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12 Results For SCWRHAND.MSG
100 You see a person wearing dusty work clothes.
101 One of Westin's ranch hands.
102 Could be just a ranch hand, but could be a hired killer, too. Certainly looks ready for trouble.
103 You supposed to be wandering around here?
104 Talk to Felix if you're looking for a job, stranger.
105 I'm so sick of brahmin.
106 I hear the Bishops got it in for our boss.
107 You wanna talk to somebody, talk to the foreman, Felix.
108 You ain't with the Bishops are you?
109 We know it was murder. We catch the snake, his death won't be quick.
110 Felix swears the Bishops was behind this. Says there's money in it for somebody.
111 Well, guess it's time to be moving. Things gone to hell around here.

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