never talked about this, all right?
INFO:NAM1[0004D4D7]Edward Deegan sent me. I'm looking for a missing package.
INFO:NAM1[0004D4DA]You'd better get your ass on back to Cabot House with that "package". Edward's not as patient as he seems.
INFO:NAM1[0004D4DB]What do you want now?
INFO:NAM1[0004D4DC]This place is off limits. You'd best move along.
INFO:NAM1[0004D4E2]I need to know what happened to the missing package. Now.
INFO:NAM1[0004D4E6]Edward said you might know where to start looking for the package that went missing.
INFO:NAM1[0004D8D6]Take your time, mum. Formulate those words carefully.
INFO:NAM1[0004D8D7]Mum? Were you going to say something?
INFO:NAM1[0004D8DB]Just getting your snack, mum! Be just a moment.
INFO:NAM1[0004D8DD]Keeping watch, mum. Do you want me to initiate my search protocol?
INFO:NAM1[0004D8DE]Hovering in place here, mum. Shall we look for your family, now?
INFO:NAM1[0004D8DF]Give me the word, mum, and I'll initiate my search protocols.
INFO:NAM1[0004D8E0]Give me the word, mum. We shall search for your family together.
INFO:NAM1[0004D8E1]Ready, mum? We shall find your family as a team.
INFO:NAM1[0004D8E3]Follow me, mum. We must find your family!
INFO:NAM1[0004D8E4]The communists won't be able to stand up to the both of us, mum.
INFO:NAM1[0004D8E5]Keep an eye out for Reds, mum.
INFO:NAM1[0004D8E6]We'll find them, mum. You have my word.
INFO:NAM1[0004D8E7]Oh, don't worry about me, mum. I'll be fine. Just hovering here.
INFO:NAM1[0004D8E8]Take a walk, mum. Get some fresh air.
INFO:NAM1[0004D8E9]Still tending the garden, mum. And, as you can see, our geraniums are still the envy of Sanctuary Hills.
INFO:NAM1[0004D8EA]Be careful out there, mum. The communists abound.
INFO:NAM1[0004D907]So, how's business?
INFO:NAM1[0004D908]Not much to say. We sell food, drink, and rooms. Mainly for traders that come through the area.
INFO:NAM1[0004D908]My brother, Vadim, runs the bar. Scarlett's our waitress, and she helps me keep the rooms clean. As much as they can be.
INFO:NAM1[0004D936]I guess Edward knew what he was doing when he hired you.
INFO:NAM1[0004D937]I already told you where the raiders are.
INFO:NAM1[0004DDF7]Let it serve as a reminder, mum. Of... happier days.
INFO:NAM1[0004DDF9]Oh mum, it's been just horrible! Two centuries with no one to talk to, no one to serve.
INFO:NAM1[0004DDF9]I spent the first ten years trying to keep the floors waxed, but nothing gets out nuclear fallout from vinyl wood. Nothing!
INFO:NAM1[0004DDF9]And don't get me started about the futility of dusting a collapsed house. And the car! The car! How do you polish rust?
INFO:NAM1[0004DDFC]I'm afraid I don't know anything, mum. The bombs came, and all of you left in such a hurry. I thought for certain you and your family were... dead.
INFO:NAM1[0004DDFC]I did find this holotape. I believe sir was going to present it to you. As a surprise. But then, well... everything "happened."
INFO:NAM1[0004DDFE]That's not all that's left, mum. There's still you. And me.
INFO:NAM1[0004DDFF]Look, new gal. Don't know what cave you're from. Don't care. But you need to shake off the cobwebs and smell the cordite, or we're all dead anyway.
INFO:NAM1[0004DDFF]So here's the deal. That armor's out of juice. Probably has been for a hundred years. It can be powered up again, but we're a bit stuck...
INFO:NAM1[0004DE01]New gal. Hello.
INFO:NAM1[0004DE02]We owe you, new gal. You saved us.
INFO:NAM1[0004DE03]What? Don't look at me, new gal. I just fix stuff.
INFO:NAM1[0004DE04]Any day now, new gal.
INFO:NAM1[0004DE05]Change your mind, tough girl? You gonna help us get that Fusion Core?
INFO:NAM1[0004E378]I'll be going then.
INFO:NAM1[0004E379]There is one thing.
INFO:NAM1[0004E37A]On the top deck of the Royal Arms Apartments. Scavengers may yet remain, so have a care.
INFO:NAM1[0004E37B]Consider it done.
INFO:NAM1[0004E37C]Doubt is reasonable. I shall relay my plan to you.
INFO:NAM1[0004E37D]There is one thing.
INFO:NAM1[0004E37E]You're going to blow the whole damned ship up.
INFO:NAM1[0004E37F]I've come this far.
INFO:NAM1[0004E380]Mr. Navigator, put her through her paces. We need to-
INFO:NAM1[0004E381]Set sail?
INFO:NAM1[0004E382]A thing of brilliance, is it not?
INFO:NAM1[0004E383]I admire your pluck.
INFO:NAM1[0004E384]Our twin NX-42 rockets will alight and unmoor us from this dreaded Savings and Loan.
INFO:NAM1[0004E384]The Constitution will launch into the heavens and after gently land in the ocean. Then we take our rightful place as defenders of the Atlantic.
INFO:NAM1[0004E385]Set sail? You'll need a hell of a lot more than luck to do that.
INFO:NAM1[0004E386]Luck willing, at long last we'll set sail. And our hero of the hour is to thank. You've earned a double share, sir. Well done.
INFO:NAM1[0004E387]As they say, "nothing ventured, nothing gained".
INFO:NAM1[0004E388]This is a horrible idea.
INFO:NAM1[0004E389]We need power from the auxiliary generator to commence our voyage. I fear I must call upon you one last time.
INFO:NAM1[0004E38A]You shall not be disappointed. And you can witness our maiden voyage.
INFO:NAM1[0004E38B]That's quite a plan.
INFO:NAM1[0004E38C]I recognize that without your considerable efforts, we would not be here.
INFO:NAM1[0004E38D]You're still going through with this?
INFO:NAM1[0004E38E]Only if I fail, sir.
INFO:NAM1[0004E38F]I'm getting tired of doing your errands.
INFO:NAM1[0004E390]Those motherless curs. Prepare to broadside. Defend the Constitution until our last breath!
INFO:NAM1[0004E391]That's ambitious.
INFO:NAM1[0004E392]Here is your amply deserved reward. God speed to you, sir.
INFO:NAM1[0004E393]A thing of brilliance, is it not?
INFO:NAM1[0004E394]You are truly worthy, sir, of witnessing our maiden voyage.
INFO:NAM1[0004E395]Where's the generator?
INFO:NAM1[0004E396]The reward better be worth it.
INFO:NAM1[0004E397]There is nothing left to be done. Victory or bitter defeat is all the remains.
INFO:NAM1[0004E398]Oh ye of little faith. There is a scant 14% chance of that.
INFO:NAM1[0004E399]Given time the scavengers will regroup. It may be now or never.
INFO:NAM1[0004E39A]My pleasure.
INFO:NAM1[0004E39B]On the eve of our voyage, the need for secrecy is long past.
INFO:NAM1[0004E39C]Congratulations, Captain.
INFO:NAM1[0004E39D]You're going to what?
INFO:NAM1[0004E434]You building something?
INFO:NAM1[0004E435]I wasn't looking.
INFO:NAM1[0004E436]Ain't that a bite? Well if its parts you're looking for, we got lots back at the garage.
INFO:NAM1[0004E437]Nothing else to find here. This hunk o' junk is picked clean, Daddy-O.
INFO:NAM1[0004E438]Ain't that a bite? We got lots more back at the garage if you want to trade, though.
INFO:NAM1[0004E439]My friends and I soup up old Power Armor. We have groovy metal suits like you have never seen.
INFO:NAM1[0004E43A]Too bad.
INFO:NAM1[0004E43B]That's disappointing.
INFO:NAM1[0004E43C]Just the part I was looking for. The guys back at the garage are gonna flip.
INFO:NAM1[0004E43D]Time for me to agitate the gravel, Jack.
INFO:NAM1[0004E43E]Ah, just admiring my plates then? It's a custom job.
INFO:NAM1[0004E440]You seem like a cool cat. You should check out our digs.
INFO:NAM1[0004E440]Our machines are somethin' to see, Jack.
INFO:NAM1[0004E63B]Bets are now closed.
INFO:NAM1[0004E63B]We'll let the beasts size each other up for a moment.
INFO:NAM1[0004E63B]One staring into the eyes of death. The other into glory. But which is which? Let us find out!
INFO:NAM1[0004E63C]Well, if you change your mind let me know.
INFO:NAM1[0004E63D]I see you can barely contain the excitement. Well, to the lift with you. And you better give me a good show!
INFO:NAM1[0004E63F]Good pick. Here's the payout.
INFO:NAM1[0004E640]You've lasted longer than I thought. You here for another go in the cage?
INFO:NAM1[0004E641]You want a round in the cage?
INFO:NAM1[0004E642]The crowd is starting to take notice. Which is good for business.
INFO:NAM1[0004E642]I'll put you up against tougher fighters. Stay alive and earn yourself 200 caps. Die and earn the other guy the same.
INFO:NAM1[0004E643]A regular up and comer, you are. Folks like to bet more on your matches. That's good for me. And good for you.
INFO:NAM1[0004E643]300 caps.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC3C]Why can't you be as devoted as dear Edward?
INFO:NAM1[0004EC3D]Some raiders set up camp near Parsons and ambushed him. I took care of them.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC3E]It's not a...
INFO:NAM1[0004EC3F]Great. The sister's even crazier than Jack.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC40]Thank you, Edward. I can always count on you.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC41]Damn. I hope this isn't the start of something serious.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC42]Mother, Edward has better things to do than sending someone out to find Emogene. Again.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC44]No problem. I'll bring her back.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC45]Mrs. Cabot, don't worry. I'll send someone to find Emogene.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC47]Your sister is missing and I want her found! What else is Edward for if not to keep the family safe?
INFO:NAM1[0004EC48]Jack. I'll take care of it.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC4A]No, but that doesn't mean...
INFO:NAM1[0004EC4B]I thought I told you to cut out that kind of talk.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC4C]I'm sorry to have to involve you in the affairs of my sister Emogene.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC4C]She goes out of her way to make my life difficult. Running off and leaving me to deal with my mother.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC4C]Edward will give you the details. But as far as I'm concerned, there's no rush.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC4D]Do you know where she is?
INFO:NAM1[0004EC4E]What is it?
INFO:NAM1[0004EC4F]Ah, good. Finally! This will help settle mother down.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC50]Now, as far as what's next...
INFO:NAM1[0004EC50]Oh, hell, I guess it's time you met Wilhelmina. Jack's not going to be happy about it. Come on.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC52]When do I get paid?
INFO:NAM1[0004EC53]What's the next job?
INFO:NAM1[0004EC54]She's not missing, mother.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC55]Emogene is Jack's sister. You probably figured that out yourself.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC55]She's, ah... a little flighty. Impulsive.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC55]From time to time, she runs off, usually with a new boyfriend. Then I send somebody to bring her home.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC56]I'm not going to have Edward drop everything just because Emogene decided to take a lover again.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC57]We've been over this, mother.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC58]She's a grown woman. She's perfectly capable of looking after herself.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC59]I'm not Emogene's babysitter. If she chooses to go off without telling anyone, that's her business.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC5A]Mother. Will you let it go, please!
INFO:NAM1[0004EC5B]If she wanted us to know where she went, she would have told someone.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC5D]Here's your pay for the job. I'm throwing in a little bonus for bringing back the serum. That was good work.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC5E]Just some raiders that ambushed him.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC5F]That is not acceptable. Emogene is missing and I want her found!
INFO:NAM1[0004EC60]Do you know where she's gone?
INFO:NAM1[0004EC61]Jack! How dare you speak so disrespectfully about your sister!
