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100 You see an active computer terminal.
101 Looking closely at the terminal you notice sign stating "I*tel Inside".
102 You are unable to read what is on the monitor.
103 Main Power = Offline Backup power = Online Reinitiating Security Program Warning - Low Power - Force Fields at 50% Finished loading... Skynet Security Check Point 1 Please Enter Password:_
104 Skynet Security Check Point 1 Please Enter Password:_
105 Tchaikovsky
106 Open Says Me
107 Sierra
108 Armageddon
109 Hack into security systems
110 You don't have a clue. Exit.
113 Force Fields Disabled - Level 1
115 Exit
117 Access to this terminal has been terminated.
119 Exit
121 Error 29 Unable to contact server Please reboot
123 Exit
124 Access Granted Force Fields Level 1: Deactivated
125 Exit
126 Invalid Password Access Denied Please enter Password:_
127 Tchaikovsky
128 Open Says Me
129 Sierra
130 Armageddon
131 Hack into Security Systems
132 You don't have a clue. Exit.
133 [Pressing causes the program to crash. You hope the rest of the security measures are this easy to defeat.]
134 Exit.
135 Security Breach Level 1 Activating Security Protocol User access to this terminal is terminated End Transmission
136 Exit
137 Your ineptness has caused you to set off the alarm system.
138 It's no use, the program is just too complicated for you to understand.
139 Exit
200 is unable to read what is on the monitor.
300 The computer seems to have some sort of defense mechanism.
301 You are shocked for
302 is shocked for

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.

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