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100 I'm watching you, Outworlder.
101 I think it's about time for you to leave.
102 I don�t like the looks of you.
103 Keep your nose clean, or I�ll take that Pass away.
104 It�s past 6 PM. Time for you to return to the courtyard.
105 Okay. I�ll leave right now.
106 Okay. I�ll be going in a minute.
107 I got things to do. I�ll go when I�m ready to go.
108 Umag Nak!?! Umag NAK!
109 Well, I�ll just make sure you get to the courtyard safe and sound. C'mon, let's go.
110 Okay. Let�s go.
111 Brog Frup
112 I can find my own way.
113 Sorry, got my orders. I�ll need to escort you to the other side of the gate.
114 Okay... but I�m not happy about it. I may file a formal compla --
115 Sorry, I've got *my* orders. I�m staying.
116 (Leans in.) Look, it's been a *long* day, friend. Come with me, don't cause any trouble, and this day won't get any worse for either one of us. Understand?
117 Okay, fine. I�ll go.
118 Over my dead body!
119 Vault City prevails, Citizen.
120 Nice to see you, Citizen.
121 Busy day, Citizen?
122 After you, Citizen.
123 Hello, traveler.
124 Be about your business, Outworlder.
125 Remember, you have until 6 PM.
126 You're out of here after 6 PM.
127 Look, I'm a Citizen.
128 Nothing to report, Captain.
129 Just keeping an eye on things here, Captain.
130 Vault City prevails, Captain.
131 Good day, Captain.
132 You there! Halt! What is that ghoul doing here in Vault City?!
133 You there! Halt! What is that mutant doing here in Vault City?!
134 Breep-oop foop foop
135 A ghoul? Where?
136 A mutant? Where?
137 He's with me.
138 He's traveling with me. If any of you racists have a problem with that, maybe we should settle it right here and now.
139 He's with you? Then you're coming with us. We're going back to the Courtyard where you... and that thing... belong.
140 All right, we'll go peacefully.
141 Why don't you try to escort us out of here? I guarantee it'll be an educational experience.
142 Great, looks like we got us a pair of idiots. All right, dim.
143 Very funny.
144 You're coming with us. We're going back to the Courtyard where you... and that thing... belong.
146 We go we go quiet-lee
147 All right, we'll go peacefully.
148 He's traveling with me. Any of you assholes have a problem with that, we can get down to shedding blood right now.
149 You want to do this the hard way? Fine. Guards! Intruders!
150 Hrnghhhhhhhhhh!
151 You're going to be dead before those friends of yours show up.
152 Hey! It's the one who defeated the Enclave!
153 Hey, congratulations on defeating the Enclave!
154 Welcome to Vault City, hero!
155 Your battle against the Enclave impressed even the First Citizen.
156 I heard you've traveled as far south as San Francisco. Is that true?
157 Is it true that the U.S. was still fighting the war?
158 You should catalog your travels in the Vault City computer.
159 You're welcome to stay in Vault City as long as you want.
160 You should catalog your exploits against the Enclave and put it up on the List Server.
161 I don't recognize you. Where's your papers?
162 Here they are, "officer." I think you'll find everything in order.
163 I don't have them on me at the moment, but --
164 Hmmmm. All right, everything seems to be in order. Sorry to disturb you, Citizen. Vault City prevails.
165 Yes. Vault City prevails.

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