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199 What kind of an asshole question is that?
200 Outlook good.
201 Outlook not so good.
202 My reply is no.
203 Don't count on it.
204 You may rely on it.
205 Ask again later.
206 Most likely.
207 Cannot predict now.
208 Yes.
209 Yes. Definitely.
210 Better not to tell you now.
211 It is certain.
212 Very doubtful.
213 It is decidedly so.
214 Concentrate and ask again.
215 Signs point to yes.
216 My sources say no.
217 Without a doubt.
218 Reply hazy, try again.
219 As I see it, yes.
220 Stop shaking me so hard. It hurts.
221 You have a strong right arm.
222 Please wipe your hands before shaking me again.
223 Temporarily out of service.
224 Closed by order of the RPG Board.
225 Keep shaking me, and there'll be trouble.
226 I'm getting sick.
227 I'm getting nauseous.
228 Your hands are warm.
229 Feargus was against putting me in the game. He's a big meanie.
230 Your score is 23 out of 100. You have quite a ways to go yet.
231 Scott Everts sighs a lot when he sees how many inventory items are in the game.
232 Look in the first floor men's bathroom toilet in the Mordino casino in New Reno.
233 Somebody buried some cash beneath the cross labeled 'Trash' in Golgotha.
234 Go back and talk to Father Tully in New Reno after you have finished the game.
235 There is an Easter Egg somewhere in New Reno.
236 Stop shaking me so hard.
237 Your LUCK is very high. Keep shaking me for clues!
238 Yes, we KNOW Descent to Undermountain was crap.
239 If you sell Bessie to the butchers in Modoc, you can set her free again.
240 Pay attention to what Curtis says after you return Mr. Nixon to him in Vault City.
241 With the feuding couple in Broken Hills, the wife really did throw the Cat's Paw in the trash.
242 You need a high STR *and* a high END to have a chance of beating Francis in the arm-wrestling contest.

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