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100 It's a heap of rags that might have a person under it.
101 You see Ratch, probably picking at some lice.
102 It could be a human. It might be a mutant. All you can tell for sure is that it smells really, really bad.
103 Junk for sale, junk for sale. Look it over, make me an offer.
104 Sure, whatever.
105 Uh...huh.
106 So what's for sale?
107 You look like you're good with your hands. You do have hands, don't you?
108 I got $5. You got any good gossip?
109 Goodbye.
110 See that one there? That's my favorite - that one's Edna. I name all my stuff, see - they're like chidlren to me. I hate having to sell 'em, but I got to eat.
111 You're messing with all my children!
112 Yeah, right. Here's a fiver. You know any good gossip?
113 O-kay - aren't you just special! Maybe I should shop someplace else.
114 Let me look at your stock again.
115 I think me and Edna will be going now.
116 Well, thank god that stranger didn't take you child...My stuff is like my children, see.
117 Uhh - of course.
118 Well, I think I'll be going now.
119 I can fix up all sorts of stuff. Got me blower, named it Claudia, fit most any car - give it a lot more power. Only $1000. You interested?
120 Dummy, we already talked about that.
121 You bet, Claudia's my kind of - whatever.
122 Maybe something else.
123 Heard tell there's a doc here in town, says he's got some miracle cure. I ain't taking it though...
124 Then there's Saltbeef. Old coot says he's found a gold mine...
125 Miss Dorothy and Toto was out here last week, looking for some parts to fix the powerplant. I couldn't help them, though...
126 There's talk in town that what happened to Westin wasn't no accident. Some folks thinking there's too many suspicious strangers around...
127 Thanks for the money, but I don't know anything more.
128 Here's another fiver.
129 Can I see your stuff?
130 Well, thanks for the info.
131 Well, gimme six hours. I should have it fixed up by then.
132 Before you do, a little more of your time.
133 Good enough. I'll see you later.
134 Look, if you get the cash, come back. I'll probably still have it.
135 Fair enough.
136 Goodbye.
137 There she is! Claudia's all installed.
138 Gimme a little more time. I'm still working on the cussed thing.

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