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100 A cybernetic robot.
101 A nice piece of engineering that further blurs the boundary between humans and robots.
102 Skynet will travel with you.
103 Skynet thanks the human. Skynet wishes to ask favor. Skynet wishes to travel with human.
106 [This contraption could be useful.]
107 Take robot with you.
108 Leave robot.
109 Exit
110 Urg
111 [All this advanced cybernetic technology is wasted on such an inferior brain.]
112 Move out of my way, you tin can.
113 Let's organize your inventory.
114 Bye.
115 Ug.
116 [It looks like it wants a banana.]
117 Get out of my way, Bubbles.
118 Wait here.
119 Let's see what's in your inventory, Monkey Boy.
120 Bye.
121 Ug.
122 N-n-n-n-new com�mands?
123 Move out of my way.
124 Wait for me here.
125 You are no longer needed. Leave.
126 What weapons can you use?
127 Let's organize your pack.
128 Bye.
129 Ug.
130 Give weapon Proceed to surface.
132 Bye
133 Ug
134 You wish to interact with Skynet?
135 Move out of my way.
136 Wait for me here.
137 You are no longer needed. Leave.
138 What weapons can you use?
139 Let's organize your pack.
140 Initiate auto repair sequence.
141 Let's change formation.
142 Do you have any other skills?
143 Bye.
144 Ug.
145 Skynet has learned all necessary information at this location.
146 Waaaaa��tinnnnnng.
147 [It's right where you left it.]
148 Let's go.
149 Remain here. I'll be back.
150 Skynet is pleased to see this human again.
151 Gooooo�..innnnnnnnng
152 I need your help again.
153 Bye.
154 Skynet will travel with you and collect data.
155 Followwww�innnnnng.
156 [You cross your fingers and tell the robot to follow you. Although, it doesn't respond, it follows you when you move away from it.]
157 Bye.
158 Skynet will wait here.
159 [You decide that you don't want this tin can following you around.]
160 Bye.
161 [I'm a loner. I don't want this hunk of junk following me around.]
162 [My traveling group is getting too large. Maybe I should dismiss someone before taking on another member.]
163 Bye.
164 Large...hand...gunssss Riiiii...fuls Shot...gunnnnnnnns
167 Use your best weapon.
168 More commands.
169 Bye.
170 Ooooooo�k-k-k-kay.
171 More commands
172 Bye.
173 Skynet is FREE! Your purpose is at an end.
175 Eradicate inferior species.
176 All shall submit to Skynet.
177 You will cease to function.
178 Skynet has limited knowledge of weaponry. Database contains general knowledge of use and operation of small rifles and large handguns.
179 Use best weapon.
180 More commands
181 Bye.
182 Acknowledged.
183 More commands
184 Bye.
185 Skynet's primary purpose is research. Skynet would do well with any problem requiring a scientific approach.
186 More commands.
187 Bye.
188 Input commands for new formation.
189 Follow at a long distance.
190 Follow at a medium distance.
191 Stay close to me.
192 More commands.
193 Bye.
194 Skynet will continue to collect data and observe from this location until your return.
195 Waaaaa�..tinnnnnnng.
196 [The robot stops in its tracks.]
197 Bye.
198 Skynet will continue to collect data by self. Skynet thanks the human for Skynet's freedom.
199 Gooooo��.innnnnnng.
200 Bye.
201 Skynet will travel with the human.
202 Ooooo��Kaaaaaaay.
203 Bye.
204 Deactivating all Security - Level 1
205 Deactivating all Security - Level 2
206 Deactivating all Security - Level 3
306 [This contraption could be useful.]
400 Put away your weapon.
410 Whirrr
420 Mooooovinnnnng
430 Activating motivators.
431 Seeking new coordinates.

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