INFO:NAM1[0004EC62]You shouldn't indulge her Edward. It just makes her more impossible to deal with next time.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC63]We'll get to that. First I need to know what happened to the courier.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC64]We'll get to that. Now answer the damn question.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC65]Hardly worth my time. Just a few raiders who ambushed him.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC66]I'd be happy to send someone to look for her, ma'am.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC67]I insist that you send someone to find Emogene!
INFO:NAM1[0004EC68]I can't believe you don't care what happens to your sister.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC69]Emogene is out there somewhere, maybe even lying dead in a ditch. And you don't even care!
INFO:NAM1[0004EC6A]I don't think you're even listening to me, Jack!
INFO:NAM1[0004EC6B]I can't bear to think what might be happening to Emogene right now.
INFO:NAM1[0004EC6C]If your father were here, he'd send someone to find Emogene!
INFO:NAM1[0004EC6D]Sounds like a piece of cake.
INFO:NAM1[0004F03B]Anyway, I can take your order whenever.
INFO:NAM1[0004F03F]I should get back to work. Plenty of food and drinks available.
INFO:NAM1[0004F040]Anyway, I have to get back to serving drinks.
INFO:NAM1[0004F248]Nothing. The whole thing was a training drill. Can you believe it?
INFO:NAM1[0004F249]No idea. I was surprised as anyone else when Scimitar flew in.
INFO:NAM1[0004F24A]They had some Institute super-weapons. Auto-locking with bullets that curved. The whole thing is hush-hush.
INFO:NAM1[0004F24E]That's not like any drill I've ever been in.
INFO:NAM1[0004F250]I didn't see anything. We dropped off our men and circled the area then were told to come home.
INFO:NAM1[0004F253]I don't have time for this.
INFO:NAM1[0004F255]Your bird flew support on the Railroad assault, right? How'd they beat us? Elder Maxson's furious.
INFO:NAM1[0004F257]Some idiot raiders got a hold of a rocket launcher and were taking it for a joy ride.
INFO:NAM1[0004F25B]I wouldn't want to be him. We've all been there, though.
INFO:NAM1[0004F25C]What, someone green was on the comm?
INFO:NAM1[0004F25D]There were a lot of them. The smart call was to bring in the cavalry.
INFO:NAM1[0004F25F]So you're in the dark as the rest of us? We'll get them next time.
INFO:NAM1[0004F260]Nothing else? Hmm.
INFO:NAM1[0004F262]And you called in Scimitar to help with raiders?
INFO:NAM1[0004F266]Time to die.
INFO:NAM1[0004F268]Still, that's got to hurt your pride, right?
INFO:NAM1[0004F26A]Really, for raiders?
INFO:NAM1[0004F26D]Can we do this later? I'm dead tired.
INFO:NAM1[0004F26E]I just pulled a double-shift. I don't have time for this.
INFO:NAM1[0004F26F]Sneaky. We'll get them next time.
INFO:NAM1[0004F270]Like hell that wasn't their base.
INFO:NAM1[0004F273]Someone's going to answer for it. Calling in a strike on raiders. Sheesh.
INFO:NAM1[0004F274]That's all you know? I find that hard to believe.
INFO:NAM1[0004F275]When your medic is done, let me know right away.
INFO:NAM1[0004F276]What? The Railroad? They attacked the police station?
INFO:NAM1[0004F279]Not many people made it out of there. A lot of us are dying to know what happened.
INFO:NAM1[0004F27A]All right, I hear you. Rest easy.
INFO:NAM1[0004F27B]Then make some time.
INFO:NAM1[0004F27E]The Railroad launched some half-assed counterattack.
INFO:NAM1[0004F27F]One of our new recruits panicked. New guys, right?
INFO:NAM1[0004F282]That wasn't' their HQ, it was a trap. They blew the tunnels and killed a lot of good men.
INFO:NAM1[0004F283]Listen, I won't tell anyone. We'll get them next time.
INFO:NAM1[0004F284]Super-weapons? Really?
INFO:NAM1[0004F286]The radio chatter from the police station had the tower worried. What happened, anyway?
INFO:NAM1[0004F480]So you're the reason that patrols are doubled today.
INFO:NAM1[0004F481]Everything's under control.
INFO:NAM1[0004F482]Stay safe, sir.
INFO:NAM1[0004F483]Stay safe, ma'am.
INFO:NAM1[0004F484]We keep the Vault safe.
INFO:NAM1[0004F485]Move along.
INFO:NAM1[0004F624]Newcomer, huh? Talk to Abbot at the Wall, if you want a history lesson.
INFO:NAM1[000503BF]She's not crazy. She just wants the world to be a different place than it really is.
INFO:NAM1[00050598]You ever been to the den?
INFO:NAM1[000505C2]Now that's taking one for the neighborhood, sister.
INFO:NAM1[000505C3]Hey, I had some hangouts the first time I dated a Ghoul, but I mellowed out. Just give him some time.
INFO:NAM1[000505C9]Yeah, once or twice. Too weird for me, though. Too real.
INFO:NAM1[000505D2]Hey, was that you stumbling out of the Third Rail last night?
INFO:NAM1[000505D3]Yeah, here's hoping, huh?
INFO:NAM1[000505EC]Hey, from where I'm coming from, a little "too real" sounds like just the thing.
INFO:NAM1[000505ED]You know it. I was having a few too many when a couple of, uh, old friends decided that now was a good time to call in some debts.
INFO:NAM1[000505EF]So I hear you've been pulling your weight at the barricades. How many hits you rack up?
INFO:NAM1[000505F0]Hey, sister, how're you? How's your fella?
INFO:NAM1[000506E6]Ah, no. Did it get rough?
INFO:NAM1[0005071E]Six last Raider attack. Folks bought me so many drinks. I don't even remember the rest of that night.
INFO:NAM1[00050726]Ah, things are rough right now. He's not used to dating a Ghoul. We've had nothing but fights.
INFO:NAM1[00050727]Well, for them maybe.
INFO:NAM1[000508C0]I know a lot of people on the Prydwen. But I can't say I remember you.
INFO:NAM1[000508C1]If I don't get a full report in pronto, we're both going to be in trouble. Is that what you want?
INFO:NAM1[000508C7]No surprise there. I'm one of the new recruits. From the Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1[000508CB]Well, this is a heck of a welcome to the Brotherhood.
INFO:NAM1[000508D0]Sorry. Big ship I guess.
INFO:NAM1[000508D2]Sorry to hold you up. Report to Captain Kells for a full debrief.
INFO:NAM1[000508D2]Ad victoriam.
INFO:NAM1[000508D5]Your memory must terrible, then. I've been with the Brotherhood since we left the Capital Wasteland.
INFO:NAM1[000508DA]Ad victoriam, brother.
INFO:NAM1[000508E1]I'm... Shit, this isn't working. Time to die.
INFO:NAM1[000508E5]Fine, fine.
INFO:NAM1[000508E8]Strange. Hmph. Nevermind, let's get her fixed up.
INFO:NAM1[000508E9]You came in on Claymore, right?
INFO:NAM1[00051279]Go get it!
INFO:NAM1[0005127A]Bring that here, boy!
INFO:NAM1[0005127B]Fetch it.
INFO:NAM1[0005127C]Bring it here, pal.
INFO:NAM1[0005127D]Go get it!
INFO:NAM1[0005127E]Stay there, boy.
INFO:NAM1[00051283]Stay, boy!
INFO:NAM1[00051284]Wait there, boy.
INFO:NAM1[00051285]Hold up.
INFO:NAM1[00051286]Dogmeat! (shouting)
INFO:NAM1[00051288]Dogmeat! (shouting)
INFO:NAM1[00051289]Hey, boy.
INFO:NAM1[0005128D]*cheek chirp*
INFO:NAM1[0005128E]Go check 'em out.
INFO:NAM1[0005128F]Take a look.
INFO:NAM1[00051290]Go look, boy.
INFO:NAM1[00051291]Dogmeat, go look.
INFO:NAM1[000512A0]What's there, boy?
INFO:NAM1[000512A2]Take him, boy!
INFO:NAM1[000512B1]Get 'em!
INFO:NAM1[000512B3]Get 'em, boy!
INFO:NAM1[000512B4]Go get 'em!
INFO:NAM1[000512B5]Over there, boy!
INFO:NAM1[000512B6]Go, boy!
INFO:NAM1[000512B7]Over here, boy.
INFO:NAM1[000512B8]Over there!
INFO:NAM1[000512B9]Go on, boy!
INFO:NAM1[000512D0]Uh-uh! No!
INFO:NAM1[000512D1]Bad dog!
INFO:NAM1[000512D5]Enough of that.
INFO:NAM1[000512D6]No. Bad dog!
INFO:NAM1[000512E3]No. Stop that.
INFO:NAM1[000512E4]Follow me, boy.
INFO:NAM1[000512E5]With me, pal.
INFO:NAM1[000512E6]Come, boy.
INFO:NAM1[000512E7]Here, boy.
INFO:NAM1[000512E8]This way, pal.
INFO:NAM1[00051300]You are impatient. Good. Then you are focused on our task.
INFO:NAM1[00051301]The next step seems simple. But do not be deceived.
INFO:NAM1[00051325]I have a few things to do first.
INFO:NAM1[00051326]I'm ready.
INFO:NAM1[0005132B]Let's get on with it.
INFO:NAM1[00051331]Hmph. Good crew says "us first," not "me first."
INFO:NAM1[00051331]I need that dampening coil.
INFO:NAM1[00051333]Where are you going to get that?
INFO:NAM1[00051336]No difficulty with the warhead, I trust?
INFO:NAM1[000514AC]Enough, Codsworth.
INFO:NAM1[000514AE]Ah, yes, my host protocol! You can blame General Atomics for that one, sir.
INFO:NAM1[000514AF]Sure, what's on your mind?
INFO:NAM1[000514B0]When do you not have something to say?
INFO:NAM1[000514B5]I'm just doing what it takes to survive out here.
INFO:NAM1[000514B9]Sir, you don't know how much it pains me to hear you say that.
INFO:NAM1[000514B9]I know this world isn't the same as you left it, what with young Shaun and the missus gone...
INFO:NAM1[000514BB]I hate to break it to you, buddy, but that was no accident.
INFO:NAM1[000514BC]So gracious, sir! I do appreciate it.
INFO:NAM1[000514BD]So gracious, mum! I do appreciate it.
INFO:NAM1[000514BE]I... didn't realize you felt that way, Codsworth. I don't know what to say.
INFO:NAM1[000514BF]So you can imagine the distress I felt when the bombs fell, after you fled to the Vault.
INFO:NAM1[000514BF]I searched, but found no evidence of your death. I could only hope you all made it in time!
INFO:NAM1[000514C1]Oh, well then... No time like the future I suppose.
INFO:NAM1[000514C3]Not right now, Codsworth. Another time.
INFO:NAM1[000514C4]No thanks necessary, sir. I wouldn't hear of it!
INFO:NAM1[000514C4]I truly believe, if the Commonwealth is to turn itself around, you're the one to do it.
INFO:NAM1[000514C7]No thanks necessary, mum. I wouldn't hear of it!
INFO:NAM1[000514C7]I truly believe, if the Commonwealth is to turn itself around, you're the one to do it.
INFO:NAM1[000514C8]I don't have time right now.
INFO:NAM1[000514C9]You think I'm a hero? I'm far from it.
INFO:NAM1[000514CD]Don't sell yourself short, sir!
INFO:NAM1[000514DE]Don't sell yourself short, mum!
INFO:NAM1[000514DF]Don't worry, Codsworth, it was. It's not going to happen again.
INFO:NAM1[000514E0]Mushy perhaps, but completely forthright!
INFO:NAM1[000514E9]But I must beg you to reconsider your actions.
INFO:NAM1[000514EF]Are you sure that two hundred years didn't rust something important up there?
INFO:NAM1[000514FE]Quite certain, sir! The diagnostics don't lie! What with all my self maintenance, rust will never touch me.
INFO:NAM1[000514FE]That aside, I do truly believe that if the Commonwealth is to turn itself around, you are the one to make it happen.
