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100 You see a wild-eyed man. Despite his unkempt hair and scruffy beard, his clothes look clean and well-cared for.
101 You see Thomas Moore.
102 You see Thomas Moore. Despite his unkempt hair and scruffy beard, his clothes look clean and well-cared for.
103 Hello and welcome, traveler! Have you heard the word today?
104 Uurmph
105 Ecch
106 Portzebie
107 Shamble off
108 Why, no... I haven't.
109 And you are...?
110 Uh, no, and I don't want to. Goodbye.
111 The word, my friend... the word is SELFISHNESS. Mix in a slew of arrogance, and what do you have? Vault City... in all its self-righteous, slave-trading glory.
112 Why do you live here if you hate it so much?
113 Amen, brother!
114 I think I've heard enough. Goodbye.
115 Go sell crazy somewhere else, pal... we're all stocked up here.
116 Yes!
117 It is TIME to hear the wailing of our kin outside these walls and let them in! We have more than enough to feed and shelter our brothers... we need not be rich when so MANY are poor.
118 I hear you!
119 At last, someone who speaks sense! Why must others suffer when aid lies within these walls?
120 I've heard enough. Goodbye.
121 Friend... as I look upon you today, I see STRENGTH. I see FAITH. Do my eyes deceive me? Or do they see a kindred soul that shares my cause?
122 Damn right!
123 Yes! Know that it is TIME... time for this city, built on sin and slavery, to open its gates to everyone!
124 I have to leave. Good talking... er, listening, to you.
125 Then let me ask you this, my friend - to what LENGTHS would you go to spread the word?
126 Well, that depends on how much money you have on you..."friend."
127 No lengths are too long... no distance too great, when the cause is just, and the word is true. Whatever needs be done, I will do it!
128 I don't like the direction this conversation is going. Good day.
129 Even though it may mean banishment from this oasis?
130 This is no oasis, my brother. It is a city, built on selfishness and greed. It needs to be saved from itself... in that light, is banishment too high a price? I think not.
131 Anything to release my fellow man from his bonds!
132 I don't know... what are you asking me to do?
133 Hmmm. Well, since you put it that way, no, I guess not. Good day.
134 (Leans in.) I have a briefcase... with information vital to our cause. Will you deliver it to New Reno for me? I would do it, but the Citizens here are watching me...
135 So, you admit you have ties to New Reno, eh? That's gonna cost you... "friend."
136 Sure. Give it to me.
137 No thanks... that's a little too risky to me. Count me out.
138 Here it is... deliver this to a man, John Bishop, in New Reno. Tread carefully, my child, and carry the word with you.
139 Deliver this briefcase to John Bishop? No problem.
140 My name? I am Thomas Moore, preacher of the word and the truth. And what brings you to me today, friend? Do YOU seek the word?
141 The word?
142 Uh, no, not today, thanks. Goodbye.
143 Even those who appear the most innocent may deceive a messenger of the word... how do I know that you're a TRUE believer?
144 You'll be a true believer when I shove my foot up your ass!
145 I AM a true believer, brother. How can I prove my devotion?
146 I know that this city has built its foundations on sin and slavery, and that only the righteous may set it right!
147 You know, maybe we'll just talk later.
148 Ignorant heathen! You have ears, but you do not listen! You have eyes, but you are blind! Get from my sight, filthy swine!
149 Filthy... uh... sw... what? Nobody talks to me like that! Hope you ain't got no family that'll miss you, dead man...
150 Nobody talks to me like that, least of all some two-bit wanna-be soapbox preacher. I think it's time you learned a lesson, dead man.
151 Calm down. I'm leaving.
152 Hmmmmmm. One must beware serpents that echo the words of truth, yet shelter falsehood within their heart.
153 Amen, brother!
154 If there is no trust between us, I shall leave. Goodbye.
155 Uh... sure. Maybe we'll talk later.
156 What?! How DARE you blackmail me, you... you... (Frowns.)... you have my full attention.
157 Let's discuss payment, shall we?
158 Why... where better to preach than to those that need to hear the most?
159 I suppose you're right. Who are you?
160 Testify, brother! Speak the word!
161 Exactly! This city is built on sin and slavery and it needs the strength of the righteous to set it right!
162 Uh... right. Well, good talking to you. Goodbye.
163 Here... this briefcase has my account numbers in it. Deliver it to John Bishop in New Reno, and he will give you access to my accounts.
