Fallout 3: GOTY Game of the year edition

250+ (250 Max) Results

QUST:CNAMCG01Walk to Dad.
QUST:CNAMCG01Open the crib's gate.
QUST:CNAMCG01Exit the crib.
QUST:CNAMCG01Look at the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. book.
QUST:CNAMCG01Grab a toy and drag it to the play mat.
QUST:CNAMCG01Trigger Dad's return
QUST:CNAMCG01Follow Dad.
QUST:CNAMCG02Enjoy the party and speak with the guests.
QUST:CNAMCG02Dad finished talking to player
QUST:CNAMCG02Follow Dad to my surprise present.
QUST:CNAMCG02Shoot all 3 targets with the BB gun.
QUST:CNAMCG02Use the BB gun to kill the radroach.
QUST:CNAMCG02Stand next to Dad so Jonas can take the picture.
QUST:CNAMCG03TestCheck if barter skill (skill 1) is now one of the 3 highest skills?
QUST:CNAMCG04Enter the Overseer's office.
QUST:CNAMCG04Use the Overseer's computer to access the secret tunnel.
QUST:CNAMCG04Enter the reactor room.
QUST:CNAMCG04Turn the power back on.
QUST:CNAMCG04Player flips first reactor switch -- guards react
QUST:CNAMCG04Open the vault door.
QUST:CNAMCG04Escape from Vault 101.
QUST:CNAMDialogueRivetCityNotes: Dialogue topics, prayers before eating, Father Clifford in the Weatherly Hotel and Weatherly NPCs to Father Clifford, Father Clifford's temperance speech, greeting branches, Harkness and Danvers on rounds. Check MisterBuckingham's hello to sister. Clear RCSecurity Faction reaction if player leaves Rivet City
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAAnts attacking Radscorpion
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAA group of RadAnts gathers around a spilled toxic waste barrel. As the player nears, one of the ants steps into the waste, grows to three times normal size, and attacks.
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatATwo Radscorpions finish off a hapless wanderer as the player approaches. Guess who's next.
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAPlayer finds a nest of radroaches in the remains of a scavenger�s hoard. They�ll attack if the player moves too close, but a small treasure trove of still-packaged food could be recovered from them. (Conditionalized for only at night -- conditions put here so that this one can be marked "done" and quest get reset.)
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatATechnology scavenger in his camp. He'll barter with the player and repair.
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAWandering doctor encounter
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAPack of dogs guarding a body
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAHunters and their prey.
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAHunters and their prey.
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAScavenger with enclave eyebot
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAEnclave eyebot with spectators
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAFrag Minefield. Watch out!
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAMS12 Post Quest Encounter: Angry Ghouls
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAMS05: Nuka Quantum merchant
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAMS10 Post Quest: Oasis Pilgrims
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAMS13 Post Quest: Posse
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAMS13 Post Quest: A Little Competition
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatASupermutants with captives
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAWandering ghouls
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAChem vendor in his camp
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAMolerats hunting wastelander
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAMS03 - Survival Failure
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAMS03 - Survivalist
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAMS03 - Survival Expert
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatAMS16 post-quest: dead Vault101 resident
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatA; hit squads
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBEncounters with a Brotherhood of Steel Outcast patrol. These are unique characters but the player can encounter them any number of times.
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBOutcast patrol runs into raiders
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBOutcast scout fleeing from deathclaws. Outcast patrol joins the battle.
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBRepeat of 52
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBSlavers escorting slaves.
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBSlaves trying to escape from slavers.
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBSlaves have escaped. Slavers are hunting for them.
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBTechnology scavenger heading for a car which he then guards.
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBRaiders attacking a scavenger who's dug in with heavy firepower and (maybe) a robot.
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBRaiders attacking some wasteland settlers.
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBPatrolling pack of vicious dogs
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBPatrolling Enclave Eyebot
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBHunters looking for prey
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBTalon Company patrol (player level >= 8)
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBEnclave patrol (MQ08 >= 80)
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBUncle Leo, the wandering supermutant philosopher
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBEnclave vs. Outcasts
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBSuper Mutant attacks Wasteland Settlers.
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBMS06 Post Quest: Slaves that have escaped and are looking for the Lincoln Memorial (i.e. Temple of the Union).
