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100 You'd guess that even with the green hair and the scowl, she's the bartender of this joint.
101 That's Mira. She mixes a mean Rad-A-Waster
102 Well, she's young and attractive, but there's just a look in her eye that says she don't take no crap from anybody. That and the spiked knuckles hanging on the chain around her neck.
103 Mira's the name. What'll ya have, stranger?
104 Hello again. What'll it be?
105 Drink.
106 Vault 13?
107 GECK?
108 I don't care. Give me the house special.
109 Gimme a beer
110 Information.
111 I'm looking for work.
112 Well, aren't you the one! Just the way I like them.
113 Back again?
114 Yubba.
115 Whoa - ya just worked Lenny. Immmpressive! Have a drink on the house.
116 What ya did to Lenny - it was wicked!
117 Oh my, a stunning conversationalist. What'll ya take - a Rad-A-Waster? Only ten bucks.
118 Yes.
119 No.
120 You gonna buy a drink? $10.
121 Yes.
122 No.
123 One Rad-A-Waster coming up! $10.
124 Okay.
125 Ten bucks? Too much for me.
126 Sure, one buck.
127 Okay.
128 Too much money for me.
129 You might try Merk in the back room.
130 There's nothing for you here, stranger.
131 Thanks, I guess.
132 So, that it, stranger?
133 Vault 13?
134 GECK?
135 Got a little time for some questions?
136 Me go bye-bye.
137 That's all.
138 Get outta here, ya deadbeat!
139 Sure, I got some time. That's what bartenders are supposed to do. Just don't get no ideas.
140 For you, I always got time, baby. What ya want?
141 Sure.
142 Tell me about this town.
143 Ever heard of Vault 13?
144 I'm looking for a thing called a GECK. Know anything about it?
145 What's the deal on this Merk guy?
146 There's this cop in town saying some pretty harsh things about you. What's the deal?
147 Well, that kills that idea.
148 Name's NCR. Used to be Shady Sands, but after the Master's defeat, Aradesh and the others founded the Republic. Now, NCR sits right on the border. Everything south of here's Republic ruled.
149 Word of advice. Keep your nose clean in town. Courts aren't too friendly to our types, if you know what I mean. Citizens got more rights than you.
150 Look, that's all I got to say about that.
151 Hmm.
152 A few more questions...
153 Well, thanks. I'll remember that.
154 Ya another one them whackos looking for lost treasure? Ya ought to go see Saltbeef Bob over at Westin's Ranch. He's always talking about treasure. Ya may have to wet his whistle though.
155 Saltbeef? Me go.
156 A few more questions...
157 Well, thanks. I'll remember that.
158 Ya tell me how to mix it and I'll pour it for ya.
159 No drink. GECK is....GECK.
160 It's not a drink. It's a Garden of Eden Creation Kit.
161 A few more questions...
162 Well, thanks. I'll remember that.
163 He's a great guy. He's my boss. What ya expect me to say?
164 A few more questions...
165 Well, thanks. I'll remember that.
166 That bastard....It was just a messy divorce, that's all.
167 Well, how about we talk about something else?
168 Well, I guess I'll be going.
169 Oh, very informative. Look, ya might try Dr. Henry in town, but I got other things to do, Dumbo.
170 Garden of Eden Creation Kit? Sounds technical. Ya might try looking up Dorothy, the city engineer.
171 A few more questions...
172 Well, thanks. I'll remember that.
173 Hmm -- work? Want job? Help Mira?
174 Yes.
175 No.
176 Listen -bad man hurt Mira. Bad man name Jack. Hurt bad man. Mira like ya, give ya nice gun. Good?
177 Yes.
178 No.
179 Good! Mira have rope over wall. Go night. Find rope. Sneak in. Go big place by gate. Find Jack. Hurt Jack. Mira give ya gun.
180 Go night. Find rope. Sneak in. Go big place by gate. Find Jack. Hurt Jack. Mira give ya gun. Now go away. Me be seen with ya - not good. Help Mira and come back. Understand?
181 Mira hear Jack got hurt. Good work, Dumbo. Here gun, ya take. Thanks.
182 Screw ya, too. I'm never gonna be free of that bastard.
183 You need to talk to Merk, but he�s not here. Come back at night. That�s more his time.
184 I don't know what you did to Lenny, but I wouldn't hang around here. It ain't gonna make you to popular.
185 Hey, I warned you. Oh, well. ..
186 You're Mira, right? Some cop was saying something about you.
187 You Mira? Bad Jack say things.
188 That bastard Jack? What'd he say now?
189 Jack dead. Go boom.
190 Me kill. Him bad man.
191 I wouldn't worry about it. He's dead. Blew himself up at the power station.
192 Not much now. I killed him.
193 You're kidding? That's the best news I've had all day! I hope his brains made nice wallpaper. Damn psycho deserved it. Have a Rad-a-Waster on me.
194 Me like.
195 Me go now.
196 Thanks - I guess. Say, got time for a question?
197 Thanks. Just figured you ought to know.
198 You did what? Oh, if I wasn't on duty, I'd climb over this bar and... well, kiss you. The little prick deserved it. In fact, don't tell anyone but I was hoping to get some stupid ox to do the job for me. Had a little reward all set aside. It's yours now - as far as I'm concerned you earned it.
199 Thanks - I guess. Say, got time for a question?
200 Thanks. Just figured you ought to know.
201 Dumbo, you've made me the happiest woman around! I got a little present for you, right here behind the bar. It's all yours.
202 Me like Mira.

I've seen an Agent punch through a concrete wall. Men have emptied entire clips at them and hit nothing but air. Yet their strength and their speed are still based in a world that is built on rules. Because of that, they will never be as strong or as fast as you can be.

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