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67 Results For WSTERM2B.MSG
100 A computer terminal.
101 Pictures of scantily clad women are affixed to various spots on the computer.
102 You are unable to read what's on the monitor.
103 Munitions Access Terminal Force Field - Disabled Shock Plates - Disabled
104 Munitions Access Terminal Force Field - Disabled Shock Plates - Active
105 Munitions Access Terminal Force Field - Active Shock Plates - Disabled
106 Munitions Access Terminal Force Field - Active Shock Plates - Active
107 Disable Shock Plates
108 Disable Force Fields
109 Read Mail
110 Exit
111 [No matter how you try, the squiggly lines don't make sense to you.]
112 Disable Shock Plates Please Enter Password:
113 Hack into security systems
114 Guess Password
115 Return to Main Menu
116 Exit
117 [This program is just too complex for you to understand.]
118 Return to Main Menu.
119 Exit
120 [You manage to bypass the password and turn off the Shock Plates.]
121 Return to Main Menu
122 Exit
123 Disable Force Fields Please Enter Password:
124 Hack into security systems
125 Guess Password
126 Return to Main Menu
127 Exit
128 [The files are encrypted and without a decoder you are unable to read anything.]
129 Return to Main Menu
130 Exit
131 [Mere child's play. The force fields are now deactivated.]
132 Return to Main Menu
133 Exit
134 [Somebody forgot to close their mailbox.] Order Confirmation Notice to Evacuate Penpal Greetings Trade
135 [Choose a file to read]
136 Read Order Confirmation
137 Read Notice to Evacuate
138 Read Penpal Greetings
139 Read Trade
140 Return to Main Menu
141 Exit
142 This is to confirm your video order for Debbie Does the Army and Deep Throat volume 1059. Your order should arrive by mail in 2-4 weeks. Thank you for your order.
143 Read more mail
144 Exit
145 Evacuation of Sierra Army Depot has been moved up by one week. All security measures must be in place by that time. By order of General Clifton.
146 Read more mail
147 Exit
148 [You hear faint whirring noise as smoke starts to rise from the computer terminal. You stand by and watch as the keyboard melts into a puddle of goo. Hmm...must have been one of those viruses you've been hearing about.]
149 Exit
150 This is Klinger from the 8063rd. We're in desperate need of part number 102-53B. I've got a case of Chateau Lafayette 2155 if you could expedite the order. Get back to me ASAP.
151 Read more mail
152 Exit
153 [What incredible luck! You manage to guess the correct password. "Hooters"] Deactivating Shock Plates
154 Return to Main Menu
155 Exit
156 [No matter how hard you try, you cannot guess the password.]
157 Return to Main Menu
158 Exit
159 [This person must have an infatuation with breasts. The password was "nipples"] Deactivating Force Fields
160 Return to Main Menu
161 Exit
162 [No matter how hard you try, you cannot guess the password.]
163 Return to Main Menu
164 Exit
165 [Somehow your tampering causes the terminal to explode in your face.]
166 Exit

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