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Fallout 4 v1.9

50 Results

1L_CHARCONTROLLERA character controller
2L_STAIRHELPERA helper object to smooth character controller & footIK traversal of steps.
3L_TRIGGERA trigger.
4L_WATERA water area phantom.
5L_TREESAll Flora including trees, bushes, weeds and flowers.
6L_ANIMSTATICAnimated static objects.
7L_AVOIDBOXAvoid box cast in front of the character.
8L_INVISIBLE_WALLblocks physical object but not LOS
9L_COLLISIONBOXBroad collision phantom.
10L_CHARBUMPERBumper that is attached to the character controller
11L_CRITTERCustom layer used for critters. Should receive hits from weapons/spells but not collide with characters or the world.
12L_DEBRIS_LARGEDebris objects are junk that we don't really care about. We can set them to the debris moiontype
13L_CLUTTER_LARGEGeneric large world clutter.
14L_CLUTTER_NOCUTGeneric world clutter, that cannot cut Navmesh.
15L_CLUTTERGeneric world clutter.
16L_GASTRAPHybrid layer acts as a projectile zone and a trigger
17L_BIPEDIt's a biped
18L_DOORDETECTIONLayer used for the phantoms in front of actors so that they can detect animated doors.
19L_LOSLine of sight pick.
20L_WEAPONNon-projectile weapon.
21L_PROJECTILENon-spell projectile.
22L_NONCOLLIDABLEObject the is not collidable with character.
23L_NAVCUTOnly for cutting namvesh.
24L_SPELLTRIGGEROnly spells collide with this for triggering happenstances.
25L_ITEMPICKERPick clutter and other items of interest.
26L_PATHINGPICKPick for path smoothing and such
27L_CAMERAPlayer camera.
28L_PORTALPortal layer (same setup as noncollidable, but used differently by game code)
30L_PROPSSigns, chains, flags and other static animatable objects.
31L_DEBRIS_SMALLSmall debris collide with fewer things than large debris do
32L_SHELLCASINGspecial shell casing layer for casing sounds
34L_CAMERASPHERESphere around the camera -- collides only with phantom objects
35L_TRANSPARENTStatic object that is very thin (No projectile collision).
36L_TRANSPARENT_SMALLStatic object that is very thin (only collides with larger projectiles).
37L_STATICStatic world object.
38L_GROUNDTerrain from the Height Field Map.
39L_TERRAINTerrain objects such as boulders and mountains.
40L_TRAP_TRIGGERThis is a trigger type that should only look for living actors, for trap trigger boxes.
41L_DEADACTORZONEThis layer only collides with dead actors.
42L_TRIGGER_FALLINGTRAPThis trigger type is used for the falling traps and should get trigger events when it collides with any visible collidable.
43L_CLOUDTRAPTrap that is a cloud and doesn't have physical presence.
45L_ACTORZONETrigger type for stream-lined actor only trigger boxes.
46L_LIVING_AND_DEAD_ACTORStriggers on both living and dead actors
47L_CONEPROJECTILEUsed for Cone Projectiles, which ignore hits with certain collision layers.
48L_ACOUSTIC_SPACEVolumes in which sound is manipulated
49L_BIPED_NO_CCWe need this to allow collision with the actor's ragdoll instead of its character controller.
50L_DEADBIPWe need this to differentiate between keyframed + dynamic Bipeds, Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendar Coding, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, Mincendar © About Discord Donate

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