INFO:NAM1[000514FF]Quite certain, mum! The diagnostics don't lie! What with all my self maintenance, rust will never touch me.
INFO:NAM1[000514FF]That aside, I do truly believe that if the Commonwealth is to turn itself around, you are the one to make it happen.
INFO:NAM1[00051501]Of course, go right ahead.
INFO:NAM1[00051502]All right, all right. I have said my piece and meant every word! Take it as you will.
INFO:NAM1[00051502]But I do still believe, if anyone can help the Commonwealth regain its former glory, it's you.
INFO:NAM1[00051506]Sure, Codsworth. What's on your mind?
INFO:NAM1[00051507]I wanted to check up on your state of mind after the accidental killing of that poor innocent back there.
INFO:NAM1[00051507]I have been programmed to handle mental trauma and therapy needs if you remember.
INFO:NAM1[00051507]Nothing would please me more than to assist in lightening any mental burdens you may be carrying.
INFO:NAM1[00051507]I mean... It was an accident, was it not?
INFO:NAM1[00051508]I'm no hero, Codsworth. Believe me.
INFO:NAM1[00051526]Let's just say it was, and leave it at that. Plenty of other things about that require your attention, sir, especially finding young Shaun.
INFO:NAM1[00051527]Was it an accident?
INFO:NAM1[00051531]Now, not another word! I stand firm in my belief.
INFO:NAM1[00051531]Let's get back to it.
INFO:NAM1[00051538]And when you returned, I was overjoyed! I admit I ran a full diagnostics scan just to make sure I wasn't malfunctioning.
INFO:NAM1[00051538]But the news. The news of the missus and Shaun.
INFO:NAM1[00051538]Believe me when I say, it takes a true hero to live through that.
INFO:NAM1[0005153C]And when you returned, I was overjoyed! I admit I ran a full diagnostics scan just to make sure I wasn't malfunctioning.
INFO:NAM1[0005153C]But the news. The news of sir and young Shaun.
INFO:NAM1[0005153C]Believe me when I say, it takes a true hero to live through that.
INFO:NAM1[0005153D]Of course. I do know how busy you are. Another time then?
INFO:NAM1[0005153E]Thank you, Codsworth. That means a lot.
INFO:NAM1[00051545]I've always had such admiration for you and your family, ever since the day my visual sensors were first switched on.
INFO:NAM1[00051545]You and the missus. So good with young Shaun, and so trusting of me to look after such a newborn bundle of joy.
INFO:NAM1[00051545]It just warms my nuclear core.
INFO:NAM1[00051557]I've always had such admiration for you and your family, ever since the day my visual sensors were first switched on.
INFO:NAM1[00051557]You and sir. So good with young Shaun, and so trusting of me to look after such a newborn bundle of joy.
INFO:NAM1[00051557]It just warms my nuclear core.
INFO:NAM1[00051566]You don't have to say anything, sir. I just... felt you should know what you've come to mean to me.
INFO:NAM1[00051566]I truly believe, if the Commonwealth is to turn itself around, you're the one to do it.
INFO:NAM1[0005157A]You don't have to say anything, mum. I just... felt you should know what you've come to mean to me.
INFO:NAM1[0005157A]I truly believe, if the Commonwealth is to turn itself around, you're the one to do it.
INFO:NAM1[0005157B]I wouldn't say wrong, so much as concerning.
INFO:NAM1[0005157D]What's up, Codsworth?
INFO:NAM1[0005157E]In such a bleak world as this, think of all you've witnessed, and all you've done.
INFO:NAM1[0005157E]In my two hundreds years, I've seen it tear good men and women apart.
INFO:NAM1[0005157E]But you sir, you have remained the very model of what humanity should aspire to be.
INFO:NAM1[00051585]In such a bleak world as this, think of all you've witnessed, and all you've done.
INFO:NAM1[00051585]In my two hundreds years, I've seen it tear good men and women apart.
INFO:NAM1[00051585]But you mum, you have remained the very model of what humanity should aspire to be.
INFO:NAM1[0005158D]Is something wrong, Codsworth?
INFO:NAM1[00051590]Sir, please. I really must speak with you.
INFO:NAM1[00051591]Mum, please. I really must speak with you.
INFO:NAM1[00051594]A moment if you will. I... have something to say.
INFO:NAM1[00051595]Sir, if I might bend your ear for a moment?
INFO:NAM1[00051596]Mum, if I might bend your ear for a moment?
INFO:NAM1[00051597]Sir, perhaps now would be a good time to speak?
INFO:NAM1[00051599]Mum, perhaps now would be a good time to speak?
INFO:NAM1[000515B5]You're getting pretty mushy... for a robot.
INFO:NAM1[000515D8]Oh, it's so much more than that, sir. So much more!
INFO:NAM1[000515D9]Oh, it's so much more than that, mum. So much more!
INFO:NAM1[000515DF]It was a mistake, Codsworth. It won't happen again.
INFO:NAM1[000515EB]Don't sell yourself short, sir!
INFO:NAM1[000515EC]Don't sell yourself short, mum!
INFO:NAM1[00051805]See if there's any good stuff nearby, boy.
INFO:NAM1[00051807]Any bad guys around, buddy?
INFO:NAM1[00051809]Hey, boy. Ready to get back out there?
INFO:NAM1[0005180A]Think you can find any goodies, boy?
INFO:NAM1[000518B3]What if she doesn't want to come home?
INFO:NAM1[000518B4]I don't know where she's gone, but I can give you a place to start.
INFO:NAM1[000518BE]I'm off to find the loony sister, then.
INFO:NAM1[000518C1]She's been spending a lot of time in Goodneighbor, at the jazz club there - the Third Rail.
INFO:NAM1[000518C1]Somebody there must know something. She's not known for keeping her mouth shut.
INFO:NAM1[000518C2]Okay, I'll start in Goodneighbor.
INFO:NAM1[000518C3]Obviously, as one of the family, you can't just knock her in the head and drag her home by her heels.
INFO:NAM1[000518C3]Usually by the time I send someone after her, she's gotten bored with the whole thing and is ready to come home.
INFO:NAM1[000518C3]I'm sure you'll think of something. You're supposed to be resourceful, remember?
INFO:NAM1[000518C6]Do you know Emogene Cabot?
INFO:NAM1[000518CA]I know the Third Rail. I'll ask around there.
INFO:NAM1[000518CB]Got it. Off to Goodneighbor then.
INFO:NAM1[000518CC]No, but it shouldn't be too hard to find out.
INFO:NAM1[00051E0B]You can have a look around, but stay out of my stuff.
INFO:NAM1[00051E11]You've given me a lot to think about.
INFO:NAM1[00051E15]Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, kid.
INFO:NAM1[00051E18]I'll be out of your way soon.
INFO:NAM1[00051E19]Gonna be weird trying to find somewhere new to start over.
INFO:NAM1[00051E1A]Maybe I'll try heading out west.
INFO:NAM1[00051FD8]Hmph. Amari's downstairs, you big flirt.
INFO:NAM1[00051FDA]Normally we only allow our clients to experience their own memories. Now what's this all about?
INFO:NAM1[00051FDC]No synth does. Security protocols strip those memories out.
INFO:NAM1[00051FDD]You're the one that can extract memories from a brain, right?
INFO:NAM1[00051FDE]Let's get going.
INFO:NAM1[00051FDF]Please. Nick told me you're the only one who could make this work.
INFO:NAM1[00051FE0]This dead brain had inside knowledge of the Institute, Amari. The biggest scientific secret of the Commonwealth. You need this, and so do we.
INFO:NAM1[00051FE1]Don't worry. We're gonna get your boy back. Just a few more steps...
INFO:NAM1[00051FE3]May have walked out of the Den, Irma, but I'd never walk out on you.
INFO:NAM1[00051FE7]Doctor. It's time for you to reverse DEATH ITSELF!
INFO:NAM1[00051FE9]All right. See you at the Den.
INFO:NAM1[00051FEA]Are you two mad!?
INFO:NAM1[00051FEA]Putting aside the fact that you're asking me to defile a corpse, you do realize that the memory simulators require intact, LIVING brains to function?
INFO:NAM1[00051FEB]I already have someone with me. I'll meet you there, Nick.
INFO:NAM1[00051FEC]I'll head there on my own.
INFO:NAM1[00051FED]Isn't there some way to make this work?
INFO:NAM1[00051FEE]Anything else you can tell me about the Memory Den?
INFO:NAM1[00051FEF]I'm not surprised. From what I've seen, all Institute technology has a similar architecture.
INFO:NAM1[00051FF2]Well, well. Mister Valentine. I thought you had forgotten about little ole' me.
INFO:NAM1[00051FF5]This one's all yours, Nick.
INFO:NAM1[00051FF7]I have to go to the Memory Den either way, if I'm gonna introduce you to Amari. But if you want to head there together, just say so.
INFO:NAM1[00051FF8]*sigh* I wouldn't have put it quite that way, but it's true. We need a dead man's memories. Guy named Kellogg.
INFO:NAM1[00051FF9]It's in Goodneighbor. A little slice of trouble Northeast a ways.
INFO:NAM1[00051FF9]The Memory Den ain't just a fancy name. It's literal.
INFO:NAM1[00051FF9]A lot of people give up all their caps just to relive the good parts of their lives. Over and over.
INFO:NAM1[00051FF9]But not us. We're gonna try to dive deep into someone else's mind. I can meet you there, or we can head out together.
INFO:NAM1[00051FFA]Technically, the corpse was defiled already.
INFO:NAM1[00051FFB]I'll head out with Piper. We'll meet you there, Nick.
INFO:NAM1[00051FFC]Those circuits look awfully familiar...
INFO:NAM1[00051FFD]While you two are out, I'm gonna do some more research. I'll be at the Publick if you need me.
INFO:NAM1[00051FFE]While you two are out, I'm gonna do some more research. I'll be here if you need me.
INFO:NAM1[00052000]Doctor Amari?
INFO:NAM1[00052003]We need your help, doctor. I need the memories from a man named Kellogg, but he's dead.
INFO:NAM1[00052005]Whether we're riding this crazy brain train or not, we can't all go running across the Commonwealth. So, who's coming with you?
INFO:NAM1[00052006]We need a memory dig, Amari, but it's not gonna be easy. The perp, Kellogg, is already cold on the floor.
INFO:NAM1[00052009]Sounds good. You two stay out of trouble.
INFO:NAM1[0005200A]Some expert you are. I knew this was a waste of time.
INFO:NAM1[00052014]It's you and me, Nick.
INFO:NAM1[00052019]*sigh* Fine. I'll take a look, but no guarantees. Do you... have it with you?
INFO:NAM1[0005201B]Let's go talk to Amari.
INFO:NAM1[0005201C]I still can't believe I'm doing this, but hand over the brain, and I'll take a look.
INFO:NAM1[00052040]That big wall of glass looming over Diamond City is the mayor's office.
INFO:NAM1[00052040]Most people don't know it, but there's a strongroom buried beneath. Mayor's just sitting on top of it. And that's our target.
INFO:NAM1[00052040]The guy has it coming if you ask me. With how he treats my kind, maybe he deserves worse.
INFO:NAM1[00052041]How did you know that?
INFO:NAM1[0005204A]Sounds ambitious.
INFO:NAM1[0005204B]Yeah. When can I start?
INFO:NAM1[00052050]No thanks to you.
INFO:NAM1[00052058]Yeah. This year's hottest gift. Get one before they're gone.
INFO:NAM1[00052061]Curious type, eh? Alright, I'll spell it out for ya.
INFO:NAM1[00052061]I'm digging a tunnel in my basement.
INFO:NAM1[00052061]I'm hoping it'll get me past an impenetrable security system and into a big stinking pile of loot.
INFO:NAM1[00052062]Its good work. Under the supervision of the best boss you'll ever have.
INFO:NAM1[0005206C]Thanks. Turned out to be fun.
INFO:NAM1[00052074]I'm not anyone's toy.
INFO:NAM1[0005207B]I like people who don't ask too many questions. Which means so far, I like you. Hopefully I'll keep liking you.
