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0 {100}{}{There'a a plaque at the base. It reads, "To the Stranger and Vault 13: What doesn't exist, we must sometimes dream and let our dreams inspier us to greater heights. So it was with the Stranger and his belief in the legend of Vault 13.}
100 Strength
101 Perception
102 Endurance
103 Charisma
104 Intelligence
105 Agility
106 Luck
107 Maximum Hit Points
108 Maximum Action Points
109 Armor Class
110 Unarmed Damage
111 Melee Damage
112 Carry Weight
113 Sequence
114 Healing Rate
115 Critical Chance
116 Better Criticals
117 Damage Threshold
118 Damage Threshold Laser
119 Damage Threshold Fire
120 Damage Threshold Plasma
121 Damage Threshold Electrical
122 Damage Threshold EMP
123 Damage Threshold Explosion
124 Damage Resistance
125 Damage Resistance Laser
126 Damage Resistance Fire
127 Damage Resistance Plasma
128 Damage Resistance Electrical
129 Damage Resistance EMP
130 Damage Resistance Explosion
131 Radiation Resistance
132 Poison Resistance
133 Age
134 Gender
135 Current Hit Points
136 Current Poison Level
137 Current Radiation Level
200 Raw physical strength. A high Strength is good for physical characters. Modifies: Hit Points, Melee Damage, and Carry Weight.
201 The ability to see, hear, taste and notice unusual things. A high Perception is important for a sharpshooter. Modifies: Sequence and ranged combat distance modifiers.
202 Stamina and physical toughness. A character with a high Endurance will survive where others may not. Modifies: Hit Points, Poison & Radiation Resistance, Healing Rate, and the additional hit points per level.
203 A combination of appearance and charm. A high Charisma is important for characters that want to influence people with words. Modifies: NPC reactions, and barter prices.
204 Knowledge, wisdom and the ability to think quickly. A high Intelligence is important for any character. Modifies: the number of new skill points per level, dialogue options, and many skills.
205 Coordination and the ability to move well. A high Agility is important for any active character. Modifies: Action Points, Armor Class, Sequence, and many skills.
206 Fate. Karma. An extremely high or low Luck will affect the character - somehow. Events and situations will be changed by how lucky (or unlucky) your character is.
207 How much damage your character can take before dying. If you reach 0 HP or less, you are dead.
208 The number of actions that the character can take during one combat turn.
209 Modifies the chance to hit this particular character.
210 The amount of bonus damage your character does in hand-to-hand combat.
211 The amount of bonus damage your character does in hand-to-hand combat.
212 The maximum amount of equipment your character can carry, in pounds.
213 Determines how soon in a combat turn your character can react.
214 At the end of each day, your character will heal 1 HP for each point of Healing Rate. When you rest, you heal every six hours.
215 The chance to cause a critical hit in combat is increased by this amount.
216 Better Criticals
217 Damage Threshold
218 Damage Threshold Laser
219 Damage Threshold Fire
220 Damage Threshold Plasma
221 Damage Threshold Electrical
222 Damage Threshold EMP
223 Damage Threshold Explosion
224 Any damage taken is reduced by this amount. Damage Resistance can be increased by wearing armor.
225 Damage Resistance Laser
226 Damage Resistance Fire
227 Damage Resistance Plasma
228 Damage Resistance Electrical
229 Damage Resistance EMP
230 Damage Resistance Explosion
231 The amount of radiation you are exposed to is reduced by this percentage. Radiation Resistance can be modified by the type of armor worn, and anti-radiation chems.
232 Reduces poison damage by this amount.
233 Age
234 Gender
235 Current Hit Points
236 Current Poison Level
237 Current Radiation Level
301 V. Bad
302 Bad
303 Poor
304 Fair
305 Average
306 Good
307 V. Good
308 Great
309 Excellent
310 Heroic
400 Unspent Skill Points
401 Level
402 Experience
403 Reputation
404 Karma
500 Points earned by going up a Level. Can be used to increase a skill by 1%, or a tag skill by 2%, per point spent.
501 The general competency of the player character. A measure of your experience and abilities.
502 A reward for completing specific tasks, or defeating enemies in combat. More experience points are required to attain higher Levels.
503 What the world knows of your actions and deeds. This will modify NPC reactions.
504 The effects of actions that you have taken. Important information will be displayed.
600 You have gone up a level.

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