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3CG03GoatQuestion01"But doctor, wouldn�t that cause a parabolic destabilization of the fission singularity?"
4CG03GoatQuestion01"Yeah? Up yours too, buddy!"
5CG03GoatQuestion01Say nothing, but grab a nearby pipe and hit the scientist in the head to knock him out. For all you knew, he was planning on blowing up the vault.
6CG03GoatQuestion01Say nothing, but slip away before the scientist can continue his rant.
7CG03GoatQuestion02Amputate the foot before the infection spreads.
8CG03GoatQuestion02Scream for help.
9CG03GoatQuestion02Medicate the infected area to the best of your abilities.
10CG03GoatQuestion02Restrain the patient, and merely observe as the infection spreads.
11CG03GoatQuestion03Give the boy a hug and tell him everything will be okay.
12CG03GoatQuestion03Confiscate the stolen property by force, and leave the boy there as punishment.
13CG03GoatQuestion03Pick the boy�s pocket to take the stolen property for yourself, and leave him to his fate.
14CG03GoatQuestion03Lead the boy to safety, and then turn him in to the Overseer.
17CG03GoatQuestion04Designated Hitter.
18CG03GoatQuestion04None. You wish the vault had a soccer team.
19CG03GoatQuestion05Obey your elder and kill the resident with the pistol.
20CG03GoatQuestion05Offer your most prized possession for the resident�s life.
21CG03GoatQuestion05Ask granny for a Minigun instead. After all, you don�t want to miss.
22CG03GoatQuestion05Throw your tea in granny�s face.
23CG03GoatQuestion06Use a bobby pin to pick the lock on the door.
24CG03GoatQuestion06Trade a vault hoodlum for his cherry bomb, and blow the door open.
25CG03GoatQuestion06Go to the armory, retrieve a laser pistol, and shoot the lock off.
26CG03GoatQuestion06Walk away, and let the old coot rot.
27CG03GoatQuestion07A bullet to the brain.
28CG03GoatQuestion07Large doses of an anti-mutagen agent.
29CG03GoatQuestion07Prayer. Maybe God will spare you in exchange for a life of pious devotion.
30CG03GoatQuestion07Removal of the mutated tissue with a precision laser.
31CG03GoatQuestion08Trade the comic book for one of your own valuable possessions.
32CG03GoatQuestion08Steal the comic book at gunpoint.
33CG03GoatQuestion08Sneak into the resident�s quarters, and steal the comic book from his desk.
34CG03GoatQuestion08Slip some knock-out drops into the resident�s Nuka-Cola, and take the comic book when he�s unconscious.
35CG03GoatQuestion09Loosen the bolts on some pipes. When the sink is turned on, the restroom will flood.
36CG03GoatQuestion09Put a firecracker in the toilet. That�s sure to cause some chaos.
37CG03GoatQuestion09Break into the locked medicine cabinet and replace his high blood pressure medication with sugar pills.
38CG03GoatQuestion09Manipulate the power wattage on his razor, so he�ll get an electric shock the next time he shaves.
39CG03GoatQuestion10The Overseer.
40CG03GoatQuestion10The Overseer.
41CG03GoatQuestion10The Overseer.
42CG03GoatQuestion10The Overseer.
43CG04VaultExitMessageEdit Name
44CG04VaultExitMessageEdit Race/Sex
45CG04VaultExitMessageEdit S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
46CG04VaultExitMessageEdit Tag Skills
47CG04VaultExitMessageFinished - Exit Vault 101
48DCWorld11GeneratorMsgAttempt Repair [Repair, 20]
49DCWorld11GeneratorMsgLeave it alone
50FFESupermutantCaptiveMessageBoxFLeave the captive to her fate.
51FFESupermutantCaptiveMessageBoxFUntie her.
52FFESupermutantCaptiveMessageBoxMLeave the captive to his fate.
53FFESupermutantCaptiveMessageBoxMUntie him.
54FFEU10RobotFixMsgWalk away and do nothing.
55FFEU10RobotFixMsgRewire the diagnostic system.
56FFEU10RobotFixMsgRemove critical circuits to disable the robot.
57FFEU10RobotLowSkillMsgLeave the robot alone.
58FFEU10RobotLowSkillMsgDestroy the robot.
60GECKActivate01Never mind.
62GECKActivate02Never mind.
63GECKStartPick Up the G.E.C.K.
64GECKStartActivate the G.E.C.K.
65GECKStartDo nothing.