INFO:NAM1[0005207C]You'll never find a more fair and honest job.
INFO:NAM1[00052080]Well, I can't really really go back to Goodneighbor now, can I?
INFO:NAM1[00052080]I've been thinking of starting a settlement in Southie, and now that I have the caps I'm gonna do it.
INFO:NAM1[00052080]It's gonna be big.
INFO:NAM1[00052082]Avert your eyes, sir! That light is way too bright.
INFO:NAM1[00052085]You've worked jobs with Bobbi before?
INFO:NAM1[00052086]Empty, eh? I don't blame them. Just look at the state of this place!
INFO:NAM1[00052087]I do hope whoever owned this place won't be back soon.
INFO:NAM1[00052088]Abandoned perhaps? It's hard to tell. People today no longer know the meaning of the word clean.
INFO:NAM1[0005208D]Bobbi asked me to get you out.
INFO:NAM1[00052092]It's not going to be easy, but that's why we only hire the best sort around here.
INFO:NAM1[00052093]Well now you have.
INFO:NAM1[00052098]So loyal.
INFO:NAM1[00052098]Alright, I'll talk to Bobbi and see what's what.
INFO:NAM1[0005209A]I may be a lowlife, kid, but I'm not a welcher. Of course you deserve more. You were the linchpin of this operation.
INFO:NAM1[0005209F]Bobbi can fill you in on the details.
INFO:NAM1[000520A3]No one else would put in this much effort for me.
INFO:NAM1[000520AF]It is, and that's why we need some help.
INFO:NAM1[000520B0]Well aren't you an eager beaver?
INFO:NAM1[000520B1]Just tell me what I need to do.
INFO:NAM1[000520B3]Yeah, 'cause I'll get so much out of her.
INFO:NAM1[000520B5]I'm a supervisor, kid. I decide what information is need-to-know and what isn't.
INFO:NAM1[000520B5]You want to complain or you want your caps?
INFO:NAM1[000520BA]I don't think you need to know the details yet. If you want the caps, you'll take the work.
INFO:NAM1[000520BE]And what a gift you'd be.
INFO:NAM1[000520C8]If you expect me to work for you, I'm going to need more information than that.
INFO:NAM1[000520C9]What kind of work?
INFO:NAM1[000520CA]Not just yet.
INFO:NAM1[000520CC]Enough to know she's not the most trustworthy person around.
INFO:NAM1[000520CC]The team may change, but every job comes with the same set of cryptic instructions as the next.
INFO:NAM1[000520CC]You'd have better luck milking a rabid Yao Guai than getting a straight answer from Bobbi.
INFO:NAM1[000520CE]So you enjoyed yourself? Maybe we don't need to give you your cut then.
INFO:NAM1[000520CE]Relax, I'm joking.
INFO:NAM1[000520D3]How'd you like to help break into the Diamond City strongroom?
INFO:NAM1[000520D7]Right... Bobbi sure knows how to pick out the gullible ones.
INFO:NAM1[000520E2]I guess it's not really any of my business, so long as I get paid.
INFO:NAM1[000520E3]Depends on the work.
INFO:NAM1[000520E4]No, I followed you down here for the exercise.
INFO:NAM1[000520E6]Bobbi may be shady, but she always pays up in the end.
INFO:NAM1[000520E6]Guess I'll get my stuff together and head over to her place.
INFO:NAM1[000520E8]What's next for you?
INFO:NAM1[000520EC]What's the job?
INFO:NAM1[000520EF]Hey you. Looking for work?
INFO:NAM1[000520F0]There you are. Was wondering if you were going to show up.
INFO:NAM1[000520F1]Ready to get to work?
INFO:NAM1[000520F7]Dammit. Well, we don't have a way to get through a wall like that.
INFO:NAM1[000520F8]Thanks for getting me out, I guess.
INFO:NAM1[000520F9]That's what I'm talking about.
INFO:NAM1[000520F9]Gotta be tons of dirt on Hancock in here...
INFO:NAM1[000520FA]Well there's good news and bad news.
INFO:NAM1[000520FC]I bet this was just out of the kindness of her huge heart, right?
INFO:NAM1[00052106]That's just asking for trouble.
INFO:NAM1[00052107]I haven't heard about any job.
INFO:NAM1[00052108]Are you going to tell me what we're actually doing?
INFO:NAM1[0005210C]I think I deserve a bigger cut for my role in all this.
INFO:NAM1[00052209]Thank you.
INFO:NAM1[0005220A]I'm getting out of here.
INFO:NAM1[0005220B]Thought I was gonna die back there.
INFO:NAM1[0005224C]Did he... Did he mention me?
INFO:NAM1[0005224C]I heard about the fight. Travis was... Well, he was very brave.
INFO:NAM1[00052253]I mean, I've definitely noticed him. Maybe... No, I couldn't just go over there.
INFO:NAM1[0005225D]How goes the match-making?
INFO:NAM1[0005237C]Not right now.
INFO:NAM1[0005237D]The armory's always at your disposal, General.
INFO:NAM1[0005237E]Let me see what you've got.
INFO:NAM1[0005237F]What are you pestering me for, then?
INFO:NAM1[00052380]Anything to report?
INFO:NAM1[00052381]Sure thing, General.
INFO:NAM1[00052382]You don't know what you're missing.
INFO:NAM1[00052383]Maybe. Let me take a look.
INFO:NAM1[00052384]Nothing you need to worry about. We'll hold this place for the Minutemen as long as any of us are still breathing.
INFO:NAM1[00052384]Now, did you need anything or not?
INFO:NAM1[00052386]The Castle armory is at your service, General. What do you need?
INFO:NAM1[00052387]Running low on supplies, General?
INFO:NAM1[0005238A]Looking to resupply?
INFO:NAM1[0005243A]Ready to hand over those mutfruits?
INFO:NAM1[000524C9]Thanks, honey. You were a big help.
INFO:NAM1[000524CA]Her family hired me to find out what happened to her.
INFO:NAM1[000524CB]Well, I suppose it won't hurt to tell you.
INFO:NAM1[000524CC]Do you know where I can find her?
INFO:NAM1[000524CE]I don't take orders from the hired help.
INFO:NAM1[000524D0]Had to throw him out. Wouldn't stop bothering the customers with that "salvation" racket...
INFO:NAM1[000524D0]Kept going on and on about joining him at the Back Bay. Then he'd shove those stupid fliers in your face.
INFO:NAM1[000524D0]Here, I kept one of them. Just in case he didn't pay his bar tab.
INFO:NAM1[000524D1]It's none of your damn business.
INFO:NAM1[000524D2]No need to get impatient with me. I just don't consider it polite to gossip to any stranger who wanders into the club.
INFO:NAM1[000524D3]That's not important. Just tell me where she is.
INFO:NAM1[000524D5]Edward who works for Jack. I know Jack was behind this. He's always trying to control me.
INFO:NAM1[000524D7]Yes, that's right. The one Emogene was always hanging on.
INFO:NAM1[000524D8]Her family's worried that something's happened to her.
INFO:NAM1[000524D9]Well then, I guess I can't help you. Now, if you'll excuse me...
INFO:NAM1[000524DA]She's missing and her family's worried about her.
INFO:NAM1[000524DB]I'm trying to help her. Do you know where she is or not?
INFO:NAM1[000524E1]Brother Thomas?
INFO:NAM1[000524E2]I guess that depends on why you're looking for her.
INFO:NAM1[000524E4]That's right. I'm here to rescue you.
INFO:NAM1[000524E7]Why are you looking for her, honey?
INFO:NAM1[000524E8]My job is to bring you home. So let's go.
INFO:NAM1[000524EC]Don't tell me. Jack sent you.
INFO:NAM1[000524ED]Oh, no. This fine gentleman here was just looking for Emogene. Do you happen to know where that preacher fellow came from?
INFO:NAM1[000524EE]Oh, no. This lady here was just looking for Emogene. Do you happen to know where that preacher fellow came from?
INFO:NAM1[000524EF]She's not a friend of mine, honey. Just someone who stops in to the club from time to time. Now, if you'll excuse me...
INFO:NAM1[000524F1]Well, actually it was Edward, but close enough.
INFO:NAM1[000524F5]Is there a problem, Miss Magnolia?
INFO:NAM1[000524FB]I hope Emogene's all right. I didn't much like the idea of her going off with that preacher fellow.
INFO:NAM1[000524FC]Ham! Will you come over here a minute?
INFO:NAM1[000524FD]I just need to talk to her.
INFO:NAM1[000524FF]What makes you think I need to be rescued?
INFO:NAM1[0005259B]You staying out of trouble?
INFO:NAM1[0005259C]Damn straight it is. My brother Yefim and I make the best moonshine in the entire Commonwealth.
INFO:NAM1[0005259C]We call it Bobrov's Best. Had to start renting out rooms just so customers had a place to safely pass out after drinking it! Ha ha ha ha!
INFO:NAM1[00052814]Impressive! It's no General Atomics back in the day, but still, not too shabby.
INFO:NAM1[00052815]It's sad this level of technology is like a lost art.
INFO:NAM1[00052816]If only so much technology like this wasn't lost after the war. Civilization may not have fallen so far.
INFO:NAM1[00052818]This place does bring back some pleasant memories of the old world, does it not?
INFO:NAM1[00052819]You see, sir? Beauty does still exist in this world.
INFO:NAM1[0005281A]You see, mum? Beauty does still exist in this world.
INFO:NAM1[0005281B]Forgive me, sir. I feel a wave of nostalgia coming on.
INFO:NAM1[0005281C]Forgive me, mum. I feel a wave of nostalgia coming on.
INFO:NAM1[0005281E]Sir, do proceed carefully here. I find this place... unsettling.
INFO:NAM1[0005281F]This atmosphere is rather... unpleasant.
INFO:NAM1[00052820]If I may, sir, something about this place looks a tad un-safe.
INFO:NAM1[00052821]If I may, mum, something about this place looks a tad un-safe.
INFO:NAM1[00052822]Mum, do proceed carefully here. I find this place... unsettling.
INFO:NAM1[00052824]Oh my. The dust!
INFO:NAM1[00052825]Two hundred years ago, I never would have thought this level of dust possible!
INFO:NAM1[00052826]You would not believe how this place sets off my cleaning sensors.
INFO:NAM1[00052828]Moments like this make me thankful I've no settings for nausea.
INFO:NAM1[0005282A]How atrocious.
INFO:NAM1[0005282B]I don't envy your senses right now, sir.
INFO:NAM1[0005282C]I don't envy your senses right now, mum.
INFO:NAM1[0005282E]Someone went through a great deal of trouble to fortify this place.
INFO:NAM1[0005282F]Such impressive fortifications. I hope that's not bad news for us.
INFO:NAM1[00052830]Sad, this level of security is necessary these days. So long locked doors!
INFO:NAM1[00052832]There was a time where I'd say this place looks safe, but these days, you just never know.
INFO:NAM1[00052833]Ah, safety. Certainly a rare find these days.
INFO:NAM1[00052834]This could be a good spot for you to relax a bit, sir. I dare say you could use it.
INFO:NAM1[00052835]This could be a good spot for you to relax a bit, mum. I dare say you could use it.
INFO:NAM1[00052838]I dare say my sensors are picking up quite the smell. I can't imagine it must be pleasant for you, sir.
INFO:NAM1[00052839]I dare say my sensors are picking up quite the smell. I can't imagine it must be pleasant for you, mum.
INFO:NAM1[0005283A]The stench this place must generate.
INFO:NAM1[0005283B]I imagine this place is giving the giving the old nostrils quite the wake up call.
INFO:NAM1[0005283D]Shall we seek cover, sir? I'm feeling rather exposed.
INFO:NAM1[0005283E]Shall we seek cover, mum? I'm feeling rather exposed.
INFO:NAM1[0005283F]What I wouldn't give for a wall to hide behind.
INFO:NAM1[00052840]We're a bit out in the open, aren't we?
