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100 A computer terminal
101 Controls the Vault-Tec organ extraction unit
102 You are unable to read what's on the monitor.
103 Welcome to Vault-Tec's state-of-the-art organ extraction apparatus. To operate, please place donor in operating room, turn dial to appropriate species, and select organ to be extracted.
104 Select Species
105 Select Organ
106 Exit
107 Arg!
108 The dial has the following animals listed: Canine Feline Road Runner Rodent Human (scratched onto console)
114 Select Canine
115 Select Feline
116 Select Road Runner
117 Select Rodent
118 Select Human
119 Scratch a new name onto console.
120 Exit
121 [You pick up a scrap piece of metal and ponder on what to scratch onto the console.]
122 Carve the word Mutant onto console.
123 Carve the word Deathclaw onto console.
124 Exit
125 Current Selection:
126 Species:
127 Organ:
128 Select Species
129 Select Organ
130 Proceed with extraction.
131 Exit
132 The dial has the following organs listed: Heart Brain Kidney Liver Lung Appendix Colon (Scratched in)
140 Select Heart
141 Select Brain
142 Select Kidney
143 Select Liver
144 Select Lung
145 Select Appendix
146 Select Colon
147 Exit
148 Donor subject is not present in extraction room.
149 Extraction failed
150 Extraction completed
151 Extraction completed Thank you for using Vault-Tec. Please see our catalog for our complete line of Vault-Tec products.
153 Exit
170 Human
171 Canine
172 Feline
173 Road Runner
174 Rodent
175 Mutant
176 Deathclaw
180 Brain
181 Heart
182 Kidney
183 Liver
184 Lung
185 Appendix
186 Colon

Remember when the platform was sliding into the fire pit and I said Goodbye and you were like no way and then I was all we pretended we were going to murder you? That was great!

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