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100 You see a man wearing a badge of the NCR police.
101 It's Jack, assistant deputy of the NCR law.
102 This guy's wound tighter than a watch spring. His jaw is permanently clenched, the veins stand out on his forehead, and there's not a spot of joy or happiness anywhere on him.
103 I don't want to hear your troubles right now. Take it to somebody else.
104 You know, I don't have to put up with this - from you or anybody.
105 Damn ex-wife took me for everything I had.
106 She made a fool out of me, you know. Nobody makes a fool out of Jack.
107 One of these days I'll show her. I'll show everybody...
108 What you looking at? Scram!
109 Bite me! This is Jack! People better listen to me now!
110 I got a bomb in here so don't try anything!
111 People always laughing at Jack, calling him Whack Jack - well who's laughing now?
112 I'm counting to three and if Mira ain't here by then, I'll blow the place. One...
113 Two...
114 Three....
115 What do you want? What are you staring at me for?
116 Leave me alone, understand?
117 Damn ex-wife - it's all her fault.
118 Stay back! I've got a bomb!
119 Don't do this, Jack. There's always a better solution.
120 Uhh - stop.
121 Yeah, sure. What would you know about this?
122 I know things sometimes look bad, but blowing things up doesn't solve anything.
123 Nothing. I don't know crap about your problems. Maybe you better tell me.
124 What is this - some kind of trick? Stall Jack until his buddies come to kill him?
125 Who wants to kill you?
126 Don't worry, nobody's going to hurt you.
127 That damn bitch of my ex-wife, Mira, for one. She wants me dead.
128 So let the law deal with her. Not this way, Jack.
129 You're right. She hired me to kill you. So what do you say? How about it, Jack?
130 Who the hell's Mira?
131 All right, you bastard. Let's do it!
132 What a joke! I am the law. Look what good it's done.
133 Jack, think about this.
134 So blowing up the powerplant is going to fix Mira?
135 Like I said. My ex. I catch her sleeping around and now she's saying I'm the bad guy. Got the court to give her everything and she's still trying to screw me.
136 Whoa - that's hard. Completely unfair.
137 You can recover. Everything passes with time. She'll forget about you.
138 Sure...No. Crap, I don't know. I gotta do something. Let people know they can't go walking all over Jack.
139 They know, Jack. Look at them. You blow yourself up now and they won't respect you at all.
140 Look, think this through. Blow this place up and it'll just prove everything she says about you.
141 No kidding, Sherlock. Now folks are going to listen to me.
142 Nobody's going to listen to you with a bomb in your hands. Put it down, come on out, and we can get this settled.
143 Look, think this through. Blow this place up and and folks will say, "Jack took the weak way. Let himself get pushed around by his ex-wife." She wins, you lose.
144 You really think so?
145 Yes, Jack. It's true.
146 Of course. What do you think - I'm lying?
147 I don't know.
148 Don't let her win, Jack.
149 Now's your chance. Be the big man. Really stand her down.
150 Screw it. You're just full of it. You don't care about me!
151 Ah hell, maybe you're right. This wasn't the greatest idea anyway.
152 I would've done it, you know.
153 Damn Mira, now she'll get hers.
154 Now people know who Jack is, that's for sure.
155 Just back off! I don't want to hurt you!
156 This don't concern you!
157 Go ahead, kill me. What do I care anymore?
158 This isn't your fight. Leave me alone.
159 I either blow up or you kill me. What's it matter?
160 I'm not trying to hurt you! Just want them to remember...
161 You gain

The monsters running wild inside of me

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