INFO:NAM1[00052842]Do be careful, sir. Water contains a much higher level of radiation.
INFO:NAM1[00052843]Do be careful, mum. Water contains a much higher level of radiation.
INFO:NAM1[00052844]Fear not, sir! Thanks to the technology of General Atomics, water has no peril for me.
INFO:NAM1[00052845]This is a good time to fill up the water filter.
INFO:NAM1[00052846]Fear not, mum! Thanks to the technology of General Atomics, water has no peril for me.
INFO:NAM1[00052848]This silence is a bit unsettling, wouldn't you say?
INFO:NAM1[00052849]It's quiet enough to hear the ol' gears spinning as they say.
INFO:NAM1[0005284A]Nothing but the sound of my atomic engine humming away.
INFO:NAM1[0005284D]Oh, how disgusting.
INFO:NAM1[0005284E]Sir, do be careful. I wouldn't want either of us to encounter what may have caused this... mess.
INFO:NAM1[0005284F]Mum, do be careful. I wouldn't want either of us to encounter what may have caused this... mess.
INFO:NAM1[00052850]I don't even want to know what happened here.
INFO:NAM1[00052851]Avert your eyes, mum! That light is way too bright.
INFO:NAM1[00052852]That light is unusually bright.
INFO:NAM1[00052853]Absolutely blinding. Is that light really necessary?
INFO:NAM1[00052855]Very dark here, sir. Watch your step.
INFO:NAM1[00052856]Very dark here, mum. Watch your step.
INFO:NAM1[00052857]I find this level of darkness entirely unnecessary.
INFO:NAM1[00052858]Really, does no one believe in proper lighting anymore?
INFO:NAM1[00052859]The lack of light in here is appalling... and yet, it does help hide the mess.
INFO:NAM1[0005285B]Ah, the Commonwealth. One big mess after the next.
INFO:NAM1[0005285C]To think this is a common sight these days! I'm sure some would even call this clean!
INFO:NAM1[0005285D]Such disarray. I wouldn't know where to begin if I had to clean up this mess.
INFO:NAM1[00052860]Finally, a spot that doesn't set my cleaning programming off.
INFO:NAM1[00052861]It's so sad to think that nowadays, this is the very definition of clean.
INFO:NAM1[00052863]This can't be good for the ol' eardrums, sir.
INFO:NAM1[00052864]This can't be good for the ol' eardrums, mum.
INFO:NAM1[00052865]That sounds well over the 85 decibel level of safety.
INFO:NAM1[00052866]Sir, this level of noise simply cannot be healthy.
INFO:NAM1[00052867]Mum, this level of noise simply cannot be healthy.
INFO:NAM1[000528F5]If I start cackling like an old, grizzled mercenary, pull me out, okay?
INFO:NAM1[000528F8]That's what I was afraid of. The mnemonic impressions are encoded.
INFO:NAM1[000528F9]There's a lot of... flashes... static... I can't make sense of any of it, doc.
INFO:NAM1[000528FB]I need you to keep talking to me, Mister Valentine. Any slight change in your cognitive functions could be dire.
INFO:NAM1[000528FB]Are you... feeling any different?
INFO:NAM1[00053569]It appears the Institute has one last failsafe. There's a lock on the memories in the implant.
INFO:NAM1[0005356A]We can't get to the memories in that implant. There's a lock.
INFO:NAM1[000536B5]That structure looks quite promising, mum. It's not everyday you see such a well kept abode among the Commonwealth squalor.
INFO:NAM1[00053757]I have to go.
INFO:NAM1[0005375F]Well, I never. Good day to you, too.
INFO:NAM1[00053761]My advice is pass through sooner than later.
INFO:NAM1[00053762]Instead he stomps around interrogating people.
INFO:NAM1[00053764]I signed on with Old Man Stockton to find his lost caravan. What's left of it is just outside of town.
INFO:NAM1[00053764]Their last stop was here so I've trying to put together the story. But I keep getting the run around.
INFO:NAM1[00053765]Who is "they"?
INFO:NAM1[00053766]The offer's open if you change your mind.
INFO:NAM1[00053768]Do you know anything about Stockton's caravan?
INFO:NAM1[00053770]I do say so. But I have things that need tending. Good day.
INFO:NAM1[00053772]All the fake smiles and fancy talking puts me on edge. The sooner I'm out of here the better.
INFO:NAM1[00053773]We're not are we? Well, I guess not. Good day to you, stranger.
INFO:NAM1[00053776]Synths? I mean, no. The test makes sure that none of... those. Get in here. They promised.
INFO:NAM1[00053777]Oh. That's... nice. But no. I shouldn't be talking. I'm busy.
INFO:NAM1[00053778]Here's all I got on the caravan.
INFO:NAM1[0005377D]Isn't Covenant just the best?
INFO:NAM1[00053782]Some people are just jealous when they see others leading a better life. And they'd like nothing better than to drag everyone down to their level.
INFO:NAM1[00053784]He just gets my goat. But enough of my yammering. You take care, sugar.
INFO:NAM1[00053787]Uh, no. Sorry. I just make things. For the shop, you know?
INFO:NAM1[00053788]All right.
INFO:NAM1[00053789]Who are we looking for?
INFO:NAM1[00053790]Definitely. He has such an attitude.
INFO:NAM1[00053792]Sure, I'm from Covenant.
INFO:NAM1[00053793]And Dan thinks he's the one helping people. He wouldn't know the first thing about making the Commonwealth a better, safer place.
INFO:NAM1[00053795]You know anything about Stockton's caravan?
INFO:NAM1[00053796]Don't even get me started on what we... You know, I think I left something in the oven. I have to go. You take care.
INFO:NAM1[00053799]Oh. OK.
INFO:NAM1[0005379A]You think Dan is one of them? He has been asking a lot of questions about the caravan.
INFO:NAM1[0005379B]If I help you I want something up front.
INFO:NAM1[000537A1]What are you hiding?
INFO:NAM1[000537A3]No, I'm just passing through.
INFO:NAM1[000537A4]He should be thankful you let him in.
INFO:NAM1[000537A5]He's just stirring the pot, if you ask me.
INFO:NAM1[000537A6]Sure, I know about... Who was that again?
INFO:NAM1[000537A7]If the Compound did do something to his precious caravan, they had reasons for it. Better reasons than a man like him...
INFO:NAM1[000537A7]You know, honey, I was just shooting off at the mouth. Just forget anything I said about that. And the Compound. I have to go.
INFO:NAM1[000537A8]I just can't catch a break.
INFO:NAM1[000537AA]No, sorry. They never came here.
INFO:NAM1[000537AB]They're... I really shouldn't be talking. I've got work. I have to go.
INFO:NAM1[000537AC]I'm not working with you.
INFO:NAM1[000537B3]If you say so.
INFO:NAM1[000537B5]What's it to you?
INFO:NAM1[000537B6]You guys aren't doing anything special.
INFO:NAM1[000537B8]No, I can't say that I do.
INFO:NAM1[000537B9]It sounds like you are in trouble. I just want to help you.
INFO:NAM1[000537BA]You're as bad as the rest of these idiots.
INFO:NAM1[000537BB]I don't got proof, but Covenant's involved. Somehow. I'll keep poking around. But let me know if you find anything.
INFO:NAM1[000537BC]Does Covenant have some sort of problem with synths?
INFO:NAM1[000537BE]Sounds fair. I'm in.
INFO:NAM1[000537C5]Why would he do that?
INFO:NAM1[000537C7]You have a problem with the people here?
INFO:NAM1[000537C8]Yeah, mercenaries.
INFO:NAM1[000537CA]A caravan? I'm not really the trader type.
INFO:NAM1[000537CB]I have to go.
INFO:NAM1[000537CC]The big one is Stockton's daughter, Amelia. I didn't find any bodies of the feminine persuasion. So there's hope.
INFO:NAM1[000537CC]If we find her, Stockton's offering a heap of caps.
INFO:NAM1[000537CE]Do you know anything about a Compound?
INFO:NAM1[000537D6]I know! He's so smug.
INFO:NAM1[000537D8]You? You're from Covenant? Yeah, and I'm the mayor of Diamond City.
INFO:NAM1[000537D9]How does Covenant help people?
INFO:NAM1[000537DA]A caravan? What are you talking about?
INFO:NAM1[000537DB]Oh, you're back.
INFO:NAM1[000537DD]Swanson told me the test isn't perfect. And Honest Dan is acting real... suspicious.
INFO:NAM1[000537DE]If I have your word you'll help, I'll chip in 50 caps now. That's above and beyond the deal.
INFO:NAM1[000546BD]What happened?
INFO:NAM1[000546BF]I always knew it would end this way! I never should have allowed you to lock up Lorenzo in that place!
INFO:NAM1[000546C1]Probably the same raiders that stole the serum.
INFO:NAM1[000546C2]... switching now. How's this?
INFO:NAM1[000546C6]Edward, switch over to the Hartley modulator. Do you copy?
INFO:NAM1[000546C8]Let's go.
INFO:NAM1[000546CB]The guards at Parsons called in that they were under attack. Edward went to help.
INFO:NAM1[000546CB]I've only just been able to raise him, briefly. I didn't get much, but it sounds like the situation there is nearly out of control.
INFO:NAM1[000546CE]Hmm, could be. If some of them had used the undiluted serum... it could explain their unusual success against Edward's men.
INFO:NAM1[000546D2]So what are you going to do?
INFO:NAM1[000546D5]Good. I'll explain on the way.
INFO:NAM1[000546D6]That isn't helping, mother! And as I recall, using the serum was your idea, not mine.
INFO:NAM1[00054AED]I'm here to rescue the survivors from Stockton's caravan.
INFO:NAM1[00054AEE]You won't sweeten the pot?
INFO:NAM1[00054AEF]I'm asking the questions. Why are you here?
INFO:NAM1[00054AF1]Then we're in business. I'll meet you there and we'll rescue ourselves some caravan hands.
INFO:NAM1[00054AF2]That's what I like to hear.
INFO:NAM1[00054AF3]*sigh* I'll take you to see Doctor Chambers. She'll know what to do about you.
INFO:NAM1[00054AF4]Outsiders aren't allowed. Why are you here?
INFO:NAM1[00054AF5]Then I guess we both keep digging.
INFO:NAM1[00054AF6]We'll see who finds those caravan hands first, then.
INFO:NAM1[00054AF7]If Jacob gave anyone permission, I would know about it.
INFO:NAM1[00054AF9]You bargaining with me? We work as equal partners or not at all.
INFO:NAM1[00054AFA]Not interested. If you won't honor our deal then I have no use for you.
INFO:NAM1[00054AFB]I can't let you do that.
INFO:NAM1[00054AFC]They took the survivors to a Compound.
INFO:NAM1[00054AFD]Not a lot. Everyone's got their eye on me. But I'll keep trying.
INFO:NAM1[00054AFE]We're in business. I'll meet you there and we'll rescue ourselves some caravan hands.
INFO:NAM1[00054AFF]Who are you?
INFO:NAM1[00054B00]No. Still looking.
INFO:NAM1[00054B01]That's fair. They're at some compound nearby.
INFO:NAM1[00054B02]I just want answers. About Stockton's caravan. Nothing more.
INFO:NAM1[00054B03]Maybe I found out something.
INFO:NAM1[00054B04]No deal.
INFO:NAM1[00054B05]This ain't personal.
INFO:NAM1[00054B06]I just came from Covenant. They said I should come here.
INFO:NAM1[00054B07]What have you been up to?
INFO:NAM1[00054B08]Fine. The survivors are at some compound.
INFO:NAM1[00054B09]Hands off your weapons.
INFO:NAM1[00054B0A]You find out anything about the caravan?
INFO:NAM1[00054B0B]You from around here? God, I hope not. I've had enough of these hicks.
INFO:NAM1[00054B81]Scanning unknown identity... clearance confirmed.
INFO:NAM1[00054B82]Operating at full capacity.
INFO:NAM1[00054B83]Scanning... subject identified.
INFO:NAM1[00054B84]Reporting status: all functions normal.
