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250 Results

1CG01Walk to Dad.
2CG01Open the crib's gate.
3CG01Exit the crib.
4CG01Look at the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. book.
5CG01Grab a toy and drag it to the play mat.
6CG01Trigger Dad's return
7CG01Follow Dad.
8CG02Enjoy the party and speak with the guests.
9CG02Dad finished talking to player
10CG02Follow Dad to my surprise present.
11CG02Shoot all 3 targets with the BB gun.
12CG02Use the BB gun to kill the radroach.
13CG02Stand next to Dad so Jonas can take the picture.
14CG03TestCheck if barter skill (skill 1) is now one of the 3 highest skills?
15CG04Enter the Overseer's office.
16CG04Use the Overseer's computer to access the secret tunnel.
17CG04Enter the reactor room.
18CG04Turn the power back on.
19CG04Player flips first reactor switch -- guards react
20CG04Open the vault door.
21CG04Escape from Vault 101.
22DialogueRivetCityNotes: Dialogue topics, prayers before eating, Father Clifford in the Weatherly Hotel and Weatherly NPCs to Father Clifford, Father Clifford's temperance speech, greeting branches, Harkness and Danvers on rounds. Check MisterBuckingham's hello to sister. Clear RCSecurity Faction reaction if player leaves Rivet City
23FFERepeatAAnts attacking Radscorpion
24FFERepeatAA group of RadAnts gathers around a spilled toxic waste barrel. As the player nears, one of the ants steps into the waste, grows to three times normal size, and attacks.
25FFERepeatATwo Radscorpions finish off a hapless wanderer as the player approaches. Guess who's next.
26FFERepeatAPlayer finds a nest of radroaches in the remains of a scavenger�s hoard. They�ll attack if the player moves too close, but a small treasure trove of still-packaged food could be recovered from them. (Conditionalized for only at night -- conditions put here so that this one can be marked "done" and quest get reset.)
27FFERepeatATechnology scavenger in his camp. He'll barter with the player and repair.
28FFERepeatAWandering doctor encounter
29FFERepeatAPack of dogs guarding a body
30FFERepeatAHunters and their prey.
31FFERepeatAHunters and their prey.
32FFERepeatAScavenger with enclave eyebot
33FFERepeatAEnclave eyebot with spectators
34FFERepeatADead guy
35FFERepeatAFrag Minefield. Watch out!
36FFERepeatAMS12 Post Quest Encounter: Angry Ghouls
37FFERepeatAMS05: Nuka Quantum merchant
38FFERepeatAMS10 Post Quest: Oasis Pilgrims
39FFERepeatAMS13 Post Quest: Posse
40FFERepeatAMS13 Post Quest: A Little Competition
41FFERepeatASupermutants with captives
42FFERepeatAWandering ghouls
43FFERepeatAChem vendor in his camp
44FFERepeatAMolerats hunting wastelander
45FFERepeatAMS03 - Survival Failure
46FFERepeatAMS03 - Survivalist
47FFERepeatAMS03 - Survival Expert
48FFERepeatAMS16 post-quest: dead Vault101 resident
49FFERepeatA; hit squads
50FFERepeatBEncounters with a Brotherhood of Steel Outcast patrol. These are unique characters but the player can encounter them any number of times.
51FFERepeatBOutcast patrol runs into raiders
52FFERepeatBOutcast scout fleeing from deathclaws. Outcast patrol joins the battle.
53FFERepeatBRepeat of 52
54FFERepeatBSlavers escorting slaves.
55FFERepeatBSlaves trying to escape from slavers.
56FFERepeatBSlaves have escaped. Slavers are hunting for them.
57FFERepeatBTechnology scavenger heading for a car which he then guards.
58FFERepeatBRaiders attacking a scavenger who's dug in with heavy firepower and (maybe) a robot.
59FFERepeatBRaiders attacking some wasteland settlers.
60FFERepeatBPatrolling pack of vicious dogs
61FFERepeatBPatrolling Enclave Eyebot
62FFERepeatBHunters looking for prey
63FFERepeatBTalon Company patrol (player level >= 8)
64FFERepeatBEnclave patrol (MQ08 >= 80)
65FFERepeatBUncle Leo, the wandering supermutant philosopher
66FFERepeatBEnclave vs. Outcasts
67FFERepeatBSuper Mutant attacks Wasteland Settlers.
