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Fallout 4 armors checklists

431 armors
1Agatha's Dress
2Airship Captain's Hat
3Army Fatigues
4Army Helmet
5Assault Gas Mask
6Athletic Outfit
7Atom Cats Jacket and Jeans
8Baby Bundled Right
9Baseball Cap
10Baseball Uniform
12Battered Fedora
13Beaded Blazer
14Black Institute Lab Coat
15Black Vest and Slacks
16Black-Rim Glasses
17Blue Bandana
18Blue Batting Helmet
19Blue Institute Division Head Coat
20Blue Institute Lab Coat
21Bomber Jacket
23BoS Epic
24BOS Hood
25BOS Officer Uniform
26BOS Uniform
27Bowler Hat
29Brotherhood Fatigues
30Brotherhood of Steel Uniform
31Brown Flight Helmet
32Cabot's Lab Coat
33Cage Armor
34Cait's Bandolier
35Captain Ironsides' Hat
36Casual Outfit
37Chain Dog Collar
38Checkered Shirt and Slacks
39Chef Hat
40Child of Atom Brown Rags
41Child of Atom Green Rags
42Child of Atom Long Brown Rags
43Child of Atom Long Green Rags
44Child of Atom Long Rags
45Child of Atom Short Brown Rags
46Child of Atom Short Green Rags
47Child of Atom Short Rags
48Child of Atom Simple Rags
49Child Uniform
50Clean Black Suit
51Clean Blue Suit
52Clean Grey Suit
53Clean Striped Suit
54Clean Tan Suit
55Cleanroom Suit
56Coast Guard Hat
57Colonial Duster
74Combat Armor Chest Piece
75Combat Armor Helmet
76Combat Armor Left Arm
77Combat Armor Left Leg
78Combat Armor Right Arm
79Combat Armor Right Leg
81Courser Uniform
82Covenant Security Armor
83Covert Sweater Vest
84Crumpled Fedora
85Damaged Hazmat Suit
86DB Tech Varsity Uniform
87DC Guard Heavy Helmet
88DC Guard Helm
89DC Guard Left Arm Armor
90DC Guard Left Forearm
91DC Guard Left Shoulder
92DC Guard Right Arm Armor
93DC Guard Right Forearm
94DC Guard Right Shoulder
95DC Guard Umpire's Pads
96Deep King
99Dirty Army Fatigues
100Dirty Army Helmet
101Dirty Black Institute Lab Coat
102Dirty Black Suit
103Dirty Blue Institute Division Head Coat
104Dirty Blue Institute Lab Coat
105Dirty Blue Suit
106Dirty Fedora
107Dirty Green Institute Division Head Coat
108Dirty Green Institute Lab Coat
109Dirty Grey Suit
110Dirty Heavy
111Dirty Heavy Epic
112Dirty Institute Division Head Coat
113Dirty Institute Jumper
114Dirty Institute Lab Coat
115Dirty Light
116Dirty Light Epic
117Dirty medium
118Dirty Medium Epic
119Dirty Orange Institute Division Head Coat
120Dirty Postman Hat
121Dirty Postman Uniform
122Dirty Striped Suit
123Dirty Tan Suit
124Dirty Trench Coat
125Dirty Yellow Institute Division Head Coat
126Dirty Yellow Institute Lab Coat
127Dog Armor
128Dog Collar
129Dog Helmet
130Double Dog Collar
131Drifter Outfit
132Engineer's Armor
133Explorer Outfit
135Faded Trench Coat
136Faded Visor
137Farmhand Clothes
138Fashionable Glasses
139Father's Lab Coat
141Feathered Dress
142Field Scribe's Armor
143Field Scribe's Hat
144Flannel Shirt and Jeans
145Flight Helmet
146Flowery Dress
147Formal Hat
148Gas Mask
149Gas Mask with Goggles
150Gen 1 Synth
151Geneva's Ensemble
152Grandpa Savoldi's Hat
