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Fallout 3 armors checklist

210 armors
1Advanced Radiation Suit
2All-Purpose Science Suit
3Apocalypse Gladiator Armor
4Apocalypse Gladiator Helmet
5Armored Vault 101 Jumpsuit
6Army Power Armor
7Athlete of the Wastes Outfit
8Ballcap with Glasses
10Biker Goggles
12Blast Off Helmet
13Blast Off Pajamas
14Boogeyman's Hood
15Brahmin-Skin Outfit
16Brotherhood Power Armor
17Brotherhood Power Helmet
18Brotherhood Scribe Robe
19Button's Wig
21Chinese Commando Hat
22Chinese Jumpsuit
23Colonel Autumn's Uniform
24Combat Armor
25Combat Helmet
26Commando Armor
27Composite Recon Armor
28Composite Recon Helmet
29Crow's Eyebot Helmet
30Dad's Wasteland Outfit
31Defender Armor
32Dirty Chinese Jumpsuit
33Dirty Pre-War Businesswear
34Dirty Pre-War Casualwear
35Dirty Pre-War Kid's Outfit
36Dirty Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit
37Dirty Pre-War Relaxedwear
38Dirty Pre-War Spring Outfit
39Doctor Li's Glasses
40Doctor Li's Outfit
41Elder Lyons' Robe
42Enclave Officer Hat
43Enclave Officer Uniform
44Enclave Power Armor
45Enclave Power Helmet
46Enclave Scientist Outfit
47Enclave Shocktrooper Armor
48Enclave Shocktrooper Helmet
49Environment Suit
50Eulogy Jones' Hat
51Eulogy Jones' Suit
52Explorer's Gear
53Eyebot Helmet
55Ghoul Mask
57Grimy Pre-War Businesswear
58Hand-Me-Down Raider Armor
59Handyman Jumpsuit
60Hat of the People
61Head Wrap
62Highway Scar Armor
63Hockey Mask
64Junior Officer Outfit
65Kid's Ballcap with Glasses
66Kid's Baseball Cap
67Kid's Cave Rat Outfit
68Kid's Murray the Mole Hat
69Kid's Party Hat
70Kid's Police Hat
71Lab Technician Outfit
72Leather Armor
73Ledoux's Hockey Mask
74Lesko's Lab Coat
75Lincoln's Hat
76Linden's Outcast Power Armor
77Lucky Shades
78Lyons' Pride Power Armor
79MacCready's Helmet
80Makeshift Gas Mask
81Maple's Garb
82Mayor MacCready's Outfit
83Merc Adventurer Outfit
84Merc Charmer Outfit
85Merc Cruiser Outfit
86Merc Grunt Outfit
87Merc Troublemaker Outfit
88Merc Veteran Outfit
89Metal Armor
90Metal Helmet
91Modified Utility Jumpsuit
92Motorcycle Helmet
93Mysterious Stranger Hat
94Mysterious Stranger Outfit
95Naughty Nightwear
96Oasis Druid Hood
97Oasis Exile Hood
98Oasis Robe
99Oasis Villager Robe
100Outcast Power Armor
101Outcast Power Helmet
102Outcast Recon Armor
103Outcast Recon Helmet
104Party Hat
105Party HatStanley
106Pint-Sized Slasher Mask
107Pip-Boy 3000
108Pip-Boy Glove
109Police Hat
110Poplar's Hood
111Power Armor
112Power Helmet
113Power-Suit Armor
114Pre-War Baseball Cap
115Pre-War Bonnet
116Pre-War Casualwear
117Pre-War Hat
118Pre-War Kid's Outfit
119Pre-War Outfit and Watch
120Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit
121Pre-War Relaxedwear
122Pre-War Spring Outfit
123Prototype Medic Power Armor
124Pyro Helmet
125Radiation Suit
126Ragamuffin Outfit
127Ragamuffin Tophat
128Raider Arclight Helmet
129Raider Badlands Armor
130Raider Blastmaster Armor
131Raider Blastmaster Helmet
132Raider Painspike Armor
133Raider Psycho-Tic Helmet
134Raider Sadist Armor
135Raider Wastehound Helmet
136Ranger Battle Armor
137Ranger Battle Helmet
138Reading Glasses
139Recon Armor
140Recon Armor Helmet
141Red Racer Jumpsuit
142Red's Bandana
143Red's Jumpsuit
144Regulator Duster
145Rivet City Security Helmet
146Rivet City Security Uniform
147Road Rascal Leather Armor
148RobCo Jumpsuit
149Robo-Thor Armor
150Robo-Thor Helmet
151Roving Trader Hat
152Roving Trader Outfit
153Scientist Outfit
154Sexy Sleepwear
155Shady Hat
156Sharp-Dressed Raider's Armor
157Shellshocked Combat Armor
158Shellshocked Combat Helmet
159Sheriff's Duster
160Sheriff's Hat
161Slave Collar
163Stormchaser Hat
165Surgical Mask
166T-51b Power Armor
167T-51b Power Helmet
168Takoma Park Little Leaguer Cap
169Talon Combat Armor
170Talon Combat Helmet
171Tenpenny Security Helmet
172Tenpenny Security Uniform
173Tenpenny's Suit
174Tesla Armor
175Tesla Helmet
176The AntAgonizer's Costume
177The AntAgonizer's Helmet
178The Devil's Pigtails
179The Mechanist's Costume
180The Mechanist's Helmet
181The Surgeon's Lab Coat
182Three Dog's Glasses
183Three Dog's Head Wrap
184Tinted Reading Glasses
185Torcher's Mask
186Tortiseshell Glasses
187Tunnel Snake Outfit
189Vance's Longcoat Outfit
190Vault 101 Child's Jumpsuit
191Vault 101 Jumpsuit
192Vault 101 Security Armor
193Vault 101 Security Helmet
194Vault 101 Utility Jumpsuit
195Vault 106 Jumpsuit
196Vault 108 Jumpsuit
197Vault 112 Jumpsuit
198Vault 77 Jumpsuit
199Vault 87 Jumpsuit
200Vault 92 Jumpsuit
201Vault Lab Uniform
202Wanderer's Leather Armor
203Wasteland Doctor Fatigues
204Wasteland Legend Outfit
205Wasteland Scout Hat
206Wasteland Scout Uniform
207Wasteland Settler Outfit
208Wasteland Surgeon Outfit
209Wasteland Wanderer Outfit
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