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100 You see an old grubby man with stringy hair.
101 It's the guy they call Saltbeef Bob
102 He's got about three teeth and a face criss-crossed with the little veins of a drunkard. He smells bad too.
103 Howdy, stranger!
104 Gruh?
105 Who are you?
106 Name's Bob. Saltbeef Bob, yep. How about you?
107 What'd you say your name was again, stranger? I'm Saltbeef Bob.
108 [Player name]
109 Saltbeef? What kind of name is that?
110 What are you doing here?
111 That's a right fine name, yep. Say, you wouldn't have a drink on ya, pardner?
112 Yes.
113 No.
114 Get away from me, you stinking bum!
115 Well, there warn't no need to be rude about it. Just wanted a little sip, see. Steady my nerves...
116 Hoo-wee! Sounds like you got yerself some mighty fine hooch there! Say, hows about sharing a little? Just a little sip.
117 Drink! Good!
118 Grrrg!
119 Easy, pardner! Can't blame a man fer asking, can ya? I'll just leave you be then.
120 (Gulp, gulp, gulp) Aaaahhhh! That's right fine of you, stranger! Fine person, indeed. Kind a man should have as his pardner. (Gulp) Did I ever tell you about the time I made my big strike?
121 No?
122 Hey, quit drinking all my booze!
123 Rahhhg!
124 It was back in '78 and me and Bessie - best 'bot a man ever had - we was u-ra-ni-um prospecting west o' here. We hadn't turned up a rad's worth o' beans when all of a sudden five - no, I'm sure it was ten - deathclaws jumped us.
125 They fought like hellcats. I fired so much I melted down my rifle barrel and was going at 'em knife to claw when old Bessie finally fused her last circuit board. Well, I tried to save her, but it warn't no use. Finally had to cut and run, keeping 'em off with rocks all the way.
126 Well, things looked bad when I stumbled into this cave. Thought I was a goner fer sure. Figured it was their lair - but I had me my torch so I went inside. Hoo-wee, it was a deep cave. And that's when I saw it.
127 It was a great big door, like them kinds you see in the old video flics. Big and made o' steel. An on it was carved a great, big 13!
128 I knew I'd found it, the mother lode, the Vault 13. I sat right down and made me a map. Damn near died getting out o' there, past them deathclaws and then the sun o' the desert and no water.
129 By the time I staggered into Shady Sands, I was mostly dead. Took me to the doc and fixed me up, but that doc stole my map. I knows it and that's all I gots to say.
130 (Continue)
131 Tarnation, it's a good and honest name, is what it is! The boys let me do some cooking around here and if you weren't such a tinhorn you'd know that and know to respect yer elders.
132 Sorry, old-timer didn't mean to rile you.
133 Well bite me, old timer!
134 Rile me? Rile me! You ain't seen me riled yet! Now jes' git outta my sight before you gets me really upset! Gwan! Git!
135 Well bite me, too! Now yer talking. Don't take no lip from nobody, pardner! Say, you got any hooch on ya? Just a little sip?
136 Yes.
137 No.
138 Get away from me you, stinking bum!
139 Hee, hee, hee! It's mine now, pardner. You'll jes' have to find yer own!
140 Boss let's me stay here. I run this stable! Do a little cleaning, keep a square camp.
141 Saltbeef? What kind of name is that?
142 Pleased to meet you. I'm
143 Hell and thunder, you again? Git yer scrawny ass outta my sight!
144 Bite me!
145 You're a fiesty one, old timer
146 Damn right I am! You don't have a little drink on you, do you now? Fer an old man.
147 Yes.
148 No.
149 Get away from me you stinking bum!

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