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBMS02 Post Quest: Wrath of the AntAgonizer
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBEnclave vertibird
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBEnclave vs. Talon Co.
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBScavenger with pack brahmin
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatBFire ants from Greyditch
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatB; hit squads
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatCondFrag Minefield. Two unfortunate wastelanders try to scavenge parts.
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatCondMS12 Post Quest Encounter: Angry Ghouls
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatCondMS05 Nuka Quantum merchant
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatCondMS10 Post Quest: Oasis Raiders
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatCondMS13 Post Quest: Slave Posse. Condition to occur after player captures a certain number of slaves.
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatCondMS13 Post Quest: A Little Competition. Condition to occur after player captures a certain number of slaves.
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatCondSupermutants with captives
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatCondMS16 post-quest
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatCond; hit squads
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatCondDon't do this encounter if Tinker Joe is already dead
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatCondEnclave patrol (only after MQ05 stage 80)
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatCondUncle Leo, the wandering supermutant philosopher
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatCondEnclave patrol fighting Brotherhood Outcasts
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatCondSuper Mutants attacking Wastelanders
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatCondMS06 Post Quest: Slaves that have escaped and are looking for the Lincoln Memorial (i.e. Temple of the Union).
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatCondMS02 Post Quest: Wrath of the AntAgonizer
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatCondEnclave vertibird
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatCondCannibals repeat -- don't do this if they're all dead
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatCond; hit squads
QUST:CNAMFFERepeatCond; outcast patrol
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueAEncounter 1: Man dying of thirst in wasteland
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueAEncounter 2: Settlers being pursued by Deathclaw
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueAEncounter 3: Group of settlers in standoff over water supply
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueADeathclaw bones
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueAThe player encounters a group of Wasteland wanderers who are trying to get water from an old fire hydrant. Sadly for them, an abnormally huge RadScorpion is guarding it. The player may help the wanderers get to the water or take it for himself.
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueAEncounter 9: Incompetent mugger
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueAEncounter 10: Robot stuck in a conversation loop. On-looking technician requests help.
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueAMS01A - Scavenger: Scavenger on his way to loot Big Town because it was destroyed and left deserted by Super Mutant attack.
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueAMS01B-F, A traveling sales man is headed to Big Town.
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueAMS02 Post Quest: Superhuman Signature
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueAMS11 Post Quest: Watch Your Back
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueAMS11 Post Quest: Vengeance for Megaton.
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueADead wastelander with treasure note
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueAMS15 Post Quest: Bragging Rights
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueARaider initiation rite
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueAMS10 Post Quest: Oasis Traveling Merchant
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueAMS16 -- Amata's Fate
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueBCannibals selling meat
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueBCannibals hunting their "prey"
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueBSniper blows away his bait, then targets you.
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueB"Human bomb" trap and raiders lying in wait.
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueBGuy fleeing from Grayditch
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueBMS18 post-quest encounter
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueBMS16 post-quest encounter with Susie Mack
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueBMad Brahmin
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueCondExploding UFO?
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueCondIncompetent mugger
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueCondEncounter 10: Robot stuck in a conversation loop. On-looking technician requests help.
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueCondMS01A - Scavenger: Condition to occur after MS01
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueCondMS01B-F, Condition to occur after MS01 if the player helped residents of Big Town
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueCondMS02 Post Quest: Superhuman Signature. Condition to occur if player is wearing either suit.
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueCondMS11 Post Quest: Watch Your Back. Condition to occur if the bomb is disarmed.
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueCondMS11 Post Quest: Vengeance for Megaton. Condition to occur if Megaton bomb has been detonated.
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueCondMS15 Post Quest: Bragging Rights. Condition to occur if Sydney is still alive and the player did not team with her.