68FFERepeatBMS06 Post Quest: Slaves that have escaped and are looking for the Lincoln Memorial (i.e. Temple of the Union).
69FFERepeatBMS02 Post Quest: Wrath of the AntAgonizer
70FFERepeatBEnclave vertibird
71FFERepeatBEnclave vs. Talon Co.
72FFERepeatBScavenger with pack brahmin
73FFERepeatBFire ants from Greyditch
74FFERepeatB; hit squads
75FFERepeatCondFrag Minefield. Two unfortunate wastelanders try to scavenge parts.
76FFERepeatCondMS12 Post Quest Encounter: Angry Ghouls
77FFERepeatCondMS05 Nuka Quantum merchant
78FFERepeatCondMS10 Post Quest: Oasis Raiders
79FFERepeatCondMS13 Post Quest: Slave Posse. Condition to occur after player captures a certain number of slaves.
80FFERepeatCondMS13 Post Quest: A Little Competition. Condition to occur after player captures a certain number of slaves.
81FFERepeatCondSupermutants with captives
82FFERepeatCondMS16 post-quest
83FFERepeatCond; hit squads
84FFERepeatCondDon't do this encounter if Tinker Joe is already dead
85FFERepeatCondEnclave patrol (only after MQ05 stage 80)
86FFERepeatCondUncle Leo, the wandering supermutant philosopher
87FFERepeatCondEnclave patrol fighting Brotherhood Outcasts
88FFERepeatCondSuper Mutants attacking Wastelanders
89FFERepeatCondMS06 Post Quest: Slaves that have escaped and are looking for the Lincoln Memorial (i.e. Temple of the Union).
90FFERepeatCondMS02 Post Quest: Wrath of the AntAgonizer
91FFERepeatCondEnclave vertibird
92FFERepeatCondCannibals repeat -- don't do this if they're all dead
93FFERepeatCond; hit squads
94FFERepeatCond; outcast patrol
95FFEUniqueAEncounter 1: Man dying of thirst in wasteland
96FFEUniqueAEncounter 2: Settlers being pursued by Deathclaw
97FFEUniqueAEncounter 3: Group of settlers in standoff over water supply
98FFEUniqueADeathclaw bones
99FFEUniqueAThe player encounters a group of Wasteland wanderers who are trying to get water from an old fire hydrant. Sadly for them, an abnormally huge RadScorpion is guarding it. The player may help the wanderers get to the water or take it for himself.
100FFEUniqueAExploding UFO?
101FFEUniqueAEncounter 9: Incompetent mugger
102FFEUniqueAEncounter 10: Robot stuck in a conversation loop. On-looking technician requests help.
103FFEUniqueAMS01A - Scavenger: Scavenger on his way to loot Big Town because it was destroyed and left deserted by Super Mutant attack.
104FFEUniqueAMS01B-F, A traveling sales man is headed to Big Town.
105FFEUniqueAMS02 Post Quest: Superhuman Signature
106FFEUniqueAMS11 Post Quest: Watch Your Back
107FFEUniqueAMS11 Post Quest: Vengeance for Megaton.
108FFEUniqueADead wastelander with treasure note
109FFEUniqueAMS15 Post Quest: Bragging Rights
110FFEUniqueARaider initiation rite
111FFEUniqueAMS10 Post Quest: Oasis Traveling Merchant
112FFEUniqueAMS16 -- Amata's Fate
113FFEUniqueBCannibals selling meat
114FFEUniqueBCannibals hunting their "prey"
115FFEUniqueBSniper blows away his bait, then targets you.
116FFEUniqueB"Human bomb" trap and raiders lying in wait.
117FFEUniqueBGuy fleeing from Grayditch
118FFEUniqueBMS18 post-quest encounter
119FFEUniqueBMS16 post-quest encounter with Susie Mack
120FFEUniqueBMad Brahmin
121FFEUniqueCondExploding UFO?
122FFEUniqueCondIncompetent mugger
123FFEUniqueCondEncounter 10: Robot stuck in a conversation loop. On-looking technician requests help.
