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100 A Computer Terminal.
101 A rather antiquated computer. CPU speed of only 500hz.
102 You are unable to read what's on the monitor.
103 Automated Repair Station Processing Repair Requests from Skynet Dispatching Repair Units
106 Attempt to disable the repair station.
107 Unplug the computer.
108 Push the big red button marked with the letters OFF.
109 Exit
110 [You can't seem to figure out how to shut the program down.]
111 Exit
112 [Typing the word "OFF" seems to do the trick. The automated repair system is off.]
113 Exit
114 [By pure chance you notice an electrical cord going from the computer to a socket in the wall. The computer screen fades to black as you pull the plug.]
115 Exit
116 [You boldly press the red button marked "OFF". As you suspected the computer terminal goes dark.]
117 Exit
118 [As you start to type, keys begin to pop out of the keyboard and fall to the floor. So much for using this terminal.]
119 Exit
120 You already shut down the automated repair system.

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