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100 You see a stocky man with a submachine gun slung under his arm.
101 It's the slave overseer.
102 Well, from his tattoo you know he's a slaver. Looks like he's in charge of the guards around here.
103 What the hell are you? Some kind of burglar?
104 NCR meddling do-gooder! I got a cure for you.
105 Vortis, we've got an intruder!
106 Guards! Alert!
107 What do you want?
108 Kurg?
109 What is this place?
110 The Rangers sent me.
111 I'm looking for the owner.
112 Brother slaver, I've got a few questions.
113 Sorry, wrong guy.
114 Go on, get out of here. I've already got enough idiot guards!
115 What are you chump, blind? This is a slave pen. You want to know more, talk to Vortis.
116 It that so? Well, I'm sending you back in a body bag.
117 That'd be Vortis, the old guy.
118 Thanks. Say, you seem like a bright guy. I'll bet you can help me out with a few questions
119 The old guy, eh? Okay.
120 Well now, you put it that way, I can't really say no. What's on your mind?
121 Thanks, stranger.
122 I know more than old Vortis gives me credit for, you know.
123 Well, I've done a lot more than most people suspect. Like this job, though. It's nice and cushy.
124 Whatever.
125 What's the deal with these Rangers I hear about?
126 I'm looking for Vault 13. Ever hear of it?
127 Ever hear of a GECK?
128 Know anything about an outfit called the Enclave?
129 I'm looking for work. Know anybody who's hiring?
130 Forget it. I don't want to take up your time.
131 Those bastards killed my brother and then said it was for the good of the people! I want them dead. If you can help, talk to Vortis.
132 Sounds like a good idea to me.
133 Vortis, eh? You're a fountain of wisdom. What else do you know?
134 Right. Think I'll do that right now.
135 Everybody's heard of Vault 13. When I was a kid, me and my friends used to go prospecting for it. Supposed to be east of here, so we searched everything but never did find it.
136 I'm sure you tried hard. I'd like to ask some more questions, since you know so much.
137 Well, I got to go.
138 GECK, eh? Back when I was studying Vault tech, I read about those. Supposedly every vault got one and it was supposed to be the first thing used once a vault got opened. They say that's how Shady Sands got its start - from a GECK. That help at all?
139 You studied vault tech? Impressive. Say, I got some more questions for you.
140 Well, I got to go.
141 The Enclave.... You know, there's a doc in town, goes by the name of Henry. One night when he was drunk he started going on about some guys he called the Enclave.
142 That's just what I needed to know. You are a well-informed man.
143 That's all I need bother you with. Thanks.
144 Me, I'm always on the lookout - problem is, nobody ever wants to hire a slaver anymore. Vortis, my boss, has got something hush-hush. And in town the ranchers at the Stockmen's Association are always hiring plus Dorothy can always use a hand at the powerplant if you got skills. Word is even President Tandi's looking for a specialist.
145 Man, you know a lot. I could spend all day asking you questions.
146 Well, I'll get right on these leads.
147 You cut their... you knows... off for me, okay?
148 No problem. There's some other stuff I'd like to know, though.
149 I'll take care of them, don't worry.

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