124FFEUniqueCondMS01A - Scavenger: Condition to occur after MS01
125FFEUniqueCondMS01B-F, Condition to occur after MS01 if the player helped residents of Big Town
126FFEUniqueCondMS02 Post Quest: Superhuman Signature. Condition to occur if player is wearing either suit.
127FFEUniqueCondMS11 Post Quest: Watch Your Back. Condition to occur if the bomb is disarmed.
128FFEUniqueCondMS11 Post Quest: Vengeance for Megaton. Condition to occur if Megaton bomb has been detonated.
129FFEUniqueCondMS15 Post Quest: Bragging Rights. Condition to occur if Sydney is still alive and the player did not team with her.
130FFEUniqueCondMS10: Oasis Merchant
131FFEUniqueCondMS16 -- Amata's Fate
132FFEUniqueCondMS18 post-quest encounter
133FFEUniqueCondMS16 post-quest encounter with Susie Mack
134FFEUniqueCondMad Brahmin
137FFEUniqueCondEncounter 255: Dogmeat
138FFRadioSignals01Switch has been turned on
139FFradioSignals02Switch has been turned on
140FFRadioSignals03Switch has been turned on
141FFRadioSignals04Switch has been turned on
142FFRadioSignals05Switch has been turned on
143FFRadioSignals06Switch has been turned on
144FFRadioSignals07Switch has been turned on
145FFRadioSignals08Switch has been turned on
146FFRadioSignals09Switch has been turned on
147MQ01LDQuickstart to checkpoint scene
148MQ01LDQuickstart to schoolhouse battle
149MQ01LDQuickstart schoolhouse dialogue scene
150MQ01LDQuickstart at start of GNR battle
151MQ01LDQuickstart end of GNR battle
152MQ01LDQuickstart at Behemoth entry
153MQ01LDQuickstart to post MQ01 battle
154MQ02Find the Museum of Technology
155MQ02Retrieve the Virgo II Communications Dish
156MQ02Find the Washington Monument
157MQ02Repair the damaged radio relay
158MQ02Return to the Galaxy News Radio station and speak with Three Dog.
159MQ05Escort Doctor Li inside the Citadel.
160MQ08Locate the underground entrance to Vault 87
161MQ08Retrieve the G.E.C.K.
162MQ08Rescue Fawkes from the Observation Cells (Optional)
163MQ08Escape from Vault 87
164MQ09If the player has rescued Fawkes, he is moved outside Raven Rock, and set to wait for the player.
165MQ10Enter Rivet City through the underwater diving hatch.
166MQ10Obtain the prototype power source.
167MQ10Return the prototype power source to Scribe Rothchild at the Citadel.
168MQ10Meet with Elder Lyons in his solar.
169MS01start big town quest
170MS02Called when the player begins the quest and agrees to stop the "heroes".
171MS02Uncle Roe has been killed, somehow... I'm looking at you, player.
172MS02The Mechanist raids the AntAgonizer's base! Just when the player said he'd join up with the AntAgonizer! What are the odds?!?! Time for a fight!
173MS02The AntAgonizer raids the Mechanist's base! Just when the player said he'd join up with the Mechanist! What are the odds?!?! Time for a fight!
174MS02Player has convinced the AntAgonizer to retire
175MS02Player has let the AntAgonizer continue on into the Wasteland
176MS02Player has convinced the Mechanist to retire
177MS02Player has let the Mechanist continue on, into the wasteland.
178MS02Player has killed the AntAgonizer.
179MS02The player has killed the Mechanist
180MS02One of the supers has been dealt with - the player can collect the basic reward and end the quest.
181MS02Both of the supers have been dealt with - the player can collect the bonus reward and end the quest.
182MS02The player has killed the Mechanist and/or AntAgonizer before the quest began, and is immediately rewarded by Roe. CHANGED! If the player does this, now they don't even get the quest, the rewardxp, or the achievement. CHOICE & CONSEQUENCES, PUNK!
183MS03Ask Moira about her book.
184MS03Help Moira with Chapter 1.
185MS03MS03a1 basic completion
186MS03MS03a1 bonus completion
187MS03MS03a2 set up for fade and basic completion
188MS03MS03a2 basic completion after fade up
189MS03MS03a2 fade out for bonus completion
190MS03MS03a2 bonus completion after fade-out
191MS03MS03a3 basic completion
192MS03MS03a3 bonus completion
193MS03Help Moira with Chapter 2.