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueCondMS10: Oasis Merchant
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueCondMS16 -- Amata's Fate
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueCondMS18 post-quest encounter
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueCondMS16 post-quest encounter with Susie Mack
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueCondMad Brahmin
QUST:CNAMFFEUniqueCondEncounter 255: Dogmeat
QUST:CNAMFFRadioSignals01Switch has been turned on
QUST:CNAMFFradioSignals02Switch has been turned on
QUST:CNAMFFRadioSignals03Switch has been turned on
QUST:CNAMFFRadioSignals04Switch has been turned on
QUST:CNAMFFRadioSignals05Switch has been turned on
QUST:CNAMFFRadioSignals06Switch has been turned on
QUST:CNAMFFRadioSignals07Switch has been turned on
QUST:CNAMFFRadioSignals08Switch has been turned on
QUST:CNAMFFRadioSignals09Switch has been turned on
QUST:CNAMMQ01LDQuickstart to checkpoint scene
QUST:CNAMMQ01LDQuickstart to schoolhouse battle
QUST:CNAMMQ01LDQuickstart schoolhouse dialogue scene
QUST:CNAMMQ01LDQuickstart at start of GNR battle
QUST:CNAMMQ01LDQuickstart end of GNR battle
QUST:CNAMMQ01LDQuickstart at Behemoth entry
QUST:CNAMMQ01LDQuickstart to post MQ01 battle
QUST:CNAMMQ02Find the Museum of Technology
QUST:CNAMMQ02Retrieve the Virgo II Communications Dish
QUST:CNAMMQ02Find the Washington Monument
QUST:CNAMMQ02Repair the damaged radio relay
QUST:CNAMMQ02Return to the Galaxy News Radio station and speak with Three Dog.
QUST:CNAMMQ05Escort Doctor Li inside the Citadel.
QUST:CNAMMQ08Locate the underground entrance to Vault 87
QUST:CNAMMQ08Retrieve the G.E.C.K.
QUST:CNAMMQ08Rescue Fawkes from the Observation Cells (Optional)
QUST:CNAMMQ08Escape from Vault 87
QUST:CNAMMQ09If the player has rescued Fawkes, he is moved outside Raven Rock, and set to wait for the player.
QUST:CNAMMQ10Enter Rivet City through the underwater diving hatch.
QUST:CNAMMQ10Obtain the prototype power source.
QUST:CNAMMQ10Return the prototype power source to Scribe Rothchild at the Citadel.
QUST:CNAMMQ10Meet with Elder Lyons in his solar.
QUST:CNAMMS01start big town quest
QUST:CNAMMS02Called when the player begins the quest and agrees to stop the "heroes".
QUST:CNAMMS02Uncle Roe has been killed, somehow... I'm looking at you, player.
QUST:CNAMMS02The Mechanist raids the AntAgonizer's base! Just when the player said he'd join up with the AntAgonizer! What are the odds?!?! Time for a fight!
QUST:CNAMMS02The AntAgonizer raids the Mechanist's base! Just when the player said he'd join up with the Mechanist! What are the odds?!?! Time for a fight!
QUST:CNAMMS02Player has convinced the AntAgonizer to retire
QUST:CNAMMS02Player has let the AntAgonizer continue on into the Wasteland
QUST:CNAMMS02Player has convinced the Mechanist to retire
QUST:CNAMMS02Player has let the Mechanist continue on, into the wasteland.
QUST:CNAMMS02Player has killed the AntAgonizer.
QUST:CNAMMS02The player has killed the Mechanist
QUST:CNAMMS02One of the supers has been dealt with - the player can collect the basic reward and end the quest.
QUST:CNAMMS02Both of the supers have been dealt with - the player can collect the bonus reward and end the quest.
QUST:CNAMMS02The player has killed the Mechanist and/or AntAgonizer before the quest began, and is immediately rewarded by Roe. CHANGED! If the player does this, now they don't even get the quest, the rewardxp, or the achievement. CHOICE & CONSEQUENCES, PUNK!
QUST:CNAMMS03Ask Moira about her book.
QUST:CNAMMS03Help Moira with Chapter 1.
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03a1 basic completion
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03a1 bonus completion
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03a2 set up for fade and basic completion
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03a2 basic completion after fade up
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03a2 fade out for bonus completion
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03a2 bonus completion after fade-out
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03a3 basic completion
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03a3 bonus completion
QUST:CNAMMS03Help Moira with Chapter 2.
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03b1 basic completion
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03b1 bonus completion
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03b2 basic completion
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03b2 bonus completion
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03b3 basic fade-out
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03b3 basic completion after fade-out
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03b3 bonus fade-out
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03b3 bonus completion after fade-out
QUST:CNAMMS03Help Moira with the last chapter.
