Fallout 3: GOTY Game of the year edition

162 Results For MGEF:FULL 250 Max
+10% XP
+10% XP
Ant Vision
Artillery Strike
Attack Health
Behemoth weapon effect
Bloody Mess
Charon's Shotgun Effect
Cripple Be Gone Effect
Cure Addiction
Damage +10%
Damage +25%
Damage Chest
Damage Head
Damage Health
Damage Left Arm
Damage Left Leg
Damage Radiation Resistance
Damage Rads
Damage Right Arm
Damage RightLeg
Enclave Broadcast Effect
Fire Damage
Flamer Burn
Flamer Burn
Flamer Burn
Flamer Burn
Flamer Fire Damage
Flamer Smoke Effect
Generic Debug Effect
Glowing One Rad B Self Effect
Glowing One Rad Burst
GNR Boradcast Effect
Increase Action Points - Jet
Increase Agility - Jet
Increase Agility - Psycho
Increase Charisma - Alcohol
Increase Charisma - Mentats
Increase Damage Resistance - Med-X
Increase Damage Resistance - Psycho
Increase Endurance - Buffout
Increase Endurance - Med-X
Increase Intelligence - Mentats
Increase Perception - Jet
Increase Perception - Mentats
Increase Strength - Alcohol
Increase Strength - Buffout
Increase Strength - Jet
Increase Strength - Med-X
Increased Action Points
Increased Agility
Increased Barter
Increased Big Guns
Increased Carry Weight
Increased Charisma
Increased Confidence
Increased Critical Chance
Increased Damage Resistance
Increased Endurance
Increased Energy Weapons
Increased Explosives
Increased Fire Resistance
Increased Health
Increased Health - Buffout
Increased Intelligence
Increased Lockpick
Increased Luck
Increased Medicine
Increased Melee Damage
Increased Melee Weapons
Increased Perception
Increased Poison Resistance
Increased Radiation Resistance
Increased Repair
Increased Science
Increased Small Guns
Increased Sneak
Increased Speech
Increased Speed Multiplier
Increased Strength
Increased Unarmed
Increased Unarmed Damage
Liberty Prime Bloody Mess
Med-X Effect
MS13HeadExplode *
MS13Mezzed *
MS14 Med-X Withdrawal
Nuka-Cola Add Cap Effect
Pipboy Light
Power Armor Computer
Pulse Disable
Reduce Agility
Reduce Agility
Reduce Agility
Reduce Agility
Reduce Charisma
Reduce Charisma
Reduce Charisma
Reduce Charisma
Reduce Charisma
Reduce Charisma
Reduce Endurance
Reduce Intelligence
Reduce Intelligence
Reduce Intelligence
Reduce Intelligence - Alcohol
Reduce Intelligence - Psycho+
Reduce Perception
Reduce Perception
Reduce Radiation Resistance
Reduce Strength
Reduce Strength
Reduce Strength
Reduced Action Points
Reduced Agility
Reduced Big Guns
Reduced Carry Weight
Reduced Charisma
Reduced Damage Resistance
Reduced Endurance
Reduced Energy Weapons
Reduced Health
Reduced Intelligence
Reduced Luck
Reduced Melee Weapons
Reduced Perception
Reduced Poison Resistance
Reduced Radiation Resistance
Reduced Small Guns
Reduced Strength
Reduced Unarmed
Restore Health
Restore Health & Conditions
Restore Limb - Chest
Restore Limb - Head
Restore Limb - Left Arm
Restore Limb - Left Leg
Restore Limb - Right Arm
Restore Limb - Right Leg
Restore Rads
Shock Damage
Shocker Effect
Stealth Field
Stealth Field Stop Combat
Water Breathing

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