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100 You see an elderly woman, lean and weathered.
101 You see Tandi, president of the NCR.
102 You see a tough, self-confident woman. It's clear that she is used to the respect of others.
103 I'm Tandi, president of NCR. My boys tell me you're looking for work. What are you handy at?
104 Me good gun. One of best.
105 Me good talk people.
106 Me good fighter. Kick ass.
107 Me sneaky. Get where want. No see or hear.
108 Me got many talents.
109 Uh, just stuff.
110 I'm good with a gun. One of the best.
111 I've been told, Madame President, that I have a way with words.
112 I'm good at unarmed combat, up close and personal.
113 I'm good at getting to where I need to go without being seen or heard.
114 I have many talents, and they are all at your disposal.
115 Just stuff I guess.
116 Hmmm. You're not quite what I'm looking for. Sure you can handle yourself?
117 Me not know. What job?
118 Me believe in self. Me can do!
119 That depends on the job you're offering.
120 Yes, I'm confident in my abilities and myself.
121 You sound like just what's needed.
122 Good. How me help?
123 Excellent, how can I help you?
124 We need some computer parts from our old base - Vault 15. Problem is there's squatters there who won't let anybody by. Somebody has to convince 'em to let us in - or just bring back the parts. Up for the job?
125 Me no like. Me go.
126 Me do for you.
127 Me been there. Squatters want deal. You teach, you help, they give you vault.
128 Me been there. Me got parts.
129 Me been there. Squatters want deal. You teach, you help, they give you vault. Here parts also.
130 Sorry, this doesn't sound like my line of work.
131 I'd be happy to help you out.
132 I'm interested, but what's the job pay?
133 I've handled most of this already. The squatters want a deal. You help them become self sufficient and they'll give you access to the vault.
134 I've been there and I have the parts you're looking for.
135 I've handled this already. The squatters want a deal. You help them become self sufficient and they'll give you the vault. Also, here are the parts.
136 Hell and thunder... Your choice - but if you change your mind...
137 Done.
138 Fair enough. Do it right and there's a reward.
139 Lord, I know I'm making a mistake but... give it a shot - if you understood anything I said.
140 Ok. Me go.
141 Me got questions.
142 All right. I'm off.
143 I'd like to ask you some questions.
144 Well, I got a little time to spare.
145 What do you want to know?
146 What you tell about Vault 15?
147 Why no make deal with squatters?
148 You know where vault 13?
149 Me look for geck. You have?
150 What you tell about New Reno?
151 What you tell about Frank Westin?
152 What you tell about Carlson?
153 Elder tell story. Talk about Vaultdweller, Tandi. You that Tandi?
154 This Shadeesans Elder talk about?
155 That all. Me go now.
156 What can you tell me about vault 15?
157 Why haven't you made a deal with the squatters?
158 Do you know where vault 13 is?
159 I'm looking for a geck. Would you happen to have one?
160 What can you tell me about New Reno?
161 What can you tell me about Frank Westin?
162 What you can tell me about Carlson?
163 The Elder tells a story about the Vaultdweller and someone named Tandi. Are you that Tandi?
164 Is this the Shadeesands the Elder speaks of?
165 That's all for now. I'll be going.
166 It's just east of here, an underground shelter from the war. Most families in NCR came from it, so it's rightfully ours.
167 Tell more.
168 Go on.
169 A couple of years ago some squatters moved in and built a shantytown on the surface. They call it 'The Squat.' They're nothing but dogs in the manger. They can't get into the vault but they keep us out.
170 Me got more questions.
171 I see. I need to ask you about a few other things.
172 I tried. I sent some people down there but, after the first few, they stopped coming back. I can't prove the squatters are responsible either. My boys managed to capture one of 'em but he won't talk. Got 'em locked up downtown.
173 Need know more.
174 A few more questions please.
175 Get to it. I can't spend the day with you.
176 Ok, me hurry
177 I'll try to be quick.
178 With that suit you're wearing I figured you already knew.
179 Suit been in village long time. Belong to Vaultdweller, tribe founder.
180 This suit has been in our village since the beginning. It belonged to the Vaultdweller, our founder.
181 You're serious aren't you? If we're talking about the same person, he saved my life. (snorts) Then vanished. When I start thinking it was only a dream, I go look at the statue out front.