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03c1 basic completion
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03c1 bonus completion
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03c2 basic completion
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03c2 bonus completion
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03c3 basic completion
QUST:CNAMMS03MS03c3 bonus completion
QUST:CNAMMS03Print the manuscript at Hubris Comics Publishing.
QUST:CNAMMS03Bring the printed books back to Lea.
QUST:CNAMMS03Moira Brown is dead. Her book will never be written. NO ACHIEVEMENT - QUEST FAILED!
QUST:CNAMMS03Moira Brown has been convinced to give up on her book.
QUST:CNAMMS03The Wasteland Survival Guide has been distributed throughout the Capitol Wastes, where it may help survivors.
QUST:CNAMMS03The Wasteland Survival Guide has been researched and spread throughout the Capitol Wasteland, where it will help countless survivors.
QUST:CNAMMS04Remove the source of Fire Ants
QUST:CNAMMS08NOTE: The quest is actually marked completed in dialog options where you tell Zimmer or Harkness that Harkness is an Android. This quest stays running until the end confrontation scene is resolved, after which this quest is also stopped. This is because you can tell Harkness "your secret is safe with me" which should seem like the quest is complete, but no confrontation occurs, allowing the player to also tell Zimmer about Harkness, in which a confrontation does occur. The confrontation is handled in MS08Fin.
QUST:CNAMMS09Deliver Lucy's message to Arefu.
QUST:CNAMMS09Search the West Residence in Arefu.
QUST:CNAMMS09Report the status of Arefu's residents to Evan King.
QUST:CNAMMS09Find The Family.
QUST:CNAMMS09Find Ian West.
QUST:CNAMMS09Speak to Vance
QUST:CNAMMS09Return to Evan King
QUST:CNAMMS11Activate the detonator at Tenpenny Tower.
QUST:CNAMMS11FinThis repeatable stage adds notes to the player's pipboy
QUST:CNAMMS15Defend the Rotunda
QUST:CNAMMS16This is called to prepare the quest, once the player has completed MQ05.
QUST:CNAMMS16Vault 101 door can be opened
QUST:CNAMMS16Vault 101 door has been opened. Player will be greeted by Officer Gomez.
QUST:CNAMMS16Through talking with one of Vault 101's residents, the lockdown's reasons have been explained, as well as one or two possible solutions.
QUST:CNAMMS16The player has pledged to stop the Overseer.
QUST:CNAMMS16The player has pledged to stop the rebels.
QUST:CNAMMS16The player has learned that he could sabotage Vault 101's water chip and force people to leave.
QUST:CNAMMS16The player has voluntarily chosen to leave the Vault forever. He can still change his mind by talking to a rebel or Gomez and saying he won't actually leave.
QUST:CNAMMS16The player has stopped or killed the Overseer. Now he must report back to the head of the rebels, Amata.
QUST:CNAMMS16The player has stopped or killed Amata. Now he must report back to the head of the vault, the Overseer.
QUST:CNAMMS16The player has sabotaged the vault's water chip. Everyone evacuates the Vault, and the Overseer comes to attack the player. Amata will meet the player at the Vault entrance.
QUST:CNAMMS16For one reason or another, the player must leave Vault 101 forever.
QUST:CNAMMS16Both faction leaders are dead - Amata and Overseer/Allen Mack
QUST:CNAMMS16The player has been barred from Vault 101, either by killing the Overseer and being banished by Amata, stopping the rebels and allowing the Overseer to close the vault, or by simply refusing to be involved and leaving.
QUST:CNAMMS16The player has voluntarily left Vault 101, and the passwords have been changed behind him. QUEST FAILED - NO ACHIEVEMENT OR REWARD!
QUST:CNAMMS16The events inside have been resolved peacefully, but the player is still exiled from Vault 101.
QUST:CNAMMS16The Overseer has been told to evacuate Vault 101, and it is now empty and poisoned, and its citizens are all either dead or wandering the wastes.
QUST:CNAMMS17Recover the Soil Stradivarius from Vault 92
QUST:CNAMMS17Return to Agatha
QUST:CNAMMS18Find the Statesman Hotel
QUST:CNAMMS18Locate Reilly's Rangers
QUST:CNAMMS18Lead Reilly's Rangers to safety
QUST:CNAMMS18Get to the Metro Entrance
QUST:CNAMMS18Return to Reilly at Ranger Compound

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