153Gray Knit Cap
154Greaser Jacket and Jeans
155Green Hood
156Green Institute Division Head Coat
157Green Institute Lab Coat
158Green Rag Hat
159Green Shirt and Combat Boots
160Grognak Costume
161Gunner Flannel Shirt and Jeans
162Gunner Guard Outfit
163Gunner Harness
164Gunner Leathers
165Gunner's Camo Bandana
166Gunner's Green Bandana
167Hard Hat
169Hazmat Suit
171Heavy Dog Armor
172Heavy Epic
173Heavy, Any Material Epic
174Helmeted Cage Armor
175Helmeted Spike Armor
176Hooded Cleanroom Suit
177Hooded Rags
178Ingram's UnderArmor
179Institute Division Head Coat
180Institute Jumper
181Institute Lab Coat
182Jangles Bandana
183Kellogg's Outfit
184Kid's Baseball Cap
185Kid's Dress
186Kid's Pajamas
187Kid's Shirt and Jeans
188Lab Coat
189Laundered Blue Dress
190Laundered Cream Dress
191Laundered Denim Dress
192Laundered Green Dress
193Laundered Loungewear
194Laundered Pink Dress
195Laundered Rose Dress
196Leather Chest Piece
197Leather Coat
198Leather Left Arm
199Leather Left Leg
200Leather Right Arm
201Leather Right Leg
202Leopard Print Bandana
203Letterman's Jacket and Jeans
204Liam's Glasses
205Lieutenant's Hat
207Light Dog Armor
208Light Epic
209Light, Any Material Epic
210Lining B
211Lining C
212Lining D
213Lining E
214Lining F
215Long Johns
216Longshoreman Outfit
217Lorenzo's Crown
218Lorenzo's Suit
219MacCready's Duster
220MacCready's Hat
221Mascot Head
222Maxson's Battlecoat
223Mechanic Jumpsuit
224Medical Goggles
226Medium Epic
227Medium, Any Material Epic
228Metal Chest Piece
229Metal Helmet
230Metal Left Arm
231Metal Left Leg
232Metal Right Arm
233Metal Right Leg
234Military Cap
235Military Fatigues
236Militia Hat
237Mining Helmet
238Mining Helmet Black
239Mining Helmet Blue
240Mining Helmet Green
241Mining Helmet Grey
242Mining Helmet Orange
243Mining Helmet Pink
244Mining Helmet Red
245Mining Helmet White
246Minuteman Hat
247Minuteman Outfit
248Minutemen General's Hat
249Minutemen General's Uniform
252Nat's Dress
253Newsboy Cap
254Nucleostrictive Torso Armor
255Orange Institute Division Head Coat
256Padded Blue Jacket
257Pastor's Vestments
258Patched Suit
259Patched Three-Piece Suit
260Patrolman Sunglasses
262Pompador Wig
263Pompadour Wig
264Postman Hat
265Postman Uniform
266Powered Armor Frame
267Powered Armor Frame AtomCat
268Press Cap
269Quinlan's Armor
270Radstag Hide Outfit
271Raider Chest Piece
272Raider Heavy Metal Armor
273Raider Leathers
274Raider Left Arm
275Raider Left Leg
276Raider Metal Armor
277Raider Power Chest Piece
278Raider Power Helm
279Raider Power Left Arm
280Raider Power Left Leg
281Raider Power Right Arm
282Raider Power Right Leg
283Raider Right Arm
284Raider Right Leg
285Railroad Armored Coat
286Railroad Armored Coat Mk I
287Railroad Armored Coat Mk II
288Railroad Armored Coat Mk III
289Railroad Armored Coat Mk IV
290Railroad Armored Coat Mk V
291Ratty Skirt
292Red Bandana
293Red Dress
294Red Flight Helmet
295Red Frock Coat