164 Forget it. I'm turning you in anyway.
165 Screw the payment, then. I'm not going to Reno.
166 Great! But it better be worth my while.
167 It seems nature has already punished you, slaver. Perhaps one day you shall redeem yourself.
168 Eh... that's not it. Walk carefully in the wastes, my simple friend.
169 Urf
170 So, friend, have you reconsidered?
171 I've considered that it might be worth a lot of money for me to keep your secret. Understand?
172 I've seen the light, brother... what shall I do?
173 No, sorry. Good day.
174 Eh? What are you doing here? Didn't you deliver...
175 ... the case to Bishop? Well, I TRIED, except he read this little note you left in the case and tried to KILL me. Pretty funny, huh? Hope you're ready to die, Moore.
176 I did, but I came back to fill you full of holes then cover your body with a thin layer of dirt.
177 Just keeping you on your toes. Bye.
178 Ah! Welcome again, fellow seeker of truth! How can I help you this day?
179 What do you know about the NCR?
180 I had a question: Why does Vault City have slaves? I heard it was a free city.
181 I want to hear the word, brother!
182 This city is built on sin and slavery and I have come to set it right!
183 Nothing today, thanks.
184 I know that they are striving to revive truth and justice, and we will not lift a hand to help.
185 What can we do?
186 That sounds a lot like treason.
187 That's a shame. Oh well, goodbye.
188 We can throw our gates wide and welcome them in! They need our help, yet STILL we turn a blind eye!
189 Amen! Vault City's advanced technology should be shared, not horded.
190 Hmm... I don't know. We have it pretty good here. Do we really need them? After all, they'd bring down our standard of living... contaminate us, even.
191 Hmmm. Well, it's something to think about. Goodbye.
192 I cannot answer that, for a city built on slavery can never be truly free.
193 Yeah, but they can sure get rich, huh?
194 Your words... they strike a chord with me. Perhaps freeing the slaves, welcoming them, is best for Vault City.
195 We should free the slaves, and embrace them as brothers!
196 Aw, don't give me that brahmin shit. Slavery... and Vault City... is gonna be around a long time.
197 Interesting words. Perhaps we'll speak again.
198 I see you are a trader in human flesh. I have NOTHING to say to one such as yourself.
199 Uurmph
200 Ecch
201 Portzebie
202 Shamble off
203 Hey, I only acted like a slaver to get information.
204 Well, I had something to say to you: Why does Vault City have slaves? I thought this was a free city.
205 Hey, even the lowest means justify a noble end.
206 All right then. Bye.
207 It's good to see intolerance alive and well. Good day.
208 The act is the same as the deed. Begone, slaver.
209 But I've learned the error of my ways!
210 That does it. Time to cut you open and see what you're made of...
211 All right then.
212 I have nothing to say to one of such foul disposition. Leave.
213 You want foul disposition? I'll SHOW you foul disposition...
214 I've seen the error of my ways. I've come to repent and hear the word!
215 My heart was torn because of the thought of man's inhumanity to man!
216 All right then.
217 Hello again, fellow pilgrim! Did you deliver the information as I asked?
218 Hello again, fellow pilgrim! How can I help you on this day?
219 Let's cut the crap, "Tomcat." I know everything about you and your "friends" down in NCR.
220 Why would you work for the NCR? I thought you were an honorable man.
221 Yes... look, Bishop said you worked for NCR. Is that true?
222 Yes, I just wanted to let you know I'd taken care of it.
223 It pleases me to hear that my words have taken seed in your heart. Perhaps our paths will cross again.
224 Perhaps so. Keep the faith, brother.
225 Goodbye.
226 The NCR is trying to bring honor and government to all of California, and Vault City has the power to make it happen! Think of the good we could do with access to Vault City's technology!
227 I don't buy it. I think I should turn you in - unless, of course, you want to buy my silence.
228 But it's Vault City's technology. Others have no right to it.
229 Nothing good comes from lies and treachery, Moore. Vault City has been lying to itself for years... don't go down that road, all right?
230 Hmm. I'll have to think about this.
231 You're right. I'm sorry I doubted you.
232 ALL men have the right to the fruits of the old world. Technology is to be shared, not hoarded.
233 You just don't GET it, do you, Moore? Maybe a good old fashioned ass-kicking will knock some sense into you.
234 Yeah, yeah, cut the "holier-than-thou" crap. Hand over some cash, or I'm turning you in.
235 I'll have to think about that. Bye.
236 Please deliver the case to New Reno, friend. Time is of the essence!
237 What to do? Why, spread the word, and that shall be enough. Walk carefully and with purpose in the wastes, my friend. With the word as your light, you shall not go astray.
238 Thank you, brother. I shall do as you have said.
239 Have you heard the word today?
240 Hear the word! The word shall set you free!
241 Slavery shall damn this city!
242 We must open the gates of Vault City and embrace the outside world!
243 Why can we not share our wealth?!

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