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100 You see a ragged-looking farmer.
101 You see Smith.
102 Don�t think I�ve seen you around before, stranger. The name's Smith. Help you with something?
103 Was there something else you wanted?
104 Can you tell me about Vault City?
105 What do you do around here?
106 I�m looking for the Vault.
107 I�d like to help you with that plow.
108 Your wife says things have been hard.
109 No, just passing through. Goodbye.
110 Um... Waga Nu-kik?
111 Well, what you see here ain't really Vault City... you�re actually standing in the city's Courtyard.
112 Why aren�t you in the city?
113 What do you do here?
114 Can I ask you something else?
115 Thanks. Goodbye.
116 My family and I work a farm here in the Courtyard. We get by. Don�t know for how long, though.
117 What�s the problem?
118 Why aren�t you in the city?
119 Can I ask you something else?
120 Yeah, times are tough. Goodbye.
121 That�s right, big fella. I gotta get going.
122 You talking about the Vault inside the city? I've only seen it once... it's inside the gates, along the cliff, I think. They only let the Citizens into it, though.
123 Can I ask you something else?
124 Thanks for the directions. Goodbye.
125 Me and the family ain�t the kind of people they let in there. So we live here under their protection.
126 Why aren�t you allowed to live in the city?
127 Protection? What kind of protection?
128 Can I ask you something else?
129 I see. Well, thanks for your time. Goodbye.
130 Well, it�s tough without a plow. Me and the wife try, but the farming goes slow.
131 Can I help?
132 Can I ask you something else?
133 Oh, well, I�m sorry to hear that. Goodbye.
134 Sure.
135 Well, we�re from the wasteland... like yourself. So all we can get is protection from Vault City.
136 What kind of protection?
137 Can I ask you something else?
138 Thanks. Goodbye.
139 They keep us safe from the outside, but it costs me and the wife quite a bit. And without a plow� well, making ends meet is difficult.
140 Can I help with the plow?
141 Can I ask you something else?
142 Oh, well, I�m sorry to hear that. Goodbye.
143 Me and the wife don�t talk with your kind.
144 Mary, keep away from this fella.
145 You�d help people like us? We can�t offer much, but we sure would appreciate it.
146 Whoa! If you can't pay, I can�t help you.
147 No problem. I�d like to help.
148 Can I ask you something else?
149 I'll have to think about it. Goodbye.
150 Well, we have about a hundred and fifty saved, if that would help. But we won�t be able to make our next payment if we don�t have the plow by next week.
151 I�ll take the money.
152 Don�t worry about the money. I�ll help you anyway.
153 Never mind... I can't help you. Goodbye.
154 Well, thank you kindly, stranger.
155 Do you know where I can find a plow?
156 There's one over near the Guns and Ammo store. Harry might be selling it.
157 All right, I�ll go look for it.
158 Did you find a plow?
159 Sorry, not yet.
160 I don't think I'm going to be able to get one for you.
161 Well, we can do without for a little longer. But not much beyond that.
162 My Pa told me to watch out for people like you... get outta here. Go on, get!
163 Thank you kindly. Here�s a little something my pa gave me before he left this world. With the guards protecting us, we don't need it... but you might be able to make some use of it.
164 Thanks very much. I'm sure this will come in handy. Take care.
165 Thanks for the help, stranger. Much appreciated.

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