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100 You see Senior Council Member McClure.
101 You see an elderly Vault City official. His hair is graying around the edges.
102 You see Senior Council Member McClure.
103 You see an elderly Vault City official. His hair is graying around the edges.
104 I have heard of your act of heroism. We are all in your debt... Chosen One.
105 I have to tabulate these lists before I leave. Return in the morning, and I will speak to you then.
106 A ghoul?! Guards! Guards!
107 A mutant?! Guards! Guards!
108 I have nothing to say to you. Leave, or I will call the guards.
109 Good day... Captain, is it? I've heard a great deal about you. Is there something I could help you with?
110 Good day... Citizen, is it? I'd heard we had gained a new member of the community. Is there anything I could help you with?
111 Hello... can I help you?
112 Good day, Captain. Everything is well, I trust?
113 Good day, Citizen. Can I help you?
114 Yes? Was there something else you wanted?
115 San-tah Klass?
116 Shamble off
117 Can I ask you some questions?
118 Who are you?
119 Just looking around, thanks. Good day.
120 How did you get into our City? Guards! We have an Outworlder that needs to be escorted to the gate!
121 I go no I GO NO
122 Ahhh... Ples no go? Me be good
123 Of course, Captain.
124 Of course, Citizen.
125 What is it you would like to know?
126 What's your job here?
127 I'm looking for a Garden of Eden Creation Kit.
128 What can you tell me about the First Citizen?
129 I'd like to ask you some questions about Gecko.
130 What can you tell me about Redding?
131 I need to speak to you about Redding.
132 How does one become a Citizen?
133 I think you might have a part that could fix Gecko's power plant.
134 I repaired Gecko's plant.
135 I have an economic data disk here you might find interesting.
136 I found a way to optimize the Gecko reactor.
137 Here's the Gecko reactor disk. Can you optimize it?
138 Nothing today, thanks.
139 I am Senior Councilor McClure. And you are...?
140 None of your business.
141 . Pleased to meet you.
142 I really have to run. Maybe we can do introductions some other time.
143 I expect that kind of rudeness from an Outworlder, not a Citizen. I am a member of the Vault City Council, and you will show me the proper respect, or I will have your Citizenship revoked. Do you understand me?
144 Screw you, old man.
145 Whatever. I'm done talking to you anyway.
146 Sorry. Didn't mean to offend you.
147 Well, this is the rudeness I've come to expect from Outworlders! Give me your Day Pass and go with the guards. There is no place for your kind in our city.
148 I'm not giving you anything. You want it? You come get it.
149 I'm NOT an Outworlder. I'm a Citizen.
150 Okay, okay, I'm going.
151 I find that hard to believe. Let me see your papers.
152 Here, take them!
153 You want them? You come get them.
154 I don't know how someone of your inferior breeding became a Citizen but these papers seem to be in order. Strange... I don't recall seeing you around before. No matter, I shall honor your Citizenship.
155 You're damn right you'll honor my Citizenship!
156 Yeah, right. I'm outta here.
157 Don't ever speak to me again. If you do, I will have your Citizenship revoked. Good day.
158 Good day.
159 You try and revoke my Citizenship, you'll regret it.
160 Your powers are weak, old man. You are no match for me.
161 That's it! Citizen or not, you're out of here. Guards, show this degenerate to the gates!
162 I'm going. This place sucked anyway.
163 I'm not going anywhere.
164 What can I do for you?
165 I don't know, old man. What CAN you do for me?
166 I'm looking for a Garden of Eden Creation Kit.
167 Can I ask you some questions?
168 Nothing today. I was just taking a tour of the council building.
169 A GECK? As I understand it, we only had one. I read that it lasted a long time but it broke down a number of years before I was even born. We were supposed to have two...
170 Supposed to?
171 ... but apparently the old government messed up the shipments and we received a shipment that was meant to go to a Vault number... thirteen, I think it was. They probably received our other GECK.
172 What was in the shipment that was meant for Vault 13?
173 What happened to the GECK that broke down?
174 Can I ask you another question?
175 I see. Thanks for the information.
176 Water Chips, a hundred or so. I don't know why they sent so many... we have never needed to replace ours. We have had the same water chip since the day our people lived underground in the Vault.
177 What happened to the GECK that broke down?
178 Can I ask you another question?
179 Interesting. Thanks for your time.
180 The irony is razor sharp. Maybe we'll talk later after I stop the bleeding.
181 It was disassembled, and its parts were used for other applications.
182 What was in the shipment meant for Vault 13?
183 Can I ask you another question?
184 I see. Thanks for your time.
185 She is the leader of the people. The Citizens of Vault City look to her for guidance, but the Citizens, through the Council, still have final say on matters. In these trying times, she is a pillar of our society.
