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100 You see a dusty-looking traveler.
101 You see a bar patron.
102 You see a dusty-looking traveler.
103 Hey! Everybody! It's the one who kicked the Enclave's ass!
104 Congratulations, hero!
105 Hey, hero! Lemme buy you a drink, all right?
106 Looks like the Captain's slumming...
107 Well, if it ain't the First Citizen's favorite toadie...
108 Well, if it ain't th' "Captain..."
109 Everybody watch out. The law just walked in.
110 You slumming, Citizen?
111 Don't you belong inside the city, "Citizen?"
112 Damn Citizens just stroll on in whenever they feel like it...
113 Whoa... that a mutant?!
114 Clear out, boys. There's a mutant in the house.
115 There's gonna be trouble if them guards see that mutant...
116 They're letting *mutants* in here now?
117 That mutant's gonna find himself in the Detention Center...
118 Tell me that's not a ghoul.
119 What's that *stink?!* Get that ghoul outta here!
120 Get that filthy ghoul outta the bar!
121 If that ghoul sheds any body parts in here, I'll gut him.
122 That ghoul's gonna be target practice if the guards see him.
123 Can barely afford a Day Pass nowadays...
124 Brahmin prices keep going up...
125 Gonna be a bad season if the drought continues...
126 Slumming, Captain?
127 Look, I ain't done nothing, Captain. I'm just minding my own business.
128 I don't know nothing, Captain. Now leave me alone.
129 Take a hike, "Captain."
130 Looks like Lynette'll make anyone a Citizen nowadays.
131 I already paid the guards their protection money. Now leave me alone.
132 Slumming, Citizen?
133 Maybe you better get inside the walls, Citizen.
134 Beat it, Citizen.
135 Take a hike, Citizen.
136 Looks like Lynette'll make anyone a Citizen nowadays.
137 That Smith's a nice fella.
138 I don't think I'll ever be able to get a Day Pass.
139 Don't drink the water around here. It makes geiger counters tick.
140 Whenever those Citizens walk by, they don't make eye contact or say hello.
141 Vault City may not love us, but at least they protect us.
142 Watch out for that Autodoc. It cures you...most of the time. Just don't press your luck.
143 Ed, the brahmin dealer, had to raise his prices again to meet the monthly guard payment.
144 That Skeev let me slip some hootch into town for a percentage.
145 Been on the road for the past week. Came from NCR, way down south.
146 Some friends of mine went to Reno...ain't seen 'em since.
147 I hear Reno's getting tense again. Them families hate each other.
148 I hear those ghouls up at Gecko are planning to attack the city.
149 Don't cross any of the Citizens or they'll slap you in the Detention Center.
150 That Lynette is a cold one.
151 Vault City ain't exactly a "free" city. It ain't bad, though.

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