194MS03MS03b1 basic completion
195MS03MS03b1 bonus completion
196MS03MS03b2 basic completion
197MS03MS03b2 bonus completion
198MS03MS03b3 basic fade-out
199MS03MS03b3 basic completion after fade-out
200MS03MS03b3 bonus fade-out
201MS03MS03b3 bonus completion after fade-out
202MS03Help Moira with the last chapter.
203MS03MS03c1 basic completion
204MS03MS03c1 bonus completion
205MS03MS03c2 basic completion
206MS03MS03c2 bonus completion
207MS03MS03c3 basic completion
208MS03MS03c3 bonus completion
209MS03Print the manuscript at Hubris Comics Publishing.
210MS03Bring the printed books back to Lea.
211MS03Moira Brown is dead. Her book will never be written. NO ACHIEVEMENT - QUEST FAILED!
212MS03Moira Brown has been convinced to give up on her book.
213MS03The Wasteland Survival Guide has been distributed throughout the Capitol Wastes, where it may help survivors.
214MS03The Wasteland Survival Guide has been researched and spread throughout the Capitol Wasteland, where it will help countless survivors.
215MS04Remove the source of Fire Ants
216MS08NOTE: The quest is actually marked completed in dialog options where you tell Zimmer or Harkness that Harkness is an Android. This quest stays running until the end confrontation scene is resolved, after which this quest is also stopped. This is because you can tell Harkness "your secret is safe with me" which should seem like the quest is complete, but no confrontation occurs, allowing the player to also tell Zimmer about Harkness, in which a confrontation does occur. The confrontation is handled in MS08Fin.
217MS09Deliver Lucy's message to Arefu.
218MS09Search the West Residence in Arefu.
219MS09Report the status of Arefu's residents to Evan King.
220MS09Find The Family.
221MS09Find Ian West.
222MS09Speak to Vance
223MS09Return to Evan King
224MS11Activate the detonator at Tenpenny Tower.
225MS11FinThis repeatable stage adds notes to the player's pipboy
226MS15Defend the Rotunda
227MS16This is called to prepare the quest, once the player has completed MQ05.
228MS16Vault 101 door can be opened
229MS16Vault 101 door has been opened. Player will be greeted by Officer Gomez.
230MS16Through talking with one of Vault 101's residents, the lockdown's reasons have been explained, as well as one or two possible solutions.
231MS16The player has pledged to stop the Overseer.
232MS16The player has pledged to stop the rebels.
233MS16The player has learned that he could sabotage Vault 101's water chip and force people to leave.
234MS16The player has voluntarily chosen to leave the Vault forever. He can still change his mind by talking to a rebel or Gomez and saying he won't actually leave.
235MS16The player has stopped or killed the Overseer. Now he must report back to the head of the rebels, Amata.
236MS16The player has stopped or killed Amata. Now he must report back to the head of the vault, the Overseer.
237MS16The player has sabotaged the vault's water chip. Everyone evacuates the Vault, and the Overseer comes to attack the player. Amata will meet the player at the Vault entrance.
238MS16For one reason or another, the player must leave Vault 101 forever.
239MS16Both faction leaders are dead - Amata and Overseer/Allen Mack
240MS16The player has been barred from Vault 101, either by killing the Overseer and being banished by Amata, stopping the rebels and allowing the Overseer to close the vault, or by simply refusing to be involved and leaving.
241MS16The player has voluntarily left Vault 101, and the passwords have been changed behind him. QUEST FAILED - NO ACHIEVEMENT OR REWARD!
242MS16The events inside have been resolved peacefully, but the player is still exiled from Vault 101.
243MS16The Overseer has been told to evacuate Vault 101, and it is now empty and poisoned, and its citizens are all either dead or wandering the wastes.
244MS17Recover the Soil Stradivarius from Vault 92
245MS17Return to Agatha
246MS18Find the Statesman Hotel
247MS18Locate Reilly's Rangers
248MS18Lead Reilly's Rangers to safety
249MS18Get to the Metro Entrance
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