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100 You see a guard.
101 You see Grant, the guard
102 You see a guard. His armor and weapons are in excellent condition.
103 This is private property, please move along.
104 Who live here?
105 Ok, me go.
106 Excuse me but who lives here?
107 All right, I'll be going.
108 Are you ready to leave?
109 Me want go.
110 No, me stay.
111 Yes, I need to be going now.
112 No, I'll hang around a bit longer.
113 This is Westin Ranch, home of councilman Westin.
114 Me need see.
115 Ok. Bye.
116 I need to see the councilman, please.
117 I see. Well, I'll be on my way.
118 What business do you have with Mr. Westin?
119 Me need job.
120 Just want chat.
121 Uh...
122 Nevermind.
123 I'm looking for work and I hear that he's hiring.
124 I would like to chat with Mr. Westin.
125 Never mind, I'll come back later.
126 Hmm... I seem to remember something about work being available. All right, come on in. Don't cause any trouble though, I'll be watching you.
127 Me thank.
128 Thanks.
129 Mr. Westin doesn't just 'chat' with anyone who walks in off the street. If you don't have specific business with him then I suggest you leave until such time as you do. Now please go away.
130 Done.
131 (sigh) I've heard that Mr. Westin has a soft spot for people like you. Come on in.
132 Me thank you.
133 Yeah, yeah. I am in the middle of something.
134 Hey, get away from there!
135 You should ask before you play with things that aren't yours.
136 Hello. Did you need to see Mr. Westin again?
137 Yes.
138 No.
139 Me have things from Vault City for Mr. Westin.
140 I have something from Vault City for Mr. Westin.
141 All right, come on in. Don't cause any trouble though, I'll be watching you.

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