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100 You see Martin.
101 You see a slack-jawed man who keeps blinking rapidly.
102 You see Martin.
103 You see a slack-jawed man who keeps blinking rapidly.
104 Thanks for suh-suh-saving us. I heard about it even duh-duh-down here.
105 Huh-help! Intruder!
106 A muh-muh-muhtant! Help!
107 A guh-guh-ghoul! Help!
108 ::Bum-ba-bum-ba::
109 2 Seconds
110 "Maaaay-beeee..."
111 2 Seconds
112 "Yoooou'll think of meee...when you are alllll alone..."
113 2 Seconds
114 "Maaaay-beeee...the one whooo...is waaaaah-ting for yooou..."
115 2 Seconds
116 "...will prove un-truuuuuue..."
117 2 Seconds
118 "...then what will yooou dooooo?"
119 2 Seconds
120 ::Pantomimes clapping, roaring of crowd::
121 2 Seconds
122 Th-th-thank you, th-th-thank you...yuh-yuh-you're a wonderful audience.
123 2 Seconds
124 An enh-encore? Ouh-okay!
125 *Snfff*
126 Wh-?! Aighhh!
127 Aieeeee!
128 Whoa, easy there!
129 What the hell's your problem?! Calm down!
130 Yuh-yuh-you nearly sc-scairt the life uh-outta me.
131 Aieeeeee! Aieeeeee!
132 Sorry, didn't mean to startle you.
133 Muh-Muh-MAYBE if you paid attention to what was going on around you, maybe you wouldn't be giving us BOTH heart attacks, pal.
134 Th-that's okay.
135 Suh-suh-sorre.
136 It's juhst nuh-not muh-many people come inta the Vault.
137 (That's okay. It's just not many people come into the Vault.)
138 (Sorry. It's just not many people come into the Vault.)
139 What is it you do here?
140 Can you tell me where the Vault Central Computer is?
141 Oh. Great talking to you. Goodbye.
142 Itz juhst over th-there...itz th' tuh-tuh-talking cuh-cuh-compuhter.
143 (It's just over there. It's the talking computer.)
144 What is it you do here?
145 Thanks. Goodbye.
146 Juhst keep an uh-uh-eye on things in stuh-storage down here. Muh-Muh-Make shure all the doors stay luh-luh-locked.
147 (Just keep an eye on things in storage down here. Make sure all the doors stay locked.)
148 Do you have a key?
149 What do you store down here?
150 See you around. Bye.
151 Uh-uh. Dozn't mattuh, cuz muh-muh-most doors are juh-juh-jammed shu-shut anyway.
152 (Uh-uh. Doesn't matter, because most of the doors are jammed shut anyway.)
153 What do you store down here?
154 See you around. Bye.
155 Spuh-spuh-spare parts...suh-suh-supplies...and uh-uh-ore...
156 (Spare parts, supplies, and ore.)
157 Ore?
158 Oh. Thanks for the information.
159 Uh-uh-ore from Ruh-Ruh-Redding...nuh-nuh-not so muh-muh-much any-more.
160 (Ore from Redding. Not so much anymore.)
161 Not much ore from Redding? Why not?
162 Oh. Thanks for the information.
163 Duh-duh-don't know. Mic-Clure's really wuh-wuh-worried 'bout it.
164 (Don't know. McClure's really worried about it.)
165 Can you tell me where the Central Computer is?
166 Maybe I'll talk to him then. Thanks.
167 Huh-huh-hi, again. Yuh-yuh-you nuh-nuh-need summthing?
168 (Hi, again. You need something?)
169 Geeechk
170 Could you stop that goddamn singing?! It's driving me crazy.
171 You have a great singing voice. You should keep practicing.
172 What was it you do here again?
173 Nevermind. Sorry to bother you.
174 Th-th-thanks! That's n-nice of you to say.
175 What was it you do here again?
176 Just thought you should know. Take care.
177 Suh-suh-suh-sorreee. I'll stuh-stuh-stop.
178 (Sorry. I'll stop.)
179 Now...what was it you do here again?
180 Good. Do the world a favor and keep quiet.
181 Yuh-yuh-yuh-you guh-guh-got to be Kuh-Quiet! Shhhhhh!
182 Sorreeeee
183 Wuh-wuh-wuht are yuh-you doin' down here?!
184 GEK
185 Guh-guh-GECK? You kuh-can ch-ch-check th' cuh-cuh-computer...the tuh-tuh-talkie buh-buh-box.
186 Okeee. Fanks.
187 Zuh-zuh-zuh-Zzzzzzzzz
188 S-s-s-tay aw-w-w-ay from-m-m that d-d-oor!

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