Fallout 3: GOTY Game of the year edition

150 Results For LSCR:DESC 250 Max
A Glowing One is a unique Feral Ghoul that has become a living conduit of radiation.
A Glowing One uses its special ability to deliver radiation to its enemies, and heal any nearby Feral Ghouls.
A high Endurance gives bonuses to Health, environmental resistances, and the Big Guns and Unarmed skills.
A high Perception grants a bonus to the Explosives, Lockpick and Energy Weapons skills.
A weapon's DAM indicates its approximate damage, and is modified by factors like the weapon's condition, and your associated skill.
Accept your perceived reality.
Allistair Tenpenny now rarely leaves the comfort and safety of his penthouse suite. His is a madness reserved for the obscenely rich.
Although it has some crude fortifications, Big Town is the subject of constant attack from Slavers and Super Mutants, who view it as an easy target.
At age 10, every Vault 101 resident receives a Pip-Boy 3000 personal information processor.
At age 16, every Vault 101 resident takes the Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test, or G.O.A.T., which helps determine job placement.
At the center of Megaton's crater sits an undetonated atomic bomb, a remnant of the great conflict that destroyed the world.
Canterbury Commons has become a constant battleground for two costumed "super humans" -- the sinister AntAgonizer and misguided Mechanist.
Canterbury Commons is the end of the Capital Wasteland's established merchant caravan route.
Changing the difficulty affects how hard combat is. But you'll also get more or less XP for killing enemies.
Crouching will both improve your accuracy, and activate sneak mode.
Deathclaws are some of the most frightening creatures ever encountered by settlers in the Capital Wasteland. Their speed and ferocity are matched only by the size of their claws...
Disable a robot's Combat Inhibitor, and the confused machine will go into a killing frenzy, attacking friend and foe alike.
Disabling the antennae of insects, like the Giant Ants, will make them frenzy and attack anything nearby.
Doctor Madison Li, member of Rivet City's ruling council, is one of the greatest scientific minds of her generation.
Drinking from a water source is always a tactical choice -- you will usually restore lost Health, but raise your radiation level.
Each rank of the Scoundrel perk raises your Speech and Barter skills by 5 points.
Eyebots spread President Eden's pre-recorded Enclave message throughout the Capital Wasteland.
Fail a hack attempt and get locked out of a computer? Not if you're a Computer Whiz! With this perk, you can attempt to re-hack any computer you were previously locked out of.
Feral Ghouls have lost the ability to reason, and will attack any human on sight.
Ghouls, both "normal" and Feral, are not only immune to radiation... they're healed by it.
Heavier weapons and apparel will slow you down when they're equipped.
High Charisma gives bonuses to both the Barter and Speech skills.
Historical algorithms engaged. Processing Capital Post articles. Extrapolating American cultural references.
If you have the Robotics Expert perk and sneak up on a hostile robot undetected, you can put that robot into a permanent shutdown state.
If you start a fight you can't finish, try putting away your weapon. Your opponent just might forgive you...
If you want to stay hidden, stick to the shadows, move slowly, try to stay behind your opponent... and turn off your Pip-Boy light!
If you�re successfully hidden, your first attack against an opponent will always result in a critical hit.
In general, the higher your Barter skill, the lower your prices on purchased items.
Intelligence determines your effectiveness with the Science, Repair and Medicine skills.
Limb damage can be repaired directly by applying Stimpaks to affected areas, using the Pip-Boy.
Loading Tranquility Lane simulation. Please stand by.
Mirelurk Kings use a devastating sonic attack to debilitate their foes from afar.
Mirelurks are naturally armored throughout their body... with the exception of the face. Try using V.A.T.S. to target this area, and kill them before they get close enough to attack.
Mister Gutsy is a combat variant of the popular Mister Handy, and is equipped with a Plasma weapon and flamethrower.
No job is too nasty for the mercenaries of Talon Company. If you encounter these heartless opportunists, be prepared for a fight to the death.
Once you have the Contract Killer perk, any Good human or Ghoul character you kill will have an ear on their corpse, which can be sold or traded to a certain Evil character...
Once you have the Lawbringer perk, any Evil human or Ghoul character you kill will have a finger on their corpse, which can be sold or traded to a certain Good character...
Perception determines when red tick marks (which indicate threats) appear on your compass.
Picking someone's pocket and placing a mine or grenade in their inventory will activate the explosive... and cause one heck of a mess.
Press and hold your Pip-Boy button to turn the Pip-Boy light off and on.
Rad Resistance allows you to -- what else? -- resist radiation. This Perk grants an additional 25% to Radiation Resistance.
Raiders take whatever they want, whenever they want, and their favorite pastimes are torture and murder.
Raising your Luck raises all of your skill values, and improves your Critical Chance with all weapons.
Repair your weapons regularly -- the lower the condition, the lower a weapon's effectiveness.
Rivet City has no holding facilities for criminals, and zero tolerance for crime.