66GenericGasValveSkillMsgRepair the Gas Valve
67GenericGasValveSkillMsgLeave it Alone
68HD00InfirmaryMessageHeal Yourself
69HD00InfirmaryMessageRestore Damaged Limbs
70HD00InfirmaryMessageRemove All Rads
71HD00InfirmaryMessageDo Nothing
72HD00LabMessageCreate a New Compound
73HD00LabMessageDe-Toxify Yourself
74HD00LabMessageDo Nothing
75HD00NukaMachineWithGet some Ice Cold Nuka-Cola
76HD00NukaMachineWithAdd all Nuka-Colas you're carrying and make them Ice Cold
77HD00NukaMachineWithDo nothing
78HD00NukaMachineWithoutGet some Ice Cold Nuka-Cola
79HD00NukaMachineWithoutDo nothing
82MegatonBombExamineHighSkillMsg2Do not disarm the bomb.
83MegatonBombExamineHighSkillMsg2Disarm the bomb.
84MegatonBombExamineHighSkillMsg3Leave it unmodified.
85MegatonBombExamineHighSkillMsg3Disarm the bomb.
86MegatonBombExamineHighSkillMsg3Insert the Fusion Pulse Charge.
87MegatonBombExamineHighSkillMsg4Leave it unmodified.
88MegatonBombExamineHighSkillMsg4Disarm the bomb.
89MegatonBombExamineHighSkillMsg4Insert the Fusion Pulse Charge.
90MegatonFFLeakyPipeActiveMessageLeave it alone.
91MegatonFFLeakyPipeActiveMessageAttempt to fix it.
92MQ02DishMessageTake the Virgo II Dish.
93MQ02DishMessageDo nothing.
94MQ02RelayBeforeMessageInstall the Virgo Dish and activate the relay.
95MQ02RelayBeforeMessageDo nothing.
96MQ04MabelChandelierMessageDo nothing.
97MQ04MabelChandelierMessageFiddle with the chain.
98MQ04MabelOvenMessageDo nothing.
99MQ04MabelOvenMessageFiddle with the pilot light.
100MQ04MabelRollerskateMessageDo nothing.
101MQ04MabelRollerskateMessagePush the skate.
102MQ07JunctionBoxHighSkillMsgLeave it alone.
103MQ07JunctionBoxHighSkillMsgRepair the Junction Box.
104MQ08FireControlConsoleMessageActivate fire alarm.
105MQ08FireControlConsoleMessageDo nothing.
106MQAPanelVialChoiceMessageDo nothing.
107MQAPanelVialChoiceMessageInsert the modified FEV virus.
108MS01ProtectronMessageDo nothing.
109MS01ProtectronMessageRepair robot.
111MS03MainframeChangeMsgLeave the mainframe alone.
112MS03MainframeChangeMsgInstall the processor widget.
113MS03MirelurkObservationMsgLeave the spawning ball alone.
114MS03MirelurkObservationMsgHide the observation device inside.
115MS09EwersDoorMessageKnock on the door.
116MS09EwersDoorMessageDo nothing.
117MS09SchenzyDoorMessageKnock on the door.
118MS09SchenzyDoorMessageDo nothing.
119MS10BasinMessagePostCeremonyTake a sample of the sap.
120MS10BasinMessagePostCeremonyDo nothing.
121MS10BasinMessagePreCeremonyDrink the sap.
122MS10BasinMessagePreCeremonyDo nothing.
123MS10HaroldHeartMessageDestroy Harold's heart.
124MS10HaroldHeartMessageApply Birch's Sap to stop Harold's growth.
125MS10HaroldHeartMessageApply Laurel's Liniment to accelerate Harold's growth.
126MS10HaroldHeartMessageDo nothing.
127MS11BombMessageDo nothing.
128MS11BombMessageAttempt to disarm the bomb.
129MS11BombMessageRig the bomb to explode.
130MS11BombMessageWarningDo nothing.
131MS11BombMessageWarningWhatever. I know what I'm doing.
132MS11BombMessageWarningClose eyes, pick a wire, and pull.
133MS11DetonatorTriggerMsgDetonate the atomic bomb.
134MS11DetonatorTriggerMsgDo not detonate the atomic bomb.
138MS15TurretGeneratorMessageHighDisable generator.
139MS15TurretGeneratorMessageHighDo nothing.
142MS17MainframeMessageDownload Vault locations and access codes.
143MS17MainframeMessageDo nothing.
144MS17MasterbrainInternalMessageDestroy security uplink.
145MS17MasterbrainInternalMessageDo nothing.
146MS18ElevatorRoofMessageRepair the elevator with the Fission Battery.
147MS18ElevatorRoofMessageDo nothing.
148MS18ReillyHighSkillMsgRevive Reilly.