296Red Leather Trench Coat
297Reginald's Suit
298Reinforced Dog Collar
299Rex's Suit
300Road Goggles
301Road Leathers
302Robotic Bits
303Sack Hood
304Sack Hood with Hoses
305Sack Hood with Straps
306Scavenger Outfit
307Science Scribe's Armor
308Sea Captain's Hat
309Security Helmet
310Sequin Dress
311Silver Shroud Costume
312Silver Shroud Hat
313Skull Bandana
314Spike Armor
315Spiked Dog Collar
316Spiked Muzzle
317Springheel Combat Armor Left Leg
318Springheel Combat Armor Left Leg Epic
319Springheel Combat Armor Right Leg
320Squire's Uniform
322Standard Epic
323Standard, any lining
324Stars and Stripes Bandana
325Street Urchin Rags
326Striped Bandana
327Submariner Hat
328Submariner Uniform
329Summer Shorts
331Super Mutant Arm Guards
332Super Mutant Armor
333Super Mutant Aviator Cap
334Super Mutant Bladed Helmet
335Super Mutant Bracers
336Super Mutant Cage Helmet
337Super Mutant Chains
338Super Mutant Chest Harness
339Super Mutant Cowl Armor
340Super Mutant Heavy Armor
341Super Mutant Heavy Gauntlets
342Super Mutant Helmet
343Super Mutant Leg Armor
344Super Mutant Leg Guards
345Super Mutant Light Body Armor
346Super Mutant Shogun Body Armor
347Super Mutant Shoulder Rags
348Super Mutant Waistcloth
349Super Mutant Wrist Wraps
350Surgical Mask
351Surveyor Outfit
352Suspenders and Slacks
353Sweater Vest and Slacks
354Synth Chest Piece
355Synth Field Helmet
356Synth Helmet
357Synth Left Arm
358Synth Left Leg
359Synth Right Arm
360Synth Right Leg
361Synth Uniform
362T-45 Chest Piece
363T-45 Helm
364T-45 Left Arm
365T-45 Left Leg
366T-45 Right Arm
367T-45 Right Leg
368T-51 Chest Piece
369T-51 Helm
370T-51 Left Arm
371T-51 Left Leg
372T-51 Right Arm
373T-51 Right Leg
374T-60 Chest Piece
375T-60 Helm
376T-60 Left Arm
377T-60 Left Leg
378T-60 Right Arm
379T-60 Right Leg
380T-Shirt and Slacks
381T51a Lining
382Tattered Field Jacket
383Tattered Rags
384Teagan's Armor
385Tinker Headgear
386Traveling Leather Coat
387Tricorn Hat
388Triggerman Bowler
389Trilby Hat
391Undershirt & Jeans
392Ushanka Hat
393Utility Coveralls
394Vault 101 Jumpsuit
395Vault 101 Jumpsuit - New
396Vault 111 Jumpsuit
397Vault 111 Jumpsuit - New
398Vault 114 Jumpsuit
399Vault 114 Jumpsuit - New
400Vault 75 Jumpsuit
401Vault 75 Jumpsuit - New
402Vault 81 Jumpsuit
403Vault 81 Jumpsuit - New
404Vault 81 Security Armor
405Vault 95 Jumpsuit
406Vault 95 Jumpsuit - New
407Vault-Tec Lab Coat
408Vault-Tec Security Armor
409Vault-Tec Security Helmet
410Watcher's Bandage
411Weathered Outfit
412Wedding Ring
413Welding Goggles
414Welding Helmet
415Winter Jacket and Jeans
416Worn Fedora
417Wraparound Goggles
418Wrapped Cap
419X-01 Helm
420X-01 Left Arm
421X-01 Left Leg
422X-01 Right Arm
423X-01 Right Leg
424X-01 Torso
425Yellow Fedora
426Yellow Flight Helmet
427Yellow Institute Division Head Coat
428Yellow Institute Lab Coat
429Yellow Slicker hat
430Yellow Trench Coat
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