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100 You see a scrawny old guy with a pen stuck behind his ear and spectacles balanced on the end of his nose.
101 It's Vortis, the owner of this slave pen.
102 He's got about three teeth. His fingers and shirt are stained with blue ink. There's a really faded slaver's tattoo on his forehead.
103 So what do you want?
104 Brother, welcome to Vortis' hall. How can I help you?
105 You're starting to annoy me.
106 This place is my place and I, Vortis, run an honest and legitimate busines no matter what anybody in NCR tells you. Since NCR doesn't allow slaves inside the gates, I mind them for folks who've got business inside.
107 What are you, dense? This is a slave pen. I got licenses for it.
109 Just got some questions.
110 I'm looking for work.
111 Uh?
112 Not outhouse? Me go away.
113 What's this place do?
114 Nothing. Wrong place.
115 Oh, look - the goody two-shoes, lollipop kid. Boys, escort this hypocritical paragon of saintly virtue out of my sight!
116 Fuck this.
117 Well?
118 I'm looking for Vault 13.
119 Do you have a GECK?
120 What can you tell me about this town?
121 You're slaver scum! Why shouldn't I kill you?
122 I heard there's these guys - New California Rangers. They been giving you any trouble?
123 Mind if I have a look around?
124 Work? Well...there might be something. You ever hear of the New California Rangers?
125 Yes.
126 No.
127 Fuck you. Boys, escort this annoying crud out of my sight.
128 Bite me!
129 Vault 13! Get outta here. Damn place is a myth. Vault 13, my ass.
130 Another question...
131 Well, thanks for nothing.
132 A what? Well, whatever it is, I ain't got it.
133 Another question...
134 Well, thanks for nothing.
135 New California Republic - nothing but temperance types and merchants. Got a bug about slavers and slavery, but what the hell, it makes my business.
136 Another question...
137 Thanks, got to go.
138 Somebody steered you wrong. I don't have no trouble with nobody - especially not no Rangers. I'm all legal, so there ain't nothing on me.
139 Another question...
140 Whatever you say. I'll be going.
141 Yeah, I may have some feelings about the Rangers. You looking for work?
142 Yes.
143 No.
144 No, you may not go nosing around, shit-for-brains! This ain't a museum!
145 Another question...
146 You're too touchy for me. I'm leaving.
147 Well then, you should know some folks see them as a potential problem. It would be extremely useful if we had a map of their safe houses through the north - New Reno, Klamath, wherever. I'd be willing to pay, oh say, $500 for something like that. You think you could get that for me?
148 Sure.
149 I don't think so.
150 Let me tell you, then. These Rangers have got it in their heads to wipe out slavery and slavers - by force. They've been creating a lot of trouble for hard working folks.
151 They work in secret, especially up north.
152 Jeez, I got to spell this out for you? They raid slavers, drive off the stock, and smuggle 'em down south to NCR lands where slavery's illegal. So you interested?
153 There is no "and"! You want the job or not?
154 And?
155 So what you want me to do?
156 Fine. When you get me a map, I'll be here.
157 Where am I going to find a map?
158 Okay, I got some other questions, though.
159 I'm on it. I'll see you then.
160 How the hell should I know!? If I knew, I'd have it, wouldn't I? Look, there's supposed to be a cell in town. Find them and see what you can do.
161 Just a few more questions.
162 Alright. I'll be back.
163 You're back again. Did you get that map?
164 Yes.
165 No
166 I'm still waiting for you to finish the first job!
167 Oh yeah, I forgot
168 Not since you did your job. Thanks.
169 Just a question or two.
170 No problem. Bye.
171 Good work. Now you best make yourself scarce, in case those Rangers ever wise up.
172 Pleasure doing business.
173 Well don't hang around here, you moron! Somebody'll get suspicious.
174 All right, I get the hint.
175 What the fuck? Guards! We got an intruder!
176 Go in there and I'll blow your head off. Understand?

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