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100 You see one of the Courtyard's grungy residents.
101 Life doesn�t seem very prosperous for this person.
102 Yeah, whaddya lookin' at?
103 Nice day...for somebody.
104 I wouldn�t hang around here if I was you.
105 Wish I could get into the city.
106 Where�s that buck I had...?
107 Nice duds.
108 Nice place... if you can handle the law.
109 At least I ain't out in the wastes�
110 Keep on movin'.
111 Money's running short�
112 You get yourself outta here, y'hear?
113 Get outta my face.
114 You're as bad as them.
115 Back off.
116 Keep on moving.
117 Keep to yourself.
118 We don�t need your kind around here.
119 The gate's right over there. Make yourself scarce.

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