INFO:NAM1[00054B85]Nothing to report, sir.
INFO:NAM1[00054B86]Greetings, sir.
INFO:NAM1[00054B87]Nothing to report, ma'am.
INFO:NAM1[00054B88]Greetings, ma'am.
INFO:NAM1[00054B89]Oh... Oh man. Wow. Is this... This is because of what happened, isn't it? It's... It's my fault.
INFO:NAM1[00054B8A]I've heard enough to know they're probably holed up at the old Beantown Brewery. We've gotta go in there, show them we mean business, and...
INFO:NAM1[00054B8A]...and then we can bring Vadim back and everything will be okay. Right?
INFO:NAM1[00054B8A]I'll... I'll get a gun and I'll meet you there. We'll settle this.
INFO:NAM1[00054B8B]It's an honor to have you here, sir.
INFO:NAM1[00054B8C]It's an honor to have you here, ma'am.
INFO:NAM1[00054B8D]I can't express how truly humbling it is to stand in your presence.
INFO:NAM1[00054B8E]Good day, director.
INFO:NAM1[00054B8F]Good evening.
INFO:NAM1[00054B96]Hey there... what's going on?
INFO:NAM1[00054B97]Hey there, pal.
INFO:NAM1[00054D7E]Nick's an older model synth. Is he compatible?
INFO:NAM1[00054D7F]Okay, but I need to keep Mister Valentine here until you're ready. I don't want him moving around with that implant still attached.
INFO:NAM1[00054D90]Don't worry about me, Amari. Let's do it.
INFO:NAM1[00054D91]I'm not ready for this, doc.
INFO:NAM1[00054D92]No idea, but we got a missing kid on the line. That's worth the risk.
INFO:NAM1[00054D93]You really think this will work, Nick?
INFO:NAM1[00054D94]It's not like anyone has ever done this before! You try making a secret technology work across hardware generations, out of spare parts.
INFO:NAM1[00054D94]Just let me think... The encryption is probably meant to keep a single mind from accessing the data... So... what if we used two?
INFO:NAM1[00054D95]Possibly. There's no sign of decay, so the tech is probably preserving the tissue. Injecting some kind of compound to keep it stable.
INFO:NAM1[00054D95]But there's no way to access the memories inside without a compatible port.
INFO:NAM1[00054D96]More problems? Seriously?
INFO:NAM1[00054D97]So the brain is still good, right?
INFO:NAM1[00054DA4]Just sit down over there. And... keep your fingers crossed.
INFO:NAM1[00054DA5]You're talking about me, right? I'm an old synth. If the Institute built me out of similar parts, we might have an in.
INFO:NAM1[00054DA6]All right. Let's get started.
INFO:NAM1[00054DB4]Nice to know that even when I'm about to have a foreign object shoved into my noggin', you find new, horrible ways to laugh at my expense.
INFO:NAM1[00054DB5]We should try plugging you into a toaster, next. Mmmm. Fresh toast.
INFO:NAM1[00054DB6]Let me think... The encryption is too strong for a single mind. But... what if we used two?
INFO:NAM1[00054DB7]We plug the brain implant into Mister Valentine. Assuming he's... willing to take on the risks.
INFO:NAM1[00054DB8]Tell me you have a way past this, doctor.
INFO:NAM1[00054DB9]Skip to the good part, doc.
INFO:NAM1[00054DBA]We load both you and Mister Valentine into the memory loungers. Run your cognitive functions in parallel.
INFO:NAM1[00054DBA]He'll act as a host while your consciousness drives through whatever memories we can find.
INFO:NAM1[00054DBB]Hell, why not? Plenty of room in my head, anyway.
INFO:NAM1[00054DBC]I have no clue, but considering we only have a single piece of the medial temporal lobe, and not the whole brain, I doubt it'll be... cohesive.
INFO:NAM1[00054DBD]Trust me, Amari's hands are the safest place a brain can be.
INFO:NAM1[00054DBE]Any idea what I'm going to see in there?
INFO:NAM1[00054DBF]Just don't damage that brain, you two. I need it.
INFO:NAM1[00054DC0]Let's see here...
INFO:NAM1[00054DC1]Mister Valentine is an older generation synth. But, Institute technology being what it is... The brain implant could fit him.
INFO:NAM1[00054DC1]But that's... an incredible risk to take. We're talking about wiring something to his brain.
INFO:NAM1[00054DC2]The implant is encoding all the mnemonic activity in the hippocampus. Think of it like... computer encryption. And we don't have the password.
INFO:NAM1[00054DC2]Let's see... a single mind wouldn't be able to crack it, but... what if we used two?
INFO:NAM1[00054DC3]Go on, doctor.
INFO:NAM1[00054DC8]How do you lock memories?
INFO:NAM1[00054DC9]Don't worry about me, Amari. I'm well past the warranty date, anyway.
INFO:NAM1[00054DCA]Uh... No. You won't have to worry about that. The only memories you'll access are the ones in the implant.
INFO:NAM1[00054DCB]You can thank me when we've found your son. All right. Let's do this.
INFO:NAM1[00054DCC]Nick and I are gonna share a mind? I'm not gonna see him in any... compromising positions, am I?
INFO:NAM1[00054DCD]Are you ready? We need to load both you and Mister Valentine into the memory loungers.
INFO:NAM1[00054DCE]Are you ready now? I need both of you in the memory loungers.
INFO:NAM1[00054DCF]I appreciate this, Nick.
INFO:NAM1[00054DD0]Whenever you're ready, Mister Valentine. Just sit down.
INFO:NAM1[00054DD1]Yes, the connections appear to be stable. Hopefully, it'll be as simple as unplugging the implant once we're done.
INFO:NAM1[00054DD1]But that doesn't get around the current problem. The memory encryption is too strong for a single mind, but... what if we used two?
INFO:NAM1[00054DD2]That's exactly what I was thinking. If we're lucky, it should hook right in.
INFO:NAM1[00054DD2]But even if this works, Mister Valentine would be taking on a tremendous amount of risk. We're talking about wiring something to his brain.
INFO:NAM1[00054DD3]Is Nick going to be okay?
INFO:NAM1[00054E46]To hell with you!
INFO:NAM1[00054E47]Oh no. This ain't how I go!
INFO:NAM1[00054E49]Just your imagination, Bobbi...
INFO:NAM1[00054E4A]Hmm. Probably nothing...
INFO:NAM1[00054E4B]Hancock's dead and we've got his money. Talk about living the life.
INFO:NAM1[00054E4C]So, I heard someone finally took care of Hancock. Weight off my shoulders, that's for damn sure.
INFO:NAM1[00054E50]The hell was that?
INFO:NAM1[00054E51]Who's there?
INFO:NAM1[00054E55]Back again, huh?
INFO:NAM1[00054E56]You again.
INFO:NAM1[00054E58]Where, where'd you go?
INFO:NAM1[00054E59]Hope you stay gone...
INFO:NAM1[00054E5B]What the...
INFO:NAM1[00054E5C]Knew someone was there!
INFO:NAM1[0005509B]Back again, huh? You finally gonna share what you're doing down here? Did Hancock send ya?
INFO:NAM1[000550CE]If a smart mouth was all it took to solve problems, we would have found your son by now.
INFO:NAM1[000550D0]See you on the other side.
INFO:NAM1[000550D1]I know it's asking for a miracle, Amari, but you've pulled off the impossible before.
INFO:NAM1[000550D2]Wait. I know you. You're in the Railroad. What's this all about?
INFO:NAM1[000553BE]Feeling down? Maybe this will lift your spirits. It's Bob Crosby singing "Happy Times."
INFO:NAM1[000553BF]Wishing on the moon sounds like a pretty good idea to me right now. It's Bob Crosby, singing "Happy Times."
INFO:NAM1[000553C0]Now let's hear from Bob Crosby, with "Happy Times." This is a favorite of yours truly. Reminds me that life is as happy as you're willing to make it.
INFO:NAM1[000553D5]Let's see what Amari is up to.
INFO:NAM1[000553D6]Follow me.
INFO:NAM1[000553D8]We're here. Just gotta talk to Amari.
INFO:NAM1[000553D9]Should talk to Amari. Show her the brain.
INFO:NAM1[000553DA]Talk to Amari.
INFO:NAM1[000553DC]I can feel that implant jostling around back there...
INFO:NAM1[000553DD]You and Amari better figure this out. Don't want to have this implant stuck there forever.
INFO:NAM1[000553DE]Talk to Amari. Let's get this show on the road.
INFO:NAM1[000553E0]Sit down if you're ready. Let's do this.
INFO:NAM1[000553E1]Be careful when you're cruising through Kellogg's mind. I'm hooked up to it, after all.
INFO:NAM1[000553E2]Memory simulations can feel like you're free-falling all the time. Hope you're ready.
INFO:NAM1[000553E4]Here for Amari? She's downstairs.
INFO:NAM1[000553E5]Whatever you and Nick are up to, I don't need to know. Just don't let the big, metal softy hurt himself, all right?
INFO:NAM1[000553E6]Don't let Nick spend too much time with Amari down in that lab of hers. I'll start to get jealous.
INFO:NAM1[000553E8]Just sit in the Memory Lounger when you're ready.
INFO:NAM1[000553E9]You and Mister Valentine will need to load into the memories together. Take a seat.
INFO:NAM1[000553EA]We'll begin as soon as you sit down in the Memory Lounger.
INFO:NAM1[000553FD]What are you doing talking to me? Do something!
INFO:NAM1[000553FE]There's Mirelurks...
INFO:NAM1[00055631]Odd place for a pyramid, wouldn't you say, mum?
INFO:NAM1[000557BE]Wait. I remember you. H2-22's contact. What's this all about?
INFO:NAM1[000557BF]Wait. I remember you. I helped you with the robot-to-synth transplant for Curie. What's this all about?
INFO:NAM1[00055960]I'm afraid so. A very aggressive form of cancer. Believe me when I say we've done everything we can.
INFO:NAM1[00055961]I don't know that this is the time...
INFO:NAM1[00055962]You're dying?
INFO:NAM1[00055963]Please, everyone. Please!
INFO:NAM1[00055964]I've had the same thought more than a few times. But we cannot let this stop us. Our work must continue.
INFO:NAM1[00055965]Doctor Holdren, it is time. Please.
INFO:NAM1[00055966]Seems a poor choice.
INFO:NAM1[00055967]This can't be happening. I... I only just found you.
INFO:NAM1[00055968]You can't be serious!
INFO:NAM1[00055969]To that end, I am naming my father as my successor.
INFO:NAM1[0005596A]To that end, I am naming my mother as my successor.
INFO:NAM1[0005596B]Were it a joke, I'd agree it's in poor form. But I'm afraid it's not.
INFO:NAM1[0005596C]As I'm sure several of you are already aware, I have been under Doctor Volkert's care for some time.
INFO:NAM1[0005596E]Why would you joke about this? It isn't funny.
INFO:NAM1[00055970]The Institute cannot survive without leadership. The Directorate must continue to govern with the best interests of all in mind.
INFO:NAM1[00055971]The only thing that matters now is continuing the Institute's work. It will be all right, I assure you.
INFO:NAM1[00055972]I'm sorry, this is... difficult for me.
INFO:NAM1[00055973]You can't be serious!
INFO:NAM1[00055974]There must be something we can do to help you.
INFO:NAM1[00055975]I'm... I'm sorry to say I am dying.
INFO:NAM1[00055976]We can talk more later. Right now, the future of the Institute is at stake.
INFO:NAM1[00055977]I am sorry. This is not how I'd wanted to tell you, but we're running out of time.
INFO:NAM1[00055978]Our best efforts have failed. Every experimental treatment we could devise has been unsuccessful.
INFO:NAM1[00055979]Oh, boy.
INFO:NAM1[00055BF6]Are you so sure? You seem to have a natural talent for leading by example, getting things done.
INFO:NAM1[00055BF6]This will suit you. And I think we can both agree the Institute will need the guidance.
INFO:NAM1[00055BF7]I don't want to run this place.