186 "Trying times?" What do you mean?
187 What is it you do?
188 Can I ask you another question?
189 Thanks for you time. Goodbye.
190 Gecko? What do you want to know?
191 Where is Gecko?
192 What is Gecko?
193 Can I ask you another question?
194 Thanks for you time. Goodbye.
195 Not much to tell, other than the fact that our ore shipments have become few and far between.
196 Any idea why?
197 Where is Redding?
198 Can I ask you another question?
199 Thanks for you time. Goodbye.
200 I am the Senior Council Member. I oversee the council meetings.
201 Then what does the First Citizen do?
202 Can I ask you another question?
203 Thank you for you time. Goodbye.
204 Well, Citizenship isn't for everyone, you understand. You seem more like an adventurer to me... I really don't think that Citizenship is for you.
205 Aw, c'mon... just tell me what I need to do to become a Citizen.
206 I'd still like to become a Citizen anyway.
207 Can I ask you another question?
208 Nevermind then.
209 You wish to become a Citizen? Well, we would be pleased to have you. All you need to do is talk to Proconsul Gregory and he will give you the Citizenship test.
210 Where can I find Proconsul Gregory?
211 Can I ask you another question?
212 Thanks. I'll go find him now. Goodbye.
213 Very well. All you need do is talk to Proconsul Gregory and he will give you the Citizenship test.
214 Where can I find Proconsul Gregory?
215 Can I ask you another question?
216 All right. I'll go speak to the Proconsul now.
217 You'll find him in the East Wing. His office is across from the First Citizen's.
218 Can I ask you another question?
219 Thanks for you time. Goodbye.
220 Things have been tough these last two years. The NCR has been getting more aggressive in their attempts to get Vault City to join the Republic.
221 They tell us that if we were to join, they would be able to defend us from the raider attacks on our city. As of late, these raider attacks have become more brutal.
222 On top of all of this, we have ghouls in Gecko contaminating our groundwater.
223 Where is Gecko?
224 What is Gecko?
225 Trying times, indeed. Can I ask you another question?
226 Sorry to hear it. Thanks for your time. Goodbye.
227 It is just northeast of here, but if you are planning on going there, I would advise you to purchase some anti-radiation chems. If they are contaminating our water, it is likely their town itself is irradiated.
228 What is Gecko?
229 Can I ask you another question?
230 Thanks for the warning. Goodbye.
231 It is a forsaken place, a shantytown built around the remnants of an old atomic power plant.
232 Where is Gecko located?
233 Can I ask you another question?
234 Thanks for you time. Goodbye.
235 No. I don't understand it at all. We are willing to pay top dollar for their ore, but whenever we try to talk to them about it, they become evasive. If only I knew what was going on...
236 I could go check it out for you.
237 Where is Redding?
238 Thanks for you time. Goodbye.
239 You will? It is not in my power to pay you, but your aid will be much appreciated.
240 Where is Redding?
241 No problem. I'll check it out and return when I find out what's wrong.
242 Redding is a week or so west of here. I've never been there. Never been outside Vault City, for that matter. As I understand it, Redding is supposed to be one of the more pleasant settlements in the wastes.
243 Do you have any idea what's causing the shipments to drop off?
244 I see. Thanks for the information.
245 What is it? Anything you could tell me would be a great help.
246 What can you tell me about Redding?
247 I found that a large part of Redding is reliant on a chem called Jet. The miners are trading most of their ore to New Reno just to keep supplied.
248 Dr. Troy has created an antidote for Jet.
249 I delivered the antidote to Redding.
250 What is this "Jet" that they are all reliant on?
251 I'll tell you later when I find out more.
252 It's a chem with a 100% reliance rate, and severe withdrawals.
253 Please keep me posted.
254 Can I ask you some other questions?
255 Sure.
256 This is sad news, we need to find a way to put a stop to this. If this keeps up, our ore supplies will dwindle to nothing. Please help us.
257 I'll see what I can do.
258 He has? Well then, what are you doing here? Take it to Doc Johnson in Redding! He should be able to find a way to administer it to the miners.