Running is noisier than walking and makes you easier to detect, even if you are sneaking.
Security Chief Harkness and his officers are authorized to use deadly force when dealing with any and all transgressors.
Sleeping in a rented or owned bed will give you a "Well Rested" bonus that boosts your earned XP for several hours.
Sleeping in any bed will fully restore your Health and heal any crippled body parts.
Small Guns determines your effectiveness with conventional projectile weapons, including the 10mm Pistol, BB Gun, Assault Rifle, and Combat Shotgun.
Some Megaton residents wonder who's really in charge -- Sheriff Simms, or saloon owner Colin Moriarty...
Some of Megaton's first settlers were lured by the misguided hope of entering the nearby Vault 101.
Stealth is affected by many factors, including light level, sound generated, weight and bulk of worn apparel, and line-of-sight.
Strength affects how much you can carry, and determines the effectiveness of all melee attacks.
Super Mutants are often accompanied by Centaurs, which serve as "watchdogs" and alert their masters to danger.
Tenpenny Tower is the brainchild of Allistair Tenpenny, a British refugee who came to the Capital Wasteland seeking his fortune.
The Big Guns skill determines your combat effectiveness with the Fat Man, Rock-It Launcher, Missile Launcher, Flamer, Gatling Laser and Minigun.
The Capital Wasteland lacks a unified government, and any institutional system of crime and punishment. If you wrong someone, prepare to pay with your life.
The Capital Wasteland lacks an institutional system of crime and punishment. If you wrong someone, prepare to pay with your life.
The Child at Heart perk improves your interactions with children with unique dialogue choices.
The Church of the Children of Atom believe the war of 2077 was actually a great holy event perpetuated by their god, Atom.
The Cyborg perk adds 10 points to your Damage, Poison and Radiation Resistances, and 10 points to your Energy Weapons skill.
The Energy Weapons skill determines your effectiveness with the Alien Blaster, Laser Pistol, Laser Rifle, Mesmetron, Plasma Rifle and Plasma Pistol.
The Explosives skill determines the power of any set mines, the ease of disarming any hostile mines, and the effectiveness of any thrown grenades.
The fore section of Rivet City is split from the rest of the carrier, and occupied by hostile Mirelurks.
The Ghouls of Underworld generally aren't bothered by D.C.'s Super Mutants, but resent the Brotherhood of Steel for turning their back yard into a warzone.
The Here and Now perk immediately grants an additional experience level, complete with all the advantages that brings.
The higher your Intelligence, the more Skill Points you'll be able to distribute when you level up.
The higher your Repair skill, the better the starting condition of any custom-made weapons.
The higher your Sneak skill, the easier it is to remain undetected, steal an item or pick someone's pocket.
The light generated from your Pip-Boy light actually makes you less stealthy. If you want to effectively sneak, turn it off.
The Little Leaguer perk improves your melee weapons and explosives skills, making you that much more efficient with a melee weapon or grenades.
The Lockpick skill is used to open locked doors and containers.
The Lockpick skill is used to open locked doors and containers.
The lower the condition of your armor or clothing, the less damage it resists in combat.
The Medicine skill determines the effectiveness of a Stimpak used to heal Health or damaged limbs.
The Medicine skill determines the effectiveness of drugs that help manage radiation, like Rad-X and RadAway.
The Melee Weapons skill determines your effectiveness with any melee weapon, from a simple lead pipe to the high-tech Super Sledge.
The members of the Church of the Children of Atom worship Megaton's atomic bomb.
The Mister Gutsy model of robot was commissioned by the U.S. Army just before the atomic apocalypse of 2077.
The Ninja perk grants you the power of the fabled shadow warriors, and increases your chance to do critical hits, and the damage of each.
The only way to reach the Super Mutant-occupied D.C. ruins is by traveling underground, usually through the abandoned Metro tunnels.
The Overseer is the incontestable leader of Vault 101, and his word is law.
The population of Big Town has dwindled significantly in recent years. Most of the residents have been killed or dragged off by Slavers or Super Mutants.
The remains of a large robot repair center loom over the settlement of Canterbury Commons.
The Repair skill allows you to maintain any weapons and apparel.
The residents of Big Town are all refugees of another settlement, from which they were forcibly expelled...
The residents of Megaton feel safe behind their metal walls. Ironic, considering their proximity to a live atomic bomb.
The Robobrain, constructed by General Atomics International before the great nuclear war, is unique in that it uses an actual organic brain as its central processor.
The Science skill represents your combined scientific knowledge, and is primarily used to hack restricted computer terminals.
The Speech skill governs how much you can influence someone through dialogue, and gain access to information they might otherwise not want to share.
The sturdy Protectron model of robot was created before the great war, and served as a security automaton in both the private and business sectors.
The Tag! perk allows you to select a fourth Skill to be a Tag Skill, meaning it immediately raises by 15 points.
