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100 You see a thin-looking punk.
101 It's Doofus, the car hop.
102 This guy's a ragged little weed, full twitches and tics, no doubt a reliance on something.
103 That's fine transport, man, truly fine! Oh man, I am the one for you - watch your car, keep it safe from the bedbugs. Five bucks, no problem. Five bucks and Doofus is on the job! Never sleep - 24 hour, always there, man.
104 I am the car hop, man. I watch cars - $5. Nobody touches them, cause Doofus's on the job.
105 Right, sure man.
106 So man, you want my protection?
107 Good. Do..
108 No. You no touch.
109 I am not a man!
110 What place is this?
111 Deal. $5 - you watch the car.
112 Get lost, skuzz!
113 Whoa man, there's like this giant talking to me! Is that so cool or what?
114 Gurg?
115 I am not a man!
116 What place is this?
117 That's right. I'm a really powerful giant! You will obey me.
118 Useless junkie - get lost!
119 What do you want with Doofus, man?
120 Whoa, we met before? What can I do for you?
121 Right, sure man.
122 Squa?
123 I am not a man!
124 What do you do?
125 What is this place?
126 Nothing. Thought you were somebody else. Bye.
127 Whoa, man, I warned you. Bad place. Bad folks around here. Heard your transport got jacked.
128 Brak?
129 How did you know?
130 Great. Thanks. Fine.
131 Doofus will perform, man. Not even a fly is gonna land his shit on your au-to-mo-bile!
132 What is this place?
133 Good. Shut up.
134 If you ain't got the jack, just get the fuck out of here! I got important things to do.
135 Hey man, Doofus warned you.
136 Fuck you. I not answering your questions.
137 What is this place?
138 Goodbye
139 Bye-bye.
140 Whoa, thought communication! I'm picking up mental vibes! Okay, let me try... uhhh.... Uhhh...
141 Yes?
142 No?
143 You are a goddamn head case! I'm out of here.
144 This is the NCR - the high, mighty, righteous, absolutely and always correct New California Republic. They are the ones who will lead people like us out of the wasteland and into the new and perfect future. Can you dig it?
145 Let's get this business finished
146 Yeah, thanks. Goodbye.
147 Gurg, ladal spaf!
148 TAK!
149 Doof? Ganya kulk zar!
150 Right - obey the giant, man. It the way things are supposed to be. What should I do, giant?
151 Man that's a lot. Giant, I'm Doofus and I'm a car hop and I'm supposed to watch cars that people bring here, but, you know, I got this...thing, see, and sometimes I need a little extra money and stuff, see?
152 Yeah, right. So like sometimes I'm a little short and I got my needs, understand, like when I start feeling sick, so I gotta score me some caps or something, so I'll go talk to Merk.
153 Man, Merk's the man. He's got action and stuff. Sometimes he'll let me get sleep at the Rawhide after closing. But then he wants me to do little favors.
154 I'm getting to that - wow, the colors, man! Merk he sometimes wants stuff from cars I watch. But I fool him!
155 See I only take from the cars I ain't paid to watch. He thinks I'm jacking my customers, but I don't do that. Man, I got to quit talking. I'm like seeing things...oh, man, the glow. It's all about glowing.
156 Give me all your stuff.
157 Tell me what you know.
158 That's enough, I can't take any more.
159 Oh, just shut up you dumb shit!
160 Bye-bye.
161 Oh, you know. Sometimes I hear things. I hear a lot; can't always remember it right.
162 $50 bucks says you remember it right.
163 Remember or I blow your fucking head off.
164 Screw this. I don't have time to waste with a junkie.
165 That's right, man. Go see Merk. He's always got things that need doing.
166 Go bye-bye!
167 Oh man, you blew it! Merk's not going to be happy when he hears this.
168 Goodbye, dope-head
169 Okay! Look it was Merk's crew. They were jacking cars last night. Ask around and you might find them.
170 You lie, me kill.
171 Don't be lying. I'll be back if you are.
172 Sure. You've got me terrified.
173 $50 bucks says you remember it right.
174 Bite me, stupid man.
175 Bite me. I'm out of here.
176 Need a car watched? No problem. I can do that.
177 Yeah, I WatCH cars, yeah, CARS...CARS..yeah, cars...!
178 LA LA LA LA CARS, hey gimme a Car and I'LL WATCH IT..
179 WATCH watch watch WATCH watch WATch WHHAATCH watch
180 Wrote a song about it wana here it here it goes
182 Kats?! Yeah, I can watch cats too. Anyone have a CAT!!
184 You like cars I WATCH'EM like a hawk with litty beady eyes.
185 Never get out ub my site I be watchen em somtimes people talk but I just keep watchn
186 Yeah, I am fine. YEAH, IM FINE, yeah.

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