182 Statue?
183 That's right. For scaring off the raiders. They kept clear of Shady Sands afterwards we got time to get ourselves set up. We made him a hero... even if we didn't believe a word about him coming from Vault 13.
184 Me remember. Ask more?
185 I'll keep that in mind. Can I ask you some more?
186 Vault 13? Why are you asking?
187 Me curious.
188 Me Chosen One. Me descendant Vaultdweller.
189 Not matter. Me ask questions.
190 I've heard stories and I'm curious.
191 I'm the Chosen One of my village. I am a descendant of the Vaultdweller.
192 Never mind. I was just curious.
193 It's just a damn myth like lost uranium mines. I did meet a stranger once who claimed to be from there. Lot of folks died trying to find that vault afterward.
194 Vaultdweller real. Me descendant.
195 Me need know more.
196 The Vaultdweller was real. I'm one of his descendants.
197 I see. Let me ask you about something else.
198 A geck? Like the lizard? We got them all over.
199 Not lizard... never mind. Me ask question.
200 No, not the damn lizards... never mind. I need to ask you something else.
201 New Reno? A damn bucket of brahmin spit. Got every vice there is. We've gotta be tough with them if we're going to unify this land. Congress has got to understand that.
202 What know about Bishop?
203 Tell about congress?
204 Me ask more.
205 What about the Bishops?
206 Tell me about the congress.
207 I see. Can you tell me some more?
208 Well, I'll talk to a snake, but don't expect me to hug him. If you see 'em, you can tell 'em that too.
209 Me hear NCR make deal with Bishop.
210 Ok. Me need know more.
211 Rumor has it that the NCR is making a deal with the Bishops.
212 Ok, on to other things.
213 No point trying to keep secrets around here. We're negotiating with New Reno for membership in the NCR. They should have some pull with places like Vault City.
214 Me see.
215 All right.
216 Most figure we've got to work with New Reno one way or another. But folks like Westin and the ranchers blame New Reno for rustling the cattle drives between here and Redding.
217 Humph.
218 Who Westin?
219 I see.
220 Who is this Westin person?
221 Congressman Westin? One of the biggest brahmin ranchers around. His spreads on the west side of town. Just don't bring up New Reno if you talk to him - it gets him going. If you're looking for a steady job... but you aren't that type, are you?
222 No thanks.
223 Stubborn as a mule... but a good man. Why?
224 Me curious about work.
225 Me curious about work.
226 I'm curious about some work.
227 I'm curious about some work.
228 Seems to me that you've got enough on your plate already.
229 OK. Never mind.
230 Yeah, you're right.
231 Ever since Westin died, Carlson's been holed up in his office. Probably won't see you, but you can talk to his boys.
232 Ok.
233 Listen. Lots of folks, me included, like old man Carlson even if we don't agree on New Reno. Something happens to him, we won't take kindly to it. Anyone thinking his or her life would be easier if he was gone is very, very wrong. Understand?
234 Yeah. Me understand.
235 Yes, I understand.
236 Lord, that was a long time ago! Hardly remember who I was then - just a na�ve girl. The one you call the Vaultdweller - is he still alive?
237 He ancestor now. Live with spirits. Live in me.
238 The Vaultdweller is my ancestor. He lives on in me.
239 Yes... there's a resemblance - you've got the same fire, too. I was always afraid that he was nothing but a skeleton somewhere in the desert.
240 Me want hear you story.
241 I'd like to hear your story.
242 Figures. (sigh) Well, I was pretty young when we met. There was a gang of raiders - The Khans - Who'd gotten hold of me. Things were looking pretty bad when, all of a sudden, this stranger shows up and rescues me. Your Vaultdweller.
243 Vaultdweller have many adventures.
244 The Vaultdweller had many such adventures.
245 I used to envy 'em that. I wanted a life of adventure, but I stayed here and took over as mayor when my dad died. Been running this place and building NCR ever since. Guess it turned out to be a pretty big life after all.