The Unarmed skill is used for fighting without a weapon, or with hand-to-hand weapons like Brass Knuckles or the Power Fist.
Things a bit too tough, or too easy? You can pause the game and modify the difficulty at any time.
Throughout the years since the bombs first fell, dogs have remained largely unaltered by radiation.
Underworld has become a haven for disenfranchised Ghouls throughout the Capital Wasteland.
Underworld was formed in the remains of the Museum of History's special exhibit, which showcased different civilizations' views on the the afterlife.
Vault 101 security officers are hand-picked by the Overseer himself for their discretion and loyalty.
Vault 101's residents remain protected from the outside world, with the exception of the occasional Radroach attack.
Vault-Tec prototype simulation engaged. Active program: Tranquility Lane.
Want to prevent an enemy from fleeing? Cripple the legs.
What was once a small scientific community gradually grew into Rivet City, the largest settlement in the Capital Wasteland.
When you choose the Explorer perk, every location in the world is revealed on your map. So get out there and explore!
When you take the Master Trader perk, the price of every item you buy from a vendor is reduced by 25%.
With Concentrated Fire, your accuracy to hit any body part in V.A.T.S. increases slightly with each subsequent hit on that body part.
With each rank in the Life Giver perk, you gain an additional 30 Hit Points.
With each rank in the Swift Learner perk, you gain an additional 10% to total Experience Points whenever Experience Points are earned.
With each rank of the Demolition Expert perk, all of your explosive weapons do an additional 20% damage.
With each rank of the Gun Nut perk, you gain an additional 5 points to the Small Guns and Repair skills.
With each rank of the Thief perk, you gain an immediate bonus of 5 points to both the Sneak and Lockpick skills.
With the Action Boy perk, you gain an additional 20 Action Points to use in V.A.T.S.
With the Animal Friend perk, you will never be the victim of an unprovoked attack from any animal.
With the Better Criticals perk, you gain a 50% damage bonus every time a critical hit is scored on an opponent.
With the Comprehension perk, you gain one additional skill point whenever a skill book is read.
With the Daddy's Boy perk, a male character gains an additional 5 points to both the Science and Medicine skills.
With the Daddy's Girl perk, a female character gains an additional 5 points to both the Science and Medicine skills.
With the Educated perk, you gain three more skill points every time you advance in level.
With the Entomologist perk, you do an additional +50% damage every time you attack a mutated insect.
With the Finesse perk, you gain an additional +5% chance to score a critical hit on an opponent in combat.
With the Fortune Finder perk, you'll find considerably more Nuka-Cola caps in containers than you normally would.
With the Impartial Mediation perk, you gain an extra 30 points to Speech... so long as you maintain a Neutral Karma level.
With the Infiltrator perk, you gain one more chance to pick any lock broken by an unsuccessful "Force Lock" attempt.
With the Intense Training perk, you can put a single point into any of your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes.
With the Iron Fist perk, you do an additional 5 points of Unarmed damage per rank.
With the Lead Belly perk, you take 50% less radiation every time you drink from an irradiated water source.
With the Light Step perk, you'll never set off an enemy's mines or floor-based mechanical traps.
With the Mister Sandman perk, you can perform a special move that instantly kills any sleeping character, and will gain bonus XP for doing so.
With the Mysterious Stranger perk, your own personal guardian angel will appear occasionally in V.A.T.S. mode to lend a hand... with deadly efficiency.
With the Paralyzing Palm perk, you will sometimes perform a special V.A.T.S. palm strike that paralyzes your opponent for 30 seconds.
With the Pyromaniac perk, you do +50% damage with fire-based weapons, like the Flamer and Shishkebab.
With the Robotics Expert perk, you do an additional 25% damage to any robot in combat.
With the Scrounger perk, you'll find considerably more ammunition in containers than you normally would.
With the second rank of the Animal Friend perk, animals will come to your aid in combat (but not against other animals).
With the Silent Running perk, you gain 10 points to your Sneak skill, and running no longer factors into a successful sneak attempt.
With the Sniper Perk, your chance to hit an opponent's head in V.A.T.S. is significantly increased.
With the Solar Powered perk, you gain an additional 2 points to Strength when in direct sunlight, and slowly regenerate lost Health.
With the Strong Back perk, you can carry 50 more pounds of equipment.
With the Toughness perk, you gain +10% to overall Damage Resistance.
Word is that Moira Brown, the eccentric owner of Craterside Supply, is looking for assistance on a new project.
Yao Guai are fast, powerful predators, and are descended from the area's black bears.
You can restore Health by using a Stimpak, eating food, drinking from a water source, or sleeping in a bed.
You can run faster with your weapon holstered.
You've been pushed around long enough! With the Nerd Rage perk, your Strength is raised to 10 and you gain 50% to Damage Resistance whenever your Health drops to 20% or below.
Zooming in with a ranged weapon slows you down, but improves your accuracy.

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