259 I know, you already told me. Please take it to Redding and see if you can help them.
260 Before I go, can I ask you some other questions?
261 Okay, goodbye.
262 Thank you! Now all we can do is wait. Hopefully, this fixes our problem. Thank you again for all of your assistance.
263 You're welcome. I was glad to be of service.
264 Not a problem. Could I ask you some other questions?
265 Whoa... don't I get anything for my troubles?
266 If it is money you want, money you will receive. Here's $500 for your troubles. Now good day.
267 THANK you.
268 Five hun --? You better cough up some more and fast, or your life won't be worth $2.
269 What do you mean?
270 If I had a hydroelectric magnetosphere regulator, I could make their plant run clean.
271 Oh, nothing. Sorry to trouble you.
272 That's an acceptable solution. Stopping the radiation poisoning is all I care about.
273 I'm worried that Lynette will withhold my Citizenship if I fix the plant.
274 Great! Where can I get the part?
275 I'll keep that in mind.
276 If you fix their plant, I'll give you Citizenship, and there's not a damn thing she can do about it.
277 Excellent! Where can I get the part?
278 Go see Randal, the Chief Amenities Officer. He should have the part in stock.
279 Thanks. I'll go see him right now.
280 There's one other thing. You might find this economic data disk interesting.
281 Excellent! I was worried that the radiation build-up might force us to relocate. You are to be commended on a job well done.
282 Vault City prevails, Citizen.
283 Vault City, prevails, Captain.
284 Here's your Citizenship papers. If you ever need anything, come see me.
285 Vault City prevails, Councilor.
286 Thanks.
287 Yes, you mentioned that.
288 Well done, Captain.
289 Well done, Citizen.
290 Well done.
291 I had some other questions...
292 Thanks.
293 I'm sorry... an economic data disk? What do you mean?
294 Here, take a look.
295 It's an economic data disk that shows the amount of energy that Gecko's atomic power plant produced before the war... and could produce again.
296 Never mind. I had some other questions.
297 Nothing. Sorry to disturb you.
298 Very well. Give me a moment...
299 All right.
300 Hmmm. How did you come by this disk?
301 I... found it.
302 I found it while searching some of the archives in the Vault City library.
303 I got it from someone in Gecko.
304 I received it from a ghoul in Gecko. His name is Gordon Gecko. He's interested in optimizing the power plant and sharing the energy with Vault City... in exchange for Vault City's medical technology.
305 I... see. So. What does this have to do with me?
306 Well, as I understand it, Vault City's power generator can only support so many people. In fact, it's already nearing its limit.
307 I'm not going to ask you how you came by that information, but if it were true, what are you proposing?
308 Once the Gecko power plant is fixed, the disk indicates it's possible it could produce enough energy for Vault City, too. It looks like the reactor would need to be optimized first, though.
309 The disk shows that Gecko's power plant... if it were optimized... could produce a great deal of energy. Far more than Gecko needs. Vault City could use that energy.
310 Are you suggesting we SEIZE Gecko and take their power plant? I will NOT lis --
311 No, no... if Gecko could receive the optimization data for their plant, I'm betting they would be willing to trade their excess power for medical assistance.
312 Hmmm. As far as medical assistance goes, I'm not unsympathetic to the plight of the ghouls. They have certainly suffered enough... but how could we optimize their plant?
313 I don't know. Maybe there's someone I can talk to once the plant is repaired.
314 I don't know. Maybe there's someone I can talk to at the plant.
315 I would just need access to the Vault City computer. It could optimize the power plant reactor disk and allow the plant to run more smoothly.
316 I have no objections to your proposal. If you can find some means of optimizing the plant, let me know.
317 All right. I'll go get that part from Randal and see about repairing the reactor first.
318 Very well, Captain.
319 Very well, Citizen.
320 You have my permission to use the Vault computer and optimize the reactor disk. You can find it on the third level of the Vault, near the Operations Room.
321 Excellent. Thank you, Councilor. I'll go do that.
322 It is done. Here you go.
323 I'll keep the economic disk and study it some more... Perhaps I can persuade the Council to enter negotiations with Gecko to trade for their power. The data disk would be a strong argument in of itself.
324 I appreciate it. Thanks.
325 Hmmm. Well, I cannot allow you access to the Vault, but I could optimize the reactor disk for you.
326 All right. But I don't have the reactor disk on me. I'll be back with it.
327 That'd be great.
328 Excellent!
329 All right.
330 Let me take the reactor disk, and I'll have the Vault central computer optimize it.
331 Great. Thanks.
332 What is it?
333 I have a reactor data disk here from Gecko. According to... the... uh, technician at the power plant, the Vault City computer can optimize the reactor disk and make the plant run more smoothly.
334 Guards! Guards!
336 You told McClure about the Redding Jet reliance problem.
337 You gave the economic data disk to McClure.
338 I'm still looking for a way to optimize the power plant.
339 I'm still looking for a way to optimize the power plant.
340 I wish I could help, but I'm afraid my knowledge of reactors is... limited. Perhaps one of the technicians at the Gecko plant would know how to optimize the plant?
341 Perhaps. I had some other questions...
342 Maybe so. I'll go see.

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