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100 You see a short, jovial man.
101 You see Happy Harry, the store owner.
102 Well, hello there... what can I do for you?
103 I�m looking to trade. Can I see what you have in stock?
104 You still selling that plow out there?
105 Me Buy
106 Nothing today, thanks.
107 Sorry. Can�t help you, neighbor.
108 Why, yes I am. I�ll let it go for... say, eight hundred.
109 I�ll give you six hundred for it.
110 It's a deal. I�ll take it.
111 Eh, eight hundred? I�ll be back... with the money.
112 Forget it. The Smiths can starve.
113 It�s yours. [Pockets the money.] You just going to take it, or do you need it delivered somewhere?
114 Drop it off with the Smiths.
115 Sorry, friend. It�s going to cost you eight hundred.
119 You need the money to pay me, friend.
120 I�ll be back with the money.
121 Not a problem. I�ll have it dropped off right now.

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