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100 You see a Citizen in a bright blue jumpsuit. It looks like the Vault Dweller's suit, but there is no number on the back.
101 You see a Vault City Citizen.
102 You see a Citizen in a bright blue jumpsuit. It looks like the Vault Dweller's suit, but there is no number on the back.
103 ::claps::
104 It's the hero! Look!
105 My word! It's the hero, here, in Vault City!
106 Good day, Captain.
107 Vault City prevails, Captain.
108 Good day, Citizen.
109 Vault City prevails, Citizen.
110 A mutant! Guards! Guards!
111 A ghoul! Guards! Guards!
112 How did you get inside the walls?
113 Excuse me, do you have a Day Pass?
114 Hmmmph. Another Outsider.
115 Seems like more and more Outsiders are finding their way inside the walls...
116 I certainly hope you have a Day Pass.
117 Seems like they're issuing Day Passes to just about *any* Outsider lately...
118 I have heard of your brave deeds. You have done a great service for Vault City...and the world.
119 Your battle against the Enclave impressed even the First Citizen.
120 I heard you traveled as far south as San... Fran... Cisco. Is that true?
121 Maybe Vault City *should* welcome Outsiders.
122 Was it true? Was the old world government still waging the war?
123 You should catalog your travels in the Vault City computer so others may read about them.
124 You are welcome to stay as long as you wish, hero.
125 You should catalog your heroic exploits against the Enclave into a nice, tidy list.
126 *Yawn*... hrmnnn? Yes? What is it?
127 It's a little late for visitors.
128 MOST Citizens would be asleep at this hour.
129 Sleeping? No, not anymore.
130 Please... come back in the morning. I have a long day of making lists tomorrow.
131 Good day, Captain.
132 Vault City prevails, Captain.
133 Can I get you a donut, Captain?
134 Anything wrong, Captain?
135 I hope none of those filthy Outsiders are giving you trouble, Captain.
136 Do you have any stories about the outside world, Captain?
137 Good day, Citizen.
138 Vault City prevails, Citizen.
139 I'm feeling double-plus good. You?
140 As a Citizen, it is part of our civic duty to make and maintain lists.
141 I spent most of the day making that list for the Proconsul, then checking it. I love making lists.
142 I work in the List Office. Most of us do. We here at Vault City *love* making lists.
143 I spent most of the day today updating that list for the List Office. It was good, honest, productive work.
144 I heard you actually traveled the outside world. How did you survive among those filthy Outsiders?
145 Oh! You're the new Citizen. Welcome to Vault City.
146 Do you need a place to stay while you're in town?
147 The Council has our interests at heart.
148 We must take care to keep our beautiful city clean.
149 The servants? Oh, we use them for menial tasks.
150 That Council meeting yesterday was very productive. We made *lots* of lists. We here at Vault City love to make lists.
151 Yes?
152 Something I can help you with...Outsider?
153 I'm sorry, did you say something?
154 Me? I'm going about my business. Perhaps you should, too.
155 Can I see your Day Pass, please?
156 Oh...sorry. I almost mistook you for a servant.
157 I really don't have time to chat with an Outsider right now. Please move along.
158 Could you keep your distance, please?
159 Please stand over there.
160 The servants free up our time for more important matters. Mostly list-making.
161 The servants? Oh, we use them for menial tasks.
162 Yes, I can smell... er, see, that you're an Outsider.

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