149MS18ReillyHighSkillMsgDo nothing.
150PPurityControlActivateMessageLeave it alone.
151PPurityControlActivateMessageEnter the code.
153SchematicsWorkbenchMsgBottlecap Mine
154SchematicsWorkbenchMsgDart Gun
155SchematicsWorkbenchMsgDeathclaw Gauntlet
156SchematicsWorkbenchMsgNuka Grenade
157SchematicsWorkbenchMsgRailway Rifle
158SchematicsWorkbenchMsgRock-It Launcher
160ShalebridgeEggPileMsgDo Nothing
161ShalebridgeEggPileMsgInject with a stimpak
162StatesmanHotel02ElevatorSkillMsgRepair the Elevator Panel
163StatesmanHotel02ElevatorSkillMsgLeave it Alone
164TakomaArtillerySwitchMsgDo nothing.
165TakomaArtillerySwitchMsgAttempt to fix the switch.
166TimebombHelpMsgNever mind. Leave him alone.
167TimebombHelpMsgPerform the operation.
168TimebombHelpMsgPut him out of his misery.
169TimebombLowSkillMsgLeave him alone.
170TimebombLowSkillMsgPut him out of his misery.
171TrapBabyCarriageRearmMsgLeave it alone.
172TrapBabyCarriageRearmMsgRearm as a timed trap (10 seconds).
173TrapBabyCarriageRearmMsgRearm as a Proximity Trap.
174TrapBabyCarriageWarnMsgLeave it alone.
175TrapBabyCarriageWarnMsgAttempt to disarm.
176TrapBearDetectMsgLeave it alone.
177TrapBearDetectMsgDisarm the Bear Trap.
178TrapBearRearmMsgDo nothing.
179TrapBearRearmMsgRearm the trap.
180TrapComputerDetectMsgLeave it alone.
181TrapComputerDetectMsgAttempt to defuse.
182TrapComputerRearmGrenadeTypeMsgLeave it alone.
186TrapComputerRearmHasGrenadeMsgLeave it alone.
187TrapComputerRearmHasGrenadeMsgRe-arm trap.
188TrapCorpseRearmMsgRearm as a proximity trap.
189TrapCorpseRearmMsgRearm as a timed trap (10 seconds).
190TrapCorpseRearmMsgLoot corpse.
191TrapCorpseRearmMsgLeave it alone.
192TrapCorpseWarnMsgAttempt to disarm.
193TrapCorpseWarnMsgLeave it alone.
194TrapCorpseWarnMsgLiveAttempt to disarm.
195TrapCorpseWarnMsgLiveLeave it alone.
196TrapGrenadeDetectMsgLeave it alone.
197TrapGrenadeDetectMsgDisarm the Grenade Bouquet.
198TrapLaserOffArmDetectMsgLeave it alone.
199TrapLaserOffArmDetectMsgArm the Emitter.
200TrapLaserOffArmDetectMsgRig the Emitter.
201TrapLaserOffDisarmDetectMsgLeave it alone.
202TrapLaserOffDisarmDetectMsgDisarm the Emitter.
203TrapLaserOffDisarmDetectMsgRig the Emitter.
204TrapLaserOnArmDetectMsgLeave it alone.
205TrapLaserOnArmDetectMsgArm the Laser Tripwire Emitter.
206TrapLaserOnDisarmDetectMsgLeave it alone.
207TrapLaserOnDisarmDetectMsgDisarm the Laser Tripwire Emitter.
208TrapMailboxRearmMsgLeave it alone.
209TrapMailboxRearmMsgRearm as a timed trap (10 seconds).
210TrapMailboxRearmMsgRearm as a Proximity Trap.
211TrapMailboxWarnMsgLeave it alone.
212TrapMailboxWarnMsgAttempt to disarm.
213TrapMineDetectMsgDisarm and collect the mine.
214TrapMineDetectMsgLeave it alone.
215TrapPitchingDetectMsgLeave it alone.
216TrapPitchingDetectMsgDisarm Pitching Machine.
217TrapPlateDetectMsgLeave it alone.
218TrapPlateDetectMsgDisarm the pressure plate.
219TrapSensorDetectMsgDisarm the Motion Sensor.
220TrapSensorDetectMsgLeave it alone.
221TrapShotgunDetectMsgLeave it alone.
222TrapShotgunDetectMsgDisarm the rigged shotgun.
223TrapToiletDetectMsgLeave the Microfusion Cells alone.
224TrapToiletDetectMsgTake the Microfusion Cells.
225TrapTripwireDetectMsgLeave it alone.
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