246 Elder be happy know you still alive. Sorry, but me need ask more.
247 The Elder will be happy to know that you are still alive. I'm sorry but I need to know more.
248 Was Shady Sands; Most folks call it NCR now. New California Republic - pretty impressive name, huh?
249 Tell about NCR.
250 Me ask about something else.
251 Tell me about the NCR please.
252 Let me ask you something else.
253 Lord, I could talk about that forever and I just don't have the time. Here's a holodisk on the NCR. We make 'em to spread the good word.
254 Uh, thanks.
255 So, they finally got reasonable. I can bull the Congress into sending supplies and techs. You sure we can get into the vault?
256 Me sure. Lowlifes there but me kick ass.
257 Quite sure. There were some lowlifes there but I kicked their ass.
258 I've always believed in fair pay for fair work. My assistant will square things up.
259 Me find problem. You look disk. There spy at NCR.
260 Me need know one more thing. What if me found vault 13?
261 I'm afraid you have another problem. If you'll look at this holodisk you'll see that you have a spy in the NCR.
262 Just one more thing. What if I told you that I found vault 13?
263 Thanks.
264 Damn, the only person who knew all this was Feargus! I'm not suggesting anything, but maybe Gunther should know about this.
265 Me tell. Me go now.
266 Me need know one more thing. What if me found vault 13?
267 Just one more thing. What if I told you that I found vault 13?
268 I'll talk to him. Bye.
269 It's all business, huh? Fine. Five hundred, when it's done. I don't haggle, so take it or don't waste my time.
270 Me take but me need ask questions
271 Me not interested.
272 I'll take it but I need some information.
273 Not interested.
274 I'm Tandi, president of the NCR. So you whupped my boy, Hoss, over at Dusty's? Maybe you're the right man at the right time. Interested in some work?
275 I'm Tandi, president of the NCR. So you're the girl who whupped my boy Hoss? I should've had such a daughter! I've got a job you might want. Interested?
276 Maybe. What job?
277 I might be, what's the job?
278 I'm Tandi, president of the New California Republic. Welcome to Shady Sands. I hear some pretty impressive things about you. No point in dancing. Got some business I want to discuss.
279 Uh, ok.
280 Fine, what can I do for you?
281 You're back. So, you interested in a job or not?
282 No.
283 Ok.
284 Back, are you stranger? So's the job done? Do we have access to the vault?
285 Me working on it. Bye.
286 Me been there. Squatters want deal. You teach, you help, they give you vault.
287 Me been there. Me got parts.
288 Me been there. Squatters want deal. You teach, you help, they give you vault. Here parts also.
289 I'm still working on it. I'll see ya.
290 I've handled most of this already. The squatters want a deal. You help them become self sufficient and they'll give you access to the vault.
291 I've been there and I have the parts you're looking for.
292 I've handled this already. The squatters want a deal. You help them become self sufficient and they'll give you the vault. Also, here are the parts.
293 Hell and thunder! Then stop wasting my time!
294 Sorry.
295 Vault 13 - you found it? That solves all of our problems! Where is it?
296 Uh, before me tell, there be one problem with vault.
297 Me draw map. Here.
298 Before I tell you, there is one small problem with the vault.
299 I've drawn up a map. It's yours.
300 I'm not one to just hand over a gold mine for free. I want 20 grand or you can forget it.
301 What?
302 It full of D'claws. Smart ones. They talk.
303 It's full of intelligent deathclaws. They can even talk.
304 Right. (shakes head) Lord, you're dumber than Hoss ever was! (sigh) There's the door.
305 Right. (shakes head) Well then, let's stop wasting each other's time. (sigh) There's the door.
306 Me go now.
307 Right. I'll be leaving.
308 You earned yourself a bonus. My assistant will square things up.
310 Thanks.
311 A real horse trader you are. Fine, see Gunther. He'll handle the arrangements.
312 Thanks.
313 Boys, get this glob of brahmin spit out of my office! Time for you to head on out stranger.
314 Done
315 My dad and Seth searched for years trying to find Vault 13. They died looking - always said it was west of here. If somebody were to find Vault 13, that'd do us even better than 15.

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