INFO:NAM1[00055BF8]Of course you can. That's why I made the decision.
INFO:NAM1[00055BF9]That will conclude this meeting. Thank you.
INFO:NAM1[00055BFA]I can do the job.
INFO:NAM1[00055BFB]Ignoring your borderline-insubordinate tone, I will simply say this.
INFO:NAM1[00055BFC]There's no question that some of the Directorate, and the Institute at large, will need reassurances about your appointment.
INFO:NAM1[00055BFC]That's why I'd like you to take charge of this latest operation. Doctor Filmore can fill you in on the details.
INFO:NAM1[00055BFD]I'm sorry, father. I hope it wasn't too presumptuous of me to put you in charge without even asking first...
INFO:NAM1[00055BFE]Most divisions of the Institute are fairly autonomous, perfectly capable of functioning without intervention.
INFO:NAM1[00055BFE]Where those divisions interact, however, problems can arise. You'd lead the Directorate in setting policy, resolving disputes, and the like.
INFO:NAM1[00055BFF]The Institute has enough scientists. What it needs is a leader.
INFO:NAM1[00055C00]What would it mean to be in charge?
INFO:NAM1[00055C01]I know this is... well, it's a lot to take in at once.
INFO:NAM1[00055C02]Well I clearly have faith in you.
INFO:NAM1[00055C03]I believe my father has already proven himself more than capable in that regard.
INFO:NAM1[00055C04]I believe my mother has already proven herself more than capable in that regard.
INFO:NAM1[00055C05]I don't know if I'm right for this.
INFO:NAM1[00055C06]How can you possibly justify this? He isn't one of us... he isn't even a scientist!
INFO:NAM1[00055C07]How can you possibly justify this? She isn't one of us... she isn't even a scientist!
INFO:NAM1[00055C66]Yeah. I... I sent the elevator down to the basement like you wanted and shut it down.
INFO:NAM1[00055C67]That depends on why you're looking for her.
INFO:NAM1[00055C6C]We'll have to go through the abandoned part of the building.
INFO:NAM1[00055C6D]Edward! How badly are you hurt?
INFO:NAM1[00055C6F]Just follow my instructions and everything will be fine.
INFO:NAM1[00055CC7]Solution: A new distribution center needs to be established.
INFO:NAM1[00055E74]So long as you remember who's in charge.
INFO:NAM1[00055E9D]Starting a little over a year ago, Winter stopped coding his correspondences and began communicating entirely via unencrypted holotape.
INFO:NAM1[00055E9D]Each one addressed to the subject in question and very clearly signed off by Winter himself.
INFO:NAM1[00055E9D]He's obviously mocking the authorities. He knows we're monitoring his communications. He doesn't care. Winter thinks he's untouchable. He's wrong.
INFO:NAM1[00055E9D]This is when the game changes. Those holotapes are the key to building a case against Eddie Winter, and they're what this task force will focus on.
INFO:NAM1[00055E9D]His crimes, his words. Total self-incrimination. Get those holotapes, and we get Winter.
INFO:NAM1[00055E9E]Hello team. Captain Widmark, here.
INFO:NAM1[00055E9E]Welcome to the task force. Operation Winter's End starts now... with you.
INFO:NAM1[00055E9E]Together, we will knock Eddie Winter off his throne and dump his sorry ass in a 2000-volt easy chair.
INFO:NAM1[00055E9E]It should come as a surprise to no one that our operations in Boston have been, in a word, compromised. Winter has eyes everywhere - even the BPD.
INFO:NAM1[00055E9E]So, our brothers across the river in Cambridge have been kind enough to let us use the Cambridge Police Department as our base of operations.
INFO:NAM1[00055E9E]Let's get to work. Good hunting.
INFO:NAM1[00055E9F]Message to Robert Cooper
INFO:NAM1[00055E9F]You did good, Bobby. The wife and girl won't be saying anything. No worries.
INFO:NAM1[00055E9F]Hell, once those fat life insurance checks start rolling in, Mrs. Montrano will wish her fat slob of a husband had eaten that bullet 5 years ago.
INFO:NAM1[00055E9F]As for what happens next - up to you. Beach, sub shop, car yard - doesn't matter where he ends up.
INFO:NAM1[00055E9F]So long as Johnny senior never finds out what happened to his little meatball, we're set.
INFO:NAM1[00055E9F]Eddie Winter, signing off
INFO:NAM1[00055EA0]Detective Valentine. Nick. Listen... I'm sorry.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA0]You've got every right to be upset, but you need to believe me when I tell you I had no idea. Operation Winter's End was my baby.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA0]I believed in it. I still believe in it. They kept us all in the dark, me included. I got briefed this afternoon, and they laid it all out.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA0]The whole thing. Winter's deal with the DA. His agreement to bring down the other families.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA0]His idea to record the holotapes and incriminate all known associates.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA0]And them needing a legitimate op, and a real task force, to make it all look like Winter was the focus.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA1]Message to Robert Cooper
INFO:NAM1[00055EA1]Bobby, we discussed this. You hooking up with your step sister is your own frigging business. But you talk in your sleep.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA1]Look, maybe you babble about baseball. Or sing show tunes.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA1]Or could be you chat about those 3 bodies Colin O'Malley dumped in the sand trap of Arlington Greens.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA1]You want to take that chance? I know I don't. Sorry, Robert. The's girl's gotta go.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA1]Eddie Winter, signing off
INFO:NAM1[00055EA2]It was the plan all along, Nick. There's nothing we can do. Winter was a stoolie for the feds. He reported directly to the BADTFL. All on the books.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA2]For his cooperation, Winter will be granted total immunity. It's over.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA2]Effective immediately, Operation Winter's End is to cease all investigations and operations. The task force is hereby disbanded.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA2]We played our part, pal. Not the part we thought, but hey. It happens. Now we're just another box in the file room.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA2]Nick, listen to me. Everything that's happened. With Winter. With... Jenny. It's more than any one man should have to handle. You need help.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA2]Boston PD has been working with the eggheads at C.I.T. Some new program they have to deal with trauma. Scanning brainwaves or some such.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA2]I'll get you the info. You're going. That's an order.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA3]Detective Valentine - Captain Widmark, here.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA3]I'd just like to re-iterate how excited we here at the Boston Police Department are that you'll be joining our investigation.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA3]Commisioner Turner has already regaled me with the tales of your adventures in Chicago.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA3]As you know, Edward L. "Eddie" Winter has been a pox on this beautiful city for nearly two decades.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA3]Extortion, murder, racketeering, kidnapping - name a crime, he's committed it. The epitome of the cold-blooded, brilliant, slippery crime boss.
INFO:NAM1[00055EA3]Fortunately for us, over the years, Winter has also developed that most self-destructive of character traits - supreme arrogance.
INFO:NAM1[00055ED3]Did you hear about Austin. He got bit by a mole rat. A mole rat! Dr. Forsythe is treating him.
INFO:NAM1[00055ED4]Dr. Forsythe is asking to see you when you have a moment.
INFO:NAM1[00056359]Bring that here. (whispered)
INFO:NAM1[0005635B]Over there. (whispered)
INFO:NAM1[0005635C]See what it is, boy. (whispered)
INFO:NAM1[0005635D]Come here. (whispered)
INFO:NAM1[0005635E]Dogmeat! Hey, boy. (whispered)
INFO:NAM1[0005635F]Tear 'em up! (whispered)
INFO:NAM1[00056360]Stay. (whispered)
INFO:NAM1[000565B1]Now move! Move! Move!
INFO:NAM1[000565B7]All right, gather 'round.
INFO:NAM1[000565BF]Stick together, keep your heads down, and clear that plane.
INFO:NAM1[000565CC]Looks like we're up against ten Raiders. Five in the plane, five on patrol.
INFO:NAM1[00056625]Thanks. I'll think about it.
INFO:NAM1[00056626]Small semi-automatic with a good holster is what you're looking for.
INFO:NAM1[00056627]I'm more worried about personal protection. You know, someone coming at you when you're not expecting.
INFO:NAM1[00056628]Hmm... Not a bad idea. Maybe next time.
INFO:NAM1[00056629]It all depends on where and what you need to protect.
INFO:NAM1[00056629]Take the home, for example. A shotgun's great for its intimidation factor. Robbers might run off without you even needing to fire.
INFO:NAM1[0005662A]Who's talking about a new gun?
INFO:NAM1[0005662A]I can sell you a properly machined grip at a discount, and you can install it yourself.
INFO:NAM1[0005662B]Got any recommendations, Arturo?
INFO:NAM1[0005662C]Hasn't so far. You think I'm just going to buy a new gun because of a bad grip?
INFO:NAM1[0005662D]You still carrying that old handmade around? I'm telling you, the grip on that thing is just going to fall off one of these days.
INFO:NAM1[0005663C]Yeah, I don't know what it is, but I just can't seem to get going today.
INFO:NAM1[0005663D]Huh. Interesting.
INFO:NAM1[0005663E]Hey, you're looking a little sluggish today. You feeling all right?
INFO:NAM1[0005663F]Trying your hand at the game of love, maybe? Ah, don't answer that. Your business.
INFO:NAM1[0005663F]You crush some Mentats in with your coffee in the morning, it'll help loosen the language centers in your brain. Lower anxiety.
INFO:NAM1[0005663F]Whoever you're trying to win over, a good regimen of those little red pills will keep your prepared when the time comes.
INFO:NAM1[00056640]Hey, Solomon, you got anything to help me, you know, impress someone?
INFO:NAM1[00056642]Oh yeah. Work's a real downer. You need to add a little pick-me-up in your diet to even it out.
INFO:NAM1[00056642]You mix a little Jet into your meals every day, your whole body will feel lifted right up.
INFO:NAM1[00056644]You gotta balance out the chemistry in your life. You work too hard, for example, that causes the whole body to slow down.
INFO:NAM1[00056664]No, that would be suicide. The bat was the hitter's only defense as he ran the bases.
INFO:NAM1[00056664]Whoever had the ball on the opposing team would try to throw it at his head to knock him out. That's what an official "Out" meant back then.
INFO:NAM1[00056667]So player's never let go of the bat? Even when they were running?
INFO:NAM1[00056668]I said, the number three.
INFO:NAM1[0005666A]Why wouldn't they? Look around you. No one's playing the game, but baseball is a way of life in Diamond City. And it always has been.
INFO:NAM1[0005666D]People took baseball that seriously?
INFO:NAM1[0005666E]The number three.
INFO:NAM1[00056670]That's right.
INFO:NAM1[00056670]Every day the whole family would have to go out and play the ole' b-ball for a couple of innings, or they were fined for letting down the sport.
INFO:NAM1[00056674]Yeah, spoon it up.
INFO:NAM1[00056676]I'm telling ya, back before the war, everyone played baseball. Kids, the elderly.
INFO:NAM1[00056676]It was considered a National Pastime, meaning it was mandatory after work hours.
INFO:NAM1[00056678]*sigh* Thanks.
INFO:NAM1[00056688]By the way, I unplugged Mister Valentine first. Removed the implant while you were waking up. He's waiting for you upstairs.
INFO:NAM1[000566B6]But everything we do, no matter how hard... we do it for our family.
INFO:NAM1[000566B6]Now say goodbye, Shaun... Bye bye? Say bye bye? *baby giggles*
INFO:NAM1[000566B6]Bye honey! We love you!
INFO:NAM1[000566B7]But everything we do, no matter how hard... we do it for our family.
INFO:NAM1[000566B7]Now say goodbye, Shaun... Bye bye? Say bye bye? *baby giggles*
INFO:NAM1[000566B7]Bye honey! We love you!
INFO:NAM1[000566B8]*Feedback sound.* Oops. Ha ha ha. No, no. Little fingers away. There we go. Just say it. Right there. Right there. Go ahead.
INFO:NAM1[000566B8]*baby giggles* Ha ha! Yay! Hi honey! Listen...
INFO:NAM1[000566B8]I don't think Shaun and I need to tell you how great of a father you are... but we're going to anyway.
