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100 Small Guns
101 Big Guns
102 Energy Weapons
103 Unarmed
104 Melee Weapons
105 Throwing
106 First aid
107 Doctor
108 Sneak
109 Lockpick
110 Steal
111 Traps
112 Science
113 Repair
114 Speech
115 Barter
116 Gambling
117 Outdoorsman
200 The use, care and general knowledge of small firearms - pistols, SMGs and rifles.
201 The operation and maintenance of really big guns - miniguns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers and such.
202 The care and feeding of energy-based weapons. How to arm and operate weapons that use laser or plasma technology.
203 A combination of martial arts, boxing and other hand-to-hand martial arts. Combat with your hands and feet.
204 Using non-ranged weapons in hand-to-hand, or melee combat - knives, sledgehammers, spears, clubs and so on.
205 The skill of muscle-propelled ranged weapons, such as throwing knives, spears and grenades.
206 General healing skill. Used to heal small cuts, abrasions and other minor ills. In game terms, the use of first aid can heal more hit points over time than just rest.
207 The healing of major wounds and crippled limbs. Without this skill, it will take a much longer period of time to restore crippled limbs to use.
208 Quiet movement, and the ability to remain unnoticed. If successful, you will be much harder to locate. You cannot run and sneak at the same time.
209 The skill of opening locks without the proper key. The use of lockpicks or electronic lockpicks will greatly enhance this skill.
210 The ability to make the things of others your own. Can be used to steal from people or places.
211 The finding and removal of traps. Also the setting of explosives for demolition purposes.
212 Covers a variety of high technology skills, such as computers, biology, physics and geology.
213 The practical application of the Science skill for fixing broken equipment, machinery and electronics.
214 The ability to communicate in a practical and efficient manner. The skill of convincing others that your position is correct. The ability to lie and not get caught.
215 Trading and trade-related tasks. The ability to get better prices for items you sell, and lower prices for items you buy.
216 The knowledge and practical skills related to wagering. The skill at cards, dice and other games.
217 Practical knowledge of the outdoors, and the ability to live off the land. The knowledge of plants and animals.
300 + (4 x AG)
301 + (2 x AG)
302 + (2 xAG)
303 + (2 x (AG + ST))
304 + (2 x (AG + ST))
305 + (4 x AG)
306 + (2 x (PE + IN))
307 + (PE + IN)
308 + (3 x AG)
309 + (PE + AG)
310 + (3 x AG)
311 + (PE + AG)
312 + (4 x IN)
313 + (3 x IN)
314 + (5 x CH)
315 + (4 x CH)
316 + (5 x LK)
317 + (2 x (EN + IN))
500 You heal %d hit points.
501 You look healthy already.
502 %s looks healthy already.
503 You fail to do any healing.
505 You earn %d XP for honing your skills.
510 \nskill_use: invalid skill used.
512 You can't heal the dead.
513 Let the dead rest in peace.
514 It's dead, get over it.
520 You heal your %s.
521 You heal the %s.
525 You fail to heal your %s.
526 You fail to heal the %s.
530 damaged eye
531 crippled left arm
532 crippled right arm
533 crippled right leg
534 crippled left leg
550 You fail to pick the lock.
551 You fail to find any traps.
552 You fail to learn anything.
553 You cannot repair that.
570 You're caught stealing the %s.
571 You steal the %s.
572 You're caught planting the %s.
573 You plant the %s.
590 You've taxed your ability with that skill. Wait a while.
591 You're too tired.
592 The strain might kill you.
600 You aren't skilled enough to heal crippling injuries.
601 Robotic unit is beyond repair.
1000 Let me help.
1001 I can do that.
1002 I got it.
1003 Glad to help.
1004 Okay.
1005 I'll try.
1100 If you have trouble, let me know.
1101 You got it?
1102 If that's what you want.
1103 Go ahead and try., Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, MINcendar
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