INFO:NAM1[000566B8]You are kind, and loving, (Shaun laughs)... and funny! ha ha. That's right. And patient. So patient. Patience of a saint, as my mother used to say.
INFO:NAM1[000566B8]Look, with Shaun, and us all being at home together... It's been an amazing year. But even so, I know our best days are yet to come.
INFO:NAM1[000566B8]There will be changes, sure. Things we'll need to adjust to. You'll rejoin the civilian workforce, I'll shake the dust off my law degree...
INFO:NAM1[000566B9]*Feedback sound.* Oops. Ha ha ha. No, no. Little fingers away. There we go. Just say it. Right there. Right there. Go ahead.
INFO:NAM1[000566B9]*baby giggles* Ha ha! Yay! Hi honey! Listen...
INFO:NAM1[000566B9]I don't think Shaun and I need to tell you how great of a mother you are... but we're going to anyway.
INFO:NAM1[000566B9]You are kind, and loving, (Shaun laughs)... and funny! Ha ha. That's right. And patient. So patient. Patience of a saint, as your mother used to say.
INFO:NAM1[000566B9]Look, with Shaun, and us all being at home together... It's been an amazing year. But even so, I know our best days are yet to come.
INFO:NAM1[000566B9]There will be changes, sure. Things we'll need to adjust to. I'll rejoin the civilian workforce. You'll shake the dust off your law degree...
INFO:NAM1[000566F6]Come on. Don't be like that.
INFO:NAM1[000566F7]Yeah, well... you'll see.
INFO:NAM1[00056700]Fine. Be that way.
INFO:NAM1[00056707]Ah, what do you know.
INFO:NAM1[00056708]Why do I even bring these things up with you?
INFO:NAM1[00056712]East Boston Prep?
INFO:NAM1[00056713]You still wanna go race robots at Easy City? Instead of this?
INFO:NAM1[00056714]What? Takin' up at Revere Beach?
INFO:NAM1[00056715]D.B. Tech? Still?
INFO:NAM1[0005671D]Hardware Town? Really?
INFO:NAM1[0005671E]Seriously? Back Street Apparel?
INFO:NAM1[00056726]Malden Center?
INFO:NAM1[00056727]Corvega? Still? You really gonna work for a guy named Jared?
INFO:NAM1[00056728]College Square? Ain't that place Feral heaven these days? That really the sorta place you wanna take up?
INFO:NAM1[00056729]You ain't still talkin' about that satellite station, are ya?
INFO:NAM1[0005672A]We still discussin' this? You really gonna go live under a gift shop at Walden?
INFO:NAM1[0005672B]What? About Scutter and those nut jobs in Hyde Park?
INFO:NAM1[0005672C]Andrew Station? Chancer's gang?
INFO:NAM1[0005672D]Shinjin's gang?
INFO:NAM1[0005672F]On what? Joinin' the... hey. You hear something?
INFO:NAM1[00056730]Why not? I like boats. And lots of fresh ocean air. But it's more than that. It's, like... a community. You know?
INFO:NAM1[00056731]Hey. You know I've always had a knack for, uh, "interrogations." But Judge Zeller and his people, sounds like they take it to a whole new level.
INFO:NAM1[00056732]You kiddin' me? How much fun does that sound? And I hear Eager Ernie ain't bad... if you can get over the stupid outfits.
INFO:NAM1[00056733]Who wouldn't? Living on the coast. Killing anyone ya please. Sounds like Cinder's a savvy operator too. Tell me that ain't the life?
INFO:NAM1[00056734]I think it's the right move. Yeah, Bosco's a little out there. But they got that school locked down tight. Seems a good place to call home.
INFO:NAM1[00056735]You bet I am. You heard the kinda caps they're pullin' in running ambushes down there? Demo and his crew have got it made.
INFO:NAM1[00056736]Hell yeah. That close to Diamond City, Clutch and her folks must be rakin' it in. It's at least gotta be better than here.
INFO:NAM1[00056737]It just sounds too good. Skelter's still buildin' up his crew, so I bet I could get set up real nice, so long as the Forged don't come knocking.
INFO:NAM1[00056738]You should come with me. I mean, how tough can they be? They get pushed around by a guy named Jared. We'll be running the place by next month.
INFO:NAM1[00056739]Oh yeah. Sounds like this Sully guy's plannin' to make the place his base of operations. Think I could get in on the ground floor.
INFO:NAM1[0005673A]Hey! Thief! Get him!
INFO:NAM1[0005673B]Hey! Thief! Get her!
INFO:NAM1[0005673C]Oh yeah. Someone drained the place, now there's some folks settin' up shop in there. I bet I can get in on the ground floor.
INFO:NAM1[0005673D]Uh, yeah. That station was an Air Force outpost. Gotta be all kinda weapons in there. At least ones that ain't held together with tape.
INFO:NAM1[0005673E]What? This Walter guy, sounds like he knows how to run a gang. Three meals a day, no sharing beds.
INFO:NAM1[0005673F]From what I hear, Scutter and his boys, they're stone cold. My kinda people.
INFO:NAM1[00056740]Yeah. I mean, Chancer's got a rep for crazy, but don't they all? I could run with her. No sweat.
INFO:NAM1[00056741]Look, Sinjin, he ain't no joke. Knows how to run a crew. Hardcore pay for hardcore work. I can handle it.
INFO:NAM1[00056744]Uh huh.
INFO:NAM1[00056745]That's right.
INFO:NAM1[00056746]Damn straight.
INFO:NAM1[00056748]You know it.
INFO:NAM1[0005675F]And what? You're just gonna leave us to twist in the wind?
INFO:NAM1[00056760]You're seriously gonna jump ship? Join another crew?
INFO:NAM1[00056761]For real? You're gonna switch teams?
INFO:NAM1[00056762]So, you're gonna leave us, huh? Take your talents elsewhere?
INFO:NAM1[00056763]You sure about this? Leaving us for another crew?
INFO:NAM1[00056764]Better you than me...
INFO:NAM1[00056765]Yeah, well good luck with that.
INFO:NAM1[00056766]Well, just don't get yourself killed.
INFO:NAM1[00056767]Whatever, man.
INFO:NAM1[00056769]Stupid idea, man. Stupid idea...
INFO:NAM1[00056776]Diamond City Surplus! Everything you need.
INFO:NAM1[00056777]Synth-free shopping! Right here!
INFO:NAM1[00056778]Shop in safety. No synths allowed at the Surplus!
INFO:NAM1[00056779]The hub of trade for all of Diamond City right here!
INFO:NAM1[0005677A]We buy and sell everything, to everyone! Except synths! No synths allowed here.
INFO:NAM1[0005677C]Diamond City Surplus! Open twenty-four hours!
INFO:NAM1[0005677D]Shopping at night? Diamond City Surplus is always open!
INFO:NAM1[0005677E]Need to trade? We're always open!
INFO:NAM1[0005677F]Don't know what you're looking for? We have everything!
INFO:NAM1[00056780]Twenty-four hour service, only at Diamond City Surplus!
INFO:NAM1[00056782]Who needs a haircut? Everyone needs a haircut! Step up!
INFO:NAM1[00056783]The latest hairstyles from the Upper Stands!
INFO:NAM1[00056784]Got too much dirt in that hair? Get a trim! You won't regret it.
INFO:NAM1[00056785]Who wants to look beautiful? Hair styles from across the Commonwealth!
INFO:NAM1[00056786]The Super Salon can give you the hair style of your dreams!
INFO:NAM1[000567A2]You... feeling all right Nick?
INFO:NAM1[000567A3]Yeah, I'm fine. Why?
INFO:NAM1[000567A4]What? What are you talking about?
INFO:NAM1[000567A5]Kellogg? Is that you?
INFO:NAM1[000567A6]Hmm... I'm a Synth, so radiation isn't much of an issue for me, but an old suit of Power Armor might just be the guardian angel you're looking for.
INFO:NAM1[000567A6]That, or you could buy up all the Rad-X and RadAway you can find from any chem dealer who's got it in stock.
INFO:NAM1[000567A7]Let's get going, Nick.
INFO:NAM1[000567A8]Anyway, I feel fine, so let's get going.
INFO:NAM1[000567AA]You sounded like Kellogg just then.
INFO:NAM1[000567AB]Did I? Amari said there might be some "mnemonic impressions" left over...
INFO:NAM1[000567B1]Nick? Are you still in there?
INFO:NAM1[000567B2]Been one heck of a ride so far. Let's see where it takes us next.
INFO:NAM1[000567B7]There's something wrong with you, Nick. I don't want you with me.
INFO:NAM1[000567B8]Or I could head back to Diamond City, since you've got company already.
INFO:NAM1[000567B9]Nothing... Never mind.
INFO:NAM1[000567BA]If you say so...
INFO:NAM1[000567BB]You want to try for round two? Let's go.
INFO:NAM1[000567BC]I told you, I'm fine. But I get it. Going through Kellogg's brain was a doozy for both of us.
INFO:NAM1[000567BC]I'll be in Diamond City when you've had time to cool off.
INFO:NAM1[000567BD]Hope you got what you were looking for inside my head. Heh. I was right. Should've killed you when you were on ice.
INFO:NAM1[000567BE]You all right? Seem a bit pale...
INFO:NAM1[000567BF]Wait. Were you just playing a joke on me?
INFO:NAM1[000567C1]Just gonna stare?
INFO:NAM1[000567C2]Nothing to say?
INFO:NAM1[000567C3]What? Don't wanna talk?
INFO:NAM1[000567C4]Guess that's for you to wonder and for me and Kellogg's memories to know for sure.
INFO:NAM1[000567C5]What did you say?
INFO:NAM1[000567C6]Good luck out there. You know where to find me.
INFO:NAM1[000567C7]I'll see you around, Nick.
INFO:NAM1[000567C8]I'm gonna head out on my own from here, Nick.
INFO:NAM1[000567C9]We have to head into the Glowing Sea. Any advice?
INFO:NAM1[0005685B]Codsworth! I can't believe you're still here.
INFO:NAM1[0005685C]Codsworth, all the time you were here. Did you see anyone? Anyone at all coming out of the Vault?
INFO:NAM1[0005685F]Do you really want to know? It's not good news.
INFO:NAM1[00056860]Well I have picked up a few minor scratches and, dare I say... stains, but all in all, the inner workings are top notch.
INFO:NAM1[00056860]And I see you've taken up a new look. I take it the missus approves? Where is the wife, by the way?
INFO:NAM1[00056861]Well I have picked up a few minor scratches and, dare I say... stains, but all in all, the inner workings are top notch.
INFO:NAM1[00056861]And I see you've taken up a new look. I take it the husband approves? Where is sir, by the way?
INFO:NAM1[00056862]Codsworth! You're still here. I can't believe you didn't move on after all this time.
INFO:NAM1[00056864]He's been kidnapped. But I'm going to find him.
INFO:NAM1[00056867]She's... in a better place.
INFO:NAM1[00056868]He's... in a better place.
INFO:NAM1[0005686B]Codsworth! You're looking good for a robot that survived an atomic war.
INFO:NAM1[0005686C]Sir, this news, this terrible news. You must let me assist you in the search for young Shaun.
INFO:NAM1[0005686C]I simply cannot remain here knowing the lad is in danger!
INFO:NAM1[0005686D]Mum, this news, this terrible news. You must let me assist you in the search for young Shaun.
INFO:NAM1[0005686D]I simply cannot remain here knowing the lad is in danger!
INFO:NAM1[0005686F]They took him, but I'm going to find him.
INFO:NAM1[00056873]She didn't make it.
INFO:NAM1[00056876]He didn't make it.
INFO:NAM1[00056877]And leave the geraniums unattended? Rubbish! Besides, I've had plenty to do since that fateful day. You wouldn't have believed the mess.
INFO:NAM1[00056877]But, now that you and the family are back, my life's work of servitude may finally resume. Where is your better half, by the way?
INFO:NAM1[00056878]They...they killed her.
INFO:NAM1[0005687A]They...they killed him.